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Furcal Fun
2008-04-17 20:22
by Jon Weisman

Rafael Furcal has scored 14 runs this month (he also scored an additional run March 31 to open the season). According to research by commenter Eric Stephen, the Los Angeles Dodger record for runs in a month is 29 by Jim Gilliam in June 1959 and Davey Lopes in May 1979.

Player Name	Month	Year	Runs
Gilliam, Jim	June	1959	29
Lopes, Davey	May	1979	29
Beltre, Adrian	August	2004	28
Willis, Maury	May	1962	28
Green, Shawn	June	2002	27
Guerrero, Pedro	June	1984	27
Guerrero, Pedro	June	1985	27
Davis, Tommy	July	1962	26
Marshall, Mike	Sept.	1985	26
Willis, Maury	July	1962	26
Crawford, W.	May	1970	25
Davis, Tommy	May	1962	25
Davis, Willie	July	1962	25
Garciaparra, N.	May	2006	25
Green, Shawn	May	2000	25
Guerrero, Pedro	July	1985	25
Sheffield, Gary	June	2000	25

Comments (160)
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2008-04-17 20:52:20
1.   twerp
Haven't been LATed in a good while. But I just made up for it by scoring a double. This one kinda fits here, since at least it's about Furcal==

302. twerp

There's talk from time to time of the howitzer attached to Furcal's shoulder.

Does anyone know if he's ever been clocked on a radar gun? If his arm's that good, you'd kind of think so (at least for kicks).

Not long ago I think there was talk of who might pitch in a blowout--maybe Loney since he's been a pitcher.

Be interesting to see Furcal show off that arm in a mopup pitcher role.

There's also been talk of Furcal eventually moving to 2B. Loney might not appreciate having those missiles fired at him from a shorter distance.

2008-04-17 20:54:25
2.   jtrichey
The Braves boxscore said that old friend (and dear friend to Mr Weisman) Buddy Carlyle pitched the 9th inning tonight, yet Carlyle was supposed to start against us tomorrow. What's happening?
2008-04-17 20:55:51
3.   Gen3Blue
Furc does well at second anHu would do well at SS but I wouldn't worry about it yet.

Great game going on 0-0 in the eighth, Pads and Rocks. Go rocks at this point. What pitching in the west.(Peavey vs. Francis)

2008-04-17 20:56:47
4.   twerp
And my other LATed comment==

299.   twerp
Noticed that Torre said Kuo depends on deception, which probably is true to a degree for any pitcher. But Kuo sits 93 or so and always has been a strikeout pitcher, so the deception comment is puzzling. Do his strikeouts usually come from ball movement, or what? Can anyone explain?

Saw a comment the other day that Kuo neared triple digiits BS (before surgeons). That extra 5 mph or so might have made him unhittable, since he seems to come close to it now when he's right. I once read that Koufax was unbeatable if he was right, and now no one seems to be able to do much with Kuo when he is.

That comparison might end there, but Kuo is very intriguing. When he's on, like Sept. '06, his numbers rival those of the best pitchers in baseball. So far this year he appears to be even better than in '06.

A comment a few days back referred to Kuo's holding down the power lefty spot until the mythical beast arrives to claim it. Kuo's arm would have to hold up--which history says is iffy--but where is it written there can't be two power lefties?

2008-04-17 21:02:10
5.   Bluebleeder87

Dodger Position players I'd love to watch pitch in a blow out game

1) James Loney
2) Russell Martin
3) Rafael Furcal
4) Juan Pierre (come on! your curious aren't you)

2008-04-17 21:06:18
6.   El Lay Dave
2 Disappointing. According to, the probables are now:

Lowe vs. Bennett
Billingsley vs. Glavine
Kuroda vs. Jurrjens

Penny vs. Fogg (who might get yanked from the rotation)
Kuo vs. TBA (should be Voloquez who pitched today)

2008-04-17 21:07:16
7.   El Lay Dave
5 The Bison™!
2008-04-17 21:08:40
8.   Bob Timmermann
It's just Volquez.

