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Grady's Postseason-Plus
2008-03-15 17:31
by Jon Weisman

T.J. Simers of the Times went out to North Carolina to catch up with former Dodger manager Grady Little. It's a straightforward column, bereft of Simers' usual shtick, and though it doesn't shed a whole lot of light on Little's departure from Los Angeles other than to suggest it was on his own terms, it leaves you feeling that Little is better off where he is now.

* * *

After throwing his first warmup pitch to the backstop, Takashi Saito made a successful Spring Training debut today, writes Kevin Baxter of the Times: 10 pitches, six strikes, three groundouts.

* * *

Padres vs. Dodgers, 10 p.m.

Comments (150)
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2008-03-15 18:03:12
1.   Daniel Zappala
Bad news today. Both Stanford and BYU lost. Even before today's games I had very little hope either would go far in the tournament.

Anyone got a favorite? I haven't watched much basketball at all this year.

2008-03-15 18:05:12
2.   Daniel Zappala
Regarding the topic above, I wouldn't mind finding 10 acres and taking it easy for a while. I wish Grady Little the best.
2008-03-15 18:11:16
3.   Bluebleeder87
I haven't read simers article but I'm glad Grady Little is happy...
2008-03-15 18:34:13
4.   68elcamino427
Didn't the PVL's get upset because Grady played the young guys?
Is Grady the Anti-Bowa?
Grady gave us the best that he had to give and I wish him well.
2008-03-15 18:36:27
5.   Robert Fiore
The trouble with Simers' routine, or at least one trouble, is that he's in the wrong place for it. It might go over in someplace like Philadelphia or Chicago in the pre-Jordan/pre-Ditka era, where you have a number of teams with a long history of futility, but in L.A., where there's usually one or two competitive teams, where even when they were supposedly a laughingstock the Dodgers were consistently over .500, the constant poormouthing just doesn't mesh with reality.
2008-03-15 18:37:08
6.   eusmus
I never realized Simers valued regular season success so much...
2008-03-15 18:46:24
7.   SoSG Orel
Can someone explain Stanford's strategy in their penultimate possession today?
2008-03-15 18:51:21
8.   Bob Timmermann
Stanford didn't feel they had a good look at a three and went for a sure two and hoped that a foul would give them another chance.

It was a good idea if they had left more time or had a timeout left.

2008-03-15 19:46:53
9.   Jon Weisman

"Number 27 is very strong!" he gushed. "Number 27 hits the ball with the stick and is very good!"

2008-03-15 19:56:38
10.   Eric Enders
9 Awesome. And disturbing, in that a 12-year-old Chinese kid can decipher what our general manager cannot.
2008-03-15 19:59:28
11.   SoSG Orel
8 Yeah, it seemed they needed to decide whether to settle for two much earlier in the possession. Not with two seconds left.
2008-03-15 20:18:38
12.   Bluebleeder87
Just checked the spring schedule & it says MLB.Com will have the game, I thought KCAL was gonna carry it also?
2008-03-15 20:22:55
13.   Eric Enders
So with all the weirdly-officiated game endings that have happened lately, one of the weirdest was in today's Minnesota-Illinois game. What the heck happened there?

Less than ten seconds to go, Illinois player rebounds missed shot. On his way down, he's inadvertently poked in the eye by Minnesota player. There's only very light contact, actually very little contact at all except for the stray finger which happens to graze the guy in the eyeball. It incapacitates the Illinois player for a few moments, and he falls to the floor and rolls around with the ball.

After the guy is rolling around on the ground, the ref blows the whistle, but calls neither a foul nor a travel. It's got to be one or the other, right? Anyway, after five minutes of discussion, they call neither a foul NOR a travel, but randomly award the ball out of bounds to Illinois. If they ever identified what call was made, I'm not aware of it. I don't think it was an alternating possession.

Is there some rule I'm missing that covers this situation?

2008-03-15 20:23:15
14.   Jon Weisman
12 - FSN Prime tonight.
2008-03-15 20:33:45
15.   twerp
If anyone much cares, Georgia won two games today to reach tomorrow's SEC tournament final vs. Arkansas, nipping Mississippi State after topping Kentucky earlier today.

Announcing crew said winning two in one day had never been done in the modern era.

And they did it on the floor of arch-rival Georgia Tech, after the SEC improvised Plan B and moved the tourney there following the tornadoes and such.

