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Turn the Beat Around
2008-04-04 16:17
by Jon Weisman

It's not as bad as you might think, but it could still be better. Dodgers vs. Padres since 1988:

2007: 8-10
2006: 5-13
2005: 11-7
2004: 10-9
2003: 8-11
2002: 10-9
2001: 9-10
2000: 8-5
1999: 3-9
1998: 5-7
1997: 5-7
1996: 5-8
1995: 7-6
1994: 6-4
1993: 9-4
1992: 9-9
1991: 10-8
1990: 9-9
1989: 6-12
1988: 7-11

Season series won: 8
Season series lost: 10
Season series split: 2
Total W-L: 150-168 (.472)

Dodgers at Padres, 7:05 p.m.

* * *

A full organizational depth chart can be found at True Blue L.A.

Comments (529)
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2008-04-04 16:22:46
1.   bhsportsguy
I think 2006 and that Nomar-assisted blowup inning in San Diego last year gave me the idea that their record was a lot worse.
2008-04-04 16:25:30
2.   Bob Timmermann
1974: 16-2

Only two September wins by Dan Spillner spoiled a clean sweep.

2008-04-04 16:26:28
3.   still bevens
We're facing Peavy and Young this weekend so if we manage to win the series I'll be pretty ecstatic. Im still betting money Pierre starts on Sunday.
2008-04-04 16:27:30
4.   Eric Enders
overkill, your question about Justin Miller was answered at the end of the last thread.
2008-04-04 16:27:57
5.   bhsportsguy
Kershaw's first inning:
GB single to right
Pop up to short
Strike out swinging.
Strike out swinging.

Second inning
Fly ball to right
Strike out looking (Curve ball)
Fly ball to left

Dodger Player Personnel Folks in attendance
DeJon Watson (will be on the air during Sunday's game)
Marty Reed (Dodger Minor League Pitching Coordinator)

2008-04-04 16:28:35
6.   Indiana Jon
Why do so many people here subscribe to MLB.TV instead of the MLB Extra Innings package? It seems MLB.TV doesn;t give a very good picture for the price.
2008-04-04 16:30:21
7.   Eric Stephen
I always figured it was because they are often traveling a great deal, or work later, and are more likely to have their computer with them than be at home to watch games.
2008-04-04 16:31:23
8.   Eric Enders
I guess it's a little overboard but I subscribe to both. I split the subscription with my brother. The picture quality sucks, but I travel a lot, so it's often that or nothing.
2008-04-04 16:32:10
9.   Indiana Jon
7 I travel all the time with only a computer, so I just bought a Slingbox. That way I get the games and anything else I want to watch.
2008-04-04 16:34:09
10.   Dodgers49
The winning pitcher for Houston in Chicago today was Wesley Wright.
2008-04-04 16:34:57
11.   underdog
6 'cause I get free cable via my landlord, who lives upstairs and controls the cable subscription packages. It actually worked to my advantage last year that she is a big basketball fan, and thus added a package that gave us more sports channels, but I don't want to push my luck.

So MLBTV it is for me (plus I can watch the latter when I'm stuck at work, too).

2008-04-04 16:35:12
12.   Eric Stephen
I have Extra Innings at home combined with MLB Audio for games during work.
2008-04-04 16:36:56
13.   bhsportsguy
Byron Morris struck out 2 in his first inning.

Second inning, couple of hits and a run on short pop-fly that the first baseman fielded.

2008-04-04 16:37:52
14.   gpellamjr
I like because of the archival material. They have nice catalog of classic games, and for those without tivo, you can watch the game later or the next day if you missed it. Also, I think the difference between the picture quality as opposed to regular tv is exaggerated. And they have upgraded their picture each of the last two years.

I subscribe to both.

2008-04-04 16:38:09
15.   Indiana Jon
12 Can MLB Audio be played on a Windows Mobile device?
2008-04-04 16:39:30
16.   Eric Stephen
So far that's two appearances by Wright, both with 2 out and (1 or 2) men on base. Today's appearance was in a tie game; Monday's was a 4-run deficit.

It will be interesting to see how many high leverage situations Wright is involved in this year.

2008-04-04 16:40:35
17.   Eric Stephen
That I'm not sure of. It might depend on the memory of your phone. Jack Bauer's phone, for instance, can probably have 3 games running at the same time!
2008-04-04 16:41:03
18.   Eric Enders
16 It'll be a lot, since he's their only lefty.
2008-04-04 16:42:00
19.   Indiana Jon
Those of you paying for both should really just consider a Slingbox. To me, the quality is much better. The only issue would be whether or not you have firewalls at work that won't allow its use. At my office, we can't use Slingbox or MLBTV, so its irrelevant. Slingbox does work on my phone, where MLBTV will not.
2008-04-04 16:44:38
20.   Eric Stephen
I still remember Eric Enders' quote after that game (and I'm not saying this to call Eric out; I just loved the quote): "I want Nomar's head on a plate."
2008-04-04 16:46:02
21.   Eric Enders
I'm not really up to speed on the Slingbox. Is it fairly reliable? Do you need a really fast internet connection? If you have a DVR, will it let you control the DVR functions?
2008-04-04 16:46:30
22.   Bob Timmermann
I bought this year because I wanted to check archived games.

That said, so far I can only watch live games and the archived games load seemingly at random. And I can't seem to find the little thingee that lets you skip to innings where there was scoring.

2008-04-04 16:47:59
23.   Bob Timmermann
The Blue Jays are wearing pale blue throwbacks tonight for their home opener.

It's their 30th anniversary season. Or, if you can count, their 31st season.

2008-04-04 16:48:21
24.   Humma Kavula
1 20 And the worst part about that Nomar implosion was: who got called out by the media the next day? Broxton. Drove me nuts.
2008-04-04 16:49:00
25.   Eric Stephen
Cool. Love the powder blues.
2008-04-04 16:52:07
26.   Eric Enders
Kershaw's losing 2-1. His defense let him down in the second but he picked off a runner to end the inning.
2008-04-04 16:52:14
27.   bhsportsguy
Clayton will miss major league caliber fielding.

3rd inning for Kershaw
Busted bat ground out
Strike out swinging (curve ball)
Sinking liner on a 3-2 pitch to center that ended up scoring the runner because he was going, batter to second on the throw.
Error by first baseman scores second runner.
Picks off runner on first.

Suns down 2-1.

2008-04-04 16:52:43
28.   El Lay Dave
24 I heard a local radio guy in a discussion on Wed.'s game refer to Ethier "butchering a ball in left field" without anyone mentioning that was more in center and looked to all to be Jones' ball all the way.
2008-04-04 16:53:19
29.   Indiana Jon
21 Its very reliable as long as your internet connection is reliable, both where you are and at home. It has to be a high speed connection, but nothing out of the ordinary. Mine is just Yahoo DSL. Yes, you can control DVR, all channels, DVD, Blue-Ray, and basically anything else you want to hook to it.

14 Playing games from the archives would be nice.

2008-04-04 16:53:27
30.   Dodgers49
Per Diamond Leung:

Note: Vin Scully is "a little under the weather," according to a team spokesman, and will not be simulcasting on radio tonight. He's expected to still be on TV.

2008-04-04 16:54:18
31.   El Lay Dave
26 27 Yes, but he did contribute the walk to start things.
2008-04-04 16:58:46
32.   68elcamino427
Something that makes DeWitt's offensive production even more impressive, he is doing it while batting 8th in the line-up.
What would he do with some protection behind him?

Ok, I'm ready for--he wouldn't know what to do with it--.

2008-04-04 16:59:57
33.   bhsportsguy
Morris has pitched 3 innings for Great Lakes.

Given 3 hits, 1 run and 3 strikeouts with no walks.

Down 1-0 after 2.5

2008-04-04 17:00:02
34.   Eric Stephen
That's weird. I wonder what extra there is to do for Scully to be on both radio & TV.

I guess his style could be altered for radio, that he has to paint more of a picture for the non-viewing audience.

2008-04-04 17:00:59
35.   bhsportsguy
Kershaw is done after 3 innings tonight, nothing wrong, I just think you will not see a lot of innings from him.
2008-04-04 17:02:10
36.   Eric Enders
Vin does tend to talk nonstop for the first three innings, and then relaxes a bit from 4-9. I guess tonight he can just relax the whole game.
2008-04-04 17:02:11
37.   bhsportsguy
34 Vin slightly adjusts his call for radio and tv, recognizing that the radio folks do need to hear more detail.
2008-04-04 17:11:19
38.   Jim Hitchcock
8 ,12 The Superfan option was a great addition to MLB-EI this year. Watching non HD games really bites.
2008-04-04 17:12:53
39.   Linkmeister
Curses be upon Prime Ticket. I'm not getting the game out here tonight.

Is the half-hour-later start time on Friday history, or has my memory failed me? Didn't the Friday games start at 7:30pm....

Oh, wait. This is a road game. Never mind.

2008-04-04 17:14:27
40.   Indiana Jon
38 Yes, many more HD games this year than last. We also seem to be getting either teams broadcast on a lot of games this year too. Last year there was never more than one broadcast.
2008-04-04 17:16:47
41.   El Lay Dave
37 ... and the score more often ...
2008-04-04 17:18:48
42.   bhsportsguy
Its only 4 innings but Byron Morris may well be back to regaining Top Ten Prospect status.
2008-04-04 17:21:05
43.   El Lay Dave
Tony Jackson reporting front office (business) firings on his blog:

The Dodgers fired Sergio del Prado, their longtime vice president for sales, and Karen Marumoto, director of sponsorship sales. ...the McCourts have fired a LOT of people in the four years that they have owned the club, with some positions turning over multiple times. So much for restoring the brand, .... What [McCourt] clearly doesn't understand is that the "brand" was all about stability.

2008-04-04 17:24:30
44.   Marty
I always worry when an 80-year-old is "a little under the weather"
2008-04-04 17:25:50
45.   GoBears
I have a grad student from Cleveland who is a big baseball fan. When he first got to LA, he asked me what all the hype was about with Vin Scully. As far as he could tell, the guy just talked non-stop. Nothing bad in the content, but why did he have to describe every detail of what I could see with my own eyes?

I explained the simulcast and that he pulls way back after the 3rd inning. That hadn't occurred to him. To his credit, he apologized and is now a huge fan.

So yeah, those first three innings would be tough with a sore throat.

I thought I detected that Vinnie had a cold during his pre-game standup on Wednesday. Hope he feels all better very soon.

