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Taking the Lee Train to the Ballpark
2008-05-08 10:54
by Jon Weisman

Rich Lederer of Baseball Analysts and his son got an unexpected surprise on their barnstorming baseball tour this week – a subway ride with Cleveland's Cliff Lee, hours before the Indians lefty shut out the Yankees over seven innings.

Scroll down the home page of Baseball Analysts to enjoy the Lederers' jealousy-inducing sojourn from the start.

* * *

It's been mentioned in the comments, but I shouldn't forget to note in this space that in the wake of our co-guest spot on KABC 790 the other night, Dodger commentator Steve Lyons has been pumping up the Bison nickname for Matt Kemp on the Fox Sports Net pregame and postgame shows. Can Bison souvenirs be far away?

In other news from Bisonia, Kemp is launching "Kemp's Kids" Friday, a program that will have him hosting kids from local Boys and Girls clubs at different games this season.

"In addition to Kemp, Dodgers Juan Pierre and Andruw Jones and Dodger legend Fernando Valenzuela have programs that host children at games this season," the press release says.

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2008-05-08 10:58:04
1.   JoeyP

Whats the most surprising? (er..unsustainable)...

Oakland A's (22-14)
St. Louis (22-13)
Rockies (13-21)
Padres (12-22)
Tigers (15-20)

As far as the Padres go---they have worst record in baseball and some older position players. Why not bring up Headley/Antonelli? Granted, those two arent off the to best of starts at AAA, but I dont see what the Padres have to lose by bringing them up.

2008-05-08 11:04:25
2.   regfairfield
I'd say the non NL West ones are about equal. The Rockies and the Padres aren't as bad as their record (no team could be), but I thought the Rockies and Padres were really overrated coming into this season.
2008-05-08 11:04:27
3.   bhsportsguy
The only thing I will say about Andruw Jones is that if there was a "Wayback machine" we could take prior to his signing, than all of these scouts and others who are trashing it, could have spoken up then.

Not that they were not publshed pessimistic views on the deal but Joe Sheehan, Keith Law, Will Carroll, among others thought for the money and length of contract and if he replaced Pierre in the lineup, it was a good deal.

Maybe it won't turn out well but I believe sitting him for a few more weeks of an empty .300 average from Pierre helps anything.

2008-05-08 11:06:37
4.   regfairfield
So long as Jones can keep his VORP above -10 or so, he's probably an improvement over Pierre.
2008-05-08 11:08:35
5.   fanerman
That Matt Kemp is such a class act.
2008-05-08 11:09:36
6.   regfairfield
Let's hope that program works out better than Odalis'.
2008-05-08 11:09:42
7.   old dodger fan
Part of the Padres problem.

Randy Wolf
First 3 starts this year ERA 1.42
Next 4 starts ERA 6.48

Greg Maddux
First 3 starts this year ERA 2.50
Next 4 starts ERA 5.54

2008-05-08 11:13:14
8.   El Lay Dave
7 Their offense is Giles, Gonzalez and a whole lot of nothing. Overall their team is hitting .231 / .302 / .339.
2008-05-08 11:20:56
9.   ryu
Kemp's Kids: a program that hosts kids from local Boys and Girls clubs.

Shawn Kemp's Kids: a program that produces kids for local Boys and Girls clubs.

A slight tweak makes a big difference.

2008-05-08 11:33:16
10.   Sam DC
It probably won't be good for my image to admit I laughed at that.
2008-05-08 11:33:59
11.   Jon Weisman
10 - Ditto.
2008-05-08 11:43:42
12.   underdog
Rich L points to something at the end of his fun subway story that reminded me: This has to be one of the more one-sided trades in recent history, yah?

Bartolo Colon to the Expos, Indians get Cliff Lee, Grady Sizemore, and Brandon Phillips.

2008-05-08 11:44:21
13.   Sam DC
Now, I realize folks are quite sick of the Bizzinger dust up, but since I linked Len Shapiro's screed here the other day, I'd like to link this very thoughtful follow up.

This is by Dan Steinberg who was a regular print sports writer that the Post tapped to write an irreverent, free form, general sports blog at It's been a real success, and is said to drive a ton of traffic to the web site.

Anyhow, he takes on Bizzinger (and his colleague Shapiro) quite directly, and also respectfully.

2008-05-08 11:49:45
14.   JoeyP
3--I think most of the people that liked the deal were convinced that Andruw's 2007 was an aberration and not the start of significant cliff dive.
2008-05-08 11:52:11
15.   whodat807
3 How has Pierre's .300 avg been empty? I don't mean to stir things up, but there shouldn't be anything taken away from Pierre's play so far this year.
2008-05-08 11:54:52
16.   regfairfield
If you could take back the Jones move, what would you do instead?
2008-05-08 11:54:58
17.   dkminnick
Hey Jon,

Sorry if I missed this, but how did your KABC appearance come about? Did the Dodgers contact you out of the blue? KABC? I'm guessing Josh R. played a role.

What has been the reaction from the powers? Will you be doing more Dodger Talk?

I thought you did a great job, btw.

Doug Minnick

2008-05-08 11:55:10
18.   Kevin Lewis

I think the Cardinals are the least sustainable. There is no way their pitching will hold up all year the way it has so far.

2008-05-08 11:58:42
19.   underdog
I didn't see anyone mention this before.

So. Sigh. He's like Bad Luck Charlie. Maybe Repko's luck is rubbing off on him.

This was posted on the belo blog (Diamond Leung) by Kevin Pearson:

La Roche banged up again
Andy LaRoche had to leave last night's Class AAA Las Vegas game after fouling a ball off a toe already suffering the effects of turf toe. He was lifted for a pinch runner after eventually singling in the at-bat. Ironically, it was catcher Danny Ardoin, whose spring training throw to third base caused LaRoche to tear a thumb ligament, who replaced LaRoche at third in the ninth in a move that mirrored Russell Martin taking over for an injured Nomar Garciaparra.

2008-05-08 11:59:33
20.   underdog
Maybe we should call him up before he becomes an X File down there in Vegas.

(Btw, doesn't sound like anything serious.)

2008-05-08 12:01:44
21.   Hythloday
16 I'll give you three possibilities with the caveat that I liked the Jones acquisition:

a) Do nothing, platoon Pierre & Young, bring up Repko.
b) Sign Fukodome
c) Do nothing and stick with Pierre, Ethier, & Kemp.

If we do have a way back machine I'd choose a) or b).

2008-05-08 12:01:59
22.   old dodger fan
15 Yet despite his recent "success" his OPS+ is still only 93.
2008-05-08 12:02:10
23.   OhioBlues12
16 - Trade for Josh Hamilton. We probably couldn't have matched a Volquez, but a McDonald-headed package could've gotten it done.
2008-05-08 12:04:01
24.   Kevin Lewis

Thanks, Sam. I enjoyed the read.

2008-05-08 12:07:27
25.   Eric Enders
I liked Jones' signing, and still think it was a good move given the information available at the time. The only move I was even more in favor of at the time was a Fukudome signing.
2008-05-08 12:09:09
26.   JoeyP
16--Tough question. So many mistakes (letting Werth/Cody Ross go), signing (Pierre), that led up to almost forcing the team to take a chance on Druw.

Once choice could have been was to put Kemp in CF, Ethier in RF, relegate Pierre to a 4th OF'er, and then sign or trade for a guy that can play LF.

If no body reasonable to play LF, then do nothing.

36mils is an oppy cost that doesnt "have" to be spent. Of course, to think the team has spent 30mils dollars on two players just for this year (Kuroda/Druw) is pretty bad. There has to be a better way to spend 30mils.

2008-05-08 12:09:35
27.   Bob Hendley
16 - By Jones move, you mean getting a big bat in CF (i.e., moving JP either to LF or the bench) and not a big bat perse?
2008-05-08 12:09:40
28.   Bob Hendley
16 - By Jones move, you mean getting a big bat in CF (i.e., moving JP either to LF or the bench) and not a big bat perse?
2008-05-08 12:11:44
29.   Jon Weisman
17 - Thanks. I actually got off my butt this winter and inquired with Josh about the possibility of getting on the radio or TV (!), and at least one other DT reader I know of did the same. He was receptive. Nothing really happened after that until late last week, when they needed a sub for Josh Suchon and they asked if I wanted to come on.

I think the reaction was positive. Don't know as of now when a next appearance might happen.

2008-05-08 12:12:01
30.   D4P
By Jones move, you mean getting a big bat in CF

No: a big butt.

2008-05-08 12:13:59
31.   regfairfield
27 It's early December and you haven't signed Andruw Jones. What do you do?
2008-05-08 12:15:55
32.   JoeyP
If the team reasons that Kemp can play CF, Ethier RF, and Pierre is a 4th Of'er---that leaves trying to find a LF'er that can hit.

