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Steiner Moved to Radio Full-Time - Slot as Scully's TV Backup Open
2008-12-12 09:30
by Jon Weisman

Charley Steiner will work solely on the radio on Dodger broadcasts in 2009, Tom Hoffarth of the Daily News reports:

Dodgers VP of communications Josh Rawitch confirmed that Steiner was OK with being taken off the 40-odd FSN Prime Ticket and KCAL-Channel 9 road game package that Hall of Famer Vin Scully passes on each season (all games East of the Rockies). Steiner will go back to working exclusively on the KABC-AM (790) radio broadcasts for the entire season with Rick Monday as his partner.

The decision to make Steiner-Monday the radio team for all 162 regular-season games (after the three innings that Scully simulcasts to open each contest) also means a) Monday won't have to fumble around with play-by-play any longer and b) former Dodgers pitcher Jerry Reuss unfortunately won't be needed. ...

So, where do the Dodgers look now for a strong TV presence -- and, if you're reading between the lines, a possible successor some day to the 81-year-old Scully, guaranteed to be with the team through 2009 by his latest contract to give him an even 60 years with the franchise?

Steve Lyons remains under contract for 2009, so whomever does play-by-play will have that element of surprise to contend with.

Start your list of candidates now.

Make sure to follow the link to Hoffarth's story for more.

I'm wondering if, even though Steiner has been sent to television, he (and Monday or Lyons) ultimately wouldn't be Scully's full-time replacement for TV games after he retires, and any newcomer would eventually end up on radio.

Previously on Dodger Thoughts: "On the AAA Broadcasting Beat"

Comments (429)
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2008-12-12 09:35:18
1.   bigcpa
Larry Elder is available!
2008-12-12 09:36:51
2.   Jon Weisman
65 - from last thread.

I like Reuss but I also felt Monday brought out the worst in him, encouraging him talk about his playing days at the expense of what was happening in the game.

2008-12-12 09:37:17
3.   cargill06
Well, we'll agree to disagree. Garlands periphals are so bad, it's hard to imagine Stults could really be worse. Johnson has averaged 184 IP the last 5 years including 184 last year, and he walks less people than Garland and strikes out more people. Honestly, Garland is very bad.
2008-12-12 09:38:06
4.   underdog
2 - I agree, I would prefer Reuss but together they were not a good combination. At least Monday will never be allowed to do play by play again unless in an emergency.

How about Russ Langer for TV?

2008-12-12 09:39:42
5.   Xeifrank
3. Garland is league average. The thing Stults has going for him is the fact that he is cheap. The thing Johnson has going for him, is that he could probably be had for a one or two year deal. I have no problem with either one, but wouldn't expect a full season from either. vr, Xei
2008-12-12 09:40:45
6.   Eric Stephen
I like Reuss too, but it seemed to often devolve into a giggle fest between Monday & Reuss every time they would allude to something from 1981.

"Remember what you were wearing when you walked in on Jay Johnstone?"

[covering mic, laughter head in background]

"Here's the wind, and the 2-1 pitch. Low and outside, ball 3. Right back with a fastball, full count. Right back with an off speed pitch got him, to end the inning. We'll be back after this."

Producer [in Monday's ear]: "Um, Rick we don't have time for commercials now since the next inning is already starting."

2008-12-12 09:41:05
7.   Eric Stephen

Franklin Stubbs is actually 20th in hits by Dodgers that primarily played 1B. :)

2008-12-12 09:43:27
8.   Humma Kavula
2 Of course I agree with that. When you ignore the action on the field to relive glory days, that's not good.

On the other hand, there's gotta be a way to use examples from one's playing days as a way to highlight or explain the action in the current game. This is one of the few places where "I played the game" holds water for me.

In other words: Rick Monday is a terrible broadcaster.

2008-12-12 09:45:14
9.   Jon Weisman
8 (second paragraph) - It's the Kevin Kennedy syndrome. It can be very useful, but when you go there every single time, it just gets nauseating.
2008-12-12 09:46:04
10.   therickdaddy
I have to admit that Steve Lyons is a guilty pleasure for me. I really enjoy listening to him, and he bounced off of Steiner in a pretty entertaining way I thought. Hey, I'll take the job! :)

Seriously, how about bringing Ross Porter back? Please?

2008-12-12 09:47:01
11.   El Lay Dave
4 Vin's shoes are impossible to fill, so I think I'd rather see an "unknown" with upside take his shot; an already-known commodity will always pale in comparison.

