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Furcal to DL
2008-05-12 18:28
by Jon Weisman

Better that Rafael Furcal gets the rest and rehab if he needs it. And apparently he needs it.

More from Ken Gurnick at

Furcal did not fly to Milwaukee with the club on Monday, instead undergoing an MRI and receiving a cortisone injection in his sprained sacro-iliac joint. He was disabled retroactive to May 6, meaning he would be eligible to return on May 21, but with lower back injuries, there is no way to predict how long he will be out. He will begin rehab therapy on Wednesday.

Furcal, who suffered an almost identical injury last September, was said to be day to day, and wound up missing the final 12 games of the season. He's already missed the past five games, the Dodgers losing the last four of them, while the offense has struggled with rookie Chin-lung Hu replacing Furcal at shortstop and Juan Pierre taking over the leadoff spot in the batting order.

Is "sacro-iliac" really hyphenated?

Folks, if you want a left fielder who most offers the kind of offense that Furcal provided, it ain't Pierre.

The last time the Dodgers panicked over a middle infielder injury, they ended up with Julio Lugo. Caution!

Update: Clayton Kershaw's mechanics are analyzed by Alex Eisenberg at The Hardball Times.

Comments (357)
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2008-05-12 18:39:11
1.   El Lay Dave
I'm with dzztRat in the last thread and Jon up top - Russell Martin for leadoff, Ethier (in LF) and Kemp's bats full-time.
2008-05-12 18:40:29
2.   El Lay Dave
LoneStar7 from the last thread: Who would you see has the best chance of developing into more of a true power hitter

Andy LaRoche.

2008-05-12 18:44:50
3.   Bluebleeder87
at the present time Russell Martin definitely needs to lead off. But when Furcal gets back I'd like Furcal leading off & Russell batting 2nd
2008-05-12 18:45:18
4.   LoneStar7
2 More so than DeWitt right? at least projected to be..
2008-05-12 18:45:34
5.   dzzrtRatt
Are you LAT'd if your post appears right before, or right after Jon announces a NPUT?

Anyway, here's what I said, cleaned up a little:

133. dzzrtRatt
I'm frustrated with Torre on how he has managed with Furcal sidelined.

Furcal's speed is nice, but it's the least important part of his game. Giving Pierre a golden ticket as if the absence of Furcal requires Pierre to be in the lineup every day is a category error. What Torre ought to recognize is the surpassing importance of having the highest OPB/OPS hitters in the lineup; that's the only way to make up for what Furcal was giving us. Ethier and Kemp should start every game, with Torre going with his gut as to the third OF. And his leadoff hitter for the duration ought to be either Martin or Ethier, with Pierre/Jones batting seventh or eighth.

2008-05-12 18:47:56
6.   Bluebleeder87
Time for Hu to show his wears...
2008-05-12 18:48:12
7.   NoHoDodger
5 Beat me to the post.

Torre likes "speed" at the top. So, unless Torre has changed his stripes, he will trot out Pierre every day. He should stick with Either and Kemp as everyday players and platoon Pierre/Jones, but that won't happen. I hope Torre proves me wrong.

2008-05-12 18:48:37
8.   Bob Timmermann
From the previous thread, the longest consecutive scoreless streak is 48 innings by the 1906 Athletics and the 1968 Cubs.
2008-05-12 18:49:42
9.   Bob Timmermann
And the Blue Jays have scored.
2008-05-12 18:50:06
10.   dzzrtRatt
What Colletti ought to do to fix the Furcal situation is to call up LaRoche. Now. Much as I love the DeWitt story, I think it's a fair bet that LaRoche will give us more, including more power. I'd be willing to see Sweeney DFA'd so DeWitt could stay on the ML roster, but it would probably make more sense to send him to Vegas.

Nomar needs a long recuperation. Rushing him back did no one any favors. I think at least six weeks. Maybe 10.

2008-05-12 18:50:42
11.   D4P
I hope I live long enough to see the "Speed is best allocated toward the top of the lineup" myth eradicated.
2008-05-12 18:51:11
12.   Bob Timmermann
Dictionaries say "sacroiliac" and "sacro-iliac" are both correct.
2008-05-12 18:52:30
13.   dzzrtRatt
Nomar should be a trade candidate to an AL team needing a DH who can fill in for slumping or injured infielders as needed. His veteran presence would be perfect in Baltimore or Tampa Bay.
2008-05-12 18:54:08
14.   Bluebleeder87
how has Hu looked manning short guys? I'd be happy if he busts an Anderson surca '88
2008-05-12 18:54:57
15.   dzzrtRatt
11 So if Furcal couldn't run fast, Torre would bat him third? I guess that's the case. The logic escapes me, but I guess Mrs. Tom Goodwin and Mrs. Juan Pierre are grateful that baseball so overvalues that skill in players that have few others.
2008-05-12 18:56:02
16.   Bob Timmermann
Hu could man a short guy. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
2008-05-12 18:58:00
17.   3upn3down
Any idea who gets the call up to replace Furcal?
2008-05-12 18:58:40
18.   Bob Timmermann
Luis Maza.
2008-05-12 18:58:58
19.   D4P
So if Furcal couldn't run fast, Torre would bat him third?

Probably so, assuming he kept hitting with the kind of power he's shown thus far in 2008.

2008-05-12 18:59:33
20.   Neal Pollack
The day the season died....
2008-05-12 18:59:35
21.   Indiana Jon
As I said last night, we're crazy if we call up anybody other than Laroche right now. However, we've been crazy before.
2008-05-12 19:00:19
22.   PDH5204
ESPN play of the day: M DeRosa reached on an infield single to third, R Theriot, A Ramirez, and K Fukudome scored, M DeRosa to second on throwing error by third baseman K Kouzmanoff.
2008-05-12 19:00:51
23.   Eric Stephen
Anderson surca '88

You mean after someone takes his hat during the on field NLCS celebration, Hu runs down the left field line to catch said fan and get his hat back?

(My cousin swears he saw this happen)

2008-05-12 19:01:14
24.   Indiana Jon
I have Asdrubal Cabrera on a keeper league team of mine. Too bad defensive stats don't count in fantasy.
2008-05-12 19:02:34
25.   underdog
20 That's the spirit!

Say, can I make my bad pun again?

I said, I think I had Maza over at my Passover ceder. No wonder he sounded familiar!

{tap tap} Hello, is this thing on? {tap tap}

Man, it's too bad LaRoche can't play short. Or DeWitt. Or DeRoche.

2008-05-12 19:03:39
26.   dzzrtRatt
Also, is it a dead certainty that neither LaRoche nor DeWitt can fill in for eight games at short?

That would have the added benefit of stoking fan interest in their "feud." A west coast junior version of Jeter/A-Rod.

20 You have to figure Furcal will come back sooner rather than later. They shut him down last year because it was the end of the season and the playoffs were not in sight. I doubt he's lost to us for more than two weeks from now, probably less.

2008-05-12 19:04:04
27.   Eric Stephen
Say, can I make my bad pun again?

I thought it was a little corny.

2008-05-12 19:05:06
28.   Bob Timmermann
The Padres have called up Edgar Gonzalez from the minors and he's playing in Chicago. That means there are now TWO Edgar Gonzalezes in the majors now. The other is a pitcher for Arizona.

The one on Arizona is from Mexico and the one on San Diego is from ... San Diego. And he's the brother of Adrian.

2008-05-12 19:05:31
29.   dianagramr
sacroiliac should NOT be hyphenated!

(note: I'm currently undergoing physical therapy for a sacroiliac joint problem, so I should know)

2008-05-12 19:05:44
30.   regfairfield
He's only one worse than Matt Kemp.
2008-05-12 19:06:00
31.   neuroboy002
With Furcal to the DL, this further influences Torre to put Pierre in the line-up over Ethier.

This is a SACRI-legious and a huge SACRI-fice to this early stretch of the season.

What we can hope for is Hu, catching fire (offensively, not literally). By showing more consistent hitting (and now that he gets more playing time, he'll get more shots), Hu can get on base more and score more runs. He can bat higher up in the line-up which will allow Torre to put Ethier in there (and rightfully so). Hu isn't as fast as Pierre but I think we would rather see him play. I know it may be a long shot, but it is possible. More possible than a Pierre home run. OR at this point, a 3 for 3 game by Andruw.

2008-05-12 19:08:35
32.   Ken Noe
Rotoworld says they only bring up Maza if they can't swing a deal by tomorrow, FWIW.
2008-05-12 19:08:55
33.   underdog
27 Corny's better than bad!

I feel like Homer Simpson on the episode from last night. Homer (touched): "My mom said I didn't totally suck? Awwww..."

26 I'm hopeful Furcal is back right when he's eligible to come off, which wouldn't be too long. Though I've learned from cargill not to bet.

2008-05-12 19:09:02
34.   BlueCorona
Maza is not on the 40 man roster -- which means another personnel move is probably coming soon.

Stults and Sweeney are both on the bubble. My guess is that it will be Stults, because of the Giant connection with Coletti and Sweeney, and Torre's desire for a veteran bench.

The Dodgers seemed like they have been reluctant to DFA Eric Stults...but assuming they finally do, I wonder if this opens the door a little more for a one day call-up for Kershaw on Saturday?

2008-05-12 19:09:07
35.   LoneStar7
26 ha yea may as well try it, I'd love to see DeWitt and LaRoche in the same lineup. I really think Hu just doesn't play good enough defense to start, considering hes not hitting especially well.
2008-05-12 19:09:31
36.   Bluebleeder87
so all of a sudden Hu ain't good enough for the blue?? I don't understand you guys I swear.
2008-05-12 19:09:56
37.   Eric Stephen
The good thing for Hu, assuming Maza and his .402 AAAvg don't take over SS, is that at least now he gets regular ABs.
2008-05-12 19:10:00
38.   regfairfield
That could be the first time anyone has questioned Hu's defense.
2008-05-12 19:11:08
39.   Indiana Jon
26 The thing is all Laroche has to do is be an energency SS for a few games. We have Hu to play there every day. If Hu goes down in the middle of a game, then Laroche comes in and finishes the game. That's it. In the meantime, he can at least platoon with Dewitt and show Torre he is the better hitter. When it's time for Furcal to come back, then Dewitt goes back down to Vegas. It's too easy.
2008-05-12 19:11:52
40.   underdog
32 I wonder who out there would be considered trade-worthy at all? Esteban German? Castro's property of the Rockies' now; they probably wouldn't want to trade with the Dodgers, even if it were for Juan Castro.

