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2008-04-19 08:41
by Jon Weisman

Samples from the Dodger splits page at

  • Left field has a .572 OPS this season.

  • The Dodgers' batting average on balls in play during victories is .354. In losses, it's .270.

  • Dodger right-handed batters have a .498 OPS against right-handed pitchers so far this season. In 2007, it was .718.

  • The Dodgers have a .872 OPS with the bases empty, .623 with men on.

    Add your own to the list. It's a small sample size showcase!

    * * *

    Dodgers at Braves, 12:55 p.m.

  • Comments (377)
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    2008-04-19 10:00:01
    1.   Bob Timmermann
    Memories... From the corners of our mind... Distant rhetorical question memories... of the way we were...

    From an story about the Pirates saying they like the renovations done to Wrigley Field.

    "It's not up to Major League standards right now," then-manager Jim Tracy said. "Have I ever seen a Major League surface at the outfield like that? Never."

    2008-04-19 10:01:52
    2.   KG16
    Dodgers hitting with runners in scoring position: .267/.350/.393

    good lord that's disappointing

    2008-04-19 10:04:11
    3.   underdog
    The Dodgers have yet to record a catcher's interference play, too - that's disappointing! They better get their act together or this is going to be a long season!

    Small sample sizes, indeed.

    2008-04-19 10:08:41
    4.   Bob Timmermann
    There's only been one all season ... sniff...
    2008-04-19 10:09:28
    5.   Jon Weisman
    2 - That's actually pretty good. What do you think is fair to expect?
    2008-04-19 10:11:52
    6.   invisibleman
    Number 8 hitters have out OPS'd those batting 3, 6, or 7.
    2008-04-19 10:11:52
    7.   KG16
    5 - actually, I guess it's mainly the BA that's disappointing, I'd prefer to see it a little higher, in the .285 range
    2008-04-19 10:14:45
    8.   KG16
    The Wizards' gold and black jerseys might be the ugliest jerseys in the history of sports
    2008-04-19 10:15:14
    9.   regfairfield
    7 No NL team hit .285 last year.
    2008-04-19 10:15:26
    10.   Jon Weisman
    A team batting .285 would be pretty amazing.
    2008-04-19 10:22:07
    11.   Eric Stephen
    In 2007, four teams hit .285 or higher with RISP:

    Tigers - .311/.383/.478
    Yankees - .293/.378/.451
    Braves - .291/.379/.468
    Rangers - .285/.366/.468

    The 2007 Dodgers hit .278/.359/.395

    2008-04-19 10:23:14
    12.   bhsportsguy
    10 Jon, did you get the e-mai?
    2008-04-19 10:23:33
    13.   Eric Stephen
    I forgot to add, overall MLB hit .272/.357/.423 with RISP.
    2008-04-19 10:26:12
    14.   bhsportsguy
    8 Oregon's black uniforms with black lettering might be the stupidest uniforms of all time.
    2008-04-19 10:27:38
    15.   KG16
    9 , 10 - I'm just talking with runners in scoring position. If I'm looking at the numbers right from last year, Atlanta hit .291 with runners in scoring position, everyone else was somewhere in the range of .260-.275.

    I just prefer to see more hits with runners in scoring position, because that's the most likely way to score.

    Maybe my standards are just a bit too high.

    2008-04-19 10:28:52
    16.   KG16
    14 - those are stupid, I'll agree, but Washington's are just flat out ugly
    2008-04-19 10:29:56
    17.   Eric Stephen
    What a difference a week makes. Today is the 5th straight start for Kemp, and the OF distribution numbers are as follows (through last night):

    Starts (including today)
    Andruw 16
    Ethier 16
    Kemp 10
    Pierre 9

    Andruw 133
    Ethier 129
    Kemp 87
    Pierre 65

    Ethier 65
    Andruw 62
    Kemp 46
    Pierre 35

    2008-04-19 10:31:30
    18.   Eric Stephen
    The yellow ones (with or without yellow lettering) might take the cake. They just assault the eyes.
    2008-04-19 10:33:52
    19.   JoeyP
    15--Why would you expect a team to have a higher batting average with RISP, than if no one was on base?
    2008-04-19 10:34:34
    20.   Eric Stephen
    I like how the lineup on Tony Jackson's blog today has position numbers listed rather than the standard "LF", "SS", etc. Maybe the change of pace will be a good omen.
    2008-04-19 10:37:56
    21.   Icaros
    Yeah, we haven't even had the chance to use the Vonnegut-inspired "So it goes..." for Pierre starting over Kemp.

    I hope we never do.

    2008-04-19 10:38:08
    22.   Eric Stephen
    Why would you expect a team to have a higher batting average with RISP, than if no one was on base?

    2007 MLB
    Nobody on: .262/.324/.417
    RISP: .272/.357/.423

    2006 MLB
    Nobody on: .264/.325/.428
    RISP: .270/.356/.426

    2005 MLB
    Nobody on: .258/.318/.412
    RISP: .267/.350/.420

    I would imagine part of the difference is from pitching from the stretch.

    2008-04-19 10:39:11
    23.   bhsportsguy
    My First Prediction of the Year

    Given the roster limitations, I think Nomar has about 3 weeks to show that he can play everyday, if not, he may not be on the roster on Memorial Day.

    2008-04-19 10:39:49
    24.   KG16
    19 - because getting a hit with runners in scoring position is the best way to score runs.
    2008-04-19 10:40:46
    25.   Eric Stephen
    I can't see Nomar getting released unless he does some serious grumbling.

    Also, you can't call it a prediction if you use "he may not be...". Use won't!! :)

    2008-04-19 10:41:08
    26.   KG16
    22 - also, I suspect part of it is from seeing relievers rather than starters (how often do we see a guy pulled after giving up a couple of hits midway through an inning?)
    2008-04-19 10:41:43
    27.   Andrew Shimmin
    Dodgers are .143/.652/.143 after 3-0 counts, this year (with a .125 BABIP), good for an sOPS+ of 14. They went .467/.949/.933 in those situations, last year, sOPS+ of 114.
    2008-04-19 10:43:45
    28.   Bob Timmermann
    I always assumed that batters hit better with runners in scoring position because it meant that the pitcher was already somewhat ineffective because he runners get on base.
    2008-04-19 10:46:15
    29.   Icaros
    Do we get to have the debate about whether clutch hitting exists now? Hopefully it will be as fun as it was in 2004.
    2008-04-19 10:50:40
    30.   Bob Timmermann
    Bill James is starting to believe in clutch hitting. But my friend Phil Birnbaum is betting money with people (to donate to charity) about whether or not someone can identify a clutch hitter.
    2008-04-19 10:52:27
    31.   Andrew Shimmin
    I had a really clutch sandwich, yesterday. Hadn't eaten all day, and I was flagging badly, but that sandwich put me right back in the game.
    2008-04-19 10:52:52
    32.   Dave G
    The league-wide RISP numbers are interesting--relatively small jumps in BA and SLG, but a high jump in OPB. Doesn't that suggest that there are only a few more hits (and on average, only a few more singles) with RISP but a lot more walks? Given that RISP = 2nd, 3rd, or both, doesn't that make sense, given that pitchers might be more apt to pitch around hitters to set up double plays, or pitch around strong hitters in a lineup to get to weaker ones? I'm really not sure it shows that hitters are normally better in those situations--it seems to me the strategic factors probably play more of a role. I like Bob's idea about pitcher ineffectiveness too :)
    2008-04-19 10:57:02
    33.   Icaros

    James has been watching too much Big Papi.


    I'm about to take a clutch bathroom break.

    2008-04-19 10:58:55
    34.   Bill Crain
    As far as I know James has just said that the evidence that previously convinced him clutch hitting didn't exist wasn't very good and he's no longer convinced. In "Underestimating the Fog" he wrote that he now thinks there isn't any compelling evidence one way or the other.

    Is there something newer?

    2008-04-19 11:01:52
    35.   KG16
    clutch hitting is psychological, plain and simple. Some guys can handle the pressure of getting a hit late in a close game that makes the difference between a win and a loss and some guys can't.

    Clutch is ill defined, I'll admit, but it's a very human element of the game.

    2008-04-19 11:03:13
    36.   still bevens
    Lineup from TJ. Kemp and Ethier flipped.

