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No Joke
2008-04-01 17:25
by Jon Weisman

Juan Pierre starts ahead of Matt Kemp tonight, with Andre Ethier moving to right field. Pierre is batting seventh.

I don't miss making the daily outfield updates like last year.

Giants at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.

Comments (306)
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2008-04-01 17:39:05
1.   trainwreck
Joe Torre plays the greatest April Fools joke of them all.
2008-04-01 17:41:11
2.   Jacob L
I hope Pierre plays well tonight because, you know, every game counts. I can't imagine we're taking the Grady Little route with any regularity.
2008-04-01 17:42:31
3.   GMac In The 909
Nice to see you again, Grady.
2008-04-01 17:42:47
4.   The Trolley Dodger
(previous thread) From Press-Enterprise Blog:

> Juan Pierre is back in there to face Matt Cain, with Joe Torre explaining, "I just don't want anybody sitting there stale, especially someone that isn't used to sitting. It doesn't appear Pierre will bat second though in the near future, as Torre said he wants to toy around with who hits there, and Pierre will bat seventh or eighth when he's in there. Also, there is a slight chance that Torre will have four outfielders in the lineup one day. Andre Ethier is Torre's pick ahead of Mark Sweeney to play there should something happen to James Loney, such as an injury or slump.

2008-04-01 17:44:22
5.   unassisted
2008-04-01 17:46:12
6.   eusmus
What a joke.
2008-04-01 17:47:45
7.   dzzrtRatt
Still and all, ending the streak was important. Pierre was (perhaps subconsciously) using the streak to pressure managers to play him despite the results. Torre's asserted that he, not Pierre, not Colletti, controls the lineup. Point made.
2008-04-01 17:48:24
8.   Jacob L
4 So Pierre will take at bats away from Loney, too. We can have Kemp or Ethier catch on days when Martin sits, too.

Sorry. Done snarking now. Snark doesn't happen on this blog.

2008-04-01 17:48:37
9.   Humma Kavula
Around the league:

Pedro Martinez left the game in the 3rd or 4th -- missed exactly when -- with a pulled hammy.

2008-04-01 17:48:43
10.   fanerman
7 Yeah. In the back of my mind I never really expected Pierre to be banished to the bench for good. Hopefully these starts are the exception and not the rule, though.
2008-04-01 17:49:10
11.   Humma Kavula
8 Snark doesn't happen on this blog.

You can find it if you hunt for it.

2008-04-01 17:50:12
12.   Humma Kavula
For this game, Torre pulls out the Andy Gibb.

"I started a joke... that started the whole world crying..."

2008-04-01 17:52:12
13.   still bevens
9 I was not impressed when all the pre-season predictions for the NL had the Mets atop the heap. They have no depth and the health of a couple of their starters is suspect.
2008-04-01 17:53:44
14.   trainwreck
How is Kemp going to get better against tough righties if we keep benching him?
2008-04-01 17:54:41
15.   regfairfield
They also have 3 of the 10 best players in baseball, and probably 4 of the top 30, so it balances out.
2008-04-01 17:55:12
16.   Zak
Did anybody really expect Pierre to start fewer than 70-80 games this year? If his year is exactly on pace to last year's numbers, he'll make 80 starts.

Let's just hope he doesn't make more than 80 starts.

2008-04-01 17:55:25
17.   Jacob L
Perhaps someone needs to send Joe the "Hardball Made Easy" clip. Matt Kemp might be called the Bison because he's built like a robot made of nails.
2008-04-01 17:56:05
18.   bhsportsguy
Maybe Joe needs more space to think these things out?

2008-04-01 17:57:08
19.   D4P
Annyong, everybody.

2007 vs. righties:

Kemp: .318/.340/.495/.835
Pierre: .301/.338/.372/.710

I can't seem to find the "vs. tough righties" split...

2008-04-01 17:57:37
20.   RELX
"I just don't want anybody sitting there stale..."

Yeah, because Pierre has been sitting on the bench whole day!

This is mostly on Colletti, not only because he signed Pierre last year, but because he didn't trade Pierre--or any of the other outfielders--after signing A Jones. However, it looks like Torre is going to play right into it by trying to fit four outfielders into three slots.

Jon, I fear you will be doing daily outfield updates for at least the next few months.

2008-04-01 17:57:44
21.   Humma Kavula
In the Bronx... since my last update...

Melky Cabrera homered to tie the game.

Then the Blue Jays wasted a leadoff double by Aaron Hill.

The score is tied 2-2.

Do they sing "God Bless America" every day in the Bronx? That would drive me nuts in a hurry. I do not like that song.

2008-04-01 17:58:00
22.   Wilbert Robinson
I am disconsolate.
2008-04-01 18:01:28
23.   Telemachos
21 Apparently in Yankee Stadium, every day is October 2001.
2008-04-01 18:03:10
24.   trainwreck
D4P returns just at the right time.
2008-04-01 18:03:16
25.   bhsportsguy
I don't know why this is so upsetting, Joe and Ned were pretty clear that Opening Day was just one day but it must have been a bigger deal since Joe had a brief conversation with Pierre on Sunday and that the Dodgers made a big deal of announcing the fact that Joe had met with Pierre.

Also, I don't think it was a mistake to keep Pierre (unless someone offers something of value) because if something happens, I don't think they felt comfortable with the Repko/Young option has a replacement.

Finally, once Loney took over 1B, he sat out just a few games so again, I don't think that you will Ethier playing first on any regular basis.

2008-04-01 18:05:29
26.   Andrew Shimmin
Torre's asserted that he, not Pierre, not Colletti, controls the lineup. Point made.

If that's the point, then I'm not sure what the point of Torre is. Starting Pierre isn't wrong because he had a streak, or because the GM likes him. Starting Pierre is wrong because he's not good at baseball. That's the point. Use him when a starter needs a break, if you must, but this is the second day of the season, and J.D. Drew doesn't play here any more.

2008-04-01 18:06:26
27.   Humma Kavula
Bases loaded, one out in the Bronx for Matsui.
2008-04-01 18:07:26
28.   Humma Kavula
Fielder's choice. 3-2 Yankees.
2008-04-01 18:07:27
29.   regfairfield
26 I wonder if Colletti made it clear that he can fire Torre's butt when ever he feels like.
2008-04-01 18:08:23
30.   Jon Weisman
19 - Annyong!
2008-04-01 18:10:32
31.   Humma Kavula
22 You may be disconsolate, but according to new OutWatch contributor JimBilly4, I am apoplectic.

And just yesterday, I was thinking, what the heck are we going to do with the OutWatch? Well, unfortunately, we have our answer.

The Juan Pierre OutWatch. Now more than ever!

