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And Away We Go ...
2008-05-25 11:58
by Jon Weisman

He's just a man, like any man you might find in Greek mythology.

- Diane Chambers

* * *

Family permitting, I'll be live-blogging the opening moments of Clayton Kershaw's major-league career.

Cardinals at Dodgers, 1:10 p.m.

1:01 p.m.: "It's time for Dodger baseball." Fans on the field for Photo Day frame Vin Scully in a pretaped segment. Scully tamps the hype, focusing on the Dodgers' need to avoid being swept by the Cardinals before mentioning Kershaw's debut.

1:05 p.m.: In another pretaped interview, for "Torre's Stories," Joe Torre is making a rather emotional appeal to renew interest in baseball among black players. Kershaw fever remains on hold at Fox Sports Net.

1:08 p.m.: "We know where his mom is sitting. She's directly below us in the second row, so we can watch her expressions and emotions as her son begins to crank it up." Vin then runs down Kershaw's vitals and names some other pitchers who have debuted at Kershaw's age or younger, some examples more encouraging than others (David Clyde!), all the way to Joe Nuxhall.

First inning
Skip Schumacher
0-0 94 fastball high and inside, ball one
1-0 94 fastball strike
1-1 94 fastball fouled back
1-2 75 curveball grounded foul
1-2 95 fastball fouled back
1-2 74 curveball grounded foul
1-2 95 fastball shoulder-high swung on and missed (wild applause from mom) "fastball that just exploded around the letters" Ball goes to the dugout to save, Kershaw smiles, everyone giddy.

Brian Barton
0-0 95 fastball high
1-0 94 fastball very high
2-0 93 fastball just outside
3-0 93 high and outside "And maybe Kershaw overthrowing a bit following the emotional strikeout of Schumacher.

Albert Pujols
"Mr. Kershaw, Mr. Pujols. Mr. Pujols, Mr. Kershaw."
0-0 93 fastball high and inside
1-0 72 curveball drops low
2-0 94 fastball swung on and missed
2-1 94 fastball called strike
2-2 73 curvevall down and inside
3-2 96 fastball fouled away
3-2 96 fastball fouled away
3-2 73 curveball pulled just inside third and down the line for an RBI double

Ryan Ludwick
0-0 74 curveball called strike
0-1 97 fastball low
1-1 98 fastball ignored Pujols running, pitch fouled away
1-2 75 curveball grounded foul
1-2 97 fastball fouled back
1-2 95 fastball very high
2-2 73 curveball grounded foul
2-2 96 fastball low and outside
3-2 97 fastball at the knees swung on and missed

Troy Glaus
0-0 95 fastball outside corner called strike
0-1 73 curveball lollipop high
1-1 96 fastball swung on and missed
1-2 75 curveball right in there strike three called "Clayton Kershaw strikes out the side in his major league debut, albeit he did allow a run."

First inning pitch count: a whopper - 32 pitches, 12 balls, 20 strikes.

Bottom of the first: Luis Maza hits his first major league home run and only the second by a Dodger second baseman since April 15. Cardinals 1, Dodgers 1.

Second inning
Jason LaRue
0-0 93 fastball low
1-0 93 fastball groundout 6-3

Cesar Izturis
0-0 93 fastball outside corner called strike
0-1 83 changeup outside
1-1 94 fastball fouled back
1-2 74 curveball grounded foul
1-2 93 fastball inside
2-2 95 fastball high
3-2 94 fastball grounded to Loney unassisted putout

Todd Wellemeyer
0-0 92 fastball called strike
0-1 93 fastball called strike at knees
0-2 74 curveball swung on and missed, putout 2-3

Second inning pitch count: 12 pitches, 4 balls, eight strikes
Two-inning totals: 44 pitches, 16 balls, 28 strikes, one hit, one walk, four strikeouts

Bottom of the second: Dodgers go down in order.

Third inning
The sun has broken through the clouds.
Brendan Ryan
0-0 93 fastball fouled back
0-1 84 changeup low
1-1 95 fastball fouled back
1-2 73 curveball hanging, grounded to the hole in short for a clean infield single

Skip Schumacher
pickoff attempt #1
0-0 93 fastball low
1-0 93 fastball just low
2-0 92 fastball called strike
pickoff attempt #2
2-1 91 fastball chopper to short, 6-4-3 double play

Brian Barton
0-0 95 fastball high
1-0 93 fastball popped to right field, Andre Ethier catches.

Third inning pitch count: 10 pitches, four balls, six strikes
Three-inning totals: 54 pitches, 20 balls, 34 strikes, two hits, one walk, four strikeouts

Bottom of the third: Kershaw bats with one out. He twirls the bat in a fashion that calls to mind David Letterman twirling a pen on his fingers. He grounds to short. Dodgers go down in order. Cardinals 1, Dodgers 1.

Fourth inning
Albert Pujols
0-0 86 changeup low
1-0 94 fastball fouled back
1-1 84 changeup grounded foul
1-2 86 changeup grounded out to short

Ryan Ludwick
0-0 73 curveball called strike
0-1 94 fastball swung on and missed
0-2 95 fastball at shoulders swung on and missed

Troy Glaus
0-0 95 fastball outside
1-0 85 changeup called strike
1-1 73 curveball just high
1-2 95 late swing, popped to short right, Maza with a catch looking into thte sun.

Fourth inning pitch count: 11 pitches, two balls, nine strikes
Four-inning totals: 65 pitches, 22 balls, 43 strikes, two hits, one walk, five strikeouts

Bottom of the fourth: With one out, Either singles and Martin doubles off the top of the center-field wall (less than four inches) to drive him in. A Loney groundout moves Martin to third, but a Kemp groundout strands him. Dodgers 2, Cardinals 1. Wellemeyer has thrown 67 pitches.

Fifth inning
Jason LaRue
0-0 93 fastball late swing but a single to right field

Cesar Izturis
0-0 92 fastball outside corner called strike
0-1 83 changeup grounded to second, Maza to Hu for the force, relay to first too late

Todd Wellemeyer
0-0 90 fastball showing bunt, taken for a strike
0-1 91 fastball bunt foul
0-2 92 fastball just outside
1-2 73 curveball bunted to Kershaw, throws to Loney for the out, Izturis takes second.

Brendan Ryan
0-0 85 changeup fouled off
0-1 74 curveball pulled sharply foul
0-2 96 fastball swung on and missed

Fifth inning pitch count: 10 pitches, one ball, nine strikes
Five-inning totals: 75 pitches, 23 balls, 52 strikes, three hits, one walk, six strikeouts, seven groundouts, two airouts. Kershaw has thrown a total of 43 pitches (11 balls and 32 strikes) in the past four innings.

Bottom of the fifth: Dodgers go down in order. Dodgers 2, Cardinals 1.

Sixth inning
Skip Schumacher
0-0 72 curveball called strike
0-1 95 fastball outside
1-1 93 low fastball fouled away
1-2 95 fastball called strike three

Brian Barton
0-0 84 changeup swung on and really missed
0-1 95 fastball called strike
0-2 94 fastball popped up behind first, Loney loses in sun, ball hits him in the head in fair territory

Albert Pujols
0-0 85 changeup grounded foul
0-1 96 fastball high
1-1 94 fastball strike at the knees
1-2 73 curveball misses
2-2 72 curveball lollipop high
3-2 95 fastball hit-and-run single to right field

Ryan Ludwick
Rick Honeycutt visits the mound. Cory Wade gets up in bullpen.
0-0 83 changeup high and outside
1-0 95 fastball grounded to third. DeWitt charges and fields. He throws home. A good throw gets him at the plate, but the throw is high and away from the runner, and Barton slides home. Fielder's choice, game tied 2-2.

Troy Glaus
0-0 95 fastball swung on and missed. Vin: "Good fastball. He's still throwing nice and easy."
0-1 95 fastball swung on and missed. "He's got plenty left in the tank," though pitch count limits will make this his last inning.
0-2 95 fastball high
1-2 95 fastball smashed foul, broken bat
1-2 75 curveball in dirt
2-2 95 fastball popped up to short right again, and again Maza with a tough catch

Jason LaRue
Kershaw at 96 pitches.
0-0 95 fastball strike
0-1 72 curveball called strike
0-2 94 fastball low
1-2 75 curveball barely fouled off
1-2 95 fastball inside
2-2 94 changeup hanging, fly out to left field

Sixth inning pitch count: 27 pitches, nine balls, 18 strikes
Six-inning totals: 102 pitches, 32 balls, 70 strikes, five hits, one walk, seven strikeouts, seven groundouts, four airouts.

Two hits came off curveballs; two hits came off fastballs.

Five strikeouts came on fastballs (four swinging); two strikeouts on curveballs (one swinging).

Bottom of the sixth: Pierre singles, and Maza sacrifices him to second base. Ethier flies to left field, but Martin goes down and drives an RBI single to left. Kershaw gives Pierre an intense high five in the dugout. Dodgers 3, Cardinals 2.

And the young lefty is done for the day.

Kershaw to Martin: "This could be the start of a beautiful friendship."

Top of the seventh: A walk, a stolen base, a throwing error and a sacrifice fly against the Dodger bullpen takes Kershaw out of the decision. Cardinals 3, Dodgers 3.

* * *

I stopped live-blogging this game after Kershaw left, and it went into the 10th inning. Relievers Jonathan Broxton and Takashi Saito combined for eight strikeouts in 3 2/3 innings, and Joe Beimel struck out the only batter he faced, giving the Dodgers 16 strikeouts in 10 innings.

Ethier drives in the game-winning run in the bottom of the 10th, and the day ends happily for the Dodgers and their fans.

Comments (724)
Show/Hide Comments 1-50
2008-05-25 13:01:09
1.   silverwidow
New era begins today.
2008-05-25 13:01:11
2.   Indiana Jon
I've got Vin, sweet!
2008-05-25 13:01:21
3.   MollyKnight
10 Minutes! Now, will Extra Innings have Vinny?
2008-05-25 13:03:10
4.   Bob Timmermann
Is that a New Era 5950?
2008-05-25 13:03:22
5.   D4P
Does the 2007 Gameday no longer work...?
2008-05-25 13:03:31
6.   silverwidow
MPH predictions on his first pitch???

I say 96.

2008-05-25 13:04:18
7.   Indiana Jon
3 See 2
2008-05-25 13:04:19
8.   Greg Brock
Welcome to the major leagues, Clayton Kershaw.
2008-05-25 13:04:49
9.   Jon Weisman
5 - try substituting 2007 for 2008 in the URL.
2008-05-25 13:05:58
10.   jtrichey
What the heck, I'll go with 7 innings 14 K, 0 runs.
2008-05-25 13:06:11
11.   Bluebleeder87
I LOVE Jon's opening to the thread!
2008-05-25 13:06:56
12.   das411
Man oh man am I glad I read the sports section today instead of still trying to catch up on a week of DT. This one is going to be fun...once this foolio "Torre's Stories" ends, of course...
2008-05-25 13:07:07
13.   Eric Stephen
It's a 3930. Lower profile and all.
2008-05-25 13:07:49
14.   MollyKnight
I've got nothing. What channel are the Extra Innings people watching? The channel it's telling me to go to is black.
2008-05-25 13:07:58
15.   Eric Stephen
Anyone else with EI on cable? What channel, if any, is the Dodger game on (Yankee game is running long)?
2008-05-25 13:08:07
16.   Bluebleeder87
I'm thinking he'll start off at 94-95
2008-05-25 13:08:24
17.   Indiana Jon
Kershaw getting ready to throw and the last 40 laps of the Indy 500! Without technology I would be going nuts right now. Finally got the race on the computer.
2008-05-25 13:08:25
18.   LoneStar7
there he is
2008-05-25 13:09:00
19.   Eric Stephen
You must be blacked out of Yankee games. Yankees-Mariners are on the same channel as Kershaw, and it's still in the bottom of the 8th. Yanks lead 6-5.
2008-05-25 13:09:00
20.   CodyS
Does Kershaw look like Orel to anyone, in the gameday picture?
2008-05-25 13:09:43
21.   DodgerOkie88
It's so weird, Clayton was born three days after me... To look up to someone who is pretty much the same age as me.

Go Kershaw!!

2008-05-25 13:09:45
22.   Ricardo
I fell this is game that I will be proud to tell that I have watched.
2008-05-25 13:09:48
23.   ucladodger
I havent been this excited for a game in a long time. Here we go...
2008-05-25 13:09:49
24.   fanerman
He's on the mound! I can actually see him!
2008-05-25 13:10:03
25.   Bob Timmermann
Here's the big question:

What is Terry Tiffee's number?

2008-05-25 13:10:08
26.   MollyKnight

Looking for an infant to punch.

2008-05-25 13:10:45
27.   Greg Brock
Throw the hammer!
2008-05-25 13:10:56
28.   das411
Is "He who shall not be named (even though I guess he's officially real now)" younger than Justin Upton, does anybody know offhand?
2008-05-25 13:11:19
29.   Icaros
This sucks.
2008-05-25 13:11:42
30.   ucladodger
He's throwing strikes
2008-05-25 13:11:42
31.   D4P
try substituting 2007 for 2008 in the URL

That has always worked, but it's not working now.

2008-05-25 13:11:47
32.   Bob Timmermann
Justin Upton was born 8/25/1987.
2008-05-25 13:12:01
33.   Greg Brock
Strikeout swinging. 95.
2008-05-25 13:12:05
34.   LoneStar7
2008-05-25 13:12:10
35.   Andrew Shimmin
28- Yes, he is--about seven months.
2008-05-25 13:12:52
36.   Bob Timmermann
Brian Barton has good socks.
2008-05-25 13:13:10
37.   fanerman
It starts!
2008-05-25 13:13:14
38.   D4P
Strikeout swinging. 95.

Gameday said 96.

2008-05-25 13:13:47
39.   Who Is Karim Garcia
After that strikeout he looks to be over throwing.
2008-05-25 13:13:50
40.   Eric Stephen
See you in Hell, Extra Innings.

Joe Girardi has a special place in the inner circle of Hades because rather than start the 9th with Rivera, he waited until the 1st batter was announced, ensuring one more commercial break.

2008-05-25 13:14:11
41.   PalmdaleSteve1
Win or loose this game, Clayton Kershaw is going to be the story of the game, and maybe of the Dodger's year.
2008-05-25 13:14:15
42.   bhsportsguy
I am on Direct TV so I will be behind everyone this afternoon.
2008-05-25 13:14:22
43.   Greg Brock
Calm down, Minotaur.
2008-05-25 13:14:30
44.   KG16
Vin: Mr. Kershaw, Mr. Puljos. Mr. Puljos, Mr. Kershaw

This is fun

2008-05-25 13:14:55
45.   D4P
he looks to be over throwing

5 straight fastballs above the strike zone.

