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2008-11-25 22:28
by Jon Weisman

Not surprisingly, I'm hitting this year's November 26 with about 1 percent of the angst that I had last year's. Turning 41 just isn't the same as turning 40.

True, many of the concerns are the same: the inability to live within my means (compounded, as it is for everyone else, by the overall economy), the feeling that I'm getting dumber instead of smarter, the stunted social life – important parts of life in general falling through the cracks. But I have been working hard, on both the things that come easier to me and the things that come with more difficulty. I'm still spoiled, but I'm not more spoiled than I was a year ago. That might be progress.

The world is an expensive place, in just about every sense of the word "expensive." I'm getting a lot, but I've still got so many fiscal, physical and emotional bills to pay. It's so humbling.

But I'm grateful. And I've got galleys of a Dodger book to review this weekend. Happy Thanksgiving (in advance), everyone.

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2008-11-25 22:40:34
1.   bhsportsguy
Ahh, I thought you were doing another salute to 4+1.

Seriously, have a wonderful birthday.

2008-11-25 22:40:54
2.   Dodgers49
From last thread:

205 a 16-1 start (best in club history, until this year...?).

Looking at the Lakers' upcoming schedule I wouldn't be surprised to see them surpass that.

2008-11-25 22:41:06
3.   trainwreck

I remember when the Bulls had their 72 win season they lost to the expansion Raptors twice.

2008-11-25 22:41:49
4.   trainwreck
I am going to wait till 12 to wish Jon.
2008-11-25 22:46:11
5.   fanerman
Happy Birthday Eve!
2008-11-25 22:49:41
6.   Robert Fiore
I figure if I'm in the Weisman household I'm thankful that Variety isn't dependent on the same financial/advertising model as regular newspapers . . .
2008-11-25 23:03:20
7.   Tripon

Manny Acta does an interview. Cool stuff to read.

2008-11-25 23:13:23
8.   trainwreck
Whatever team gets him next will be very lucky.
2008-11-25 23:13:51
9.   Tripon

A great mystery of our time. How in the heck did Khalil Greene get 97 RBIs in 2007 with a sub .300 OBP?

2008-11-25 23:15:42
10.   Tripon
9 Or get run out of town in Wash, and nobody bothers to give him another job.

My best guess though is that he's the next manager of the Yankees after Giradi's run out of New York. Cashman is going to want to look for somebody really different after Giradi.

2008-11-25 23:21:08
11.   Dodgers49
Dodgers could be fit for Pettitte

>> They could turn to Angel Berroa, who did a solid job defensively in 84 games with the club this past season but batted only .230. He's a .260 career hitter in eight seasons in the Majors. <<

If he had eight seasons in the Majors he would be a free agent. So someone is counting his Minor League years.

2008-11-25 23:21:57
12.   Tripon
Citing the unpredictable state of the economy, Dodgers owner Frank McCourt hinted today that the team would be reluctant to sweeten the two-year contract offer that would have instantly given Manny Ramirez the second highest annual salary in the game.

2008-11-25 23:25:11
13.   jasonungar07
Wow 9

Bases Empty


2008-11-25 23:28:37
14.   68elcamino427
40+1 - Just starting to hit your stride now.
Your best work lies ahead of you - for many years to come.
Happy Birthday.
Your children are fortunate to have such fine and loving parents.
Thank you for this site - It is the best.
2008-11-25 23:32:44
15.   trainwreck
Well that signals that we won't be much of a player with the bigger free agents then.
2008-11-25 23:39:22
16.   Eric Stephen
How in the heck did Khalil Greene get 97 RBIs in 2007 with a sub .300 OBP


2008-11-25 23:39:50
17.   Tripon
He has lost the athletic department, alumni, students and fans with his perceived arrogance and team's poor performance. He is now in probable line for one of the costliest buyouts in sports.