I say again, isn't there some way they can squeeze LaRoche back up for this? Have him spell Kent, or DeWitt with LaRoche at third, Hu plays short. Done.

2008-05-12 19:12:53
41.   Indiana Jon
35 Doesn't play good enough defense?
2008-05-12 19:13:47
42.   underdog
35 - Yeah, uh, wha...? Hu plays terrific defense. He's not gonna fill Furcal's shoes overall, but that's not his issue right now.

36 - I'd think it be more likely that Maza's call up would be to have more infield depth, not to be a regular starter in Furcal's absence.

2008-05-12 19:13:54
43.   LoneStar7
38 he plays good defense, I just think he could use more time in the minors...I'm cool with Hu i think hes a good player, this more spawned from my hypothetical unrealistic lobby for DeWitt and LaRoche to be playing in the same line up : )
2008-05-12 19:14:23
44.   Sam DC
Nationals fans, or at least one that I know, are wondering what Ned Colletti would give up for .308 batting former All Star Cristian Guzmán.
2008-05-12 19:15:05
45.   PDH5204
Final score from the Trop: Rays 7, NYY 1

Go Rays!

2008-05-12 19:15:25
46.   underdog
Time to plaster the Dodgers' official blog for our pleas to get Ethier some more starts to perk up the offense. The more the merrier! Not that it will matter much, but at least we'll raise awareness.

Okay, off to dinner. Glad today is an off day at least.

2008-05-12 19:15:31
47.   Icaros

Juan Pierre.

2008-05-12 19:16:32
48.   Eric Enders
"Management has attempted to acquire an emergency replacement for Furcal"

Being a Dodger fan is like watching an old blind dog who keeps running into walls and other obstructions because it doesn't know any better. Memo to Ned: The best replacement shortstop in the major leagues is already on your active roster. It's really difficult to root for a team whose management is often so inept that they appear to be intentionally trying to lose.

2008-05-12 19:17:02
50.   Sam DC
Guzmán just hit a double.

47 Didn't ask what Icaros would give up mind you . . .

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-05-12 19:17:11
51.   Indiana Jon
44 Tell him Ned would probably give up Laroche and then hope their front office doesn't have a Depo type blog where he can let them know that Ned would do that.
2008-05-12 19:17:56
52.   Sam DC
50 Off King PVL Billy Wagner!
2008-05-12 19:19:34
53.   Indiana Jon
Maybe Ned could swing a trade with the Sox for Jed Lowrie. They seem to prefer both Lugo and Cora to giving him a chance.
2008-05-12 19:19:56
54.   underdog
I believe the Nats need a fleet centerfielder and or a PVL pinch hitter type.
2008-05-12 19:21:34
55.   Eric Enders
35 , 38 Isn't that a little like saying Albert Pujols's bat isn't quite good enough for him to start?
2008-05-12 19:21:41
56.   D4P
Is Eckstein available...?
2008-05-12 19:23:16
57.   Icaros
What's Walt Weiss up to?
2008-05-12 19:24:20
58.   BlueCorona
I was hoping for a quick Nomar recovery so he could take over Hu's role but to a larger extent. Nomar isn't close, and now this debacle with Furcal.

I really hate seeing Hu in the lineup. He's a great defender, but his bat is a major hole.

Losing Furcal is one kick in the groin, and going with Hu everyday is another. Double ow. Pray for rain!

2008-05-12 19:24:20
59.   Indiana Jon
Looks like Steve Johnson had another good game and is putting together a good year for the Loons. Anyone know how highly regarded of a prospect he is?
2008-05-12 19:25:01
60.   BlueCorona
Eckstein is on the DL i believe
2008-05-12 19:27:19
61.   ibleedbloo
down here at IVCU stadiun watching your SB 66ers. Dr. James Adkins is on the mound and the umps strikezone is the size of our center fielders K rate. should be a fun night. Lee Lacy is also in the park, he tossed a perfect "first pitch".
2008-05-12 19:28:01
62.   Indiana Jon
I think the drop off between Furcal and Hu is one of the smallest between any starter and their backup. Besides 3b, I can't think of another position on the field with less of a gap than SS.
2008-05-12 19:29:23
63.   LAT
5 Are you LAT'd if your post appears right before, or right after Jon announces a NPUT?

Allow me. Getting LATed happens when you are responding to something and while you are typing your clever, orgiginal post, Jon goes all NPUT on you rending your post moot. Its akin to playing Marco Polo and while you are swimming around with your eyes closed yelling "MARCO!" everyone else sneaks out of the pool.

2008-05-12 19:29:49
64.   Eric Stephen
Left field right now springs to mind. :)
2008-05-12 19:30:20
65.   LoneStar7
in regards to Hu comments..I do think he plays great defense, I just meant that unless he plays Furcal like defense, hes not worth a spot in the lineup because of his bat, I dunno i just think as long as Joe is gonna have Juan in the lineup, we could use as much pop as possible..

And also it was in regards to the hypothetical lineup that would include Blake and Andy so it was really a half hearted comment

2008-05-12 19:32:14
66.   PDH5204
62 Hu is OPS'in at .520 something. I'd call the gap between him and Raffy in this respect, the Grand Canyon.
2008-05-12 19:33:22
67.   Indiana Jon
64 I was considering Ethier the starter, but if you say it is Pierre, then we agree.
2008-05-12 19:35:25
68.   BlueCorona
I really dont see Hu being anything more than Alex Cora in his major league career.

I was really surprised and a little disappointed that Coletti didn's sell high on Hu in the offseason after his MVP of the Futures Game and miracle power surge in his September callup.

Hey, wasnt Jason Repko drafted as a SS?

...just kidding

2008-05-12 19:36:03
69.   Eric Stephen
I guess either way (Ethier way?) the difference between them is larger, in absolute value. :)
2008-05-12 19:36:06
70.   Indiana Jon
66 In a small sample size, yes. What about last year?

I think Hu is an above average SS defensively and has a good chance to be above average offensively. It's no secret I think Furcal is overrated.

2008-05-12 19:37:20
71.   68elcamino427
How much money do the Dodgers have on the DL today?
2008-05-12 19:38:31
72.   Eric Stephen
Maybe the Celtics haven't won on the road in the playoffs because of their green & black uniforms. The classic green & white is much better.
2008-05-12 19:40:31
73.   Eric Stephen
Roughly $42m.
2008-05-12 19:41:23
74.   PDH5204
70 Last year:

29 PAs .241/.241/.517

As the one soul said, power spike. This year:

43 PAs .237/.326/.263

The regression back to his mean is in the power, as the one soul reported re "power spike".

2008-05-12 19:41:28
75.   68elcamino427
2008-05-12 19:41:34
76.   Indiana Jon
68 Didn't we go through this with Hu-Izturis a couple nights ago? Hu's minor league numbers are far better than Cora's. Patience is his only fault right now. He'll be a fine hitter for his position, especially considering his plus defense.
2008-05-12 19:41:43
77.   MollyKnight
Anybody have any klonopin?
2008-05-12 19:42:02
78.   JJ42
Maza is not in the 51s' Starting Lineup so I guess that's a good sign. I hope he performs b/c I do not want to see Ethier and LaRoche traded for David Eckstein.
2008-05-12 19:43:24
79.   MollyKnight
78-Make that percodan.
2008-05-12 19:46:24
80.   dzzrtRatt
Whichever journalist that reported Colletti is trying to swing a deal to replace Furcal, why didn't he ask the obvious follow-up questions of his source:

1. Isn't this precisely how we got Julio Lugo, who became an irritant when the player he was supposed to replace, Cesar Izturis, came back from his injury about a week later?

2. At least in the case of Lugo and Izzy, the talent was about equal. What sort of madness is it to think we can or should try to replace an all-star and MVP candidate via a trade, rather than just struggling along with our own players, who really aren't any worse that what's realistically available.

When Colletti uses the word "emergency," I reach for the Pepto Bismol. It means he's alibi-ing a bad transaction in advance. Pierre was his response to the "emergency" of J.D. Drew's defection.

2008-05-12 19:46:57
81.   Indiana Jon
Furcal in 5 minor league seasons, .773 OPS.

Furcal in the Majors, .764 OPS.

Hu in 5 minor league seasons, .771 OPS.

Hu in the Majors, I think he'll be fine.

2008-05-12 19:48:19
82.   68elcamino427
Furcal's back going out was not one of the interesting twists and turns that I wanted included in the season. Ouch!
2008-05-12 19:50:39
83.   LoneStar7
82 its only fitting for the bad fortune we've had with injuries in recent years
2008-05-12 19:50:51
84.   Bob Timmermann
Isn't Percodan one of the sponsors of the Krusty the Klown Show?
2008-05-12 19:51:50
85.   Icaros

Lugo was actually brought in to replace a temporarily injured Jeff Kent. Izturis was traded for Maddux the same day Lugo was acquired, I believe.

2008-05-12 19:54:19
86.   Bob Timmermann
There's a guy sitting in the stands in San Francisco wearing a suit with a bow tie and a pocket square. You can feel the affectation from L.A.
2008-05-12 19:54:20
87.   Eric Stephen
Wasn't a condition of the Maddux/Izturis trade that Ned have the Lugo trade lined up?

It wasn't exactly a 3-way trade, but essentially it was.

2008-05-12 19:57:11
88.   PDH5204
81 Thank you for illustrating why OPS is horribly flawed. Furcal in the minors: .309/.380. His OPS is as low as it is because he only hit 3 HRs in the minors. And unless you're counting Furcal's rehab last year, he had 4 years in the minors to Hu's 5. There's a .040 difference in their OBP in the minors [.380 to .346].
2008-05-12 20:06:40
89.   underdog
86 I didn't think they'd allow Tucker Carlson in to SBC Park. Actually, that sounds like someone I used to work with.

Btw, judging by the blog posts it sounds like the Dodgers calling up Maza is already a done deal. Where's all this talk of waiting to see if they acquire an infielder coming from? At any rate, I never thought I'd be so glad to see Luis Maza. But I'd rather them go the temporary fix route than a dumb, quick fix.

Sometimes temporarily Solutions work out okay!