This probably all happened due to Georgia's extra motivation stemming from Bob saying here last night just to move Kentucky on, since Georgia had a losing record.

And on top of that, now they won't ship Bob a bushel of Georgia peaches as planned. They had hoped to convert him to the wonders of their state fruit. Now it looks like Bob won't achieve their goal for him to become point person for Georgia peach advertising...

2008-03-15 20:40:17
16.   Eric Enders
15 They also did it after yet another one of these bizarre officiating mistakes at the end of a close game that decided the outcome (against Kentucky this morning).

I don't know if it's just that the bad officials crawl out of the woodwork this time of year, or what. Actually, it may be that conferences can't always get the best officials for their tournaments. During the regular season, a top-notch official might be hired to work an SEC game on Tuesday, a Big East game on Wednesday, and an ACC game on Thursday. During the conference tournaments these more desirable refs are only available to one conference, which means the other conferences have to reach deeper into the pool of referees to find people to work their tournaments.

2008-03-15 21:03:19
17.   gpellamjr
13 I didn't watch the game, but it sounds like the ruling was errant whistle. In that case, if one team has possession, they keep it as far as I know.
2008-03-15 21:30:56
18.   Jon Weisman
Tonight's Gameday link:

2008-03-15 22:08:48
19.   gpellamjr
I'm with Mark Grant. I'm hoping for some more slugging-percentage at bats.
2008-03-15 22:12:21
20.   gpellamjr
Okay, no more making fun of Mark Grant. He knows my plight.
2008-03-15 22:14:18
21.   Jon Weisman
Stults Ks the side in inning one.
2008-03-15 22:15:00
22.   overkill94
Wow, Stults looked pretty dang good in that first inning - pounded the strike zone and had good command of his off-speed stuff. Is there something about pitching in China that makes these fringe starters look so great?
2008-03-15 22:15:07
23.   trainwreck
Stults is bringing it.
2008-03-15 22:15:49
24.   berkowit28
Including Kouzmanoff.
2008-03-15 22:17:56
25.   underdog
22 I was just wondering the same thing! Must be something in the air. (There are a lot of things in the air there so you never know.) Not sure what to trust. I'd be perfectly happy if Stults proves himself and makes it as long reliever though.

Btw, I just watched King of Kong for the second time, first time on DVD, and was making mental notes about "who would play who in the feature film version of the story" when I saw in a new postscript that they are actually working on that very thing. Ah well.

Now back to something less competitive than videogaming, that is, baseball.

2008-03-15 22:17:58
26.   paranoidandroid
It was good to see Saito on the mound, or at least read about it.

Rudy Seanez might not have enough time to be ready by opening day but he is ahead of Yhency already. Is it possible we can see Chan Ho as the long guy out of the pen?

I think Kuo has locked up the second lefty job with Myers last two outings being so very, very ugly. That and he's out of options so we have to keep him and Loaiza has the number 5 slot nailed down.

Bullpen looks like:
Seanez if ready

Park has a real shot to remain with the big club.

Does Greg Jones stand a chance?

2008-03-15 22:18:01
27.   natepurcell
why is he bunting....
2008-03-15 22:18:32
28.   overkill94
The scouting report on Cesar Ramos via John Sickels:

"His fastball is average in the 87-89 range, but he mixes with a slider and changeup. All his pitches are average, but his location is sharp, and he is fearless on the mound...Grade C"

2008-03-15 22:19:03
29.   natepurcell
its an exhibition game! Let the kid show his stuff and hit!


2008-03-15 22:19:14
30.   nick
George Lombard! classic old-time ballplayer name...
2008-03-15 22:19:31
31.   Michael D
I hope bunting in the first inning, and on a 2-0 count is not something Torre does often.
2008-03-15 22:20:13
32.   Bluebleeder87
14 thank you Jon
2008-03-15 22:21:01
33.   overkill94
Man, the Bison sure hits the ball hard
2008-03-15 22:22:09
34.   Eric Enders
Number 27 hits the ball with stick and is very good.
2008-03-15 22:22:23
35.   paranoidandroid
I'm in a Holiday Inn in Anaheim and they don't carry FSN here. Bummer.

I saw good buddy Juan was 0 for 4 (again) while Andre had three hits.

