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Let the Record Show: Kershaw's First Stint in L.A. a Success
2008-07-02 15:32
by Jon Weisman

Clayton Kershaw is headed back to Jacksonville today to make room for the activation of Hiroki Kuroda from the disabled list. The move makes sense if for no other reason than Kershaw was not needed to pitch until after the All-Star break, especially if Brad Penny comes off the disabled list this weekend.

So Kershaw is headed out, and congrats are in order. That's because the winless pitcher is a winner.

The silliness of actually thinking that Kershaw's quixotic quest for a victory this season reflected his ability was summed up by what happened Tuesday - he left the game with a 6-1 lead and one of baseball's best bullpens there to back him up, and still didn't get the win. Though he never pitched more than six innings for Los Angeles, Kershaw allowed two runs or fewer in six of his eight starts. He easily could have come away with victories in five of those: May 25 vs. St. Louis, June 4 vs. Colorado, June 10 at San Diego, June 15 at Detroit and last night at Houston. And that doesn't count a 2-0 loss to the White Sox last week. As it was, the Dodgers went 4-4 in Kershaw's appearances. He ably filled a hole left by ailing pitchers Penny and Kuroda, not to mention the released Esteban Loaiza.

Kershaw showed he had plenty of development ahead of him with regards to command, pitch use and endurance. But even factoring that in, however, he was generally effective: In 38 2/3 innings, despite walking 24 batters, he had an ERA+ of 99 (almost exactly the major league average) struck out 33 and allowed only three home runs. He did this at age 20.

Perhaps most importantly, Kershaw was not abused. He never threw more than 104 pitches in a game, and averaged fewer than 100 pitches per week. Ultimately, you'll want to see him pitch deeper into games, but here's the thing - he will. And when he does, look out.

Now he can go back to Jacksonville and work on his pitches. But he should go back with his head held high and every reason for optimism about the future.

The Dodgers already have a budding ace in Chad Billingsley. Clayton Kershaw will give them two. That is going to be huge for the team going forward.

* * *

Dodgers at Astros, 5:05 p.m.

Update: Kershaw sounds disappointed, according to Tony Jackson of the Daily News: "Any way you spin it, I'm getting sent down. They can say they didn't have enough room, but they (brought) me up when they didn't have enough room, because all those (pitchers) were healthy then." Hopefully, he will be made to understand that his return to Jacksonville doesn't have to be considered a step backward.

Comments (444)
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2008-07-02 16:02:41
1.   goofus
On the assumption that Nomar, Andruw, and Penney come back this weekend, here is one possible way to make room. Repko goes down to make room for Andruw; Falkenberg goes bye-bye for Penney; LaRoche or DeWitt go down to make room for Nomar. Neither one is producing right now so it's flip a coin.
2008-07-02 16:03:44
2.   blue22
1 - Nomar will play short (apparently), so they can keep both LaRoche and DeWitt. My bet is they 86 Berroa.
2008-07-02 16:03:45
3.   El Lay Dave
On his ItD blog, Josh Rawitch offered similar thoughts on why the decision to option Kershaw.

I'm not with the team, so I can't explain the reasoning [for optioning Kershaw] but I'm sure Joe Torre will do so shortly...obviously someone had to go for Kuroda to be activated and it makes sense if we have six starters for the most recent one to get a little respite heading into the All-Star Break. At least that's my sense at this point.

It's also easier to limit his workload in the minors rather than on the 25-man roster.

2008-07-02 16:05:56
4.   Jon Weisman
1 - I would think Troncoso would exit before Falkenberg.

3 - Maybe, but the Dodgers had little trouble keeping his pitch counts in line here.

All in all, I just think this went almost as well as could be expected. Short of him dominating, he got great experience, he learned what he needs to work on, he helped the team, and he came out unscathed - assuming he knows not to care about the 0 in his personal win column.

2008-07-02 16:15:00
5.   Jon Weisman
New post below this one about the L.A. Times.
2008-07-02 16:16:38
6.   dsfan
I give his peformance a 7 on a 10 scale, very solid job for a kid who hadn't work deep into many games in Double-A, who hadn't faced much adversity in the minors, who hadn't even pitched in Triple-A. I'm glad he's going back. Now let's see if he can build on what he learned. I also hope that when he returns, the Dodgers have a better defense and offense to help him.
2008-07-02 16:20:05
7.   El Lay Dave
4 I was thinking about the cumulative total 170 IP limit for the season that management had mentioned. Kershaw has 82 IP overall so far. If he stayed in the rotation, he have 14-15 more starts, which gets darn close to that limit if he can average 6 IP/start. Of course, he averaged 4.7 IP/start in this stint, so maybe that wouldn't come into play. Anyway, I totally agree with what you wrote.
2008-07-02 16:20:41
8.   The Trolley Dodger
"thinking that Kershaw's quixotic quest for a victory this season reflected his ability"

Ker-shaw! As if!

2008-07-02 16:25:26
9.   BlueCrew Bruin
2008-07-02 16:26:30
10.   dzzrtRatt
And now, Tommy Lee Jones will wave that "flashy thing" at all Dodger fans and it will be like the Minotaur was never here.
2008-07-02 16:27:45
11.   Jon Weisman
9 - Y
2008-07-02 16:30:14
12.   dzzrtRatt
Joe Torre has come in for a lot of criticism in these parts lately, but I think he and Honeycutt deserve at least one cheer for their handling of Kershaw's stint.

Man, looking at those all-time lists, it does seem like the culture of the Dodger organization is to breed elite pitchers, and not so much hitters. I can't imagine 10 percent of the thought process given to Kershaw and Billingsley was applied to Loney, Kemp or LaRoche in the past few years.

Dodger fans, I think we're going to be rooting for a great-pitching, so-so hitting team forever.

2008-07-02 16:31:21
13.   BlueCrew Bruin
11 K
2008-07-02 16:36:30
14.   bleedsblue
He seems like a friendly team player with huge potential. I hope he isn't discouraged by this. A stop along the way in Vegas may have been in order prior to LA but in any event he held his own well.
2008-07-02 16:37:25
15.   Neal Pollack
I'm sad to see him go for now...he seemed to be getting better, not worse. As long as no one says it was because he "couldn't get a win", I'll abide by the decision.
2008-07-02 16:38:19
16.   Suffering Bruin
Hey, what's with the code? Did I miss a meeting?

So, I'm browsing the web, something I'm able to do now and the two previous days since, you know, it's summer vacation and all. And I come across this.

The Diamondbacks placed Snyder on the 15-day DL Tuesday with a left testicular fracture.

From my brother, a urologist: "He should be fine. The likelihood of testicular salvage is very high if surgery is done within 72 hours."

Let the punning begin.

2008-07-02 16:39:08
17.   Suffering Bruin
And if the subject of 16 violates any rules, I apologize. If this topic has been touched on already, I apologize.

"touched on." See? It's starting already.

2008-07-02 16:40:22
18.   Suffering Bruin
15 If anyone--and I mean anyone--so much as gives breath to the phrase, "He's got to learn how to win before he comes back up" then I'm sending bad hoodoo vibes in that person's direction.

You hear me, Mr. Kent? I'm looking at you, sir.

2008-07-02 16:40:36
19.   Jon Weisman
16 - Yeah, you're late on that story ... but "testicular salvage" is new.
2008-07-02 16:41:39
20.   fanerman
16 Gosh, Gonad Thoughts was 3 threads ago! (or 2, depending on how you keep track)
2008-07-02 16:43:05
21.   CodyS
It's pretty tough to win a game as a Dodgers' starting pitcher. They only have 23 so far this year as a group.
2008-07-02 16:44:06
22.   Suffering Bruin
19 (sigh)

I'm late on everything. In the old days, I used to "break" stories after a day or so. Before this wonderous site grew like a fern in the Amazon.

But that changes this summer, people. When you get head-butted at the picnic by yours truly, I don't want to hear, "Hey, didn't that used to be Suffering Bruin?"

2008-07-02 16:44:14
23.   bleedsblue
You know, in baseball you can't make an omelet without cracking a few eggs...those are the breaks.

A double.

2008-07-02 16:44:45
24.   Suffering Bruin
20 I'll take two. Less embarassment there.
2008-07-02 16:47:11
25.   fanerman
24 I didn't mean any offense (and borrowed somebody else's quote), but some things make me cringe more than others...
2008-07-02 16:47:12
26.   sporky
Didn't Felix Pie also have a testicular injury as well? Testicular strain, twist, squish, something of that nature.
2008-07-02 16:47:30
27.   silverwidow
This affects Kershaw's arbitration -

He had a SLIM chance of qualifying after 2010, now he has zero.

2008-07-02 16:51:03
28.   Suffering Bruin
Has anybody figured out what the Dodger record would be if we had a league-average offense? And if so, what are the chances we can actually have a league-average offense in the second half? In 2003, we just knew our hitting was going to be very, very bad for the year. We knew it at the all-star break, right? That's what made the pitching so miraculous.

But this year, it's different, right? We can be a league-average offense, we're just struggling, right?


2008-07-02 16:51:32
29.   Jim Hitchcock
I think the thought of testicular fracture was on my mind when SB encouraged me to jump over the upper deck rail in pursuit of a foul ball at the Adam Dunn scouting expedition.

Therefore, I passed.