    Furcal 6
    Ethier 7
    Kemp 9
    Kent 4
    Loney 3
    Martin 2
    Jones 8
    Garciaparra 5
    Billingsley 1

    2008-04-19 11:04:25
    37.   Bob Timmermann
    I interpreted that essay to mean that he's open to changing his mind.
    2008-04-19 11:07:14
    38.   Icaros
    Some guys can handle the pressure of getting a hit late in a close game that makes the difference between a win and a loss and some guys can't.

    If a guy hits a hard line drive right to a fielder in this situation and makes an out, does this mean he couldn't handle the pressure?

    2008-04-19 11:07:19
    39.   regfairfield
    35 I'm willing to believe that some guys are unclutch, but not that people actually get better in clutch situations.
    2008-04-19 11:08:59
    40.   D4P
    Andruw Jones

    Bases empty: .273/.385/.455/.840
    Runners on: .069/.156/.069/.225

    2008-04-19 11:14:15
    41.   KG16
    38 - this is one of the problems with this topic, people who normally talk about the aggregate suddenly use an example of a single plate appearance; and vice versa.

    Another problem is that when you look at clutch hitting isolated (really hitting in general) you tend to ignore clutch pitching (or pitching in general) and clutch defense (or defense in general). A pitcher can also be clutch, a fielder can be clutch making a defensive stop. It's sort of like the luck/skill conversation we had a while back.

    39 - that's fair, and probably pretty accurate.

    2008-04-19 11:15:37
    42.   Icaros
    It's sort of like the luck/skill conversation we had a while back.

    Right, which is why your blanket psychological assertions do not work for me.

    2008-04-19 11:15:54
    43.   therickdaddy
    (from last thread): Thanks for the well-wishes! She has already adapted surprisingly well, seeing as she was definitely a lefty. Sure requires more attention nowadays, however!

    23 Nomah, more than anyone in recent memory, has really been a team player about his demotion(s) and position switching. I don't have a problem with Nomar being on the club in a limited role.

    2008-04-19 11:19:17
    44.   Andrew Shimmin
    I totally believe in chokers. Richard Quest, for example.
    2008-04-19 11:21:17
    45.   Icaros

    What about Latrell Sprewell?

    2008-04-19 11:23:26
    46.   Andrew Shimmin
    45- I'm watching an NBA game for the first time this year, right now. Noon-thirty can't come soon enough.

    It's still better than soccer, though.

    2008-04-19 11:38:55
    47.   Bill Crain
    Andrew, you mind if I borrow your Wilson Pickett line? Only for my personal use in private non-commercial context, you understand.
    2008-04-19 11:42:25
    48.   Andrew Shimmin
    47- I give it freely to the public domain. Raising awareness of Wicked Pickett is a mitzvah.
    2008-04-19 11:44:20
    49.   Bill Crain
    What a guy!
    2008-04-19 11:45:03
    50.   bablue
    I believe the large disparity in OBP with RISP compared to with no one on is solely due to intentional walks. You would never intentionally walk someone with no one on (well other than Bonds). But almost all intentional walks occur with RISP. I think if you took out those walks you would have OBP only 8-10 points higher with RISP, like BA is.
    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2008-04-19 11:49:50
    51.   D4P
    There's a first.
    2008-04-19 11:50:44
    52.   silverwidow
    Bad news: Josh Rawitch's blog says Bennett is starting.

    Billingsley seems to get lit up whenever he's behind the dish. Damn!

    2008-04-19 11:55:52
    53.   FirstMohican
    Not sure how many people access DT with their blackberry, but I've found the Opera browser works really well. Blackberry's browser struggles handling the comments.
    2008-04-19 11:55:53
    54.   regfairfield
    Yes, that did happen the one time Bennett caught for Bills.
    2008-04-19 11:56:42
    55.   tjshere
    Left field has a .572 OPS this season

    I don't get this. According to ESPN, Ethier is OPSing .820 and Pierre is at .688. To the best of my recollection they are the only 2 players to man left-field so far this year. What gives?

    2008-04-19 11:56:58
    56.   Bill Crain
    No, I've been impressed with Wilson Pickett lots of times.
    2008-04-19 11:58:13
    57.   silverwidow
    54 Bills also had some UGLY spring training pairings with Bennett. But when paired with Martin in his last exhibition start (Red Sox), he was great. Just like he was great last week.
    2008-04-19 11:59:08
    58.   D4P
    Ethier and Pierre have played outfield spots other than LF, and have apparently hit better in the other spots.
    2008-04-19 11:59:47
    59.   D4P
    Are we supposed to believe it's random that both of Bennett's starts have happened with Billingsley on the mound...?
    2008-04-19 12:03:15
    60.   KG16
    Matt Kemp and Trevor Hoffman at the Great Wall of China on Fox right now
    2008-04-19 12:03:29
    61.   tjshere
    58 Makes sense. Thanks, D4P.

    How odd that Ethier would mash when he plays right field but struggle when Kemp is in the line-up.

    2008-04-19 12:05:01
    62.   D4P
    How odd that Ethier would mash when he plays right field but struggle when Kemp is in the line-up

    Kemp is probably more likely to be in the lineup when a lefty is on the mound, which means Ethier is more likely to struggle.

    Any other conundrums you need me to solve?

    2008-04-19 12:05:59
    63.   KG16
    62 - just Bennett being on the roster, and catching Billingsly
    2008-04-19 12:06:26
    64.   Jon Weisman
    58 - It's night and day.
    2008-04-19 12:07:29
    65.   imperabo
    Ethier has a 593 OPS as LF and 1120 as RF. The pressure of filling JP's shoes must be too great.
    2008-04-19 12:08:28
    66.   Andrew Shimmin
    Left field is haunted.
    2008-04-19 12:08:36
    67.   imperabo
    Nothing compared to the pressure of filling his cap however.
    2008-04-19 12:10:20
    68.   D4P
    Actually, Pierre has only batted while playing LF this year. His other PAs came as a pinch-hitter, where he's 1-2.

    As I suggested before, Ethier plays LF when Kemp plays RF, which means that a lefty is probably on the mound. Ethier plays RF when Pierre plays LF, which means that a righty is probably on the mound.

    This probably explains the difference in Ethier's performance in LF vs. RF.

    2008-04-19 12:18:44
    69.   Andrew Shimmin
    Could somebody who's watching the basketball game explain what just happened?
    2008-04-19 12:20:11
    70.   Bob Timmermann
    I would concur. I use Opera for DT on my BlackBerry. It's like night and day.

    Most other mobile apps I use are ones that are already formatted for BlackBerries such as ESPN or

    2008-04-19 12:21:44
    71.   Bob Timmermann
    I'm not watching, but now I'm intrigued.
    2008-04-19 12:24:18
    72.   Icaros
    Are night and day really that different?
    2008-04-19 12:24:54
    73.   Andrew Shimmin
    71- Washington had the ball and tried to inbound, but the Cleveland player tipped the pass up, then came down with it, which looked like a steal, to me. But the ref whistled it dead. Then they had a jump ball. The announcers said it was a double something (double violation, maybe?), but didn't explain what either of the violations were. Or why it became a jump ball, instead of reverting to Washington's ball to inbound.
    2008-04-19 12:26:30
    74.   underdog
    Just caught a minute of the Giants game in St Louis. Showed ex Giant pitcher Kirk Reuter in the stands. I hadn't realized this before but, separated at birth: Reuter and Dobby the House Elf.

    Also noticed in my channel flipping: The Washington Wizards have had more trouble finding non-repulsive uniform color choices than any other franchise I can think of.

    2008-04-19 12:27:00
    75.   Bob Timmermann
    Are you sure it wasn't a double foul?
    2008-04-19 12:28:06
    76.   Andrew Shimmin
    I don't think anybody touched anybody else. It looked like the play was whistled dead before they had the chance. Unless it was off camera. But it was the ref standing at the baseline who made the call.
    2008-04-19 12:29:49
    77.   Andrew Shimmin
    Is there an NBA version of Gameday?
    2008-04-19 12:31:37
    78.   D4P
    Is there an NBA version of Gameday?

    I prefer CBSSportsline's "Gamecenter".

    2008-04-19 12:33:31
    79.   Bob Timmermann
    I am trying to look on to see if the official play-by-play is posted, but refuses to load on my computer.

    Which is a PC. And running IE.

    Perhaps the NBA is too edgy to operate in that environment.