2008-04-04 17:26:32
46.   El Lay Dave
42 That would be a most pleasant development.
2008-04-04 17:31:42
47.   Eric Enders
You guys talking about getting HD games on Extra Innings have DirecTV, right? Because if there's a way to get them on cable, I'm unaware of it.
2008-04-04 17:35:22
48.   Andrew Shimmin
I wish I had grad students. People never apologize to me when they're wrong.
2008-04-04 17:36:12
49.   GoBears
48. Well, when you're wrong about Vin Scully, I think the apology is more to God than to me.
2008-04-04 17:36:14
50.   Bob Timmermann
My cable system would offer on EI game on HD and it would be buried somewhere else in the lineup. You had to look for it.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-04-04 17:36:57
51.   gpellamjr
Tonight's lineup per ItD:

Furcal, SS

Martin, C

Loney, 1B

Kent, 2B

Ethier, LF

Jones, CF

Kemp, RF

DeWitt, 3B

Kuroda, P (first big league appearance)

I am stoked that Torre isn't afraid to push Jones down to sixth in the lineup. I don't think Little would have done that, at least not so early in the season.

But I have really enjoyed Andruw's defense in the outfield. It is really nice to watch him.

2008-04-04 17:37:07
52.   Andrew Shimmin
The Snakes/Rockies game today was listed as being in HD, on the cable box (free EI preview week is the best), but I didn't get to watch to see if it actually was in HD.
2008-04-04 17:38:47
53.   gpellamjr
For the first time today I noticed that one of the games (today's Arizona game) was listed as "Game 7/HD". I don't know what that means, and it was over before I got home, so I couldn't surf around to see if it was in HD here. Last year there were no HD games for EI.
2008-04-04 17:39:10
54.   gpellamjr
52 I curse you.
2008-04-04 17:45:36
55.   Eric Enders
52 , 53 I just noticed that on my box, too. Of course, the game was already over so I couldn't see if it was actually on an HD channel. I surfed around and it doesn't appear my cable company has devoted a HD channel to EI yet.
2008-04-04 17:49:21
56.   Bob Hendley
51 - The Gold Glove's has got style, that's for sure and in at least two instances in the 3 games so far runners did not advance as they probably would have on JP. Still at least one dunker he didn't look good on, and there was the miscommunication with Ethier. (two things we would have jumped all over JP for).
2008-04-04 17:50:03
57.   Penarol1916
42. No walks in the 4th inning either? I thought that control was always an issue when coming back from TJ for at least a little while. If that's not even a problem, then, wow.
2008-04-04 17:50:06
58.   Indiana Jon
47 Yes, DirecTV. Last year we got one, maybe two, HD games a night. This year its nearly all of them. 14 HD games today.
2008-04-04 17:51:01
59.   bhsportsguy
Byron Morris hit 97 on the gun in the 5th, pitching into the 6th inning. Gave up a double and HR after 2 out in the 6th.

5.2 IP, 6 hits, 3 runs; 6 K; 1 HR; 7/3 GB/FB ratio.

2008-04-04 17:52:34
60.   bhsportsguy
59 No walks, he threw a lot 1st pitch strikes, had a good fastball, not sure how many times he threw his curveball. Tired quickly after 2 out in the 6th. But he left with a 4-3 lead.
2008-04-04 17:53:09
61.   MollyKnight
Now that's a line-up.
2008-04-04 17:58:58
62.   Disabled List
I'd love to go back to the days when we only had to face the Padres 12-13 times a year. Not because I'm afeared of the Madres or anything, but I just get so bored with seeing the same teams 18 times in one season.

Bring back the balanced schedule!

2008-04-04 17:59:19
63.   Jon Weisman
Philippe's Turns 100,1,7121955.story

Joe Torre Isn't 100,0,7050519.story

2008-04-04 18:02:25
64.   Indiana Jon
62 I agree. We don't get to see the Dodgers come to the midwest near enough anymore.
2008-04-04 18:02:33
65.   Bob Timmermann
Old friend J.D. Drew with a game-tying 3-run homer in Toronto.
2008-04-04 18:03:33
66.   KG16
62 - I agree, and dump interleague play too.
2008-04-04 18:06:00
67.   Bob Timmermann
East Coast teams don't like having to make two trips out out to the West Coast however.

And teams like the Rays and Orioles like having Red Sox and Yankee fans take over their stadiums.

The NL East is a different matter.

2008-04-04 18:06:52
68.   trainwreck
Interleague play helps you not see the same teams over and over again (aside from Angels). It breaks up monotony of NL teams only.
2008-04-04 18:08:33
69.   gpellamjr
I like the 18 games per season against division rivals. But I would love to see interleague canceled.
2008-04-04 18:09:43
70.   ibleedbloo
I can also give a thumbs up on the Slingbox. No monthly fee, watch your local channels, always on, can't beat it. I also have it hooked up to my phone so I have TV on the go.
2008-04-04 18:12:00
71.   KG16
69 - my big problem with the unbalanced schedule is the wild card. Let's say the Dodgers and Cubs are battling for the WC, who's got the advantage, the Dodgers with 18 games against SD, AZ, and CO; or the Cubs with a ton of games against the Reds, Pirates, and Cards?
2008-04-04 18:14:02
72.   Indiana Jon
71 I agree, but I doubt it changes. The NFL has been this way for years.
2008-04-04 18:17:59
73.   Neal Pollack
Love the lineup. We're in good hands.
2008-04-04 18:19:51
74.   Bob Timmermann
There has only been one year with a wild card, a balanced and full schedule, and no interleague play: 1996.
2008-04-04 18:19:51
75.   Bob Hendley
I signed up for MLB.TV again this year. They were also offering what they call Premium, which I didn't take, it was about $30 more. Don't know if I can upgrade now, but is it worth it, if I can?
2008-04-04 18:23:04
76.   Bob Timmermann
Premium, if you have the bandwidth, lets you use Mosaic which lets you watch six games at once. This is helpful if you are thinking of changing your name to Argus. Or you are extraordinarily obsessed with your fantasy team.

I have the Yankees-Rays game on the highest bandwidth setting and it's a very good picture.

I'm sure you can upgrade. The good people of will always be happy to take your money.

2008-04-04 18:25:59
77.   Bob Hendley
67 - Don't remind me. Nothing worse than seeing a lot of New Jersey plates when pulling into the parking lot at Camden Yards. Very disagreable way to watch your home team i that sort of situation. Yankee fans give the Yankees a bad name. They don't know how to behave when they are not home. Or perhaps that is the way they act at home and considered the Yards to be theirs.
2008-04-04 18:28:37
78.   Bob Hendley
76 - So then there is no enhancement as regards to the game itself, but good if I want to keep close tabs on the O's and the Nats. Thanks.
2008-04-04 18:29:30
79.   Bob Timmermann
The bunting at Rogers Centre tonight is red, white, and blue. Which makes me want to reexamine what a Canadian flag looks like.
2008-04-04 18:30:44
80.   Bob Timmermann
Not all of my Premium bells and whistles work however. For all I know, the subscription entitles me to a visit to the Wonka Chocolate Factory.
2008-04-04 18:48:46
81.   Indiana Jon
80 Please get me a signed picture of the Oompa Loompas. I want to believe they are real, but I just need a little proof.
2008-04-04 18:52:00
82.   Andrew Shimmin
Those who wear brown pin stripes should not throw stones.
2008-04-04 19:06:12
83.   underdog
80 Slurm factory, perhaps.

Boy, I may have to watch this one with the sound turned off. Forgot that the MLBTV broadcast tonight is the Padres' feed. Ah well.

And I totally mean no disrespect to men and women in the military, but I always find the fatigues uniforms a bit hard to look at. Maybe I'll have to turn the picture off, too.

2008-04-04 19:06:25
84.   Lexinthedena
If Petco was a desert, Germano would be able to hide the ball really well.
2008-04-04 19:06:54
85.   LogikReader
The Padres are breaking out the ugly camo uniforms? Ok, we have to beat these guys tonight.
2008-04-04 19:07:48
86.   underdog
So "Germano pitched well against the Dodgers in that game in China," says the Padres announcer. And that means something? That was quite a powerful line up of scrubs the Dodgers offered up.
2008-04-04 19:07:52
87.   Indiana Jon
Ineteresting that the Padres still wear the DCU pattern on their uniforms. The military did away with that pattern three years ago and now wears the ACO pattern. The Padres need an update.
2008-04-04 19:10:19
88.   overkill94
76 Define extraordinarily...
2008-04-04 19:11:36
89.   Eric Enders
The Pads deserve to lose by forfeit just for having the stupidity to wear those ridiculous threads.
2008-04-04 19:14:02
90.   Indiana Jon
89 Some of us appreciate the fact that the Padres support the military, even if they are the Padres.
2008-04-04 19:16:04
91.   Eric Enders
Every year seems to creep a little bit closer to jumping the shark. Now they've disabled both the full screen option and the option that allows you to make the video occupy the entire window (eliminating all the extraneous nonsense).
2008-04-04 19:16:06
92.   underdog
Darn PetCo. I had a Steiner Moment and thought that was gone.
2008-04-04 19:17:57
93.   underdog
91 I still have the full screen option on mine. What browser are you using? And is it the latest MLB player? (I'm on a Mac, Firefox, but I think I saw full screen option on my Windows computer at work, too.)

If you put cursor over the video, you'll get the controller, the third option on the right is full screen.

2008-04-04 19:20:22
94.   underdog
Kuroda vs. Iguchi! Neat.
2008-04-04 19:20:42
95.   Andrew Shimmin
I think it's great that the Padres are so solicitous of their military neighbors.

I also think the camo uniforms are ugly as sin.

2008-04-04 19:21:03
96.   underdog
And Samurai Kuroda wins the fight.
2008-04-04 19:22:25
97.   Eric Enders
90 Point taken. However,
(a) You don't have to dress like the military to support the military.
(b) They do it in support of their local Navy population. Because, you know, the Navy wears camo all the time.
(c) Regardless of what they represent, the things are just ugly as sin.

It's akin to playing ball in a white coat with a stethoscope to show you support doctors. Or pitching in a girl scout uniform to show you support the girl scouts.

2008-04-04 19:24:18
98.   Eric Enders
93 I'm using IE6. The "full screen" option is there, but grayed out. I'm assuming this is because I declined to download their Silverfish add-on.
2008-04-04 19:24:32
99.   underdog
DeWitt looked really good at third that inning.