2008-05-12 20:06:45
90.   68elcamino427
Maybe Hu will relax a little bit at the plate if he knows that he'll be playing every day for a couple of weeks.
He looked great at the plate at the end of last season.
2008-05-12 20:07:36
91.   MollyKnight
84- I think so. They gave it to me after I had my wisdom teeth pulled. I slept for about five days straight.
2008-05-12 20:08:32
92.   Bob Timmermann
Omar Vizquel is back up with the Giants, so maybe the Dodgers are going to make a run at Brian Bocock.
2008-05-12 20:09:22
93.   Indiana Jon
88 And thank you for proving my point. Hu actually has better power early in his career than Furcal. He's probably a better fielder than Furcal. He just needs to work on his patience at the plate, which I said above.

If OPS is so horribly flawed, then just what makes Furcal better than Hu at all? Stolen bases?

2008-05-12 20:10:01
94.   Bob Timmermann
From the episode "Round Springfield":

Krusty: Hey, kids! It's story time. [laughs] I'm going to tell you the
story of Krusty's expensive new suit: his sexual harassment
suit. [laughs painfully] Boy.
Anyway, as part of Krusty's plea bargain, he has a new court-
ordered sidekick, Ms. No-Means-No.
[to her] Whoa! You're hot. Let's get some dinner after the
[she blows a whistle and holds up a stop sign with "NO" on it]
I have dinner with all my employees, right, Sideshow Mel?
Mel: We've never spoken outside of work.
Krusty: [laughs, then sighs] Oh...
Bart: [watching] I'm surprised he doesn't try to blame his problems on
his Percodan addiction.
Krusty: It wasn't my fault, it was the Percodan. If you ask me, that
stuff rots your brain. And now a word from our new sponsor...
Percodan?! Aw, crap!

2008-05-12 20:12:21
95.   Marty
I'm swimming in Vicodin at the moment.
2008-05-12 20:13:40
96.   dzzrtRatt
87 Ah. Right. The point is, within days after trading for Lugo, the Dodgers had a logjam in the middle infield.

We give up a quality prospect for a "replacement" for Furcal, we'd quickly have the same problem.

I guess Colletti is jonesing to trade LaRoche. I just hope it's not to a team I hate. Plus, how long will it take for the fans to turn on DeWitt if his lucky streak costs us LaRoche?

I realize, by the way, I'm doing what I hate -- speculating with little foundation that Colletti will just do the dumbest imaginable thing. But when it comes to the current situation at third base, I think that's exactly what he's planning. He's a PR guy who sees DeWitt as the future because he's become a "fan favorite." Dangling LaRoche is the best way he can play GM and bring in another pitcher or, as in this case, an "emergency" replacement for Furcal. If anyone criticizes him, he can just say, "We had two talented young players for third base, and to be fair to the team and to the players, we had to trade one." Then he can go on to pat himself on the back for the success of Martin, Kemp, Loney, Hu and DeWitt and say "the Dodgers are committed to youth."

It takes an ex-PR man to see a PR move in the offing.

2008-05-12 20:14:56
97.   CanuckDodger
Furcal 3 HR's in the minors, Hu 36 HR's in the minors. I can't believe we haven't put skepticism about Hu's hitting ability to bed already. He can hit. He has also been rotting on the bench for most of this season so any visible rustiness at the plate in recent games shouldn't be held against him. Defensively, his ability exceeds that of Furcal.
2008-05-12 20:16:12
98.   Indiana Jon
97 Thank you!

So can you tell us anything about what kinf of prospect Steve Johnson is?

2008-05-12 20:19:27
99.   Indiana Jon
98 I really can spell. I just can't type.
2008-05-12 20:21:59
100.   Icaros

You're making me sad.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-05-12 20:26:02
101.   CanuckDodger
98 -- Very-polished but low-ceiling guy. Doesn't throw hard. Could be a nice #5 starter in the majors if everything works out for him. Not likely to ever get much respect in scouting circles, but there is nothing wrong with a home-grown #5 starter.
2008-05-12 20:27:25
102.   Indiana Jon
101 Something like a Jamie Moyer?
2008-05-12 20:27:42
103.   Bob Timmermann
The Astros, after battering the Dodgers from pillar to post, haven't scored yet against Barry Zito and trail 3-0 in the 5th.
2008-05-12 20:38:52
104.   Marty
I dunno, it seemed like the Astros beat us from stem to stern to me.
2008-05-12 20:38:59
105.   Bluebleeder87
Yeah, I think once Hu settles in he'll play a little better but to be honest we need Furcal back at short really quick.
2008-05-12 20:40:46
106.   CanuckDodger
102 -- He doesn't throw THAT softly, and he isn't a lefty. Picture him as Cory Wade as a starter. 88 MPH fastball that he has to place well to be effective. Nothing flashy, but can get the job done if he is on his game. Guys like that can be under-appreciated
2008-05-12 20:42:27
107.   Dave60
Chris Narveson throwing an interesting game through five against Las Vegas. Although four walks without a strikeout implies something less than full command.
2008-05-12 20:45:37
108.   Bob Timmermann
And the Astros have tied it up. A 2-run homer by Berkman. Who would have thunk it?
2008-05-12 20:50:57
109.   68elcamino427
Pilot to Co-Pilot, "Confirm, those are flames coming out of the #6 engine".
2008-05-12 20:51:22
110.   Eric Enders
Steven Johnson, by the way, is the son of ex-Oriole Dave Johnson. (No, not that ex-Oriole Dave Johnson. The other one -- the pitcher.)
2008-05-12 20:52:34
111.   StolenMonkey86
Nobody, shortstop or centerfielder, plays good enough defense to make a sub .600 OPS in the lineup look acceptable.
2008-05-12 20:54:26
112.   Dave60
No longer interesting in Vegas. Leadoff single by Angel Chavez in sixth. Meloan still trails 1-0.
2008-05-12 20:57:17
113.   Bob Timmermann
Zito is coming out in a tie game, so he will avoid picking up the L.
2008-05-12 20:58:59
114.   gpellamjr
LaRoche walked again. And he wasn't even batting 8th!
2008-05-12 21:07:26
115.   Bob Timmermann
Free baseball in Arlington! 12-12 between the M's and Rangers.

And... there's a yellow alert for Kenji Johjima.

2008-05-12 21:08:50
116.   Icaros

Ooh...and what if he were to also interfere with a batter's swing from behind the plate?

2008-05-12 21:08:52
117.   Bob Timmermann
374 pitches thrown in 9 innings by Seattle and Texas.
2008-05-12 21:09:16
118.   Eric Enders
A moment of silence please for Terry Tiffee's 18-game hitting streak, which has just ended.
2008-05-12 21:09:38
119.   Bob Timmermann
Someone has to come over to my house and revive me in that case.
2008-05-12 21:12:29
120.   Icaros

Someone may already be there.


2008-05-12 21:16:20
121.   Bob Timmermann
Cycle alert canceled.

Stand down.

2008-05-12 21:17:55
122.   dzzrtRatt
If a player hits for the cycle AND reaches on catcher's interference, there has to be a name for that.
2008-05-12 21:21:25
123.   Bob Timmermann
Yellow alert for Lance Berkman in San Francisco.

This is a yellow alert.

2008-05-12 21:22:19
124.   Jon Weisman
122 - A Timmermann.
2008-05-12 21:23:00
125.   Eric Enders
I'd be more interested in a cycle of technicalities, which would consist of reaching first on catcher's interference, reaching second on a ground-rule double, getting the triple where the fielder throws his glove at the ball, and... I'm not sure if there's one that gets you all four bases.
2008-05-12 21:24:10
126.   Greg Brock
122 We shall call it "The Librarian"

Example: Albert Pujols had six RBI's and hit for the librarian tonight.

Brian Roberts became the first Oriole to hit for the librarian since Eddie Murray in 1984.

And so on.

2008-05-12 21:26:35
127.   StolenMonkey86
You know what I could live with as an emergency move? Sign Mike Piazza and have Martin play shortstop.
2008-05-12 21:30:55
128.   Bob Timmermann
Richard Hidalgo missed a Librarian by a triple in 1999.

So did Terry Steinbach in 1995

Andy Van Slyke was an Orange Alert for the Librarian in 1984

Julian Javier needed a homer in 1968

Charlie Neal needed a homer in 1969

2008-05-12 21:31:13
129.   Travis08
125 A couple of cases where the umpires award four bases:

- If a fielder throws his glove at a ball that would have gone over that fence but for the glove.

- Hitting the catwalk above a certain level at Tropicana Field.

2008-05-12 21:32:41
130.   Eric Enders
Yeah, we saw that, Bob, trying to sneakily capitalize it.
2008-05-12 21:33:02
131.   Bob Timmermann
The Giants just had an E1 and E4 on the same play.

And the ball wasn't hit.

2008-05-12 21:34:44
132.   Eric Enders
131 Pickoff throw over the shortstop's head?
2008-05-12 21:35:00
133.   StolenMonkey86
131 - Pickoff move gone bad?
2008-05-12 21:36:05
134.   Bob Timmermann
Yabu threw a pickoff throw down the RF line and Burriss picked it up and tried to throw out a runner at home and his throw was almost, but not quite, nowhere near home plate.
2008-05-12 21:42:48
135.   LoneStar7
Is alfonso soriano the best non-asian player to ever start his career in asia? I had no idea he began with the carp before the yankees..
2008-05-12 21:45:29
136.   Bob Timmermann
Victor Starfin was pretty good.

Other than that, I would have to say that Soriano's career has been better than Robinson Checo's.

2008-05-12 21:45:40
137.   Johnny Nucleo
130 Well, capitalizing would help avoid confusion with instances when a batter actually hits a librarian with a batted ball. Or when a batter pinch-hits for a librarian. Although it may still be confused with hitting for the Liberian, which is a different matter entirely.
2008-05-12 21:47:36
138.   LAT
So is the upshot of all this that we want to hit a librarian whenever we can?
2008-05-12 21:48:01
139.   Bob Timmermann
The Daily News would tell you that we deserve it.
2008-05-12 21:49:22
140.   LoneStar7
136 your knowledge amazes me

Wow..loretta grounds into the DP, get aboard mig

2008-05-12 21:50:46
141.   LAT
They showed Zito looking very sad in the Giant dugout. I think he cares not that he got the coveted "quality start."

Barry, look at the bright side you didn't lose. Ahh progress!

