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Hey, the Dodgers Used To Play Here!
2008-03-29 16:45
by Jon Weisman

Let the festivities (and the honking) begin!

Red Sox vs. Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.

Comments (335)
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2008-03-29 16:53:33
1.   Gen3Blue
Wish it was 7:10 in western Ma. but oh well.
2008-03-29 16:54:16
2.   Gen3Blue
I finally got the first word in!
2008-03-29 16:57:51
3.   Dodgers49
He'll be matched against Esteban Loaiza:

Diamondbacks Pitcher Doug Davis Diagnosed With Thyroid Cancer

>> Davis, a 32-year-old left-hander, said he plans to make his first two regular-season starts -- April 3 against the Cincinnati Reds and April 8 against the Los Angeles Dodgers -- before having the mass removed.

It will likely be four to six weeks after the surgery before Davis is able to pitch again, the team said. <<

2008-03-29 16:58:15
4.   Frip
I have to miss the first half of the game because my mom and dad want to meet for dinner. My dad would never understand how I could put a baseball game in front of family. So I didn't even protest. I'll just eat my porridge and suffer in silence. Then rush back home hopefully no later than the 6th inning.
2008-03-29 17:00:30
5.   sporky
I wore my DT shirt while running errands, and met a DT reader at Albertsons! He said he doesn't comment, but reads religiously.
2008-03-29 17:01:47
6.   Dodgers49
Gen3Blue, Will you be able to watch this game with your current package?
2008-03-29 17:01:49
7.   Frip
Yeah I meet that guy every night at the bar.
2008-03-29 17:05:55
8.   trainwreck
Hope for the best for Doug Davis. Only alum of my high school to make it in sports.
2008-03-29 17:06:35
9.   Simpson
I don't post much either, but gotta say that I received my DT shirt just the other day, and have been wearing it around today. Enjoy the site very much, thanks everybody and of course Jon too.
2008-03-29 17:09:25
10.   Gen3Blue
6 Lucky I refreshed. I was about to ask if the natives out west were going to get TV.
No, as far as I know we will get nothing but maybe gameday back east. So 49er and others, any commentary about the great funkiness at the colliseum will be greatly appreciated by many, I am sure. The strange path of the Dodgers and Red Sox this year, and the stranger saga of this venue, make this a possibility for one of the first great events of the century.
2008-03-29 17:18:37
11.   Dodgers49
Nomo to rehab groin injury in Arizona

2008-03-29 17:20:44
12.   Sac Town Dodger Fan
Tony Jackson posted the lineup. Look at the pop from the DH spot....

Lugo SS
Pedroia 2B
Ortiz DH
Lowell 3B
Youkilis 1B
Crisp CF
Ellsbury RF
Kielty LF
Cash C

Furcal SS
Martin C
Ethier LF
Kent 2B
Jones CF
Loney 1B
Kemp RF
Pierre DH
DeWitt 3B

2008-03-29 17:21:44
13.   Dodgers49
10 6 Lucky I refreshed. I was about to ask if the natives out west were going to get TV.
No, as far as I know we will get nothing but maybe gameday back east.

The reason I asked is because the Red Sox are televising it on NESN and being in Western Mass. I figured there was a chance you had included that in your new package.

2008-03-29 17:27:26
14.   trainwreck
I miss MLBTV. Can't believe my cable company does not offer it.
2008-03-29 17:27:43
15.   trainwreck
Or MLB Total Package. Whatever it is called.
2008-03-29 17:30:34
16.   coachjpark
What's the best mode of transportation to the Coliseum if I'm in Orange County?
2008-03-29 17:31:55
17.   LogikReader

MLB Extra innings. I've been locked in for an auto renew!

2008-03-29 17:36:44
18.   Bluebleeder87
it never fails, every time I wear the white DT shirt I get at least 3 or 4compliments. The stedium is getting full really quick...
2008-03-29 17:39:12
19.   Andrew Shimmin
16- Helicopter.
2008-03-29 17:39:47
20.   Andrew Shimmin
19- I mean, really it's a jet pack, but I expect you were looking for practical suggestions.
2008-03-29 17:40:46
21.   coachjpark
19 I was thinking of parachuting there, but alas, I will head off in my Honda Civic just to experience the totality of 115,000.
2008-03-29 17:41:45
22.   Bluebleeder87
I SWEAR Rick Monday & Stainer just walked by me & the kicker is that Monday was wearing a Padres chacket, WHAT!!??
2008-03-29 17:45:22
23.   haskell
Anybody seen Josh Rawtich's blog lately? It's had a make over and requires comments to be approved now. Certainly an interesting development. The PR machine at work.
2008-03-29 17:45:57
24.   Ken Noe
22 Speaking of Steiner, he endorsed Ethier as the LF starter, but admitted that he didn't know what Torre would do, given his love of PVLs.

2008-03-29 17:51:24
25.   Gen3Blue
13 D49--thank you. This is a sure sign I am going senile but you saved me. I'm pretty sure I get NESN which is my area sports network. I tried to cancel it in my outrage about the Boston Bruins and the Hockey strike years ago, but as usual my attempt was ineffective and I'm pretty sure I'm all set and won't miss it thanks to you.
2008-03-29 17:51:49
26.   silverwidow
With Troncoso beating out Park for the last pen spot and DeWitt starting at 3B, there is only one question mark left?

Utility infielder: Hu or Lucille II?

I vote Hu, since Kent will need time off. Plus, he's already on the 40-man roster.

2008-03-29 17:51:53
27.   Bluebleeder87
This might interest some, Schimdty was thowing litely on the right side of the field
2008-03-29 17:52:55
28.   Marty
Hope everybody brought their jacket. Looks like it's going to get cold out there tonight.
2008-03-29 17:55:57
29.   gpellamjr
27 That is very interesting. Thanks, bluebleeder.
2008-03-29 18:00:55
30.   Marty
For tonight's special game, I'm going to make a braised chicken with orange, green olives and sherry. Stir-fry green beans with garlic on the side. Some bread and a nice Zinfandel will round it out.

Tomorrow I plan on trying to make a pound cake with caramel glaze.

2008-03-29 18:04:43
31.   Icaros

Northgate, huh? I've talked about playing against him here before. One of my friends/bandmates was on his team.

Doug was a nice guy when I met him 15 years ago. I wish the best for him.

