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Whoo Boy, It's Early
2008-05-01 06:56
by Jon Weisman

Dodgers at Marlins, 9:10 a.m.

* * *

Stay in school. Don't do drugs. And for goodness sake, children, wear your contact lenses.

Ex-Dodger Mark Hendrickson has overcome his own ambivalence about having correct vision when he takes the mound - a revelation he can now pass on to his younger Florida teammates, writes Tony Jackson of the Daily News:

The veteran left-hander, who signed a one-year, $1.5 million contract with the Marlins on Jan. 16 after the Dodgers non-tendered him, underwent Lasik surgery over the winter to sharpen his eyesight. He expected the biggest difference to come at the plate, but there is no question his pitching has benefited more than he ever thought it would.

"I'm just not having to focus as hard," Hendrickson said. "The doctor said something about how nice it would be for me not to have to put in contact lenses anymore. But I told him, 'I don't wear contacts.' I guess I had always just adjusted. My mom told me it was always a hassle when I was a kid to get me to wear glasses or contacts." ...

"I really like being over here," said Hendrickson, who isn't slated to pitch in this series. "I enjoy the fact that I have a leadership role, and I hope I can help some of the younger guys. I learned a lot the last couple of years. Obviously, I went through a lot of things, a lot of ups and downs. But I think I grew as a pitcher and as a player."

The only thing that could undermine this heartwarming tale: Hendrickson's ERA was actually higher this April (3.68 in 36 2/3 innings) than it was last April (1.66 in 21 2/3 innings).

  • General manager Ned Colletti is stopping in Jacksonville on his way back from the Dominican Republic to watch James McDonald and Clayton Kershaw pitch today and Friday, writes Jeff Elliott of the Florida Times-Union.

  • Dialing for information about the Dodgers' recent hot streak? Over the past week, the Dodger team on-base percentage is .411.

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    2008-05-01 07:13:53
    1.   D4P
    Dialing for information about the Dodgers' recent hot streak? Over the past week, the Dodger team on-base percentage is .411

    Typical blogger explanation.

    Real baseball fans need look no further than Joe Torre, who's winning ways are finally being bought into by his players.

    In all seriousness, it can't be much longer before Plaschke-types start praising Torre for the magical turn-around in the team's performance.

    2008-05-01 07:24:19
    2.   D4P
    who's winning ways
    whose winning ways
    Hu's winning ways
    Horton hears a Who
    2008-05-01 07:35:53
    3.   madmac
    Sure plays a mean pin ball!
    2008-05-01 07:38:37
    4.   D4P
    2008 outfield:

    LF: .250/.345/.290/.635
    CF: .173/.289/.255/.545
    RF: .352/.392/.593/.984

    2008-05-01 07:39:42
    5.   Daniel Zappala
    May 1st and a half inch of snow on the ground this morning. Not a lot, but enough that if this was South Pasadena grown men would be in their yards building snowmen.
    2008-05-01 07:46:43
    6.   Marty
    If that were South Pasadena, I'd be in a foot of snow where I am.
    2008-05-01 07:48:48
    7.   StolenMonkey86
    4 - Ethier magically plays better to make up for Pierre playing over Kemp?
    2008-05-01 07:49:31
    8.   taikwanboe
    4 - I may be thinking too far ahead here, but has LaRoche ever played LF? With DeWitt now owning an OPS+ of 99, I'm thinking if he keeps it up it will be difficult for Andy to unseat him at 3B. Pierre finally appears to be more or less benched despite his huge contract and the fact that the Dodgers got exactly what they should have expected out of him last year. I have to imagine that if Jones continues stinking up the joint, Torre would be similarly willing to sit him in favor of someone who can actually hit. Anyone think that a LaRoche/Kemp/Ethier outfield (with DeWitt continuing to man 3B) is a possibility?

    Of course I'm talking late in the season here. If Torre is at all willing to bench Jones, I'm guessing it wouldn't be until sometime late in July.

    2008-05-01 07:49:40
    9.   D4P
    Granted, I don't pay much attention to the news, but I'm just now learning that the Reno area has experienced 344 earthquakes in the past week.
    2008-05-01 08:00:15
    10.   bhsportsguy
    8 Nope, Andruw Jones will play everyday barring injury for the Dodgers.

    There were two reasons why the Dodgers signed Jones, one was for his power, 1 home run a month, not quite what they wanted, the other was for his defense.

    The best defensive outfield the Dodgers have right now is Ethier, Jones and Kemp.

    2008-05-01 08:00:32
    11.   StolenMonkey86
    8 - If that happened, I would love to see Ned try to convince McCourt not to fire him.

    "We didn't waste $81,000,000, we spent $81,000,000 as insurance."

    2008-05-01 08:03:36
    12.   regfairfield
    8 If it were Nomar with a 99 OPS+, you would beg for LaRoche.
    2008-05-01 08:05:26
    13.   cargill06
    12 i think going into the year we'd have all been happy with 100 ops+ out of our 3b regardless of who is was, well actually i'd have preferred laroche becuase of defense.
    2008-05-01 08:09:10
    14.   Bob Timmermann
    Today's BobMax comments question of the day:

    Which way would you go today to get to Farmers Market from South Pasadena?

    A) South on the 110, west on the 10, north on Fairfax

    B) South on the 110, north on the 101, south on Western

    Post your answers here standard text message rates apply.

    2008-05-01 08:09:50
    15.   bhsportsguy
    It'll be cold, cloudy, rainy and even snowy weekend in Denver, looks like they will be able to get games in but quite a contrast from Florida to Colorado for the Dodgers.
    2008-05-01 08:10:03
    16.   fanerman
    13 A healthy LaRoche will OPS+ a lot more than 100.
    2008-05-01 08:12:18
    17.   GS Allen
    The early start time is actually nice for us East Coasters.
    2008-05-01 08:12:34
    18.   bhsportsguy
    14 C. South on 110, exit 6th Street, take 6th to Fairfax, north on Fairfax.
    2008-05-01 08:12:43
    19.   cargill06
    16 he could, but i think it's safe to say that after last year with our 3b having an ops+ in the low 80's a 23% increase would be pleasing to most people without aquiring anyone
    2008-05-01 08:14:20
    20.   regfairfield
    You should also consider that OPS+ numbers are kind of screwed up early on, since they're based on league wide numbers that haven't stabalized yet. The bar for a 100 OPS+ is lower than it usually is right now.
    2008-05-01 08:18:41
    21.   Bob Timmermann
    Maybe I remind you of street protests going on today in Downtown L.A.
    2008-05-01 08:20:37
    22.   Bumsrap
    If the Dodgers sign Castro I think it would be to get Hu more work in AAA but when Nomar and LaRoche come back, I would guess Nomar becomes the utility player and LaRoche gets a month to do his thing, and Hu/Castro and DeWitt go to Vegas.

    In that scenario, DeWitt got his month and LaRoche would get a month, and then the Dodgers would have to decide which finishes the season at third.

    2008-05-01 08:21:27
    23.   alex 7
    Would be easier to suggest a platoon if Dewitt wasn't .385 .448 .500ing lefty pitchers so far. Small sample size perhaps, but he sure keeps his shoulder in there well against southpaws.

    I'm thinking a couple of MLB bombs from LaRoche will cause Torre to find him playing time. Could he be a better back-up 1B than Sweeney? IF Nomar is traded or released (or accepts a role as a rover/pinch hitter), I would think Torre can find LaRoche 3 starts a week.

    2008-05-01 08:22:41
    24.   Bluebleeder87
    13 I've always felt La Roche's D was average at best.
    2008-05-01 08:23:07
    25.   Jon Weisman
    Furcal, SS
    Pierre, LF
    Kemp, CF
    Sweeney, 1B
    Martin, C
    Ethier, RF
    DeWitt, 3B
    Hu, 2B
    2008-05-01 08:24:33
    26.   Bob Timmermann
    And Hiroki Kuroda as the Beaver.
    2008-05-01 08:24:35
    27.   D4P
    2008-05-01 08:24:41
    28.   Kevin Lewis
    I almost typed that I liked that lineup before I saw Sweeney

    Well, I guess everyone needs a day off here and there

    2008-05-01 08:25:45
    29.   taikwanboe
    12 - This I freely admit, but it is more about Andruw Jones' lack of production than being impressed by DeWitt. I'm just trying to think of ways to field the best lineup, which at this point appears to be a matter of keeping incapable players on the bench more than anything else. If it were Nomar instead of DeWitt, I probably would have suggested the same idea. Although in fairness I would have waited until much later in the season to be convinced that Nomar was a viable option at third, so, shrug.

    And Ned is already on thin ice anyway. If Jones continues OPSing under .600 and the Dodgers miss the playoffs, he's probably axed. If benching Jones results in the Dodgers reaching the playoffs, it might buy Ned another year of breathing room, so why not?

    2008-05-01 08:25:49
    30.   MollyKnight
    25-So that makes how many different line-ups this year?
    2008-05-01 08:27:11
    31.   Jim Hitchcock
    49 I'm in Carson City, and the largest of the swarm has been 4.9. Ho hum.
    2008-05-01 08:28:18
    32.   Kevin Lewis
    Random street direction question:

    Does anyone know if there is a standard design for where the odd and even addresses are located on a given street?

    For example, are the odds always on the West/North side?

    I just thought this is something I should know if there is a standard way to numbering a street.

    2008-05-01 08:28:26
    33.   dzzrtRatt
    1 I'm not so sure the Plaschke-types would be wrong, if you extended Torre to mean the manager and coaches.
    2008-05-01 08:28:27
    34.   Bob Timmermann
    There have been N - 1 lineups where N = the number of games played and today's.
    2008-05-01 08:28:50
    35.   D4P
    I can't fathom thinking that Sweeney should bat clean-up. I just can't.

    It's hard enough to fathom thinking Pierre should bat 2nd with Ethier batting 6th.

    2008-05-01 08:31:18
    36.   D4P
    Plaschke-types would not be wrong if I extended Torre to mean "regression to the mean, and Torre finally realizing that Kemp should play everyday and Pierre should sit on the bench."

    Torre set himself up for initial failure followed by subsequent success. No doubt the MSM will fall for his ploy.

    2008-05-01 08:32:36
    37.   cargill06
    24 ya me too, but he looks like a gold glover next to nomar
    2008-05-01 08:41:05
    38.   delias man
    I can not get Gameday to work yet this season on Firefox... does anybody have a tip for me?
    2008-05-01 08:41:14
    39.   Howard Fox
    what little I have seen of DeWitt, LaRoche and Nomar at third, I would go with DeWitt...

    he is steady and improving at third, he is steady and improving at the plate, and he has gone a whole month without an injury giving us some stability...

    2008-05-01 08:41:28
    40.   Bob Timmermann
    As for odd and even numbers, I would think that each city decides how it wants to set up its numbering system.
    I live at an even-numbered building and it's on the north side of an E-W street in South Pasadena. In L.A., I work on a building that has an even number, but it's on the south side of the street.

    Usually most cities have established their numbering system for buildings long before most of us have moved there. The person or persons laying out the city could use models like:
    1) the town where they grew up
    2) New York City
    3) making City Hall building #1 and moving on from there.

    There are streets in Los Angeles where many of the numbers start from much of the city like 1st Street and Main Street. But there's a different numbering system in places like the Valley, the Northeast, San Pedro, and Venice.

    South Pasadena, since it's a little city, doesn't use directionals on its streets. Pasadena does and uses Colorado and Fair Oaks as its zero points.

    All of the streets in the unincorporated parts of L.A. County are supposed to have a directional attached to them even if there isn't a corresponding street for the other side.

    Somebody here once got to sit down with a guy who worked for the County who was in charge of giving out numbers and names and found the discussion fascinating.

    2008-05-01 08:41:31
    41.   Gen3Blue
    I know I'm slows this morning, but it just hit me. Is that seriously the line-up? I guess so. I know Loney isn't that hot right now, but Grady used to bug me when he rested Kent and a couple of other solid hitters on the same day.
    2008-05-01 08:41:47
    42.   Howard Fox
    38 yes, stay away from the ponies
    2008-05-01 08:44:53
    43.   dzzrtRatt
    36 Nah, I give him a little more credit than that.

    The first 20 days of the season were a kind of extended spring training, to make up for time lost to China, Arizona and just him being new to these players.

    Day in day out, the value of Torre seems to be in his ability to get the younger players past their anxieties about their spot in the lineup so that when they're in the lineup, they're more likely to produce.

    But maybe my starting premise is different from yours. The "regression to the mean" idea suggests that no manager makes a difference, and that the manager's role is, itself, superfluous.

    I think that over the course of a long season with a team comprised of such a range of player types, a manager can influence individual performance. Not dramatically, but perhaps decisively, seeing as how "baseball is a game of inches."

    There's no proving it, but I don't think things would look as bright if Little were still the manager.

    (Which is not say batting Sweeney fourth makes any sense at all.)

    2008-05-01 08:45:20
    44.   Bob Timmermann
    The only thing I can think is that it's a problem with Flash. If you can update that to the most current version, you shouldn't have any trouble.

    There's always the brute force solution of uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox.

    2008-05-01 08:46:54
    45.   Bumsrap
    With Colletti checking out Kershaw and McDonald, is it because he still wants to find a fifth starter or could he be thinking about a trade. If it is a trade, would it be for a great reliever, a third baseman, or what?

    With Schmidt, Loiaza, Park, Kuo, Kershaw and McDonald already in-house along with the first 4 starters, there are posibilities to move one or more of those 10 along with Pierre and Young and possibly LaRoche and DeWitt to tweak the team.

    2008-05-01 08:47:00
    46.   Gen3Blue
    17 I agree as long as DTV carries it, which apparently they will.
    2008-05-01 08:47:35
    47.   D4P
    the value of Torre seems to be in his ability to get the younger players past their anxieties about their spot in the lineup so that when they're in the lineup, they're more likely to produce

    1. What does this mean?
    2. What is this conclusion based on?

    2008-05-01 08:50:00
    48.   underdog
    Let's see, the Dodgers played a night game followed by a really early game, so we already KNEW there would be some changes in the lineup today, in fact we already knew that Sweeney was going to start today, yesterday. Loney hasn't had a day off all season. Jones hasn't done much lately except walk or K, so we also were kind of expecting he'd sit for Pierre today, too. And the fact that Martin is starting again instead of Bennett today should please people, but I guess not. Kent also pretty much will always rest on a day game after a night game.

    (Okay, we already know how I feel about Delwyn Young getting a start - I would like to see that. One of these days, I guess.)

    Sorry, I don't mean to sound grumpy here but I was kind of hoping that if the Dodgers could, you know, play a lot better, win 5 in a row, we could at least get a day off from harping on the line-up and comments like 1 .

    I probably just need coffee. But I guess my cup is already half full. I'm just gonna enjoy the game quietly today, win or lose.