2008-05-25 13:14:58
46.   Who Is Karim Garcia
My dad insists on calling him Kersheiser.
2008-05-25 13:15:03
47.   bhsportsguy
40 Should I call you?
2008-05-25 13:15:13
48.   CodyS
Maybe not finishing his pitches. Leaving it up.
2008-05-25 13:15:16
49.   ucladodger
He's getting squeezed already!
2008-05-25 13:15:23
50.   KG16
46 - I kind of like that
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-05-25 13:15:59
51.   Eric Stephen
Wesley Wright is pitching for Houston, you know, in a game I can actually watch!
2008-05-25 13:17:05
52.   ucladodger
Well that was fun
2008-05-25 13:17:06
53.   PalmdaleSteve1
Is it me or is he pitching at a pretty fast pace? Slow down dude.
2008-05-25 13:17:17
54.   KG16
2008-05-25 13:18:23
55.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Anybody predict a line for Kershaw today?
2008-05-25 13:18:31
56.   bhsportsguy
As Vin would say, at least we got that out of the way.
2008-05-25 13:18:56
57.   gpellamjr
I cannot believe Extra Innings has channels open while Clayton Kershaw is pitching his debut.
2008-05-25 13:19:33
58.   Eric Stephen
2 outs in the Bronx.
2008-05-25 13:19:59
59.   Greg Brock
Stop fouling everything off, jerks!
2008-05-25 13:20:11
60.   KG16
he's thrown a lot of pitches for a third of an inning
2008-05-25 13:20:29
61.   ucladodger
Damn, how many foul balls this inning. He's only gonna go 3 at this pace.
2008-05-25 13:21:18
62.   Eric Stephen
Game over in NY. Switch!!!!
2008-05-25 13:21:46
63.   CodyS
I like how many curveballs he throws. Needs a "settle down" visit already though.
2008-05-25 13:22:11
64.   das411
....does he have a third pitch?
2008-05-25 13:22:20
65.   Eric Stephen
Way too much postgame coverage in NY. Switch!!!!!
2008-05-25 13:22:36
66.   gpellamjr
Great. Now Gameday is frozen.
2008-05-25 13:23:15
67.   Ricardo
61. Why fouling? They will strike out anyway!?P
2008-05-25 13:23:38
68.   Eric Stephen
OK now EI is just messing around. Still haven't switched over...just sitting on the list of games screen.
2008-05-25 13:23:43
69.   Icaros
Let's go. Turn on the damn game EI!
2008-05-25 13:23:44
70.   Greg Brock
2008-05-25 13:23:46
71.   DodgerOkie88
strikes out the side!!!! wooo!!
2008-05-25 13:23:49
72.   ucladodger
Wow. Nasty.
2008-05-25 13:23:55
73.   Indiana Jon
They can't hit that!
2008-05-25 13:24:07
74.   Andrew Shimmin
Struck out the side. And he looked pretty calm, doing it, from where I was sitting.
2008-05-25 13:24:12
75.   Bob Timmermann
It's a celebration of the Yankees triumphal return to .500 after sweeping the worst team in the American League.
2008-05-25 13:24:25
76.   Gagne55
64 He has a changeup, but not a whole lot of confidence with it though.
2008-05-25 13:24:26
77.   Eric Stephen
That curve ball would have been nice to see.


2008-05-25 13:24:29
78.   gpellamjr
71 Oh man. Why am I missing this? EI has no sense of decency.
2008-05-25 13:24:32
79.   MollyKnight
Yankee game over. Where is the Dodger game?
2008-05-25 13:24:42
80.   das411
2008-05-25 13:24:53
81.   KG16
hmm, three strike outs to start the game, that ain't too bad. And the fact that the Cardinals keep fouling off pitches is also a good thing, because that means they can't make good contact. Except that Pujols character.
2008-05-25 13:24:57
82.   gpellamjr
This is infuriating.
2008-05-25 13:25:28
83.   CodyS
Anybody but Pierre in Left and that run probably doesn't score either.
2008-05-25 13:25:33
84.   Bob Timmermann
This game is a heavyweight championship bout to boot.
2008-05-25 13:25:41
85.   Eric Stephen
It's on now.
2008-05-25 13:25:46
86.   D4P
What did Kemp do to get dropped down to #6 in the lineup...?
2008-05-25 13:26:13
87.   Jon Weisman
For those whose Gameday froze, I have live-blogged his entire first inning.
2008-05-25 13:26:13
88.   KG16
75 - so, Extra Innings was showing an intra-squad scrimmage?
2008-05-25 13:26:14
89.   ucladodger
Just imagine when he can throw his changeup. Wow.
2008-05-25 13:26:16
90.   Bob Timmermann
Thank you for that because this would not have been a true Dodger game without a Pierre complaint.
2008-05-25 13:26:56
91.   MollyKnight
2008-05-25 13:27:24
92.   oshea2002
Is it just me or is ethier in LF, Kemp in RF, and Pierre in CF a better alignment?
2008-05-25 13:27:39
93.   KG16
2008-05-25 13:27:45
94.   Icaros
2008-05-25 13:27:49
95.   DodgerOkie88
2008-05-25 13:27:52
96.   ucladodger
Matzah! Let him play for the next week.
2008-05-25 13:27:57
97.   nick
ok, so based on the liveblog it appears that Kershaw needs to develop any 3rd pitch he can throw in the mid-80s and he'll be totally unhittable--true?
2008-05-25 13:28:02
98.   Bob Timmermann
Luis Maza is Spanish for "Tripp Cromer."
2008-05-25 13:28:04
99.   MMSMikey
take that, kent
2008-05-25 13:28:12
100.   Eric Stephen
Cue Dodger Jack in 3..2..1...

Way to go Maza!

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-05-25 13:28:16
101.   bhsportsguy
Maza ties it up. Bob's favorite comes through.
2008-05-25 13:28:17
102.   bhsportsguy
Maza ties it up. Bob's favorite comes through.
2008-05-25 13:28:43
103.   LoneStar7
Wow impressive stuff from CK, and right as I was about to complain about a potential black hole from Hu to Maza, he jacks the words of Russell Westbrook LETS GO!
2008-05-25 13:28:46
104.   CodyS
Jeff Kent can't do that.
2008-05-25 13:28:54
105.   fanerman
Wow. HR.
2008-05-25 13:29:12
106.   Lexinthedena
Maza! Tamales! Pupusas! Arepas!
2008-05-25 13:29:43
107.   Andrew Shimmin
98- Tiffee was Cromer last night. Now Maza's Cromer. You might want to talk to somebody about your Cromer fixation. That could become debilitating.
2008-05-25 13:29:45
108.   nick
75 c'mon, Bob, our heroic 4-run uprising in the 8th featured JJ Putz falling on his belly and losing his grip on the ball in the midst of throwing to first!
2008-05-25 13:30:11
109.   Eric Stephen
This is Kemp's 7th straight game batting 6th. I've stopped trying to figure it out. As long as he's in the lineup, it's cool.
2008-05-25 13:30:17
110.   bhsportsguy
I don't why I am repeating so much, sorry.
2008-05-25 13:30:34
111.   nick
I had Rivera pitching the 9th and Kershaw pitching the first on perfect synch--cutting back and forth without missing a pitch--choreography!
2008-05-25 13:30:44
112.   D4P
2008-05-25 13:30:56
113.   KG16
What's Kershaw's pitch limit today? And is it set in stone?
2008-05-25 13:31:59
114.   D4P
This might be the longest Gameday freeze ever. Figures.
2008-05-25 13:32:16
115.   Bob Timmermann
According to a New York Times story, it was actually George Selkirk of the Yankees who had to leave a game with appendicitis. It was on 9/28/1940.

He left a game against Washington early and was taken to a hospital in New York when he got back.

2008-05-25 13:32:19
116.   bhsportsguy
112 He switched Martin and Kemp, that's all.
2008-05-25 13:32:26
117.   Jon Weisman
113 - Someone quoted Torre as saying it's 97 pitches - I'd say about 100.
2008-05-25 13:32:35
118.   MollyKnight
First Extra Innings and Game Day conspire to ruin my life, then I come back just in time to see Luiz Maza hit a homerun.

I feel like a marathoner about to pass out after the first mile.

2008-05-25 13:33:19
119.   bhsportsguy
113 No limit but figure around a 100 or so.
2008-05-25 13:33:43
120.   MMSMikey
martin has turned into nomar at the plate, no pop in his bat.
2008-05-25 13:33:48
121.   CodyS
Torre said CK had thrown as many as 97 already this year, so no particular limit today.
2008-05-25 13:34:11
122.   CanuckDodger
Why does Gameday freeze -- I mean, ever? The first time it ever happened, shouldn't the technical cause of the problem have been detected and corrected for good?
2008-05-25 13:34:31
123.   KG16
117 - well, that's not all that bad of a limit.
2008-05-25 13:34:37
124.   Eric Stephen
At least you get to see him in person presumably Friday!!
2008-05-25 13:34:37
125.   Greg Brock
Here we go, five pitch inning!

Here we go!

2008-05-25 13:34:43
126.   bhsportsguy
115 Are you disputing Vin?
2008-05-25 13:35:03
127.   Zak
91 pitches, 4 IP, 9 K, 2 ER
2008-05-25 13:36:01
128.   KG16
Boo, no strike out!
2008-05-25 13:36:04
129.   Eric Stephen
Actually MLB or Extra Innings might hire a person just to put their hands in front of your face every time you try to look at the field.
2008-05-25 13:36:47
130.   Bob Timmermann
Gameday usually freezes because the operator made an error in inputting some data and he has to go back and correct it.

I suppose sometimes the server for could get hung up, but it's more often human error than machine error.

2008-05-25 13:37:02
131.   ucladodger
First change of the day at 83. Not bad.
2008-05-25 13:37:30
132.   Greg Brock
Just swing and miss, Izzy.
2008-05-25 13:37:35
133.   Zak
Tampa Bay is also now a 30 win team.. thank you Longoria.
2008-05-25 13:37:52
134.   imperabo
His location looks good I think.
2008-05-25 13:38:11
135.   Disabled List
After reading about the Extra Innings problem upthread, I'm suddenly very thankful I have and not EI.
2008-05-25 13:39:41
136.   Bob Timmermann
You won't be as thankful when Satan comes to take your soul. Say hi to Robert Johnson for me.
2008-05-25 13:39:41
137.   Eric Stephen
The thing is, like 50% of the time EI will switch the game to another open channel. It just so happened that the one day I really wanted to see the first part of the game EI refused to cooperate.
2008-05-25 13:39:42
138.   Greg Brock
Silly curve.
2008-05-25 13:39:47
139.   Lexinthedena
Nice and efficient so far this inning. My daughter debuted her Dodger onesy in honor of the Minatour...
2008-05-25 13:40:06
140.   Disabled List
We need to come up with a nickname for Kershaw's curveball. That thing is sick.
2008-05-25 13:40:13
141.   Zak
Nice inning.. except the Barton AB, Kershaw hasn't done much wrong.
2008-05-25 13:40:20
142.   Eric Stephen
12 pitches that inning? A nice improvement. Next inning, negative eight pitches!
2008-05-25 13:40:52
143.   Eric Stephen
I'm pretty sure Vin already has.
2008-05-25 13:41:07
144.   Linkmeister
136 "I went down to the Crossroad..."
2008-05-25 13:41:40
145.   nick
oh, man, Kershaw looks like Huck Finn!
2008-05-25 13:41:48
146.   Marty
We've already called it Public Enemy #1. But Grapthar's Hammer works for me.
2008-05-25 13:41:52
147.   Eric Stephen
How fitting that the week a real publication (SI) has a comic book fantasy cover, that a mythical creature becomes real. The world is indeed balanced.
2008-05-25 13:42:22
148.   Disabled List
136 At least in Hell, the Dodger games don't get blacked out by Yankee games that run long. I'm actually surprised Satan overlooked that one.
2008-05-25 13:42:27
149.   natepurcell
you know what dedication is?

getting up at 3am and finding a broadband connection fast enough to stream mlbtv in Bangkok.

That cb to the pitcher was totally unfair.

Now I'm going to be like the mom in Rookie of the Year when Kershaw goes up to bat.


2008-05-25 13:42:33
150.   Zak
Nobody ever says it, so I'll go ahead and say it, I love Vin.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-05-25 13:42:58
151.   KG16
142 - shouldn't strike out pitchers figure to have a higher pitch count? I mean, if you figure an average of 5 pitches per K, that's going to mean a ton of pitches.
2008-05-25 13:43:12
152.   bhsportsguy
142 LaRoche started at a different position today and he's 2 for 2.

However, its the position we hoped it wouldn't be.

2008-05-25 13:43:27
153.   MMSMikey
loney doesnt look that bad at the plate right now
2008-05-25 13:43:38
154.   Eric Stephen
Nobody ever says it??? Maybe on the Giants Grunts blog. :)
2008-05-25 13:43:58
155.   fordprefect
activate the Omega-13!
2008-05-25 13:44:08
156.   Who Is Karim Garcia
98 Much like Norihiro Nakamura is Japanese for "Ron Coomer"
2008-05-25 13:44:25
157.   Lexinthedena
136 Wal-Mart and other stores digitally removed the cigarette from Johnson's mouth on his album cover. I guess ol' Lucifer is collecting.
2008-05-25 13:44:37
158.   Andrew Shimmin
Now I'm going to be like the mom in Rookie of the Year

You're going to date Timothy Busfield?

2008-05-25 13:45:00
159.   Icaros
Low and outside.
2008-05-25 13:45:15
160.   KG16
152 - maybe their just trying to get him use to seeing the game from the other side of the infield.
2008-05-25 13:45:31
161.   Bob Timmermann
Gary Busey.
2008-05-25 13:45:59
162.   imperabo
I guess Coletti was right. They are learing from Andruw.
2008-05-25 13:46:24
163.   Eric Stephen
I hope dating Tara Reid (in the movies or otherwise) is not in Kershaw's future, like the "Rookie of the Year."
2008-05-25 13:46:24
164.   Lexinthedena
The Kemp corner conspiracy continues.
2008-05-25 13:46:31
165.   Who Is Karim Garcia
158 You're thinking Little Big League. That, or you're thinking much too much about Timothy Busfield.
2008-05-25 13:47:12
166.   Eric Stephen
Busey was the pitcher on the Cubs, wasn't he? Not the boyfriend.
2008-05-25 13:47:15
167.   bhsportsguy
165 Right movie, wrong actor.
2008-05-25 13:47:35
168.   Andrew Shimmin
161- Oh, the dreaded ROY/Little Big League confusion. I hang my head in shame.
2008-05-25 13:47:39
169.   fordprefect
Is Clayton related to any musicians from Texas?
2008-05-25 13:47:46
170.   natepurcell
The average age of the Dodgers lineup is like 17.
2008-05-25 13:48:21
171.   Eric Stephen
I stand corrected. I blame Andrew.
2008-05-25 13:48:55
172.   Bob Timmermann
He became the mom's boyfriend by the end of the film.

The first boyfriend was Bruce Altman, who by the rules of Hollywood, had to be an evil jerk.

