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Hitting by Pitching
2008-04-07 15:15
by Jon Weisman

ToyCannon at True Blue L.A. brings up the struggles of some National League West closers during the season's first week. To that, I add this: Check out what NL bullpens did during Week 1. The Dodger bullpen is tops with a 0.98 ERA and an opponent OPS of .467 in 18 1/3 innings.

In overall pitching, the Dodgers lead the league with a 1.70 ERA and .536 opponent OPS. However bad the Dodgers' hitting looked last week, their rivals' hitting was usually worse.

* * *

Dodgers at Diamondbacks, 6:40 p.m.

Comments (522)
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2008-04-07 15:23:50
1.   D4P
Regarding our pitching thus far:

Three games against the team with Bengie Molina batting cleanup and three in PetCo are good for the team ERA.

2008-04-07 15:24:51
2.   underdog
Reposting from previous thread:
305 Ah, that's no fun! This way I get to curse at Billy Packer, live!

306 Well, there is that theory of reverse-jinxing by putting the opposition way up on a pedestal.

Er, except I just ruined that by spelling it out.

Anyway, I don't think Haren is unbeatable at all - Webb scares me more. But he's a tough cookie and vs. Loiaza I don't have a great deal of faith. But that's just on paper.

2008-04-07 15:24:52
3.   silverwidow
If he HAS to play, I can tolerate the 8th spot.
2008-04-07 15:26:00
4.   Jon Weisman
Of course - but you can apply the same qualifiers to the Dodger hitting - who they faced in the Giant series and where they played in the Padre series.
2008-04-07 15:26:37
5.   Jon Weisman
By the way, D4P, Matt Kemp's agent is Dave Stewart:

2008-04-07 15:26:55
6.   underdog
1 I know what you mean, and don't mean to single you out here, but I feel like there's a double standard going on with assessing the Dodgers here. So it's too early to get excited about how well the bullpen is doing, because it's early, and the Giants, and PetCo, etc., but it's not too early too criticize the hitters, and Joe Torre, and Andruw Jones, and so on?

You know what I mean?

2008-04-07 15:27:24
7.   underdog
Or what Jon said more succinctly in 4 .
2008-04-07 15:30:20
8.   Gilberto Reyes
2 runs in 18.1 IP and opponents hitting only .164 against them. Now that's relief! And we don't have an over-the-hill Hoffman to worry about like the Padres.
2008-04-07 15:31:42
9.   ToyCannon
"Always the negative vibes man"
2008-04-07 15:34:00
10.   D4P
Oh yeah, I think I remember knowing that at one point in time.

The Giants lineup sucks, and PetCo is tough to hit in. So, it is reasonable to think that "good" pitching from the Dodgers may actually just be horrendous hitting by the Giants and park factors in San Diego.

As for the rest, Joe Torre's decision-making is presumably not influenced by Sabean's terrible roster or PetCo. If he thinks Pierre deserves more than half the starts, I think it's reasonable to critique his thinking. Regarding Jones, he was terrible last year, and is off to a terrible start this year. So, criticizing him really just follows last year's pathetic performance, and is not based solely on the few games he has played thus far.

2008-04-07 15:34:34
11.   Eric Stephen
I hope the D-Backs close the roof for tomorrow night's game so Billingsley can make his scheduled start.
2008-04-07 15:35:31
12.   regfairfield
Can we just agree that it's far too early to make judgements about the offense or defense?
2008-04-07 15:35:54
13.   silverwidow
10 Kuroda was legit great on Friday.
2008-04-07 15:37:17
14.   Gilberto Reyes
D-Backs lead MLB with 12 HR while the Dodgers are tied for last with SF and the Mets with only 2. Phenom Justin Upton already has 3. Any thoughts on how this might come in to play in the upcoming series and in the division race where the defending NL West champ D-Backs appear to be the team to beat right now?
2008-04-07 15:37:22
15.   ToyCannon
Joe Posnanski continues to make me laugh.

"*Real work has had me on the road more or less non-stop for months. I was telling someone here in San Antonio that I'm feeling ridiculously homesick — I said, "I feel like I'm not going to see my daughters until their wedding." To which he — being a good friend — said: "Yeah, like they're going to invite you."

2008-04-07 15:39:21
16.   ToyCannon
Our ERA is about to head north?
2008-04-07 15:39:37
17.   regfairfield
14 The Mets are in last place in home runs. This should tell you how relevant that stat is right now.
2008-04-07 15:39:39
18.   Zach the Ripper
I agree that PetCo park helps pitchers, but as Silverwidow alludes to in post 13, I don't recall a single play in the Padres series where petco-shenanigans ensued.
2008-04-07 15:39:46
19.   Neal Pollack
Pierre starting AGAIN today over Kemp. Isn't there someone we can call?
2008-04-07 15:40:20
20.   D4P
But the Dodgers have 2 more stolen bases than the Dbacks...
2008-04-07 15:41:55
21.   Gilberto Reyes
It looks like it is the ageless Greg Maddux's turn to dominate the hapless Giants today.
2008-04-07 15:42:00
22.   GobiasIndustries
I'm going to call Dr. Daniels. Dr. Jack Daniels , as soon as the wee man steps up to make an his first plate appearance.
2008-04-07 15:44:51
23.   D4P
Pierre is seeing 4.09 pitchers per AB this season, compared to 3.40 last year and 3.42 for his career.
2008-04-07 15:45:03
24.   Ken Arneson
5 Perhaps we should rename this blog "Bison Stew".
2008-04-07 15:45:13
25.   Gilberto Reyes
19 Have the lineups really been announced already? Torre must be trying to light a fire under Kemp.
2008-04-07 15:45:21
26.   fanerman
19 Too bad Dodger Thoughts doesn't have a resident analyst therapist.
2008-04-07 15:46:19
27.   scareduck
Helen's observational saw is that early in the season, pitching is ahead of the hitting. Too bad that didn't work for the Cubs in the persona of Ted Lilly; on the other hand, they eventually did win the game 10-8 in 12 frames, spoiling the Pirates' home opener.

I was listening to the game on XM in the car on the way into the office this morning, and I happened to turn it on just as the Cubs were launching a six-run rally in the third, stomping all over Tom Gorzelanny. You could just hear the air run out of the poor Pirates broadcasters booth (XM was, per custom, using the home feed) after slap-hitting Ronny Cedeno got a booming one-out double to right-center with the bases loaded right after they had speculated the damage could be contained with a suitable ground ball.

2008-04-07 15:47:35
28.   scareduck
24 - not sure how good that would be. We feed our dogs bison. It smells like beef, but there's an odd taste to it that makes me slightly nauseous.
2008-04-07 15:47:52
29.   Eric Stephen
I'm no meteorologist, but some of the park effects have to do with the air temp, thickness of the air, currents, etc, no? I would think a lot of the effects are unseen.

For instance, a normal fly ball in Petco might travel further in Arizona, but it might be hard to decipher which fly balls fit that criterion, at least to the naked eye.

2008-04-07 15:48:18
30.   underdog
24 Mmmmmm... just like mom used to make. With some kidney beans, chili powder and potatoes. Mmm-mmm.

19 Ghostbusters?

Yeah, stats after the first week crack me up - the SF Chron actually published NL and AL Leaders in the sports section this weekend. Leaders! After a week. Wake me up when it's June 1st.

2008-04-07 15:48:26
31.   ToyCannon
I'm unfamiliar with the observational saw. Does it cut both ways or only on the back cut?
2008-04-07 15:48:35
32.   tjdub

I'm pretty sure Ned and Torre are filling Tobias' role

2008-04-07 15:48:42
33.   D4P
Too bad Dodger Thoughts doesn't have a resident analyst therapist

What if we all blue ourselves...?

2008-04-07 15:49:40
34.   still bevens

Furcal, SS

Martin, C

Loney, 1B

Kent, 2B

Ethier, RF

Jones, CF

DeWitt, 3B

Pierre, LF

Loaiza, P

2008-04-07 15:50:30
35.   ToyCannon
Time to break out the "Physics of Baseball" except I'm working these days. Between posts anyways.
2008-04-07 15:50:37
36.   Eric Stephen
The lineups are commonly released to the public (well, at least the beat writers and the like) 3-4 hours before gametime. I'm sure they are up much earlier in the clubhouse.

Also, in this particular instance, Torre said yesterday after the game in San Diego that Pierre would start tonight in Arizona.

2008-04-07 15:52:57
37.   silverwidow
Like I mentioned yesterday, Kemp is certain to start tomorrow against Dougie Davis.
2008-04-07 15:53:08
38.   cargill06
no need to watch tonight
diamondbacks 6 dodgers 4
Furcal 1-4, 2b, run
martin 2-3, bb, run, rbi
Loney 0-4
Kent 0-4,
etthier 1-3, rbi, bb run
jones 1-4, HR, 2 RBI, run
dewitt 0-4 3 k's
pierre 2-3, sb

loaiza, 5.2 IP, 5 ER, 8 hits, 3 bb's, 2 k's
kuo, 1.1 IP, 1 hit, 2 k's, 1 bb
park, 1 ip, 2 hits, 1 er.

2008-04-07 15:53:29
39.   Eric Stephen
Yeah, I was just trying to point out that it's hard to look at a fly ball from yesterday's game and say "that would have been a HR in Arizona" because there are so many factors besides ballpark size.
2008-04-07 15:54:43
40.   Eric Stephen
Is tomorrow going to be Doug Davis's final start before his chemo treatments? I actually thought he was supposed to start the treatments after his last start, but I could be mistaken.
2008-04-07 15:55:01
41.   ToyCannon
I have to believe that Cargill is putting money on the Diamondbacks tonight but Arizona's lungs will have not adjusted from the thin air, assuring a Dodger victory.

Over 92% of teams who return from Colorado lose if they play the very next day.

I of course made that up, because old habits are like Bruce Willis's best movie.

2008-04-07 15:55:58
42.   Deuces are Wild
So in essence with this lineup, we've traded Kemp for Jones from last year. Not much of an upgrade as if we had traded Pierre's bat for Jones. Wonder if McCourt needs to send an apology in the LA Times to Dodger fans for having to watch Juan Pierre (a la Steinbrenner) - whatever it takes, man.
2008-04-07 15:57:20
43.   GobiasIndustries
Looks like someone has been popping Timocils.
2008-04-07 15:59:07
44.   D4P
FYI: There's no "I" in Teamocil, at least not where you'd think.
2008-04-07 16:03:08
45.   Hythloday
41 Hudson Hawk? I don't get it.
2008-04-07 16:04:25
46.   Eric Stephen
All 3 Dodgers/D-Backs games are being televised by both FSN Prime Ticket (in LA) and FSN Arizona (in Arizona), so there's a 50/50 shot each day of receiving either Vin Scully or Daron Sutton & Mark Grace.