    2008-05-01 08:51:35
    49.   delias man
    44 - thanks
    2008-05-01 08:53:47
    50.   Bob Timmermann
    A couple weeks ago, somebody asked what was the highest number of different lineups the Dodgers could use for their 8 non-pitchers.

    I had figured it out as combinations instead of permuatations.

    If the Dodgers keep the same 13 position players, the total number of different lineup combinations would be 51,891,840.

    Unless lied to me.

    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2008-05-01 08:54:45
    51.   Kevin Lewis

    Thanks, Bob. I figured it was worth asking in case I was missing the "system" this whole time. It is definitely frustrating when you are looking for the odd/even situation for a street, but you can't find any numbers on the buildings.

    2008-05-01 08:54:55
    52.   scareduck
    I guess I better hurry on my morning run!
    2008-05-01 08:57:00
    53.   D4P
    "Sweeney starting" and "Sweeney starting and batting cleanup" are two separate issues.

    Seriously: there are 9 spots in the lineup. What kind of thought process leads someone to choose the #4 spot for Sweeney over the other 8 spots? I would just like to understand.

    2008-05-01 08:58:46
    54.   Bob Timmermann
    I would suggest that when you're on a busy street and looking for an unfamiliar address, the best thing to do is drive very slowly on the street and make sudden stops and starts. It really makes you popular with fellow motorists.

    In Los Angeles, evens should be on the east and south. But I can't vouch for Venice. Bunch of effete laidback Westsiders!

    2008-05-01 08:59:09
    55.   cargill06
    53 i'm sure joe has a reason, and i don't think the reason is i think sweeney is our best power threat today. i just have no clue what his reasoning is.
    2008-05-01 08:59:35
    56.   cargill06
    i would like to see lindsay replace sweeney on the roster also
    2008-05-01 09:00:27
    57.   regfairfield
    56 Lindsey presents the exact same roster problems that Sweeney does.
    2008-05-01 09:00:28
    58.   D4P
    To clarify: I don't agree with the thought process that leads to Pierre batting #2, but at least I understand it.
    2008-05-01 09:01:17
    59.   JoeyP
    Its really too bad the Dodgers couldnt have realized that Kemp could play CF before signing Pierre.

    Playing Kemp in CF, with Pierre in LF---just intensifies what a dumb decision it was to sign Pierre at all.

    Even realizing Kemp could play CF before this season, may have kept the Dodgers from signing Druw as well.

    2008-05-01 09:01:27
    60.   StolenMonkey86
    What kind of thought process leads someone to choose the #4 spot for Sweeney over the other 8 spots?

    cleanup is a PVL spot, and not even Jim Tracy could put Juan Pierre there

    That's a guess. I have no idea.

    2008-05-01 09:01:41
    61.   LogikReader
    When leads off with Dodgers Storm Into May with Five Straight, does that jinx it?
    2008-05-01 09:02:34
    62.   StolenMonkey86
    59 - Torre was also the first to try Ethier in CF. I really don't know why nobody ever tried that before.
    2008-05-01 09:02:37
    63.   JoeyP
    And the fact that Martin is starting again instead of Bennett today should please people, but I guess not

    Exact opposite here.
    If there's ever a game that the backup catcher should start, it's today.

    2008-05-01 09:04:20
    64.   cargill06
    57 i know but if you're going to waste a roster spot on that type of player isn't lindsay at least a better hitter?
    2008-05-01 09:05:09
    65.   D4P
    Ethier probably doesn't "look like" a centerfielder to baseball traditionalists.
    2008-05-01 09:06:40
    66.   underdog
    Okay, I agree with you, Sweeney should not be in the cleanup spot, period. I agree on that one. Hopefully he'll make us look wrong. Or he'll look so bad they'll start giving Delwyn more playing time. Did I mention I want Delwyn to get more playing time?

    61 Yes.

    63 I would've liked to have seen that too (and Russell playing 3rd base!) though like other people here I don't have much faith in Bennett and as I pointed out last night I don't think Russell will ever sit, at least not for a great while, when Kuroda is starting. That's just the deal.


    Where's my darned coffee? Waitress!

    2008-05-01 09:06:52
    67.   MollyKnight
    Now that we're in May, here are some April numbers for posterity:

    *At 137, the Dodgers scored the third most runs in the NL, and the sixth most runs in MLB.
    *At 107, the Dodgers tied with Atlanta for having given up the second fewest runs in the NL, and the fourth fewest in MLB.
    *Rafael Furcal was first in hits (43), runs (26), and doubles (12) in the NL. He was second in OBP (.462) and batting average (.381) and 4th in steals (7).
    *Chad Billingsley struck out 40 in 27.2 innings.
    *Russ Martin had an OBP of .439 (good enough for 5th in the NL). Ethier OBP'd .400, and the Dodgers as a team were third in the category at .360.

    I know I cherry-picked the good stats. But if you'd told me the above would be true back in March, I would have predicted we'd be in first place right now.

    2008-05-01 09:07:05
    68.   regfairfield
    64 It's debateable, but I'm leaning towards no. If a guy like that isn't even considered for a look, he probably has something terribly wrong with him that we don't know about.

    Or he could just really enjoy the PCL like Mitch Jones did.

    2008-05-01 09:07:38
    69.   Jon Weisman
    We have said over and over again that batting order hardly matters. If it makes Sweeney feel better to get to bat high in the lineup one time, I don't see the problem.
    2008-05-01 09:07:55
    70.   underdog
    64 We have no idea if he really is a better hitter in the majors. And he's certainly not a very good fielder. I like the idea, but I don't really see how he'd be much of an improvement...
    2008-05-01 09:09:15
    71.   underdog
    I mean, "I like the guy," not the idea. ;-)

    Did I mention I need coffee?

    Back later...

    2008-05-01 09:09:34
    72.   regfairfield
    62 Because he doesn't have enough range for center. He's not fast enough and his routes aren't good enough to make up for it.
    2008-05-01 09:12:42
    73.   ToyCannon
    Terry Tiffe on the other hand can play 1st and 3rd, and might be a better option then Sweeney for a bench guy and is certainly a better option then Lindsey. He's still hitting 484 after a month of at bats.
    Looking around the major leagues that deserves at least a 25th spot on someone's roster.

    Maybe over 1000 simulated games it doesn't but for one game in Florida I'd rather have the slumping single hitting Sweeney batting 7th and either Martin, Ethier, or Kemp hitting cleanup.

    2008-05-01 09:13:09
    74.   D4P
    We have said over and over again that batting order hardly matters

    What is the probability that Torre believes batting order hardly matter? I would guess "Very close to zero".

    I think it's very likely that Torre believes batting order matters a lot, which makes "Why does Torre think Sweeney should bat cleanup?" a legitimate question.

    BTW: Do SABR-types believe that setting the lineup is the most important managerial duty and that the lineup doesn't matter...?

    2008-05-01 09:13:10
    75.   Gen3Blue
    Kid has a good breaking ball.
    2008-05-01 09:13:29
    76.   underdog
    Speaking of which, Cody Ross, playing centerfield for the Marlins.

    Bless you, gourmet instant coffee.

    2008-05-01 09:15:14
    77.   ToyCannon
    Iron Man has a 92% fresh rating at RottenTomatoes with the top critics and 94% overall.

    I don't remember seeing such a high rating for a SciFi/Comic Book movie before.

    2008-05-01 09:16:08
    78.   Marty
    gourmet instant coffee

    One of those terms should never be with the other two.

    2008-05-01 09:17:59
    79.   ToyCannon
    I'm on board with D4P on this one. It isn't the lineup but the idea that Torre thinks this is an optimal lineup.

    Which also means that our cleanup hitter is going to do some damage today.

    Cody Ross has been as bad as A Jones this year without the sterling defense. When you lose time to AA your on thin ice.

    2008-05-01 09:18:00
    80.   regfairfield
    74 I know I do.
    2008-05-01 09:18:31
    81.   Bob Timmermann
    Saying "SABR-types" is assuming that all members of SABR have some sort of monolithic way of thinking. They don't. And I've gone over this many, many, many, many times.

    And I really don't appreciate that you do this just to tick me off.

    SABR members are people like Trent McCotter who is a UNC freshman and specializes in finding obscure batting streaks from the 19th Century.

    It has guys like Dave Smith, who has developed Retrosheet, and all he just does is organize play-by-play data.

    It has people who can't believe the Dodgers left Brooklyn.

    It has people who spend all of their time studying the Negro Leagues.

    It has members who write books on the U.S. tour of the 1935 Tokyo Giants.

    It has people who are specialists on the Pacific Coast League in the 1950s.

    So you could ask all those people about lineup order and 95% of them will just shrug their shoulders and say "whatever."

    2008-05-01 09:18:39
    82.   Kevin Lewis

    Bless you freshly ground cruz del sol from Intelligencia

    2008-05-01 09:19:04
    83.   fanerman
    77 Spider-Man 2 had 93% overall, 95% top. I'm surprised that Batman Begins "only" got 84% fresh and only 63% for top critics.
    2008-05-01 09:19:24
    84.   Eric Stephen
    Torre was also the first to try Ethier in CF. I really don't know why nobody ever tried that before

    Do you mean in spring training? As far as I can tell, Ethier has never played an inning in CF in a major league game.

    2008-05-01 09:20:08
    85.   regfairfield
    79 I'm not sure about Ross' defense (it's probably not good since he rarely played center for us) but Amezega takes better routes than anyone in baseball in my opinion. He's not a terrible option for a team desperate for a center fielder.
    2008-05-01 09:20:13
    86.   underdog
    78 That is absolutely true. Except for Medaglia D'Oro Instant Espresso, which is a great quick pick me up.
    2008-05-01 09:20:33
    87.   underdog
    Uh oh, Hanley is hurt...
    2008-05-01 09:20:49
    88.   Bob Timmermann
    There are a lot of children at the game today. The Marlins must have invited half of South Florida's schools.
    2008-05-01 09:20:58
    89.   D4P
    I didn't do that to tick you off. In fact, I deleted the "E" from the end of "SABR" specifically because I remembered that you didn't like it.

    What's a better way to say "people who are a lot more knowledgeable than I am about baseball stats and stuff" than "SABR-types"...?

    2008-05-01 09:21:59
    90.   ToyCannon
    Isn't it really closer to 96%? I hate it when you fudge the numbers.
    2008-05-01 09:23:12
    91.   Eric Stephen
    How is Amezega's IF defense? He seems like he could be a really valuable super utility guy at least, sort of a Chone Figgins-lite in perception.
    2008-05-01 09:23:12
    92.   D4P
    The beginning of this game has been paradoxically interesting and uneventful.
    2008-05-01 09:23:36
    93.   overkill94
    Come on people, if Torre actually thought Sweeney was a great player he'd have started before today. I'm sure it's just a nice consolation prize for being such a great PVL when he finally does get a start.
    2008-05-01 09:23:57
    94.   underdog
    88 Anything to keep the place from feeling like a mausoleum, I say.

    Seems like H Ramirez is okay, at least enough to come back out to the field. Maybe he just had hamstring tightness.

    2008-05-01 09:24:31
    95.   Bob Timmermann
    People who are more knowledgeable about baseball stats and SABR members are not sets that intersect completely.

    I don't know what shorthand you should use. You're just using one that is wrong.

    2008-05-01 09:25:26
    96.   Jon Weisman
    74 - a) he thinks of Sweeney as a clutch hitter despite his slow start this season

    b) he wants Sweeney to maybe get an extra at-bat to get him going

    c) he wants to boost Sweeney's morale.

    d) He thinks a veteran will do well against a young pitcher.

    These are all possible reasons, similar to his batting Nomar third. But unlike with Nomar, we know this is going to be a rarity with Sweeney. I would not bat him fourth, but it really is just not that big a deal.

    2008-05-01 09:25:43
    97.   Brent Knapp
    76 78 What's the difference between instant coffee and what I put in my little brewing device that takes 3 minutes?
    2008-05-01 09:26:12
    98.   fanerman
    Can something "not matter" in the long run yet be categorically stated as "bad" in the short run?
    2008-05-01 09:26:34
    99.   D4P
    I shall permanently sheath my "SABR-type" shorthand.
    2008-05-01 09:26:37
    100.   underdog
    That was a ball, but whatever.

    Dodgers have yet to hit even a badenhop single.

    Show/Hide Comments 101-150
    2008-05-01 09:26:57
    101.   overkill94
    Kuroda on-pace for the 63-pitch complete game shutout interesting game. Eat that Maddux!
    2008-05-01 09:27:19
    102.   Jon Weisman
    98 - Sure.
    2008-05-01 09:28:22
    103.   underdog
    97 Uh, two mins and 50 seconds?

    Hey, time is money, man!

    2008-05-01 09:28:24
    104.   ToyCannon
    Scouting Report Per Baseball HQ:

    Burke Heinrich Badenhop (RHP, FLA)
    The 25 year-old 6'5" righty was acquired from Detroit in the blockbuster Cabrera/Willis deal in December '07. Badenhop was a 19th round selection in the '05 draft and has pitched well as a starter in the minors despite the lack of a plus pitch. He owns a career 2.89 ERA, 2.1 Ctl and 6.0 Dom. He's known mostly for his polish and command. He rarely walks hitters and keeps balls on the ground with a solid-average 86-91 mph sinker. Badenhop's other pitches include an average slider and changeup. Because he doesn't throw hard nor does he have a swing-and-miss pitch, he'll never become a high K pitcher. He is efficient and has enough durability to either remain a starter or become a long reliever.

    2008-05-01 09:28:31
    105.   overkill94
    Why didn't anyone tell me we were facing Pedro Martinez today?!
    2008-05-01 09:29:16
    106.   Bob Timmermann
    Instant coffee is dehydrated coffee. The stuff you put in your coffee maker is ground beans.

    You add hot water to the former to get coffee. In the latter, you have water pass through the grounds in some form and they take their flavor from the beans as they go into the pot.

    A French press works on a slightly different method than the other two. So does an espresso machine.

    2008-05-01 09:29:39
    107.   JoeyP
    9 up 9 down.
    2008-05-01 09:30:19
    108.   fanerman
    106 That's another thing not all SABR members know about, I'm sure.
    2008-05-01 09:30:27
    109.   Jacob L
    Are we really facing a pitcher named Burke Badenhop? Was he a Nazi in a Mel Brooks movie, or one of the competitors in World's Strongest Man?
    2008-05-01 09:31:20
    110.   Bob Timmermann
    They don't drink as much coffee as I do.
    2008-05-01 09:32:32
    111.   Marty
    Also, the stuff you put in your coffee maker may be previously ground lesser-quality beans that have sat on a market shelf for months.

    Fresh Ground > Folgers-type ground > Instant

    2008-05-01 09:32:42
    112.   Jacob L
    And what's the deal with those fancy shmancy new "clover" coffee makers that cost thousands of dollars and take like 20 minutes to make a cop of coffee {/end Jerry Seinfeld voice/}
    2008-05-01 09:33:19
    113.   Kevin Lewis

    Taste, acidity, freshness, aroma, and depending on the method of extracting the flavor, boldness in the coffee.

