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The SI Vault ... And Other Stuff
2008-03-29 00:01
by Jon Weisman

It's one of those things I never seem to get to, so I'm gonna get to it now in brief. As some of you know, Sports Illustrated has placed its archives online in searchable form at a place called SI Vault.

I could spend hours upon hours there, reading about ... Pedro Guerrero, for instance.

* * *

I think this will work: I've set up a Dodger Thoughts photo group at Flickr for people to share their images from, say, Saturday's Coliseum game. Give it a look if you're interested.

* * *

Ramon Troncoso pitched two shutout innings Friday against Boston. Troncoso could still sneak onto the roster, especially if Chan Ho Park is sent to AAA to build up his innings as a backup starting pitcher, as pitching coach Rick Honeycutt suggested to Dylan Hernandez of the Times.

Troncoso, 25, split time between A and AA ball last season, finishing with 39 strikeouts against 52 hits and 18 walks in 52 innings for Jacksonville. That's not exactly dominant, but last week, Ken Gurnick of wrote that Troncoso was "sneaking into the picture as a middle reliever with a hard sinker and the early makings of a cutter."

* * *

In this piece, Dennis Cozzalio gets to the roots of the name of his website, Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule.

* * *

Check out Tangotiger's Great Clutch Project:

So, you think you know who is the clutch hitter on your team? You think you know who you want at bat with the game on the line? Well, let's find out.

* * *

All Dodger games are on XM Satellite Radio. And, as a special pre-Opening Day treat ...

For 48 hours leading up to Opening Day, XM Radio (Channel 120) will broadcast 412 songs about the sport, 27 songs about players, seven dramatic readings of baseball stories and various classic calls of historic plays – truly an audio euphoria for every baseball fan.

* * *

After my third child was born, Dodger Thoughts reader Andy Zicklin sent this clip of his son in, saying that I had this to look forward to. We'll see!

Comments (126)
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2008-03-29 00:15:04
1.   coachjpark
I understand that Loaiza is being paid $6.5 million, but shouldn't the pitcher who has performed better than his competitor be rewarded with the fifth spot in the rotation if spring performance was the arbiter of who gets that fifth spot?

Call me biased, but I just wanted Chan Ho to win that spot. Hopefully, he'll stay with the big club. I don't want to see Chan Ho in AAA. I really disagree with Honeycutt's argument of building starting pitching strength. Just keep him as the long man... and his performance in the WBC shows that Chan Ho can pitch effectively in short-inning situations...

2008-03-29 00:22:37
2.   CanuckDodger
Park doesn't belong on the Dodgers. He's just another Scott Erickson.
2008-03-29 00:23:05
3.   Jon Weisman
"shouldn't the pitcher who has performed better than his competitor be rewarded with the fifth spot in the rotation if spring performance was the arbiter of who gets that fifth spot?"

It wasn't as if Loaiza had a bad spring: 3.00 ERA. In any case, you should go with the best pitcher, regardless of Spring Training stats, and Park was unbelievably awful last year.

The Loaiza-Park debate will hopefully be irrelevant sooner than later.

2008-03-29 00:25:39
4.   jasonungar07
sweet grab.
2008-03-29 00:30:16
5.   trainwreck
When Kuo is healthy he is a valuable starter. We felt safe starting him in the playoffs and during crunch time two years ago, but now we won't even give him the 5th starter's spot?

It also seems pretty obvious that he pitches better as a starter than he does as a reliever.

2008-03-29 00:37:49
6.   Jon Weisman
I'd like Kuo to start too, but I don't know how it's obvious that he's better as a starter than as a reliever when, in his entire career, he's only had 57 innings in one role and 38 innings in the other. His career ERA as a starter is 4.87.
2008-03-29 00:52:15
7.   68elcamino427
The lady sitting next to me at the game tonight told me out of the blue that she misses Pedro Guerrero.

I wonder if Tommy is going to stay in the dugout all season and be Torre's side kick ala Don Zimmer?