I actually prefer Steiner on TV over radio. On radio he's always getting my hopes up with that "it's a homer, oops fooled me again" call - on TV I have a shot that my eyes have already told me something different.

2008-12-12 09:47:42
12.   Humma Kavula
Former players as broadcasters -- maybe I'm misremembering, but didn't Al Leiter impress a little while back? And I also recall Tony Gwynn getting good notices as a broadcaster.
2008-12-12 09:49:10
13.   Humma Kavula
I will say this: if Ken Levine gets the TV play-by-play gig, they might as well close the schools in Borneo.
2008-12-12 09:52:18
14.   El Lay Dave
3 Garland's peripherals are definitely poor, but he's been around league-average for seven straight years, so it can't be a fluke that he succeeds to that degree, can it? He generally keeps his WHIP in the mid 1.3s. He's definitely not an exciting signing. I guess the question is his poorer season last year the start of a trend.?
2008-12-12 09:53:55
15.   kngoworld
Could this mean a farewell tour for Vinny? Where he might travel with the team for games outside the division also, one last time, visiting the other cities and parks.
2008-12-12 09:55:05
16.   Eric Stephen
Garland is essentially the Roto Reuter.
2008-12-12 09:57:57
17.   arborial
I was going to suggest Bob Uecker because I loved him in Major League, only to find out he calls games for the Brewers. Maybe we could slide Uecker into that multiplayer Loney-Fielder deal that was proposed earlier?
2008-12-12 09:59:23
18.   Marty
I thought Reuss was horrible, His cadence drove me nuts.
2008-12-12 10:00:45
19.   Humma Kavula
What are the chances that the post-Vin era will feature a single broadcaster calling the game? I don't root for this, but I think it's more likely that we get a PBP/color team.
2008-12-12 10:01:29
20.   LogikReader

Not only that, but Uecker is into his 70s. I've always enjoyed Uecker on pbp.

2008-12-12 10:01:40
21.   cargill06
14 Hendrickson is reliable, and his periphals are a bit better. He would be cheaper than Garland. I don't want Hendrickson, but if I had to choose between the two I'd take Hendrickson.
2008-12-12 10:01:45
22.   Samhain
Ross Porter must be a helluva nice guy personally, because all the sportswriters in town love him and constantly root for his successful return.

I think he is the worst baseball announcer in L.A MLB history., and I lived through Jerry Doggett's sad decline.
I abhor Ross Porter's announcing.

Ross Porter, the master of context-free and/or trivial stats.

By trivial I mean he loves to share things like, say, "...the Dodgers so far this season have a record of 2 and 13 in Tuesday night games--1 and 2 in Tuesday day games".
If your're not betting the games, what possible difference does it make?

By context free I mean he pompously announces things like, say, "..the Dodgers average one intentional walk every 5 1/3 innings."
Stats like that are meaningless without an accompanying mention of league average.
(And boring.)

2008-12-12 10:02:01
23.   underdog
It's obvious the only real solution, then, is to bring back Ross Porter. That would be great PR for the team. Only if Porter agrees to build several youth baseball fields though.
2008-12-12 10:02:01
24.   Tripon
Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Phillies have signed Raul Ibanez to a three-year deal. Rosenthal says the contract is worth $30MM. The deal is pending a physical.

2008-12-12 10:02:20
25.   underdog
22 + 23 made me laugh.
2008-12-12 10:03:05
26.   Steve Now in Annapolis
Is there any real chance of Ross Porter returning to the Dodgers broadcasting booth? It seems to me that bringing him back would go a long way PR-wise with Dodger fans over the age of 20.
2008-12-12 10:03:14
27.   underdog
Bring back Jerry Doggett!

What's that you say?

Oh, er, never mind.

So what other former Dodger players would make good announcers? Besides Fernando.

2008-12-12 10:04:20
28.   dzzrtRatt
The problem with Reuss was that he felt compelled to re-describe every play after Monday described it. He accurately thought Monday's play by play left some matters unclear, but it was annoying to hear him present as analysis the same information Monday just stated.

Monday: "Cain comes right back with a slow curve and Blake pokes it into right field."

Crowd noise.

Reuss: "On that play, Cain thought he could get a slow curve past Blake, but Blake just stuck his bat out there, poked it into right field, and now he's got a base hit."