I gues signing Druw was seen as a better move oppy cost wise than trading for Pat Burrell (doesnt Philly always want to get rid of him for every reason possible)?
2008-05-08 12:18:45
33.   JoeyP
Another alternative was dealing for Carlos Quentin--but he also was coming off a really bad year. Of course, he wouldnt have cost 36mils.

Wonder if the D-bax are regretting that move? He wouldnt be a bad guy to have around as a 4th Of'er at least.

2008-05-08 12:18:58
34.   OhioBlues12
I remeber rumblings that we had inquired about Josh Hamilton, whether or not that is true, we'll never know. However, adding Josh Hamilton to a lineup with Kemp, Loney, Ethier, Martin, and LaRoche (at the time) would have been scary good for a number of years.
2008-05-08 12:20:26
35.   regfairfield
32 And even worse, the team probably reasoned that Kemp couldn't play center. If you want to replace Pierre, it almost has to be another centerfielder. The only in house option is Repko, and there really was no other decent option that wouldn't get massively overpaid on the market.

Even if you do reason that we could stick Kemp in center, that puts Delwyn Young in the lineup if we do nothing (I really don't like this idea), or going to go get someone like Fukudome, who's doing decently, but he's near the league lead in playing over his head based on PrOPS.

There just wasn't many options out there other than Jones.

2008-05-08 12:22:10
36.   regfairfield
33 Probably not, since they spun the guy they got, Chris Carter, into Dan Haren, and Carter is mashing the ball in AAA right now.
2008-05-08 12:26:58
37.   Eric Enders
I assume that a trade for Carlos Quentin would have received the official DT Seal of Approval.
2008-05-08 12:28:40
38.   Eric Enders
Let's face it; all these alternative scenarios would have been pipe dreams anyway. Colletti was given the money to spend, and by not spending it on a famous name he would have been putting his job in serious jeopardy.
2008-05-08 12:30:56
39.   Sushirabbit
Regrading Jones' start, didn't Furcal have a pretty slow start in 2006? And didn't he have a torrid streak at the end to bring him back to his career numbers? Yes, yes he did. I'm not saying that Jones will do this- only that it can happen.
2008-05-08 12:31:42
40.   Bob Hendley
As I recall, there was pretty much concensus at the time on DT that it was the best move, given the options, with some thinking that it was a bigger gamble than others, but most thankful for the two years.
2008-05-08 12:32:41
41.   old dodger fan
Would his job be in more jeapordy by spending it poorly and losing or by not spending it and losing? Probably no difference.
2008-05-08 12:33:06
42.   D4P
Regrading Jones' start

I still give him an "F". Minus.

2008-05-08 12:34:05
43.   Bob Hendley
39 - My nightly prayer. If getting him out of the slump(?) requires him playing regularly, he is in the right place.
2008-05-08 12:36:32
44.   bhsportsguy
26 I disagree about Kuroda, sure his last start has been bad but the Dodgers have won 4 out of his 7 starts, the three they lost, Saito blew a save in the 9th, Loney makes an error that cost 2 runs in AZ and he leaves a game trailing 2-1 in Atlanta after 6 innings during that lost weekend.

Now, he needs to raise his strikeout rate and have better command but he is in his first few months in the U.S. Also, let's not forget that his signing probably prevented a deal including some youngsters for a pitcher.

2008-05-08 12:38:17
45.   Marty
It seemed at the time the choice was sign Hunter or sign Jones, at least in Ned's mind and in the minds of a few of the people at DT. Once Hunter was gone, I think Ned went into high gear to sign Jones.
2008-05-08 12:40:38
46.   Bob Hendley
45 - But Hunter was a 4-5 year commitment, no?
2008-05-08 12:43:49
47.   Jon Weisman
Unless there was a simple failure of due dilligence, I find it hard to criticize the Jones signing. I certainly don't criticize its premise.

I still credit Rob McMillin for voicing immediately his skepticism about the deal.

Carlos Quentin would have been welcomed with open arms and elbow guards by this writer. But I don't think Ned looks at HBP totals in making his personnel decisions.

2008-05-08 12:45:34
48.   regfairfield
37 I don't see all that much difference between giving up Meloan or something for Quentin and getting Jones. Labrum injuries can ruin careers.
2008-05-08 12:45:37
49.   D4P
I still credit Rob McMillin for voicing immediately his skepticism about the deal

What am I, diced kidney?

My opposition to Jones is well documented, and was expressed long before he was signed.

And yes, I do want a medal.

2008-05-08 12:46:26
50.   bhsportsguy
47 D4P was against it from the beginning too.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-05-08 12:48:17
51.   bhsportsguy
50 I was writing that before I saw D4P's response.
2008-05-08 12:49:19
52.   Jon Weisman
49 - I think I was just guilty of a rule 3 violation.
2008-05-08 12:51:11
53.   D4P
You mean you did that on purpose?

I'm outraged! And impressed...

2008-05-08 12:52:16
54.   bhsportsguy
He's not Andruw Jones but with his strikeout in the first inning, Ryan Howard now has 51 strikeouts in 122 at bats.

Howard is suffering some type of regfairfield curse after his arbitration award.

Finally, Jon, Buddy Carlye apparently got hurt today in the game against the Padres.

2008-05-08 12:53:04
55.   Howard Fox
oh come on guys, what's $36 million among friends....
2008-05-08 12:55:43
56.   bhsportsguy
Justin Upton is batting 4th today, I can think of maybe Miggy, A-Rod or Griffey, Jr. that did it before they turned 21 too but not too many others.
2008-05-08 12:55:49
57.   Sushirabbit
While we're on the subject of the unpredictable, how about that Simple Rated 14 rotation of the Brewers? :-) Good thing they kept Sheets.
2008-05-08 12:57:50
58.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
I don't like the revisiting of history at this point. Jones was signed. What do we do now?
2008-05-08 13:04:32
59.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
15 Re: "empty .300" usually means that the player has hit little else but singles (few walks, no power), meaning you see something like .301/.348/.374 (Pierre's career line)... And the idea is that it is more valuable to have walks and power in addition to average.

Pierre has actually drawn more walks than his usually, more "empty" average, but his power is lower, so he's at .304/.382/.354 as of today.

Compare to Andre Ethier: .291/.376/.447. He's not hitting .300, but his walks put him on base about the same as Pierre to date in 2008, but, more importantly to the discussion about "empty", he's also getting an extra base every 10 or 11 ABs over Pierre.

So that's what's meant when someone calls it an empty average. A purely empty .300 would be .300/.300/.300 (no walks, nothing but singles).

2008-05-08 13:05:00
60.   Howard Fox
at this point we suffer with him...he isn't going anywhere for 2 years and he isn't going to "sit" at his salary
2008-05-08 13:05:21
61.   Jon Weisman
54 - Poor Buddy. I hope they don't set up the big tent for him, like at Churchill Downs.
2008-05-08 13:09:29
62.   D4P
I didn't take 15 to mean "What does the phrase 'empty .300' mean?", but rather, "In what way has Pierre's .300 been empty?"

In other words, Pierre's .300 has been relatively unempty because of his uncharacteristically high IsoD.

2008-05-08 13:09:51
63.   Eric Stephen
I just want to know who the DT reader was that inquired to Josh Rawitch.

And I don't want to pick on JoeyP, but I am vehemently opposed to the term "oppy cost". Any rebuttals can be sent to my email addy. :)

2008-05-08 13:10:37
64.   gpellamjr
62 I thought 59 answered both questions.

I really wish there were a game tonight.

2008-05-08 13:15:18
65.   regfairfield
58 Since I banned myself from talking about our third baseman I needed something to talk about.
2008-05-08 13:15:27
66.   Ken Noe
Since we're keeping a tally, my wife also insisted that signing Jones was a bad idea. But hungry for a power bat and more eager to keep Kemp and others, I confess I went along.
2008-05-08 13:17:13
67.   Bob Timmermann
Is Shawn Estes the Padres version of Esteban Loaiza?
2008-05-08 13:18:37
68.   Bob Hendley
57 - I am almost afraid to ask the origin of your moniker.
2008-05-08 13:19:58
69.   scareduck
47 , 49 - not only am I getting credit, I'm stirring up controversy. I should apply for Doug Krikorian's job!
2008-05-08 13:20:27
70.   ToyCannon
Giving anyone credit for predicting that A Jones was a bad signing is premature. That would be like giving credit to a certain True Blue writer that Jeff Kent is feeling the effects of being 40. You get a medal at the end of the year, not on May 9th.

That would be wrong, A Jones has plenty of time to figure things out and Jeff Kent has plenty of time to prove that being 40 means nothing to the future HOF 2nd baseman.

