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Out of Curiosity ...
2008-03-27 10:03
by Jon Weisman

If you're going to the 7:10 p.m. Coliseum game Saturday, what time are you planning on arriving?

Comments (265)
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2008-03-27 10:09:59
1.   Jacob L
I have a very elaborate plan that involves walking about 1.5 miles from the blue line stop at Washington and Fig. Leaving my house at 5ish. Hoping to stroll up to the Coliseum gates between 6 and 6:30.
2008-03-27 10:17:44
2.   Dodgers49
Zito ready for opener after losing to Fresno

>> The result for Zito was four runs - three earned - and eight hits in 6 2/3 innings, which lowered the left-hander's spring ERA to 8.64. He struck out four and walked two in his 87-pitch outing.

Afterward, Zito and Manager Bruce Bochy deemed the left-hander ready for his opening-day assignment Monday at Dodger Stadium. <<

## Brian Bocock, expected to fill in for Vizquel and be the opening-day shortstop despite never playing above Class A, doubled in the second inning. It was his first extra-base hit in 62 exhibition at-bats. ##

2008-03-27 10:19:02
3.   ToyCannon

Check out fan fest but my main goal is to watch batting practice and enjoy the Coliseum. I'm going to use the Dodger Shuttle and plan on leaving the game around the 5th inning unless I find out Kershaw is going to pitch. That would change everything.

2008-03-27 10:19:52
4.   Xeifrank
My father and I will be arriving between 1130AM and Noon. I will be wearing my Dodger Sims T-Shirt, say "Hi" and feel free to buy me a beer if you see me. :)
vr, Xei
2008-03-27 10:25:18
5.   bigcpa
Tentative plan is 3:30pm arrival and watching the TBD UCLA game at the Radisson across the street.
2008-03-27 10:26:23
6.   Kevin Lewis
That Eric Neel article on Torre was quite good. Thanks for sharing that Jon...

and who said that comment about Matt Kemp being a basketball player playing baseball?

2008-03-27 10:27:27
7.   Peanuts in My Shoes
The Metro Rapid 754 will drop me and my father-in-law off at Vermont/King at 4:59pm. Should be at the stadium by 5:10pm, sans stab wounds I hope.
2008-03-27 10:34:27
8.   uke
Planning on heading out there around 1:00. My buddy and his girl are going to set up a tailgate at 9:00 am!! That's a long day...
2008-03-27 10:36:06
9.   Peanuts in My Shoes
By the way, and it's not the locals I'm worried about. It's my father-in-law, Pagoda, that I can't trust.
2008-03-27 10:37:20
10.   DXMachina
From the last thread:

Luis Gonzalez, starting right fielder?

Not only that, but it looks like Mark Hendrickson will be the Marlins opening day starter.

2008-03-27 10:42:21
11.   Dodgers49
201 Feet to Left, 440 Feet to Right: Dodgers Play the Coliseum

2008-03-27 10:43:55
12.   cargill06
2 man im so glad im not a giants fan.
2008-03-27 10:44:00
13.   Eric L
I really have no idea what time I'll be arriving. I have a final and a term paper due on Saturday by midnight. I also have a pregnant wife that is allergic to staying up late now. I'm hoping 5 or 6ish.
2008-03-27 10:49:05
14.   bigcpa
11 "I'll be like 180 feet from the hitters, and those Boston guys hit the ball pretty hard," Pierre said. "I might have to wear a cup."

No you'll be 50 feet from the Boston hitters, and you can hide behind the Gatorade jugs. (New visitors from sorry for the snark.)

2008-03-27 10:51:39
15.   gibsonhobbs88
3 - My wife and I are also using the Dodger shuttle - arriving at the stadium between 12noon - 12:30 enjoy some of fan fest and take in the BP for both teams.

We hope to watch 6-7 innings of the game depending on how long the game is taking. I don't relish waiting till the 9th when the shuttle situation becomes a zoo. At the latest, we'll stay through the 7th inning stretch. I heard it might be drizzly and cold now-that might play into our plans also as to time spent at the game. I hope Kershaw would pitch before the 7th if he does pitch.

2008-03-27 10:53:04
16.   Dodgers49
Torre brings instant credibility, but he just wants to have fun

2008-03-27 10:56:04
17.   underdog
14 Oh that snark is so yesterday! ;-)

Oops, sorry for the snark in return.

This is like an episode of CPO Snarky.

2008-03-27 10:56:12
18.   Bob Timmermann
In the words of my parents (and many others), we'll arrive when we get there.
2008-03-27 11:00:54
19.   cargill06
2 hopefully the dodgers still do the hooters promotion cause if so i'm probably getting some free wings monday. maybe they have in the samll print offer viod if zito starts.
2008-03-27 11:01:21
20.   bhsportsguy
18 I am sure if someone asked Yogi Berra this question about the game on Saturday he would say:

"Nobody goes there no more, it's too crowded!"

Probably sometime in the afternoon but my car will be there around 8:00 a.m.

2008-03-27 11:03:47
21.   bhsportsguy
18 Overheard in the car while Timmermann family was driving somewhere on their vacation:

"Are we there yet?"
"What time will we get there?"
"No, no, for the last time no, I do not want a peach."

2008-03-27 11:08:20
22.   Eric Stephen
To paraphrase Vin Scully, "if you want to make God smile, tell him your plans." :)

Actually, I have a fantasy baseball draft Saturday morning at 9am in LA. I would like to get to the Coliseum by 4pm or so, but I'm not sure if that's feasible.

I will be taking the Dodger Stadium shuttle. I'll be wearing a Billingsley road jersey.

Xei, if I see anyone in a Dodger Sims t-shirt, I will buy them a beer.

2008-03-27 11:10:08
23.   Dodgers49
Dodgers' spring-training shift to Arizona is affirmed

>> Rudy Seanez, who was released by the Dodgers on Tuesday night, said that he will retire if he doesn't have an enticing offer in hand by Sunday. <<

2008-03-27 11:10:20
24.   Linkmeister
Is it going to be televised beyond the metro area? Anybody know?
2008-03-27 11:12:02
25.   LOB
We're aiming to get to the Dodger Stadium shuttle by 4 or so. The lady on the phone said after that the shuttle waits could get long.

And I shall be wearing my brand spanking new specially-for-the-ladies Dodger Thoughts T-shirt, in a smoky blue. V. nice!!!!

2008-03-27 11:12:37
26.   Eric Stephen
It will be on NESN if you get that channel.
2008-03-27 11:14:04
27.   philmc78
After hearing that 115,000 people are gonna show up, I'm not going. That sounds like a nightmare.
2008-03-27 11:14:24
28.   Eric Stephen
I got an email yesterday that my Dodger Thoughts t-shirts will be shipped. There is a slight chance I will get the shirts by tomorrow.
2008-03-27 11:16:58
29.   ToyCannon
Where are you sitting?