2008-04-01 18:12:37
32.   Andrew Shimmin
29- Now that I'm officially an ex-fan, I can't tell you how hard I'm rooting for major FO turmoil. Torre vs. Colletti? In April? C'mon--even you sheep, content to put up with this, have to admit that'd be fun.
2008-04-01 18:16:17
33.   Humma Kavula
Rios vs. Chamberlain results in a 9-pitch walk.
2008-04-01 18:16:23
34.   trainwreck
The front office may not take Repko over Pierre, but I would. At least, some upside with Repko.
2008-04-01 18:17:50
35.   Indiana Jon
15 I hope you're not talking about Reyes, or are you talking about best 10 players in "fantasy" baseball?

21 Yes. They also play "YMCA" and the them from "Rocky" every game. The ground crew rakes the field and dances to "YMCA", some crazy fan runs the stairs and pours water on himself during the Rocky theme.

2008-04-01 18:18:21
36.   bhsportsguy
September 17, 2002 was the last day Juan Pierre did not run out of the dugout to the field or to bat or pinch run or deliver baseballs to the umpire.

According to his stats, he is listed as being 162 games for the next 5 seasons (2003-2007).

To go from that to be a part-time player is going to be an adjustment. Part of the reason for playing him is to see if Pierre can adjust. If it turns out he can't, that may pave the way to a move where the Dodgers will be willing pay more of his contract.

2008-04-01 18:18:23
37.   MollyKnight
21- Yes, God Bless American is sung at every game.

23- This city has been through a lot in seven years. I don't think you meant to offend anyone, but be careful because it's still raw for a lot of folks, especially here...

2008-04-01 18:19:18
38.   eusmus
25 It's suprising to you that we would be upset with Joe Torre stunting Matt Kemp's growth into an everyday player? Seriously? Oh well, I was getting tired of rooting for my team to succeed anyways... thanks for the memories, Joe!
2008-04-01 18:20:39
39.   regfairfield
35 Yes, I'm talking about Reyes. Granted, part of it is assuming 2006 wasn't a fluke but even in a down year at age 24 he put up a 40 VORP while playing great defense and he steals very effectively.
2008-04-01 18:21:09
40.   MollyKnight
America, I mean. Never heard "God Bless American."

In other news, I'm going to watch the game tonight with a real live Dodger fan in a Manhattan bar. I've never gotten to do that before. And he reads this site! He might put his fist through something when he finds out the Bison is benched.

2008-04-01 18:22:43
41.   bhsportsguy
38 One day off and he is stunting his growth. And if it had been Ethier, I guess ST didn't mean anything.

Maybe Russ should play everyday or else his path to the HOF will be detoured?

That's snark.

2008-04-01 18:24:24
Tonight is worse than any from last season.

Its like what my professor said: If you're going to commit a tort, make it really bad.

2008-04-01 18:24:33
43.   Icaros
I guess this at least increases Pierre's chances of getting injured. I know it's not God's way to root for such a thing, but it's coming to that point for me. I am sicker of this than I am lousy drivers.
2008-04-01 18:24:56
44.   eusmus
41 Nope, but resting him against "tough" right-handers will.
2008-04-01 18:28:30
45.   bhsportsguy
I am upset that for some reason we are now getting Yankee game updates on DT.
2008-04-01 18:28:57
46.   regfairfield
I'm not happy about this, but really, Matt Kemp's growth will be stunted by missing one game?

If at some point in the future Matt Kemp turns into Pedro Munoz and I lament "if only we started Kemp against Cain April 1st, 2008" I'll concede the point, but I really doubt I will, especially since Kemp has already established he's a big league player.

2008-04-01 18:29:33
47.   Neal Pollack
Oh, for God's sake!
2008-04-01 18:30:55
48.   Telemachos
37 Point taken, and no, didn't mean to offend anyone. For the sake of Rule 5, I'll leave it at that.

Back to tonight's game: I think we'll get a number of variable lineups for the first week or so as Torre continues to fiddle and see how players perform. I'd imagine that he'll start to settle into a standard lineup at some point, though.

2008-04-01 18:31:53
49.   bhsportsguy
I suppose if Angel Chavez had started at 3B, there would have been less of an outcry.
2008-04-01 18:33:55
50.   Bob Timmermann
I, for one, am very happy right now. Why? UMass beat Florida in the semifinals of the NIT, 78-66!

I will not be satisfied until the city of Gainesville is burnt to the ground, the soil is salted, and Joakim Noah apologizes to me for his hair.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-04-01 18:34:07
51.   Ken Noe
In all seriousness, I blame the China trip for the lineup tonight. Torre still thinks he needs time to see what he has. He's like a guy taking a new car out for its paces. "I know this buffalo guy can do the job, let me compare Ethier and Pierre some more." The key fact remains breaking the JP streak; he won't be an everyday player.
2008-04-01 18:34:44
52.   sporky
Kevin Kennedy needs to be muzzled.
2008-04-01 18:35:14
53.   Ken Noe
By the way, the Marcus Giles story is just weird.
2008-04-01 18:35:28
54.   Indiana Jon
I think I would take, Santana, Peavy, Wright, Holliday, Cabrera, H Ramirez, Rodriguez, Pujols, Utley, and Fielder.

Other possibilities, C Jones, Martinez, Howard, Ortiz, M Ramirez, Webb, and Martin.

2008-04-01 18:35:32
55.   Icaros

You're right, because he wouldn't be starting over a proven major leaguer who is one of the best hitters on the team.

I wish I could talk myself into thinking boneheaded moves make sense.

2008-04-01 18:36:05
56.   regfairfield
54 Are we talking this year, or for the next few?
2008-04-01 18:37:25
57.   trainwreck
Sweet. I gave up watching that game after awhile.
2008-04-01 18:37:28
38 I agree. This hurts us in the short-term and the long-term. If they are going to rotate, we might as well put Kemp back in the minors to keep his service clock low. (I dont know if this is allowed by the rules)

With Grady it was frustrating that he could not understand that Pierre was a bad player. In contrast, this is infuriating because Torre understands Pierre is the worse player, and by the SECOND game, he has given up on doing what he is paid the big bucks to do, which is to keep his overpaid players positive while they sit on the bench.

2008-04-01 18:37:35
59.   unassisted
53 - The Giles brothers are just weird.
2008-04-01 18:38:26
60.   Indiana Jon
56 Yes, this year. If its for the next few, things would change quite a bit.
2008-04-01 18:40:04
61.   Eric Stephen
I don't want to get all worked up over one day off for Kemp. I still think Ethier and Kemp will each get significantly more starts than Pierre over the course of the season.

Welcome back D4P!