Billingsley showed tonight what Jon has been predicting. He owned the Red Sox hitters for the first four innings.

2008-03-29 00:53:31
8.   Bob Timmermann
There is a limit on the number of coaches you can have in uniform during the regular season. Bob Schaefer is the bench coach. Lasorda's job will be to do PR.
2008-03-29 01:19:36
9.   trainwreck
You are right about the number of innings.

Here are some splits for him.

Starter .324 .377 .701 88
Reliever .389 .414 .803 116

Didn't the team also theorize that starting was better on his arm?

2008-03-29 01:29:06
10.   Jon Weisman
9 - You mean the same team that has watched him get hurt as a starter? Yes.

Actually, now I think they theorize that relieving is better on his arm. Whatever's convenient or hip ...

2008-03-29 06:15:14
11.   jtrichey
412 songs about baseball? I can't think of anything worse than listening to something like that. Is there really a baseball song out there that you would want to hear more than once?
2008-03-29 06:21:00
12.   RELX
Best part of the 1985 SI article about Pedro Guerrero:

Orel Hershiser IV
Bill (The Dean) Russell

2008-03-29 06:52:04
13.   Gen3Blue
Good catch by kid Zicklin. I can think of several ML corner outfielders who no way make that catch.
2008-03-29 06:57:12
14.   Ken Noe
"Asked to reveal his criterion - would it be matchups? - in setting the Dodgers' outfield on a day-in, day-out basis, Torre said, "It's just going to be a 'feel' thing. If you look at matchups, they don't tell you anything."

2008-03-29 06:57:33
15.   Dave60
For everyone going to the Coliseum, best wishes.

By my Retrosheet-aided recollection, the first ballgame I ever saw was July 8, 1960 at the Coliseum. (For years I remembered the game as a 4-2 Dodger win over the Cubs. A 5-3 win is the closest fit I can find to that memory.) And if July 8, 1960 is correct, that would mean the the first Dodger hit I saw was Frank Howard, first homerun Wally Moon, and first victory Ed Roebuck, all of which feel appropriate.

I thought about coming to LA for the game today, but decided to watch the game with friends in Northern California. I'm still shocked that Major League baseball returning to the Coliseum didn't get national television.

Have a great time. Go Dodgers!

2008-03-29 07:11:47
16.   Johnny Nucleo
The Flickr group was a GREAT idea. Thanks. I wouldn't be surprised if you see it enjoy enormous growth.
2008-03-29 07:14:28
17.   Marty
14 I think we are going to be reminded almost daily that when you have the best players, managing is easy. I'm afraid Torre is just Jim Tracy with a better looking resume.
2008-03-29 07:16:03
18.   Gen3Blue
At Ask BA: my first look at 17 year old rhp Javier Solano(Dodgers).
2008-03-29 07:20:09
19.   Ken Noe
17 At third base, the manager said, "Right now Blake DeWitt looks like the solution." Why? "It's just the way he carries himself," Torre said...."

I did take it as some consolation that last night he felt JP should be the #8 batter.

2008-03-29 07:33:54
20.   old dodger fan
Was the video up top shot in San Bernardino?
2008-03-29 08:28:18
21.   coachjpark
3 Jon, I presume you are referring to the imminent rise of Clayton Kershaw.

2 Come on, now. Let's not invoke Scott Erickson.

At this point, I hope Park beats out Troncoso for the last spot in the bullpen.

2008-03-29 08:48:42
22.   Jon Weisman
Except for strikeout rate, Erickson had a better season the year before he became a Dodger than Park had last year.
2008-03-29 08:50:12
23.   Frip
Facile as it sounds I wouldn't put too much stock in Torre's "it's just the way DeWitt carries himself" line. That's just his way of letting Nomar and Andy know, injured or not, they'd better get their act together, because, to quote O'toole in Lawrence of Arabia, "NOTHING is written".

It's very cool of Sports Illustrated to offer all the past issues online for FREE. Every online magazine that I know of makes you pay. But it does kind of take the fun out of buying old SI's on Ebay.