Sounds like we will have DT people all over the place.

2008-03-27 11:17:43
30.   godvls
Has anyone gotten a call back from the Dodgers regarding shuttle reservations? I've left a couple of messages over the past week with no response. Are reservations actually required??? We're planning to get to DS between 2:00-3:00 after we finish up with opening day ceremonies at my boys baseball league.
2008-03-27 11:20:04
31.   Eric Stephen
That is an outstanding question, and I actually do not know. I'll be with my cousin, uncle, and brother, but they have the tickets in hand. I'll find out and let you know.
2008-03-27 11:22:29
32.   Bluebleeder87
I'll be getting the early bird special & show up at around 12'ish
2008-03-27 11:23:15
33.   cargill06
for people have been to the collisuem any idea how the seating will work? i have section 6 do you know where that is in relation to the field? also i'm in row 54, i'm guessing the means 54 rows from the front? or are there different levels?
2008-03-27 11:24:14
34.   Xeifrank
I will be sitting about 10 rows up from the right field foul pole. vr, Xei
2008-03-27 11:24:14
35.   Dodgers49
TBS breaks out new lineup for baseball

>> TBS had aired an Atlanta Braves TV package since 1977. But with its parent company having sold the team, TBS this season replaces the Braves — and announcers such as Skip Caray — with a 26-week package of Sunday afternoon games which can include any teams. TBS, kicking off its new package with the Boston Red Sox vs. Toronto Blue Jays on April 6, can show any single team as many as 13 times.

In scheduling so far —surprise!— the Red Sox and New York Yankees will make the most appearances. <<

2008-03-27 11:25:50
36.   Bluebleeder87
by the way I'll be sporting my white DT shirt so feel free to say hi, but please no beer for me. :o)
2008-03-27 11:26:06
37.   Xeifrank
33. Sectino 6 is down the right field line and is the middle of three sections. Just google "Coliseum seating chart".
vr, Xei
2008-03-27 11:29:44
38.   Eric Stephen
Since the game is in the Coliseum, I think Fight On should play after every Dodger hit.
2008-03-27 11:30:14
39.   cargill06
37 thanks, but i can't find one with a baseball field on it.
2008-03-27 11:31:19
40.   Ryan Jerz
We'll be arriving earrrrrrrly to partake in some of the festivities. Thinking early afternoon, 1 or 2.
2008-03-27 11:35:24
41.   skybluestoday
Re: 37

"Sectino? Didn't he get shot on the Causeway?"

2008-03-27 11:35:40
42.   silverwidow
I'm going to Sunday's game. Kershaw is pitching (or at least I hope so).
2008-03-27 11:36:48
43.   Xeifrank
39. Section 6 is above the right field foul pole, halfway up (+54 rows?). Given that info, you should be able to figure out where home plate is located on the football stadium seating chart. If you've been to the Coliseum before the tunnels are near home plate and the Olympic torch is a Barry Bonds blast to deep deep right field.
vr, Xei
2008-03-27 11:38:21
44.   Eric Stephen
I'll be in a group in section 17 (about level with 3B), rows 52 & 53.
2008-03-27 11:39:46
45.   Eric Stephen
You can view a Coliseum baseball seating chart here:

2008-03-27 11:40:38
46.   Jacob L
I'm curious who has the absolute worst seats among us. I'm in Sect. 26 (dead center) about 40 rows up.
2008-03-27 11:42:20
47.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
I think I'll get there between 3:30 and 4:30... I'm flying down mid-day, having lunch with my folks, and then Dad and I will venture towards the Coliseum.
2008-03-27 11:43:49
48.   Jim Hitchcock
46 Well, I hope xei is bringing binoculars.
2008-03-27 11:45:53
49.   StolenMonkey86
Well I'm ready for the opening game. I couldn't get tickets, but I did get a package of Nathan's hot dogs. And hot dog buns!
2008-03-27 11:49:15
50.   StolenMonkey86
So apprently the Giants are removing all the Bonds images from phone company park. Does St. Louis still have Big Mac land?
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-03-27 11:51:05
51.   fiddlestick
Will TBS's national games mess with the blackouts on

Fox's Saturday deal all but eliminates my Dodger games on that day. Hope it won't be like that on Sunday's too.

2008-03-27 11:54:39
52.   LogikReader

It shouldn't be a problem here. Everybody gets TBS across the country with a normal cable subscription.

2008-03-27 11:55:48
53.   cargill06
kemps walk rate is really disturbing me and this spring isn't helping much. last year 12% of his hits were 2b's, 5% were 3b's and 10% were hr's. if you jump those #'s to 15% 2b's 6% 3b's and 14% hr's and keep his same walk rate, he's going to have to hit .285 just to reach a .800 OPS.
2008-03-27 11:56:39
54.   cargill06
45 thanks eric
2008-03-27 11:56:56
55.   Eric Stephen
I know the TBS games don't cause blackouts on Extra Innings like Fox Saturday games do. Unsure about though.
2008-03-27 11:58:55
56.   Bob Timmermann
There is still Mark McGwire stuff in St. Louis. The city's relationship with McGwire is "problematic."
2008-03-27 12:01:43
57.   ibleedbloo
I am in section 10, row 62. not exactly foul ball territory.

I am driving down solo, so I can go at my own pace. I am thinking about showing up around 2ish.

2008-03-27 12:03:51
58.   Eric Stephen
Would you say the McGwire-St.Louis relationship is slightly better than the OJ-USC bond?
2008-03-27 12:08:37
59.   bhsportsguy
58 I think OJ has a better relationship with USC in the sense that they still have his Heisman, his number is retired, he has been at practice (in Florida), etc.

I mean you don't see him at USC or actively support the school but I don't think USC underplays its relationship with the Juice.

2008-03-27 12:09:16
60.   fiddlestick
56. It was also "problematic" when the Best Fans in Baseball gave Tony LaRussa a standing 'O' for passing out drunk behind the wheel.
2008-03-27 12:09:53
61.   eekrock
Won't be too far from Xei...
Section 3, row 37.

I'm planning on leaving the Long Beach area around 2, then taking the shuttle from the Chavez Ravine.

2008-03-27 12:11:09
62.   Eric Stephen
Wasn't there kind of an uproar when OJ showed up for the Orange Bowl? I think USC won't publicly condemn OJ, but I bet behind the scenes they are wishing The Juice well from afar.
2008-03-27 12:12:03
63.   ToyCannon
The last time I was at the Coliseum was the 84 Olympics for some prelim track heats. OJ came out of nowhere and sat down several rows behind everyone near the very top.
2008-03-27 12:14:01
64.   ToyCannon
If Kobe had been convicted I wonder what the Laker Fan/Kobe relationship would have been like.
2008-03-27 12:16:27
65.   eekrock
also, just got my email verification of the DT shirts being shipped.