So the Padres announcers say that a fastball in Japan - or actually they only were sure about Taiwan - is called a "Speedo." True or false?

2008-04-04 19:25:23
100.   underdog
98 Ah, that must be it.

I have some silverfish down here in the basement in which I blog, if you want any.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-04-04 19:25:57
101.   Indiana Jon
(a) I agree.
(b) Would you rather they dressed like Mr. Salty?
(c) Not as ugly as the Padres uniforms of the 70s and 80s.
2008-04-04 19:26:23
102.   LogikReader
If anybody hits a home run tonight [virtual] drinks are on me!
2008-04-04 19:28:11
103.   bhsportsguy
Dodgers are running up counts this year.
2008-04-04 19:29:11
104.   das411
I think I'm about a thousand comments behind on this week, but has anybody mentioned so far how AWESOME it is (was?) to have DT turn from Juan Pierre Thoughts to Is Larry Bowa Insane Thoughts?
2008-04-04 19:29:13
105.   Sagehen
I was just thinking: Ethier's doing a nice job of running the count.
2008-04-04 19:29:26
106.   Bob Timmermann
I believe it's something like "fausto boru." It sounds a lot like "fastball" when Japanese speakers say it.
2008-04-04 19:30:34
107.   Indiana Jon
Its been a long time since I have seen an Eephus pitch, but that was not one.
2008-04-04 19:31:04
108.   Eric Enders
In 20% of Cleveland games, it's called a fausto fausto boru.
2008-04-04 19:31:49
109.   Eric Enders
I think Bison needs to do something tonight if he wants to be in the lineup tomorrow.
2008-04-04 19:32:52
110.   Sagehen
Well, it won't be on that at bat.
2008-04-04 19:34:09
111.   underdog
106 That's what I thought. "Speedo" just didn't sound right.

That was some pretty nasty stuff Germano threw to Kemp there, in the Bison's defense. This could be a 1-0 final type of game.

2008-04-04 19:34:40
112.   Sagehen
I'm all for running the count, but is Bison perhaps concentrating so much on taking the first pitches that he's forgetting to swing at 88 MPH fastballs down the middle of the plate? (Note: I did not see the location of those pitches, so if he was taking something boarder line, then goodon im.)
2008-04-04 19:35:06
113.   Doctor
At some point Kemp needs to get involved before its 0-2.
2008-04-04 19:35:17
114.   Doctor
At some point Kemp needs to get involved before its 0-2.
2008-04-04 19:35:38
115.   Sagehen
111 OK. That answers my question. Nevermind.
2008-04-04 19:37:01
116.   bhsportsguy
39 pitches in 2 innings for Germano.
2008-04-04 19:37:25
117.   Eric Enders
That was an absolutely filthy pitch that struck out Hairston. The Pads announcers can't even figure out what type of pitch it was.
2008-04-04 19:38:13
118.   Hallux Valgus
I believe I've mentioned this before, but- does Matt Kemp EVER have his back pocket tucked in?
2008-04-04 19:38:14
119.   underdog
Except for Owen Wilson almost taking him out at the end, Kuroda looked pretty superb that inning.
2008-04-04 19:38:27
120.   Indiana Jon
Kuroda looks good. He seems to have a lot of different pitches.
2008-04-04 19:38:47
121.   Sagehen
Only 20 pitches in 2 innings for K. Nice efficiency.
2008-04-04 19:39:04
122.   Ricardo
117. That was nasty, Kuroda can really pitch.
2008-04-04 19:39:29
123.   bhsportsguy
Not to be a party pooper but it is his first time around. He should have some advantage.
2008-04-04 19:40:30
124.   oshea2002
Kemp should just do what he's most comfortable doing. I get trying to be selective, but hopefully he's not completely altering his approach.

I don't see us scoring many runs this weekend; we're gonna need to hold them to 0-2 a night.

2008-04-04 19:40:57
125.   Bob Timmermann
Hey, if you're not playing the role of party pooper, then I have to. And since I'm leaving town after today, then you're going to have to shoulder the burden all by yourself.
2008-04-04 19:41:16
126.   Hallux Valgus
also, if they're going for camo, couldn't they fork out for all around camo? If they were actually camouflage, I'd be seeing a bunch of guys running around below the waist. "Where are the upper bodies? I can't see them either! RUN!"
2008-04-04 19:41:23
127.   Sagehen
So much for Blake this inning. I went to the game Tuesday night and lost my voice, screaming for Blake every time he came up. It's nice to have a good underdog, who's playing every day, to root for. Everything he does at this point is just a bonus.
2008-04-04 19:41:38
128.   Doctor
Assuming someone scores, this is record paced.
2008-04-04 19:41:57
129.   bhsportsguy
125 Yes sir.
2008-04-04 19:44:18
130.   Sagehen
You have to start to wonder if the Dodgers were told not to swing until they had two strikes. Is that the game plan? Wear Germano down by the fourth inning? Does Germano have a known history of control problems?
2008-04-04 19:45:40
131.   underdog
Curse you, Owen Wilson! Poor Russell, finally nails the ball and it's an out.
2008-04-04 19:46:13
132.   bhsportsguy
52 pitches in 3 innings, 4.8 pitches per batter.

Also 2 line drives caught.

2008-04-04 19:46:30
133.   regfairfield
130 All Germano does is throw strikes.
2008-04-04 19:47:09
134.   Bob Timmermann
Germano had 823 Ks and 194 BBs when he pitched in the minors.
2008-04-04 19:47:27
135.   bhsportsguy
131 I don't if it was that hard, I think it was a soft liner that looked harder to catch because Greene dove for the ball.
2008-04-04 19:48:26
136.   bhsportsguy
133 Thoughts on the Japanese import thus far?
2008-04-04 19:51:03
137.   regfairfield
Just got up and only seen two batters. He's got nice movement on his fastball from what I've seen.
2008-04-04 19:51:15
138.   Sagehen
133 If he only threw strikes, he wouldn't have such a high pitch count. Or that was my thought. Then I checked back and saw the high number of foul balls by the Dodger batters. Germano's control (Thanks for the numbers Bob) suggests that the Dodger batters are truly impressive in running the count tonight.
2008-04-04 19:51:58
139.   regfairfield
136 Strike that, he sucks.
2008-04-04 19:52:16
140.   bhsportsguy
Russell dropped that foul tip that cost Kuroda 5-6 pitches and a hit.
2008-04-04 19:52:39
141.   Sagehen
So much for Kuroda's low pitch count. Germano did a nice job -- pretty good for a pitcher.
2008-04-04 19:55:15
142.   bhsportsguy
141 Still only 39 pitches.
2008-04-04 19:55:46
143.   das411
Paul Bako in to pinch-run in Cincinatti...
2008-04-04 19:56:09
144.   Bob Timmermann
Here's a link to Germano's starts last year. He only hit 100 pitches three times.

2008-04-04 19:56:43
145.   underdog
139 I assume you're being facetious of course, but if you'd seen all his pitches so far you'd be more impressed. Bh is right of course that this is the first time the Pads are facing him so the next time thru the lineup could be a different story. But he's been impressive so far.
2008-04-04 19:57:43
146.   Bob Timmermann
Mercury Morris, Larry Csonka, and Nick Buoniconti can celebrate with champagne now. The Royals have lost to the Twins 4-3. No team will go 162-0.
2008-04-04 20:01:11
147.   bhsportsguy
If Vin tells us that Rich was a stage manager for Met Opera, I may search for the Padre radio announcers.
2008-04-04 20:01:36
148.   Doctor
SD announcers just declared Germano's "snappy yacker" is on tonight.
2008-04-04 20:03:51
149.   underdog
Nicely done, the player I shall now call "3" rather than "3.5"
2008-04-04 20:05:41
150.   underdog
148 Sounds like a drink you'd get on a cruise ship.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-04-04 20:06:07
151.   underdog
Bison says "No more nonsense about watching the first pitch" and singles on the first pitch.
2008-04-04 20:06:21
152.   bhsportsguy
No hoodie for Charley tonight.
2008-04-04 20:09:45
153.   underdog
DeWitt may have struck out, 73 pitches in the 4th inning for Germano is nice. Strategy, Deployed.
2008-04-04 20:10:23
154.   Doctor

Maybe Rum and Banana?

... there is was again. It is pretty tough.

2008-04-04 20:13:52
155.   bhsportsguy
153 I don't mind Blake taking that pitch.
2008-04-04 20:13:52
156.   mannyman
groundball machine
2008-04-04 20:14:15
157.   Bob Timmermann
Giants backup catcher Steve Holm made his major league debut today and I missed the chance to make the appropriate pop culture reference.
2008-04-04 20:15:39
158.   underdog
I'm liking Hiro so far.
2008-04-04 20:15:48
159.   bhsportsguy
48 pitches in 4 innings for Kurodasan.
2008-04-04 20:16:12
160.   mannyman
HK is dealin.
2008-04-04 20:16:27
161.   underdog
155 No I don't either, I meant to say, "may have struck out, but 73 pitches in the 4th... is nice."
2008-04-04 20:17:20
162.   D4P
You've made a huge mistake.
2008-04-04 20:18:39
163.   ucladodger
Hiroki looks great. Pinpoint fastball that reminds me of Saito and a great split.
2008-04-04 20:20:14
164.   Bob Timmermann
It appears to me that the pitchers are big fans of BSG and what to be done by 10.
2008-04-04 20:21:29
165.   Ken Arneson
164 The guys who schedule my soccer league are apparently NOT fans of BSG. I have a game that starts at 10:30pm tonight.
2008-04-04 20:24:14
166.   oshea2002
Russell needs a broken bat blooper for a hit.
2008-04-04 20:24:31
167.   mannyman
Martin should take a day off tomorrow.
2008-04-04 20:27:21
168.   bryanf
Missed the first four innings, but it looks like Kuroda is doing well... Nice.
2008-04-04 20:28:15
169.   MollyKnight
Ugh. The game wasn't on my extra innings package for some reason tonight, so i'm at my friend's bar where there is direct TV. It's loud and there is no sound. What's going on, besides Kuroda ruling the universe?
2008-04-04 20:29:13
170.   bhsportsguy
Vin made a good point and maybe its true, the Padres seem to be looking for a pitch to drive out at home, maybe its because its hard for them to string along hits and also they know that usually the games will be low scoring.
2008-04-04 20:29:40
171.   sporky
Kuroda rocks.
2008-04-04 20:29:46
172.   mannyman
2008-04-04 20:30:09
173.   ucladodger
How do you say nasty in Japanese?
2008-04-04 20:30:09
174.   ucladodger
How do you say nasty in Japanese?
2008-04-04 20:30:13
175.   oshea2002
Vasghergian is pissed that Seattle didn't pony up enough money for Kuroda - LOL.
2008-04-04 20:31:08
176.   bhsportsguy
169 Apparently Khalid Greene is now known as Owen Wilson. Russell had an RBI single taken away from the aforementioned Wilson.