Well, still, there's nothing like holding the original magazine in your hands.

I like looking at the old advertisements. I'd forgotten how...what's the word...gentle, ads were on the reader. They didn't try and out-hip, out-cool, out rock & roll, offend, or disgust the reader. A less cynical time.

2008-03-29 08:50:31
24.   jasonungar07
Why don't match up's mean anything? He played. Heck I bet he tells stories of who he could rope against and some that had his number.
2008-03-29 08:56:55
25.   silverwidow
Tron Tron is getting the last spot in the pen.

Basically, he's taking over for Meloan (who I guess is now starter worthy).

2008-03-29 08:59:05
26.   Jon Weisman
Friday fastball speeds:

2008-03-29 09:15:18
27.   Reddog
My feeling is that Pierre will be in the lead-off position Opening Day. I think politically, they feel they have to do that. I bet either game 2 or 3, Ethier replaces him. Then I foresee a rotation where Kemp, Ethier and Pierre rotate, especially if Kemp continues the way he's been, swinging at bad balls and not working the count for walks.

I think by summer, Pierre will be used less frequently, maybe 2 starts a week. And they'll be bringing him in off the bench in late innings as a pinch runner.

2008-03-29 09:20:04
28.   Gen3Blue
re Friday Fastball Speeds. Sure doesn't look like Bills has "Schmidt syndrome".
Much relief.
2008-03-29 09:22:24
29.   BlueCorona
I know this is off-topic...but does anyone know if tailgating is allowed at todays Coliseum game?
2008-03-29 09:28:17
30.   immouch
I agree. Park has been horrific the past few years. But Park, at his best, was a significantly better pitcher than Loiza. Given that the Loiza v. Park debate is a question of revival - which guy can recoup something of what he used to have - I'd argue that Park has higher upside. But, essentially, I too hope we're talking about something else very soon. Any thoughts on why Kuo isn't getting more traction?
2008-03-29 09:33:55
31.   Bob Timmermann
I think that question is pertinent. And yes, you can tailgate at the Coliseum just like the 90,000 or so USC fans who do so six times a year.
2008-03-29 09:35:12
32.   Jon Weisman
30 - Park's last decent season was 2001 - nearly seven years ago. And it wasn't as good as Loaiza's 2003 season.

Park's best career season wasn't as good as Loaiza's. Park's career ERA+ is lower than Loaiza's (by a smidgen), and Park has pitched fewer innings. The idea that Park has higher upside hinges solely on the fact that Park is only 34, whereas Loaiza is a grizzly 36.
Look, I get people are rooting for Park - as far as sentiment, I'm rooting for Park. But you can't sell me that a revival for Park would be anything but near-miraculous.

2008-03-29 09:39:48
33.   BlueCorona
30: In all fairness...if we refer back to Park at his best, we should do the same for Loaiza. Loaiza's best season is better than Parks best season.

Regardless, those are moot points now because they're both past their primes and this isnt 2000 or 2003

Not only do I think Loaiza as the 5th starter was the obvious choice based on contracts, I think it was the correct one. Kuo was almost handed the 5th spot to start the season last year, and he failed. His arm has never held up as a starter, and Park last year was too awful last year to be taken seriously this year after only a few spring starts.

Loaiza last year was awful as well, but to be fair he was recovering from injury. Being healthy this year and pitching for a contract, I expect a halfway decent performance for the #5 spot

2008-03-29 09:40:04
34.   immouch
I disagree. Unlike Grady and Tracy, Torre can tell Ned to stick it. (That's probably Torre's biggest strength.) Anyway, while Torre at times has demonstrated inexplicable, fetish-like love for certain oldsters, those oldsters (Bernie W. is who I'm thinking of here) were a lot more lovable than Juan P. I'm also optimistic that the extended "look" at Juan P. so far this spring has been a (sadly, failed) attempt to get his hot and trade him. So I think, from opening day on, the lineup is gonna be very Ethier-friendly, particularly with injuries sapping any power out of 3B.
Or not. In which case I'm gonna let my dog chew on my Torre bobblehead.
2008-03-29 09:40:07
35.   BlueCorona
30: In all fairness...if we refer back to Park at his best, we should do the same for Loaiza. Loaiza's best season is better than Parks best season.

