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Who's on Board?
2008-07-24 18:13
by Jon Weisman

UntitledHi, I'm Ebbet. You might remember me from your rides with the Blue Crew Fan Club. Maybe you've even colored me in. Well, check out what my big brother is up to ...

UntitledThe revived Dodger Trolley begins service Friday night. It provides free (thanks to your fellow taxpayers) round-trip service between subway-accessible Union Station and Dodger Stadium's back-of-centerfield parking lots, starting 90 minutes before game time and concluding 60 minutes after the game ends. Buses are scheduled to depart every 10 minutes, with two stops along the way to the stadium, for all remaining home games this year. Could be good (even if it's no Choo Choo Soul).

More details can be found here.

So, who's gonna try it out? Untitled

Comments (69)
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2008-07-24 18:16:16
1.   fanerman
The shuttle really looks like that?
2008-07-24 18:16:50
2.   D4P
Persons who wouldn't be caught dead on a girly-shuttle like that include:

Ned Colletti

2008-07-24 18:16:52
3.   Bob Timmermann
I'm going to try it out next month.
2008-07-24 18:17:47
4.   regfairfield
It should really attract the 10 year olds who have been abandoned at a subway station.
2008-07-24 18:18:32
5.   El Lay Dave
I sense an impending contract purchase of Choo Freeman.
2008-07-24 18:19:22
6.   The Trolley Dodger
Whoo hoo!
2008-07-24 18:22:01
7.   fanerman
2 I bet that shuttle would scare away manly free agents.
2008-07-24 18:25:50
8.   D4P
We'd be much better off transporting fans in a Zamboni.
2008-07-24 18:27:10
9.   trainwreck
I like hockey screw you guys.
2008-07-24 18:28:38
10.   Bob Timmermann
Gee, I take a nap and everybody is angry.

I'll go out and clear my head and get myself some tamales.

2008-07-24 18:28:41
11.   Bob Timmermann
Gee, I take a nap and everybody is angry.

I'll go out and clear my head and get myself some tamales.

2008-07-24 18:29:19
12.   Ghost of Carlos Perez
Comments 2, 7, and 8 are some of the funniest things I've seen here. Is this just good fun, or are we approaching a rule 3 violation?
2008-07-24 18:31:07
13.   Icaros
Going for tamales twice might cause you some pain in the morning, Bob.
2008-07-24 18:32:08
14.   fanerman
12 Comment 7 may have been approached Rule 3 violation status. It's a reference to the whole Kim Ng as potential GM discussion and has nothing to do with hockey. I have nothing against hockey.
2008-07-24 18:32:23
15.   D4P
I'll go out and clear my head and get myself some tamales

Your head's not all you'll clear out...

2008-07-24 18:35:23
16.   trainwreck
I watched the post UFC press conference. A reporter told Dana about Fedor beating Tim in 36 seconds. Dana's shock was hilarious.
2008-07-24 18:39:03
17.   trainwreck
My comment was just a joke, though I do like hockey.
2008-07-24 18:40:22
18.   Ghost of Carlos Perez
I'd say on balance being a Hockey fan is a manly attribute. A bit more ambiguous are Ned's cowboy boots. Can we get a vote?
2008-07-24 18:40:55
19.   D4P
Didn't see it. I'm sure he tried to make some excuse for why Fedor isn't the greatest. He doesn't have much of a leg to stand on given that Fedor has destroyed the current UFC champ twice.
2008-07-24 18:42:27
20.   Gen3Blue
From previous post. 643. Thanks Eric, I get the feeling we could have used Raglianni in that trade. Just a fleecable GM.
2008-07-24 18:42:53
21.   trainwreck
Actually, he said, "!'

Reporter: "Dana you have been critical of Fedor in past for not fighting people..."

Dana: " No, this definitely changes things. Tim was a very credible opponent."