Plaschke does not like Charlie Weis.,0,5081841.column

2008-11-25 23:41:16
18.   Tripon
"If you bring somebody in to play and pay them, pick a number, $30 million, does that seem a little weird to you?" Jamie McCourt asked in an interview at the Evergreen Recreation Center in East Los Angeles. "That's what we're trying to figure out. We're really trying to see it through the eyes of our fans. We're really trying to understand, would they rather have the 50 fields?"

Wow, the McCourts don't seem to want to pay for free agents now.,0,1102785.story

2008-11-25 23:41:24
19.   bablue
I bet they'll want someone more proven, as Girardi will be seen as too inexperienced to handle the Big Apple.

No, thats right, he's played parts of every season in the Majors since 2001. In '01, he only played in 15 games. Then in '02 he only played in 20. He was in the minors for most of that time but became a full-time regular in '03 (When he won ROY... somehow). He was also sent down to the minors for practically all of '07 (only played in 9 MLB games) and the first half of '08. Then we picked him up.

2008-11-25 23:45:22
20.   trainwreck
The fans want you to spend money and have good players.

Are they really using charity as an excuse? Because that is what it sounds like to me.

2008-11-25 23:46:55
21.   Tripon
20 Yes, they are using charity as an excuse.

Also Jamie McCourt has this nugget to say.

"I think, oddly enough, maybe if things weren't guaranteed, then we could pay for it," she said. "If people can't play anymore, it's like, 'Oh well, see ya.' Different story. Whatever money they are guaranteed could be money that we could otherwise have given to community."

I... I don't know how to respond to that other than complete astonishment.

2008-11-25 23:48:30
22.   bablue
Uh, yeah, I feel like an idiot for piping on about how the Dodgers were gonna spend a lot of money. Maybe they won't... But that is a terrible excuse. I'll take Manny over the 50 fields, but I don't see how they're related.
2008-11-25 23:48:32
23.   trainwreck
"All our money is leveraged, so we cannot afford to pay for elite players so we are going to give you a bunch of lame excuses."
2008-11-25 23:50:41
24.   Eric Enders
Those are two of the slimier quotes that I can recall coming from the Dodgers in recent memory.
2008-11-25 23:51:52
25.   bablue
I think even Plashcke could figure out that was a lie.
2008-11-25 23:57:12
26.   bhsportsguy
I'd take the charity but I think these are two separate issues.

Sure, in the big picture, contributing tangible assets to a community is certainly more important than acquiring a ballplayer.

As someone who just got his renewal notice for his season tickets, I am happy that the Dodgers are trying to do something more than just win ballgames.

2008-11-25 23:57:14
27.   bhsportsguy
I'd take the charity but I think these are two separate issues.

Sure, in the big picture, contributing tangible assets to a community is certainly more important than acquiring a ballplayer.

As someone who just got his renewal notice for his season tickets, I am happy that the Dodgers are trying to do something more than just win ballgames.

2008-11-26 00:01:03
28.   jasonungar07
This is fantastic...from the PE Diamond

The Dodgers' payroll for next season has yet to be set, with McCourt explaining that it was important to maintain flexibility during an economic downturn

"We don't have a crystal ball," McCourt said. "I'm not smart enough to tell you how it's going to play out. Ned (Colletti) would love President-elect Obama to tell him exactly what's going to happen so I can in turn."

2008-11-26 00:01:21
29.   trainwreck
Happy birthday, Jon!!
2008-11-26 00:04:21
30.   68elcamino427
Whatever money they are guaranteed could be money that we could otherwise have given to the community ... and well yes ... we have guaranteed that money now will be used as a tax write-off rather than as an operating expense.

Excuse me while I throw up.

Can I now please get back the money that I just spent on my Dodger game tickets for the upcoming season? If I wanted to give that money to the community I would have done so myself.

Prediction - The McCourts are in big trouble.

