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Pecking Order
2008-05-10 17:56
by Jon Weisman

Andruw Jones 2008:
Coors Field: 2 for 10, one double, .500 OPS
Other games: 17 for 99, five doubles, one triple, one homer, 17 walks, .566 OPS

Juan Pierre 2008:
Coors Field: 7 for 13, one double, one walk, 2-for-2 stealing, 1.186 OPS
Other games: 17 for 68, three doubles, eight walks, 10-for-11 stealing, .640 OPS

Andre Ethier 2008:
Coors Field: 1 for 5, one homer, one walk, 1.133 OPS
Other games: 29 for 98, seven doubles, two homers, 13 walks, .807 OPS

* * *

Astros at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.

Comments (116)
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2008-05-10 18:13:38
1.   Longhorn Bill
So um, basically you are saying we shouldn't trade Pierre to Colorado. Right?
2008-05-10 18:27:59
2.   The Mootz
Furcal's not in tonight's lineup. Neither is Ethier. But at least Pierre and Jones will pick up the slack. Ah...yeah.
2008-05-10 18:32:20
3.   CanuckDodger
Lucas May hits his seventh HR of the season for Jacksonville. Russell who?
2008-05-10 18:40:37
4.   Sagehen
I understand now my depression entering last night's game. I look at a lineup without Ethier or Furcal, and I get depressed. I see Ethier rotting on the bench, yet again, and it feels like last year. The optimism I had coming out of spring training, I guess, was pinned upon seeing Kemp and Ethier finally getting a chance. And now Ethier, despite hitting well, is benched yet again. This is so very frustrating. Come on, Joe! Quit playing outfielders who make us long for Repko.
2008-05-10 18:42:45
5.   natepurcell
How many games has Ethier started in the last 2 weeks?
2008-05-10 18:47:45
6.   Andrew Shimmin
5- Six.
2008-05-10 18:55:48
7.   Indiana Jon
If I counted correctly, the outfield start for the last two weeks look like this:

Kemp - 11
Jones- 9
Pierre - 8
Ethier - 6

It's not what I would like to see, but it is much better than the 1st two weeks of the season when Kemp sat. At least our best outfielder is now starting the most games.

2008-05-10 18:57:07
8.   Humma Kavula
3 Lucas May, the Silver God!
2008-05-10 18:58:02
9.   Michael D
Furcal is out again?
2008-05-10 18:58:26
10.   Ladderkite
3 Russell at 3B and Lucas May at C. Hello 2010 World Series.
2008-05-10 18:59:27
11.   Indiana Jon
10 Russell at 2B, Laroche at 3rd.
2008-05-10 19:02:22
12.   scareduck
Is it just me, or does Joe Torre always look like he just ordered a hit on somebody?
2008-05-10 19:08:30
13.   KingKopitar
You think Joe Torre looks dour, check out new Knicks President Donnie Walsh. He looks like Emperor Palpatine.
2008-05-10 19:19:12
14.   Sam DC
If you could see me, I look dour too right now.
2008-05-10 19:19:25
15.   MC Safety
(Rule 1 violation) backwards.
2008-05-10 19:20:27
16.   Disabled List
I'm starting to think Furcal is heading for a DL stint.
2008-05-10 19:20:49
17.   waterboy100
is there a list of there rules that i keep reading about. rule 8, rule 1, etc...


2008-05-10 19:21:21
18.   KingKopitar
Darrin Erstad? That's embarrassing.
2008-05-10 19:21:55
19.   Indiana Jon
17 Sidebar, at the bottom.
2008-05-10 19:22:44
20.   Indiana Jon
Awful quiet around here tonight.
2008-05-10 19:22:59
21.   Marty
0 An implied "You do the math"?
2008-05-10 19:23:02
22.   Zach the Ripper
I guess it's safe to say we are back to our post-winning streak ways, of giving the game away before we even get to bat.
2008-05-10 19:23:38
23.   MMSMikey
how is erstad on a major league roster? and on top of that hitting 5th in a decent astros lineup?
2008-05-10 19:23:41
24.   waterboy100
19 thanks. i guess i never scrolled down that far
2008-05-10 19:23:43
25.   Bob Hendley
17 - Why, would it annoy you if there were such a list?
2008-05-10 19:26:28
26.   waterboy100
25 well after a few weeks of trolling and occasionally commenting i grew curious.

and in other business, there is nothing like being down 3 before you get to bat

2008-05-10 19:27:04
27.   KingKopitar
Pierre with his hardest hit ball all year!!!

