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2008-09-18 00:01
by Jon Weisman

September 18, 2006:

Your Evening Sedative

Tonight's Game

Not to be fatalistic, but if the Dodgers led the National League West by 1 1/2 games after tonight's contest, you probably wouldn't feel completely secure about their chances of holding that lead. So no reason to despair if Jake Peavy and the Padres push the Dodgers down by that much.

No doubt, a win tonight would be a huge boost for Los Angeles going forward. And I wouldn't dismiss the Dodgers' chances of defeating Peavy tonight. The NL West has been particularly persistent this year in humbling those who think they've got things licked.

In any event, contrary to popular belief, nothing gets decided tonight except one game.

Wild one tonight in Philadelphia, home of the Dodgers main wild-card rival. The Phillies are trying to make magic after falling behind to the Cubs, 8-0. A grand slam by ex-Dodger Jose Hernandez boosted Philadelphia to six runs in the bottom of the fourth, but Ryan Howard struck out with the tying runs on.

* * *

2006-09-18 22:34:06
561. Benaiah
Well, our strategy of using their offense to induce inferior relievers has worked at least.

2006-09-18 22:34:24
563. ninjavshippo
kent is one of the few blue men with a pulse tonight...

2006-09-18 22:34:39
565. Steve in Rochester
Jeff Kent, are you kidding?

2006-09-18 22:34:56
566. MSarg29
I have to be at work in less than 8 hrs and I'm just sick to my stomach. I wont even get any sleep.

2006-09-18 22:35:00
567. JoeyP
Adkins just pulled a Lance Carter.
Nice set up job.

2006-09-18 22:35:10
568. Bob Timmermann
Condition yellow on the cycle alert.

2006-09-18 22:35:49
570. ninjavshippo
note to self: curb your enthusiasm.

2006-09-18 22:35:57
571. Xeifrank
Is Kent teasing us?
vr, Xei

2006-09-18 22:36:03
572. underdog
Well, this makes the 3 spot given up in the 9th even more painful.

Wait, I was supposed to stop watching this game. What's wrong with me?

2006-09-18 22:36:18
574. Steve in Rochester
what the????

2006-09-18 22:36:38
575. JoeyP

This is even more excruciating.

2006-09-18 22:37:10
576. underdog
LOL. I'm sorry, this is hilarious. Even on GameDay it's hilarious.

2006-09-18 22:37:14
577. Xeifrank
A little late for back to back solo jobs.

vr, Xei
2006-09-18 22:37:23

578. Vaudeville Villain
J.D. Drew and Jeff Kent stop getting my hopes up!

They're destined to come agonizingly close and then be unable to come through.

Also, Lugo gets to bat. Blah.

2006-09-18 22:37:34
579. ninjavshippo
maybe hoffman trips and tweaks an ankle on the run from the bullpen to the mound?

2006-09-18 22:37:34
580. StolenMonkey86
I like this hit the ball out of the park idea. We should do it more often

2006-09-18 22:37:37
581. Benaiah
Hmmm... very interesting. If Saito... no I don't even want to say it.

2006-09-18 22:37:40
582. Gagne55
I can't believe Little used Broxton this game. His arm is hanging on by a thread at this point. Nice way to blow it, Little.

2006-09-18 22:37:59
583. underdog
578 Against Hoffman no less. Whee! Back to NBC with me.
2006-09-18 22:38:09

584. Bob Timmermann
19 baserunners for the Dodgers tonight. 21 for the Padres. That's made this game into a Yankees-Red Sox like affair.

2006-09-18 22:38:10
585. joekings
This is just making it worse.

2006-09-18 22:38:26
586. ninjavshippo
581 - i blame grits for using saito in a non-save situation! ;)

2006-09-18 22:38:26
587. micktissue
ugh ... I mean yea!

2006-09-18 22:38:26
588. RELX
As frustrating as those last two homers were, if Saito hadn't given up any runs, Adkins would not have been in the game.

2006-09-18 22:38:38
590. Xeifrank
I don't think Little had anything to do with blowing this game and I'm usually the 3rd person to point out such a thing.
vr, Xei

2006-09-18 22:39:10
592. ninjavshippo
WHOA! okay, now i can't help myself.. i'm PUMPED!

2006-09-18 22:39:33
594. Vaudeville Villain
Martin hits it out!!!

Oh for the love of your preferred celestial power!

2006-09-18 22:40:11
596. micktissue
oh my ...

2006-09-18 22:40:16
597. StolenMonkey86
Go Russ!

2006-09-18 22:40:30
598. Vaudeville Villain

Marlon Anderson!!!!
2006-09-18 22:40:32
599. capdodger

This is what happens when I turn Mosaic off...

2006-09-18 22:40:33
600. Benaiah
Restrain you yourself...