    2008-04-19 12:34:53
    80.   Andrew Shimmin
    No help there. "Jumpball received by Delonte West."

    Doesn't say why there was one.

    2008-04-19 12:35:20
    81.   Andrew Shimmin
    80 was directed at 78. I couldn't get to load for me, either.
    2008-04-19 12:35:36
    82.   Bob Timmermann
    Here's the PBP on Sportsline.

    2008-04-19 12:37:25
    83.   Andrew Shimmin
    Mark Grace is wearing a Steve Lavin collar.
    2008-04-19 12:38:24
    84.   KG16
    how late in the game was it? trying to check espn360
    2008-04-19 12:39:34
    85.   KG16
    84 - never mind, the replay is not on espn360
    2008-04-19 12:39:55
    86.   Andrew Shimmin
    It was the one that came before the jumpball at 15 seconds remaining.
    2008-04-19 12:42:27
    87.   tjshere
    68 Bingo! Ethier is OPSing 1.048 vs. RHP so far this year but only .411 vs. LHP. This surprises me. I always thought the line on Ethier was that he hit lefties quite well.
    2008-04-19 12:43:37
    88.   Icaros

    I think the line probably included more than three weeks of a baseball season.

    2008-04-19 12:44:54
    89.   D4P
    The Braves and Dodgers each have 7-9 records, despite having outscored their respective opponents by 23 and 13 runs, respectively.


    2008-04-19 12:45:42
    90.   tjshere
    88 Touche
    2008-04-19 12:47:51
    91.   Icaros

    Didn't mean to be snotty, but it appears he's had about 20 at-bats against lefties so far.

    2008-04-19 12:50:55
    92.   Bob Timmermann
    I think's homepage was designed by the guy who brought us the black on black Oregon basketball unis.
    2008-04-19 12:50:55
    93.   D4P
    I really like Dick Stockton as a basketball announcer, but I'm not sure about baseball...
    2008-04-19 12:51:42
    94.   Bob Timmermann
    Dick Stockton was the announcer for Carlton Fisk's home run in Game 6 of the 1975 World Series.

    He's done a lot of baseball, mostly with the Red Sox.

    2008-04-19 12:51:44
    95.   D4P
    Phew. Eric Karros just told me that all Andruw has to do is get a few hits and then he'll get going.
    2008-04-19 12:52:07
    96.   Icaros

    Why assume the creator is male?

    2008-04-19 12:52:16
    97.   D4P
    I guess I missed that game.
    2008-04-19 12:53:05
    98.   Bob Timmermann
    I think's homepage was designed by the person who brought us the black on black Oregon basketball unis.
    2008-04-19 12:54:57
    99.   trainwreck
    Is Delwyn Young breaking rule 11?
    2008-04-19 12:55:01
    100.   D4P
    Woah. Delwyn's an interesting dude.
    Show/Hide Comments 101-150
    2008-04-19 12:55:07
    101.   Michael D
    Delwyn Young shouldn't be allowed to read the lineups with Joe Beimel around.
    2008-04-19 12:55:15
    102.   bablue
    Don't sound so excited Delwyn...
    2008-04-19 12:55:17
    103.   Bob Timmermann
    Back in the day, the networks brought in the local announcers to do some of the play-by-play during the postseason.

    1975 was the first time I was exposed to Marty Brennaman. Repeated exposure to Brennamans over time has given me brain damage.

    2008-04-19 12:55:43
    104.   D4P
    How do you know it wasn't a monkey...?
    2008-04-19 12:55:49
    105.   Icaros


    2008-04-19 12:57:51
    106.   trainwreck
    You can do much better than a monkey with the Nike money.

    They got a team of dolphins making their uniforms.

    2008-04-19 12:59:47
    107.   Icaros

    Family Guy dolphins?

    2008-04-19 13:01:36
    108.   tjshere
    91 No worries, you weren't snotty.

    My problem is I tend to be paranoid about Ethier because I'm so afraid he's only a couple of 0-fers away from riding the pine. Ergo, I tend to over-react when I see anything too negative in his stats.

    2008-04-19 13:01:42
    109.   trainwreck
    No, they use manatees. They are like dumb and ugly dolphins.
    2008-04-19 13:03:47
    110.   regfairfield
    I like Delwyn Young a lot more now.
    2008-04-19 13:05:21
    111.   Icaros
    Oh yeah, it was manatees. My bad.
    2008-04-19 13:06:41
    112.   D4P
    Having the lineup read by players doesn't really add much to my enjoyment or understanding.
    2008-04-19 13:06:43
    113.   regfairfield
    There's really no worse feeling in the world than realizing you forgot to clean the rice cooker.
    2008-04-19 13:07:03
    114.   Sagehen
    Ethier hits better when in rightfield -- that's just because Pierre makes everyone else in the lineup better.

    Ha! Ethier's stats vs. lefties are, I think, just a by-product of a small sample size. But that's the point of this thread, isn't it?

    2008-04-19 13:07:28
    115.   D4P
    Wow, Bennett can't even throw the ball back to the mound.
    2008-04-19 13:09:41
    116.   trainwreck
    Billingsley is bringing the heat.
    2008-04-19 13:10:28
    117.   Bob Timmermann
    I got to display the banner, but nothing else. The Cleveland Cavaliers site won't come up. And the Wizards site goes through a long intro and then says "reference error."
    2008-04-19 13:10:39
    118.   underdog
    Nice inning for Chad to start. Great inning in fact. He even survived the Wood Chipper.
    2008-04-19 13:11:17
    119.   silverwidow
    116 The gun isn't slow like Dodger Stadium.
    2008-04-19 13:12:43
    120.   Ricardo
    Nice inning by Chad. He´s control is looking better every game.
    2008-04-19 13:13:19
    121.   underdog
    Btw, here's a paraphrased rehash of the online chat conversation I just had with a Comcast support person, after I noticed my Fox channel hadn't been coming in at all today, or sporadically (it is right now, at least). So:

    "Are you the name on the account?"
    Me: No, my landlord is. I have the number on the box though.
    "What is your relationship to the owner of the account?"
    Me: She's my landlord and lives upstairs.
    "I cannot help you without her consent."
    Me: Huh??
    Me: Can you at least tell Comcast that Channel 2 is not coming in for us right now?
    "Thank you for contacting Comcast. Have a nice day."

    2008-04-19 13:13:22
    122.   Brent Knapp
    The second pitch Bills threw to Kelly Johnson was a pitch I can't remember ever seeing him throw, or at least it moved more than any of his fastballs. It was 92 and tailed away from Johnson. Is this a new type of fastball he is throwing?
    2008-04-19 13:14:35
    123.   Icaros
    The gun in Jacksonville is slow, too, unless Kershaw only tops out at 92-93 and sits at 88-89.

    Brazoban was low 80s, but that may have been a lot of change-ups. He pitched a pretty dominant inning, probably because I showed him the shirt before he went out there.

    2008-04-19 13:15:31
    124.   micktissue
    I miss Blake.
    2008-04-19 13:15:57
    125.   CanuckDodger
    What was Chad's fastball velocity in the first?
    2008-04-19 13:16:02
    126.   Gen3Blue
    As usual, Nomar really makes 'em throw some pitches.
    2008-04-19 13:16:57
    127.   trainwreck
    There we go.
    2008-04-19 13:17:10
    128.   D4P
    Rudolph tomahawked that one.
    2008-04-19 13:17:11
    129.   natepurcell


    that fastball with the movement is his 2 seamer.

    2008-04-19 13:17:21
    130.   underdog

    Take that!

    Take that Comcast and everyone who hated on me, Andruw Jones!

    2008-04-19 13:17:32
    131.   trainwreck
    Stayed around 94 and hit 96.
    2008-04-19 13:17:34
    132.   micktissue
    2008-04-19 13:17:36
    133.   Ricardo
    Yeah, Andruw!
    2008-04-19 13:17:38
    134.   regfairfield
    2008-04-19 13:18:00
    135.   underdog
    Tomahawk Chop that, Braves fans!
    2008-04-19 13:18:16
    136.   Andrew Shimmin
    Kemp's got a little Elaine in him; just pushed Jones from behind, in the dugout, by way of congratulating him.
    2008-04-19 13:18:30
    137.   underdog
    128 ...Rudolph?
    2008-04-19 13:19:16
    138.   micktissue
    Gameday has Andruw's dong landing somewhere in the parking lot.
    2008-04-19 13:19:20
    139.   bluefoundglory
    i liked how furcal kept slapping andruws head with such vigor
    2008-04-19 13:19:38
    140.   Icaros

    Get out!