2008-05-12 21:51:14
142.   Bob Timmermann
All this knowledge and $1.25 gets me a ride on the bus.
2008-05-12 21:56:06
143.   Eric Stephen
Speaking of the quality start, I forgot to bring this up a week ago when Jon was on KABC, but Ken Levine expressed discontent with the term quality start because of the mediocre minimum requirements.

I should have called in with the stats on that. A very small percentage of QS are of the low end (6 IP, 3ER), and in fact the collective numbers are quite good, something like a 2 ERA and a 80%+ winning percentage.

2008-05-12 22:04:20
144.   Greg Brock
142 And an admiring throng.

Don't forget the admiring throng, Bob.

2008-05-12 22:06:30
145.   Bob Timmermann
In 1985, pitchers with a Quality Start saw their teams win 67.3% of the time. In 2005, it was 67.4%

In 2007, the totals were 1581 wins and 737 losses.

2008-05-12 22:06:42
146.   Icaros
I'd rather not picture Bob in a throng.
2008-05-12 22:07:14
147.   Bob Timmermann
The Daily News thinks my throng is too large.
2008-05-12 22:07:25
148.   Eric Stephen
142 ,144
Greg's right, we could follow Bob around much like the band Survivor:

2008-05-12 22:07:59
149.   silverwidow
3 walks for LaRoche tonight.

He gets on base a lot...

2008-05-12 22:12:01
150.   Greg Brock
147 You can tell everybody this is your throng.

I hope you don't mind...I hope you don't mind.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-05-12 22:14:57
151.   LoneStar7
how many innings did meloan go in the win?
2008-05-12 22:15:26
152.   Eric Stephen
I knew I remembered the roughly 80% figure somewhere. I was thinking of the actual pitcher decisions. In 2007, pitchers pitching a quality start had a record of 1279-379, a winning pct of 77%.
2008-05-12 22:20:46
153.   LoneStar7
I just heard that 1/2 game back, 5 game winning streak Rays had 13,000 fans come out to see them beat the yankees tonight..

I don't know if it says more about the rays fans or yankee nation though, I know the sox fans pack that place.

2008-05-12 22:21:36
154.   Jon Weisman
Clayton Kershaw analysis:

2008-05-12 22:28:20
155.   Eric Stephen
More riveting quality start news: Only the Tigers (with 9) have fewer quality starts than the Dodgers.

Both the Dodgers and Rockies have 13 QS. The Dodgers are 10-3 in those games.

2008-05-12 22:33:01
156.   Eric Stephen
That was a cool article. An excellent example of bringing scouting knowledge to the public.

I had never heard of "scap load" before.

2008-05-12 22:45:00
157.   Louis in SF
All of the news says Mazza is coming up, what at this point are the Dodgers doing as far as roster spots. I know some here said Sweeney is most likely to be released, traded or designated for assignment. If Schmidt is moved to the 60 day DL does that solve the problem?
2008-05-12 22:46:46
158.   Eric Stephen
Schmidt to the 60-day DL does provide the needed spot on the 40-man for Maza.
2008-05-12 22:49:02
159.   KG16
I'd like to see LaRoche get the call up and see if he or DeWitt could hold down short for a couple of weeks. If nothing else, it gives the roster a bit more flexibility.

As far as the speed issue... I think it does help having speed in the line up, particularly at the top. But you can't have just speed, as is the case with Pierre. There needs to be at least the potential for pop, which is what makes Furcal so dangerous.

Let's see...

Martin 2
Ethier 7
Kemp 9
Kent 4
Loney 3
DeWitt 5
LaRoche 6
Jones 8

I think I could live with that line up for a little while.

2008-05-12 22:50:17
160.   underdog
I step away from here for awhile and this thread just goes all terribly... throng.

So if Schmidt's on the 60 day DL now, when is he eligible to come off? (In the unlikely event he's actually able to pitch in the majors again.)

2008-05-12 22:52:17
161.   KG16
um, wow, what's the story on this Posey kid at Florida State? They just showed him on Sportscenter playing all 9 positions today, and hitting a grand slam.
2008-05-12 22:53:45
162.   underdog
Btw, this reminds me, I just re-watched Bull Durham for the umpteenth time, to help stimulate a few ideas for my own baseball script (and also hear the commentary tracks for the first time, both Shelton's and Robbins/Costner tracks are well worth listening to), but anyway, I don't know why I hadn't thought of this before, but isn't it a bit of a stretch that Nuke LaLoosh gets called up to "The Show" straight from single A?

Yes, Durham is a AAA team now. But when the movie was made they were two steps below that, in Single A, and the movie has a line or two referencing that fact. Okay, it's not a documentary, but so much of it is so faithful to the sport, it just struck me this time. Man, I still love this movie, though.

2008-05-12 22:54:42
163.   Eric Stephen
Schmidt was placed on the 15-DL on March 30, so he would be eligible to come off the 60-DL on May 30. He just started the rehab yesterday (didn't he?) so he can be rehabbing for up to 30 days before coming off and perhaps forcing a Pee Wee / Sweeney decision (assuming Nomar's return sends Maza to waiverland since hopefully Furcal will be back by then).
2008-05-12 22:55:00
164.   underdog
(I guess I was just thinking of Clayton Kershaw tonight for obvious reasons, so that's why that point stood out.)
2008-05-12 22:55:52
165.   underdog
163 - Makes perfect sense. Ah, so Maza's out of options, then? Enjoy the Show, Luis.
2008-05-12 22:56:11
166.   Greg Brock
Rewatching all the Freaks and Geeks episodes, my favorite remains where Sam has to shower and Nick thinks he's John Bonham.

Rock and roll don't come from your brain...It comes from your crotch.

2008-05-12 22:59:19
167.   Eric Stephen
Actually, I'm not sure if Maza was ever on a 40-man in Minnesota, so I may have jumped the gun there a bit.
2008-05-12 23:01:59
168.   Bob Timmermann
Sadly, you just don't appreciate that show as much as I do.
2008-05-12 23:03:18
169.   natepurcell

Rays are thinking about taking him #1...most likely he will be top 5.

2008-05-12 23:05:33
170.   Eric Stephen
I wonder what was the best W/L record for the team with the #1 pick at the time of the draft.
2008-05-12 23:09:49
171.   Eric Stephen
The 2005 D-Backs were 31-27 the day they drafted Justin Upton #1. I'm not sure it gets better than that (before Tampa next month of course).
2008-05-12 23:12:26
172.   Eric Stephen
The 2004 Padres were 31-25 when they wasted the #1 overall pick on Matt Bush. I'm beginning to think good records and #1 draft picks aren't all that rare.
2008-05-12 23:18:45
173.   El Lay Dave
166 the throng remains the same?
2008-05-12 23:21:42
174.   Greg Brock
173 Exactly.

We would also accept Immigrant's Throng. AYYAAAAA!

2008-05-12 23:22:54
175.   Eric Stephen
The 2001 Twins were 37-18 (!!!) the day they selected Joe Mauer #1 (over Mark Prior, slighly controversial at the time).
2008-05-12 23:35:33
176.   underdog
166/168 - I think Bob in particular appreciates this exchange, which I believe was from that episode:

Sam: Cindy Sanders is, like, a librarian type.
Neal: Yeah, librarian for the Playboy mansion.

I think Carded and Discarded is still my favorite F&G episode.

But the Parisian night suit one is also wonderfully squirmy. They're all great.

2008-05-12 23:37:18
177.   Eric Stephen
Buck Showalter on ESPN Radio, talking about the Asdrubal UTP earlier tonight, said he was coaching in extended spring training one year and he saw a triple play involving a ball that never hit a glove.

Runners on 1st & 2nd, running before the pitch.
Batter hits popup (infield fly: out #1).
Runner from 1st, not paying attention, passes runner on 2nd (out #2).
Runner from 2nd, also not paying attention, is struck by the batted ball (out #3).

2008-05-12 23:37:19
178.   underdog
Charlie Steiner is interviewed for a Bull Durham documentary on that DVD! He's featured prominently in fact.
2008-05-12 23:37:32
179.   dzzrtRatt
Why are repeated viewings of Pulp Fiction so entertaining? The first time I saw it, I would've never imagined I would watch at least part of it every time I run across it on cable, which is frequently.

Why is Bruce Willis in three of the movies I watch part of every time they're on? (This and two of the Die Hards).

2008-05-12 23:38:31
180.   underdog
Hah. So is Ken Huckaby, the Dodgers own former Crash Davis.
2008-05-12 23:40:24
181.   Eric Stephen
Didn't Huckaby -- then a Blue Jay -- land on Jeter while covering 3rd base early one season a few years back, knocking the Yankee SS on the DL?
2008-05-12 23:57:56
182.   underdog
181 Indeed he did, and it's one anecdote sometimes pulled out by people who don't like Derek Jeter as one reason why.


In parts of New York, Huckaby was vilified as a dirty player who took a horrible cheap shot. How dare some no-name touch St. Jeter, much less put him out of action for six weeks on opening day.

Huckaby, asked to explain himself over and over for the next couple of days, finally accepted the invitation of a Toronto radio broadcaster to broker a meeting with Jeter. So, before the final game of that series in Toronto, Huckaby took a deep breath and made the awkward walk from the home clubhouse down to Skydome's visitors clubhouse.

Huckaby shook Jeter's hand, and then he said his piece.

"I said, 'I hope you're all right. I didn't know where the base was when I was looking for the throw,'" Huckaby says. "I told him, 'It wasn't on purpose. I didn't know where I was on the field. It was just unfortunate we were at the same place at the same time.'"

Huckaby says the words were heartfelt. The guy genuinely felt bad, and the fact that the play sidelined Jeter for so long made it worse.

Jeter's reaction?

"He stonefaced me," Huckaby says. "He just stared at me.

"He didn't say one word."

What do you say to that?

Huckaby finished, and then there wasn't much to do except turn around and leave. Before the frostbite got him.

Upset? You bet.

"I was upset at how unreceptive he was," Huckaby says.

2008-05-13 00:10:32
183.   Gilberto Reyes
What does everyone think about bringing up James McDonald for the May 17 start? He has earned it with his performance in AA for the past 2 seasons. He is coming off two very solid starts including the one on Monday. Kershaw is obviously the best long term option, but I think patience with Clayton is the best move here.
2008-05-13 00:16:21
184.   Dodgers49
Since Maza's coming up I'll post this link for those who missed it earlier:

Maza provides plenty of laughs, hits for 51s

2008-05-13 00:24:54
185.   Gilberto Reyes
183 Actually, McDonald started Sunday May 11, which would still line him for a start on Saturday, May 17 against the Angels.
2008-05-13 01:01:47
186.   PDH5204
Jon, re Raffy, from the Complete Guide to Sports Injuries:

Mild sprain, 2-4 weeks
Moderate sprain, 4-6 weeks
Severe sprain, 6-10 weeks

Mild is as determined by a clinical finding of no loss of function. Some loss of function is moderate. Total loss of function is severe.