2008-07-24 18:43:44
22.   El Lay Dave
18 Ned is from a Chicago suburb, not Texas or some such place. I vote "not manly".
2008-07-24 18:45:08
23.   trainwreck
Definitely trying to hard.
2008-07-24 18:45:09
24.   Andrew Shimmin
18- I give him a pass on the boots, since the man is probably 5'6". It's like George and his Timberlands. Actually, Colletti is a bit like a gentile George Costanza.
2008-07-24 18:46:18
25.   D4P
Aren't Ned's boots made from some fancy-schmancy kinda skin...?
2008-07-24 18:46:23
26.   trainwreck
2008-07-24 18:47:35
27.   El Lay Dave
Of course I wear thick-soled Skechers and sport a fanny-pack, so who am I to judge?
2008-07-24 18:47:49
28.   Andrew Shimmin
25- They're "Tony Lama snakeskin boot[s]."

2008-07-24 18:49:07
29.   Neal Pollack
Why does the back of the bus feature a photo of Andruw Jones' face after he strikes out?
2008-07-24 18:49:37
30.   D4P
Of course a fanny-pack

Hand over your man card.

2008-07-24 18:51:55
31.   El Lay Dave (thanks to your fellow taxpayers)...

I would hope the Dodgers are at least paying for the advertising those workers are applying in that photo.

2008-07-24 18:54:19
32.   El Lay Dave
30 At least my pants have flat fronts.
2008-07-24 18:56:08
33.   Tripon
There needs to be a Super Type A. For guys like C.C. who are worth 100000000000 draft picks.
2008-07-24 18:57:02
34.   Eric Enders
I think you're allowed to wear cowboy boots if you can pull it off like this:

or like this:

But not if they make you look like this:

2008-07-24 18:58:00
35.   Icaros


2008-07-24 18:58:52
36.   D4P
Agreed. BTW: who's rockin' the plaid sneakers in the third photo...?
2008-07-24 18:59:08
37.   trainwreck

Does Ned have good taste in anything?

2008-07-24 19:00:00
38.   D4P
His shirt and tie look like one of those shirt and tie combo packages they sell at places like Ross and TJ Maxx.
2008-07-24 19:00:08
39.   Eric Enders
32 The Cubs would like to weigh in on this issue of pants-related masculinity.
2008-07-24 19:00:45
40.   Andrew Shimmin
This is cheap, but tell me these don't match the boots in that third picture.

2008-07-24 19:02:22
41.   Eric Enders
36 For all I know, it's Alyssa Milano. It's a photo from the legendary Dodgers-Bloggers summit meeting.
2008-07-24 19:04:05
42.   Icaros
My favorite is still when Colletti compared himself to The Godfather because he's from Chicago.
2008-07-24 19:05:09
43.   D4P
Maybe he meant Godfather's Pizza.
2008-07-24 19:05:58
44.   Icaros

Make me a crust I can't refuse?

2008-07-24 19:09:48
45.   Bob Timmermann
Al Hrabosky on Cardinals catcher Jason LaRue: "He's a good backup catcher. He knows that when you're the backup, you're not the starter."
2008-07-24 19:13:37
46.   D4P
Joe Torre on Dodgers outfielder Juan Pierre: "He's a good leadoff hitter. He knows that when you're the leadoff hitter, you're not in the #2-9 spots."
2008-07-24 19:20:54
47.   fanerman
29 Is there a photo of the back of the bus somewhere?
2008-07-24 19:21:30
48.   trainwreck
He means the smiling trolley face.
2008-07-24 19:23:34
49.   fanerman
48 Oh that's the back already. That makes sense. If that was the front, the driver would not be able to see through the trolley's eyes.
2008-07-24 19:25:40
50.   trainwreck
Diamond has all kinds of news:

- Luis Maza has been outrighted to Class AAA Las Vegas.

- Infielder Ramon Martinez, who played for the Dodgers from 2006-07, was released from Class AAA Las Vegas.

- Class AAA Las Vegas reliever Greg Miller was placed on the disabled list with lower back tightness.