Kuroda has only given up one hit and that is to the pitcher.

Also, Dodgers showing patience with SD pitcher throwing 91 pitches so far.

2008-04-04 20:31:09
177.   JT Dutch
... Wow. So far, so good for Kuroda.
2008-04-04 20:31:23
178.   D4P
Hey Padres: just wait 'til you get a bunch of runners on base, and Kuroda starts to Bear Down™.

Then you'll really be in trouble.

2008-04-04 20:31:31
179.   Indiana Jon
169 Lets not get ahead of ourselves now. Right now he just rules the world. In his second start we will see about ruling the universe.
2008-04-04 20:31:48
180.   underdog
169 Kuroda's been incredibly efficient, and the Padres aren't working the count while the Dodgers are. His pitch count is low while Germano's is high. The Dodgers scored on a sac fly by Ethier to bring Loney in from third.

And the Padres announcer just said, "Now I wish Seattle had signed Kuroda, too."

2008-04-04 20:32:44
181.   underdog
176 Well, am I right? He does look like Owen Wilson doesn't he? I ain't just barkin' up the wrong celebrity resemblance tree, right?
2008-04-04 20:32:56
182.   Indiana Jon
176 I always thought Jeff Spicoli was more fitting.
2008-04-04 20:33:58
183.   bhsportsguy
I guess the team decided to swing early this inning.
2008-04-04 20:34:11
184.   underdog
165 Yikes, I thought my 9pm Thursday soccer game was painfully late. Good luck with that one.

Okay, I think we jinxed the "Dodgers are working the count" thing.

2008-04-04 20:34:37
185.   Lefty Supremacist
Yeah... I like how we're patient the whole game, then serve up two outs in 3 pitches for Germano.
2008-04-04 20:35:10
186.   underdog
182 I used to think that too, but I'm telling you, watching him tonight he's a dead ringer for Owen.
2008-04-04 20:35:54
187.   Sagehen
91 pitches. This should be the inning the Dodgers score, if the strategy works, but there are two outs already. I'm not sure the Padres bullpen is weak enough for this to work. Or is it? Who will come in in the 7th?
2008-04-04 20:36:35
188.   underdog
A patient Dre shows them how it's done.
2008-04-04 20:37:16
189.   das411
Woah, that hustle double was soooooo Taguchi!
2008-04-04 20:37:18
190.   underdog
187 Wassamatta, the 4th inning's run wasn't enough for ya?
2008-04-04 20:37:18
191.   MollyKnight
Thanks for the rundown, guys. I love you all. And I love this site. And I love that my Treo can access this site. It's funny how I'll see something happen and my immediate instinct will be to check DT. It's comforting to know I'm among other loveable nerdballs. ;)
2008-04-04 20:37:49
192.   bhsportsguy
He's over a 100 pitches now and its early, so I don't think he is going on beyond this inning.
2008-04-04 20:37:54
193.   LogikReader
I like how the Dodgers are working the count too (finally!) but for all that working the count we have a grand total of........ 1 run.

If its a guy like Peavy or Young, not bad, but Germano? I guess if we're gonna be up 1-0, at least we're making the pitcher earn his innings :)

2008-04-04 20:38:41
194.   bhsportsguy
191 Are Mets fans besides themselves with Pedro being out again?
2008-04-04 20:39:06
195.   LogikReader

This is nice to see, I have to say; this can pay off very soon.. keep at it, blue!

2008-04-04 20:39:11
196.   underdog
That was a very generous strike on that breaking pitch inside.
2008-04-04 20:39:47
197.   silverwidow
"Petco will make him look like ACE" - silverwidow, on Wednesday in reference to Kuroda.
2008-04-04 20:39:53
198.   Indiana Jon
I wish they hadn't mentioned how Andruw grins all the time. I never noticed before and now its annoying.
2008-04-04 20:39:57
199.   Sagehen
190 Well, you see, I ran out to Home Depot and bought a lawn mower during that inning, so I missed it. So I selfishly want the Dodgers to score some more runs, even though just the one could be enough the way K is pitching (knock on wood, throw salt, do everything possible to avoid jinxing things).
2008-04-04 20:40:30
200.   bhsportsguy
196 Repeated on 3-1 pitch.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-04-04 20:41:57
201.   bhsportsguy
197 55 pitches, 40 for strikes, Petco helps but he has done a pretty good job on his own.
2008-04-04 20:42:42
202.   silverwidow
201 Agreed. But this ballpark is PERFECT for a pitcher like Kuroda.
2008-04-04 20:43:13
203.   LogikReader
ha HAH!!! Go, Solution!!!
2008-04-04 20:43:48
204.   Eric Enders
Attaboy DeWitt.
2008-04-04 20:44:37
205.   bhsportsguy
202 Bob, isn't almost every MLB park ideal for a pitcher like Kuroda based on where he pitched in Japan?
2008-04-04 20:44:39
206.   bryanf
LOVE DeWitt. I really hope he sticks around.
2008-04-04 20:44:57
207.   Sagehen
Yea DeWitt! My hero! (It's nice doing this on-line so that I don't lose my voice this time)
2008-04-04 20:45:02
208.   JT Dutch
... The Shuuto is in full effect for Kuroda!
2008-04-04 20:45:37
209.   LogikReader
Who wants a drink?
2008-04-04 20:45:49
210.   JT Dutch
... And, that fastball was fully belted.
2008-04-04 20:46:02
211.   LogikReader
GOD I hate the Padres (is that a violation?)
2008-04-04 20:46:04
212.   bryanf
Ouchie wowchie.
2008-04-04 20:46:12
213.   Bob Timmermann
I think Kuroda will find CPB quite familiar.
2008-04-04 20:46:19
214.   underdog
Oh man. Curse you BGiles.

Hiro looked like he was about to curse in English there before catching himself.

2008-04-04 20:46:28
215.   mannyman
I hate Padres fans.
2008-04-04 20:47:12
216.   KG16
The brothers Giles do not like the Dodgers.
2008-04-04 20:47:24
217.   bryanf
Where did "Beat L.A." start? Why does no one ever say "Beat N.Y." or "Beat S.F." or "Beat S.D."? What gives?
2008-04-04 20:47:28
218.   underdog
Does PetCo always catch on fire after a Padre hits a home run?
2008-04-04 20:47:47
219.   oshea2002
Still pitching a great game. We really need to get this one with Peavy and Young coming; needed to get some more off of Germano.
2008-04-04 20:47:55
220.   Ricardo
The Bison will hit a homer to answer it.
2008-04-04 20:47:58
221.   Eric Enders
Even with the homer, that was still a nine-pitch inning for Kuroda. Too bad we can't score runs.
2008-04-04 20:48:31
222.   KG16
217 - Boston Gardens, circa 1986
2008-04-04 20:48:42
223.   Sagehen
215 Nah ... they aren't worth our ire. The Napoleon complex is just so unbecoming.
2008-04-04 20:49:50
224.   LogikReader

Bob has your answer, but my guess is it took place during game 7 of the 1982 Eastern Conference Finals in the NBA. As the Celtics were getting pounded by the Sixers, the Celtics Fans shouted "BEAT LA! BEAT LA!" during the last 2 minutes of the game. The winner of the game was going to play the Lakers for the Championship.

And that was how "Beat LA" was born.

2008-04-04 20:50:04
225.   Sagehen
219 Kind of hard to do when Germano is now out of the game.
2008-04-04 20:50:06
226.   underdog
Bison just an opposite field double, by inches, off a pitch from Margaret.
2008-04-04 20:50:08
227.   Eric Enders
Oh, man. Stupid foul line.
2008-04-04 20:50:10
228.   bhsportsguy
217 It started in Boston in 1982 when the Sixers were about to beat the Celtics and meet the Lakers in the NBA Finals.

They lost but it started a trend, more familair for the Lakers but in San Francisco and San Diego it gets used a lot against the Dodgers.

2008-04-04 20:50:12
229.   KG16
222 - strike that, Boston Gardens, circa 1982
2008-04-04 20:50:20
230.   das411
Wow, how did all of those fans in Cincy know to wear the exact same shade of red as their empty seats would be?
2008-04-04 20:50:53
231.   bryanf
224 I love that kind of history lesson. That's just one of many reasons why I stick around here. :)
2008-04-04 20:50:56
232.   underdog
just missed that is. I just missed typing a complete sentence.
2008-04-04 20:51:33
233.   KG16
224 , 228 , 229 - I didn't see those before I made my correction, I swear.

And wow that was close at first.

2008-04-04 20:51:55
234.   underdog
Wow, Kemp was out by a split second.
2008-04-04 20:52:30
235.   oshea2002
I hate Fox regional games - basically a guarantee of not being able to watch the game for me.
2008-04-04 20:52:31
236.   Eric Enders
First Kemp missed a double by inches, and then a single by inches. Now it's just another out.
2008-04-04 20:52:39
237.   underdog
It's still hard to believe that SF Giants fans didn't originate the chant, since I feel like I've suffered an eternity with it here, but I guess not.
2008-04-04 20:52:58
238.   Sagehen
217 No one ever says "I'm from En Why" or "I'm from Ess Dee" But people do verbally call Los Angeles "Elay." It just sort of rolls off your tongue and makes a good cheer.
2008-04-04 20:53:09
239.   JT Dutch
... DeWitt's having some excellent ABs.
2008-04-04 20:53:13
240.   bryanf
233 It all makes sense I guess...I remember hearing a ton of that watching the Lakers back when I watched basketball as a kid with my dad.
2008-04-04 20:53:15
241.   LogikReader
Holy Cow! The Beat LA chant and I were born on the same day! May 23, 1982
2008-04-04 20:53:22
242.   oshea2002
Lakers allowed Dallas to hang 64 on them in the first half.
2008-04-04 20:53:30
243.   bhsportsguy
Has the Solution walked in every game so far?
2008-04-04 20:53:42
244.   Bob Timmermann
I would just say that the arena was Boston Garden, not Gardens.

It's also Madison Square Garden, but in Toronto it was Maple Leaf Gardens.

