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Thursday Night TV Chat
2008-05-01 15:05
by Jon Weisman

No spoilers ...

2008-05-01 21:32:15
1.   LogikReader
I have to say there was a lot of tension in tonight's "Office" episode. Classic "Office" on display tonight. I thought last week's episode was funnier, though.
2008-05-01 21:34:53
2.   Bob Timmermann
So I guess there were no personnel changes after last week (I believe that doesn't fall under a spoiler).

I liked Pam's glasses.

2008-05-01 21:36:05
3.   Andrew Shimmin
Another tremendous The Office.

I'm glad they're not trying to work Angela's pregnancy into the plot line, but there are problems with not doing it.

2- Really? I like glasses, but not those glasses.

2008-05-01 21:48:03
4.   Bob Timmermann
My staff doesn't yell at me, mainly because I never have staff meetings.
2008-05-01 23:34:21
5.   ibleedbloo
lost was awesome. best episode in a long time. I wasn't as impressed with the office, I will rewatch tomorrow to see what I missed. I am upset because I was just outbid on dwight/andy's xterra. it means earth; I want to drive an x earth.
2008-05-02 00:09:40
6.   underdog
I liked tonight's Office but agree last week's was funnier, inspired. (I didn't watch it 'til this week.)

Lost was really good, even if I felt like the appendix plot was contrived -- at first at least. (When they referenced the oddity that no one gets sick on the island, only heal, it made me think they had a trick up their sleeve, or at least a self-awareness.) So is everyone hallucinating, or was that really whatsherface's dad at the end? Guess we'll find out next week.

I can't believe that they'd have it that the Oceanic 6 really are dead, and that's it. That's gotta be a red herring, too.

2008-05-02 00:11:16
7.   underdog
I assume we're allowed to "spoil" once these shows have aired everywhere, right? Otherwise there's not much to chat about here at this point, and I apologize if I spoiled anything above.

I haven't watched 30 Rock yet but Tivo'd it. Worth watching?

2008-05-02 00:17:57
8.   overkill94
Just watched The Office (online) and thought it was pretty dang good. Michael and Darryl's exchange was priceless and I enjoyed the whole Michael/Stanley confrontation. Pam's glasses was kinda dumb, but overall I thought it was a solid episode. Not up to par with the first three seasons, but better than most of the current season.
2008-05-02 00:31:29
9.   Dodger Tony
Those who watched the initial episode of "Lost" in season one will remember that we saw Jack/Claire's dad, Dr. Shepard, standing in the ocean water alive looking directly at Jack. Later in another episode, Jack finds his coffin. This was the very first hearkening to a "resurrection" concept or a multi-dimensional portal in which the Island keeps all of its inhabitants alive (eye patch guy who gets electroed then comes back to blow up Charlie).
The hatch system begins to make some sense as a more prescient concept at this point. Time Travel obviously. Also, the "game" component discussed by Ben with Charles last week.
I like the idea of a Panoptic Prison of one's own making. The show works on allegorical levels no doubt.
2008-05-02 05:57:16
10.   Penarol1916
I actually thought that was among the worst episodes of Lost this season. I just can't care about Jack and Kate at all, and an episode that is almost completely about them is just not that enjoyable for me. Not that it was a terrible episode like ones in the middle of the first 3 seasons, but just not that good.
As for The Office, it was just really jarring, but in a good way. It seems to me that this season is really all about the consequences of all of the silliness we have enjoyed over the last couple of years.
2008-05-02 07:24:44
11.   JoeyP
I havent seen The Office in over a year. I still catch episodes on TBS from the first couple seasons, but I cant get back into it right now. Maybe I'll catch more of them in syndication.

Last nite's Lost was terrible IMO. The whole appendix plotline really went no where. It was unnecessary. The flash forwards were ok--->but at some point Lost needs to back on a more straight path. Right now, its just all over the place.

I liked season 3 way better than this season. Some of the suspense has been taken away now that we know apparently some of them get off the island, and some chose to stay.

I really wish they'd show every different group each episode (Ben-Locke, Sawyer-Aaron, Jack's group at the island, the people on the boat). Its like, one episode they build alot of suspense with Ben-Locke, and then the next episode they arent even shown. Whats up with that?

Just seems Lost is sputtering around this season. But the bar was set pretty high the first 3 seasons. Its still pretty good TV, but not what it once was.

2008-05-02 11:29:18
12.   fanerman
That Lost episode needed more Michael.
2008-05-02 14:32:10
13.   Kevin Lewis

I had the exact opposite reaction to the two episodes.

I was laughing out loud the whole time Michael kept calling out Pam for the glasses.

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