    2008-04-19 13:19:53
    141.   Sagehen
    I can't say I'm thrilled with seeing Bennett catching Billingsley. Uh oh, I thought, Bills will have a poor outing now. Then reality crept in. We can't really assume that Bills can't pitch to Bennett based upon just one or two outings when Bills was off his schedule. So the trouble isn't Bennett, necessarily. My feelings instead come from past seasons in which Billingsley has always pitched significantly better to Russell, or so it has seemed. But could that be more a by-product of Lieberthal's game-calling being poor than of Russell's being so good? Could Bennett actually be decent at calling a game? I suppose today is the test case, now that Bills is back in sync. If Bills has a rotten outing today, though, someone has got to tell Torre that Russell has to be Billingsley's personal catcher.
    2008-04-19 13:20:12
    142.   bhsportsguy
    136 No way.

    The Spurs looked awfully old in the first half.

    2008-04-19 13:20:22
    143.   D4P
    I just saw a commercial with Stan Sitwell and Wayne Jarvis.
    2008-04-19 13:21:01
    144.   Bob Timmermann
    I've gotten to load its scoreboard for today's game, but the Cavs-Wizards play-by-play page is broken.

    I am determined to find out the truth. No matter what it costs. I can't let down a major award winner.

    Yesterday Andrew was dancing around singing "Tonight, tonight, tonight! It's coming tonight!"

    2008-04-19 13:21:43
    145.   D4P
    Yes, Rudolph.

    2008-04-19 13:21:59
    146.   Bob Timmermann
    I'm assuming that Christopher Guest is directing those DirecTV commercials since they star three regular members of his troupe.
    2008-04-19 13:23:12
    147.   bhsportsguy
    141 I don't think its fair to judge any of the backup catchers who play around 15% of the time.
    2008-04-19 13:23:32
    148.   KG16
    141 - how much do catchers actually call games anymore? I was under the impression that it was really someone in the dugout calling the game for the catchers these days.

    That said, I do think the relationship between a pitcher and a catcher can be important... I remember Maddux having a personal catcher for a number of years.

    2008-04-19 13:24:08
    149.   Andrew Shimmin
    141- I don't like Bennett. I do like Billingsley. It's convenient having someone I don't like to blame for any failure of the person I do like.
    2008-04-19 13:25:08
    150.   KG16
    146 - does not like safari either. I think it might be best to wait for high lights during half time of the geriatric series
    Show/Hide Comments 151-200
    2008-04-19 13:25:37
    151.   micktissue
    145 In keeping with the interesting way he spells his first name, ESPN shows that Andruw spells his middle name Rudolf (no ph).
    2008-04-19 13:26:54
    152.   Still love Campy
    I think game calling is a mix of bench and catcher, with different teams letting the catcher do more or less. But I think it's primarily still catchers calling the majority of pitches in a game. Be interesting to know if veterans like I-Rod have more leeway than youngsters.
    2008-04-19 13:26:56
    153.   JoeyP
    I hope Kemp doesnt become the Dodgers version of Jeff Francoeur.

    Francoeur would drive me crazy if he played for the Dodgers. His approach is awful, and it never changes every ab.

    2008-04-19 13:27:56
    154.   D4P
    Oops, you're right. Rudolf it is.
    2008-04-19 13:28:39
    155.   KG16
    Ok, I am going to start a sports cable station, and I promise that no former athletes will be allowed to do color commentary on my station.

    Who wants to invest?

    2008-04-19 13:30:03
    156.   Bob Timmermann
    Monitor this thread for the answer as to what happened.

    "16 Seconds left in Wizards vs Cavs game. Cavs up by 7.

    Arenas inbounding the ball under the basket in their backcourt. Arenas throws the ball in and West jumps up and tips the ball. Unsure if it hits the back of the backboard or if Arenas comes in and appears to touch or grab West while he is still out of bounds or what. Announcers were confused (shocking) and there was no real explanation given. Apparently, the refs called a "double violation" and jumped the ball at Center Court."

    2008-04-19 13:30:11
    157.   Sagehen
    148 So it's not the game calling. Poor word choice on my part. But pitchers praise Martin's handling of the staff. Billingsley and Martin have a relationship going back to the minors, which has always seemed to make Bills more comfortable with Martin, leading to a stronger performance. I suppose, though, it's time to see if Bills can do it on his own. He's a big boy now.

    Was it Park who always pitched much better to Piazza than to any backup catcher? Or maybe it was Nomo.

    2008-04-19 13:30:17
    158.   D4P
    This is now feeling like a Dodger victory.
    2008-04-19 13:30:49
    159.   Sagehen
    Way to pitch out of the inning without allowing a run, Chad!
    2008-04-19 13:31:54
    160.   KG16
    that's disappointing, an off road racing commercial without the traditional "SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!"

    Also, wow, Jeremy McGrath is still alive, go figure

    2008-04-19 13:33:19
    161.   Icaros

    We already have our version of Francoeur. He's playing 3B today.

    2008-04-19 13:33:42
    162.   FirstMohican
    138 - Wow, you're not kidding. Guess I shouldn't have switched to Suns/Spurs (or remembered to hit record on the Dodger game before I did).

    Can't wait for a highlite on that.

    2008-04-19 13:35:49
    163.   Gen3Blue
    I just don't know. Nothing I do seems to make the new version of Gameday fit comfortably on my screen or even gives me the main parts I want. Does this happen to others?
    2008-04-19 13:35:52
    164.   Andrew Shimmin
    I saw a commercial for a NASCAR thing in Mexico City, this morning. I hope nobody tells Furman Bisher about it.
    2008-04-19 13:39:45
    165.   micktissue
    163 The thing I would like NOT to do when viewing via gameday is scroll between team boxes. The testing engineers may have been at lunch when that part of the process came up.
    2008-04-19 13:40:16
    166.   3upn3down
    Has Gary Bennett's toss back to the pitcher been discussed here yet?

    Was it Major League or Bull Durham where the catcher had to think about porn to get over his mental block of getting the ball back to the pitcher?

    Bennett clearly has issues.

    2008-04-19 13:41:23
    167.   D4P
    Has Gary Bennett's toss back to the pitcher been discussed here yet?


    2008-04-19 13:42:27
    168.   Brent Knapp
    166 It has been discussed here, and the most reasonable answer I've heard is that he claims to do it order to save wear and tear on his arm.
    2008-04-19 13:42:42
    169.   KG16
    166 - Major League II
    2008-04-19 13:43:06
    170.   bhsportsguy
    161 Francoeur's strike out rate is 20% almost double that of Nomar's.

    Francoeur's line .280/.319/.466
    Garciaparra's .315/.364/.526

    2008-04-19 13:45:38
    171.   El Lay Dave
    164 The country that brought us the Zimmermann Note?
    2008-04-19 13:48:16
    172.   Andrew Shimmin
    Five years from now, everybody will be using screen resolutions that make new Gameday readable. They're just ahead of the curve, whiners.
    2008-04-19 13:50:46
    173.   3upn3down
    157 Chad Krueter
    2008-04-19 13:51:34
    174.   gpellamjr
    Monday and Steiner now criticizing Bennett's slow toss back to the pitcher.
    2008-04-19 13:52:35
    175.   micktissue
    The Bison is roaming ...
    2008-04-19 13:54:41
    176.   El Lay Dave
    Cox playing IF in with a 1-0 score in the 4th?

    And it doesn't matter.

    2008-04-19 13:56:30
    177.   KG16
    just looking at baseball reference and I noticed the Giants were the first team to win 10000 games, looks like it was a couple years ago as they are now at 10190, was there any sort of espn hoopla when they broke 10000?
    2008-04-19 13:56:49
    178.   micktissue
    I miss Blake more now than I did the last time I said I missed him.
    2008-04-19 13:57:02
    179.   underdog
    Ugh, that was a wasted opportunity if there ever was one. Nice pop ups, Lonestar and Nomar von Meek.
    2008-04-19 13:57:14
    180.   oshea2002
    Thank goodness Nomar is back.
    2008-04-19 13:57:58
    181.   nofatmike
    Get Well Soon, Andy.

    I beg you.