2008-03-29 18:12:51
32.   trainwreck
I think I remember talking to you about this, but what school did you go to again? Sorry, I have a bad memory. As you can guess.
2008-03-29 18:16:00
33.   Dodgers49
Coliseum game is blast to past for the 'Voice of the Dodgers'

>> When Scully broadcasts the Dodgers-Red Sox exhibition game from the Coliseum tonight - the first three innings are simulcast on KABC-AM (790) and KCAL Channel 9, with the rest of his call only on TV - the storytelling of how Dodger life was back then will likely take precedence over putting captions on the pictures that the cameras <<

## During pregame ceremonies for tonight's game, Vin Scully will be honored by the Coliseum Commission, receiving a commemorative bronze plaque at the peristyle entrance to the Coliseum. ##

2008-03-29 18:17:28
34.   Hanley
Can any of you travelers or current/former New York residents help me with a decision? I'm flying into Laguardia on Monday for a last-minute business trip (I have to miss opening day, uggh). Anyway, I want to stay someplace where I can get some good food (famed sandwich place or someplace similar that's a must eat) and then maybe go to a nice pub. I was thinking upper-West Side or maybe Midtown/Theater District. Besides being somewhat close to the airport, I just need to spend an afternoon at the port in NJ.

Any recommendations on what area of Manhattan would be best? I'll only be there Monday - Wednesday. I prefer the 30-something + crowd to the teens and 20s.

Any input would be much appreciated. I see you guys talking about favorite restaurants and such a lot, so I figured I'd ask.

2008-03-29 18:17:45
35.   Indiana Jon
I'm hoping I may get the Coliseum game on TV here. I've noticed over the last few days that several of the games that are shown on Fox Sports, etc. have not been blacked out like they should be. I'm able to watch the Angels and Padres right now for example. Maybe this is due to my ordering of MLB Extra Innings, not sure.
2008-03-29 18:18:06
36.   gpellamjr
Is anybody else extremely relieved to see Kent in the lineup the last couple of days? I know I'm in the minority here having Kent as probably my favorite Dodger, but really I think the lineup is much better with him than the alternative (Hu, I suppose).
2008-03-29 18:22:41
37.   Indiana Jon
34 Have you considered a Yankees game while you're in town? Monday would be a tough ticket to get with it being opening day, but its possible you could find a ticket for Wednesday night if you have the time to stay late. Not to many more chances to catch the old stadium if you've never been, and the atmosphere for a game there is the best I have ever seen.
2008-03-29 18:23:39
38.   Indiana Jon
36 He's not my favorite by a long shot, but I'm as happy to see him in there as you are.
2008-03-29 18:26:34
39.   Strike4
I'm with you. I just hope he's not rushing things especially if it's cold tonight.

Ugh, had a life-without-Vinny attack today after reading the commemorative section of the Times. Tonight's game will either make it go away or make it worse.

Gotta hit Daphne's now for a quick bite, slip on the new DT shirt that arrived today, and settle in for the game on the home big screen.

2008-03-29 18:27:18
40.   Hanley
37 I did consider that, but the only day I would be able to go is Tuesday. I figured the cost and time spent might be better allocated elsewhere. I've never been to many options and so little time.
2008-03-29 18:28:01
41.   Jon Weisman
I am live at Baseball Woodstock: Section 8, Row 67, high behind first base. The atmosphere seems drunken on the outside, convivial on the inside.
2008-03-29 18:28:51
42.   Dodgers49
35. I'm hoping I may get the Coliseum game on TV here.

I wouldn't count on it. Tonight's game is being televised locally on Channel 9 rather than FSN Prime.

2008-03-29 18:31:40
43.   Jon Weisman
I think I just saw Matt Luke.
2008-03-29 18:36:11
44.   68elcamino427
The pregame is being broadcast on FSNPT now.

It really looks cool inside.

2008-03-29 18:36:34
45.   Indiana Jon
40 I'm no Yankees fan, but attending a game there is priceless. So much history there its like attending a museum and a game all at one time. I was in New Jersey a few years back and decided at the last minute to head up for the game. Got lucky and bought a couple extra tickets from a guy near the gate. He was like a walking history of the stadium. Took us around and showed us all the sites, explained the many renovations and changes the stadium went through, and was generally an excellent host for the evening. Oustide of my one and only trip to Dodger Stadium, which I had spent 30 years listing as my number one place I would like to visit in the world, its the best baseball night of my life. I even got to see the Yankees fans in right field harass Carl Everett all night and then see Carl respond with a homerun right to them late in the game.
2008-03-29 18:37:19
46.   Johnny Nucleo
25 Yep, the game should be on NESN. This is the one night where I probably won't have to bug the bartender to put on the Dodgers game!
2008-03-29 18:37:25
47.   KG16
12 - I hate the DH... not ours tonight, per se, but in general. And I really have to ask, why are the Dodgers playing these games with the DH? Anyone else concerned that Torre is being a little lazy on this point? It's been a while since he's had to deal with the pitcher hitting as an every day issue, shouldn't he be working on when to make the double switch and such?
2008-03-29 18:40:33
48.   Indiana Jon
44 Thanks for the tip on the pregame. At least I get that here in Indiana!
2008-03-29 18:41:10
49.   JWilder
I am no Yankee fan either but I had a chance to go with my father (I'm 33 and he's in his 60s) last year. It was both our first time there. It was an amazing experience. We got to see Bedard pitch. I was hoping we'd be able to pick him up in the offseason.
2008-03-29 18:42:22
50.   Indiana Jon
Matt Kemp on the Great Wall!
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-03-29 18:46:28
51.   Indiana Jon
43 I hope you mean in the stands.
2008-03-29 18:47:38
52.   Hanley
45 I still think I'd rather see a few sites and then find a pub where I might get to watch the Dodgers on TV. It'll just be too hectic to see the Yankees play game 1 or 2, I'd think.

I do appreciate the input. I'm kind of leaning towards Midtown/Theater Distric.

Many thanks.

2008-03-29 18:48:28
53.   Bob Hendley
42 - Down here in Mexico City, I never know what they might be showing, but always search at around game time. Here, they really love the NFL, but not so much baseball. That's more in the north our further down south in Oaxaca.

The papers were reporting today that Elmer Dessens is back with the Diablo Rojos, with whom he last pitched in 1993.

2008-03-29 18:48:32
54.   Hanley
52 District, sorry :(
2008-03-29 18:50:08
55.   Marty
The Oyster Bar at Grand Central Station is fun.
2008-03-29 18:50:30
56.   Gen3Blue
35 Keep hope alive. DTV's EI of course is in the 700's. But I presume you are now in the 600's. There is no rational way of predicting when I may get a game on a FSN local network anywhere in the country. Although I certainly don't get the majority, I think it may be a way of teasing us into a bigger package.
2008-03-29 18:54:56
57.   Indiana Jon
56 Channel 623.
2008-03-29 18:55:06
58.   Gen3Blue
46 Thats a lock!

