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Forty-Nine Other Ways To Love Your Dodgers
2008-03-27 07:21
by Jon Weisman

If you're here, you're 2 percent done with today's "50 Ways to Love Your Dodgers" list in the Times. Now, check out the rest ...

Update: Los Angeles magazine also has its "Why We (Heart) the Dodgers" section in this month's issue.

* * *

Luis Gonzalez, starting right fielder? It appears to be happening. According to Joe Capozzi of the Palm Beach Post, Gonzalez's 2,456th career game could bring the 40-year-old ex-Dodger his first start in the land for golden arms.

* * *

Want Spring Training stats to mean something after all? John Dewan makes his case:

A few years ago we discovered that there is a way to use spring training stats to predict future performance. ... When we chose only those players doing exceptionally well in spring training, we found that about three-fourths of them performed better than their career average during the upcoming season.

Our definition of "exceptionally well" was slugging 100 points higher in spring training than their previous career slugging percentage. Here's the list of players who are currently 200 points higher so far this spring training. These 24 players might be heading for above-average seasons.

Click the link above to see which Dodgers are on the list. (Link via Baseball Think Factory)

2008-03-27 07:44:44
1.   Disabled List
This quote appears in ESPN's baseball preview: "They should trade Kemp while they can get a lot for him," says a former Dodger. "He's a great athlete, but he's a basketball player trying to play baseball."

Anyone want to take a stab at which former Dodger player uttered that gem?

2008-03-27 07:51:00
2.   Gen3Blue
Hendricksen? Only kidding.

Not Lu-Go?

2008-03-27 07:54:27
3.   KingKopitar
So we can pencil in Ethier for a career year?

I still worry that many people are giving him the nod because of his spring training. What will they say the first time he goes into a slump?

2008-03-27 07:57:58
4.   Ken Noe
4 "Joe, please don't go back to Pierre!"
2008-03-27 08:07:50
5.   ToyCannon
The Times article was great. I'm going to have to see how many of those I've done or are planning to do.
2008-03-27 08:10:51
6.   ToyCannon
Thought Jon might enjoy this quote from Jonah Keri in his latest chat.

"...Billingsley/Kershaw could be exciting too. Vin Scully's call of Kershaw's knee-buckling curve for strike three as "Public enemy Number 1" may be my favorite play-by-play call since the Gibson home run"

2008-03-27 08:14:56
7.   Bluebleeder87
I dont know if this was mentioned yet but McCourt is on KROQ right now
2008-03-27 08:16:33
8.   MollyKnight
1. Is that from the Magazine? I interviewed Congresspeople for that preview, and it was really fun. Kucinich's quote, and the quote from the Rangers congressman were really funny.
2008-03-27 08:18:29
9.   Pepperdine
I've been hearing rumors here at pepperdine that vin scully is going to be our graduation speaker. if that's true, i'm pretty sure i'm going to dance a jig. on the inside.
2008-03-27 08:18:32
10.   GobiasIndustries
Thanks man! Listening right now.

2008-03-27 08:21:23
11.   MollyKnight
9-That would be amazing. I'll cross my fingers for you.
2008-03-27 08:22:09
12.   GobiasIndustries
McCourt is just talking up Joe Torre and saying the same things about trying to bring a championship back to LA and blah, blah blah. Nothing of note or interest thus far.
2008-03-27 08:30:40
13.   vegasblueman
5 -

I am with you, I want to start ticking off items from the list. I haven't studied it in detail yet, but surely we can come up with some more items?

I am so pumped for the season.

2008-03-27 08:35:02
14.   LogikReader
From the article above:

If you're looking for online snark, move on; Weisman and his readers merely exude true-blue passion.

I really like that quote. Even though I have my own brief moments of "snark."

2008-03-27 08:50:02
15.   MollyKnight
14- I think there is snark, but not the kind where people hurt each other's feelings, or intentionally rile each other up. That's one of the things I like best about DT.
2008-03-27 08:50:49
16.   regfairfield
I'm a bit sad they didn't mention any alternate destitinations for snark seekers.
2008-03-27 08:56:17
17.   Marty
But Andrew, after reading your Dodger preview, you are obviously a Dodger-hater :)
2008-03-27 08:56:50
18.   Disabled List
15 Exactly. There's plenty of snark here, but it's smart snark.

There are a few too many brimming-with-arch-attitude Deadspin clones out in the blogworld that try to show off how cutting and witty the authors are, when in fact they are just being sour and unpleasant. For example, Dodger Blues has its funny moments, but it crosses that line a little too often for my taste.

Dodger Thoughts is most definitely not one of those.

2008-03-27 09:01:59
19.   kinbote
I think we've jumped the snark.
2008-03-27 09:12:35
20.   Humma Kavula
I have been known to hunt me some snark.