Regardless, those are moot points now because they're both past their primes and this isnt 2000 or 2003

Not only do I think Loaiza as the 5th starter was the obvious choice based on contracts, I think it was the correct one. Kuo was almost handed the 5th spot to start the season last year, and he failed. His arm has never held up as a starter, and Park last year was too awful last year to be taken seriously this year after only a few spring starts.

Loaiza last year was awful as well, but to be fair he was recovering from injury. Being healthy this year and pitching for a contract, I expect a halfway decent performance for the #5 spot

2008-03-29 09:41:23
36.   BlueCorona
Oops! I clicked the submit button twice. Sorry.

And thanks for the info Bob Timmerman!

Go blue

2008-03-29 09:44:39
37.   immouch
Three things.
1. I looked it up. You guys are right. Loiza's peak was probably better than Park's. My judgement was... Tommy-esque. And, yeah, the dice rolling on Park has gone on a bit longer than it should've. Let's all burn some incense for Kuo or a prudent but swift promotion for Kershaw.
2. I don't have a dog. I lied.
3. I don't have a Torre bobblehead either. But if I did, and if Torre starts Pierre ahead of Ethier, I'd let my dog chew on it.
2008-03-29 09:48:23
38.   Bob Timmermann
Now this is truly off-topic:
Scientists from Lawrence Livermore Lab restored the world's oldest known sound recording. It's from 1860.

The short song was captured on April 9, 1860 by a phonautograph, a device created by a Parisian inventor, Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville.

The device etched representations of sound waves into paper covered in soot from a burning oil lamp.

Lines were scratched into the soot by a needle moved by a diaphragm that responded to sound. The recordings were never intended to be played.

2008-03-29 09:49:05
39.   immouch
Somebody just raised an interesting phrase - "pitching for a contract." I'm not disagreeing, but I honestly wonder: Have any of what I'm sure are numerous studies of contract-year performance impressed anybody? Does it apply more/less to pitchers than to hitters? Is the sample size too small for actual meaning? Will I ever learn to spell Loaiza?
2008-03-29 09:49:47
40.   Bob Hendley
37 - Just for lying, I don't think we will be satisfied unless you offer to chew on the nonexistent bobblehead. ;)
2008-03-29 09:53:05
41.   Gen3Blue
38 I heard a replay on NPR and their description of "ghostly" is spot on. Bizarre and remarkable.
2008-03-29 09:53:59
42.   Bob Timmermann
Here is a study of "contract year" performance.

It's a PowerPoint.

2008-03-29 09:55:41
43.   immouch
Thanks for that. I heard it on the radio yesterday, but caught the story late and didn't know what they were talking about. Fairly amazing moment.
2008-03-29 09:58:50
44.   Bob Timmermann
When I was in library school in Berkeley, some of us took a trip to Stanford's archive of recorded materials. We got to see some wax cylinders made by Tom Edison, although they didn't play them for us. But it was amazing at what was there.

Not that I ever went into that type of work.

2008-03-29 10:02:12
45.   Bob Hendley
34 - But seriously, I agree that Torre is in a different position vis-a-vis Ned in his degrees of freedom. Not sure what his annual salary is (I haven't seen it on the side), but when we are totalling up the costs of the JP signing to man centerfield, I think we need to include part of Torres' salary, as well as that for Druw. What's that line by Senator Dirksen..
2008-03-29 10:08:17
46.   berkowit28
There's a special section on the Dodgers in the LA Times today. I know people have referred here to the "50 ways" piece earlier, and most of the articles are here:

But I don't see online the lead article in the print edition, by Patt Morrison. Perhaps it's there somewhere: has anyone found it? It's a beautiful article, a piece of classic baseball writing. If it's not online, it's worth buying the paper today to read it.