2008-12-12 10:04:54
29.   Tripon
Sign Ralph Lawler away from the Clippers.
2008-12-12 10:06:32
30.   Steve Now in Annapolis
28 Although the cadence you described doesn't really bother me, I'm amazed at how accurate it was.
2008-12-12 10:07:00
31.   dzzrtRatt
Here's my LAT'd comment from the last thread...

I think the Dodgers are really going to miss Lowe if we end up with Garland. Just go with the starting pitching we've got (Billingsley, Kuroda, Kershaw, McDonald and Stults), bring in Trevor Hoffman, and assemble the strongest offense we can -- Furcal and Manny, or Furcal and an improved Jones if Manny is too much trouble. Furcal should be the top FA priority because he's anti-Pierre insurance. I have a feeling about Andruw. I think he's going to be good next year.

With Manny and Furcal, the Dodgers should score a lot of runs. The key, then, would be having a bullpen that can take over 75 percent of the games after 5-6 innings so we don't burn out the young pitchers. I really like the idea of Hoffman coming here for a year.

2008-12-12 10:09:38
32.   Bob Timmermann
Fernando is nothing special as a color announcer. Great pitcher though.

I think that once Scully retires, the single announcer in the TV booth will disappear.

Fortunately, Matt Vasgersian is safely away at the MLB Network, even though a Vasgersian/Arbogast pairing would make Eric Stephen giddy with joy.

I think the Dodgers should go off the board and get someone from the East Coast or Midwest.

2008-12-12 10:10:32
33.   Bleacher Seats
From the end of the last post:

The Dodgers need to get in on the Tex Sweepstakes. (I don't care that he wants to play on the left coast) Sign Tex - forget about Manny. Then convert Loney to LF.

Sign Furcal.

Work out a trade with SD for Peavy - we have the AAA playes they want/need.

Just DO IT!!!

Also about over-the-hill-Treavor - I laughed and drooled last year every time Hoff came in to releive against the Dodgers - he is just terrible and way over rated.

2008-12-12 10:10:54
34.   Eric Stephen
I hope the Dodgers love Saito tender today.
2008-12-12 10:12:21
35.   LogikReader

I nominate Chip Caray!

[runs away]

2008-12-12 10:13:31
36.   Jon Weisman
There is zero chance the Dodgers will have a one-man booth after Vinny leaves, and zero chance that Porter would ever broadcast the Dodgers again under the current ownership.
2008-12-12 10:13:50
37.   Humma Kavula
34 Try a little tender-ness?
2008-12-12 10:15:40
38.   delias man
Is anybody concerned that they will have 5 OF's if Manny is resigned? Then the same cries by everyone any day Matt or Dre is not in the lineup? Realistically, Torre is going to give Jones a lot of PA's the first couple months again.
2008-12-12 10:15:43
39.   Humma Kavula
34 Tender is the afternoon?
2008-12-12 10:15:43
40.   MollyKnight
Raul Ibanez is the most underrated player in baseball. This is a great move by the Phillies. In that ballpark and in that line-up, he's going to put up scary numbers.
2008-12-12 10:16:32
41.   Lexinthedena
I like that the Lakers gave the radio job to Spiro Dedes, and I think he is a phenomenal broadcaster. I hope the Dodgers follow suit and get a young talent, who just calls the game, all the other stuff falls into place. I have when they try to bring a shtick to there call, the things your known for will evolve if you simply call the action.
2008-12-12 10:16:35
42.   Tripon
Why do teams feel the need to double their broadcasting expenses with two men teams?
2008-12-12 10:17:11
43.   Humma Kavula
38 Why do you believe that? Torre already gave Jones a lot of at bats -- last year. And at the end of the year, he played his three best outfielders.
2008-12-12 10:17:16
44.   MollyKnight
12-Speaking of underrated, you're right on about Al Leiter and his broadcasting abilities. Also, the Mets really do have a good play-by-play team.
2008-12-12 10:19:17
45.   Jon Weisman
So did Hershiser DQ himself from this last fall with his intemperate comments about Dodger players' character?
2008-12-12 10:19:42
46.   MollyKnight
I know there is a slim chance of this happening, but what are we going to do if Andruw Jones remembers how to hit a baseball? Rejoice? Trade him? Send Ethier back to the bench?

Of course it behooves us to get the most out of every player we have, but talk about a pickle. I wonder if Ethier can play short.

