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Stay in School, Kids
2008-04-03 15:57
by Jon Weisman

Vin Scully has been confirmed as graduation speaker at Pepperdine University (Seaver College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, to be exact).

The date is April 26. Don't know if Pepperdine is prepared for matriculation crashers.

Comments (157)
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2008-04-03 16:06:48
1.   Eric Stephen
I will be in town that day for Dodgers-Rockies. Hmmm...
2008-04-03 16:07:11
2.   be2ween
Road Trip!
2008-04-03 16:07:14
3.   Humma Kavula
Jacksonville has three different mascots?
2008-04-03 16:10:37
4.   Eric Enders
Pretty nondescript lineup for the Suns this year.

James Tomlin LF
Ivan DeJesus SS
Greg Jacobs DH
Lucas May C
Rene Rivera 1B
Jamie Hoffmann RF
Russell Mitchell 3B
Juan Gonzalez 2B
Adam Godwin CF

2008-04-03 16:11:37
5.   underdog
The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs are also making their debut, also on
2008-04-03 16:12:18
6.   Eric Enders
Are these frequent Toaster outages over the last couple of days a result of increased traffic now that the season's started? It's starting to become a little frustrating.
2008-04-03 16:20:11
7.   Bob Timmermann
It's not a traffic problem. Ken is working on it.

As they say on "Lost", "It's complicated."

2008-04-03 16:20:59
8.   bhsportsguy
James McDonald on the mound tonight which makes sense since Kershaw through 4 innings on Sunday.
2008-04-03 16:21:49
9.   underdog
6 Sorry, I was just using the microwave at the same time. I'll stop now.
2008-04-03 16:22:58
10.   silverwidow
McDizzle updates would be appreciated.
2008-04-03 16:27:50
11.   Humma Kavula
McDonald struggling. So far:

McDonald, first inning:

3-1 one-hopper to 2B, out 4-3
1-2 swingandamiss! K
3-2 infield single to 3B
2-2 home run to right field corner

+7 fouls not represented above (most to the #3 hitter)

Plus a balk

2008-04-03 16:28:50
12.   Humma Kavula
McDonald, first inning:

3-1 one-hopper to 2B, out 4-3
1-2 swingandamiss! K
3-2 infield single to 3B
2-2 home run to right field corner
2-1 two-hopper to 2B, out 4-3

+7 fouls not represented above (most to the #3 hitter)

31 total pitches

Plus a balk

2008-04-03 16:30:35
13.   bhsportsguy
11 He got the next batter to ground out to second.

Its hard to factor how much playing with better defensive talent helps these guys.

The infield single might have been an out with a better fielder.

2008-04-03 16:30:44
14.   silverwidow
McDizzle probably won't L.A. until 2010.
2008-04-03 16:33:21
15.   underdog
14 2009, I bet.
2008-04-03 16:34:00
16.   D4P
Ugh: Brett Favray is supposedly considering a "comeback".
2008-04-03 16:36:37
17.   underdog
16 Are you kidding?

That's like one of the Onion's many Favre-related jokes over the past couple of months, except real.

2008-04-03 16:36:44
18.   Humma Kavula
Jacobs, the Suns' DH, has managed to throw his bat into the field of play twice in his first at-bat.

Now batting: catcher Lucas May, who I will nickname Silver God if it kills me.

2008-04-03 16:36:59
19.   regfairfield
14 Why not, he dominated last year, and he's the most qualified pitcher on the 40 man. At worst, he's in line behind Stults.
2008-04-03 16:38:48
20.   silverwidow
19 Kershaw has clearly passed him on the depth chart. He'll be in the rotation next year, not McDizzle.
2008-04-03 16:42:04
21.   regfairfield
20 Kershaw isn't on the 40 man right now, which gives McDonald a pretty big edge. Kershaw also hasn't shown he can keep the ball in the strike zone for a substaintial period of time yet.
2008-04-03 16:44:09
22.   KG16
who is this "Kershaw" fellow you all keep speaking of?
2008-04-03 16:44:23
23.   Humma Kavula
McDonald, second inning:

0-2 breaking ball (curve?) at the knees, called third strike! K
0-0 single to left
0-1 out on a liner to right
1-0 fielder's choice, out 4-6.