2008-03-15 22:22:45
36.   underdog
30 George Lombard and His Orchestra, you mean.
2008-03-15 22:23:11
37.   Bluebleeder87
as soon as I tune in Matt Kemp smokes one
2008-03-15 22:24:08
38.   berkowit28
31. It worked - led to a run.
2008-03-15 22:24:21
39.   Andrew Shimmin
The battle for fifth starter is heating up!
2008-03-15 22:26:52
40.   underdog
I hope Danny Ardoin doesn't injure anyone indirectly today.
2008-03-15 22:26:53
41.   GMac In The 909
What's your favorite Los Angeles Dodgers moment of the last 50 years?
March 31, 2008: Ethier, Jones and Kemp start on Opening Day.

That, or Gibson's home run. It's a toss up for me, really.

2008-03-15 22:28:30
42.   KG16
35 - which Holiday Inn?
2008-03-15 22:28:34
43.   gpellamjr
Man, I miss Carl's Jr.
2008-03-15 22:28:54
44.   Andrew Shimmin
Just started reading the link from 9 . I got as far as, "For a day, Clemens, Selig and steroids are forgotten."
2008-03-15 22:31:23
45.   paranoidandroid
41 At least we'll get two of the three with Zito pitching. Either is the Kemp and Loney of this year, he's going to have to push his way into the line-up. I still don't think he'll get the nod over Juan too often early in the season, but if he keeps pounding the ball and Juan doesn't get on base, we might see the change happen in late May.

I'm just being realistic.

2008-03-15 22:33:10
46.   Eric Enders
Mark Grant talks like Seth Rogen, except without, you know, the humor.
2008-03-15 22:33:14
47.   paranoidandroid
42 Corner of Walnut and Ball. There are about four around the Disneyland area. This one is listed as "One block east of Disneyland". Uh... we've walked to the park and it is at least 6 blocks away.
2008-03-15 22:36:13
48.   Andrew Shimmin
I love watching Ardoin behind the plate. I'd keep him over Bennett in a heartbeat.
2008-03-15 22:43:43
49.   GMac In The 909
45 I guess I am just being selfish. When I go through the gates on Opening Day, I don't want to see five groundouts to first from a certain noodle-armed LFer.

As for tonight's game, why did the Padres' mascot make the trip but the Dodgers' mascot had to stay behind and manage the split squad in Florida?

2008-03-15 22:45:56
50.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Hu could quickly become my favorite Dodger. Nice to see a nice sac bunt, especially in the spring.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-03-15 22:46:44
51.   gpellamjr
Joe Torre loves the bunt.

You see, a team with no power has less use for its outs, so it will give them away indiscriminately.

2008-03-15 22:50:43
52.   GMac In The 909
51 Great, so Pierre should be good for even more outs this season. When he gets on, they will bunt him over. And when he doesn't, it's an out. It's a lose/lose/lose. Can't we just have Ethier start and wear a shirt with Pierre's picture on it?

Oh, and Bison!

2008-03-15 22:51:48
53.   overkill94
I think Torre's just pandering to the crowd with these bunts.
2008-03-15 22:52:14
54.   paranoidandroid
The recent lists of scout ratings showed a familiar man as the best bunter in baseball.

I don't get it myself. Brett Butler was a good bunter, he could control the bat and could get a ball to die going up the third base line.

Our Mr. Slappy hasn't impressed me with anything other than his sacrifice bunts. He also seems to pop up bunts more often than he should if he's the best in the game.

2008-03-15 22:54:58
55.   paranoidandroid
I think we'll see Hu on the team when we break spring training. He not only has earned it, but with Abreu and Nomar not playing and Delwyn not taking advantage of his chances yet, we need someone who can play second and third and back up Furcal at short too. That someone shouldn't be Ramon Martinez because Hu can hit, with power too, and Ramon II is just a right handed Juan Pierre for the most part.
2008-03-15 22:55:09
56.   berkowit28
The Nats radio announcers this morning were about 500% better than these schmoes.
2008-03-15 22:55:38
57.   gpellamjr
54 I remember last year when Vin was exasperated with him and said something to the effect of "He's not a very good bunter." It gave me some hope.
2008-03-15 22:56:58
58.   KG16
47 - hmmm, don't know the area well enough to advise as to a close place to catch the game on teevee
2008-03-15 23:00:10
59.   Xeifrank
No big surprise here, but I am really enjoying watching the broadcast from Beijing. The sky looks a little brown. I think they are having some dust storms. March is a bad time for dust blowing in off of the Gobi desert. They planted tons of trees outlinin the metropolitan Beijing area, supposedly to knock down the sand/dust. Not sure how effective it is.
vr, Xei
2008-03-15 23:01:01
60.   gpellamjr
If things are dying down here, I'm going to go over to Jackson's blog and start agitating for the elimination of interleague play. Seriously, why hasn't he taken care of that yet?
2008-03-15 23:02:42
61.   Bob Timmermann
I accuse you of slandering me on Tony Jackson's blog.