- Former major leaguer Matt Riley was released from Class AAA Las Vegas.

- Former major leaguer Mark Bellhorn was released form Class AA Jacksonville.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-07-24 19:40:01
51.   herchyzer
Speaking of the previous thread, and George Brett, whatever happened to guys like him and Rod Carew and Tony Gwynn, players with insanely high averages, but not a whole lot of power (although I remember Brett having some), for whom .300 was the floor if not beneath the floor. It seems there was a continuity of those players with at least one playing ball during a given period from about 1980 to whenever Gwynn retired. If I remember correctly, off the top of me bean, each of those three players threatened the .400 mark at least once.

Is there no in that mold playing now? I can't think of anyone since Gwynn. I haven't been following all of MLB very well, though, just the Dodgers and the NL West.

And what did they do differently than most to have those average marks well above everyone around them. Did they make solid contact with nearly every at bat?

2008-07-24 19:43:30
52.   Alex41592
Not exactly sure if this is an update to a potential Maddux trade. But, Olney just said on B.T that if the Padres choose to trade Maddux it will be to the Dodgers and nowhere else.

So, if the Dodgers want him they'll get him.

2008-07-24 19:45:25
53.   Bob Timmermann
Brett slugged .487 in his career and hit 317 home runs, so he's not like Carew or Gwynn.

The extremely high average, low HR guys aren't around now, but that's not to say there won't be another one. But teams like power, not guys who flip singles to right.

Unless you play for the Dodgers.

2008-07-24 19:46:43
54.   Bob Timmermann
The Brewers are making the Best Fans in Baseball™ very sad.
2008-07-24 19:47:20
55.   Eric Stephen
Ryan Braun just hit a 2-run jack in the 9th. Brewers lead Cars 4-3.
2008-07-24 19:48:02
56.   Bob Timmermann
Here in my Car, I feel safest of all...
2008-07-24 19:48:18
57.   KG16
51 - Pedroia probably has a chance to be one of those guys. Over the last two years he's hitting right around .320 with 17 home runs. Very early in his career to say, but I could see him being a high average guy long term.

And maybe Joe Mauer, though he's twice been below .300 but not by much.

2008-07-24 19:48:32
58.   Eric Stephen
Ichiro is probably the closest to that type these days.

Mark Grace was probably also in that mold as well.

2008-07-24 19:49:24
59.   Eric Stephen
That comment was just what I needed.

Just what I needed.

2008-07-24 19:49:41
60.   KG16
58 - can't believe I forgot Ichiro
2008-07-24 19:50:12
61.   Bob Timmermann
I can't believe I forgot Ichiro either!
2008-07-24 19:50:53
62.   Alex41592
Bases loaded for the Marlins down three in Wrigley Top 9.
2008-07-24 19:53:17
63.   KG16
61 - well, he does play for the Mariners, and it's not like anyone outside the great northwest remembers them
2008-07-24 19:54:40
64.   Alex41592
Marmol strikes out Helms to end it.
2008-07-24 19:56:49
65.   Eric Stephen
You were probably kidding, but I'd bet Ichiro is top 10 in terms of popularity in the US, and possibly #1 worldwide.
2008-07-24 19:57:07
66.   Icaros
Don't forget Wade Boggs.
2008-07-24 20:03:24
67.   herchyzer
What was strange to me about the Mariners was when they let Arod go, then Griffey, then the Unit, and then they were an improved team, a playoff contender for 2-3 seasons. It didn't seem to me like they had traded those guys, major stars, for a lot of prospect talent, or anything.

I'll have to check up on that Pedroia fellow.

2008-07-24 20:03:47
68.   Jon Weisman
2008-07-24 20:06:39
69.   Bob Timmermann
Griffey fetched Mike Cameron, Brett Tomko, and Antonio Perez.

Johnson fetched Carlos Guillen, Freddy Garcia, and John Halama.

A-Rod gave the M's a draft pick.

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