Betemit went Boom Boom today.

2008-05-08 13:21:31
71.   underdog
61 Oh man. Funny and sad at the same time.


Off topic completely, but Ellen Page as Jane Eyre? Isn't she too cute for a character that is supposed to be kind of homely. Anyway, she's gonna do it, according to Variety.

Now back to Outfield Thoughts.

2008-05-08 13:21:42
72.   Eric Stephen
Yes, in that he's cheaper, and worse-r.
2008-05-08 13:22:35
73.   bhsportsguy
The Braves have used 7 pitchers today so far in their 4-4 tie with the Padres in the bottom of the 9th.
2008-05-08 13:23:13
74.   D4P
Giving anyone credit for predicting that A Jones was a bad signing is premature

Only if you think the goodness of the signing should be evaluated based on his performance as a Dodger.

2008-05-08 13:23:22
75.   Jon Weisman
66 - My dad did too, but he doesn't comment online.
2008-05-08 13:23:25
76.   Andrew Shimmin
Reading through the last thread, right now. Bob Hendley asked if I didn't claim "Furry," as my creation. I don't. It was definitely Marty's. I just like it. Everybody else moved on. Like everybody else moved on from Yo Mama jokes, but I still like them.
2008-05-08 13:24:16
77.   Eric Stephen
He's only quoted in major metropolitan newspapers!
2008-05-08 13:24:45
78.   Jon Weisman
77 - Exactly.
2008-05-08 13:25:40
79.   Disabled List
Joe Sheehan has a lengthy article on right now about the dynamics of all three Dodger teams: the Logan White Dodgers, the DePodesta Dodgers, and the Colletti Dodgers. The conclusion will not surprise anybody here, but it's a good read:

A sample: I've said this before, but I don't think I've ever written it: Had the Dodgers sent Colletti on a six-month cruise starting Nov. 1, 2006, they would have won the NL West in 2007.

2008-05-08 13:26:27
80.   D4P
Like everybody else moved on from Yo Mama jokes, but I still like them

And pleats.

2008-05-08 13:28:06
81.   scareduck
70 - FWIW, I agree we're still in Small Sample Size Theater-land when discussing Jones.

But that said, I still think it was a mistake in the main, except to the extent that it gives the Dodgers an outfielder that baserunners won't tag up on from first on flyball singles hit to shallow center.

2008-05-08 13:28:19
82.   bhsportsguy
Joe Thatcher almost threw a wild pitch while give an intentional walk to load the bases.
2008-05-08 13:30:08
83.   Bob Hendley
70 - As I said, Jones getting on track/untracked is my nightly prayer, but at the same time is there anything you are seeing in his at bats that is encouraging? I look and hope each time, but it seems like the same ol same ol.
2008-05-08 13:33:54
84.   bhsportsguy
82 Braves sweep the Padres scoring 5 runs in each game.

The Padres bullpen lose another game, its 11th loss so far.

2008-05-08 13:36:41
85.   scareduck
79 - that was on BPro a day or two ago. I've noticed SI has started to carry the odd BPro article; maybe a teaser for their subscriptions?
2008-05-08 13:38:07
86.   Bob Hendley
70 - and looking at his splits, I see no positive deviation to work on (though he does slightly better after the 7th inning).
2008-05-08 13:38:36
87.   scareduck
70 - one more thing: I would say the halfway mark isn't a bad place to start handing out medals, something that Baseball Hacks confirmed.
2008-05-08 13:42:15
88.   underdog
Even when Andruw Jones is on track he's K'd a lot. It just doesn't bother anyone as much when his other at bats are more productive. He has had good at bats when he's doubled; the home run came on a fat pitch to crush, but hey, at least he crushed it. The walks came when he was more patient. The rest of the time he's just been impatient and his bat speed is generally too slow right now, as noted above. So basically if he can more consistently show patience and, well, improve his bat speed (which I have no clue how to do, and right now apparently neither does he), then he be a key contributor. Some big "ifs" though of course.
2008-05-08 13:44:34
89.   68elcamino427
Re: Bat speed.
What was wrong with his shoulder last year?
2008-05-08 13:45:23
90.   Indiana Jon
I think Jones was a good signing.

I believe he will start to hit soon.

I wouldn't trade him for Hunter or Fukudome, and their contracts.

Yes, I do want credit when I am right.

Is this what is considered Plaschke style?

2008-05-08 13:46:22
91.   Indiana Jon
Anyone report yet on the LA Times news of Loiaza to the DL, Brazoban coming up, and Kershaw probably coming up for a May 17th start?
2008-05-08 13:47:52
92.   Eric Enders
Off-topic rant: Time Warner Cable is evil. I wake up this morning needing to finish an article, and my cable modem is dead as a doornail. Fine. I call Time Warner, and they offer to send someone out next Wednesday. Six days without internet. I explain that I work from home as a freelance writer, need the internet to do my job, blah, blah. Nothing. They tell me that my modem's likely kaput and if I want to, I can come down to their office, exchange it for a new one, and install it myself. Cool. So I do that, and I have glorious internet... for about 15 minutes. Then the new modem goes dead too. So I guess for the next six days I have nothing to do except fend off angry editors, wait seven minutes each time I refresh a Dodger Thoughts page on dialup, and crack open my own head and feast on the goo inside.
2008-05-08 13:50:35
93.   Indiana Jon
92 You might try connecting through your cell phone via USB cable. It's much faster than dial up unless you live far from the city.
2008-05-08 13:53:17
94.   Disabled List
92 I feel your pain. I posted my own TimeWarner Cable rant a couple of weeks ago.

I'm starting to think Jon should have a dedicated thread for TimeWarner Cable rants.

2008-05-08 13:53:24
95.   berkowit28
90 Is this what is considered Plaschke style?

Not quite. Every two or three paragraphs you need to write a paragraph that's only two words long, which you can optionally repeat.

Like this.

2008-05-08 13:55:21
96.   Ken Noe
90 Andruw Jones has rings in boxes.

Not a World Series ring.

Juan Pierre has one of those in a box.

But he has National League rings.

Matt Kemp doesn't have a ring.

Bloggers don't have rings.

Andruw Jones has rings.

2008-05-08 13:56:39
97.   underdog
91 See Jon's previous posting + discussion.

Nicely captured Plaschke in 90 though. Ken, too. That was tremendous, Ken.

2008-05-08 13:56:51
98.   Sushirabbit
Bob, I made the name up on the fly to create a Yahoo email account. I was working someplace where I needed an outside email address, and overtime I came to use it more than all my other "official" email addresses. Then I started a Yahoo league and joined various things with it. My nickname is Rabbit, my wife and I love sushi.

I have my doubts about the current GM, but it does seem like there might track to get higher-risk lower-cost vets in order to keep the youngsters. If I were GM in Dec 07 I wouldn't have Pierre and I'd still have Werth and Maybe Drew. But I'm not. Plus my fantasy team in my own league is plummeting to the cellar and that's not even with "real" money.

2008-05-08 13:57:06
99.   D4P
Ned Colletti has a Giants ring.
2008-05-08 13:58:27
100.   Ken Noe
97 Thanks. And speaking of Plaschke, Rotoworld reports LoDuca with a broken hand, out 4 -6 weeks.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-05-08 13:58:41
101.   underdog
Time Warner is inherently evil.

I could also post a similar rant, except replacing "Time Warner" with "Comcast." They are both evil.

2008-05-08 13:59:18
102.   68elcamino427
Andruw's got a $36,000,000 contract that acts as a ring in the nose of the Dodgers brass.
2008-05-08 14:00:06
103.   underdog
A big brass ring?
2008-05-08 14:01:17
104.   Bob Hendley
98 - huff, thank goodness its not what I was thinking. By the way, I don't think that you are allowed to call me "Bob" (though I am honored). Indeed, I was thinking of changing the name I use to just Hendley. Jon, is that possible?
2008-05-08 14:02:57
105.   68elcamino427
Yeah, but this one is gold plated.
2008-05-08 14:02:59
106.   Bob Timmermann
We have Jon Weisman and Indiana Jon. And we have an seemingly unending supply of Sams.

We can live with two Bobs.

2008-05-08 14:04:00
107.   underdog
Speaking of Ken Tremendous, new on on FJM takes on ESPN.

"I don't want to get all Bissingerian here, but do I need to be exposed to reader comments during SportsCenter?"