I need to find a new straw man.

2008-03-15 23:05:29
62.   gpellamjr
61 It's true. I've been criticizing your grammar all over the internet.
2008-03-15 23:08:18
63.   gpellamjr
I'll never forget the day I saw Bob use "whomever" as the subject of a relative clause.

That's like catching Eliot Spitzer patronizing "The Emperor's Club".

2008-03-15 23:09:39
64.   KG16
54 - much like the mid range jumper in basketball, the bunt in baseball is a lost art. Luckily, the bunt is not as important as the mid range jumper, but still, it'd be nice if a couple of guys could do it properly.

Also, what are the odds that Kennedy and Lyons get left in China?

2008-03-15 23:10:56
65.   Bob Timmermann
Kennedy and Lyons are in a studio in the U.S.
2008-03-15 23:12:03
66.   KG16
65 - why'd you have to crush my dreams?
2008-03-15 23:12:54
67.   overkill94
61 Have I already been replaced?
2008-03-15 23:14:48
68.   overkill94
This Geer guy is actually considered a better prospect than the first pitcher (Ramos). Again from John Sickels:

"But while his fastball is just in the 86-87 range now, he retains an excellent curveball and changeup combination, along with stellar command...Grade C+"

2008-03-15 23:15:21
69.   gpellamjr
The only way I can tell the difference between Matt Vasgersian and Drew Goodman is the way each pronounces "Ardoin".
2008-03-15 23:18:30
70.   Bob Timmermann
It could have been Murray Chotiner.
2008-03-15 23:19:09
71.   gpellamjr
Vasgersian venturing bravely into cultural commentary: "[Going to China] is not like driving to Escondido for the weekend."
2008-03-15 23:21:21
72.   Eric Enders
64 Not coincidentally, I think, both are lost arts because they're usually dumb plays.
2008-03-15 23:21:53
73.   Bob Timmermann
Vasgersian doesn't know what the traffic between L.A. and San Diego can be like on a weekend.
2008-03-15 23:23:41
74.   overkill94
70 If Wikipedia were a website that relied on page hits you could make some good money by convincing them to give you a nickel every time someone looked something up because of you
2008-03-15 23:24:24
75.   KG16
72 - actually, the mid range jumper is incredibly important. If a guy can't hit a mid range jumper, you know he is going to have to drive to the basket, which means you don't have to go at him when he gets the ball in the mid range area. Plus, having a guy that can hit that shot opens up the inside a bit more for the post up players.

The bunt, on the other hand, has it's place, but it's a much more situational thing than a jump shot in basketball.

2008-03-15 23:24:38
76.   paranoidandroid
58 I'm close to ESPN Zone, I go there during the regular season when I have to get a fix.

My kids are sleeping though and the wife isn't feeling well. I'm stuck in the room. In fact, I'm turning in now. Good night gents. 15 days and 14 and a half hours to go....

2008-03-15 23:25:48
77.   overkill94
72 Well, the presence of both is necessary to set up the more important plays. In basketball, a good mid-range jumper will cause a defender to guard you closer on drives, allowing for easier penetration to the basket. In baseball, the presence of the bunt brings the corner infielders in, thus allowing for more space to collect base hits.
2008-03-15 23:27:41
78.   gpellamjr
Was I hallucinating Vasgersian's little rant about pension's for SD municipal employees? How is this guy employed?
2008-03-15 23:28:11
79.   Bob Timmermann
I only try to make references relevant to Andrew Shimmin.
2008-03-15 23:29:51
80.   gpellamjr
79 Shimmin is dead to me ever since he question my work ethic.
2008-03-15 23:30:18
81.   Bob Timmermann
I'm stuck with Lyons and Kennedy. San Diego's municipal pension system is pretty messed up though. That's why they've gone through a few mayors recently.
2008-03-15 23:31:50
82.   Andrew Shimmin
The only thing surprising about this is that Pellam's wife dressed so casually for the first dance after their wedding.