However, puts mild at 2-6 weeks, moderate at 6-8 weeks, and severe at 8-10 weeks.

2008-05-13 01:18:55
187.   Dodger Tony
It has been my experience that the Dodgers consistently shroud their player's injuries. It was evident to me that Rafy was seriously injured when he failed to appear in game two of the Mets series. As each day passed, the same announcement came from the booth that Furcal "is expected" to be in the lineup tomorrow, and tomorrow forth.

The next day arrived with the center field triumvirate on Prime Ticket saying nada about our hallowed SS.

The truth is, anyone who has followed this organization knows that they treat injured Dodgers like members of some secret society that none of us must find out about. Clearly this was done to sell the most tickets for the homestand, imo. To announce the loss of our MVP would have cost serious revenue, not to mention the 10% reduction in merchandise at many a retail outlet at the stadium.

It was also most instructive that Mr. Furcal's agent would state that he will be ready in approx. one week, this being a contract year for him.

In addition,it seems fair to begin questioning Stan Conte's effectiveness at this point. If $42 Mil is really the currency being lost to injuries, his employment must be scrutinized.

2008-05-13 06:24:10
188.   Dodger Dawg
Stan Conte is worthless. Either every injury is misdiagnosed or we're being outright lied to. Either way it's not a pretty picture.
2008-05-13 06:25:43
189.   goofus
Maza will take Furcal's spots on the 25 and 40 man roster now. When Furcal comes back, Hu will be sent down to make a spot on the 25 man roster for him, someone else will have to be removed from the 40 man roster for him. This would be a good time for Andruw to have his injury. When Schmidt/Nomar/LaRoche comes back is when Young and/or Sweeney will have to be dealt with.
2008-05-13 06:29:46
190.   Izzy
Oh excellent article on Kershaw. I haven't read Eisenberg before. He is as good as Carlos Gomez who doesn't seem to be writing for them HBT anymore. thanks
2008-05-13 06:39:40
191.   Eric Stephen
Maza will take Furcal's spots on the 25 and 40 man roster now

That's not true. Maza is taking Furcal's spot on the 25-man roster, but Maza first has to be placed on the 40-man roster. Players on the 15-day DL (like Furcal) still count for the 40-man roster.

Players on the 60-day DL allow for an extra spot on the 40-man, which is a main reason for the speculation that Jason Schmidt will be moved from the 15-day to the 60-day DL.

2008-05-13 06:45:28
192.   Eric Stephen
Clearly this was done to sell the most tickets for the homestand, imo. To announce the loss of our MVP would have cost serious revenue, not to mention the 10% reduction in merchandise at many a retail outlet at the stadium

I seriously doubt this.

A) A would imagine the walk-up ticket sales make up a small percentage of overall ticket sales for this last weekend
B) How many people are really buying tickets to see Furcal?

I think you are making too much out of this. Furcal has a bad back. They tried to see if a few days rest would be enough, and when it was determined that he needed more time, they put him on the DL. I don't think there's much more to it than that.

2008-05-13 06:57:13
193.   D4P
The Bill O'Reilly video clip making its way around the internets is something to behold. It's similar to that Chris Berman clip that surfaced a few months ago.
2008-05-13 07:01:03
194.   Ken Noe
I'm really happy that I didn't wake up to another Lugo deal, as Gurnick's column seemed to suggest possible. Maza looks just fine to me as a short term fill-in.
2008-05-13 07:03:09
195.   D4P
Looks like Rotoworld is on board:

Juan Pierre will probably continue to play a lot more than Andre Ethier, as manager Joe Torre simply can't bare the thought of playing without a "true" leadoff hitter.

2008-05-13 07:15:10
196.   Ken Noe
195 They've been on board the sit-JP wagon at least since last fall. But shouldn't that be "bear," as in carry, as in "how long can we carry Jones with Ethier on the bench?"
2008-05-13 07:16:23
197.   JoeyP
It's really too bad that neither LaRoche or Dewitt can play SS, if even for a few games.

This has the makings of a severe offensive shortage with Pierre leading off every game, and Hu/Maza at SS everyday.

The Brewers/Angels are pretty good teams, and it'd be unfortunate for the Dodgers to follow up their 10-1 stretch with a 2-10 one.

2008-05-13 07:16:29
198.   D4P
I didn't mean so much the "sit-JP" wagon as the "Torre insists on a 'true' leadoff hitter" wagon.
2008-05-13 07:19:30
199.   Dodger Dawg
The worst thing about Raffy going down is that now Torre will feel compelled to play Slappy and sit Ethier. Then he'll wonder why the team struggles to score runs.
2008-05-13 07:19:53
200.   Ken Noe
198 Gotcha. Sometimes I wonder if the Dodger Roto guy is among us. As for JP, he can lead-off I suppose as long as Smilin' Swingy McMiss sits for Ethier.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-05-13 07:31:34
201.   MollyKnight
This is probably the worst thing that could have happened to us at this junction.

#1 We lose Rafael Furcal
#2 Torre benches Ethier in favor of Pierre
#3 Ned trades LaRoche (or some other great prospect) for LugEckstein.


2008-05-13 07:45:36
202.   delias man
From what I have seen in my life, most people go to DS to eat. No ticket sales would change if Furcal was not playing. Now if the Dodger Dog was to go on the DL.....
2008-05-13 08:00:29
203.   madmac
everyone but Regfairfield might be interested, Blake DeWitt will be on 106.7 KROQ in a few minutes.
2008-05-13 08:02:34
204.   madmac
203 for those not in the LA area or without a radio here is a link to their site
2008-05-13 08:16:28
205.   madmac
BD is on now
2008-05-13 08:19:16
206.   Jon Weisman
188 - I don't know how much value Stan Conte has, but his ability or willingness to tell the public the truth about player injuries has absolutely no relevance.
2008-05-13 08:36:07
207.   JoeyP
Maybe Furcal wanted to go on the DL before his numbers declined?
2008-05-13 08:37:46
208.   regfairfield
Our third basema must have done well at athlete interview school.
2008-05-13 08:38:39
209.   regfairfield
Using whatever system Will Carroll does to rank medical staffs, the Dodgers rose from dead last to middle of the pack with Conte, so he must be doing something right.
2008-05-13 08:51:48
210.   D4P
Using whatever system Will Carroll does to rank medical staffs

I wonder if one could find the average DL stint for given injuries, then compare that to the actual DL stints for players on a particular team with those injuries. If a team generally has longer (or shorter) DL stints than would be expected given their injuries, that might say something about their trainer.

2008-05-13 08:56:25
211.   old dodger fan
Wilson Betemit comes off the DL on May 6 and goes back on the DL May 11.

210 It would need to factor in the players age though that would be tough to do. You are going to have sample size issues.

2008-05-13 09:03:20
212.   madmac
didn't realize that first year players at Ogden stayed with host families. Blake seemed to think it was a good experience.
2008-05-13 09:13:07
213.   Ken Noe
210 211 You'd also have to factor in mobility somehow. Team X once was known for rushing young players and looking the other way on juicing. Ten years later, Team X farmhands are all over MLB, pulling this, injuring that, and lengthening recovery times for Teams Y and Z. Meanwhile X has cleaned up its act and now ranks high in overall recovery time. How do you really rank Teams X, Y, and Z?
2008-05-13 09:24:49
214.   D4P
There's a question about Matt Kemp in the latest JoeChat. Here's Joe's expert response:

He's got a lot of ability. If he continues to improve, that's the key. How far he'll go depends on how hard he works and how much he improves.

2008-05-13 09:25:35
215.   KingKopitar
201 Geez, Molly I read your comment first thing and thought Ned had traded Laroche for David Eckstein. Think about the people who haven't had coffee yet.
2008-05-13 09:28:41
216.   Bob Timmermann
You folks do know that David Eckstein is injured on the DL.
2008-05-13 09:28:53
217.   Jon Weisman
Who is more injury-prone, Furcal or LaRoche?

(Hint: It's a trick question.)

2008-05-13 09:30:11
218.   KingKopitar
Furcal is a scrappy player who plays to hard for his body to keep up.

Laroche is a lazy whiner who refuses to play through injuries.

(Not true, but that's what I imagine people think.)

2008-05-13 09:30:34
219.   KingKopitar
Argh, too. That's what I get for trying to beat everyone else.
2008-05-13 09:34:23
220.   underdog
214 How many minutes til FJM has that up on their site, I wonder...


Neat little article on Jamie Pedroza in the PE today:

2008-05-13 09:34:31
221.   madmac
215 she scared me too
2008-05-13 09:36:33
222.   Bumsrap
With Furcal's bat out of the lineup, can the Dodgers afford to let Jones find his way? It would seem to be a good time to sit Jones until Furcal can return.

With Martin as the backup shortstop Torre was less likely to pinch hit for Hu. Hu is the utility player when Kent and Furcal are playing and it is the utility role that needs replacing with Furcal out. LaRoche is not a utility player.

It would be interesting to see LaRoche playing second for Las Vegas during the next 5 games. If LaRoche or DeWitt could play second, I would trade Kent in a heart beat.

2008-05-13 09:40:41
223.   D4P
I excerpted it from the FJM site.
2008-05-13 09:41:28
224.   old dodger fan
222 In the minors DeWitt played 282 games at 3B and 93 at 2B.
2008-05-13 09:41:38
225.   GMac In The 909
217 J.D. Drew. Final answer.
2008-05-13 09:42:12
226.   Gilberto Reyes
My odds for the May 17th starter...

65% Chan Ho Park
20% Kuo
10% Kershaw
5% McDonald

My choice would be McDonald.

2008-05-13 09:44:57
227.   D Money
Am i the only one who wishes Kent would have retired? His lack of range on defense probably cancels out any production he has with his bat, and that hasn't been much lately.
2008-05-13 09:45:32
228.   underdog
223 D'oh! Just saw that.