2008-05-08 14:08:36
108.   underdog
Surprisingly, we only have two "dogs" here that I can think of.
2008-05-08 14:09:47
109.   bhsportsguy
106 We also have a few Erics.
2008-05-08 14:10:36
110.   Jon Weisman
And yet somehow, only one Molly.
2008-05-08 14:15:19
111.   MollyKnight
I'd invite all the other Molly's I know to join Dodger Thoughts. Sadly, they're all canines.
2008-05-08 14:16:44
112.   bhsportsguy
111 We also have one Pirate but he rarely posts.
2008-05-08 14:17:16
113.   Bob Hendley
Ah yes, the lovely Jones-deriding, Jeter-loving Molly.
2008-05-08 14:24:26
114.   Eric Stephen
Speaking of the rarest of creatures -- the female DTer -- whatever happened to kaydeecee? She was at the game last year, but hasn't posted in quite some time.
2008-05-08 14:26:17
115.   Marty
I want to know what happened to Christina. I'm afraid Icaros may have been stalking her. When he wasn't in Bob's apartment.
2008-05-08 14:29:34
116.   D4P
And what happened to oswald? She was great...
2008-05-08 14:30:08
117.   Bob Hendley
I get the sense that there are a few that lurk over their significant other's shoulders. (Shawn fans the lot)
2008-05-08 14:30:13
118.   Marty
I'd invite all the other Molly's I know to join Dodger Thoughts. Sadly, they're all canines.

The only Molly I've ever known in person was a Boston Terrier.

2008-05-08 14:31:20
119.   Bob Hendley
118 - Is he allowed to say person in that context?
2008-05-08 14:33:40
120.   Marty
That Molly was more human than some people I've known.
2008-05-08 14:36:02
121.   LoneStar7
does VORP only compare offensive statistics for fielders?

I heard someone mention something about Pierre vs, Jones

2008-05-08 14:37:27
122.   MollyKnight
Gosh. Baseball, people. I love baseball. That picture of Jeter represented baseball. I'm never going to live that down.

Every day at the dog park is an adventure in whipping my head around only to find someone calling their pup.

2008-05-08 14:38:21
123.   MollyKnight
I think we should start calculating Value Over Replacement Commenters.
2008-05-08 14:39:08
124.   regfairfield
121 Yep, VORP is offense only.
2008-05-08 14:42:39
125.   D4P
VORP is offense only

The "Adam Dunn" of baseball stats, if you will.

2008-05-08 14:45:44
126.   Bob Hendley
123 - My cue to sign off.
2008-05-08 14:45:47
127.   LoneStar7
ah thanks thanks, and by the way the little piece from 79 was pretty interesting, Is Logan White surely next in line if/when the Colletti era ends?
2008-05-08 14:45:54
128.   bhsportsguy
Does VORP for commenters have a calculation for "stirring things up?"
2008-05-08 14:46:28
129.   scareduck
118 - our old next door neighbor's boxer was named Molly.
2008-05-08 14:47:24
130.   scareduck
122 - I have the reverse problem with "Hannah".
2008-05-08 14:47:31
131.   MollyKnight
Anybody know who Russell Martin's agent is?
2008-05-08 14:48:15
132.   MollyKnight
128-Yes. And rule violations.
2008-05-08 14:48:28
133.   scareduck
123 - I suspect I'm something like one win over replacement. Good enough as a bench player, but you better not start me...
2008-05-08 14:49:10
134.   Marty
126 By the way, I found a good crab cake today.
2008-05-08 14:50:58
135.   MollyKnight
133-NM. I figured it out.
2008-05-08 14:55:02
136.   Bob Hendley
127 - Not sure if I agree with the dead weight idea that seems to work in Logan's favor (though I am certainly not disputing what he has done). Shouldn't he be accountable for signing bonuses and salaries (the latter, obviously not a large amount) of those that haven't made it to the bigs. (not counting those players drafted, say, after 2004) Or am I missing something?
2008-05-08 14:56:24
137.   Bob Hendley
134 - Yeah Marty! Hope it was on the first try.
2008-05-08 14:58:40
138.   bhsportsguy
136 I think the general thought is that even if you add all the bonus money White (and the front office) has paid out to the draftees from 2002-2007, it pales in comparison to signing players like Tomko, Nomar (extension), Kent (extension), Wolf, Schmidt, Pierre and Jones.
2008-05-08 14:59:26
139.   regfairfield
So long as VORC is a counting stat, I'm looking good.
2008-05-08 15:00:45
140.   Marty
137 Yeah. It was some divey bar kinda place close to the harbor called Peter's.
2008-05-08 15:01:54
141.   arborial
Anyone else read about LaRoche leaving the game due to injury again? As great as he is it just seems like he can't stay healthy.

2008-05-08 15:02:39
142.   JoeyP
Brandon Webb is 8-0.
2008-05-08 15:03:58
143.   Bob Hendley
Sam DC or stolenmonkey86. I may be coming to DC soon with my Monterey, Mexico baseball-loving business associates and would love to take them to the park. Is it pretty filled up or is it easy to get tickets a couple of days in advance. Any idea on a good viewing section that's not to steep (I can't write them off).
2008-05-08 15:04:32
144.   Terry A
I scoff at VORC.

I don't need some newfangledy stat contrived by some Google Boy with a pocket protector to know a good commenter.

I use my eyes, boys (and girl). My eyes.

Grit. Scraptacularity. Heart. These are the characteristics of a good commenter.

Steve had these traits.

Those were the days.

2008-05-08 15:14:05
145.   underdog
141 meet 19 but yah it's like one weird thing after the other. I feel like Andy should be the Boy in the Bubble when he plays.

Might be a challenge to bat or field with a bubble, mind you, but he'd certainly be healthier. Hopefully it's just a minor thing.

2008-05-08 15:20:08
146.   Marty
Hopefully, it's just a minors thing.
2008-05-08 15:23:21
147.   underdog
I'm tellin' ya, call him up before something worse happens to him!
2008-05-08 15:24:40
148.   D4P
2008-05-08 15:25:06
149.   Andrew Shimmin
Kevin Pearson taunts the International Irony Committee.
2008-05-08 15:25:47
150.   Eric Stephen
Anybody know who Russell Martin's agent is?

Molly, Bob Garber. Or did you mean in 135 that you already found that out?

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-05-08 15:27:32
151.   FirstMohican
My VORC is low only because the commenters behind me have no power. That and VORC doesn't take into account how fast I type.
2008-05-08 15:28:09
152.   Jon Weisman
150 - I thought it was Bob Loblaw.
2008-05-08 15:29:19
153.   Indiana Jon
I nominate myself to be the standard for a replacement level commenter. Here are five reasons why:

1) Sometimes I comment frequently, sometimes I don;t comment for a couple days, but I always lurk.

2) Most of the time I read each and every post and comment carefully, but other times I don't and look foolish, see 91 .

3) My punctuation isn't horrible compared to some, but it has much room for improvement. See the semi-colon in 1) above, a bad habit of mine.

4) My comments are rarely interesting, but also rarely make people mad. If they were all deleted, Dodger Thoughts would be just as great.

5) Even when making a feeble attempt to write like Plaschke, I make an error.

2008-05-08 15:29:52
154.   Bob Hendley
106 - Bob, Bob is different. It means something here and carries a great responsibility. As an admirer of your work, it makes me feel uncomfortable that someone might use that name when referring to me. (BTW did you know that the Santorini family was actually Greek and changed their name when they arrived in the States? ;) Sorry, I didn't mean to get on your case for that one. A hug.
2008-05-08 15:31:29
155.   Eric Stephen
2) Most of the time I read each and every post and comment carefully, but other times I don't and look foolish, see 91

I swear, I thought you were joking. You shouldn't have revealed the truth! :)

2008-05-08 15:32:52
156.   Indiana Jon
155 I've missed a comment or two before, but that's the first time I ever missed an entire 150 comment post!
2008-05-08 15:33:46
157.   bhsportsguy
154 There is no faster to get on Bob's list than to offer to hug him.
2008-05-08 15:34:35
158.   Eric Stephen
More info on Martin's agent (Bob Garber) here:

Not only is Andre Ethier the President of RMG*, he's also a client.

*Ethier is not the President of RMG.

2008-05-08 15:35:28
159.   Eric Stephen
Or to shake his hand!
2008-05-08 15:37:13
160.   Bob Timmermann
I have personal space issues.

I need a zone of about 25 feet around me to feel comfortable. 45 feet if I'm feeling scared.

2008-05-08 15:47:51
161.   Bob Hendley
159 - Apparently he could mail you his hand to shake.
2008-05-08 15:49:45
162.   Eric Stephen
I'd have someone at home to high five during Dodger games!
2008-05-08 15:49:48
163.   Christina
115 Ooo, someone's taking my name in vain.

Icaros has been stalking me? So that's who keeps ringing my doorbell and then running away.

I've actually never left here - this site's writing and comments are always too good to miss. I've just been lurking and, unfortunately, usually been too behind on my reading to be able to participate in the current thread of the day. I'll try to do better, especially now that SFIFF is just about over. (Probably saw underdog at some point during it, but since I have no idea what he looks like...)

