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2008-05-09 06:22
by Jon Weisman

  • Baseball-Intellect likes Dodger prospect Andrew Lambo's swing so much, the site has posted video.

  • James Loney knows when to bluff ...

    "Loney's doing well?" asked an incredulous Bennett. "I didn't even know he played.

    ... and when to come clean, writes Ben Platt of

    Loney, who is always the gentleman, patiently explained between hands to one of the women playing at his table, what his day job was. "I play first base for the Dodgers," said Loney. "Is that a good position to play?" asked the lady. "Yes, I think it is," replied the 24-year-old from Houston.

  • Is the Joe Torre approach, as described by Tony Jackson of the Daily News, different from the J.D. Drew approach?

  • I haven't had a chance to listen to it, but The Scrum has an hour-long interview with Michael Schur of The Office and

  • Congrats to Bill Buckner, Buck O'Neil and Emmett Ashford on their election into the Baseball Reliquary Shrine of the Eternals. The Griddle has the details.

    Update: At Season Pass, I contemplate the future of Scrubs.

    Update 2: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar will be moving his entertaining blog for the Times to

  • Comments (193)
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    2008-05-09 07:17:02
    1.   Eric Stephen
    Not to sound like certain Met fans, but I really like the pitching matchups this weekend:

    Lowe vs. Brian Moehler
    Billingsley vs. Chris Sampson
    Kuroda vs. Shawn Chacon

    The Astros had won 5 straight before yesterday's loss to the Nationals, but I think the Dodgers are a good bet to win their 5th straight series.

    2008-05-09 07:21:50
    2.   Penarol1916
    I love those Baseball-Intellect scouting reports and videos. Is this the same guy who used to do them for Hardball Times?
    2008-05-09 08:02:50
    3.   cargill06
    1 the dodgers are -220 to win the series, i took your advice and put 50 on it.
    2008-05-09 08:03:56
    4.   27indigo
    That Jackson article was really refreshing. I'm glad to hear that they're being more patient at the plate. Although I do agree -- why are the media praising Torre for it when they vilified J.D. Drew for it.

    I guess I know the answer to that question. Only one of those two "knows how to win."

    2008-05-09 08:11:11
    5.   Eric Stephen
    I don't want any broken kneecaps or pinkies on my conscience! :)
    2008-05-09 08:11:20
    6.   Bob Timmermann
    You mean the guy who was on the World Series champs last year?
    2008-05-09 08:13:17
    7.   D4P
    Just finished listening to the Ken Tremendous interview. It was good, except for the stuff about "The Office". I mean, who cares...
    2008-05-09 08:14:06
    8.   ToyCannon
    For 309 of the previous thread. Navarro was terrible in the first half last season but in the 2nd half he was one of the better offensive catchers in the AL. He has carried that over into 2008.
    2008-05-09 08:19:25
    9.   ToyCannon
    Thursday Night TV sucked for me. The Scrubs finale left me bummed, Earl didn't make me laugh, 30 Rock didn't make me laugh, the Office had me squirming. The only thing I liked about the office was the look Pam and Jim gave the village idiot at the end of the show.

    Bob, the California Gold show last night focused on some Ansel Adams photographs from 1940 that he donated in 1962 to the Los Angeles Library. The guy who was reviewing the collection reminded me of you, and at 1st I thought it was you until they introduced him.

    2008-05-09 08:20:17
    10.   Bob Timmermann
    You think I look Huell Howser?
    2008-05-09 08:27:55
    11.   therickdaddy
    All I remember about the JD Drew approach is that he took pitches up to two strikes and then watched the third one go across for a strikeout.

    Not sure that's what Torre has in mind.

    2008-05-09 08:28:44
    12.   Jon Weisman
    11 - Yep, it's funny what people choose to remember.
    2008-05-09 08:30:14
    13.   Eric Stephen
    Speaking of Devil Rays, anytime I lament about the loss of Edwin Jackson, my brother inevitably gives me the LaRochian Response of "he had his chance." It's very frustrating to hear.

    Jackson only made 14 starts (and 5 relief appearances) for the Dodgers, and was entering his age 22 season when he was traded (for the immortal Baez/Carter All-Star package). What is interesting is that of his 14 Dodger starts, he best four starts (by game score) were his first four starts:

    2008-05-09 08:31:09
    14.   Eric Stephen
    I didn't watch it yet, but that was the series finale for Scrubs, right?
    2008-05-09 08:31:43
    15.   Bob Timmermann
    The NBC version finale.
    2008-05-09 08:33:59
    16.   Gen3Blue
    Huell Howser doesn't quite have the ring of Boof Bonzer.
    2008-05-09 08:37:10
    17.   RIYank
    Jon, thanks for that link to the Michael Schur interview. Excellent.
    2008-05-09 08:38:29
    18.   D4P
    I think the remaining Scrubs episodes will either be on ABC or go Straight To DVD™, right...?
    2008-05-09 08:40:05
    19.   Eric Stephen
    I forgot they were switching networks, thanks.
    2008-05-09 08:43:08
    20.   Eric Stephen
    10 ,16
    The funniest thing about the name Huell Howser, to me, is that I thought it was the character played by Chris Farley in the legendary SNL skit about the Clarence Thomas hearings.

    However, Farley actually played Senator Howell Heflin.

    2008-05-09 09:02:48
    21.   Eric Stephen
    Small sample size theater, but Ethier is 3 for 3 with a double off tonight's starter, Brian Moehler.
    2008-05-09 09:07:26
    22.   JoeyP
    Right now, it looks like the A's hit on 5/6 prospects they got in the Dan Haren trade:

    Chris Carter 1b, Age 21, A: .245/.345/.556
    10Hrs in 124Abs

    Carlos Gonzales OF, Age 22, AAA---.351/.419/.506

    Brett Anderson P, Age 20, A: 3.43 ERA, 39ks/9bbs in 39IP

    Greg Smith P, Age 24, Oakland: 39IP, 2.54 ERA

    Dana Eveland P, Age 24, Oakland: 41IP, 3.05 ERA

    The only guy that has sucked is Aaron Cunningham (.540 OPS at AA).