If I get it tomorrow (shipped to work), I'll be wearing it Saturday. I went for the Grey one. DT ftw.

2008-03-27 12:17:26
66.   Eric Stephen
Probably something along the lines of the first battle scene in Braveheart. "I'd say that was slightly less cordial than he expected."
2008-03-27 12:19:04
67.   Eric Stephen
I can't decide whether or not to wear something USC related under my Dodger jersey, out of respect.

I've never been to a USC football game so I feel bad that my first Coliseum experience will not be a USC game.

2008-03-27 12:20:09
68.   StolenMonkey86
60 - They draw the line at doing that with strange facial hair.
2008-03-27 12:24:24
69.   Bob Timmermann
I could potentially be rushing to the Coliseum to watch a baseball game while listening to a UCLA basketball game on the radio at the same time.

Worlds colliding!

2008-03-27 12:24:31
70.   Noel
Alas, I won't be going to the Coliseum nor, for that matter, any other Dodger game this year, I fear. For what it's worth, I did wear my new Dodger Thoughts t-shirt during my run this morning. Other than a Dodger game, I don't know when else I would wear it. I'm too old to wear t-shirts other than while running or doing yard work.
2008-03-27 12:27:50
71.   KG16
63 - considering that Kemp is OPSing over .800 (and almost .900) in the spring, I'm not too worried about it. I'm more concerned about his strike out rate. Plus, keep in mind that Kemp has had the fewest PAs of any of the regulars so far.

Besides, a guy's walk rate is over rated if he's being thrown strikes.

2008-03-27 12:31:31
72.   Jack Dawkins
Ideally I'll arrive between 3 and 4 pm. Whether that actually happens remains to be seen.

Still vacillating between driving down or taking the Red Line from NoHo to downtown and then a bus. I'd do the Dodger shuttle but I'm afraid I have no faith in their ability to move tens of thousands of people at game's end.

2008-03-27 12:32:34
73.   bhsportsguy
69 I may bring a small TV but I don't want to plan too much since I know whatever I do can affect the game in Arizona tonight.
2008-03-27 12:33:17
74.   Eric Enders
This is a week old, so it may have been posted already, but Baseball America's Jim Callis has a little fun trying to predict what'll happen during the 2011 baseball season:

"The Dodgers and Diamondbacks will be the Senior Circuit's two best teams, and the Rockies will challenge for the playoffs as well. Los Angeles will win the West thanks to the game's best catcher (Russell Martin), a homegrown infield (James Loney, Tony Abreu, Andy LaRoche, Chin-Lung Hu), a do-it-all outfielder (Matt Kemp) and a pair of Cy Young Award candidates (Clayton Kershaw, Chad Billingsley).

The Dodgers will reach their fourth consecutive World Series, though they'll come up short for the second straight year. Los Angeles loved Buchholz in the 2005 draft, but will further regret not pulling the trigger on him when he strikes out 12 in a Game Seven."

2008-03-27 12:33:29
75.   ToyCannon
Could be the strikeout rate that concerns you is because he's chasing the pitches out of the zone that concern Cargill.
2008-03-27 12:36:05
76.   bhsportsguy
I have taken the shuttle from the Rose Bowl back to parking lots at Parsons probably 10 times, maybe more.

I think the issue on the shuttle buses to me is will they have set up special lanes just for the buses, my hunch is that you will take Flower (or Figueroa which ever is one way towards Downtown, and then go to 1st/Beverly to Sunset and then to DS.

With special lanes assigned for the buses, that trip may only take 15 minutes.

2008-03-27 12:39:07
77.   trainwreck
OJ still seems to be friendly with the students of USC. Seen a bunch of pictures of him partying with students there. Which is creepy to say the least.
2008-03-27 12:39:44
78.   cargill06
74 so that means that he's picking us to start a back to back run starting this year?
2008-03-27 12:47:07
79.   JJ42
I should be there by about 3 pm to check out a bit of the festival and the batting practice. I'm in centerfield - section 25 row 1. Stop by and say hi - I'll be wearing a Manny Mota #11 jersey.
2008-03-27 12:48:35
80.   bhsportsguy
I don't want to be a downer today but a really touching story about love and loss and baseball.

2008-03-27 12:56:09
81.   underdog
The Tampa Bay Rays blog says that the Rays are shopping around for an outfielder.

"The Rays are also continuing to seek another outfielder, and those trade talks should intensity in the next couple days.
The Mariners, Dodgers and Angels are among teams with extra outfielders and might be in the market for pitching help. The Rays - in the right situation - could deal one of their young starters, Edwin Jackson or Jason Hammel, who are out of options anyway and could be surplus when Scott Kazmir returns, and then bring back Jeff Niemann to start now."

Of course, this is just speculating about what teams might be a fit, and with the Dodgers they're probably assuming or hoping for Andre Ethier. I guess they wouldn't have a need for a speedy guy like, say, Juan Pierre? Pierre for Edwin Jackson, done.

2008-03-27 12:58:46
82.   bhsportsguy
81 Why exactly are the Dodgers looking for pitching. Boston also has extra outfielders, why not list them too.
2008-03-27 12:59:31
83.   trainwreck
That trade would bring a tear to my eye.
2008-03-27 13:00:27
84.   ToyCannon
Speaking of Tampa I didn't know this:
Stephen (Balad): The 2010 Rays could be dangerous. Kazmir-Price-Garza-McGee (then Davis/Niemann/Shields morph into one pitcher- Shavismann)... With that lineup and the possible addition of Alvarez or Crow from this years draft. Wow.

SportsNation Jonah Keri: They're the chic pick among the intellegentsia, that's for sure. Really smart people working for them too, from the combination of Silverman and Friedman at the top through their entire front office, including James Click and Chaim Bloom, two Baseball Prospectus alums who are frighteningly good.

They'll make the playoffs within the next 3 years. Even in the AL East.

I had no idea that James Click and Chaim Bloom had gone to work for the Ray's. I love it when the guys who were ridiculed for years are now helping turn around moribund franchises.

2008-03-27 13:00:29
85.   cargill06
81 in all seriousness would TB bite at pierre and $30 million for edwin jackson. TB would get a lead-off hitter and a CF for 4 years 6 million and the dodgers save some money
2008-03-27 13:01:39
86.   silverwidow
If the Rays want Ethier, they better send us McGee or Davis.
2008-03-27 13:02:08
87.   underdog
82 Don't know, except for perhaps pitching depth? But, yes, they might not be looking too far past their own noses when speculating there.

84 I just want them to have their own radio show. Click and Bloom. I'd listen.

2008-03-27 13:04:41
88.   KG16
75 - could be, but not necessarily. I'd have to know how many strikes were swinging vs. called over all, and then how many 3rd strikes were called and swinging.

(and I'll admit now to being old school when it comes to strike outs, I don't like them, especially when they are called third strikes)

To be honest, I haven't seen enough of Kemp this spring to make much of a determination and was just quickly glancing at his spring numbers.

