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Minor Snippets
2008-04-24 22:53
by Jon Weisman

The Dodgers recalled 24-year-old pitcher Cory Wade and optioned Blake DeWitt.

Jonathan Meloan is enjoying life as a starter so far: 21 2/3 innings in four starts for AAA Las Vegas, 1.66 ERA, 20 strikeouts.

Jacksonville's Yhency Brazoban finally got hit tonight: three runs in an inning. James McDonald started and allowed three runs in four innings,

Comments (109)
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2008-04-24 23:21:46
1.   LAT
You know you're getting old when. . .

ESPN shows Jason Werth's HR and his Mom is cheering in the stands and your only response is "Hey, she's pretty good looking."

2008-04-24 23:30:32
2.   trainwreck
I thought same thing and I am one of the younger people at DT.
2008-04-24 23:35:16
3.   silverwidow
PLASCHKE pimping Kershaw:

Does he officially exist now?

2008-04-24 23:40:59
4.   Xeifrank
3. hmmmm
vr, Xei
2008-04-24 23:46:30
5.   Jon Weisman
If anyone has any theories (that don't involve pot shots at his mental makeup) about why Chad is allowing so many runs, I'd be interested in hitting them.
2008-04-24 23:52:59
6.   LA Native
Not to rehash the stadium renovation discussion but I missed it.

Overall, I like the green aspect as the current parking lot just seems like such an environmental wasteland and such anti-public place for such a huge centrally located place. Not sure how they will encourage people to get up there on non-game days.

As I have said before, all that needs to be built for a public transit link is a ramp from the Chinatown Gold Line station (with an escalator or moving sidewalk). It is only about a quarter mile from stadium to the station, although it is quite steep and has to go over the freeway. Seems like the City, the MTA and the Dodgers could work together on the funding for this (the Dodgers could avoid building a parking garage or two. If it isn't done now, it never will be. This is the only way to really connect the stadium to Downtown as well as address the poor access of the stadium. With this plan it may be more important for the McCourts to get people to the site rather than just maximize parking revenue

2008-04-24 23:58:14
7.   Xeifrank
5. First thing I am going to throw out there is his very high BABIP. It was .443 going into tonight's game and his LD% was only 14.3%. His K rate is incredible, but he has allowed a few too many walks. I am thus leaning towards very bad luck and that things will even out/get better. Just be patient.
vr, Xei
2008-04-25 00:00:20
8.   Dodgers49
Matt Kemp 2008 Bases Loaded Watch:

PA: 2 AB: 2 H: 0 W: 0 RBI: 0

2008-04-25 00:02:10
9.   JT Dutch

... Billingsley has allowed a .367 average with runners on base this season BEFORE this game started, and he had trouble with runners on tonight. I think it's as simple as that.

Two reasons for optimism that he'll bounce back are: 1) any stats from 2008 represent a small sample size, and 2) his career numbers with runners on before this season are very good (.234 average, .337 slugging).

There might be a problem with concentration thus far in the young season; he's still young and learning. He'll be OK.

2008-04-25 00:05:33
10.   Bob Timmermann
Short Chris Young is 0 for 4 with the bases loaded. So is Jayson Werth.

Several other players are 0 for 4 with the bases loaded.

2008-04-25 00:07:37
11.   LA Native

I'd like to see Kershaw as much as anyone, but I am hesitant to rush a pitcher before he might be ready. He hasn't even pitched in AA more than a few starts and Plaschke wants him up already. Last year he was practically begging the Dodgers to trade their young potential stars. Can we not get a decent sportswriter at the LA Times. Plaschke is an idiot.

2008-04-25 00:18:49
5 The gameplan he had wasn't good enough. He threw the ball where the catcher told him and the ball still got hit hard. Im not smart enough to explain why or what can be done to fix it, but to take a shot, maybe he needs to mix his pitch pattern better.

And, he faced some good hitters tonight.

2008-04-25 00:21:28
13.   Eric Stephen
The one amazing thing about Billingsley thus far has been his K rate. He's at 13.94 Ks per 9 IP right now.

The highest K/9 in LA Dodger history (minimum 100 IP) is Hideo Nomo's 11.10 in his rookie year of 1995. Most of the rest of the spots (8 out the top 13) are taken by Koufax.