By the by, as long as I'm here commenting - just wanted to say hi to Molly Knight, as I discovered in a previous thread that she's an alumni of Sonora High. So am I, year of '96. How weird is it that two of the female DTers are from the same OC high school?

2008-05-08 15:52:31
164.   Indiana Jon
Having now read the entire thread that I missed, I have to ask this question:

What is the infatuation with Furcal?

He's simply not that good. Spending a lot of money on him this winter would be crazy. Putting him in the outfield, ridiculous. Does anyone believe that the 14-15 million dollars we would save by giving the job to Hu couldn't be used in a better way for the next 4 or 5 years? Signing Raffy not only wouldn't be wise, but it will cost us keeping better young players in the future. Count me out on this one.

2008-05-08 15:57:59
165.   Icaros
I had a job not too long ago where I did some stocking, but I haven't been stalking in some time.
2008-05-08 15:58:12
166.   Bob Hendley
164 - There goes your 153 4) out the door.
2008-05-08 15:59:50
167.   Bob Timmermann
I believe when Indiana Jon first joined the board, he made derogatory comments about the UCLA basketball team and Pac-10 basketball overall

That raised some hackles.

However, the hackles have been lowered. And we are at condition yellow with the hackles.

2008-05-08 16:03:39
168.   Andrew Shimmin
condition yellow

Uh oh. Everybody move twenty feet farther away from Bob.

2008-05-08 16:05:10
169.   regfairfield
164 Except last year, Furcal is pretty dang good. Pretty good production and great defense at shortstop is pretty valuable. I'd argue he's at worst the fifth best in baseball, behind only Reyes, Hanley, Rollins, and maybe Tulowitzski.
2008-05-08 16:05:51
170.   Indiana Jon
166 Well it does say rarely. Does this make me above replacement or below?

167 I believe my comments on Pac 10 basketball have been fairly accurate and Wooden is not as great of a coach as Knight.

2008-05-08 16:08:47
171.   Curtis Lowe
163- Weird, I went to Sonora.

Did either of you know Katie or Amanda Beamish?
Jamie Bucklin?

2008-05-08 16:10:04
172.   Indiana Jon
169 He's at best 5th in my mind, but will be 31 years old this year. I would bet he gets something in the five year, 75 million dollar range. Do you like him at age 36? His career OPS of .764 is not out of Hu's range if he continues to progress, and by all accounts Hu is his equal if not better in the field.
2008-05-08 16:10:18
173.   Marty
Until yesterday, I had never heard of Sonora High and I grew up in SoCal.
2008-05-08 16:12:17
174.   regfairfield
172 There's the rub right there. I really don't know the answer to "is re-signing Furcal worth it" but saying he's not that good is wrong, unless you meant "he won't be that good in five years".
2008-05-08 16:12:48
175.   Christina
171 I didn't know them personally, but those names are familiar. I'm pretty sure I had a class with Jamie.
2008-05-08 16:14:32
176.   underdog
Debating whether or not to re-sign Furcal long term is one thing, and understandable. Saying he's just not that good is where I draw the line. Except for when he's been hurt, Furcal's been one of the best SS's in the league for awhile. While his numbers will certainly drop off from their current levels--how could they not?--that's different than ignoring some pretty numbers in his career overall. imho.

163 I was the short very white guy in the red tights and blue cape, big black nose, can't miss me. I wandered around with my press pass looking dazed and confused much of the time. Reminds me, I still have one more review to finish before calling it a day (or a two weeks). What was your favorite flick at the fest?

2008-05-08 16:15:05
177.   Indiana Jon
174 What I meant by he's not that good is that he's not worth 75 million or whatever he will get this off season. However, if he was moved to the outfield, he would really not be very good.
2008-05-08 16:19:58
178.   Indiana Jon
176 The guy has a career OPS+ of 96, with a high of 107. For comparison, Jeter's career is 121 and he hasn't been below 100 since his rookie year. I know there's a difference defensively, but Furcal is really overrated in my opinion.
2008-05-08 16:20:55
179.   bhsportsguy
175 Isn't there a site called Classmates that you guys can hash that out on. :)
2008-05-08 16:22:23
180.   Christina
176 underdog, I saw 17 films this time around, and while I wouldn't term anything I saw this year as truly spectacular, Water Lilies, Not By Chance, Under the Bombs, Barcelona: A Map, Two Ladies, Secret, and Shadows in the Palace all stand out. I'm going to stand in rush line for Shadows tonight because I want to watch it again knowing all the secrets.

Romance of Astrea and Celadon may have been the most unintentionally memorable, though. Drippiest love story ever, featuring two leads that may not individually be the dumbest characters ever onscreen, but together certainly have anyone else beat - but the last half hour was freaking hilarious thanks to their stupidity. (Besides, Leonide was hot - not only beautiful, but the only one with any brains.)


2008-05-08 16:23:03
181.   regfairfield
178 That difference defensively is really, really big though. According to +/- the difference between Furcal and Jeter defensively from 2005-2007 is 99 runs. That makes up for a lot of offensive deficency.
2008-05-08 16:23:16
182.   Bob Hendley
122 - Don Mossi means baseball, do you have his picture?
2008-05-08 16:26:12
183.   Indiana Jon
181 But the difference between Furcal and Hu is the real issue. Is it worth 15 million even for next year? I'm not so sure. I definitely don't think it's worth the price in five years.
2008-05-08 16:28:38
184.   Jacob Burch
I suppose a number of us--while liking Hu--don't share the optimism that his bat will ever resemble something much more than cesar izturis. and if he ends up not being able to pan out even at that level, the dodgers aren't exactly super deep at MIF prospects to take his place.

One or two years of overpaying Raffy is worth it for what I believe would come over the next three.

2008-05-08 16:29:55
185.   underdog
180 - The only one of those I saw was Shadows in the Palace, which I thought rocked too, except for being occasionally completely confusing. Liked it a lot though. Review it up on GreenCine Daily. Liked Vasermil, which I saw last night - and has a soccer subplot! - even though it's flawed. La France was good, Toe Tactic was cute if not great, and The Wackness I liked despite also being flawed. Saw lots of good films, just nothing I'd deem wow! great.

177/178 - I hear ya. I wouldn't spend that kind of money on him either, but as BH said, his defense is plus-plus, which shouldn't be overlooked either. Nor should nearly 300 SB's and some power from the leadoff spot. But still, I agree, he's not worth 6 years and the zillions he may ask for.

2008-05-08 16:30:35
186.   underdog
Or I meant as Reg said above, not bh.
2008-05-08 16:32:37
187.   trainwreck
I should probably go to the SFIFF sometime.
2008-05-08 16:34:41
188.   Christina
185 I was supposed to see Vasermil and La Zona last night, but unfortunately didn't make it to the Kabuki. I saw La France at the Clay and liked it (double bill for me with A Girl Cut in Two, which I also liked, but then I have a weakness for Chabrol). I'll check out your review of Shadows on GreenCine. It was definitely confusing, but I think it'll be clear to me on the rewatch - plus, I get to watch the awesome Nancy Drew physician in action again.
2008-05-08 16:35:29
189.   ToyCannon
Furcal as a CF at age 33 would probably have plenty of value. You can't just use an offensive stat like VORP when making decisions on the skill level of SS and CF. Hanley Ramirez would have to be Paul Bunyon to make up for his defensive woes.

Centerfield is not exactly populated with Mays and Mantle these days.
The centerfielders in the NL West are:
C Young
A Jones
W Taveras

When I look at who is playing CF and who might be playing CF in two years the only names who I think would be better then Furcal in the NL are
Beltran, Bruce, C Young, and maybe McLouth, Milledge, and Rasmus.

2008-05-08 16:39:58
190.   Indiana Jon
189 If not McClouth, then McCutcheon. Oh and don't forget Kemp.
2008-05-08 16:41:52
191.   ToyCannon
Just curious why you don't think Hu would hit better then Izzy?
Do you also think DeJesus wouldn't hit better then Izzy?
If I was Ned I'd be willing to bet that Hu would be a better player then Furcal by 2010 and I'm a big fan of Furcal.

Where is Canuck when we are on the same side? He only seems to show up when we disagree.