The present home of the Celtics and Bruins is now the TD Banknorth Garden.

2008-04-04 20:54:15
245.   oshea2002
237 - I'm with you, but I remember Celtic fans doing it too.
2008-04-04 20:54:19
246.   ucladodger
We have been extremely unlucky today. Martins liner, andre's liner, Kemp in that AB. Even still, this team should be able to score against Germano.
2008-04-04 20:54:26
247.   Eric Enders
With his pitch count so far, Kuroda could go 10 innings tonight if necessary.
2008-04-04 20:54:57
248.   Bob Timmermann
DeWitt did not walk in Game 3 against the Giants.
2008-04-04 20:55:17
249.   KG16
244 - I like to use the "s" as a means of annoying the enemy. Like referring to the Yankees and los yanquis, and such.
2008-04-04 20:55:35
250.   bhsportsguy
244 I have to come up with that type material while you are on vacation?

Also, are you posting a Final Four chat on the Griddle before you leave?

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-04-04 20:55:44
251.   Sagehen
246 I'd be even happier if they scored off of Thatcher.
2008-04-04 20:56:08
252.   LogikReader
There's a bit of good luck, a walk to Kuroda
2008-04-04 20:56:22
253.   KG16
how do you walk a pitcher - a PITCHER! - who is trying to sacrifice?

Not that I'm complaining.

2008-04-04 20:56:34
254.   Bob Timmermann
Kuroda batted .086 in Japan. He struck out 168 times and walked 8.
2008-04-04 20:56:40
255.   bryanf
Patience Kuroda-san.
2008-04-04 20:56:40
256.   Lefty Supremacist
And... Congrats Kuroda on his first ML walk!
2008-04-04 20:56:43
257.   underdog
Wow. Thatcher should be embarrassed for walking Kuroda, although the last pitch was fairly close.
2008-04-04 20:57:13
258.   Eric Enders
I'm watching on, but I can't help sneaking peaks at Gameday, which is about 45 seconds faster, to find out what's about to happen.

Nice walk. He had zero hope of getting a bunt down, too. Talk about fundamentally unsound.

2008-04-04 20:57:46
259.   Sagehen
Do pitchers bat in Japan?
2008-04-04 20:58:10
260.   bhsportsguy
258 Someone is going to have give Kuroda a bunting lesson (not JP)
2008-04-04 20:58:16
261.   KG16
259 - like in the States, yes and no
2008-04-04 20:58:16
262.   underdog
I know this sounds wacky since they didn't pinch hit for him, but now that he's on, wouldn't you have pinch run for Kuroda?
2008-04-04 20:58:25
263.   Daniel Zappala
It's possible DeWitt's walking so much because he's hitting in front of the pitcher for the first time in his career.
2008-04-04 20:58:49
264.   sporky
2008-04-04 20:59:01
265.   Sagehen
259 Strike that. Bob answered my question before I could finish typing and hit the post button. How does he do that????
2008-04-04 20:59:03
266.   Bob Timmermann
In 2003, Kuroda was 1 for 61 at the plate for the Carp.
2008-04-04 20:59:08
267.   sporky
Crud, forgot to change languages.
2008-04-04 20:59:28
268.   underdog
259 - Central league, DH. Pacific league, no DH.
2008-04-04 20:59:28
269.   Lefty Supremacist
262 - I think they want Kuroda to go deepr in the game.
2008-04-04 20:59:43
270.   KG16
262 - having thrown 64 pitches? After running through the bullpen in the last game? I wouldn't.
2008-04-04 21:00:08
271.   regfairfield
263 There's no proof that.....never mind.
2008-04-04 21:00:30
272.   Bob Timmermann
Other way around.
2008-04-04 21:00:39
273.   Sagehen
263 I thought there was no correlation between batting #8 and the number of walks? Didn't we already go over that with LaRoche?
2008-04-04 21:00:46
274.   oshea2002
Time for Russ to get that first knock.
2008-04-04 21:00:49
275.   Lefty Supremacist
Time for a slumpbuster from Martin?
2008-04-04 21:01:00
276.   Ricardo
Time to Russell end his slump with a Grand slam.
2008-04-04 21:01:12
277.   underdog
272 Oops, sorry, had Japan League dyslexia. The point is, Kuroda's not Micah Owings.
2008-04-04 21:01:19
278.   LogikReader
Golden God can get a hit here. Not even Juan Pierre can go 0-27. Lets do it!
2008-04-04 21:01:22
279.   KingKopitar
Let's go Martin!

I'm liking this whole "take pitchers deep in the count and then feast on middle relief" thing the Dodgers got going.

2008-04-04 21:01:30
280.   3upn3down
How are we spelling "Shunto" here? Would like to be consistent.
2008-04-04 21:01:35
281.   Bob Timmermann
This is no time for Martin to be going to a bar to pick up women.
2008-04-04 21:01:37
282.   madmac
heh, slumpbuster. reminds me of Gracie.
2008-04-04 21:02:38
283.   KG16
Welcome back Golden God!
2008-04-04 21:02:39
284.   Bob Timmermann
I think you're referring to the shuuto.

Spell it like this: シュート

2008-04-04 21:02:47
285.   mannyman
2008-04-04 21:02:51
286.   Eric Enders
Golden God!
2008-04-04 21:02:52
287.   LogikReader
Ka-CHING!! That was golden.
2008-04-04 21:02:53
288.   68elcamino427
Wooo Hooo!
2008-04-04 21:03:02
289.   oshea2002
I like this Thatcher guy.
2008-04-04 21:03:15
290.   Sagehen
Could it be that DeWitt is walking so much because (1) he's following the instructions that everyone has gotten to take more pitches, and being a good kid, he's really really following those instructions, and (2) He's been told not to worry about carrying the lineup, that any time he gets on base, it's a bonus.

Yippee Martin! What a way to break out of the slump!

2008-04-04 21:03:20
291.   underdog
Never mind my request for a pinch hitter; Kuroda can't hit but he can run pretty well.

Yay, Golden God!

2008-04-04 21:03:28
292.   sporky
2008-04-04 21:03:28
293.   bryanf
About time. Thank you Golden God.
2008-04-04 21:03:33
294.   madmac
that a boy. who needs a fat chick
2008-04-04 21:04:17
295.   bryanf
Hey, that's fantasy baseball points for me too. Woohoo!
2008-04-04 21:04:45
296.   Ricardo
I´d like to thank Joe Tacher and Bud Black.
2008-04-04 21:04:52
297.   underdog
I smell a Juan Pierre pinch running appearance tonight before it's all over.
2008-04-04 21:05:55
298.   KG16
Ok, show of hands, how many thought the second baseman was going to come down with that? Be honest.
2008-04-04 21:05:59
299.   underdog
294 What the--?
2008-04-04 21:06:02
300.   Sagehen
The strategy works! A weak 7th inning pitcher does the trick. I thought the Padres bullpen was supposed to be pretty strong, though. Am I thinking of last year? Is it worse this year?
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-04-04 21:06:24
301.   KG16
Russ is about to steal second.
2008-04-04 21:06:27
302.   Eric Enders
So, in case you were wondering where pitchers with 7.46 ERAs go: Apparently, to the Padres bullpen.

NL hitters everywhere are sending thank you notes to Kevin Towers for signing Rusch.

2008-04-04 21:06:36
303.   Lefty Supremacist
Wow, Glendon Rusch. So which Dodger needs a 4HR game?
2008-04-04 21:06:42
304.   madmac
291 sorry, I appreciate women of all sizes. was a reference to Mark Grace and his slumpbusting tactics just in case any here weren't familiar
2008-04-04 21:06:47
305.   underdog
298 Raises hand.

I like that Glendon Rusch works quickly.

And that he also isn't very good.

2008-04-04 21:07:00
306.   KG16
299 - google "Mark Grace slump buster"
2008-04-04 21:07:07
307.   Bob Timmermann
I believe that for non-pitchers, the longest 0fer streak to start the season for an L.A. Dodgers was Jose Gonzalez's 0 for 28 skein to start 1991.

He was traded to Pittsburgh before he got a chance to get a hit. He got a single off of Steve Frey on July 7, 1991.

2008-04-04 21:07:37
308.   madmac
299 see 304
2008-04-04 21:07:39
309.   GMac In The 909
Loney is so money.
2008-04-04 21:07:43
310.   Sagehen
298 Hand's up. That's the way it's gone for Martin lately.

And another sac fly scores a run.

2008-04-04 21:07:47
311.   68elcamino427
What time is it?
2008-04-04 21:07:49
312.   LogikReader


2008-04-04 21:08:06
313.   bhsportsguy
Good AB for Loney.

Eric S. is very happy right now.

2008-04-04 21:08:06
314.   haskell
Atta boy Russ.
2008-04-04 21:08:17
315.   underdog
Oh man -- I totally thought Loney crushed that one out of here. I'll take the sac fly, but wow, I'm having some Charlie Steiner moments tonight.
2008-04-04 21:09:21
316.   silverwidow
Joe Torre loves to walk.
2008-04-04 21:09:35
317.   GMac In The 909
315 You are laughing at all of Rick Monday's jokes?
2008-04-04 21:09:46
318.   Eric Enders
Could this be the first game in baseball history in which Japanese pitchers get both the win and the save?
2008-04-04 21:10:06
319.   JT Dutch
... Hmmm, not hearing any "Beat L.A." chant now. Funny how that works.
2008-04-04 21:10:26
320.   underdog
I got news for Vasgersian - the reason the Dodgers weren't as hot as the Padres offensively coming into this series may have something to do with the Padres facing the Astros, and the Dodgers facing some pretty good Giants pitchers. Just a hunch.
2008-04-04 21:10:26
321.   LogikReader

It's like a vacuum out there in Petco tonight!

2008-04-04 21:10:31
322.   KG16
2008-04-04 21:10:31
323.   bhsportsguy
Dodgers have seen 38 pitches so this inning.
2008-04-04 21:11:26
324.   Lefty Supremacist
318 - I'd rather it be further out of reach so Saito can't get a save.
2008-04-04 21:11:27
325.   silverwidow
2008-04-04 21:11:52
326.   KG16
Who needs home runs to score runs?

Not the Dodgers.

2008-04-04 21:12:02
327.   bhsportsguy
318 Not right now.
2008-04-04 21:12:02
328.   underdog
321 Well, there's definitely a giant sucking sound from the Padres bullpen.

This is really making my night.