Billingsley's 8.63 K/9 last year has him 15th on the list. In 2007, the NL K/9 was 6.70, giving Chad a K/9+ rating (I just made that up) of 129 (100 being average).

For comparison, Koufax's best K/9 season was 10.55 in 1962. The league-wide K/9 in 1962 was 5.61, giving Koufax a K/9+ of 188.

Just for kicks, the early season 2008 NL K/9 is also 6.70 (same as 2007), so Chad's K/9+ rate stands right now at 208.

2008-04-25 00:29:39
9 I dont mean to be snarky, or whatever its called, but what does a problem with concentration mean? Im asking. It seems like one of those arbitrary meaningless complaints directed towards young players. Do we ever complain that veteran pitchers have a problem concentrating? Its not like he was walking lots of people tonight (granted he let the first two guys in the game on without much resistance, and maybe thats what you mean)

But still, if his job is to concentate in throwing certain pitches to certain spots, and he did that successfully tonight, and bad results occurred anyways, how can we fault his concentration?

2008-04-25 00:35:05
15.   Dodgers49
10 True enough. But none of those guys is my favorite player who happens to also be on my favorite team. And, small sample size or no, he has looked woeful in his short career so far in those situations. I will continue my Kemp watch. :-) I eagerly await his first bases clearing hit.
2008-04-25 00:45:58
16.   Eric Enders
5 Bad luck and small sample size.

Billingsley might have won the game tonight if not for his right fielder creating a "double" and a runner beating out a DP ball by a whisker. It's a game of inches and right now the other guys have the inches.

He'll be OK.

2008-04-25 00:51:50
16 Too bad about Augustin and Abrams declaring. I thought they were going to stay.
2008-04-25 00:57:29
18.   Eric Enders
17 Augustin just got too good to stay. It's something I've been expecting since November, but it's still a bummer.

There's about a 99.99998% chance that Abrams comes back. He just declared because kids get one free draft declaration which they can use during their careers (and then still return to school), and he hasn't used his yet. I think he just wants to find out what the NBA scouts think of him. Once they tell him that 5-foot-7 midgets who can't play defense don't make it in the NBA, then he'll be back in school for sure. He's not a pro prospect by any stretch of the imagination.

Alas, if DJ had stayed, Texas would be an easy pick for preseason #1. I think they'll still be pretty good as it is, though.

2008-04-25 01:04:27
19.   Eric Enders
Highest Single-Season Strikeout Rate in MLB History
(minimum 20 IP)

1 Eric Gagne 14.98 82.1 2003 27
2 Billy Wagner 14.95 74.2 1999 27
3 Brad Lidge 14.93 94.2 2004 27
4 Armando Benitez 14.77 78 1999 26
5 Billy Wagner 14.55 60 1998 26
6 Billy Wagner 14.38 66.1 1997 25
7 Byung-Hyun Kim 14.14 70.2 2000 21
8 Rob Dibble 14.08 70.1 1992 28
9 Chad Billingsley 13.94 21.7 2008 23
10 Matt Mantei 13.64 65.1 1999 25

2008-04-25 01:12:12
20.   Longhorn Bill
18 Abrams will be back, he has not hired an agent. You are right, there is little room for 5-foot-7 shooting guards in the NBA. If I had to make a prediction, Abrams will end up playing professional ball in Europe. I just think his game naturally tranlates better in Europe than in America. Augustin is gone, sadly, he is a wonderful player.

Texas will be fine, because Damion James has stayed and Rick Barnes continues to do a fabulous job of recruiting at a football school.

With all of this said, Augustin has a place on any NBA team (not named Dallas, N.O., or Utah) because his skills as a point guard are, in my opinion, unmatched. I get chills thinking of a Lakers team with D.J. serving Kobe and Gasol.

2008-04-25 01:16:30
18 Great comment on AJ. No player this year did I praise and curse more at this season than him, and often it was in the same game.

I had hope that Augustin was going to stay, but it was biased, why would he ever want to leave Austin type of hope. He is also supposedly very interested in his studies so I thought that play in favor of him staying. You are right, he should have a solid NBA career.

I feel bad for all the seniors from this year who thought they might have had a chance at getting drafted. They should extend this year's draft an extra round, because its that deep.