2008-04-01 18:41:34
62.   regfairfield
60 Then I'd agree with you on most of those names.
2008-04-01 18:42:08
63.   MollyKnight
48-Yeah, I didn't think you did.
2008-04-01 18:43:44
64.   Indiana Jon
62 Of course everyone knows that if we are talking about the next few years then there would be a Minotaur on the list.
2008-04-01 18:44:42
65.   regfairfield
That actually is an interesting question. If you could have anyone in baseball for six years, salary is irrelevant, where would you take Kershaw?
2008-04-01 18:47:34
66.   Andrew Shimmin
It's the second day of the season. Nobody's tired. Nobody needs a rest. It's not unhinged to think that starting Pierre on day two means he's going to be taking substantial playing time from better players, for no reason. Sure, it's just one day. But it's not just any day; it's the second day of the season. That matters.
2008-04-01 18:48:27
67.   trainwreck
I would take Wright, Cabrera, and Sizemore over him, but then it gets hazy because I am counting on prospects and pitchers are scary.
2008-04-01 18:49:05
68.   Icaros
With Juan seventh or eighth [rookie Blake DeWitt was eighth again], he'll take a walk and can still do things down there. I don't want you to think I've got this thing chiseled."

He'll take a walk? When? He never takes a walk. That's the problem, dinosaur.

2008-04-01 18:50:51
69.   Eric Stephen
Is Marcus Giles more Rick Majerus or Kendall Gill?
2008-04-01 18:51:00
70.   immouch
my optimist side? they're building a market for pierre. my pessimist side? they're stupid... i honestly don't think they're stupid. they might prove me wrong. but right now, an hour before game two, i can't say, out loud, that they're dolts. i need at least a week for that.
2008-04-01 18:51:27
71.   regfairfield
67 I like to think of it as redrafting the league, and the idea of taking Kershaw anywhere near that high gets scary. Would you want Kershaw being the cornerstone of your team when you could have Pujols, or pretty much anyone else, instead?
2008-04-01 18:52:29
72.   regfairfield
68 He took 'em in Spring Training and I'm sure that's the only time Pierre has seen, or cared about him.
2008-04-01 18:53:38
73.   MC Safety
I can't believe we're sitting our #3 hitter for Juan Pierre. This is disgusting.
2008-04-01 18:57:54
74.   trainwreck
Pujols is definitely great, but I would be a bit worried about the elbow. When someone says think six years in thh future, I am probably going to pick a bunch of young guys.

Minotaur is obviously huge risk. I have no idea where I would rank him, but those three immediately came to mind as people I would take.

2008-04-01 18:58:02
75.   Indiana Jon
71 I don't think I would take him over anyone on my list, or the alternates. Not that I don't think he can be as good or better, but you can't not take a sure thing. Actually, I would take him over the older guys on the list.
2008-04-01 18:58:23
I can't believe our defiant streak-ending manager lasted one day. JP must really look like a sad kid when he doesn't play.
2008-04-01 18:58:41
77.   dkminnick
53 - What Marcus Giles story?
2008-04-01 18:58:58
78.   Bluebleeder87
now I know why Josh [Rawitch] did what he did to his blog...
2008-04-01 18:58:59
79.   ucladodger

That probably most reflects my feelings on this. And just to spite all of us Pierre will have a great game, hit a walk off grand slam, throw 2 runners our at home, and earn a starting spot for the rest of the year.

2008-04-01 19:00:11
80.   regfairfield
74 I think that is a little too young though. When I made my top 30 list, the only prospect that made it was Jay Bruce (Evan Longoria got an honorable mention). I think getting someone that will produce right out of the gate is important. Kershaw most likely putting up nothing in 2008 hurts his value a lot in my eyes.
2008-04-01 19:00:48
81.   Indiana Jon
Ramirez, Cabrera, and Peavy would be my top three. I'm really not convinced Kershaw would be my top pick from the Dodgers. Martin, Kemp and Billingsley will be pretty good over the next six.
2008-04-01 19:02:07
82.   Indiana Jon
77 I'm wondering that myself.
2008-04-01 19:03:16
83.   Michael D
Well look at it this way, we're only complaining about Pierre being in there for one game so far instead of 2. Hopefully tomorrow will be 2 out of 3 where we get our way, and 2 out of 3 ain't bad.
2008-04-01 19:03:18
84.   trainwreck
But Jay Bruce has to deal with having Dusty as his manager. Which means, Jay Bruce won't get the playing time he deserves and Reds' management is not much help.
2008-04-01 19:03:53
85.   sporky
77 82

2008-04-01 19:04:38
86.   unassisted
77 - 82- per Tony Jackson:

Help is on the way ... oh wait, never mind
According to two sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity, the Dodgers agreed in principle earlier today on a minor-league contract for free-agent infielder Marcus Giles, who had a really good spring for Colorado but ultimately was released last week because the Rockies didn't have a spot for him. The plan was for Giles to go to Las Vegas, reacquaint himself with 3B, where he has just nine career appearances and none since 2005, prove that he could play there for about 10 days, then get called up and share time with Blake DeWitt until Nomar or Abreu comes back. ... And then, as Giles was in his car driving to Las Vegas from his home near San Diego, HE CHANGED HIS MIND. Just decided he wasn't coming. Turned the car around and went home. ... And the worst part is, the Dodgers passed on two other players they could have signed because they were convinced they had Giles, and neither of those players is still available. One of them is believed to have been Alex Cintron, a free-agent infielder who signed a minor-league deal with Baltimore yesterday. ... It still isn't clear why Giles changed his mind, other than one source saying he just doesn't have the desire to play anymore. At any rate, his indecision has left the Dodgers back at square one, at least for the time being.

2008-04-01 19:06:56
87.   dzzrtRatt
51 Exactly.

Plus, Kemp has more experience coming off the bench. The Giants are tough for 5-6 innings, then fold when it comes to the bullpen. If needed, Kemp will get his shot then.

I'm not saying I like this lineup. In fact I hate it. But I get it, and it's neither stupid nor irrational.

Who is the worst player you would take back in a trade just to get Juan Pierre off our hands?

2008-04-01 19:07:28
88.   max power
I'm dismayed, but maybe L'il Slappy will steal a couple bases and generate some trade interest...

Hey, a man can dream!