    Surely Greg Smith and Dana Eveland cant continue what they are doing, but if they do this looks like one amazing trade for both teams.

    2008-05-09 09:16:51
    23.   Eric Stephen
    The headline in the San Diego Union-Tribune sports section this morning was "Is This The Bottom?", regarding the Padres.

    The Rockies are in town this weekend. After the 22-inning affair on April 17, here were the team records:

    Padres 8-8
    Rockies 7-8

    Since that game:

    Rockies 7-13
    Padres 4-15

    2008-05-09 09:20:40
    24.   bhsportsguy
    23 I believe based on the reaction I read on some of the Padre's blogs about putting Thatcher (6.35 ERA before yesterday's game) in a tie game in the 9th, that Bud Black is not a popular figure these days.

    I can't recall when they got rid of him but Andrew Brown (former Dodger, Brave, Indian, etc.) would probably looked nice in a Padre uniform these days.

    2008-05-09 09:25:57
    25.   Icaros

    Remember? Brown was coincidentally traded for Milton Bradley a second time when SD sent him to Oakland.

    2008-05-09 09:38:47
    26.   Ken Noe
    Given their resources, I've been impressed in the past with the Padres' brain trust. What has happened down there?
    2008-05-09 09:38:55
    27.   underdog
    9 30 Rock made me laugh quite a few times, actually, but otherwise I felt the same. (Though I didn't like that one of the storylines started to get too close to the plot of Tina Fey's movie, or maybe they were making fun of the movie, I dunno. But I did laugh.)


    Speaking of Michael Schur/FJM, and of the A's, I love their takedown of this horrible analogy made in a list of the ten worst run franchises ("And the Knicks will be #1, right?") --

    >> "Moneyball" is to baseball what frugal is to cheap...

    "Moneyball" is not a euphemism for "baseball." "Frugal" is not a strategy for winning at the sport of "cheap." The whole thing is so tangled I can't even begin to suggest an alternative.

    Oh, what the hell, here are a half dozen, each one at least as accurate as what this guy wrote:

    Moneyball : regular baseball GM-ing :: Fosbury flop : just jumping normally
    Moneyball : baseball :: PlayStation 3 : TurboGrafx 16
    Moneyball : baseball :: Can't Buy Me Love : Tourette's Syndrome <<

    2008-05-09 09:45:15
    28.   Eric Stephen
    Old Friend Wesley Wright Watch:

    The former Dodger farmhand, who spent last season with Jacksonville and Las Vegas, makes his Dodger Stadium debut this weekend, as an Astro.

    In 16 appearances, Wright has a 3.75 ERA in 12 IP, with a 5/12 BB/K ratio. Opposing batters have hit .190/.277/.357 thus far.

    He has been brought in a few high leverage situations as well, at least more than the normal Rule 5 pick (think Kevin Cameron last year with the Padres). Seven of his 16 appearances have started with the club down by a run, tied, or up by 1-2 runs.

    2008-05-09 09:48:28
    29.   bhsportsguy
    26 1. The years of poor drafts really caught up with them.
    2. Petco affects hurt their offense more than it helps their pitchers.
    3. Jake Peavy is their only effective starter right now.
    2008-05-09 09:49:20
    30.   D4P
    Petco affects hurt their offense more than it helps their pitchers


    2008-05-09 09:54:45
    31.   underdog
    So why did the Dodgers let Wes Wright go over Mario Alvarez again? I can understand why they are high on Alvarez's potential, but with his erratic numbers and lack of much experience he didn't seem a likely candidate to make someone's major league roster for a full season. I really don't think they would've lost him. But I guess it's still a bit of a crapshoot.
    2008-05-09 09:55:00
    32.   Eric Stephen
    I think their margin for error has been slim the last few years, but this year it seems everything is going wrong at once.

    They are not hitting. Outside of Gonzalez, Giles & McAnulty (all 102 OPS+ or higher), no one has an OPS+ above 88. Greene and Bard have been awful, and Jim Edmonds has managed the impossible task of being worse than Andruw Jones offensively. Last year, the offense was much better (4th in the NL in road runs).

    Edmonds in particular has been awful defensively. The dropoff from Mike Cameron has been huge, and most nights the OF defense consists of Edmonds in CF flanked by the statues of Giles and McAnulty or Hairston.

    Their relief corps, a strength of the last 3+ years, has been the worst in the league this season.

    Oh yeah, and outside of Peavy their starters have been bad too. It really is a perfect storm for San Diego this year, says this smiling Dodger fan.

    2008-05-09 09:55:34
    33.   fanerman
    James Loney is wearing a nice jacket.
    2008-05-09 09:57:58
    34.   Louis in SF

    I also thought the Jackson article was good, but I think the expectation level for Drew was very high and there was a feeling that he was going to hit a ton of homers. I myself never thought that, but again the I believe that was the expectation based on the previous season in Atlanta. Drew also had the expectation that he was briddle and I think he does have injury issues, but especially to Grady's credit, I think Tracy did the same thing they rested him and he did not miss has many games as many thought he would.

    2008-05-09 09:59:14
    35.   bhsportsguy
    30 Psychologically, it cannot be good for a team to play 81 games in a place where you are consistently scratching for runs.

    I am not sure what kind of ballplayer you want in Petco, you definitely need an outfield that can cover ground.