2008-04-25 01:23:38
22.   Eric Enders
You know, AJ is a great college player, but there are 4-5 players on this year's Longhorns who have a better shot at an NBA career: DJ, James, Atchley, Wingman, and maybe even Gary Johnson.

Barnes' recruiting class this year isn't up to its usual standard, but he'd better get a good one for '09, because Abrams, Atchley, and almost certainly James will be gone after the 08-09 season.

2008-04-25 05:39:37
23.   LeeLacy
I'm not sure it's reasonable to continue to think this way, but I can't help but feel that Torre's mishandling of Chad's first couple of starts got Billz off on the wrong foot and that he still hasn't righted himself yet.

I'm still very bullish on Chad.

2008-04-25 06:02:15
24.   Bluebleeder87
Last night was a combo of bad luck & poor pitch execution by Billz these things happen & if Billz is a smart kid he'll take mental notes to prevent these things from happening againg, its a learning process...
2008-04-25 06:29:07
25.   Bluebleeder87
I was thinking of Brad Penny when I typed that... Billz will be fine IMO
2008-04-25 06:38:43
26.   Gen3Blue
With a bit of apprehension, I read the first page of Plaschke. I was surprised that it was a reasonable plea and he even seemed to throw in a few relevent stats and splits. I got the idea so I didn't read the rest because I'm sure I'd be ripped by the end.
2008-04-25 06:45:13
27.   Bob Timmermann
The New York Times dubs the Dodgers "The Little Engine That Could."
2008-04-25 06:45:41
28.   Billy Buck
5. If anyone has any theories (that don't involve pot shots at his mental makeup) about why Chad is allowing so many runs, I'd be interested in hitting them.

Jon, I don't know if this was aimed at my comments a few days ago regarding the comparison of Chad to Bobby Witt, but if so, I feel the need to respond.
I did NOT say Chad had a million dollar arm and ten-cent head. I did say that was a description used at one time on Witt. Please re-read the post if you feel differently. I personally don't even think that was the case with Witt, but he never came close to fulfilling his potential (142-157 lifetime record, ERA of 4.83 and led the entire major leagues in walks 3 times)given the arm that he had.
What I tried to say in that post was Billz to this point is as maddeningly inconsistent as Witt was, and I questioned whether he will ever overcome that inconsistency. Last night was just another example- twelve strikeouts but five earned runs. I want Billz to be our next great right-hander in the mold of the Suttons and Welchs and Hershisers as much as anyone, but right now he makes us hold our breath every inning.

2008-04-25 07:12:12
29.   Jon Weisman
28 - It wasn't aimed at anyone.
2008-04-25 07:17:14
30.   Eric Stephen
Of Billingsley's 40 career starts, he has only thrown 100 or more pitches 13 times. He has thrown 5 IP or more 34 of 40 starts, 85% (or out of 38 because his first two starts last year were "arm build up" outings), but I'm not sure if that's anything special. He has gone 6 IP only 16 times (40%).

For comparison, from 2006-2008:
Penny - 5 IP in 67 of 71 (94%), 6 IP in 49 of 71 (69%)
Lowe - 5 IP in 61 of 71 (86%), 6 IP in 50 of 71 (70%)

I think Chad is on the verge of a nice run, though. Some better luck will help, offsetting maybe a decrease in K/9 to only 12 :), and he'll be right on track.

2008-04-25 07:27:44
31.   wronghanded
Command is definitely the biggest issue with Bills so far. While he only walked 2 guys last night, several of the hits he gave up were a result of fat pitches up and over the plate. I love Chad's stuff but never feel comfortable when he's on the mound, he seems to always back himself into a corner. A 1.78 WHIP is hard to overcome for success.
2008-04-25 07:34:35
32.   CanuckDodger
30 -- There would be something wrong if the Dodgers WERE letting a 22 or 23-year-old pitcher accumulate the innings of a Penny or Lowe. I am sure Chad COULD be staying in games longer, if the Dodgers wanted to be reckless with his future.
2008-04-25 07:36:40
33.   Eric Stephen
I agree with that. I was just pointing out how low the number was.
2008-04-25 07:36:54
34.   JoeyP
I think Billinglsey's fine. Sure his ERA is high right now, but most of his peripherals are good (especially his K rate).

As long as he keeps the ball in the yard, his ERA will come down rather rapidly.
The 2-run homer to Salazar just shouldnt happen.