2008-04-01 19:07:33
89.   Indiana Jon
80 Would you take Bruce or Justin Upton? I like Bruce myself.
2008-04-01 19:08:54
90.   Indiana Jon
86 Well thats good news. I like Dewitt in the short term over Giles or Cintron or that third unnamed guy.
2008-04-01 19:09:51
91.   regfairfield
89 I had Upton at 21 and Bruce at 27. Upton's tools are just off the charts absurd.
2008-04-01 19:10:41
92.   trainwreck
I forgot about the Uptons.
2008-04-01 19:11:19
93.   gpellamjr
What? What??? This is infuriating. I thought I was going to be able to relax and root for the team. Why is it so hard to be a Dodgers fan?
2008-04-01 19:11:37
94.   trainwreck
I would take anything for Pierre just to make sure he does not take at bats from other players.
2008-04-01 19:12:47
95.   gpellamjr
I initially read 89 as an answer to 87 .
2008-04-01 19:13:16
96.   ryu
Is it just me, or does Dave Roberts look like he really aged a lot?
2008-04-01 19:13:43
97.   Andrew Shimmin
Kemp has more experience coming off the bench for the same harfflesnarfing reason he's going to be available to do it again today. He needs to stop getting so much of that kind of experience.
2008-04-01 19:13:50
98.   tjdub
thank you Vin for reminding us why Kemp should be playing tonight.
2008-04-01 19:14:17
99.   unassisted
That was pretty by Raffy!!!
2008-04-01 19:14:58
100.   Bob Timmermann
What was Rich Aurilia's part-time job when he lived in New York? I'm not watching and I need to be reminded.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-04-01 19:16:00
101.   68elcamino427
So this is how you use a bench player?
All four in the game at one time and Loney sits? What kind of a plan is that?
25 offers the only posiitve possibilty, otherwise, Torre caves to "Mopey".
Very disappointed.
(Rule 1 violation)
2008-04-01 19:17:14
102.   Marty
Did Boche go to Frisco voluntarily? Or was he pushed out of San Diego and needed the job?
2008-04-01 19:17:30
103.   fanerman
Maybe I've lost some of my mental faculties from this whole fiasco, but I don't think starting Pierre over Kemp for one day is really that trend-setting. Breaking the streak yesterday sent the big message that Pierre was no longer gonna be an everyday player. Maybe today, Torre is just tossing Pierre a bone and going for the slow let down to keep Pierre's morale not too low. I'm probably being optimistic, but I'm just saying, let's see how often he starts over Kemp before we call for Joe's head.
2008-04-01 19:18:09
104.   Tom Meagher
I was tuning out the Giants' announcers, but my ears perked up when they said someone in the Dodgers' organization (I think Torre, but I'm not sure) said that Martin could be their best defensive shortstop.

Did anybody else hear that? I'm in awe. Can anybody sanely think he'd be better than Hu?

2008-04-01 19:19:33
105.   Bob Timmermann
I believe Bochy went to San Francisco of his own accord. The Giants wanted a new manager and the Giants parked a dump truck full of money outside his home.
2008-04-01 19:20:03
106.   Frip
Vin on the Furcal play:

"Furcal, spinning like a ballet student".

Instead of:

"Furcal, spinning like a ballerina".

The man knows his way around words.

I've had girls compliment me in very feminine terms. I'd wish they'd had Vin's touch and awareness.

2008-04-01 19:22:13
107.   Eric Stephen
102 ,105
Also, when Bochy's contract was up with San Diego, the Padres -- with the Sandy Alderson era still relatively new -- didn't exactly make a full effort to retain Bochy.
2008-04-01 19:22:25
108.   Bluebleeder87
A better fielder makes that play but I'm glad Ethier has his first '08 hit.
2008-04-01 19:22:31
109.   trainwreck
Bowa said it.
2008-04-01 19:23:21
110.   fanerman
And perhaps playing Ethier instead of Kemp is Joe's way of telling Ethier he doesn't have to worry about losing his starting job after an oh-fer. Kemp ought to know his job security isn't in question. That's my conspiracy theory, anyway.
2008-04-01 19:24:05
111.   Indiana Jon
104 I heard that, but i believe they credited the comment to Bowa, not Torre.

91 Is there somewhere I could see the rest of the list? I would be interested.

2008-04-01 19:25:31
112.   regfairfield
2008-04-01 19:26:08
113.   Xeifrank
If Torre is resting Kemp vs tough righthanded pitchers, does that mean he won't play against.


vr, Xei

2008-04-01 19:28:55
114.   Xeifrank
Over/Under on innings in to the 2008 season until the Giants score is 14.5
vr, Xei
2008-04-01 19:29:16
115.   Andrew Shimmin
113- Torre hasn't heard of half of those guys. But he'd be willing to give any of them a shot in LF until he was positive they were better than Pierre.
2008-04-01 19:30:08
116.   trainwreck
I thought you said you did the rankings, but this says it was by Alan Hull.
2008-04-01 19:30:16
117.   regfairfield does Bengie Molina reach on an infield single?
2008-04-01 19:31:07
118.   Bob Timmermann
If the Giants backup catcher gets into the game, I sense a raft of "Arrested Development" jokes.
2008-04-01 19:31:21
119.   regfairfield
116 Me and him and another friend. It killed most of the journey from Barstow to LA.
2008-04-01 19:31:36
120.   Frip
Durham hit that fly ball to right field with the exact same stroke as Gibson, but with a tad less strength. Odd how the swing was nearly identical.
2008-04-01 19:31:52
121.   D4P
Torre hasn't heard of half of those guys

Neither have I.

To be fair, the amount of money I get paid to sit around and watch baseball is less than $4 million per year.

2008-04-01 19:32:04
122.   LogikReader

I don't think it's going to take quite that long.

Fantasy baseball question: A guy wants to trade to me Maglio Ordonez for Ichiro Suzuki, and my other two outfielders are Dunn and Carl Crawford.

Would you do it?

2008-04-01 19:32:50
123.   Tom Meagher
109 Well, Bowa was a shortstop and hence his opinion is unassailable, so I'll stop.
2008-04-01 19:34:02
124.   dzzrtRatt
Ha! Molina runs like me!
2008-04-01 19:34:54
125.   max power
And he would have scored had Pierre been in center...
2008-04-01 19:35:14
126.   Michael D
We'd have been hosed in that inning against a real lineup.
2008-04-01 19:35:19
127.   D4P
2008-04-01 19:35:24
128.   regfairfield
122 Depends on how fast the rest of your team is.
2008-04-01 19:35:45
129.   eusmus
124 I'm just happy that single wasn't hit to left.
2008-04-01 19:36:09
130.   Frip
Aww hell, another year of moronic Carl's Junior commercials.
2008-04-01 19:37:04
131.   Brent Knapp
Runs prevented by Andruw Jones - 1

Even Molina would have scored if that ball was hit to Pierre in CF.

2008-04-01 19:37:32
132.   Bluebleeder87
Here's some interesting stuff on Cain courtesy of Wikipedia>>2005

Cain made his major league debut on August 29, 2005 at the age of 20 against the Colorado Rockies, losing the game despite giving up only three hits and two runs in five innings. Following his debut, Cain joined the team's regular five-man starting rotation, finding immediate success. He earned his first major league win on September 4 against the Arizona Diamondbacks, and notched his first complete game, a two-hitter, against the Chicago Cubs on September 9. Cain finished his first season with seven starts over 46⅓ innings in which he posted a 2–1 record, 30 strikeouts, a 2.33 ERA, a 0.928 WHIP, and a minuscule .151 opponent batting average.3 4

When he was called up, Cain was the second youngest player in the major leagues, behind Félix Hernández of the Seattle Mariners.

2008-04-01 19:37:44
133.   Indiana Jon
112 Thats a pretty good list, but I would be interested to know the following.