42 Where are you. I thought you were one of the so. cal guys and set.

2008-03-29 18:59:39
59.   LogikReader
2008-03-29 19:00:11
60.   Lexinthedena
I would love it if Pierre shows his opposite field power tonight with a home run to left:)
2008-03-29 19:01:03
61.   Lexinthedena
My buddy inside is texting me that the drunken Dodger fans are laying into the Red Sox Nation...
2008-03-29 19:02:07
62.   JWilder
For tonight, I bought a box of 2008 Topps cards to open while I watch the game.
2008-03-29 19:02:16
63.   ibleedbloo
any chance the mythical one pitches tonight? if not I am beating traffic. Jon, I am in section 10 row 62 seat 17. if you are thirsty, come on over, i'm buying.
2008-03-29 19:02:25
64.   Indiana Jon
So far it appears I will get the game. On two channels!
2008-03-29 19:04:03
65.   tjdub
NESN is up and running on my DTV (I do subscribe to EI). An unexpected treat for certain.
2008-03-29 19:06:18
66.   Indiana Jon
Looks like there are still a lot of empty seats.
2008-03-29 19:07:32
67.   Indiana Jon
65 No Vin though. I may have to listen on
2008-03-29 19:07:36
68.   unassisted
pierre at DH. torre is clearly trying to pacify him. why not have russ dh instead of having him behind the plate for the third straight exhibition game.
2008-03-29 19:07:58
69.   Gen3Blue
You got it-Indiana.

What a peep show!

2008-03-29 19:08:12
70.   Bob Hendley
66 - Welcome to LA.
2008-03-29 19:08:42
71.   JWilder
Is there an over/under on HRs tonight?
2008-03-29 19:08:42
72.   Gen3Blue
I'll have to make do with Boston announcers.
2008-03-29 19:10:33
73.   JWilder
I'm tempted to watch on and tune in to Vin in another browser with MLB radio. Wonder how much of a delay between the audio will be ..
2008-03-29 19:12:12
74.   Bob Hendley
Starting to panic! is not coming through and nothing on mexican tv or cable.
2008-03-29 19:13:45
75.   Indiana Jon
Its usually about a one pitch delay, but DirecTV has a small delay too, so I'm hoping they match up well.
2008-03-29 19:14:22
76.   Indiana Jon
74 Not working for me either. I think it will start for the first pitch.
2008-03-29 19:14:27
77.   tjdub
67 Same announcer disappointment we get periodically all season. All non-Dodger announcer games are watched fast forward and silent Tivo style.
2008-03-29 19:14:38
78.   we are infinite is not working for me... Anyone else having trouble? I watched two games on it earlier today so I am confused.
2008-03-29 19:14:46
79.   Gen3Blue
What a show. Tommy's right in the middle of things.
2008-03-29 19:15:20
80.   JWilder
MLB Radio is not working for me at the moment. Oh, and an Andruw Jones gold card in my first pack!
2008-03-29 19:17:36
81.   DemRBums
I am watching the feed from Go Dodgers!
2008-03-29 19:17:39
82.   trainwreck
Gameday is not working either.
2008-03-29 19:17:45
83.   Ken Noe
Who's Andre Jones?
2008-03-29 19:18:07
84.   we are infinite
OK is working now. Yay!
2008-03-29 19:18:10
85.   JWilder
I say 11 HRs tonight.
2008-03-29 19:18:13
86.   das411
78 same here, had the ChX/Mets game on it earlier but nothing now...and it is definitely after 10:10 ET by now...grr Selig, if this doesn't work, you are definitely going back on my list!!
2008-03-29 19:18:17
87.   dzzrtRatt
I just turned on the TV...amazing. there any other MLB field where a screen formed part of the outfield wall? The ball's not going to really bounce off it; it'll just sort of pffb and then drop almost straight down, right? Is that what used to happen in the pre-Chavez Ravine era?

2008-03-29 19:18:39
88.   trainwreck
Now it is, but with a big delay it seems.
2008-03-29 19:18:53
89.   Jon Weisman
I am officially telling James Loney to ignore any foul balls. It's a deathtrap outside the first base line.
2008-03-29 19:19:04
90.   LogikReader
We can now say the Solution™ made the first out of this historic game.
2008-03-29 19:19:49
91.   Gen3Blue
I feel a bit better about Estabon. He looks a bit like a tall Ringo Starr.
2008-03-29 19:19:56
92.   LogikReader
Another one by The Solution™

Nice play!

Anyone else getting a kick out of these weird camera angles?

2008-03-29 19:19:59
93.   dzzrtRatt
interesting camera angles too on the pitcher/batter.
2008-03-29 19:20:48
94.   Indiana Jon
89 The Dodgers dugout might be a deathtrap as close as it is to the field.
2008-03-29 19:21:09
95.   Jon Weisman
Five-man infield!
2008-03-29 19:21:28
96.   JWilder
92 Oh yea. I feels like I am on the field watching.
2008-03-29 19:21:28
97.   Andrew Shimmin
Way to make this unwatchable. Kudos, whoever was in charge of putting the camera in the parking lot.
2008-03-29 19:21:37
98.   Ken Noe
I now understand why O'Malley wanted DS to be symmetrical.
2008-03-29 19:22:14
99.   Gen3Blue
I thought that was gone!
2008-03-29 19:23:06
100.   Indiana Jon
I still can't get any audio.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-03-29 19:23:29
101.   fanerman
Who is The Solution™?
2008-03-29 19:24:01
102.   JWilder
101 DeWitt?
2008-03-29 19:24:56
103.   haskell
Nice call Jon.
2008-03-29 19:24:59
104.   Indiana Jon
89 Loney didn't listen.
2008-03-29 19:25:06
105.   hernari
LOL! I'm watching MLBtv and with a runner on second base, the ump is blocking the view of the batter.
2008-03-29 19:25:39
106.   Indiana Jon
101 Dewitt. Freshly named last night from a Torre comment.
2008-03-29 19:25:41
107.   haskell
101- Lugo
2008-03-29 19:25:41
108.   JoeyP
I'm watching on NESN, and the field is the strangest baseball configurationg I've ever seen.

It looks almost like softball dimensions. Straight-away LF cant be more than 300 feet from home plate, maybe less.

Just really strange.