2006-09-18 22:40:33
601. underdog

What the heck. I think I'm on drugs -- or the Dodgers are.

2006-09-18 22:40:40
602. Bob Timmermann






2006-09-18 22:40:43
603. MSarg29
oh my god

2006-09-18 22:40:43
604. Xeifrank
Gameday seems to be broke. It keeps on saying every Dodger hitter is hitting a home run. Major software bug or something.
vr, Xei

2006-09-18 22:40:43
605. joekings

2006-09-18 22:40:43
606. Andrew Shimmin
Learn your lesson!

2006-09-18 22:40:58
607. Steve in Rochester
this can't be happening.

2006-09-18 22:41:04
608. gibsonhobbs88
521 - Murphy's Law rules when the Dodgers play the Padres this year. No matter what we do, the dice keep coming up craps. I wonder if there is a little voodoo lady living in SD with pins in Dodger dolls somewhere. She only does it when the Padres play the Dodgers to not arouse suspicion.

2006-09-18 22:41:05
609. capdodger

2006-09-18 22:41:18
610. Benaiah

2006-09-18 22:41:29
611. underdog

Tell me this isn't a dream.

2006-09-18 22:41:29
612. JoeyP
I dont believe what I'm seeing.

2006-09-18 22:41:32
614. micktissue
And my wife is asking me to come to bed now! She just doesn't understand ...

2006-09-18 22:41:47
615. skybluestoday
Pinch me, I'm dreaming.

2006-09-18 22:41:54
616. Bob Timmermann
I would bet sizeable amount of money that in the history of baseball, no team has ever rallied from a 4-run deficit with 4 consecutive home runs.


2006-09-18 22:41:55
617. Johnny Nucleo
I will never forget this. Never.

2006-09-18 22:41:57
618. MSarg29
Gameday is screwing w/ us? Is this really happening?

2006-09-18 22:42:06
619. Suffering Bruin

I can't believe I was watching the Daily Show and missed the first three homeruns.

2006-09-18 22:42:12
620. capdodger
I think I'm about to combust.

Or get arrested because, to the neighbors it sounds like something horrible is going on here.

2006-09-18 22:42:13
621. Greg Brock
What the hell did I miss.

Whatever it is, I'm going to keep missing it.

2006-09-18 22:42:38
623. Xeifrank
I am going to start watching on the tv now, so I can jinx this. vr, Xei

2006-09-18 22:42:39
624. Benaiah
Wow. This blows the Finley home run straight out the window.
2006-09-18 22:42:58

625. trainwreck
Doing my best not to swear.
2006-09-18 22:43:18

626. Jon Weisman
I've seen multiple no-hitters, but that may be the most incredible thing I've ever witnessed at a baseball game.
2006-09-18 22:43:21

627. RELX
FRUSTRATION OVER! Bring on Hamulack, this game is blessed/cursed, i don't know which.

2006-09-18 22:43:51
628. micktissue
2006-09-18 22:44:08

629. Bob Timmermann
That was just the fourth time a team had ever hit four straight home runs.

The last time was by Minnesota at KC on May 2, 1964 in the 11th inning.

2006-09-18 22:44:25
630. Vaudeville Villain

4 consecutive home runs to tie it up.

Jeff Kent, J.D. Drew, Russell Martin, Marlon Anderson.

2006-09-18 22:44:31
631. Greg Brock
We're doing this because I'm not watching.

I swear to G-d.

2006-09-18 22:44:45
632. ninjavshippo
jeez... if we find a way to lose this game, i will be more crushed than ever... but if we win.... (!)

2006-09-18 22:45:17
633. Johnny Nucleo
Um, anyone watching on TV see something come down that looked like the hand of God?

2006-09-18 22:45:24
634. Bob Timmermann
May 2, 1964.

2006-09-18 22:45:27
635. JoeyP
This is more improbably than Gibson's homer.

I dont think I've ever seen anything so unbelievable.

2006-09-18 22:46:21
636. Vaudeville Villain
And Furcal...Just...Missed it.
2006-09-18 22:46:26

637. Xeifrank
I just turned the tv back on and saw the three outs in a row. Jinx! vr, Xei
2006-09-18 22:46:30

638. RELX
Does it even matter if we win this thing anymore? Moments like these are why it is great to be a baseball fan!
2006-09-18 22:46:36

639. Benaiah
This is the coolest thing I have ever seen.
2006-09-18 22:46:50

640. Gagne55
OMG, i go to the bathroom, come back, and it's tied. Hoffman's first blown save against the Blue since i think 2001.

2006-09-18 22:47:11
642. underdog
Yeah, I think if they lose this game now, it's going to be particularly cruel. But I'm sure freaking out in a positive way at the moment.