2008-03-27 13:04:51
89.   ToyCannon
A simple trade of D Young out of options but who needs at bats to stay sharp for E Jackson actually makes sense for both franchises.

Who wouldn't rather have E Jackson backing up Loaiza for the 5th role instead of Chan Ho Park?

You will never see Juan Pierre in Tampa based upon 84

Now if we are talking Ethier because Baldelli is done then we have to escalate the asking price. Ethier would look very good as the Ray right fielder. If he was to bring in a Mr Wade Davis my heart would flip twice.

2008-03-27 13:04:54
90.   blue22
87 - sounds like a Hives!
2008-03-27 13:05:38
91.   Bob Timmermann
The crack staff here at work upgraded my computer's OS but failed to restore my email that I received in 2008. I do have email from 2007.

Plausible deniablity for shirking!

2008-03-27 13:07:31
92.   KG16
82 - you don't list Boston because they are in the same division and you generally don't trade with teams in your division. Think about it, how many times have you seen the Dodgers trade with the Padres, Giants, Rockies, or D'backs in the last 10 years? (at the major league level)
2008-03-27 13:07:59
93.   uke
Ethier for Longoria staright up...
2008-03-27 13:08:20
94.   ToyCannon
D Young for Willie Aybar a man who can play 2nd/3rd?
2008-03-27 13:08:51
95.   KG16
The Dodgers are going to rue the day they trade Andre Ethier. RUE, I say.
2008-03-27 13:09:21
96.   cargill06
89 i could be alone but personally i'd rather keep d. young than have jackson "in case" esp with all the capable guys who can start and we may even get schmidt in a few months who knows.
2008-03-27 13:09:45
97.   regfairfield
85 Why would you want Juan Pierre when you already have Juan Pierre with power on your team?

86 Would you trade Kershaw for Travis Buck?

2008-03-27 13:11:25
98.   silverwidow
Would you trade Kershaw for Travis Buck?

The gap between Kershaw and Travis Buck is FAR bigger than the gap between McGee/Davis and Ethier.

2008-03-27 13:11:26
99.   fanerman
97 Juan Pierre has a special box.
2008-03-27 13:11:39
100.   cargill06
92 hairston from az to sd last year, which i thought was really weird considering that they were in contention with each other.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-03-27 13:11:44
101.   blue22
96 - If Delwyn can't play a passable 2B or 3B, he doesn't provide much value to LA. I'd much rather get an electric arm like Edwin than keep Young, who is the 2nd or 3rd lefty pinch hitter off the bench.
2008-03-27 13:13:29
102.   Eric Stephen
Great story. Thanks for the link, BH. I've always liked Frank Thomas, but that article makes me like him even more now.
2008-03-27 13:14:59
103.   regfairfield
98 2007:
Buck age 23: 130 OPS+
Ethier age 25: 104 OPS+

Granted, Buck's was in a smaller sample size but he was younger and massively outhit Ethier last year. McGee and Kershaw are both A prospects according to John Sickles. Kershaw is better, but so is Buck.

2008-03-27 13:15:45
104.   Marty
91 That's nothing. Tribune just sent out a mailer to everyone regarding dollar amounts being deposited into retirement accounts that are based on a salary percentage. Only problem is they sent them all to the wrong people. So I got letter at my house for some other employee. A little math and you know how much they make.
2008-03-27 13:16:07
105.   Ken Noe
89 Says here the Rays are looking for a FIFTH outfielder. Were they to talk Jackson straight up, I have to think it would be for someone like Repko, or maybe Delmon to replace Delwyn. One thing's true, NedCo can never have enough pitching.

2008-03-27 13:16:10
106.   cargill06
101 maybe i'm wrong but i've alreay given up on edwin. i just don't see much value there, delwyn could be a very good hitter down the road.
2008-03-27 13:18:22
107.   Jim Hitchcock
91 You finally got Windows 2000?
2008-03-27 13:18:22
108.   cargill06
101 maybe i'm wrong but i've already given up on edwin i don't think he has much value whereas delwyn can still be a good major league player.
2008-03-27 13:18:39
109.   cargill06
108 damn!
2008-03-27 13:20:31
110.   ToyCannon
Reminds me of my favorite far side cartoon where they fired the payroll person and then found the amount each manager made taped to the outside of their doors so everyone knew what they made.
2008-03-27 13:21:02
111.   Kevin Lewis

Thanks for the great link. I am a sap when it comes to those stories. Very sad indeed, especially when everyone else moves on with life, and the widow is left hurting...but I am glad to hear she has great friends surrounding her at this time.

2008-03-27 13:24:25
112.   oshea2002
105 I'm tired of dealing with the Rays.

I'm getting the sense that there are a lot more Bruins then Trojans on this board. That said, I'm surprised even Bruin fans haven't been to games at the Coliseum, I've gone to games at the Rose Bowl (and not just SC/UCLA games or the RB Game itself). If UCLA had a big game that day and SC was off, I'd usually go.

2008-03-27 13:24:47
113.   Eric Stephen
They fit all that into one Far Side frame?
2008-03-27 13:24:48
114.   ToyCannon
EJ is still a project but he showed some growth last year in the 2nd half.


I think Torre hit the nail on the head with D Young. They can't send him down because they will lose him but he will hurt the team if the stays because he needs at bats to stay sharp and he will get precious few of them being the 5th outfielder here.


If he had been able to handle the infield then the dynamic changes but since he would only be a pinch hitter here, I think a trade is best for everyone.

2008-03-27 13:25:04
115.   Kevin Lewis
Very softball team is getting together at the cages tonight, and our first game is tomorrow. I still get butterflies in my stomach on game day...sad, I know
2008-03-27 13:26:59
116.   Eric Stephen
It's hard to pick a favorite Far Side, but the one I have displayed at my desk shows a helicopter pilot hovering over a man on a deserted island, saying "Wait! Wait! Cancel that...I guess it says 'helf'."
2008-03-27 13:27:39
117.   blue22
114 - Even as a pinch hitter, he'll probably be third in line behind Sweeney and Ethier/Pierre.
2008-03-27 13:28:30
118.   ToyCannon
Remember this one from an LA Times story on the LAUSD Payroll fiasco:

There's an old "Far Side" cartoon that shows a lecture hall filled with seated dinosaurs. Diagrams fill the blackboard, and a huge reptile is speaking into the microphone at the podium. "The picture's pretty bleak, gentlemen," he says. "The world's climates are changing, the mammals are taking over, and we all have a brain about the size of a walnut."

I pray that Ned is not our reptile.