2008-03-29 19:27:08
109.   LogikReader
101 102

Yep, it's DeWitt... just having fun with Torre's quote about him being his solution for 3B (temporarily)

2008-03-29 19:27:51
110.   fanerman
102 106 109 But is he a good time family band?
2008-03-29 19:28:19
111.   JWilder
Haha! The NESN guy seemed surprised when he said "Juan Pierre designated hitter".
2008-03-29 19:28:20
112.   DemRBums
I can't believe that we have Pierre as the DH. Furcal singles on the first pitch.
2008-03-29 19:28:30
113.   Gen3Blue
108 210ft with a 60 ft net.
2008-03-29 19:28:39
114.   JoeyP
Furcal just lined a single off the LF wall.
2008-03-29 19:31:56
115.   JWilder
Great base running.
2008-03-29 19:32:44
116.   Michael D
This camera angle sucks
2008-03-29 19:32:56
117.   Stephenson
amazing how the first run of this game was manufactured
2008-03-29 19:32:59
118.   Jon Weisman
Wind is blowing out
2008-03-29 19:34:06
119.   Indiana Jon
118 To right or left?
2008-03-29 19:35:32
120.   Indiana Jon
I just noticed there is no warning track. I thought something looked very strange.
2008-03-29 19:37:29
121.   DemRBums
The wind may be blowing out where the flags are but what is it like at field level?
2008-03-29 19:38:43
122.   Jon Weisman
Kareem skyhooking a baseball to Martin. I love it!
2008-03-29 19:39:10
123.   Michael D
Loaiza looking good against a good lineup.
2008-03-29 19:40:04
124.   natepurcell
Minotaur pitching today?
2008-03-29 19:42:39
125.   Indiana Jon
124 Who? Never heard of him.
2008-03-29 19:42:48
126.   natepurcell
holy crap i just saw left field.




2008-03-29 19:43:07
127.   LogikReader
Dang, not a good throw by The Solution™, but I agree, Loaiza is looking sharp so far.
2008-03-29 19:45:04
128.   LogikReader

...I jinxed it.

2008-03-29 19:46:09
129.   Brendan

I asked tony jackson and he seems to think a strong possible that he pitches tomorrow because he pitched 4 days ago and Jacksonville doesn't open their season up until a week from tuesday.

2008-03-29 19:46:12
130.   DemRBums
I think that Minotaur is scheduled to pitch tomorrow.
2008-03-29 19:46:17
131.   Indiana Jon
Torre was so disappointed in the play of Pierre this spring that tonight he has decided to play nobody in left field instead of Juan.
2008-03-29 19:47:40
132.   Andrew Shimmin
Half an inning of the interloper is enough, Vin.
2008-03-29 19:47:57
133.   Gen3Blue
Just for the record, I don't think Loney pulled his foot( though) I should like to see it again. But if they don't show it again, I think that speaks loudly. Did anyone see it well?
2008-03-29 19:48:07
134.   Brendan
Its a shame that CH 9 keeps coming back too late to see any of the between inning happenings.
2008-03-29 19:48:39
135.   gpellamjr
128 He really just gave up a high-pop. It's hard to get a grip on his velocity with this camera angle (although the angle has its charms), but I still think he looks pretty good.
2008-03-29 19:48:44
136.   Indiana Jon
Its hard to see on TV where the screen ends in left/center field.
2008-03-29 19:49:54
137.   Indiana Jon
Jones does look a little larger than I remember.
2008-03-29 19:50:37
138.   Andrew Shimmin
Sounds like he's leaving. Good.

Franky go home!

2008-03-29 19:51:27
139.   KG16
133 they showed a replay on kcal he pulled his foot; it was close, but it was the right call
2008-03-29 19:52:03
140.   Underbruin
135 - They've got a radar gun that pops up on the broadcast (for the Dodgers, at least - I think they've given up trying to time Wake's 55-mph knucklers). He's high-80s, touching 90 a couple of times.
2008-03-29 19:52:12
141.   68elcamino427
133 Loney's toe lifted off the base, just about an inch, just as he caught the ball. Very close.
2008-03-29 19:54:16
142.   Underbruin
"Designated Hitter Juan Pierre" just sounds wrong. Heh.
2008-03-29 19:55:42
143.   KG16
watching the game with few friends - guy just explained Pierre: he hits like an old lady smokes a cigarette, long cool drags
2008-03-29 19:56:04
144.   Ken Noe
That was one weak swing.
2008-03-29 19:57:51
145.   Bob Hendley
So I am getting nothing on, except a linescore that says Bos 3 LA 1 and you guys are being a bunch of Rick Mondays ;)
2008-03-29 19:58:17
146.   68elcamino427
Pierre's down so low, I'm really pulling for him now. Hit the ball on the ground!
2008-03-29 19:58:22
147.   Gen3Blue
When Matt kemp only gets one base on a shot to left and the DH with two outs is one Pierre, you get the feeling this is not the D's night. I went to the bathroom for a second and came back to inning over sounds.
2008-03-29 19:59:23
148.   Gen3Blue
141 Darn.
2008-03-29 20:00:00
149.   Sam DC
Hanley -- I had to be in NY for work a couple of years ago and watched what I think was Chad Billingsley's first (or at least an early) mlb start v. St. Louis at Mickey Mantle's sports bar on the south end of Central park. Folks there were very nice about putting the Dodgers on and ribs were really, really good. But it's a bit corporate and shiny.
2008-03-29 20:01:19
150.   das411
145 , mine JUST started working, and yes left field looks ridiculous...and for some reason I thought the Dodgers' #21 on the mound was Jeff Kent at first...

(is there really zero space behind home plate or is that some sort of camera angle trick?)

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-03-29 20:01:57
151.   Sam DC
Any DTers who happen to be in DC, I just checked on a lark and somme single tickets (incl. good seats) are available for the Nationals opener tomorrow.

Though Marty's warning about bringing a jacket to the coliseum needs to be amplified times a million I'm afraid for that game.

2008-03-29 20:01:57
152.   Andrew Shimmin
What was the home run over/under, earlier? Six? Not looking so crazy.
2008-03-29 20:02:18
153.   Ken Noe
Just up from Gurnick: *Torre said he was "leaning a certain way" on which two outfielders -- among Juan Pierre, Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier -- would flank center fielder Andruw Jones in Monday's Opening Day game.

Torre said he would inform the players during a meeting before Sunday's final exhibition game. He wouldn't elaborate with reporters, but in recent games he dropped Pierre (.173) to eighth or ninth in the batting order while leaving Ethier and Kemp in the middle of the order.*

2008-03-29 20:02:30
154.   KG16
HR over the screen by the crazy Greek - every fifth ge is going to get ugly
2008-03-29 20:02:44
155.   JWilder
152 I said 11 ... being a bit silly.
2008-03-29 20:04:34
156.   Bob Hendley
Connected! Oops, now I see the score and understand why everyone was so mum. Great sight, though.
2008-03-29 20:05:50
157.   KG16
I need to stop talking about this game with the guys I'm watching with - we definitely don't see the same thing
2008-03-29 20:08:05
158.   Brendan
It would be a great sign(to me) if he sits JP the first game. Then you know JP needs to do it on the field and not rely on his contract to get playing time. the only thing worse then JP playing LF is that ridiculous games played streak.
2008-03-29 20:09:09
159.   StolenMonkey86

I'll have to take a look at that.