2008-05-25 13:49:04
173.   D4P
Authorities in Gainesville have charged Chicago Bulls forward and former Florida star Joakim Noah with possession of marijuana and having an open container of alcohol.
2008-05-25 13:49:12
174.   ucladodger
Thats an out with Fookie.
2008-05-25 13:49:37
175.   Ricardo
146. Kershaw´s curve is like Knossos´ labyrinth, you can´t escape it!
2008-05-25 13:49:37
176.   Bob Timmermann
Are you trying to curry favor with me?
2008-05-25 13:49:59
177.   bhsportsguy
170 I'm surprised that you had to wake up, I would have thought you were just getting back to your room.
2008-05-25 13:50:24
178.   Bob Timmermann
Nats beat the Brewers 7-6 on a 9th inning wild pitch from old friend Guillermo Mota.
2008-05-25 13:50:33
179.   ucladodger
This ump is a total joke
2008-05-25 13:50:45
180.   D4P
The first boyfriend was Bruce Altman, who by the rules of Hollywood, had to be an evil jerk

I've never seen the movie, but I assume I know what you're talking about. I'm always insulted by these scenarios because there's never any reason to believe that the person would have been with the jerk in the first place.

2008-05-25 13:51:18
181.   Eric Stephen
Kershaw's best friend!
2008-05-25 13:51:22
182.   Zak
154 You know I was kidding! Just felt like saying it.
2008-05-25 13:51:28
183.   MollyKnight
my friend who saw kershaw pitch says he gets rattled when they run on him. so we'll see, here.
2008-05-25 13:51:35
184.   Disabled List
175 "Knossos' Labyrinth" is almost as horrible a nickname as "Fookie".
2008-05-25 13:51:51
185.   D4P
I figured it was thyme to do so...
2008-05-25 13:52:00
186.   Eric Stephen
Barton looks like Mariano Duncan, but with dreads.
2008-05-25 13:52:33
187.   Andrew Shimmin
Kershaw's going to strike out the side on seven pitches, next inning.

Book it.

2008-05-25 13:52:34
188.   bhsportsguy
Bahh, no strike outs, send him back to Jacksonville.
2008-05-25 13:53:15
189.   Eric Stephen
We'll have to invoke the Bugs Bunny pitching style.
2008-05-25 13:53:21
190.   ucladodger
Jon, the pitches at 83 and 84 aare changeups. I think you have them listed as a splitter and slower fastball.
2008-05-25 13:53:49
191.   bhsportsguy
183 So perhaps an interview with Kershaw at Shea this week?
2008-05-25 13:54:17
192.   kngoworld
What did Torre say to Kershaw in the dugout? He turned around with a very shocked look on his face.
2008-05-25 13:54:21
193.   Zak
Man, it's not the worst thing in the world if Brad Penny is your worst pitcher. And to be fair, he actually had a pretty good outing last night. I think the Dodgers could have a heck of a last 2/3rds of the season.
2008-05-25 13:54:44
194.   Eric Stephen
I hope Hu gets on base so Kershaw can pad his RBI totals.
2008-05-25 13:54:55
195.   KG16
173 - an NBA athlete arrested for possession of gaunga? I'm shocked, shocked, I say to find out there is gambling in this establishment
2008-05-25 13:55:03
196.   Jon Weisman
190 - thanks. Those two are Gameday's fault.
2008-05-25 13:55:28
197.   Bob Timmermann
"Kid, you have to bat next inning ..."
2008-05-25 13:56:23
198.   LoneStar7
haha was that how do you like me now
2008-05-25 13:56:24
199.   MMSMikey
that ball looked outside.
2008-05-25 13:56:41
200.   Andrew Shimmin
That little bat twirl was nice.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-05-25 13:56:46
201.   Eric Stephen
I do like the bat twirling in the batters' box.
2008-05-25 13:56:46
202.   Greg Brock
Terrible plate approach.
2008-05-25 13:56:49
203.   KG16
Izzy could have had the decency to boot that one, not a very good old friend
2008-05-25 13:57:24
204.   ucladodger
He looked pretty good at the plate. Better thna Loney, Kemp, and Hu looked today.
2008-05-25 13:57:37
205.   KG16
C'mon Pierre, lean in to that one
2008-05-25 13:58:45
206.   Bob Timmermann
If you're watching "Rookie of the Year" to see a real-life situation, you might as well learn about science from watching "Star Wars."
2008-05-25 13:59:12
207.   bigcpa
Jon- can you see which section kershaw's mom is in?
2008-05-25 13:59:27
208.   Jon Weisman
Gameday missed a ball to Brendan Ryan that I have. Either I'm crazy, or Kershaw's historical ledger is marred forever.
2008-05-25 14:00:16
209.   bhsportsguy
206 Dave LaRoche could have been the technical advisor to that film.
2008-05-25 14:00:35
210.   Ricardo
184. LOL, DL! I have to admit, it is really bad.
2008-05-25 14:00:49
211.   Icaros

Can't both be true?

2008-05-25 14:01:06
212.   dzzrtRatt
Finally in front of a TV -- had to listen to the first 1 1/2 innings on radio.

Bob, in answer to your last comment on Loiaza, I was actually probably in violation of Rule #7, and I'm sorry if I seemed to be encouraging "when did you stop beating your wife" type questions.

I recognize the intense pride these players have. That's why players like Pierre and Garciaparra agitate to start even though they get paid either way, or why a guy like Schmidt keeps trying to get back, why Jones has played through what appears to be a hobbling injury and why Piazza waited til this week to retire, and Bonds has yet to do so. I'm sure Loiaza earnestly hopes he'll catch on with another team.

I just found the question to Torre about how Loiaza took the news, and then Loiaza's answer, to be kind of funny in ways that would be too boring to explain.

2008-05-25 14:01:42
213.   Disabled List
I really hope Clayton strikes out Pujols here.
2008-05-25 14:01:53
214.   ucladodger
2 changes to Pujols. I like it.
2008-05-25 14:02:46
215.   ucladodger
Make it 3 changes to Pujols.
2008-05-25 14:03:19
216.   Greg Brock
By you.
2008-05-25 14:03:29
217.   dzzrtRatt
I should also probably learn to spell Loaiza.

Would it be superfluous to say Kershaw looks really good out there?

2008-05-25 14:05:07
218.   Marty
No matter what happens the rest of the way, Kershaw has shown he really exists.
2008-05-25 14:05:10
219.   silverwidow
He just completely owned Ludwick with HIGH HEAT. Love it.
2008-05-25 14:05:56
220.   LoneStar7
is it just me, I dont know numbers, but has attendance seemed to be down so far this season. I know the lakers are in full force again, but does anyone know numbers and how were stacking up to the rest of the league.
2008-05-25 14:06:02
221.   Bob Timmermann
Indiana Jon lied to me about the Indy 500 results.

I will not trust him again.

2008-05-25 14:06:28
222.   sporky
This is kind of cute:

From Kevin Pearson (PE blog)

>>If you think its just the front office brass and fans who are excited about Clayton Kershaw, you're wrong.

Even the Dodgers players are excited about seeing Kershaw today and looking forward to playing with the much-hyped phenom, who dazzled them in the spring.

Chad Billingsley said he spoke with Kershaw on Saturday and told him to just do what he has been doing and not try to do too much, which would be easy to do. Billingsley also said he's excited about the potential 1-2 combo he and Kershaw will make in years to come.

"Everyone has heard all the talk about him and we wish him the best of luck and I hope we will be pitching together for years to come," Billingsley said.<<

2008-05-25 14:06:40
223.   natepurcell
score runs...please!
2008-05-25 14:07:30
224.   Jon Weisman
This debate about what pitches are being thrown confirms that some of this is just guesswork, at least for some of us.
2008-05-25 14:07:40
225.   CanuckDodger
Why does Gameday keep calling Kershaw's change-up a "splitter?"
2008-05-25 14:07:42
226.   Marty
Actually Nate, I'm rooting for you to do the scoring.
2008-05-25 14:08:18
227.   natepurcell

LOL, Billilingsley is the elder statesmen of the staff.

2008-05-25 14:08:29
228.   Bluebleeder87
you guys notice he seems calmer & calmer as the innings go by? It looks like he is throwing bee-bee's from my vantage point
2008-05-25 14:08:49
229.   Greg Brock
It's a straight change. No big mystery.
2008-05-25 14:08:59
230.   bhsportsguy
220 They are down all over except for NY.
2008-05-25 14:09:01
231.   Eric Stephen
Dodgers are currently 2nd in the league in total attendance but are averaging 45,198 per game (not including today).

Last year they averaged 47,617, tops in the NL.

2008-05-25 14:09:26
232.   Jon Weisman
225 - I don't know, but Vin claims Kershaw hasn't thrown a changeup yet.
2008-05-25 14:09:45
233.   oshea2002
The Cardinals outfield is not the best defensive outfield around.
2008-05-25 14:10:19
234.   dianagramr
that mound camera is a bit odd ...
2008-05-25 14:10:23
235.   oshea2002
232 - it looked like he threw a couple that just missed. (i thought at least)
2008-05-25 14:10:49
236.   natepurcell
It's a straight change. No big mystery.

Except that its a circle change.


2008-05-25 14:10:50
237.   sporky
2008-05-25 14:10:55
238.   Marty
Backstop Bacon.
2008-05-25 14:11:02
239.   Andrew Shimmin
Martin lost his ever loving mind for a second there.
2008-05-25 14:11:06
240.   LoneStar7
there we go, and wow thank goodness russell didnt get caught as well haha!
2008-05-25 14:11:34
241.   Bob Timmermann
And the Cardinals could be sending Chris Duncan out to left field. Hijinks would ensue.
2008-05-25 14:11:48
242.   ucladodger

He only has 3 pitches. anything in the 90's is a fastball, mid 80'2 is a change and 70's is a curve.

Russell! there's that extra base power!

2008-05-25 14:11:52
243.   dzzrtRatt

Martin's hit is like a sneeze that's been sitting in your nose for three days.

Offense. A lead. Kershaw not tragically pitching from behind. Yesssssss.

2008-05-25 14:12:03
244.   bhsportsguy
226 Marty, do you just cook your barbeque ribs straight on the grill or do you bake them first?
2008-05-25 14:12:07
245.   fanerman
Golden God!
2008-05-25 14:13:47
246.   dianagramr
Oh I wish we were all Wellemeyer winners
That is what we truly wanna be
Cause if we were all Wellemeyer winners
Everyone would be in love with me!

(How's that?)

2008-05-25 14:13:52
247.   Eric Stephen
Through 25 home dates last year, the Dodgers were at 1,104,561, an average of 44,182 per game. So they are actually up this year in attendance.
2008-05-25 14:14:06
248.   OhioBlues12
120 - Take that!
2008-05-25 14:14:10
249.   Indiana Jon
221 It's a conspiracy.
2008-05-25 14:14:12
250.   ucladodger
Man, Loney is really missing some juicy pitches.


Vin usually isnt the best to rely on for pitch type. Clayton has thrown at least 7 changes today.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-05-25 14:14:53
251.   Greg Brock
236 Really? It doesn't move like one.


2008-05-25 14:15:30
252.   bhsportsguy
247 Selling out all the Angel games bumps it up some.
2008-05-25 14:15:32
253.   LoneStar7
247 wow really, I just feel like I've seen more open seats this year.
2008-05-25 14:16:36
254.   Bob Timmermann
There have been some very hot day games this year and some night games have a lot of unused seats because school is still in session.

Or like Friday and Saturday night, the weather was bad.

2008-05-25 14:16:58
255.   dianagramr
OK Bob ... Torre and LaRussa have close to 4,500 managerial wins in total. Is that some sort of record for a match-up?
2008-05-25 14:17:11
256.   Jon Weisman
250 - I've got 'em - but all the chatter makes me second-guess myself.
2008-05-25 14:17:34
257.   Eric Stephen
Weren't the Angel games in Anaheim?
2008-05-25 14:17:35
258.   ucladodger
Jeez. That last pitch to Kemp was basically on a tee. For him to go to the next level, that ball needs to be in the seats.
2008-05-25 14:17:42
259.   bhsportsguy
253 Remember its "tickets sold." You may find hard to believe but plenty of people don't use their tickets.
2008-05-25 14:18:09
260.   Eric Stephen
It's got to be Connie Mack vs. almost anyone for that record.
2008-05-25 14:18:11
261.   Gen3Blue
Clayton looks better and better. On the other side the Cards made a heck of a move converting this Willenheyer(sp?) into a starter.
2008-05-25 14:18:36
262.   bhsportsguy
257 I meant the upcoming series, sorry.
2008-05-25 14:18:57
263.   Marty
244 Since I don't have a smoker, I'll just bake/broil them.
2008-05-25 14:19:54
264.   LoneStar7
254 yea good point, I was sorta figuring it would fill out even more in the thick of the summer night games. I absolutely love a warm evening game, when I went to that pitt. game where we exploded in the 1st inning the weather was perfect.
2008-05-25 14:19:56
265.   Bluebleeder87
Any body else in the stadium notice the Cardinals pitcher's fastball looks rather slow compared to Kershaws? It looks like that from my vantage point.
2008-05-25 14:20:15
266.   Bob Timmermann
Probably Connie Mack vs. Joe McCarthy during some game in 1950. McCarthy resigned midseason.
2008-05-25 14:20:37
267.   KG16
Just read through the follow up comments from the other day, in particular, about my "forest for the trees" comment, 176 (I think) a couple posts back. Let me try to clarify what I mean, since there seemed to be some confusion.

I tend to lean toward a holistic approach to analyzing baseball, if it's even subject to analyzing. While it's a very individualized game, the actions of each player are interconnected, and you can't understand what Ethier's line means without knowing about Martin's line, and then Loney's line, and so forth. So, looking at an individual player's performance takes things a bit out of context.

Beyond that, as I said, the analysis only tells us what has happened, not what will happen; particularly in a specific at bat... the old joke of Rick Monday saying that "Loney is hitting .457 with runners in scoring position in day games on the road after the fifth inning" is useless for the at bat. In fact, even saying he's hitting .323 for the year is meaningless for that one at bat. It's even meaningless for the 4 or 5 at bats that he'll get in the course of the game.

But then, I'm a social scientist by training, so numbers only tell me half (if that) of the story.

2008-05-25 14:20:51
268.   oshea2002
Vinny still loves Izturis.
2008-05-25 14:20:51
269.   Bob Timmermann
Mack and McCarthy would have been over 10,000 combined wins.
2008-05-25 14:21:15
270.   dianagramr

good point!

but still, not too many match-ups involving managers with 2,000+ wins

2008-05-25 14:22:04
271.   JT Dutch

... I would imagine that some early season matchups in 1950 between Philadelphia (Mack) and Boston (McCarthy) rank up there with anyone.

2008-05-25 14:24:10
272.   Bob Timmermann
In 1976, Walter Alston matched up with Danny Murtaugh and Bill Rigney and those would have been matchups of managers with more than 2000 wins.
2008-05-25 14:24:13
273.   Eric Stephen
Didn't Matt Williams also used to kiss/touch his shoulder with his mouth?
2008-05-25 14:24:48
274.   KG16
heh... Vin: the Clayton Marching and Chowder Society continues.
2008-05-25 14:24:53
275.   Eric Stephen
Yes! A mention of the Kershaw Marching & Chowder Society.

Kid, you've arrived.

2008-05-25 14:25:14
276.   JT Dutch

... That's exactly who I thought of, Eric.

