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DeWitt Expected to Return
2008-04-26 07:25
by Jon Weisman

When Dodger folks finally went to bed early this morning, Nomar Garciaparra was expected to head for the disabled list with what now is being called a strained left calf, necessitating and allowing for the recall of Blake DeWitt. Andy LaRoche has just started his rehabilitation assignment and is not due to be healthy until May.

Rushed back from the DL earlier this month, Garciaparra had a .314 on-base percentage and .323 slugging percentage in 35 plate appearances.

Additionally ...

  • Andruw Jones is day-to-day after fouling a pitch off his left calf.

  • Esteban Loaiza has been given Sunday's start, while Chan Ho Park has cemented himself on the staff for a while (despite allowing 26 baserunners and a team-high four home runs while striking out four in 15 innings) after shutting out the Rockies in the 11th, 12th and 13th innings. Park has taken a good deal of grief from me this season, but I want to congratulate him on a job well done.

    Looking at the schedule, the Dodgers need a fifth starter again by May 3 at the latest, then not again until May 17, then not again until May 27. Speculation is growing that by the end of that period, they may be ready to recall a starting pitcher from AA if the spirit moves them.

    On the other hand, perhaps Jason Schmidt will grab the spot by then. Schmidt threw 70 pitches Friday, notes Doug Padilla of the Daily News, including 40 in a simulated game.

  • Russell Martin suddenly has an on-base percentage of .411, good for 13th in the National League. Rafael Furcal is sixth at .459.

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    2008-04-26 07:54:31
    1.   Marty
    Andy LaRoche has just started his rehabilitation assignment and is not due to be healthy until May.

    May 1 is next Thursday!

    2008-04-26 07:58:52
    2.   Xeifrank
    1. Do the Dodgers have to wait 10 days from when DeWitt went down to the minors to call him back up? If so, when would that date be.

    2. Do the Dodgers have a history of skipping their 5th starter? Some teams don't do that.

    vr, Xei

    2008-04-26 08:02:02
    3.   bhsportsguy
    2 1. No, not if he is called up because of someone going on the DL.
    2. Normally, I would say no but since the starters are not going deep into games, they probably like the options of having the 5th starter(s) available for middle relief. And this is Torre's call now anyway.
    2008-04-26 08:04:13
    4.   Xeifrank
    3. Thanks. I highly doubt the 5th starter would be skipped on all those days. Just my 2 cents. vr, Xei
    2008-04-26 08:16:04
    5.   tethier
    It's too bad that the Dodgers had to burn an option on DeWitt only to have him in the minors for one day. Hindsight is 20/20, but you had to be uncomfortable with Nomar as the only "real" 3rd baseman.

    I think they should have released Sweeney. It seems like his parting with the club is a matter of when and not if. They could have sent DeWitt back when LaRoche comes back. What are the odds that both Nomar and LaRoche will get injured at the same time? Wait, check that. What are the odds that they will both get injured again at the same time?

    2008-04-26 08:24:13
    6.   timm
    Sweeney is a proven clutch pinch hitter. He has started slow but Torre will work him into the lineup to get his timing going.
    2008-04-26 08:37:21
    7.   PalmdaleSteve1

    Anyone know how many options Dewitt has left?

    There's probably some comment can be made about Joe not knowing Nomar's history of injury, but Vegas is just a hop skip and a jump from Chavez Ravine. Facing facts, Nomar's days of being an everyday player are over, he's just not that durable any more.

    2008-04-26 08:37:40
    8.   Marty
    5 I think this year's option is used regardless of how many times they may send him down to the minors.
    2008-04-26 08:39:10
    9.   D4P
    Facing facts, Nomar's days of being an everyday player are over, he's just not that durable any more

    Not only that, but he's not good enough to be an everyday player anyway. You'd think Management would have recognized that by now.

    2008-04-26 08:44:40
    10.   Jon Weisman
    Options are done on an annual basis.

    I think that the current Dodgers are more likely to skip a fifth starter because when that fifth starter can't be counted on to pitch more than a few innings, it becomes almost self-defeating to use him, as opposed to having him available to help the other starters.

    2008-04-26 08:50:02
    11.   PalmdaleSteve1

    Nomar's bat is wanted in the lineup, he's what passes for power on the Ned C. constructed Dodgers. Gonzo is actually swinging the bat pretty darn well for the Fish this year coming off the bench. Shame he would have been the 5th outfielder in a very crowed roster.

    2008-04-26 08:54:08
    12.   Greg Brock
    11 Even Colletti can't be that dense. Nomar's power has been gone for a very long time by now.

    Kemp passes for power. Kent too, on this squad.

    2008-04-26 08:57:41
    13.   goofus
    No real back-up for Martin worries me. Is Paul Bako the regular catcher in Cincinnati? I wonder if we could give them some spare parts for David Ross; that makes more sense than getting Juan Castro.
    2008-04-26 08:58:55
    14.   tethier
    Sweeney is a proven clutch pinch hitter. He has started slow but Torre will work him into the lineup to get his timing going.

    It was mentioned in a previous thread that it would be nice to get Young in the lineup to get his timing going. I agree. Young has actually raised his average over the last week or so. It would be nice to see him him in a few games, especially now that Jones is hurting. I'd like to see an outfiled of Young-Kemp-Ethier for a few games.

    2008-04-26 09:06:10
    15.   El Lay Dave
    Nice foreshadowing early in the first game thread:

    27. KG16 2008-04-25 19:43:51
    question: does a sac fly count as a walk off hit?

    2008-04-26 09:11:41
    16.   ucladodger
    One thing i wanted to mention concerning Kemps lack of power this year is something I've noticed over the last few days. His bat looks extremely slow going through the zone, especially when comparing it to last year. That also could be an explanation of why he cannot hit a fastball this year and his raking against offspeed pitches. One of Kemp's best attributes was the bat speed and torque he generated from a pretty simple swing. He would really let loose with his hands and bring them through the zone really quickly. This year, his hands dont appear to be leading his swing as much and that is leading to a much slower motion through the zone. This year he is also making much less hard contact, especially because of his lack of ability to hit a fastball. I really hope he can fix this because even now he has enough power to hit balls out, but he needs to use his hands more and more quickly to become the real bison.
    2008-04-26 09:12:56
    17.   D4P
    His bat looks extremely slow going through the zone, especially when comparing it to last year

    Maybe his weight loss sapped some of his power.

    2008-04-26 09:15:36
    18.   Eric Stephen
    Anyone know how many options Dewitt has left?

    As mentioned before, options are used on an annual basis -- option years, if you will. Since DeWitt was sent down, 2008 is one option year and will continue to be so no matter how many times DeWitt gets sent down to the minors.

    DeWitt was just placed on the 40-man roster this offseason, so this is the first of his three option years.

    The option years don't have to be consecutive. For instance, Brazoban had an option year left this season because he had only been sent to the minors in two other (non consecutive) years, 2004 & 2007.

    Once a player has five years major league service time, he must give consent to be sent to the minors even if he has an option left. For instance, Joe Beimel has an option left (only used in 2004 & 2005) but since he has just over 5 years service time he cannot be sent down without his consent.

    2008-04-26 09:21:11
    19.   El Lay Dave
    6 Mark Sweeney, per
    .258 .350 .396 2039 PA, Career overall
    .266 .359 .396 723, As a PH
    .255 .404 .349 265, 2 Out RISP
    .250 .356 .352 524, Late and Close
    .260 .360 .410 444, Tie Game
    .277 .388 .383 594, RISP

    I'd say he's really consistent and his performance doesn't seem to suffer in "clutch" situations, but it doesn't seem to elevate either. He's a proven non-choker. (Which might be all a team can ask for.)