    2008-05-09 09:59:37
    36.   madmac
    26 they hired DePodesta?
    2008-05-09 10:00:01
    37.   bhsportsguy
    32 I suppose work is quite pleasant right now.
    2008-05-09 10:02:35
    38.   Eric Stephen
    The years of poor drafts really caught up with them

    In 2004, I went to a Baseball Prospectus outing at Petco Park, which included a talk with Kevin Towers. This was right after they drafted Matt Bush #1 overall, a total "signability" pick (in a draft with Verlander, Weaver, Stephen Drew, Hughes), and Towers tried to spin how high the team was on the local boy (he went to a SD high school).

    The highlight of that night for me was that I was wearing a Dodger cap and when Kevin Towers took my question, he laughingly rolled his eyes upon seeing my cap. I asked him if he missed "The Sheriff" Kevin Malone, and laughs were had by all.

    2008-05-09 10:02:56
    39.   D4P
    But why do you think the psychological damage to their hitters exceeds the psychological boost to their pitchers...?
    2008-05-09 10:05:09
    40.   KG16
    35 - I think our ideal Dodger line up would be quite good at Petco, lots of line drive hitters, high AVE/OBP guys with a decent amount of speed. Petco, it seems to me, is not the kind of place where you want a guy like, say, Adam Dunn, playing half his games, but Ethier, Martin, Loney? Those guys would do alright in a stadium like Petco.

    As long as they didn't have to face Tall Chris Young and Jake Peavy.

    2008-05-09 10:07:42
    41.   Kevin Lewis
    JD's OBP in LA was sick!

    All I remember is that stupid swing on strikeouts. I hated that long pause swing where he held it there for a while.

    But, my memory is wrong, looking at his OBP

    2008-05-09 10:08:50
    42.   tjshere
    10 Look on the bright side, Bob. That's better than sounding like Huell Howser.
    2008-05-09 10:10:25
    43.   Xeifrank
    From what I've read about PETCO, it surpressed home runs a lot more from left handed hitters than from right handed hitters. It can't be a good thing that their best power hitter is left handed.
    vr, Xei
    2008-05-09 10:15:46
    44.   Eric Stephen
    I forgot, there is also talk of the Padres releasing Edmonds very soon, maybe even this weekend. He's due about $4.75m the rest of the season (from the Padres standpoint, anyway; the Cardinals are responsible of $2m of his $8m salary this season).
    2008-05-09 10:15:55
    45.   Sospiro0
    The house where Lambo was staying burnt down about two months ago. He wasn't in it at the time. His sweet swing is an homage to the beautiful flames that sent that place down.
    2008-05-09 10:20:28
    46.   bhsportsguy
    Since Petco has opened in 2004, last season was the first in 4 that the Padres outscored their opponents at home. And that was primarily due to hitting more home runs then their opponents.

    Interestingly, the Padres and their oppoents usually hit about the same batting average every year.

    2008-05-09 10:21:04
    47.   GoBears
    Hi all,

    This is off-topic, but it turns out that through some twists of fate, I will be with a group of students this evening meeting before the game with Steve Shiffman (Vice President, Ticket Sales) to talk about the economics of baseball, and then (wait for it) Sweet Lou Johnson, to discuss racism in baseball.

    I shall, of course, wear my DodgerThoughts T-shirt, but I'm wondering if there are any questions you'd like me to ask either gentleman. The meeting is for the students, who are taking a 1-unit P/NP course on politics and baseball (racism, labor issues, stadium siting, you name it). But if they run out of questions, I figured it'd be OK for me to raise one or two.


    2008-05-09 10:22:55
    48.   Xeifrank
    I saw Huell Howser on one of his photo shoots. We had been backpacking in Tuolumne Meadows one summer and were driving down the road to Yosemite Valley, and as we were driving near Tenaya Lake, we saw Guell and a camera man walking along the side of the road. That area is a very popular rock climbing place, and I'm sure he was there to do a story on them. That's my favorite area to hike and backpack in, hands down!
    vr, Xei
    2008-05-09 10:24:56
    49.   Xeifrank
    47. Ask Sweet Lou about the change of Jackie Robinson's statue at the HOF and the plan to have a Negro League draft. See previous blog entry for details. :)
    vr, Xei
    2008-05-09 10:28:11
    50.   Eric Stephen
    With this being Mother's Day weekend and all, be sure to have Lou Johnson recount his story about how he told his mom he would HR the day of Game 7 of the 1965 World Series.
    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2008-05-09 10:30:23
    51.   KingKopitar
    My favorite thing about Huell Howser is that everything is amazing to him. Someone will be showing him a butter churn and he'll act like they just discovered the New World. The absolute best part, though, is the look on the face of the person showing him around. They know what they do is boring, but this guy next to him is acting like it's amazing. I would think he was making fun of me.

    Oh, and the Padres aren't as good because their built on getting free agents with warts and hoping they can get more production out of them. This year's crop didn't work.

    2008-05-09 10:33:07
    52.   GoBears
    38 Hey Eric! I was at that Towers chat too. And I remember the Kevin Malone bit. I actually was impressed with Towers - that he was so forthcoming. Among other things, he said that, at the time, they didn't really have the right personnel for Petco - that only a couple players were ideal for that park. Whether it was true or not, it was interesting that a GM would be so blunt about his team in public.

    Another thing I remember him saying was that the Padres like to get into FA bidding whenever the Dodgers do, just to jack up the price that the Dodgers will have to pay. But that that was harder with DePo in charge in LA, because he was smarter than Malone.

    2008-05-09 10:35:34
    53.   GoBears
    50 I don't know that story.
    2008-05-09 10:35:44
    54.   Eric Stephen
    You're right. Towers is certainly to be commended for that interview, among many others on which I've heard him. He was very frank and honest, and it was quite refreshing.
    2008-05-09 10:38:45
    55.   bhsportsguy
    Wow Buzz dropping F-Bombs and other Rule 1 violations on Charley Steiner's XM show.