8 pitches this inning. 39 total.

2008-04-03 16:44:39
24.   Eric Enders
I would be shocked if McDonald didn't make his MLB debut this year. 2010 sounds unreasonably pessimistic. A guy who utterly dominated AA in 2007 isn't going to take two and a half years after that to make it to the majors.

Kershaw has passed him on the depth chart, yes. I'm not sure why that precludes McDonald from being a September 2008 callup and part of the 2009 rotation. We already know we need to replace Lowe, and it's a pretty safe bet that we'll need to replace Loaiza too.

2008-04-03 16:45:31
25.   underdog
20 There's only room for one of them? And McDonald could start as a long reliever. Let's see how he does this year of course, but keep in mind Derek Lowe shouldn't be back next year, and who knows what the health situation will be with the other guys. But we'll see...
2008-04-03 16:47:41
26.   silverwidow
21 From what I saw from Kershaw this spring, he's command issues are a thing of the past. I don't think he'll prove me wrong.
2008-04-03 16:48:26
27.   regfairfield
26 We also saw Chan Ho Park pitching effectively.
2008-04-03 16:52:12
28.   Humma Kavula
27 Well, yes, but aren't we always saying that prospects have upsides and the chance to put everything together, while with veterans -- small sample sizes notwithstanding -- you pretty much know what you're going to get?

There's a reason that the Dodgers didn't hand Kershaw the fifth starter job out of spring training. But there's also, maybe, more reason to believe that he's put it all together than there is reason to believe that Park is going to be the Chan Ho of 2000.

2008-04-03 16:53:13
29.   Bob Timmermann
Eric Enders did not guess correctly in the Mike Hampton contest.
2008-04-03 16:53:18
30.   natepurcell
did we every figure out from the last thread what Colletti meant by "he is very real"?
2008-04-03 16:54:56
31.   Humma Kavula
29 What's the injury?
2008-04-03 16:55:29
32.   Bob Timmermann
"Hampton, who was to make his first start since August 19, 2005, was seen wincing while warming up in the bullpen and was unable to continue."
2008-04-03 16:57:24
33.   regfairfield
18 I agree with that too, but I'd just like to see him do it for a sustained period of time before putting him above McDonald on the depth chart.
2008-04-03 16:58:45
34.   Linkmeister
So my question is, did Pepperdine name that school after Tom Seaver?
2008-04-03 17:00:40
35.   Humma Kavula
McDonald struggling again in the third.

McDonald, third inning:

And if the Suns turn a triple play in this inning, Paul Cole of Jacksonville wins a brand new car!

2-2 line drive single to right
0-2 back to the box. McDonald throwing error. Runners safe, first and second. He's just setting up the triple play!
0-2 base hit to center. RBI.
2-2 base hit to left. bases loaded. Cory Wade starts warming in the bullpen.

+2 fouls not represented above

2008-04-03 17:05:58
36.   Humma Kavula
McDonald, third inning:

2-2 line drive single to right
0-2 back to the box. McDonald throwing error. Runners safe, first and second.
0-2 base hit to center. RBI.
2-2 base hit to left. bases loaded. Cory Wade starts warming in the bullpen.
2-1 infield fly. caught by 2B. one out. bases still loaded.
2-2 infield fly. caught by SS. two out. bases still loaded.
2-0 infield fly. caught by 3B! Yes, three infield flies in a row.

+2 fouls not represented above

29 pitches this inning. Plus 39 is 68 total so far.

2008-04-03 17:08:14
37.   underdog
I did not pick "wincing" in the Hampton pool, alas. In fact, I thought his injury wouldn't occur until his second (!) game. Silly me.
2008-04-03 17:10:07
38.   Eric Stephen
Why is it that combustion is commonly thought of as spontaneous? Is there ever planned, well thought out combustion?
2008-04-03 17:11:36
39.   silverwidow
Kershaw's secondary pitches are just as good as McDonald's, plus his heater is almost 10 MPH faster.

Logic says Clayton makes the Dodgers first and has a much bigger impact.