But to be even more confusing, his first name is Edinson.

2008-04-17 21:10:07
9.   LogikReader

Rockies vs Padres: will anybody score?

Gen3, did you get to see any of the Mets game tonight? That game went to the 14th, but the pitching in that one was not as good.

2008-04-17 21:12:12
10.   LogikReader

I second the Bison™

This reminds me, I wasn't here last night, but I don't remember a big furor over Nomar's start last night. I was surprised more people weren't disappointed about the Solution getting erased from the blackboard, so to speak. :)

I think its OK to have Nomar in for the time being. I still can't believe Nomar drew two (gasp!) walks.

2008-04-17 21:18:05
11.   Xeifrank
I would not like to see any of the players we value very much pitch in a blowout game. Remember what happened to Canseco? Let someone like Mark Sweeney, Juan Pierre or a backup catcher pitch if need be.
vr, Xei
2008-04-17 21:19:38
12.   El Lay Dave
11 I would love to see some of those guys pitch, but, like you, I don't want it to happen.
2008-04-17 21:20:27
13.   LogikReader
Oh my goodness, the question was who do we want to pitch in a blowout wasn't it?

I take that back. Now, as far as ones I've seen, Mark Grace was the best one I ever saw. Remember how he did his best Mike Fetters impression?

2008-04-17 21:21:34
14.   berkowit28
The record actually seems to be a tie between Junior and Lopes. Did Eric just miss that? (Why single out just Gilliam?)
2008-04-17 21:24:08
15.   El Lay Dave
8 My twitchy right hand added the 'o' and left out the comma.
2008-04-17 21:24:23
16.   Eric Enders
Stupid Jose Canseco and Kevin Kennedy, ruining it for everybody.

Ted Williams pitched. Jimmie Foxx pitched. Stan Musial pitched. Tris Speaker pitched. Honus Wagner pitched. None of them got hurt. But we get robbed of this high comedy because of some steroid freak and his joke of a manager.

2008-04-17 21:27:03
17.   Bluebleeder87
These guys are no-joke either, I remember Brazoban was an outfielder for the Yanks & he was asked to pitch once & the rest was history. I'm thinking they can really light up the gun high 80's low 90's action.
2008-04-17 21:27:22
18.   El Lay Dave
14 Eric's comment is #75 here:
where he provides the list. The statement you refer to is actually only Jon's.

Molly can keep hearting Eric.

2008-04-17 21:28:02
19.   Xeifrank
So, do the Padres get the edge due to their bullpen in the 0-0 extra inning game vs Colorado. Hoffman and Fuentes are out already. vr, Xei
2008-04-17 21:28:59
20.   El Lay Dave
13 Jose Oquendo and Jeff Hamilton actually received decisions. Without looking it up, I think Oquendo went 3 innings before taking a loss, Hamilton 1 2/3.
2008-04-17 21:31:05
21.   Eric Enders
Brent Mayne actually got a win for the Rockies once. Most of the time when a position player gets a decision, it's a loss.
2008-04-17 21:32:35
22.   twerp
Xei, you follow Kuo closely. Would you care to take a stab at my #4? If so, great. If not, ok.

vr, twerp

2008-04-17 21:32:49
23.   El Lay Dave
16 Babe Ruth pitched after the Sox sold him. Made 5 appearances, 4 starts, 2 CG and a 5-0 record for the Yanks. 19 ER in 31 IP though. Must have got a lot of run support!
2008-04-17 21:33:16
24.   Xeifrank
I find it just as interesting when a pitcher has to play in the field. Like the time Fernando had to play outfield. If I remember correctly they kept switching him between left field and right field depending on who the hitter was. vr, Xei
2008-04-17 21:33:56
25.   El Lay Dave
22 I volunteer to answer one of your questions: it's not written anywhere.
2008-04-17 21:35:14
26.   Eric Enders
23 Proof that it helps to have a good-hitting pitcher.
2008-04-17 21:35:48
27.   Bluebleeder87
Russell Martin & Rafael Furcal are the ones that would truly impress me because of there size (little pile of dynamite)
2008-04-17 21:36:24
28.   Eric Enders
24 Bob Welch played the outfield in the same game. I can't remember if they kept switching with each other, or if they were in the game at different times and switching back and forth with a real outfielder.
2008-04-17 21:38:42
29.   El Lay Dave
28 Different innings. Both switching with Dusty.
2008-04-17 21:39:02
30.   Xeifrank
Has Bob posted anything yet about the Japanese high school pitcher that just threw 250 pitches in 2 innings of a game? Has anyone seen Dusty Baker lately?
vr, Xei
2008-04-17 21:39:16
31.   neuroboy002
Can anyone here help me convert a .xlsx file to just .xls? I tried googl-ing free online conversions but came up empty. I was hoping I could send the file to someone and then they could re-send me a formatted version.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