    Steiner did just refer to Jon Weisman's excellent blog to counter those anonymous guys writing from their basement.

    2008-05-09 10:40:56
    56.   Eric Stephen
    Better reason to ask him! :)

    Actually, I can't find a link, but the way I remember it is he called his mom the day of Game 7 of the 1965 WS and said he was going to HR, and of course he did, providing the go ahead run in the Dodgers' 2-0 win.

    2008-05-09 10:41:44
    57.   Eric Stephen
    So Buzz has went from buffoon (HBO) to partially redeemed (Big Lead interview), back to curmudgeon again?
    2008-05-09 10:42:54
    58.   bhsportsguy
    Jon Weisman again getting love from Steiner.
    2008-05-09 10:44:28
    59.   Xeifrank
    55/58. Tell us more.
    vr, Xei
    2008-05-09 10:45:04
    60.   Sam PHL
    as we were driving near Tenaya Lake, we saw Guell

    Are you trying to change his pronunciation too? :)

    2008-05-09 10:45:58
    61.   Xeifrank
    60. haha, just a typo. :)
    vr, Xei
    2008-05-09 10:46:52
    62.   bhsportsguy
    59 Basically, Charley Steiner qualifies his statements about blogs by saying there are excellent ones like Jon Weisman's blog. Unfortunately he can't seem to get the name DodgerThoughts out.

    This is taking place during a conversation with Buzz Bissinger.

    2008-05-09 10:49:56
    63.   D4P
    Buzz Bissinger: there's no such thing as bad publicity.
    2008-05-09 10:51:26
    64.   PalmdaleSteve1

    Yep old Charlie seems to read and like DT, and that guy Buzz what's his face really has a potty mouth. I know XM is pay and all that but wonder if Charlie boy or his board operator is going to be getting a spanking over not having a delay and BEEP going.

    I even learned some new curse words, even more than in the South Park movie...OH MY!

    2008-05-09 10:52:14
    65.   Xeifrank
    Is Buzz trying to sell something? Why else would you be trying so hard to put the spotlight on yourself. vr, Xei
    2008-05-09 10:52:59
    66.   PalmdaleSteve1

    Should we take up a collection to buy Charlie a DT T-Shirt to wear on one of his future TV appearances?

    2008-05-09 10:53:30
    67.   Disabled List
    I wonder if W.C. Heinz used words like that?
    2008-05-09 10:54:06
    68.   Jon Weisman
    62 - That's cool of Steiner.

    Is the conversation breaking any new ground at all?

    I almost feel that sites that Deadspin are in the minority as far as their mission. Aren't most sports blogs team-oriented and not nasty? Aren't most sports blogs fan blogs?

    2008-05-09 10:54:35
    69.   Eric Stephen
    2009: Dodger Thoughts polo shirts, for Charley to wear on air.
    2008-05-09 10:54:49
    70.   underdog
    player : baseball :: Buzz Bissinger : Tourette's Syndrome
    2008-05-09 10:56:58
    71.   Xeifrank
    69. Easy to do if Jon used something like CafePress. vr, Xei
    2008-05-09 10:59:38
    72.   PalmdaleSteve1
    68 real new ground.

    Some sports blogs are good...yada yada yada.

    Some sports blogs are bad....Dead Spin is in a special category by itself.

    I'm old, my 24 year old son gets Dead Spin, I don't....yada yada yada.

    Jon works hard at being informed, good stuff, nice dialog, except when people pick on JP (made that last part up.....LOL).

    Never said the Dame Dodger Thoughts, Charlie does need to do penance and wear a Dodgers Thought on a future TV appearance.

    2008-05-09 11:03:27
    73.   regfairfield
    The last few years the Padres formula has been assume that no one can hit a home run in Petco, so if you have pitchers that don't walk anyone and put a great defense behind them, you can easily survive with guys like Justin Germano, Clay Hensley, and David Wells in the rotation.

    This year, they don't have that great defense. Replacing Cameron, Bradley, and Giles with Hairston, Edmonds and Iguchi is a huge step down. The only plus defenders they have left now are Gonzalez and Greene, so their pitchers that just put the ball in ply are suffering.

    The real lesson is that you need one of two things to compete: money, or a farm system. The Padres just don't have the young talent to make up for their inability to sign the free agents that would keep their strategy going, so failure was inevitable.

    At least, that's how I thought it would go down this season, I don't know if that's actually the case. No one's hitting is just as good of a reason.

    2008-05-09 11:03:44
    74.   D4P
    Dame Dodger Thoughts


    2008-05-09 11:04:54
    75.   regfairfield
    68 But how many of the really popular sports blogs aren't ripoffs of either Deadspin or FJM? It seems like every really huge one follows one of those two formulas.
    2008-05-09 11:05:25
    76.   underdog
    This is probably not the most insightful minor league/scouting site on the web, but this new Dodgers Minor League report is still pretty useful for an overview and update:

    One thing I hadn't noticed 'til reading that:
    RHP Paul Koss has a 1.42 ERA in 12 appearances...the Dodgers' 11th-round selection of the 2007 draft is limiting opposing hitters to .200 average, including a .190 mark (8-for-42) by right-handed hitters...the 22-year-old played his college ball at the University of Southern California from 2004-07, finishing with 36 career saves to rank second on the school's all-time list.