2008-03-29 10:09:50
47.   Xeifrank
Leaving for the game at the Coliseum in 15 minutes. Enjoy the game everyone!
vr, Xei
2008-03-29 10:14:25
48.   Bob Timmermann
Xeifrank is leaving 6 1/2 hours before I will.
2008-03-29 10:14:30
49.   underdog
Good article in San Diego paper on the NL West:

"West is best (if you like pitching)"

PS: I'm assuming here Peavy means "shew!" as a compliment to the Dodgers?

>>"Unlike the other divisions – and I don't want to name names – we don't get a night off," said Peavy. "You go into Arizona, you know the chances are three out of five that you get Brandon Webb, Dan Haren or Randy Johnson. Or you get Doug Davis (diagnosed this week with thyroid cancer), who won 15 games, and Micah Owings can both pitch and rake. San Francisco's got four starters – (Barry) Zito, (Matt) Cain, (Tim) Lincecum and (now-injured Noah) Lowry – so the Giants are always in the game with them on the mound. L.A.? Shew! Colorado's got those great young arms.<<

2008-03-29 10:16:14
50.   immouch
thanks. that's what i figured. no significant difference. a better study might be "playing to maintain an overpaid lifestyle"... which, i know, is everybody. but, in truth, it's particularly applicable to our potential no. 5s... i can't see either park or mr. l (i surrender) getting another serious crack if this year doesn't work out for them... anyway, a study like that might resolve the fear vs. greed question...
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-03-29 10:16:28
51.   Marty
Enjoy the game everyone. I'm staying as far away from the Coliseum as I can.
2008-03-29 10:17:16
52.   Bob Timmermann
I'm assuming that Peavy used that interjection because he knew the Dodgers were good, but he didn't quite know how to phrase it.
2008-03-29 10:22:23
53.   immouch
"shew" is alabaman for "a buncha guys who throw pretty hard and often for strikes, but maybe not hard enough, or accurately enough, to win the division." and, for the record, i'm pissed that he said that.
2008-03-29 10:22:27
54.   underdog
52 So it didn't come with him wiping his brow in relief? "Shew! And then we get a reprieve with the Dodgers." Yeah, I figured he meant, "Wow! Tough. Yep" but couldn't be even that articulate.
2008-03-29 10:23:39
55.   bhsportsguy
52 Well my car is now parked in some lot at USC (I only had to pay $20). The guy at the gate had no idea about the game. There is construction all around the area.

I expect lots of confusion outside the Coliseum.

2008-03-29 10:25:01
56.   immouch
201 feet with a 6-foot fence: anybody got over/under thoughts on number of LF home runs today?
2008-03-29 10:26:09
57.   rockmrete
I may be wrong, but I sure thought I heard the BooBirds come out after JP's at bats
2008-03-29 10:28:50
58.   Disabled List
56 With a 6-foot fence, I'd say at least 15 homeruns will be hit. With a 60-foot fence, I'll put the over-under on LF dingers at 6.
2008-03-29 10:33:47
59.   Ken Noe
From the official site, "projected" opening day lineup


2008-03-29 10:34:34
60.   Bob Timmermann
I will take the under.
2008-03-29 10:35:08
61.   Bob Timmermann
Penny is starting on Opening Day.
2008-03-29 10:35:21
62.   Bob Hendley
For once I won't mind if JP starts in leftfield.
2008-03-29 10:37:21
63.   Bob Hendley
59 - Dang!, or shew, or whatever, where is JP the one time we need him?
2008-03-29 10:38:27
64.   Bob Hendley
Nevermind (63), I read that as today's starting line-up.
2008-03-29 10:39:32
65.   Ken Noe
61 Hence my question mark.
2008-03-29 10:40:12
66.   immouch
58: i'll take the under too, but i'd be pleased if it was over. every season needs a joke game of sorts, and it's better to happen now than in six months.
2008-03-29 10:40:24
67.   Bob Timmermann
I'm off to go grill overachieving high school students for a while and then will head over to the game.