2008-07-02 16:51:52
30.   Xeifrank
Tonight's pre-game win probabilities.
Favorite: Win%/Total Runs

LV Hilton: LAD: 53.48%/8.5
AccuScore: LAD: 56.00%/9.8
My Simulator: HOU: 52.96%/8.75

I hope the simulator is wrong on this one. :)
vr, Xei

2008-07-02 16:52:51
31.   Suffering Bruin
Felix Pie did, in fact, go on the DL with a twisted T.

Darn right, that's a capital T.

2008-07-02 16:53:00
32.   Jon Weisman
22 - You also used to give us a Choi Fact of the Day. You used to be somebody.

26 - Testicular squee?

2008-07-02 16:53:23
33.   Suffering Bruin
29 As I said that night, you gotta want it! :)
2008-07-02 16:53:44
34.   Jim Hitchcock
30 XF, your probabilities from yesterday were very much on my mind starting about the 8th inning last night ;)
2008-07-02 16:55:50
35.   El Lay Dave
26 I believe it's usually called testicular torsion.
2008-07-02 16:56:15
36.   sporky
32 The squee shall not be associated with a twisted testicle.
2008-07-02 16:56:17
37.   underdog
Hip hip, Jon is right and I only hope someone shows Kershaw this post! Chin up, Clayton, you did good kid. And you'll be back within a month I bet.

Hope he gets that elusive win one of these days, even if in Jacksonville.

2008-07-02 16:57:02
38.   El Lay Dave
32 I will not be able to explain to my co-workers why I audibly guffawed.
2008-07-02 16:57:18
39.   Neal Pollack
Can anyone offer the p.o.v. that demoting Kershaw was a BAD idea? I'm torn, because I think his best innings were still ahead of him this season.
2008-07-02 16:57:20
40.   underdog
Btw, Jim, from previous thread, we should start paying you commission or something. ;-)


Okay, I've had to read the comments here with my legs crossed uncomfortably for far too long. C'mon, can we change the subject?

2008-07-02 16:58:41
41.   underdog
39 No, I can't think of a reason especially if he was destined to not pitch at all for 10 days or more. The only bad thing is if he sulks for too long and it damages him emotionally or something, but then he'll need to get over it. I honestly expect he'll be back, and hopefully they're explaining all this to him properly.
2008-07-02 16:59:53
42.   Suffering Bruin
32 "You used to be somebody."


Just for that...


Last month, Paek Cha-seung of the San Diego Padres and Choo Shin-soo of the Cleveland Indians smiled at each other as they faced off. You might ask why and even if you didn't, here goes.

Both players had attended Busan High School in Korea. Is this the first time such a thing has happened in our beloved MLB? Of course not.

Three--count 'em, three--Gwangju Jeil High School alumni faced each other at one time or another. They were Seo Jae-weong, Choi Hee-seop and Kim Byung-hyun. I'm cribbing this information from a Korean paper so for you 'mericans, you can probably tell that they use the last names first over there. All of the Gwangju Jeil High alumni were pitchers. Only Choi decided to test the bigs with the bat in his hands.

2008-07-02 16:59:57
43.   regfairfield
39 Kershaw is one of our five best pitchers, by using Eric Stults over him, it makes the team worse.
2008-07-02 17:00:08
44.   silverwidow
What I don't understand is why the double-talk about a 6-man rotation? Was this a real intention or a facade?
2008-07-02 17:01:55
45.   Jim Hitchcock
40 I'll work for obscure movie recommendations!
2008-07-02 17:02:30
46.   sporky
35 Torsion makes it sound like a physics problem. If the angle of twist theta is applied to the length of the shaft l with a modulus of rigidity g...

You think I'm making this up, but I'm not. Those are the actual terms.

2008-07-02 17:03:01
47.   Jon Weisman
43 - Agreed, but it's probably a short-term exchange. If Stults doesn't do well, he'll get sent down too.

44 - I think the Dodgers change their minds pretty much every day or so on things.

2008-07-02 17:03:06
48.   Bob Timmermann
The final word on the topic that dare not say its name.

But I hope Chris Snyder does not need these:

Link is SFW

2008-07-02 17:03:52
49.   regfairfield
47 I agree, I do like the move since limiting Kershaw's innings is important, but he was looking for a reason this was a bad idea.
2008-07-02 17:04:16
50.   El Lay Dave
"Testicular salvage" made me think of some very bizarre, Monster Joe's sort of place, a train of thought probably best not followed.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-07-02 17:07:13
51.   Bob Timmermann
Was this a real intention or a facade?

No, it's really a frieze.

Oh wait. Wrong reflexive response.

2008-07-02 17:08:54
52.   Jim Hitchcock
48 Okay, so Neuticles are basically, to provide you pet with something to, uh, (censored)?
2008-07-02 17:09:57
53.   silverwidow
Kuroda activated; Kershaw optioned. Check.

Nomar activated; Berroa DFA?

Penny activated; Troncoso optioned?

Andruw activated; Repko optioned?

2008-07-02 17:09:57
54.   CodyS
28 If the Dodgers had a league-average offense, they would have scored 370 runs now instead of 339. Pythagorean expectation of 370 runs scored and 338 runs allowed is a .545 winning percentage. Of course, we're 5 games under .500 when Pythagoras would put us at .500 given our 339-338 actual runs. The team has been unusually spurty (unrelated to testicular fracture). If we go .545 the rest of the season, we could win as many as 82 games.
2008-07-02 17:10:19
55.   Jon Weisman
Whoa - the game started.
2008-07-02 17:10:58
56.   sporky
My coworker is studying the effects of androgens on death ligands in prostate cancer. She therefore castrates rats and mice on a regular basis, and is very, very good at it.
2008-07-02 17:12:04
57.   Jim Hitchcock
Wow, a repeat of last night.
2008-07-02 17:12:22
58.   MonkeyBlue
Old man Kent!
2008-07-02 17:12:55
59.   underdog
Man, Kent is hot these days!
2008-07-02 17:13:34
60.   Alex41592
Kent loves being in Texas!
2008-07-02 17:13:35
61.   regfairfield
It bears repeating: Kent has an .845 OPS since he got hurt, plus that.
2008-07-02 17:14:06
62.   underdog
Uh, can we have a separate thread for Testicle Thoughts? This is making me all squirmy.
2008-07-02 17:14:31
63.   Suffering Bruin
Ah, Jeff. Be a veteran, my man. A veteran!
2008-07-02 17:15:45
64.   fanerman
56 Is this the Chadwick hater? (disliker?)
2008-07-02 17:16:17
65.   Alex41592
Blake should rip the first pitch if it's there.
2008-07-02 17:16:33
66.   still bevens
54 Hah kind of a sad state of affairs. My kingdom for a league average offense!
2008-07-02 17:16:57
67.   underdog
I just realized I'll be following tomorrow's day game on my cell phone while heading down to Sta Barbara (and no, I won't be driving, don't worry).
2008-07-02 17:17:13
68.   MonkeyBlue
Dang! Dewitt is struggling.
2008-07-02 17:18:08
69.   Zak
By the way, totally unrelated, and to change the topic to something less squeamish, we are going to the Aquarium of the Pacific for the first time ever tomorrow. Any tips or anything else I need to know would be appreciated. I have a 3 and a half year old with me and an 8 month old.
2008-07-02 17:18:15
70.   underdog
65 - He ripped it all right. It was caught, alas, but this pitcher ain't fooling anyone so far.
2008-07-02 17:19:08
71.   fracule
69 Wear sunscreen, I good part of it is outdoors.
2008-07-02 17:19:20
72.   Jim Hitchcock
69 Best to keep your hands out of the shark tank.
2008-07-02 17:20:07
73.   fracule
71 Sorry, meant 'a'.
2008-07-02 17:20:19
74.   Jon Weisman
69 - You'll have a good time, but it's not a gigantic place. At those ages, you'll make it through all the exhibits before you know it.

We were members there for a year, but we just kept going through faster and faster. Kids liked the touch exhibit the most.

2008-07-02 17:20:39
75.   Zak
72 Both?
2008-07-02 17:20:42
76.   sporky
Please don't walk Bourn...
2008-07-02 17:21:53
77.   Jim Hitchcock
75 Well, if you're not ambidextrous and could afford to lose one...
2008-07-02 17:22:33
78.   Alex41592
Wow, Pence has no clue what's coming out of Kuroda's hand.
2008-07-02 17:22:35
79.   Zak
Thanks everyone. We're going to San Diego for the weekend and thought it would be cool to stop by and spend a few hours there.
2008-07-02 17:24:11
80.   Zak
74 I think my son will like the touch exhibit the best as well. Although he is fascinated by sea horses so that should be cool too.
2008-07-02 17:24:21
81.   underdog
The Astros broadcast just showed a "cougar" who loves "The Puma."
2008-07-02 17:27:16
82.   Tripon
Is anyone else getting the game with no broadcasters? I had to laugh when I heard a girl ask for a autograph, and got turned down. Is this a regular thing for the Dodgers or FSN prime? To not use any broadcasters at all?
2008-07-02 17:27:18
83.   thinkblue88
So I clicked on the jeff kent replay and instead, i get a yankee game highlight.
2008-07-02 17:27:20
84.   68elcamino427
Kuroda did a nice job of keeping the ball down in the first inning.
2008-07-02 17:27:24
85.   Bob Timmermann
So the Yankees signed a guy named Yeicok Calderon.