I had heard on another messageboard that Wade was getting called up bc one of the commenters knew Wade personally.
Is the team down on Troncoso?
Confident that Nomar can play everday?
Or confident that Hu will be the super utility guy that spells 2b, SS, and 3b?

The Dodgers just needed to not get swept by the Dbax and they at least accomplished that.

2008-04-25 07:40:55
35.   Eric Stephen
Not sure how I forgot this, but the Dodgers have lost 7 straight to the Rockies. Time to crack that code this weekend.

I will be at the much anticipated Penny/Redman matchup Saturday.

2008-04-25 07:42:54
36.   Vishal
32 could they? i haven't looked it up, but my impression is that his pitch count is usually pretty high by the 5th or 6th inning.
2008-04-25 07:46:42
37.   silverwidow
34 Is the team down on Troncoso?

Well, as of yesterday, it hadn't been 10 days since he was optioned (mandatory waiting period).

2008-04-25 07:48:05
38.   cargill06
defense cost us 3 runs last night
kemp misplayed flyball
a snail like garciaparra to kent to loney attempt at a double play
than obviously the bush league call by the 2nd base ump, trying to win umpire of the year i guess

it was a shame that bills got the loss, really only made 1 mistake, than made a great pitch on a 1-2 to count to C.Y. and he shattered his bat for a single than gave up another run to shaky defense.

2008-04-25 07:48:08
39.   Xeifrank
As I said in #7 look at the BABIP and LD%
BABIP: .456
LD% 18.5%
K/9: 13.94

One of these things don't belong with the others. And that's as close to a TV/Song analogy as you'll get from me. :)
vr, Xei

2008-04-25 07:48:50
40.   D4P
but most of his peripherals are good (especially his K rate)

Seems to me that his K rate is the only peripheral that's good. WHIP, BBs, K/BB, all not good.

2008-04-25 07:50:45
41.   silverwidow
40 His K/BB is almost 3:1, which is good.
2008-04-25 07:51:50
42.   Eric Stephen
Of the 34 starts that Billingsley has pitched at least 5 IP, he has been pulled only twice with under 90 pitches. He has been pulled only 8 times with under 95 pitches. In only 2 of those 8 games, he was lifted without being pinch hit for.

It looks like for the most part, when Chad gets pulled, it's because he's done, not because he's being conserved.

2008-04-25 07:57:00
43.   D4P
His K/BB is almost 3:1, which is good

I'm not sure that 2.46:1 is "almost 3:1".

2008-04-25 07:57:50
44.   Bluebleeder87
the type of stuff Billz had yesterday he could have very easily schooled the snakes
2008-04-25 07:58:04
45.   CanuckDodger
34 -- Silverwidow, in #37, points out the 10-day thing, but I am sure the Dodgers still like Troncoso. I believe he made five MLB appearances. The first three were great, the last two not-too-good, and I believe in one of them a bunch of ground balls found holes. Wade's excellent K to BB ration probably intrigued the Dodgers, so why not get a look at him in the majors? Both Troncoso and Wade could be fixtures in a 2009 Dodger bullpen. If there is a real issue with Wade's callup, it might be how foolish it makes Torre's statement just a few days ago that Brazoban would get the call when we went to 12 pitchers.
2008-04-25 08:02:43
46.   JoeyP
Billingsley--20.2 IP
2 HRs
32 Ks
13 BBs

Its amazing he's 0-4 with a 6.53 ERA with those type of peripherals.

If he has that high of K rate, and only gives up 1HR every 10 innings all season----he'll be the best pitcher on the staff IMO.

If Penny can keep up not give up home runs (0HRs in 30.1 IP), he'll be pretty goo too. But his substandard K rate is really bothersome.

2008-04-25 08:04:47
47.   CanuckDodger
42 -- I think he is being conserved in the sense that he is not being "pushed." How many 100+ pitch games has he had? Has he had any 110+ pitch games? He certainly isn't going 120+ pitches like Mike Prior when Dusty Baker was managing Prior.
2008-04-25 08:04:49
48.   D4P
13 BBs in 20.2 IPs seems like a lot.
2008-04-25 08:08:29
49.   JoeyP
Kemp's got some serious Joel Guzman type of plate discipline issues right now.