    2008-05-01 09:33:31
    114.   D4P
    What, do they have some sort of monolithic way of non-coffee-drinking...?
    2008-05-01 09:33:43
    115.   sweepstakes
    38-- You need to adjust your settings to allow popups from
    2008-05-01 09:33:49
    116.   Marty
    112 Clovers may not be worth the money, but they make a great cup of coffee.
    2008-05-01 09:34:47
    117.   Bob Timmermann
    I apologize to D4P for being so grouchy this morning. I'm still a little ticked about something that happened yesterday.
    2008-05-01 09:35:12
    118.   Kevin Lewis

    Freshly roasted> one week on shelf> store bought whole bean> pre-ground coffee> foldgers

    2008-05-01 09:35:29
    119.   Jacob L
    116 Can you describe what they do, relative to other coffee makers? Honestly, I'm curious.
    2008-05-01 09:35:52
    120.   MollyKnight
    2008-05-01 09:36:00
    121.   underdog
    Wow. Did everyone just see that play from Furcal?

    Oh. My. Lord.

    Not only went deep into the hole to grab that one, but fired away from the outfield practically to throw out Helms. (Not the fastest runner but still.) Wowsa.

    2008-05-01 09:36:08
    122.   Kevin Lewis
    man, this game is moving fast. Every time I look at gameday, a half inning is over. It also helps that gameday is working
    2008-05-01 09:36:18
    123.   fanerman
    116 I have no idea what a Clover coffee maker is but I'm also curious.
    2008-05-01 09:36:30
    124.   CodyS
    I imagine Torre is just sending a signal to Sweeney that he is trusted and important. I am sure Torre does know that lineup order doesn't matter a whole lot and that is why he is willing to do something like this.

    Alternately, the signal could be "hey we look to you to be a #4-type hitter. We can't carry you if you're 2 for 21."

    But anyway, I think the pure purpose of it is a message to Sweeney.

    2008-05-01 09:36:40
    125.   Andrew Shimmin
    Furry is magic.
    2008-05-01 09:36:58
    126.   D4P
    Apology accepted.
    2008-05-01 09:37:16
    127.   Ricardo
    Sign him, Ned! Please sign him!
    2008-05-01 09:37:45
    128.   Marty
    119 The local Groundworks downtown had one. It brews individual cups of coffee with any bean you want. I'm really not sure what makes it so good. But I had a cup of Kenya AA that was the best cup of coffee I've ever had.
    2008-05-01 09:37:46
    129.   Kevin Lewis

    "How does the Clover work?
    The simple answer: Combine coffee and water, let them steep together for a set time, filter by vacuum and deliver to the cup. We call this VacuumPress™ coffee making.

    The technical answer: After dosing it and grinding it to your specifications, you will add the coffee to the Clover brew chamber. You will choose the cup size and the steep time on the user interface, and then press the brew button. Clover delivers the exact dose of water at the temperature you've chosen. Stir and wait while the coffee steeps. At the end of the set time, Clover's piston rises, creating a vacuum that draws the coffee through the grounds. The piston will then descend and deliver the coffee into your customer's cup.

    What does the coffee taste like?
    Clover coffees are filter, or brewed, coffees, not espresso-based beverages. It allows you to tune your coffees to your own filter-coffee profile. Depending on the size of the filter, grind, temperature, time and coffee, you can find profiles similar to pour-over cone filters, or to press pots. Many people tune their coffees to mirror the vacuum pot, where the clarity of cup and honest expression of the bean comes closest to the roaster's cupping table. Ideally, you will experiment with the parameters and find your own preferred cup. "

    from here:

    2008-05-01 09:39:33
    130.   Andrew Shimmin
    Sounds like a fancy french press.
    2008-05-01 09:39:41
    131.   Bob Timmermann
    The Clover company's website says that their machines work on a combination of a French process and a vacuum brewer. I suppose you could go dig out all the patents for it.
    2008-05-01 09:39:57
    132.   Marty
    Also, Starbucks just bought the Clover company a couple days ago.
    2008-05-01 09:39:58
    133.   imperabo
    9 I live in Reno, across town from the center of the quakes. I've probably felt about 7 of them, though most were just slight jolts. The 4.7 was a pretty good shaker. The people right over the origin are nervous wrecks right now, as they get woken up multiple time per night.
    2008-05-01 09:40:37
    134.   MollyKnight
    Hanley hobbles halfway home.
    2008-05-01 09:40:40
    135.   Kevin Lewis

    That's about right

    2008-05-01 09:40:56
    136.   ToyCannon
    Is this game on channel 9 or FoxSports?
    2008-05-01 09:41:48
    137.   underdog
    Btw, I should make it clear that I don't really like instant coffee. But as I don't have a working coffee maker at the moment, and am working at home and nowhere near a Peet's or SB's, and it's at least good-tasting caffeine, this stuff isn't a terrible substitute.
    2008-05-01 09:41:48
    138.   Marty
    136 Prime
    2008-05-01 09:41:53
    139.   Andrew Shimmin
    136- FSNPT
    2008-05-01 09:41:55
    140.   cargill06
    kuroda swings a good bat
    2008-05-01 09:42:48
    141.   Marty
    137 I've been there :)
    2008-05-01 09:42:49
    142.   MollyKnight
    I knew Steiner jinxed him when he said "both pitchers have been perfect so far."
    2008-05-01 09:43:55
    143.   underdog
    I wonder if this game will be over before Linkmeister is awake?
    2008-05-01 09:44:08
    144.   fanerman
    Hiroki, disappointed that nobody else on his team could break the no-hitter, breaks the no-hitter himself.
    2008-05-01 09:44:09
    145.   Marty
    My parents drank instant coffee that they would add CoffeeMate to. I don't know how they could stand the stuff.
    2008-05-01 09:44:11
    146.   JoeyP
    Kuroda breaks the stalemate.
    2008-05-01 09:44:23
    147.   underdog
    Or before I am, for that matter.
    2008-05-01 09:44:49
    148.   ToyCannon
    Randy Wolf going against the Phillies today. I think it is his 1st start against the Phillies since he left as a free agent.
    2008-05-01 09:45:56
    149.   underdog
    146 Every look at the ingredients for non-dairy creamers? It's pretty scary. I think partially hydrogenated oil is like the second ingredient.
    2008-05-01 09:46:42
    150.   wronghanded
    144 Rule 9?
    Show/Hide Comments 151-200
    2008-05-01 09:46:52
    151.   imperabo
    The Clover does sound like an automated french press. Schultz has long been a french press fan, but it hasn't really been possible to serve it on a large scale because of the labor involved.
    2008-05-01 09:47:05
    152.   Bob Timmermann
    I'd stay and watch, but JON is making me work today.
    2008-05-01 09:47:10
    153.   ToyCannon
    I don't understand the lure of coffee or wine. I've tried but I remain on the outside looking in.
    2008-05-01 09:47:39
    154.   Marty
    I'm guessing their rationale was "If it's good enough for Steve Allen and Jane Meadows, it's good enough for me."
    2008-05-01 09:48:07
    155.   ucladodger
    Solid play, Juan.
    2008-05-01 09:48:23
    156.   underdog
    What the heck just happened there??
    2008-05-01 09:48:41
    157.   Gen3Blue
    Hu may have been safe.

    Yes, the Dodgers vs. new unknown rookie pitcher effect seems to be at work here.

    Nice read.

    2008-05-01 09:48:56
    158.   underdog
    I know Pierre loves to make diving catches of lazy fly balls but that was pretty hilarious.
    2008-05-01 09:49:09
    159.   regfairfield
    My Kuroda can't hit article gets more and more irrelevant.
    2008-05-01 09:49:13
    160.   Michael D
    Slappy Mcworthless. Good thing Kemp didn't do that or he'd sit for the weekend.
    2008-05-01 09:49:14
    161.   Jacob L
    If ever there was a game during which to have coffee chat. Anybody want to meet me at Groundworks when this is over?
    2008-05-01 09:49:29
    162.   ucladodger
    Why do scorekeepers give that a hit? I understand the technicality, but if an average player makes the play, you give the guy an error.
    2008-05-01 09:49:40
    163.   JT Dutch
    ... Wow, I can see why Juan Pierre is in the lineup. His offensive and defensive prowess are above reproach. Brilliant decision, Grady.
    2008-05-01 09:49:52
    164.   Bob Timmermann
    I would have to think the sound of the ball coming off of Treanor's bat didn't match where Pierre thought the ball was going to go.
    2008-05-01 09:49:58
    165.   fanerman
    I only drink coffee at work, where we have a brewing machine. I think it quite fancy. It has buttons to press and I don't know how to use it. It seems to be nicer than traditional drip coffee makers. It's from Cuisinart.
    2008-05-01 09:50:48
    166.   Eric Stephen
    Bob, I'm sorry for using "Bisons" yesterday.
    2008-05-01 09:51:08
    167.   underdog
    162 - I was wondering that, too, it's just one of those dumb rules that keep Pierre's overall fielding percentage deceptively high.
    2008-05-01 09:51:36
    168.   Marty
    153 I would normally say you just haven't tasted the good version of each, but I've come to realize some people just don't like wine or coffee.
    2008-05-01 09:52:04
    169.   fanerman
    150 I said that after it was broken... so it isn't a Rule 9 violation, is it?
    2008-05-01 09:52:05
    170.   Reddog
    Boy, Ned really knows how to pick free agent center fielders.
    2008-05-01 09:52:13
    171.   underdog
    Guess Ramirez's leg feels better.
    2008-05-01 09:52:15
    172.   Andrew Shimmin
    Pierre's dropped fly is like Hendrickson's Timbe-e-e-er!-balk; the style points make up for the run it's going to cost Kuroda.

    The only thing that could have made it better was if his pants had split, or he'd lost a shoe.

    2008-05-01 09:52:51
    173.   MollyKnight
    Uggla hits homeruns. I'm worried here.
    2008-05-01 09:53:00
    174.   underdog
    How about wine and coffee? That's good to the last drop, mmmm-mmm.
    2008-05-01 09:53:24
    175.   imperabo
    I think Pierre just forgets to wear his contacts.
    2008-05-01 09:53:36
    176.   LogikReader
    2008-05-01 09:53:43
    177.   ucladodger

    And it directly hurts the pitcher instead of rewarding him for getting a player to hit into a sure out. I can understand a major leaguer misjudging a hard hit line drive right at him. But to misjudge a pop fly that badly? Thats just sad.

    2008-05-01 09:54:17
    178.   Eric Stephen
    Is Pierre's uniform properly buttoned today? A couple of weeks ago, Pierre's left side of his jersey was higher than his right; he was one button off. A similar gaffe today could have added to the hilarity of the play.
    2008-05-01 09:54:29
    179.   wronghanded
    169 Kuroda still had it going didn't he? But I guess you were describing Badebhop's so my mistake.
    2008-05-01 09:54:45
    180.   Jacob L
    I studiously avoid drinking coffee at work. The coffee hear is disgusting. Its like hot salad dressing. A friend once told me that the coffee at her office was bad, so I challenged her to a taste-off. She tried the stuff from my work and spit it across the room. I tried hers and said, "Hmm. Pretty good."

    I long to work in a place with a fancy coffee set-up, but as long as I'm in government its not happening.

    2008-05-01 09:54:49
    181.   underdog
    DeWitt has the highest fielding percentage of any third baseman in the majors right now, says Steiner. That's pretty cool, assuming it didn't just jinx him.
    2008-05-01 09:55:20
    182.   Kevin Lewis

    Most drip coffee makers are fairly decent once you pass the $30 range. The key is to maintain it well, clean it often, and to brew to your taste.

    As for the instant coffee, my family in STL drinks it all the time, or they brew with the pre measured ground bags of coffee. I can't stand it, but there tastes have adjusted to it. Sometimes I wish I had never been trained as a Barista. Many of my drinks are ruined for me before I even get to taste it.

    2008-05-01 09:56:11
    183.   Eric Stephen
    5 minutes until Juan Castro is officially a free agent!
    2008-05-01 09:58:13
    184.   underdog
    Way to take one for the team Juan! Maybe he can steal three bases now to make up for it.

    Hearing coffee that is "like salad dressing" made me almost lose my breakfast

    2008-05-01 09:59:06
    185.   Kevin Lewis

    That was pretty funny. I had a nice picture of hot balsamic in the morning.

    2008-05-01 09:59:38
    186.   underdog
    I did not think Kemp hit that one that deep. Wind must be pushing out and around today.
    2008-05-01 10:00:25
    187.   ucladodger
    Kemp almost got that one. Just off of the end of the bat, again.
    2008-05-01 10:01:10
    188.   Jacob L
    Can we wreak some havoc on the basepaths, or something?
    2008-05-01 10:01:27
    189.   bigcpa
    Rick Monday just uttered the following sentence: "For Pierre with 6 stolen bases."
    2008-05-01 10:01:34
    190.   Eric Stephen
    2008-05-01 10:02:02
    191.   Jacob L
    Pitching around our clean-up hitter?
    2008-05-01 10:02:13
    192.   Bluebleeder87
    I'm gonna say it man, I really feel Kemp would benefit greatly if he has that corrective vision Hendy had
    2008-05-01 10:02:43
    193.   fanerman
    182 Oops. I meant to say "better than 'cheaper' drip coffee makers." I'm assuming the one we have is also a drip coffee maker. I do find it quite good.
    2008-05-01 10:02:44
    194.   Gen3Blue
    Nice play by Ross actually.

    That play by Pierre is the kind of thing that can happen to anyone once in a while.
    It was right at him in a high sky, maybe even in the sun. Now he is messing up the pitcher a bit. Wow, am I defending him?

    2008-05-01 10:02:45
    195.   Jacob L
    189 Define "sentence."
    2008-05-01 10:04:20
    196.   imperabo
    Hot salad dressing. . . vinegary? . . .chunky?. . . cheesy? . . . oh man, I don't feel well.
    2008-05-01 10:04:21
    197.   Eric Stephen
    Saw this on TrueHoop and thought it was funny:

    >>On his website, Lamar Odom tells a funny little story about a Laker team dinner, just before the Denver series, at a high-end steakhouse.

    Odom says the place can be "rather expensive," especially, you'd imagine, for a large group.

    When the check came, Kobe Bryant reached out his hand for it. "As soon as he picked up the bill," says Odom, "we all started chanting 'MVP MVP MVP!'"

    "I thought that was pretty funny."<<

    2008-05-01 10:04:30
    198.   LogikReader
    I still enjoy that Matt Treanor is married to Misty May. Misty isn't like... in Danica/Jenna territory but she's very cute.
    2008-05-01 10:05:33
    199.   Kevin Lewis

    I really need that surgery one of these days. So hard to put the money aside for the short term, but the long term savings on contacts and such makes it worth it.