2008-11-26 00:13:45
31.   Andrew Shimmin
It would be a poor negotiating stance to come out and say, "We'll pay anything to get [X player]." I don't think we'll know what they're going to do very far in advance of they're doing it, whatever it is.
2008-11-26 00:16:12
32.   Andrew Shimmin
Or of their doing it, either.
2008-11-26 00:25:54
33.   fanerman
The McCourts are lowering expectations.
2008-11-26 00:26:15
34.   fanerman
I cannot believe it's 12:26. Ugh.
2008-11-26 00:27:50
35.   Tripon
And it's Luis Maza! Maza re-signed a minor-league contract and becomes the first Dodgers non-roster invitee to big league camp in spring training.

Odds on Maza being our starting SS?

2008-11-26 00:34:01
36.   68elcamino427
I will resume this incredible journey tomorrow.
Although my worst fears for the Dodgers have not yet been realized - this smells like a fish.
I'll attribute this all to being tired at the end of the day. Tomorrow will be a better day.
Primal Scream
2008-11-26 00:39:44
37.   dzzrtRatt
The Times story on the McCourts has me steaming.

They're asking "fans" to tell them whether it's more important to pay for a high-priced free agent or to build 50 urban ballfields???

If they want to build 50 urban ballfields, they should do it with their own money, meaning not the daily operating revenues of the Los Angeles Dodgers, but the checks made out to Mr. and Mrs. McCourt as salary, dividends, bonuses or however they compensate themselves. Perhaps if they started a 50-ballfields foundation and asked me for a donation, I would cough one up. But to ask me as a fan if I'm willing to see the revenue I bring into the Dodgers be diverted away from the team and the fan's experience is an insulting and disingenuous guilt trip. Building youth ballparks or any other charitable activity is one outcome of running a profitable business. It is not, however, the reason the business exists.

What if you went into a department store to buy a jacket and after showing you the jacket, the salespersons said, "would you rather pay $200 for the jacket, or wouldn't you feel better about yourself if you just gave me the $200 and I could donate it to a charity of my choice? If you just buy the jacket, that's your right, but everyone will think less of you." My answer would be: Fine. I won't buy the jacket. But you also can't have my $200. I'll donate it to a charity of my choice. Or maybe I'll buy another jacket in another store.

The worst thing I can say about the McCourt's tactic: Not even Donald Stirling would do this. All those years he underinvested in the Clippers, he never told the fans that he was doing it for the sake of his charities. He just let us all think he was a cheap miser. The McCourts want to keep their money and be admired for it.

Rule 5 stays my hand here. But if this becomes a pattern, I might get a lot less interested in this team. I don't mind lousy baseball, but I don't want to be insulted.

2008-11-26 00:47:56
38.   Andrew Shimmin
I agree with that. If they're serious, this is a really creepy thing to do. But if it's just the McCourts yapping into the wind as a way of trying to keep the price tags low on FA's, well, it's still a creepy way of doing it. I guess I'd rather be lied to than condescended to, though.
2008-11-26 00:50:11
39.   bhsportsguy
37 They say in the article that these are two different pots of money. I don't see why they can't ask the question, I am sure my response would be in the minority. I believe that as one of Los Angeles largest businesses, they should be a good corporate citizen and invest in the community.

And whatever you think of them, they have done more than Fox did when they own the team whether it be providing scholarships to the Jackie Robinson Foundation, their cure cancer foundation and the Dodger foundation which is partnering with another corporation to fund building ballparks.

If this was Arte Moreno talking about this, the take would be Arte is straight talking, with the McCourts, it is like they are hiding aces in their sleeves.

And I don't think its fair but its everyone elses right to disagree with me.

2008-11-26 00:53:23
40.   LoneStar7
I think the McCourts must think they can get away with comments like this in LA. Can you if the same question were proposed to a Cubs fan.