2008-05-25 14:25:30
277.   LoneStar7
anyone know what the pitch counts at?
2008-05-25 14:25:32
278.   MMSMikey
nasty! lets get some more runs!
2008-05-25 14:25:35
279.   bhsportsguy
Bob, break out the explanation of "Marching and Chowder Society" please.
2008-05-25 14:25:57
280.   Eric Stephen
By the way, I am watching Kershaw's debut with a white long sleeved DT t-shirt.
2008-05-25 14:26:36
281.   fordprefect
Hated 1994.
2008-05-25 14:26:51
282.   Bob Timmermann
#13 for Terry Tiffee!
2008-05-25 14:27:08
283.   KG16
I officially hate the Cardinals centerfielder
2008-05-25 14:27:41
284.   Bob Timmermann
When did I become the William Safire of Dodger Thoughts?
2008-05-25 14:27:59
285.   Eric Stephen
I had little doubt he would bat this inning, but when I just saw Kershaw leaving the dugout, all I could think of was "and look who's coming up."
2008-05-25 14:28:04
286.   LoneStar7
well there we go hah thanks vin..
2008-05-25 14:28:14
287.   Jon Weisman
Five-inning totals: 75 pitches, 23 balls, 52 strikes, three hits, one walk, six strikeouts, seven groundouts, two airouts. Kershaw has thrown a total of 43 pitches (11 balls and 32 strikes) in the past four innings.
2008-05-25 14:29:02
288.   bhsportsguy
284 I just assume you have a Macro for that question.
2008-05-25 14:29:05
289.   Zak
284 I always thought of you as more like Gandalf.
2008-05-25 14:29:45
290.   Eric Stephen
Bob, aren't those games managed, not wins? There are only 10 guys with 2000 wins.
2008-05-25 14:29:51
291.   MMSMikey
tiffee needs to spell loney and kemp one game each in chicago. they are really fighing it.
2008-05-25 14:30:12
292.   KG16
284 - I'd say sometime last season, maybe even the year before. We just figured it'd be best if you figured it out yourself.
2008-05-25 14:30:36
293.   Icaros

I've always considered you the Mayor McCheese of Dodger Thoughts.

2008-05-25 14:30:51
294.   bhsportsguy
284 William Safire is this week's guest on "Wait, wait, don't tell me."
2008-05-25 14:31:05
295.   DodgerOkie88

Gameday has him at 74 pitches.

2008-05-25 14:31:06
296.   Ricardo
Kershaw will start this inning with 75 pitches.
2008-05-25 14:31:10
297.   Bob Timmermann
I guess I should really look at the SECOND column shouldn't I?
2008-05-25 14:31:29
298.   KG16
The way Vin tells it, that Babe Ruth fellow had some power.
2008-05-25 14:31:49
299.   fordprefect
Nice bender there.
2008-05-25 14:32:12
300.   Gagne55
290 McCarthy had 2125 wins. Mack had 3582.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-05-25 14:32:20
301.   ucladodger
This guy is ridiculous.
2008-05-25 14:32:29
302.   Zak
I bet Kershaw loves Schumaker.
2008-05-25 14:33:07
303.   Eric Stephen
That was pretty cool how they had to cut short the K montage, only the first pitch to Barton perfectly fit into the sequence.
2008-05-25 14:33:07
304.   dianagramr

that must have been a rerun ....

2008-05-25 14:33:40
305.   Gagne55
295 Post 208 explains the disparity.
2008-05-25 14:33:43
306.   LoneStar7
oh yikes a domer
2008-05-25 14:33:48
307.   JT Dutch
... Yikes. Hit Loney in the head.
2008-05-25 14:33:51
308.   fordprefect
Ghosts of Canseco.
2008-05-25 14:33:51
309.   Eric Stephen
Nearly a Cansecoan moment for Loney there.
2008-05-25 14:34:10
310.   natepurcell
2008-05-25 14:34:13
311.   Bob Timmermann
Mark Texeira would have caught that pop up and then solved the credit crisis in the U.S.
2008-05-25 14:34:16
312.   ucladodger
Wow. Not a good series for James.
2008-05-25 14:34:52
313.   dianagramr
304 was supposed to be in response to 294
2008-05-25 14:34:52
314.   Jon Weisman
Gameday is wrong on the pitch count - I have proof! Stick with me, friends!
2008-05-25 14:35:01
315.   fanerman
2008-05-25 14:35:15
316.   Ricardo
Vin: "Kershaw eats him up".

That what a Minotaur do, Schumaker has fallen in the labyrinth twice.

2008-05-25 14:35:20
317.   Eric Stephen
Where's Eric Gregg when you need him?
2008-05-25 14:35:43
318.   KG16
311 - yes, but then we'd have another period of irrational exuberance on our hands.
2008-05-25 14:35:47
319.   dianagramr

Jason Giambi would have tripped over himself trying to get to it ...

2008-05-25 14:36:01
320.   DodgerOkie88

Ah, thanks.

2008-05-25 14:36:10
321.   Andrew Shimmin
If the ball had bounced the two hundred feet from where it hit Loney's head, over the fence, they'd be taking Loney's remains off the field in a series of garbage bags.
2008-05-25 14:36:25
322.   ucladodger
Great job James. Now we have a mess.
2008-05-25 14:36:31
323.   Greg Brock
Gorks and cheapies.
2008-05-25 14:36:31
324.   max power
265 agreed
2008-05-25 14:36:34
325.   Zak
Man, this Pujols guy is good.
2008-05-25 14:37:10
326.   Gagne55
What? Did Loney misread a popup and it landed on his head?
2008-05-25 14:37:48
327.   Bob Timmermann
Barton's popup wasn't very high and Loney could never track it in the sun.
2008-05-25 14:37:57
328.   natepurcell
Did James get an error? He needs an error.
2008-05-25 14:38:07
329.   Eric Stephen
This was not in the script.
2008-05-25 14:38:33
330.   fordprefect
(Marge Simpson voice) Grrr.....
2008-05-25 14:38:39
331.   Eric Stephen
Barton was credited with a single.
2008-05-25 14:38:40
332.   KG16
ack, right idea Blake, poor execution.

A double play would be really nice right here.

2008-05-25 14:38:45
333.   ucladodger
Defense really backing him up.
2008-05-25 14:38:49
334.   JT Dutch
... Geez. Poor execution just comes up to bite this team every chance it gets. Kershaw would have a shutout going if this team was solid defensively.
2008-05-25 14:39:13
335.   fanerman
2008-05-25 14:39:31
336.   MollyKnight
Kershaw not getting any help from the defense. Ugh.
2008-05-25 14:39:39
337.   MMSMikey
way to pick up a kid making his major league debut on defense, good job guys.
2008-05-25 14:39:40
338.   dianagramr
guess he was told this was his last inning ... air it out
2008-05-25 14:40:00
339.   nick
331 if the ball hits you in the head isn't that an error by definition? what was the Canseco ball scored?
2008-05-25 14:40:03
340.   Bob Timmermann
You usually don't get an error for losing a ball in the sun.
2008-05-25 14:40:23
341.   Bob Timmermann
That was a home run.
2008-05-25 14:40:31
342.   KG16
Don't worry guys and gals, DeWitt is going to hit a three run home run later in this game to make up for that play at the plate.
2008-05-25 14:41:11
343.   natepurcell
When the ball pops up and hits you on the top of the head and you don't catch it...its an error.
2008-05-25 14:41:26
344.   Zak
The Loney play was definitely not an error. It was not an easy catch, even without the sun. The fact that he lost it in the sun, definitely not an error.
2008-05-25 14:42:10
345.   KG16
343 - it's a mistake, not an error.
2008-05-25 14:42:22
346.   Lexinthedena
Maza makes Pierre look like Jose Guillen
2008-05-25 14:42:42
347.   bablue
Ugh. An awful play by Loney and then an awful play by Dewitt are what costs Clayton. Can't give 'em 5 outs in an inning...

And what is Ethier doing on those popups to shallow right? He needs to run and try and get them instead of letting Maza take them. He's gonna drop one eventually.

2008-05-25 14:42:46
348.   Greg Brock
The Loney play was tough. DeWitt almost airmailed a 50 foot throw.
2008-05-25 14:42:50
349.   bhsportsguy
343 He was falling down when it hit him.
2008-05-25 14:42:51
350.   Gagne55
Was the grounder to Dewitt in which he failed to get the out at home a potential DP ball?
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-05-25 14:42:53
351.   ucladodger
Maza is tremendous on that over the shoulder catch. Really difficult play. James should take lessons.
2008-05-25 14:42:56
352.   Jon Weisman
Kershaw at 96 pitches
2008-05-25 14:43:22
353.   natepurcell
Maza should threw the ball and it took about 5 dribbles before it got to Dewitt.
2008-05-25 14:44:20
354.   JT Dutch
... 100 pitches for Kershaw.
2008-05-25 14:44:26
355.   Zak
350 I thought of that too.. but I'd have to say the odds are better of getting the guy at home than turnng the DP.
2008-05-25 14:44:39
356.   KG16
350 - no, slow roller down the line, he had to charge to get it. He had two plays, home or first. And getting the lead runner (particularly when he's trying to score) is usually the better choice.
2008-05-25 14:44:57
357.   Zak
So, last batter for Kershaw, no matter what?
2008-05-25 14:44:59
358.   bhsportsguy
Kershaw has one mom in the stands and dozens on DT. :)
2008-05-25 14:45:08
359.   Eric Stephen
The roller to DeWitt was hit too softly.
2008-05-25 14:45:15
360.   Greg Brock
2008-05-25 14:45:32
361.   Zak
Yup, that's it.
2008-05-25 14:45:56
362.   ucladodger
Should have had that extra K as he got squeezed again. Horrible, inconsistent umpiring today. Great performance by Clayton.
2008-05-25 14:45:58
363.   Eric Stephen
They better get Kershaw the win.
2008-05-25 14:46:24
364.   Zak
Hope the Bums can score in the bottom of this inning to get Kershaw the win.
2008-05-25 14:46:33
365.   fanerman
Okay let's get him a win.
2008-05-25 14:46:42
366.   Jon Weisman
353 - Maza has had a very nice game.
2008-05-25 14:46:57
367.   natepurcell
I'll take it. Good game Clayton. Now my heart can stop pounding.
2008-05-25 14:47:15
368.   Bob Timmermann
The late Carlos Martinez homered off of Jose Canseco's head back in 1993 in Cleveland.

2008-05-25 14:47:30
369.   Zak
For a much-hyped debut, I thought he did very well. The only bad AB was the Barton AB in the 1st, and he got unlucky in the 6th to give up a run, but overall, a very impressive outing.
2008-05-25 14:47:31
370.   JT Dutch
... Game score for Kershaw: 60, by my calculation.
2008-05-25 14:48:16
371.   Gagne55
363 It'll be up to Pierre, Maza, and Ethier.
2008-05-25 14:48:25
372.   LoneStar7
we got a rabbit on, lets get give CK a chance here boys
2008-05-25 14:48:37
373.   Greg Brock
This is the part where everybody walks up and high fives Kershaw and he comes out of the game.
2008-05-25 14:49:25
374.   Gen3Blue
I really wish we had made this guy throw a few more pitches. Our bull-pen could beat theirs, although the Card's has looked good.
Maybe Pierre can freak out their pitcher.
2008-05-25 14:49:37
375.   KG16
Does anyone else think that Maza is going to become another LoDuca in the eyes of the fans? A guy who is basically a career minor league that gets the call up and does well enough to earn a starting job?
2008-05-25 14:49:38
376.   imperabo
7 strikeouts againts 1 walk for Kershaw.
2008-05-25 14:49:40
377.   Gagne55
Steal, Juan, steal!
2008-05-25 14:50:57
378.   Zak
375 No, I would be shocked if Maza was with the club next year.
2008-05-25 14:50:57
379.   Bob Timmermann
I think Maza is going to be the next Tripp Cromer.

Unless Tiffee takes that crown from him.

2008-05-25 14:51:18
380.   natepurcell

Should have been 12 strikeouts but whateverrrr.

2008-05-25 14:51:33
381.   Branch Rickey
Very very impressive performance. No breaks for him and a few against him and he still goes out with 2 runs and 7 strikeouts. Fastball is awesome as is the curve. Only thing he appears to need is something in between. That curveball breaks a ton but it seems like when they were looking for it, they could time it. If he had, say an 88 MPH slider and or an 84 MPH curve they couldn't sit on the curve (change?) so easily. Still, one of the most impressive young pitchers I've ever seen.
2008-05-25 14:51:37
382.   Gen3Blue
I'd actually rather see Guo or even Park than Procter at this point. Just a feeling.
2008-05-25 14:51:44
383.   Gagne55
Using up an out just to advance the runner? Oh well, come on Ethier!
2008-05-25 14:51:45
384.   CodyS
What a waste. Pierre can't even steal his way over to second, he needs to waste our best hitter, Maza.
2008-05-25 14:52:06
385.   bhsportsguy
375 A little paranoid perhaps.
2008-05-25 14:52:36
386.   dianagramr
0 for last 26 with RISP? and this is without Jones?
2008-05-25 14:52:55
387.   JT Dutch
... Well, alright. Kershaw's eligible for his first win.
2008-05-25 14:53:06
388.   Eric Stephen
Golden God charges his battery mate!
2008-05-25 14:53:23
389.   Zak
Martins says, "0 for 26 this".
2008-05-25 14:53:25
390.   Gagne55
Yeah, Russell Martin!
2008-05-25 14:53:35
391.   dianagramr
ok ..... 1 for last 27 with RISP :-)
2008-05-25 14:53:43
392.   LoneStar7
alright james, lets go
2008-05-25 14:54:04
393.   bhsportsguy
381 Didn't #32 live on 2 pitches?
2008-05-25 14:54:07
394.   Bob Timmermann
No, Kershaw has been put into a position where he can have some success.
2008-05-25 14:54:35
395.   Bob Timmermann
Yes, Hertz and Honeybaked Hams.
2008-05-25 14:54:54
396.   Gen3Blue
Vins thing about the streak without a hit with men in scoring position has no substance, when Martins last hit drove in a man from first. Didn't it?

And now its gone anyway

2008-05-25 14:55:16
397.   KG16
385 - not paranoid, just wondering. The career minor leaguer who becomes an All Star is a great story. Plus, second base is going to be an issue next year... if not by August.
2008-05-25 14:56:15
398.   Gagne55
It's all up to the bullpen and the defense now.
2008-05-25 14:56:21
399.   bhsportsguy
395 This isn't OJ thoughts.
2008-05-25 14:56:44
400.   Eric Stephen
The Dodgers now have 6 pitchers averaging at least a strikeout per inning.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-05-25 14:57:07
401.   ucladodger

He threw his change a good amount. Some swings and misses, a few ground balls of of it. He only has to throw it 10-15 times a game because his other two pitches are that good.

2008-05-25 14:57:35
402.   Marty
Koufax had a pretty nasty forkball too.
2008-05-25 14:58:29
403.   Marty
396 Man on first is not considered in scoring position.
2008-05-25 14:58:53
404.   Branch Rickey
393. As I understand it, yes. I never got to see him pitch. Kershaw's curve breaks as much as any I've seen but a couple of times (especially Pujols' ABs) it really looked they were sitting on it and had it timed. If he could change speeds just a little more, I think he'd be like Gagne in his prime. His stuff is crazy good.
2008-05-25 14:58:58
405.   JT Dutch

... Whatever. I guess everything counts as a jinx here.