2008-05-08 16:42:19
192.   Jacob Burch
I could be wrong, but even the most optimistic of scouting predictions don't have Kemp as an everyday CF.
2008-05-08 16:45:49
193.   Kevin Lewis

Same here

2008-05-08 16:46:55
194.   ToyCannon
That is a big leap. McCutheon is basically Furcal. He is not going to be a power guy, he's a speed guy who gets extra base hits because of his speed not because of his power.
I don't consider Kemp a CF until he is actually playing CF, and Bruce will also probably be a RF by 2010. At least Jim Callis thinks so.
Still if you could only come up with two more names I not sure how the Furcal to the outfield is ridiculous like you claimed.
2008-05-08 16:49:59
195.   Indiana Jon
189 Adam Jones, Ellsbury, Upton, Wells, Swisher, Sizemore, Granderson, Hunter, Suzuki, and Hamilton are also CF that I would take over Furcal when considering both leagues. Plus, I will take Andrew Jones and Maybin if he is a CF. In other words, I dont see him being in the top half of CF in baseball in two years.
2008-05-08 16:50:22
196.   ToyCannon
Must be a million high schools I've never heard of in Southern California.

I bet Bob has heard of them since he covers the football beat.

2008-05-08 16:50:45
197.   KG16
173 - they use to have a really big swim meet, by which I mean many teams participated and it took several days. I use to hate the Sonora Invitational more than any other swim event in high school, it is still (12 years later) still on my Dead To Me List.
2008-05-08 16:51:06
198.   bhsportsguy
Ray Allen has played 1.25 games in the second round of the playoffs and has 0 points.

That's weird.

2008-05-08 16:51:31
199.   ToyCannon
True the AL does have a higher skill level in CF then the NL but the last I looked we play in the NL.
2008-05-08 16:55:40
200.   Bob Timmermann
I rarely covered games in OC. Most of those schools were a mystery to me.

Now if you want to talk about little schools in the High Desert that take two hours to get to, then I'm your guy. Rosamond! Desert! Frazier Mountain! Lucerne Valley!

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-05-08 16:56:03
201.   KG16
The problem the Dodgers face in the middle infield is that they are losing both starters. Furcal will be a free agent and I suspect someone (probably a team in the AL East, or maybe AL West) will significantly overpay for his services over a 5-6 year period. Kent will likely retire, if not, I believe his contract is up anyway, and I can't imagine him hanging around either.

Hu should be able to take over one of those positions, the question is: who takes over the other? Internally, I don't think the Dodgers have many (any?) options. On the free agent market, there doesn't seem to be a lot of options either. Which is why I like the idea of seeing if DeWitt and/or LaRoche could play second; or even Young.

2008-05-08 16:56:25
202.   Indiana Jon
194 I'm not so sure about McCutchen being Furcal. For a 21 year old in AAA, he appears to have good power for a speed guy. I wouldn't be surprised to see him in Pittsburgh before July.
2008-05-08 16:57:48
203.   CanuckDodger
191 -- When I agree with you, or Andrew Grant -- and it is a lot more often than you guys probably think -- I just let you do the work.:)
2008-05-08 16:58:42
204.   ToyCannon
So Abreu is now officially toast?

Mark Ellis would make a nice stop gap. He'd be perfect for this team in 2009.

2008-05-08 17:00:27
205.   ToyCannon
Would he replace their best player?
2008-05-08 17:02:51
206.   ToyCannon
Canuck what is up with the Great Lake Loons offense? Is that the toughest park to hit in or do they just not thaw out until June?
2008-05-08 17:03:28
207.   CanuckDodger
Abreu is not toast. People are just jumping to conclusions there.
2008-05-08 17:04:51
208.   Indiana Jon
205 If you mean McLouth, no. I don't expect Bay, Nady and LaRoche all to be there long once McCutcheon is ready. I suppose Bay would be the most likely to be traded.
2008-05-08 17:05:14
209.   KG16
204 - what does Abreu look like as far as offensive potential? The Bums will need a bit more offensive production from the middle in field, given the, er, situation in left.

Now, if they could figure out some way to fill second, third, and left field with some combination of LaRoche, Young, and DeWitt, we might just be on to something

2008-05-08 17:07:53
210.   Andrew Shimmin
Huh. The Yankees are the only team in the AL East with a halfway decent shortstop (although, Lugo isn't doing so badly, so far, this year, sOPS+ of 106). The Rays have Brignac (is he still a SS?), and are the Rays, so probably can't afford the ante. It looks like Baltimore is learning its lesson about ponying up for free agents, but I guess you never know. Furcal is too good a player for Riccardi to be interested.
2008-05-08 17:11:00
211.   CanuckDodger
206 -- It is a young offense, and I think more organizations are dumping 22 and 23 year olds in low A, so our younger guys look bad by comparison. I think it is interesting that A's outfield prospect Matt Sulentic, 19-years-old in 2007, sucked in the Midwest League last year, but instead of having to repeat the league, he was advanced to the California League this year, and he is raking there.
2008-05-08 17:11:49
212.   ToyCannon
Baltimore might have the worse stable of SS talent in baseball outside of the Giants.
2008-05-08 17:11:58
213.   underdog
201 That's basically what I've been saying for awhile. That's my reasoning for re-signing Furcal. Losing both Kent and Furcal next season, even with Hu having more experience by then, will still hurt. But I've also been on the "curious about LaRoche at 2nd" bandwagon so it's possible we could still have an in house solution. If he can prove he can stay healthy, which neither he nor Abreu can do--yet.
2008-05-08 17:13:36
214.   Indiana Jon
210 The Red Sox have Jed Lowrie too.
2008-05-08 17:14:14
215.   ToyCannon
Right, kind of like Carlos Santana for us even though he is a little older then Sulentic. I'm just wondering if our DR players are unable to handle the Midwest league weather or if it is more indicative of our park.
2008-05-08 17:16:46
216.   ToyCannon
There is always Luis Maza:)
2008-05-08 17:20:22
217.   CanuckDodger
215 -- I think the park is too young for there to be any data available on it. The weather could be an issue for a guy like Baez, although I thought at the time that BA overrated him (Bell should have been ranked ahead of him).

I really think we should have stayed in the South Atlantic League. Warmer weather and teams that have more teenagers than college guys in low A.

2008-05-08 17:20:25
218.   ToyCannon
At some point he has to play the game. It would suck if they botched his surgery and he has to have it done again but something is not right.
2008-05-08 17:23:06
219.   underdog
Toy "I don't believe in TinyURL" Cannon. ;-)

But I agree with Canuck, they should've stayed in the South Atlantic League.

2008-05-08 17:23:54
220.   CanuckDodger
207 -- I'm not penciling him in for Kent right now, just saying we can't write him off. Unlikely his career ends because of this. It will be sorted out.
2008-05-08 17:25:24
221.   MollyKnight
163 and 171-

Wow! I had no idea other Sonora alums were on here.

I graduated in '99. So I guess that means I was a freshman when you were senior, Christina. What's your last name? You probably wouldn't have known me. I was a new kid in school and didn't have many real friends until May of that year. And back then I was about 5'2 and weighed roughly 98 pounds. Easy to miss in the hallways. Who were your favorite teachers?

When did you graduate, Curtis? My best friend is friends with Katie Beamish. I don't know her, though.

2008-05-08 17:27:29
222.   El Lay Dave
221 I think I was that same size as a freshman.
2008-05-08 17:28:19
223.   MollyKnight
And I absolutely agree with whoever said Hu evokes memories of Izturis offensively.

And they are not the warmest memories.

2008-05-08 17:29:05
224.   underdog
Graduated HS in '99? Man, all those who suddenly feel really old raise their hands.
2008-05-08 17:30:12
225.   Eric Stephen
Is there some new Abreu news you guys are talking about?
2008-05-08 17:31:11
226.   Marty
224 Let's not play the old game. I win too often.
2008-05-08 17:31:57
227.   Bob Hendley
223 - Seems to me that Izzy was always hitting lazy flyballs and not very deep at that. I don't see the same with Hu.
2008-05-08 17:32:19
228.   underdog
225 Nothing breaking. Just the news that (from LA Times and the PE:)
Tony Abreu has been shut down for three to seven days, as he experienced tightness in his groin after playing in an extended spring training game Monday.
And from RotoWorld (which isn't worth as much): The Dodgers are already annoyed with Abreu's unwillingness to play in discomfort, and this won't help his case. He might become trade bait this summer.
2008-05-08 17:33:02
229.   Bob Hendley
224 - Bob can mail his in.
2008-05-08 17:33:41
230.   underdog
Hu has more power potential than Izturis (which, granted, isn't saying much) and a better line drive percentage, I believe. I think scouts are higher on him as a hitter than they were on Izturis, in addition to also being a great fielder. But I guess we'll see.
2008-05-08 17:34:05
231.   Jacob Burch
191 ,223 It's not that I'm convinced Hu could never out hit cesar (he certainly shows to have a bit more gap-power), his low walk rate and scouting reports I've read don't seem to be convinced he'll ever produce at a high level offensively. I am not a zealous reader of scouting reports, so I'm more than welcome to be wrong.

Just from what's available on the surface, I feel that if the price is somewhat fair--and I think 5/75 is--resigning furcal is the best option.