I can't believe the kid I liked best turned down UCLA to go to Duke....

2008-03-29 10:42:15
68.   KG16
59 - I'll take that for 145 games this year.

58 - Actually, I'll put the over-under on in the park home runs at 2, given all that space in right center.

2008-03-29 10:45:15
69.   gpellamjr
68 I predict Furcal will hit an inside the park HR to right center.
2008-03-29 10:46:44
70.   Bob Hendley
66 - Really envy you guys in LA. Could turn into a joke, but that is where they played when I first got to know and love them. Actually, the last time I saw them was a bit of a joke game, when they came down here to the DF to play the Mets in ST in 2003. With the thin air and short fences, the score was something like 20-19. Piazza was there, but wearing a funny uniform.
2008-03-29 11:01:28
71.   Bob Timmermann
The air won't be as thin here and it should get cool tonight.

Also, unlike Mexico City, the air here won't be quite as "tangible."

2008-03-29 11:15:50
72.   Sam DC
Once again, four days behind on Dodger Thoughts -- brutal!

This is fun -- Capitol Punishment's season preview in 6-word-novel format:

2008-03-29 11:22:03
73.   bhsportsguy
72 So the President and Joe Morgan in the same booth tommorrow night.

Various rules prohibit what a lot of us could say about that fact.

2008-03-29 11:23:47
74.   Bob Timmermann
There will be a chat thread on the Griddle. I'd prefer you uphold Rule 1, but I don't care about Rule 5 there.

I couldn't find my regular transistor radio to bring to the Coliseum, so I'm bringing the one from my earthquake kit. It involves having to pull on a card to crank it up. That should be fun.

2008-03-29 11:25:59
75.   Bob Hendley
70 - Oh, I forgot, I have been away for a long time, but I remember hearing that you angelinos drive funny cars now, which allows you to look down your noses now, air quality-wise, at us chilangos.
2008-03-29 11:27:00
76.   Sam DC
73 I'm disturbed by how cold I'm going to be tomorrow night.

Can't mlb do something about that. Or maybe NORAD?

2008-03-29 11:31:47
77.   Brendan
Does anyone have any info of when Clayton might pitch again? Or do we know that he will not pitch tonight? the site Josh runs is currently down.
2008-03-29 11:32:19
78.   Bob Hendley
73 - And since they are old friends, we probably can't be snarky about the battery either.
2008-03-29 11:50:20
79.   Dodgers49
From Jon's SI Vault:

>> "The guy is scary," says Chicago left-fielder Gary Matthews. "He lays off borderline pitches, and he hits everything else hard."

"No one's perfect," says Guerrero, "but I feel that no matter what the pitcher throws, I'm going to hit it. If he doesn't want to pitch to me, I'll take the walk. I feel there's no way to get me out." <<

I'd love to paste this in Matt Kemp's locker.

2008-03-29 11:53:12
80.   eekrock
11 - Centerfield by John Fogerty I could hear more than once a year, but that may just be nostalgia.

Also, any of the songs on "Through the Eyes of a Winner - The 1988 Los Angeles Dodgers Video Yearbook" can be heard many times. Believe they were Glenn Frey songs? Soul Searching, Living Right. Those were great!

* - note, this could also be the Nostalgia typing

2008-03-29 11:55:30
81.   Dodgers49
77 Does anyone have any info of when Clayton might pitch again? Or do we know that he will not pitch tonight?

I haven't seen anything official yet but since both Loaiza and Park are scheduled to pitch tonight I would expect to see Kershaw on Sunday. I was hoping he's get a start but I expect it will be Kuroda since that sits him up nicely for his start next Friday.

2008-03-29 11:56:50
82.   Dodgers49
That probably should be "sets." :-)
2008-03-29 11:59:20
83.   Dodgers49
11 Is there really a baseball song out there that you would want to hear more than once?