    2008-05-01 10:07:18
    200.   Kevin Lewis
    Russel K'd looking? Did he do that turn and shout when he doesn't like the call? I can almost feel it from here
    Show/Hide Comments 201-250
    2008-05-01 10:07:45
    201.   madmac
    2008-05-01 10:08:53
    202.   JoeyP
    Dodgers hitting with 2-outs has been unreal the last week.
    2008-05-01 10:08:57
    203.   bigcpa
    195 Well there was a pause before and after the utterance. Monday starts most of his sentences with either "For" or "And for."
    2008-05-01 10:09:28
    204.   NorCal-Dodger
    Another 2 out RBI....We like it!
    2008-05-01 10:10:06
    205.   still bevens
    198 She was on the Angels broadcast last night. She was pretty enthusiastic about the game but it was a little hard to listen to her, a post-head cold Steve Physioc and the Wonderdog.
    2008-05-01 10:11:19
    206.   underdog
    189 Rick Monday's favorite song is "A Horse With No Name," by America. He loves that line, "'Cause there ain't no one for to give you no pain." Sing it, Rick!
    2008-05-01 10:11:22
    207.   ucladodger

    You say that a lot, but you dont have a clue about his vision. It could be tremendous it could be not so good, but to suggest a guy who hit over .340 last year needs vision correction surgery is a bit over the top.

    2008-05-01 10:11:47
    208.   blue22
    199 - Doesn't that surgery cost around four grand? That's a lot of contacts.

    I'm waiting for the surgery to start getting covered by insurance. I don't see why you would cover contacts and glasses, but not corrective surgery. If you have a flexible spending account, you can at least get the cost tax-free.

    2008-05-01 10:11:53
    209.   fiddlestick
    If anyone's interested, Vin Scully did an interview on local radio in Phoenix this week and the station posted it in mp3 on their site. It's a little down the page here:

    *Disclaimer* Daren Sutton conducts the interview, but it's still vintage Vin.

    2008-05-01 10:14:09
    210.   Eric Stephen
    Billingsley had 40 Ks in April, which I believe is the first Dodger 40-K month since Kevin Brown in August 2003.

    Interestingly, Eric Gagne amassed 34 strikeouts also in August 2003 in only 17.1 IP!

    2008-05-01 10:15:26
    211.   Jacob L
    206 Rick Monday would be into America.

    You can do magic
    You can have anything
    That you desire

    And you know
    You're the one
    Who can put out the fire.

    Do Do Do Do Do Doot. Do do do do do.

    2008-05-01 10:15:32
    212.   LoneStar7
    Hello all, my internet is incredibly slow today at the office where I intern...I wish I could be watching this.

    Are Loney and Kent both sitting for rest purposes? and I thought Martin was sitting, or playing 3rd today, or "resting"?

    2008-05-01 10:16:17
    213.   LoneStar7
    Hello all, my internet is incredibly slow today at the office where I intern...I wish I could be watching this.

    Are Loney and Kent both sitting for rest purposes? and I thought Martin was sitting, or playing 3rd today, or "resting"?

    2008-05-01 10:18:14
    214.   LoneStar7
    Hello all, my internet is incredibly slow today at the office where I intern...I wish I could be watching this.

    Are Loney and Kent both sitting for rest purposes? and I thought Martin was sitting, or playing 3rd today, or "resting"?

    2008-05-01 10:18:21
    215.   LoneStar7
    Hello all, my internet is incredibly slow today at the office where I intern...I wish I could be watching this.

    Are Loney and Kent both sitting for rest purposes? and I thought Martin was sitting, or playing 3rd today, or "resting"?

    2008-05-01 10:18:36
    216.   LogikReader

    Misty visited the guys on the Cubs broadcast on Jackie Robinson night and she was wondering why Derrek Lee's name was missing and why his number was all different. The crew was kind enough to explain the tribute to Jackie Robinson without putting her down.

    I thought it was cute, but if it was a guy I would have thought differently.

    2008-05-01 10:18:40
    217.   Eric Stephen
    Loney is getting his 1st day off, but it's more to get Sweeney some ABs. Torre said Martin got his "rest" last night in the 2 innings he played 3rd base.

    Kent is the more traditional day game off after a night game.

    2008-05-01 10:19:31
    218.   Kevin Lewis

    I can't believe I never figured that into my flexible spending account. Changes need to be made!

    2008-05-01 10:19:55
    219.   LoneStar7
    Sorry about that mass posting, everytime i refreshed the page it least on my screen.

    And 217 thanks

    2008-05-01 10:19:56
    220.   blue22
    212-215 - The site is a little slow for me as well. Could explain your itchy trigger finger on the multiple submits.
    2008-05-01 10:20:43
    221.   Kevin Lewis
    1 hour into the game and we are in the 5th? Man this is fast
    2008-05-01 10:22:57
    222.   ucladodger
    Juan do good! Juan do good!
    2008-05-01 10:23:40
    223.   JT Dutch
    ... That's about the most solid contact I've seen Pierre make since he became a Dodger.
    2008-05-01 10:23:42
    224.   Eric Stephen
    JP, the RBI machine.
    2008-05-01 10:23:48
    225.   LeeLacy
    Juan lengthens his lead in RBIs over Jones.
    2008-05-01 10:23:52
    226.   Xeifrank
    Andruw Jones better watch out, this Pierre kid could very easily take his job away!
    vr, Xei
    2008-05-01 10:23:57
    227.   Gen3Blue
    Alright Juan--credit where its due.
    2008-05-01 10:24:00
    228.   Reddog
    I always said that Pierre fellow is one hell of a player!
    2008-05-01 10:24:13
    229.   LoneStar7
    beautiful, Juan is quietly being productive with the opportunities hes getting.

    If you look past that fielding error haha

    2008-05-01 10:24:20
    230.   LogikReader
    This is one of those days I wish I called in sick. Terrific game so far!
    2008-05-01 10:24:31
    231.   underdog
    Pierre offers his rebuttal to comment 163 . ;-)

    Great, now I have friggin' America in my head. Thanks a lot underdog!

    2008-05-01 10:24:42
    232.   Xeifrank
    WE: 76%, thanks Juan.
    vr, Xei
    2008-05-01 10:25:35
    233.   JoeyP
    Kuroda's only thrown 36 pitches in 4 innings.
    2008-05-01 10:26:19
    234.   LogikReader
    What has a greater probability of happening next?

    a) Matt Kemp hits a home run
    b) Matt Kemp draws a walk

    2008-05-01 10:26:19
    235.   Xeifrank
    233. He may need to throw a bullpen session after the game to get some work. :)
    vr, Xei
    2008-05-01 10:26:27
    236.   Kevin Lewis
    OT: What are the predictions for Longoria? Is he looking like he has potential to be a great player?
    2008-05-01 10:27:18
    237.   fanerman
    Sweet, a double!
    2008-05-01 10:28:57
    238.   blue22
    234 - He's got 28 career walks against 19 career dingers, including a 3-to-2 advantage this year. I'll go with a walk.

    Kemp's homerun's coming right?

    2008-05-01 10:28:59
    239.   Gen3Blue
    Badenhop has some kind of movement on both his fastball and slider. Sweeny absolutely had to jump out of the way of a pitch that then caught the inside corner.
    2008-05-01 10:31:42
    240.   Gen3Blue
    Unfortunately thats the Cody we know.
    2008-05-01 10:31:43
    241.   Ghost of Carlos Perez
    How accurate are the pitch locations on Gameday? Are they accurate enough for me to second guess the umpire?
    2008-05-01 10:31:43
    242.   Jon Weisman
    According to Gurnick, "Sweeney was provided protection by being wedged between Matt Kemp and Russell Martin. "

    Also from that article:

    Jones sat, not only to get Pierre in the lineup against Florida right-hander Burke Badenhop, but because Jones still is struggling at the plate and Andre Ethier isn't.

    Jones, however, showed an obvious adjustment in several at-bats Wednesday night with an open batting stance against left-hander Scott Olsen.

    Jones has been pulling off pitches all year. To reach pitches with an open stance, he must bring his left leg toward home plate and the momentum of that act theoretically nullifies his tendency to pull away. He flied out twice to center field and popped to second before walking twice, although, as the game progressed, his stance appeared to close.

    "I'm trying everything," Jones said.

    2008-05-01 10:32:11
    243.   underdog
    Darn, who didn't see that coming? Old Friend Attack.
    2008-05-01 10:32:30
    244.   Johnson
    Isn't Cody Ross supposed to be an "old friend"? That wasn't very friendly.
    2008-05-01 10:34:39
    245.   JoeyP
    Cody Ross is still upset about being DFA'ed apparently.
    2008-05-01 10:34:59
    246.   Eric Stephen
    I'm guessing something like Mike Schmidt and George Brett rolled into one, times 10! :)

    ZiPS had him at .260/.350/.436 for this season.

    2008-05-01 10:37:30
    247.   Sam DC
    So this thread has both math and Danica, but not together.
    2008-05-01 10:39:32
    248.   Eric Stephen
    Only The Nicknameless One and The Penguin have had a game with more RBI for the LA Dodgers than Cody Ross.

    2008-05-01 10:39:58
    249.   Sam DC
    I only drink coffee at work, where we have a brewing machine. I think it quite fancy. It has buttons to press and I don't know how to use it. It seems to be nicer than traditional drip coffee makers. It's from Cuisinart.

    Yes, but is it one of those things you can completely do without until you start using it?

    2008-05-01 10:40:30
    250.   Sam DC
    I only drink coffee at work, where we have a brewing machine. I think it quite fancy. It has buttons to press and I don't know how to use it. It seems to be nicer than traditional drip coffee makers. It's from Cuisinart.

    Yes, but is it one of those things you can completely do without until you start using it?

    Show/Hide Comments 251-300
    2008-05-01 10:41:14
    251.   Sam DC
    2008-05-01 10:44:03
    252.   Kevin Lewis

    Probably. Although I have come to enjoy the taste of a good cup of decaf in the afternoon. So, for me it is more of the aroma/taste that factors in. I am not grumpy before my first cup, but I do think the morning routine has a psychological factor worked into it.

    2008-05-01 10:46:07
    253.   Daniel Zappala
    If Martin is the Golden God, and May is the Silver God, then Bennett must be, what, the Tinfoil God?
    2008-05-01 10:47:37
    254.   LoneStar7
    I'm surprised Kuroda has only made 50 pitches
    2008-05-01 10:48:05
    255.   underdog
    5 innings and 50 pitches for Kuroda. That's pretty darned efficient. Now if only Ross hadn't hit that game tying homer.
    2008-05-01 10:48:23
    256.   MollyKnight
    Why is Ned going to look at Kershaw? To promote him? Or to give him a firm hug?

    Or both?

    2008-05-01 10:49:19
    257.   Gen3Blue
    2008-05-01 10:49:59
    258.   blue22
    256 - He saw him on YouTube and wants to see what all the fuss is about?
    2008-05-01 10:50:16
    259.   Xeifrank
    256. Probably to watch him pitch.
    vr, Xei
    2008-05-01 10:51:00
    260.   fanerman
    249 Nah. It's not like Dodger Thoughts or anything. If I'm not working, I'm not drinking coffee. The breakfast/morning drink equivalent of Dodger Thoughts is freshly squeezed orange juice. Now that, I cannot do without.
    2008-05-01 10:51:25
    261.   LogikReader
    If gameday is correct, Kuroda looks sharp today. Roughly a 2:1 K/BB ratio... thats a lot better than his last few outings
    2008-05-01 10:51:54
    262.   bhsportsguy
    256 I believe its a rhetorical question.
    2008-05-01 10:52:09
    263.   underdog
    Cantu barata nikto.
    2008-05-01 10:52:23
    264.   blue22
    257 - ?
    2008-05-01 10:53:24
    265.   Xeifrank
    Win expectancy is back to 50%. Heads we win, tails they lose.
    vr, Xei
    2008-05-01 10:53:57
    266.   bhsportsguy
    Okay, question time.

    Kuroda has made 65 pitches, you don't have Broxton available, Kuo pitched last night.

    Do you keep Hideki in because he is pitching well, for at least one more inning.

    2008-05-01 10:54:29
    267.   bhsportsguy
    266 The question is moot.
    2008-05-01 10:56:26
    268.   Jon Weisman
    266 - You keep him in because he can go two innings.
    2008-05-01 10:56:57
    269.   Disabled List
    Dodger Thoughts + Dodger game + slow day at work = a pleasant Thursday afternoon.

    If only I could be outdoors enjoying some lovely spring weather right now, I'd have it made.

    2008-05-01 10:57:05
    270.   LoneStar7
    266 I'd definitely have him go one more.

    And our boys name is Hiroki, Hideki plays for the yanks haha...its early

    2008-05-01 10:57:11
    271.   Bluebleeder87
    207 I don't know if he wore glasses in elementary & beyond but if he did than that is a good indication he might need the surgery
    2008-05-01 10:58:58
    272.   LeeLacy
    Pierre, I never doubted you.
    2008-05-01 10:58:58
    273.   LoneStar7
    Juan's on again! come on Bison
    2008-05-01 10:59:18
    274.   bhsportsguy
    270 Oops, theres' a bunch of reasons I should know that.

    Pierre apparently has adapted to his role.

    2008-05-01 10:59:59
    275.   Gen3Blue
    263 Does that mean the play Cantu stood still
    2008-05-01 11:00:28
    276.   Jon Weisman
    It's funny, I feel that I keep seeing Pierre get hits and check to see his OPS, thinking it must now be competitive. But he's still at .682.
    2008-05-01 11:00:41
    277.   still bevens
    Im worried Kuroda is going to repeat the Derek Lowe complete game loss of last year.
    2008-05-01 11:01:39
    278.   Kevin Lewis
    What is the spread of Matt's hitting across the field?

    I would love to see him go opposite more.

    2008-05-01 11:01:43
    279.   Jon Weisman
    Dayn Perry's April NL MVP

    Rafael Furcal, Dodgers. There's plenty of room for reasonable disagreements here. However, I'm going with Furcal because of his rather gaudy triple-slash rates (.381/.462/.602), and because he's authoring those numbers while providing good glove work at the most vital defensive position on the diamond. Of course, it won't last; at this writing, he's on pace for 72 doubles, and if reaches that mark then I'll do something sinister to myself, like boil my hands in oil, or watch the NFL draft. In any event, once all elements of the game are taken into account, Furcal is having the best season to date of any player in baseball. Also in the mix: Chipper Jones, Braves; Albert Pujols, Cardinals; Hanley Ramirez, Marlins; Chase Utley, Phillies.