    2008-05-09 11:20:51
    77.   JoeyP
    Thats a pretty good minor league site.
    Inland Empire is just 11-22 on the season. Do they not have many prospects on that team?
    2008-05-09 11:22:17
    78.   Jon Weisman
    75 - How many really popular sports blogs are there? What is "really popular?" Does Baseball Musings qualify?
    2008-05-09 11:26:14
    79.   old dodger fan
    76 That is an interesting read. The report on the 51's features 4 players other than Yhency. They are all between 27 and 31 years old.
    2008-05-09 11:28:44
    80.   regfairfield
    78 The 12 most popular blogs of 2007, according to Ballhype: AOL Fanhouse, Deadspin, Awful Announcing, The Big Lead, With Leather, Kissing Suzy Kolber, MLB Trade Rumors, ESPN True Hoop, Sports By Brooks, 100% Injury Rate, DC Sports Blog, Mister Irrelevant

    Out of those that aren't run by a large institution, only MLB Trade Rumors isn't a Deadspin rip off.

    2008-05-09 11:28:49
    81.   LoneStar7
    I just realized the snakes were playing in wrigley over the weekend, I really hope we can win this series with the 'stros.
    2008-05-09 11:34:01
    82.   Eric Stephen
    20 years ago today, nothing happened...sort of.

    The Dodgers' game at Wrigley was rained out. It was the first of a scheduled 2-game series, but instead turned a 4-game series into a 5-game series directly following the All-Star break.

    The Dodgers came into Wrigley on Thursday, July 14 with a scant 2.5 game lead over the hated Giants, and left Chicago 3 days later with a 5-game sweep and a 7-game lead.

    2008-05-09 11:35:25
    83.   Eric Stephen
    cargill stands to win $22.73 if the Dodgers do take the series this weekend.
    2008-05-09 11:35:40
    84.   Xeifrank
    Sounds like to me that Buzz just needs to be educated on where to find the good sports blogs. Going into his Costas interview he probably only knew of Deadspin and it made a bad first impression on him (of all blogs). It's just like only being able to tune in to Cheaters or the Paris Hilton show on TV and then to lump all the good shows (are there any?) into their category without ever having watched them.
    vr, Xei
    2008-05-09 11:37:37
    85.   Xeifrank
    82. I'm checking my calender and I have to flip a couple of pages to get to July.
    vr, Xei
    2008-05-09 11:39:24
    86.   Eric Stephen
    I didn't explain that properly. The Dodgers May 9, 1988 game was rained out, which led to a 4-game July series becoming a 5-game series.
    2008-05-09 11:39:25
    87.   JoeyP
    With Leather and Sports by Brooks arent really "sports" blogs IMO.

    They are more along the lines of

    2008-05-09 11:42:04
    88.   ToyCannon
    Nice, now I have zero reasons to be writing.
    2008-05-09 11:48:08
    89.   Jon Weisman
    80 - The majority of those aren't on my radar. Maybe I need to be educuated.
    2008-05-09 11:50:18
    90.   JoeyP
    True or False:

    Geovany Soto is the best overall catcher in the NL.

    2008-05-09 11:51:12
    91.   Sam DC
    80 Is that actually DC Sports Bog?

    Which is the site at I linked yesterday on the issue.

    I'm kinda amazed if it's in the top 11.

    2008-05-09 11:53:21
    92.   ToyCannon
    At the moment it is false but if he can keep up this production for a whole year he will certainly be a part of the discussion.

    When was the last time an offensive Cub prospect actually hit it big?

    No one saw this coming a year ago.

    2008-05-09 11:56:14
    93.   Sam DC
    92 Bob did!

    (for fantasy baseball purposes only)

    On the blogs, it's no surprise that you've got sort of an odd set of the "biggest" sports blogs since one very attractive aspect of sports blogs is their narrower gauge and deeper focus. Which doesn't lend itself to the massive nationwide traffic that a deadspin or fanhouse can get.

    2008-05-09 12:02:09
    94.   bhsportsguy
    If only Jon would write about hot Dodger wives and girlfriends, and post celebrity pictures from the game and about town.

    Then he would get traffic.

    2008-05-09 12:14:14
    95.   Jon Weisman
    Just realized Arizona is playing right now. Haren leads 1-0 in the fourth.
    2008-05-09 12:17:14
    96.   D4P
    HR for Short Chris Young, who(m) I see has finally been moved out of the leadoff spot.
    2008-05-09 12:20:28
    97.   trainwreck
    Especially if they happen to be married to hot teachers from their school.

    That's how the Griddle gets it done.

    2008-05-09 12:28:37
    98.   Jon Weisman
    At Season Pass, I contemplate the future of Scrubs:

    2008-05-09 12:29:35
    99.   Bob Timmermann
    The story about Jarrod Saltalamacchia's wife that I linked to on The Griddle came from the scandal-mongering Associated Press.
    2008-05-09 12:29:48
    100.   underdog
    88 You kidding? We need your take on these guys and those not mentioned. That site was a good recap but we need some TC insight!

    You could answer 77 for one.

    Show/Hide Comments 101-150
    2008-05-09 12:32:53
    101.   underdog
    I also think the DeWitt-LaRoche/3rd base debate has been couched incorrectly. Bring up Terry Tiffee!
    2008-05-09 12:38:17
    102.   bhsportsguy
    Dodgers are No. 5 on ESPN Power Rankings and No. 6 on BP Hit List this week.
    2008-05-09 12:44:35
    103.   old dodger fan
    Ted Lilly drives home Chris Young to tie the score at 1 and Soriano doubles to make it 2-1 Cubs.
    2008-05-09 12:45:41
    104.   PalmdaleSteve1

    What you mean D and N are not right next to each other on your keyboard? Must have failed that typing class I took way back when....

    2008-05-09 12:46:25
    105.   Xeifrank
    103. With 2 outs, they walked the #8 hitter to face the pitcher. Oops.
    vr, Xei
    2008-05-09 12:47:22
    106.   bhsportsguy
    103 Actually he drove in Mark DeRosa on a single to Chris Young and then Soriano doubled home another to make it 2-1 Cubs.
    2008-05-09 12:48:06
    107.   underdog
    Bummer, I was hoping Chris Young was traded during the game to the Cubs. I'm sure Cubs fans would like that, too.
    2008-05-09 12:50:23
    108.   old dodger fan
    106 Actually, he hit the ball to Chris Young. Thanks.
    2008-05-09 12:52:49
    109.   bhsportsguy
    Rob's work at 6-4-2 gets a link on LAT Dodger blog today next to a nifty picture of General Zod.