2008-12-12 10:19:47
47.   Lexinthedena
41 *hate, not have.
2008-12-12 10:22:08
48.   mwhite06
46 I assume you mean in a scenario where Jones starts hitting and we've signed Manny. In that case, we send Ethier to 1st and Loney to the bench.
2008-12-12 10:23:06
49.   Humma Kavula
46 It is entirely possible that we will rejoice, because Jones will be our starting third outfielder when Manny signs elsewhere.
2008-12-12 10:23:37
50.   Lexinthedena
45 Hershiser bugs me. A little, dare I say it...("dare" "dare")...

Joe Morgan-esque.

Too bad Joe Biemel is still playing, he is hilarious.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-12-12 10:23:41
51.   delias man
43 Some sort of payback for being in shape, knee is healthy, pressure from above to justify contract. I am not saying I agree with these reasons, but I can surely see it happening. Actually, I guarantee it will happen.
2008-12-12 10:24:00
52.   Bob Timmermann
If the TV guy just has to work the NL Central and East cities: Chicago, St. Louis, Houston, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, New York, Washington, Atlanta, and Miami, then you can hire someone from out of town.
2008-12-12 10:25:02
53.   das411
In the spirit of Joe Torre and Bob's idea in 32 , let's watch as the next Dodger play-by-play announcer turns out to be...Billy Crystal!

Re: Garland, everybody is forgetting one very crucial fact. Does he, or does he not, have A RING IN A BOX?

2008-12-12 10:25:11
54.   bhsportsguy
I believe there is one team that uses a single broadcaster for most of its television coverage. And when I say one team, I mean in MLB, NBA, and NHL local broadcasts.
2008-12-12 10:26:00
55.   Jon Weisman
46 - If Jones recaptured his prime, and Ramirez were on the team, Ethier and Kemp would platoon.

But what are the odds that Jones not only starts to hit, but hits better than Kemp or Ethier?

2008-12-12 10:26:57
56.   The Trolley Dodger
37 I now have Otis Redding and General Public as ear worms. And yes, two different songs simultaneously is a bit of a hassle.

50 I'm going to miss Joe. I can see him in hanging in the broadcast booth wearing his awesome Dodger bathrobe and a cap pulled down over his eyes.

2008-12-12 10:26:59
57.   Eric Stephen
I love Spero.
2008-12-12 10:27:27
58.   fiddlestick
The Ibanez deal sure doesn't help LA resign Manny on it's own 2 year/high salary terms. They're both very close in age and if Ibanez gets 3 years guaranteed, Manny certainly deserves 3 guaranteed.
2008-12-12 10:28:48
59.   bigcpa
Being the innovators that the Dodgers are (were), they should take this play-by-play opening as a chance to modernize the entire broadcast. That means not only a play-by-play guy with a grasp of modern statistics, but a producer and guys in the truck that can present the game in an informative and less robotic way. As we all know, 75% of the Elias-type graphics that get thrown on the screen are just noise and give statistics a bad name.
2008-12-12 10:29:49
60.   MollyKnight
55-Not very high. But it seems like when it comes to the free agents we've picked up we should maybe expect the unexpected.

I think it's pretty obvious that Jones is enduring some kind of psychological issue, perhaps similar to Chuck Knoblauch's sudden inability to throw the ball to first base.

I wonder if Jones suffers from panic attacks or depression.

2008-12-12 10:29:59
61.   cargill06
58 Didn't the Dodgers already offer him a 3rd year? Or was that a team option.

Does he, or does he not, have A RING IN A BOX?

Don't ask Justin Timberlake what's in his box.

2008-12-12 10:30:38
62.   LogikReader
The Cleveland Cavs use a single guy for Radio. He does the whole game by himself. In fact, when I first heard I him I was still waiting for the color guy to chime in... but it never happened.

I too am a huge fan of Spero Dedes. <-- also an East Coast guy.

2008-12-12 10:31:06
63.   Humma Kavula
60 Jones is suffering from Chuck Knoblauch disease?

Somebody alert Keith Olbermann's mom and tell her to stay away from Arizona during Spring Training.