1) Why Mauer at 12 and Martin not in the top 30?

2) Felix 16, Kazmir 22, but Hamels is all the way down at 30? What makes those two rate higher?

3) Chris Young? Would you really trade Bruce, Kemp or Justin Upton for Chris Young?

2008-04-01 19:38:04
134.   dzzrtRatt
131 Vin Scully just read your comment on the air.
2008-04-01 19:39:11
135.   Bluebleeder87
in will be interesting to see how his career turns out, I'm wondering how many innings he pitched in '05,'06 & '07.
2008-04-01 19:40:38
136.   StolenMonkey86
Why is it that managers that play the percentages never look at the percentages?
2008-04-01 19:41:08
137.   Gen3Blue
Vin's about right when he said Andruw saved a run that inning just by being there with his arm.
And Lowe gave us a shot of confidence with his easy handling of that inning.
2008-04-01 19:41:26
138.   Bluebleeder87

Yes, moronic indeed.

2008-04-01 19:41:46
139.   D4P
Why is it that managers that play the percentages never look at the percentages?

Looking at the actual percentages (e.g. lefty-righty splits) ruins the magic. Baseball Guys just go with their gut.

2008-04-01 19:42:48
140.   prisoner416
122 you'll gain Ribbies and Homers with Ordonez but take a hit in stolen bags. Would I do it? No, because speed kills. It's tougher to get SBs. It also depends on your scoring categories. You may need Ichiro because of Dunn's K's and because he only hits his weight in batting average. I'm not so sure Ordonez is going to hit .350+ again. Ichiro will...

Anyway, one stat nerd's take on it.

2008-04-01 19:42:55
141.   StolenMonkey86
139 - so what if they have a stomach flu?
2008-04-01 19:43:07
142.   max power
Priceless shot of an annoyed Matt Kemp holding a bat in the dugout while JP was batting.

We feel your pain!

2008-04-01 19:43:13
143.   Indiana Jon
Interesting seeing that Indy 500 Firestone commercial on the LA broadcast. That commercial doesn't even play here.
2008-04-01 19:46:10
144.   Eric Stephen
Using, for Matt Cain:

Age 19: 159 IP (A+/AA)
Age 20: 192 IP (AAA/MLB)
Age 21: 190.2 IP
Age 22: 200 IP
Age 23: 2 IP and counting :)

2008-04-01 19:49:12
145.   regfairfield
133 Mauer is both a better on base threat and has the best arm in the majors, he's also still young enough that he can match Martin's power. For what it's worth, Martin was 32.

Felix has age on his side, he's younger than Buchholz and Joba and is already an established force. The skies the limit on him. Kazmir out pitched Hamels last year putting up near the same ERA despite being in the AL and having the worst defense in baseball behind him.

I'm really high on Chris Young and expect a monster season out of him. His minor league numbers suggest much better average and patience this year. He'll drop off the list if he repeats 2007 though.

2008-04-01 19:50:24
146.   Gen3Blue
Someone drove in a run last night.
Someone is benched tonight.
Oh well, politics.
2008-04-01 19:50:30
147.   Frip
Judgement says to root for Pierre to ground out.

Our instinct just won't allow it.

2008-04-01 19:50:57
148.   68elcamino427
Is Pierre starting because of anti-Scully comments made by Lowe in a Vero Beach bar as some sort af payback?
Watch for the trend in future Lowe starts.
2008-04-01 19:52:27
149.   LogikReader

You really don't have to root for it, it'll happen anyway ;)

2008-04-01 19:52:58
150.   trainwreck
Giants' broadcast have already decided that Aurilia's play was the play of the game. They don't care if it is the third inning.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-04-01 19:53:30
151.   Frip
148 Did Lowe make such comments or are you joking? If not, can you explain a little?
2008-04-01 19:54:10
152.   alex 7
Dewitt swung at ball 4. Other than that, Cain is pounding the black with his fastballs, and guys are struggling to make contact with his slider.
2008-04-01 19:57:15
153.   68elcamino427
151 I think I read it on True Blue. Others here have mentioned it before.
2008-04-01 19:57:44
154.   Eric Stephen
2008-04-01 20:00:52
155.   trainwreck
I feel even more justified in hating Lowe before he became a Dodger.
2008-04-01 20:01:32
156.   Bluebleeder87
Wow, Roberto Kelly were have you been all these years
2008-04-01 20:01:40
157.   Indiana Jon
145 I hope you're right on Young. I got to talk to him for a bit back in Sep 2005 when I was in Jacksonville to watch the Suns. I also caught a couple Southern League baseballs he hit into the stand during batting practice. I've followed him since.

Does anyone think it would be wrong for me to take one of those balls hit by Young and try to get it signed by Kershaw when he's in Huntsville later this month?

2008-04-01 20:01:46
158.   Eric Stephen
I believe current Giant 1B coach Roberto Kelly caught the last out of Ramon Martinez's no-hitter in 1995.
2008-04-01 20:02:06
159.   regfairfield
To cover my own butt, all of these Lowe comments should be preceeded with the word "allegedly".
2008-04-01 20:02:25
160.   alex 7
Kent showing some lateral movement there. I guess we can look forward to an important pinch hit at bat by Kemp later today. Or a substitution after Pierre goes a weak 0-2.
2008-04-01 20:02:51
161.   68elcamino427
151 So a bad, sarcastic joke on my part.
As 146 and 25 note, what other reasons can you think of to justify taking at bats from Kemp, your #3 hitter and replacing him with Pierre, your #8 hitter? This is a Championship Season, where every win counts.
(rule one violation)
2008-04-01 20:03:31
162.   Jack Dawkins
40 Molly, can you recommend any watering holes in Manhattan where one can watch a Dodger game in relative peace? I'm in NY this week and the only bar I know of with an MLB EI subscription is a ways from my hotel (I'm in Midtown.)
2008-04-01 20:03:40
163.   regfairfield
158 Yep "The 2-2 pitch is a flare to left. Kelly is there! Martinez has got it, a no hitter and he is being mobbed by his teammates!"
2008-04-01 20:07:29
164.   JoeyP
When you play Pierre ahead of Kemp, you deserve to lose.

Way too big of karmic difference to make up.

2008-04-01 20:07:30
165.   Eric Stephen
Ramon Martinez retired the first 23 Marlins at Dodger Stadium on July 14, 1995 before a walk to Tommy Gregg spoiled the perfect game.

Roberto Kelly did catch the final out of the no-hitter.

2008-04-01 20:08:24
166.   Frip
Lowe is entitled to his opinion. It's not quite an opinion of Vin that I share, but it's not completely off the mark either.

Besides, legitimate bartenders are supposed to keep their mouth's shut.

2008-04-01 20:08:33
167.   Frip
Lowe is entitled to his opinion. It's not quite an opinion of Vin that I share, but it's not completely off the mark either.

Besides, legitimate bartenders are supposed to keep their mouth's shut.