2008-03-29 20:10:05
160.   Gen3Blue
The Red Sox school us on the Green Monster strategy.
2008-03-29 20:10:24
161.   68elcamino427
When Repko came in to pinch run for Furcal last night, as Furcal was running off and Repko was running on, my son said, "See, they're not allowed to be on the field at the same time anymore."
2008-03-29 20:10:55
162.   JWilder
160 We have the Mesh Monster
2008-03-29 20:12:03
163.   Sam DC
The Gameday rendering of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is the most unsatisfying thing I've seen in a long time on a computer.
2008-03-29 20:12:07
164.   LogikReader
I used the term "Screen Monster".. get it? Screen? Wokka wokka wokka!
2008-03-29 20:13:02
165.   Sam DC
159 Good luck. It's a little confusing finding, I'll be around a bit if you have trouble.
2008-03-29 20:13:06
166.   fanerman
164 I got everything except the wokka wokka wokka.
2008-03-29 20:13:23
167.   StolenMonkey86
I see that when you say single tickets, you mean there aren't two tickets together anywhere in the park.

The last time I went to a Nats game by myself Juan Pierre had 4 extra base hits.

2008-03-29 20:13:36
168.   Brendan

Your son has a future. (In what, I have no idea)

2008-03-29 20:14:43
169.   68elcamino427
They need to make that screen about 100 ft. high to be a monster for batters vs. Loaiza tonight.
2008-03-29 20:14:51
170.   StolenMonkey86
161 - LOL
2008-03-29 20:16:38
171.   68elcamino427
168 No worries, he's got a day job.
2008-03-29 20:16:44
172.   Brendan
The Dodgers defensive scheme doesn't seem to be working out to well.
2008-03-29 20:17:04
173.   Andrew Shimmin
That was worth watching.
2008-03-29 20:17:06
174.   Bob Hendley
2008-03-29 20:17:10
175.   StolenMonkey86
172 - Except for their gold glover.
2008-03-29 20:17:11
176.   JoeyP
Andruw Jones just covered 2nd base on that CS'ing of Ellsbury.
2008-03-29 20:17:46
177.   Andrew Shimmin
Did Andruw Jones come up as a SS? How did he have such good form, tagging out the runner, without getting bowled over?
2008-03-29 20:18:03
178.   Brendan
; )
2008-03-29 20:18:40
179.   StolenMonkey86
I feel as though it must be said that Loaiza made quite the case for Kuo to be the 5th starter.

Come on, Joe, he's a lefty!

2008-03-29 20:19:03
180.   Bob Hendley
Shot of a beachball. Jeez.
2008-03-29 20:19:15
181.   Gen3Blue
Ellsbury may have been save but Martin did everything just right and the throw beat him to second. An infielder would have tagged him out.
2008-03-29 20:20:06
182.   StolenMonkey86
175 - er, make that the plural
2008-03-29 20:21:01
183.   Gen3Blue
Where is Furcal playing?

Chan Ho has a chance to look better than Loiaza and so far he is!

2008-03-29 20:23:45
184.   StolenMonkey86
ok, we get it, Jones isn't too fat to play center field
2008-03-29 20:26:32
185.   Ken Noe
Diamond briefly interviewed JP. He seems annoyed with NedCo:

2008-03-29 20:28:09
186.   Andrew Shimmin
Somebody throw a paper airplane with the word, "MOVE!" written on it at the second base umpire.
2008-03-29 20:28:30
187.   Brendan
No one tell Bob about the origin of "Charge" being played at baseball games and we'll ask him about it during the season. Have to to love Vinny.
2008-03-29 20:29:33
188.   KG16
what was Torre thinking sending Loney there?
2008-03-29 20:30:37
189.   Andrew Shimmin
188- I'd say knuckleballer, but he had Loney stealing a base last night, too. We might have a Tracy/Robles situation.
2008-03-29 20:31:54
190.   Andrew Shimmin
On the other hand, Loney was safe both times.
2008-03-29 20:32:11
191.   KG16
189 - hmmm, where is Steve when we need him?
2008-03-29 20:33:03
192.   KG16
190 - good throw and he was out from you to me
2008-03-29 20:33:31
193.   gpellamjr
189 When did you come back to our side? Was it when you started smoking again?
2008-03-29 20:33:56
194.   Andrew Shimmin
192- Last night, too. But who's to say Torre can't tell just by looking at him, when the catcher's going to throw one away?
2008-03-29 20:34:52
195.   Andrew Shimmin
193- I'm not leaving until Pierre starts a real game in LF. That was always my line in the sand. I'm really excited for opening day, just to see which team I'm going to be rooting for!
2008-03-29 20:35:40
196.   Frip
Man, just got back from dinner, turned it on, and like, the whole scene is weird. I can't even get my balance. The camera men seem sort of off balance as well.
2008-03-29 20:35:46
197.   Bob Hendley
Sean Casey. Famous for striking out on youtube, with no one on the mound.
2008-03-29 20:37:01
198.   Bob Hendley
Looked good from here, Casey.
2008-03-29 20:37:35
199.   StolenMonkey86
looks like I got one for the upper infield gallery
2008-03-29 20:37:49
200.   Gen3Blue
Combined with where the umpires are positioned, the camera crew NESN is using is doing a fine job of not revealing anything that is going in at the game. There is no chance to see where any fielders are.
Man--Park looks fantastic this year.
Must be the cameras.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-03-29 20:38:00
201.   KG16
197 - all part of the myth
2008-03-29 20:38:51
202.   JWilder
200 Completely agree. They are putting me asleep.
2008-03-29 20:39:03
203.   JoeyP
185--Pierre's really been getting booed? At home?

Wow, good for Dodger fans.

LA fans have had the laid back stigma of not being very knowledgeable fans. If even the regular joe schmoes in the crowd are now booing Juan, maybe there is hope the Dodgers will actually dump him.

2008-03-29 20:39:08
204.   LogikReader
A Dodgers promo prominently featuring Martin and Ethier!

Am I seeing things?

2008-03-29 20:40:48
205.   Frip
The network is showing the game in black & white now...soooo coool!
2008-03-29 20:40:58
206.   tjdub
2008-03-29 20:41:58
207.   Brendan
Fracona take out wakefield. he is killing this game.
2008-03-29 20:42:42
208.   Frip
Black & White with VIN! A guy that was there. This is fantastic.
2008-03-29 20:42:46
209.   Sam DC
199 Hey cool! I just had an email that they are already gone.
2008-03-29 20:42:55
210.   Gen3Blue
188,190 Torre probably still has Loney and Kemp confused. He hasn't seen them together for more than a couple of days. You know Loneys fast, and Kemps a lefty.
2008-03-29 20:45:31
211.   StolenMonkey86
209 - and I had a $25 MLB gift card left over from Christmas 06, so with processing fees and printing out my ticket now, I only had to put $4.25 on my credit card.
2008-03-29 20:45:34
212.   Frip
Ahhh, they're even playing the organ. This is Heaven. None of this SO-un-baseball rock crap.
2008-03-29 20:45:46
213.   Gen3Blue
It's unfair throwing a knuckleballer here, and we didn't cheat and throw Kuroda or Lowe. What can you do. I hope Joe doesn't play fair in the real season.
2008-03-29 20:49:33
214.   das411
HAHAHA they're doing an "everybody turn on a light" moment on world "turn out the lights" day??

hey did Andruw Jones really tag out Ellsbury at 2B on that steal, or did the RedSox announcers just not recognize Furcal?