2008-04-03 17:14:51
40.   Humma Kavula
McDonald is out, by the way. Wade is in.
2008-04-03 17:15:01
41.   regfairfield
Kershaw also more than doubled McDonald's walk rate last year.
2008-04-03 17:15:54
42.   Humma Kavula
38 Well, yes. Ever strike a match?

Just because something happens instantly doesn't mean it's spontaneous.

2008-04-03 17:16:31
43.   silverwidow
41 Age 19 vs. Age 22
2008-04-03 17:16:33
44.   Bob Timmermann
I believe that when I turn on the ignition to my car that there is a planned, well thought out combustion.

Even with a hybrid.

2008-04-03 17:19:10
45.   regfairfield
43 Isn't that more of a sign that McDonald would help right now? I'm not saying McDonald is better or anything, I'm just saying he's more likely to get called up first.
2008-04-03 17:21:18
46.   Daniel Zappala
44 I drive a more sophisticated car that has a chain reaction, rather than combustion.
2008-04-03 17:24:49
47.   oshea2002
Has anyone noticed the interleague disparity this year? We have 12/15 with LAA, Det, Cle.

Arizona gets 9 of 15 with Oakland, Minnesota, and KC.

2008-04-03 17:24:57
48.   Humma Kavula
44 46 My car has a hole in the floor. I stick my bare feet through that hole and run along the ground to get the car going. When it has reached cruising speed, I lift my feet and enjoy the ride. Yabba dabba do!
2008-04-03 17:25:25
49.   bhsportsguy
Justin Miller pitched 5 innings in his debut for the Loons, 4 hits, 1 walk, 3 strikeouts, 1 run allowed.
2008-04-03 17:25:45
50.   Jim Hitchcock
46 A Ford Fusion?
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-04-03 17:26:42
51.   D4P
Roger Federer has been losing a lot lately.
2008-04-03 17:27:48
52.   Humma Kavula
48 Of course, that car is not to be confused with my other car, which folds neatly into a briefcase when I reach my destination.
2008-04-03 17:29:00
53.   bhsportsguy
47 The Dodgers and Mets fans raise this complaint about this mainly because of their geographic rivals, Angels and Yankees.
2008-04-03 17:29:33
54.   Bob Timmermann
Since the Dodgers play so poorly in AL parks, they would have an interleague disparity against everybody.
2008-04-03 17:30:53
55.   Daniel Zappala
50 No, a Nissan Reactor.
2008-04-03 17:34:06
56.   Eric Stephen
"Chain Reaction" was the name of that awful Keanu Reeves' movie I was thinking of earlier today! Thanks.
2008-04-03 17:37:29
57.   D4P
I'm pretty sure every Keanu Reeves' movie could be called "No Reaction".
2008-04-03 17:49:24
58.   Ranma
Not sure if this has already been posted yesterday but ESPN's Jerry Crasnick profiles Blake DeWitt in a list of 9 longshots who've made the Opening Day roster.

*While DeWitt hits from the left side, one scout said his full-fledged devotion to baseball is similar to David Wright's.

"I loved him when I saw him in high school," the scout said. "He wanted to hit all day, and he'd do anything the scouts wanted him to do. He's sort of a baseball rat."*

2008-04-03 17:58:15
59.   Marty
An awful Keanu Reeve's movie? Whoa!
2008-04-03 18:08:22
60.   D4P
I just saw a commercial for the "Alvin and the Chipmunks" movie DVD.

Tobias is in the movie. Sad.

2008-04-03 18:12:05
61.   KG16
47 , 53 - just another reason to despise interleague play. 15 games against different teams from a different league with different rules. Yes, that makes sense in the middle of a pennant race.
2008-04-03 18:14:40
62.   Gen3Blue
"Chain Reaction" was a really awful movie.
I get a bit over-critical whan bad science is used to help a plot line along. But when bad science is thrown in with a nonexistant plot line--well.

I listened to as much as I could bare of the Jax MacDonald game. At first I was kind of dissappointed in the team until I realized the announcer, while a mellow laid back guy, has a talent for making any team he's broadcasting sound pretty rough.

2008-04-03 18:18:23
63.   KG16
Has there been any talk lately of expansion? Just wondering where the teams would go. Obviously, one would have to go to the AL West. And since the commish doesn't like having odd numbers in the leagues, I guess a second team would also go in the AL. But my question is where?