2008-04-01 20:08:47
168.   Telemachos
2008-04-01 20:09:35
169.   regfairfield
167 To be fair, I also had the guy convinced I was on the Dodgers so he probably wasn't in the best state of mind.
2008-04-01 20:10:43
170.   trainwreck
To be fair, Lowe has said many dumb things before, so maybe he said even worse.
2008-04-01 20:11:47
171.   alex 7
Jones laid off a tough slider just off the plate to earn his walk. Good to see that from him. Big at bat for Loney here.
2008-04-01 20:11:52
172.   natepurcell
Consolation prize... run up that pitch count for Cain!
2008-04-01 20:12:43
173.   StolenMonkey86
122 I would say no, first of all because I don't expect Ordonez to be as good as last year. Secondly, steals mean a lot more in fantasy baseball than real baseball, so it's nice to have Ichiro.
2008-04-01 20:13:43
174.   alex 7
Miller says Cain is up to 71 pitches so far. Might see him gone after 6 if we can get a few more guys on.
2008-04-01 20:14:43
175.   alex 7
about 4 Dodger pop foul at bats elongated by the new seating.
2008-04-01 20:16:08
176.   Marty
Looked like ball 4 to me
2008-04-01 20:16:24
177.   Bluebleeder87
I had taken my mom to the supermarket when Ramon Martinez pitched that no-no but I opted to stay in the car to hear the unfoldings. that Loney strike 3 call looked high to me.
2008-04-01 20:17:06
178.   Gen3Blue
Unfortunately, this kind of game is the only kind SF can hope to win. A "pitchers duel". We can only win by our bullpen being better, or by playing Kemp for the whole game.
2008-04-01 20:17:18
179.   natepurcell
Thats ball 4, ump wasn't even sure with his delayed reaction.
2008-04-01 20:17:50
180.   StolenMonkey86
Gameday says 73 now. If Pierre gets on, then he'll probably be out after 5.
2008-04-01 20:18:18
181.   Frip
Does anyone ever go to the batting cages in their town? And enter the expert cage? Just to remind yourself how hard it is to hit a baseball? How you have to make a decision to swing or not swing within a pico second? It's a good thing to go and do before the start of the baseball season. Helps lower your sarcasm level a few notches.
2008-04-01 20:20:34
182.   Eric Stephen
I go to the blogging cages. Same helmet.
2008-04-01 20:22:48
183.   bhsportsguy
181 I usually take Venice Blvd.

Per A picosecond is one millionth of one millionth of a second (0.000 000 000 001 seconds).

2008-04-01 20:22:56
184.   Marty
OK, murderer's row coming up
2008-04-01 20:22:56
185.   Bluebleeder87
That whole Lowe|Vinny situation falls in the "It's a matter of opinion" category in my book, if I was a rich famous millionaire pitcher who pitches for the Dodgers I WOULD HAVE NEVER EVER MADE that statement, but that's just me.
2008-04-01 20:25:33
186.   underdog
The heart of the order's up!

Why do they have to show Larry King when he's in the stands? He frightens me like a gargoyle would.

2008-04-01 20:26:56
187.   natepurcell

Snark alert....high.

2008-04-01 20:27:32
188.   alex 7
Fans need a "Kemp" chant if Pierre gets another AB. Nothing personal.
2008-04-01 20:27:49
189.   LogikReader
Great story, Vin! Don't let that goofball on the mound tell you any different.
2008-04-01 20:27:57
190.   Indiana Jon
Don't exagerate, Lowe is not that good of a hitter.
2008-04-01 20:28:12
191.   Eric Stephen
I loved Vin's Nat King Cole impression. Oh, sorry, I meant "Nat Cole". I like when famous people call other famous people shortened or different names (Bobby DeNiro, Nic Cage, etc).
2008-04-01 20:28:33
192.   Telemachos
Is an 8-pitch AB by Pierre considered a "win"?
2008-04-01 20:28:35
193.   StolenMonkey86
I'll give him credit, the 8 pitch AB was a nice touch.
2008-04-01 20:28:37
194.   Frip
Vin's got Nat King Cole stories. Boy I'm gonna miss this man.
2008-04-01 20:28:37
195.   underdog
That was actually a pretty decent at bat for Pierre, even if ultimately fruitless.

Even better at bat by DeRoche. Er, LaWitt. Er, DeWitt.

I look at Derek Lowe as basically a complete clown, in the circus sense. He's a solid pitcher who is a total goofball off the mound. He sticks his foot in his mouth, but it never bothers me for whatever reason, because he's like the Fool in a Shakespeare play.

2008-04-01 20:28:37
196.   Andrew Shimmin
If Vin tells a little story every time Pierre comes up, this might not be so bad. I mean, I'm still going to be rooting for Park to replace Billingsley in your rotation, but just watching the games will be less distasteful.
2008-04-01 20:28:37
197.   Bluebleeder87
I'm actually really good at hitting 90mph heat (at the cages), but to be really fair & balanced hitting 90 or even 85mph LIVE PERSON heat is a different beast all together, I can still hit it but it's PLENTY HARDER.
2008-04-01 20:31:20
198.   underdog
this ump has a ridiculous strike zone.
2008-04-01 20:31:24
199.   StolenMonkey86
Where's Pierre when you need him to lay down a sacrifice bunt?
2008-04-01 20:31:30
200.   alex 7
88 pitches. Cain has three very good pitches, with a developing change-up as his fourth.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-04-01 20:32:19
201.   KG16
I'm guessing with Cain edging 100 pitches he's probably done, no?
2008-04-01 20:33:51
202.   neuroboy002
SO how's the SF bullpen overall? I assume they will be coming in next inning(?)
2008-04-01 20:36:33
203.   Gen3Blue
I think the D's have been very sporting to this point.
2008-04-01 20:37:58
204.   El Lay Dave
200 - 202 Yahoo Sports has Cain at 93 pitches. Dusty Baker pitches him two more innings, but Bochy probably has him out. Probably.
2008-04-01 20:38:07
205.   natepurcell
Ok guys, lets get on base eh?
2008-04-01 20:38:13
206.   LogikReader
This game is working out really well for my fantasy team. I have Lowe and Cain, and they're starting against each other.
2008-04-01 20:40:55
207.   bhsportsguy
Derek Lowe and Matt Cain were probably two of the more "unluckiest pitchers" in terms of run support last year.
2008-04-01 20:41:19
208.   alex 7
Torre will drop Martin in the lineup tomorrow.
2008-04-01 20:41:31
209.   El Lay Dave
(To be fair, Harang threw 99 pitches yesterday for Baker's Reds and was replaced [i.e., not PH for] to start the 7th.)
2008-04-01 20:42:10
210.   Bluebleeder87
Matt Cain is leaving his off-speed stuff up I'm surprised the Dodger hitters have not hit 'em.
2008-04-01 20:42:35
211.   bhsportsguy
Denver hung on this time to beat the Suns by 6 at home. Last night they blew a 22 point lead.
2008-04-01 20:43:31
212.   alex 7
Freethier with 2 of LA's 3 hits today.
2008-04-01 20:44:09
213.   Bluebleeder87
From what I remember the Giants bullpen is pretty solid...
2008-04-01 20:44:54
214.   KG16
that would be a very bad strikeout for Kent.
2008-04-01 20:46:49
215.   El Lay Dave
On the other hand, it is hard to pull a pitcher after 5 IP who is throwing a 3-hit shutout.
2008-04-01 20:47:22
216.   trainwreck
What an inconsistent strike zone. That is not a strike but that ridiculously high one to Loney was.
2008-04-01 20:47:31
217.   regfairfield
213 It's really bad.
2008-04-01 20:47:49
218.   Eric Stephen
So Molina not scoring from second base in the 2nd inning was a huge play thus far in a 0-0 game.