2008-12-12 10:32:15
64.   arborial
53 I am pretty sure that the "ring in a box" comment is never going to get old. It also makes me hum a modified version of the Timberlake/Samberg song.
2008-12-12 10:32:25
65.   Jon Weisman
52 - Tony Jackson's available.
2008-12-12 10:32:32
66.   Jim Hitchcock
1 Big, you're fired.
2008-12-12 10:33:26
67.   fiddlestick
60 Andruw Jones suffers from a chronic dellusional disorder by which he believes that by taking the exact same swing at every pitch trying to hit it over the foul pole, eventually pitchers will start throwing the ball at his bat.
2008-12-12 10:34:05
68.   arborial
61 glad I am not the only one
2008-12-12 10:34:30
69.   fanerman
60 In all seriousness, Andruw smiles too much to look like he suffers from depression. Then again, maybe he could be bipolar.
2008-12-12 10:34:36
70.   MollyKnight
58-On talent alone, obviously. But Manny and Ibanez couldn't be further from each other personality-wise. Ibanez runs through walls on a daily basis for whatever team he's playing for, regardless of the score or his contract situation. If the Dodgers didn't already have 11 outfielders I'm sure Ned would have looked into it as he's a real "ballplayer." But one who can, you know, actually hit.
2008-12-12 10:35:13
71.   fiddlestick
61 All I ever saw officially was the 2/$45M. But it would have already been tough selling Boras on any time of vesting, mutual or player option for year 3 before someone of Ibanez' caliber getting 3 guaranteed.
2008-12-12 10:35:59
72.   MollyKnight
69-Well if he wasn't depressed before last season..
2008-12-12 10:35:59
73.   Humma Kavula
53 Billy Crystal? Even the Oscars are getting rid of him.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present... your Oscar host and future Dodger broadcaster...

2008-12-12 10:36:11
74.   Lexinthedena
Speaking of radio, when is ESPN going to wake up and get rid of Denholm and Long?....They are beyond awful.
2008-12-12 10:36:32
75.   blue22
58 - Per Rosenthal though (I know, I know):

The Mets, Cubs, Nationals and Angels also were interested in Ibanez

There isn't a similar market for Manny, not at the annual salary he's asking for. But, I do think LA eventually guarantees that 3rd year if/when other suitors enter the bidding. Ibanez is gone and Burrell may be going to the Reds. That leaves Manny, Tex, and Abreu as the "big bats" left.

Best case for LA re: Manny, I think, is for Tex to go to Anaheim and Abreu to go to the Mets. That would presumably leave only the Nats and LA bidding for Manny.

Of course, Manny could just retire too :-/

2008-12-12 10:37:19
76.   MollyKnight
Is anyone else loving this drama in Dallas? TO's feeling left out! They don't want to play with him!!
2008-12-12 10:37:33
77.   JoeyP
The hot stove league used to be really interesting. But this year has been dull as can be.

Hardly any movement at all.

2008-12-12 10:37:51
78.   blue22
75 - Oh, and Adam Dunn too. I think he takes the Nats' money though.
2008-12-12 10:38:23
79.   MollyKnight
75-Retiring in lieu of taking a contract he doesn't like? That sounds so crazy he just might do it.
2008-12-12 10:38:41
80.   Kevin Lewis
From the videos on the last thread...

I don't know what it is, but Wonder Years just doesn't do it for me anymore. I loved it when I was growing up, but Fred Savage and Danica McKellar bug me to no end on that show.

The acting in Freaks and Geeks is amazing, and I am now sad the show was canceled (yet again).

Wonder Years may be ruined for me by the way the whole thing ended, but it reminds me of how I used to think Outback Steakhouse made great steaks, until I had a great steak.

Tastes change, I just my opinion.

2008-12-12 10:39:14
81.   Kevin Lewis
Please don't ban me for the Danica comment.
2008-12-12 10:39:22
82.   blue22
79 - Apparently his feelings are getting hurt. Rotoworld/Newsday:

Manny Ramirez is growing extremely upset about the lack of suitors for his services, so much so that he has told friends he would contemplate retirement if a suitable offer doesn't arrive soon, a person close to the situation told Newsday.

2008-12-12 10:40:42
83.   Lexinthedena
80 Kevin, that was a weird post.
2008-12-12 10:42:17
84.   Lexinthedena
I haven't been around much lately....

Has there been much discussion about Ben Sheets. I think he would be a really great signing.

2008-12-12 10:43:07
85.   Marty
The Dodgers should bring in Trevor Denman.
2008-12-12 10:44:42
86.   cargill06
84 Ned was on the radio today and said they will not persue Sheets.
2008-12-12 10:44:51
87.   Jon Weisman
80 - I understand. I don't agree in this particular case, but I understand.

All TV shows tend to suffer by how they age, however. Something like Freaks benefits in our memory by having such a short run.