1 HR

Is Kemp in danger of being optioned?
I dont think he should be, but I'm wondering if there's a certain level of play he must maintain until he gets sent to Vegas to "work out the kinks"...

2008-04-25 08:08:40
50.   CanuckDodger
47 -- MARK Prior:)
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-04-25 08:09:59
51.   D4P
Kemp's decent BA of .273 probably matters more to Management than the numbers you list.
2008-04-25 08:13:01
52.   Bluebleeder87
it's casual friday & I'm sporting my blue DT shirt, what's up!!
2008-04-25 08:13:33
53.   CanuckDodger
48 -- I think there is a chance that Billingsley's BB to IP ratio is never going to be "good." Just acceptable, given what else he does right, which would make him like Carlos Zambrano. Billingsley's pitches move a lot, and that is a strength (misses a lot of bats) and a weakness (misses the strike zone a lot).
2008-04-25 08:15:06
54.   D4P
Billingsley's pitches move a lot, and that is a strength (misses a lot of bats) and a weakness (misses the strike zone a lot)

Interesting insight. Thanks.

2008-04-25 08:15:45
55.   Bob Timmermann
Meanwhile, the American Medical Association has announced that a cure for insomnia has been found as Jimmy Fallon has been tabbed to replace Conan O'Brien when the latter moves into the 11:30 pm slot.
2008-04-25 08:20:47
56.   Jim Hitchcock
55 I really don't want to watch Jimmy Fallon , but if it helps...
2008-04-25 08:33:15
57.   fiddlestick
What are Billingsley's pertinent #'s with runners on vs. bases empty?

Is there something mechanical where he just doesn't pitch as effectively out of the stretch?

2008-04-25 08:34:11
58.   Eric Stephen
How many 100+ pitch games has he had? Has he had any 110+ pitch games?

Billingsley has 13 games of 100+ pitches.

His career high in pitches is 116 (in only 5 IP last August). He also has games of 114 pitches (in only 4.1 IP!), 111 and 110 (the latter in the masterpiece in Houston).

2008-04-25 08:37:04
59.   Eric Stephen
None on: .222/.300/.333
Men on: .368/.471/.579

None on: .264/.343/.410
Men on: .246/.359/.357

2008-04-25 08:38:32
60.   Eric Stephen
Fallon is going to ruin every monologue by laughing through it.

He'll be the only one laughing.

2008-04-25 08:38:57
61.   Eric Stephen
The blue DT shirt served me well at the dentist on Wednesday!
2008-04-25 08:40:59
62.   fiddlestick
59 So it' s really a lot of bad luck.
2008-04-25 08:41:16
63.   Eric Stephen
A somewhat Starkian note from Rob Neyer:

"Rich Aurilia's home run last night accounted for the only run in the game. Good for him. That was Aurilia's first home run of the season. It was also his first run of the season, which is pretty amazing considering last night's game was Aurilia's 21st of the season. What's even more amazing is that Aurilia is the closest thing the Giants have to an everyday first baseman. That's not cool."

2008-04-25 08:45:12
64.   D4P
Other players who have only scored 1 run this year include:

Juan Pierre

2008-04-25 09:01:26
65.   underdog
64 True, but Aurilia has started just about every game for the Giants. Pierre, fortunately, has not started all that many.

Is Jimmy Fallon really going to replace Conan? I thought that was a joke at first. I guess Chris Kattan wasn't available. Couldn't they have taken one of the Talk Soup guys? That's worked before.