    2008-04-26 09:23:04
    20.   Eric Stephen
    Chan Ho Park had a Beimelian 4 assists in 3 innings last night. I wonder what the record is for assists by a reliever in a single game. On, you can search for specific batting and pitching games, but alas not fielding.
    2008-04-26 09:26:54
    21.   Eric Stephen
    Not that I would ever root for a Nomar injury, but it sounds like he might still be hurt 2-3 weeks from now. Which would allow LaRoche, assuming he progresses on schedule with his minors rehab, the opportunity to smoothly transition back to the starting job.
    2008-04-26 09:34:20
    22.   Jonny6
    Now, that was a weird game. I fell asleep on the couch for nearly an hour, then woke up to see Saito blow the save on Bennett's inability to hold his glove the correct way and ended up staying up for the extra innnings.

    My biggest question from that whole weird series of events is what was Pierre still doing on 1st base two outs after getting walked. Hu bunting? Are you kidding me? Isn't base stealing the whole point of having Pierre. And like every announcer loves to discuss, a true base stealer is the one who can swipe a bag when the whole stadium knows he's going. So go. I don't put that one Pierre but Torre, he seemed to have a string of bad decisions in those last four innnings.

    Other random, half asleep thoughts from last night's game.

    Jimenez looks like the human incarnation of Jar Jar Binks.

    At some point, one of the Dodgers' pitchers is going to lose their patience with Bennett and just scream "throw me the #$%^&ing ball". It really is an absurd situation. You're a major league catcher for god sakes throw the ball back to the pitcher on a line not a looping arc.

    I know he's not highly revered around here, but I like Nomar and think he's been swinging the bat well since coming back from his injury. Not a lot of power obviously, but he's been spraying line drives across the outfield. But it's really apparent that he's no 3rd basemen at this point in his career. Putting aside his fragility and lack of durability, he just can't make plays at 3rd. Which essentially means, there's no place for him on this team. The only role where he may be an upgrade over someone currently on the squad is Sweeney; Nomar could become a solid pinch hitter and would be a slightly more useful utility infielder than Sweeney. If he is with the team in September, my guess is that's what his position will be.

    2008-04-26 09:38:23
    23.   D4P
    I like Nomar and think he's been swinging the bat well since coming back from his injury

    This myth (which I suspect Management also subscribes to) must be busted.

    Nomar's season:

    Nomar's last 7 days:

    It's amazing what a few RBI-singles (when you're batting 3rd or 4th in the lineup) will do for your reputation.

    2008-04-26 09:39:03
    24.   El Lay Dave
    Interesting quote from Russell Martin on Nomar in the LA Times story:

    "That's tough," Martin said. "Nomar was starting to swing the bat real well. He's the best hitter I've ever played with. Hopefully it's not too bad."

    Does Jeff Kent know about this?

    2008-04-26 09:41:46
    25.   D4P
    Nomar was starting to swing the bat real well

    I quit.

    2008-04-26 09:42:58
    26.   Eric Stephen
    Obviously it's still early and sample size issues apply, but the Dodger offense is starting to round into form (outside of Andruw, who rounded into form in the offseason).

    In February, Dodger Thoughts commenters collectively projected an .800 OPS from 7 of the 8 Dodger regulars, with a .780 from Furcal. Last year, a .800 OPS at Dodger Stadium was roughly in the 100-105 OPS+ range.

    Here are the Dodger OPS+ for the regulars thus far:

    Martin 115
    Loney 99
    Kent 112
    DeWitt 84
    Furcal 174
    Ethier 131
    Jones 41
    Kemp 95

    Outisde of Andruw's awful start, the collective performance of the regulars above has been pretty much in line with expectations.

    Dodger subs (which includes a healthy dose of Kemp, but is mostly the bench) have hit a putrid .230/.266/.279 thus far.

    Factor in some improvement from Andruw and the bench, mixed in with a healthy LaRoche, and I still contend this is at least in 800 run team.

    2008-04-26 09:42:59
    27.   jasonungar07
    Did you guys read about this...Shark attack in Solano Beach

    2008-04-26 09:44:34
    28.   Eric Stephen
    That quote jumped out at me as well. Maybe Martin meant career. Nomar's OPS+ for his career is 125, slightly above Kent's 124.

    Of course, Loney is sitting at 125 as well! :)

    2008-04-26 09:47:33
    29.   jasonungar07
    Have we even won 2 games in a row all year?
    2008-04-26 09:49:01
    30.   D4P
    Yes, but not 3 or more.
    2008-04-26 09:54:11
    31.   Greg Brock
    Not that I would ever root for a Nomar injury..."

    Sure you would. I would. I am. So are you.

    Own up to it, man!

    2008-04-26 09:55:43
    32.   El Lay Dave
    23 To be fair, those are very small sample sizes, 35 and 27 PAs. (B-R has his last seven days as .240 .296 .360 .654.) So small that two outs changed to singles make a big difference. I know I could easily had one on the play Stephen Drew made and turned into a GIDP, and I've seen at least one well-struck line-drive out. If those two are singles, the season line becomes .290 .371 .387 .758 and we are left to complain only about the lack of power that is an on-going concern, of course.
    2008-04-26 09:56:25
    33.   underdog
    I'm glad the Dodgers could recall DeWitt. I was confused about the rules on that waiting period thing, too. It was either him or Terry Tiffee (actually a few games of Tiffee wouldn't have bothered me all that much.) But I was two weeks off in the Nomar Goes to the DL Pool. Anyone have today?

    20 "Chan Ho Park had a Beimelian 4 assists in 3 innings last night."
    Shhh! Don't tell Troy From WV.

    I'm glad to hear Schmidt's on the upswing. I'd like to see either him - or the Minotaur - be our 5th starter in a month. I don't mind having Loiaza or Park as our long reliever, but given they each have pretty much a guarantee of one really bad inning as a starter, I'd have more faith in someone else.
    So win today Dodgers to be safe!

    2008-04-26 09:56:52
    34.   D4P
    I wouldn't be too surprised if the Dodgers win 3 in a row against the Rockies. Penny should provide a good chance to win tonight, and even though Loaiza's pitching tomorrow, he's actually been better this season than his opponent (Francis).

    First 3 game-winning streak and first series sweep, coming up.

    2008-04-26 09:57:51
    35.   D4P
    But couldn't you just as easily turn some of his hits into outs...?
    2008-04-26 09:58:33
    36.   underdog
    27 That shark attack was tragic and awful, heard about it yesterday.

    I will say it's a good time to watch the doc "Sharkwater" though before people dust off their shark-huntin' gear.

    2008-04-26 09:59:11
    37.   jasonungar07
    Nomar seems to have been injured since 2003. It's just a matter of to what degree.

    A win streak would be nice just to get me into the year more. Right now I am as indifferent about this team as any dodger team since I have been around Dodger Thoughts.

    2008-04-26 09:59:18
    38.   underdog
    34 I forgot. You're the one who doesn't believe in the jinx. I envy you. I'll also blame you if they don't sweep, if that's okay with you.
    2008-04-26 10:01:02
    39.   underdog
    37 Really? This is actually the team I've cared about the most, since many of my favorite farm prospects are now regulars, and a few more are coming. And I like the manager better than the last two. It makes it more emotionally painful, then, when they stink, but I am less indifferent about this team than any other of the past 4-5 years. To each their own, I guess!

    Okay, time to prepare for the NFL Draft. And then the SFIFF. Cheers all.

    2008-04-26 10:01:21
    40.   Greg Brock
    Sharkwater was awesome.
    2008-04-26 10:02:56
    41.   D4P
    I'll also blame you if they don't sweep, if that's okay with you

    What's in it for me if they do...?