It's a beautiful day for a ballgame
For a ballgame today. :-)

2008-03-29 12:00:05
84.   Frip
The production values are pretty poor on that recording. There's not enough clarity to even say it sounds "ghostly". It sounds like a kitchen table being pushed across the floor.
2008-03-29 12:03:45
85.   Jon Weisman
Bob hit a trifecta of acknowledgment at L.A. Observed:

2008-03-29 12:06:43
86.   gpellamjr
84 The production values on a 150-year-old recording are poor? Interesting.

You can hear the whole thing and several similar recordings here:

Hearing the full recording helps, I think.

2008-03-29 12:11:54
87.   Ken Noe
Hey my T-shirt just came, thanks Jon.
2008-03-29 12:23:48
88.   eekrock
Blue Jeans, Blue Vans Slip Ons, Baseball Sleeves and a Dodger cap. Maroon Herrington jacket for the evening. and my pops is 6'4".

See you tonight!

2008-03-29 12:36:07
89.   Brendan

Thank you. I think I'll go sunday if there is a chance that clayton pitches

2008-03-29 12:44:29
90.   Daniel Zappala
85 Why do these previews always have to go East-Central-West? Why not the other way around?
2008-03-29 12:44:50
91.   still bevens
So I thought I was going to be able to make it to the game with some friends and my lovely job has found a way to imprison me here until way later than I want to be here. Possibly until 5:00. Anyone have any good strategies for getting to the Coliseum from the Westside without wanting to kill myself? I live close to Jefferson so I was thinking about driving down that the whole way and parking at the Shrine. Thoughts?
2008-03-29 12:44:58
92.   Daniel Zappala
That should have referenced 72 .
2008-03-29 12:49:15
93.   Andrew Shimmin
Reading the piece linked in 26 , is Cole Hamels hurt?
2008-03-29 12:56:39
94.   Sam DC
91 Erm, 25 years ago, I used to take Rodeo Road to MLK Jr. Blvd to the Coliseum and miss all the traffic which was usually a bit further north. Worked during the Olympics.
2008-03-29 12:59:19
95.   Daniel Zappala
94 Last time I did that was 10 years ago. Sigh.
2008-03-29 13:09:32
96.   still bevens
Unfortunately where I'm at right now is the Roh-day-oh part of Rodeo so I dont think traffic would be kind to me at this part of town. Was gonna head back to Culver City and ride Jefferson all the way. Assuming I ever get out of here.
2008-03-29 13:14:00
97.   still bevens
Ah apparently Jefferson becomes Rodeo. Perhaps I should look at maps more often.
2008-03-29 13:17:43
98.   underdog
The more I think of it the more it seems the Minotaur would have to pitch tomorrow. It may be the only way they can get enough people to go to the game, in what would otherwise seem an utterly pointless exhibition. Last night had some drawing power - the first appearance of the Sox, Joe Torre's debut at Dodger Stadium, first game at DS; tonight obviously has a great story and drawing power. Tomorrow? I got nothing. They would've been better off giving the Dodgers and RS the day off; I'm sure the latter would particularly have enjoyed that.
2008-03-29 13:30:14
99.   silverwidow
98 The Dodgers have to trim their roster to 25 by Noon PT Sunday. So he MIGHT not be there.
2008-03-29 13:37:27
100.   adamclyde
16 agree. The flickr idea is a great one.

Here's a dumb question... so I joined the group, but I can't find a way to add my pictures to it. I wanted to share a few more from Vero Beach this past month... any ideas? I think you can see them if you click on "adamclyde" in the members, but I'm not sure how else to add them to the general list of photos...

I wish I were at the coliseum today. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's photos!