Lee charges forward from shallow left to make the catch.

2008-05-10 19:28:41
28.   Disabled List
Man, what is wrong with our starting pitching lately? That's four straight games we've started in a deep hole.
2008-05-10 19:30:51
29.   Bob Hendley
20 - I get the feeling that we are pretty resigned to the way that Torre plays it. A traditional leadoff guy if at all possible (he even played Womack, right), PVLs play through slumps; and going with the hothand (?).
2008-05-10 19:32:08
30.   underdog
28 It really is frustrating. But as Jon pointed out in the previous post, it's not yet time to panic. Teams go through collective funks with hitting and with pitching and they should wake up from the funk. But it sure is head-scratching.
2008-05-10 19:35:22
31.   underdog
Whoopsie. That wasn't the greatest solution, Solution.
2008-05-10 19:36:15
32.   KingKopitar
Maybe if we combine Laroche's and Dewitt's throws, we'll have the perfect defensive third baseman.
2008-05-10 19:38:58
33.   Zach the Ripper least when Billingsly blows a game early, we are only paying him 20 thousand or so to do it. As opposed to when Lowe blows a game in the first, he makes like 280 thousand or so. So hey, at least it's a inexpensive loss.
2008-05-10 19:40:15
34.   Michael D
Looks like we got more bad Chad tonight. He's going to get sent to the bullpen for awhile if he doesn't stop doing this so often.
2008-05-10 19:42:18
35.   JoeyP
Billz strikeouts are great, but he's gotta get the walks under control.

If the Astros get a bloop here, game's probably over in the 2nd inning.

Ethier getting benched while Druw/Pierre both play is curious to say the least. Even Matt Kemp, who really hasnt hit well vs right handers, shouldnt be playing ahead of Ethier.

Ethier was the guy that was upset with Dodger management last year, and I think he'll start up again soon and probably gets dealt. Ethier's entirely justified in being upset with not playing.

2008-05-10 19:44:19
36.   ryu
What's the reason for Ethier sittin tonight? The Astros SP is right handed.
2008-05-10 19:45:36
37.   scareduck
I think the Solution looked a little dilute on that play earlier in the game.
2008-05-10 19:46:11
38.   natepurcell
Is Chad tipping his pitches because they are just hammering everything he throws and that shouldn't happen when you throw 95 with plus secondary pitches.
2008-05-10 19:46:15
39.   scareduck
Well, that was no fun.
2008-05-10 19:47:09
40.   scareduck
38 - he's wide around the plate and when he comes in his fastball, very very straight and over the heart of the plate.
2008-05-10 19:47:10
41.   underdog
Well, this stinks. I think I'm gonna take out my frustrations on some Ravin' Rabbids on the Wii.

34 - Bills has been our best starter last coupla weeks before this game so I doubt he's in jeopardy, if the other guys aren't either.

And I agree with y'all, Ethier not starting tonight regardless of Raffy's status, is just dumb.

2008-05-10 19:48:17
42.   scareduck
"He looks a little stunned in the Dodger dugout."

So am I, Vinny. So am I.

2008-05-10 19:48:28
43.   Disabled List
Remember back when we were the team jumping out to 5-0 leads? Seems like it was just a week ago.
2008-05-10 19:48:53
44.   JoeyP
The Astros dont deserve to be up 5-0 with bad baserunning like that.
2008-05-10 19:49:07
45.   underdog
Nice relay there to nail the runner at the plate, at least. Lucky it's not 6-zip, Chad.

Yep, Ravin' Rabbids for me. Back in awhile. I still feel like the Dodgers can come back vs. Sampson, but it won't matter if Bills keeps getting hammered.