    2008-05-01 11:01:50
    280.   Ghost of Carlos Perez
    ESPN's picture for Adam Jones has him with his eyes closed. You'd think they could have re-done that one.
    2008-05-01 11:02:15
    281.   blue22
    276 - I've done the same double take. He seems to be walking too.
    2008-05-01 11:02:18
    282.   D4P
    OPS doesn't like singles hitters who don't walk much.
    2008-05-01 11:02:20
    283.   Eric Stephen
    How deep was Kemp's flyout?
    2008-05-01 11:04:41
    284.   Jacob L
    I'll check Pierre's OPS the first time he goes yard. Nice game today, though.
    2008-05-01 11:04:58
    285.   Disabled List
    283 Deep, but short of the warning track.
    2008-05-01 11:08:46
    286.   MC Safety
    2008-05-01 11:09:09
    287.   bhsportsguy
    Blake not the solution on that throw.
    2008-05-01 11:09:37
    288.   underdog
    Yep, Steiner's fielding percentage jinx officially comes back to haunt us.
    2008-05-01 11:10:25
    289.   Jon Weisman
    288 - He was only parroting what everyone else has been saying for the past couple of days.
    2008-05-01 11:10:32
    290.   Jacob L
    Have we been meaning to imply the DeWitt is some sort of mixture dissolved in water?
    2008-05-01 11:11:35
    291.   CodyS
    I like when they chant "Cody, Cody" every time Cody Ross does something.
    2008-05-01 11:12:10
    292.   underdog
    279 "I'll do something sinister to myself, like boil my hands in oil, or watch the NFL draft." A man after Bob's heart!
    2008-05-01 11:12:14
    293.   D4P
    Along those lines, I was thinking "DeSolution" has more appeal than "The Solution".
    2008-05-01 11:12:33
    294.   CodyS
    283 The fence said 434 right there, so I'm guessing 420. And it got there in like 2 seconds.
    2008-05-01 11:13:01
    295.   underdog
    289 - We need a scapegoat, don't you understand?
    2008-05-01 11:13:19
    296.   Jacob L
    291 How many people are in the stands? They could, conceivably, all be related to him.
    2008-05-01 11:14:05
    297.   Ken Noe
    It's Buffalo Bill Cody Day. Cute bobblehead too.
    2008-05-01 11:14:44
    298.   Jacob L
    Thank goodness. Amezaga cannot make spectacular catches while hitting. What's the pitch count, Kenneth?
    2008-05-01 11:15:11
    299.   underdog
    You know, Sweeney's actually played a surprisingly good first base today. He's saved some errant throws and was solid on that last ball.

    Well, the Dodgers have a pretty deep bench today, so whoever they bring in to pinch hit is going to be pretty good.

    2008-05-01 11:15:39
    300.   Eric Stephen
    The frequency of pitches is 85.0.
    Show/Hide Comments 301-350
    2008-05-01 11:15:45
    301.   Jon Weisman
    The error cost Kuroda (only?) five pitches, plus stress.

    295 - Blame DeWitt! He was the one who hadn't made enough errors to begin with!

    I kinda like The Solution, but I only reject nicknames, I don't standardize them.

    2008-05-01 11:17:01
    302.   Disabled List
    DeSolution is great. I endorse.
    2008-05-01 11:18:41
    303.   Eric Stephen
    It would be nice for Blake to erase the bad memories of Dodgers with last names starting with "De" then a capital letter.
    2008-05-01 11:19:24
    304.   Bluebleeder87
    is it still tide up 3-3?
    2008-05-01 11:20:34
    305.   D4P
    Or first names starting with "De" then a small letter.
    2008-05-01 11:21:10
    306.   bablue

    Plus now Hanley gets to leadoff the eigth. It was a pretty costly error, I would say.

    2008-05-01 11:21:44
    307.   JoeyP
    Martin is a walk machine.
    2008-05-01 11:21:50
    308.   Jacob L
    303 Yes, and the best way for him to do that would be by getting traded for a future Hall of Fame starting pitcher.
    2008-05-01 11:22:42
    309.   LoneStar7
    304 yes
    2008-05-01 11:22:50
    310.   Eric Stephen
    is it still tide up 3-3?

    Yep, although the Dodgers hope to provide loads of offense in the 8th inning, then white wash the Marlins the rest of the way.

    2008-05-01 11:23:15
    311.   Linkmeister
    Woohoo, baseball with my morning coffee and toast!
    2008-05-01 11:23:22
    312.   Jon Weisman
    306 - Well certainly, I wasn't in favor of it.
    2008-05-01 11:23:23
    313.   Kevin Lewis
    Come on Blake!
    2008-05-01 11:24:16
    314.   fanerman
    307 A robot made of golden nails, I say!
    2008-05-01 11:24:26
    315.   LoneStar7
    here we go come on b-lake
    2008-05-01 11:25:30
    316.   Eric Stephen
    Current Marlin reliever Renyel Pinto was in the package sent by the Cubs to the Marlins in 2006 for a certain current Dodger LF.
    2008-05-01 11:25:49
    317.   Terry A
    279 - Curiously, the "triple-slash" stats actually have only two slashes.
    2008-05-01 11:25:54
    318.   Kevin Lewis
    do you bring in Kent?
    2008-05-01 11:26:42
    319.   LoneStar7
    Huuuuu...come on now this could be a big moment for the young man from taiwan
    2008-05-01 11:28:09
    320.   LoneStar7
    ahh, good point or let kent have a go at it. But I feel like Hu could give us a patient at bat, I'm not sure if kent coming up cold may swing early in the count for a pop up
    2008-05-01 11:28:21
    321.   Andrew Shimmin
    In 37 career PH plate appearances, Kent is .094/.216/.156.
    2008-05-01 11:28:57
    322.   Bluebleeder87
    let's break the tie!
    2008-05-01 11:28:58
    323.   LeeLacy
    I think the mustache gives Kent the edge in this at-bat.
    2008-05-01 11:29:36
    324.   Jacob L
    Nice ballgame, Hiroki.
    2008-05-01 11:30:10
    325.   LoneStar7
    interesting, Lonestar?
    2008-05-01 11:30:12
    326.   Ken Noe
    Pinto has Floundered.
    2008-05-01 11:30:16
    327.   NorCal-Dodger
    Wow, faith in Jones..having Loney bat here against a lefty
    2008-05-01 11:30:18
    328.   LoneStar7
    yep here we go
    2008-05-01 11:30:21
    329.   Reddog
    Are we out of right-handed pinch hitters?
    2008-05-01 11:30:22
    330.   ToyCannon
    Doesn't bode well for his late stage DH career. Not that it matters if he retires.
    2008-05-01 11:30:36
    331.   JoeyP
    Dewitt's patience at the MLB level is nothing short than amazing.

    Nothing, and I mean nothing from his minor league career would suggest he'd walk this much.

    2008-05-01 11:30:55
    332.   Disabled List
    The lefty comes in to pinch hit, and not Jones. Hmmm.

    Actions speaking rather loudly right now.

    2008-05-01 11:31:02
    333.   MC Safety
    2008-05-01 11:31:20
    334.   underdog
    329 - Nope. As Lyons noted, it shows you how little faith they have on Jones right now.

    Let's go Loney!

    2008-05-01 11:31:28
    335.   Jon Weisman
    326 - Appreciated.
    2008-05-01 11:31:46
    336.   D4P
    Where's Andruw Junes?

    Oh right: it's only May.

    2008-05-01 11:32:02
    337.   underdog
    Is it my coffee speaking that I feel like Steve Lyons has actually been pretty astute today?
    2008-05-01 11:32:20
    338.   Jacob L
    Andruw Jones is the "emergency center fielder."
    2008-05-01 11:32:28
    339.   bablue
    How do you not pinch hit Andruw here?

    He has a .412 OBP off lefties this year!! Terrible move by Torre.

    2008-05-01 11:32:50
    340.   LeeLacy
    206 I think America should begin working on a song about the Player with No Nickname.
    2008-05-01 11:33:07
    341.   LoneStar7
    darn, did he it hard to 2nd at least?
    2008-05-01 11:33:22
    342.   underdog
    I thought Loney was pretty good against lefties, historically? (Granted, history isn't all that long in his case...)

    Ah well.

    2008-05-01 11:34:31
    343.   MC Safety
    341 No.
    2008-05-01 11:34:32
    344.   bhsportsguy
    Loney and Kent probably stay in the game for Hu and Sweeney. Pitcher in the 4th spot (available pinch hitters, Young and Jones)
    2008-05-01 11:34:33
    345.   Xeifrank
    Any word on who pitches? Proctor? Beimel??
    vr, Xei
    2008-05-01 11:34:34
    346.   ToyCannon
    Isn't that the effect of batting in the eight hole? Right Andrew?
    2008-05-01 11:34:47
    347.   NorCal-Dodger
    Guess, Kent stays in and will bat 8th, Loney stays in and will bat 9th and Proctor will come in and be slotted 4th, and will be pich hitted for in the 9th?
    2008-05-01 11:34:47
    348.   Jacob L
    342 You might be thinking of Ethier.
    2008-05-01 11:35:16
    349.   Gen3Blue
    Not pitching to Kent got Kuroda out of the game, bad luck all the way round. I honesty think he was good for another inning.
    Also bad luck, every error cost us a run.
    2008-05-01 11:35:20
    350.   bhsportsguy
    344 I guess James does get the day off.
    Show/Hide Comments 351-400
    2008-05-01 11:35:23
    351.   underdog
    Man, this is not the most productive work day I've ever had. Better make up for it this afternoon.
    2008-05-01 11:35:57
    352.   Xeifrank
    344. Kent stays in for sure. Loney probably should. vr, Xei
    2008-05-01 11:36:01
    353.   regfairfield
    346 I know when I'm being mocked.
    2008-05-01 11:36:49
    354.   Ken Noe
    340 Ever read Roth's "Great American Novel?" The Ruppert Munday's had an infielder named Nickname Damur. Perhaps we should nickname Loney "Nickname."
    2008-05-01 11:37:18
    355.   Jacob L
    344 347 Apparently, you can't take Sweeney's bat out of the lineup.
    2008-05-01 11:37:22
    356.   Crimson Bear
    I like sending Loney up there. He has an excellent career obp against LHP and considering how wild Pinto was I want the most patient hitter up in that spot.
    2008-05-01 11:37:58
    357.   Eric Stephen
    My guess is there's one more AB Torre wants for Sweeney, and that's "pinch hitting" if anyone gets on in the 9th.
    2008-05-01 11:38:10
    358.   NorCal-Dodger
    Good game ptiched by Kuroda, another tough no decision.
    2008-05-01 11:38:54
    359.   Eric Stephen
    I wouldn't say excellent, but Loney's career .349 OBP against lefties is good enough.
    2008-05-01 11:39:11
    360.   Andrew Shimmin
    353- You SABR-types are so sensitive. . .
    2008-05-01 11:39:37
    361.   bablue

    No, it was a really weak grounder.

    Loney Career: .349 OBP, .778 OPS off lefties
    Andruw Career: .364 OBP, .879 OPS off lefties

    And Andruw has a .412 OBP off lefties this year.
    Not to mention then you could have had Loney pinch hit for Sweeney later. Absolutely unexplainable move IMO. Although i take it the only numbers Torre knows are this year's batting averages. Sigh.

    2008-05-01 11:39:52
    362.   bhsportsguy
    357 Probably didn't want to have to use another pinch hitter so soon since we all remember when the Dodgers ran out of players so quickly last week.
    2008-05-01 11:40:40
    363.   Eric Stephen
    Loney career against LHP: .293/.349/.429
    Ethier career against LHP: .290/.336/.393
    2008-05-01 11:40:57
    364.   bhsportsguy
    361 I'm the first person to use career stats to back up a point but right now, I don't think you can use them the way Jones is swinging the bat.
    2008-05-01 11:41:35
    365.   MC Safety
    I didn't know Proctor had a 12 to 6. That pitch he started Uggla off with was nasty. I thought he was just a fastball/ slider guy.
    2008-05-01 11:42:00
    366.   Ken Noe
    361 I wonder if he's just starting to give up on the guy.
    2008-05-01 11:42:58
    367.   Xeifrank
    366. He's in time-out.
    vr, Xei
    2008-05-01 11:43:10
    368.   Eric Stephen
    Pure speculation on my part, but maybe Andruw is still sore from hitting a ball of his foot over the weekend. He might just be getting a full day off.

    I agree that if he's healthy, I'd rather have had him bat instead of Loney with the bases loaded last inning.

    2008-05-01 11:43:21
    369.   LoneStar7
    364 I have to agree, who knows though maybe Jones could of been the hero finally, but most likely not, and he'd still get booed when he got home because I'm sure not many are able to even see this game..
    2008-05-01 11:43:51
    370.   NorCal-Dodger
    Torre is going by gut instinct batting Loney, if Loney would've got a hit, Torre would've been praised for a great move.But now, he can only be 2nd guessed. Life as a big league manager.
    2008-05-01 11:43:54
    371.   Sam DC
    "Things you can say at Shea Stadium but not while having sex . . . ."

    SFW, though randy.

    2008-05-01 11:44:31
    372.   bhsportsguy
    Also, had the Dodgers got the lead, I think Loney would have gone in to play 1B.
    2008-05-01 11:44:35
    373.   Eric Stephen
    If the Dodgers score (and they will -- thanks Bison!), Beimel could get a one-pitch win.
    2008-05-01 11:45:14
    374.   Jacob L
    With Broxton still unavailable, and the potential for extras, did we really need 2 pitchers to get through the 8th?

    Not that I want to turn this into the second-guess-athon.

    2008-05-01 11:45:27
    375.   bhsportsguy
    371 So what's the first month reviews of the new DC stadium and more important, do your kid(s) like it?
    2008-05-01 11:46:09
    376.   bablue

    Very true but even if you just look at this year:

    Andruw- .412 OBP, 34 PA
    Loney- .250 OBP, 40 PA

    It is a small sample size but Druw has shown he can still rake lefties where Loney has struggled. I can't think of one benefit of Loney hitting in that spot, can you?

    2008-05-01 11:46:15
    377.   Xeifrank
    Ok, a Furcal walk and a Pierre triple.
    vr, Xei
    2008-05-01 11:46:21
    378.   bhsportsguy
    374 Beimel made 1 pitch and since he is still in the pitcher's spot, no worries about having to pinch hit for him this inning (unless Dodgers bat around).
    2008-05-01 11:46:23
    379.   NorCal-Dodger
    JP bunting??
    2008-05-01 11:46:51
    380.   LoneStar7
    373 knock on wood
    2008-05-01 11:46:59
    381.   Xeifrank
    374. it's likely that Beimel would pitch the 9th if we don't score. vr, Xei
    2008-05-01 11:47:03
    382.   Eric Stephen
    I need to stop checking Yahoo. I'm almost a minute behind on MLB Audio.
    2008-05-01 11:48:02
    383.   MMSMikey
    i dont get this, he throws 4 balls in a row not even close to a strike, and pierre tries to bunt the 1st one in the dirt.
    2008-05-01 11:48:15
    384.   LAT
    Kemp is over due today.
    2008-05-01 11:48:27
    385.   NorCal-Dodger
    JP was safe
    2008-05-01 11:48:34
    386.   Xeifrank
    Bison! 4-3
    vr, Xei
    2008-05-01 11:48:56
    387.   D4P
    Second pitch to Kemp: not a strike.