Rob Neyer mentioned last week that on opening day he had both feeds on Extra Innings for the Royals-Tigers game. Has anyone else ever experienced this? It would be cool to be able to choose which team's announcers to listen to, if possible.

2008-04-07 16:04:38
47.   fanerman
38 BTW Cargill, if you have no idea what these random references to Teamocil and Tobias are, they're from Arrested Development.
2008-04-07 16:05:28
48.   GobiasIndustries
2008-04-07 16:07:42
49.   tjdub

Last week I was able to choose Vin over the Giants feed on DTV EI.

I'm still worried about tonight though as apparently Utah is AZ blackout territory (or at least has been in the past).

2008-04-07 16:09:42
50.   Eric Stephen
Last week I was able to choose Vin over the Giants feed on DTV EI

Were you given the option to choose Dodger feed and/or Giant feed? That's cool, but it sounds like it may be a DirecTV feature not applicable to poor schlubs like me with cable.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-04-07 16:35:08
51.   madmac
41 He made a move called "Hard to Break"
2008-04-07 16:35:45
52.   gpellamjr
I have EI with Time Warner Cable here in Columbus. Besides all the odd-numbered HBO channels being highly pixelated to the point of being unwatched, ESPN-HD and ESPN2-HD and several other HD channels are also unwatchable. When I call TW, they tell me to re-boot my box each time and have no other advice. When that doesn't work, they send a guy out, who replaces a cable and then pretends there is no problem. This was also their solution to horrible pink lines that constantly run up my screen.

Anyway, I always have problems with EI. The most annoying is the fact that I'm always blacked out for Dodgers-Pirates games, even though I don't have FSNP. And for some reason the Dodgers played them 10 times last year. But now I was very excited that TW will have some HD games on EI. Now those games are not coming through in HD! So I call them today and what do they suggest? Re-boot your box!

It didn't work, of course. Now a guy will be coming out on Thursday to tell me that there isn't a problem and that I am crazy. I would switch to DTV in two seconds, because I had a great experience with them in Buffalo, but my apartment complex will not allow us to get satelites.

At least this is taking my mind off of Juan Pierre.

2008-04-07 16:36:12
53.   Frip
Jon how come ToyCannon gets all the attention!
2008-04-07 16:36:49
54.   bhsportsguy
This Date in LA Dodger History

Witn the help of Retrosheet, I figure why not pull up some of these games, some dates we know what the best game was, September 7th, September 11th, September 18th, etc. But here are some from today April 7th. Enjoy. And one of these games, yours truly attended.

4/7/69 - Don Drysdale wins his 1st of 5 victories in his last year with the Dodgers, Don would retire in August 1969.
4/7/74 - Andy Messersmith completes a 3 game sweep of the Padres, Dodgers outscore the Padres 25-2 in 3 games. Newly acquired Jimmy Wynn hits his 3rd HR and Steve Garvey hit his 1st as the Dodgers cruise to 9-2 win.
4/7/77 - Tommy wins his first Opening Day, 5-1 behind strong pitching by Don Sutton and timely hitting. The only mistake today was by Frank Sinatra who doesn't belt the National Anthem like Old Blue Eyes should.

2008-04-07 16:39:56
55.   Kevin Lewis
What was Tobias' name when he was dressed up as the cleaning lady? Featherbottom? I forgot how hilarious those few episodes were.
2008-04-07 16:40:13
56.   gpellamjr
52 So long of a post is bound to have typos. I mean, of course, to say that the HBO channels are unwatchable, and that the Dodgers have played Pittsburgh 10 times each of the last two years.
2008-04-07 16:41:59
57.   Jon Weisman
54 - '77 was the game where Sutton allowed a homer on the first pitch of the season, I believe.
2008-04-07 16:42:12
58.   Jon Weisman
53 - What do you mean?
2008-04-07 16:43:51
59.   bhsportsguy
54 Just to followup to those of you less than 30 years old.

4/7/2002 - Eric Gagne, with no fanfare and no Ghame Over, collects his first save of his career, he would get 51 more in 2002, win a Cy Young Award in 2003, and create excitement unseen since Mike Piazza (sorry Shawn Green and LAT) was belting laser shots out of the Stadium.

2008-04-07 16:45:38
60.   Jon Weisman
49 - I was at the Delta terminal in Atlanta, on the phone with my Dad, during that ninth inning.
2008-04-07 16:45:42
61.   bhsportsguy
57 Yep, the story as heard Vin tell me that day (that's the game I attended, won the tickets on a radio contest on KABC), was that Rawlings or some new company was making baseballs so they were going to give the first pitch of each opener to the HOF. Gary Thomassan decided not to let the BP fastball go by and hit into the RF bullpen.
2008-04-07 16:47:08
62.   bhsportsguy
Does this date count for something in Dodger History?

4/8/74 - Someone hit a home run that day.

2008-04-07 16:48:11
63.   Eric Stephen
You have to re-word it: "Al Downing gives up a home run, despite Bill Buckner trying to emulate Spiderman."
2008-04-07 16:49:46
64.   Marty
62 Al Downing still is telling people not to talk about it, "because if you haven't played the game you don't know what you are talking about"
2008-04-07 16:53:14
65.   Eric Enders
"All 3 Dodgers/D-Backs games are being televised by both FSN Prime Ticket (in LA) and FSN Arizona (in Arizona), so there's a 50/50 shot each day of receiving either Vin Scully or Daron Sutton & Mark Grace."

If it's being shown by both, the EI game (at least on cable) is always, always the home team's feed.

Which sucks for this week.

2008-04-07 16:56:27
66.   bhsportsguy
64 I have no recollection of who gave up the home run to Bonds last year (just glad it wasn't a Dodger)
2008-04-07 16:56:42
67.   underdog
I have no idea why I read some of the comments that follow the article on Yahoo about the substance on Jake Peavy's hand, but I had to post this one only because I think it's hysterically funny. And no, I don't think all Padre fans are like this or think this, and I know, there are Dodger fans who would write something just as lame. But it ties into our conversation earlier about perceptions about LA and Dodgers...

>>Well I guess I would be a little upset too if I was a Dodger fan just because no Dodger pitcher can go 9 innings and only give up 2 hits; not to mention that stupid charity run that the umpires gave the Dodgers cuz they felt bad. LA fans just don't think it's possible to have that kind of performance from a pitcher cuz' they never see Lowe or Penny pitch like that. Believe it or not people, Peavy is just that good! It's bad enough that we have all these Dodger fans living down here cuz' LA sucks and is dirty, violent, and smoggy; but why do they evenshow {sic} up at our home games talking smack and now this nonsense.<<

It's just further proof that anyone can have access to a computer and use a keyboard... Another Pads fan accused Dodgers and their fans of being cry babies and whiners for the Peavy non-controversy, when hardly any Dodger fan or player has said a word about it.

2008-04-07 16:58:12
68.   Bob Timmermann
I could watch on but the internet access inside the hotel rooms is wired. It's wifi out by the pool. And I would feel weird using wifi by the pool.

Except for 20 other people doing the same.

2008-04-07 16:58:15
69.   regfairfield
66 I was just thinking about it and it took me a good two minutes to remember it was Mike Bacsik and I still don't know how to spell the man's name right. Just goes to show you how much it resonated.
2008-04-07 16:59:35
70.   D4P
Are you there by yourself, or did your lady friend accompany you...?
2008-04-07 17:01:01
71.   Deuces are Wild
65 I have the normal DirecTV Extra Innings, and I've noticed that they're carrying both feeds for all games. Yesterday they had the Marlins and the Pirates feeds for the same game. So here's hoping I can see and hear Vinny.
2008-04-07 17:01:02
72.   bhsportsguy
69 I remember Tom Zachary, I remember it was Ralph Terry who gave up the Maz shot that won the 1960 World Series. But there is no way, I would remember that name.
2008-04-07 17:03:09
73.   Frip
Jon, just a joke about you leading off your post with him.
2008-04-07 17:03:19
74.   jasonungar07
Coletti and Torre have done the unthinkable. I know this will not be popular...but in 30 years I never hoped for any Dodger to fail so miserably as I hope Pierre continues to do.
2008-04-07 17:14:21
75.   Jim Hitchcock
52 I get Superfan on DirecTV to access the HD
games, and yesterday I tuned in to 737HD, hoping to get Vinnie for the first time this year...and they were broadcasting in Spanish. Non HD 737 was in English, and I was pretty sore.

Then, just before Ethier's long fly in the second, it reverted to English, and all was right with the world.

2008-04-07 17:14:23
76.   Gilberto Reyes
74 I can't root against Pierre while he is still a Dodger. But I really feel that this will all work its way out by the end of April and the most productive three outfielders will be starting. Let's not get too excited about Pierre's playing time at the expense of Kemp while the team is 4-2. Do you really think Torre would be starting Pierre tonight if we were 1-5?
2008-04-07 17:20:52
77.   scareduck
67 - last year when Derek Zumsteg was all high-horsing around about K-Rod allegedly doctoring the ball, it was a two-day story: one to break it, and another for MLB to say they weren't investigating it. I find it highly amusing that Zumsteg hasn't updated his Cheater's blog since December with this dripping, juicy story hitting the innertubes. But then, after a while channeling Sam the American Eagle gets to be really boring if you have better things to do, and I think he (DMZ) does.
2008-04-07 17:25:36
78.   Dodgers49
40 Is tomorrow going to be Doug Davis's final start before his chemo treatments? I actually thought he was supposed to start the treatments after his last start, but I could be mistaken.

Yes, the article I read said he would make his first two starts with the last one being April 8th. I remember noting that he would face Loaiza. However, Loaiza and Billingsley switched places after Billingsley pitched in San Diego.

2008-04-07 17:26:36
79.   eekrock
T.Jackson is reporting the Bison is set to start tomorrow against D.Davis.
2008-04-07 17:28:01
80.   fanerman
79 Please hit 3 home runs tomorrow Mr. Bison. Please.
2008-04-07 17:29:38
81.   jasonungar07
Yes. Pierre is a complimentry piece, it would not be his fault we are 1-5, everyone else needs to be good for Pierre to be good.
2008-04-07 17:29:41
82.   wronghanded
67 I lived in San Diego County for close to 20 years and I can honestly say that most Padre fans are like that. They hate the Dodgers more than any other professional team (in any sport) down there. I have good friends that are Padre fans and they do nothing but wait to rub the Dodgers mediocrity (and the Padres dominance over the D's) in my face every opportunity they get. I honestly think its a bigger current rivalry than SF.
2008-04-07 17:29:44
83.   fanerman
80 But don't press! If you press and fail, you'll probably just see more time on the bench.
2008-04-07 17:29:48
84.   D4P
T.Jackson is reporting the Bison is set to start tomorrow against D.Davis

Even if Pierre makes four more good outs tonight...?