Btw, this is all because I stopped watching the game on MLBTV on the net, and just followed it on GameDay while watching TV. So you can thank me in part.

2006-09-18 22:47:12
643. Linkmeister
Er, Holy Cow!
2006-09-18 22:47:19

644. Uncle Miltie
what the This game is really distracting me. I'm supposed to be studying for a geology midterm!
2006-09-18 22:47:56

645. underdog
Did Furcal just miss it? I couldn't tell from GameDay. That would have been miraculous.

2006-09-18 22:47:57
646. Bob Timmermann
Aaron Sele - the buzzkill.

2006-09-18 22:48:01
647. JoeyP
The Dodgers have hit 6 solo homers tonite.
Back-Back-Back-Back in the 9th inning.

Marlon Anderson is 5-5 with 2HRs tonite.

2006-09-18 22:48:28
649. Johnny Nucleo
Needless to say, all thoughts of going back to thesis-writing have gone by the wayside.

2006-09-18 22:48:51
651. ninjavshippo
647 - this has to go down in history as the "Marlon Anderson" game.

2006-09-18 22:49:09
652. RELX
Because it looks so good, here is Gameday instant replay, brought you to by all the Dodger fans awake at 2AM on the east coast!

Bottom 9TH B:1 S:0 O:0
Jeff Kent homers (14) on a fly ball to center field.

Bottom 9TH B:2 S:1 O:0
J. D. Drew homers (17) on a fly ball to right field.

Bottom 9TH B:0 S:0 O:0
Pitcher Change: Trevor Hoffman replaces Jon Adkins, batting 9th.

Bottom 9TH B:0 S:0 O:0
Coaching visit to mound.

Bottom 9TH B:0 S:0 O:0
Russell Martin homers (10) on a fly ball to left field.

Bottom 9TH B:0 S:0 O:0
Marlon Anderson homers (9) on a fly ball to right field.

2006-09-18 22:49:15
653. Gagne55
647 And all the DT posters were hollering for Andre Ethier. Looks like Little got something right at least.

2006-09-18 22:49:16
654. JoeyP
Put it this way.
Tonite is baseball history.

Its lkely you'll never see something like that again ever.

2006-09-18 22:49:21
655. Bob Timmermann
The only NL team prior to tonight that hit four straight home runs was the Braves.

They lost the game

2006-09-18 22:49:37
656. Xeifrank
645. Furcal hit it near the edge of the warning track. vr, Xei

2006-09-18 22:49:58
657. underdog
Crap, and the hurting begins anew. I'm scared - somebody hold me.
2006-09-18 22:51:03

658. StolenMonkey86
no, that's Manny Alexander on deck, not Mike Piazza.

2006-09-18 22:51:04
659. Xeifrank
655. So you're saying we got a shot!
vr, Xei

2006-09-18 22:51:06
660. Linkmeister
If it's gotta be extra innings, at least it's at home.

2006-09-18 22:51:08
661. Bob Timmermann
My feelings transcend any thesaurus now.

2006-09-18 22:52:02
665. JoeyP
Even if the Dodgers lose, it doesnt take away the awesomeness of the 9th ining.

Baseball is supposed to be enterainment, and that was one of the greatest things i've ever seen.

I dont care how the game finishes at this point. I really dont.

2006-09-18 22:52:52
669. Vaudeville Villain
When I said Marlon Anderson was redundant, I was obviously on crack.

There was no on else like him alive.
In his day, he was the mightiest man on earth,
highborn and powerful.

Beowulf appropriation.

2006-09-18 22:53:18
671. confucius
I swear to god if the Dodgers bullpen blows this game...

2006-09-18 22:53:32
672. underdog
That's true Joey, it really is. I just think I'll feel a weird sense of frustration if they lose now given the miraculous comeback. But win or lose, it really is unforgettable.

2006-09-18 22:54:06
675. joekings
I think I'm going to be sick.

2006-09-18 22:54:37
676. underdog
{{cursing quietly to self at home}}

2006-09-18 22:55:08
677. Xeifrank
oh well, better luck next ....
vr, Xei

2006-09-18 22:59:36
684. Xeifrank
ok, back to backs to win it.
vr, Xei

2006-09-18 23:00:17
688. Bob Timmermann
I don't believe anyone has been retired in order tonight on either side.

2006-09-18 23:00:55
689. das411
WOW. Just scrolled through the last hundred or so Things like this are what makes baseball great...unbelieveable!

2006-09-18 23:01:14
690. capdodger
At least the only have to get one back this time. And against Seanez...
2006-09-18 23:02:06

691. Jon Weisman
Aaron Sele finished the 10th with the Dodgers' 200th pitch.

2006-09-18 23:02:18
692. Telemachos
I'm sorry, everyone. I've jinxed the Dodgers.