222 - I would like to see LaRoche play some at 2nd too. I do not think it's time to be trading Jeff Kent (and don't think they would even if it were). It's clearly his last season, but even tho he's been slumping they still need his power/bat this season. But I like the idea of LaRoche backing him up.

226 - Sounds about right. As excited as I'd be to see Kershaw's debut on Saturday, I'd rather them wait longer. I feel like he needs a bit more seasoning down there before they throw him to the ML wolves. His time will come soon enough.

2008-05-13 09:46:32
229.   Eric Stephen
Am i the only one who wishes Kent would have retired?

No. See Cannon, Toy.

If LaRoche or DeWitt could play second, I would trade Kent in a heart beat

Never gonna happen. Kent plays out the string as a Dodger.

2008-05-13 09:47:25
230.   old dodger fan
227 Kent's OPS+ this year is 79.
2008-05-13 09:49:59
231.   JoeyP
The difference between a healthy and injured Furcal is best demonstrated by the fact that with a healthy Furcal in 2006, the Dodgers tied for the division lead. Furcal played injured the entire 2007 season and the Dodgers finished fourth

Its amazing that Ken Gurnick actually gets paid to write this stuff.

2008-05-13 09:50:08
232.   Eric Stephen
My preference for May 17 is, in order:

Kuo (too bad it's in an AL park; no bat flip!)
McDonald (over Clayton because he's already on the 40-man)
Kershaw (in due time, son)
Park (he's trying to lure me in, but I'm not buying...yet)

2008-05-13 09:52:45
233.   Gilberto Reyes
From the latest Prospect Hot Sheet on Baseball America...

Age: 23
Why he's here: 7 IP, 5 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 9 K
The Scoop: Jacksonville lefthander Clayton Kershaw gets all the attention, and rightfully so. But don't ignore McDonald, who has an impressive combination of above-average stuff, command and athleticism. One of the better-kept secrets in the minor leagues, McDonald has a 4.19 ERA with a more impressive 35-7 K-BB ratio in 34 1/3 innings. Originally drafted in 2002 as a two-way player and developed as an outfielder until 2005, McDonald is now in his third full season of pitching, showing excellent aptitude for his craft.*

2008-05-13 09:53:23
234.   JoeyP
226--Why not Meloan? He's also on the 40-man roster and has been starting at Vegas. Also has some big league experience from last year.

It'll probably be Park though. No need to make a roster move if its only going to be 1 start.

2008-05-13 09:53:29
235.   underdog
Okay, speaking of JoeChat, FJM and the Dodgers, I couldn't resist this other one:

>>Charlotte: Joe: You were such a great hitter. What would you do to help Andruw Jones get back on track. He's just lost up there. And I can't believe he's really this bad.

"Joe Morgan: I can't either. I can't believe he's having the problems he's having. I have not seen him play this year, as we haven't done a Dodgers' game and he's never int the highlights, so I couldn't give him any specific advice, but I am shocked at how long this slump has extended."

I am officially a broken record, but: Joe Morgan, the #1 analyst on the #1 baseball network in America -- multiple-time Emmy Award Winner -- has not seen a {bleep} DODGER GAME this year? Not one Dodger game?

I have a full-time job, and a decently complicated life, and a young child. There is not a single team in the majors I haven't watched play this year. I have watched at least one game of every major league team. You know why? I like baseball. Like checking out a Reds-Cubs game on a sleepy Saturday in late April. Like flipping over to a Giants game and imagine what it must be like to be Brian Sabean watching Barry Zito serving 80 MPH cheese to the NL. I like baseball, so I watch baseball. I just...I don't know how saying things like this doesn't get you fired. I really don't.

2008-05-13 09:55:28
236.   Eric Stephen
That's classic. Let's continue down Gurnick's logical trail:

In 2006, the Dodgers had J.D. Drew and finished tied for 1st. In 2007, they had Juan Pierre and finished 4th

2008-05-13 09:56:17
237.   silverwidow
When Furcal is healthy, Dodgers are going to keep Maza and option Hu. They've been wanting a 4A utility type for a while now.

When Schmidt comes back, a pitcher (Stults or Alvarez, possibly) will be DFA'd. I don't see them cutting Sweeney loose yet.

2008-05-13 09:56:47
238.   Ken Noe
227 229 Heck I wanted Lowe and him traded last year, but Eric's right, he'll receive his grand farewell ceremony at DS and go into the HOF wearing his Giants cap. I do intend to put a trash can beside it, though. "Hey dad, is that a Jeff Kent statue?" "No son, that's Jeff Kent."
2008-05-13 09:58:30
239.   Eric Stephen
It is astounding how little Joe watches baseball. Maybe Joe Torre was hanging out with Morgan in the offseason, given all the "I still need to see [insert Dodger youngun] play" quotes before spring training.
2008-05-13 10:00:45
240.   Gilberto Reyes
232 I knew McDonald was already on the 40-man roster, but I did not realize that Kershaw was not. That makes it an even easier decision. McDonald over Kershaw for the short term, and also as the next spot starter. Who knows, he might throw a great game and grab hold of the 5th spot for a while. He deserves the shot.
2008-05-13 10:01:18
241.   Eric Stephen
"Hey dad, is that a Jeff Kent statue?" "No son, that's Jeff Kent."

Awesome. It would be kind of funny to see a Kareem-esque farewell tour, where various opponents lavish the surly one with gifts like a rocking chair, a motorcycle, or some elaborate chess set.

2008-05-13 10:02:30
242.   D4P
When Furcal is healthy, Dodgers are going to keep Maza and option Hu. They've been wanting a 4A utility type for a while now

NedMan: ""

2008-05-13 10:05:08
243.   dzzrtRatt
If Torre wants a true leadoff hitter, per the stereotype, he's got other choices than Pierre. Kemp can fly, though he wouldn't be my first choice. Martin and Ethier are both fast-ish. Fast enough to put there if we close our eyes and pretend JP is playing for Cleveland leaving Torre with no choice.

If this season has shown anything, it's that Pierre is not a "true leadoff hitter." His occasional hot streaks have come when he's hitting #2. And no manager has yet tapped his almost limitless potential when batting 8th.

2008-05-13 10:05:13
244.   Daniel Zappala
Great article and video about Yu Darvish and Japanese baseball in general over on ESPN today.
2008-05-13 10:07:16
245.   kinbote
242 If Luis Maza's the answer, what's the question again?
2008-05-13 10:07:24
246.   Eric Stephen
Maybe baseball should create a 10th man award, so Pierre won't feel the negative stigma of not starting. The ego blow wouldn't be as great if he was still eligible to win that award.
2008-05-13 10:08:53
247.   Eric Stephen
If Luis Maza's the answer, what's the question again?

What player can induce the most corn-related jokes over the next week or so?

I can't wait until he fields an easy pop fly in short left field.

2008-05-13 10:10:13
248.   Gilberto Reyes
234 Meloan has struggled recently in Las Vegas and is still adjusting to his starting role. I don't think the Dodgers feel he is ready to start with the big club despite his relief experience last September. But you are probably correct that the team will likely start Park to avoid making a roster move.
2008-05-13 10:10:44
249.   silverwidow
247 If Luis Maza is playing LF for us, the season is effectively over.
2008-05-13 10:10:47
250.   Ken Noe
241 On Jeff Kent Appreciation Day, I intend to ceremonially untuck my shirt.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-05-13 10:11:03
251.   cargill06
i think just by reading comments on this website without knowing any scores to previous games i could tell how the dodgers have done the past few games. it just seems like so much negativity after a 2-4 stretch and the 10-1 stretch the comments were so much more positive.
2008-05-13 10:14:48
252.   kinbote
Forgive me if this was already posted (from Rotoworld):

"Indians designated INF Andy Cannizaro for assignment. The 29-year-old's second trip to the big leagues was only expected to last until Ben Zobrist returned. He was hitless in his only at-bat since being called up on April 27."

Sure sounds like a Ned-target to me.

2008-05-13 10:15:07
253.   old dodger fan
251 It's always like this after we are swept.
2008-05-13 10:15:43
254.   Bluebleeder87
thanks for the link on Kershaw's mechanics Jon, very nice read.
2008-05-13 10:15:54
255.   Ken Noe
245 Who is standing in the way of Andy Cannizaro?
2008-05-13 10:16:15
256.   dzzrtRatt
251 It's still a fine team. We were handling the Black Hole of Andruw with great hitting from the guys we always hoped would thrive here, like Kemp and Martin. Before Furcal's injury, I thought Torre was handling the outfield logjam fairly well, given the circumstances. The starting pitching was faltering, but as Jon wrote earlier, it's not a huge concern yet, and we have an enviable bullpen.

The only problem that could be handled differently is, what kind of lineup do we have with Furcal out? Torre is giving the wrong answer to that question. He can have Pierre OR Jones in this lineup, but not both. We need Ethier's hitting prowess to be there every day, at least til Furcal is back.

2008-05-13 10:16:45
257.   Ken Noe
252 Drat!
2008-05-13 10:17:24
258.   Eric Stephen
Look at the bright side: Marlon Anderson started at DH twice last year and the Dodgers were 2-0! But I meant from Maza's position at SS

Again, sorry for steering you toward losing $50.

2008-05-13 10:17:52
259.   kinbote
Luis Maza already feels like an obscure but memorable Dodger.
2008-05-13 10:19:18
260.   cargill06
258 ha it's ok, you didn't put a gun to my head... and when i saw the pitching match ups it looked like a pretty safe bet to me.
2008-05-13 10:20:22
261.   kinbote
255 {touching right index finger to tip of nose}
2008-05-13 10:22:02
262.   old dodger fan
260 I was so sure you were going to win that bet.
2008-05-13 10:28:05
263.   Eric Stephen
Fun with stats:

2008 VORP
Ryan Howard: -5.4 (605 out of 621)
Andruw Jones: -6.4 (612 out of 621)

VORP does not include defense. I wonder if Howard, in Philadelphia no less, gets anywhere near the vitriol as Andruw does.