Either way, its just insulting, considering we put so much time, energy, money, and love into this team

happy birthday Jon

2008-11-26 01:00:53
41.   Andrew Shimmin
Until corporations start doing jury duty, I'm not willing to consider them citizens.
2008-11-26 01:04:34
42.   trainwreck
In Andrew Shimmin's world, corporations are worse than Pauley Shore movies.
2008-11-26 01:12:38
43.   Louis in SF
Feel some of your angst Jon, although I have a decade on you and it only gets harder. As I was reading your post noticed that another link to the Dodger past of my youth passed away, Ethel Bradley, the wife of former mayor Tom Bradley.

I always remember seeing her on TV and at the games in person, she always seemed to be enjoying herself and definitely loved the Dodgers. She was known by many as the Dodgers number 1 fan. It is a shame she couldn't have been alive to see Obama inaugurated. The Bradley effect was talked about much in the past 6 months, and I will always remember seeing it first hand when I assisted Jon Brooks from KFWB on the night we all though Tom Bradley was going to be elected governor-and make history and ended up losing to Dukemajiaen.(sp)

RIP Ethel, we know you will always be rooting for the Dodgers!

2008-11-26 01:23:47
44.   dzzrtRatt
By the way, no matter how I end up feeling about the Dodgers, I will always be a fan of Dodger Thoughts and of you. Happy Birthday friend.
2008-11-26 02:46:00
45.   Andrew Shimmin
Not worse, just not citizens. Corporations are inherently morally neutral. The people running them can be crooks or saints, but not the business. Anthropomorphism is cute for lolcats, but past that not very useful.

Either baseball matters or it doesn't--if it doesn't, the McCourts spent an awful lot of money buying something trivial.

2008-11-26 03:03:37
46.   Dodger Jack
DzzrtRat: Terrific post at 37. You are spot on. The McCourts would have come off better had they explained that they were going to avoid signing expensive free agents in favor of developing young players. The unctuous explanation they gave is just not acceptable. Wish it had been Eli Broad who purchased the team.
2008-11-26 03:35:02
47.   dzzrtRatt
I believe that as one of Los Angeles largest businesses, they should be a good corporate citizen and invest in the community.

Sure they should devote some of their profits to community activities. Even better is to use their massive publicity power to inspire and organize community giving, harnessing the fans' compassion and commitments to a better world.

But, as with any other business, their business is their business. Tiffany sells jewelry. The Dodgers are baseball team. Before you can do anything else, you have to get that right.

If they don't think they can make money from investing in a given player, don't pay him. I don't expect them not to have a budget or to be discriminating in how they spend their money.

But to ask paying customers to give the McCourts leave to forego efforts to field the best possible team in the name of their pet charity is a form of moral bullying. I mean, the answer is obvious in a way. Of course the world would be better off if the Dodgers didn't exist, IF that meant every kid in the inner cities could play on a great ballfield. But that choice doesn't exist in the real world.

Here's the choice the McCourts could present to the fans. What's Manny or CC worth to you, fans? Are you sure that, in a recession, you'll really come that much more often? You'll watch more games on TV? So, how much are you willing to pay for that premium player. Is it worth $20 more per ticket? $50 more? I wouldn't try to ascertain that in an unscientific newspaper poll, but it would be interesting to get some answers from people. Is Manny worth a higher ticket price?

2008-11-26 03:49:14
48.   das411
Happy bday Jon!! at the risk of running up against Rule 5, just think of how young you'd be if you were runnign for President!
2008-11-26 04:36:13
49.   D4P
The world is an expensive place, in just about every sense of the word "expensive."

Especially the (Southern) California world.

2008-11-26 05:50:07
50.   fordprefect
Happy Birthday Jon! You share a birthday with my son who came into this world Thanksgiving morning 1992.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-11-26 06:39:58
51.   Gen3Blue
Happy Birthday Jon!

A disastrous PR move by the McCourts, no matter what the real case. I think with the current downturn, salaries could go down for ballplayers, despite decades of evidence to the contrary. And the owners could accomplish this without collusion if they just sheathed a bit of their greed. Of course the Yanks didn't help that fantasy by immediatley offering a 6 year 140mil contract.