2008-04-04 21:12:03
329.   silverwidow
This patient Dodger team ROCKS.
2008-04-04 21:12:04
330.   Lefty Supremacist
WIsh granted.
2008-04-04 21:12:22
331.   Eric Enders
324 Ask, receive, etc. etc.
2008-04-04 21:12:22
332.   micktissue
2008-04-04 21:12:39
333.   Ricardo
Nice at-bat by Ethier!
2008-04-04 21:12:49
334.   spacebrother
I believe Torre would have pulled this pitcher by now--were he managing the Padres.
2008-04-04 21:12:53
335.   Bob Hendley
I like what I am seeing!
2008-04-04 21:13:12
336.   68elcamino427
Ethier, way to go!
2008-04-04 21:13:19
337.   Bob Timmermann
Looks like it happened as recently as April 3.

2008-04-04 21:13:41
338.   micktissue
Nice hit for Andre there giving Torre more validation for his decision to sit Pierre.
2008-04-04 21:13:42
339.   underdog
As Maxwell Smart would say, "Missed it... by that much."
2008-04-04 21:13:45
340.   Eric Enders
The Dodgers have batted around AND missed four hits by inches in this inning.
2008-04-04 21:13:47
341.   silverwidow
2008-04-04 21:13:54
342.   LogikReader
Wild pitch scores the run! Ooh yea.

I won't get too excited... I still remember how Broxton blew a 5-0 lead last year, and how the year before a similarly large lead was chucked by Baez.

2008-04-04 21:14:22
343.   KG16
This is pretty, and not in the last call sort of way either.
2008-04-04 21:14:29
344.   spacebrother
Actually, ANYONE would have pulled Rusch by now.
2008-04-04 21:14:34
345.   underdog
Nice hustle, Hu!
It's nice to see the Padres' bullpen does in fact have a weak spot for once.
2008-04-04 21:15:19
346.   Ricardo
Good move by Torre, Kent wouldn´t have scored this run.
2008-04-04 21:15:21
347.   silverwidow
2008-04-04 21:15:29
348.   underdog
344 I actually feel like Torre wouldn't have had Rusch on the roster at all, but that could be unfair.
2008-04-04 21:15:40
349.   GMac In The 909
This is a lot of fun.
2008-04-04 21:16:00
350.   underdog
This is delightful. Did I mention I hate the Padres?
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-04-04 21:16:13
351.   bhsportsguy
Both Thatcher and Rusch have thrown over 24 pitches this inning. 52 pitches thrown by Padres bullpen so far in this inning.
2008-04-04 21:16:20
352.   Eric Enders
This inning has been great and all, but it would be kind of a bummer to see Kemp make two of the three outs.
2008-04-04 21:16:21
353.   haskell
What happened to the pads' pen? Bums are feasting.
2008-04-04 21:17:05
354.   GMac In The 909
352 You mean like that?
2008-04-04 21:17:06
355.   spacebrother
I don't think so.
2008-04-04 21:17:27
356.   underdog
Kemp has something on TV he wants to watch.
2008-04-04 21:17:29
357.   bhsportsguy
Kemp gets the rare inning double, makes the first and last out.
2008-04-04 21:17:46
358.   Eric Enders
Well, now we know Kemp will not play tomorrow.
The rose goes in the front, big guy.
2008-04-04 21:17:46
359.   JT Dutch
... Not a phi beta kappa AB for Kent.
2008-04-04 21:18:26
360.   ucladodger
Beautiful inning. Last AB by Kemp, not so much. Seems like he cant even get a ball called his way.
2008-04-04 21:18:51
361.   underdog
So does Russell start tomorrow even though it's a 1pm game? Seems like with him swinging the bat better today and that he's young, Torre might let him catch Penny and then sit on Sunday, yah?
2008-04-04 21:19:00
362.   bhsportsguy
353 Thatcher is in the long line of cheap bullpen guys who could effective for a short time but eventually has to be replaced. (See Linebrink, Meredith, etc.)
2008-04-04 21:19:28
363.   Ricardo
And The Solution started everything...
2008-04-04 21:20:04
364.   Jimmy B
That's an interesting state. Kuroda in six innings have made 64 pitches. The Padres pitchers in the fifth inning made over 50 pitches. Wow.
2008-04-04 21:20:18
365.   Jimmy B
Er... stat.
2008-04-04 21:20:53
366.   3upn3down
Gathright's jump over the car:

2008-04-04 21:20:55
367.   spacebrother
More runs than hits. That's always nice to see.
2008-04-04 21:21:01
368.   Eric Enders
Bringing Kuroda back here is not entirely dissimilar to brining Lincecum back after the hour-plus rain delay.
2008-04-04 21:23:10
369.   KG16
So, Kuroda bats second next inning, do you leave him in?
2008-04-04 21:23:18
370.   Daniel Zappala
I really like that Torre is more than willing to bring in Hu as a defensive replacement for Kent as soon as the Dodgers go up by 3 runs, even if it's only the 7th.
2008-04-04 21:23:28
371.   Bob Timmermann
In Japan, the pitchers start warming up while their team is still batting.
2008-04-04 21:23:44
372.   Jimmy B
What really concerns me about the Dodgers in this game is that only one of the hits was for extra bases: Furcal's double in the third with two outs. I really hope at some point they start getting more extra bases.
2008-04-04 21:25:03
373.   underdog
So if the Padres do end up losing this game, will J. Walter Weatherman appear in their clubhouse and say, "And that's why you NEVER wear fatigues during a baseball game!"
2008-04-04 21:25:46
374.   KG16
Why is Billingsly in the bullpen? I do not like seeing Billingsly in the bullpen after a game has started.

Unless we are talking Game 7 of a series in October.

2008-04-04 21:26:20
375.   underdog
372 They also missed doubles down the line into the right field corner - twice.

Anyway, yes, more power would be nice, but I find it hard to complain too much about 7 runs.

2008-04-04 21:26:24
376.   bryanf
Wait, what? Billingsley is warming up in the bullpen?
2008-04-04 21:26:27
377.   spacebrother
Gotta get to Spicoli here.
2008-04-04 21:26:29
378.   silverwidow
374 Just getting some work in. Don't worry; he's starting on Monday.
2008-04-04 21:26:57
379.   Daniel Zappala
The Lakers have their big 3 all scoring 20+ points and they're losing? Must not be playing a lick of defense tonight.
2008-04-04 21:27:16
380.   Michael D
I think we got a lot more than a 4th starter here. Great game, I am a tad concerned we only have 1 home run in 4 games so far though.
2008-04-04 21:27:21
381.   Jimmy B
375 I'm not complaining. I'm just mildly concerned about future games. That's all.
2008-04-04 21:27:24
382.   GMac In The 909
337 Ya ... but ... has a Japanese pitcher ever gone the distance and won in his MLB debut?
2008-04-04 21:27:34
383.   KG16
378 - ok, I'll rephrase the question:

Why is a starting pitcher getting work in, during a game, in an exposed bull pen?

2008-04-04 21:28:18
384.   underdog
I was thinking Billingsley was warming up to get some work in, since he's slated to pitch on Monday and didn't pitch much on Wednesday. Actually pitching in this game would make less sense.
2008-04-04 21:29:01
385.   Bob Hendley
Only one word can describe how Kuroda is pitching tonight: "shew"
2008-04-04 21:29:07
386.   GMac In The 909
381 Isn't pitching usually ahead of hitting at this point in the season?
2008-04-04 21:29:08
387.   GMac In The 909
381 Isn't pitching usually ahead of hitting at this point in the season?
2008-04-04 21:29:13
388.   bryanf
Why pull Kuroda right now?
2008-04-04 21:29:53
389.   underdog
379 Can't be worse than the Memphis Grizzlies. Their defense is among the worst I've ever seen, and watching them tonight against the Warriors didn't change my opinion on them.
2008-04-04 21:30:11
390.   bhsportsguy
383 Its the only place he can throw. I am sure they were holding Chad in case Kuroda didn't make it and they needed an inning.
2008-04-04 21:30:26
391.   bryanf
JP off the bench. Nice.
2008-04-04 21:30:30
392.   Jimmy B
387 You're right. But after seeing how the Dodgers devolved into a singles-hitting club last season, I'm just mildly concerned.

And there goes Slappy.

2008-04-04 21:31:01
393.   GMac In The 909
386 , 387 I swear, girl. That never happens to me. Ever.

/bows after first toaster double

2008-04-04 21:31:34
394.   underdog
Wow, I'm actually happy for Pierre that he got a nice hit there. Now that I don't worry about him starting much, I can actually root for the guy.

381 I hear ya. I just expect more of the power to come after they leave California, ya know? Hopefully.

2008-04-04 21:32:21
395.   KG16
Who are the projected starters for Arizona?
2008-04-04 21:32:38
396.   Bob Timmermann
Masato Yoshii and Daisuke Matsuzaka both went 7 innings in their MLB debut. That's the longest any Japanese has gone in their debut on this side of the pond.
2008-04-04 21:32:48
397.   3upn3down
Ever wonder how a baseball in a blender would fair?

2008-04-04 21:33:25
398.   bhsportsguy
388 Eric E. was right it was a long inning and again its only April. Also want to let Kuroda come out the game on a high and 7 IP and only 1 run is good.

Dodger starters so far, Penny 6.2, 0 runs, Lowe 6+, 2 runs, Kuo 3, 0 runs and Kuroda 7, 1 run. 20.2 IP with 3 runs given up.

2008-04-04 21:33:33
399.   KG16
Ya know, I don't mind that they're not getting a lot of extra base hits right now. They're working the count and hitting line drives, that's the kind of baseball I like to watch.
2008-04-04 21:33:57
400.   Jimmy B
394 Thanks for the optimism. I guess I'm still hungover from last season. :)
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-04-04 21:34:40
401.   underdog
395 Billingsley vs. Haren. Loiaza vs. Doug Davis. Then old friend TBA vs. TBA.
2008-04-04 21:34:51
402.   spacebrother
Has the rest of the SD bullpen come down with the measles or something?
2008-04-04 21:35:00
403.   Bob Hendley
This is where you might want to rest Martin, though he probably wants to keep working on his swing. Who is the 3rd string catcher, Young?
2008-04-04 21:35:16
404.   Eric Enders
So will there be a Chan Ho sighting tonight?
2008-04-04 21:35:35
405.   silverwidow
Who's pitching the 8th? Park?
2008-04-04 21:36:07
406.   GMac In The 909
397 Ron Stilanovich should've played host to that.
2008-04-04 21:36:57
407.   3upn3down
Nomar would be the 3rd C if he were off the DL.
2008-04-04 21:37:10
408.   KG16

shake it off James, shake it off

2008-04-04 21:37:18
409.   underdog
Oh man. We don't need Loney being hurt now.
2008-04-04 21:38:10
410.   GMac In The 909
396 Thanks, Bob. I knew you would be able to break the land-speed record for that factoid.
2008-04-04 21:38:23
411.   underdog
Whew. He's okay. Just a stinger off his leg. Double whew.