2008-05-13 10:29:19
264.   Gilberto Reyes
258 DH this weekend! Ethier will start all three games and nobody will complain about the four OF situation. Right?
2008-05-13 10:30:45
265.   Eric Stephen
There will still be plenty to complain about if Nomar or Martin is at DH while Ethier sits.
2008-05-13 10:31:35
266.   D4P
It looks like the imposter who used to frequent the blog has made its way to Depo's blog...
2008-05-13 10:36:16
267.   Eric Stephen
Jason Kendall has thrown out 14 of 30 basestealers this season. Looks like it's a station to station weekend. No need for a speed guy at the top now!
2008-05-13 10:37:54
268.   bhsportsguy
267 Every day is a weekend for Eric, even Tuesday - Thursday.
2008-05-13 10:38:26
269.   Gilberto Reyes
263 I think the Philly fans are already out for blood. See the excerpt from a Philly blog below...

Ryan Howard is pissing me off. He's considered a slugging firstbaseman; I consider him to be more slug-like, and I'm not just referring to his lack of speed. Howard is still relatively new to the Majors, this being only his 3rd full season, and it's becoming evident that he's prone to a sluggish start. No excuses, this type of performance is just plain ridiculous. The Phils are doing their best to win despite Howard's best efforts to sink the ship. His .170 batting average and 45 strikeouts in 112 at bats is setting records for futility. He already owns the infamous record for k's in a season with 199, and he's well on his way to eclipsing that total this year (pace- 235). I like the "Imagine If" game, so just imagine if Howard was hitting anywhere close to his career norms right now, that would probably be good for another 2-3 wins this season easily. How much longer will renowned players' manager Charlie Manuel allow Howard to stifle the offense from the cleanup spot without typical production of a cleanup hitter? How much longer must fans wait before mercilessly booing the ever-loving crap out the big oaf? How much longer before intelligent, thought provoking, analytical bloggers like myself can start ranting about his lack of worth this season and begin worrying about if he'll turn "it" around or not? Count this blogger in the officially worried category and, as you read, the rants have begun.

2008-05-13 10:41:52
270.   Eric Stephen
Kendall had only thrown out 20.5% of runners the past 3 years combined, so his 46.7% kill ratio this season is surprising. I want to say it's because of the move to Milwaukee, but last year Brewer catchers Estrada and Miller only combined to throw out 23 of 120 baserunners, a 19.2% rate.
2008-05-13 10:42:23
271.   Gilberto Reyes
265 I forgot about those scenarios. I don't like those two options either. I really don't want to see Bennett catch in Anaheim.
2008-05-13 10:43:04
272.   Eric Stephen
I really need to recalibrate my internal calendar!
2008-05-13 10:44:39
273.   Eric Stephen
I wouldn't mind Bennett catching a game or two in Anaheim, with Martin getting a "day off" at DH. I just don't want it coupled with Ethier or Kemp sitting.
2008-05-13 10:49:41
274.   Sam PHL
263. The last game I went to, he was booed loudly after each strikeout. Also, there were plenty of "C'mon do something" and "Earn your contract" grumblings by fans around me. Sounds a lot like what's probably going on at the Stadium with Druw. Of course, this is Philadelphia where, up until this year, fans have inexplicably booed Burrell.
2008-05-13 10:52:01
275.   kinbote
Young is the perfect choice to DH. Let him bat without worrying about defense. Unfortunately, there is almost no chance of that happening. Instead, we'll likely see a rotation of our "four outfielders" (apologies to DP4--I like that "I count two" line).
2008-05-13 10:54:32
276.   silverwidow
OT: What do you guys like to get a Subway? They have the $5 footlong gimmick right now, so it's pretty popular where I work.
2008-05-13 10:56:36
277.   bhsportsguy
273 Unnoticed due to the Ethier/Pierre situation is that Kemp has started 24 out of the 25 games since sitting out the San Diego series.

So we are pretty much where we were before ST, Kemp, Jones and Pierre playing with Ethier sitting right now.

2008-05-13 11:00:40
278.   Gilberto Reyes
275 I would love to see Pee Wee DH all three games as well. But Furcal's injury has created a "need" for a true leadoff man according to our skipper. My prediction is that Pierre will DH at least 2 of the games.
2008-05-13 11:02:21
279.   LoneStar7
276 I mix it up with the chicken breast, turkey, or tuna...Honey oat is my favorite type of bread hands down, and i usually go for most of the veggie choices. If the avocado looks fresh, never a bad choice as well, although its like 50 cents extra. Personally I really like the southwest/chipotle sauce on almost any type of sandwich as well...
2008-05-13 11:03:22
280.   68elcamino427
238 {250}
Hilarious! Don't forget to play some loud music and tell jokes in a loud voice.
2008-05-13 11:03:43
281.   LoneStar7
278 how about keeping the lineup as is, except for letting ethier start over Juan...and then bringing up Andy to pinch hit : )
2008-05-13 11:05:02
282.   cargill06
Richard Joel (NYC): Hey Buster! I've got a Hebrew (!) final tomorrow, uch. Lemme get a question in. Have you heard anything about the Dodgers bringing up Kershaw? How do you expect him to perform in the majors? Ervin Santana or Phil Hughes?

Buster Olney: (1:28 PM ET ) Richard: I heard last week that he was going to pitch this Saturday, but I haven't checked on it in the last 48 hours, to make sure that is the case. Everybody who sees him says he's high impact, but as we have seen with many other young pitchers, he might have his ups and downs (Clay Buchholz pitched a spectacular game in Tampa Bay, for instance, and then looked lost last night against Minnesota, failing to command his fastball). The consensus is that he has a chance to be a very special pitcher.

does he know something we don't?

2008-05-13 11:07:15
283.   Eric Stephen
I tend to stick to the lower fat menu at Subway. Usually I'll get either a turkey, roasted chicken breast, roast beef, or sweet onion teryaki on wheat, no cheese, mustard (no mayo), with just about every vegetable except olives. And I usually choose jalapeños over banana peppers if at all.
2008-05-13 11:07:17
284.   Jon Weisman
282 - Nothing he said there is anything we didn't know.
2008-05-13 11:08:08
285.   bhsportsguy
The Dodgers generally do not well with a pinch hitter DHing during these interleague games. You are probably better off having a semi-regular do it, though I could see Martin DHing just to give him some time off from catching.
2008-05-13 11:08:37
286.   Eric Stephen
I wholeheartedly support that idea.
2008-05-13 11:11:49
287.   Gilberto Reyes
Today's starter Carlos Villanueva for Milwaukee has held left handed batters to a .218 average while right handers have hit .408. Bad news for Ethier and/or Pierre? Or does Torre not look at this stuff?
2008-05-13 11:13:36
288.   68elcamino427
278 {281}
Here's my suggestion for Anaheim, given the current state of affairs.

Martin C
Ethier RF
Kemp CF
Loney 1B
Kent DH
DeWitt 3B
Young LF
Maza SS
Hu 2B

Kuo #5 Starter

Absent the DH, let Kent sit for a week and see how this line-up produces.

Oh my! Did I forget about the big contracts?

2008-05-13 11:16:16
289.   LoneStar7
287 So are you suggesting we start pee wee, jones, and kemp...then maybe bring in dre to pinch hit and play the back half, assuming villanueva doesnt pitch a complete game..or something along those lines
2008-05-13 11:18:12
290.   Eric Stephen
I don't think there's a chance in heck that Torre will have a lineup where Young is the only backup middle infielder left on his bench. If we get a CornHulio middle infield, Kent will be sitting for sure.
2008-05-13 11:18:31
291.   regfairfield
From the there's still hope for Andruw Jones yet file: Dioner Navarro is hitting .364.
2008-05-13 11:19:26
292.   regfairfield
288 Why on Earth would you start Maza instead of Kent?
2008-05-13 11:19:31
293.   ToyCannon
Congratulations on our new utility infielder finally getting the call. May his stay be memorable enough that he can bounce from team to team for the next 5 years and get a pension before riding off into the hitless middle infield world that continues to grow at a prodigous rate. He can say hi to Bart Shirley for us.
2008-05-13 11:21:43
294.   Ken Noe
291 Maybe Ned can trade Jones to Tampa and get him started. Too bad they already dropped Andy Cannizaro.
2008-05-13 11:22:13
295.   Eric Stephen
Also, despite what Vin Scully's researcher says, Hu should be the SS and Maza at 2B in your scenario.
2008-05-13 11:22:22
296.   regfairfield
Never mind, why on Earth would you put Maza at short instead of Hu?
2008-05-13 11:24:56
297.   Jacob L
293 Or Tripp Cromer.
2008-05-13 11:28:29
298.   68elcamino427
Yeah, you're right, but if you needed back up, couldn't JP sub in to left and Young move over to 2B?
You would only need to lock up a few of the player's agents.
2008-05-13 11:30:05
299.   68elcamino427
295 {296}
That's fine with me :)
2008-05-13 11:41:24
300.   kinbote
293 Is it official?
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-05-13 11:42:33
301.   Eric Stephen
293 ,297
Jack Perconte also works.
2008-05-13 11:44:04
302.   JoeyP
291--Thats a stretch considering their ages. Both had bad years last year, although Navarro had a good 2nd half.

Druw retired after 2006 apparently.

2008-05-13 11:44:21
303.   Eric Stephen
It won't be official until before close to game time, but it has been reported by 3 different papers,, and Josh Rawitch that Maza will be brought up. The only unknown is the corresponding roster move (i.e. Schmidt to DL or a DFA that will surely confound us all).
2008-05-13 11:45:12
304.   underdog
290 Okay, I'll confess that "CornHulio" made me laugh, despite myself. Beats my Passover joke.

I, for one, am relieved that they are calling up Maza rather than trading for some temporary pointless fix. Furcal should be back in 8 days, so I'd like to see them wait it out than make a panic move.

Yep, this weekend's line-ups vs. the Angels should be interesting, but I am looking forward to having the DH. My prediction: 1 game Kent DHs, another Sweeney DHs, and another either Young or Martin. (Jones right now has more value in the field than he does at the plate so DHing him wouldn't make much sense, he'll either sit or play the field.) This isn't necessarily what I'd call for, just what I predict.

2008-05-13 11:50:22
305.   cargill06
does anyone know what the next step for schmidt is and when he is supposed to pitch again?
2008-05-13 11:52:52
306.   LoneStar7
305 sorry this is just a question to add on to yours

but didn't he pitch an inning in AAA? Or was scheduled too, I also heard something about a setback he may of had, that could be really old news..