    If I'm the Marlins, I walk Kemp intentionally here.

    2008-05-01 11:49:06
    388.   Ken Noe
    385 Looked that way to me.
    2008-05-01 11:49:11
    389.   Xeifrank
    Joe Torre is a genius. :)
    vr, Xei
    2008-05-01 11:49:17
    390.   Humma Kavula
    That is why he is tougher than a robot full of nails!

    My favorite player!

    2008-05-01 11:49:32
    391.   bhsportsguy
    386 What's the win expectancy now? :)
    2008-05-01 11:49:34
    392.   Andrew Shimmin
    Look, we could all pat Eric Stephen on the back, but, really, is it so prescient to think that Matt Kemp (who, remember, is good at baseball) would get a hit?

    I'm just not that easily impressed, I guess.

    2008-05-01 11:49:36
    393.   LoneStar7
    yeaaaaaa baaaaby...bison brings home furcal, get loose Sammy
    2008-05-01 11:49:36
    394.   Xeifrank
    387. Kemp already got a single.
    vr, Xei
    2008-05-01 11:49:39
    395.   Kevin Lewis
    Thanks, Matt. He went inside out on that, right? I stand corrected
    2008-05-01 11:49:40
    396.   LeeLacy
    373 Kemp with the clutch hit!

    Eric - How prescient you were.

    2008-05-01 11:49:43
    397.   NorCal-Dodger
    2008-05-01 11:49:46
    398.   underdog
    Hooray for the Bison!

    Way to fight that one off.

    2008-05-01 11:49:51
    399.   LAT
    While I'm at it, I'm taking Bob Black Jack on Sat.
    2008-05-01 11:49:56
    400.   Jacob L

    Only tougher.

    Show/Hide Comments 401-450
    2008-05-01 11:50:06
    401.   ToyCannon
    This game smells of victory
    2008-05-01 11:50:24
    402.   Eric Stephen
    Says the #12 ranked DT commenter!
    2008-05-01 11:50:27
    403.   bablue
    Yeaahhh!!!! That a boy Biaon!!! Well we should still get the win but I still hate Torre's move to hit Loney there, when he could hit against a righty later. Lets just hang onto the lead now.
    2008-05-01 11:50:32
    404.   Xeifrank
    WE: 83% after the Kemp single.
    vr, Xei
    2008-05-01 11:50:35
    405.   NorCal-Dodger
    Hit and Run
    2008-05-01 11:50:51
    406.   underdog
    Will be nice to see Sammy today. Hope we get to see him smile, too.
    2008-05-01 11:51:06
    407.   Ken Noe
    Bison's growing up before our eyes. That was one major league swing.
    2008-05-01 11:51:07
    408.   bhsportsguy
    399 Should I head out to Hollywood Park and put a Hamilton on his nose?
    2008-05-01 11:51:09
    409.   Xeifrank
    SB for Kemp.
    vr, Xei
    2008-05-01 11:51:36
    410.   bhsportsguy
    Beimel in line for another win.
    2008-05-01 11:51:37
    411.   underdog
    402 - Uh oh, there are commenter rankings now? Is that on ESPN Insider?
    2008-05-01 11:51:41
    412.   Reddog
    Way to go, Bison.

    I too, am wondering when he's going to start hitting home runs, however. That will be nice when it happens.

    2008-05-01 11:51:48
    413.   D4P
    Can't believe they didn't walk Kemp.
    2008-05-01 11:51:48
    414.   ToyCannon
    That would have been more impressive if I hadn't gotten distracted and forgot to hit submit.

    Good Call Larry, I'm high fiving you in my mind.

    2008-05-01 11:51:55
    415.   LoneStar7
    o wow and he steals, what an animal
    2008-05-01 11:52:01
    416.   bablue

    I think I meant to say Bison, not Biaon. I don't think we have anyone with that nick?? ;)

    2008-05-01 11:52:15
    417.   LeeLacy
    A stampeding Bison!

    Stole the base even while adjusting his helmet.

    2008-05-01 11:52:35
    418.   bhsportsguy
    404 That seems awfully low considering that its already the 9th and even the worst teams hold on to a one run lead a lot more than 8 out of 10 times.
    2008-05-01 11:52:54
    419.   Xeifrank
    413. Yes, especially with Sweeney up next. Double play waiting to happen.
    vr, Xei
    2008-05-01 11:53:11
    420.   whodat807
    I love small ball. Lately all of Torre's small ball moves seem to have been working out. I hope we keep it up.
    2008-05-01 11:53:24
    421.   bhsportsguy
    392 Where are those rankings or are those the old rankings?
    2008-05-01 11:53:26
    422.   LAT
    On man, I didn't even see Eric called it before me.
    2008-05-01 11:54:39
    423.   Jim Hitchcock
    This game is just to good for Gameday.
    2008-05-01 11:54:53
    424.   Xeifrank
    418. 83% is close to 80%. FanGraphs WE don't take team strength, pitcher, players due up to hit etc..., into consideration. Need the simulator for that. The WE is now sitting at 86% after the SB and Walk.
    vr, Xei
    2008-05-01 11:54:59
    425.   ToyCannon
    Is it easier to work after a Dodger victory or a Dodger loss?
    2008-05-01 11:55:06
    426.   bablue
    Out offense??? How about outhit Steve? I think thats the word you were looking for.
    2008-05-01 11:55:40
    427.   Andrew Shimmin
    Eric made a list, some time ago, of his favorite commenters. I was not on the list. Now he brings it up because he thinks enough time has passed that it doesn't still burn.

    He's wrong.

    2008-05-01 11:56:10
    428.   Ken Noe
    Mailman just came. Dodger Gnome has arrived.
    2008-05-01 11:56:47
    429.   Humma Kavula
    423 It might be too good for Gameday, but it's definitely too good to have been stuck in a meeting from 9:30 until 11:30. Disappointing.
    2008-05-01 11:56:49
    430.   regfairfield
    I like being the most valuable Andrew here.
    2008-05-01 11:57:23
    431.   Humma Kavula
    On the Russell Martin play -- Monday: "The Dodgers just avoided a disastrous inning"
    2008-05-01 11:57:26
    432.   Xeifrank
    Botched dribbler back to the pitcher. Wild throw to 2nd, but Martin out in a run down, runner from 2nd scored. 5-3
    vr, Xei
    2008-05-01 11:57:59
    433.   JoeyP
    Is that 4 wins in the last AB for the Dodgers during this 6-game streak?
    2008-05-01 11:59:11
    434.   ToyCannon
    What's our pythag?
    2008-05-01 11:59:17
    435.   underdog
    Just another day in Dodger Bizarro World™. Just glad we're on the good end of the weirdness lately.
    2008-05-01 11:59:42
    436.   MollyKnight
    Bad News Fish.
    2008-05-01 11:59:43
    437.   Gen3Blue
    I like the way Kemp turned on the jets and ran right out of his helmut.
    2008-05-01 12:00:05
    438.   NorCal-Dodger
    Sammy Time!
    2008-05-01 12:00:08
    439.   LAT
    399. I can't go too far out on a limb for a 20-1 shot but he's had some really nice races.
    2008-05-01 12:00:08
    440.   LoneStar7
    433 unless my gameday is really slow, its not over yet..
    2008-05-01 12:01:35
    441.   underdog
    C'mon Sammy, nail this one down!
    2008-05-01 12:01:45
    442.   Eric Stephen
    Since I'm having such a hard time finding the original rankings, I have to move myself down my own list!
    2008-05-01 12:02:15
    443.   bhsportsguy
    436 So what's a bigger story in NYC, A-Rod on the DL or the latest woman who has a "friendship" with Roger Clemens?

    And how long before Roger and Debbie Clemens do a talk show where they hold hands and clear the air?

    Or she could kick him to the curb.

    2008-05-01 12:02:27
    444.   underdog
    Andruw Jones, Defensive Specialist™ is now in the game.

    Okay, here we go!

    2008-05-01 12:03:11
    445.   fracule
    434 16-11
    2008-05-01 12:03:29
    446.   LeeLacy
    They just ran a side-by-side comparison of Kuroda's and Saito's windups. Eerily similar.
    2008-05-01 12:03:54
    447.   D4P
    I wasn't on the list either.

    I think that tells us all we need to know about that list.

    2008-05-01 12:04:35
    448.   LeeLacy
    Nasty slider.

    One down.

    2008-05-01 12:04:40
    449.   underdog
    Now that's the filthy Sammy we all know and love. Unhittable.
    2008-05-01 12:04:47
    450.   Jim Hitchcock
    Holy cow. The Gameday explanation of the Russell Martin groundout seems a little bizarre.
    Show/Hide Comments 451-500
    2008-05-01 12:04:52
    451.   bhsportsguy
    It would be ironic if Sammy closes the door today since the two saves he has blown was for Kuroda. Kuroda despite going 7, gets a solid no decision.
    2008-05-01 12:04:57
    452.   Ken Noe
    443 I'm waiting for the You Tube parody version of their Cingular phone commercial.
    2008-05-01 12:05:45
    453.   LoneStar7
    my gameday is in like hyper speed right now
    2008-05-01 12:06:44
    454.   bhsportsguy
    We win. GB is in school right now.
    2008-05-01 12:06:48
    455.   Gen3Blue
    Sammy smiles!
    2008-05-01 12:06:50
    456.   LeeLacy
    2008-05-01 12:07:20
    457.   LeeLacy
    Sammy's back!

    Absolutely filthy.

    2008-05-01 12:07:36
    458.   underdog

    As Greg Brock would say, We win!

    Now I can resume my attempts at productivity with a Sammy Smile on my face.

    2008-05-01 12:07:58
    459.   JoeyP
    6 in a row.
    4 in the last AB.
    2008-05-01 12:08:17
    460.   MollyKnight
    MK, player of the game. Tops in my heart.
    2008-05-01 12:09:01
    461.   underdog
    Sounds like they're gonna have to play in some seriously foul weather tomorrow night if at all, so who knows what will happen in that one. So it's even more of a relief to get this win.
    2008-05-01 12:09:15
    462.   Ken Noe
    459 Seven out of eight, two over .500. It's alive!
    2008-05-01 12:09:33
    463.   underdog
    Back to work with me. G'day all!
    2008-05-01 12:10:32
    464.   LoneStar7
    just watched that gameday vid of Martin's pickle...Do you think Matt purpose choses a helmet thats so loose on the head?
    2008-05-01 12:13:24
    465.   bhsportsguy
    First win for the Dodgers by 2 runs this year.

    Dodgers in 1-run games: 5-3
    Dodgers in 2/3-runs games: 1-5
    Dodgers in 5+ runs games: 9-5

    Torre will probably say something to the effect that the team is playing and winning close games, which is a better indication of how the team is doing than just by a few blowouts here and there.

    2008-05-01 12:21:16
    466.   LoneStar7
    We have a tough May ahead of us now, good way to end April though..This month includes the Cubs, Mets, Brewers, Angels, Cardinals and the Rockies in freezing weather...I'm kinda scared
    2008-05-01 12:21:43
    467.   D4P
    I find myself wondering how many times in history a team has won 6 games in a row this early in the season and still have been 5 games out of first place.

    Outside the NL West, there are only 4 teams in the entire league that are more than 5 games out of first.

    2008-05-01 12:24:37
    468.   Daniel Zappala
    Nice win. Now I can look forward to Adenhart's debut for the Angels tonight.
    2008-05-01 12:26:30
    469.   bhsportsguy
    467 Or how many times has a team gone 2-10 and only 2 games out of first on May 1st.

    In any other division, the Dodgers would be right there. If the D-Backs play .600 baseball for the rest of the year it will be pretty hard to catch them. But both the Phillies and Cubs were 5 games out on May 1st last year and they went on to win the division, so despite the tough start, going 8-2 right now did keep them in the picture.

    2008-05-01 12:26:38
    470.   StolenMonkey86
    Beimel is 2nd on the team in wins now.
    2008-05-01 12:27:26
    471.   bhsportsguy
    468 If he pitches well, I wonder if they'll shut down Escobar for the rest of the year.
    2008-05-01 12:29:26
    472.   Andrew Shimmin
    442 - Comment 455:

    2008-05-01 12:29:26
    473.   D4P
    Or how many times has a team gone 2-10 and only 2 games out of first on May 1st

    What team are you talking about...?

    2008-05-01 12:30:49
    474.   D4P
    Wanna come over to my house after school today and we can look at numbers and stuff?

    We don't need these guys...

    2008-05-01 12:34:06
    475.   bhsportsguy
    473 Detroit. It helps when the first place team is only 2 games over .500
    2008-05-01 12:35:08
    476.   D4P
    Oh, I thought you meant "2-10 in their last 12 games".
    2008-05-01 12:39:17
    477.   Terry A
    472 - Hmph. What good is holding the record for longest DT sentence if it doesn't get me a mention on that stinking list?
    2008-05-01 12:42:47
    478.   StolenMonkey86
    I'm not on the list. And I'm nowhere close to the top list in typeracer either.
    2008-05-01 12:42:58
    479.   underdog
    472 I was just glad for comment 473 in that thread. I then knew I had my work cut out for me. Now I'm probably not in the top 30, what with all these rookies coming in here, and the time I spent on the blog DL with bonitis and all.
    2008-05-01 12:43:48
    480.   Eric Stephen
    That's a tough top 10 to crack, man. That thread has some great Dodger Thoughts: The Movie casting choices.
    2008-05-01 12:46:46
    481.   Xeifrank
    Hooray! The $Rays$ win too.
    vr, Xei
    2008-05-01 12:49:24
    482.   StolenMonkey86
    4th of 5 at 70WPM.

    Lousy good competition.

    2008-05-01 12:52:46
    483.   Eric Stephen
    Thus far the only run in the Brewers/Cubs game is a Carlos Zambrano HR. Micah Owings' influence is spreading throughout MLB!
    2008-05-01 12:52:47
    484.   bhsportsguy
    I believe the main reason why the Dodgers want to sign Castro to a minor league deal is that they could wait and see how Nomar and Andy LaRoche's recoveries are coming along.

    Also, its possible by the end of the next two weeks the Dodgers will replace Park with Brazoban so Chan Ho will come off the 40 man roster so they won't have to DFA anyone else.

    If they do sign Castro, he will replace Hu who will proably play lots of 2B, 3B and SS in Vegas.

    2008-05-01 12:53:33
    485.   LoneStar7
    Just noticed an interesting random fact, Jose Vizcaino, Darryl Strawberry, and get this, Ricky Ledee are the only three MLB players of all time to play for all four once New York teams ha.

    Also what this list you all are talking about?