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2008-03-29 13:37:35
101.   Bob Hendley
99 - Then it has to be now or never (well, June).
2008-03-29 13:47:13
102.   KG16
80 - I'll second the vote for Centerfield, always gets me wanting to dig out my glove and play in the street.
2008-03-29 13:49:04
103.   adamclyde
100 nevermind. I figured it out. Enjoy the coliseum, folks! Alas, I'll suffer here on the East Coast while you enjoy nice weather and the game...
2008-03-29 13:50:50
104.   Frip
Do the Flickr photos have to be game related? Or can I post pictures of myself in a Dodger cap at the hardware store. Or sunbathing on my Dodger beach blanket in my Dodger Speedo.
2008-03-29 13:51:27
105.   trainwreck
Well I am getting the treat of watching the Giants vs the A's.

The Giants are so terrible it is hard to watch.

2008-03-29 13:56:44
106.   Dodgers49
99. 98 The Dodgers have to trim their roster to 25 by Noon PT Sunday. So he MIGHT not be there.

So I guess the question is whether he has to be on the Opening Day 25 to appear in an exhibition game? We know he won't be in that 25. But I don't know for sure if that excludes him from the last exhibition game.

2008-03-29 14:03:41
107.   Bill Crain
Myself, I'm always interested in hardware stores.

But, please, no speedos.

2008-03-29 14:07:10
108.   trainwreck
Good grief, the Giants are too pathetic. It's not as fun to hate a team this bad.
2008-03-29 14:12:26
109.   bhsportsguy
108 Nervous?
2008-03-29 14:14:31
110.   trainwreck
A little, but not like last year when we had to face Kansas. Always going to be a little nervous when Final Four is on the line.

You? How are you going to keep track of the game?

2008-03-29 14:18:19
111.   trainwreck
I still cannot believe Rich Aurilia is their first baseman.
2008-03-29 14:35:00
112.   sporky
I knew the Giants' numbers sucked, but I didn't realize they supremely sucked.

2007 OPS+ of their supposed starting lineup

Roberts: 80
Durham: 65
Winn: 105
Molina: 86
Rowand: 123
Aurilia: 73
Castillo: 57
Bocock: N/A (but minor league OPS was .656)

Oh, Aaron, what were you thinking...

2008-03-29 14:39:58
113.   Bluebleeder87
well, I'm heading out to the game as I type this, I desided on a taxi instead of the DS shuttle
2008-03-29 14:42:17
114.   bhsportsguy
110 I have not figured it out, radio I guess.
2008-03-29 14:47:32
115.   Bluebleeder87
Ha! I just saw this chick with a bosox jersey buy a dodger #1 hand, WHAT!!??
2008-03-29 14:55:47
116.   Bluebleeder87
there's a lot of booze!!!
2008-03-29 15:15:13
117.   silverwidow
Tonight's lineup from Diamond Leung:

Furcal, SS
Martin, C
Ethier, LF
Kent, 2B
Jones, CF
Loney, 1B
Kemp, RF
Pierre, DH
DeWitt, 3B

I LOVE it! Pierre thought he was going to be in LF...HA HA HA!!!

2008-03-29 15:21:40
118.   Jon Weisman
100 - Looks like your pics are in the DT group.
2008-03-29 15:27:41
119.   trainwreck
I am pretty sure there has to be a worst DH in history than Pierre. Has to be.
2008-03-29 15:35:54
120.   Andrew Shimmin
He's not even the worst DH in Dodger History. Repko in 2005, Hiram Bocachica, and Mike Edwards are all on the list.

2008-03-29 15:37:18
121.   Eric L
120 And who can forget about Jason Grabowski?
2008-03-29 15:39:49
122.   trainwreck
That is such a pathetic group of DHs.
2008-03-29 15:41:10
123.   Andrew Shimmin

There are things of which I may not speak;
There are dreams that cannot die;
There are thoughts that make the strong heart weak,
And bring a pallor to the cheek,
And mist before the eye.

2008-03-29 15:42:21
124.   MC Safety
123 Hilarious.
2008-03-29 15:43:19
125.   Jon Weisman
2008-03-29 15:43:25
126.   LogikReader
UCLA/Xavier game tipping off.

WHAT did Bill Raftery say after tipoff? "Send the GOOSH? bffufrff?!"

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