2008-12-12 10:44:59
88.   Kevin Lewis

What, that was in perfect theme with this place

2008-12-12 10:45:04
89.   fanerman
What's going on in Dallas?
2008-12-12 10:45:44
90.   Kevin Lewis

Excellent point. I often wonder if I would like Arrested Development as much if it had gone on for say 3 or 4 more years.

2008-12-12 10:46:36
91.   blue22
89 - TO is, get this, not getting along with his QB. Can you believe it?
2008-12-12 10:46:41
92.   Lexinthedena
So if Wonder Years is the OUtback Steakhouse, what constitutes a "real" steak?
2008-12-12 10:47:26
93.   Lexinthedena
Even The Simpsons fell off.
2008-12-12 10:47:57
94.   blue22
93 - And then proceeded to make 14 more seasons.
2008-12-12 10:48:04
95.   Lexinthedena
One realizes at this point that T.O is just a crazy person.
2008-12-12 10:48:36
96.   Lexinthedena
94 Capatalismo
2008-12-12 10:49:42
97.   Kevin Lewis

I knew I would get in trouble for that.

Ummmm...I don't even have a favorite steak place.

Something made on the green pod!

2008-12-12 10:50:03
98.   Harold M Johnson
I third the love for Spero, he's a very talented broadcaster and eventually, I believe, will become a great one.

As for the Dodgers, 28 completely nailed the Jerry Reuss style! I could literally hear those words being spoken in my head.

I think the upper-management plan is that Steiner + X will be Vin's successors. I could be wrong though, the last I heard this plan was a couple years ago.

2008-12-12 10:50:26
99.   blue22
96 - I wish my Tivo would allow me to only record the Simpsons if the "year aired" is less than or equal to 1996.
2008-12-12 10:50:29
100.   Harold M Johnson
92 Taylor's.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-12-12 10:50:34
101.   Sam DC
87 , 90 My So Called Life another entry in "the benefits from short run" category.
2008-12-12 10:50:54
102.   Kevin Lewis

I stopped watching at Season 10...I didn't realize it was at year 20 until Sporcle.

Seasons 4-7 are what do it for me.

I think part of the reason I enjoy Lost so much is that I know there is a planned ending point. It won't be going on and on to season 10

2008-12-12 10:51:55
103.   Lexinthedena
Ha ha....

We need to have our championship BBQ at some point....

Maybe a day or two before next season starts.

2008-12-12 10:53:04
104.   Marty
In Pasadena:

Arroyo Chop House
Ruth's Chris

2008-12-12 10:53:23
105.   blue22
90 - The Office is teetering at the point right now for me. I may look back at Toby returning as a shark-jumping event.
2008-12-12 10:54:21
106.   MollyKnight
Sporcle has been letting me down lately. I just do not care about Thin Lizzy albums.
2008-12-12 10:56:33
107.   John Hale
I think Raul Ibanez is so underrated that he is overrated.
Smart Mariner fans like me (OK I just regurgitate USS Mariner)have been waiting for him to fall offensivle and he refuses to do it. But he also refuses to come off the field when injured and has mastered the art of when pursuing a long drive of hitting the outfield wall at the same time as the ball. I am amazed he went to an NL team. Mariner fans thought he wasn't that slow but we watched Edgar Martinez and John Olerud slowpoke around the bases for a couple of years.
2008-12-12 10:59:10
108.   MollyKnight
I just realized that on the bottom of each team's roster page, includes average height and weight of all the players. Both the Diamondbacks and Dodgers come in at 6'1, 211 pounds. The Rays are a much svelter 6"2, 207.

2008-12-12 11:01:04
109.   Jon Weisman
Segue (and Segway) alert!

Speaking of Arrested Development ... trouble with Jason Bateman's in-laws.

2008-12-12 11:02:08
110.   mintxcore
How about Joe Torre as announcer? Eh, eh? Keep Mark Sweeney and Nomar on the team to manage all games east of the Rockies!
2008-12-12 11:03:06
111.   Humma Kavula
Why go to a steakhouse?

Get yourself a ribeye. Marinade in just a little soy sauce, a little garlic. Rub some salt and pepper. Get your grill hot, hot, hot. Five minutes one side, flip, five minutes the other side. Eat.