    2008-04-26 10:10:55
    42.   El Lay Dave
    28 And Martin was here for the good Nomar of (part of) 2006 that was a 120 OPS+ overall, with 160 for the first half. Kent has been about 120 when Martin has been a major-leaguer and probably did not have any prolonged period (that I recall) to match Nomar's first half 2006, which was quite impressive.
    2008-04-26 10:12:10
    43.   natepurcell
    Kershaw last 3 games:

    1 earned run
    0 homeruns
    6 walks
    19 ks

    20 yrs old.

    2008-04-26 10:17:46
    44.   underdog
    41 The joy of knowing you were right enough to counteract the jinx? A Joe Torre Bobblehead? A Gary Bennett rookie baseball card?

    40 Didn't it make you want to kill that shark fin soup salesman?

    2008-04-26 10:21:27
    45.   D4P
    A Gary Bennett rookie baseball card?

    I don't think Gary was ever a rookie. He went straight to washed-up veteran backup catcher.

    2008-04-26 10:21:38
    46.   El Lay Dave
    35 Do you remember any cheap hits?

    From the Hardball Times, Nomar this year:

    26.7% .207 43.3% 22.2% 10.3% .300

    Just as comparison points, Albert Pujol's highest LD% 2004 - present is 20.3%, Miguel Cabrera's is 24.3%

    Nomar does seem to have hit the ball hard this season, but popup a lot.

    2008-04-26 10:22:23
    47.   LAT
    I don't think anyone in the organization believed Nomar was the best option at 3B. They thought he was serviceable but very marketable as the face of the franchise.
    2008-04-26 10:22:35
    48.   Greg Brock
    44 There are so many repulsive scenes in that movie.
    2008-04-26 10:26:17
    49.   madmac
    well trainwreck it's looking like C Long will be 2, M Ryan at 3, so Dorsey falls to us. Word is though that the Raiders want Mcfadden. I think if Al makes the pick it's Mcfadden, if it's Kiffin making the pick it is Dorsey. What's your gut telling you will happen.
    2008-04-26 10:26:17
    50.   Bob Timmermann
    I doubt that assists by a pitcher while relieving is a stat that is tracked.

    The most assists for any pitcher in a 9-inng game is 11 and that's been done seven times and last done in 1941 by Rip Sewell.

    That's the only non-Deadball Era instance of that. All the others are from the T. Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson Administrations.

    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2008-04-26 10:27:51
    51.   trainwreck
    If the Raiders select McFadden over Dorsey, I am going to be one angry panda.

    It will be nice to have DeWitt back.

    2008-04-26 10:31:01
    52.   D4P
    I doubt that assists by a pitcher while relieving is a stat that is tracked

    Enter the Timmer-mann.

    2008-04-26 10:33:45
    53.   Bob Timmermann
    It would be really hard to do. People would have to look through sheaves of daily totals, not all of them have been digitized and indexed.

    I would assume a Deaball Era pitcher came in to relieve a game when a starter got hurt and picked up 8 or 9 assists.

    2008-04-26 10:43:50
    54.   Bob Timmermann
    Johnny Dawkins will be taking over at Stanford it appears. Can he duplicate the Trent Johnson Sour Face look?
    2008-04-26 10:44:00
    55.   trainwreck
    The gut always tells me the Raiders will disappoint me in the draft, so we will take McFadden.
    2008-04-26 10:45:19
    56.   trainwreck
    Stanford fans must hope his evaluating skills become better than what they have been lately for Duke.
    2008-04-26 10:46:47
    57.   Daniel Zappala
    49 I've seen lots of talk the Falcons will take Dorsey if he falls to them.
    2008-04-26 10:47:15
    58.   madmac
    51 I think I would rather have McFadden over Ellis though. I'm a little uneasy about USC defensive tackles. If we traded down and still got Ellis then maybe. If we take McFadden, that will be a pretty sweet backfield. I am concerned about McFadden's ability to hold onto the football.
    2008-04-26 10:49:28
    59.   D4P
    Should the Rams take Long or Dorsey?
    2008-04-26 10:50:58
    60.   D4P
    PS: The answer to 59 is not "Yes".
    2008-04-26 10:51:58
    61.   madmac
    57 true, if Dorsey is available at 3 then I think it will cause them to pause, but it still sounds like they will take Matt Ryan. Should both Long and Dorsey be gone when the Raiders pick then I say take McFadden or trade down. I pray they don't take Gohlston. My gut says he will be average at best.
    2008-04-26 10:52:09
    62.   D4P

    the St. Louis Rams have decided to take Chris Long with the No. 2 pick, according to's Michael Smith.

    Smith reported on Saturday morning on ESPN that according to team sources, the Rams will select Virginia defensive end Chris Long, son of Hall of Fame defensive end Howie Long.

    2008-04-26 10:52:34
    63.   Daniel Zappala
    59 Both. Either. They need help in both spots. They've had such bad luck with high DT picks, I'd go for the safer pick in Long at DE, and then pick a DT in a later round.
    2008-04-26 10:55:23
    64.   Daniel Zappala
    62 I'll believe it when I see it really happen.
    2008-04-26 10:56:20
    65.   Greg Brock
    Which player has the best chance of not being very good? The Rams should pick that player.
    2008-04-26 10:56:36
    66.   natepurcell
    Chris Long is a good pick.
    2008-04-26 10:56:57
    67.   natepurcell
    Although he is no Jared Allen.
    2008-04-26 10:57:14
    68.   madmac
    62 I think it's pretty certain the Rams are taking Long. The only other scenario I see is them trading the pick.
    2008-04-26 10:58:01
    69.   trainwreck
    McFadden or Gholston are the boom or bust picks. So obviously Al Davis wants them instead of being sensible.
    2008-04-26 10:58:27
    70.   natepurcell
    and McFadden is no Adrian Peterson despite what some moron analysts say.
    2008-04-26 10:58:55
    71.   madmac
    anyone think McFadden will come close to what AP did last year
    2008-04-26 10:59:52
    72.   natepurcell
    McFadden will lead the league in fumbles.


    2008-04-26 11:00:03
    73.   madmac
    70 ha, were you reading my mind
    2008-04-26 11:00:15
    74.   Icaros
    I want Dorsey for the Rams because DT said that's who I should want when I asked 9 months ago.
    2008-04-26 11:01:08
    75.   natepurcell
    The Chiefs need to take Dorsey if he falls to 5 to them. I could see them trading down but they already have the 17th pick, they need the premium player.
    2008-04-26 11:01:51
    76.   D4P
    I want Long because Mel says I should.
    2008-04-26 11:01:53
    77.   trainwreck
    McFadden is like Bush. He can only run in space. If he gets hit low at all, he will go to the ground.

    Peterson is a running back you can just keep handing the ball to for the next five years.

    2008-04-26 11:02:12
    78.   natepurcell
    Is the draft starting later this year then normal? I swear I thought it started at 10am PT in past years.
    2008-04-26 11:02:17
    79.   madmac
    my concern with AP when he came out was injuries. He always seemed to suffer some fluke type injury. no doubt he is one of the most talented backs around, but I doubt he'll ever play an entire season.
    2008-04-26 11:02:55
    80.   natepurcell
    I think Mendenhall is the best RB in this draft. That dude is an absolute beast.
    2008-04-26 11:02:57
    81.   madmac
    78 yeah, I was expecting to see it at 9 pst this morning, but it's pushed back to 12. Not sure why the change.
    2008-04-26 11:03:29
    82.   natepurcell

    Eat your words!

    2008-04-26 11:03:49
    83.   trainwreck
    Yeah it is, because they made it shorter.
    2008-04-26 11:04:08
    84.   natepurcell

    its ruined my whole sports day.

    I had it all planned :(

    2008-04-26 11:04:39
    85.   trainwreck
    Have you seen McFadden's legs? It looks like they will break upon contact.
    2008-04-26 11:04:58
    86.   D4P
    they made it shorter


    2008-04-26 11:06:23
    87.   natepurcell
    Wow, that would be an interesting trade.