2008-11-26 07:03:16
52.   Bumsrap
Jamie seemed to be channeling Georgia Frontera and then Frank tried to do some damage control. After reading DT posts, Frank was to little and too late as "Georgia on my mind" was blowing in the wind.

I also loved Frank's answer to spring training tickets prices in light of the economy. "And keep in mind," Frank added, "there's also going to be the berm seating at the ballpark," referring to tickets to sit in the grass behind the outfield fences, which will cost $8 or $10, depending on the game.

2008-11-26 07:10:33
53.   Bumsrap
If the best free agents get typical contracts in an untypical depressed economy, will the feds eventually be asked to bail out baseball?

Would it not be hilarious if Manny, after forcing Boston to give up two $20,000,000 option years, wind up getting $15,000,000 a year for 2 years?

2008-11-26 07:31:28
54.   Ken Noe
At least we've finally answered the question about the McCourt's financial situation that's been hovering about since last year's deals. It's as bad as their shameless factor is high. I've tried to be supportive of them as they learn how to be owners, but this is just sleazy.
2008-11-26 07:35:34
55.   D4P
Would it not be hilarious if Manny, after forcing Boston to give up two $20,000,000 option years, wind up getting $15,000,000 a year for 2 years?

I always root for that kinda scenario.

2008-11-26 07:44:39
56.   Humma Kavula
Ratt has hit the nail on the head in 37 and 47 . The problem is NOT that the owners are bracing fans against the possibility that neither of the big free agent fishies will be caught on the Dodgers line this offseason. After all, even if the economy were flourishing, there's one Manny and one CC and all 30 teams think both would look great in their uniform. There will be a minimum of 28 disappointed teams this offseason. So it might not have happened anyway.

Add in the economic uncertainty and everything goes out the window. Everyone is being a little more cautious, and the fact that McCourt might be cautious, too, isn't a sign of anything at all. If he bites on CC, but -- and this is just an example; I don't have any particular knowledge of the situation -- later faces a margin call on some other investments that he can only meet by selling the team, well, that doesn't do him any good.

So I'll lay off the McCourts, except that this charity-or-CC thing burns my buttons. It's disingenuous, false, tricky, foolish, stupid, and clumsy.

On the other hand, my own credibility is shot here, because my tickets for 2009 are already bought and paid for.

2008-11-26 07:47:32
57.   Ken Noe
If we don't sign a big free agent--if we end up with Andy Pettitte, Jack Wilson, and a more depleted farm system--we need to start a clock on how long it takes to get ground broken on those forty youth fields. Because I'm guessing they will be forgotten quickly.
2008-11-26 07:59:10
58.   Jim Hitchcock
Jon, Jon! Sheriff John's on the phone!

Shoot, you're probably too young to get the reference.

Anyway, happy birthday, amigo...thanks for being the C-Span and NPR of sports writing :)

2008-11-26 08:02:02
59.   cargill06
Omar's got some very quick hands. (SFW)

2008-11-26 08:02:45
60.   D4P
Jack Wilson is the kinda player I look at (on paper) and conclude something along the lines of, "This guy sucks".

Then regfairfield comes along and says something about how good the player is on defense or something and how Win Shares or whatever says he's worth the $7 million a year he's getting paid.

2008-11-26 08:04:29
61.   surfing slug
Sounds like Ned and staff will be car pooling to the winter meetings.
2008-11-26 08:06:49
62.   natepurcell
Andy Pettitte or Randy Johnson for one year?
2008-11-26 08:08:23
63.   Bumsrap
The Pirates can tell the world that they want Hu, Young, and another young player for Jack Wilson and his $7,000,000 contract but the Dodgers don't dare insult the world by asking for the same type players for Pierre?
2008-11-26 08:09:00
64.   cargill06
62 RJ, cheaper.
2008-11-26 08:09:56
65.   cargill06
Have we started the guess the '09 payroll yet?
2008-11-26 08:11:54
66.   natepurcell

Who will pitch more in 2009? Both are injury risks and I think both will perform roughly the same.