2008-04-07 17:30:27
85.   scareduck
52 - I recently moved intra-TW territory and in the process was forced to surrender my old cable box for a new one. I don't have half a clue what the old one was, but the new one, a Scientific Atlanta (a Cisco subsidiary) 8300 is just miserable.

- Picture-in-picture with one channel HD will ultimately result in the whole thing starting to skip.
- Picture-in-picture cannot be placed in the corner of the display, but insists on covering about 20% of the display area. On a typical baseball game waiting for a pitch, the PIP image covers either home plate and most of the batter, the score, or the pitcher entirely.
- Navigation is a nightmare. Navigation by program type is a double nightmare.

I believe these boxes were designed and made by people who don't actually watch television.

2008-04-07 17:30:35
86.   bhsportsguy
80 First, can he see more than 3 pitches in an at-bat.
2008-04-07 17:31:34
87.   D4P
BTW: I'm not sure I support the process of announcing prior to one game which position players will be starting in the next game.
2008-04-07 17:31:57
88.   scareduck
82 - a rivalry has to go both ways, and it is this that really annoys the bulk of Padres fans: most Dodgers fans recall their years of beating up that team, and not the Padres' recent competence.
2008-04-07 17:32:43
89.   underdog
All I know is Bison Stew sounds more appetizing than Slappy Stew. And that's what I'm sticking with!

Er, I think I need to eat an early dinner is what that's really telling me.

2008-04-07 17:32:52
90.   D4P
First, can he see more than 3 pitches in an at-bat

He's averaging 3.75.

2008-04-07 17:33:31
91.   Bluebleeder87
As a Dodger fan I have a hard time not liking the Diamondbacks.

I respect you & your writing TC you know that, but that just doesn't make sense to me, I like watching Tim Lincecum pitch but I'd never root for the Giants or am I miss understanding something...

2008-04-07 17:33:56
92.   underdog
87 It's just a new trend to placate underwear-wearin', dank-basement-sittin' bloggers.

Btw, a new nickname possibility could be "Mr. GoodOut."

2008-04-07 17:35:01
93.   underdog
I have a hard time liking the Diamondbacks. I can appreciate their young players as talented, and don't dislike anyone on their team personally, but don't like them, don't like their fans, and that's that.
2008-04-07 17:35:38
94.   wronghanded
88 I agree that rivalries do need to go both ways but has there been a team in the NL West that you've despised more than the Pads for the past 10 years or so?
2008-04-07 17:35:55
95.   Bluebleeder87
by the way, Eric Stephen ROCKS! with that 8 mile Carlsbad thing he did, wow. You can tell he has a runners mentality from his Coliseum post a while back, congrats Eric!!
2008-04-07 17:39:23
96.   fanerman
87 Maybe Torre hopes it means that the players don't go into a game thinking how they perform that game affects whether they play or not in the next game, so they don't press any more in their at-bats.

Of course, it probably affects who plays in the game after the next game, so if I were a player, I'd wager that my performance still affects how much I play.

2008-04-07 17:43:08
97.   underdog
I definitely hate the Padres more right now than the Giants, for reasons stated above. Our usually "hated ones" and their fans are too busy wallowing in their own misery this season to pay much attention too. Plus I even have friends who are Giants fans who are pretty classy for the most part. But I've yet to experience much class from Padres fans toward the Dodgers, it's turned into this beyond irrational hatred of everything LA and everything blue, as 82 says. I guess it's at the point where, if they want it to be a two-way rivalry, I say bring it on.
2008-04-07 17:43:42
98.   underdog
To, not too. I seriously need to eat and get away from the computer.
2008-04-07 17:44:48
99.   D4P
Better go upstairs and see what mom's making.
2008-04-07 17:49:21
100.   Bluebleeder87
Totally agree with 84 & not that I can think of 94 , I've heard Russell Martin totally gets pumped when he plays against them.
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2008-04-07 17:52:26
101.   caseybarker
2008-04-07 17:55:41
102.   underdog
99 Can't. Have to finish playing Doom on my computer and then from 6 to 6:15 I'm scheduled to contemplate my navel. Plus I'm waiting for an express delivery of the latest X-Men comic book. I think I'll just order from Domino's, using the name Murray Chass. {Belch}

Or maybe I'll call as Jass, Hugh.

2008-04-07 17:56:28
103.   wronghanded
100 Thats good to here, I just wish our fanbase knew it too so we could boo the snot out of them when they come to town.
2008-04-07 17:57:22
104.   underdog
Actually in all seriousness, I have to start on our newsletter tonight, while also finishing a review of "Sharkwater" and editing two other pieces, all while trying to watch the basketball game. So, since I don't have a mom upstairs, alas, I think Chinese take-out is in order.
2008-04-07 17:58:12
105.   D4P
You can always just swing by Sev-Lev for some nachos and a Big Gulp.
2008-04-07 18:03:23
106.   bhsportsguy
So far National League not easier

Andrew Miller's first 2 starts for the Marlins.

7.2 IP, 19 hits+walks, 11 ER.

2008-04-07 18:03:26
107.   scareduck
94 - since we have two good friends in the SD area who until last year were season ticket holders, I just can't get that worked up about it.
2008-04-07 18:06:59
108.   Bluebleeder87
reading Wikipedia info on Tim Lincecum, here's some interesting draft info on him>>Lincecum was selected by the Chicago Cubs in the 48th round (1,408th overall) of the 2003 MLB Draft, but did not sign.8 He decided to attend college instead, and was selected by the Cleveland Indians in the 42nd round (1,261st overall) upon re-entering the draft in 2005, but once again failed to sign.9 The next year, he was drafted 10th overall by the San Francisco Giants, becoming the first player from the University of Washington to be taken in the first round.6 He signed for a $2.025 million signing bonus on June 30, which at the time was the highest amount the organization had ever paid to any amateur player (until they gave $2.1 million to Angel Villalona a little over a month later).

Lucky Giants I swear...

2008-04-07 18:07:42
109.   Jon Weisman
From AP:
Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter left Monday night's game against the Tampa Bay Rays with a strained left quadriceps.

Morgan Ensberg came in to play first base before the third inning, and Wilson Betemit switched from first to shortstop to replace Jeter.

2008-04-07 18:10:36
110.   dzzrtRatt
My mindless sports hate list, meaning I almost always root for them to lose:

SF Giants
Stanford football and hoops
St. Louis Cardinals
Red Sox

The C-Rox are temporarily off the list, just because what they did at the end of the year was so entertaining, including the shiv they put into the Padres with that phantom run in the one-game playoff. But the reprieve will not last the season.

2008-04-07 18:11:01
111.   hotblackdesiato
Ridiculous. Maddening. Enfuriating. I cannot find words to describe how criminally stupid Joe Torre is being. A guy hits .125 and is slumping, while another guy starts ahead of him batting .091. Who is actually slumping here? And how is Kemp supposed to break out of it if he never gets a chance to find his swing? This is downright absurd.

2008-04-07 18:11:25
112.   tjdub
I was a senior in High School in San Diego and ditched football practice to see the Dodgers clinch at the Murph in '88. That crowd was easily 70% Dodger fans. But in those days that wasn't exactly rare. I'm sure many Padres fans are still bothered by their minority status at home so often.
2008-04-07 18:13:44
113.   natepurcell
James Loney will homer tonight.
2008-04-07 18:17:03
114.   Lexinthedena
110 Wow...that is a huge list....

I enjoy rivalries, and am really resenting the Giants for setting themselves up to be terrible for years to come. The rivalry with San Diego is fun, and the D-Backs and Rox both have a singularity about them that is easy to dislike. Other than that, I am really looking forward to hating the Celtics.

2008-04-07 18:19:16
115.   Hallux Valgus
110 Hmm, I go:
Nebraska Cornhuskers
Texas Longhorns
Anything from Massachusetts
Utah Jazz
Whoever is Playing Johns Hopkins In Lacrosse
2008-04-07 18:20:37
116.   Hallux Valgus
115 oh, and the Mexican national soccer team.
2008-04-07 18:30:07
117.   trainwreck
I am eagerly waiting my first chance to type Loney Bomb.
2008-04-07 18:33:54
118.   natepurcell
Daron Sutton is going to kill me tonight.
2008-04-07 18:34:11
119.   tjdub

Giants (no matter how bad they are)
Yankees (no matter how good they are)
Notre Dame football (I can never decide whether I want them to be winless or undefeated when USC gets to beat them down)

2008-04-07 18:35:45
120.   D4P
I haven't been paying any attention. Have the managers who said they'd try hitting their pitcher 8th in the lineup been doing so thus far this season...?
2008-04-07 18:40:48
121.   Jimmy B
120 I don't think so.
2008-04-07 18:41:24
122.   D4P
When was the last time Gary Bennett started a game...?
2008-04-07 18:42:07
123.   das411
110 - Phillies? Phillies?? We gave the world LARRY BOWA!!
2008-04-07 18:44:07
124.   DodgerOkie88
I'm about to watch my first dodger game of the year live. =) Been following them on gameday and here on dodgerthoughts.
MLB.TV thank you! =)
Go dodgers from OKC,OK!!
2008-04-07 18:44:29
125.   Jimmy B
Russell Martin could help his hitting slump by trying to swing the bat every now and again. Poor guy.
2008-04-07 18:45:38
126.   tjdub
DTV EI update: LA-AZ is on both 738 and 739 plus their HD counterparts. Unfortunately as I feared both channels are blacked out here. I'm making due with 1/8 of the screen on the MLB Mix Channel (720). At least it's the Vin Scully feed.
2008-04-07 18:45:53
127.   Johnny Nucleo
110 The New York Mets. The mid to late 1980's Mets in particular, but the current incarnation included. This also includes Shea Stadium, their uniforms, their "Big Apple" scoreboard, their fans, and "Mr. Met". Can't stand the Mets.
2008-04-07 18:47:31
128.   DodgerOkie88
damn, im not getting vinny....oh well....
2008-04-07 18:47:31
129.   madmac
99 102 LOL
2008-04-07 18:47:47
130.   oshea2002
125 - doesn't seem to be only Martin, from the naked eye it seems like a lot of backwards K's the first week.