    Suggs and 10th for the Rams 2nd?

    I think Ravens might have to include a 3rd or something.

    2008-04-26 11:06:26
    88.   madmac
    80 I love J Stewart, but I'm concerned about him holding up as well. He's tough no doubt, but he always has an ankle injury it seems. Last year the toe.
    2008-04-26 11:08:51
    89.   Bob Timmermann
    The NFL Network's website says they were having a 4-hour PRE-DRAFT show. So why do they have this show when, presumably, they had nothing else to talk about since February except the draft?
    2008-04-26 11:09:26
    90.   natepurcell

    You just don't understand Bob.

    2008-04-26 11:10:02
    91.   trainwreck
    They have. NFL Network has plenty of time to fill.
    2008-04-26 11:10:33
    92.   D4P
    Speaking of which, what does Mel Kiper Jr. do for the other 364 days of the year...?
    2008-04-26 11:11:26
    93.   madmac
    85 honestly not very much. I saw a whole lot of AP. AP never looked like he was an injury waiting to happen, it just seemed he was always hurt.
    2008-04-26 11:11:37
    94.   trainwreck
    They had free agency to take about. That ate up a lot of time.
    2008-04-26 11:11:50
    95.   natepurcell
    So this guy on the Verizon commercial...thats Goldberg from Mighty Ducks right?

    He lost like 150lbs.

    2008-04-26 11:12:00
    96.   bhsportsguy
    At the NFL Owners meeting in October 2007, they made these changes, the time between picks in the first round will be cut from 15 minutes to 10 to help speed up a process that went a record 6 hours and 8 minutes last April, starting time was also moved from noon EDT to 3 p.m. for the first day, which will be limited to two rounds instead of three, the time limit for second-round choices was also cut, from 10 minutes to seven.

    Picks in the final five rounds, which will take place on the second day of the draft, will continue to be five minutes apart.

    2008-04-26 11:12:07
    97.   trainwreck
    Scout and gel his hair.
    2008-04-26 11:12:09
    98.   natepurcell

    my dream job.

    2008-04-26 11:12:50
    99.   trainwreck
    I was a PA for Last Comic Standing and he tried out for the show. I had no idea he was a comedian. He looked like he had been shooting up meth.
    2008-04-26 11:13:07
    100.   Bob Timmermann
    Trust me, I understand the NFL Network. And the fact that I do makes me want to take a shower.

    Several showers.

    With lots of antibacterial soap.

    Show/Hide Comments 101-150
    2008-04-26 11:14:31
    101.   natepurcell
    Someone make Antoine Cason drop to 47.
    2008-04-26 11:16:21
    102.   madmac
    talk of the Raiders moving from 4 to 10. Who would they take at that spot? Ellis?
    2008-04-26 11:17:03
    103.   Greg Brock
    This will be the first time I'm awake for the beginning of the NFL Draft. Waking up on Saturday mornings before 10:00 is not my forte.

    Too bad I have to go tutor kids for the SAT II. On a Saturday :-(

    2008-04-26 11:19:17
    104.   Bob Timmermann
    Here's my tutoring advice for those kids:


    2008-04-26 11:20:07
    105.   Marty
    Angels-Tigers on Fox this afternoon. That might be fun to watch.
    2008-04-26 11:21:46
    106.   KG16
    I need to pick an NFL team again. I'm split between the Chargers, 49ers, and Cardinals as a distant third.

    I like the Chargers' defense, a lot of the guys that the Cardinals have, and the offense that the Niners run.

    2008-04-26 11:23:15
    107.   El Lay Dave
    105 The Angels optioned two position players and recalled two pitchers. Interestingly, that only gets them to twelve pitchers; I didn't realize they were only carrying ten. One of the pitchers, Rich Thompson, is Australian.
    2008-04-26 11:23:17
    108.   D4P
    I repeat: Dodgers fans should not be 49er fans.
    2008-04-26 11:23:32
    109.   Greg Brock
    106 I root for the Cardinals. Don't do it. Not worth it. Cardinals and Lions. I'm not good at picking teams to root for.

    104 No spoilers!

    2008-04-26 11:23:37
    110.   Jonny6
    I love how the rallying cry of small sample size is so easily forgotten when it doesn't fit into the point of view currently being discussed. Nomar has had 31AB's. I didn't say that he was returning to his AL Batting Champ days, simply that he looked good swinging the bat. After a few days of looking lost when he first returned, he's been hitting the ball hard, even taking pitches, and generally looking comfortable at the plate.

    Yes, these are merely my observations, and I know I'm not supposed to believe what my eyes tell me but Nomar has looked better at the plate than he did all of last year. As opposed to Jones for example, who has looked my 5 year old whiffing at wiffle-ball knucklers.

    In the field, Nomar has been a liability. At the plate, I would say he would at least equal what DeWitt's going to give us. All of this is moot, because Nomar is brittle is going to miss more than 75 games and really can't handle the rigors of playing 3rd base.

    2008-04-26 11:24:53
    111.   El Lay Dave
    106 I can't see rooting for a Bidwell-owned team under any circumstances.
    2008-04-26 11:25:27
    112.   madmac
    82 I will...if I need to
    2008-04-26 11:25:46
    113.   KG16
    108 - yeah, but I kind of rooted for them as a kid, Montana, Rice, Craig, Lott. But I really did not like Steve Young.

    Besides, different game, and it's not like we've got a local team here.

    2008-04-26 11:27:39
    114.   El Lay Dave
    110 see 32 and 46 . The LD% seems to match your eyes.
    2008-04-26 11:27:43
    115.   Bob Timmermann
    Since there are people on this board who root for teams that include the 49ers, Raiders, Vikings, and Broncos makes me weep for the future of humanity.
    2008-04-26 11:28:42
    116.   El Lay Dave
    113 BTW, nice call (sort of) yesterday. See 15
    2008-04-26 11:28:49
    117.   Telemachos
    Dodgers/49er fans unite! :)

    (Who else are you supposed to root for growing up in the Bay Area in the 80s?)

    2008-04-26 11:30:00
    118.   D4P
    Who else are you supposed to root for growing up in the Bay Area in the 80s?

    The Giants.

    2008-04-26 11:30:07
    119.   madmac
    I repeat: Dodgers fans should not be 49er fans.

    I second that. It seems to be common for Oregon natives to be Rams fans. Why is that?

    2008-04-26 11:32:41
    120.   D4P
    Because we're good people.
    2008-04-26 11:36:26
    121.   madmac
    120 well that's true, but what does that say about me being a Raider fan. I will regret that question.

    I actually started out as a Rams fan. That is until I lost my $2 bet that they would beat the Steelers in the SB.

    2008-04-26 11:37:16
    122.   D4P
    but what does that say about me being a Raider fan

    It's the Springfield in you...

    2008-04-26 11:40:00
    123.   Linkmeister
    Hey, I root for the Niners and the Dodgers. Geographically it makes sense, but there were the glory years of Montana, Rice, Clark, Rathman and the rest which caused a lot of Hawai'i football fans to jump on the bandwagon.
    2008-04-26 11:42:56
    124.   madmac
    It's the Springfield in you...

    your such an elitist

    I was the only Raider fan I knew of. My cousin (Springfield) was and still is a big Rams fan.

    2008-04-26 11:43:01
    125.   trainwreck
    Going from 4 to 10 to get Ellis would be sweet. Of course, if he is not there we are screwed.

    I loathe the Niners.

    2008-04-26 11:45:37
    126.   D4P
    I used to catch a vanpool to Salem in the Gateway Mall parking lot, where I saw tons of mall-rats in Raider jackets.
    2008-04-26 11:47:13
    127.   Icaros
    I grew up in the Bay Area in the 80s as a Rams fan. It was tough. But I was a Dodgers and Lakers fan, too, so more good came than bad in the sports universe.