2008-05-13 11:53:30
307.   underdog
305 He just began what is supposed to be a monthlong rehab assignment. Dunno when he's scheduled to pitch again for Inland Empire; would guess late in the week?
2008-05-13 11:53:49
308.   bhsportsguy
305 Maybe another inning added on Friday/Saturday. Biggest news will be no news in terms of problems after each time throwing.
2008-05-13 11:54:12
309.   kinbote
303 Thanks. We may be seeing lots of corresponding moves in the weeks ahead.
2008-05-13 11:54:32
310.   underdog
306 No setback. And he's pitching in Single A Cal league. He had a 1-2-3 inning. Topped out at 88mph, which isn't bad for his first time in a game.
2008-05-13 11:56:45
311.   Eric Stephen
305 ,306
Schmidt pitched for Class A Inland Empire on Sunday in Lancaster, pitching a scheduled one inning. No word yet on the next step, except that since it's technically a rehab assignment he has 30 days before he needs to be called up (unless he agrees to extend the assignment).
2008-05-13 12:05:02
312.   ToyCannon
Gotta love the sold out game on Sunday only to see Schmidt pitch one inning. The fans should have gone Saturday Night and they would have had a story to tell if they stayed the whole nine innings.
2008-05-13 12:06:14
313.   LoneStar7
311 thanks, and assuming all went well then as fair as pain/stiffness?
2008-05-13 12:07:05
314.   LoneStar7
310 ah whoops should have read that first, thanks to both for the updates
2008-05-13 12:09:26
315.   MC Safety
I wouldn't go to Subway if they were giving away free sandwiches. I just can't do the packaged meat thing. A sandwich shop without a meat slicer?

Nein danke.

2008-05-13 12:10:56
316.   blue22
266 - It's really painful reading that blog with his references to "we" and "us" in regards to the Padres.
2008-05-13 12:11:01
317.   ToyCannon
For a minor leaguer like Maza is it better to never see the show and never actually understand what he missed, or is it better to get that one week only to have it taken away forever when he's found wanting.

If he's never promoted he can always fool himself into thinking he'd have made it if given the chance. Once given the chance reality will rip away his dream.

2008-05-13 12:12:58
318.   Bluebleeder87
297 I guess Chad Fonville dose not qualify. :o)
2008-05-13 12:13:06
319.   blue22
315 - It's cheap, healthy, and filling. You could do worse when it comes to fast food.
2008-05-13 12:14:07
320.   Jon Weisman
317 - Better to get that week.
2008-05-13 12:16:22
321.   Jon Weisman
Maza's contract has been purchased, the Dodgers have officially announced.
2008-05-13 12:16:34
322.   Jon Weisman
Abreu to the 60-day DL.
2008-05-13 12:16:43
323.   Bluebleeder87
297 I guess Chad Fonville dose not qualify. :o)
2008-05-13 12:17:10
324.   Jon Weisman
"Double-A Jacksonville starter James McDonald was named the Southern League Pitcher of the Week yesterday. McDonald went 1-0 with 16 strikeouts, one walk and a 1.38 ERA (2 ER/13.0 IP) in two starts and is now 2-1 with a 4.02 ERA in eight starts this year."
2008-05-13 12:21:06
325.   Bluebleeder87
322 its a shame, hopefully he doesnt get that "label"

The double post was NOT my doing

2008-05-13 12:21:15
326.   kinbote
321 Quick, someone contact Angel Chavez for a reaction piece.
2008-05-13 12:22:01
327.   Gilberto Reyes
324 Sounds like someone who should be starting in Anaheim on May 17?
2008-05-13 12:22:03
328.   silverwidow
Tony Abreu needs to go on "Mystery Diagnosis"
2008-05-13 12:23:15
329.   Eric Enders
BP has a terrific (if ill-timed) article today analyzing Furcal's season so far.

- His improvement is due partly to improved plate discipline, but mostly to BABIP. His 2008 line drive rate is actually his worst as a Dodger. However, he's hitting more fly balls which likely explains the increased SLG.

- He's hitting good pitchers better than he does bad pitchers.

- He's swung at the first pitch only 15 percent of the time, but when he does he has great success. He's swung and missed only once.

It's a really interesting read.

2008-05-13 12:23:48
330.   MC Safety
319 That's what I hear.
2008-05-13 12:24:19
331.   Eric Enders
With Luis Maza being called up, Mike Myers has asked to be released again.
2008-05-13 12:25:45
332.   Jon Weisman
Will Carroll on Furcal:

The Dodgers must be looking across town to see how the Angels tend to deal with the DL. If so, the lesson took and makes perfect sense in the case of Furcal. Much as we talked about recently with Chone Figgins, the Dodgers gave Furcal time to heal up in hopes he could come back in less than 15 days. Instead, when the back didn't free up, they found a mild strain in his sacroiliac joint. Furcal had a cortisone injection into the area in hopes that it would help. This injury is substantially similar to the one he had at the end of last season, so as a recurrence, he's likely to take a bit longer to come back, and will have a higher risk of another episode in the future. Now that it has been diagnosed, he'll be getting consistent maintenance work, and I don't think it will be a significant drag on him once the acute pain and tightness clears.

2008-05-13 12:26:05
333.   MC Safety
324 Atta boy, James!
2008-05-13 12:26:33
334.   Scanman33
324-Ned will look at that 2-1 record, conclude that McDonald doesn't know "how to win" yet and promptly trade LaRoche for Livan Hernandez.
2008-05-13 12:28:03
335.   Eric Stephen
Myers was upset at the Dodgers horror movie preference of Children of the Corn over Halloween.
2008-05-13 12:30:12
336.   Marty
325 I think he already has been given the not tough enough jacket.
2008-05-13 12:30:46
337.   screwballin
Hey all. This landed in my inbox today, and I thought it might be of interest for fellow Blackberry users. You need to register for Blackberry Lounge to get the free trial, but having Gameday on my Blackberry has me unreasonably euphoric:

Watch live datacasts of every MLB game from your BlackBerry® smartphone. Choose from multiple views: strike zone, base runners, lineups, and more.

With the included Player Tracker™, you can also get detailed player stats and bios with Player Cards for a customized roster of up to forty players.

Click the link to redeem the coupon code ( #3691874013 ) by 11:59am PST on May 17th for a free trial of Gameday™ while quantities last.

2008-05-13 12:31:25
338.   Eric Stephen
Abreu to the 60-DL means the Schmidt to 60-DL move can be used for Kershaw's comeuppance if needed.

Still, it looks like Nomar's return this weekend will result in the DFA-ing of either Sweeney or Pee Wee.

2008-05-13 12:33:58
339.   LoneStar7
337 mark as spam

haha just kidding, I have a BB and definitely want to check that out.

2008-05-13 12:37:54
340.   screwballin
339 Please do check it out, I work on commission. ;)

Only in my dreams do I work for MLB in any way.

2008-05-13 12:39:53
341.   Eric Enders
You can't change your mind after you DFA somebody, right? Say we DFA Sweeney and Nomar gets hurt in his second game back. (Really going out on a limb there.) The DFA cannot be withdrawn, correct? We'd have to either hope Sweeney cleared waivers, or make a deal with whichever team claimed him to return him to us?
2008-05-13 12:41:14
342.   screwballin
I find myself following the Dodger games live with their auto-refresh MLB page on my BB, but this looks to be a serious upgrade to that.
2008-05-13 12:41:37
343.   MC Safety
James McDonald starting this weekend against the Angels would be awesome for so many reasons.

Big James would surely be in attendance, and if he pitched well a post game belated birthday (May 15th) shout out to his former little league catcher would be in order. But I doubt he remembers my birthday.

2008-05-13 12:42:19
344.   silverwidow
Still, it looks like Nomar's return this weekend will result in the DFA-ing of either Sweeney or Pee Wee.

Doubt it.

Brazoban to Vegas is more likely.

2008-05-13 12:42:22
345.   underdog
Was Mike Myers hoping to be called up to play the infield?
2008-05-13 12:42:29
346.   regfairfield
341 Nope, once you DFA someone he's off your roster and he can't play for your organization for 10 days.
2008-05-13 12:50:02
347.   El Lay Dave
344 I think 338 was assuming a 25-man move like that (pitcher down, if Kershaw comes up) with Schmidt to the 60-day DL for the necessary 40-man move.

It could be Kershaw right back down to make way for Nomar on the 25-man and Torre going with 11 pitchers, at least temporarily?

2008-05-13 12:50:55
348.   CGeary
Another great read from Joe Posnanski

2008-05-13 12:53:17
349.   Eric Stephen
The Wade or Ghame Over to Vegas gambit will be used if Kershaw or McDonald are called up to pitch Saturday.

If Nomar comes back, I doubt Torre will go with only 11 pitchers.

2008-05-13 12:53:21
350.   Gilberto Reyes
343 How was his stuff back then?
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2008-05-13 12:53:51
351.   silverwidow
347 It's all a bit tricky.

Kershaw is almost certainly not coming up. I'd be shocked if he pitched Saturday. So if they want to active Nomar, then sending down a pitcher is the easiest thing to do (since we need extra infielders right now).

2008-05-13 12:58:31
352.   Gilberto Reyes
349 What happened to the days when 10 pitchers was the norm and 11 pitchers was a lot?
2008-05-13 13:01:31
353.   Eric Enders
352 The same thing that happened to the days when 9 pitchers was the norm and 10 was a lot.
2008-05-13 13:05:00
354.   Jon Weisman
2008-05-13 13:07:53
355.   MC Safety
350 A young Pedro Martinez. He had an awesome curve.
2008-05-13 13:12:37
356.   Eric Stephen
I'm surprised some team hasn't at least tried the four man rotation. It's all about avoiding pitching under stress, right? How about having starters go on 3 days rest, with strict enforcement of a pitch count. This would free up an extra roster spot and allow for more in-game flexibility.
2008-05-13 13:19:22
357.   LoneStar7
356 wouldn't that be very risky, if you did do that you'd have to have a chan-ho or Duiza type player in the bullpen that could make spot starts if such things as inclement weather arise..
2008-05-13 17:16:11
358.   dsfan
I'd rather see McDonald get the callup. Would like Kershaw stay in Double-A, bounce back from his tough outing there (I think it's good that he struggled) and get a few more starts under his belt, including a long-inning outing so he has to pitch through some fatigue. Guess I'm a bit old-fashioned, but I think Kershaw would benefit long-term from more time in Double-A.

Last I checked, Pierre's OBP certainly set up nicely for leadoff but I would like to see Torre give Ethier a game or two in the leadoff spot. He'll take pitches, if that's preferred, and the slug dimension is appealing.

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