I need to set up dual TV's in my living room for situations just like tonight.

2008-04-07 18:48:28
131.   oshea2002
128 - how are u not getting Vinny?
2008-04-07 18:48:32
132.   natepurcell

Daron Sutton is going to kill you too huh?

2008-04-07 18:48:43
133.   D4P
Gameday showed the first pitch to Loney (a called strike) to be about a foot inside the right-hand batter's box.
2008-04-07 18:48:44
134.   Jimmy B
Loaiza's on the mound now. I've got my Tums ready.
2008-04-07 18:49:42
135.   DodgerOkie88

idk. It's the ARZ feed.

2008-04-07 18:50:02
136.   natepurcell

You should probably watch the real game.

2008-04-07 18:50:06
137.   3upn3down
126 I've got the game on 738 (Vin) and 739 (D-bags booth), but both of the HD channels are blacked out?

Is it blacked out because we just got the first week of HD games free, and there is some added fee to get the rest of the season?

2008-04-07 18:51:11
138.   natepurcell
Okay, I just muted. 1/2+ inning is enough for me.
2008-04-07 18:51:43
139.   3upn3down
2008-04-07 18:51:53
140.   oshea2002
137 - I think you need the superfan package to get HD.

With Loaiza on the hill we simply have to get 5+ tonight.

2008-04-07 18:51:54
141.   D4P
Loiaza has topped out at 85 thus far.
2008-04-07 18:52:05
142.   trainwreck
I thought we got rid of Tomko.
2008-04-07 18:52:23
143.   natepurcell
Loaiza needs to throw harder. 84mph fastballs are not going to cut it.
2008-04-07 18:52:39
144.   Jimmy B
At this rate I'll be out of Tums by the third inning.
2008-04-07 18:52:48
145.   madmac
so I'm at my daughters gymnastics practice watching the game on gameday and taking my online traffic school. I'm tempted to turn the audio on for the game, but that may not be appreciated.
2008-04-07 18:53:31
146.   natepurcell
batting practice.
2008-04-07 18:53:34
147.   DodgerOkie88
Its Schmidt all over again....84mph fastballs?
2008-04-07 18:53:37
148.   oshea2002
At least San Diego saves their 83 mph flamethrower for the 9th.
2008-04-07 18:53:47
149.   MMSMikey
the weak link, get off the mound loiza, embarassing.
2008-04-07 18:53:50
150.   alex 7
7 million dollar batting practice.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-04-07 18:53:53
151.   Neal Pollack
Another fabulous Colletti signing pays dividends. Is there a worse general manager in baseball?
2008-04-07 18:53:54
152.   3upn3down
gawd, I can't take a full season of this guy.
2008-04-07 18:54:12
153.   Sam in SC
mute for me, too. good heavens, the poor play by play guy is going to have a stroke.
2008-04-07 18:54:25
154.   Jimmy B
Well Vegas isn't that far from Phoenix. Can Kershaw get there in like 10 minutes?
2008-04-07 18:54:29
155.   Neal Pollack
Ah, but he EARNED the fifth starter job.
2008-04-07 18:54:29
156.   madmac
hmm... I'm thinking I should just focus on the traffic school the way things are looking at the dodger game
2008-04-07 18:54:32
157.   nofatmike
142 Tomko wasn't even this bad.
2008-04-07 18:54:47
158.   natepurcell
Now I know how Giants fans feel like when they watched Zito on opening day.
2008-04-07 18:54:50
159.   Dodgers49
120 I haven't been paying any attention. Have the managers who said they'd try hitting their pitcher 8th in the lineup been doing so thus far this season..

La Russa has been batting Izturis 9th but is planning to move him to leadoff.

2008-04-07 18:54:59
160.   dzzrtRatt
124 I'm so sorry.
2008-04-07 18:55:03
161.   Jimmy B
151 Brian Sabean from the Giants.
2008-04-07 18:55:06
162.   Rob M
This game is a disaster.
2008-04-07 18:55:10
163.   alex 7
oh well, the sooner we give a better #5 a chance.
2008-04-07 18:55:20
164.   ToyCannon
Bluebleeder I don't really belong in todays world of sports. I don't hate any team unless they are run stupidly and I respect teams that are run well.

I'm a fan of the Dodgers, Angels, Lakers, and Clippers and fans of all of them despise me for liking teams I'm supposed to hate.

I don't understand hatred of sport teams so when I see fans acting like chimps over their teams colors I just shake my head. I love to root for my teams but I couldn't care less who someone else is rooting for unless they get in my face.

I love baseball, the Dodgers just happened to be the team I connected with 1st but it doesn't leave me blind to other teams that have attributes that I admire.

Plus if you really want to comment on something I wrote on True Blue then make the effort to register and post your comment about the post on the site where the post originated.

2008-04-07 18:55:24
165.   DodgerOkie88
sry guys, it must be me watching dodgers for first time this season......nope, its a crappy Loaiza.
2008-04-07 18:55:31
166.   nofatmike
154 Unfortnately he's Jacksonville at the moment.
2008-04-07 18:56:14
167.   oshea2002
I assume most of us had this matchup chalked up as an L, but Loaiza can't be serious with those 83 mph fastballs. With the way the offense is going he just buried us before the second inning. I assume Chan Ho will be getting some work tonight.
2008-04-07 18:56:14
168.   Bob Timmermann
The Kansas-Memphis game is exciting.
2008-04-07 18:56:17
169.   Vaudeville Villain

Actually, Milwaukee batted Kendall ninth a few times. Jason Kendall has managed to not be terrible.

2008-04-07 18:56:18
170.   Jimmy B
166 Nuts.
2008-04-07 18:56:24
171.   underdog
Wow, this is even worse than I'd imagined. And I hadn't imagine much good happening today. Welp, back to the basketball game.

Not only is the bullpen phone ringing, but I think The Minotaur's cell phone might be ringing soon, too.

151 Yes, at least ten as a matter of fact.

2008-04-07 18:56:31
172.   Neal Pollack
Agreed on Sabean. But this had better be Loiaza's last start. We are not going to be competitive long with this guy in the rotation, even if he is the fifth starter.
2008-04-07 18:56:41
173.   madmac
151 well Beane did sign Loaiza to that contract, right
2008-04-07 18:56:58
174.   Jimmy B
168 I'll be turning to that game now also.
2008-04-07 18:57:02
175.   Sam in SC
I hear the theme music from the three stooges ;)
2008-04-07 18:57:49
176.   StolenMonkey86
158- When you put it that way, Loaiza'a a bargain.
2008-04-07 18:57:58
177.   oshea2002
Good game going on CBS.
2008-04-07 18:58:28
178.   Neal Pollack
Well, Pierre can get us back into this one in a hurry.
2008-04-07 18:58:41
179.   alex 7
time to root for pierre! wait, he'll hit in the 3rd inning.
2008-04-07 18:58:51
180.   Vaudeville Villain

He was smart enough to jettison the guy, though.

2008-04-07 18:59:08
181.   Gen3Blue
Well I'm afraid my impressions of Loiaza were probably true. His style make's me can't wait to see if Park has found something new. and if he hasn't( which is probable) I would have hoped Kershaw got more time to get ready. Heck, we would be a hell of a lot better off with DJ Houlton or even Hull.
2008-04-07 19:00:22
182.   StolenMonkey86
I would be embarrassed to be Stephen Drew right now.
2008-04-07 19:00:29
183.   oshea2002
The espn Dodgers board is usually pretty bad - but the thread called "Loaiza should try pitching lefthanded" has some real potential.
2008-04-07 19:00:31
184.   dzzrtRatt
Angels-Indians starts in a few minutes on FSN, for those of you in SoCal. This one might be a bit too grisly.

That decision to sit one of our few home run threats for a guy who struggles to hit singles is looking really bad now. If there's ever an argument to play Pierre, it's not when you're four runs down. If he maxes out his tremendous "productive out" skills, that's still only going to get you one run at a time.

2008-04-07 19:00:52
185.   madmac
180 not after pitching just 2 innings.
2008-04-07 19:00:54
186.   nofatmike
173 Joe Kennedy would've been a better pick up at the time.
2008-04-07 19:01:19
187.   Rob M
I wonder if Kuo is in consideration for 5th starter duties or if they see him as strictly a pen guy now.
2008-04-07 19:01:52
188.   madmac
hey didn't Penny spot the Pads 4 runs in the 1st
2008-04-07 19:01:55
189.   ucladodger
Loaiza is pretty dreadful. They just need to bring up Clayton and let him pitch.
2008-04-07 19:02:34
190.   Rob M
Ethier's on fire!
2008-04-07 19:02:35
191.   dzzrtRatt
Ethier can hit anybody, it seems.
2008-04-07 19:02:41
192.   oshea2002
Jones can feel free to lose one in the left field seats here.
2008-04-07 19:03:02
193.   ucladodger
wow, that was not good Druw.
2008-04-07 19:03:11
194.   Bluebleeder87
151 there's a few that are just as bad...
ugh, I can't watch the game cause of a prayer commitment. Score would be appreciated.
2008-04-07 19:03:54
195.   trainwreck
And when he realized he had to get rid of that contract, he found his sucker.
2008-04-07 19:04:18
196.   oshea2002
188 - I didn't get the impression with Penny on the mound that he needs to get lucky to get people out.
2008-04-07 19:04:26
197.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Hey fellas, let's not get all chicken little just yet. It's early and Haren is far from Jake Peavy.

We can chip away with one here.

Although I move for a vote of no confidence in Andruw Jones.

2008-04-07 19:05:09
198.   DodgerOkie88
Wow, Andruw is....fat.
2008-04-07 19:05:29
199.   DodgerOkie88
Wow, Andruw is....fat.
2008-04-07 19:05:30
200.   oshea2002
We have some serious cash coming off the books, and at least Loaiza is apart of it.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-04-07 19:05:52
201.   Rob M
196 Penny actually seemed to be pretty unlucky that inning - six straight singles none of which were hit that hard. Loaiza, on the other hand, was giving up rockets.
2008-04-07 19:06:18
202.   Who Is Karim Garcia
194 0-4. Ethier is on third with 2 down in teh second and DeWitt is up.
2008-04-07 19:06:23
203.   oshea2002
Drew needs to get to that ball.
2008-04-07 19:06:31
204.   underdog
194 Church on a Monday night?
2008-04-07 19:06:32
205.   MMSMikey
and our 18 million dollar man doesnt get the job done.
2008-04-07 19:08:33
206.   Bluebleeder87
164 I registered I while ago but the server or something kicks me out!! & its not just me I've read other commenters having the same problem...
2008-04-07 19:09:52
207.   3upn3down
Think Mr. Ned makes an attempt to lock up any of the following before the season ends?