2008-03-27 13:29:30
119.   ToyCannon
The butterflies never stopped for me until I stopped playing at age 47.
2008-03-27 13:30:49
120.   cargill06
115 do some naked pull-ups to loosen up the boys.
2008-03-27 13:33:25
121.   Jim Hitchcock
116 Three dogs are sitting in a back yard. One dog says"I'll be right back". Next frame shows him in adjoining backyard, where he yells
to other dogs "Yo, any magazines"?
2008-03-27 13:33:57
122.   blue22
105 - That article mentions DaVanon. I've also seen some things about Jeremy Reed from the Mariners to the Rays. If they're after someone from LA, it's almost certainly Repko.
2008-03-27 13:37:14
123.   Eric Stephen
Far Sides:


"Crisis Clinic":

"Midvale School For The Gifted":

2008-03-27 13:39:24
124.   Howard Fox
What time?

our party of 16 is arriving by limo around 5 pm...why not go in style?

2008-03-27 13:40:49
125.   bhsportsguy
A "Far Side" moment. From a "Cheers" episode.

Woody looks at a newspaper depressed. When the regulars ask why he's down he says its because he doesn't get the Far Side. After they explain it to him, he tells them he was just disappointed his newspaper doesn't carry it, and now they made him feel stupid.

2008-03-27 13:42:08
126.   bhsportsguy
124 That's how most USC football players arrive at the Coliseum.

(They want snark, I can give them snark.)

2008-03-27 13:43:29
127.   twerp
Apparently bison (buffalo) of all kinds are in great demand--even 500-pound iron ones named Bacchus==

2008-03-27 13:45:04
128.   trainwreck
That's how you do it, BH.
2008-03-27 13:45:19
129.   Andrew Shimmin
104- The Social Security Administration sent me somebody else's lifetime SS withholding statement, once, complete with all sorts of identity-theftastic information. I tried to sell it to the mob, but they only buy in bulk.
2008-03-27 13:48:30
130.   Hythloday
Given the general dislike of JP (as a player) here can we set a floor for what we would accept for him. If the Rays offered a case of Schlitz for JP and 5 mil would we jump on the offer?
2008-03-27 13:51:18
131.   cargill06
130 if we sent jp and ate all his contract for a 26 year old maurice greene i'd do it.
2008-03-27 13:51:27
132.   madmac
91 what, your staff is on crack?
2008-03-27 13:51:46
133.   blue22
130 - Pierre's not too far removed from being a pretty desired and respected player. I'd wait for the first significant injury to occur (preferably to someone else's outfield) and see if he isn't more in demand.
2008-03-27 13:52:54
134.   trainwreck
Yes. Let Ned explain to Frank why he has to eat this terrible contract.
2008-03-27 13:55:17
135.   cargill06
the bison and crazy eyes arent as close as we think

for those familar with

2008-03-27 13:55:25
136.   underdog
I don't want Pierre to be starting but as 133 notes, he still has some value in this league. It would be great to be rid of that terrible contract, even if having to eat some of it, which would be a requirement I'm sure, but I don't see the point of just giving him away either. Someone's gonna want a "proven veteran" outfielder sooner or later. Might as well just wait 'til there's the possibility for a decent return, at least.
2008-03-27 13:55:43
137.   madmac
120 uh, thanks for that image.
2008-03-27 13:56:08
138.   68elcamino427
500 pound buffalo is found near the high school batting cages.
You can't make stuff like this up.
Will more training videos surface soon?
The Bison!
Be alert third base coach!
2008-03-27 13:56:45
139.   Hythloday
134 You know what goes great with terrible contract? A case of Schlitz. He just needs to get Frank to drink the Schlitz before breaking the news about where it came from.
2008-03-27 13:56:51
140.   cargill06
135 for those keeping track, chris young is #7 on his friend list, kemp is #16, and laroche is #19
2008-03-27 13:57:28
141.   ToyCannon
Far Side and Calvin & Hobbes are what got me through the late 80's.
2008-03-27 13:57:52
142.   fiddlestick
I found out yesterday that the iconic Bison Museum is about a mile from where I live.
2008-03-27 13:58:10
143.   blue22
141 - Those, and Bloom County.
2008-03-27 14:00:49
144.   Robert Fiore
I don't know when I'm going to be arriving, but I'll be leaving soon after the sixth inning.


70,000 Ticket Holders

2008-03-27 14:02:07
145.   fiddlestick
Does anyone actually think that Coletti would have to explain to McCourt that Pierre's contract is bad? I've never heard anyone either anecdotally or published say that it was a good contract. Even amongst people who think Pierre is good at baseball, I've yet to see something that states that he's performing at a level that justifies his long and expensive contract.
2008-03-27 14:02:13
146.   trainwreck
I can't believe Paul Wall mentions James Loney in a song.
2008-03-27 14:02:20
147.   68elcamino427
They only need to be close in the line up, where they hit back to back.
2008-03-27 14:03:12
148.   fiddlestick
I always liked B.C. when they'd do the dictionary ones. My favorite was when dude was reading from the dictionary rock and the phrase was "Capitalist Swine." Definition-- n. Wine made from crushed capitalists.
2008-03-27 14:07:44
149.   natepurcell

It seems they are pretty close.

2008-03-27 14:08:58
150.   blue22
145 - The fact that it's a bad contract is beside the point - I think everyone will acknowledge that. Ned will have to convince McCourt that giving some team $25M to take Pierre off their hands, just 15 short months after agreeing to the contract in the first place, improves the franchise. That would be an admission of monumental bad judgment that I just don't see Ned owing up to.

I think he moves Pierre if he can convince another team to take Pierre for nothing but the majority of the contract (Pierre plus ~$10M for anonymous middle relief), or package Pierre with another player for something decent (Pierre + LaRoche for Blalock).

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-03-27 14:10:24
151.   blue22
150 - "I think everyone will acknowledge that it's a bad deal..."
2008-03-27 14:10:53
152.   Kevin Lewis

Wow, thanks for the Cape Fear feeling

2008-03-27 14:11:39
153.   trainwreck
I just don't think we would ever put Pierre in the proper role as the 4th outfielder. Which is why I would take the Schlitz.
2008-03-27 14:18:59
154.   still bevens
135 I love it that he has Luscious Liz on there.
2008-03-27 14:21:29
155.   Bluebleeder87
115 I was gonna say.. But 119 said it for me. I hope those butterlies NEVER leave me.
2008-03-27 14:22:40
156.   fiddlestick
Frank McCourt may come off in a certain way to certain people, but the guy didn't become a millionaire several times over without understanding the concept of a sunk cost. So it is relevant that it's a bad contract-- the money's spent.

Would Coletti even necessarily need McCourt's permission to move Pierre and eat part of his contract? If McCourt believes in him that much and theoretically he's given him some sort of salary budget, Coletti could feasibly do whatever he wanted provided the players he's bringing back plus the payments on Pierre's contract don't put him above his number.

2008-03-27 14:23:41
157.   silverwidow
103 Granted, Buck's was in a smaller sample size but he was younger and massively outhit Ethier last year.

