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Lost Episode 8 Chat Thread
2008-03-20 04:28
by Jon Weisman

Last one before the break ...

2008-03-20 08:13:21
1.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
I think tonight's episode was great.

Or, er, I suppose it will be great. I suppose I'm jumping the gun.

2008-03-20 08:35:11
2.   ibleedbloo
If you are a Lost fan you probably already know this, but… has a feature called Missing Pieces. There are 13 short clips that are "Missing Pieces" from previous seasons. Some of the clips give you a little more insight into characters, some are humorous, and some are just a waste of your two minutes.

Go to, go to the Lost page, then click on Missing Pieces (on the left) and enjoy.

2008-03-20 09:34:44
3.   GMac In The 909
1 Thanks for spoiling it for me :)
2008-03-20 16:08:22
4.   ibleedbloo
I think Jon's new baby may be the key to solving the Lost mysteries. He was born on 03/20/08…coincidence? I'm not to sure.

(03*08*2.0) – (03*2.0) = 42

2008-03-20 19:25:21
5.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
3 There's this part at the beginning of tonight's episode where the word LOST rotates through space across a black background, slightly out of focus.... Coolest thing...

Ooops, spoiled another thing...

2008-03-20 21:35:45
6.   madmac
is the lost chat always
2008-03-20 22:23:43
7.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
I'm now totally annoyed that I have to wait five weeks to find out who ambushed Karl and Alex's mom. And to find out how the captain reacts to Sayid's bold move of busting Michael...
2008-03-21 07:17:40
8.   JoeyP
This was a pretty good episode.

I'm wondering how Ben's top lietenant was able to get to NYC, and back to the island so easily?????

Last week it seemed like Ben was the one made out to have faked the wreckage. But now we're to believe it was Mr. Widmore?

2008-03-21 08:26:11
9.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
8 That is the magic of the show. We now have a classic he-said/he-said situation, and since we know more of Ben's motives that Widmore's, we might be inclined to believe Ben.

Especially because Mr. Friendly is so, uh... Friendly.

I also love what they are doing with these episodes: no idea when the heck the flash-(something) is until about 15 minutes go by. I'm thinking, "how is Mr. Friendly alive?" And then they reveal that Michael did make it back to the mainland and only later reached the freighter...

BTW, you do recall that they had a working submarine until recently...? It is unclear in the timeline exactly when that submarine was blown up by Locke relative to when the flashback that was shown last night was. We do know that Michael left the island before Locke blew up the sub, so...

2008-03-21 09:42:45
10.   regfairfield
9 There's about a 10 day stretch between when they leave Hydra island and when we next see Tom playing football with Jack. The submarine was still intact then, so that's probably when the flashback took place.
2008-03-21 10:05:11
11.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
10 Yes, but how long between when we see Tom playing football with Jack and when Locke blows up the sub?

10 days in not long enough for Michael to sail Walt and himself back to the mainland, get to New York, become despondent, try to kill himself, have Tom show up and redirect him... So I see Tom leaving the island to catch up with Michael after we see him play football with Jack, but before the submarine is blown up by Locke...

2008-03-22 22:56:58
12.   Dodger Tony
I think that the appearance of Locke's father in the little room gives us some idea of another portal to the Island. I believe the submarine may in fact be a ruse. Somehow there is a quick and immediate way on and off the Island. The doorway that Ben utilizes suggests a space/time portal.

Very cool theory about Lost and Lost Horizon on the Lost website at ABC.

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