    2008-04-19 13:58:03
    182.   Icaros

    I'm referring only to their shared aversion to not taking pitches, or did you really think I was saying they were the same player?

    2008-04-19 13:59:23
    183.   KG16
    so, how long does Nomar get to play himself out of the job?
    2008-04-19 13:59:48
    184.   NWdodger
    Two pop ups with a man on third...kind of a summary of the Dodger season so far.
    2008-04-19 13:59:51
    185.   nofatmike
    183 The rest of the season.
    2008-04-19 13:59:57
    186.   Icaros

    It is also ridiculous to cite Nomar's career numbers when he is clearly years past approaching the line you printed, but thanks.

    2008-04-19 14:00:09
    187.   El Lay Dave
    16 pitches per inning for Bills.
    2008-04-19 14:00:12
    188.   Gen3Blue
    I know its too soon to say it, but when Nomar isn't hitting, nobody is easier on pitchers.
    2008-04-19 14:01:59
    189.   bhsportsguy
    182 Yeah, but Nomar has been very successful despite that. I just think some people here are overly critical of Nomar. He's an easy target.

    But JoeyP had a better comp in Kemp.

    2008-04-19 14:02:06
    190.   JoeyP
    Wow, you really have to have bad control to walk Francoeur.
    2008-04-19 14:02:30
    191.   KG16
    Looked a little like Kent was lolly gagging that grounder there
    2008-04-19 14:02:40
    192.   JoeyP
    Eh nvm, gameday messed up.
    2008-04-19 14:04:54
    193.   Icaros

    He has not been successful in some time, and he is an easy target because he is terrible.

    2008-04-19 14:05:22
    194.   JoeyP
    Billingsley got 8ks in 4ip!
    2008-04-19 14:06:25
    195.   regfairfield
    The country guys singing about viagra is the most distrubing thing on television.
    2008-04-19 14:06:47
    196.   Frip
    Nomar...Andruw...Russel, nearly everyone...deserves about 50 at bats, before you can make an informed judgement on them.
    2008-04-19 14:06:48
    197.   KG16
    194 - amazing what happens when a starting pitcher gets to start on his normal rest and program
    2008-04-19 14:08:28
    198.   fanerman
    Nice walk.
    2008-04-19 14:08:38
    199.   oshea2002
    Nomar is an easy target b/c I can't think of anything he does to improve our team over other 3B options.

    Jones seems to be drawing a decent amount of walks so far.

    2008-04-19 14:10:04
    200.   fanerman
    This is the first time I've ever seen Gary Bennett bat.
    Show/Hide Comments 201-250
    2008-04-19 14:10:44
    201.   D4P
    And hopefully the last.
    2008-04-19 14:11:05
    202.   regfairfield
    196 Nomar got about 500 at bats last year, though I don't really see the point in pointing out he sucks every time he gets out.
    2008-04-19 14:11:34
    203.   KG16
    this is totally anecdotal, but it seems that the Dodgers tend to do better when they get the lead off man on more often than not in a game
    2008-04-19 14:11:53
    204.   oshea2002
    201 - I remember Bennett went on some ridiculous one week terror for StL a couple years ago, but that's about it for him offensively.
    2008-04-19 14:12:54
    205.   fanerman
    Billingsley gets the bunt down!
    2008-04-19 14:12:56
    206.   ToyCannon
    It was vintage 2003 all over again in Brewer land today.
    2008-04-19 14:13:09
    207.   Andrew Shimmin
    195- It's like a Deliverance prequel.
    2008-04-19 14:14:44
    208.   NWdodger
    After watching the replay of Andruw's homerun, the ball could have left the stadium. The ball went right through the entry way, one bounce and it's over the railing at some stadiums. I'm not sure what the concourse is like in Atlanta.
    2008-04-19 14:15:32
    209.   nofatmike
    207 LOL!!!
    2008-04-19 14:15:41
    210.   Jon Weisman
    Eric Karros' response to those fans who criticize players for not getting a bunt down:

    "Get a bat and bunt yourself!"

    2008-04-19 14:15:59
    211.   micktissue
    196 Before the game Furcal had 62 AB, Russell 54, and Andruw 56.
    2008-04-19 14:16:32
    212.   Frip

    Nomar got about 500 at bats last year...

    That would mean something...if a player's stats were identical from year do year.

    2008-04-19 14:17:20
    213.   silverwidow
    2008-04-19 14:17:42
    214.   JoeyP
    2008-04-19 14:18:28
    215.   Icaros

    I don't see the point, either. I was just making a simple comparison to Francoeur's approach. Someone else misconstrued my point, so I felt the need to rehash old news. But I'm used to it from that person, so I should've let it go.

    2008-04-19 14:19:13
    216.   scareduck
    It's bad enough they blast volume of the ads way over the volume of the program they appear in. Now they have to do the same thing with the in-game ads, too.
    2008-04-19 14:21:01
    217.   regfairfield
    212 So you can't infer how a player will do based on how he did last year?
    2008-04-19 14:22:29
    218.   Jon Weisman

    I think there should be a rule that the word "journeyman" can't be in an obituary headline.

    2008-04-19 14:25:38
    219.   Bluebleeder87
    now I know what you guys mean about "Tell me the score Rick Monday" I was driving...
    2008-04-19 14:25:49
    220.   Bluebleeder87
    where was that at!!!
    2008-04-19 14:26:49
    221.   NWdodger
    Chipper watches strike three however it is called ball three, then walks
    2008-04-19 14:26:57
    222.   Icaros

    Kemp would've been rung up on that. Guaranteed.

    2008-04-19 14:28:04
    223.   scareduck
    195 - No. By FAR, the most disturbing thing on TV these days is the ad with the two little girls telling their daddy he needs to color his hair so he can get back in the game. I'm not sure that a PSA for the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints would be creepier.
    2008-04-19 14:29:01
    224.   NWdodger
    There it goes
    2008-04-19 14:29:15
    225.   regfairfield
    2008-04-19 14:29:16
    226.   scareduck
    158 - care to follow up on that feeling?
    2008-04-19 14:30:31
    227.   oshea2002
    2nd game in a row Billingsley had to be perfect. Tough/impossible to do. Hopefully we get out of this down only 1.
    2008-04-19 14:30:37
    228.   bhsportsguy
    This is why Blake Dewitt will be heading to the minors tonight.
    2008-04-19 14:34:20
    229.   Andrew Shimmin
    McCann is a slow learner.
    2008-04-19 14:34:22
    230.   Icaros

    Because Nomar kicked a sure DP due solely to slow reflexes?

    2008-04-19 14:34:23
    231.   micktissue
    I now miss Blake even more than before when I said I missed him more than the first time I said I missed him.
    2008-04-19 14:34:27
    232.   Chiron Brown
    221 It was inside but Chad might get that call if he wasn't so wild.
    2008-04-19 14:34:32
    233.   Frip

    Scareduck, I just got back from RadioShack for that very reason (of hating annoying radio commercials). I bought a boom box...with a remote control. The point was to find one with a remote, so I could mute the radio without having to get up from wherever I'm sitting.

    --"Classy" not flashy looking.
    --Battery or AC cord (included)
    --Smallish, but deep, rich sound.
    --CD (plus cassette deck hidden in back, prety neat)
    --Extendable fully rotating antenna
    --Good reception, I can pick up a week AM 790 signal in the Inland Empire.
    --No Mp3 player hookup, too bad
    --$70 (same price at other stores)


    2008-04-19 14:34:51
    234.   Brent Knapp
    Glass is one-tenth full. Great toss by Kemp.
    2008-04-19 14:35:18
    235.   Bluebleeder87
    wow, the Braves coaches ain't trusting there bullpen sending there chubby catcher to try & score (every run counts, run!!)
    2008-04-19 14:36:47
    236.   bhsportsguy
    Nope, because the Dodgers will need 12 pitchers and they don't want to waive Delwyn Young. Dewitt is the only one they can option.
    2008-04-19 14:38:13
    237.   Andrew Shimmin
    I have no problem with sending DeWitt down. I don't think the team really needs 12 pitchers, but DeWitt should be playing every day. And he probably shouldn't be starting over Nomar.
    2008-04-19 14:38:29
    238.   NWdodger
    Is this the third or fourth triple A pitcher the dodgers have faced the in the past two days?
    2008-04-19 14:39:09
    239.   3upn3down
    We need to light this guy up.
    2008-04-19 14:40:18
    240.   Sagehen
    I wonder if Lowe's frustration last night had anything to do with having Nomar and Kent behind him in the infield -- not good for a sinker baller.
    2008-04-19 14:42:11
    241.   regfairfield
    238 James was a decent starter for the Braves last year.
    2008-04-19 14:42:36
    242.   NWdodger
    That was an interesting swing by Kent...It was almost beer league softballish.
    2008-04-19 14:42:44
    243.   3upn3down
    Just getting caught up here.