2008-12-12 11:04:33
112.   cargill06
The best steak, patatoes, and salad you can get for under $40 is at Damons in Glendale.
2008-12-12 11:06:52
113.   Xeifrank
I would sign Garland before I went with the cheaper solution of McDonald and Stults. I don't see why they can't go with all three, limiting Stults and McDonald in their IPs. Garland most likely adds 1-2 wins over Stultdonald. Every win is going to count this year as I don't see the Dodgers running away with anything.
vr, Xei
2008-12-12 11:07:01
114.   kngoworld
108 You can thank A. Jones for that.
2008-12-12 11:07:04
115.   das411
107 , does that make him as anti-Abreu as it sounds like he is? If so, then awesome.

Does anybody else remember the good old days, before he was traded four times, that Javy Vazquez was underrated?

2008-12-12 11:09:16
116.   Eric Stephen
Has anyone every eaten at Savannah's in Costa Mesa? I will be dining there this evening and, thanks to the conversation here today, I'm tempted to get a steak.
2008-12-12 11:09:52
117.   Eric Stephen
Humma Kavula speaks the truth.
2008-12-12 11:10:01
118.   Jon Weisman
111 - You're "Why go out" comment calls to mind, inadvertently or not, one of my least favorite conversations ever on this site.
2008-12-12 11:11:08
119.   Humma Kavula
118 It was entirely inadvertant. I withdraw the comment.
2008-12-12 11:13:13
120.   Eric Stephen
I read 111 as an endorsement of homemade cooking, rather than a denouncement of anything else.
2008-12-12 11:13:44
121.   Jon Weisman
119 - You don't have to withdraw - it was entirely valid - I just wanted to head off a re-do.
2008-12-12 11:17:00
122.   cargill06
113 Why Garland over Hendrickson? Isn't Hendrickson a better pitcher?
2008-12-12 11:17:03
123.   Kevin Lewis

I did a search, and I still didn't get the comment.


Exactly...but I would go with a Filet, rub it with olive oil, some sea salt and cracked pepper and fire the BGE up to 750 degrees.

2008-12-12 11:17:35
124.   Jacob Burch
I marinade in a rub I have a stock pile of and use olive oil, 6 minutes one side, 4 another, depending on the cut. I'll often serve with some sort of sauce (I did Beurre Rouge last time and it was tremendous).
2008-12-12 11:18:23
125.   cargill06
Jon Garland would cost a draft pick also.
2008-12-12 11:18:54
126.   cargill06
123 I think he's talking about why do we tip people arguement.
2008-12-12 11:19:21
127.   Eric Stephen
Garland is a Type B. No draft pick lost if signed.
2008-12-12 11:20:39
128.   Humma Kavula
124 Nice.

The key ingredient in preparing the steak, in my opinion, is salt. No salt (or too little) and it leaves so much flavor of the steak untapped. Too much salt is also n.g. You have to get it just right...

Ah, but what's "just right?" That varies by person. Experiment to see what you like.

2008-12-12 11:24:23
129.   Jacob Burch
128 I actually didn't do salt on this rub, and haven't had problems. It's possible on of the things I threw in it acts the same way, but am not sure. All I know is that I, in the dark, nailed the steak perfectly, something I don't do too often, but am getting better at.
2008-12-12 11:25:55
130.   Jacob Burch
Beurre Rouge is also really easy to make and adds about ten points to the impressive meter, for any potential daters/cooking for the In-Laws types out there. Just don't tell the uninformed it's 90% butter, and you'll be great.
2008-12-12 11:26:51
131.   Harold M Johnson
Here's my Ibanez question, if he's so good, why do Mariner fans dislike him so much? I'm not saying fan opinion is always or even usually right, but until Ibanez's second half, it seemed like every single Mariner's fan looked at him as a problem.
2008-12-12 11:26:56
132.   underdog
Outback Steakhouse?

Our he-man salad is served in a punch bowl with 18 pounds of ranch dressing, pork-stuffed, deep-fried croutons, and what the hell a couple of corndogs.

At Outback, your name is Peaches.

2008-12-12 11:27:58
133.   kinbote
131 His defense is atrocious.
2008-12-12 11:28:43
134.   El Lay Dave
cargill06 - your faux-Ned crack about "staring at the sun" a topic or two back made me literally LOL.
2008-12-12 11:29:35
135.   Humma Kavula
I still haven't forgiven Outback Steakhouse for taking that Of Montreal song and turning it into their jingle.

I also haven't forgiven my friend who said she preferred the jingle to the actual song.

This is why I don't keep an obelisk. I don't like to keep track of all my petty grievances. I prefer to wait until something in the conversation sparks one of 'em, and then I say, "Oh yeah! I hate that."