2008-04-17 21:39:56
32.   Jon Weisman
18 - Sorry, guys. I'm just so, so tired.
2008-04-17 21:41:36
33.   Eric Enders
29 , 30 Is there some sort of an award for making random, unconnected Dusty Baker references in consecutive posts?
2008-04-17 21:43:52
34.   El Lay Dave
21 I looked that one up; it's great.

Mayne pitched the top of the 12th after manager Buddy Bell had used FIVE of his relievers to get through the 10th and 11th. In the bottom of the 12th, old friend Adam Melhuse, pinch-hitting for Mayne got the walkoff hit off Stan Belinda, making John Rocker take the loss.

2008-04-17 21:45:08
35.   Bob Timmermann
That story didn't have enough background for me.

I'm still getting medical lab test results sent to me. I feel like I'm watching election returns.

2008-04-17 21:45:58
36.   El Lay Dave
32 It's been a long time for me, but I can definitely relate. I'm amazed you comment at all, let alone post.
2008-04-17 21:48:22
37.   El Lay Dave
28 The classic was Roger McDowell and Jesse Orosco of the Mets moving back and forth between pitching and corner OF positions in an extra-inning game that the Mets won. Davey Johnson managing, I think.
2008-04-17 21:49:16
38.   twerp
I look forward to pinch-hitter Kuo, especially after the classic bat toss following his HR.

Lasorda pinch-hit Penny in a game this spring, FWIW. It was Lasorda, and it was spring. And half the team was gone to China. But still. There have been far worse managerial moves than pinch-hitting Penny might be.

2008-04-17 21:54:34
39.   Eric Enders
With the number of position players on the bench getting less and less as time goes on, it's probably only a matter of time before we see the return of the two-way player, as a way of maximizing roster space. Guys like Brooks Kieschnick who can pitch an inning out of the bullpen and also maybe hit a pinch hit homer are going to be increasingly more valuable.
2008-04-17 22:03:33
40.   ucladodger
I'm guessing that most players in the majors have pitched sometime in their life. The best players always find their way onto the mound in high school, and usually they all throw pretty darn hard. I played against Delmon Young when he was in high school, and while he was the best position player in the nation that year, he also was clocked at 90+ from the mound. Dewitt was clocked at 90+ from the mound.
2008-04-17 22:05:39
41.   sweepstakes
40-- What high school did you go to?
2008-04-17 22:07:44
42.   Blaine
39 Hasn't there been talk about Micah Owings playing some first base or at least DH-ing in Interleague games?
2008-04-17 22:10:00
43.   Jon Weisman
Farewell and amen, Danny Federici.
2008-04-17 22:20:23
44.   Bluebleeder87
Funny, Dodgers Dot Com has Kemps base running (oopsy) as "Stop, drop & Roll"
2008-04-17 22:28:55
45.   Eric Stephen
Paul McAnulty inadvertently tried to stretch a leadoff double in the 13th into a triple, and he was out from me to you (I'm not sure what that means or where the saying comes from, I just wanted to use it).

Still scoreless in San Diego, one out, bottom 13.

2008-04-17 22:30:59
46.   LogikReader

Apparently, Glenn Hoffman might have been waving him over to third!