Life can be tough for a boy named Yeicok.

2008-07-02 17:30:09
86.   Woden325
85 Lets hope the Cubs' right fielder doesn't name his son that...
2008-07-02 17:31:08
87.   Zak
6 pitch inning.
2008-07-02 17:34:52
88.   El Lay Dave
83 You're a clairvoyant. That's supposed to a September highlight.
2008-07-02 17:35:14
89.   MonkeyBlue
Nice out to get Lee after 3-1 count.
2008-07-02 17:38:56
90.   underdog
Well at this rate this game could be over before I have to leave for soccer game. Of course, it started well and quick the last time Kuroda started a game vs. Astros.
2008-07-02 17:39:17
91.   Zak
Not bad, our own 8 pitch inning.
2008-07-02 17:40:02
92.   68elcamino427
Bison attack!
2008-07-02 17:40:12
93.   arborial
83 I did the same thing, proof positive there is a conspiracy to up the amount of air-time the Yankees get.
2008-07-02 17:41:00
94.   underdog
The Bison roams up the hill!

(God that hill is stupid.)

2008-07-02 17:41:17
95.   Alex41592
Wow. That is some scary strength from Kemp.
2008-07-02 17:41:22
96.   Linkmeister
College buddy of mine had some kind of condition which resulted in a very swollen testicle (baby's fist size -- he was a Physics major, so he got some calipers and measured). He had surgery and has survived quite well with only one.

He and his former wife did not have children, but I don't know if that was medically-related or not.

2008-07-02 17:41:44
97.   fanerman
Bison Strength! Bison Speed!
2008-07-02 17:42:15
98.   underdog
Brad Ausmus' young daughters are in the Astros' broadcast booth, first interviewing their dad, and then being interviewed. During the game, mind you. It's kind of cute, actually. Except I'm kind of done with it.
2008-07-02 17:42:43
99.   MonkeyBlue
Come on Ethier.
2008-07-02 17:43:02
100.   Ken Noe
98 It's gone on way too long, especially with Bison on third.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-07-02 17:43:23
101.   El Lay Dave
Cue Rick Monday. "Situational hitting...."
2008-07-02 17:43:59
102.   68elcamino427
Kent makes the vetran play.
2008-07-02 17:44:01
103.   underdog
Jeez. two outs and the Bison is still at third.

I blame the Ausmus Girls.

2008-07-02 17:44:04
104.   MonkeyBlue
2008-07-02 17:44:22
105.   Alex41592
Thank goodness we have Jeff Kent he just picked up Ethier and Martin after two awful at bats.
2008-07-02 17:44:41
106.   fanerman
Old Man is on fire.
2008-07-02 17:44:49
107.   Suffering Bruin
Jeff, you a veteran, man, you a veteran!
2008-07-02 17:45:05
108.   underdog
The 'Stache shows 'em how it's done! Man, he's hot.

Take that Ausmuses!

2008-07-02 17:45:19
109.   Linkmeister
I was about to suggest Kemp try to steal home.
2008-07-02 17:45:23
110.   Jon Weisman

Manager Joe Torre said he expects Kershaw to be back in the Major Leagues in the "not-too-distant future." For now, however, he'll be starting at Double-A Jacksonville, where he was 0-3 with a 2.28 ERA before being promoted to the Dodgers on May 24.

"We made the move, not because he wasn't handling it, but we've got pitchers coming back," Torre said, referring to Kuroda and Brad Penny, who is expected to come off the disabled list to start Saturday in San Francisco. Torre also said that, after burning through six relievers in Tuesday night's 11-inning game, he didn't want to send reliever Ramon Troncoso out.

2008-07-02 17:45:49
111.   underdog
2008-07-02 17:45:56
112.   El Lay Dave
Was the infield playing up on Martin's ground out?
2008-07-02 17:47:12
113.   Alex41592
112 - Yes.
2008-07-02 17:47:28
114.   El Lay Dave
That was definitely clutch by Grumpy.
2008-07-02 17:48:03
115.   bablue

Well at least now we're sure that Kershaw won't be a Super Two in a few years. Thats good news.



And where are all the people complaining about Kent swinging at the first pitch? Pretty selective complainers, eh?

2008-07-02 17:48:05
116.   fracule
Boy, I'm glad that inning is over.
2008-07-02 17:48:11
117.   Alex41592
110 - That all makes sense to me.
2008-07-02 17:49:33
118.   Alex41592
115 - Hernandez is definitely a pitcher you should hammer on the first pitch. Just make sure you hammer it that's all.
2008-07-02 17:49:48
119.   scareduck
I want to pronounce the Astros' starting pitcher's name as "Run Elvis". So far, so true.
2008-07-02 17:50:27
120.   Neal Pollack
110--What is the "not so distant future"? Does that mean that he'll be back after the break? One could argue that 2010 is the "not so distant future." Though it certainly didn't seem that way when Arthur C. Clarke wrote the sequel to 2001. What am I talking about?
2008-07-02 17:51:00
121.   Suffering Bruin
What's the alert for Dustin Pedroia? He's got a homer, triple and double.
2008-07-02 17:51:19
122.   underdog
110 In the not too distant future. Next month, A.D.
There was a guy named Clayton,
Not too different from you or me.
He pitched for the Dodgers Institute,
Just another face in a blue and white suit.
He did a good job pitching off the hill,
But his bosses didn't like him
So they shot him out to Jacksonville.

(la la la)

2008-07-02 17:51:27
123.   Alex41592
Good play by Kent.
2008-07-02 17:51:32
124.   MonkeyBlue
Kent! nices!
2008-07-02 17:51:51
125.   Alex41592
121 - That would have to be red, right?
2008-07-02 17:52:28
126.   Suffering Bruin
125 That's my guess but I've been wrong so many times before. :)
2008-07-02 17:52:37
127.   MonkeyBlue
Kuroda had the DP! This felt like yetersday non DP.
2008-07-02 17:52:53
128.   scareduck
120 - for Joel and the bots, it was next Sunday, A.D. But that can't work under major league rules.
2008-07-02 17:53:31
129.   68elcamino427
Here's a suggestion. Why not provide Kent's family with front row seats behind the Dodgers dugout for every Dodgers game for the remainder of the season combined with world class accomodations?
Might help the Old Man stay at the very top of his game.
He's got the team on his back right now.
2008-07-02 17:55:33
130.   underdog
129 Yah, indeed, was thinking that since Clayton won't be back next Sunday AD, I'd push it ahead to closer to when he is really back. Hopefully they won't shoot him into space. :-)
2008-07-02 17:56:08
131.   Ken Noe
So what it would take for Kershaw to come back sort-of soon? A six-man rotation? Stults demoted? Does Torre just expect another injury? Might a deal be in the works?
2008-07-02 17:57:13
132.   68elcamino427
DeWitt gives a positive contribution to the offenive effort.
2008-07-02 17:57:37
133.   Alex41592
Pierzynski and Dye put back to back shots on the board...yes.
2008-07-02 17:58:11
134.   Lexinthedena
131 If Penny looks sharp in next couple of starts I could see Ned moving him. His price tag makes him attainable to everyone.
2008-07-02 17:58:19
135.   68elcamino427
Penny does well in his next start and gets traded?
2008-07-02 17:58:33
136.   Alex41592
133 - Off of Sabathia.
2008-07-02 17:59:17
137.   Lexinthedena
Along with Kemp, Pee Wee is the Dodger I most root for.
2008-07-02 17:59:32
138.   Alex41592
134/135 - It would take A LOT to get Penny's stock up. I don't see him going anywhere.
2008-07-02 17:59:58
139.   El Lay Dave
125 Red is for a single needed.

If a player needs a home run for the cycle, the level of the alert varies depending upon the determination of the Cycle Detection Warning System, which is headquartered in Thief River Falls, Minnesota.

So Shimmin is already slacking off??

2008-07-02 18:00:37
140.   Alex41592
Another runner at third and nobody out.
2008-07-02 18:01:11
141.   underdog
After Towles' through, I think I heard the Ausmus girls snicker in the background.
2008-07-02 18:01:16
142.   MonkeyBlue
Oh my, please don't let this happen like the last inning.
2008-07-02 18:02:08
143.   bablue
Well, here's another chance with a runner on third and nobody out...

And another lousy at bat... Can we bat Kent multiple times in the lineup? Maybe have him go up in a disguise?

2008-07-02 18:02:16
144.   underdog
Throw, not through. Sheesh, I need coffee.

Man, Pee Wee, I love ya, but get 'er done, man.

2008-07-02 18:02:24
145.   Gen3Blue
Man, Blake Dewitt has the perfect look of a second baseman. Are they sure he can't do it? I would do everything possible to train him as one.
2008-07-02 18:02:44
146.   68elcamino427
Maza is raising his value to the team.
2008-07-02 18:02:54
147.   MonkeyBlue
MAZA! MY MAN! nice decision by Torre!
2008-07-02 18:02:58
148.   eusmus
143 I don't think the Bobby V trick would work with Kent.
2008-07-02 18:03:13
149.   Lexinthedena
What a weird bunt.
2008-07-02 18:03:18
150.   Alex41592
Good stuff. Good call and excellent execution by Maza.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-07-02 18:03:33
151.   underdog
That was a sweet squeeze from Maza!