    2008-05-09 13:07:48
    110.   Eric Stephen
    Superman II: quite possibly the greatest non-Godfather sequel of all-time. :)
    2008-05-09 13:08:04
    111.   CanuckDodger
    98 -- The problem with American network television -- pretending, for the moment, that there is just one -- is that series that are actually good either get cancelled after three or four episodes (with filmed episodes in the can and left unscreened, which drives me nuts), or they keep running long past the point of creative exhaustion. Scrubs shouldn't have even lasted seven seasons, and now another network is stepping in to prop the corpse up yet longer. Just stop it and let the thing die.
    2008-05-09 13:14:52
    112.   Ken Noe
    111 I'm required to mention Firefly.
    2008-05-09 13:16:34
    113.   Ken Noe
    Rotoworld just reported Jim Edmonds release, Gerut up from the minors.
    2008-05-09 13:19:40
    114.   regfairfield
    I really hope the last part of Jim Edmonds career isn't "released to make room for Jody Gerut". I'd like at least one of my favorite players to retire on his own terms.
    2008-05-09 13:22:25
    115.   Xeifrank
    114. Do you think he will catch on anywhere other than a 4th/5th outfielder?
    vr, Xei
    2008-05-09 13:23:06
    116.   Eric Stephen
    More info here:

    2008-05-09 13:25:22
    117.   regfairfield
    115 Nope. The Padres already had the most pathetic centerfield situation in baseball. Maybe the Marlins will pick him up as a stopgap to Maybin, but that's about it.
    2008-05-09 13:25:44
    118.   underdog
    Good thing the Padres' minor league system is stacked so they can easily replenish their roster.

    Well, at least Gerut's a good defender, that should help them out there if nothing else.

    2008-05-09 13:26:26
    119.   underdog
    (Line 1 was facetious, line 2 was not, in case you were wondering.)
    2008-05-09 13:26:35
    120.   Eric Stephen
    The Padres made the decision that 137 games of Mike Cameron wasn't worth $1m more than 162 games of Jim Edmonds. Not that it's their only problem, but ouch.
    2008-05-09 13:28:48
    121.   blue22
    110 - Empire Strikes Back?!?
    2008-05-09 13:30:11
    122.   blue22
    120 - 162 games of Jim Edmonds

    They signed him for 2 years?

    2008-05-09 13:30:56
    123.   scareduck
    112 - sure. Firefly had its moments, but I never really found that show as compelling as a lot of other people did, at least not in the early days. I can see where they needed time to fix things, and by the time they did, their audience was deemed "too small". Of course, my gripes about sample size and statistical monkeying have been legion and date back quite a while.

    I doubt very much this has changed appreciably since I wrote this, back in 2000.

    2008-05-09 13:32:11
    124.   underdog
    Now I feel stupid for not including Superman II among my sequels list, but in my defense understand that this list is a "Sequels That Were Better Than the Original" and while some would argue S2 is better than the first Superman, I wouldn't.

    But yes, Empire is mentioned here.

    I defy you to show me a better sequel than The Road Warrior!

    2008-05-09 13:32:32
    125.   Eric Stephen
    Amazingly, 14 Padres have had a season with a worse OPS+ than Edmonds' 38 this year.

    2008-05-09 13:36:21
    126.   Eric Stephen
    In sake of fairness, I should note:

    1) Edmonds would rank in the same spot on the Dodgers' list
    2) That list didn't include pitchers.

    2008-05-09 13:44:31
    127.   Jon Weisman
    124 - Hated it!
    2008-05-09 13:46:13
    128.   underdog
    ...hated the Road Warrior?

    {{does not compute}}

    {system error}

    Well, what about my other choices?

    2008-05-09 13:50:54
    129.   Daniel Zappala
    101 underdog! You're honing in on my territory!
    2008-05-09 13:51:28
    130.   Gagne55
    3) Jones' OPS+ of 42 isn't much better
    2008-05-09 13:53:52
    131.   kinbote
    Has anyone heard anything recently about Lucas May's defense? If he keeps hitting the way he's hitting, he's easily a top ten prospect for us--maybe top five.
    2008-05-09 13:55:59
    132.   Jon Weisman
    128 - I don't have any strong opinions on those except for Flirting, which I truly, truly adore.
    2008-05-09 13:57:00
    133.   kinbote
    Cubs win!
    2008-05-09 13:59:16
    134.   scareduck
    133 - which brought a predictable congratulatory phone call from my father-in-law. Equally predictably, my wife was at her Friday gym appointment, and I wasn't watching the game.
    2008-05-09 13:59:27
    135.   underdog
    129 That was posted in your honor. You may have to pay me to start plugging John Lindsay for a call up, however.
    2008-05-09 14:01:49
    136.   Gagne55
    133 More importanly D'Backs lose!
    2008-05-09 14:02:38
    137.   kinbote
    134 There should be quite a scrum for the NL wild card this year. I can see as many as 6-7 teams still alive deep into the season.
    2008-05-09 14:04:10
    138.   kinbote
    136 This good feeling should last approximately three more hours, until the lineup is posted with "hot-hitting" Juan Pierre batting 2nd.
    2008-05-09 14:05:33
    139.   gibsonhobbs88
    133 - Good, we can pick up a game tonight.

    If the Lakers can weather the Jazz first ten minutes of physical ferocity and intensity, they might be okay. The Jazz are going to try to come out with guns blazing at the start to make a statement and be as physical at home as the refs will allow.