2008-04-25 09:07:45
66.   okdodge
55 Bob, don't lie you know you loved Jimmy Fallon in Taxi. Now only if he could get Queen Latifah to co-host, no one can deny that type of chemistry.
2008-04-25 09:09:38
67.   Bluebleeder87
59 those #'s are not incouraging (sp)
2008-04-25 09:11:59
68.   regfairfield
67 Why not, he gets better with men on.
2008-04-25 09:15:05
69.   blue22
67 - They are discouraging when analyzing his performance to date, but actually encouraging if you believe in regression to the mean. His numbers should get better with men on, and even out to his career numbers. At least I hope so.
2008-04-25 09:22:25
70.   cargill06
bills is fine, he's just been unlucky sure he's made bad pitches but so does every pitcher. i don't care how bad your pitches are with his stuff you have to be unlucky to have a .443 BABIP, if he gets the walks down he'll be one of the best in the NL
2008-04-25 09:27:22
71.   Bluebleeder87
the career #'s don't look good. How do you think he'll look at the end of the season, #'s wise?
2008-04-25 09:29:34
72.   Bluebleeder87
I felt his PECOTA projectios were spot on
2008-04-25 09:32:38
73.   regfairfield
71 How do they not look good? Bills is lucky to have a 3.5ish ERA in his career as a starter, but it's really hard to remember sometimes that he's younger than Lincecum. He improved massively last year and has plenty of time to keep doing it. He's fine.
2008-04-25 09:35:14
74.   blue22
71 - Unsure, but I doubt he finishes 0-18 with an era over 6.50. Not while striking 13 per 9.
2008-04-25 09:41:04
75.   Bluebleeder87
If he gets good run support I think he'll be fine also, Hey man, Im a dodger fan first & for most I WANT him to succeed!!
2008-04-25 09:42:13
76.   Eric Stephen
Chan Ho Park, a candidate to start Sunday (!!!), has somehow posted a scant 3.75 ERA in his 12 IP this year, despite allowing batters to rake at a .313/.400/.604 clip.

He has 7 BB and 4 Ks thus far, with a 113 ERA+.

In LA Dodger history, there have only been 16 men to sport a K/BB ratio under 1 (in 30 or more IP). Roger McDowell (in 1993) is the only one of that group with an ERA+ over 100 (with a 173!).

I have a feeling Chan Ho has hit the click in the roller coaster, and the fall is about to get fast and steep.

2008-04-25 09:43:49
77.   JoeyP
Chan Ho leads the Dodgers staff in homers allowed.

Probably not surprising.

2008-04-25 09:45:49
78.   blue22
76 - Is he letting a lot of inherited runners score?
2008-04-25 09:47:41
79.   Kevin Lewis

That opening line makes me very uncomfortable.

2008-04-25 09:47:51
80.   Eric Stephen
Park has only inherited two runners (April 9 in Phoenix), and neither man scored.
2008-04-25 09:49:17
81.   blue22
0 - Brazoban and McDonald were both touched up by Matt LaPorta, which isn't necessarily something to be too ashamed about. He's a ML-quality hitter right now.
2008-04-25 09:49:41
82.   Jim Hitchcock
So I woke up in the the middle of the night last night, and on Showtime was `Joe Torre:Curveballs Along The Way', with Paul Sorvino as Joe, Robert Loggia as Frank, and Isaiah Washington as Doc Gooden.

Not a great baseball movie (and not in the same league as `Bronx is Burning'), but at least it was no `The Slugger's Wife'.

2008-04-25 09:50:35
83.   Eric Stephen
I share your discomfort. From today's Times Dodger Report:

"Torre remains undecided on a starter for Sunday but said he's leaning heavily toward keeping left-hander Hong-Chih Kuo in the bullpen and filling out the rotation with either Esteban Loaiza or Chan Ho Park."

2008-04-25 09:52:40
84.   blue22
80 - So let me get this straight: he's walking people, not striking people out, giving up a lot of hits and homeruns, and not letting inherited runners to score (which would mask his true ERA), yet isn't giving up any runs (relatively speaking)?

That's a neat trick.

2008-04-25 09:57:31
85.   Eric Stephen
It's that Beimel hasn't allowed Park's inherited runners to score:

Apr 7: Park leaves with bases juiced, Beimel leaves 3
Apr 23: Park leaves with 2 on, Beimel strands them.

2008-04-25 09:58:48
86.   blue22
85 - Ah right, that was the scenario I was missing. Chan Ho should buy Beimel a drink. Wait, that's not a good idea.
2008-04-25 10:01:30
87.   fanerman
86 Chan Ho can spoon feed Joe to make sure he doesn't touch the glass.
2008-04-25 10:02:16
88.   Kevin Lewis
How about a bottle of water?
2008-04-25 10:02:31
89.   fanerman
No wait, Joe Beimel has gone sober since the glass-hand-cutting-incident happened.
2008-04-25 10:02:56
90.   Eric Stephen
Chan Ho will leave the drinks on the table for Joe, but Beimel will leave the drinks there.
2008-04-25 10:07:18
91.   blue22
89 - Has he really? Good for him, if so.
2008-04-25 10:08:44
92.   fanerman
91 'For Joe Beimel, each day of sobriety is a gift. Last October in New York, the reliever cut his hand during a late-night barroom incident, rendering him unable to pitch in the playoffs against the Mets. Then he compounded the problem by lying. He said he hasn't had a drink since, and returning to Shea Stadium caused him to reflect.