Although the allure of RJ's 300 win will maybe get the dodgers more revenue.

2008-11-26 08:14:36
67.   oshea2002
I cannot believe Jaime McCourt said that. I am in shock.
2008-11-26 08:39:57
68.   popup
Thanks Jon and Happy Birthday. And Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Stan from Tacoma

2008-11-26 08:40:11
69.   bagg4
Happy Birthday, young fella and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Salaries are outrageous, more so given the state of the economy, but Manny and Raffy had better years than the President. While the exorbitant spending needs to be reigned in, I'm not sure that Raffy and Manny are the contracts where Ned should dig his heels in. Schmidt and Pierre come to mind...Manny got the job done. Raffy's back is problematic to be sure, but he sure made a hell of a comeback this year, he's only 31, and appears to be in good shape(how about that Andruw?).There are too many questions up the middle to let Raffy get away. Sign him and you can concentrate more on other infield needs. Manny...shirt sales alone...come on. Pitching is problematic and I wonder if a different pitching coach is in order...just thinking out loud.

2008-11-26 08:41:45
70.   regfairfield
63 It helps that Jack Wilson is a better player than Pierre.

In a vacuum, sure, Jack Wilson isn't a terrible player, but when you have Hu and Izturis is a free agent, there's no reason to go after him.

2008-11-26 08:43:59
71.   brookster1967
I certainly hope that Ned and the Dodgers don't give up on Hu. I can't believe that his 2007 minor league numbers were that much of a fluke. He certainly seemed like the natural replacement for Furcal at the end of the 2007 season.

2008-11-26 08:46:09
72.   Indiana Jon
62 Johnson, not even close.
2008-11-26 08:46:34
73.   D4P
It helps that Jack Wilson is a better player than Pierre

I assume you're talking about defense, because (hard as it may be to believe) it looks like Pierre is actually a better hitter.

2008-11-26 08:50:21
74.   cargill06
73 Wilson is a more valuable hitter, he's a SS compared to the LF/CF of Pierre.
2008-11-26 08:50:51
75.   regfairfield
73 And positional adjustments.
2008-11-26 08:55:06
76.   underdog
Happy Birthday, Jon!

So I assume it's normal, then, to feel loads of angst about turning 40? Because I certainly have been. "Oh woes me, I haven't finished all the things on my Must Do/Be By 40 Checklist! I am a failure" etc. That kind of thing? It comes in waves. But right now I'm in that "it's just a number" mindset. If I should survive, thankyoucomeagain.

Anyway, happy bday and happy Thanksgiving Eve!

2008-11-26 08:55:40
77.   underdog
PS: I think the Dodgers should send CC Sabathia a full, gourmet Thanksgiving dinner as an introduction.
2008-11-26 08:59:18
78.   Ken Noe
By the way, happy birthday Jon. Having just turned 50 + 1, 40 + 1 sounds pretty nice. I didn't start falling apart until 45.
2008-11-26 09:00:26
79.   Bill Simms
I think people are over reacting to Jaime McCourt's comments. First of all, she isn't the spokesperson for the baseball side of the franchise. It wasn't Frank or Ned making the comment. Maybe she shouldn't have said anything, since she obviously wants the fans to spend their money on the Dodgers (rather than charity) but it isn't unreasonable to reflect from time to time, that so much could be done with the millions of dollars that are paid to baseball players.
2008-11-26 09:05:53
80.   Dodger Dawg
Do the Red Sox or Yankees ask their fans would you rather have more ball fields for inner city youth or have a good team? This is just ridiculous, if you're a ML team then you owe it to fans to field the best team you can. Also as a big market team that has great attendance they positively owe it to the fans to put out a highly competitive team. If they can't do this , or won't do this, then they should sell the team to someone who can.
2008-11-26 09:18:26
81.   MC Safety
Arte Moreno is in the press talking about Tex, CC and Manny.