    I've always felt that people who were Lakers and 49ers fans weren't real people, but I no longer make an issue of it.

    2008-04-26 11:48:14
    128.   D4P
    I've always felt that people who were Lakers and 49ers fans weren't real people, but I no longer make an issue of it

    Best to let them live their fake lives in peace.

    2008-04-26 11:51:21
    129.   madmac
    126 I've never owned a Raider jacket. I don't wear any Raider gear, primarily because I didn't want to be associated with the typical person who wore the stuff. I don't consider those people real Raider fans. They were more about the image and not the team.
    2008-04-26 12:04:06
    130.   underdog
    I feel flattered that Bob doesn't hate me despite being a broncos fan living in SF. It must be my rapier wit.

    No Draft chat on the griddle?

    I will cry if denver doesnt draft an OT.

    2008-04-26 12:04:07
    131.   Andrew Shimmin
    Why are they booing?
    2008-04-26 12:04:08
    132.   D4P
    The Rams are on the clock!
    2008-04-26 12:05:10
    133.   D4P
    Why are they booing?

    I think they're saying "Taglia-buuuuueeee...", as in "What happened to Taglia-buuuuueeee...?"

    2008-04-26 12:05:51
    134.   madmac
    131 a lot of Buffalo fans in the audience. They don't like the Dolphins much.
    2008-04-26 12:06:21
    135.   natepurcell

    because jets fans dont like the dolphins.

    2008-04-26 12:07:32
    136.   Bob Timmermann
    I don't have MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS, or even WNBA draft chats on the Griddle. I put one up once for the MLB draft but I really didn't bother because no one else was interested. Or maybe I wasn't interested.

    I just don't like watching drafts. Although they are marginally more exciting than things like Letter of Intent Day.

    2008-04-26 12:08:17
    137.   madmac
    so D4P, I can't expect you are too proud of the commitment the Rams have made to Leonard Little over the years.
    2008-04-26 12:08:26
    138.   D4P
    Woah: Isaac Bruce is now a 49er?


    2008-04-26 12:09:22
    139.   D4P
    I stopped paying attention when the Rams lost to the Cheaters in the Super Bowl.
    2008-04-26 12:10:42
    140.   D4P
    Chris Long likes to start sentences with "I mean".
    2008-04-26 12:11:10
    141.   madmac
    139 my bitter moment occured the game before that.
    2008-04-26 12:12:04
    142.   D4P
    With the 2nd pick in the 2008 NFL Draft, the St. Louis Rams select...

    Chris Long, defensive end from Virginia

    2008-04-26 12:12:37
    143.   madmac
    well D4P you are very fortunate to have Long
    2008-04-26 12:13:16
    144.   KG16
    So, does Atlanta go for a new franchise quarterback?
    2008-04-26 12:14:19
    145.   Icaros
    Does this mean Howie Long isn't going to hate on the Rams on TV anymore?
    2008-04-26 12:14:31
    146.   madmac
    I think so, or atleast they should
    2008-04-26 12:14:54
    147.   D4P
    Is the 2nd round today or tomorrow...?
    2008-04-26 12:15:30
    148.   madmac
    today, 3r and on tomorrow
    2008-04-26 12:15:46
    149.   KG16
    147 - today, rounds 3-120 are tomorrow
    2008-04-26 12:16:32
    150.   KG16
    145 - he'll just hate on the offense. Or he'll go Manning and force a trade to the Raiders
    Show/Hide Comments 151-200
    2008-04-26 12:16:43
    151.   madmac
    OMG, if they Raiders take Dorsey, their D will be sooo good
    2008-04-26 12:17:17
    152.   Icaros
    Is Steve Young Matt Ryan's agent?
    2008-04-26 12:17:33
    153.   KG16
    Steve Young has been hit in the head too many times, "If they don't do it now, there's no chance later this year or next year to fill that vacancy" at quarterback.
    2008-04-26 12:17:47
    154.   madmac
    150 that's not his way
    2008-04-26 12:18:18
    155.   KG16
    154 - I know, I just wanted to take a shot at the Mannings
    2008-04-26 12:19:01
    156.   KG16
    Is it just me, or is Kiper's hair a bit, um, darker than usual?

    Well, that choice kind of opens things up

    2008-04-26 12:19:08
    157.   madmac
    please, please take Dorsey now
    2008-04-26 12:21:08
    158.   trainwreck
    Someone just beat Al unconscious and take the phone and say Glenn Dorsey.
    2008-04-26 12:21:24
    159.   KG16
    Steve Young has a man crush, me thinks
    2008-04-26 12:22:10
    160.   Brent Knapp
    43 If Kershaw is averaging close to 6 innings per start isn't he pitching just as much as he would be in the majors? how are they keeping his workload light? Is he throwing close to 100 pitches per start? Isn't part of the reason for him being in the minors so his workload doesn't jump to 200 innings?
    2008-04-26 12:22:30
    161.   Icaros
    How did the Cheaters get the 7th pick?
    2008-04-26 12:22:45
    162.   KG16
    five bucks says the Raiders take DeSean Jackson right here
    2008-04-26 12:24:06
    163.   KG16
    161 - trade from a year ago, I think, with the 49ers (I think, again)
    2008-04-26 12:24:59
    164.   KG16
    What about taking McFadden and converting him to receiver?
    2008-04-26 12:26:22
    165.   madmac
    162 I'll take that bet, but again nothing would suprise me.
    2008-04-26 12:26:27
    166.   KG16
    They're talking up McFadden, so sorry Raiders fans
    2008-04-26 12:27:18
    167.   bhsportsguy
    How has Reggie Bush worked out so far?

    Trainwreck is about to have his football weekend completely ruined if the Raiders make McFadden their pick.

    2008-04-26 12:27:35
    168.   madmac
    I really don't see the Raider taking Dorsey here though, they just put too much money in players on the DT spot
    2008-04-26 12:27:51
    169.   madmac
    well there you go
    2008-04-26 12:28:27
    170.   underdog
    In my opinion, the Raiders should have either taken Dorsey OR traded this pick for multiple picks. They need the extra picks, players.

    But, yeah, McFadden. Trainwreck's angsty prediction was spot-on, unfortunately. (Though I do think he'll be a good player.)

    Guess Al's calling the shots.

    2008-04-26 12:28:55
    171.   KG16
    167 - I don't think the Saints have really utilized Bush well so far. Kiffen might just be able to use McFadden the right way.
    2008-04-26 12:29:14
    172.   D4P
    How did the Cheaters get the 7th pick?

    By cheating.

    2008-04-26 12:29:40
    173.   underdog
    Mel Kiper's hair now has its own show on the NFL Network, late at night.


    Sorry, Train! So now the only question is, who will block for McFadden and who will tackle on the DL. But they have a lot of depth at RB!

    2008-04-26 12:30:36
    174.   madmac
    McFadden is not a bad pick, just prob not the right pick
    2008-04-26 12:30:55
    175.   underdog
    My Tivo is now set. Have to leave before we get to picks 8 and beyond.

    I think the Ravens should draft Joe Flacco with their second pick, if he's there.

    And I hope the Niners do something stupid again. That would make my day.

    2008-04-26 12:31:50
    176.   trainwreck
    I hate Al Davis.
    2008-04-26 12:31:59
    177.   bhsportsguy
    173 Maybe they'll run a wishbone or option style offense.

    Oh, yeah its the Raiders, McFadden should be good blocking for long pass plays.

    2008-04-26 12:32:32
    178.   underdog
    If the Broncos screw up this draft, I wonder if Mike Shanahan will fire himself?
    2008-04-26 12:33:30
    179.   bhsportsguy
    176 Hey, I get to see the beginning of the Kevin Craft era later today.