I tuned out in the top of the ninth, to do some work.

Finished up, thought I would check the GameDay score, and saw 4 consecutive homers.


Checked the TiVO and sure enough, it had stopped recording, so I couldn't flip back and watch them.

So I immediately turned to Prime Ticket and set up recordings later for the replay.

No sooner did I do that then Sele gave up the run.


What a game.

2006-09-18 23:03:35
695. Johnny Nucleo
Looking at the title of this thread, I have to laugh.

2006-09-18 23:03:35
696. scooplew
The Seanez I remember throws a straight fastball. We should be able to do something with it.

2006-09-18 23:03:38
697. DeucesAreWild
Nomar's up. I know what you are thinking. Don't say it!

2006-09-18 23:03:43
698. KG16
I haven't really been paying attention the last week or so (in my defense my baby sister got married over the weekend), so let me ask...

Have I missed anything?

2006-09-18 23:03:49
699. Jon Weisman
Walk's as good as a hit, batter.
2006-09-18 23:04:15

700. confucius

2006-09-18 23:04:43
701. Greg Brock
The greatest game ever played.

2006-09-18 23:04:47
702. KG16
Just in time...

2006-09-18 23:04:51
703. StolenMonkey86

2006-09-18 23:04:54
704. Telemachos



2006-09-18 23:04:57
705. Linkmeister

2006-09-18 23:05:23
707. micktissue

2006-09-18 23:05:26
708. trainwreck
To beat a dead horse...


2006-09-18 23:05:37
709. Uncle Miltie

2006-09-18 23:05:37
710. JoeyP
That was unbelievable.
Whatever bats the Dodgers used during the 9th/10th innings, they need to keep using those.


2006-09-18 23:05:45
712. underdog
Guys, I don't know you very well, but I think I want to hug all of you right now very very much. I'm both extremely happy, and not a little scared that the end of the world may be nigh.

2006-09-18 23:06:28
715. DeucesAreWild
My head exploded.


Arms, Legs, and Torso.

2006-09-18 23:06:59
716. StolenMonkey86
What a game!

2006-09-18 23:07:32
717. DeucesAreWild
My head exploded.


Arms, Legs, and Torso.

(p.s. I think we broke The Toaster.)

2006-09-18 23:07:49
718. confucius
Go crazy!!

2006-09-18 23:08:16
719. StolenMonkey86
What a game!

2006-09-18 23:09:04
722. Bob Timmermann
Win #8 for Aaron Sele.

2006-09-18 23:09:46
723. capdodger
So I went upstairs for a blue gatorade and came back down to "Nomar Garciaparra homers (18) on a fly ball to left field. Kenny Lofton scores."

Even though it is but salt, sugar, and filtered water I think that it will have to be savored.

2006-09-18 23:11:29
726. Johnny Nucleo
712-Yes, I feel that a group hug is in order.

2006-09-18 23:11:54
727. scooplew
I saw my first game on July 3, 1955, at Ebbets Field. I was 7. I am in my 52nd season of being a Dodgers fan. I just told my daughter, who is 19, that tonight's game may have been the greatest game in major league history.

2006-09-18 23:11:58
728. micktissue

That was definitely the most amazing game I've ever, uh, heard

2006-09-18 23:11:59
729. Xeifrank
Best Dodger game since the Gibson HR.
vr, Xei

2006-09-18 23:12:20
730. underdog
Highlights on Sportscenter - NOW.

2006-09-18 23:14:00
733. NPB
This is the second-greatest moment in Dodgers history. And that may have been the greatest single baseball game of all time. It was certainly the greatest comeback of all time. Oh man.

2006-09-18 23:14:27
734. Steve in Rochester
this I can say is unequivocally the greatest experience of my sports watching life.

2006-09-18 23:14:33
735. Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers are no longer last in the NL in home runs.

Last time the Dodgers hit seven home runs at Dodger Stadium.

2006-09-18 23:14:51
736. Blue in SF
I am moving back to LA...
2006-09-18 23:15:00

737. Uncle Miltie
Just saw the highlights. Incredible.

2006-09-18 23:15:11
739. Greg Brock
No words...Should have sent a poet.

Plus, I think the hamster that powers the Toaster just died of exhaustion on the wheel.

2006-09-18 23:15:17
740. MSarg29
I cant believe it. Before I got word on Gameday, my Mom called me to give me the news. Gotta love that she is up in NJ watching the game. Unbelievable!

2006-09-18 23:15:44
741. confucius
That was the best game I'll ever watch.

2006-09-18 23:16:06
743. towerofpower



2006-09-18 23:17:20
745. Benaiah
I think that if I jumped off a building right now I would float down as softly as a feather. After all, I must be dreaming.