2008-05-25 14:59:21
406.   Gen3Blue
Thats not right for Wade. I'd personally pull him right away.
2008-05-25 14:59:36
407.   ucladodger
Great way to stat an inning. Walk a guy that isnt a threat on 4 pitches (even though ball 4 was a strike)
2008-05-25 14:59:42
408.   KG16
this is not a promising development
2008-05-25 15:00:07
409.   bablue
Grrr... Can we please get Clayton a win?
2008-05-25 15:01:59
410.   bhsportsguy
404 Did not mean to sound snarky, I do think that he is working on a third pitch.
2008-05-25 15:04:03
411.   MollyKnight
What the heck?
2008-05-25 15:04:05
412.   bablue
Jeez. How is our defense so bad? Unbelievable.
2008-05-25 15:04:23
413.   ucladodger
What a joke. Love the was Chin Lung just bailed on the ball instead of using his body. Solid fundamentals.
2008-05-25 15:04:48
414.   Eric Stephen
I know Izturis had the base stolen pretty much no matter where the throw was, but Martin's throws have been awful this year. It seems like every throw lately bounces before getting to 2nd base.
2008-05-25 15:04:56
415.   JT Dutch
... Nice little "Ole!" by Hu there.
2008-05-25 15:05:11
416.   KG16
Dear Great Dodger in the Sky, we pray to thee for pouring rain so that the umpires must call the game completed at the end of the sixth inning.

We pray to thee in the name of Robinson, Koufax, and Drysdale, Amen.

2008-05-25 15:05:51
417.   Bob Timmermann
Bengie Molina has four doubles in the doublheader in Florida and is one short of the NL record. Mike Ivie was the last NL player to get 5 doubles in a doubleheader.

The AL record is 6.

2008-05-25 15:06:27
418.   Branch Rickey
410. Didn't sound snarky, it was a fair point. I'm not sure I was distinguishing his curve and what I guess was a circle change. Seemed like he didn't throw many pitches between 80mph and 95 MPH. That makes it too "easy" to look fastball and adjust to the breaking ball.
2008-05-25 15:06:42
419.   Greg Brock
Does anybody know how quickly the baseball cube updates their stats?

It has LaRoche's Las Vegas OPS at .962. Just wondering if that includes today.

2008-05-25 15:07:22
420.   Bob Timmermann
They haven't that had that rule since the 1970s.
2008-05-25 15:07:31
421.   Gagne55
It's ok, Ryan just needs to pop up, or strike out, or hit Beimels Special: the comebacker.
2008-05-25 15:07:47
422.   bablue

Yeah, I don't know whats up. He really has not been very good throwing guys out so far. But we got one out. Hopefully Ox can strike out the next two.

2008-05-25 15:07:56
423.   MollyKnight
Where's that website that predicts playoff odds?
2008-05-25 15:08:19
424.   bhsportsguy
419 updates their stats daily.
2008-05-25 15:08:38
425.   Eric Stephen
The world is unfair.
2008-05-25 15:08:49
426.   KG16
420 - really? is that why they had to finish the 9th inning the other day?

They have to wait for the inning to finish now?

2008-05-25 15:08:59
427.   JT Dutch
... Well, Clayton, you get no decision. Welcome to the Dodgers, young man.
2008-05-25 15:09:02
428.   Bob Timmermann
And Broxton gets credit for the blown save, while Wade and Beimel get holds.
2008-05-25 15:09:50
429.   Gagne55
Two pitchers are called to face one batter in an inning? Does Torre suddenly think he's Jim Tracy?
2008-05-25 15:10:06
430.   bhsportsguy
2008-05-25 15:10:08
431.   Bob Timmermann
There is never any "going back" to the last completed inning. If it had kept raining Friday night, the game would have just been declared over with the Cardinals ahead 2-1.
2008-05-25 15:10:31
432.   Greg Brock
Wins are stupid.
2008-05-25 15:10:36
433.   Eric Stephen
Or the manager in the 1B dugout.
2008-05-25 15:11:07
434.   bablue
Wow. Really disappointing defense today. Well, kind of the whole year really. But it was still a great performance by Kershaw, he looked great. Anyone else think he looks like Bedard? They're both lefty, their deliveries look really similiar, and they both throw hard with big curves.
2008-05-25 15:12:18
435.   KG16
431 - ok, I'm confused. If a hurricane (hyperbole) were to hit Dodger Stadium when it was still 3-2, could the umps have called the game at that point? After five it's official, right?
2008-05-25 15:12:20
436.   Eric Stephen
I choose to blame all 3 Cards runs on the defense today.
2008-05-25 15:13:47
437.   Andrew Shimmin
436- I blame them on Gary Bennett.


2008-05-25 15:13:59
438.   KG16
on the bright side, two hours and 10 minutes until the Laker game starts.

Also, in LA sports related news, there's a rumor that the Heat might take OJ Mayo.

2008-05-25 15:14:48
439.   Gagne55
436 Including the walk followed by a hard double down the line?
2008-05-25 15:15:38
440.   JT Dutch

... I don't see how you couldn't.

2008-05-25 15:16:06
441.   imperabo
The mound cam is distracting and pointless. It does make Broxton look like the biggest man alive however.
2008-05-25 15:16:36
442.   Gagne55
I find it strange that Wade's run is earned when Izturis got to third on an error. He couldn't have scored on the sac fly from second, and there weren't any hits in the inning.
2008-05-25 15:16:38
443.   Dodger Jack
I like him better than I do Bedard.
2008-05-25 15:16:43
444.   Bluebleeder87
I still blame it all on Pierre!
2008-05-25 15:16:48
445.   Reddog
We play against the Cardinals the way the Reds play against us.
2008-05-25 15:17:05
446.   KG16
439 - I'm a mark for DeWitt but I'll say this, if he was a foot to the right, he'd have caught Pujols' line drive. Plus, it went to Pierre, who bobbled it in the corner.

Also, seeing that clip about Pitcher Mike Marshall, you kind of have to wonder how many games he'd pitch if he was on Torre's staff

2008-05-25 15:17:14
447.   LoneStar7
We need Bison To man up and knock one
2008-05-25 15:18:01
448.   LoneStar7
no way was that a strike..
2008-05-25 15:18:56
449.   Eric Stephen
Thanks to EI, I didn't see the play but I hard Vin's call. It seems Barton scored because Pierre bobbled it, and he most likely wouldn't have been running with a suitably armed LF.
2008-05-25 15:19:55
450.   LoneStar7
449 true, every run can be blamed on defense today good call
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2008-05-25 15:19:58
451.   natepurcell
Kershaw has better mechanics than bedard and throws harder.
2008-05-25 15:20:00
452.   ucladodger
Matt just cannot hit a fastball. It's sort of sad, but he's turned into a better version of Juan Pierre. Just a ginles hitter.
2008-05-25 15:20:05
453.   KG16
why don't the Lakers have a pick in the NBA draft?
2008-05-25 15:20:06
454.   Bluebleeder87
Kershaw handled him self great, grade I'll give him - B+
2008-05-25 15:20:59
455.   Eric Stephen
Apparently you don't have to swing now to strikeout swinging.
2008-05-25 15:21:17
456.   fanerman
453 Gasol trade.
2008-05-25 15:21:31
457.   Eric Stephen
The same reason they are 2 wins away from the Finals: the Gasol trade.
2008-05-25 15:21:38
458.   bhsportsguy
453 Because of the best giveway since Rusell Martin bobblehead night.
2008-05-25 15:21:38
459.   fordprefect
Who says it first?
2008-05-25 15:21:43
460.   LoneStar7
no way, this is incredible
2008-05-25 15:21:52
461.   JT Dutch
... Broxton's gonna HIT?!?!?!

Geezus, this team's management is absolutely hopeless.

2008-05-25 15:21:54
462.   KG16
huh, this is, unusual
2008-05-25 15:22:12
463.   bablue
Well, should be a 3-1 count for Dewitt but he just swung at 2 balls way out of the strike zone. Those at bats bother me. Grr... please win this game blue!!!
2008-05-25 15:22:20
464.   nick
ok, big fella, crank one out!
2008-05-25 15:22:36
465.   Gen3Blue
Might as well bat Broxton.
2008-05-25 15:22:58
466.   KG16
457 , 458 - ah, ok, because I wasn't seeing the traditional "from LA Lakers" under any of the picks.
2008-05-25 15:23:28
467.   KG16
He. Was. SAFE!
2008-05-25 15:23:47
468.   Andrew Shimmin
No. He wasn't.
2008-05-25 15:23:56
469.   NorCal-Dodger
453 Blame Kwame Brown, his value was so high, we were able to trade him for Pau and some draft picks
2008-05-25 15:24:00
470.   nick
Broxton running in slow-mo........."save forever"!
2008-05-25 15:24:13
471.   bablue
And this ump sucks. PLease stop calling balls inches out of the zone strikes.

What we learned in that AB: Ox wouldn't be a good track runner.

2008-05-25 15:24:21
472.   Eric Stephen
Replay appeared to show he was out. But ohhhhh so close.
2008-05-25 15:24:28
473.   imperabo
I thought hippos had good land speed in short bursts.
2008-05-25 15:24:32
474.   KG16
466 - ah, and it does appear that they get the 58th pick in the second round, I thought I had read something recently that they had no picks at all.
2008-05-25 15:25:26
475.   KG16
in my defense, the replay was shown after I hit submit.
2008-05-25 15:25:48
476.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Broxton gave it his all, which I appreciate.
2008-05-25 15:27:16
477.   KG16
Chipper Jones is really still hitting .417? At what point does ESPN start making the Ted Williams comparisons? Because we all know they're coming
2008-05-25 15:27:34
478.   Eric Stephen
A gold star from Gold Star for Robot Boy? :)
2008-05-25 15:28:29
479.   bhsportsguy
477 ASB?
2008-05-25 15:29:07
480.   Gagne55
Power Lefty Debuts:

Randy Johnson 5IP 6H 5K 3BB 3ER
Warren Spahn 6IP 7H 4K 2BB 3ER
Steve Carlton 1BF, walk
Sandy Koufax 2/3IP 5H 1K 1BB 3ER

2008-05-25 15:29:09
481.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
478 - I've got plenty to share.
2008-05-25 15:29:13
482.   LoneStar7
I'm surprised Vin keeps bringing the lights up, it looks merely shady to me..
2008-05-25 15:29:20
483.   nick
477 Willie McGee's .353 would seem to be in danger....
2008-05-25 15:30:12
484.   Gen3Blue
Its been a while since I've seen some old friends like Robot Boy. Also it could be me, I'm not real observant.
2008-05-25 15:30:38
485.   ucladodger

To illustrate my point, Kemp has 1 extra base hit (a double) since he hit a home run on May 5. Thats basically 3 weeks of just signles from a guy 6'3 230. When was the last time he hit the ball hard to left field? I really cant even remember.

2008-05-25 15:32:15
486.   Eric Stephen
Good news: the last time this crew led off an inning, the Dodgers scored.
2008-05-25 15:32:17
487.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
484 - I'm now more of a Loungista over at BBTF, although I read Jon's posts regularly.
2008-05-25 15:33:14
488.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
477 - Chipper doesn't play for either the Yankees or Red Sox, so ESPN may not know he exists.
2008-05-25 15:34:22
489.   natepurcell
Hey Logan White,

If you got Billingsley with a mid 20s pick and Kershaw with the 7th overall pick, you should be able to get someone who is better than Billingsley but not as good as Kershaw with the 15th pick. Oh, and make sure he is up in the bigs by no later than 3 years.



2008-05-25 15:34:47
490.   Greg Brock
485 How many strikeouts in that span?
2008-05-25 15:34:57
491.   kngoworld
2008-05-25 15:35:40
492.   Gagne55
488 Well they have already been touting Josh Hamilton as a potential triple crown winner. He'd have it if the season ended today, but it's not like he's a guy capable of keeping that pace all year.
2008-05-25 15:35:43
493.   JT Dutch

... At this point, I've got to wonder whether hitting coaches exist purely to turn power hitters into punch-and-judys.

2008-05-25 15:36:05
494.   Greg Brock
491 GSRB now chills with the D-Backs and Mets fans over at the Baseball Think Factory.
2008-05-25 15:36:24
495.   KG16
488 - while normally true, they seem to notice when a guys is "chasing history", see Bonds, Barry; McGwire, Mark; and Sosa, Sammy.
2008-05-25 15:37:30
496.   natepurcell

he likes the torture.

2008-05-25 15:37:40
497.   imperabo
Maza's done pretty well for a guy with no tools.
2008-05-25 15:39:04
498.   Andrew Shimmin
I found out today that Louis Armstrong closed his letters, "Red Beans and Ricely Yours."

2008-05-25 15:39:37
499.   Eric Stephen
After Kemp's fist 50 PA (7 HR), he has 13 HR in his last 606 PA (including today). The power will come; just give him time. Let him work out the holes in his swing first.
2008-05-25 15:40:15
500.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
494 - Actually, the Lounge has a pretty good mix. It's the rest of the site that all Mets/Yankees/Red Sox fanboys.
But Levski is a Snakes fanboy who does the work of 10. Seriously, he's something.
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2008-05-25 15:41:03
501.   JT Dutch
... Dodgers caught a break on that gork.
2008-05-25 15:41:04
502.   Greg Brock
499 But he's hitting to all fields and lowering the strikeout totals.

You know, the stuff nobody should care about. The important stuff.

2008-05-25 15:41:24
503.   ucladodger

13 k's, 8 walks coming into today. I'd rather have the crummy ratio and power than a decent ratio and another Juan Pierre.

It really looks to me that his bat speed has slowed down big time. He's just trying to hit the ball and not do anything with it. He's making more contact nad walking more, but at a really really high cost.

2008-05-25 15:42:00
504.   Eric Stephen
I'm down with the current approach by Kemp.
2008-05-25 15:42:05
505.   Gagne55
Martin's chance to do it again.
2008-05-25 15:44:35
506.   Gagne55
or not
2008-05-25 15:45:17
507.   Gagne55
The chatter has really died down since Kershaw was gaurenteed a no decision.
2008-05-25 15:45:24
508.   JT Dutch

... Absolutely. Who needs that "power" stuff, anyway? That doesn't win any games.

2008-05-25 15:49:01
509.   imperabo
Can't complain about the use of top relievers today.
2008-05-25 15:49:08
510.   ucladodger

He's not really hitting the ball to all fields. He's taking EVERYTHING the other way and only rolling over on offspeed pitches. Its an incredibly defensive approach that Juan Pierre should be using, not Matt Kemp. He has not pulled a ball with power the entire year, and i find that extremely concerning. His swings are not aggressive at all, and it shows in the power department.

2008-05-25 15:50:56
511.   dzzrtRatt
On that strike three pitch, it looked like Saito had a little jerk in his motion, like a bad DVD.

Get rid of those breakaway bats!