I know we've talked about this before, but it's an off day and looking at the standings piqued my interest.

2008-04-03 18:18:52
64.   Marty
62 I have the site for you:

2008-04-03 18:20:07
65.   Gen3Blue
I meant to mention that I was shocked to be able to get the audio to the Jax game free. I thought MiLB's marketing was somewhat entangled with MLB.
2008-04-03 18:21:40
66.   El Lay Dave
58 It did come up previously, but this gives me a chance to ask: if a basketball guy is a gym rat, isn't baseball's equivalent a field rat (field mouse?) ?
2008-04-03 18:22:30
67.   El Lay Dave
D4P done disserting. Belated welcome back.
2008-04-03 18:24:06
68.   Gen3Blue
Excellent Marty!
2008-04-03 18:25:56
69.   D4P
D4P done disserting

In the words of Jesus Christ in John 19:30:

"It is finished."

Belated welcome back


2008-04-03 18:28:04
70.   KG16
66 - I'd go with dirtbag, but my alma mater has already taken that one
2008-04-03 18:36:30
71.   El Lay Dave
Bob, you're welcome. I was going to comment on The Griddle, but since you thanked me here....

I very much enjoyed your talk. Echoing Jacob L , I enjoyed the historical perspective featuring locally prominent and sometimes forgotten figures. The missed Roz Wyman tidbit would have been great and drawn a reaction. I would have stayed to chat a little, but had a 1:30 meeting back in El Segundo that I had to chair. Been quite awhile since I've been downtown in the middle of a working day.

2008-04-03 18:54:16
72.   Eric Enders
Brazoban strikes out Mark Kiger to record the save for the Suns. Jacksonville 6, West Tenn 3.
2008-04-03 18:54:33
73.   Eric Enders
He struck out the side, actually.
2008-04-03 18:59:11
74.   Jon Weisman
60 -
2008-04-03 19:00:47
75.   Bumsrap
Any Scott Elbert sightings?
2008-04-03 19:02:15
76.   Eric Enders
75 From the end of the last thread:

Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus wrote a couple of days ago that Elbert will start the season in extended spring training and said that Dodgers officials are worried about his lack of progress in his recovery so far, although they aren't saying so publicly.

2008-04-03 19:02:51
77.   Eric Stephen
I was just gonna link that!
2008-04-03 19:06:27
78.   Bumsrap
76 - Thanks
2008-04-03 19:09:12
79.   Eric Enders
Dodgers vs. Angels, AAA version, is starting now. Pinango on the hill for the 51s.
2008-04-03 19:15:47
80.   Bumsrap
This is a big year for Meloan, Miller, Elbert, Hu, Abreu, DeWitt, Brazabon, LaRoache, Kemp, Ethier, Kershaw. For some the next two months are big.
2008-04-03 19:17:44
81.   Bob Timmermann
I just posted hilarious outtakes from the talk on The Griddle.

OK, maybe not hilarious. But they're outtakes.

2008-04-03 19:21:56
82.   Jon Weisman
77 - You had 50 minutes!
2008-04-03 19:24:45
83.   D4P
Wow. D----- chill!

That was interesting, but like he suspected at the end, it didn't really change my mind any. I guess I'm less concerned about him selling out than I am about how far he has fallen, which isn't completely his fault.

2008-04-03 19:27:09
84.   Eric Stephen
In my defense, I was running errands after work. :)

Bobby Cox and the Braves are pulling the "move pitchers in between LF and P to achieve desired platoon advantage" move in the 10th.