I don't agree with "massive." If Ethier hadn't been jerked around last year in the lineup, he probably would've produced better numbers.

Buck also had the benefit of facing those Texas Ranger clowns more often than anyone else.

2008-03-27 14:24:05
158.   twerp
Story on how Albert Pujols, his wife, and and Albert Jr. (age 6) have helped lessen the burden for a family and community who lost a high school baseball player in a traffic accident last summer--

2008-03-27 14:24:40
159.   Kevin Lewis

Good to know I am not alone. I think it is just one of those things my wife does not understand, and she would just chalk it up to me being too competitive. But it isn't even's just the nature of the game and the joy of being out on the field, wanting to do the best I can. I distinctly remember the drive to the little league field with my dad. It was always the longest drive because of the butterflies in my stomach.

2008-03-27 14:27:25
160.   fiddlestick
I got butterflies my first soccer game back after recovering from ACL surgery, but every time I've ever played softball, it's been on at least a 3 beer buzz.
2008-03-27 14:28:23
161.   GobiasIndustries
To everyone who plays fantasy baseball and likes the Foo Fighters, this is a must read.

2008-03-27 14:32:29
162.   fanerman
159 Whenever I have butterflies in the ol' stomach, I think of that great quote by the famous philosopher Manny Ramirez. I can't remember the exact words but it's something like, "I'm just trying to go out there and play hard and have fun and if things don't work out, it's not the end of the world. There's always next season."

I apply that quote to all facets of my life when I get nervous about anything.

2008-03-27 14:33:29
163.   blue22
156 - While I agree with what you are saying, you also have to remember that Ned wants to keep his job. So while it may seem like the best course of action is to admit to the sunk cost and trade Pierre away for pennies on the dollar, I don't see Ned suggesting it. I think he takes his chances with Pierre as a part-time player (which he can always defer that decision making to Torre) or waits for a decent deal where he can spin the justification as more than just cut-and-run.

Now the next GM that comes in, I could see having that sort of "frank" conversation with McCourt.

2008-03-27 14:35:21
164.   cargill06
146 does he? i know loney is a paul wall fan both being from houston, but i'm surprised mr. wall has any idea who james loney is.
2008-03-27 14:35:36
165.   cargill06
164 which one?
2008-03-27 14:36:07
166.   Disabled List
The Freakonomics guys are soliciting questions for Bill James, if anyone's interested:

2008-03-27 14:37:18
167.   Kevin Lewis

Are you asking yourself the question?

2008-03-27 14:48:53
168.   cargill06
top 5 most overrated players in baseball based on, contract, publics view of performance vs. actual performance tell me who i left of and who doesnt belong (in no order) tell me who i left off and who belongs

barry zito
juan pierre
alfonso soriano
j damon

2008-03-27 14:49:09
169.   tjdub
162 Not a bad philosophy at all. My 9 yr old's baseball team got trounced in a tournament game on Thursday, shut out on one hit. His first words on Friday before his doubleheader: "I can't wait to play today."

One of fatherhood's proudest moments.

2008-03-27 14:51:41
170.   trainwreck
He mentions his name in the song that Loney has as his Myspace song.
2008-03-27 14:54:27
171.   regfairfield
168 Ichiro doesn't belong on that list (16th in VORP last year with defense). Soriano probably doesn't either (40th with even better D). Both are actually very productive players.

I'd put Pudge on that list.

2008-03-27 14:55:36
172.   blue22
168 - Any closer making over $10M per year.
2008-03-27 14:57:30
173.   tjdub
168 EVERY closer.
2008-03-27 14:57:59
174.   Xeifrank
Good luck with your softball game/league. We started four weeks ago and are off to a 4-0 start having defeated the two previous league champs handily.
League Standings:

vr, Xei

2008-03-27 14:58:05
175.   cargill06
171 do you have a link with the VORP with defense list.
2008-03-27 14:58:56
176.   Andrew Shimmin
Soriano's contract could easily end up in that list, eventually, but he's not bad, yet. PECOTA has his MORP being $1.35M lower than his salary this year. $7M lower, in 2009, then more than ten per the rest of the way.
2008-03-27 14:58:56
177.   Kevin Lewis
Maybe it is just me, but I have hard time seeing Ichiro on that list
2008-03-27 14:59:13
178.   regfairfield
175 This is the VORP list The with defense part is just me commentating.
2008-03-27 15:00:17
179.   Kevin Lewis

I feel for the other teams...ouch

2008-03-27 15:00:25
180.   cargill06
177 ya, you're right i just see his offense being way overrated for a 5 yr 100 contract.
2008-03-27 15:02:01
181.   underdog
I still get butterflies before my soccer games, and I think it's a good thing as long as it's not so extreme I can't focus. It means I'm energized for the game. Some people I've played with were so mellow at game time they just played kind of out of it for the whole game, without the requisite energy.

Of course, having 9pm games, like I have tonight, are thus tough because I can't eat before a game, and by the time I get home it's too late to eat but I'm too "up" to go to bed.

2008-03-27 15:02:20
182.   regfairfield
180 It's hard for it to be overrated when he was the 16th most valuable hitter in baseball.
2008-03-27 15:02:32
183.   cargill06
178 it's a stat that awards all the PA's he gets though right? i was just doing a quick look at his .786 OPS in '06 and '05.
2008-03-27 15:02:35
184.   kinbote
141 I'd add "Bloom County" to that excellent duo. As for "Far Side," my favorite one includes the words [or something like them]: "Spare armadillo, ma'am, spare armadillo?"
2008-03-27 15:02:52
185.   Andrew Shimmin
Helton could be on there, but for last year.
2008-03-27 15:03:13
186.   cargill06
182 ya i was wrong didn't know where he ranked in that.
2008-03-27 15:04:50
187.   regfairfield
183 That is true, but that's still a good OPS for a center fielder, and his stolen base percentage is always great.

185 25th in VORP with defense. He's still a productive player.