    Bob, do you think it'll warm enough to wear shorts in a April Pasadena evening.

    2008-04-26 12:33:36
    180.   madmac
    wouldn't be suprised if Michael Bush is a better/more dependable back than DM
    2008-04-26 12:34:09
    181.   underdog
    The stupid Chiefs have 12 picks in the draft. Good thing they're a long way from good, because they'll be closer to good after this draft.

    They should take Dorsey, but they'll probably do something stupid, too.

    2008-04-26 12:35:44
    182.   underdog
    Nope, they did something smart. Darn them.
    2008-04-26 12:36:16
    183.   RELX
    Next time Ned trades for a middle reliever:

    2008-04-26 12:37:41
    184.   underdog
    Of course, the Chiefs needed a DE more than a DT but they'll probably take one with another pick.

    Jets fans lost their two favorites. Bet they take Gholston or Ellis.

    2008-04-26 12:38:29
    185.   trainwreck
    I would rather see that than Cowan and Olson.
    2008-04-26 12:38:39
    186.   Bob Timmermann
    It was last night, but I have a very warm apartment.

    But I won't be wearing shorts tonight because they're frowned upon when attending a concert at Disney Hall.

    2008-04-26 12:38:59
    187.   trainwreck
    Now Glenn Dorsey can bring down McFadden and make us look even more idiotic.
    2008-04-26 12:39:00
    188.   bhsportsguy
    Will Blake or Andy stop this Merry-Go-Round.

    20 different Dodgers have played at least an inning at 3B since Beltre left in 2004.

    How many can you name without resorting to any reference material?

    2008-04-26 12:39:58
    189.   bhsportsguy
    186 Does the Blackberry go to the Disney Hall too?
    2008-04-26 12:43:16
    190.   Bob Timmermann
    Yes, but I turn it off while the concert is going on.

    I went to a performance there once and I took the BlackBerry out to make sure it was turned off and the guy next to me said, "You're not going to use that during the concert."

    I said no, I was turning it off.

    The guy then spent much of the performance talking to the person next to him.

    2008-04-26 12:45:01
    191.   natepurcell
    Dorsey is going to be great lining up inside to Jare-.....

    oh wait.


    2008-04-26 12:50:55
    192.   KG16
    cromarte seems like a reach here
    2008-04-26 12:51:59
    193.   D4P
    Did the Cheaters make a trade...?
    2008-04-26 12:52:04
    194.   KG16
    The Saints are on the clock with the trade
    2008-04-26 12:52:37
    195.   natepurcell
    Ellis here I think
    2008-04-26 12:53:47
    196.   KG16
    The Saints are going to move to LA and rename themselves The Trojans
    2008-04-26 12:54:58
    197.   natepurcell
    oh wow....

    Jags are getting Harvey I think..

    2008-04-26 12:55:16
    198.   natepurcell
    These announcers need to stop stealing my thoughts.
    2008-04-26 12:59:29
    199.   KG16
    someone needs to talk to keyshawn about that shirt and tie combo
    2008-04-26 13:04:21
    200.   tethier
    13 - excuse the spelling as I didn't check any reference material


    Show/Hide Comments 201-250
    2008-04-26 13:10:17
    201.   bhsportsguy

    Nomar Garciaparra
    Blake DeWitt
    Russell Martin
    Shae Hillenbrand
    Tony Abreu
    Wilson Valdez
    Andy LaRoche
    Joel Guzman
    Ramon Martinez
    Julio Lugo
    Cesar Izturis
    Bill Mueller
    Wilson Betemit
    Mike Edwards
    Oscar Robles
    Antonio Perez
    Jose Valentin
    Willy Aybar
    Olmedo Saenz
    Norihiro Nakamura

    2008-04-26 13:11:48
    202.   D4P
    Let's play "Count the Cliche!"

    From some NFL scout kinda guy:

    Even though they have Thurman back, Rivers is one of those safe, quality picks. He's a good character guy, he's physically strong. He's a playmaker.

    2008-04-26 13:14:14
    203.   68elcamino427
    Pro Football - I'm a front-runner.
    I'm a fan of the top four teams of the moment.
    I like to track the USC and UCLA graduates in their quest to make it in the NFL.
    I always feel bad for the ones that don't make it out of camp-dreams ended-.
    Football is such a tough game. Every play is like a car wreck.
    The owners really have a great money making system working.
    Regarding player contracts, the NFL has done it right. No more production from the player, bye-bye used to be good player and his contract.

    College football is more interesting to me.

    2008-04-26 13:16:38
    204.   KG16
    203 - I don't really like the contract rules in the NFL - too one sided. A team can cut a guy when he's lost a step, but the player can't terminate their contract when they play above the production.

    Might just be the lawyer in me.

    2008-04-26 13:24:24
    205.   KG16
    Does the running back from Boise State have a chance of making it?
    2008-04-26 13:24:45
    206.   trainwreck
    Congrats to underdog and Hallux, you guys got your man.
    2008-04-26 13:26:40
    207.   KG16
    So who's the new quarterback to be sacrificed in Charlotte?
    2008-04-26 13:27:52
    208.   KG16
    wow, DeShaun Foster is a 49er now?

    I think that might have made my decision as to my team for this year... at least in the NFC

    2008-04-26 13:28:07
    209.   fanerman
    I am "meh" to football.
    2008-04-26 13:29:03
    210.   KAYVMON
    204 Im curious to know what in the history of the league makes the owner's bargaining power relative to the players so strong. Are NFL players any more replaceable than baseball or basketball players? Is it because they wear helmets?
    2008-04-26 13:29:20
    211.   KG16
    watching highlights from an Oregon player is weird, they wear a different uniform in each clip.
    2008-04-26 13:29:35
    212.   68elcamino427
    That's a good point. The NFL is like a meat market. This system just seems like it's more results oriented.

    In MLB is it any more "fair" when players early in their careers can have their contracts "renewed" and are paid pennies on the dollar as compared to more tenured players, for levels of production that exceed the more tenured players with guaranteed contracts?

    2008-04-26 13:31:43
    213.   D4P
    Another Duck moves to Carolina
    2008-04-26 13:31:52
    214.   KG16
    210 - poor union management. The one thing the NFL players have going for them is that the signing bonus is guaranteed, but I'm not sure that makes up for the fact that you can be cut at any moment for any reason.
    2008-04-26 13:34:19
    215.   KG16
    212 - I think the MLB rules for young players is patently unfair too. But there's also the issue of having 125 guys on the franchise pay roll, so maybe it makes sense in the aggregate.

    I think the NBA's is probably the most fair, but I think it has more to do with the limited number of roster spots in the NBA.

    2008-04-26 13:37:48
    216.   Bill Crain
    See Bill James' essay "Revolution' from the '88 Abstract. I don't know if it's online anywhere.
    2008-04-26 13:41:28
    217.   LAT
    Pods score 4 in the second against the D'Backs. Sd 4-0
    2008-04-26 13:45:10
    218.   natepurcell
    Mike Mayock is a deity.
    2008-04-26 13:46:52
    219.   68elcamino427
    That's a great observation.
    Thinking too much, maybe?
    Trying to implement all of the things that he is being taught?
    Years ago, in a different era, the Bison would still be relegated to the minors, until he could prove that he was proficient in the basics of the game.
    Thinking about an action and making the action happen is very different from simply reacting.
    I would be surprised if Kemp has lost his hand-eye or the ability get his hands to the ball. It looks like that he has been conviced that he had better be able to recognize the pitches that he is seeing and be more than willing to go oppo. It is apparent that all of baseball now knows that he will jump at the ball when he gets anxious, so when he's got two strikes and it's a tight situation, they throw him stuff off the plate that he lunges at and usually misses. He will learn, but sometimes it's difficult to watch.
    2008-04-26 13:48:36
    220.   madmac
    trainwreck, I understand you with wanting Dorsey over McFadden, but I get the feeling you are really down on DM.
    2008-04-26 13:49:03
    221.   LAT
    I've lost track of the cycle alert rules so I apologize in advance if this is a violation. Orlando Hudson has half a cycle in two ABs. Now SD 4-2.
    2008-04-26 13:49:56
    222.   KG16
    221 - the cycle alert doesn't go into affect until a guy has three hits.
    2008-04-26 13:50:26
    223.   KAYVMON
    215 From a fairness standpoint, the fact that MLB teams spend a lot of resources to develop the players probably holds a lot of sway in their negotiations. The NBA and NFL just profit, and help promote, another unfair (dare I mention virtual servitude) exchange.