2008-04-03 19:32:02
85.   neuroboy002
I think Larry Bowa could rival Lou Pinella as the poster"child" for this parody -

2008-04-03 19:32:27
86.   Eric Stephen
Play by play for the top of the 10th in Atlanta:

- C. Resop relieved R. Soriano
- N. Morgan hit for T. Yates
- N. Morgan walked
- L. Rivas sacrificed to pitcher, N. Morgan to second
- J. Bay walked, N. Morgan to third on passed ball
- R. Ring relieved C. Resop
- C. Resop in left field
- A. LaRoche struck out swinging
- G. Blanco in left field
- C. Resop relieved R. Ring
- X. Nady singled to center, N. Morgan scored, J. Bay to second
- J. Bautista grounded out to first

2008-04-03 19:33:03
87.   arborial
long time reader, first time commentor,

With DeWitt's high quality play recently and Dodger Thoughts' penchant for nicknames has anyone else read the article on ESPN here

[In the 2004 draft, the Dodgers picked DeWitt and fellow Missouri native Scott Elbert in the first round. Former big league outfielder Mitch Webster, now a Dodgers scout, signed both players. According to Orange County Register columnist Mark Whicker, Webster refers to them as the "Missouri Mules." ]

I think Missouri Mule is a great nickname if it is not already established I hereby nominate it.

2008-04-03 19:42:19
88.   Bob Timmermann
But I put it in historical context over on the Griddle. I decided to put my boring historical anecdotes elsewhere.
2008-04-03 19:43:52
89.   Bob Timmermann

Missouri Mule is a good nickname. I put "The Solution" on wikipedia and it was taken down quickly.

2008-04-03 19:44:38
90.   gpellamjr
88 Bob, your anecdotes aren't boring. They are far the least boring of all anecdotes posted on the Toaster.
2008-04-03 19:45:14
91.   Bob Timmermann
Who's this Beckham guy who plays for the L.A. Galaxy? Is he supposed to be famous?

He scored his first MLS goal.

2008-04-03 19:45:52
92.   Bob Timmermann
Yeah, but it's my catchphrase now.
2008-04-03 19:46:39
93.   Eric Stephen
He's one of those guys only famous because of a hot, famous wife. Kind of like K-Fed and Britney before she went loco.
2008-04-03 19:48:32
94.   Bob Timmermann
Actually, David Beckham is one of those guys who should have a far more commanding voice than he really does. He sounds a lot like one of the Chipmunks when he speaks.
2008-04-03 19:58:23
95.   skybluestoday
RE: 74

Hey, Jon. Are you a Bob & David fan as well -- or was your link solely due to the topic at hand (i.e. Alvin)?

2008-04-03 20:06:20
96.   Jon Weisman
83 - That's not a sign of him falling. Alvin was an opportunity, unless there's a big Mr. Show blockbuster I'm missing. It's kinda asking a lot to expect an actor to only get parts in great projects,

95 - the former.

2008-04-03 20:10:01
97.   68elcamino427
From the BR, Dodgers Among the League Leaders, as of today.

Batting Average
"The Solution" - .556
Loney ("The Money Man") - .556
Furcal - .385

On Base Percentage
"The Solution" - .667
Loney ("The Money Man") - .667
Furcal - .467

"The Solution" - 1.333
Loney ("The Money Man")- 1.333

At Bats
Furcal - 13

"The Solution" - 5
Furcal - 5
Loney ("The Money Man") - 5

"The Solution" - 1
"3.5" - 1
Furcal - 1
Jones - 1
Kent - 1
Loney ("The Money Man") - 1

Home Runs
Kent - 1

Furcal - 3

Bases on Balls
"The Solution" - 3
Loney ("The Money Man") - 3

Stolen Bases
"The Solution" - 1
Hu - 1
Loney ("The Money Man") - 1
Martin - 1

"The Solution" - 4
Furcal - 4
Loney ("The Money Man") - 4

Runs Created
"The Solution" - 5
Loney ("The Money Man") - 5

Adjusted Batting Runs
"The Solution" - 5
Loney ("The Money Man") - 5

Batting Wins
"The Solution" - .02
Loney ("The Money Man") - .02

Extra Base Hits
Kent - 2

Times on Base
"The Solution" - 8
Loney ("The Money Man") - 8

Furcal - 7

Intentional Walks
Loney ("The Money Man") - 1

Oldest Player
Kent - 40

Youngest Player
"The Solution" - 22

I just found this list interesting, and as a nickname for Loney, why not "The Money Man"?
Just a thought.

2008-04-03 20:11:14
98.   LogikReader
So dies the former moniker of "The Solution"

It was good while it lasted.