    208 The concourse that Jones HR ball rolled into is an enclosed hallway, pretty wide, and is filled with interactive games for kids. Radar gun toss, hit John Smoltz, etc.

    There actually used to be a yellow line on the wall that was the same height above the ground as the wall is in the outfield, with a life size photo of Andruw clearing the wall to bring a HR back in.

    Wonder if they've replaced that photo with Kotsay?

    2008-04-19 14:43:42
    244.   bhsportsguy
    240 I think scoring 0 runs while he pitched would be more frustrating.
    2008-04-19 14:44:18
    245.   Bluebleeder87
    I find my self NOT reassured with Loaiza warming in the pen.
    2008-04-19 14:44:30
    246.   Sagehen
    Now this game is just getting depressing.
    2008-04-19 14:45:05
    247.   ucladodger
    This team is almost painful to watch right now.
    2008-04-19 14:45:26
    248.   JoeyP
    Great start by Bills ruined by a tough 5th inning.
    2008-04-19 14:45:29
    249.   Icaros
    I agree with Andrew. Why do they need 12 pitchers again?

    It's not like Billingsley went 3 innings.

    2008-04-19 14:45:54
    250.   MollyKnight
    Why is it that we either score 11 runs or 1?
    Show/Hide Comments 251-300
    2008-04-19 14:46:38
    251.   NWdodger
    The Kingdome had open concourses. That ball would have ended up in the railroad changing yard.
    2008-04-19 14:46:38
    252.   ryu
    2008-04-19 14:46:48
    253.   Sagehen
    Joe "Internet God" Beimel is in to pitch.
    2008-04-19 14:48:17
    254.   ryu
    250 Because we played the Pirates, but unfortunately we can't play them forever.
    2008-04-19 14:48:53
    255.   Sagehen
    Did they announce on t.v. that the Dodgers will go to 12 pitchers after the game? I would think that tomorrow would be a good day for Nomar to sit. Why not ease him back into the game?
    2008-04-19 14:49:38
    256.   regfairfield
    Who on Earth would vote for a Joe Beimel bobblehead?
    2008-04-19 14:49:49
    257.   Bluebleeder87
    well at least it isn't Loaiza coming in to pitch, I gotta say though, he [Loaiza] did pitch pretty good about a week ago no?
    2008-04-19 14:50:26
    258.   3upn3down
    If I was a ML manager this is what I'd do differently from the norm:

    1. bench my all-star catcher in any game where we are a. up/down by more than 5 runs, and b. have secured a win/loss using skins golf scoring.

    2. Have one league minimum paid, no upside arm (C.H. Park) that would eat all innings no matter what in out of hand games. Thus no 12th RP ever needed.

    3. Pinch run more

    2008-04-19 14:51:10
    259.   micktissue
    I miss Blake, ah, never mind ...
    2008-04-19 14:51:15
    260.   Icaros

    Our resident front office employee assures us that Dewitt is going down.

    2008-04-19 14:52:14
    261.   Andrew Shimmin
    256- People who noticed that there was a vote on the matter. Did you vote? Maybe somebody linked it here, but I missed it.
    2008-04-19 14:52:36
    262.   Bluebleeder87

    I guess a lot of people...

    2008-04-19 14:52:59
    263.   Bob Timmermann
    Free basketball in San Antonio!
    2008-04-19 14:53:16
    264.   bhsportsguy
    260 I realize you are in jest but all I am doing is trying to add a little balance and also report what I read last night on the site.
    2008-04-19 14:55:01
    265.   regfairfield
    When I show my bobble head collection to my kid and he sees Beimel up there and wants to know who he is, it'll be a proud moment when I say "you know, I don't remember."
    2008-04-19 14:55:51
    266.   3upn3down
    I'm off to dinner with the kids (central time zone).

    See what you can do about working some magic here guys.

    2008-04-19 14:57:12
    267.   Icaros

    Sorry. Maybe I'm reading things wrong, but you seem to always pick out arguments with me that I'm not trying to make.

    I've gotten a cold vibe from you so far, even in person, so that's probably adding to the whatever this is.

    2008-04-19 14:57:53
    268.   Bluebleeder87
    Let's get some timely hits boys, no more mister nice guy...
    2008-04-19 14:58:25
    269.   NWdodger
    Can anyone here explain service time for minor league players. I was certain that there was a certain amount of games/innings before a year was credited...however I read an article several days ago that stated since Tampa Bay delayed (three weeks)bringing up Longoria, they gained an entire year of rights.
    2008-04-19 14:59:13
    270.   Gen3Blue
    Our players are at least a year behind the Snakes and Rockies, partly through being blocked by safe old vets. They need to go through the ugly struggles that young players do and this may be the year. I am sorry they couldn't help take the pressure off Bills and his 9 K effort. But he has to go through it too and learn not to throw a jillion pitches and walk five. His stuff looked great. Stay the course and we will be looking good in August. I hope people have the courage to stick it out.
    2008-04-19 15:00:14
    271.   regfairfield
    269 172 days counts as a year. Since you can't be a free agent with less than six years of service time, Longoria won't be able to leave in 2013 when he has 5.99 years of service time.
    2008-04-19 15:00:50
    272.   Gen3Blue
    2008-04-19 15:03:02
    273.   JoeyP
    Why not bat Martin directly for Bennett?
    2008-04-19 15:03:52
    274.   Still love Campy
    273 There you go.
    2008-04-19 15:05:25
    275.   Bluebleeder87
    Pierre's ass was in the dugout with that horrendous swing (on a curve) but at least he didn't pop it up.
    2008-04-19 15:05:28
    276.   regfairfield
    Wait, why do this, now you have move the pitcher up in the lineup.
    2008-04-19 15:06:06
    277.   MollyKnight
    Big Shot Tim!
    2008-04-19 15:07:28
    278.   Jacob Burch
    Rule 1, folks, Rule 1.

    Woke up with a headache to the fifth inning. Ick.

    2008-04-19 15:10:55
    279.   KG16
    that was a tough catch by Ethier, it deserves a bit more enthusiasm than "and it was... caught."
    2008-04-19 15:11:02
    280.   Bob Timmermann
    More free basketball in San Antonio!
    2008-04-19 15:11:22
    281.   KG16
    Meanwhile, more free basketball in San Antonio
    2008-04-19 15:13:55
    282.   StolenMonkey86
    speaking of screwy samples, that's what a .500 BABIP for Atlanta against Billingsley today?
    2008-04-19 15:15:52
    283.   Reddog
    Would the Lakers have an easier time against Phoenix or San Antonio in the Conference Finals?
    2008-04-19 15:16:56
    284.   ROC
    Can Furcal teach Pierre how bunt for a hit? He's so very good at that.
    2008-04-19 15:17:06
    285.   KG16
    from what I've seen of San Antonio and Phoenix today, I'm not sure either of them seem likely to make it past the next round.
    2008-04-19 15:20:45
    286.   Sam in SC
    the fox guys just compared kemp to mondesi. I involuntary said "God, I hope not" out loud.
    2008-04-19 15:20:45
    287.   KG16
    283 - I would suspect that the Lakers will play the Hornets in the conference finals. But between San Antonio and Phoenix, I think I'd rather see Phoenix in the conference finals, the loss of Marion is going to hurt the Suns in the playoffs more than they realize
    2008-04-19 15:21:33
    288.   KG16
    286 - it was Karros making the comparison, and in a good way. Given that he was a teammate of Mondi, I don't see how it was a bad thing.
    2008-04-19 15:22:46
    289.   ryu
    Yeah, Mondesi wasn't all that bad.
    2008-04-19 15:24:42
    290.   Andrew Shimmin
    282- Lots of strikeouts means a lower denominator.
    2008-04-19 15:26:58
    291.   Sam in SC
    is that EK? I never watch baseball on fox. I had no idea.
    2008-04-19 15:30:10
    292.   ryu
    Yeah it's Karros alongside Dick Enberg.
    2008-04-19 15:31:39
    293.   KG16
    Manu makes sure there's no more free basketball in San Antonio with an insane lay up to win
    2008-04-19 15:31:50
    294.   Bob Timmermann
    I thought it was Dick Stockton. Dick Enberg works for CBS.
    2008-04-19 15:32:20
    295.   Sam in SC
    292 I thought the broadcast was stunningly adequate. now I know why.
    2008-04-19 15:34:42
    296.   KG16
    EK almost dropped PVL on national television...
    2008-04-19 15:34:47
    297.   Bluebleeder87
    have we hit any 3 run dingers this year?
    2008-04-19 15:35:08
    298.   ChemicalMachine
    Re: Bobbleheads

    I think it would have been pretty rad to do a Vin bobblehead during the 50th anniversary year, but I imagine he wouldn't love it.