"Just the place for some snark!" the blogger cried
As he crafted his post with glee
But DodgerThoughts' Weisman eschewed the idea
and Rule One was his first decree.

2008-03-27 09:12:52
21.   skybluestoday
Farewell, Richard Widmark.
2008-03-27 09:13:40
22.   Humma Kavula
Gah. Lines one and three don't rhyme. I am ashamed.
2008-03-27 09:20:59
23.   regfairfield
That Spring stat stuff doesn't seem to be right. It doesn't account for things like park factors, or common sense things like Melvin Mora and Pudge aren't going to break out this year.
2008-03-27 09:23:06
24.   Ken Noe
21 One of my favorites, and also I believe Sandy Koufax's father-in-law.
2008-03-27 09:31:01
25.   skybluestoday
Lots of minor classics -- "Pickup on South Street," "Night and the City," "The Bedford Incident," "Kiss of Death."
2008-03-27 09:32:34
26.   Ken Noe
25 "The Long Ships" was one of my favorites as a kid. "Cheyenne Autumn" too.
2008-03-27 09:38:05
27.   LogikReader

When I make a set of rules, the first rule I always make is Rule One.

2008-03-27 09:39:00
28.   skybluestoday
Re: 26

Haven't seen 'em. I'll keep an eye out. Thanks for the recommendation.

2008-03-27 09:39:43
29.   Humma Kavula
27 I'm glad you caught that. I was particularly proud of that little pun.
2008-03-27 09:47:08
30.   Jon Weisman
If the Coliseum game isn't your thing:



Andruw Jones to Sign Autographs in Celebration of the Jordan Brand's
Limited-Edition Opening Day Collection

WHAT: In celebration of the release of the "Opening Day Collection" by Jordan Brand and baseball's season opener, All-Star and Team Jordan Athlete, Andruw Jones, will make his first Los Angeles public appearance and participate in an autograph signing session with fans at Niketown in Beverly Hills.

Paying tribute to Michael Jordan's first love, baseball, and his former playing days, Jordan Brand developed a limited edition Air Jordan Retro 1 two-sneaker collection featuring two black and white colorways that reflect Jordan's old uniform complete with pinstripe details, baseball stitching seams at the toebox and ankle, and an embroidered crest with MJ's final baseball stats.

The Opening Day Collection is scheduled for nationwide limited-edition release on Saturday, March, 29th and will retail for $100 per pair.

WHO: Andruw Jones, Los Angeles Dodger Centerfielder, 5-time All-Star and Team Jordan Athlete

WHEN: Saturday, March 29, 2008
11:45 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. (officially starts at noon)

9560 Wilshire Blvd. (Wilshire & Rodeo)
Beverly Hills, California 90212

2008-03-27 09:48:48
31.   Gen3Blue
Ah yes-the long ships, also a favorite of mine.

If its OK to ask, what is the connection between regfairfield and True Blue LA, and is it the obvious one. Hope I don't seem too dense at this late date but I can't seem to find much info at the site.

2008-03-27 09:50:16
32.   ToyCannon
He is Andrew
2008-03-27 09:54:52
33.   eekrock
So pumped for tonight. Got my Martin Dodgers shirt in the car. Got my LA hat.

Can't wait to have a dog and yell for the Bison & Brother James!!!

(one of the very few benefits of working a few miles from the triple a ballpark here in anaheim. pre-gaming it at Hollingshead around 5.45 if anyone is in the neighborhood)

2008-03-27 09:56:31
34.   Gen3Blue
32 Thanks. I figured that for a while but you guys don't seem good at promotional blurbs(as Andrew says in an article) and while you are part of a minority that deserves to be.
2008-03-27 10:10:19
35.   regfairfield
regfairfield is my internet name. Very early I wrote under that but I decided that I actually wanted some kind of credit for my work.
2008-03-27 10:10:31
36.   Jon Weisman
2008-03-27 10:58:59
37.   Reddog
The Dodgers had a banner year in 2008, finishing the regular season at 94-68, and following that up with a thrilling 7-game triumph in the World Series over the Boston Red Sox. MVP Matt Kemp hit four home runs in the Series, including a grand slam, with 14 RBIs.

Joe Torre credited the great season to the added power of five hitters hitting 20+ home runs - Ethier, Martin, Jones, Kemp and Loney, and the great pitching of Clayton Kershaw. Kershaw not only won two World Series games, but came on in July and won 12 games for the Dodgers, posting a 12-2 record with 140 strikeouts and an era of 1.94.

2008-03-27 12:40:31
38.   Neal Pollack
I wouldn't classify Dodger Blues as Deadspin-style snark. The author is completely anonymous and seems to lack the self-promotional streak that most sports bloggers have. The site's only flaw is that he relies on poo and sex visuals too often, but goddamn is he funny.

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