The windmill strikes again?!

The next batter singled... which would have ended the game had Big Mac not gotten greedy. Man what a boneheaded move by Macanulty and/or Hoffman.

2008-04-17 22:32:36
47.   Xeifrank
40. Delmon Young went to High School a few blocks away. He tweaked his knee his senior year playing in a pick up basketball game against a neighbor. He was still awesome enough to be the #1 overall pick in the draft. In youth leagues he was hitting balls that would've been home runs in major league parks (non Colliseum)... that's how the tale was passed on to me. vr, Xei
2008-04-17 22:34:14
48.   Xeifrank
Diamondbacks have to be happy to be well rested and the Padres burning through their bullpen tonight. Lots of pressure on Chris Young to go deep in the game tomorrow.
vr, Xei
2008-04-17 22:34:57
49.   Eric Stephen
Looks like the blame was mostly McAnulty. There was a hesitation on his part rounding 2nd and even if he didn't miss a sign he picked up Hoffman too late.

And wasn't the windmill Rich Donnelly? :)

2008-04-17 22:35:33
50.   Eric Stephen
Lots of pressure on Chris Young to go deep

Well, one will, at least.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-04-17 22:39:02
51.   LogikReader
I dunno... I always thought of them both as windmills, Donnelly the worst offender.
2008-04-17 22:39:44
52.   Bluebleeder87
the Snakes & Pads have WEAK bullpens I think that's what sets us apart, It's a long season & I for one am not worried.
2008-04-17 22:39:58
53.   Xeifrank
IBB to get to Matt Holliday. Hmmmmm.
vr, Xei
2008-04-17 22:40:02
54.   Reddog
So how does Furcal compare to Honus Wagner?
2008-04-17 22:47:14
55.   LogikReader

Tonight's game just rendered the NL West a two team race. Neither bullpen is that consistent.

2008-04-17 22:47:27
56.   Xeifrank
3 walks, Rockies score.
vr, Xei
2008-04-17 22:47:31
57.   Eric Stephen
Vasgersian and Grant are incorrectly complaining that the 2-2 pitch to Hawpe should have been strike 3. I normally like them (probably in the minority) but this is embarrassing.
2008-04-17 22:48:19
58.   Bob Timmermann
There aren't a lot of players who compare favorably to Honus Wagner.
2008-04-17 22:49:30
59.   Bob Timmermann
So many people here say they are in the minority when it comes to Vasgersian and Grant that I think they are the majority. I'm not really the majority. I'm just tall.
2008-04-17 22:49:46
60.   Eric Stephen
Vasgersian said "if this were the Yankees-Red Sox, this would be the lead story on PTI tomorrow".
2008-04-17 22:50:08
61.   LogikReader

I suppose you could make the argument if the height of the strike zone is supposed to be at the elbows. Otherwise, I thought it was obviously a ball; I have the Rockies broadcast going here.

2008-04-17 22:50:42
62.   Eric Stephen
I'm in a vocal minority. The majority's silence is deafening!
2008-04-17 22:54:19
63.   LogikReader
I don't know what to make of Padres broadcasters. Their games are on cable access TV, albeit in HD. I suppose they could be more "laid back" given their smaller audience.
2008-04-17 22:56:06
64.   trainwreck
Yeah, I think it is just Eric Stephen. He says he is in the minority all the time, to the point that you think there are others.
2008-04-17 22:58:42
65.   Xeifrank
This would be crazy if the Padres tie it up and send it to the 15th inning. Looks like atleast one run is a good probability.
vr, Xei
2008-04-17 22:59:03
66.   Eric Stephen
I think Enders may be in the pro Vasgersian camp as well. You know, us Erics stick together.

You can't spell "America" without "Eric"!