2008-05-25 15:50:58
512.   ucladodger
Not your ball, James.
2008-05-25 15:51:07
513.   JT Dutch
... Another bonehead defensive play. Wow. This is just embarrassing.
2008-05-25 15:51:26
514.   Disabled List
Our defense has left a lot to be desired today.
2008-05-25 15:51:55
515.   Jon Weisman
513 - that was a freak play because of the broken bat. Nothing anyone could do.
2008-05-25 15:52:15
516.   Gen3Blue
It really isn't falling our way right now, and my predicted slump for Loney and Kemp in the first half may be coming true. But actually, for the things we have undergone and may yet undergoe, we are in fairly good shape, and I've always seen Loney, Kemp and LaRoche get hot together in the second half.
2008-05-25 15:52:38
517.   Jon Weisman
510 - What are you concerned about? That he'll never be able to pull a ball?
2008-05-25 15:54:57
518.   JT Dutch
... Looked to me like a simple 4-3 groundout, Jon.
2008-05-25 15:55:47
519.   Gen3Blue
If we get through this inning--Who pitches?
2008-05-25 15:56:05
520.   KG16
where have the pitches been to Kemp lately? Does anyone want him trying to pull pitches on the outer half, a la Jones? A hitter has to work with what the pitcher throws.
2008-05-25 15:56:12
521.   Jon Weisman
518 - I think calling it a bonehead play is a bit much. It's just as routine a 3-1 play if the broken bat doesn't waylay Saito.
2008-05-25 15:56:29
522.   KG16
519 - Loney?
2008-05-25 15:57:08
523.   Eric Stephen
At least now we can put all the Matt Kemp power worries to rest.

Dodgers win 4-3. One batter in the 9th.

2008-05-25 15:57:11
524.   ucladodger

The way his approach is now, no, not with power. I'm concerned about his regression in that department. His approach has taken a complete 180, and its not a good approach for Matt Kemp to take. His aggrression at the plate is gone, and his emphasis on making contact, even weak contact, is not helping the team. Even with the new approach, he's still striking out almost once a game, but theres not even the power reward to go along with the strikeouts. Matt's my favorite player and has been for a while, and I've watched his growth for a long time. The guy at the plate for the last month or so looks nothing like the dynamic hitter I've gotten used to seeing.

2008-05-25 15:58:33
525.   Greg Brock
Come out of your shoes, Matt.
2008-05-25 15:58:55
526.   Jon Weisman
519 - I could see Saito going two. Otherwise, Proctor, backed up in perhaps this order: Park, Kuo, Kuroda/Billingsley.
2008-05-25 15:59:25
527.   Gagne55
The guy on Sportscenter described Kershaw's debut as "it did not go great."
2008-05-25 15:59:26
528.   ucladodger

Matt has had plenty of fastballs over the heart to do damage with. Even today he had a hanging breaking ball over the heart that he just rolled over.

2008-05-25 15:59:44
529.   Gen3Blue
Cute ad for Carl's Junior. I try to get my West Coast culture, but I don't think I've been to Carls, and I haven't been out west for at least five years.
2008-05-25 16:00:04
530.   Jon Weisman
524 - But your tone makes this seem like something terminal, instead of what it likely is: a work in progress.
2008-05-25 16:00:43
531.   Jon Weisman
Carl's Jr. does not equal West Coast culture.
2008-05-25 16:01:13
532.   KG16
527 - well, it wasn't great if you were expected a 19 K perfect game.

DeWitt has had two hits taken away by the defense today.

2008-05-25 16:01:49
533.   fordprefect
spindoctors on the job there @ ESPN
2008-05-25 16:03:51
534.   Gen3Blue
522 That actually might work. But I'm more interested in the thought process implied if it is Kuo or Procter.
2008-05-25 16:04:34
535.   imperabo
I agree Kemp looks a little tentative, but I've also seem him hit homers on what looked like lazy swings.
2008-05-25 16:06:43
536.   Gen3Blue
531 No. I'm shocked. But we don't have it in NE so I have nothing to guage it by.
2008-05-25 16:07:11
537.   Jon Weisman
Kuo hasn't pitched on consecutive days this year. That could change because he threw only 12 pitches or so yesterday, but they might try to hold off until he's the last reliever.
2008-05-25 16:07:48
538.   StolenMonkey86
527 - From the FJM glossary

Of course, according to Joe Morgan, "Wins and losses are how you measure pitchers" (Baseball For Dummies, p. 289).

2008-05-25 16:08:47
539.   Gagne55
534 Go with Proctor first for an inning. Once Kuo comes in he'll stay for a while (no pinch hitters etc.).
2008-05-25 16:09:50
540.   StolenMonkey86
Once Kuo comes in he'll stay for a while (no pinch hitters etc.)

I want to see a bat flip.

2008-05-25 16:10:01
541.   imperabo
Pujols has rebar in his forearms.
2008-05-25 16:10:10
542.   Jon Weisman
GREAT pitch!
2008-05-25 16:10:38
543.   JT Dutch
... Wow, Saito threw a million-dollar pitch to get Pujols. Wonderful pitcher-hitter battle there.
2008-05-25 16:12:43
544.   Gagne55
Besides, Proctor has a rubber arm. There is no limit to the number of days in a row he can pitch without getting fatigued.
2008-05-25 16:13:06
545.   Greg Brock
Great inning, Saito.
2008-05-25 16:13:26
546.   Jon Weisman
Dodgers have struck out 16 today.
2008-05-25 16:14:15
547.   dzzrtRatt
Remember Saito's little slump?

Neither do I.

Re: Kemp and Loney. Calm down! This Dodger team is not going to the World Series! It is a young team, a gifted team, but still developing. This year is going to be a roller coaster -- it has already. Some weeks we look like the best team in the NL. Other weeks we ... don't.

I'm much more annoyed with Brad Penny and Jeff Kent. But there's nothing you can do there but hope they stop stinking up the joint.

2008-05-25 16:14:25
548.   StolenMonkey86
and a golden sombrero for Mr. Ludwick
2008-05-25 16:14:54
549.   Jon Weisman
Nine of the past 12 outs on strikeouts.
2008-05-25 16:15:31
550.   Gagne55
547 Somebody sounds angry :(
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2008-05-25 16:16:43
551.   Jon Weisman
Who was the only man to wear #13 for the Dodgers between 1955 and 1995?
2008-05-25 16:16:48
552.   Andrew Shimmin
Terry Tiffee calls to mind an aging Andrew Bogut.
2008-05-25 16:18:05
553.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
551 - Vin just gave away the answer.
2008-05-25 16:18:14
554.   Greg Brock
Congratulations, Terry Tiffee.
2008-05-25 16:18:37
555.   fordprefect
Thanks, Dunc!
2008-05-25 16:18:56
556.   JT Dutch
... I can understand the fact that Tiffee's up, but having Tiffee and Young just makes Sweeney redundant. Anyone know off-hand what Sweeney's contract status might be? Is he even eligible to be sent down, or not?
2008-05-25 16:19:20
557.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Was Duncan playing over by the foul pole?
2008-05-25 16:19:32
558.   Disabled List
I really want to win this game. A loss here would hurt even more so than usual.
2008-05-25 16:20:08
559.   Eric Stephen
Sweeney can't be sent to the minors without his consent.
2008-05-25 16:20:12
560.   Ken Noe
551 Joe Ferguson also wore 13.
2008-05-25 16:20:27
561.   Andrew Shimmin
557- He was grabbing a beer from the concession stand.
2008-05-25 16:20:28
562.   Jon Weisman
553 - Nuts.
2008-05-25 16:20:54
563.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
(shakes head)
Nice, Juan.
2008-05-25 16:21:01
564.   Greg Brock
Bunting guys over from first is really annoying.

And we've done it twice, today.

2008-05-25 16:21:07
565.   Andrew Shimmin
Sweeney is reminiscent of an even older Andrew Bogut.
2008-05-25 16:21:12
566.   Jon Weisman
560 - Joe Ferguson is the answer to my question.
2008-05-25 16:21:24
567.   Gagne55
558 Because of Kershaw?
2008-05-25 16:21:34
568.   Disabled List
Vin with a borderline Joe Morganism: "they give up an out, but the Dodgers are in better shape with the speedy Pierre at first instead of Tiffee."
2008-05-25 16:22:41
569.   Gagne55
564 It worked the first time. ... usually just a waste of an out though
2008-05-25 16:23:06
570.   Disabled List
567 Partly. But also because I'd really hate to be swept at home by an overrated team like the Cardinals.
2008-05-25 16:23:43
571.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
566 - Vin also mentioned Antonio Osuna, I think.
2008-05-25 16:25:40
572.   alex 7
in the NL, we can't dismiss a move like bringing up Tiffee over LaRoche as unimportant. Those last guys on the bench seem to get plenty of at bats in this league.
2008-05-25 16:25:47
573.   Gen3Blue
Wills would have been on third or possibly come in. I know--I can be a delusional old
something. Really, Pierre's speed would be more valuable if he got somewhere before the outs or wild pithces happen.
2008-05-25 16:26:15
574.   dodgerinlv
Pinch Hit for a .450 hitter with a .114 hitter.
Let a pitcher with 2 career AB hit for himself with a runner on after not double switching.
Have a .167 hitter (Jones) hit with 2 outs and a runner on 3rd when you have other options on the bench.

Joe who is managing?

2008-05-25 16:27:23
575.   JT Dutch
... There's a winner!
2008-05-25 16:27:32
576.   dodgerinlv
Either bails 'em out
2008-05-25 16:27:33
577.   Andrew Shimmin
Andre Ethier reminds me of no kind of Bogut I can think of.
2008-05-25 16:28:14
578.   Gen3Blue
That is just the kind of thing Ethier seems to do
2008-05-25 16:28:25
579.   Greg Brock
Nice job, Ethier.
2008-05-25 16:29:09
580.   Gagne55
576 Excellent news!
2008-05-25 16:29:32
581.   Disabled List
The Dodgers are now 1-0 in games started by Clayton Kershaw. That kid just knows how to win.
2008-05-25 16:29:58
582.   fordprefect
You seem to be reminiscing quite a bit;
especially about this Bogut.
2008-05-25 16:30:29
583.   dodgerinlv
581 Nice call
2008-05-25 16:32:03
584.   Branch Rickey
Kershaw for Loaiza. Nice upgrade.
2008-05-25 16:33:14
585.   Ken Noe
How'd you like to be batting while Vin is listing all the times you've been released? Should be a fun TIVO for Sweeney.

Oh, I like this Kershaw kid.

2008-05-25 16:33:17
586.   JT Dutch

... This is the Joe Torre we got, sadly. I think if you'll take a look at some Yankee fan sites, like No Maas, you'll see that Joe was messing up games and situations for years before he came here.

I don't think anyone who actually has watched Torre has ever regarded him as a good tactician; his main attribute was his apparent ability to bring together talented players from other organizations and form a cohesive whole. Another attribute was his ability to deal with Steinbrenner well enough to keep his job as manager of the highest-paid team in the majors.

2008-05-25 16:33:22
587.   MMSMikey
peter gammons said on baseball tonight lowe might be traded.
2008-05-25 16:36:29
588.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
587 - For what, I wonder.
2008-05-25 16:37:20
589.   Gagne55
It sounds like Kruk thinks Kershaw is teh awesome.
2008-05-25 16:38:15
590.   Jon Weisman
571 - reread my question.
2008-05-25 16:39:08
591.   Gen3Blue
Just to think, in a year or so Kemp and Loney will have about as much experience as Martin and Ethier have now. What a team. And in another few years we will have to figure out how to pay them all. Damn, I can't seen to complete anything without becoming a pessimist.
2008-05-25 16:39:27
592.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
590 - Ah. The perils of multitasking.
2008-05-25 16:39:31
593.   StolenMonkey86
587 - A deadline deal for someone good, I hope. It is his walk year, and I don't think he wants to come back.
2008-05-25 16:40:22
594.   MMSMikey
i think lowe might attract some attention, what the dodgers would ask for is the question.
2008-05-25 16:41:53
595.   alex 7
Being that there is no glaring hole in the lineup (because Kent isn't considered one by management), I wonder if Lowe would be packaged with Loney for an upgrade at 1B?

Perhaps the heat of not trading for Texiera is building as Loney struggles a bit.

Otherwise it would make more sense to let Lowe walk and pick up the draft picks.

2008-05-25 16:43:34
596.   Ken Noe
587 I am concerned about our starting pitching in two cases," Colletti says. "I had a nice chat with Derek the other day....I told him we're not slamming the door on him from coming back," Colletti says. "In Boston he might have known he was not coming back. Strange words from a man about to trade Lowe.
2008-05-25 16:44:05
597.   MMSMikey
2nd base needs to be upgraded. I read the braves are looking to upgrade (not sure if lowe is an upgrade), but kelly johnson is a solid player, I dont think ATL would deal him though.
2008-05-25 16:45:07
598.   sporky
587 It sounded more like a "hmm, what serviceable pitchers are in the last year of their contract?" speculation.
2008-05-25 16:46:50
599.   Andrew Shimmin
I'd trade Lowe for Byrnes straight up.

Eric or Josh.

2008-05-25 16:48:02
600.   Greg Brock
Lowe's fourth year was never going to be pretty.
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2008-05-25 16:48:32
601.   sporky
597 If they're going to make a move, I hope the front office just signs Orlando Hudson in the offseason.
2008-05-25 16:53:09
602.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
600 - True. But DePo definitely "won" that FA signing. Take that, haters!
2008-05-25 16:53:41
603.   Greg Brock
I can't believe I'm watching BBTN.

And I still can't believe the Jays gave BJ Ryan 40 million dollars.

2008-05-25 16:54:00
604.   dontraiseplz
hey all, first post here:

I'd rather we be agonizing over Kemp's lack of power as he tries to learn other facets of hitting than the alternative: speculating whether Kemp will ever "figure it out" like other notorious budding stars who became hackers... Beltre, Francoeur, etc.

Loney looks bad right now but so did David Wright when we played him. whatever.

Clay K is awesome. love how frequently he gets ahead of the count and how willing he is to throw his changeup to a premiere hitter like Pujols. so mature.

I love that the Dodgers seem like a family now. We have seen guys like Bison, Chad, Lonestar, Bull, Russ, Dewitt, Clay, Hu, Young, and Kuo grow up since they were drafted or signed. Ethier is an adopted son. 3 years ago this team was full of loveless mercenaries.

2008-05-25 16:57:14
605.   Linkmeister
The Phoenix has successfully landed on Mars.
2008-05-25 16:57:40
606.   Greg Brock
Loveless Mercenaries is the name of my BTO cover band.
2008-05-25 17:02:15
607.   alex 7
while we all agree 2B needs to be upgraded, I doubt the front office has the cajones to sit Kent and aquire a better alternative via trade.

Besides, we all want to see LaRoche and DeWitt together in the IF next season.

2008-05-25 17:02:19
608.   Greg Brock
605 Are you watching the NASA Channel?
2008-05-25 17:03:12
609.   dbenzen
I'm with dontraiseplz. Live in Tucson, so I follow the Dodgers mostly on XM Sat Radio.

Much more entertaining team with the current group. The Young Blues seem like a team that enjoys playing together. Always a threat to win.

Not certain Jeff Kent is a clean-up hitter anymore. I guess the Dodgers will be more like the D-Backs last year in the runs scored dept.