Yah, I would think this would be a logical spot for Park.

2008-04-04 21:38:28
412.   Bob Hendley
406 - Rusch's block of the plate looked like patented Stilanovich.
2008-04-04 21:39:12
413.   silverwidow
If Bills pitches right now, it might be worth a little panic.
2008-04-04 21:39:33
414.   Eric Enders
Every time I see a play like that, I think of Jermaine Dye doing it in the playoffs and almost ending his career.
2008-04-04 21:39:43
415.   KG16
Lakers within 1 with 7:39 to play.
2008-04-04 21:40:15
416.   Ricardo
Foxsports is showing Bills.
2008-04-04 21:40:18
417.   KG16
Fire Joe Torre.
2008-04-04 21:40:23
418.   silverwidow
Uh oh...
2008-04-04 21:40:42
419.   Bob Hendley
2008-04-04 21:40:43
420.   bryanf
WTF? Billingsley in the 8th? Someone explain to me what this is all about. I am clueless.
2008-04-04 21:41:15
421.   micktissue
2008-04-04 21:41:29
422.   Andrew Shimmin
He would have been pitching today anyway, right? What difference does it make if he picks up a little garbage time, or just does it in the pen?
2008-04-04 21:41:47
423.   Bob Timmermann
It helps that there haven't been a lot of Japanese born pitchers.
2008-04-04 21:42:00
424.   underdog
Okay, I assume he's only going an inning but I don't quite get Billingsley pitching tonight. But he was listed as "available" so they must've felt he could use a little more work. Will he still go Monday then?
2008-04-04 21:42:06
425.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
This is Bills' throw day, correct?
2008-04-04 21:42:43
426.   Eric Enders
I like Torre so far, but it's going to take a long time for him to live down the stupidity of not starting your second-best pitcher and instead using him twice in relief to start the season.
2008-04-04 21:42:55
427.   bhsportsguy
422 Jeez calm down. He looks fine.
2008-04-04 21:43:01
428.   Ricardo
Bills had ans awful ST and gave up a ran on Wednesday. So, pitching one inning in a game like that could help his confidence.
2008-04-04 21:43:34
429.   micktissue
Billingsley even.
2008-04-04 21:44:15
430.   underdog
Oh come on... Panic? Fire Joe Torre? Seriously? I mean, let's all just take a deep breath, and read 422 . And I also recommend reading Chekov's short stories, and "Watership Down." But that's neither here nor there.
2008-04-04 21:44:30
431.   oshea2002
I can't believe Phil insists on playing Luke Walton.
2008-04-04 21:44:33
432.   bhsportsguy
426 Well I still think he overthought Wednesday which cost Angel Chavez his spot but Chad will start on Monday so I guess I am okay with it.
2008-04-04 21:44:57
433.   Eric Enders
428 Is there any reason to think Billingsley has confidence problems? Not every pitcher collapses mentally after a bad game or two.
2008-04-04 21:45:54
434.   GMac In The 909
426 Obviously Torre spent so much time in Japan that he didn't learn Billingsley is a starter.
2008-04-04 21:46:16
435.   underdog
426 Not starting him was completely a safety move based on the weather, no? Bringing him in that game later seemed a little odd to me, but again Torre misjudged the weather in that game. I'm not too upset with the whole thing overall. Especially assuming he still pitches on Monday.
2008-04-04 21:46:23
436.   Bob Timmermann
Tommy Craggs strikes again!
2008-04-04 21:46:24
437.   micktissue
427 He does look fine. I'm just wondering how throwing in a real game on his 'throwing day' might affect his next start. Probably it wont, but if I can't get my knickers in a twist over a managing decision I would not have made, I am just not complete.
2008-04-04 21:46:43
438.   Ricardo
433. I don´t know, Eric. But he´s still 23 and Torre doesn´t know the young players very well.
2008-04-04 21:47:05
439.   micktissue
427 He does look fine. I'm just wondering how throwing in a real game on his 'throwing day' might affect his next start. Probably it wont, but if I can't get my knickers in a twist over a managing decision I would not have made, I am just not complete.
2008-04-04 21:47:27
440.   micktissue
LOL. How does this thing work ...
2008-04-04 21:47:39
441.   Daniel Zappala
430 I'm dumbfounded. Amazed. Aghast. I was going to go to bed but I just had to come back to DT tonight to say ... I can't believe someone just recommended that Andrew Shimmin be read as the voice of reason.
2008-04-04 21:48:12
442.   Bob Timmermann
The [] will set you free.
2008-04-04 21:48:50
443.   oshea2002
Maybe Torre misremembered that Bills is a starter. An honest mistake.
2008-04-04 21:49:02
444.   3upn3down
Buster Olney said scouts he spoke with in ST felt Bills had an arm problem that was contributing to his tough Spring.

I hope he is wrong, but I'm concerned, and wonder if this strange usage of him is a sign that there is something we don't know.

2008-04-04 21:49:02
445.   bhsportsguy
441 He's getting ready to replace Bob while he goes on vacation tomorrow.
2008-04-04 21:49:14
446.   micktissue
Thanks Bob! I meant my double post, but your help, as usual, is greatly appreciated ...
2008-04-04 21:49:26
447.   Bob Hendley
428 - I thought is so-so ST was attributed to working on the changeup. Anway that's over. Surely he is not coming in to pitch another inning.
2008-04-04 21:49:30
448.   Eric Enders
437 I'm not overly upset with it either. I don't think it has any long-term implications. It just gives the impression that the team is being run by the Keystone Kops.
2008-04-04 21:49:54
449.   bryanf
Okay, I've been settled down by y'all. Thanks. I guess Bills will be fine.
2008-04-04 21:49:55
450.   Jimmy B
Hehee. Rangers are blowing out the Angels 11-0.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2008-04-04 21:51:08
451.   KG16
430 - there is absolutely no reason for Bills to be in this game. He is a starting pitcher. He will likely be the ace by the end of the year. If he comes into a game, it should be in the first inning.

There are 7 guys in the bullpen, at least 4 of whom haven't seen any PT, how about running one of those bums out there when you're up by 6 instead of Bills?

Was "Fire Joe Torre" a little over the top? Yes. Was that a less than stellar move by our new manager? Absolutely.

2008-04-04 21:51:08
452.   Daniel Zappala
450 Yes, except it's not funny. I'm much less optimistic about the Angels than the Dodgers this year, which means I can't dream of a Freeway World Series.
2008-04-04 21:52:43
453.   Bob Timmermann
But you're on Tommy Craggs Watch while I'm gone.
2008-04-04 21:52:46
454.   Daniel Zappala
This is one of those times where "access" helps. It would be great to know what Torre was thinking ("keeping him sharp") or if perhaps Billingsley himself felt he needed more work since he didn't get much the other night. It's really hard to say from here whether this was a good move or not.
2008-04-04 21:52:58
455.   bryanf
That was a nice play...
2008-04-04 21:53:18
456.   Eric Enders
Okay, Bison. Here's your chance.
2008-04-04 21:53:50
457.   Ricardo
451.But maybe Torre thought that Bills looked like EDSP.
2008-04-04 21:55:57
458.   Eric Enders
That was ball four, Matt.
2008-04-04 21:56:30
459.   micktissue
Poll: Does anyone find Charlie and Rick's Fregosi love/9th inning chat interesting?
2008-04-04 21:56:59
460.   underdog
451 I get what you're saying. It's just that there are things we don't really know about how a pitcher needs to be handled, how he's feeling physically, and so on. He also only pitched a third of an inning the other night. On top of that, do we know that Park is ready to go tonight? If so, I would've brought him in. If not, that's yet another reason to get Bills some work. That's all I'm sayin'.

Now I am worried Kemp may sit tomorrow in favor of Pierre, but I'll try not to think of it too much.

2008-04-04 21:56:59
461.   das411
Since when does "WGA" stand for "World Canadian Bureau"?

what's that, since last Wednesday night? ok then!

2008-04-04 21:57:45
462.   micktissue
458 MK has probably been told he's pitching the 9th.
2008-04-04 21:59:37
463.   KG16
460 - I understand you're point. I guess my concern is that Bills goes out to "get some work" and ends up taking a line drive off his ankle in a game that was in the refrigerator.

Personally, if I was in Torre's spot, I'd have either run Billingsly out to start on Thursday or backed him up to either today or tomorrow. But that's just me.

2008-04-04 21:59:56
464.   oshea2002
If Pierre is going to play this series it should be Sunday with Young on the mound - any time him or Raffy is on base they should easily steal 2nd and 3rd.
2008-04-04 22:00:41
465.   Bob Hendley
459 - I am catching their announcers. And I don't find them objectionable. They seem to know a little about the Dodgers, and not too many boring historical anecdotes about the Padres.
2008-04-04 22:00:47
466.   underdog
Okay, this is what I find annoying about the new MLB player, I can't pause it. On the older player, I could pause while it continued to download, or stream, a la Tivo.
2008-04-04 22:01:45
467.   underdog
465 Yeah, they've been surprisingly non-annoying. I expected much worse but they've been totally fine.
2008-04-04 22:03:46
468.   underdog
Ethier and Jones need to work some more on communication out there. Like two soccer players on the same team going for a ball.

Oh no, but now the Padres announcers had to bring up the infamous Dodger bullpen meltdown game of '06.

2008-04-04 22:03:47
469.   Eric Enders
They are much less annoying than they were during the China games.

Those broadcasts, in case you missed them, featured Mark Grant speaking in Chinese gibberish a la Bill Singer.

2008-04-04 22:03:54
470.   micktissue
This is interesting ...
2008-04-04 22:05:24
471.   68elcamino427
The classic unintentional-intentional walk is awarded to the dangerous San Diego batter.
2008-04-04 22:06:41
472.   Bob Hendley
He should work on his change up.
2008-04-04 22:07:21
473.   Gen3Blue
It's a good sign that Dodger pitchers can't get a strike unless they are absolutely perfect. They are winning despite it.
2008-04-04 22:07:26
474.   micktissue
2008-04-04 22:07:42
475.   KG16
Do the Lakers hold the tie breaker over the Warriors?
2008-04-04 22:08:23
476.   underdog
We win! (subbing for Greg Brock)

Okay, I'm off like a bad prom dress.