    2008-04-19 15:35:26
    299.   Ken Arneson
    Hey Bob, you need to call Thief River Falls on behalf of Daric Barton.
    2008-04-19 15:36:10
    300.   Bluebleeder87
    Never mind
    Show/Hide Comments 301-350
    2008-04-19 15:37:12
    301.   Bob Timmermann
    Orange alert for Daric Barton.
    2008-04-19 15:37:37
    302.   ryu
    294 295 Bob's right; it's Dick Stockton. Wrong Dick.
    2008-04-19 15:38:15
    303.   oshea2002
    To score 2 runs in two games off of the stiffs Atlanta has run out isn't encouraging. At least I'm not as frustrated as Suns fans must be right now.
    2008-04-19 15:41:12
    304.   Bob Timmermann
    But if Bluebleeder still cares, the Dodgers have hit 1 3-run homer this season. Kent had one against the Pirates.
    2008-04-19 15:47:14
    305.   CodyS
    Who wants to revise their estimate for how many games the Dodgers are going to win? If they lose 90% of games against good teams and win 70% of games against bad teams, we just have to define how many good vs. bad they have on the schedule. Number of playoff victories for this year is easy to predict, sadly.
    2008-04-19 15:50:25
    306.   Frip
    Win or lose, it's a nice thing to watch a baseball game.
    2008-04-19 15:57:26
    307.   regfairfield
    305 The Cardinals are the best team in baseball right now.
    2008-04-19 15:57:54
    308.   regfairfield
    Though I guess that does fit in with Jon's post.
    2008-04-19 15:59:35
    309.   ucladodger

    Gotta disagree there. This team is really frustrating to watch, especially in these last two games. Seeing the team constantly behind fastballs and making weak contact is a little disturbing. And this is against pitchers that have never had any success at this level.

    2008-04-19 16:05:45
    310.   tjshere
    I'm certainly not ready to jump ship yet but I must admit I'm kind of surprised by the rather lackluster offense thus far. I thought a (Pierre-less) lineup where pretty much everyone has a little pop and figures to OPS between .800 and .900 would provide enough balance to give us a more consistently productive attack.

    There's still plenty of time for things to gel but we're losing games here that we should be winning, and come September these losses will be magnified.

    2008-04-19 16:11:03
    311.   Frip

    It's still baseball though, right? It's not like watching the Dodgers lose in water polo.

    2008-04-19 16:11:30
    312.   Bob Timmermann
    Water polo matches don't take as long.
    2008-04-19 16:18:26
    313.   ryu
    I only watch baseball when it's the Dodgers.
    2008-04-19 16:19:58
    314.   JoeyP
    17 games is 10.5 % of the season.
    2008-04-19 16:24:32
    315.   Bob Timmermann
    Cycle alert canceled in Oakland.

    Stand down.

    2008-04-19 16:24:56
    316.   Frip
    312 Yeah but assuming you LIKE baseball that should be an attribute. Plus you don't have to see Jeff Kent in a Speedo.
    2008-04-19 16:59:13
    317.   D4P
    Boy, sure seemed like Billingsley pitched better than his final numbers would indicate. The 9 Ks looks pretty good, but the 5 BBs and 99 pitches (in 5 innings), well, not so much.
    2008-04-19 17:06:13
    318.   KG16
    311 - water polo actually more fun to watch, but then I use to play, so I'm biased that way
    2008-04-19 17:07:36
    319.   The Trolley Dodger
    311 However, as George Carlin pointed out, water polo is extremely cruel to the horses.
    2008-04-19 17:07:42
    320.   KG16
    318 - there should be an "is" somewhere in there
    2008-04-19 17:08:24
    321.   D4P
    And a "d"
    2008-04-19 17:09:59
    322.   KG16
    321 - I don't pronounce the "d" when I speak, so I see no need to type it
    2008-04-19 17:15:25
    323.   Icaros

    Are you a former student of mine?

    2008-04-19 17:19:14
    324.   D4P
    Apparently so...
    2008-04-19 17:21:10
    325.   Andrew Shimmin
    Tipping Pitches 101 is the most interesting Baseball Tonight segment I can remember.
    2008-04-19 17:26:19
    326.   D4P
    Watching Baseball Tonight seems very un-edgy.
    2008-04-19 17:30:25
    327.   Andrew Shimmin
    It was a pit stop; I'm done now. But it was three minutes that I don't regret.
    2008-04-19 17:32:43
    328.   Bob Timmermann
    Andrew now has a t-shirt from the greatest university in the large state that is between California and Washington.
    2008-04-19 17:48:06
    329.   D4P
    But I thought you gave him an Oregon State t-shirt...
    2008-04-19 17:48:56
    330.   KG16
    323 - where do you teach?
    2008-04-19 18:01:22
    331.   Marty
    KG16, are you the one who said you now play poker for a living?
    2008-04-19 18:03:41
    332.   gpellamjr
    Speaking of teaching, this is on online conversation I had with a student yesterday:

    Student: Your class is really great. Usually I can't stay awake in history class, but when you tell stories and curse, you make it really easy to pay attention.

    Me: Thank you. That's very nice of you.

    Student: I feel funny saying something so nice without saying something mean.

    Me: Go ahead.

    Student: You're fat.

    2008-04-19 18:04:59
    333.   KG16
    331 - did for a while, being a lawyer again, playing poker part time, why/
    2008-04-19 18:08:02
    334.   Marty
    Just curious. It's an interesting way to try to make a living. Did/do you play both online and live?
    2008-04-19 18:15:06
    335.   KG16
    334 - when I was playing full time, I played exclusively live, mainly cash games. Split time between southern California and Vegas.

    I'll occasionally play a free roll on line. Don't really like it all that much though, except for the part where I can play six games at once.

    It's not as interesting a way to make a living as many people think. It's different, and it's a great conversation starter, but it can be a drag, like any other gig. And when the cards get cold, it can be a terrible way to live.

    2008-04-19 18:51:17
    336.   Frip

    That is very funny :)

    2008-04-19 18:58:22
    337.   Bob Timmermann
    Andrew wanted the OSU t-shirt so he could tangentially be attached to the Obama campaign.
    2008-04-19 19:00:09
    338.   LogikReader
    Hey everyone,

    Is it unusual to say I'm not bothered by these two losses at all? I don't get it. I'm fully convinced that this offense will come around. I thought Bills had a good start today, even if he gave up 4 runs and a few walks.

    Outside of that, the only thing I'm worried about right now is the offense, which continues to not hit home runs like last year. But unlike last year, I have a great feeling they'll pick it up. And they don't have to do a thing: just let the hitters we have feel it out.

    I guess if there is one thing to worry about right now, it's the front office panicking. My feeling is, this is the Dodgers' chance to start over. If we're going to overcome the mediocrity of the past, just FORGET EVERYTHING. Don't even think about "we're x games out" or "we went y games without winning a playoff series." FORGET IT! The Dodgers players and executives should just enjoy the ride like the 2004 Red Sox did and have some fun!

    For the first time in a decade, the Dodgers have most of the players we want. So... why not just let them play? A panic trade or firing the GM after the season would just be bad business, let alone bad karma.