2008-05-08 17:35:37
232.   CanuckDodger
223 -- There is no connection between Hu and Izturis offensively, just defensively. Hu has always had some HR pop, as well as gap power. Because Hu is small people are making assumptions that are not warranted.
2008-05-08 17:36:52
233.   El Lay Dave
224 Nothing "suddenly" about it.

Regarding female commenters, don't leave out sporky.

2008-05-08 17:37:39
234.   D4P
Graduated HS in '99? Man, all those who suddenly feel really old raise their hands

Maybe they're not young: maybe they're just really stupid...

2008-05-08 17:38:04
235.   Jacob Burch
232 I used Izturis as a prototypical "everyday SS," as I always felt those were the numbers he more or less put up when he was with us. It was not meant to be an attempt at a comparable.
2008-05-08 17:38:19
236.   Andrew Shimmin
Also sporky:

2008-05-08 17:39:22
237.   bhsportsguy
Izturis hit 7 home runs in 2100 minor league plate appearances, his minor league OPS was barely over .600.

I doubt that Hu projects that low.

2008-05-08 17:40:22
238.   CanuckDodger
Six scoreless innings (so far) for Edwin Jackson tonight in Toronto. What could have been...
2008-05-08 17:41:10
239.   El Lay Dave
237 Though Izturis didn't get to play in the minors at ages 22 and 23 as Hu has.
2008-05-08 17:43:46
240.   El Lay Dave
239 I should have noted that Izturis was about two years younger at every minor league level compared to Hu.
2008-05-08 17:52:21
241.   fanerman
221 First I find out you went to Stanford, and now Sonora?! Oy vey! I went to Troy (and then Cal). Sigh. At least you didn't go to Scummy Hills.
2008-05-08 17:53:31
242.   Eric Enders
I'd agree that Hu and Izturis are the same type of hitter, but I think Hu has a chance to be a much higher quality example of that type. Izturis never had a year remotely resembling the greatness of Hu's 2007. Whether Hu turns out to be a good hitter is largely dependent on whether 2007 was for real or not.

In any case, I think he's the next Izturis only in a worst-case scenario. And remember, Izturis at his best was good enough to make the All-Star team, win a Gold Glove, and be signed to a long-term contract.

If the Dodgers re-sign Furcal, I'd love to see a second-base-by-committee approach in 2009 involving Hu, Abreu, Young, and DeWitt. Whichever three aren't playing on any given day could form the foundation of a strong bench.

2008-05-08 17:57:44
243.   El Lay Dave
I think the last free agent SS to be signed for longer than four years was Tejada. That was for six years starting with what was thought to be at the time his age 28 season. I wonder how many teams are actually willing to go more than four years for Furcal's age 31-35 seasons?
2008-05-08 17:58:41
244.   NorCal-Dodger
Very interesting article from Joe Sheehan.

Had the Dodgers sent Colletti on a six-month cruise starting Nov. 1, 2006, they would have won the NL West in 2007.

2008-05-08 18:00:53
245.   El Lay Dave
If Furcal is not re-signed, I'm still wondering who will hit leadoff for the '09 Dodgers. Even if some/most of us don't think batting order is all that important, won't Colletti, Torre and company perceive that as a hole requiring filling - or that that is what Pierre is for?
2008-05-08 18:05:19
246.   El Lay Dave
244 Some discussion of that starting at 79 . He even picked the same line to quote as you did!
2008-05-08 18:08:14
247.   NorCal-Dodger
Thanx Dave, didn't see the previous post. Guess with the current albatross signings of Schmidt, Pierre,'s easy to pick and wish for that quote to be true.
2008-05-08 18:10:04
248.   Marty
236 This one applies to DTers sometimes:

2008-05-08 18:12:23
249.   Sam DC
111 No fish?
2008-05-08 18:17:22
250.   Bob Hendley
243 - I am not making any comparisons to Rafi, but just wanted to say that the O's got some outstanding years out of Tejada, until the last one. And he now seems like he is back on track (untracked) with the 'Srtos.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-05-08 18:18:27
251.   Bob Hendley
250 - I mean Houston.
2008-05-08 18:22:21
252.   KG16
245 - Intriguing question. Perhaps Hu, perhaps Pierre... maybe Martin goes old school Jason Kendall.
2008-05-08 18:23:41
253.   regfairfield
252 Please do not bat the two worst on base guys on the team leadoff.
2008-05-08 18:26:55
254.   Bob Hendley
253 - Ah, it will get them out of the way at least. Lineups don't matter anyway, right? Jon, could you direct me to the research on this (so I don't take up anytime here). Thanks
2008-05-08 18:34:14
255.   CanuckDodger
Edwin Jackson pitches 8 scoreless innings tonight and now Troy Percival gives up 3 runs (so far) to blow the save. Game is tied 3-3 with 1 out in the 9th.
2008-05-08 18:35:27
256.   Sam DC
Bob H -- Tickets to Nationals Park at all price levels are readily available, including day of game, and I'd recommend walking up and buying at the window so you can look at the chart and just pick where you want to sit.

I've only been a couple of times, and the seating/pricing system is absurdly complicated, so I don't have any great ideas. The lower OF seats are quite pricey for being in the outfield -- $35-$50 bucks I think. I've been told that the mezzanine sections in left -- 201 to 205 are a very good value; those are $33 per. The top deck is quite high because the luxury boxes are double stacked so consider that depending on who you are with.

I'd urge you to get something where you can see the scoreboard (which is above center/right) for a couple reasons. It is the biggest Hi Def screen in mlb and its pretty amazing to see. Also, they haven't really caught up yet providing game info on places other than the main scoreboard, so if you can't see it, you don't get pitch speed and counts, prior at bats, and other stuff.

Happy to answer any other questions, like re getting there, if you'd like.

2008-05-08 18:35:31
257.   D4P
Edwin needs to Learn How To Win™.
2008-05-08 18:40:19
258.   Dodgers49
The Dodgers' Russell Mitchell faces his brother, Lee (of the Marlins) in Jacksonville:

Brothers share field, dream

2008-05-08 18:46:08
259.   Sam DC
0 In other news from Bisonia . . .


2008-05-08 18:46:22
260.   FirstMohican
224 "Graduated HS in '99? Man, all those who suddenly feel really old raise their hands."

I'm raising my hand, and I graduated HS in '99.

2008-05-08 18:47:54
261.   Dodgers49
Long reliever posts impressive statistics as 51s' staff 'savior'

2008-05-08 18:50:58
262.   El Lay Dave
255 His trade partner, Chuck Tiffany is attempting his comeback from his serious arm surgery. He's pitching for the Vero Beach [Devil] Rays, so far in 4 appearances, 5 1/3 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 5 K, 5 BB.
2008-05-08 19:06:15
263.   Gen3Blue
Oh, man. I know I'm old. But I tried to watch some basketball tonight and it was awful. I just like Baseball, I once thought I liked Hockey but I no longer do, and can't take basketball.

Baseball has a set length--9 innings. If the other games would start the clock and let it run 15 or 20 minutes or whatever that would be Okay. But this jerky subjective measure of when the clock runs is apalling. And they have to outlaw taking fouls to prolong your inevitable loss.
Sorry for this rant. The rest of what I wrote sounded really stupid..GN.

2008-05-08 19:08:41
264.   Andrew Shimmin
Soccer has a clock that doesn't stop. But they also make up the time that wouldn't have elapsed if they'd stopped the clock, the way other sports do.

For some reason. Never really got that. Seems like the only thing it would be good for is letting the refs cheat.

2008-05-08 19:11:58
265.   Gen3Blue
Soccer I can sort of comprehend-maybe that is why.
2008-05-08 19:16:10
266.   Marty
Soccer is just hockey without the ice. And the fights. And there's a ball instead of a puck. And they can't use sticks.
2008-05-08 19:16:26
267.   El Lay Dave
194 I don't consider Kemp a CF until he is actually playing CF

Joe Torre is playing him in CF ahead of a certain player with nearly 10,000 innings of major-league CF experience.

2008-05-08 19:29:03
268.   MC Safety
266 Football, Marty. Football.
2008-05-08 19:32:39
269.   Gen3Blue
210 I think you can safely say Lugo is doing badly after last nights loss. He just needs a little while to get to his mean, if you know what I mean. I feel it intensely here in Ma.
2008-05-08 19:49:24
270.   JJ42
258 That's great. I met Russ last year after a Hawaiian Winter League game and talked to him at length during spring training this year. Really cool guy and very down to earth. He was telling me how great it would be to play in Jacksonville as it is close to his family and girlfriend.
2008-05-08 19:59:24
271.   El Lay Dave
258 Baseball is not the first thing that springs to mind when I read "the Mitchell brothers".
2008-05-08 20:21:39
272.   Dodgers49
255 The funny thing is I had just read an article this morning about the great year Troy Percival was having with his new changup and that he was 7 for 7 in saves. He immediately blows the next one. Poor Edwin. :-)

Recharged Percival leads Rays on, off field

2008-05-08 20:27:14
273.   Gen3Blue
I still can't believe Boof Bonzer is a real name!
2008-05-08 20:29:15
274.   Jon Weisman
There's a TV chat thread below this one if you want to visit it.