2008-03-15 23:34:02
83.   KG16
So, with Cal St Fullerton in the big dance, are they eligible to play the first round in Anaheim? The Pond being all of 10 minutes from campus?
2008-03-15 23:36:18
84.   gpellamjr
82 Wow. If you think that's me, you are seriously over-rating my moves.
2008-03-15 23:37:59
85.   Bob Timmermann
Since the Titans don't play home games at the Honda Center, they can play in Anaheim.
2008-03-15 23:38:05
86.   Eric Enders
83 Apparently yes, they can.

"Who can't go where?
Charlotte (East), Arizona State (West), Detroit Mercy (Midwest), Houston and Rice (South) cannot be placed in their respective regions if they are selected and/or qualify for the 2008 NCAA field. Each school is hosting or co-hosting a regional final this season. Colorado State (Denver), Creighton (Omaha), Georgetown (D.C.), UALR (Little Rock), North Carolina State (Raleigh) and South Florida (Tampa) are subregional hosts and would also be bracketed away from their respective sites."

2008-03-15 23:39:15
87.   Bob Timmermann
Does someone want to tell Lyons and Kennedy, that "Chinese Taipei" exists solely in the world of sports?

And do Kennedy and Lyons know that the Chinese have been playing baseball much longer than the Taiwanese?

2008-03-15 23:39:17
88.   Eric Enders
You have to admit, the extra information was totally worth the six-second wait.
2008-03-15 23:40:51
89.   KG16
85 , 85 - something tells me that with this being their first trip in 30 years, they're not going to get a virtual home game being a 13 or 14 seed.
2008-03-15 23:41:49
90.   gpellamjr
87 I think all of the media coverage has severely underestimated the understanding of the Chinese of baseball.
2008-03-15 23:42:09
91.   Bob Timmermann
It's more complete too.

I remember back in the day when schools got to play tournament games at home. The unnameds had a long winning streak in Tucson that was bracketed on one end by a loss in the NCAA Tournament to a certain Texas institution of higher learning.

2008-03-15 23:42:50
92.   KG16
87 - well, it's either say Chinese Taipei or the Republic of China, and since we've got major leaguers over there, let's not annoy the communists, shall we
2008-03-15 23:42:54
93.   Eric Enders
Who can name the last team ever to win on its opponent's home floor in the NCAA Tourney?
2008-03-15 23:43:28
94.   gpellamjr
Still fuming from the assault on my character begun this morning in an email and continued in 82 , I'm going to bed.
2008-03-15 23:43:34
95.   Bob Timmermann
Apparently I can.
2008-03-15 23:43:57
96.   Eric Enders
91 Bob, you need to give the superpowers back now. No fair answering trivia questions two posts before I even ask them.
2008-03-15 23:45:38
97.   Bob Timmermann
I'll go back to the pointless historical anecdotes.
2008-03-15 23:45:39
98.   Eric Enders
I attended that game in Tucson. To this day, it's the best basketball game I've ever been to.
2008-03-15 23:46:52
99.   KG16
Lovely, Gasol is out for the rest of the Lakers' trip.

Man, I really wish Kennedy and Lyons were in China

2008-03-15 23:47:37
100.   Bob Timmermann
For your viewing pleasure:
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-03-15 23:49:16
101.   KG16
The young Steinbrenner seems to be taking the whole "evil empire" thing a bit serious:

"I don't want these teams in general to forget who subsidizes a lot of them, and it's the Yankees, the Red Sox, Dodgers, Mets," he said to The New York Post. "I would prefer if teams want to target the Yankees that they at least start giving some of that revenue sharing and luxury tax money back. From an owner's point of view, that's my point."

2008-03-15 23:51:32
102.   overkill94
Another Padre pitcher scouting report from Sickels' prospect book you say? Sure, why not!

"A sleeper relief prospect, Freiri is a Colombian signed as a free agent in '05. He has a fastball in the 90-93 range, and a killer slider...If he continues to sharpen his command, he could help out in the Padres bullepn surprisingly quickly...Grade C+"

2008-03-15 23:52:04
103.   overkill94
Andruw Jones must be hanging out with Mark Sweeney these days
2008-03-15 23:57:16
104.   Eric Enders
101 Thanks. That game featured quite a few guys who played a long time in the NBA. Sean Elliott, Steve Kerr (out with an injury), Tom Tolbert, Jud Buechler, Tim Hardaway, and Antonio Davis (a freshman who didn't enter the game until the end of regulation when everyone else fouled out).
2008-03-16 00:00:08
105.   Bob Timmermann
Was Kevin O'Neil one of Lute Olson's assistants then?