2008-04-03 20:13:02
99.   LogikReader
"Missouri Mule" could also be Elbert's nickname too, but whatever we call DeWitt, he's filling in nicely while our 3B regulars heal.
2008-04-03 20:13:17
100.   KG16
87 , 89 - Missouri Mule? I don't know about that. I'm a bit partial to The Solution.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-04-03 20:14:45
101.   The Trolley Dodger
93 Victoria Beckham is an alien.

2008-04-03 20:18:42
102.   68elcamino427
Didn't Joe Torre help pin "The Solution" on DeWitt?
Make Wiki adjust to DT!
2008-04-03 20:19:42
103.   Bob Timmermann
Wikipedia won't include "fan speculation."

It has standards!

2008-04-03 20:21:40
104.   Bluebleeder87
Does XM Radio have an archives page or is that for subscribers only? I'm trying to find Jon's interview but I can't seem to find it.
2008-04-03 20:22:08
105.   68elcamino427

By the way, as you already know, the Bruins are destined to take it all!

2008-04-03 20:24:08
106.   gpellamjr
I am a huge proponent of "The Solution" for DeWitt. I am not favorable to any of the offerings for Loney yet. Although, I did kind of like "James 'The Bat' Loney".
2008-04-03 20:24:13
107.   skybluestoday
96 - That's great. I'm pretty impressed at how the word has spread over the last ten years or so. I was employed as their location manager and unit still photographer for the final two seasons of "Mr. Show" (1997-1998), and I am so gratified to see that our little low-budget HBO comedy show has become such a big-cult phenomenon. It was by far the most grueling gig I've ever had (no budget, ridiculous hours, way too many locations -- many stolen), but also of course the best one I've ever had (which is easier to say in retrospect, now that I'm no longer driving to Simi Valley at 4 in the morning to steal un-permitted shots in their parks and high schools).

Ah, youth.

2008-04-03 20:26:28
108.   Jon Weisman
I like "The Solution," I have to say.

107 - I watched it when it first aired.

2008-04-03 20:26:30
109.   LogikReader
I didn't know there was an index of DT nicknames to begin with. That's pretty neat.
2008-04-03 20:27:08
110.   68elcamino427
Torre is a fan, that's true, Torre is a great MLB too. That must count for something, no?
2008-04-03 20:28:33
111.   LogikReader
I like "The Solution's" ability to get on base as well. B-R says his OBP is .667 so far. B-R is right on the ball with these new player stats!
2008-04-03 20:28:56
112.   Xeifrank
I don't watch many movies nor care for movie chat or movie analogies much, but Larry Bowa now reminds me of that paranoid character that Mel Gibson played a dozen or so years ago. vr, Xei

Dodgers third base coach Larry Bowa accused Bob Watson, Major League Baseball's vice president for on-field operations, of harboring a personal grudge against him after Watson suspended Bowa for three games on Wednesday and fined him an undisclosed amount.

"It's ludicrous is what it is," Bowa said. "There is no due process. I called (Watson), and there was no return call. They don't want to hear the coach's side of anything. It's a joke. You have (players) who tested positive for steroids and even admitted taking them, and they're not even suspended. Bob Watson is very prejudiced against me, and I have no idea why."

2008-04-03 20:29:26
113.   skybluestoday
108 - Doesn't surprise me a bit. Nonetheless, I am gratified that it has caught on with so many others over the ensuing decade. Did you ever get to attend one of the live tapings?
2008-04-03 20:33:42
114.   Indiana Jon
106 I'm big on "The Solution" too. For James, I still like "Crazy Eyes". Hard to believe in two years we haven't found a good nickname for him. "Slim Jim" maybe?
2008-04-03 20:37:44
115.   Marty
I guess "Ball" Loney doesn't work.
2008-04-03 20:41:42
116.   Jon Weisman
113 - Nope.
2008-04-03 20:42:00
117.   68elcamino427
I wish that I could claim thinking up "The Money Man", alas, I did not.
A pal of mine who knows alot more about baseball than I do came up with it last night at the game (we stayed until the final out btw).

I'm open to whatever, like that matters.