I probably won't watch Lost tonight.

2008-05-08 20:38:26
275.   Bob Hendley
256 - Thanks Sam. I am excited already. Is Ben's really Ben's?
2008-05-08 20:40:58
276.   LogikReader
I'll bet all of you have been to at least a few of these places:

This slide show is great. And also hilarious! I Love L.A.

2008-05-08 20:46:16
277.   Bob Hendley
274 - Jon, could you direct me to the research that concludes that the positioning of players in a line-up only has marginal effects over the course of a seaason? Is that Bill James?
2008-05-08 20:49:57
278.   old dodger fan
I have tix for the Dodger game on 8/26-Section 135U. Never having been there it was pretty tough to decide where to sit but at $35 I hope I made a good choice.

Let me know what you think.

I will probably go to the game on the 27th too but have some family joining me and don't know how many tickets to buy so I have been holding off. I feel a lot better about that now. Thanks.

2008-05-08 20:51:22
279.   sporky
70 I made my first (and probably last) trip to Yankee Stadium today, and saw Betemit hit that HR!

Unfortunately, there was a Kevin Federline-ish fellow who would not stop yelling "BROKEBACK BOSTON" every other at bat. I spilled some mustard on his tee shirt, but unfortunately, I don't think he noticed.

2008-05-08 21:02:49
280.   sporky
233 I graduated HS in '01, so does that make me a DT minority twofer?
2008-05-08 21:03:44
281.   trainwreck
I hate people.
2008-05-08 21:05:50
282.   trainwreck
DT is my best stop to get an age-related ego boost.
2008-05-08 21:05:52
283.   old dodger fan
279 It's probably better that he didn't notice.
2008-05-08 21:07:30
284.   Bob Hendley
280 - Writing samples (small as they may be) suggest that most of us DTers didn't graduate from grade school. So, yes, you are probably in the minority.
2008-05-08 21:10:50
285.   Dodgers49
Torre says he'll stick with Jones

Garciaparra still hurting

>> So much for Nomar Garciaparra's left calf injury lasting only two weeks like it did last season. Garciaparra is eligible to come off the disabled list this weekend, but Torre already is saying that his third baseman won't make it to next week's three-game series at Milwaukee. There is no timetable for his return. <<

2008-05-08 21:21:24
286.   sporky
I mastered the Rubix Cube! /nonsequitur
2008-05-08 21:27:18
287.   Dodgers49
Dodgers' Matt Kemp is in a batting groove

>> The 23-year-old right fielder, Easler said, isn't the same hitter who was two for 15 over the first four games of the season and was benched for four games.

"He's got better strike-zone management now," Easler said. "That's half the battle, not getting excited, staying within yourself." <<

## Kemp learned how to be more selective, not only by waiting on pitches longer, but also by starting to see what the pitcher was delivering the moment the ball left his hand. ##

%% "He'll be 0-1, 0-2, and he'll work back to 2-2 or 3-2," Easler said. "He's nice and relaxed. He doesn't panic anymore." %%

2008-05-08 21:30:12
288.   Bob Hendley
287 - I knew it. The Bison is just toying with the pitchers now.
2008-05-08 21:38:51
289.   68elcamino427
There is no timetable for his return.
Nomar, LaRoche, DeWitt. (Abreu)
Nomar was due to check back in, creating a logjam at third base, so LaRoche, who was in Las Vegas on a rehab assignment sas dropped from the 25 man roster.
Previously, DeWitt had spent one day in Las Vegas, but returned because--Nomar got hurt attempting to field a ground ball hit to his right--.
Meanwhile, LaRoche says he's healthy enough to rejoin the big club, but unfortuantely, the Dodgers don't agree, although LaRoche is deemed healthy enough to be removed from his rehab status. Abreu has tummy issues.
In the interim, LaRoche has smashed his turf toe with a batted ball.
So, the last man standing for the moment is ... Blake DeWitt.
2008-05-08 21:52:51
290.   Bob Timmermann
Looking through all the genealogical info that Daniel Zappala sent me about my family, I have found a Molly on my family tree. Actually, she is listed as Mollie.

Mollie Cohen. She is my great-great aunt (if I'm doing my counting right).

2008-05-08 21:58:56
291.   Dodgers49
287 I noticed the difference right away. During an AB with the bases loaded on a Thursday he looked absolutely terrible. On an 0-1 fastball right down the middle he swung right through it. Then waved at an 0-2 breaking pitch that wasn't anywhere near the strike zone. Torre then benched him for Friday's game but Jones fouled a ball off his leg and Kemp relieved him. The game went extra innings and Matt ended up getting about four ABs. But he looked liked an entirely different hitter from the very first AB in that game. I've been waiting ever since for an explanation of the transformation to appear in the newspaper.
2008-05-08 22:15:23
292.   underdog
266 My soccer team tonight could've used sticks. And fights. That would've been a better strategy than whatever one we used.
2008-05-08 22:27:29
293.   Benjamin Miracord
Yahoo! Sports reports:

...Chan Ho Park all but assured himself of getting the ball the next time the Dodgers need a fifth starter—which would be May 17 at Anaheim...the only other candidate for the job, Esteban Loaiza, was placed on the 15-day disabled list...

The only other candidate? The ONLY one?

2008-05-08 22:32:51
294.   KG16
292 - soccer hooligans is always a good approach, I've found.
2008-05-08 22:36:14
295.   Dodgers49
293 The other candidate doesn't exist. :-)
2008-05-08 23:01:00
296.   underdog
I like Chan Ho and all, but Chan Ho vs. the Angels does not sound like a win for us. There's only one, a mythical beast, who can make that a game for the ages. Let us all sound the magic horn to summon him.

294 The closest we had to a hooligan was someone's girlfriend who talked on her cell phone the whole time. Didn't seem to help much or scare the next time. Next time we'll hire some.

2008-05-08 23:01:20
297.   Bumsrap
Kent, at age 41, has set the defensive standard at second that LaRoche and DeWitt and Young should be able to match.
2008-05-08 23:01:39
298.   underdog
Scare the other team, that should read. Weird cut n' paste mishap.

I think I need bed.

2008-05-08 23:19:00
299.   Bob Hendley
266 - Oh, but soccer has penalty kicks, which are so special they only use them to decide really important matches.
2008-05-08 23:24:35
300.   scareduck
296 - roar of lightning
call of thunder
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-05-08 23:26:41
301.   scareduck
Without comment:

If Kemp's ungulate nick sticks, the NY Post will have a field day.

2008-05-08 23:34:22
302.   Bob Hendley
300 - Oh Ned "Minos" Colletti let our Minotaur free from the labyrinth of Jacksonville!
2008-05-08 23:47:04
303.   KingKopitar
266 On the other hand, hockey is awesome and features men who fight with their bare fists while in football they do this:

But other than that, they're exactly the same.

2008-05-09 00:00:07
304.   Reddog
Maybe Easler could work with Andruw Jones. Then again, isn't there an old saying that you can't teach an old horse new tricks?
2008-05-09 00:17:48
305.   El Lay Dave
301 I don't see a big difference between that and what Greg Maddux does to unsuspecting teammates in the shower.
2008-05-09 05:13:50
306.   old dodger fan
Good morning EC Dodger fans and WC insomniacs.

Edwin Jackson observation:
7 starts this year.

In the 4 good ones he has pitched 6-8 innings and given up zero or one run in each.
In the 3 bad starts he has pitched 4-5 innings and given up 5 or 6 runs each.

There is no in between. He is either very good or very bad.

2008-05-09 06:20:40
307.   Ken Noe
Salt in the Tampa wound: Jackson's game and Navarro's grand slam. But on the bright side, we still have...oh, yeah, never mind.
2008-05-09 06:29:38
308.   Jon Weisman
2008-05-09 06:33:25
309.   old dodger fan
Navarro is off to a good start this year but he was pretty bad last year.

Jackson's taken a lot of patience to see the fruit. I hope he has a great career.

OT but I wonder about the wisdom of starting Park (nice way of saying I don't like it). His longest outing this year is 3 innings and 51 pitches (and he gave up 2 runs in that one). He seems to be doing well in his 2-3 inning role. I would love to see him give us 6 good innings but I am not optimistic. If I had to choose someone on the current 25 man I would go with Kuo.

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