Courtesy of the wonderful Bill James Goldmine 2008, Bengie Molina in 2007 was:

0 for 12 going 1st to 3rd on a single
0 for 9 scoring from 2nd on a single
0 for 4 scoring from 1st on a double

James calls this the "Triple Doughnut".

2008-04-01 20:47:55
219.   Sac Town Dodger Fan
2005 and Jones would've crushed that 3-0 pitch!
2008-04-01 20:48:15
220.   alex 7
inconsistent strike zone. Jones should have been rung up. Loney game-winning attempt #2.
2008-04-01 20:48:27
221.   StolenMonkey86
wow, no LOOGY
2008-04-01 20:49:10
222.   KG16
way to go Bowa!
2008-04-01 20:49:15
223.   Bluebleeder87
Cain will pay dearly here, Let's go Loney (I hope...)
2008-04-01 20:49:31
224.   natepurcell
2008-04-01 20:49:38
225.   GrilledOnly
what the.....
2008-04-01 20:49:42
226.   trainwreck
Larry is goin hyphy to the extreme.
2008-04-01 20:50:10
227.   Eric Stephen
Would it really be bad for Bowa to be suspended?
2008-04-01 20:50:32
228.   Bluebleeder87
I love it...
2008-04-01 20:51:13
229.   underdog
Okay, what kind of bee just flew up Larry Bowa's... you knowwhatsit?? Wow, he went ballistic there. I think Joe Torre was scared.

Windmill, come back, all is forgiven!

2008-04-01 20:51:13
230.   immouch
i wish i could be an ump so i could toss bowa.
2008-04-01 20:51:20
231.   68elcamino427
181 That is one of the reasons that I don't boo these guys.
They have extra special vision (they can see the ball at those speeds) and super quick reflexes/reactions (they can get their hands/bat to the ball at those speeds). Kemp in particular, has shown in the past that he is gifted in these departments.
2008-04-01 20:51:21
232.   Gen3Blue
That was an awful at bat by Kent!
2008-04-01 20:51:38
233.   Andrew Shimmin
We got any more pensioners in the dugout who could go out and help restrain Bowa? Or girl scouts maybe?
2008-04-01 20:51:46
234.   Eric Stephen
For a second, I thought Bowa was going to take down Lasorda. Then I realized it was Bob Schaefer.
2008-04-01 20:52:01
235.   Frip
Bowa should be releived of duty. That's just psycho.
2008-04-01 20:52:16
236.   alex 7
alright. Dodgers have their backup base coaches in now so this game can carry on. Bowa's a fool.
2008-04-01 20:52:33
237.   dianagramr
I love Vin's comment about the vein in Bowa's neck being able to hold up one of the screens in the Coliseum ... :-)
2008-04-01 20:52:47
238.   natepurcell
That was freakin awesome. I love Larry Bowe now.
2008-04-01 20:53:13
239.   dzzrtRatt
Was Bowa bird-dogging the home plate ump's crappy ball and strikes calls? Maybe that's why he was standing out of the box, and maybe he said so to Montague.
2008-04-01 20:53:14
240.   natepurcell
That was freakin awesome. I love Larry Bowa now.
2008-04-01 20:53:21
241.   MSarg29
This crew has not had a good game. Inconsistent strike zone which has confused both teams and now a big ego from third.
2008-04-01 20:53:28
242.   ucladodger
That was amazing. And then he went all Uncle Miltie on us and threw something on the ground.

As for the game, i cant believe Cain is still pitching. Please walk James, bring in a leftie and pinch hit Kemp.

2008-04-01 20:53:49
243.   Bob Timmermann
New rule this year:

Baseline coaches (who are already required to helmets this year at all levels) will be prohibited from moving closer to the field than the front edge of the coaching box or the side closest to fair territory until a batted ball passes by them.

2008-04-01 20:54:15
244.   trainwreck
Really going to the pen for Pierre?
2008-04-01 20:55:18
245.   Louis in SF
For those up in Norcal who have Direct TV, with the first week of previews free with theMLB Game Mix, you can hear Vin, and since I have two TV's watch the Giant feed without the sound!
2008-04-01 20:55:27
246.   StolenMonkey86
what'd Bowa do?
2008-04-01 20:55:48
247.   Eric Stephen
We better see Kemp PH here against the LHP Taschner.
2008-04-01 20:55:50
248.   StolenMonkey86
what'd Bowa do?
2008-04-01 20:55:51
249.   El Lay Dave
Pitching around Jones and Loney to get to Pierre. Interesting strategy.
2008-04-01 20:56:24
250.   dzzrtRatt
Grady Little would've kept Pierre in the game, and would have been confident of his success.

He suffered from the mass hallucination.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-04-01 20:56:28
251.   immouch
cain is a giant, so he's a wanker, but he's a very good pitcher.
2008-04-01 20:56:59
252.   underdog
I guess this year's third base coach can be nicknamed The Human Game Delay. Either that or Captain Tantrum.

You almost feel sorry for Cain, who was probably even more discombobulated after all that. Almost.

And thank you Bochy for bringing in Tachsner so we can see Matt Kemp instead of Pierre. Bless you!

2008-04-01 20:57:43
253.   Eric Stephen
Silly Vin. Pitching to Matt Kemp is not "pitching to [Taschner's] strength."
2008-04-01 20:58:26
255.   immouch
jack taschner sounds like a soap opera name
2008-04-01 20:58:38
256.   alex 7
This Kemp at bat is about the only reason I kept watching the game.
2008-04-01 20:58:47
257.   cloakedarbiter
"so thinking outside of the box means you're ejected from the game"
2008-04-01 20:58:55
258.   underdog
Or not.
2008-04-01 20:59:25
259.   Curtis Lowe
Matt Kemp wont get himself off the bench by doing that.
2008-04-01 20:59:41
260.   El Lay Dave
Bochy must have been really convinced Cain could/would get Loney out. Otherwise LOOGY vs. Loney with two on is a much better matchup than this situation, isn't it?
2008-04-01 20:59:43
261.   trainwreck
DT is so popular, we are killing the server.
2008-04-01 20:59:48
262.   Bob Timmermann
Old friend alert: Jose Cruz, Jr. batting for Houston!
2008-04-01 21:00:07
263.   Telemachos
Well dang.
2008-04-01 21:00:14
264.   KG16
I'm so glad I've got Tivo this year, but now I have to catch up to what's happened
2008-04-01 21:00:55
265.   ucladodger
From my memory, Kemp is a terrible pinch-hotter. Anyone with the numbers on that?