2008-04-17 22:59:58
67.   Eric Stephen
At least!
2008-04-17 23:00:00
68.   underdog
And the Padres just tied it back at 1-1. And Vasgersian sounds like he just passed a bowling ball.
2008-04-17 23:04:56
69.   underdog
How were those pitches from Corpas, those last two, not strikes? Those were right down the middle. Wow.
2008-04-17 23:05:27
70.   Eric Stephen
Did Morton swing at ball four? I guess it's too close to take, but it may have been low.
2008-04-17 23:05:36
71.   Bob Timmermann
The Erics would just tell me that I'm an old fogey who doesn't appreciate the hipness of a Matt Vasgersian.
2008-04-17 23:06:59
72.   trainwreck
It must be that Armenian mafia that Vasgersian is a part of.

I heard Kurkjian is the boss.

2008-04-17 23:07:32
73.   trainwreck
I am younger than both the Erics and Matt Vasgersian's pop references are beyond dorky.
2008-04-17 23:08:23
74.   LogikReader
I'm in the vocal "minority" that doesn't like Vasgersian and Grant.
2008-04-17 23:08:37
75.   Eric Stephen
Kurkjian: "That's what I love about rubbing a guy out!"
2008-04-17 23:09:56
76.   Eric Stephen
I'm not sure Vasgersian has ever referenced a song newer than 1980, although in fairness he doesn't really do rock lyrics during his HR calls anymore like he used to do with Milwaukee.
2008-04-17 23:10:17
77.   LogikReader
You know, the Mets game (and their wonnnnnnderful broadcasters) went to the 14th inning, but by then it was already 11:45 ET. This game tonight is already into the 15th and we just cracked 11pm.

The starting pitching was clearly better in the current game.

2008-04-17 23:11:06
78.   LogikReader
Actually, this whole night has been filled with extra inning games, hasn't it?
2008-04-17 23:11:12
79.   Eric Stephen
I was sold on Vasgersian during his excellent work on "World Series of Blackjack".
2008-04-17 23:12:52
80.   Eric Stephen
Do the Mets still occasionally invite Ralph Kiner into the booth? He is a delight to listen to from a comedic standpoint. From a baseball enjoyment standpoint, not so much.
2008-04-17 23:13:29
81.   trainwreck
You really watched a tournament about Blackjack?
2008-04-17 23:15:00
82.   LogikReader
I know they did at least once last year. This year is still young. Bob will appreciate how Keith Hernandez went out of his way to point out how there were plenty of NY restaurants still open (at 11:30). Gary Cohen of course talked about how loyal the Mets fans were, and yet, I see more of them here at this Padres game in the same inning.
2008-04-17 23:16:12
83.   Greg Brock
Having grown up listening to Kiner's Korner when Group W cable carried WOR in Los Angeles, it's depressing to listen to Kiner now.

It's harsh, but it's like listening to death. Slow, creeping death. Ninja death.

2008-04-17 23:16:16
84.   trainwreck
Really? He made a ton of recent pop references every time I listened to him. He tires way too hard, which is why he annoys me. Plus, I do not like his voice.

He is just a big ball of suck to me.

2008-04-17 23:16:18
85.   Bob Timmermann
Gary Cohen just said that the few fans left were the loyal ones.
2008-04-17 23:17:54
86.   Eric Stephen
Sure, why not? :)

It was on the Game Show Network for a while.

2008-04-17 23:18:30
87.   LogikReader
To the 16th!!!
2008-04-17 23:18:48
88.   KG16
61 - isn't the top of the strike zone supposed to be the letters?


according to the rule book:

the upper limit of [the strike zone] is a horizontal line at the midpoint between the top of the shoulders and the top of the uniform pants

2008-04-17 23:20:52
89.   trainwreck
2008-04-17 23:20:57
90.   LogikReader

Unlike the Padres guys, I enjoy the Mets broadcasters because they happen to have great chemistry and come off very natural. I can handle their inherent disdain of the West Coast.


The is the most fun I've had with a baseball game (this Padres/Rockies game) since... well, the NL WC playoff game.