2008-04-03 20:42:53
118.   Bluebleeder87
If Blake DeWitt is "The Solution" will Marcus Giles be "The Problem"?
2008-04-03 20:44:39
119.   68elcamino427
Has anything official come out on that yet?
2008-04-03 20:44:47
120.   KG16
118 - why yes, yes he will
2008-04-03 20:45:55
121.   Indiana Jon
Any boxing fans out there? How about James "Lights Out" Loney?
2008-04-03 20:47:06
122.   Marty
Nomar is "The Problem"
Dewitt is "The Solution"
LaRoche is "The Proof"
2008-04-03 20:50:11
123.   CanuckDodger
With the future of our third base situation still being very cloudy, and with it being quite clear that DeWitt right now is up only as a fill-in, calling DeWitt "The Solution" seems like a logical prelude to calling whoever ends up our PERMANENT third baseman "The Final Solution." I for one don't like thinking about the Holocaust when I am thinking about the Dodgers, and I admit that "Final Solution" is what I have thought about ever since people started calling DeWitt "The Solution."
2008-04-03 20:52:09
124.   68elcamino427
Wow, I sure didn't see that one coming.
2008-04-03 20:54:05
125.   Disabled List
123 How about the "Ultimate Solution"? Although that sounds more like a pro wrestler.
2008-04-03 20:55:25
126.   Bob Timmermann
Off topic question:
Does anyone know where you go to buy those little counter-clickers like you see pitching coaches use to count pitches or that guards use in art galleries?
2008-04-03 20:55:40
127.   KG16
123 - I've always had fun with "The Solution" because it hints at the idea that DeWitt won't be just a fill in. I'll cop to being one of the few around here that doesn't know much about any of our prospects, but the way he's playing I wouldn't mind seeing him stick around.
2008-04-03 20:57:25
128.   Indiana Jon
James "Loney Star State"? Yes, I'm bored tonight without a game.
2008-04-03 20:58:20
129.   CanuckDodger
124 -- Has NOBODY else thought about "The Final Solution" since DeWitt's nick-name emerged? Admittedly, I'm something of a World War II history geek.
2008-04-03 20:59:45
130.   KG16
126 - something like this?

2008-04-03 21:00:41
131.   Eric Stephen
Bob, I think they have them at Big 5 or Sportmart. I seem to remember seeing one about a month or two ago at Big 5.
2008-04-03 21:01:24
132.   Eric Stephen
Bob, upon further review, I was thinking of a ball-strike-out counter. My bad.
2008-04-03 21:01:38
133.   Johnny Nucleo
126 Sure, you can find them at Canadian Tire.
2008-04-03 21:02:53
134.   Bob Timmermann
2008-04-03 21:04:42
135.   68elcamino427
Canuck, I really respect your opinion, but in person, Dewitt looks very good.
He is solid, "locked in" at the plate and really seeing the ball.
Lineceum was nasty last night, throwing alot of high inside heat, like he was a mini-Drysdale or something. A couple of our guys were bailing. DeWitt didn't even flinch. Kent stared the pitcher down.

I know that the league will adjust, that they will find his holes, but man, he looks solid at the plate. Saw him Opening Day and again last night. He has also made all of the plays on D. His "throwing error took Loney's foot off the bag by an inch.

Anyway, maybe I'm just seeing blue sky, what I want to see. I'm not going to assume that he "can't" succeed now. It would be rare, but not unprecedented.

2008-04-03 21:08:33
136.   68elcamino427
Chick's Sporting Goods. There's one on Foothill west of Rosemead.
2008-04-03 21:08:34
137.   trainwreck
Nice to see some Wicked Scepter fans here.
2008-04-03 21:10:22
138.   trainwreck
I saw Mr. Show when they went on tour. It was great. I got the Pit-Pat poster on my wall.
2008-04-03 21:12:41
139.   DRomo
DeWitt is the solution, I love that name!. It is no suprise he has been in the mix of things in all 3 games so far. I hope we all are this supportive when he slumps...and he will slump. They all do but his D is solid, I love that.
2008-04-03 21:16:06
140.   DRomo
Hey I loved the xm spot today. I found your site because of it. Looking foward to talking to you all.
2008-04-03 21:21:50
141.   bhsportsguy
140 Welcome!

Guess who is pitching for the Nationals against the Cardinals tomorrow?