Totally different mindset than starting. sort of rediculous that Pierre stars only to be pinch-hit for in the 6th inning. why start a guy in the first place if you take him out in that postion?

2008-04-01 21:01:47
266.   Curtis Lowe
I like that move right there.

Now Kemp moves into right with Ethier shifting to left. All strong throwing arms are needed in such a tight game. Now when Lowe comes up next inning he can be pinch hit for with Sweeney.

2008-04-01 21:01:50
267.   alex 7
that was a silly move by Bochny. If this was Kemp's 3rd at bat, how much better would his chances of success have been? I remember "The Book" mentioning pinch-hitting pulls down hitter's numbers down substantially.
2008-04-01 21:02:01
268.   Bluebleeder87
I was gonna say Matt Kemp is WAY do to do something with the bases loaded but he was on the bench (I'm sure it's hard enough) probably a little cold too.
2008-04-01 21:02:04
269.   Bluebleeder87
I was gonna say Matt Kemp is WAY do to do something with the bases loaded but he was on the bench (I'm sure it's hard enough) probably a little cold too.
2008-04-01 21:02:18
270.   underdog
248 He went ballistic after the 3rd base umpire apparently barked at him to stand back in the third base box. I guess he was out of the box at some point, maybe while the Giants had a meeting at the mound. Was hard to tell exactly. But he was on fire, and Torre and Schaefer had to get in between him to prevent him from strangling the ump. Then he got tossed. Mike Easler moved to coach 1st, after finding a helmet that appears one size too small.
2008-04-01 21:02:26
271.   El Lay Dave
Well that's deflating.
2008-04-01 21:04:31
272.   underdog
Well, I guess we jinxed it with our excitement.

Ah well.

2008-04-01 21:04:48
273.   trainwreck
Awww crap.
2008-04-01 21:06:15
274.   GrilledOnly
2008-04-01 21:06:18
275.   alex 7
hopefully Broxton time here.
2008-04-01 21:06:33
276.   Bluebleeder87
Apparently the baseball gods said take that D-Lowe.
2008-04-01 21:07:39
277.   El Lay Dave
265 Splits for Kemp suffer from small sample size syndrome and the PH split is very small. Career, for a mere 18 PAs (before tonight):
.118 .167 .294
2-17, 1 HR, 1 BB, 10 K
2008-04-01 21:07:51
278.   underdog
Ugh. I guess we jinxed it when Kemp came up.

And now Lowe's out, as he probably should've been at that point anyway - but not good to see a ball rocket off his foot like that.

2008-04-01 21:08:14
279.   Frip

Bowa freaked out because a rule was applied to him. How DARE the rule.

It's one thing to rebel and freak out while trying to make a rational argument.

It's another thing to freak out when you don't have one iota of logic behind you. The guy is trash.

And psycho, dumb trash at that.

2008-04-01 21:09:15
280.   Eric Stephen
Has there ever been a better time for a Beimel comebacker?
2008-04-01 21:10:10
281.   Frip

Bowa freaked out because a rule was applied to him. How DARE the rule.

It's one thing to rebel and freak out while trying to make a rational argument.

It's another thing to freak out when you don't have one iota of logic behind you. The guy is trash.

And psycho, dumb trash at that.

2008-04-01 21:10:28
282.   Bluebleeder87
Something has to be wrong with the server or maybe it's something else but we've had a lot of guests before & the toaster can handle it fine, weird...
2008-04-01 21:10:33
283.   Jon Weisman
New post up top.
2008-04-01 21:10:41
284.   alex 7
El Lay, I just meant The Book showed a big decrease in production from pinch hitting in general. Just wish Kemp had 2 at bats previous to that one.
2008-04-01 21:11:38
285.   GrilledOnly
damn it
2008-04-01 21:11:52
286.   Marty
Thank you Encino Man
2008-04-01 21:11:53
287.   underdog
Gack, I hate this ump. And this game at this point.
2008-04-01 21:11:56
288.   dzzrtRatt
He should've tried a high pitch. They're strikes tonight.
2008-04-01 21:12:58
289.   ucladodger

Thats basically what i remember. Some guys just cant pinch- hit, and Matt might be one of them. not that thats a problem, because he never should be pinch hitting.

Great, Beimel throwing ball 4 to a kid who hit .240 in A ball.

2008-04-01 21:15:15
290.   StolenMonkey86
and the ball deflected off Lowe and he exited the game.
2008-04-01 21:17:28
291.   alex 7
well, we had to score at some point to win the game. Really need to get out of this down 2-0 and not 3.
2008-04-01 21:19:36
292.   trainwreck
Ugggh, I hope Torre does not limit Broxton to just the 8th.
2008-04-01 21:20:11
293.   natepurcell
Tron Tron being put in a high leverage situation right away....
2008-04-01 21:20:24
294.   natepurcell
Tron Tron being put in a high leverage situation right away....
2008-04-01 21:20:39
295.   natepurcell
Whats wrong with the server?
2008-04-01 21:22:22
296.   alex 7
It's a glitch in the Matrix brought upon by Kemp's benching and Bowa's pointless rant.
2008-04-01 21:22:34
297.   GrilledOnly
any word on the attendance yet?
2008-04-01 21:26:30
298.   alex 7
I'd guess 40,000 on attendance but I haven't heard official word (Giants telecast). Drag time here
2008-04-01 21:28:20
299.   alex 7
that was nuts. And I thought he was out.
2008-04-01 21:29:02
300.   alex 7
tie game!
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2008-04-01 21:30:11
301.   alex 7
can we blame that back pick on Bowa getting tossed and us having a backup 1st base coach?
2008-04-01 21:31:19
302.   Bob Hendley
301 - Let's
2008-04-01 21:33:42
303.   alex 7
dang it furcal. should be 2nd and 3rd 1 out.
2008-04-01 21:35:17
304.   Jon Weisman
A reminder - new post up top since 9:10 p.m.
2008-04-01 21:36:26
305.   alex 7
lol, sorry, I haven't figured out when game chat remains in one. I think it's when Jon says "game chat remains here."
2008-04-01 21:40:12
306.   Jon Weisman
305 - Yeah, that's it :)
2008-04-01 22:26:54
307.   Gen3Blue
Oh thank God. I'm still awake.

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