Martin (I know he tried to last offseason, and Russ declined)

2008-04-07 19:10:15
208.   madmac
Hey fellas, let's not get all chicken little just yet.

that's funny, I was just thinking that some posters should have their screen names changed to Chicken Little.

2008-04-07 19:10:59
209.   3upn3down
we have 85, do I hear 86? 85 going once, going twice...
2008-04-07 19:11:26
210.   Sam in SC
I don't know about the server, but these baseball sized meteorites have suddenly started falling in south carolina . . . they seem to be coming from the west.
2008-04-07 19:11:38
211.   madmac
I think the only more depressing than the game right now is reading these posts.
2008-04-07 19:12:24
212.   D4P
Why is Chris Young bunting...?
2008-04-07 19:12:26
213.   3upn3down
We have 86, do I hear 87? 87 is the bid...
2008-04-07 19:12:52
214.   oshea2002
Come on Memphis. By my backwards logic, since they only lost once, and SC took them to OT, if Memphis wins tonight I'm claiming USC #3!
2008-04-07 19:14:03
215.   StolenMonkey86
212 - Someone hates my fantasy team?
2008-04-07 19:14:35
216.   oshea2002
207 - I figure he'll try to lock up all 3. I thought they'd maybe let Furcal walk, but maybe they are thinking Hu is Kent's replacement, not Raffy's.
2008-04-07 19:15:17
217.   Gen3Blue
It's really getting to me reading Gold Mine's bit on how the D's were always behind at the beginnings of games last year but did a pretty good job of getting back to even finish above .500. This last week has brought back a lot to me. I think Bill James had it wrong blaming it on JP and Furcal. I remember the pitching doing this often.

On DTV I was getting the D-backs homer announcers who would have made it unbearable, but most games have two channels now, one HD, and I seem to often switch and get Vin, thank God.

2008-04-07 19:15:19
218.   Bluebleeder87
prayar (sp?) commitment, you know what I mean... :o)
2008-04-07 19:15:20
219.   madmac
212 did AZ hire Jim Tracy?
2008-04-07 19:15:32
220.   oshea2002
These ab's from Pierre are the worst. Outs - yet "quality swings".
2008-04-07 19:15:36
221.   underdog
If Tiger fans haven't jumped into the lake yet after their woefully disappointing start, then I should hope Dodger fans don't jump into the ravine (Chavez or otherwise) after their 4-2 (and probably soon 4-3) start against some of the best pitchers in baseball. I know I'm just repeating myself here, but since other people are basically repeating themselves on a daily basis with negative mantras here, why can't I?

More distressingly, my CBS station is coming in very poorly tonight - every other station is fine - as I try to watch the hoops game.

2008-04-07 19:15:46
222.   ucladodger
Great. That will earn Juan another start.
2008-04-07 19:15:54
223.   Jimmy B
Just when I thought Slappy would get a hit, Haren yanks the ball.
2008-04-07 19:15:55
224.   KG16
wow even when he hits it like he's suppose to... oye
2008-04-07 19:16:23
225.   madmac
218 prior?
2008-04-07 19:16:27
226.   Dodgers49
159 After moving Izturis to leadoff La Russa dropped Miles into the 9th spot.

2008-04-07 19:16:34
227.   underdog
218 Ah! Heh. "Prior" you mean. ;-) I seriously thought you were stuck in church, man. Maybe we should all pray for the Dodgers tonight.
2008-04-07 19:16:57
228.   3upn3down
216 I hope so. I'd imagine we'll lose Lowe particularly if Schmidt can come back by the end of the year unless we get a home town discount, which isn't likely.
2008-04-07 19:17:11
229.   Ken Noe
So what, Chan Ho in May and Kershaw in June?
2008-04-07 19:17:38
230.   underdog
Izturis and Miles... if that doesn't put things in perspective for Dodger fans I don't know what will.

Okay, back to watch the blurry, watercolor-ish basketball game.

2008-04-07 19:17:55
231.   Gen3Blue
Fire Joe Torre!!!!!!!
2008-04-07 19:18:01
232.   underdog
229 Sounds about right.
2008-04-07 19:18:24
233.   underdog
231 {slap}
2008-04-07 19:19:40
234.   StolenMonkey86
231 - I think even Frank McCourt would tell you to be a little more patient with the guy.
2008-04-07 19:20:15
235.   3upn3down
This is one of those games were I wish it had started earlier, and I had about 90 minutes built up in the DVR, and could sort of speed through it to see if we started coming back.

This watching live TV business is for men tougher than me.

2008-04-07 19:21:24
236.   trainwreck
I think everyone is mad, because Ethier getting the start at the beginning of the year made everyone so optimistic about getting rid of Pierre.

Then reality hit and reality is a cold mistress.

2008-04-07 19:22:32
237.   Gen3Blue
If he can't be patient with Kemp (substituting a .083 hitter with no chance for power) I have trouble being patient with him.
2008-04-07 19:22:37
238.   Frip
so I'm at my daughters gymnastics practice watching the game on gameday and taking my online traffic school...

My mom used to read the bible during my tennis matches. One day I stopped the match for a second, walked up to her, tapped her on the shoulder, and kindly asked her to go home.

2008-04-07 19:23:12
239.   Ricardo
In my opinion,all the three Padres pitchers, even Germano, the Dodgers faced were harder to hit than Haren.Do you agree?
2008-04-07 19:23:32
240.   Sam in SC
very nice play by pierre.
2008-04-07 19:23:41
241.   Jimmy B
Slappy made a play!
2008-04-07 19:23:59
242.   natepurcell
Juan's back should be pretty sore tomorrow.
2008-04-07 19:24:19
243.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Great catch there by Pierre. He's not lacking in the desire department.
2008-04-07 19:24:30
244.   oshea2002
I'm worried Pierre hurt himself there. He needs to be closely monitored on the bench for 2 weeks and then reevaluated.
2008-04-07 19:24:34
245.   3upn3down
238 that is one of the stranger posts I've seen here.

Not sure how to react to that.

2008-04-07 19:24:51
246.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Wow. Reynolds really nailed that pitch. Wow.
2008-04-07 19:25:36
247.   Sam in SC
and another nice play in the other corner by ethier. the OFers are definitely getting a workout this inning.
2008-04-07 19:25:42
248.   3upn3down
woah, 88 mph gas from Loiaza
2008-04-07 19:25:58
249.   natepurcell
okay, we score this inning!
2008-04-07 19:26:39
250.   underdog
Well, I see that Loiaza's settled down at least. Bet he could hear the footsteps of a distant minotaur.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-04-07 19:26:40
251.   Gen3Blue
231 Sounds about right!

I know, I get a bit upset, but I stay up till 10:00 pm to watch this stuff.
I guess I should be grateful to get to watch these dazzling Dodger defensive plays to keep it in non keg sacrifice time.

2008-04-07 19:26:50
252.   micktissue
Just wondering how Hu will save us today ...
2008-04-07 19:27:50
253.   madmac
238 yeah, I feel bad. today they are climbing the rope, her first time. I had forgotten until I just looked up. Looks like she is going now and doing good I might add.
2008-04-07 19:28:26
254.   Reddog
Instead of all the money Ned threw away on Loaiza and Schmidt and Pierre and Jones, wouldn't we have been better off just signing A-Rod?
2008-04-07 19:28:50
255.   Sam in SC
the Az graphics guy got me all disoriented; I could have sworn it said 4-1 as the inning started . . . .
2008-04-07 19:29:13
256.   madmac
dang, she got up high
2008-04-07 19:29:43
257.   madmac
254 uh sure, but he wasn't really available
2008-04-07 19:29:58
258.   JoeyP
We need a Gary Bennett sighting.
Russ a day off.
2008-04-07 19:30:07
259.   Gen3Blue
252 Probably by both hitting and defense, if we get that close.
That will be a contrast to Jones and Pierre.
2008-04-07 19:31:14
260.   natepurcell
Loney misses 3 straight fastballs....
2008-04-07 19:31:20
261.   Rob M
At least James finally made contact after 5 swings and misses.
2008-04-07 19:32:31
262.   NWdodger
Perhaps word is getting around that the Dodgers can't hit ball with pine tar on them.
2008-04-07 19:32:34
263.   micktissue
259 That Hu right now means as much as Pierre + Jones this early no one could have predicted. Or did they?
2008-04-07 19:32:46
264.   Sam in SC
someone finally got tired of missing fast balls.
2008-04-07 19:32:59
265.   alex 7
the gimpy 40 year old clean-up hitter that we can't win with just went yard.
2008-04-07 19:33:10
266.   scareduck
Turned on the radio at just the right time. Woot!
2008-04-07 19:33:21
267.   underdog
Jeff Kent was tired of Haren trying to sneak fast balls past everyone and launched it.
2008-04-07 19:33:53
268.   JoeyP
2008-04-07 19:34:03
269.   D4P
Ethier should be hitting 3rd.
2008-04-07 19:34:26
270.   micktissue
Dre is a machine.
2008-04-07 19:34:57
271.   Sam in SC
jeeeez, jones looks bad up there.
2008-04-07 19:35:24
272.   Sam in SC
very, very bad.
2008-04-07 19:35:25
273.   3upn3down
Could I have the Haren pitch count at the end of this inning please?

Thanks Gameday folks...

2008-04-07 19:35:25
274.   alex 7
wow that was bad.
2008-04-07 19:36:15
275.   JoeyP
Druw's 2/25 on the season.
2008-04-07 19:36:15
276.   StolenMonkey86
Andruw loves those pitches in the dirt.
2008-04-07 19:36:41
277.   StolenMonkey86
2008-04-07 19:36:42
278.   tjdub
"For Jones it seems like he's always hitting 0-2"

--Vin Scully

"Seems? Nay, 'tis. I know not seems."


2008-04-07 19:36:50
279.   oshea2002
Braves fans were as down on this guy as we were on Pierre, and that was after a decade of great service.
2008-04-07 19:36:53
280.   Ricardo
273. 66 pitches
2008-04-07 19:37:35
281.   Retire 55
You knew that was coming.

If we falter this year, Ned could get fired if Andruw hits .200 (or worse?!) in the process.