I saw Jeep Jackson play in high school. He led Gardena High to an upset win over my high school, Kennedy, in the City section semifinals. I think that was my junior year.

Didn't Jackson pass away soon after leaving UTEP?

2008-03-16 00:00:12
106.   overkill94
Steve Lyons cut off Kennedy before he was about to endorse Ethier. It's quite possible that Ned Colletti has a buzzer he's using to keep any pro-Ethier talk from making it to the mainstream.
2008-03-16 00:01:42
107.   Andrew Shimmin
I can feel my brain melting.
2008-03-16 00:04:53
108.   CanuckDodger
What's going on in the Dodger game? What's the score? What inning?
2008-03-16 00:05:16
109.   MC Safety
Kennedy said he bets Juan will swipe 75 this year, considering how hard he's worked with Maury Wills this spring.

Andre Ethier, a forgotten man.

2008-03-16 00:05:29
110.   MC Safety
Kennedy said he bets Juan will swipe 75 this year, considering how hard he's worked with Maury Wills this spring.

Andre Ethier, a forgotten man.

2008-03-16 00:06:22
111.   Andrew Shimmin
108- Middle of the seventh, Padres 6, Dodgers 3.
2008-03-16 00:06:23
112.   MC Safety
Yikes. Stupid safari.
2008-03-16 00:07:01
113.   MC Safety
Dang, Andrew broke up my cycle.
2008-03-16 00:13:17
114.   overkill94
What's it with Hu stepping in the bucket?
2008-03-16 00:16:06
115.   overkill94
It's Miller Time!
2008-03-16 00:16:33
116.   Andrew Shimmin
Greg Miller is in. First pitch: ball.
2008-03-16 00:17:17
117.   Andrew Shimmin
He looks okay, but Kemp and Howard ran into each other. Some grimacing.
2008-03-16 00:18:11
118.   Andrew Shimmin
Kemp was upended, but seemed to land okay.
2008-03-16 00:19:04
119.   overkill94
Wicked knee-buckler by Miller there
2008-03-16 00:19:08
120.   Andrew Shimmin
Miller strikes out Antonelli.
2008-03-16 00:19:20
121.   Gen3Blue
Whatever side of the world you are on, Ethier and Kemp are the important guys on this team who drive in the most runs. What a fabulous outfield they give the Dodgers. If Andruw comes back it will be a beauty.
2008-03-16 00:21:03
122.   overkill94
Where was that? Put an asterisk next to that walk.
2008-03-16 00:21:10
123.   Eric Enders
105 Yeah, Jeep Jackson collapsed and died in a pickup game in May of his senior year. The autopsy found he had a heart defect. His name is still spoken in reverence around here even 20 years later.
2008-03-16 00:24:08
124.   MC Safety
Miller looked pretty nice.
2008-03-16 00:26:45
125.   Bob Timmermann
It was my junior year of high school and it was in the quarterfinals. Jackson scored 29 points, 23 in the first half, and his teammate Ontario Jackson scored 30 points.

Gardena High, then called the Mohicans, won 82-77.

2008-03-16 00:27:31
126.   Bob Timmermann
Ontario Johnson, for those not caring at home.
2008-03-16 00:28:28
127.   Andrew Shimmin
126- I was about to correct you.
2008-03-16 00:37:44
128.   Bob Timmermann
For people still awake, the latest Bracketology has North Carolina, Kansas, Memphis, and UCLA as the #1 seeds.

UCLA could get an interesting second round matchup against Kansas State. A Michael Beasley-Kevin Love showdown!

2008-03-16 00:40:44
129.   Bob Timmermann

followed by an 8.

One out to go.

2008-03-16 00:41:39
130.   Bob Timmermann
Howard pops out to third and that's it.

Padres 6, Dodgers 3.

2008-03-16 00:45:10
131.   overkill94
Nothing like watching a game until the wee hours of the night. Now I know how east coasters feel!

For me the night is still young though. Time to watch Margot at the Wedding - a film ignored by movie-goers, averagely-reviewed by critics, but still written by the guy who made one of my favorite movies of the last five years.

2008-03-16 00:45:36
132.   Eric Enders
128 Kansas, of course, still has some work to do.

Here's my take, with the teams listed in order from best to worst within each seed:

#1 Seeds: Memphis, North Carolina, UCLA, Big 12 Winner
#2 Seeds: Tennessee, Big 12 Loser, Duke, Georgetown
#3 Seeds: Wisconsin, Stanford, Louisville, ?