2008-07-02 18:03:53
152.   Gen3Blue
The suicide---ahh. Not a bad use of a black hole at all.
2008-07-02 18:03:59
153.   Suffering Bruin
Squeeze... and the first Dodger RBI from a shortstop since I don't know when.
2008-07-02 18:04:11
154.   bablue
1st RBI by Dsdger SS snce June 5th.

Wow that is really sad... But we're winning!!!

2008-07-02 18:04:51
155.   underdog
145 I don't think they're sure of anything. I think they feel either DeWitt or LaRoche can be groomed to play there. Maybe work with one of them over the off season. Especially with Kent gone.
2008-07-02 18:05:13
156.   El Lay Dave
Since I'm not seeing the game, just following on the web, just how bad have the two ground outs with runner on 3rd, less than two outs been? It hasn't just been bad luck?
2008-07-02 18:05:15
157.   Alex41592
Kuroda with the walk!
2008-07-02 18:05:28
158.   MonkeyBlue
LOL Kuroda walked?
2008-07-02 18:05:55
159.   68elcamino427
Success of the bunt has blown Hernandez composure.
2008-07-02 18:06:09
160.   Alex41592
156 - Pee Wee chopped to third, easy play.
2008-07-02 18:06:24
161.   Suffering Bruin
I've been living in a cave for all intents and purposes. Kemp batting leadoff--is this a regular thang?
2008-07-02 18:06:53
162.   bablue
Obviously I meant Dodger not Dsdger. Doh.

I don't think Dsdger shortstops have ever had an RBI. They aren't a very god hitting team.

2008-07-02 18:07:10
163.   Lexinthedena
159 It's the presence of the Bison.
2008-07-02 18:07:22
164.   Alex41592
161 - Yes. 2 games in a row which for this team is very regular.
2008-07-02 18:07:36
165.   68elcamino427
The weak stuff that we have been seeing too much of recently.
2008-07-02 18:10:09
166.   El Lay Dave
160 165 Thanks.
2008-07-02 18:10:21
167.   bablue

Oh man I'm making a fool of myself. "Good hitting" not "god hitting". Ugh, terrible.

2008-07-02 18:11:39
168.   Jon Weisman
"Dodgers bullpen coach Ken Howell had a part of his third toe on his right foot amputated at USC Medical Center on Tuesday due to a foot infection. Howell is expected to be discharged from the hospital by Friday."
2008-07-02 18:11:57
169.   Jon Weisman
2008-07-02 18:12:26
170.   68elcamino427
"god hitting" would be a way to describe Kent in this series.
2008-07-02 18:13:19
171.   Inside Baseball
Red alert in Tampa.
2008-07-02 18:14:00
172.   dzzrtRatt
168 Diabetic?
2008-07-02 18:14:07
173.   El Lay Dave
I just noticed that last night's game raised up Russell Martin's OPS by 22 points, to .870.
2008-07-02 18:15:58
174.   D4P
If the Dodgers go on to win tonight, they will be 8-3 in games where Pierre got zero at-bats.
2008-07-02 18:19:04
175.   68elcamino427
Kuroda is on top of his game tonight.
2008-07-02 18:21:34
176.   Ken Noe
174 If it ends up 38-3, he'll still hit leadoff when he gets off the DL.
2008-07-02 18:21:56
177.   Inside Baseball
Red alert in Tampa right now in the 6th.
2008-07-02 18:22:20
178.   fracule
Ped. is coming up.
2008-07-02 18:22:22
179.   MonkeyBlue
Andre the GIANT HR!
2008-07-02 18:22:35
180.   68elcamino427
Ethier - Bomb!
2008-07-02 18:22:42
181.   Alex41592
Lyons called that one and Ethier hit that in Bonds territory. What a SHOT!
2008-07-02 18:22:56
182.   nick
"This could be a good pitch for Andre to hit right here...."
(ball sails towards upper deck)
2008-07-02 18:23:01
183.   tjshere
Oh man, that Ethier blast makes me a happy camper!
2008-07-02 18:23:12
184.   underdog
Ethier! No longer 3.5!

That was outta here fast and far.

2008-07-02 18:23:16
185.   scareduck
The Run Elvis is just a hunka hunka burnin' love for the Dodgers.
2008-07-02 18:23:56
186.   Longhorn Bill
Man, did I pick the wrong day to go to Houston.
2008-07-02 18:24:32
187.   bablue
Wow!!!!! Andre with the upper deck shot!!!!
2008-07-02 18:24:34
188.   68elcamino427
438 Foot Home Run by Ethier.
2008-07-02 18:25:05
189.   OhioBlues12
438 ft. for Ethier.
2008-07-02 18:25:11
190.   JoeyP
Astro fans are probably wondering why:

A. Michael Bourn leads off every game
B. Runelvys Hernandes is in the major leagues.

2008-07-02 18:27:08
191.   underdog
Since their bullpen is thin, the Astros will be bringing in one of the Ausmus daughters to pitch the next inning.
2008-07-02 18:28:07
192.   Reddog
I'm not sure why this is, but to me the Dodgers seem like they're a good team when they win, but when they lose they seem like a bad team.
2008-07-02 18:28:32
193.   Zak
Since the 3rd inning last night, the Dodgers have scored exactly one run in nine of the 14 innings. That's a lot of picket fences.
2008-07-02 18:29:08
194.   Zak
192 Except the Saturday game against the Angels. They looked bad, they won and everyone rejoiced.
2008-07-02 18:29:51
195.   scareduck
168 , 169 - which is why I feel obliged to watch my weight.

190 - as are Royals fans. What shocked me was to discover he was briefly in the Yankees' and Red Sox' system last year.

2008-07-02 18:32:01
196.   MonkeyBlue
Oh boy. I don't like where this is going.
2008-07-02 18:32:44
197.   JoeyP
Beware of the place kicker!
2008-07-02 18:33:07
198.   fordprefect
2008-07-02 18:33:30
199.   D4P
When in doubt, pinch-hit with your punter.
2008-07-02 18:33:55
200.   MonkeyBlue
GREAT PICK OFF! by MAZA and Kuroda!
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-07-02 18:33:57
201.   Alex41592
Huge play by Kuroda and Maza!
2008-07-02 18:34:18
202.   bablue
Wow that pickoff is huge. Very nice tag by Maza!
2008-07-02 18:34:29
203.   D4P
At least one Dodger fan was already wondering both of those things.
2008-07-02 18:34:33
204.   Lexinthedena
Seattle will be losing the Sonics. That really sucks.
2008-07-02 18:34:54
205.   underdog
Sweet pick off move by Hiro!
2008-07-02 18:35:02
206.   scareduck
My, Kuroda!
2008-07-02 18:35:05
207.   Suffering Bruin
Maybe Maza heard the health report on Furcal and he's feeling more comfortable.
2008-07-02 18:35:25
208.   MonkeyBlue
Come on Kuroda! FOCUS!
2008-07-02 18:35:46
209.   JoeyP
Wow, that was a dumb play by the Astros down 4-0.
2008-07-02 18:36:15
210.   underdog
Thank god for the pickoff, too.

204 Man, that stinks. For Oklahoma City? That's just lame. No offense to Oklahoma or anything.

2008-07-02 18:36:29
211.   68elcamino427
Runner stays at third on this play and does not score with Young in left field.
2008-07-02 18:36:52
212.   JoeyP
That pick off was huge now.
2008-07-02 18:37:05
213.   MonkeyBlue
WOW! that was close!
2008-07-02 18:37:15
214.   underdog
Sonics - another poorly run sports franchise that punishes its fans and then leaves.
2008-07-02 18:37:20
215.   Alex41592
Thankfully Bourn can only run.
2008-07-02 18:37:54
216.   JoeyP
Bourn is worse than Juan Pierre.
And its not close.
2008-07-02 18:38:02
217.   fracule
Ugh. I hope that doesn't mean Paul Allen will move the TrailBlazers north. They're just starting to get good.
2008-07-02 18:38:05
218.   scareduck
204 -
2008-07-02 18:38:06
219.   Longhorn Bill
210 Oklahoma... bleh
2008-07-02 18:38:17
220.   D4P
The Bourn Indignity.
2008-07-02 18:39:24
221.   thinkblue88
I used to live in Oklahoma City.
2008-07-02 18:39:37
222.   fordprefect
Ha! Enjoy, OK!
2008-07-02 18:40:09
223.   D4P
It's amazing that major league managers are not held accountable for putting people like Bourn and Pierre in the leadoff spot. I guess that owners only really pay attention to wins and losses.
2008-07-02 18:40:27
224.   Luis Chavez
lol, None taken. I currently live in Oklahoma City so it's good for me!
2008-07-02 18:40:32
225.   El Lay Dave
Obviously David Newhan was distracted by all the problems at the L.A. Times.
2008-07-02 18:41:57
226.   Bob Timmermann
Just to be precise:

Red alert for Dustin Pedroia in St. Petersburg.

This is a red alert.

2008-07-02 18:42:49
227.   Lexinthedena
223 It seems like the little good they do disproportionately outweighs how often they under perform.
2008-07-02 18:43:05
228.   Linkmeister
223 Well, the W-L record and attendance are about all that show up in the business model, or so I'd guess.
2008-07-02 18:44:57
229.   Inside Baseball
226 Missed it by that much.
2008-07-02 18:45:51
230.   Bluebleeder87
maybe I'm in the minority in thinking this but I wish they would do what they did with Bills & use him off the pen.