2006-09-18 23:17:29
746. Ken Arneson
The next time the Dodgers to a comeback this crazy, y'all need to warn me so I can adjust the server settings for the traffic spike.

2006-09-18 23:17:38
748. Linkmeister
739 You thinkin' WH Auden's "the center cannot hold?"

2006-09-18 23:17:50
749. underdog
I think we're overloading the DodgerThoughts server and causing it to implode with our group hugging.

2006-09-18 23:18:26
751. das411
OK, that was officially insane. Live it up guys, if ever a group of people deserved a game like this it was you DTers. You'll forever savor the Dodger legends of Jeff Kent, JD Drew, Russ Martin, Marlon Anderson, and Nomah Garciaparra :)

2006-09-18 23:18:43
752. ninjavshippo
still stunned

2006-09-18 23:18:51
753. Bob Timmermann
Hold #30 for Scott Linebrink.

2006-09-18 23:18:58
754. confucius
I just got text messages from everyone I know.

2006-09-18 23:19:01
755. Benaiah
I want to see the Win Probability Added stats for this game.
2006-09-18 23:19:11

756. RELX
739. Yeats said that--but he never hit four straight HR's to tie a game!!
2006-09-18 23:19:19

757. micktissue
I'm going to do something I thought I'd never do. Because I don't have cable and I have to listen to all the games via

I'm gonna buy that game!

2006-09-18 23:19:36
761. ninjavshippo
751 - here here. as weird as it is to say, since i couldn't be with my local contingent of dodger crazies, i wouldn't have wanted to share it with anyone other than the DTers.

2006-09-18 23:20:28
764. RELX
I want to play another game--NOW! Start Hamulack--we have no fear!

2006-09-18 23:22:44
767. Nick Iyengar
I remember that a while back we were talking about how Jose Valentin managed to create a few memories in a Dodger uniform during his short stint in L.A., but Marlon Anderson has topped him by far. As strange as it is, it'll be a long time before we forget that Marlon Anderson was once a Dodger hero.

2006-09-18 23:24:17
769. RELX
I watched Anderson play with the Mets last year, and he was a clutch player. I think he has earned another season in Dodger blue. Oh, and another start tomorrow night.

2006-09-18 23:33:28
777. popup
What a gem of a game.

Stan from Tacoma

2006-09-19 01:34:33
787. spacebrother
Doing my part to run the comments to 1000-

I was actually there tonight. Throughout the game, I kept telling my sister (a Padres fan) not to worry, the Dodgers would find some way to lose. I felt that, if I truly kept up this attitude, they had a chance, but I would have to TRULY believe that they would tank.

My season tickets are shared with another guy, and he had the tix for tonight, so I bought some in section 52, next to the Pad's bullpen. Hoffman and the other guy (who was it that gave up the first 2 homers?) were warming up and with each hiss of the incoming ball and subsequent "thwack!" I saw the Dodgers going down.

I even told my sister not to worry after the back-to-back-to-back-to-back. Our Dodgers would find a way to tank. When Sele came out in the 10th, and gave up the run, I was SURE of my prediction.

Like one of the other posters said, a thesaurus does no good at times like this. Maybe I won't have to return all those post season tix I bought after all.

Did anyone hear Nomah on KFWB after the game? He was right on the edge of tears. Listening to him brought me there too.

Thanks to everyone and Jon for all the great stuff on this blog during this season. It always brings a smile, even when the Dodgers are falling by the wayside.

2006-09-20 09:15:08
790. Blaine
I know that since this is at the end of this thread which is a few days old that no one may ever read this.

I read through this thread a couple of days after the fact. What an awesome read. I love the comments about how worthless Nomar was early in the thread. I also loved how many times people gave up and vowed to watch a different TV show. I wonder how many people will regret watching the premiere of a TV show that will be forgotten in 10 years versus watching probably the greatest regular season non-pennant deciding game in Dodger history.

It was funny to watch all of the fans in the parking lot trying to get back into the game when they heard the continual roar of the crowd from inside the stadium. It was just as amusing seeing the comments of people who went to have dinner, fell asleep or put the kids to bed to come back and realize that they missed a piece of history.

On the game, this was my second greatest Dodger moment ever. I still vividly remember watching the Gibson homerun with my church youth group and how huge that celebration was. This time around, I was alone at home. My kids were in bed and my wife was on the computer (which is why I read the thread later) and she couldn't understand why I was yelling in the living room about something that "I have never seen before."

While many DTers missed the heroics, my story is in reverse. I checked out of school a little bit early tonight and came home just in time to watch the most magical three innings that I had ever seen. The rest of my classmates were stuck in a classroom watching the big giant "homerun" come across their computer screens.