2008-05-10 19:49:39
46.   underdog
44 - Well, they don't deserve to be up 6-0, at least.
2008-05-10 19:49:39
47.   ucladodger

He's not throwing 95 consistently, according to the gun on FSN. He just cant control his fastball and cant really get anything down in the zone. He looks really terrible, not much unlike Lowe and Penny. I also dont think Russ has helped out much with his pitch selection.

2008-05-10 19:50:07
48.   scareduck
I just got some teenage girls at the front door on a scavenger hunt. They were looking for a paper clip, a tampon, a feminine pad, and a condom.

I had to search for the paper clip.

2008-05-10 19:52:12
49.   Sam DC
I never thought those comments were true, until . . .
2008-05-10 19:52:48
50.   scareduck
Andruw swings like he still thinks he has bat speed.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-05-10 19:52:59
51.   ucladodger
Andruw Jones is a freakin joke.
2008-05-10 19:55:09
52.   scareduck
43 - you can't face the Rockies every week.
2008-05-10 19:56:06
53.   scareduck
Pasta diving Loney.

Tommy Lasorda must be nearby.

2008-05-10 19:56:57
54.   MMSMikey
not a lot of positivity surrounding ardruw these days.
2008-05-10 19:57:30
55.   Disabled List
52 Yeah, but the Astros?
2008-05-10 19:58:20
56.   Bob Hendley
36 - He uses this tough righthander/lefthander approach when it suits him, i.e, in order to bench Kemp or to play Martin at third. I don't get the idea that it is a major consideration for him.
2008-05-10 19:58:52
57.   scareduck
54 - I understand it's rather warm in Hell, too.
2008-05-10 20:02:35
58.   LoneStar7
did el caballo really just steal second, sorry im game casting?
2008-05-10 20:03:12
59.   El Lay Dave
I didn't realize Carlos Lee has over 100 SBs at a 74% success rate.
2008-05-10 20:05:36
60.   LoneStar7
really 59 thats a bit startling
2008-05-10 20:06:10
61.   tjshere
I suppose I'm over-reacting a bit, but the way Andre Ethier has been treated this year has really dampened my enthusiasm for the season. It looks like he's not even 3.5 anymore. We'll have to start calling him 4.0.

On an unrelated note, Hush is too great of a song to just use a snippet of it in a TV commercial.

2008-05-10 20:07:11
62.   El Lay Dave
Vin: [Hu] "far more comfortable playing 2B of course." Wish someone behind the scenes would tip Vin of on this.
2008-05-10 20:08:37
63.   Eric Enders
Has Vinny ever offered up any erroneous piece of information more consistently often than he throws out the "Hu's always been a second baseman, he can't play shortstop" nonsense? How long will it be allowed to go on before someone corrects him?
2008-05-10 20:09:20
64.   El Lay Dave
63 Hu dare do so?
2008-05-10 20:10:23
65.   scareduck
61 - If you expect the Dodgers to

a) play kids
b) not block kids with a pointless veteran
c) hire a GM based on something other than Bill Plaschke/T.J. Simers' public approval

you are in for a long wait.

2008-05-10 20:11:10
66.   Vishal
why are the astros' journeymen starters able to shut the dodger offense down so thoroughly?
2008-05-10 20:12:53
67.   underdog
That was a Slappy McForceout special! Well done, good sir.

Sigh. I hope Raffy comes back tomorrow if no other reason it's apparently the only way they'll be Andre.

2008-05-10 20:14:06
68.   scareduck
At least DeWitt hit it good and hard.
2008-05-10 20:14:55
69.   blue22
66 - That, more than the woeful starting pitching, inexplicable lineups and poor defense, has been the most frustrating part of this series so far.

I mean, Brian Moehler??? Really? Can't even touch him?