2008-04-17 23:21:43
91.   Eric Stephen
Last year there were two 17-inning games (including the Brady Clark 17th inning double for the Dodgers in SD) and one 16-inning game.
2008-04-17 23:22:27
92.   trainwreck
I did not even know that exists, but I am not the least surprised. I was the WSOP last year and they were really promoting the blackjack shows.
2008-04-17 23:22:46
93.   LogikReader
I love extra inning games................ as long as it's not with the Dodgers. This could hurt both teams for the next month.
2008-04-17 23:23:05
94.   trainwreck
* I was at the...


2008-04-17 23:25:37
95.   Eric Stephen
The WS of blackjack is weird because they play 25 hands and there's some really weird betting at the end to try to finish with the most money. Stuff like doubling down on 17, etc.
2008-04-17 23:27:08
96.   Eric Stephen
I looked this up sometime last year, but I believe the longest game I ever attended was a 13-inning affair. I'd love to be at a 20-inning game. Especially if it was the first game of a doubleheader.
2008-04-17 23:27:29
97.   trainwreck
That is quite insane.

I watched a little bit of the celebrity blackjack and then I saw the dealer from that show became a professional player. And he gave himself a cool Hollywood name and I was done with watching anything to do with blackjack after that.

2008-04-17 23:27:31
98.   Bob Timmermann
I do think the Mets crew is good. Gary Cohen knows a lot about the history of the Mets and has many interesting historical anecdotes.
2008-04-17 23:29:19
99.   Eric Stephen
On August 15, 2006, there were two 18-inning games. I think I watched those on EI.

2008-04-17 23:32:20
100.   LogikReader

The Mets have one of the few regular crews to occasionally feature a three man booth and pull it off. We can always chastise their fans, but their commentators are among the best in baseball.


I think the longest game I ever attended was a 14th inning affair at Dodger Stadium, April 2002. Dodgers vs the Reds, and the Dodgers won in the bottom of the 14th! Pretty memorable.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-04-17 23:34:07
101.   Gagne55
88 And I always thought the belt was the top of the strike zone.
2008-04-17 23:34:56
102.   KG16
I'm watching Casablanca on Tivo right now, I'm wondering, if they were to try to make something similar today, who would play the lead?

I was going to say "remake" but that would be a crime against nature.

Got to say, this movie is a standard of great story telling.

2008-04-17 23:35:37
103.   Greg Brock
Who needs "Beauty and the Geek" when we can watch the best reality show on earth -- baseball -- every darned night?

Jayson Stark out-Kurkjians Tim Kurkjian.

You're move, Tiny.

2008-04-17 23:35:39
104.   KG16
101 - nope, just seems like it.
2008-04-17 23:36:10
105.   Bob Timmermann
The record length for me for a game I attended was 16 innings by the Astros and Brewers in Milwaukee on May 16, 2000.

I walked up to the box office and asked for the best ticket available. I sat three rows behind the screen behind home plate.

The crowd was so small at the end that I could hear Larry Dierker's argument with Mike Winters.

2008-04-17 23:37:29
106.   Bob Timmermann
There was a TV series based on "Casablanca" in the early 1980s on NBC. David Soul played Rick Blaine.

This is not a joke.

2008-04-17 23:38:47
107.   KG16
106 - I refuse to believe you. Next you'll be telling me they remade Ocean's 11

and then made sequels

2008-04-17 23:39:17
108.   LogikReader
To the 17th!!!
2008-04-17 23:42:18
109.   Bob Timmermann
One thing people forget about the original "Ocean's 11" is that really isn't very good. The second half of that film really drags and there's way too much Cesar Romero in it.
2008-04-17 23:42:33
110.   trainwreck
Good question.

I think David Strathairn could rise to challenge and do a great Rick Blaine.

Steve Buscemi would be Ugarte, but that one is easy.

2008-04-17 23:43:48
111.   trainwreck
Molly Parker would be my Ilsa Lund.
2008-04-17 23:44:17
112.   KG16
wow, Steve McNair retired. Part of me is surprised he was still in the league... another part of me is still upset at him for letting the Rams win the Super Bowl
2008-04-17 23:45:21
113.   KG16
110 - Steve Buscemi is a perfect choice for that.

Will Smith for Sam?