    216 As a law student who cannot believe how many of my classmates, who are otherwise proven good logical thinkers, do not see the fallacies in traditional baseball stats, Id love to read that. Does anyone know if any academics, statisticians or otherwise, have written about James or his work?

    2008-04-26 13:51:18
    224.   D4P
    Yes. A bi-cycle does not dictate an alert.
    2008-04-26 13:53:44
    225.   KG16
    221 - and I believe you mean Short Chris Young, not Hudson
    2008-04-26 13:53:57
    226.   madmac
    Yes. A bi-cycle does not dictate an alert.

    such wit

    2008-04-26 13:57:21
    227.   El Lay Dave
    From today's Gurnick.

    Minor minors moves:
    For the second time in a month, veteran left-handed reliever Mike Myers asked for and received his release out of Triple-A Las Vegas, one day after the Dodgers promoted Double-A reliever Cory Wade to the big leagues ... Triple-A outfielder George Lombard also was released from Triple-A on Friday. He was hitting .163

    Vin also to receive honorary degree. Who chose his introducer?
    ... when he gives the Seaver College Commencement address. Scully will receive Pepperdine's highest honor, an honorary Doctor of Laws degree. Dodgers president Jamie McCourt will introduce the Hall of Fame broadcaster

    2008-04-26 13:59:57
    228.   LAT
    222, 224, 225. Wow I screwed that up every which way.
    2008-04-26 14:02:03
    229.   D4P
    I guess you're better at delivering information in person...
    2008-04-26 14:04:45
    230.   El Lay Dave
    (Gurnick last night)
    Jason Schmidt threw 70 pitches at DS yesterday.

    Schmidt graduated from bullpen sessions to a semi-simulated game, facing a few hitters for the first time. Backup catcher Gary Bennett, who caught the first 20 pitches, speculated that Schmidt might have reached 89-mph with his fastball.

    Stan Conte: "He got loose quickly and that's a good indication. I'm happy we got to the 70-pitch count. At the times we've had to stop, we've only gotten to about 50. We'll see how he feels tomorrow before deciding what's next."

    Schmidt made 20 throws to batters tracking pitches without swinging. He rested four minutes, then made 20 more pitches, with batters Mark Sweeney, Delwyn Young and Bennett swinging occasionally. Schmidt threw fastballs, changeups and mixed in a few sliders and curves. He then went to the bullpen for 30 more pitches.

    "Rick Honeycutt, "He wants to throw every ball perfect and he's not there yet. But he had nice arm speed and was free and easy. The hitters said the ball had some hop to it."

    No one had a radar gun on him? Maybe they don't want him to focus on a number.

    2008-04-26 14:06:53
    231.   LAT
    Vin also to receive honorary degree. Who chose his introducer?
    ... when he gives the Seaver College Commencement address. Scully will receive Pepperdine's highest honor, an honorary Doctor of Laws degree. Dodgers president Jamie McCourt will introduce the Hall of Fame broadcaster

    Sheez, had I known they were giving them away I wouldn't have spent $70k on one.

    2008-04-26 14:10:04
    232.   LAT
    229. Um, no not really.
    2008-04-26 14:45:18
    233.   madmac
    wow, perfect place for Mendenhall to go
    2008-04-26 15:03:43
    234.   StolenMonkey86
    224 - Not even a bell or a little horn?
    2008-04-26 15:04:19
    235.   StolenMonkey86
    So will Nomar beat LaRoche back to LA?
    2008-04-26 15:06:01
    236.   Bob Timmermann
    There are rules!
    2008-04-26 15:10:19
    237.   Bob Timmermann
    Micah Owings hit a double to put the DBacks ahead 6-5, but suffered a leg injury when he got to second. The Padres have retaken the lead 7-6.
    2008-04-26 15:13:19
    238.   Bob Timmermann
    Darren Collison has announced that he'll come back to UCLA for one more year.
    2008-04-26 15:16:17
    239.   Jacob Burch
    238 Huzzah!
    2008-04-26 15:19:38
    240.   Bob Timmermann
    Both teams with blown saves already in the Padres-DBacks game.
    2008-04-26 15:27:21
    241.   Jacob Burch
    What's the record for blown saves in a game?
    2008-04-26 15:30:05
    242.   Bob Timmermann
    I would guess that it is more than 2. It's probably hard to have more than 4 for both teams.

    That would be a pretty wild ending.

    2008-04-26 15:34:43
    243.   KG16
    Dear Kobe,

    Hi, yeah, it might be time to take this game over.



    2008-04-26 15:36:29
    244.   BlueCrew Bruin
    Alrighty, so our first kid (daughter) was born on Sunday so I may have missed how this happened but I was just over on the Dodgers official site looking at the schedule/giveaways and noticed that the "Fans Vote" bobblehead is...Joe Beimel?? Um, what?

    My apologies if this has already been discussed.

    2008-04-26 15:38:23
    245.   KG16
    244 - congrats on the little girl. I think someone mentioned it, I think it means that the bobbleheads have jumped the shark
    2008-04-26 15:40:00
    246.   Jacob Burch
    244 Apparently his mother started a large web campaign that no one I have talked to has heard of. Possibly a local drive more than a mass-internet drive.
    2008-04-26 16:11:01
    247.   Michael D
    The Padres are playing free baseball again. Hopefully this one goes on awhile and between the 22 inning game, the 13 inning game with the Giants and this one the pen ends up gassed and they are one less team to worry about.
    2008-04-26 16:12:57
    248.   Michael D
    Also for those interested, old friend Edwin Jackson is starting for the Rays right now against Boston.
    2008-04-26 16:13:22
    249.   pen

    It's troyfromwestvirginia's doing!

    Joe Beimel even mentioned him during one of the Fox Saturday broadcasts.

    2008-04-26 16:17:59
    250.   Michael D
    Jackson strikes out Manny Ramirez in a scoreless first inning (gives up 2 infield singles.
    Show/Hide Comments 251-300
    2008-04-26 16:22:41
    251.   Bob Timmermann
    After Glendon Rusch walked pinch-hitter Dan Haren to start the 11th, the next two DBacks hitters made outs on the first pitch.
    2008-04-26 16:30:22
    252.   Eric Enders
    The Yankees' starting lineup today, according to the Yahoo box score:

    J. Damon lf 5 0 4 0 0 0 0 .276
    M. Cabrera cf 5 0 1 0 0 2 4 .289
    D. Jeter ss 5 0 3 0 0 1 2 .282
    A. Rodriguez dh 4 1 2 0 0 1 3 .302
    J. Giambi 1b 3 1 0 0 0 0 4 .177
    Unknown rf 2 1 0 0 1 0 3 .143
    M. Ensberg 3b 2 0 0 0 0 1 3 .281
    J. Molina c 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 .286
    A. Gonzalez 2b-3b

    2008-04-26 16:37:46
    253.   Bob Timmermann
    That Unknown guy was also the starting pitcher for Cleveland.

    I wonder if they're related or if it's one of those Buchholz phenomena.