Regardless, at 20 years old doing what he did IS very impressive.

2008-07-02 18:45:53
231.   El Lay Dave
226 It takes a proven veteran alert announcer to do it correctly, consistently. These upstarts just don't get it.
2008-07-02 18:47:03
232.   Bluebleeder87
by the way I'm lovin' Kuroda's pitching today.
2008-07-02 18:49:05
233.   Ghost of Carlos Perez
I like Gameday's bench/bullpen feature.

Our bench is looking a little thin, but the bullpen looks great!

2008-07-02 18:49:48
234.   Bob Timmermann
That's why I didn't give you my proxy.
2008-07-02 18:51:01
235.   El Lay Dave
233 "Our bench is looking a little thin ..."

Only because the Killer Tomato doesn't live here anymore.

2008-07-02 18:51:54
236.   Bluebleeder87

No problemo we are use to it.

2008-07-02 18:55:21
237.   underdog
Yah, no offense, OKC fans have proven to be great, but it's just sad. Seattle has such a great hoops tradition. It's too bad for them they didn't have Paul Allen buy 'em.
2008-07-02 18:55:45
238.   Suffering Bruin
Me likey Kuroda!
2008-07-02 18:56:28
239.   Hallux Valgus
According to Steiner, Andruw Jones "just needs to get his swing back." Considering the swing in question, can't we all just agree to leave and find a better one instead?
2008-07-02 18:56:44
240.   underdog
Oh by the way, 6 shutout innings for Kuroda. Just three more Hiro! And make it snappy, I have to leave in 25 mins.
2008-07-02 18:58:06
241.   El Lay Dave
Whoa, a little late on this but, Luis Maza was green-lighted 3-0 with one out, one on and the pitcher on deck?,
2008-07-02 18:58:51
242.   El Lay Dave
240 In only 71 pitches.
2008-07-02 19:00:10
243.   Bob Timmermann
Yellow alert for Andre Ethier in Houston.

This is a yellow alert.

2008-07-02 19:00:42
244.   underdog
241 - I'm not sure if that was a green light from the bench. Bowa looked annoyed at him. (Of course, Bowa always looks annoyed.) I certainly don't get it.


Ethier needs a triple for the you-know-what now! What is that, yellow?

2008-07-02 19:00:47
245.   scareduck
Is this a yellow alert for Ethier?
2008-07-02 19:00:48
246.   MonkeyBlue
Dang! nice play by Geof!
2008-07-02 19:01:23
247.   Bluebleeder87
His pitches seem to have great late life to them.
2008-07-02 19:01:30
248.   underdog
Fastest Cycle Alert in the West.
2008-07-02 19:01:53
249.   scareduck
239 - they won't get no ring if he ain't got that swing.
2008-07-02 19:03:19
250.   Bluebleeder87
I'm thinking of a pock job to the flag pole & we've got something...

Ethier is pretty slow footed from what I've seen.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-07-02 19:03:38
251.   Alex41592
Kent and Ethier look locked in.
2008-07-02 19:06:09
252.   Alice S
I know it's probably been done to death around here, but Steiner's habit of trying to call things before they happen is just so annoying.

He was halfway through calling that Kent fly out a home run! grrrrr

2008-07-02 19:07:40
253.   Alex41592
It's Kuroda first game back so the Dodgers probably have him limited for just tonight.
2008-07-02 19:07:43
254.   MonkeyBlue
252. Agree to the Max.
2008-07-02 19:08:45
255.   Bluebleeder87
Kuroda is making this game look very easy.
2008-07-02 19:08:54
256.   silverwidow
Lyons just said Kuroda has only slightly above average stuff.
2008-07-02 19:09:12
257.   bcg60
It's good to see Ethier get off to a good start in July. Hope he keeps it up. It definitely makes a difference when Kent is hitting well. I think we should keep this basic lineup for a while.

That was pretty funny when Lyons called Ethier's home run. He pretty much hit it on cue.

2008-07-02 19:10:00
258.   Alex41592
Snake Watch: D'Backs 1 Brewers 0 Top 3
2008-07-02 19:10:28
259.   Bluebleeder87

he also relied on the score board for pitch counts (the score board was wrong). ah!!

2008-07-02 19:10:33
260.   MonkeyBlue
Kuroda so dominate!
2008-07-02 19:11:04
261.   El Lay Dave
235 , 252 But Alice does!
2008-07-02 19:12:00
262.   Alex41592
Rays have the bases loaded and nobody out for Longoria down by one in the 7th on ESPN.
2008-07-02 19:12:52
263.   Alex41592
Longoria turns it around with a two run double 5-4 Rays. This team is just incredible to watch.
2008-07-02 19:13:11
264.   El Lay Dave
7 IP, 83 pitches, first game back from the DL. How long will they allow Kuroda to go?
2008-07-02 19:13:39
265.   MonkeyBlue
NOOOO! I hope Loney is fine!
2008-07-02 19:13:44
266.   Bluebleeder87
the short stop situation is something to be concerned about especially if we are going to make a serious run at it.
2008-07-02 19:14:00
267.   Bluebleeder87
suck it up Loney!
2008-07-02 19:14:10
268.   fanerman
2008-07-02 19:14:26
269.   Xeifrank
263. woohoo!, 150:1 baby! Cha-Ching.
vr, Xei
2008-07-02 19:14:28
270.   PDH5204
Go Dodgers! Go Rays!
2008-07-02 19:14:32
271.   68elcamino427
Time to get Kuo loose in the bullpen.
2008-07-02 19:14:58
272.   Alex41592
Loney's ok. Breathe in breathe out.
2008-07-02 19:15:01
273.   underdog
Phew, looks like he's okay. That was scary for a second.

Not that I wouldn't love to see Sweeney get a chance to play more or anything. :-/

2008-07-02 19:16:34
274.   Bluebleeder87
if Hu or Abreu (Etanislao's injury really hurt us in my opinion) were healthy I wouldn't even be concerned.
2008-07-02 19:16:36
275.   MonkeyBlue
Dang! Dewitt chased a awful pitch.
2008-07-02 19:19:39
276.   Alex41592
Young pops one up and gets a hit. Young blisters one and lines out.
2008-07-02 19:21:53
277.   68elcamino427
Broxton Time. Payback for Loney on another day.
2008-07-02 19:23:16
278.   Bluebleeder87
I'm trusting upper management wont do anything panicky though. 274
2008-07-02 19:24:17
279.   Alex41592
Wade is in with a four run lead and so is Repko for Young. Berroa for Kent, Maza to second.
2008-07-02 19:24:37
280.   Bluebleeder87
great presence of mind by DeWitt.
2008-07-02 19:24:39
281.   underdog
Old sort-of-friend alert! And he almost hit one out.
2008-07-02 19:24:58
282.   Alex41592
Good thing Bourn can run.
2008-07-02 19:25:01
283.   MonkeyBlue
Dewitt maybe struggling at the plate, but he is giving he all defensively!
2008-07-02 19:25:53
284.   scareduck
5-4 Rays.
2008-07-02 19:26:41
285.   Xeifrank
Cha-Ching. Get out the brooms.
vr, Xei
2008-07-02 19:26:54
286.   Alex41592
7-4 Rays 2 RBI single by Bartlett.
2008-07-02 19:27:13
287.   PDH5204
7-4 Rays on the Bartlett 2-RBI single.
2008-07-02 19:27:26
288.   fanerman
Xeifrank, you should change your name to "150:1".
2008-07-02 19:27:29
289.   68elcamino427
Wade makes it look easy.
2008-07-02 19:27:37
290.   scareduck
I lied -- 7-4 Rays on a bases-loaded RBI single by Jason Bartlett.
2008-07-02 19:27:41
291.   Xeifrank
Dodgers WE: 95%
Rays WE: 94%
vr, Xei
2008-07-02 19:28:18
292.   Xeifrank
288. or "150:1 Baby!"
vr, Xei
2008-07-02 19:28:20
293.   fanerman
291 Fangraphs says 98%. Where do you get your numbers from?
2008-07-02 19:28:35
294.   thinkblue88
Wow, those Rays are pretty amazing, and im glad they are doing it in the AL East.
2008-07-02 19:29:12
295.   Xeifrank
293. It ticked to 98% just now. :)
vr, Xei
2008-07-02 19:29:16
296.   MonkeyBlue
6 run inning for Rays! Amazing.
2008-07-02 19:30:44
297.   Bob Timmermann
Yahoo Sports lost count with the Yankees offense tonight against the Rangers. They gave the Yankees just 7 runs in the 7th when they actually scored 9. The Yankees lead 15-7. I guess Hank Steinbrenner's exhortation for the team to hit better worked.

Facing rookie Warner Madrigal in relief helped.

2008-07-02 19:31:06
298.   Bluebleeder87
on the complimentary Blue Crew goody bag: the Russell Martin back pack looks flammable but I'm sure it's not.
2008-07-02 19:32:02
299.   Bluebleeder87

Bob, do you have any Rays in your Fantasy team?

2008-07-02 19:33:18
300.   Bluebleeder87
is it just me or are the Dodgera playing WAY more day games this year?


Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-07-02 19:34:10
301.   Bob Timmermann
I had Carlos Pena at the beginning of the year, but I waived him because he started slowly. I also had Percival for a while, but then he got hurt.