"I thought about all the changes I've made," he said. "I've accepted not drinking. I'm able to wake up and do things instead of staying in my hotel room recuperating all morning."'

2008-04-25 10:13:43
93.   fanerman
91 Yeah, I'm not quite sure if that makes him bobble-head worthy, but good for him.
2008-04-25 10:14:05
94.   D4P
You know, I wonder if any Sabre-ites out there have begun adjusting a pitcher's ERA based upon what happens to inherited runners. Seems like you'd want to account for how good the reliever is who relieves you when you've left runners on base, since your ERA will depend in part upon the quality of said reliever.
2008-04-25 10:29:35
95.   Daniel Zappala
John Lindsey update: .369/.453/.523 in AAA.
2008-04-25 10:44:04
96.   Jon Weisman
Baseball Prospectus has been accounting for inherited runners for a while.
2008-04-25 10:45:49
97.   Jon Weisman
2008-04-25 10:50:22
98.   D4P
Looks like I'm interested in "bequeathed runs prevented":

Measures how many more or fewer of the bequeathed baserunners subsequent relievers allowed to score than would be expected from league average performance in those situations. I.e., a positive figure means the following relievers kept more of the bequeathed runners from scoring than expected, negative means more of the runners scored than expected.

2008-04-25 10:51:06
99.   OhioBlues12
95 - Can he play 3B? Seriously though, I would like to see him get a call up at some point this season.
2008-04-25 10:51:57
100.   Reddog
I seem to be picking the wrong games to go to. I was at last night's frustrating game. The other game I attended this season was the weird rain-delay game against Lincecum and the Giants, which was equally as frustrating a loss.

For those who wish to be forewarned, I'm going to Saturday night's game against the Rockies.

One interesting thing was that as I entered the stadium down the left field line, McCourt was standing there just finishing up talking to someone. I shook his hand, and told him, "Frank, you're doing a great job." He said "thanks", and smiled.

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2008-04-25 10:53:51
101.   Bluebleeder87
92 if he wants true & sincere recovery he needs to work a 12 step program...
2008-04-25 10:54:56
102.   Xeifrank
94. To most saber sites ERA is just an afer-thought. Fielding/Defensive independent pitching stats are scaled to look like ERA, as it's what the average person is use to looking at. vr, Xei
2008-04-25 10:58:49
103.   bigcpa
98 How about LOB% on fangraphs?
2008-04-25 11:00:05
104.   Kevin Lewis

Doesn't leverage look at these stats to? Pitchers receive plus and minus points based on the situation (runner on 1st, two outs) factoring in the likelihood of the run coming in and the actual outcome.

I could be way off on what this is called. I loved the first 10 pages I read about it, but then I was lost.

2008-04-25 11:00:08
105.   Jon Weisman
Rating the Dodger at-bat music:

2008-04-25 11:01:49
106.   D4P
I'm looking for some kind of "runs allowed" figure that accounts for the quality of the relievers who relieve you, particularly with respect to whether they allow your runners to score or not.

Along these lines, we might expect "setup men" to benefit from typically being relieved by "closers". On the other hand, middle relievers probably don't benefit from being relieved by each other.

2008-04-25 11:07:25
107.   Jon Weisman
2008-04-25 11:17:34
108.   Bumsrap
I personally believe the Dodgers will soon be playing better ball. There are a number of things going on.

Sophomore slumps that will not last.
New big-name Manager.
China trip.
Hang over from last years end.
Eagerness to make a statement.
Eagerness to nail down a starting position.
Desire to prove to themselves they are very good MLB players.
Chad's rainout.
Chad maybe trying to save himself during warmup to pitch longer into game.
Trying to force success instead of letting success come to them.
Kuo not yet stretched out enough for starting.
Veteran bats not producing or not available.
Too many hitters starting off the season similarly to how Wright did last year.

2008-04-25 11:22:35
109.   scareduck
106 - if the closer is Eric Gagne 2008, maybe not.

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