Jamie McCourt is in the press talking about building 50 youth fields.

Yikes. We can't sign top FA's, we can't hold onto stud prospects, we can't get value out of stud prospects, we can't sign a Kyle Blair type in the draft, we have a crap GM who thought Juan Pierre was a good deal at 5/45, I mean why am I rooting for this team?

2008-11-26 09:21:06
82.   MC Safety
(sings Happy Birthday)
2008-11-26 09:22:02
83.   ToyCannon
Was looking at the draft order and found it funny that every team in the NL Western Division will have drafted by the 18th pick. Not a bad deal, go to the NL Championship Series and still get the 17th pick in the draft. Assuming they get it of course and don't go off and sign a pointless Type A.

Is there anybody other then CC that we would be comfortable losing our number one pick for? If Frank really wants to save money he could sign one of those Type A relief pitchers and skip the bonus he'd have to pay the 1st round pick. I think we used to call that a Sabean Special.

2008-11-26 09:23:45
84.   Ken Noe
Take it for what you will, new stories linked on MLB Trade Rumors claim that the Dodgers aren't all that interested in Johnson or Pettitte. How low can LA take that payroll?

2008-11-26 09:25:41
85.   ToyCannon
Why the assumption that Jamie doesn't have as much input into the baseball side as Frank? I agree that to much is being made of the comments but there are some very telling comments being made. Frustration with the production of Ned's free agents is clearly being vented in a subtle way. It surely looked to me like a warning shot over the bow about lowering expectations for this years budget but then I'm biased on that subject.
2008-11-26 09:26:20
86.   cargill06
84 $92,524,258 just my guess.
2008-11-26 09:27:35
87.   D4P
Meanwhile, with word getting out that Pettitte is consorting with Torre, who still is loathed by some of the Yankees' upper management people, Pettitte surely hopes that the Yankees increase their offer.

Loathed is a strong word...I didn't realize Torre had fostered such ill will.

2008-11-26 09:32:15
88.   wronghanded
85 If that is truly the way the Frank and Jamie feel, why is Colletti even back for this season? I have to think that the McCourts are currently having some real financial issues. If we don't sign any of the three big FA's or even any of the second tier SPs I see our team finishing 3rd or 4th place in the West next year. Unless of course Andruw pulls his head out, Bills is fully healed and Kershaw lives up to his potential.
2008-11-26 09:32:29
89.   Ken Noe
85 Clearly the comment about guaranteed contracts for players who "can't play anymore" was a shot at Schmidt and Jones (guaranteed $29 million in 2009), and probably the guy who signed them too. I wonder how often Jaime reminds Frank that she wanted Kim Ng as GM?
2008-11-26 09:32:39
90.   Kevin Lewis

But she has to know how those comments will sound, and the ability to invest in charities is contingent on the success of the Dodgers.

Maybe this was the wrong investment for the McCourts?

2008-11-26 09:33:42
91.   Eric Stephen
Sounds like some people in the Yankee front office could use the calming effects of Bigelow tea.
2008-11-26 09:34:27
92.   Ken Noe
88 PR--you can't fire a GM after he wins a division and a playoff series. The telling fact is that his contract wasn't extended beyond this year.
2008-11-26 09:37:02
93.   Tripon
83 A first rounder in the mid teens will cost less than a type-A relief pitcher.
2008-11-26 09:38:36
94.   regfairfield
Anyone can get hurt so if that really is our MO from now on Mark Grudzielanek and Paul Byrd are going to be our big acquisitions this year.

Avoiding known injury risks, sure, but that quote makes it sound like we don't want to commit to anyone. It's not like Schmidt and Jones were hurt all the time before they came here.

2008-11-26 09:40:43
95.   wronghanded
92 Good point, but this seems to be evidence that Colletti is more a figure head than actual GM. If the McCourts are calling all the shots now (especially in lieu of Jamie's comments) this may be the most disappointing offseason that I can remember in my 22+ years of being a fan.
2008-11-26 09:43:55
96.   Gen3Blue
91 or those natural mellowing agents in ketchup.
2008-11-26 09:44:15
97.   Kevin Lewis
The interview would have been fine without the guilt trip with urban ballparks.