My saves are supposed to come from the imposing trio of Lidge, Street, and Wilson.

C.J. Wilson!

2008-07-02 19:34:24
302.   Johnny Nucleo
Since Pierre's injury, there's been a few times where 8 of the 9 players in the Dodger lineup were home-grown. If Berroa ever gets taken out and we see Laroche 2B - Dewitt 3B, Maza SS, then it could happen.
2008-07-02 19:35:38
303.   Bluebleeder87
No Dodger love Bob?
2008-07-02 19:36:01
304.   Dodgers49
Las Vegas Bottom 1st

Ramon Martinez flies out to right fielder Adam Pavkovich in foul territory.
Nomar Garciaparra singles on a fly ball to right fielder Adam Pavkovich.
Terry Tiffee singles on a line drive to center fielder Christopher Walker, deflected by shortstop Brandon Wood. Nomar Garciaparra to 3rd.
Andruw Jones flies out to right fielder Adam Pavkovich.

2008-07-02 19:36:33
305.   Bob Timmermann
I have Billingsley!
2008-07-02 19:37:22
306.   Alex41592
302 - Maza was signed by the Twins in 1997 as an undrafted free agent and was released in 2006. We signed him in 2007 and he made his MLB debut this season.
2008-07-02 19:37:32
307.   Bluebleeder87
aside from yesterday [bullpen implosion] our pitching is just A TREAT to watch.
2008-07-02 19:38:46
308.   MonkeyBlue
Wow, you cannot play around with Lee!
2008-07-02 19:38:54
309.   Johnny Nucleo
306 Thanks - let's reword that to "players who made their MLB debut with the Dodgers", so Ethier is also included.
2008-07-02 19:39:02
310.   Bluebleeder87
I take full responsibility for that.
2008-07-02 19:39:09
311.   Bob Timmermann
That was the ideal team for me for Carlos Lee to hit a home run.
2008-07-02 19:40:12
312.   fanerman
Dustin Pedroia is not greedy.
2008-07-02 19:40:42
313.   Bluebleeder87
Wade us a perfect example of a guy learning his craft by playing many many minor league games.
2008-07-02 19:41:02
314.   Bob Timmermann
The Red Alert is still in effect!
2008-07-02 19:42:18
315.   Bluebleeder87
Russell Martin puts the glove & Wade throws it were he wants it.
2008-07-02 19:42:26
316.   MonkeyBlue
Nice 2 inning for Wade!
2008-07-02 19:42:26
317.   scareduck
303 - is that anything like muskrat love?
2008-07-02 19:42:27
318.   Suffering Bruin
We'll take it.
2008-07-02 19:43:11
319.   Bob Timmermann
In the official stats, all Wade gets credit for is a "GF"
2008-07-02 19:43:38
320.   Alex41592
Snake Watch: D'Backs 2 Brewers 0 Bot 4

Kuroda was excellent and the bullpen is saved for the day game tomorrow. 11 a.m tomorrow in L.A.

2008-07-02 19:45:14
321.   MonkeyBlue
11 am? too early for me!
2008-07-02 19:45:51
322.   Suffering Bruin
Brad Lidge pitched the 9th inning tonight against Atlanta. In a 7-3 game, the bases were loaded and he got the last out before any runs came across.

Here's a question: how come he didn't get the save?

2008-07-02 19:47:08
323.   Hallux Valgus
322 too much of a lead
2008-07-02 19:47:39
324.   Alex41592
He came in with the score 7-3 and you cannot create a save situation. So as Bob said all he gets is a "GF" and a pat on the back.
2008-07-02 19:48:05
325.   Bob Timmermann
Lidge came into a game that was 7-3 and nobody was on base.
2008-07-02 19:48:44
326.   Michael D
I think I've found the secret to winning

1. No Juan Pierre
2. Offense scores more runs
3. ????
4. Profit

2008-07-02 19:49:16
327.   Bluebleeder87
We don't play Zona at home until late July early days of August.

I'll be there.

2008-07-02 19:49:20
328.   68elcamino427
Modest 3 game win streak in the works here?
2008-07-02 19:49:25
329.   underdog
Huzzah! A nice easy game for once.
2008-07-02 19:53:08
330.   Alex41592
We face Brandon Backe tomorrow morning and he's 2nd in the N.L with most HR's allowed with 20 behind Brett Myers who was optioned to AAA.
2008-07-02 19:53:18
331.   Bluebleeder87
the Brewers have a really nice offense so I'm definitely gonna keep tabs on that game.
2008-07-02 20:03:30
332.   fanerman
I wonder what Mike LOL was thinking there.
2008-07-02 20:04:53
333.   Bob Timmermann
2008-07-02 20:05:17
334.   fanerman
2008-07-02 20:05:26
335.   68elcamino427
Rays shock the Red Sox!
2008-07-02 20:09:08
336.   fanerman
Brett Favre wants to play again. Aaron Rodgers is the saddest player in football again.
2008-07-02 20:12:28
337.   Hallux Valgus
336 I'm 100% positive that someone who plays for the Raiders is the saddest player in football.

Or maybe Wade Phillips.

2008-07-02 20:12:58
338.   Alex41592
Snake Watch: D'Backs 2 Brewers 1 Top 6 J.J Hardy RBI single
2008-07-02 20:16:14
339.   Bob Timmermann
Cycle alerts canceled.

Stand down.

2008-07-02 20:17:06
340.   Dodgers49
Las Vegas Bottom 3rd

Ramon Martinez grounds out, third baseman Freddy Sandoval to first baseman Matthew Brown.
Nomar Garciaparra singles on a soft line drive to center fielder Christopher Walker.
Terry Tiffee grounds into a force out, first baseman Matthew Brown to shortstop Brandon Wood. Nomar Garciaparra out at 2nd. Terry Tiffee to 1st.
Andruw Jones grounds into a force out, third baseman Freddy Sandoval to second baseman Sean Rodriguez. Terry Tiffee out at 2nd.

2008-07-02 20:19:41
341.   Brendan
Not only does the widget slow down DT for me it is currently showing a 4-1 loss for the Dodgers. ah what would we do without the widgets.
2008-07-02 20:36:02
342.   Hallux Valgus
341 Well then obviously Spacely Sprockets and Cogswell Cogs would control the market. We can't have that, now can we?
2008-07-02 20:37:41
343.   Alex41592
Snake Watch: Brewers 2 D'Backs 2 Mike Cameron RBI double Top 7
2008-07-02 20:39:49
344.   sporky
Furcal is going to undergo surgery (out 8 weeks), Ivan DeJesus is being considered at SS to split time with Nomar, and OF Vetters separated his shoulder in the Raptor/Chukar brawl.

All from Diamond.

2008-07-02 20:40:30
345.   sporky
DeJesus Jr. for the sticklers.
2008-07-02 20:43:04
346.   Hallux Valgus
344 EIGHT WEEKS? More? grumble grumble grumble
2008-07-02 20:43:18
347.   Bob Timmermann
The Angel Berroa Death Watch has begun.
2008-07-02 20:43:55
348.   Bob Timmermann
Don't think of it as eight weeks. Think of it as two months. It's shorter that way.
2008-07-02 20:44:36
349.   CanuckDodger
I know Jon didn't like it the last time I chose to respond to something Regfairfield wrote at his blog here, at DT, instead of at Reg's blog, but I want this to be read, and responded to, by the DT community. Reg claims that Kershaw is a better pitcher than Stults and that the MLB team is worse off in the short-run for keeping Stults over Kershaw (but he doesn't disagree with sending Kershaw down, for other reasons). I disagree with that, and very strongly. And I'll say just to be clear that this is not about who projects to be better in the long run, as there is only one reasonable answer to that. The issue is simply who is the more capable pitcher right now. And I will begin my case for Stults by asking, "Does anybody think Kershaw is capable of throwing a complete game shutout in the majors this season?" Quite impossible, in my opinion. Kershaw needs work on commanding all three of his pitches in the strike zone, and throwing all three for strikes period. He had eight starts with us and his ERA was in the mid-four range, which is fine from a 20-year-old, but it is, on another level, a result incongruous with what might be expected from a pitcher with the fastest average fastball thrown by any lefty starter in the majors this year (faster than Sabathia's average fastball, according to Fangraphs). Stults, on the other hand, is long on polish if short on long-term potential. He throws four pitches with command, they all rate as decent, and he throws all four for strikes and with good command within the strike zone. He is confident in all of them and will throw any of them at any point in the count, in contrast with Kershaw, who pretty well has to throw a fastball when he is in a count that favors the hitter. And just on results so far, Stults has an ERA well below the mid-two range, which will no doubt go up, but Stults' ERA and Kershaw's in the majors this year are not even close. For all of the reasons above, I have more confidence in Stults as a major league starter for the rest of 2008 than I do in Kershaw. People who disagree with me, please make your case, and I particularly invite Regfairfield to make a rebuttal, if he would like to offer one.
2008-07-02 20:44:51
350.   sporky
348 Even though it's actually longer.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-07-02 20:46:46
351.   Hallux Valgus
348 With a Maza/ Berroa SS platoon, it is all perceived as a sideways 8.

So what valuable talent do we trade for a mediocre SS?