Haha (say it quick, rather triumphantly.)

What a game.

11:10 p.m.
Almost ... Almost ... YES!

It has been a Friday night and Saturday night combined emotionally, but now it's starting to feel like Monday. ...

This crowd is beside itself with joy. You can come down the wall now. ...

A lot of the folks that left have decided to come back, so welcome back. ...


A high fly ball to left field - it is a-way out and gone! The Dodgers win it, 11-10! Ha ha ha - unbelievable!



I forgot to tell you. The Dodgers are in first place.

- Vin Scully

* * *

The most intense game of the year, the most incredible game of many a year, ends in elation ... almost.

The Dodgers exorcise the ghosts of April 30 ... almost.

Down four in the ninth, four consecutive home runs - a first by a major league team since 1964, according to Vinny on the broadcast. And all it is is ... almost.

Exactly 200 pitches thrown by Dodger pitchers and still alive ... almost.

Rafael Furcal, Jeff Kent, J.D. Drew and Marlon Anderson all OPSing over .950 in September, and ... almost. Hold the Padres to two runs on Sunday, score nine runs on Monday ... almost.

Almost nothing. YES!

Perhaps the greatest game at Dodger Stadium since, or including, the September 11, 1983 game. The moment doesn't surpass Kirk Gibson, maybe not even Steve Finley, factoring in context. But the game surpasses their games. The game was stunning.

Seven home runs, tying a Dodger Stadium home record - practically a footnote.

How can you not be trembling?

Remember your evening sedative? You may need to induce a coma to calm Dodger fans now.

SD 400 000 023 1 - 10 15 0
LA 112 000 014 2 - 11 19 2

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2008-09-18 00:08:37
1.   trainwreck
I had no idea Dodger fans were so pessimistic. You would have thought we were in the Buffalo Bills or something.

We are sitting well right now. I think I may be over confident if anything.

2008-09-18 00:09:23
2.   trainwreck
We were the Buffalo Bills.

Damn, scattered brain.

2008-09-18 00:29:10
3.   Eric Enders
Underdog's 712 was one of the best DT comments ever.

Reading that sequence of posts for the umpteenth time cheered me up quite a bit, as I just finished editing a curmudgeonly Roger Kahn article on why bloggers suck and sportswriting will never be as good as it was in the good old days.

2008-09-18 00:43:19
4.   trainwreck
The World Sucks And It Is Your Fault by Roger Kahn.
2008-09-18 00:51:26
5.   overkill94
Yikes, 9:35 am start time tomorrow? I guess I'll get to listen to the beginning on the way to my job site and then some more of the game on my way to the airport, plus the end at a bar in the airport.

The score will likely decide whether I'm drinking a cocktail or a soda at said bar.

2008-09-18 00:58:57
6.   Eric Enders
Would the cocktail be in celebration, or to drown your sorrows?

Or both, with a soda reserved for a tie game?

2008-09-18 01:15:28
7.   trainwreck
On another sportsboard I frequent, a writer or huge fan of Dodgerblues showed up today. I can see we will be debating a lot about whether the Dodgers are failure waiting to happen or not.

Sorry, but I do not get this. Why do Dodger fans expect such bad things when they have a great history and an okay run of it as of late?

Many people were not around to witness Dodgers lose to the Yankees a lot, so I am not going to accept that.

2008-09-18 01:25:42
8.   bhsportsguy
7 I am not sure it is limited to Dodger fans. Jerry West summed up it best when he finally won his first and only NBA title, he felt whatever joy he had could never makeup for those years of finishing second.

Fans remember losing just much more strongly than they do winning. When the Dodgers won in 1988, yeah I was happy but it didn't make Jack Clark's home run less painful.

And one more thing, my only disappointment about 9/18/2006, is that I was at the game and thus I was unable to participate with everyone during it.

2008-09-18 01:30:46
9.   dodgerstang
I was one of the lucky one's who was at that game two years ago. I knew when it happened that it would probably be the greatest sporting event I'll ever get to witness in person. And that was just after the four dingers. The Nomar +1 is what was so crazy. I felt like I had been hit in the head. It's kinda depressing to know that even winning a world series won't feel quite as good as that moment.

When Nomar went down tonight, I knew in my sensible head that we could live without his bat in the lineup. But the guy does have a flair for the dramatic, and I can't help feeling like we're down a soldier going into the war.

2008-09-18 01:32:09
10.   trainwreck
I accept that there are painful moments you will remember forever and I am a person that has expected really bad things when the exact opposite happened, aka the Lakers 2007-2008 season, but let's be realistic when it comes to the Dodgers. There is no reason for Dodger fans to be so pessimistic.

They won the 1988 series when the A's were huge favorites. That was only 20 years ago. And it is not like the Dodgers have been the Royals since.