    Has anyone else seen the Mercury Insurance bracket challenge to pick the top LA teams of all time? You make picks like the March Madness picks of 16 years in LA Dodger history and whittle it down to the final game. They are going to simulate Best of seven series starting on May 14. Entries to be in by May 13. I had the 81 team squaring off against the 63 team in the final. There are tiebreakers for total runs scored in the tournament and total homeruns.

    Pretty interesting.

    2008-05-09 14:05:49
    140.   ToyCannon
    I think Aliens was my favorite sequel off the top of my head. It certainly is one of my top 10 movies of all time so I don't think any other sequel would get in under it.
    Killing the leads of Aliens in Aliens 3 had to be the stupidest marketing move ever made. Lets get everyone invested in these hero's and then kill them before the 3rd movie even starts. Yeah, that will bring in the crowds.
    2008-05-09 14:06:53
    141.   ToyCannon
    Until Juan goes 2 for 4 with a walk, steals a base, and scores two runs.
    2008-05-09 14:07:30
    142.   Daniel Zappala
    135 It's pretty crazy. Tiffee is at .454/.494/.652 and Lindsey is at .343/.441/.528. Amazing what Vegas can do to hitters.
    2008-05-09 14:08:40
    143.   ToyCannon
    It is behind Carlos Santana's. This is only his 2nd year behind the plate. He's taken a nice step up with the bat this year. Last year he only showed some power, this year he is doing it all.
    I keep hearing we don't have catching depth, I beg to differ.
    2008-05-09 14:10:08
    144.   ToyCannon
    Don't forget Mr. Maza.
    2008-05-09 14:10:46
    145.   Neal Pollack
    Jim Edmonds is available! Quick, someone glue Ned's hands to his desk!
    2008-05-09 14:11:00
    146.   underdog
    142 - Tiffee's someone I could actually see contributing on the ML level, as a backup, though, while Lindsay, especially because he's a defensive liability and I'm not convinced he'd produce at same level against ML caliber pitching, I can't see that as much.

    140 - I love Aliens, too, could watch it repeatedly. But I also love the first Alien, they are completely different movies, but the first one is pretty brilliant in look and feel. Which is the reason I didn't have Aliens on that particular list. "Game over, man!"

    2008-05-09 14:13:22
    147.   underdog
    143 Makes you wonder how much longer Danny Ardoin will be around for them doing his Ardoin-ing.

    145 Meet 113 through 122.

    2008-05-09 14:17:47
    148.   Gagne55
    143 Isn't Carlos Santana a singer?
    2008-05-09 14:19:30
    149.   Gagne55
    2008-05-09 14:20:20
    150.   Eric Stephen
    Glue Bob's hands to Ned's desk!
    Show/Hide Comments 151-200
    2008-05-09 14:22:48
    151.   cargill06
    could you imagine all the veteren savvy of a andruw jones, jim edmonds, and luis gonzalez OF
    2008-05-09 14:25:13
    152.   Daniel Zappala
    146 But Tiffee's played a few games in the majors, whereas Lindsey has never been called up. You can see how I get my allegiances.
    2008-05-09 14:25:57
    153.   kinbote
    This is the way we release vets
    Release vets release vets
    This is the way we release vets
    So early in the season.
    2008-05-09 14:28:57
    154.   ToyCannon
    You are right, they both could stand on their own. I watched Aliens before I watched Alien.

    I'm a huge Sci-Fi and Comic fan but I've never ever understood the appeal of Superman.

    2008-05-09 14:36:49
    155.   gibsonhobbs88
    145 - Updated scene for modern day from Poltergeist The Demon calling "Edmonds is available, Ned, another PVL for the taking. Come into the PVL, light" All DT posters "No Ned, Don't go for the PVL, it's a dead end trap. Edmonds is washed up! We got young hitters like Ethier and DYoung that are better and younger and cheaper."
    Demon "All PVL loving GM's are welcome to Edmonds, think back to four years ago, he can be that again." DT land "No, Ned, Don't be deceived, he's like Nomar, he'll breakdown, be on the DL, don't be deceived. See, the devil's mask is coming off, it's Brian Sabaen."
    2008-05-09 14:39:31
    156.   kinbote
    155 I believe Colletti is currently wearing a patch on his shoulder that keeps him from signing centerfielders.
    2008-05-09 14:40:21
    157.   Dodgers49
    Gonzalez's pinch slam leads Suns

    2008-05-09 14:41:24
    158.   ToyCannon
    I hate watching players like Jim play old. He was one of my favorites from the Angel days. Getting McGwire in 97 and Edmunds in 2000 will be Jocketty's greatest moves.
    Unless it was taking a chance on Chris Carpenter.
    2008-05-09 14:43:19
    159.   kinbote
    158 Or that Pujols contract.
    2008-05-09 14:44:05
    160.   blue22
    158 - Rolen for the Placido Polanco pupu platter was pretty good too.
    2008-05-09 14:45:18
    161.   ToyCannon
    Nice list. What was the DT code, I might try out your site?
    2008-05-09 14:47:36
    162.   ToyCannon
    159 160
    Yeah he made some spectacular moves. It will be fun to see what he can do with the boatload of talent he is inheriting in the Reds.

    What a great move on his part. The Cardinals are the past and the Reds might be the future. I wonder if he would have traded Hamilton?

    2008-05-09 14:48:46
    163.   underdog
    promocode: dodgerthoughts

    register here
    or here

    10 days free so what the heck, right?

    2008-05-09 14:56:21
    164.   ToyCannon
    2008-05-09 15:10:02
    165.   Eric Stephen
    So with Edmonds getting released today, is he a HOFer if he doesn't play another game?

    132 OPS+ in 7410 PA, 363 HR, 8 GG in CF

    I don't think he gets close to enough votes, but he's certainly a compelling case.