2008-07-02 20:51:48
352.   silverwidow
During two of Kershaw's starts (vs. San Diego and vs. Houston), he pitched 5+ innings while allowing only one run while in the game. Both times, a reliever let runners score (Proctor with a wild pitch and Falkenborg with a HR). With clean innings, Kershaw's ERA is a very respectable 3.72.
2008-07-02 20:53:10
353.   jasonungar07
lol 348
I agree with you Canuck for what it's worth.
2008-07-02 20:54:16
354.   Hallux Valgus
352 5+ innings isn't good for the bullpen, when that's the best that can be expected of him. He's (very) good, but he taxes the bullpen. Obviously the front office wants to keep him as a starter, because they sent him down to keep stretched out. This is not a setback for the kid. It's just a letdown.
2008-07-02 20:54:24
355.   Bob Timmermann
Rafael Furcal's final Dodger at bat will end up being a fly out to right against Scott Schoeneweis of the Mets on May 5, 2008.

His last hit as a Dodgers was a leadoff homer against Oliver Perez in the same game.

2008-07-02 20:55:15
356.   tjshere
351 Unfortunately, I believe Ethier will be the trade bait. It simply doesn't matter how well he produces, Ethier will always be behind Pierre on the outfield depth chart as long as Flanders/Torre are calling the shots.
2008-07-02 20:56:59
357.   Bob Timmermann
Ethier isn't going to be traded as long as Pierre is on the DL. And Pierre is out 4-6 weeks. And there's no reason to believe that Pierre won't succumb to DELDLS (Dodgers Extra Long Disabled List Syndrome).
2008-07-02 20:57:42
358.   Bob Timmermann
Weeks homers to put the Brewers up 3-2 in the 8th.
2008-07-02 20:59:07
359.   Alex41592
358 - Bob is on the watch. Weeks smoked that ball.
2008-07-02 21:00:43
360.   Doctor
There's just no way around it, they screwed up Furcals recovery, again. He should be rehabbing from surgery now in AAA not having it.
2008-07-02 21:01:16
361.   Hallux Valgus
356 I'm worried that I'll see Pee Wee for Juan Uribe. Really worried.

At least I can revive the UU-RIBE! cheer made famous in San Francisco for Jose, and perfected in Denver for Juan at the time (by myself and my Giants fan friend).

2008-07-02 21:03:09
362.   regfairfield
352 Is Eric Stults capable of throwing another complete game shutout himself? Probably not. I don't have a big enough sample size to know if Stults is a major ground ball or fly ball pitcher (he was average in AAA, he has a career G/F of 1) but if he's as fly ball prone as he seems, he's going to get hurt, especially since he's not a strike out pitcher.

Yes, there will be the rare time when he throws the complete game shutout when all those fly balls stay in the park but more often than not one or two are going over the fence, and that can take Stults out of the game early which is just as bad as him going all the way is good.

Kershaw isn't going to throw the complete game shutout, but he's much less likely to get rocked. I believe consistency is way over rated, but I think Stults is more likely to be bad than good on any given day, so I give the nod to Kershaw.

2008-07-02 21:04:02
363.   regfairfield
357 You're forgetting Pierre's gamer factor.
2008-07-02 21:04:19
364.   Alex41592
The Dodgers can't afford to be trading away anybody on the 25 man roster right now including their outfield depth. If anybody goes it'll be from the farm.
2008-07-02 21:04:51
365.   tjshere
357 Technically, I suppose you're right, Bob. But, I figure Pierre will make a miraculous recovery just to spite me and be back in much less time than predicted. Then Ethier will be viewed as expendable with His Crucialness starting every day and PeeWee and Repko providing backup.
2008-07-02 21:05:56
366.   sporky
360 Back problems are very difficult to diagnose. I don't think you can blame the Dodgers medical staff for not jumping to the surgery option when Furcal first mentioned he had back pain. It sucks, yes, but it doesn't suck because of them.
2008-07-02 21:06:35
367.   Reddog
Okay, my new prediction is the Dodgers winning the West with a record of 79-83. The Giants a close second at 77-85. Everyone else pretty far back.
2008-07-02 21:06:49
368.   Bob Timmermann
In 1959, the Dodgers won the World Series despite having two shortstops who played much of the year having OPS+ of 37 (Don Zimmer) and 55 (Maury Wills).

And Wills was considered a savior. Mainly because he was not Don Zimmer.

This year:
Furcal 170 (!!!)
Hu 14
Berroa 23
Maza 59

2008-07-02 21:07:01
369.   Alex41592
Pierre won't be back until after the deadline so Ethier and Young are safe for sure. Ethier would probably be safe regardless. If Jones comes back Young goes back to 4th outfielder status and Repko goes back to Vegas.
2008-07-02 21:07:19
370.   Bob Timmermann
Tied up in AZ. Upton homer.
2008-07-02 21:08:45
371.   Hallux Valgus
364 Your value of the 25 man roster might differ from the front office's, considering that you don't have a job on the line.
2008-07-02 21:11:32
372.   The Trolley Dodger
Could they move Furcal to the 60-day DL retroactively to make space on the roster?
2008-07-02 21:12:16
373.   Doctor

I guess, but if it's an 8 week recovery and the exact same problem ended his 2007 season it wouldn't be a stretch to think they could have known that was the better option than "conditioning".

2008-07-02 21:12:31
374.   regfairfield
372 Yep.
2008-07-02 21:13:18
375.   Bob Timmermann
I'm pretty sure Furcal could be put on the 60-day DL anyway. If he's going to be out at least 8 weeks that strikes me as close enough.
2008-07-02 21:13:29
376.   sporky
372 Hellooo, Ivan.
2008-07-02 21:15:16
377.   Dodgers49
Las Vegas Bottom 5th

Angel Chavez doubles (17) on a fly ball to right fielder Adam Pavkovich.
Ramon Martinez lines out to right fielder Adam Pavkovich.
Nomar Garciaparra singles on a line drive to left fielder Jordan Czarniecki. Angel Chavez scores.
Terry Tiffee grounds into double play, pitcher Giancarlo Alvarado to shortstop Brandon Wood to first baseman Matthew Brown. Nomar Garciaparra out at 2nd.

2008-07-02 21:18:53
378.   CanuckDodger
362 -- I think "Probably not" would be a legitimate answer if the question you asked was "Is Stults likely to throw another complete game shutout?" As for being capable of throwing another one, well, the fact that he just threw one makes it likely that he is CAPABLE of doing it again. Pitchers with less going for them than Stults throw complete game shutouts, and the fact that he is not a big strikeout guy means that enough balls are going to be put in play early in the count that he can eat a lot of innings while keeping his pitch count reasonable.

There is no doubt that Stults is a fly ball pitcher, but that is not a death sentence in the majors even without a high K rate. At most it limits his ceiling, but Stults' ceiling is not the subject of discussion and never has been. Stults has more pitches than Kershaw and better command and control of them than Kershaw has over his repetoire, and that instills more confidence in me for Stults than I have in Kershaw as a major league pitcher in 2008.

2008-07-02 21:21:06
379.   sporky
Fernando Viña just compared himself to Evan Longoria. I watch BBTN for moments like these.
2008-07-02 21:23:20
380.   Bob Timmermann
Brewers with a runner on 2nd and one out in the 9th.
2008-07-02 21:25:25
381.   Bob Timmermann
Cameron cashes in Branyan. 4-3 Brewers.
2008-07-02 21:26:06
382.   LeeLacy
344 The injury situation is getting ridiculous. Six of the top 8 highest paid Dodgers (representing $72.44M of LA's 2008 payroll) are currently on the DL.
2008-07-02 21:29:07
383.   Bob Timmermann
Short Chris Young robbed Joe Dillon of a 2-run homer (or maybe a double) to end the 9th.
2008-07-02 21:30:25
384.   Alex41592
Chris Young has robbed the Brewers of at least three runs in the past two innings.
2008-07-02 21:31:00
385.   natepurcell
Furcal is having back surgery... from Tony Jackson.
2008-07-02 21:31:47
386.   Bob Timmermann
WOW! Breaking news....
2008-07-02 21:32:33
387.   Bob Timmermann
Comment 385 meet comment 344
2008-07-02 21:33:59
388.   Alex41592
From Diamond: Rush RUSH RUSH!

Andruw Jones is swinging the bat well while testing his surgically repaired right knee at Class AAA Las Vegas and is feeling so good that he could come off the disabled list before the All-Star break and be activated as soon as Friday in San Francisco.

Jones had been tentatively scheduled to play 12 rehab games and return July 18, but is now looking to beat that date by a bunch after playing in the finale of tomorrow's four-game homestand in Las Vegas.

The Dodgers have a shortage of outfielders after Juan Pierre went down with knee injury himself earlier this week, so they might not mind.

"We haven't dismissed it," Manager Joe Torre said. "He feels he's ready to go. His stats are good."

2008-07-02 21:36:50
389.   Bob Timmermann
1st and 2nd, one out for the DBacks. SCY at bat.
2008-07-02 21:36:57
390.   KG16
382 - would you feel better if it was 6 of the 8 lowest paid players on the roster? I'm not sure it really matters if you lose 6 of 25 players from the active roster, that's more than 20% of the ML roster.
2008-07-02 21:38:10
391.   Bob Timmermann
5-3 DP to end the game.

Snakes led the NL West with a losing record.

2008-07-02 21:38:19
392.   Bluebleeder87
1.5 back (I think) Brewers just won.

woot, woot!