All I can say is that Albert Pujols will be at the ballpark at Juan Pierre hours so he won't miss it.

2008-04-03 21:22:37
142.   jujibee
James Loney....

I like the name Orbison. He also did a song called "Only the Lonely", which is a perfect fit for "Only the Loney". I like Orbison.

2008-04-03 21:26:36
143.   CanuckDodger
135 -- You make it sound like I'm against DeWitt, or at least skeptical of him. Actually, I've been one of his biggest supporters here for a long time. I love his lefty swing and I saw his homer against Papelbon. I'm just not sure that in the LONG RUN he will be as good as LaRoche will be. And of course, I expressed discomfort with the nick-name "The Solution."
2008-04-03 21:30:11
144.   KG16
By the way, we have a yellow alert in Vegas.

I repeat, Yellow Alert in Las Vegas, Nevada.

2008-04-03 21:31:48
145.   CanuckDodger
Want to know what SHOULD be DeWitt's nick-name? "Joyce." There, I said it. That's how I've thought of him ever since we drafted him in 2004. For anybody who doesn't get the reference, the brunette on Three's Company was played by Joyce DeWitt, and that was the only other person I ever heard of named DeWitt till I heard of Blake.
2008-04-03 21:38:29
146.   KG16
144 - good lord, it's early in the seasons and I'm an idiot for misreading the box score.

Stand down, false alarm

2008-04-03 21:39:42
147.   KG16
AAA Angels beat AAA Dodgers, 6-3, by scoring 4 runs in the ninth.
2008-04-03 21:41:06
148.   Bob Timmermann
How soon they forgetL
2008-04-03 21:43:36
149.   Branch Rickey
Wow. Bob and David talk at DT. Never would have taken Jon for a fan. Love that show, went to see it filmed a couple of times. So Jon, do you like the Sarah Silverman show? Huge crossover in the cast.
Who wants a banana??!!
2008-04-03 21:44:23
150.   CeyHey10
Here he comes now say "Money Loney"...

(creative pronunciation necessary, but man, he is money -- and I think he even knows it).

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-04-03 21:47:19
151.   68elcamino427
It's all good. Have been reading you since last October, when I discovered this place.
You helped me have an awareness of who the guy is from some of you past posts. Otherwise, when he arrived on the scene, I probably would have just thought that he was some lucky kid. He is a Number One pick of the Dodgers, right?

Wishing you and your family all of the best as you all overcome the health challenges.

2008-04-03 21:48:14
152.   Indiana Jon
148 There's also Bill Dewitt and Bill Dewitt Jr.
2008-04-03 21:48:50
153.   Disabled List
Loney's nickname is already J-Lo. That's just too good and funny and natural to mess with.

The Solution is not bad for DeWitt. It's clever and kind of ironic. I like very much. Although "Joyce", not so much. I think it does a disservice to the talented Ms. DeWitt, who never got enough credit for holding "Three's Company" together all those years, and has been criminally underemployed since then.

2008-04-03 21:52:24
154.   Jon Weisman
140 - Many thanks! New post up top.
2008-04-03 21:53:38
155.   Jon Weisman
149 - I like her, but that show didn't hook me after the first two episodes.
2008-04-03 21:54:08
156.   LAbits
Yep. Pepperdine uses tickets for graduation admittance, so you're going have to work it harder than just walking up, I think! I bet the EVP's office gets about 100 calls tomorrow from guys volunteering to work the event. This is going to top Laura Bush, who drew a lot of female volunteers last year.
2008-04-03 22:19:26
157.   skybluestoday
Re: 137

You might be interested to know that we shot that notorious hot-tub scene for the Wyckyd Sceptre sketch way up on a hillside at an LAPD Sheriff's training facility in City Terrace (near Alhambra). It was right down the hill from Sybil Brand, a (defunct) women's jail where we had shot the "Sweetie Pie Jones" bits earlier in the day. Yes, we had to bring in our own hot tub.

That was our final location bit for the first half of the 1998 season, and I was bloody exhausted! I got to go home and sleep for a week, but Bob and David and the producers and writers had to charge right into rehearsals for the live show.

(Their hot-tub ad-libs were even funnier in person -- you should have seen the stuff they didn't use.)

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