2008-04-07 19:37:41
282.   Quik
279 So are we giving up on Andruw already or just discouraged?
2008-04-07 19:37:43
283.   3upn3down
277 280 Thanks gents!
2008-04-07 19:37:56
284.   Ricardo
279. I believe that Jayson Stark said once that Druw was the most overrated player ever, isn´t it?
2008-04-07 19:38:02
285.   natepurcell
If Druw's homerun ball in Tucson didn't land 5 feet away from me, I wouldn't believe anyone if they told me he has had at least 1 hard hit ball all year.
2008-04-07 19:38:03
286.   scareduck
Esteban Lousy is "pitching". That explains much.
2008-04-07 19:38:07
287.   D4P
But Jones isn't getting paid to hit: he's getting paid to make nonchalant one-handed catches in centerfield.
2008-04-07 19:38:30
288.   das411
Woah, I just saw a large bald head wearing #25 for the Dodgers....but sadly it is not a certain 762 HR hitter, just Andruw Jones. Too bad. :(
2008-04-07 19:38:46
289.   natepurcell

I'm just discouraged. Small sample size but the Dodgers have been anemic with the bat.

2008-04-07 19:39:09
290.   3upn3down
This division is going to be murder on all 5 teams. I can't wait for the swing through the NL central!
2008-04-07 19:39:27
291.   scareduck
282 - I haven't given up on him. How can you give up on somebody when he was a bad decision to begin with?

I say that only 1/4 jokingly. He's got some potential upside, but he's also o-l-d.

2008-04-07 19:39:56
292.   natepurcell
2008-04-07 19:40:38
293.   3upn3down
good looking out Nate, I must have been looking down at the 'puter.
2008-04-07 19:41:19
294.   Quik
291 30's old? Unless he lied about his birth certificate...
2008-04-07 19:41:32
295.   Gen3Blue
263 I'm trying not to be harsh right now, but it isn't easy. I should concentrate on the positive, and Hu helps a lot. If he keeps hitting he is one of the few really well rounded players the D's haved developed lately, and the one I would least like to see traded.
2008-04-07 19:42:04
296.   regfairfield
284 That would be a horrible statement. Arguably one of the all time great gloves with a career OPS+ of 113. If he went to the Hall Of Fame right now he wouldn't be the worst center fielder there.
2008-04-07 19:42:25
297.   3upn3down
Looks like the Rocks just finished off the Bravos
2008-04-07 19:43:06
298.   StolenMonkey86
a 30 pitch inning would be great here
2008-04-07 19:44:13
299.   Gen3Blue
Yeah, Loiaza's done OK in the last few. Why are Dodger pitchers often not warmed up right when they enter the game?
2008-04-07 19:44:38
300.   nofatmike
298 Pierre and the pitcher are due up. Not likely.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-04-07 19:44:54
301.   oshea2002
It seems that every AB - Jones falls behind on breaking balls that he simply refuses to swing at. I get looking for fastballs, but if pitchers are gonna hang curves knowing you won't swing, then that's a problem.
2008-04-07 19:45:06
302.   3upn3down
299 because they warm up with out of town dodgers fans seated in the field boxes, rather than catchers...
2008-04-07 19:45:35
303.   Retire 55
295 I'm a huge Hu fan. I think he's an emerging star who is very underrated at the plate.
2008-04-07 19:46:03
304.   Ricardo
296. I´m wrong he said that he was the most overrated CF of all time. Anyway I disagree, Andruw is a good player. The link:
2008-04-07 19:46:14
305.   3upn3down
Byrnes with the unnecessary slide
2008-04-07 19:47:03
306.   Gen3Blue
Why take Loiaza out now when he's doing OK and it doesn't matter anyway.

Fire Joe Torre!!

2008-04-07 19:48:03
307.   nofatmike
300 Well, Pierre did take some pitches at least.
2008-04-07 19:48:44
308.   Sam in SC
chan ho park is warming in the pen . . . according to the Az guys
2008-04-07 19:49:36
309.   oshea2002
Easy for me to say - but Haren doesn't look dominant or even that good out there.
2008-04-07 19:49:46
310.   Sam in SC
correction, chan ho park is coming into the game.

I may die of nostalgia ;)

2008-04-07 19:51:32
311.   Ricardo
309. I agree with you and that gets very clear when we remember how Peavy and Yonug dominated the Dodgers hitters.
2008-04-07 19:52:22
312.   Sam in SC
I wonder how many more times we will be favored with that long homerun on the Az broadcast.
2008-04-07 19:53:33
313.   Sam in SC
wow. park's fastball is lower 90's. that one was 94.
2008-04-07 19:53:33
314.   natepurcell
Park's up to 94mph.
2008-04-07 19:53:34
315.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Over/under on starts made by Loaiza the rest of the year: 8

I'll take the over.

2008-04-07 19:54:27
316.   ucladodger
Chan Ho throwing some gas. His fastball looks pretty heavy when he keeps it low in the zone.
2008-04-07 19:55:33
317.   StolenMonkey86
315 - Pulling Loaiza there, I'll go under.
2008-04-07 19:56:07
318.   KG16
315 I'll take the under
2008-04-07 19:56:20
319.   natepurcell

Chan Ho late 90s!

2008-04-07 19:57:44
320.   Sam in SC
and byrnes got sorta robbed right there. that does the heart good :)

park looked pretty good.

2008-04-07 19:57:48
321.   regfairfield
I want to see him throw something with just a little movement on it. Is that too much to ask?
2008-04-07 19:58:32
322.   DodgerOkie88
chan ho park!!!! brought back some good memories! He was a good hitter too, right?
2008-04-07 19:58:50
323.   StolenMonkey86
321 - Rick Honeycutt should be able to teach him a cutter.
2008-04-07 19:59:00
324.   Woden325
Note to the LA Dodgers' radio people: Eric Byrnes was booed in Denver because he claimed after game 2 of the NLCS that the D-Backs had outplayed the Rockies. He may have forgotten, but we haven't.
2008-04-07 19:59:31
325.   ucladodger
i love when Raffy does that. Cannot defend that.
2008-04-07 20:00:22
326.   Sam in SC
2008-04-07 20:00:24
327.   natepurcell
Nice play Upton! Take that Shimmin!
2008-04-07 20:00:26
328.   KAYVMON
Okay, first year in a while for me not living in L.A. for Dodger season, who the hell is this guy doing announcing for AZ?

If this guy is this sleazy during his "work", I cant tell if he would be fun or terrifying to see at a bar.

2008-04-07 20:00:32
329.   ucladodger
Holy jeepers. Terrible throw, but what an arm.
2008-04-07 20:00:45
330.   StolenMonkey86
322 - In 2000 he hit .214/.236/.357 with 2 HR. not bad for a pitcher.
2008-04-07 20:00:53
331.   Sam in SC
THAT, gentlemen, is missing your cutoff man.
2008-04-07 20:01:06
332.   Suffering Bruin
Overthrew the cutoff man by just that......................................................... much.
2008-04-07 20:01:35
333.   underdog
Justin Upton showing off his arm for Andrew Shimmin there.

Whoopsie! Not a smart throw to even attempt, yet alone how it was executed.

2008-04-07 20:01:45
334.   Frip
Kevin Kennedy and Esteban Loaiza have the most depressing faces. Especially Loaiza. He's got the worst aspect in baseball. I think that's why Torre took him out. He just couldn't take looking at him anymore.
2008-04-07 20:01:48
335.   Ricardo
Nice! We have a game!
2008-04-07 20:01:53
336.   DodgerOkie88
As vinny would say, "he missed it from me to you!"
2008-04-07 20:01:54
337.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Loney is JUST barely missing the ball.
2008-04-07 20:01:58
338.   scareduck
Well, that was interesting.
2008-04-07 20:02:22
339.   natepurcell
James. If you are going to swing with less than 2 strikes...swing! Don't give away at bats like that.
2008-04-07 20:02:35
340.   Suffering Bruin
That splitter is giving Loney fits.
2008-04-07 20:02:44
341.   underdog
Hah hah. 333 meets 327 and company.
2008-04-07 20:02:48
342.   ucladodger
Very nice.
2008-04-07 20:02:53
343.   Who Is Karim Garcia
We'll never win with Kent in the lineup.
2008-04-07 20:03:03
344.   Sam in SC
one run game!
2008-04-07 20:03:20
345.   scareduck
Loney... trash can ... Kent ... base hit ... znork! Huh? 4-3?
2008-04-07 20:03:37
346.   underdog
Wow. After the first inning, did any of us think we'd be within 4-3 at this point? I sure didn't.

Now I have to multitask, watch this and the hoops game.

2008-04-07 20:04:20
347.   StolenMonkey86
345 - So that's where Matt Kemp put it.
2008-04-07 20:04:30
348.   trainwreck
Gameday is totally struggling with this game. I have no idea what is going on.
2008-04-07 20:04:36
349.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Ethier has such good mechanics at the plate. He keeps his head in there so well and follows the ball on the pitch outside.

He's quickly become my favorite Dodger.

2008-04-07 20:04:36
350.   oshea2002
I'm shocked Ethier is seeing anything to hit with who he has behind him.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-04-07 20:04:48
351.   Suffering Bruin
346 I know the feeling...
2008-04-07 20:04:53
352.   natepurcell
Memo to Daron Sutton:

Those are sliders you moron. Not splitters.

2008-04-07 20:05:55
353.   ucladodger
Andrus is awful up there right now.
2008-04-07 20:06:05
354.   regfairfield
350 Gonna guess that Ethier is less feared than Andruw Jones.
2008-04-07 20:06:47
355.   Sam in SC
well, jones made contact, at least. first pitch swinging, of course.
2008-04-07 20:07:00
356.   underdog
351 I think I'll have some weird dream tonight with the disembodied voices of Billy Packer and Mark Grace, Esteban Loiaza's depressing mug and a blurred, watercolor-ish perspective. Then I'll wake up either laughing or crying.
2008-04-07 20:07:45
357.   StolenMonkey86
353, 354 - Kinda like how in that game where Nomar hit the grand slam in Houston, Jeff Kent was walked intentionally while he was hitting below the mendoza line.
2008-04-07 20:08:17
358.   Suffering Bruin
356 My guess is crying.
2008-04-07 20:08:22
359.   underdog
348 A bunt single from Furcal. Who scored when Martin singled and then Upton airmailed the ball into the stands. Kent singled Martin home. It's 4-3 after the inning ends.
2008-04-07 20:08:40
360.   scareduck
291 - for Jones to be a good pickup, you have to believe his 2007 wasn't a cliff dive. Absent evidence of some kind of repairable injury, Jones should be presumed to be suffering from the effects of age rather than just a bad season.
2008-04-07 20:09:01
361.   Gen3Blue
303 I think that is very astute. Hu is BA's #3 D's prospect(or something like that I think). Good defense at several positions, and particularly SS, I value more than many baseball fans,(and all fantasy fans). But I will be torn if Furcal returns to his 2006 form, about what to do about SS in '09.
My most basic feeling is to make Hu the SS and save the money. But if the money is applied to someone like JP, Schmidt or Jones, we might be better off with Furcal and playing Hu at 2nd or trading for a premium starter.
2008-04-07 20:09:04
362.   Suffering Bruin
352 Those pitches dropping are sliders? I thought they were splitters.
2008-04-07 20:09:43
363.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Anyone ever do a drill in high school where you'd take batting practice with a row of baseball bats directly in front of your front foot? It forced your stride and hips to go up the middle.