2008-03-27 15:05:14
188.   Xeifrank
182. and plays a pretty good CF.
vr, Xei
2008-03-27 15:08:05
189.   cargill06
187 what about in '06 when he was 40th, and '05 when he was 59th? wouldn't 20 mil a year be quite a bit much for that?
2008-03-27 15:08:33
190.   Xeifrank
Ichiro while he stole a lot of bases last year, tended to get caught in a lot of high leverage situations. The average LI was 1.08 on his attempted steals last year. 1.02 on a successful steal attempt and 1.38 when caught stealing. His WPA on steals was only 0.086 wins, though his linear weights over-rates at nearly half a win.
vr, Xei
2008-03-27 15:09:32
191.   fanerman
What is LI?
2008-03-27 15:11:15
192.   Xeifrank
189. I have Ichiro at 3.6 WAR, which converts to $16.24mil per year for the 2008 season. This is using his 2008 ZIPS projection, adjusting for park, position, defense and baserunning. I've seen others that have him at 4 WAR.
vr, Xei
2008-03-27 15:11:18
193.   cargill06
189 '03 78th behind JP but in '04 he was 10th.
2008-03-27 15:13:51
194.   Xeifrank
191. Leverage index (LI) was invented by Tom Tango and is commonly used at fangraphs as a description of the importance of a situation in a baseball game. The higher the importance, the higher the LI is. 1.00 is an average LI. WPA (Win Probability Added) is another by product of it. WPA gives you the difference in Win Expectancy from point A to point B, usually defined by one play.
vr, Xei
2008-03-27 15:14:03
195.   Kevin Lewis
But that is back when JP had the stache.
2008-03-27 15:15:05
196.   Kevin Lewis

Reading that was like going to graduate school to "master" something, only to realize how little I know

2008-03-27 15:16:06
197.   Andrew Shimmin
No, I'm saying. If, going forward, 2006 was what Helton was going to be, he'd belong on the list. And he could go back to being that this year. But he was too good in 2007 to belong.
2008-03-27 15:16:38
198.   cargill06
195 and the adjustable hat

2008-03-27 15:18:14
199.   Kevin Lewis
His rookie card is only at $3...ouch
2008-03-27 15:19:17
200.   Xeifrank
196. I learned most of that stuff just last year. Tom Tango is an amazing baseball stat person. I highly recommend the book that he co-authored "The Book, Playing The Percentages In Baseball". If Moneyball is the Intro book/class, Tango's book is the upper division text. All of that stuff is in the book. vr, Xei
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-03-27 15:19:33
201.   regfairfield
189 He's a center fielder now so he goes up in value. His defense went down and his offense went up.

197 Gotcha.

2008-03-27 15:25:59
202.   fanerman
200 Cool. I'll definitely check that book out.
2008-03-27 15:27:29
203.   Hythloday
No mention of JP's brother in arms, Gary Matthews Jr.?
2008-03-27 15:28:08
204.   regfairfield
203 I would have suggessted him but I don't think the average fan cares about him one way or the other.
2008-03-27 15:43:21
205.   Xeifrank
The Good Phight (Phillies ) blog has an entry where they compare every NL West team to a band. I won't mention who they compare the Dodgers to, read for yourself.

I thought this would be right up the alley for many of you DT followers. I know, I know, movies and tv shows are the specialty of DT, but music probably comes in a close third right up there with food chat. :)
vr, Xei

2008-03-27 15:57:22
206.   Jim Hitchcock
205 Leave it to Xei to leave out the popularity of movie/tv chat :)
2008-03-27 15:58:32
207.   Jim Hitchcock
206 Idiot. I guess i should learn not to speed read others comments. Sorry, Xei.
2008-03-27 16:00:34
208.   blue22
205 - At the bottom of that page is a link to another article with a similar comparison, but to Simpson characters. (slightly NSFW ads and images)

2008-03-27 16:10:59
209.   madmac
has anyone tried to contact D4P to see if he is fine
2008-03-27 16:13:44
210.   KG16
205 - I take issue with the Cubs as Jimmy Buffett. Otherwise, there's some good comparisons there.
2008-03-27 16:14:52
211.   underdog
So how will people be greeting JD Drew this weekend if he gets some at bats? With a loud yell of his name, or something that rhymes with it, I'm guessing?

209 Been wondering that myself...

2008-03-27 16:16:37
212.   Bluebleeder87

"Grubb's Tax Service"

I don't think I'd be to scared of that team, Xeifrank.

2008-03-27 16:17:27
213.   Bob Hendley
2 . Cargill, if it were me, I would have presented that in two declarative sentences.
2008-03-27 16:17:27
214.   Eric Stephen
What rhymes with J.D.?


2008-03-27 16:20:13
215.   Bluebleeder87
I have to say "High Times" is such a common name in beer leagues it's lost it's fun with me.
2008-03-27 16:20:50
216.   trainwreck
Yeah, someone has got to be able to contact him. I was thinking he may just be concentrating on his graduate work.
2008-03-27 16:26:08
217.   Bluebleeder87

Here's a little food-for-thought>>[] Adrenaline is a hormone produced by the adrenal gland in the body of many animals. When it is produced in the body it stimulates the heart-rate, dilates blood vessels and air passages, and has a number of more minor effects. Adrenaline is naturally produced in high-stress or physically exhilarating situations.

The term "fight or flight" is often used to characterize the circumstances under which adrenaline is released into the body. It is an early evolutionary adaptation to allow better coping with dangerous and unexpected situations. With dilated blood vessels and air passages, the body is able to pass more blood to the muscles and get more oxygen into the lungs in a timely manner, increasing physical performance for short bursts of time.

2008-03-27 16:26:30
218.   madmac
216 thought about that, but just seems like we'd have heard something

don't want to be doom and gloom, but it just seems odd.

I've even thought maybe he has reinvented himself and posting under a different alias, but I really doubt that.

somebody here must have an email address or a name or something.

2008-03-27 16:26:51
219.   Xeifrank
212. They won the league two years ago and moved up to the lone higher division, then got wallopped(sp?) and moved back down this year and we beat them handily in week 1. It's interesting that many softball teams get named after companies, I guess they get their entry fee and t-shirts paid for?? I'm willing to take out adds on my car if they pay for my gas and insurance.
vr, Xei
2008-03-27 16:27:09
220.   underdog
That Simpsons-Baseball list is genius. The Dodgers one made me laugh out loud:

>>Los Angeles Dodgers - Disco Stu - Overconfident and forever predicting the return of their glory days. Brought up by devoted fans more often than is probably reasonable, considering their sporadic appearances. Haven't been relevant since the '80s.<<

The Royals as Gil the salesman is also spot on.

2008-03-27 16:36:21
221.   Daniel Zappala
I just sent D4P some email and will let you know if I hear back.
2008-03-27 16:40:20
222.   silverwidow
I need some Dodger news...Really bored.
2008-03-27 16:41:13
223.   Bob Hendley
12 . I meant 12, where you refer to 2: Cargill, if it were me, I would have presented that in two declarative sentences.
2008-03-27 16:43:53
224.   DeucesWild
Pictures of the Coliseum set up for baseball. I'll be in section 19 and definitely bringing a glove since it's just left of the LF fence.

2008-03-27 16:46:00
225.   Gen3Blue
Any team should be happy to be the "Steely Dan" of baseball.
2008-03-27 16:49:27
226.   Andrew Shimmin
D4P was a ToyCannon sockpuppet. Now TC has moved on to using Frip as his sockpuppet, and thrown D4P away, like an old, um, sock. With buttons and stuff sewn on it.
2008-03-27 16:49:58
227.   ibleedbloo
Just called Dodger Stadium to let them know I was coming. From the tone of the girl's voice, it sounds like it is going to be CRAZY after the game. I may just look for a lot near the game. I have a feeling we will be reading more than one article about how bad the shuttle service was, especially considering the media will be parking at the Stadium.