2008-03-29 20:49:41
215.   Bob Hendley
210 - And JP is fast and lefty.
2008-03-29 20:49:46
216.   Andrew Shimmin
Ireland didn't get the memo about all Dodger personal buttoning their bottom coat buttons, tonight. I guess he's an outsider, though. KCAL staff are exempt.
2008-03-29 20:50:29
217.   LogikReader

Actually I was wondering about that. Do they have an actual organ at the Coliseum? Or.. perhaps they might be using some Nancy Bea recordings.

Not trying to make a joke; I really don't know.

2008-03-29 20:51:34
218.   LogikReader
The Bison's Arm can gun down people down into the parking lot! Yea!
2008-03-29 20:51:53
219.   Andrew Shimmin
Plucky of Crisp to trying running on Kemp when he was standing eight feet away.
2008-03-29 20:53:56
220.   KG16
214 - nope it was Jones
2008-03-29 20:54:11
221.   CodyS
We may need Park on staff to be the long man after Loaiza goes 3 innings.
2008-03-29 20:56:19
222.   JoeyP
Torre was probably like, "Congratulations, you've made the team."
2008-03-29 20:56:22
223.   Sam DC
209 Not to prolong this, but actually my emailer was wrong. Still single tix for the new park opener coming up at Cap Punishment says they've been dribbling out all evening.
2008-03-29 20:56:26
224.   Frip
It's great seeing all of LA come together for something. This could never happen for a football game.

I can never decide if this is a Laker town or a Dodger town. In a way I really feel it's a Dodger town.

Any ideas on that? I'm originally from Toledo so I don't know.

2008-03-29 20:56:40
225.   CodyS
OK, looks like we got Pierre out of left. Now let's start arguing he's stealing a roster spot from Repko.
2008-03-29 20:57:46
226.   StolenMonkey86
222 - Joe Torre will know the players names by June. Because their names are on the back of the jerseys.
2008-03-29 20:59:18
227.   trainwreck
I think it is a Laker town, just because the Angels are better than the Clippers. Plus, the Lakers have more recent success.
2008-03-29 21:00:45
228.   Gen3Blue
Well, we've stopped this farce and are finally using it as a spring training game should. Poor Joe doesn't know who to cut yet, and he won't until a week into the season.
2008-03-29 21:01:27
229.   StolenMonkey86
I have seen Odalis pitch twice live, and it never turned out well.

and this one

2008-03-29 21:02:05
230.   Frip
The Sox should do the decent thing and just let us win. At least don't make us look bad tonight. Not tonight.
2008-03-29 21:02:56
231.   KG16
its a lakers town - people love the dodgers but they really care about the lakers
2008-03-29 21:06:29
232.   tjdub
I moved away from California a long time ago so I can't say.

But for me, I love the Lakers, but basketball season unofficially ends Sunday night.

2008-03-29 21:09:07
233.   Sac Town Dodger Fan
231 Based on LA talk radio, its definitely a Laker town. I think on the street though, its pretty neck and neck, but i give the edge to the lakers due to Kobe.- Bitter Kings fan in So. Cal
2008-03-29 21:11:18
234.   JoeyP
Dont see that very often.

A DP, on an attempted triple play-- 5-4-3.

2008-03-29 21:13:53
235.   ChemicalMachine
Heh. From the ESPN webpage:

"It's really close. This might be one of the only places Juan Pierre could go opposite field," Dodgers catcher Russell Martin said, poking a little fun at his power-challenged teammate.

2008-03-29 21:20:27
236.   Frip
From where I live now, the Inland Valley ("Empire"), it's an Angel / Laker town.

Every time I go to a bar, I have to beg the bartender to put on the Dodger game. The sports bars out here will be showing reruns of Magnum P.I. and not even consider that there may be a Dodger game on.

2008-03-29 21:21:51
237.   trainwreck
When I visited OC, a couple of the bars would not even put on Dodger game when I asked.
2008-03-29 21:23:00
238.   Frip

Hi five bro

2008-03-29 21:27:08
239.   gpellamjr
237 I grew up in Orange County and I think the reason I became a Dodger fan was because my friends were all crazed Angel fans.
2008-03-29 21:28:59
240.   KG16
Orange County has only recently become crazed Angels territory. But I think that's one of the reasons it's more of a Lakers town - the market stretches from Ventura to San Clemente and everyone in that stretch is a Lakers fan; whereas the Dodgers have lost some clout to the Angels recently.
2008-03-29 21:30:36
241.   Indiana Jon
This is interesting on Ethier from

"Ethier said he's also begun taking ground balls at first base, a position he hasn't played since high school."

2008-03-29 21:33:17
242.   dzzrtRatt
Apollo 11 shot for Loney.
2008-03-29 21:34:02
243.   Gen3Blue
Alright Jim.
2008-03-29 21:37:18
244.   Frip
I was at the Angels vs. Dodgers game on Thursday, and the Dodger fans were more vocal than the Angel's fans. My friend who invited me is a season ticket Angel fan, she says this is always the way it is when they Dodgers are in town. This was a point of some shame for her. I thought it was great, and was proud of us Dodger fans taking down the Angel fans in their own home.
2008-03-29 21:38:27
245.   sporky
My neighbor displays his allegiance to the Angels on his front lawn. His moderate interest became full-fledged obnoxiousness only after Anaheim won the WS in 2002.

Yet another reason why living in Orange County kind of blows.

2008-03-29 21:42:41
246.   sporky
Pierre booed, speaks (via Leung)

>>Juan Pierre received quite a few boos at the Coliseum, and I spoke with him earlier in the clubhouse. Among the quotes:

Emotionally, I'm fine.

I've had springs where I hit .200 and then went out and got 200 hits and hit .300 (during the season). I don't know how much weight they'll put on spring training. It's not like I'm going out there trying to make outs.

It's a situation the organization wanted as far as having too many outfielders. They put a lot of us in a tough situation and me personally. You sign a contract for five years and put up the same numbers, and the next year everything's different. What can I do?