The last ? could be any number of teams including Pitt, Drake, Clemson, Purdue, UConn, Notre Dame.

I also feel obliged to point out that Texas has, by far, the best wins on its resume of any team in the country. Nobody else is even in the same ballpark. The only reason they're not in line for the #1 overall seed is losses to relatively weak Missouri and Texas Tech.

2008-03-16 00:46:01
133.   trainwreck
If that scenario were true, I am not sure K State would get past BYU.

I would love any bracket where UCLA gets to play Duke. Kyle Singler vs Kevin Love!

2008-03-16 00:49:05
134.   Eric Enders
K-State is not a difficult team to beat because their outside shooting is just barely better than mine is. All you have to do is zone up or play a box-and-one, throw bodies at Beasley, and let their guards miss three-pointers all day long.
2008-03-16 00:49:50
135.   Bob Timmermann
Lunardi has Texas as a #2 seed playing its first round games in Little Rock and then would play in the regional in Houston.

I think Texas could live with that.

2008-03-16 00:52:18
136.   trainwreck
I REALLY want UCLA to get a chance to play Memphis.

No matter how the bracket comes out I am picking the Bruins to win it all. I am staying with my pre-season pick.

2008-03-16 00:55:05
137.   Bob Timmermann
I think you worry too much about John Calipari's idiotic ramblings. He's been doing it for a long time. Among basketball coaches, Calipari likely ranks pretty low in the IQ department.
2008-03-16 01:04:06
138.   trainwreck
I hate him more because he runs the dirtiest program in college basketball. And on top of that he says a lot of dumb things. You should shut up when you run such a dirty program.
2008-03-16 01:09:36
139.   Bob Timmermann
2008-03-16 01:13:40
140.   trainwreck
Billy runs a dirty program, just like every SEC coach, but his team is not as bad as the Tigers. Noah and Horford were not that highly ranked. He cheated more back when they made their first Final Four. Mike Miller was his most obvious pay off.
2008-03-16 01:31:50
141.   trainwreck
Google the name Wesley Willis (not the musician) and you will see the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Memphis Tigers.
2008-03-16 01:36:47
142.   fanerman
I am intrigued with the Memphis and Florida gossip, but I don't understand all your references. Mike Miller was a pay off how? Googling Wesley Willis gets me a 300 pound dude and some guy born in 1841, along with the musician.
2008-03-16 01:43:08
143.   trainwreck
Mike Miller was set to sign with some other school (can't remember which) and then Billy Donovan showed up at his house a few hours before LOI were able to be sent and he signed with Florida.

I got his name backwards. It is William Wesley. Here is an article GQ wrote about him, but it is long.

He basically delivered them Chris Douglas-Roberts, Derrick Rose, and will deliver them Tyreke Evans.

2008-03-16 01:56:47
144.   trainwreck
Oh yeah, and Dejaun Wagner.
2008-03-16 02:37:42
145.   Eric Enders
As long as Todd Bozeman is still out there coaching, Donovan and Calipari (and Bill Self) are competing for second place in the dirtiest coach contest.
2008-03-16 02:43:05
146.   Eric Enders
And Eddie Sutton, too, actually.

He and Bozeman are two active coaches who have been caught red-handed giving large cash payments to recruits. That's leagues ahead of anything Donovan or Calipari have done (or at least been caught doing).

2008-03-16 03:24:48
147.   Greg Brock
Bob Huggins is the dirtiest coach in college basketball. It's no surprise he's suffered a series of heart attacks, because that's what happens when your heart is filled with the poison of a thousand transgressions. If a child with Downs could dunk a basketball, Bob Huggins could get him into college.

He's the Phillip Fulmer of college hoops.

2008-03-16 03:39:00
148.   overkill94
131 And as I had feared, I agree with the critics and movie-goers. The movie doesn't really go anywhere and pretty much every character is either despicable or just plain weird. Come on Baumbach, how could you fall so hard from the greatness that was The Squid and the Whale?
2008-03-16 07:18:52
149.   Gen3Blue
I'm just thinking it is probably a good thing Nomar's getting a nice rest while there is no real competition for 3rd. We could use him to last at least 2 or three months before his first break.
2008-03-16 07:22:28
150.   Jon Weisman
148 - It was funny reading 131 and anticipating the inevitable.


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