2008-05-10 20:14:58
70.   underdog
I don't know if they'll keep silencing the Dodgers bats much longer, but it helps to hit 'em where they ain't.
2008-05-10 20:15:33
71.   El Lay Dave
66 Jones currently terrible. Kent slumping. Both Pierre AND Hu in the same lineup. Furcal, Ethier not playing.
2008-05-10 20:15:43
72.   Bob Hendley
Vinny points out that JP is not a hothand and that Ethier sits.
2008-05-10 20:16:23
73.   scareduck
63 - that's not what Vinny said. He said Hu was far more comfortable playing second, and always has been.
2008-05-10 20:16:45
74.   Vishal
btw, happy birthday to nate!
2008-05-10 20:18:34
75.   Vishal
71 is hu really that bad? :/
2008-05-10 20:18:36
76.   blue22
71 - Moehler and Sampson should be slumpbusters. It is inexcusable to go nearly 8 scoreless innings against this pair, no matter the lineup.
2008-05-10 20:18:48
77.   underdog
You know what this line-up needs? Some good ol' Gary Bennett.

No, strike that.

2008-05-10 20:18:58
78.   scareduck
74 - ?
2008-05-10 20:19:14
79.   Vishal
71 also, i thought pierre was playing recently because he was "on fire" or some such. also he was walking and stuff... no?
2008-05-10 20:20:12
80.   Vishal
78 haha, i randomly remember seeing on myspace or something that his birthday was either recent or pending. and i saw he posted here. i'm in a magnanimous mood, even though we're losing.
2008-05-10 20:20:15
81.   tjshere
65 Yeah, I'm afraid you're right. But if that's what they're going to do they could at least be honest about it. I'm pretty well convinced that the so-called competition for left field this spring was just PR and the job was Pierre's all along.
2008-05-10 20:21:12
82.   scareduck
76 - Ref. 3:

Sounds painful.

2008-05-10 20:23:03
83.   underdog
Well there you go. Thank you for showing up at last, Mr. Billingsley.
2008-05-10 20:23:47
84.   El Lay Dave
79 2-15 with 3 BB on the homestand.
2008-05-10 20:24:21
85.   Eric Enders
73 That's not what he said tonight, but he's said it in the past.
2008-05-10 20:25:36
86.   natepurcell


2008-05-10 20:27:30
87.   scareduck
85 - in which case, he didn't repeat it...

Jeff Kent missed a dinger by a few feet, or a couple millimeters, depending on your point of view.

2008-05-10 20:27:31
88.   tjshere
Happy Birthday, Nate. I hope the term "Fist of an angry god" comes into play for you tonight.
2008-05-10 20:28:06
89.   Eric Enders
I'm assuming you're 22 today, Nate. If so, continuing the theme from last thread, one thing you should know is that starting tonight, each birthday you have is going to suck just a little bit worse than the previous one did.
2008-05-10 20:28:52
90.   El Lay Dave
86 Aren't you supposed to be out having fun somewhere so we old folks can live vicariously through you?

As for real life - I want to say one word to you. Just one word. Are you listening? Plastics.

2008-05-10 20:29:31
91.   Kevin Lewis
The game is still early, and we can definitely turn this around, but the post just depresses me.

I have always been a "fan" of the Dodgers, having grown up in the LA area, but I didn't start following the Dodgers closely until 2004. This is the most frustrated I have ever been. I realize the Ethier/Pierre/Jones issue should work itself out, but I am just really annoyed by this. It is stuff like this that destroys all hope I have in management. I wish I had a beer. I will settle for ice water.

2008-05-10 20:30:24
92.   blue22
89 - That said, 22 was my favorite age I think. I had a good year. Hope Nate has half as much fun as I did.

88 - Yikes!

2008-05-10 20:30:43
93.   underdog
Okay, I asked Diamond Leung to ask Joe Torre and co. why Ethier continues to not play. Maybe we'll get some insider scoop on Ethier's secret injury. Yeah, that's it.
2008-05-10 20:31:51
94.   Michael D
Who was it that said we shouldn't have just looked at the pitching matchups and thought this would be a cake series like we did with Atlanta, because he was right here is the repeat where no name 5th starters completely shut us down while our pitchers stink up the joint. I remember Lowe and Billingsley stinking against Atlanta that series too.
2008-05-10 20:33:34
95.   underdog
Well, just remember, the baseball gods giveth and they taketh away, and the Dodgers slumpeth to start the season, and then got hot, real hot. They'll cool off and heat up a lot this season. Would help having Raffy back in there. And, well, you know, that other guy who is MIA.
2008-05-10 20:34:27
96.   scareduck
91 - I wish I had an outfield of Ethier, , Kemp.