At the end of the day, my family's taken care of. I can't control what people think of me. They knew when they signed me what my game was. If they want to go another route, they have kids they can play.<<

2008-03-29 21:43:58
247.   sporky
Crud, didn't realize 246 was already posted.
2008-03-29 21:45:30
248.   Andrew Shimmin
Didn't want to try a second take on that, Tommy?
2008-03-29 21:46:00
249.   Indiana Jon
2008-03-29 21:46:31
250.   Bob Hendley
From the horse's mouth, as it were. He is quite right. Ned made a mistake, its so obvious, even to JP.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-03-29 21:47:55
251.   Michael D
Is it just me or has our offense looked largely uh Giantsesque so far? Doesn't seem like we've scored too many runs this spring.
2008-03-29 21:49:06
252.   Frip
I look at Torre, and can't help but feel Grady deserved just one more year.

This is an emotional thought. Nothing more.

The change just seems rather sudden. I still expect to see Grady on camera..and it's Torre instead.

Bad timing for Little is all it came down to really. With Torre being on the market all the sudden.

2008-03-29 21:49:34
253.   Gen3Blue
I've got to admit to feeling really bad for Pierre. But an outfit that would give him a contract like that and then replace him( with someone who could be an almost equal disaster) really makes me wonder. But they are producing such a good group of young players.
2008-03-29 21:50:27
254.   silverwidow
DeWitt hitting so poorly has made scared they'll make a panic move.
2008-03-29 21:51:19
255.   Jon Weisman
The line for the shuttle is almost literally a mile long. Glad I'm not in it.
2008-03-29 21:53:45
256.   Bob Hendley
252 - My guess is that if Little were still here JP would be the leftfielder. With Torre, it would seem not. So that is something.
2008-03-29 21:54:04
257.   Gen3Blue
Who was that pitching--Koplove( or something similar)
2008-03-29 21:54:54
258.   sporky
Long shot, but is anyone carrying the game tomorrow?
2008-03-29 21:55:14
259.   sporky
257 Yep.
2008-03-29 21:55:59
260.   JoeyP
Dewitt is winning the 3b job by default.
He hasnt had a good spring.
2008-03-29 21:56:08
261.   silverwidow
258 No
2008-03-29 21:57:01
262.   sporky
I record every game in the hopes that it'll be worth watching again. Unless Kershaw pitches in the 9th, this one's doomed for the trash can.
2008-03-29 21:57:26
263.   Gen3Blue
Is that Repko? Someone should warn them.
2008-03-29 21:58:02
264.   sporky
261 Thanks
2008-03-29 21:58:41
265.   silverwidow
Final cuts will be announced after the game.
2008-03-29 21:59:05
266.   Frip
256 Agreed.

I like seeing these old men still in the stands late into the game, even in what looks like a losing cause. When everyone else is leaving. These old guys, more than anyone else, have reason to leave the game early and just get to bed. But they're still out there. That's the kind of grandpa I'd kill to have.

2008-03-29 21:59:39
267.   Gen3Blue
Uh-oh. Dad's home run machine isn't perfect.
2008-03-29 22:01:48
268.   Andrew Shimmin
Tomorrow's game will be on I'll be watching it, just in case it's the last one I ever watch while rooting for the Dodgers.
2008-03-29 22:03:20
269.   Andrew Shimmin
A shiver just went down Canuck's sister's spine for no reason she could tell.
2008-03-29 22:05:55
270.   silverwidow
2008-03-29 22:07:53
271.   Bob Hendley
203 - That is really hard to imagine, the booing. I mean, who beyond DTers and the like would know how he is performing in ST. And, of course, you guys would boo because JP is JP (200 hits notwithstanding), as ST means nothing.
2008-03-29 22:08:23
272.   silverwidow
Kemp with a SPECTACULAR catch.
2008-03-29 22:10:24
273.   silverwidow
Nasty stuff from Hong Chi
2008-03-29 22:13:00
274.   Frip
Back in '82 there'd be no way to predict that "Word Up" by Cameo, would be the soundtrack to a white-man's truck commercial. Just inconceivable.
2008-03-29 22:13:00
275.   silverwidow
Paps is in.
2008-03-29 22:13:04
276.   Jon Weisman
Dodger fans boo anyone now.
2008-03-29 22:14:07
277.   Bob Hendley
271 - Sorry, I didn't meant to imply that DTers would actually boo someone at a game.
2008-03-29 22:15:00
278.   Brendan

Seeing every runner take an extra base on Juan's arm last year really turned the fans against him, imo

2008-03-29 22:15:39
279.   silverwidow
Vin is calling him "Papel*bone*"
2008-03-29 22:15:45
280.   CanuckDodger
269 -- I don't get it, please explain. Anyway, I don't have a sister.
2008-03-29 22:16:08
281.   JWilder
Would Red Sox fans boo JD Drew?
2008-03-29 22:16:09
282.   KG16
276 - 20 years without a championship will do that to just about any fan base... if they even bother to stick around that long
2008-03-29 22:17:47
283.   das411
Ahhh seeing an inning from Kuo and that catch and three hits by Nails Robot Kemp almost make it worth having missed the first four innings.

Gotta do something about these Red Sawks announcers though. And their commercials are even worse!

2008-03-29 22:18:02
284.   Bob Hendley
277 - Unless perhaps they were really a bad guy on another team.
2008-03-29 22:18:37
285.   silverwidow
2008-03-29 22:18:39
286.   Indiana Jon
2008-03-29 22:18:42
287.   sporky
Yay Blake!
2008-03-29 22:18:50
288.   LogikReader
The Solution™!!!
2008-03-29 22:19:22
289.   Frip

There was some analysis by Jon at the beginning of the '07 season that said that arm strength had no significant effect on run's scored. I'm not qualified to comment on it, but Jon did present some convincing stats on it.

Though I realize those stats are counterintuitive.

I have to think though that an arm as weak as Juan's MUST matter.