2008-04-04 22:08:35
477.   Ricardo
30 pitches to Bills. That´s strange, will Kuo start on Monday?
2008-04-04 22:10:42
478.   GMac In The 909
477 Didn't you hear? Chan Ho beat out Bills for the fifth spot in the rotation.
2008-04-04 22:10:49
479.   Jimmy B
475 I believe the went 2-2.
2008-04-04 22:11:47
480.   oshea2002
I like Grant and Vasgergian, and I don't think the SF announcers are too bad either. There are much, much worse announcer pairs out there.
2008-04-04 22:12:35
481.   Bob Timmermann
The chances of the Lakers and Warriors finishing with the same record are rather remote.
2008-04-04 22:12:42
482.   silverwidow
477 No.

Bills has thrown 51 pitches this season (which is far less than he usually throws in a start.

2008-04-04 22:12:44
483.   MollyKnight
Wooooo! Dodgers win!
2008-04-04 22:13:32
484.   KG16
481 - I'm just wondering if the Lakers clinched a play off spot tonight.
2008-04-04 22:14:28
485.   oshea2002
484 - yes
2008-04-04 22:14:35
486.   Jimmy B
484 Not yet. The only team to clinch is the Hornets in the West.
2008-04-04 22:14:37
487.   micktissue has the headline 'My Kuroda'. Nice.
2008-04-04 22:16:40
488.   KG16
486 - it would appear you are correct. Second tie breaker is record against the division, the Lakers have too many games against divisional opponents still. One more win or a loss by the Warriors and the Lakers are in.

Of course, just being in isn't quite good enough this year.

2008-04-04 22:16:43
489.   Eric Enders
Vasgersian can be pretty good, like tonight, but at certain times (usually when he's trying to be hip or funny) he can also be more obnoxiously annoying than any other announcer.

Grant is an embarrassment all the way around. Put him out to pasture.

2008-04-04 22:17:01
490.   bhsportsguy
Its probably Ethier's day to sit one out this weekend, Jones will play all weekend because of Petco's CF.
2008-04-04 22:17:04
491.   bhsportsguy
Its probably Ethier's day to sit one out this weekend, Jones will play all weekend because of Petco's CF.
2008-04-04 22:17:40
492.   Bob Timmermann
Since the Lakers and Warriors split 2-2, if they did finish tied for a playoff spot, I think the schedule would require the Lakers to have a worse record in division games.
2008-04-04 22:18:12
493.   Bob Timmermann
Grant ate up the whole pasture.
2008-04-04 22:19:06
494.   Eric Enders
O'Shea is right -- Pierre should probably start Sunday against TCY. If ever there was a game where you want a basestealer in the lineup, that's it.
2008-04-04 22:19:07
495.   68elcamino427
Great line up for the Dodgers and a great win. Dodgers record is now 3 wins, 1 loss on the season.
2008-04-04 22:19:16
496.   GMac In The 909
488 Lakers Live is reporting the Lakers clinched a playoff spot, but I don't trust that Patrick O'Neal guy.
2008-04-04 22:19:20
497.   Jimmy B
488 I stand corrected. The Lakers did clinch.
2008-04-04 22:19:31
498.   micktissue
From, "In 2005, USA Today ranked the Dodgers' radio broadcast team, featuring Vin Scully, Monday and Charley Steiner as Major League Baseball's best, based on a technical rating, a fan rating and an entertainment rating. The trio earned 28.5 points out of a possible 30."

I did not know that. I must be in that 1.5 part.

2008-04-04 22:19:37
499.   Gen3Blue
Dodger manager says something about making opposing pitchers work. Walks kill the Padres. Dodgers win.

Plashke doesn't know what to say.

You should slash at the first pitch you can.

After rubbing your championship rings and metals.

But will people listen.

They may be reading blogs, and my truisms may fall on deaf ears.

2008-04-04 22:19:50
500.   Bob Timmermann
Kuroda and Billingsley combined for 108 pitches. Germano threw 107 in six innings. The three Padre relievers threw 97.
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2008-04-04 22:19:50
501.   KG16
well, according to ESPN and FSN, the Lakers have clinched a play off spot, that's good enough for me.
2008-04-04 22:21:59
502.   Bob Timmermann
If Golden State wins out and the Lakers lose out, the Lakers would finish tied with Denver, whom they swept this year. Golden State has to play Denver once more.
2008-04-04 22:22:31
503.   micktissue
ESPN reports Lakers have clinched.
2008-04-04 22:23:34
504.   Bob Hendley
493 - Yeah, and because he used to play for Bowa, we got to see that blow up a couple of times more than I would like. When is Bowa due back?
2008-04-04 22:24:07
505.   KG16
hmmmm, my Tivo seems to be off by a couple of minutes.
2008-04-04 22:26:25
506.   micktissue
Wow. It's not Dodger news, but it's nonetheless interesting: Yahoo is reporting Mike Montgomery has been hired to coach Cal!
2008-04-04 22:27:31
507.   Jason in Canada
Dodgers Win!

And CBillz pitched the final two innings??

What an interesting move...

2008-04-04 22:27:38
508.   Jimmy B
506 Oh yeah. He should be able to turn that program around considering what he did for Stanford.

BTW, Angels now trailing 11-6. I believe all six run have come in the bottom of the ninth.

2008-04-04 22:27:43
509.   Bob Timmermann
Mike Montgomery has now made it into three threads in one day!
2008-04-04 22:30:09
510.   oshea2002
Montgomery is a solid hire for Cal. Has any coach done more job hopping w/o having to move?
2008-04-04 22:32:49
511.   Gen3Blue
Kuroda seems to have more impact than Dice-K, which I anticipated, but was too stupid to predict. He has the best qualities to play in American National League baseball, and would figure higher in most rotations.
I think the D's rotation is equal to any in the west, and it is up to the offenses. I think ours might be the best in the second half.
2008-04-04 22:35:41
512.   Bob Hendley
511 - And he must like the bigger parks as well. Bob, would that have been a homerun by Owen Wilson in his old park?
2008-04-04 22:39:26
513.   Duranimal
I was at the Pads game tonight, and I'm really jacked about the win. Put LaRoche in our batting order tonight, and it has to be one of the best in the NL. And Kuroda was what Dice-K was supposed to be. If you go position by position, there's not a Padre I would rather have.
2008-04-04 22:40:02
514.   Bob Timmermann
Possibly, but Hiroshima wasn't exactly Citizens Bank Park or the Baker Bowl.
2008-04-04 22:41:51
515.   Bob Timmermann
Hiroshima has short fences, but lots of foul territory.

2008-04-04 22:46:26
516.   Lexinthedena
513 How would LaRoche be an upgrade? DeWitt has had nothing but quality at bats thus far. It may not last, but he looks far from overmatched.

Bob, how did the workshop go at the Better Than Vin Central Library? Wanted to make it, but was needed at work today.

2008-04-04 22:47:26
517.   Bob Hendley
515 - Thanks, for some reason I can't copy addresses and have to type them in and my keyboard doesn't have one of those squiggly things, but I am assumming that you send me the part in Hiroshima superimposed over PETCO.
2008-04-04 22:48:12
518.   Bob Timmermann
It drew a big crowd, by library standards, about 50 people.

It seemed to go well. I was a little upset that I didn't get everything in to it that I wanted.

2008-04-04 22:48:33
519.   Bob Hendley
Keyboard can't spell either.
2008-04-04 22:49:11
520.   Bob Timmermann
It's not that fancy.

Try this link:

2008-04-04 22:50:15
521.   Bob Hendley
518 - That is a big crowd. And baseball fans at that. Hopefully they were duly library-quiet.
2008-04-04 22:58:22
522.   underdog
Back from cleaning house and watching some telly with the g/f and the cats. Popped in to see what Gaslamp Ball had to say about the game. Beforehand, they included this in the post:
>>Interestingly, Dodger Thoughts' goes for the reverse jinx (as opposed to my blatant digust) and points out our overall advantage over the Dodgers since their World Series. That's kinda friendly of them, though it makes me hate them even more for thinking of the idea to do that before I did.<<

I actually kinda like that blog more after reading that and some of the amusing comments during the game.

And no, I'm not getting all cocky, especially given how bad the Dodgers have generally fared on Fox Saturday games in recent times.

Wow, a lot of big sports to take in tomorrow. Thank God for Tivo.

2008-04-04 22:59:15
523.   Bob Hendley
520 - Thanks. Me thinks that would have surely been a homerun. Don't see the rightfield dimensions , but down the line PETCO is about thirty feet further and this field's 298, and then goes out to 380 in rightfield. The dirt infield must sharpen fielding skills, like in the DR.
2008-04-04 23:02:03
524.   Linkmeister
3 hours on the nose. By current standards that's a fast game. That 7th inning must have been fun to watch.
2008-04-04 23:02:24
525.   KingKopitar
Just to give you guys the head's up, the Kings need to lose tomorrow (against the Ducks) and the Tampa Bay Lightning need to gain a point for the Kings to clinch last place in the NHL. Getting last place gives the Kings a 48% chance at securing the top draft pick in the 2008 NHL Draft.

This is what my life has become.

2008-04-04 23:07:20
526.   Bob Timmermann
Perhaps the lights will go out for this game too.
2008-04-04 23:13:37
527.   Eric Stephen
My long personal nightmare is over. For the first time in 10 games with me in attendance, the Dodgers have defeated the Padres! Yay!

Welcome to MLB, Hiroki Kuroda. From the looks of the Petco radar gun, Kuroda was hitting 87-89 MPH early on, then from innings 4-6 he was consistently 90-93 MPH. He just absolutely pounded the strike zone. I was actually surprised he didn't pitch longer, having only thrown 77 pitches. I assume it had something to do with Honeycutt's mound visit in the 7th when Kuroda appeared to wince ever so slightly.

I haven't read anything yet, but I was intrigued by Billingsley's relief appearance. If he's just getting some work in, that's cool, especially if he can still start Monday (or maybe now Tuesday). Also, I wouldn't mind using starters in relief on their throw day anyway.

2008-04-04 23:31:06
528.   Jon Weisman
Some people are freaking out too much over Billingsley.
2008-04-04 23:36:35
529.   Jon Weisman
Oh, and new post up top.

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