2008-05-25 17:03:32
610.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
2008-05-25 17:04:25
611.   Dodgers49
'Locked in' Tiffee takes hot bat to Los Angeles

>> "For the most part, Terry doesn't swing at any bad pitches, and when he gets a pitch to hit, he hits it," Bundy said. "He's just locked in, and I've never seen a player be this locked in for that amount of time."

• NOTES -- Sergio Garcia started at second base Saturday for the 51s. It was Garcia's return from a 100-game suspension for testing positive for a performance-enhancing substance for a second time. ... <<

2008-05-25 17:05:37
612.   alex 7
Low chance anyone in Dodger front office is comfortable with Kershaw and Kuo starting often this year.

We keep Lowe and take the picks.

2008-05-25 17:07:29
613.   Linkmeister
I noticed it at CNN; Miles O'Brien is a favorite correspondent in this house.
2008-05-25 17:11:25
614.   PDH5204
Re the "Bison", I haven't researched the current status of the competing theories, but if the proposed alternative here, then a new, predatory, name is in order:

2008-05-25 17:11:57
615.   Linkmeister
Here's NASA TV:

At the moment it looks like they're waiting for the first photos from Mars. It's been on the surface for upwards of 16 minutes.

2008-05-25 17:12:14
616.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Cool photo.
2008-05-25 17:12:37
617.   Jon Weisman
Great, Peter Gammons' lips move and we have to spend the next fifty comments dissecting it.

My Dad was at JPL for the landing.

2008-05-25 17:15:29
618.   Linkmeister
I was on Guam for the first moon landing in 1969. Guam had no television then. Yet I've seen the clips of Armstrong stepping off the ladder so frequently that I almost feel like I saw it live.

Memory is a deceptive thing.

2008-05-25 17:15:30
619.   Greg Brock
617 That's ridiculous. Peter Gammons doesn't have lips.

Have you even seen Peter Gammons before?

2008-05-25 17:31:42
620.   trainwreck
On a trip, but as soon as I heard Kershaw was pitching I went to bar to go see him pitch.

Let the reign of the Minotaur begin!

And free LaRoche!!!

2008-05-25 17:50:02
621.   Tom Meagher
169 You mean Rusty and/or Doug? I wondered the same myself, but haven't found any evidence of it.
2008-05-25 17:50:56
622.   Tom Meagher
621 And I think they're from Louisiana, technically.
2008-05-25 17:51:44
623.   alex 7
is jon complaining about baseball chat in a baseball chat site?
2008-05-25 17:52:34
624.   alex 7
usually 50 comments on a topic means that topic was somewhat interesting.
2008-05-25 17:56:34
625.   Andrew Shimmin
Jon has a standing distaste for treating made up trade rumors as if they meant anything.
2008-05-25 18:00:52
626.   sporky
623 Trade Jon Weisman for Josh Wilker!
2008-05-25 18:03:54
627.   JoeyP
Good job by the Dodgers to not get swept. The real problem this team has is no power, which leads to relying on 2-out singles, and stringing hits together.

Kershaw's debut went pretty good. He didnt have a dominant fastball or curve today, but he spotted his fastball perfectly this game and was very efficient.

2008-05-25 18:04:14
628.   herchyzer
618 . I saw the moon landing live, and I remember it. Our feed in Eureka, CA was so bad you couldn't see a darned thing. But I saw it, or I should say I watched the snow on the screen.
2008-05-25 18:08:11
629.   Tom Meagher
"You know what bothers me? That my tie matches your suit."

I didn't look up at what they were wearing until I heard that, but it didn't look like it matched particularly well. But I guess wearing something that Sager might wear is disconcerting regardless of degree.

2008-05-25 18:11:20
630.   dianagramr
Padres and Reds tied 9-9 in top of 16th ...
(and Harang relieved in top of 13th and has 8 Ks already)
2008-05-25 18:11:53
631.   Marty
How did the Padres score 9?
2008-05-25 18:14:50
632.   D4P
That'll be enough from you, Manu.
2008-05-25 18:15:55
633.   sporky
2008-05-25 18:15:55
634.   D4P
I said that'll be enough!
2008-05-25 18:16:27
635.   D4P
2008-05-25 18:24:03
636.   D4P
Looks like a Laker loss.
2008-05-25 18:24:38
637.   dianagramr

Games lasting more than 16 innings, with losing team giving up at least 10 runs (since 1956)

2008-05-25 18:24:45
638.   sporky

>>"The one thing we told him when we sent him out to Double-A," Torre said, "was that we wanted him to use his offspeed pitches. We wanted him to be a pitcher and use everything as if he was getting himself ready for here."

Mission accomplished as catcher Russell Martin found out quickly.

"He shook me off once because he wanted to throw a changeup. I guess he wanted to prove to me that he had a good one. I started calling it more after that. He proved it."<<

2008-05-25 18:25:50
639.   dianagramr

weren't the Lakers down 20 just a few days ago? ....

2008-05-25 18:27:26
640.   CanuckDodger
627 -- I don't know what your definition of "dominant fastball" is if you don't think Kershaw had one today.
2008-05-25 18:27:34
641.   Eric Stephen
Lamar Odom must have caught a later flight to San Antonio.
2008-05-25 18:28:49
642.   Eric Stephen
The Rick Camp Game!
2008-05-25 18:31:11
643.   dianagramr

yes .... the classic game .... where they STILL had the fireworks show ... at 3:30 in the morning.

2008-05-25 18:33:10
644.   D4P
Ginobli can't miss.
2008-05-25 18:34:38
645.   D4P
I think he's made 5 3-pointers from pretty much the exact same spot on the floor.
2008-05-25 18:36:34
646.   dianagramr
Let's play a full 2 at Petco!
2008-05-25 18:37:51
647.   Disabled List
Whatever happened to Eddie Murphy? So sad...
2008-05-25 18:38:46
648.   dianagramr

Fatherhood convinced him to stop making edgy movies and start making "safe" ones ...

2008-05-25 18:39:31
649.   Gen3Blue
I can't help but say, if Opie Taylor, had grown up to be 6'3" and kept all his hair, that would be Clayton Kershaw.
2008-05-25 18:42:01
650.   Eric Enders
It is strange how the careers of Eddie Murray and Eddie Murphy rose at the same time, peaked at the same time, and essentially flamed out and died at the same time.
Show/Hide Comments 651-700
2008-05-25 18:42:13
651.   Gen3Blue
Oh dear, looking at some of the comments 649 may not be original, but there are more than 600 to check, so if some one said it first--I agree.
2008-05-25 18:42:42
652.   Eric Stephen
Gasol is also on Odom's later flight.
2008-05-25 18:43:54
653.   Eric Stephen
In my mind, Murray never died out. He went out after hitting #500 in 1996.
2008-05-25 18:44:27
654.   Eric Stephen
Oh wait, you must have meant the placekicker.
2008-05-25 18:48:14
655.   Eric Stephen
Friday's starter Edinson Volquez is in to pitch for the Reds in the 18th!
2008-05-25 18:48:56
656.   Disabled List
"Strikeouts are kind of a misleading stat," Kershaw said. "I mean, it's great to get strikeouts, but you're also wasting pitches at the same time."

Someone needs to explain to the young man about the concept of DIPS. That, along with the Dodgers' defensive performance today, ought to be enough to change his mind.

2008-05-25 18:49:21
657.   dianagramr
Jody Gerut has 7 plate appearances for the Padres .... and he entered the game in the 6th inning.
2008-05-25 18:50:51
658.   Eric Enders
I haven't read back through the comments yet, but I expect there was appropriate indignation about Kershaw being charged with an earned run in the sixth when his defense made two errors behind him, neither of which was actually ruled an error?
2008-05-25 18:52:00
659.   Eric Stephen
Yes very much so.
2008-05-25 18:52:53
660.   Eric Enders
In Eric Stephen's mind, Eddie Murray is still hitting home runs, rescuing babies, and bringing about peace in the Middle East. In my mind, he's still grounding into pennant-killing double plays.
2008-05-25 18:54:02
661.   Eric Stephen
Matt Vasgersian and Mark Grant are talking about extra inning games, and brought up the 1989 Dodgers' two 22-inning games. They noted the 22-inning loss in Houston was followed the next night by a 13-inning game.

I looked it up on, and the next day (June 5) was a doubleheader! That's 53 innings in 3 days.

2008-05-25 18:54:46
662.   Eric Stephen
Eddie Murray is teaching Mark Teixeira what it means to be a hero. :)
2008-05-25 18:56:00
663.   Branch Rickey
650. Murray's career flamed out? He did have to retire from baseball at some point ya know. And as for his actual playing days... he's in the hall of fame, right?
What, was I going to not say anything?
2008-05-25 18:57:08
664.   tjshere
I guess Kershaw officially exists now. I'm going to have a hard time thinking of him as anything but the Minotaur.
2008-05-25 18:58:07
665.   Disabled List
I'd love to see the Spurs miss a shot every once in a while.
2008-05-25 18:58:38
666.   Eric Enders
661 The next day's games were just as memorable as the 22-inning game. The Dodgers called up Ramon Martinez from Albuquerque to save the beleaguered pitching staff in the doubleheader. He pitched a complete-game shutout, the first of his career, and was promptly sent back to Albuquerque after the game.

Or at least that's the way I remember it. I think John Wetteland was also called up to start the other end of the doubleheader, although I'm less clear on that part. I do remember watching the games on TBS.

2008-05-25 18:59:00
667.   dianagramr
Fortunately for both the Reds and Pods, they have Monday off.
2008-05-25 19:02:07
668.   Disabled List
664 Somebody upthread called him "Clay-K". I could get behind that.
2008-05-25 19:02:36
669.   sporky
SD wins!
2008-05-25 19:03:16
670.   dianagramr
Adrian Gonzalez hits 3-run homer to win it for SD, 12-9 in 18 innings.
2008-05-25 19:03:23
671.   Eric Stephen
Wetteland was already on the club, and pitched 2 innings in the marathon game. He started and pitched 5 IP in game 2 of the doubleheader in Atlanta. Tim Leary, who started the marathon game and went 5.2 IP, pitched 3 in relief.
2008-05-25 19:04:01
672.   dianagramr

yeah .... 17-33 now!

2008-05-25 19:05:09
673.   JoeyP
640---To me a dominant fastball is: High 90's, lots of action. I didnt see it today. And the Cards feed must have had a different gun than above because he just touched 94 and was sitting at 92/93 mostly.

He did located it perfectly on the low outside corner to the right handers though.

2008-05-25 19:06:16
674.   Eric Stephen
Tim Duncan's free throw style is weird. It seems he tries to surprise the basket by holding the ball and standing upright for seemingly forever before quickly shooting it at the rim.
2008-05-25 19:07:28
675.   Eric Enders
Reason #1,234,532 the Padres' military uniforms are awful: Having just tuned into the game, I thought the game was not yet over when the home run was hit, because the Padres were wearing their road grays (or in their case, road browns). Of course, it turned out they were wearing their road grays at home.
2008-05-25 19:07:38
676.   Eric Stephen
This is such a winnable game for the Lakers. To paraphrase TBS, "Very Frustrating."
2008-05-25 19:12:15
677.   Bluebleeder87
great fun watching Kershaw make his L.A. debut, here's for hoping he has a long & illustrious career with my boys in blue. a couple of correctible things I didn't like from Kershaw from my view is his pitch selection, I feel he could have put away batters with better pitch selection & like some others have mentioned the tempo of the game was VERY HURRIED, understandably so (debut & all...) but the overall diagnoses for me was, this kid can be very good... I'm telling you man, (no disrespect to the Cardinal pitcher) but it really seemed like he was throwing pure off-speed pitches compared to Kershaw, JMO.

one more thing that stud out for me, is that my friend goes to PLENTY of Dodger & Halos games & he says he always feels more at home at Dodger games then at Angels Stadium (just thought I sneak that in there) but overall it was really fun, thanks BH for the ticks!!

2008-05-25 19:12:18
678.   sporky
673 According to Gameday, he was regularly hitting 95, and reached 97 several times.
2008-05-25 19:15:57
679.   Gagne55
676 Too bad everybody not named Bryant or Radmonivich can't make a shot. Odom especially has been not good. The Lakers are only even in the game because Duncan has tanked this one.
2008-05-25 19:22:17
680.   Gen3Blue
I can get behind almost anything except if someone finds a way to call him Clayrod.
2008-05-25 19:26:54
681.   Eric Stephen
Also should Clayton Kershaw ever have a bad start or get hurt (I know, I know, it will never happen), I hope we don't see the headline, "Clay Achin'".
2008-05-25 19:33:08
682.   Bluebleeder87
hopefully the Dodgers brain trust stay true to Kershaw & are really really strict with his pitch count.
2008-05-25 19:34:55
683.   Disabled List
Oh well. I think we all knew the Lakers weren't going to sweep this series.
2008-05-25 19:37:17
684.   CanuckDodger
673 -- Gameday's radar gun is trustworthy. What we see on TV, usually isn't trustworthy. I saw the Cards' feed on Canadian TV yesterday and compared their gun to the Gameday gun. The Cards' gun was usually 3-4 MPH too slow. Today, Gameday had Kershaw's top fastball at 98 (to Ludwick in the first inning). Lot's of 94 to 97's, however.
2008-05-25 19:41:01
685.   D4P
Serious question: how do you know which radar guns are accurate and which are not?
2008-05-25 19:54:01
686.   Bluebleeder87
another eye opening thing I noticed from Kershaw is the LATE LIFE on his fastball, some here had already mentioned it I think. It's a totally different prospective when you see a game live then when you watch it on the t.v. & to me, Kershaw just has a special arm man.
2008-05-25 20:03:47
687.   Jon Weisman
I don't think any Dodger starting pitcher this year has had as good a fastball as Kershaw had today.
2008-05-25 20:29:01
688.   CanuckDodger
685 -- What I "know" and what I "believe" are two different things, strictly speaking, but I will tell you why I believe that the Gameday radar gun is accurate. For years I have read scouting reports on pitching prospects long before those pitchers get to the majors, let alone before I see them on TV. And when I would see them on TV, the radar gun used on TV would give FB velocities that seemed off compared to what I had read about their fastball velocity. Now, what I had read I knew to be information from professional scouts, the guys whose radar guns HAVE to be accurate if they want to do their jobs properly, and presumably not get fired. Anyway, since seeing the velocities on Gameday I notice that that information seems consistent with the scouting report information, ergo, I think the Gameday information is correct when it differs from what I see on the TV radar guns.
2008-05-25 20:30:30
689.   Alex41592
687 - I second that, Bills is close though at times. Being there in person you could see Kershaw's fastball was tremendous and it just jumped off his hand. The crowd absolutely ate up his curve ball. A lefty who throws 97 on the inside corner at the knees should be declared unconstitutional. Incredible experience today at the Ravine.
2008-05-25 20:33:46
690.   Greg Brock
687 There hasn't been a guy with his stuff since, well, I don't know. Ramon Martinez?
2008-05-25 20:33:48
691.   Tom Meagher
If you are the type who insists that Blake DeWitt is a better player than Andy LaRoche, then please disregard the following.