2008-03-29 22:20:24
290.   Brendan
Dewitt takes Papelbon to deep right field HR.
2008-03-29 22:20:49
291.   das411
Woah, were those boos or Huuuuuu's??
2008-03-29 22:21:11
292.   KG16
dang, I missed Dewitt's homerun, did it actually clear the fence in center?
2008-03-29 22:22:12
293.   Bob Hendley
282 - Its probably more to do with expectations. Senator fans didn't have a reputation for booing.
2008-03-29 22:22:17
294.   sporky
291 The latter

292 Si

2008-03-29 22:22:20
295.   Indiana Jon
292 Right Center
2008-03-29 22:22:21
296.   Brendan

Right Center. Yes 10 ft over the fence

2008-03-29 22:22:44
297.   Gen3Blue
I stepped out for but a minute and its 7-4.
Dewiit?. Was it left field? Uh oh Repko.
2008-03-29 22:22:53
298.   silverwidow
292 Deep right field. It was CRUSHED.
2008-03-29 22:23:06
299.   Brendan
295 One Second!! Come On!!
2008-03-29 22:23:38
300.   Frip
Repko looks WAY late on these major league fastballs.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-03-29 22:23:39
301.   Bob Hendley
They are really tatooing him. Guess we won't see the dance tonight. Go Repko!
2008-03-29 22:23:49
302.   Indiana Jon
299 I type slow or it would have been two.
2008-03-29 22:24:53
303.   KG16
293 - Washington: first in the nation, last in the American League.
2008-03-29 22:25:37
304.   Brendan

*shakes fist in general direction of Indiana)

2008-03-29 22:25:47
305.   silverwidow
Repko: Sin City bound.
2008-03-29 22:26:19
306.   scareduck
I get back from the Angels/Padres game just in time to see DeWitt to launch one to right. What a sweet homer.

I hope he gets to start at third.

2008-03-29 22:27:46
307.   KG16
hypothetical question for the crowd: if the Dodgers don't sign JP last year, and the outfield is Ethier-Repko-Kemp (left to right), do we try to get Jones this year? Assume Repko doesn't try to decapitate Furcal while trying to show he deserved to be a starter
2008-03-29 22:28:56
308.   Brendan

Rob how was the crowd at the game?

2008-03-29 22:29:17
309.   Gen3Blue
Wakefield and Collesium beat Dodgers!
But Dodgers show some spine and pepper Papelbon.
2008-03-29 22:30:27
310.   scareduck
308 - official tally was 48k+, but bodies-in-seats was more like 33k. Well-attended, but the official tickets-sold number was obviously way high.
2008-03-29 22:31:50
311.   Andrew Shimmin
280- All will be revealed. But first, you must answer three questions: who was the last Dodger to hit three home runs in a game? Who was the last Dodger to win 20 games in a season? Who was the last person to send you an email?
2008-03-29 22:32:03
312.   Dodgers49
That home run just might have saved DeWitt. He hadn't got a hit in quite a while as his average dropped below the Mendoza line. 3rd base was being handed to him and it was beginning to look as if he intended to hand it back.
2008-03-29 22:33:02
313.   scareduck
310 - er, official number was 40k+. Capacity is ~45k.
2008-03-29 22:34:53
314.   68elcamino427
Could that lesson have anything to do with "The Solution" manning third base tonight, rather than someone like Esteban German?
2008-03-29 22:36:04
315.   KG16
314 - god(s), I hope so
2008-03-29 22:37:32
316.   KG16
sweet, Desperado on TBS HD right now
2008-03-29 22:37:54
317.   CanuckDodger
311 -- Thanks for the e-mail, Andrew. It was actually my mother that Frip said he wished to see dead.
2008-03-29 22:38:10
318.   Bob Hendley
Wait a second. There is a discussion going on here about how many people attended an Angels-Padres game? Counting lost souls?
2008-03-29 22:38:20
319.   scareduck
303 - I believe the quote was, first in war, first in peace, last in the American League. Doesn't work to well in the three-division configuration in place now, and especially now that Washington is in the NL.
2008-03-29 22:39:09
320.   scareduck
317 - thppt. Can we talk about Dodger Stadium Traffic Thoughts, please?
2008-03-29 22:39:49
321.   KG16
um, how come Arizona has won a game already this season but no one else in the NL has yet to play a game.

I love the world according to ESPN sometimes

2008-03-29 22:40:36
322.   scareduck
319 - "too well".
2008-03-29 22:42:51
323.   KG16
319 - d'oh, I knew it was something like that.

Washington: first in war, first in peace, thankful for the Florida Marlins?

2008-03-29 22:45:35
324.   Andrew Shimmin
317- When the revolution comes, you will not be invited to lead the Secret Operations team.
2008-03-29 22:46:22
325.   CanuckDodger
320 -- How about we talk about DeWitt? I disagree with JoeyP's statement that he has has a bad spring training, and I thought that even before the homer off Papelbon. He has impressed the coaching staff even if his hitting did trail off recently, and for youngsters the impressions made on the coaches probably mean more than stats. Before spring training, I had thought that DeWitt would be trade bait at some point while LaRoche was guaranteed to be our 3B of the future, but with LaRoche looking like Samuel Jackson's chacracter from Unbreakable, I wonder if DeWitt may really be the long-term guy for us.
2008-03-29 22:47:35
326.   Bob Hendley
323 - Lets see what Sam DC and StolenMonkey86 say tomorrow about the new park. Great for baseball to have a new stadium in the Nation's Capital.
2008-03-29 22:49:15
327.   Dodgers49
Torre still checking Dodgers' makeup

2008-03-29 22:51:31
328.   Bob Hendley
325 - Yes, granted its still ST, but that was a bigtime pitcher out there he took downtown. And since Torre said such nice things about him, it was a nice public reconfirmation for Joe and his baseball sense. And I am sure he liked that and its worth a spot on the roster.
2008-03-29 22:52:52
329.   scareduck
325 - fine with me. I haven't been paying attention one way or t'other.
2008-03-29 22:54:53
330.   scareduck
327 - the Dodgers hired glam-rockers?
2008-03-29 22:57:34
331.   Dodgers49
No mention of Kershaw for tomorrow:

Crowd-pleaser for Dodgers, Sox

>> Up next for Dodgers: The Dodgers meet the Red Sox for the fifth time this Spring on Sunday, with Japanese import Hiroki Kuroda making his seventh start. Kuroda has struggled with a 5.03 ERA and opponents have batted .284 against him. Manager Joe Torre said he would reveal his Opening Day outfield before Sunday's game. <<

## Up next for Red Sox: The Red Sox send No. 5 starter Clay Buchholz to the mound Sunday afternoon in the exhibition finale against the Dodgers. Boston is hoping to get J.D. Drew in the lineup for a couple of at-bats. The former Dodgers right fielder missed the two regular season games in Tokyo due to back spasms but he's expected to be ready for the next Opening Day at Oakland on Tuesday. ##

2008-03-29 22:59:58
332.   Bob Hendley
327 - That is an ugly baseball cap, despite the LA on it.
2008-03-29 23:00:51
333.   Dodgers49
I should have had this in bold:

Crowd-pleaser for Dodgers, Sox

>> Manager Joe Torre said he would reveal his Opening Day outfield before Sunday's game. <<

2008-03-29 23:06:19
334.   Jon Weisman
2008-03-29 23:09:26
335.   Brendan
330 Rob, A lot of Padre fans in that 35-40K or almost all Halo fans? Just wondering because it looks like the Padres and Angels will be playing an annual freeway spring game..

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