    2008-05-01 12:56:20
    486.   LoneStar7
    484 is Chan Ho the first to go on the pitching chopping block?
    2008-05-01 12:56:52
    487.   Eric Stephen
    In September 2007, I ranked the Top 10 Dodger Thoughts commenters. See the link in 472 .
    2008-05-01 12:58:40
    488.   Eric Stephen
    Also during the next 10-14 days the club might have a better idea of Abreu's timetable to return as well.
    2008-05-01 12:59:13
    489.   LogikReader
    Speaking of lists, we the fans rank our own stadiums:

    2008-05-01 12:59:30
    490.   invisibleman
    Some interesting things at Yahoo today:

    Kemp made the "Fantasy Baseball Who's Hot" list.

    Also, Josh Peter wrote a lengthy, yet lovely piece about fan loyalty during recessions, including a can collecting couple at Dodger Stadium.

    2008-05-01 12:59:45
    491.   fanerman
    482 Against who?
    2008-05-01 13:00:31
    492.   Jon Weisman
    Our RPI is low, yet our expected winning percentage is high. It's that darn strength of schedule:

    2008-05-01 13:01:11
    493.   bhsportsguy
    486 Kuo is sticking around, Loiaza has the big contract, so yes Park would be the one especially since Wade has pitched well.

    I wouldn't expect a move re Loiaza unless either Schmidt or someone Ned is going to see soon is ready to for the show.

    2008-05-01 13:02:41
    494.   LogikReader

    The list shown above also has a neighborhood ranking. Neighborhood? C'mon now, I'm not going to the baseball game to do stuff around the baseball game. I'm going to watch a baseball game. Wrigley is a notable exception.

    2008-05-01 13:03:37
    495.   guy clinch
    hey guys- I'm heading down to Anaheim today to watch the Athletics/Angels game. I never go there, and I have a vital question to ask. What is good at the concession stands?
    2008-05-01 13:04:29
    496.   Eric Stephen
    Tony Jackson mentioned on his blog, of Castro:

    "Rarely in the history of the game has a backup infielder had so much leverage."

    2008-05-01 13:06:47
    497.   Xeifrank
    484. If you send Hu down would Castro then become your backup SS? He's a poor fielding shortstop and I wouldn't want him for anything other than as an emergency backup. If something happened to Furcal, I'd want Hu recalled right away. vr, Xei
    2008-05-01 13:07:13
    498.   Eric Stephen
    I think Angel Stadium has good sausages (is the stand called "Sausage Haus" still?), and in general their food is pretty good and pretty standard MLB fare. I can't think of anything else that stands out.
    2008-05-01 13:07:39
    499.   LogikReader

    Believe it or not, Angel stadium serves virtually the same Dodger Dogs that Dodger Stadium does. Farmer John Makes them, and while the franks aren't as long, they have the same mouth watering flavor.

    The buns they use are much worse though. I defer to OC residents to break down the other concessions.

    2008-05-01 13:08:52
    500.   Jon Weisman
    497 - Juan "Triple Play" Castro is a poor-fielding shortstop? I had no idea. He didn't have that rep back in the day.
    Show/Hide Comments 501-550
    2008-05-01 13:09:14
    501.   Ken Noe
    I must have missed this--why do we assume Castro will sign with the LADs when the Padres can offer him more PT?
    2008-05-01 13:09:42
    502.   Eric Stephen
    As far as I can tell, the rationale for Castro boils down to two things:

    1) Hu needs more PA, and can get that in Vegas
    2) the club isn't comfortable with Hu at 3B, and would rather have someone -- i.e., Castro -- that can play all three non-1B infield spots (even though as Xeifrank said, Hu is better at SS than Castro)

    2008-05-01 13:09:49
    503.   Xeifrank
    493. Is CHP out of options if he's off the 25-man roster? If so, I wouldn't hold my breath that Wade wouldn't get sent down first. Not that I am a big CHP fan, but he has versatility in the bullpen in long relief and as an emergency spot starter.
    vr, Xei
    2008-05-01 13:11:21
    504.   Eric Stephen
    I can envision Castro's face lighting up when Jim Gott asks a trivia question at Dodger Stadium about the last triple play by LA.
    2008-05-01 13:11:37
    505.   Xeifrank
    500. I was just going by the "Poor" rating that ZIPS has him with. I must admit that the wide array and often differing defensive metrics baffle me at times. But there aren't too many fielders that get a "Poor" rating in ZIPS. vr, Xei
    2008-05-01 13:12:32
    506.   berkowit28
    492 And the Giants have a much higher RPI than Dodgers because...?

    Is there anything to indicate that this list is up to date, or might it have been made a week or so ago?

    2008-05-01 13:13:18
    507.   bhsportsguy
    497 I think the real issue for this team is having someone else who can play 3B no matter who is starting at 3b.

    And when you get down to it, either this team carries 11 pitchers or they have to get rid of either Pierre or Young. Only Young can play another position (and that is second base, though he is the 3rd catcher)

    But you have 2 catchers (though I guess Martin is going to play 3B), 5 infielders, Loney, Kent, Furcal, Dewitt, Sweeney who only play their one position, and 4 outfielders, Kemp, Ethier (who is taking ground balls at 1B), Jones and Pierre, who don't play another position. Thats 11 out of 13 who don't have to worry about having a different glove in their locker.

    So that leaves Hu and Young as the only 2 players who can play different positions.

    True if Abreu were healthy, he would be the guy and Hu would be in AAA.

    2008-05-01 13:14:55
    508.   El Lay Dave
    487 In that thread was written:

    521. ToyCannon 2007-09-09 03:07:54
    It is 3:00 on Sunday Morning and I've decided we need a DT Sunday Picnic Softball game where the over 40's play the under 40's once the Dodger season is over in November. The field on Ohio/Sepulveda should do the trick.

    We never made that materialize. Pity.

    I think in the next thread dzztRat was also acknowledged as missing from the top 20.

    2008-05-01 13:15:50
    509.   bhsportsguy
    503 He did agree to go to Vegas but only if he was the first one out of there when the Dodgers needed a pitcher.

    Also as a veteran, I believe he could refuse an option assignment. He might not have any more options but his time in the big leagues may make that point moot.

    2008-05-01 13:16:03
    510.   Eric Stephen
    I'd make the drive up for a DT softball outing.
    2008-05-01 13:18:21
    511.   El Lay Dave
    507 Surely Jeff Kent still owns a 1B mitt and would play there in a pinch, though he would grumble about it. If/when Nomar is healthy again, he would have a glove and a mitt.
    2008-05-01 13:19:31
    512.   Eric Stephen
    I think Park is also out of options, having been in the minors on non-rehab assignments in 1994, 1995, and 2007. So not only would Park have to agree to be sent down, but I think he'd have to go through waivers as well.

    However, he was sent down without passing through waivers to start the season, so I'm all confused. The CBA is calling me; I might have to check it after lunch.

    2008-05-01 13:20:40
    513.   ToyCannon
    Now I remember why Greg Brock was the funniest. Hopefully he'll get laid off and he can bring his wit back to DT. D4P hasn't been the same since his partner in crime left the fold.
    2008-05-01 13:21:37
    514.   El Lay Dave
    512 In ST, Park was an NRI on a minor-league contract, so he started the year in Vegas under that agreement. He didn't go on the 40-man and have a major-league deal until he was brought up. He certainly has far too much MLB time to be sent down without his accepting the assignment.
    2008-05-01 13:22:44
    515.   regfairfield
    512 He was signed to a minor league contract, so he could be sent down at the beginning. No idea how this effects his options, but I know he's enough of a veteran to be able to refuse an assignment.
    2008-05-01 13:23:00
    516.   Eric Stephen
    That makes sense. So if he agrees to be sent down now, would he have to pass through waivers?
    2008-05-01 13:23:05
    517.   Gagne55
    "And when you get down to it, either this team carries 11 pitchers or they have to get rid of either Pierre or Young"

    Or Mike Sweeny

    "Also, its possible by the end of the next two weeks the Dodgers will replace Park with Brazoban so Chan Ho will come off the 40 man roster so they won't have to DFA anyone else."

    Why would Brazoban ever be given a roster spot?

    2008-05-01 13:24:32
    518.   ToyCannon
    It will happen someday. A DT picnic will require BHsportsguy to get involved but once we lay out the benefits I'm sure he will get on board.
    Bluebleeder will pitch against Nate in a 3 inning game of over the line followed by a wiffle ball contest, and then the softball game will cap it off.
    For those who want to live dangerously I suggest a game of curb ball on Sepulveda where you can do your best Eddie Murphy imitations.
    2008-05-01 13:25:03
    519.   regfairfield
    I forgot that was the thread where I was put into the "not funny" category.
    2008-05-01 13:25:44
    520.   Eric Stephen
    Why would Brazoban ever be given a roster spot?

    If he's healthy, Ghame Over is one of the best short relievers in the organization.

    2008-05-01 13:27:20
    521.   Eric Stephen
    I do a pretty good Eddie Murphy laugh.
    2008-05-01 13:30:46
    522.   underdog
    Well a good day just got even better. WB just sent me The Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly DVD Collection: On the Town, Take Me Out to the Ballgame and Anchors Aweigh to review. (Okay, I'm not as much a fan of the last one, but still...)

    This is a keeper. Now if only I could clone myself.

    2008-05-01 13:34:49
    523.   bhsportsguy

    On the Town - Think "Springfield Broadway Style"
    Take Me Out to the Ballgame - Think Deadball baseball, vaudeville act
    Anchors Aweigh - Jerry

    2008-05-01 13:37:02
    524.   Bluebleeder87
    508 chalk me in boys...
    2008-05-01 13:40:58
    525.   bhsportsguy
    Giants with no Bonds hurting the little guy.

    2008-05-01 13:42:05
    526.   CodyS
    If you sign Juan Castro, you have the problem that he will eventually get plate appearances. Last year, his OPS+ was 14. (and career is 57)

    The other problem is that he is a below average fielder at all three positions.

    2008-05-01 13:46:51
    527.   68elcamino427
    Why sign Castro if LaRoche is close to being ready?
    2008-05-01 13:47:22
    528.   regfairfield
    Is there any thing that suggests Castro is any better than Angel Chavez other than being here before?
    2008-05-01 13:50:40
    529.   Andrew Shimmin
    This is where the depth fetish runs afoul of good sense. Is there ever going to be a situation where having Castro is better than not having Castro?
    2008-05-01 13:55:30
    530.   Jon Weisman
    I endorse the DT softball picnic idea (once the appropriate waivers are signed).
    2008-05-01 13:57:18
    531.   overkill94
    518 Dude, I live like 5 blocks from the Ohio/Sepulveda fields, I would be there easy! Even if it were somewhere else, I'd still be down.
    2008-05-01 14:00:21
    532.   bhsportsguy
    530 Only if what happens at DT Softball Picnic, stays at DT Softball picnic. :)
    2008-05-01 14:01:30
    533.   68elcamino427
    If LaRoche is back within two weeks and DeWitt can handle second base and fill in for Kent, and LaRoche at third, wouldn't that provide enough flexibility?
    Hu could go to Las Vegas and get consistent playing time.
    2008-05-01 14:02:36
    534.   kngoworld
    532 No way. Such an event must be recorded on video for those who can not attend. Maybe Ross Porter could call the game.
    2008-05-01 14:03:13
    535.   LogikReader
    I must say, the choice of venue is magnificent. There's a field nearby that's next to some "FOX" building, but its pretty quiet out there.
    2008-05-01 14:04:36
    536.   Jon Weisman
    Ump still has headaches, not scheduled to return to work

    2008-05-01 14:05:32
    537.   Kevin Lewis
    I would be all over a DT picnic/softball day. I just need to figure out how to get my Big Green Egg to the park so I can BBQ some Tri-Tip
    2008-05-01 14:08:16
    538.   madmac
    underdog, are you setting up our nocal DT gathering?
    2008-05-01 14:09:48
    539.   bhsportsguy
    533 When I hear Blake Dewitt is taking grounders at 2B again, then we can go from there.

    Look, it might not happen, to say the infield situation is pretty fluid would be an understatement.

    But with Kent already taking a day or two off a week, plus the fact that even a youngster like Dewitt will need a day off probably necessitates some kind of move.

    I'd like to see LaRoche and Abreu here and Hu and Dewitt playing in Vegas. But right now, no one knows for sure when that will happen (though in LaRoche's case, something will have to happen in about 2 weeks since his rehab assigment will have to end)

    2008-05-01 14:21:42
    540.   Xeifrank
    I wonder if Bob would be available to keep score at the DT softball game? Though, he might only do it if we promise him a catchers interference or two. vr, Xei
    2008-05-01 14:23:53
    541.   underdog
    538 I suppose I should, mac! Unless someone else wants to take the reins, which would be fine by me.

    Should probably get a head count, and figure out where to get a block of tix. It's much easier to get Giants tix this year but for a Dodgers series not as easy...

    It's also July 4th weekend series so that might make it even harder. Anyway, I say we don't do the 4th (Friday afternoon) and do Sat eve or Sun afternoon instead. Then I suppose all interested parties should email me at underdog8 at gmail dot com.

    2008-05-01 14:24:28
    542.   underdog
    When's the DT group soccer game? I'd be up for that. I'd be up for the softball one, too, if I lived closer.
    2008-05-01 14:27:01
    543.   underdog
    537 I'm curious about the Big Green Egg. Is that your car, or some the BBQ grill? Or are you making dinosaur omelettes?
    2008-05-01 14:28:41
    544.   kinbote
    I actually wanted Young to bat instead of Loney. I never even considered Andruw. And Saito was FILTHY. I believe one of his fastballs registered 97--and his frisbee slider was untouchable. Lights out in the daylight.
    2008-05-01 14:30:47
    545.   blue22
    Ouch, bad news for Col. From Rotoworld:

    The Rocky Mountain News reports that Troy Tulowitzki has suffered a torn tendon in his left quadricep and could be out until at least the All Star break.

    2008-05-01 14:31:59
    546.   kinbote
    I'm starting to think Jon was right about Colorado this year. And maybe Arizona too. All hail the Philosopher King! :)
    2008-05-01 14:33:19
    547.   kinbote
    546 And San Diego.
    2008-05-01 14:35:52
    548.   underdog
    545 - Ouch indeed. That's too bad. (Sincerely.)

    Man, Bad Altitude's been kinda quiet lately.

    Still, I feel like the Rockies are kind of a sleeping giant. If the Dodgers can sneak away with 2 outta 3 there I'll be plenty satisfied.

    2008-05-01 14:39:09
    549.   regfairfield
    Who said JP Riccardi didn't know what he was doing?
    2008-05-01 14:39:37
    550.   Brent Knapp
    I would definitely attend a DT picnic/Softball Game - I can make world-class breakfast burritos but couldn't contibute much to an outdoor BBQ. But, I'll pay and play.
    Show/Hide Comments 551-600
    2008-05-01 14:40:09
    551.   kinbote
    Nice line for Beimel. One pitch = W.