I really fail to understand the rationale behind playing DeWitt over LaRoche. As articulated by Jon and others, the argument is that DeWitt should get to play until he shows he can't handle the major leagues.

I have DeWitt's equivalent wOBA's for 2005-2007 as .254, .273, and .271. His wOBA in 148 PA in 2008 is .352. Let me reiterate the 148 PA part. If DeWitt, who has 21 hits on 63 groundballs (Ichiro, widely known as baseball's best GB hitter, has a career batting average of .301 on GB's), had just three fewer singles, his wOBA would be .333 (league average).

If we were to aggressively age retro-adjust DeWitt's numbers to give him .20 points of wOBA for each year removed, that gives him .314, .313, .291. Let's just get silly and say we would expect him to be a .315 hitter coming into the year. His .352 this season would then be enough for us to call him a .325 hitter.

LaRoche has equivalent wOBA's of .322, .356, and .336 the last three seasons, with .372 so far in Vegas. So even if we don't age adjust at all, LaRoche has a .339 projection coming into 2008. Even if we discount his 2008 by half since it is not in the majors, it still improves his projection to .343. So giving DeWitt the benefit of every doubt and LaRoche the benefit of none, I have him as 9 runs better per season with the bat.

So what does DeWitt's seasonal line have to look like to make the switch? Does dropping below league average cut it? If that's the cut-off, then if DeWitt is the .325 hitter that we've generously made him out to be, it will take him 352 PA to do that. So if DeWitt is consistent and not a cipher, then you lose more than 5 runs by not replacing him with LaRoche under the above ridiculously DeWitt-biased assumptions.

If DeWitt slips under league average because he has slumped (that is, hits very poorly in a small number of PA), then obviously it would have been much better to have LaRoche playing during that time, and I hope I don't have to elaborate this point. So if DeWitt slips under .333 with 100 PA of .304 hitting, then not using LaRoche for those 100 PA costs (again, using an anti-LaRoche LaRoche projection) three and a half runs. If it's 40 PA of .262 wOBA, then it's 2.8 runs.

To avoid disturbing anyone, I will refrain from crunching the numbers on the two hitters' actual projections.

Consider the logical circle created by a remark I saw earlier (I don't remember if it was at DT or elsewhere). A poster argued that calling up LaRoche to platoon with DeWitt makes no sense because DeWitt has hit better against LHP this season. If DeWitt's .394/.500/.697 line against LHP in 40 PA is enough to base a decision off of, then surely his .277/.324/.396 line against RHP is indicative of his talent against RHP, right? Perhaps we should have a reverse DeWitt/LaRoche platoon! The point is, just as his platoon split is based on a tiny, tiny amount of data, so is his entire season.

I am fine with those who think it is not worth complaining about because the Dodgers will not change it and are old school etc. But I am only fine on condition that people acknowledge it is a BAD move. Whenever DeWitt hits his slump, I do not want to hear that the Dodgers made the inevitable move; I want to hear that they made the WRONG move in not giving LaRoche the job that he has earned twice over and instead giving it to someone who hasn't earned a quarter of it.

The Dodgers are using ridiculous conventional wisdom (DeWitt is hitting well now!) to drown out more sensible conventional wisdom (players should not lose their jobs because they missed time to injury). Are they supposedly doing this on the basis of actual scouts? Not as far as I've heard. If they are, who are these scouts, and what is their track record? I think they're doing it based on THE NUMBERS. Blake DeWitt's numbers, to be precise. In doing so, they are revealing that they are highly ignorant about how to interpret and regress baseball statistics (obviously, this is not exactly a new revelation).

This really irks me. If you are going to marginalize actual statistical analysis in player evaluation, you do not get to use cockamamie statistical factoidism to negate scouting data! Period. Or exclamation mark. Some form of punctuation indicating the end of the sentence.

Plus, if you think that DeWitt is good and want him in your lineup, then it is obvious that he should be taking reps at 2B in AAA unless you really think he can't handle it defensively. And if you think he can't handle it defensively, you either a) think he is a bad fielder at 3B or b) have a very distorted idea of the difference in skill level between fielding those two positions. If it's a), then that's just one more reason LaRoche should be starting over him.

Why DeWitt at 2B instead of LaRoche? First, he has a smaller frame and will probably be the better defender of the two at 2B. Second, he has played there in the minor leagues, and not long ago. I have no idea why many on DT think LaRoche has played 2B in the minors - can someone explain this to me? Third, and this one is pretty big, he is a left-handed hitter. DeWitt/Kent is a reasonable platoon; LaRoche/Kent is not. I guess you could do DeWitt at 3rd and LaRoche at 2nd against RHP and LaRoche 3B / Kent 2B against southpaws, but what exactly would the point be? If the goal is to make the 2008 team better with DeWitt, then 2B is the obvious destination. Fourth, I don't know why you would want your elite prospect whose biggest demerit is health concerns to switch positions and increase his injury risk. Fifth, DeWitt can always move back to 3B. If ultimately LA doesn't think he can handle 2B, why don't they keep that to themselves and get better trade value out of him by giving him more time at 2B?

The Dodgers are betting heavily that DeWitt is much better than we have any reason to expect him to be. DeWitt is talented enough that that's an intriguing bet with long odds. But the odds are even - so why?

p.s. Question for Bob or anyone else: can you name any previous battles for playing time between two players with last names (in their anglicized variants, anyway) where the third letter is capitalized?

p.p.s. It is cringeworthy enough to hear one of my favorite bands ever, Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band, in a commercial, but what the heck does "Express Yourself" have to do with 'letting' Dodge pay part of your gasoline bill?

2008-05-25 20:46:29
692.   natepurcell
To me a dominant fastball is: High 90's, lots of action. I didnt see it today. And the Cards feed must have had a different gun than above because he just touched 94 and was sitting at 92/93 mostly.

I don't know what gun you were watching but the Dodgers telecast and gameday both had Kershaw touching 97 and 93-96 almost always. That, combined with the movement and location, is a dominating fastball.

What starting pitchers do you know regularly sits in the high 90s? (97+)?

Felix Hernandez...who else? Maybe Verlander but not this year. Kershaw's fastball was excellent today, his curve was just decent, as he couldn't throw it for strikes as much as he should have. He was very bold throwing his change up so much, especially when it clearly lacks behind his other two pitches. Its going to be a good pitch God, he is only 20 years old.

2008-05-25 20:49:52
693.   Indiana Jon
687 I think Billingsley's fastball is a little better, especially in movement, but Clayton seems to locate his better. What I was impressed with is his curveball. I've commented before that I didn't think it was much better than Billingsley's, but after today I'm going to have to disagree with myself. If he can continue to throw it for strikes, look out.
2008-05-25 20:50:47
694.   Indiana Jon
692 Lincecum?
2008-05-25 20:54:11
695.   Greg Brock
691 The DeWitt Marching and Chowder Society will not be dissuaded.

LaRoche, by the way, is slumping at a 962 OPS clip in Vegas. So much potential, so little production.

2008-05-25 20:54:45
696.   natepurcell
Lincecum in the first inning: 95-97

Lincecum in the 6th inning: 90-94

2008-05-25 20:57:47
697.   natepurcell

Chad can manipulate his fastball more. He cuts it a lot, and he 2 seams it a lot.

Clayton throws the straight cheese with natural cutting and late sinking action.

2008-05-25 21:00:19
698.   natepurcell
So Kershaw is the first prep prospect to make it to the majors from the 2006 draft class.

That class is insane if you look at all the college talent already up in the majors. Preston...Bryan...stop goofing around in the low minors and hurry up.

2008-05-25 21:03:52
699.   CanuckDodger
693 -- I think Kershaw's fastball is much better than Billingsley's. Keep in mind that a right-hander is expected to throw harder than a left-hander. According to Fangraphs, Billingsley's average fastball this season has been 91.6 MPH. A really BAD fastball from Kershaw is as slow as 91. Flat out, Billingsley does NOT have an electric arm. He simply throws "pretty hard" for a guy who has a good curveball and cutter and a decent feel for pitching.
2008-05-25 21:04:28
700.   Jon Weisman
691 - I would basically say that I believe, based on their track records, anything Blake can do, Andy can do better, but to sub Blake out at this moment would be just a disaster, as 99 percent of people would expect Andy to outperform Blake's current level and be ready to dump him if he didn't.

To me, I would start giving Blake starts at 2B with LaRoche at third. I know this really aggravates some people who feel it's a dumb or disrespectful to move Blake off a position he has earned, but as I've said before, if the Dodgers and their fans just have the attitude they've shown themselves capable of with DeWitt and Martin at third base - "we'll just take what we can get" - then there should be no pressure on DeWitt as far as the transition. Because there's a real issue at 2B with Kent. DeWitt has just the kind of moral support to help address that problem, even if just a temporary solution.

I'm not opposed to LaRoche trying at second, but the reasons Tom outlines are more or less the reasons I think DeWitt is a better choice.

Show/Hide Comments 701-750
2008-05-25 21:05:45
701.   Jon Weisman
699 - "Keep in mind that a right-hander is expected to throw harder than a left-hander."

Why is that? I've never understood that.

2008-05-25 21:07:01
702.   natepurcell

Canuck, you still want Aaron Hicks or Tim Melville?

Have you been to the forums? There is a guy there who has followed Melville and Ordorizzi all season, giving updates after every start.

Melville has been well...extremely inconsistent while Ordorizzi has been lights out every single time he goes out there.

2008-05-25 21:10:54
703.   Daniel Zappala
691 Thanks for that. I had previously been on the fence, but you've convinced me.
2008-05-25 21:11:20
704.   natepurcell
Also, Ordorizzi is from Highland high school...we drafted a pitcher in 2007 from a Highland high school and that worked out...


2008-05-25 21:13:06
705.   Greg Brock
Left-handers can't drop and drive like right handers. Their mechanics are weird.

They're all three-quarters arm slots and silly off speed stuff. They're not like us, Jon. They're just different.

2008-05-25 21:14:56
706.   Daniel Zappala
Got to see the game on Tivo tonight. Wow, Kershaw is good. I'm guessing he stays up for a while. This was a rare occasion when I knew ahead of time I really wanted to see a game, and I felt after watching that it was every bit as historic as I had hoped.

I was pleased to see Tiffee wearing #13. Great number for a guy who likely won't be up long.

2008-05-25 21:17:44
707.   Greg Brock
The PBS Memorial Day show was pretty sweet. If you're sufficiently unhip in liking that kind of stuff.
2008-05-25 21:18:07
708.   natepurcell
Looking at our potential top 10 prospect list at the end of this season is making me a sad panda.

Kershaw's going to graduate and so is Laroche. It looks kind of barren...depending if Elbert comes back from injury and pitches at all this year.

Withrow (wish he would start to pitch professionally)

2008-05-25 21:19:57
709.   Indiana Jon
699 I wasn't trying to say that I thought Billingsley threw harder than Kershaw. I just think he has a lot more movement. In other words I think he may have the best 91mph fastball in the league. As far as being expected to throw harder as a righthander, I don't see how that matters at all. 97mph is 97mph, no matter which hand it comes out of. Hitters have a hard time hitting Billinglsey's fastball when he throws it for strikes. Control is the difference between these two pitchers.
2008-05-25 21:22:26
710.   Tom Meagher
704 Surely you are not suggesting that the similarity between Highland High School in southern Illinois and Highland Park High School in Dallas (where Kershaw went) is significant?
2008-05-25 21:25:15
711.   Jon Weisman
705 - "Left-handers can't drop and drive like right handers. Their mechanics are weird."


2008-05-25 21:25:17
712.   natepurcell
On the Lowe topic...

What teams need a starting pitcher for the stretch run? Purely hypothetical because I can't see Colletti trading away a PVL like Lowe, but humor me...

Chicago (AL)?

2008-05-25 21:27:17
713.   CanuckDodger
701 -- Something to do with the scientific implications of righties far out-numbering lefties in the general population, combined with baseball's love for left-handedness leading to a culling of the herd of available right-handers till the hardest throwers are left.
2008-05-25 21:28:29
714.   natepurcell

As significant as our ability to jinx no hitters?

2008-05-25 21:31:01
715.   Indiana Jon
713 Now I know why Greg Maddux throws so much harder than Jamie Moyer!
2008-05-25 21:31:03
716.   Greg Brock
711 They just are. Honestly, Jon, it's just the way things are. It's been this way since time immemorial. Lefties are thumbers, man. They're just off-speed having, three-quarters throwin' freaks of nature.

Stop asking questions.

2008-05-25 21:31:30
717.   Bumsrap
I suppose one of these days LaRoche will be a regular somewhere and I certainly hope so. In the mean time I feel lucky to merely be a disinterested supporter of LaRoche. Trying to will Loney into the lineup last year was no fun at all.

I suspect Loney will be getting one or two days off soon to get his groove back.

2008-05-25 21:31:31
718.   68elcamino427
Great pitching duel today at Dodger Stadium.
Twenty year old blows away some very good St. Louis Cardinals batters. First MLB GAME! Wow!
The phenomenon that is Clayton Kershaw is just beginning.
2008-05-25 21:34:32
719.   Bumsrap
Everyone knows righties throw harder than lefties except for the ones that don't.
2008-05-25 21:39:27
720.   Indiana Jon
711 I agree with your questions on left handers. They make no sense to me either. It's like saying Kershaw is expected to throw harder than Billingsley because he's from Texas. Texas pitchers throw harder than Ohio pitchers.
2008-05-25 21:43:27
721.   Jon Weisman
New post up top.
2008-05-25 21:45:21
722.   CanuckDodger
702 -- Yes, I want Hicks or Melville. They both carry risks. But I like the "reward" half of the risk/reward equation with those guys.

BA still ranks Melville higher than Ethan Martin and Odorizzi. Melville reminds me of Phil Hughes. Just the perfect size. If he is a bit raw now, fine, that is what the development part of our organization is for. And I'll say that I like Melville's delivery better than Odorizzi's too. Odorizzi looks more like second round material to me. Physically he seems a bit "stiff." Remember, scouting high schoolers is about projecting into the future, not looking at who is having the better high school season.

On Hick, yes, I fear he MIGHT not hit, so there is that downside, but if he DOES hit? Wow. Five-tool center fielder.

What I am saying is that I think we are in the perfect position, with all our young talent, to avoid playing it safe in the draft. To gamble a bit. Plenty of other teams couldn't do that. The Dodgers can.

2008-05-25 21:48:09
723.   dontraiseplz

already a mechanics analysis on Kershaw. he grades out as excellent in every category except a "poor" in tempo, a category that author admits is least important and probably not worth correcting considering Kershaw's already outstanding mechanics.

drivelinemechanics is run by KyleB, who I know from the poker forum twoplustwo, he is quite smart. Huge stathead and he is trying to analyze pitchers using less traditional influences such as the Mike Marshall school, its interesting. He has done an analysis on Kuroada earlier. I emailed him a request for Billingsley.

despite all the medical/mechanics jargon that I cannot understand, I am quite excited for his prognosis. :)

2008-05-25 22:38:59
724.   Marty
691 Charles Wright has been getting significant playing time on my iPod the last few months.

Tom, let me say I love reading your stuff, and I'm glad you've been commenting so often lately. It really increases the class of this already first-class site. Thanks.

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