We are looking at priorities within this economy, and we may be headed the direction of fielding a homegrown team, so we will have more money to work with in 2010.

I would be okay with that straightforward answer.

2008-11-26 09:45:03
98.   JoeyP
Yikes. We can't sign top FA's, we can't hold onto stud prospects, we can't get value out of stud prospects, we can't sign a Kyle Blair type in the draft, we have a crap GM who thought Juan Pierre was a good deal at 5/45, I mean why am I rooting for this team


2008-11-26 09:47:09
99.   Ken Noe
97 Homegrown actually is fine by me as long as we commit to it finally and wisely. That means no more Blake or Maddux deals. Or Jack Wilson.
2008-11-26 09:48:55
100.   ToyCannon
Why, it seems plausible they kept Ned to do all the things a GM does besides player acquisitions but that those will be held to a higher sniff taste then ever before. I surely disagree with Bhsportsguy that Ned needs to be extended or fired. The McCourts have it completely within their power to make sure he does not do any damage to the future.
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2008-11-26 09:49:29
101.   JoeyP
92- I agree.
If the McCourts are restricting payroll, that will mean 2009 will be Ned's last year & they'll start rebuilding all over again if they havent put the Dodgers up for sale by then...

I just hope that if the Dodgers dont sign CC/Manny/Tex/Dunn/Furcal/Lowe...that they dont sign anyone of lesser value. Just go with kids in 2009.

Has Jeff Kent announced his retirement yet?

2008-11-26 09:50:40
102.   ToyCannon
Anyway if anyone is interested in showing off their Dodger Management skills I've started off a contest where you would guess the Dodger Budget in 2009 and all free agents signed > 2 Million.
2008-11-26 09:52:33
103.   Kevin Lewis

That is what I thought we were going to do last year.

2008-11-26 09:52:35
104.   Jon Weisman
2008-11-26 10:11:18
105.   cargill06
Let's take a loot at the teams production as a whole last year that managed to outscore it's opponents 700-648. Where could this team reasonably improve with either in house options or lower tier FA's? (assuming a payroll cut for next year.)

C- .276/.376/.391 (103 OPS+)
1B- .292/.344/.458 (109 OPS+) -1 defense
2B- .281/.340/.419 (98 OPS+) -12 defense
SS- .244/.310/.367 (77 OPS+) +6 defense
3B- .245/.321/.376 (83 OPS+) +10 defense
LF- .300/.371/.445 (113 OPS+) -5 defense
CF- .236/.301/.358 (73 OPS+) -2 defense
RF- .315/.373/.537 (136 OPS+) -18 defense

I think it's safe to assume C, 1B are pretty sure bets to be better this year. 3B is I think at worst the same with a lot of real upside possibility assuming DeWitt gets the job. Our OF trio last year combined for a line of .284/.348/.448 (OPS+ 108) and -25 on defense. If we don't sign an OF'er Andruw Jones could be the make or break point of the season, if he's right, could that trio match that line of 108 OPS+ or come close? Probably, and it's reasonable to expect the OF defense to be much much better. Now, to adress our other holes SS and 2B. A full season of Hu, would be better the +7 number on defense. He should destroy that number, just a question if he can come close to the 77 OPS+ number. Now to 2B, sign Orlando Hudson maybe? If you do that's a massive upgrade at 2B, his offense will probably be better than the 98 OPS+ number and his defense would probably be at least 20 plays better than what we had last year. So, with signing just Orlando Hudson there is a very real possibility to expect a team to score more runs and play better defense than last year.

2008-11-26 11:43:08
106.   Linkmeister
I hit 50+8 three weeks ago, so forgive me if my sympathy is muted. ;)

Happy Birthday, Jon!

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