    (I did read the comments--I just forgot if this was mentioned.)

    2008-05-01 14:40:55
    552.   kinbote
    Is this what it feels like before an NPUT?
    2008-05-01 14:43:57
    553.   blue22
    Per the pythag comment above, this is one of my favorite pages to check in on:

    LA's record is a little low per their run differential, but 3rd order runs allowed is the one that jumps out to me. Looks like the pitching staff is actually getting a little lucky having faced some bad offenses (SF, Florida).

    But all in all, this win streak is putting LA back on it's expected record.

    And oh yeah, looks like AZ really is this good. Most likely a tough summer coming for SF too.

    2008-05-01 14:46:40
    554.   JoeyP
    545--That would explain at least partially why Tulo has sucked this year. That really is a bad blow for the Rox. I really felt his 2007 improvement over their 2006 SS's (Barmes) was the key to them being as good as they were last year.

    Without him at a high level, they are not a good team.

    2008-05-01 14:48:34
    555.   underdog
    I feel like no one mentioned this piece in the PE today on Luis Gonzalez. Maybe everyone just decided to rise above it, but I couldn't pass it up:

    >> Gonzalez, 40, had felt frustration while rotating in and out of the lineup with Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp toward the end of last season. In the offseason he criticized Dodgers management, saying it "had no game plan" while gradually giving its crop of youngsters more playing time.

    "I'm not a big fan of gradual," Gonzalez said. "Everyone's in tune with development. I'm in tune to winning."

    But Gonzalez said he was open to working with young players and even said he was thinking about becoming a minor league roving instructor after retiring as a player so he could "show them old-school baseball." {!!}

    "I think a lot of guys are pampered too much these days," he added.

    For now, Gonzalez is making $2 million from the Marlins, playing some right field and even beginning to take ground balls at first base -- all with a smile on his face.

    "He's always happy, so we're happy," Marlins shortstop Hanley Ramirez said. "They (the Dodgers) got a lot of talent, but sometimes it's what you have inside the clubhouse. We're together." <<

    {Whatever, Hanley.}

    2008-05-01 14:52:25
    556.   kinbote
    555 Honestly, I think our team has great chemistry right now. Martin, Kemp, Loney, & Ethier are obviously homies, and Kent was first to congratulate Kemp after the game today. As long as Lowe can keep his trap shut we'll be okay . . .
    2008-05-01 14:53:31
    557.   D4P
    The top 2 scoring teams (and 3 of the top 4) in the MLB are in the National League.
    2008-05-01 14:55:07
    558.   Kevin Lewis

    What if Gonzo had accepted Ned's offer of two years?

    2008-05-01 14:55:25
    559.   madmac
    555 PVL's say the darndest things.
    2008-05-01 14:55:33
    560.   underdog
    556 - Indeed. Quite honestly, I think whatever HanRam is referring to is a) last year's team and b) solely based on what Gonzo has told him.

    I wonder how good their chemistry is if they lose another 3-4 in a row? Or how tickled Gonzo would be if they bench him. Of course, they don't have Kemp and Ethier (though they may have Cameron Maybin coming up again this year).

    2008-05-01 14:57:38
    561.   underdog
    557 - Cubs, Dbacks, (Tigers) and Dodgers, in case anyone's wondering. That's pretty cool.
    2008-05-01 14:58:38
    562.   D4P
    PVL's say the darndest things

    I once heard one say a four-letter word,
    And it sure wasn't "Sure, I'll sit on the bench every game while some young whipper-snapper takes all my PT".

    2008-05-01 14:59:14
    563.   Marty
    I really wish LuGo was still on Arizona, slowly killing that team.

    I'm on for a DT picnic. I make the best potato salad you've ever tasted.

    2008-05-01 15:01:22
    564.   D4P
    I make the best potato salad you've ever tasted

    Mayonnaise-based or not...?

    2008-05-01 15:07:11
    565.   Hythloday
    548 - Well I have tickets to Sunday's game so I'm hoping for the L to be on Saturday. But looking at the pitching matchups I feel like we have a better than average change at a sweep. I think Penny out-pitches Francis on Friday. Saturday is a crapshoot with Loaiza vs. De La Rosa since they're both unknown quantities for different reasons. Sunday is a tough matchup. Cook vs. Lowe is certainly no gimme. Should be a good game though.
    2008-05-01 15:08:54
    566.   Marty
    564 Mayo based, but I use dry mustard and Chipotle-tobasco
    2008-05-01 15:11:29
    567.   bhsportsguy
    From yesterday's NY Times article about Scully receiving his award at Fordham.

    More than half a lifetime ago, Scully said in his speech, he and Ralph and Ann Branca had an audience with Pope Pius XII in 1956. "My Irish, red-haired mother said, 'Vinny, whatever you do, remember everything, so when you come home, I can share the experience,' " he recalled. When the pope appeared, the audience was arranged in a U.

    "He was tall and gaunt with skin like parchment, with large black eyes that looked like he was startled," Scully said. The pope moved from person to person, speaking in German, French and Italian, until he came to the Brancas and Scully.

    "And where are you from, my son?" he asked. Branca, the Brooklyn right-hander, said, "Mount Vernon," which the pontiff remembered from a visit to Fordham years before.

    "And I'm standing there," Scully said, "ready to remember everything, and he turned to me, and there I am, my throat is dry, my knees shaking, my palms sweating and he asked, 'Are you with them?' 'Yes, your Holiness,' I said. And he left."

    Scully added, "How would you like to go home and tell your mother that?"

    2008-05-01 15:11:53
    568.   LogikReader

    I told you Luis Gonzalez was Yoko

    2008-05-01 15:12:27
    569.   Jon Weisman
    Okay, all the food talk is getting me excited. Let me investigate what dates might be good.
    2008-05-01 15:13:26
    570.   madmac
    562 and probably not snap!
    2008-05-01 15:14:24
    571.   madmac
    578 you know, I think that would be our best example of Yoko
    2008-05-01 15:14:40
    572.   madmac
    err 568
    2008-05-01 15:22:06
    573.   Kevin Lewis

    What kind of potatoes?

    2008-05-01 15:23:56
    574.   Marty
    573 Yukon Gold. I slice them rather than chop em up.
    2008-05-01 15:24:48
    575.   D4P
    A few tidbits from Ja(y)son Stark:

    So we posed this question: How much money would the Giants have to pay of Zito's remaining $112.5 million or so to get somebody -- anybody -- interested?

    "The Giants would have to eat 80 percent -- I'm talking $80-90 million," the official replied. "But they'd never do that. If that's what they'd have to eat, they might as well just let the guy keep being horse[feathers]."


    Meanwhile, clubs continue to hover around Tampa Bay in general, and Edwin Jackson in particular, figuring that the Rays will have to move an arm when Scott Kazmir comes back. But an executive of one of those teams laughed when asked if his club had a shot at Jackson.

    "I don't see how they could move him," he said. "I don't see why they'd ever put him out there. The stuff is too good. Yeah, he's still inconsistent. But at least he's consistently less inconsistent than he used to be."

    2008-05-01 15:25:16
    576.   bhsportsguy
    573 I like to use Red or new potatoes myself.

    Here's a little tidbit at the end of Gurnick's latest on, he's writing in past tense because this accompanies the preview of the Colorado series.

    Ned Colletti, having returned from a trip to the Dominican Republic, visited the organization's Double-A Jacksonville affiliate, where he watched James McDonald start Thursday night and Clayton Kershaw, probably pitching in relief.

    Kershaw, the phenom whose arrival in Los Angeles is only a matter of time, is being limited to 25 innings a month in an attempt to maintain his durability for a Major League stretch run.

    2008-05-01 15:27:23
    577.   ToyCannon
    When I suggested this the 1st time it was 03:00AM on a Sunday and only ElLayDave commented on it.

    I guess if your going to suggest a gathering, an afternoon post after a series sweep works better. This is such a pleasant place when everyone is in a good mood.

    My stomach is doing flips with the prospects
    Marty - Potato salad
    BHSportsGuy - some kind of cookies
    Kevin Lewis - Big Green Egg to the park so I can BBQ some Tri-Tip
    Brent Knapp - world-class breakfast burritos
    Phil Gurnee - Dicks favorite brownies

    2008-05-01 15:28:33
    578.   Eric Enders
    576 "he's writing in past tense because this accompanies the preview of the Colorado series."

    That's getting dangerously close to Mitch Albom territory. Generally speaking, it's never a good idea to report in the past tense on things that haven't happened yet.

    2008-05-01 15:29:07
    579.   Jim Hitchcock
    566 Yes, but dill pickles or sweet?
    2008-05-01 15:30:12
    580.   bhsportsguy
    577 I can also make a pretty good Chinese Chicken Salad.

    The McDonald/Kershaw show at 4:05 p.m. PDT

    Free to listen, just register.

    2008-05-01 15:30:58
    581.   D4P
    Chinese Chicken Salad

    Chinese that dog or cat...?

    2008-05-01 15:31:36
    582.   ToyCannon
    2008-05-01 15:31:51
    583.   bhsportsguy
    578 I wanted to be clear that the grammatical error was on purpose though if you read it tommorrow, it's not an error I guess.
    2008-05-01 15:32:21
    584.   Eric Enders
    You really have to feel sorry for the Tennessee Smokies. Not only do they have to face McDonald and Kershaw, they have to face them in the same game.
    2008-05-01 15:32:42
    585.   Jon Weisman
    First time I've seen this number thrown around:

    "Kershaw, the phenom whose arrival in Los Angeles is only a matter of time, is being limited to 25 innings a month in an attempt to maintain his durability for a Major League stretch run. "

    McDonald pitches at 4:05 Pacific time.

    2008-05-01 15:33:07
    586.   bhsportsguy
    581 That's what it is most commonly known as, there is nothing Chinese about it.

    582 I had it for years and years before it was being sold in restaurants.

    2008-05-01 15:34:20
    587.   Jon Weisman
    Wow - I was really late on those items.
    2008-05-01 15:34:36
    588.   bhsportsguy
    585 I get to a Bob T groan because I put this tidbit in my comment 576 , though I did put the link.
    2008-05-01 15:35:17
    589.   Jon Weisman
    578 - Hasn't stopped Paula Abdul.

    (But Eric won't get that joke.)

    2008-05-01 15:36:11
    590.   MC Safety
    577 Lamb burgers anyone?
    2008-05-01 15:36:56
    591.   bhsportsguy
    578 Do you just keep that link handy for these type of occasions?
    2008-05-01 15:37:21
    592.   Eric Enders
    589 You're right--I don't.
    2008-05-01 15:37:28
    593.   njr
    I'll bake a pie. I would say my mom will bake the pie, but she can't bake. She once left out an ingredient in three ingredient cookies.

    If we have it before the end of May she'll miss it because she's in India. I know she'll be very sad not to get to sample Marty's potato salad.

    2008-05-01 15:37:37
    594.   bhsportsguy
    590 Lamb dip sandwiches ala Phillipes or for gyros sounds good to me.
    2008-05-01 15:37:49
    595.   Marty
    I also make a curry peanut salad that's really good. Maybe I'll bring both.
    2008-05-01 15:39:50
    596.   Jim Hitchcock
    Seriously, Marty...dill or sweet pickles?
    2008-05-01 15:40:11
    597.   bhsportsguy

    Hopefully Jon, won't get upset that I linked a HR story about it.

    2008-05-01 15:40:32
    598.   D4P
    Who gets to be the team captains...?
    2008-05-01 15:42:10
    599.   Eric Enders
    591 Have I posted that before? I guess I forgot.

    Anyway, at the risk of posting yet another item that may have already been posted, how 'bout a shout out for Ivan DeJesus? He went 3-for-5 with a homer, a double, a walk, two runs scored and three RBI on his 21st birthday last night.

    2008-05-01 15:42:33
    600.   ToyCannon
    Picnic at Marty's
    Show/Hide Comments 601-650
    2008-05-01 15:43:10
    601.   Marty
    596 In the potato salad? No pickles.
    2008-05-01 15:44:40
    602.   berkowit28
    So, the game this morning feels so long ago that I'm ready for another one this evening. Or else to consider it a normal Thursday "day off".
    2008-05-01 15:44:40
    603.   Jon Weisman
    Dodger Thoughts does not endorse curry, but will not stand in its way for others to enjoy.
    2008-05-01 15:45:01
    604.   Eric Enders
    597 So American Idol is fake. Was there anyone who thought it wasn't?
    2008-05-01 15:45:02
    605.   fanerman
    598 Do you care as long as you and Andrew Shimmin are on the same team?
    2008-05-01 15:45:20
    606.   Jon Weisman
    599 - Now is that a comment that you intended to be published Friday?
    2008-05-01 15:46:38
    607.   Jim Hitchcock
    601 But that's like a fried egg sandwich without the mustard!
    2008-05-01 15:47:50
    608.   ToyCannon
    Lambo has gone 2 for 21 since he was mentioned on Blue Sparks and has seen has average fall from 350 to 280.

    Ivan continues to roll.

    2008-05-01 15:48:38
    609.   Jacob L
    I can see the grilling getting pretty competitive with this group. I'd volunteer to make some chicken, assuming its scheduled sometime when I can go. I don't want to shy away from any culinary challenge.

    On an unrelated note, I was watching the Cubs/Mil game on ESPN last night, when anonymous play-by-play man (Gary Thorne, perhaps?) asked Steve Phillips why the Dodgers have struggled out of the gate. He, of course, cited the inability of the team to score runs, and score consistently. To give him the benefit of the doubt, when they were struggling, that was the reason. The correct answer would have been, "The Dodgers have won 6 out of 7 and are over .500. I don't call that struggling." Or if you want to dig a little deeper, "The Dodgers had a crazy spring itinerary, a new manager, and have taken some time to get their legs under them." Alternatively, I always like it when someone doesn't know the answer to a question, and they use the following response: "I don't know." It's better than being wrong.

    2008-05-01 15:48:41
    610.   Eric Enders
    606 Oh, I see his 21st birthday is actually today. I thought it was last night. Mostly because Baseball America reported that it was last night.

    I will never believe anything they say again. Which is good, actually, because now I can allow myself to be impressed by Blake DeWitt's defense.

    2008-05-01 15:50:46
    611.   Jon Weisman
    2008-05-01 15:51:28
    612.   regfairfield
    609 "They've been inconsistent" means "I don't know the answer to that question". Since no one scores four or five runs exactly every game, you're never wrong.
    2008-05-01 15:51:57
    613.   Eric Enders
    So, since it looks like we'll be doing Farm System Thoughts tonight, does anybody think it's time for the Dodgers to admit they made a mistake by having Baez skip a level? Will they continue to let him flail away at Great Lakes, or will they send him to extended spring training until Ogden's season starts?
    2008-05-01 15:52:11
    614.   Eric Enders

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