Also, when I called I could hear organ music in the back ground. Nancy Bee was getting some practice in; I guess everyone has spring training.

2008-03-27 16:50:37
228.   Jim Hitchcock
Cool. Wally Moon will be at the Coliseum this weekend. And he might take batting practice!

2008-03-27 16:51:29
229.   Kevin Lewis

Left field is going to be whacky out there. I just get a bad feeling about it...Pierre will have to stand at the fence before each pitch

2008-03-27 16:53:01
230.   Gen3Blue
222 Bumming on the east coast after 2 days of no baseball. All I'll get is a tease with MLB "live box" at 10pm.
2008-03-27 16:59:12
231.   Kevin Lewis
You have to be careful if you are sitting in section 19. A line drive foul ball could come quick at only 200 feet away
2008-03-27 17:01:02
232.   Eric Stephen
Great pics. Man, it looks like a little league field. Final score prediction: 27-23.
2008-03-27 17:15:52
233.   Eric Stephen
Brazoban optioned to AA, according to Diamond Leung.
2008-03-27 17:22:23
234.   bhsportsguy
They are back Jon, they are back!

From the Dodgers Press Release re the new concession stands and other improvements on the field level.

A personal touch added are new crank dispensers for onions and relish that stemmed from a conversation McCourt had with a fan during his inaugural season with the team in 2004.

2008-03-27 17:24:35
235.   trainwreck
So the Dodgers are just going to start pretending Las Vegas does not exist for pitchers?
2008-03-27 17:33:57
236.   Disabled List
205 This one is awesome:

San Francisco Giants are The Grateful Dead: Defined for years by the presence of a bloated, drug-addled figurehead who all the fans paid to see, at the expense of developing or addressing the needs of the rest of the group. Owners/management gladly raked in the cash. His abrupt departure left his former comrades and bosses with a purposeless existence. Greatest accomplishments as a group were years in the past, but that didn't stop people from paying ridiculous sums to watch them.

2008-03-27 17:37:19
237.   regfairfield
234 "Hey you know the current method we have for dispensing onions and relish, let's keep that".
2008-03-27 17:39:36
238.   underdog
233 Less tempting food options in Jacksonville over Vegas.
2008-03-27 17:42:59
239.   trainwreck
Can someone explain to me the issue here?
2008-03-27 17:43:23
240.   Jon Weisman
234 - I thought for a second you were gonna say Cool-a-Coos were back, but that's still good bews.
2008-03-27 17:46:34
241.   eekrock
234 - i agree. seen some not so trusty peeps getting the onion & relish spoon all in their mustard/ketchup.

and i just enjoy the memory of the old crank dispensers.

2008-03-27 18:00:04
242.   madmac
221 Thanks DZ

226 ouch

2008-03-27 18:10:12
243.   raygu
Another Dodger 3bman on the DL- Abreu-per Tony Jackson on his blog. Abreu is soft.
2008-03-27 18:12:09
244.   raygu
Abreu may become out of favor with LA management with his history of injuries. So who will play 2b next year? Furcal, after we extend him mid-season, with Hu at short? It's a possibility. LA pitchers would be very happy with the middle of the infield.
2008-03-27 18:14:11
245.   Jack Dawkins
234 My goodness. And I thought the only place where you could find hand-crank relish/onion dispensers anymore was at Costco.
2008-03-27 18:14:34
246.   Bluebleeder87
Not a good start for there respected careers for Etanislao & La Roche, what a bummer...
2008-03-27 18:22:57
247.   underdog
Also mention there that Mike Myers was officially released. So with Myers gone and Tanyon Sturtze long gone, I hope the Joe Torre Favoritism for His Old Vets Marching and Chowder Society will shift gears. No word yet on Gary Burghoff, however.

So I wonder who that elusive final reliever will be - or maybe they're gonna start the year with 11 pitchers and an extra position player, given all the injuries to infield.

2008-03-27 18:24:25
248.   trainwreck
It would be pretty crazy to see Blake DeWitt start the season as the Dodgers third baseman.
2008-03-27 18:31:11
249.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Does Abreu's injury mean that the best case for us will be that Kent will be reading for opening day, so Hu can man 3B?


2008-03-27 18:35:48
250.   ToyCannon
D4P and I have a love/hate relationship, we hate the current state of the United States but Love the Dodgers.

Several weeks ago I emailed him and he is okay but for whatever reason is on hiatus from us.

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2008-03-27 18:37:03
251.   hernari
Lineup vs Angels per box score

Pierre, LF
Furcal, SS
Loney, 1B
Kemp, DH
Jones, A, CF
Martin, R, C
Ethier, RF
Hu, 2B
Dewitt, 3B

2008-03-27 18:38:13
252.   Bluebleeder87
I guess I don't mind Hu at 3rd base.
2008-03-27 18:42:26
253.   Bob Timmermann
My browser (Firefox) has unilaterally decided to eliminate serifs from everything.

I like serifs. I want my serifs back. I will not live in a world without serifs. Give me serifs or give me death!

2008-03-27 18:43:24
254.   Bluebleeder87
DeWitt has a really nice swing but at this point in his career that's all it is A NICE SWING, hopefully he figures it out
2008-03-27 18:45:32
255.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 254

I am sooooo... skeptical of him being ready for MLB play. And, as Jackson points out, putting him on the roster would burn an option and cause 40-man issues.


2008-03-27 18:45:38
256.   raygu
who is Burghoff?
I like Kemp batting 4th...would prefer 3rd though.
I wonder what tonight's lineup would be if they were playing at Chavez Ravine? Pierre on the bench?
2008-03-27 18:58:02
257.   StolenMonkey86
Can Pierre play 2nd base?
2008-03-27 18:59:05
258.   Andrew Shimmin
250- Well, isn't that convenient. . .
2008-03-27 18:59:18
259.   Jon Weisman
Game chat is open up top!
2008-03-27 19:00:20
260.   trainwreck
He does not have the arm strength.
2008-03-27 19:00:44
261.   Bluebleeder87
My home run prediction's for tonight:

Hu, Kemp & Martin

for the Halos:


2008-03-27 19:00:51
262.   underdog
256 An inside joke here - see sidebar right below of non roster invitees. (Radar O'Reilly on M*A*S*H) I think there was a Hollywood Stars game connection there?
2008-03-27 19:11:05
263.   madmac
250 that's good to hear. thanks for the info.
2008-03-27 19:13:55
264.   Gen3Blue
256 Yeah-- Radar. Start worrying about our lefty relief is Biemel isn't almost perfect.
I was feeling that we might as well carry Myer.
2008-03-27 19:21:05
265.   Gen3Blue
Vlad HR 2-0 Angels.

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