I can understand being pessimistic before the season, but when you have an easy schedule remaining and you are 3 1/2 games up on a team with flaws, then I frankly do not see the reason to expect the worse.

2008-09-18 01:37:17
11.   dodgerstang
ugh, I regret that apostrophe...

but I dig Frank Zappa.

2008-09-18 01:38:40
12.   trainwreck
Hell yeah.
2008-09-18 01:41:20
13.   bhsportsguy
10 Oh, I agree on that, I mean I was planning to point out that in the last 4 times that Haren and Webb started for the D-Backs, including tonight, they lost 4 games in the standings. And now they still trail 3 games in the loss column with 11 left to play and only 4 of those 11 will have Webb and Haren attached to them. the last 3 times the other 3 pitchers have thrown for the D-Backs, they have gone 3-6. And again, as shown tonight, their bullpen just isn't right.
2008-09-18 01:44:09
14.   bhsportsguy
9 I have seen all 3 Nomar walk-off HRs at Dodger Stadium in person.

Of all the guys on the team, I do believe that no one player loves being a Dodger more than Nomar.

2008-09-18 04:56:51
15.   Johnny Nucleo
Ah, fond memories.

A year ago, September 18,2007 was the game at Colorado which more or less killed the Dodgers chances at the postseason. This year, at least things are looking OK. I'm hoping Sept. 18, 2008 will be just another day when the Dodgers' magic number shrank a little.

2008-09-18 06:06:58
16.   Bluebleeder87
great stuff.

September 18, 2006 is just one of those days you know exactly what you were doing. 15 I'm hoping Sept. 18, 2008 will be just another day when the Dodgers' magic number shrank a little.


2008-09-18 06:15:26
17.   Bob Hendley
At least today's morning game will minimize rehashing last night and then we are coming home. To bad the Snakes don't play until 9:40 EDT, however. Could make for a long day. Go Bums!
2008-09-18 06:55:58
18.   Xeifrank
I still have two copies of the SI end of the year issue with my #604 comment.
vr, Xei
2008-09-18 06:56:19
19.   Bluebleeder87
From Tony Jackson's Dodger Blog:``The guy comng up (Nate McLouth) had hit 26 home runs, 23 of them against right-handers. I felt pretty good about that situation. We thought we were set up for that line of hitters, but it just didn't work out. (Elbert) just tried to overthrow the ball.'' theres more...

[ ]

I totally agreed with the move by the way.

2008-09-18 06:57:44
20.   Dodger Dawg
This really isn't my reacting to last nights game, but as much as we all want the Dodgers to win, and even with their 3.5 game lead it's far from over. It's like one wise man once said , it's not over until it's over. Until we clinch I won't get into even thinking about the playoffs. We're in a really good position, but so were the Mets last year, nothing is certain until it's over. The one good thing is that the teams destiny is in their own hands. On another subject does anyone who has cats know how to introduce a new one in with 2 others and a dog? I mean is there a way to do it where it increases the chance that everyone will get along?
2008-09-18 07:11:31
21.   LAbits
17 I thought you wrote, "Go Bruins!". Oh, glasses! I'll say it, then: Go Bruins! It's gonna be a tough football season.

Now that I'm done with the non-sequitur:

Nomar has not been healthy, but the guy has had some great moments when he played and has practically been a Dodger PR guy in everything he says, he makes the team look good. When times are good, it seems like he really feels it, when they are bad he doesn't go Kent or Odalis on the team. I'm heartily sick of guys who aren't a good sport in adversity when they make millions. By and large, Nomar has been a breath of fresh air in that regard. If Nomar could just get healthy over the winter, I'd really like to have him back in a utility/step-up role next year.

Dodgers have been "The Bums" again for 20 years. However, I think they'll turn the corner. Rock on, DT. Go Blue!

2008-09-18 07:40:00
22.   dianagramr
Schilling chimes in on Manny's days in Boston:

2008-09-18 07:51:01
23.   FirstMohican
Schilling talks too much.
2008-09-18 07:52:10
24.   jasonungar07
Just retire Curt.
2008-09-18 08:07:54
25.   jasonungar07
from Josh


Here's the lineup for today's finale:

Martin, C

Ethier, RF

Manny, LF

Blake, 3B

Loney, 1B

Kemp, CF

DeWitt, 2B

Berroa, SS

Kershaw, P

2008-09-18 08:09:49
26.   Bluebleeder87
reading up on Nomar, he thinks it will be a day to day injury. Veremos.
2008-09-18 08:10:05
27.   overkill94
6 Eh, I'll probably go with the cocktail either way - the company's paying for it.
2008-09-18 08:14:58
28.   Disabled List
Teams that have gone the longest without a postseason series win:

Senators/Rangers (none)
Pirates (1979)
Expos/Nationals (1981)
Brewers (1982)
Royals (1985)
Dodgers (1988)

That's some pretty pathetic company we're in. All the other franchises in MLB (except for the expansion Rays) have won a playoff series more recently than the Dodgers. We've been wandering in the desert for a loooong time.