2008-04-17 23:46:48
114.   underdog
"The Good German" tried to be sort of like Casablanca, though not a remake or anything. The only real difference was that it... sucked completely. Boring, pointless, but other than that it was a lot like Casablanca. Just as David Soul was a lot like Humphrey Bogart.
2008-04-17 23:48:43
115.   Eric Stephen
I no longer sympathize with the "Let's vent" Coors Light guys.
2008-04-17 23:49:23
116.   KG16
111 - I would go with someone relatively unknown for the role.

Maybe her:

but that's mainly because I know her

2008-04-17 23:49:33
117.   trainwreck
I do not think Will Smith can sing. Can he?

I would go with Babyface. Not like Sam does much acting in the film. In addition, Babyface worked with Eric Clapton, which earns you a credit in my book.

2008-04-17 23:52:05
118.   trainwreck
Well Molly Parker is pretty unknown. Thanks to CanuckDodger, I got to watch Twitch City and I have loved her since. She was in Deadwood too.

As for Jennifer Austin; I do not know her, but the list of films she has done makes me skeptical.

2008-04-17 23:52:27
119.   underdog
88 innings without a home run for San Diego. Garsh.
2008-04-17 23:53:41
120.   KG16
117 - I suppose that could work. My opinion of Will Smith as a singer is skewed by my being 10 when He's the DJ and I'm the Rapper came out
2008-04-17 23:55:14
121.   KG16
118 - she's family, more or less, which is why I mentioned her... I've not seen anything with Molly Parker, so I can't speak with any authority.
2008-04-17 23:55:40
122.   underdog
Sam is such a small role in "Casablanca," I couldn't see any A-list star wanting anything to do with it, frankly. They could expand it, I suppose. Better off not bothering with a remake at all. Plus it's not a horror film. They really seem to only want to remake horror films these days, that and caper films.
2008-04-17 23:55:45
123.   LogikReader
To the 18th!!!

I love it!

2008-04-17 23:57:33
124.   KG16
122 - I'd prefer they stick to original ideas, rather than remakes, but it's always something I think about when I watch an old film... kind of like, "I wonder how Ruth would deal with this guy on the mound"
2008-04-17 23:58:03
125.   trainwreck
That may be his best job at rapping, but I really do not count that as singing.
2008-04-17 23:59:21
126.   Gagne55
125 Will Smith is a good rapper.
2008-04-17 23:59:52
127.   Greg Brock
This is how remakes happen. A few chums hanging out chatting about who could play what, and BLAM! Vince Vaughn is self abusing while Anne Heche is hiding the money she stole.

Tread lightly, people. We already have to deal with a new Seven Samurai flick. And not a cool Magnificent Seven classic....An actual Seven Samurai remake.

2008-04-18 00:00:07
128.   trainwreck
That is cool. My cousin in Canada went to the drama school that all the Degrassi kids went to, but then he became an accountant.

I was sad.

2008-04-18 00:00:47
129.   Bob Timmermann
I'd prefer a shot-by-shot remake of "Casablanca" done by Gus Van Sant. He could have Anne Heche play Ilsa, Vince Vaughn as Rick, Viggo Mortenson as Victor Lazlo, William H. Macy as Ugarte.
2008-04-18 00:01:06
130.   trainwreck
Wait what?!!!!

And I thought I was going to detest the Oldboy remake.

2008-04-18 00:01:53
131.   LogikReader
Based on all this remake talk, I suspect not everyone has EI or MLB.TV?
2008-04-18 00:02:49
132.   underdog
RIP, legendary animator Ollie Johnston. Nice tribute from Brad Bird posted here:

That Samurai remake still seems kind of in limbo (thankfully). It's listed as in production but there's no director attached, which is quite a feat. And no cast for that matter. I hope it commits hari kari on itself before getting made.

2008-04-18 00:02:55
133.   Bob Timmermann
I have EI. And I'm slower than Greg Brock. Because I'm old and it's late.

But Kaiser has stopped e-mailing the results of medical tests it appears.