    2008-04-19 19:03:07
    339.   berkowit28
    336 What's so funny about 331? Did you mean 332 ?
    2008-04-19 19:04:20
    340.   Bob Timmermann
    331 is some sort of subtle British humor. Or like the humor in a Wes Anderson film.
    2008-04-19 19:18:24
    341.   Bluebleeder87
    289 our very own host proudly sported his Mondi shirt on DT day last year
    2008-04-19 19:20:20
    342.   Marty
    331 is actually a secret code. And Frip has blown my cover for some reason.
    2008-04-19 19:26:15
    343.   Reddog
    Things could be worse. Imagine what its like to be a Pittsburgh Pirates fan. Plus they mostly live in Pittsburgh.
    2008-04-19 19:44:20
    344.   madmac
    329 Atta boy.

    Don't forget everyone. Go Green!

    2008-04-19 19:47:11
    345.   madmac
    338 I'm with ya Logik. I also have this feeling that they will pull it together and make us proud. I would appreciate it though if they stared justifying this feeling I have.
    2008-04-19 19:49:21
    346.   Bob Timmermann
    I feel very comfortable with my 74-win projection.
    2008-04-19 19:50:55
    347.   Johnny Nucleo
    335 I have a friend of a friend who played in Vegas for a year. He made enough money to live. Thing was, however, the standard deviation of his average monthly winnings was roughly equal to his monthly winnings. Tough life. And being Vegas, it's not like it was an easy place to make friends.
    2008-04-19 19:51:29
    348.   Bob Timmermann
    Joe Garagiola doesn't believe in clutch hitting. And he's talking about BABIP.
    2008-04-19 19:52:18
    349.   Bob Timmermann
    For those who don't know, Garagiola works a few DBacks games per year and he's doing his first game tonight.
    2008-04-19 20:09:43
    350.   das411
    Is that the Joe Garagiola who narrated and broadcasted on all of my old World Series DVDs?


    RIP John Marzano.

    Show/Hide Comments 351-400
    2008-04-19 20:24:50
    351.   das411
    Yes. Yes it was, a little older and slower but that was indeed him. Cool.

    ...and now back to your regularly scheduled DTing...

    2008-04-19 20:36:06
    352.   Icaros
    I used to teach at various junior and state colleges in Orange and LA counties.

    I'm out of the profession now. Some are jealous.

    2008-04-19 20:46:32
    353.   Joe Pierre
    The Dodgers should stop competing and just concentrate on their own individual stats.
    Just play and enjoy the game and leave the worries to ownership, management and the fans.
    2008-04-19 20:47:47
    354.   kinbote
    2008-04-19 21:10:38
    355.   Reddog
    Maybe we should call up Lambo.
    2008-04-19 21:21:06
    356.   neuroboy002
    Did anyone find today's article by Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times poorly written? He wrote about Andrew Jones's homecoming to Atlanta. It had intermittent spelling errors and long-winded content. It was like Abe Simpson was telling me a story.

    I'm expecting someone to say "most articles by LA Times sports writers are poorly written."

    My apologies to Abe Simpson. Flying Hell Fish and all, I know he's better than that.

    2008-04-19 21:41:34
    357.   KG16
    352 - well, unless one of those schools was either Cypress College or Long Beach St, it's unlikely.
    2008-04-19 21:54:43
    358.   Bluebleeder87
    Icaros aren't you barely in your mid-30's?
    Excuse my ignorance I always thought you had to be a bit older to teach college & such
    2008-04-19 22:05:12
    359.   Icaros

    Long Beach State was one, but I mainly taught workshops and tutored there.


    Early 30s (currently in the Magic Johnson/Sandy Koufax year). Got my Masters at 25. Taught for four years after that.

    2008-04-19 23:14:33
    360.   KG16
    359 - I had two short story workshops with Greenburg (I think was her name), and a novel workshop (the professor's name, I don't recall). Graduated summer 2000, novel workshop was Spring semester 2000. (I was an English/creative writing minor)

    Though, based on your prior comments, it would appear that we would not have been there at the same time.

    2008-04-19 23:39:09
    361.   Bob Timmermann
    So Danica Patrick actually won a race. She will not be the Anna Kournikova of auto racing.
    2008-04-19 23:44:37
    362.   old dodger fan
    I flew into Chicago on Friday thinking I had a 2 hour layover on the way to Hong Kong. Because of a typhoon in Asia it turned out to be an 11 hour layover.

    Cubs had a day game so I took the train/bus to Wrigley ($5 for an all day pass) and caught the Cubs-Pirtates game. I had always wanted to see Wrigley and was not diasppointed. Got great seats for $28 just walking up even though there were 39,000 in attendance.

    I love the ballpark. Scoreboard is a bit old fashioned but there are lots of seats that are close to the field and the fans were great. Nobody leaves early and most of them stayed for several minutes after the game was over singing some chant that sounded like, "Hey Ho, Chicago, Cubs gonna win today you know" or something like that. Very different from DS.

    I got back to the airport with a few hours to kill before my flight. What a great day!

    2008-04-19 23:56:04
    363.   bhsportsguy
    359 If I have given any impression of coldness or unfriendliness, I apologize.
    2008-04-20 00:01:47
    364.   Bob Timmermann
    I'm glad you enjoyed the trip to Wrigley, but comparing Cub fans and Dodger fans and Wrigley to Dodger Stadium is hard to do.

    A very high percentage of the fans going to Wrigley are taking public transportation, so there's little need to leave a game early. Also the stadium is in an urban area, so there are places to go before and after a game right by the stadium.

    At Dodger Stadium, most fans are making a much longer trip by car and people want to get home.

    I was at Wrigley last year and I was sitting in seats that cost me $56 each. And people in my section had left early.

    2008-04-20 00:31:43
    365.   old dodger fan
    365 Thanks for the link. I didn't see anybody with a trombone.

    I suspect being a day game and the score being close (Cubs win 3-2) kept lots of people there. I did see a few leave early, but not many.

    The public transportation was good. I was on the bus 5 minutes after leaving my seat. No reason to leave early. Last time I was at DS I stayed till the end of the game and it was well over an hour from the time we left our seats until we were on the freeway. Still though, DS is my favorite place to watch a game.

    2008-04-20 00:42:41
    366.   old dodger fan
    BTW-Marissa Miller threw out the 1st pitch and Ryan Dempster promptly gave her a huge hug. It's looks like they know each other.
    2008-04-20 00:54:14
    367.   Andrew Shimmin
    363- Don't feel bad, I don't like Icaros, either.
    2008-04-20 01:02:53
    368.   Bob Timmermann
    If you sit in the $56 seats, the trombone (and the rest of the brass band) stands close to you and blasts you during the game.
    2008-04-20 02:05:39
    369.   Benjamin Miracord
    Hard to be overly optimistic about the remainder of the road trip.

    With Steiner, Lyons, Stockton and Karros handling the broadcasting, I see this as a no Vin situation.

    2008-04-20 04:41:29
    370.   Icaros

    I was there around the same time. I got an MFA in creative writing (poetry) from CSULB in 2001, my BA in 1999. I know Greenburg.


    No problem. I appreciate the note. Sorry for being an instigator. Clean slate starts today.


    As well you shouldn't.

    Okay, time to fly home. Hopefully the Lakers win and I don't die.

    2008-04-20 07:21:10
    371.   Bluebleeder87
    I need the DT collective mojo to shine brightly on me today. The final game of our league championship is today (we played a double-header last week, we won one & lost the other) coach gave me the honor of opening the season up (pitching) & now he's giving me the honor of closing it up (pitching) wish me luck, I definitely need all the good mojo/vibes I can get.

    Go Scorpions!

    2008-04-20 07:22:25
    372.   bhsportsguy
    Matty, Nomar and Jeffy sit

    Furcal, SS
    Pierre, LF
    Loney, 1B
    Jones, CF
    Ethier, RF
    Martin, C
    DeWitt, 3B
    Hu, 2B
    Kuroda, P

    Kemp did start 5 straight until today, I don't think if the Dodgers score runs today that it will be a reflection of this lineup, certainly the 3 sitting out are going to play the majority of the time.

    2008-04-20 07:23:07
    373.   bhsportsguy
    371 Good luck Blue, just be agressive and throw strikes.
    2008-04-20 08:11:08
    374.   Bluebleeder87
    thank you BH. :o)
    2008-04-20 08:18:17
    375.   silverwidow
    Yesterday's game really bummed me out. Might have to take a break from this team for a bit.

    But I WILL try to follow The Minotaur's start today.

    2008-04-20 08:20:57
    376.   MSarg29
    TSN is reporting the Blue Jays have released Frank Thomas.
    2008-04-20 08:28:11
    377.   Jon Weisman

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