It's weird that my great fear when I discovered Frank McCourt was trying to "buy" the Dodgers was that the team would be underfunded and debt service would hamstring the team and prevent them from buying premium free agent talent. Ironically enough, the converse has been true: the Dodgers spend lavishly on free agents, who only serve as superfluous obstructions to getting the best possible team that was already being built by Logan White.

2008-05-10 20:34:48
97.   natepurcell
My birthday was actually yesterday and yes i am 22 now. The last 3 nights have pretty much been a big blur. I will go out later but nothing crazy (of course, i say that now when it's still early).

Thanks for the wishes guys, I appreciate it!

2008-05-10 20:35:17
98.   El Lay Dave
Is Billingsley getting a little too cute with his pitch selection? He needs to pitch like the power pitcher he is.
2008-05-10 20:35:27
99.   Ricardo
94. Yes, right now it looks like that series. And Berkman is doing what Chipper Jones did to our team that series.
2008-05-10 20:37:23
100.   scareduck
91 - one more thing -- I've been following the team since 1999 after essentially losing track of them in about 1982. I'm used to them making consistent bad decisions, but I will say this: at least it ain't Kevin Malone.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-05-10 20:37:27
101.   natepurcell
So Chris Sampson is a pretty good pitcher right?
2008-05-10 20:37:58
102.   Sam DC
Joe Torre -- sixth worst manager in the history of baseball?

2008-05-10 20:38:16
103.   Jon Weisman
96 - Interesting comment.


2008-05-10 20:38:45
104.   Sam DC
Happy Birthdays Nate.
2008-05-10 20:39:17
105.   natepurcell

Shhhh, my current "friend", who is a girl, does not need to know about that.

Of course, I haven't told her about you guys yet...

2008-05-10 20:39:38
106.   Reddog
Blame Ned. He's signed too many past-their-prime vets to huge contracts so Torre has to play them. Just wait till Nomar comes back.
2008-05-10 20:44:18
107.   scareduck
The only way that works out for Andruw is if the Astros botch the play. Lucky for him.
2008-05-10 20:45:45
108.   LoneStar7
little rally? come on boys..
2008-05-10 20:46:23
109.   elandcohen
when did we as Dodger fans become scum bags? Jones gets booed anytime he does anything. I don't remember a player being hated this much since Strawberry, and Straw brought that on himself with off the field issues & comments.
2008-05-10 20:50:16
110.   Sam in SC
109 jones is hitting 170, with an awesome 1 HR and 4 RBI. he has the boos coming.
2008-05-10 20:52:47
111.   LoneStar7
you've got to be kidding me, thats flat out atrocious...really, really embarrassing
2008-05-10 20:58:49
112.   LoneStar7
chan ho starting off well in relief again at least
2008-05-10 21:01:06
113.   underdog
Y'all realize there's a new post up top, right?
2008-05-10 21:12:14
114.   dianagramr
Free Andre Ethier!
2008-05-10 21:38:04
115.   Andrew Shimmin
Deport Gary Bennett!
2008-05-11 10:22:43
116.   Louis in SF
Came home late from a dinner party, knew already that Jones was going to start over Ethier, so was looking forward at least to some decent at bats by Andru. If I can say anything in his defense he seems to be less inclined to go after the low and outside slow stuff, however, the stuff down the middle he now seems to either swing or mess or just watch go by. Not a fair comparison, but they have almost the same amount of career HR's Jeff Kent although slumping seems to at least have one at bat where he hits the ball on the screws. You end up saying OK he is slumping but he will get out of it, even if he has 3 bad at bats.

For Andru I just don't see it at all right now, we know what JP will give us, maybe even a few more walks and Ethier who has some power, seems to have good at bats sits. Makes no sense, and I am at a point where I would rather see a platoon of Jones and JP than having Ethier caught in between and have the team suffer.

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