Sure seems like Andruw could use a bit of that.

2008-04-07 20:10:04
364.   Ricardo
92 pitches to Haren, he will probably be done after the 7th. It´s nice to know that Valverde is not a D´Back anymore.
2008-04-07 20:11:28
365.   natepurcell

the ones dropping, and curving into left handed hitters are sliders. The ones dropping down and away from lefties are the splitters.

2008-04-07 20:11:37
366.   Suffering Bruin
On a 95mph fastball.
2008-04-07 20:11:37
367.   Who Is Karim Garcia
364 Brandon Lyon is a gas can.
2008-04-07 20:11:45
368.   alex 7
desert air homerun there. =(
2008-04-07 20:11:46
369.   Sam in SC
chan ho still speaks long ball, it seems.
2008-04-07 20:11:51
370.   scareduck
I see... dead pitchers.
2008-04-07 20:12:10
371.   Frip
Boy this is a dumb stadium.
2008-04-07 20:12:21
372.   oshea2002
Dude barely even swung.....
2008-04-07 20:12:21
373.   underdog
362 It's a new kind of pitch, the spider.

Argh, there goes the hot run of blanks by Park.

2008-04-07 20:12:44
374.   Suffering Bruin
365 Thanks. When I was broadcasting, I had a helluva time calling pitches. It got to the point where everything that wasn't a fastball was "offspeed."
2008-04-07 20:12:54
375.   Gen3Blue
I was about to say something about the order of our pitchers.

Never mind.

2008-04-07 20:13:54
376.   StolenMonkey86
I don't believe Gameday when it says Park is getting a 6" break on his fastball.
2008-04-07 20:14:01
377.   scareduck
I call this "Park effects".
2008-04-07 20:14:37
378.   oshea2002
Memphis up 7 - 3:30 to go
2008-04-07 20:14:46
379.   Bob Hendley
What's the D-Backs pen like, is it a place we want to go?
2008-04-07 20:15:04
380.   Suffering Bruin
377 Good one.
2008-04-07 20:15:57
381.   Sam in SC
I thought for sure they would try to score on pierre's arm.
2008-04-07 20:16:30
382.   Frip

Good call.

I watched Jone's last at bat in super slow mow and his swing was ridiculous. Just out of control.

2008-04-07 20:17:03
383.   regfairfield
379 Not terrible, but no one truly fearsome.
2008-04-07 20:17:06
384.   NWdodger
OK who is in the pen?
2008-04-07 20:17:57
385.   oshea2002
Kansas going to the hack-a-memphis strategy with 2:12 to play
2008-04-07 20:18:21
386.   SaltinWound
Juan Cruz is very good.
2008-04-07 20:18:26
387.   Suffering Bruin
385 That only works if Memphis misses FT's. Which they are not.
2008-04-07 20:18:33
388.   Bob Hendley
381 - JP, himself, probably can't believe that they didn't send the guy, with the pitcher's spot coming up.
2008-04-07 20:20:31
389.   Suffering Bruin
The college basketball has just heated up significantly, FWIW.
2008-04-07 20:21:20
390.   Sam in SC
this home plate umpire is annoying. just call 'em strikes, and spare us the dance.
2008-04-07 20:22:48
391.   NWdodger
The question is whether Memphis puts in the 300 pounder to replace Dorsey.
2008-04-07 20:22:57
392.   Sam in SC
well, that could have been worse.
2008-04-07 20:23:41
393.   oshea2002
Great job by Beimel keeping us in the game.
2008-04-07 20:24:17
394.   oshea2002
Hack a memphis is working better now.
2008-04-07 20:24:26
395.   Suffering Bruin
Two point game. One minute to go.
2008-04-07 20:24:30
396.   Ricardo
Now, who will be the PH? Kemp or Sweeney?
2008-04-07 20:25:33
397.   NWdodger
I want to see the 300 pounder hit a three to win it for Memphis.
2008-04-07 20:26:29
398.   PDH5204
Does the failure to bring in Kuo mean that he will be taking Loaiza's spot in the rotation next turn?
2008-04-07 20:26:55
399.   Gen3Blue
On deck --Jaun Pierre? come on,this could be important.
2008-04-07 20:27:39
400.   madmac
so Loaiza seemed to rebound or get lucky, depends on your glass I suppose. 5-3 seems ok after 6 and Harren out considering so many wrote the game off before it started.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-04-07 20:27:39
401.   Bob Hendley
2008-04-07 20:27:59
402.   StolenMonkey86
they clogged up the bases to cage the rabbit
2008-04-07 20:28:01
403.   alex 7
why would a guy like Pierre, who's only job is to get on base somehow, get out of the way of inside fastballs?
2008-04-07 20:28:38
404.   Sam in SC
did juan pierre just seem angry at that inside pitch? ah, yes. he retaliated by fiercely bunting.
2008-04-07 20:28:42
405.   Gen3Blue
Fire Joe Torre and Colletti!
2008-04-07 20:28:49
406.   alex 7
that's why you get hit by the pitch pierre.
2008-04-07 20:29:06
407.   Sam in SC
. . . and then viciously GiDP.
2008-04-07 20:29:08
408.   oshea2002
Are we so cursed that Pierre couldn't have injured himself catching that ball?
2008-04-07 20:29:13
409.   madmac
ok, this is where Juan will come thru (crosses fingers)
2008-04-07 20:29:26
410.   StolenMonkey86
can we get Pierre some Bonds-style armor?
2008-04-07 20:29:37
411.   micktissue
Nice one Juan. Jeez.
2008-04-07 20:30:17
412.   oshea2002
Memphis has missed 5 or 6 straight ft's
2008-04-07 20:30:32
413.   madmac
ok,that was my fault
2008-04-07 20:30:54
414.   Suffering Bruin
2008-04-07 20:31:10
415.   oshea2002
Wow - what a shot by Chalmers - OT!!!
2008-04-07 20:31:17
416.   Gen3Blue
Oh--Great place to use poor Kemp, although he is hitting way above Pierre or JOnes.

You idiots.

2008-04-07 20:31:17
417.   NWdodger
Lets predict what Torre will think of to praise Pierre with after the game...he didn't strike out?
2008-04-07 20:31:29
418.   StolenMonkey86
Who's slumping now?
2008-04-07 20:31:29
419.   dzzrtRatt
Speedy guys aren't supposed to hit into DPs.

So let's review.

Can't take a walk.
Can't stay out of the double play.
Can't hit the ball on the ground.
Can't play a position in the field if it involves throwing more than 20 feet.

Yeah, Joe, I see something there, too. But then I started taking Ritalin and it cleared up.

2008-04-07 20:31:40
420.   Indiana Jon
Juan now OPSing .143. I think Kemp can do that left handed.
2008-04-07 20:31:53
421.   nofatmike
Free Basketball!
2008-04-07 20:31:58
422.   oshea2002
Hack a Memphis worked to T - it finally got them.
2008-04-07 20:32:16
423.   underdog
(Arrested Development moment for the evening)

J Walter Weatherman: "And that's what you NEVER start Juan Pierre."

{Cut to freaked out reactions of terrified Bluth children and/or Dodgers fans}

2008-04-07 20:32:18
424.   Bob Hendley
What a contrast. Sure Torre didn't miss that.
2008-04-07 20:32:20
425.   Sam in SC
417 - he had a very hard out in his second AB
2008-04-07 20:32:37
426.   Ricardo
Now we know who will start tomorrow.
2008-04-07 20:33:20
427.   oshea2002
Torre better be doing this to walk into Ned's office in a week and say "see - I did it your way, your boy absolutely sucks. he will never see the field for my team, so you can trade him, or he'll rot on my bench. Your choice."
2008-04-07 20:33:40
428.   NWdodger
That was great coaching by Kansas
2008-04-07 20:33:50
429.   micktissue
Wow. OT in the NCAA finals.
2008-04-07 20:35:27
430.   oshea2002
I forgot how good college title games can be when Ohio State isn't ruining them.
2008-04-07 20:35:40
431.   MollyKnight
Bison got a hit right when that Kansas guy made the three.

I thought it was a sign we'd tie the game.

2008-04-07 20:36:42
432.   Ricardo
2008-04-07 20:36:50
433.   StolenMonkey86
Torre brings in his old buddy.
2008-04-07 20:36:58
434.   NWdodger
My wife picked Memphis in the office pool. She hasn't seen one NCAA game this year.
2008-04-07 20:37:19
435.   Sam in SC
more overamped announcing.
2008-04-07 20:38:09
436.   madmac
Memphis is finished
2008-04-07 20:38:36
437.   LeeLacy
Wow! Memphis is rattled, and the Jayhawks are rolling.

It's been a while since we've had a title game this good. This has been incredible.

2008-04-07 20:38:40
438.   micktissue
Kansas is running away with it.
2008-04-07 20:39:16
439.   micktissue
I knew it was a jinx when I read today about how good the Dodger staff was.
2008-04-07 20:39:19
440.   Suffering Bruin
437 Up until the last minute, they were playing better defense, better offense, rebounding better... missed FT's and a prayer 3 pointer.
2008-04-07 20:39:32
441.   LeeLacy
So are the D-Backs. Young just jacked one off Proctor.
2008-04-07 20:40:28
442.   Sam in SC
and another one by hudson.
2008-04-07 20:40:37
443.   scareduck
2008-04-07 20:40:59
444.   Ricardo
2008-04-07 20:41:02
445.   Frip
I could never be an Arizona fan because of their "stadium affects". And I could never be a Yankees fan because of their radio announcers.

Just couldn't.