2008-04-18 00:04:20
134.   underdog
131 - I was watching but it was boring me a bit. I hope both teams find a way to not win and then call it a night after 20 pointless innings. But it did succeed in making me sleepy enough to go to bed. Well done, homerless Pads!
2008-04-18 00:12:54
135.   berkowit28
Gameday is now a good 10-12 seconds ahead of Weird.
2008-04-18 00:13:27
136.   KG16
131 - no EI or, just Tivo and TCM
2008-04-18 00:14:15
137.   LogikReader
To the 19th!!!

I may not go to sleep.

2008-04-18 00:14:52
138.   berkowit28
On to 19th.
2008-04-18 00:15:18
139.   Jon Weisman
137 - That's how my son seemed to be feeling until a minute ago.
2008-04-18 00:22:17
140.   Bob Timmermann
I am not going to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to talk to a bunch of eager library school students tomorrow.
2008-04-18 00:24:07
141.   trainwreck
I am amazed at anyone that can deal with a lot of people everyday.

I would get annoyed or do a lot of inappropriate laughing.

2008-04-18 00:25:55
142.   Greg Brock
140 Come on, Bob. It's a library. In the morning.

It practically sells itself!

2008-04-18 00:26:25
143.   berkowit28
So - if it gets to 1 am and they have to suspend the game, does it continue tomorrow morning - and then the Rockies still have to make it to Houston, 2 hours' time zone later, and the Pads to Phoenix - or can they finish the game in a month or two when they're next back in SD? If so, what if several of the current players aren't available to finish the game?
2008-04-18 00:27:50
144.   trainwreck
I really wish I could watch this game instead of following it on Gameday.
2008-04-18 00:28:01
145.   berkowit28
Ah - no 1 am curfew in the NL, say the announcers.
2008-04-18 00:29:45
146.   Bob Timmermann
There is no 1 am curfew. They will play until the cows come home.

Unless it starts raining.

2008-04-18 00:30:09
147.   berkowit28
... which is good. Well, suppose it were the AL, what would they do?
2008-04-18 00:30:38
148.   Bob Timmermann
There is no 1 am curfew in EITHER league. However if a game is delayed by rain, they won't start again after 1 am and the game will be suspended.
2008-04-18 00:31:04
149.   berkowit28
2008-04-18 00:31:24
150.   LogikReader
To the 20th!!!

This is my all time personal record for longest game I ever watched, by innings.

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2008-04-18 00:32:16
151.   LogikReader
Once I'm through with this Rox/Pads game, I'll go get dressed and go to work.
2008-04-18 00:32:28
152.   Bob Timmermann
I listened to all of the 22 inning 1-0 Dodgers win over the Expos in 1989 with my grandmother.
2008-04-18 00:33:51
153.   was it tims mitt i saw
any of you guys know where i can find a list of position players that pitched in a game the last few years?

the sd/col teams seem to be running low on players

2008-04-18 00:36:09
154.   Bob Timmermann
Tim Kurkjian keeps a list!

The problem about putting a position player in to pitch now is that both teams have used up their position players.

2008-04-18 00:37:02
155.   Greg Brock
The Dodgers/Astros game when Shelby went 0 for 10 is my longest game.
2008-04-18 00:40:00
156.   trainwreck
I can only remember last year when the A's and Giants played and Pedro Feliz was the catcher for the Giants.

That game was the most insane thing I have ever seen.

2008-04-18 00:40:04
157.   Bob Timmermann
I didn't see all of that game. Nor have I seen all of this one.

The 1989 game saw the Dodgers pull off the unique trick of scoring 1 run on 20 hits.

And the run came on a Rick Dempsey homer. The Dodgers also did not walk during the game, the longest walkless game in major league history.

2008-04-18 00:45:30
158.   Jon Weisman
What the heck ... NPUT
2008-04-18 00:47:44
159.   LogikReader
to bed i say!! nite all
2008-04-18 00:49:48
160.   was it tims mitt i saw
I feel sorry for Bard and Torrealba's knees

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