    2008-04-26 16:41:39
    254.   Michael D
    Jackson gives up a leadoff walk but has a scoreless inning thanks to an 8-3 double play.
    2008-04-26 16:43:44
    255.   silverwidow
    Tonight's lineup (Nomar to DL):

    Furcal, SS
    Pierre, LF
    Kemp, RF
    Kent, 2B
    Martin, C
    Loney, 1B
    Jones, CF
    DeWitt, 3B
    Penny, P

    2008-04-26 16:45:33
    256.   Marty
    I guess Jones recovered.
    2008-04-26 16:45:50
    257.   Michael D
    Listening to the Rays announcers I just had one of those lol wut? moments. Talking about Hinske they mention that he has WQ, winning quotient. You've gotta be kidding me.
    2008-04-26 16:47:11
    258.   Bob Timmermann
    Tommy Lasorda at the LA Times Festival of Books.

    "After he received a standing ovation from a crowd filled with Dodger caps and T-shirts, he regaled the crowd with seldom-told stories about his playing and coaching career. Like his first game as a manager with the Dodgers in the minor leagues, and when he got his first bench-clearing brawl out of the way on his first day on the job."

    Seldom-told? I suppose they're seldom-told if you're a literary critic.

    2008-04-26 16:47:14
    259.   Jacob Burch
    255 So much for "day to day"--lets bench ethier instead.
    2008-04-26 16:53:49
    260.   Bob Timmermann
    But isn't Mark Redman a good slumpbuster?
    2008-04-26 16:55:14
    261.   Eric Enders
    He's not, um, heavy enough.
    2008-04-26 16:56:24
    262.   KAYVMON
    259 Im okay with sitting Ethier today. If anything, Ethier struggles with lefties who throw a lot of breaking balls. Plus, Kemp is going to have a HUGE night so it will not even matter.
    2008-04-26 16:57:14
    263.   Michael D
    Jackson through 3 scoreless so far.
    2008-04-26 16:58:07
    264.   Eric Enders
    Iguchi wins it with a walk-off job.
    2008-04-26 16:58:29
    265.   KAYVMON
    261 But he will be wearing a puple sleeveless shirt, so he'll be, um, ready to give it up.
    2008-04-26 17:04:40
    266.   Bob Timmermann

    I'm really thinking it's time for me to just work on my plan to blow up the borough of Brooklyn. If you're sympathetic to me, just let me know and tell you when to get out of town.

    2008-04-26 17:09:40
    267.   Eric Enders
    Guy Fawkes Night isn't until November 5, Bob.
    Plus, the guy actually has a very good point about the Kareem spot.
    2008-04-26 17:11:47
    268.   Bob Timmermann
    That guy likely wasn't even live when the last player who had played for the Brooklyn Dodgers was still active.

    He's a future Roger Kahn.

    2008-04-26 17:13:49
    269.   Bob Timmermann
    List change:
    2008-04-26 17:14:18
    270.   Eric Enders
    True, but that still doesn't mean the Kareem ad makes sense.
    2008-04-26 17:15:46
    271.   Eric Enders
    Roger Kahn is both "On Notice" and "Dead to Me." That's some serious hatred right there.
    2008-04-26 17:18:32
    272.   Bob Timmermann
    I hadn't made the corresponding change yet. Check it again.
    2008-04-26 17:19:04
    273.   Bob Timmermann
    However, Roger Kahn sort of transcends "Dead to Me."
    2008-04-26 17:20:24
    274.   Eric Enders
    Pretty soon, he won't be dead just to you. Then you'll feel appropriately guilty.
    2008-04-26 17:21:38
    275.   Bob Timmermann
    I'll deal with it. I don't see Roger Kahn feeling guilty about Walter O'Malley's passing.
    2008-04-26 17:26:23
    276.   KG16
    QB controversy in Green Bay pending... Rogers or Brohm.
    2008-04-26 17:29:26
    277.   KG16
    Huh, I was just about to comment how there were very few quarterbacks taken thus far and now two taken in a row.
    2008-04-26 17:35:47
    278.   LAT
    I am going to my first game of the season tonight. I intend to eat a couple of hot dogs, a hamburger, garlic fries, soft serve, peanuts, and beer. This will inspire A. Jones and he will go 2-4 with an HR.
    2008-04-26 17:37:33
    279.   Marty
    278 What's that, about $40?
    2008-04-26 17:37:49
    280.   SoSG Orel
    278 Or you to have a heart attack.
    2008-04-26 17:39:38
    281.   Eric Enders
    Will the heart attack be from the food, or the shock over Jones' HR?
    2008-04-26 17:40:28
    282.   Greg Brock
    279 Two Dodger Dogs, garlic fries, and a Hefeweizen will run you about 28 bucks.

    And 30 minutes in line. Stupid food lines.

    2008-04-26 17:41:47
    283.   gpellamjr
    280 Oh geez, get over yourself. I eat more than that watching every game on TV and I've never had a heart attack. Not once.
    2008-04-26 17:42:24
    284.   LAT
    279. You mean $40 for the beer. After all this is Dodger Stadium.
    2008-04-26 17:42:25
    285.   LAT
    279. You mean $40 for the beer. After all this is Dodger Stadium.
    2008-04-26 17:44:43
    286.   Marty
    282 Add the burger, peanuts and soft serve and I think you get to $40
    2008-04-26 17:45:12
    287.   LAT
    281. Good point. The shock of it may be too much to bear.

    282. No Hefeweizen. Lite beer instead, can't you tell I'm watching my weight.

    2008-04-26 17:46:10
    288.   Marty
    287 Shouldn't you be leaving?
    2008-04-26 17:46:52
    289.   LAT
    Old Friend E. Jax just struck out Old Friend Julio Lugo. Lugo fighting with umpire over balls and strikes. Francona saves Lugo from getting tossed.
    2008-04-26 17:47:59
    290.   LAT
    We'll leave about 6:10. An hour should be enough.
    2008-04-26 17:48:00
    291.   LAT
    We'll leave about 6:10. An hour should be enough.
    2008-04-26 17:48:02
    292.   Bob Timmermann
    I'm heading out to Disney Hall. I'm hoping that the Mozart Clarinet Concerto doesn't go into extra movements.

    Or perhaps I'm just pretending to go so people think I actually have some outside interests.

    2008-04-26 17:48:36
    293.   LAT
    Ugh. Using daughter's MacBook and I keep double posting.
    2008-04-26 17:48:58
    294.   Eric Enders
    Edwin's now losing 1-0 after Longoria makes a phenomenal diving stop but can't throw Ellsbury out at first.
    2008-04-26 17:49:36
    295.   Bob Timmermann
    The MacBook would be easier to use if every key weren't covered with Shawn Green's picture.
    2008-04-26 17:49:55
    296.   KG16
    292 - we'll all know as soon as you comment about about Juan Pierre scoring on a catcher's interference (after stealing second and third)
    2008-04-26 17:50:12
    297.   LAT
    Maybe I should leave earlier-don't want to get caught in the Downtown Mozart Clarinet Concerto traffic crush.
    2008-04-26 17:50:45
    298.   Marty
    295 I'd love to see a Free Mozart! comment later tonight.
    2008-04-26 17:52:15
    299.   Greg Brock
    Bob's classical music tastes remain as Teutonic as his last name.

    Mix it up, Timmermann. A little Verdi never hurt anybody.

    2008-04-26 17:53:38
    300.   LAT
    295. Sadly between her getting older and his absence she is moving on. Although I'm sure tonight I'll hear a lot about him and how much she misses him.
    Show/Hide Comments 301-350
    2008-04-26 17:55:13
    301.   Jon Weisman
    2008-04-26 17:55:21
    302.   Bob Timmermann
    It's not all Mozart.

    There were also be a Bruckner symphony.

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