2008-09-18 08:17:57
29.   Eric Stephen
The only Dodger walkoff HR I can remember seeing was courtesy of Gary Sheffield in 2001 against the Braves.

The Dodgers won 1-0, and I believe Sheffield set an obscure MLB record in 2001 by being the only man to HR in three different 1-0 games in one season.

2008-09-18 08:20:54
30.   Jon Weisman

Martin, C
Ethier, RF
Ramirez, LF
Blake, 3B
Loney, 1B
Kemp, CF
DeWitt, 2B
Berroa, SS
Kershaw, P

2008-09-18 08:21:56
31.   Bluebleeder87

we're due for a post season W man.

2008-09-18 08:22:57
32.   Eric Stephen
I'm the last person in the world who should be telling you who's right and who's wrong in this

-Curt Schilling, as he was telling who's right and wrong in this

2008-09-18 08:23:02
33.   Kevin Lewis
Easily, that was the best game I ever attended. But, I can't explain the feeling when we gave up a run in the top of the tenth. I went from pure joy to feeling sick.
2008-09-18 08:24:38
34.   berkowit28
28 So, on that basis, that means you're rooting for the Brewers?
2008-09-18 08:30:12
35.   Eric Stephen
In the "baby steps" department from today's Times:

Rafael Furcal ran the last two days without any problems. . . . Hong-Chih Kuo will resume playing catch today

2008-09-18 08:31:14
36.   D4P
The thing that people forget about Curt Schilling is that his sock was red.
2008-09-18 08:38:34
37.   overkill94
Someone needs to tell the guy who did the Yahoo pregame write-up that Nomar has hardly played any shortstop lately. He makes it seem like having Berroa start at SS is some sort of rare occurrence.
2008-09-18 08:46:41
38.   Eric Stephen
Fun stat of the day:

Dodger rightfielders lead the NL in OPS (.909), SLG (.545), doubles (49), and SB (25). They are 2nd in BA (.313), 3rd in HR (27), and 4th in runs (99) and RBI (96).

Basically the position has featured the very best of both Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp this season.

2008-09-18 08:54:01
39.   overkill94
I'm assuming the Rotoworld free agents article has already been discussed but I'm just reading it right now. 4 years, $60 million for Furcal? After a back injury that has taken a looong time to heal? I realize inflation plays a part, but how does a guy get more years and more money per year than his previous contract after two injury-plagued years?
2008-09-18 08:54:14
40.   Kevin Lewis
Is there any well written account of what actually went on with Manny's time in Boston? I don't take Schilling's comments as undeniable truth, but all the reports from back East do concern me. I admit I love what he is doing for LA, but what happens if he gets bored out here? If anything it sounds like Boston is partly to blame for not disciplining him well from the get go.
2008-09-18 08:56:16
41.   D4P
Funner stat of the day:

Dodger centerfielders are 15th (out of 16) in OPS (.639), 14th in SLG (.345), 11th in doubles (28), 6th in SB (23). They are 16th in BA (.229), 13th in HR (11), and 14th in runs (73) and RBI (49).

Basically the position has featured the very worst of both Andruw Jones and Juan Pierre this season.

2008-09-18 08:58:15
42.   cargill06
41 What team's CF is OPS'ing worse than .639?


2008-09-18 08:58:36
43.   Sushirabbit
Just got out of the AIG town hall with Edward Liddy. He sounds exactly like Martin Scorsese.
2008-09-18 08:59:00
44.   Eric Stephen
2008-09-18 08:59:15
45.   Eric Stephen
And Matt Kemp.
2008-09-18 08:59:37
46.   cargill06
42 Yes Cargill06, Houston's CF's are OPS'ing .598 this season.
2008-09-18 08:59:41
47.   Sushirabbit
I should clarify that it was online and I'm not in NY, just a peon in a subsidiary.
2008-09-18 09:04:17
48.   Jon Weisman
2008-09-18 09:04:52
49.   D4P
2008-09-18 09:08:30
50.   Bluebleeder87
New & old: Dodgers minor-league affiliates.

From the Daily News, the Dodgers Triple-A affiliate will move back to Albuquerque, NM & more... [ ]

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2008-09-19 05:35:15
51.   Tommy Naccarato
I still have the Sept 18, 2006 game on tivo and find myself from time to time, going back and replaying those innings. Had to be the wildest, strangest Dodger moment I've ever seen. Just wild stuff.

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