2008-07-02 21:38:29
393.   Alex41592
1 1/2 BACK!
2008-07-02 21:39:23
394.   Bluebleeder87

so it goes. You gotta wonder if the Dodger are gonna sign him now.

2008-07-02 21:39:56
395.   GMac In The 909
I heart baseball (minus the Furcal news, of course)
2008-07-02 21:43:58
396.   Bluebleeder87

So I guess its just me...

2008-07-02 21:51:24
397.   natepurcell
after the ASB?



2008-07-02 21:54:36
398.   gibsonhobbs88
382 - I think it's just to point out how snakebit this team has been. Actually prior to Kuroda being activated today, I thought the figure was closer to $80 million out of the $113 million plus team 2008 salary as listed on the sidebar that was sitting on the DL.

That included: A. Jones, Pierre, Furcal, Nomar, Penny, Kuroda, Schmidt and Torre's favorite reliever Proctor. You add those up and it's pretty darn close to $80 mil.

I dare any team to have that much high priced talent on the shelf collecting dust and be productive. It's amazing and lucky that we are in the division that's struggling this year. Most other divisions, we would be buried right now.

I just hope we don't sell ourselves out too much to get a SS via trade, other teams are going to expect a King's ransom.

2008-07-02 21:57:08
399.   silverwidow
How bout signing Chipper in 2010 to a short term deal to finish his career? Dodgers were his favorite team growing up.
2008-07-02 21:57:10
400.   KG16
397 - if DeJesus is playing, that likely means that Nomar got hurt again... and really, what are the odds of that? I am still figuring that the DeRoche gets a long run.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-07-02 21:59:31
401.   silverwidow


Expect PVLs in those spots.

2008-07-02 22:02:03
402.   KG16
399 - no, no, no, no
2008-07-02 22:02:38
403.   natepurcell
if DeJesus is playing, that likely means that Nomar got hurt again...and really, what are the odds of that?


2008-07-02 22:05:50
404.   Bob Timmermann
Unless Braves management and Chipper Jones have a Tom Seaver-like falling out, I think Larry is spending his whole career in Atlanta.
2008-07-02 22:07:06
405.   natepurcell
If Dsfan is here,

I don't know if you responded but you said you have concerns about Dejesus' ability to stay at SS at the big league level and I asked how come?

I was hoping to get a response from you (if you did respond, please repost, i did not see it).


2008-07-02 22:08:49
406.   silverwidow
Speaking of Ivan Jr., he's been playing 2B lately.
2008-07-02 22:09:00
407.   Bluebleeder87
it is definitely gonna be interesting to see how upper management handles this.
2008-07-02 22:09:44
408.   LeeLacy
390 When you take a look at it, the team would most likely be much worse off if a number of its lowest-paid players were on the DL, since many of the team's best performers make a half-million or less.

398 Yeah, it's amazing how much bad fortune the Dodgers have had this year with respect to injuries. Even Juan Pierre isn't immune. He has many deficiencies as a ballplayer (as has been well-documented on this blog) but durability hasn't been one of them. Either Ned's the unluckiest GM in baseball or he just lacks good judgment when making spending decisions. Actually, the truth probably lies somewhere in between

2008-07-02 22:09:58
409.   sporky
DeJesus didn't have at AB in today's doubleheader.
2008-07-02 22:10:57
410.   sporky
Never mind. Didn't notice he played 2B.
2008-07-02 22:11:18
411.   underdog
Jack Wilson! Jack Wilson!


Oh well, you take the good (news), you take the bad (news), and there you have... the facts of the (Dodgers) life.

2008-07-02 22:12:13
412.   silverwidow
409 Yes he did - 2 for 4 in Game 2.
2008-07-02 22:12:48
413.   underdog
Hey, any of you who are in Sta Barbara, how's that fire above Goleta looking? My mom has me worried enough that maybe we shouldn't come down there tomorrow. Hope it spares the highway. I knew this was going to happen. I should have planned a holiday on a boat somewhere.
2008-07-02 22:13:02
414.   Bluebleeder87
Neds style is not to trust youngsters so I will be disappointed but NOT surprised if he looks out ward instead of in house for a solution.
2008-07-02 22:14:38
415.   Bluebleeder87

The Pirates are goona be asking for the moon...

2008-07-02 22:15:08
416.   sporky
Everyone's going to ask for the moon, and then some.
2008-07-02 22:17:25
417.   Bob Timmermann
So then how does Pluto figure into the decision making?
2008-07-02 22:17:46
418.   KG16
So, what are the odds that we see this line up (or some variation thereof) on Opening Day 2009:

Kemp RF
Ethier LF
Martin C
Jones CF
Loney 1B
LaRoche 2B/3B
DeWitt 3B/2B
DeJesus SS

2008-07-02 22:19:31
419.   StolenMonkey86
What are the odds of this one?

Kemp RF
Ethier LF
Martin SS
LaRoche 2B/3B
Loney 1B
Jones CF
DeWitt 3B/2B
May C

2008-07-02 22:20:38
420.   silverwidow
Penny's start on Saturday is off reports Gurnick. He needs another bullpen session.

Stults and Park go on the weekend.

2008-07-02 22:20:38
421.   natepurcell

If Colletti is still the GM, there is going to be a big money free agent signing somewhere in there...maybe rotation.

2008-07-02 22:21:23
422.   StolenMonkey86
I was just thinking post ASB in 419.
2008-07-02 22:21:45
423.   sporky
LaRoche 2B/3B
DeWitt 3B/2B
DeJesus SS

Would this set the record for most number of surname prefixes in an infield?

2008-07-02 22:21:46
424.   Dodgers49
Salt Lake Top 6th

Defensive Substitution: Wilkin Ruan replaces center fielder Andruw Jones, batting 4th, playing center field.

2008-07-02 22:22:14
425.   sporky
423 (or whatever the hell they're called).
2008-07-02 22:22:46
426.   silverwidow
419 DeJesus > May

In a landslide.

2008-07-02 22:23:00
427.   Bluebleeder87

That looks like a good lineup, I've never seen DeJesus play though. I'll google him & see if I can find a scouting report.

2008-07-02 22:23:16
428.   natepurcell

May currently in AA


Good power but he's not going to get on base enough.

2008-07-02 22:23:42
429.   StolenMonkey86
421 - Adam Dunn doesn't like baseball, so Colletti wouldn't want him. Ben Sheets seems most likely as super injury prone (35% of his pitches are curveballs!), yet also pretty good. Especially since I think Lowe's probably not going to stick around.
2008-07-02 22:24:37
430.   StolenMonkey86
428 - All he needs is 2 weeks of a .410 BABIP in the majors.
2008-07-02 22:25:42
431.   natepurcell
third base and shortstop will now be called "LaDeJesus".
2008-07-02 22:26:57
432.   Dodgers49
Las Vegas Bottom 7th

John-Ford Griffin singles on a ground ball to right fielder Adam Pavkovich.
Rene Rivera strikes out swinging.
Angel Chavez doubles (18) on a line drive to left fielder Jordan Czarniecki. John-Ford Griffin to 3rd.
Coaching visit to mound.
Pitcher Change: Kasey Olenberger replaces Giancarlo Alvarado.
Ramon Martinez walks.
Offensive Substitution: Pinch hitter Kelly Gulledge replaces Nomar Garciaparra.

2008-07-02 22:26:58
433.   natepurcell

I like Sheets...but so do back injurues.

2008-07-02 22:27:02
434.   Bob Timmermann
I would call them compound surnames. Even though they are just compounding a preposition and a noun.

"Of Rock"
"From Witt"
"From Jesus"

2008-07-02 22:28:35
435.   StolenMonkey86
433 - Nomar's contract is up after this season. Stan Conte will need more work.
2008-07-02 22:29:46
436.   natepurcell

He still has Jason Schmidt!

2008-07-02 22:34:37
437.   KG16
yeah, I wasn't expecting that the line up I put out there in 418 is actually going to happen unless it is forced on Colletti. But I'd still like to see that line up, particularly with LaDeJesus
2008-07-02 22:37:57
438.   Gagne55
405 I'm not Dsfan, but the thing I see that could be a problem with DeJesus is that his offense is so walk dependent. Major league pitchers have better controll than AA and would challenge a singles and walk guy like DeJesus. He'd still draw a god number of walks I'm sure but not enough to compensate for few hits and almost none for extra bases.
2008-07-02 22:39:32
439.   KG16
438 - I've never seen him play, so I ask this in all honesty: why doesn't DeJesus get extra base hits? Is it a mechanics thing?
2008-07-02 22:41:36
440.   natepurcell

I think he was talking defensively. He said he doesn't think Dejesus could stick at SS in the majors, which I assumed meant defensively.

I've heard the argument about his offense though.

2008-07-02 22:42:09
441.   Gagne55
439 I don't even know what he looks like. It may be a strength thing or his approach at the plate.
2008-07-02 22:43:52
442.   Jon Weisman
2008-07-02 22:45:15
443.   Bluebleeder87
I really doubt lightning will strike twice [DeWitt] but I'd rather have an in house solution than a quick fix mess up.

Panic moves = bad moves...

2008-07-02 22:48:03
444.   fanerman
438 Brett Butler had himself a nice career with a career sub .400 SLG. Not saying DeJesus is Butler, but being a walk/singles hitter isn't a complete death sentence.

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