    2008-05-09 15:12:52
    166.   Kevin Lewis
    Is the Ken Tremendous interview safe for work?
    2008-05-09 15:14:07
    167.   Dodgers49
    51s' Prospect encouraged by pitching gem

    >> • NOTES -- 51s reliever Yhency Brazoban was promoted to Los Angeles, catcher A.J. Ellis was optioned from Las Vegas to Class-A Ogden, and catcher Kelley Gulledge and infielder Rex Rundgren were promoted from Ogden to Las Vegas. <<

    2008-05-09 15:20:06
    168.   PalmdaleSteve1

    That was pure genius!

    2008-05-09 15:20:44
    169.   ToyCannon
    I wonder if having his career end so quickly instead of a long painfull demise helps or hurts?

    I think when Jay Jaffe ran the numbers for him he didn't meet the criteria but I could be wrong.

    2008-05-09 15:25:22
    170.   Xeifrank
    156. lol.
    vr, Xei
    2008-05-09 15:32:04
    171.   Marty
    C'mon guys, no sequel is better than Godfather II
    2008-05-09 15:34:48
    172.   regfairfield
    I believe Edmonds has the 6th highest OPS+ ever for a center fielder, and played amazing defense. He should be in.
    2008-05-09 15:38:23
    173.   Dodgers49
    This was obviously written before Edmonds was released:

    Shakeup Could Soon Be In Store In San Diego

    >> Edmonds' startling lack of production has lent to speculation that the Padres may soon cut ties with the eight-time Gold Glove winner, although the organization would have to eat nearly $5 million in guaranteed salary if Edmonds is released. <<

    2008-05-09 15:45:07
    174.   Dodgers49
    173 Ned says we're a large market team. So if the Padres can afford to eat $5 million we can afford to eat $35 million. :-)
    2008-05-09 15:47:24
    175.   underdog
    How did AJ Ellis get sent from Las Vegas to Ogden?
    2008-05-09 15:47:25
    176.   Eric Stephen
    Today's SD Union-Tribune said the figure was roughly $4.75m.
    2008-05-09 16:02:51
    177.   blue22
    172 - His rate figures may say differently, but the fact of the matter is that he had only 2 top-5 MVP finishes (4th in '00 and 5th in '04). By that measure, he was never considered to be among the truly elite. Unless voters really change their methodology, I'm not sure I see him getting in.
    2008-05-09 16:08:59
    178.   Dodgers49
    Dodgers shortstop Rafael Furcal sure knows how to kick off a walk year

    2008-05-09 16:12:53
    179.   LoneStar7
    Cubs won, this is a big opportunity for us to pick up some distance.
    2008-05-09 16:18:50
    180.   Dodgers49
    175 How did AJ Ellis get sent from Las Vegas to Ogden?

    It seems really strange considering the numbers he put up in Vegas. Maybe he needs to work on his defense.

    2008 Season
    LVG PCL .304 13 46 9 14 3 1 0 10 19 8 6 0 0 .431 .413 .844

    2008-05-09 16:25:43
    181.   scareduck
    179 etc. - tomorrow's probables put Scherzer vs. Dempster, and Sunday's are Randy Johnson vs. Carlos Zambrano. I could see the Cubs picking up two of three in that series.
    2008-05-09 16:34:03
    182.   Dodgers49
    From Tony Jackson:

    >> The Dodgers don't need a fifth starter until a week from tomorrow, but it's hard to imagine they're going to bring up Kershaw for that. <<

    ## So by putting him in the bullpen now and using him in one-inning increments, that buys the organization time so they don't have to be so careful with him later in the year. ##

    Apparently Tony is unaware that Kershaw is scheduled to start again on Monday, or have the rest of us been misinformed about that.

    2008-05-09 16:36:09
    183.   El Lay Dave
    From the article linked in 178 :
    The Mets finally had a starting pitcher reach the eighth inning, as John Maine went 8 1/3 on Wednesday. New York was the last team to have a starter accomplish this feat in 2008.

    The Dodgers have seen their starter reach the 8th exactly once, Derek Lowe in the April 12th 11-1 pounding of the Padres.

    2008-05-09 16:43:43
    184.   Gilberto Reyes
    A few hours to gametime. Anybody got a lineup yet?
    2008-05-09 16:45:27
    185.   Indiana Jon
    So let me get this straight, the Padres need a CF with speed to cover a lot of area and an OPS+ better than 38? I have an idea.
    2008-05-09 16:47:50
    186.   LoneStar7
    185 Haha
    2008-05-09 16:56:36
    187.   Kevin Lewis

    I thought that was implied just by the sheer release of Edmonds.

    2008-05-09 17:17:50
    188.   Jim Hitchcock
    160 A pupu platter sounds like something that would be served at a luau.
    2008-05-09 17:32:07
    189.   Linkmeister
    From the May 12 edition of SI, the First Person page:

    Q (to Brad Penny):

    "On re-signing with the Dodgers versus free agency after the season"

    A: "I don't need $100 million. What would you do with it in Oklahoma? My dad grew up a Dodgers fan, and he's a reason I want to stay. Imagine if we won a title with his boy pitching in Dodger blue. That would be special."

    2008-05-09 17:34:46
    190.   Icaros

    Not sure I want him anymore. His peripherals scare the crap out of me.

    2008-05-09 17:55:02
    191.   Bob Timmermann
    Do you have a fear of peripherals? I'm not sure if psychiatrists have a name for that.
    2008-05-09 17:55:45
    192.   Jon Weisman
    2008-05-09 18:06:05
    193.   Ladderkite
    Pierre, LF

    Martin, C

    Kemp, RF

    Kent, 2B

    Loney, 1B

    Jones, CF

    DeWitt, 3B

    Hu, SS

    Lowe, P

    Comment status: comments have been closed. Baseball Toaster is now out of business.