2008-04-07 20:41:04
446.   autumnlanding
so one team has faith in their youth and locks them up for long term

the other team leaves in wortheless players while letting awesome players sit on the bench

meanwhile 2 jacks off Proctor

2008-04-07 20:41:38
447.   Suffering Bruin
The college game is far from over.
2008-04-07 20:42:27
448.   Suffering Bruin
Now, it's a lot closer to being over.
2008-04-07 20:42:42
449.   Suffering Bruin
No it's not.
2008-04-07 20:42:59
450.   Suffering Bruin
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2008-04-07 20:43:04
451.   das411
Does anyone else think the Dbacks announcers throwing down all these 10th anniversary promos is kind of...cute? In a "we may be young but we'll always have 2001" kind of way?
2008-04-07 20:43:16
452.   LeeLacy
A trey cuts Kansas's lead to 3. Under a minute. Again, what a game!
2008-04-07 20:43:19
453.   oshea2002
CDR brings Memphis back...
2008-04-07 20:44:14
454.   LogikReader
There's nothing cute about everybody else in the division getting to the World Series sooner than we have.
2008-04-07 20:44:43
455.   madmac
that's fine, this is a good game for the d'backs to get all their jacks out
2008-04-07 20:45:14
456.   Indiana Jon
447 448 449
Rule 4 violation?
2008-04-07 20:45:52
457.   NWdodger
I don't know why Memphis fouled?
2008-04-07 20:46:09
458.   LogikReader
From the "2008 Predictions Thread"

Me: The offense improved, but the continued "support" of Juan Pierre ultimately led to a few comebacks stopped short.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are seeing the 2008 NL West Champions, and it ain't the Dodgers.

2008-04-07 20:46:12
459.   LeeLacy
Kansas hits its freebies.

Up 5.

2008-04-07 20:46:22
460.   CGeary
Did Kemp PH only or was it a double switch replacing Pierre in the field?
2008-04-07 20:46:28
461.   Suffering Bruin
456 It's gotta be some kind of violation! :)
2008-04-07 20:48:36
462.   Indiana Jon
460 PH only. Pierre must be a better fielder now too. Grady Torre.
2008-04-07 20:48:37
463.   Gen3Blue
I admit I got a bit out of hand tonight.
Don't fire Joe and Ned yet. This D-back team is seriously good and hot at the moment. What I thought were bad decisions didn't make much difference tonight. Future
happenings are needed to make a decent opinion.
2008-04-07 20:50:15
464.   Indiana Jon
What a comeback. That won't soon be forgotten.
2008-04-07 20:50:42
465.   LogikReader
NCAA Championship

Great game tonight! I think this is the best championship game I've seen in years.

Imagine: all year long Memphis flirted with missed FTs down the stretch, and it came to a head in the closing seconds of regulation.

That three pointer by Kansas to tie it was incredible! The shot itself was ok, but the circumstances made it quite, as Jeff Brantley would put it, "clutch."

Good way to end a decent tournament.

2008-04-07 20:50:48
466.   Suffering Bruin
Just an incredible College Basketball game.
2008-04-07 20:51:15
467.   oshea2002
Great comeback, but a choke too. Usually takes both.
2008-04-07 20:51:41
468.   gpellamjr
463 But the point stands. Although we certainly can't blame this probably-about-to-be loss on Pierre (or any other one player), it's frustrating that the Dodgers are losing without fielding their best team.

I was able to live with that season-ending loss on a walk-off in Colorado last year, because it was Saito pitching. The Dodgers had their best out there and they lost with their best.

2008-04-07 20:51:52
469.   Frip
Does anyone know why that Brock fellow doesn't post anymore?
2008-04-07 20:52:05
470.   Suffering Bruin
Memphis was up 9 points with 2:12 to play in regulation.
2008-04-07 20:52:27
471.   Indiana Jon
I would just like to say one last time that the Big 12 is the best conference in college basketball.
2008-04-07 20:54:05
472.   underdog
Crud, this has been an even worse sports night than I imagined. Memphis' choke cost me a $250 prize. :-(

I think I don't need that Packer-Mark Grace-Loiaza dream to start my crying. What's the best beer to cry into?

2008-04-07 20:55:11
473.   Suffering Bruin
472 Buy yourself an import--you deserve it.
2008-04-07 20:55:19
474.   MollyKnight
Listening to these DBacks play-by-play guys makes me realize just how good we have it.
2008-04-07 20:56:21
475.   nofatmike
Loney is having one heck of a plate appearance.
2008-04-07 20:56:33
476.   Suffering Bruin
Billy Packer, Mark Grace and Esteban Loiaza in the same dream.

I think I'd wake up screaming.

2008-04-07 20:56:42
477.   MollyKnight
Wow, Upton got lucky that ball didn't eat him alive.
2008-04-07 20:56:44
478.   oshea2002
Justin Upton is not the world's greatest outfielder
2008-04-07 20:57:09
479.   NWdodger
Great at bat by Loney!
2008-04-07 20:57:28
480.   Bob Hendley
Texas Rifleman!
2008-04-07 20:57:31
481.   CGeary
Was Schaefer a bench coach for Torre in NY? Not putting Kemp in as a double switch seems minor, but little things add up over the course of a season. Guess there are bigger concerns for the moment, but little things like smart defensive replacements should not be discounted.
2008-04-07 20:57:53
482.   Indiana Jon
Anyone know why Kendrick left the Angels game early tonight?
2008-04-07 20:59:44
483.   oshea2002
Here comes Mr. Automatic
2008-04-07 20:59:55
484.   StolenMonkey86
Andruw Jones has a chance to shine now.
2008-04-07 20:59:59
485.   das411
So not to pile on or anything...but is (Short) Chris Young right now what people expect Matt Kemp to become?
2008-04-07 21:00:21
486.   MollyKnight
I thought I could handle it, but I can't. Mute button.
2008-04-07 21:00:57
487.   Suffering Bruin
Wow, he is lost right now.
2008-04-07 21:01:39
488.   StolenMonkey86
not very shiny.
2008-04-07 21:01:46
489.   Sam in SC
jeeez, andruw. (part IV tonight)
2008-04-07 21:01:53
490.   oshea2002
I'm glad Jones finds this all to his amusement. $36 million and laughing all the way to the bank.
2008-04-07 21:02:00
491.   Frip

Mr. Hendley, don't you think "Texas Rifleman" is a bit of a mouthful for Loney. I mean, I REALLY don't see it catching on. "Loney" is kind of a good nickname for Loney. Just pretend his real name is Loneman. And you affectionately call him Loney.

2008-04-07 21:02:25
492.   MollyKnight
Is that Andruw Jones or Norah Jones?

I'm bored.

2008-04-07 21:04:05
493.   Suffering Bruin
490 Harsh.

Under stress, people do things like smile, wince... sometimes both at once. That's what I saw there. It happens to people who don't make $36 million.

Would you prefer he throw a bat?

2008-04-07 21:04:08
494.   Suffering Bruin
490 Harsh.

Under stress, people do things like smile, wince... sometimes both at once. That's what I saw there. It happens to people who don't make $36 million.

Would you prefer he throw a bat?

2008-04-07 21:05:27
495.   Bob Hendley
491 - Well, Mr. Frip, I am sure that you are right, so I'll just call him that to myself.
2008-04-07 21:05:30
496.   LogikReader
I really, really, really, REALLY, REALLY should have listened to myself the first time when I put "Andruw Jones" on my "don't want to sign" list.

I admit, you fellas here on DT made a great argument for 'Druw, and I still think he's terrific defensively, but at the plate he doesn't look good at all. It's like whenever he swings his bat is in slow motion. Almost like watching Adrian Beltre with slower bat speed.

It's a frustrating night; but the silver lining is, Haren really is a good pitcher. I like what I see from him overall. I mean, hey, a 2nd starter vs a 5th starter is a mismatch.

2008-04-07 21:05:46
497.   LeeLacy
492 Norah's at least easy on the eyes.
2008-04-07 21:05:56
498.   regfairfield
485 Chris Young can walk.
2008-04-07 21:06:26
499.   Suffering Bruin
Yeah, sorry for the double post.
2008-04-07 21:07:23
500.   Sam DC
Still reeling from losing The Griddle sidebar are ya?
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2008-04-07 21:07:40
501.   MollyKnight
I think it's time for me to watch the Hills on my DVR.
2008-04-07 21:08:18
502.   Frip
Honneycut to Torre: 'Sure we can go to Applebees. I prefer Chili's but I'm good either way"
2008-04-07 21:08:44
503.   Suffering Bruin
Speaking of Norah Jones, check this out.

Believe it or not, that's her on the right in the Zorro mask.

Apparently, she be a rockin'.

2008-04-07 21:10:08
504.   Suffering Bruin
500 I'm tellin' ya, it hurts. I checked the Griddle every day for his posts and I won't deny that I would look right just to relive the moment.


A year goes by too soon.

2008-04-07 21:10:17
505.   madmac
does Andruw really look any worse at the plate than Kemp right now?
2008-04-07 21:10:34
506.   still bevens
493 I was reading on a Braves message board about the proclivities of Andruw Jones. Smiling on the way back to the dugout after a horrid AB is a hallmark of his.
2008-04-07 21:11:38
507.   oshea2002
Well, a great end to a pretty average tourney. Hopefully the Lakers come through in the playoffs.
2008-04-07 21:11:44
508.   Indiana Jon
491 I still like Slim Jim.
2008-04-07 21:11:54
509.   Hallux Valgus
this game isn't as fun as the game on CBS was.
2008-04-07 21:11:55
510.   eusmus
485 If Matt Kemp's upside is a guy who had a .261 EQA last year... well, I would be very disappointed.
2008-04-07 21:12:21
511.   Frip
496 Hey Logik, what if you were judged by the first week of your life. People would think you're not all that bright.
2008-04-07 21:14:57
512.   regfairfield
510 Chris Young is very, very, very good. He's going to be a monster this year. His track record strongly suggests his batting average and patience are going to sky rocket this year.
2008-04-07 21:15:17
513.   LeeLacy
503 Showing her versatility. She can do jazz; she can rock out. I wonder if she can play center field as well?
2008-04-07 21:17:54
514.   Jon Weisman
513 - She wasn't too shabby as the lead actress in "My Blueberry Nights."
2008-04-07 21:19:05
515.   madmac
513 we have someone who plays CF really well, he's just not hitting right now.
2008-04-07 21:19:35
516.   Suffering Bruin
514 Welcome, young man. Anybody getting sleep over there?
2008-04-07 21:19:42
517.   Indiana Jon
The Juan Pierre OPS-o-meter is now at .125

Keep him in there Joe!

2008-04-07 21:19:43
518.   trainwreck
Uggh, why is Gameday so messed up for this game.
2008-04-07 21:20:16
519.   Sam in SC
and that's a wrap. it was encouraging at 4-3.
2008-04-07 21:20:22
520.   Suffering Bruin
I like Dodger wins much, much, much better than the losses.
2008-04-07 21:22:10
521.   Jon Weisman
2008-04-07 21:22:48
522.   Jon Weisman
516 - Intermittently...

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