2008-12-12 11:30:06
136.   Jon Weisman
When you love steak but you're not supposed to eat it, it kind of makes perfecting the grilling of one a dubious pursuit.
2008-12-12 11:30:11
137.   underdog
Ibanez = good hitter, poor fielder, no?

Is that too oversimplified? I think he'll be a good signing for the Phils, especially since Werth and Victorino's fielding can make up for Ibanez (just as perhaps Kemp and Ethier can make up for Manny's, or Burrell, or Pierre, or whoever ends up in left, though Kemp and Ethier aren't quite = to W and V. Yet.)

2008-12-12 11:31:57
138.   Jacob Burch
136 I admittedly came into this conversation half way and just saw Steak Grilling Thoughts, and got lost. Apologies if my fervor conveyed any negative message.
2008-12-12 11:34:10
139.   El Lay Dave
122 No. And Hendrickson's six years older. Hendrickson has ~1000 MLB IP and Garland about 600 more. At that point I think there is enough sample size to look at actual results and say Garland simply allows less baserunners and less runs than Hendrickson.

Garland/Hendrickson careers:
ERA+ 104 / 89
WHIP 1.385 / 1.451

I would still worry that Garland's 2008 is a sign of things to come rather than an off-year.

2008-12-12 11:34:21
140.   Kevin Lewis
With all this talk about Johnson, Garland, and Petitte, is it safe to assume the Dodgers didn't pick up Penny's option because they thought his injury might be more serious? I mean they must think he is done to not pick up such a cheap option.
2008-12-12 11:35:36
141.   bhsportsguy
I loved Police Squad and Sledgehammer.

One reason was that they only were on for about a month.

2008-12-12 11:36:23
142.   blue22
131 - Hmm...I live in the Seattle area and I haven't felt the anti-Ibanez vibe; I think he's generally well-liked and respected in the community.

Perhaps it's frustration that he's been the team's best power hitter year-after-year, which doesn't say much for your power hitters.

2008-12-12 11:36:52
143.   underdog
140 - They didn't pick up his option because, yes a) they had injury concerns and b) had some problems with his attitude last season, which I can't blame them for.

Penny was an all-star pitcher but he's never seemed a very smart pitcher at all, and you add to that injury recovery and his me first attitude and I can't say I'll miss him all that much.


Garland is definitely better than Hendrickson, but I feel like if those are the choices maybe the wrong question is being asked.

2008-12-12 11:37:34
144.   Harold M Johnson
For me the key to a good steak is to make sure it's at room temperature before it goes on a super hot grill. I never marinate unless the meat is not top quality, and just add salt and pepper. My favorite steak is Vintage Meats Bone-in New York. Mmmmmmm.

I also like shifting it to make a nice grill pattern about halfway through each side but that's purely for looks. On the side I don't really believe in steak sauce but beurre rouge (mentioned above) and Luger's sauce are nice options.

2008-12-12 11:38:01
145.   Jon Weisman
138 - It's fine :)
2008-12-12 11:38:50
146.   Bob Timmermann
Outback Steakhouse? I want to go to there.
2008-12-12 11:40:10
147.   underdog
How about Grilled Tofu thoughts? Anyone?

Grilled shrimp?

Grilled shrimp made of tofu?

2008-12-12 11:41:01
148.   cargill06
138 If you look at Hendrickson's last 421 IP his FIP ERA is 4.44, Garland's last 405 IP his FIP ERA is 4.48.
2008-12-12 11:41:58
149.   Disabled List
I make an amazing steak au poivre. Not only is it delicious, but the cooking of it is visually entertaining. It requires lighting the cognac deglace in the pan, creating an impressive fireball that will dazzle your guests. You get "oohs" and "aahs" twice, once in the kitchen and once more at the table.

Of course it's all fun and laughs until you almost set your kitchen on fire, like I did two Christmases ago. A fire extinguisher is a good thing to have handy when preparing this dish.

2008-12-12 11:42:00
150.   Eric Enders
As a non-steak eater I'm still waiting for grilled chicken thoughts.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-12-12 11:42:43
151.   cargill06
143 I'm just trying to illustrate how badly I don't want Garland in a Dodger uniform by comparing him to Hendrickson.
2008-12-12 11:44:33
152.   Eric Enders
140 The quotes by Torre lead me to believe that the Penny matter was less a baseball decision, and more a matter of Penny falling so deep into Torre's doghouse that he'd have to climb over even Eric Stults to get out.
2008-12-12 11:44:47
153.   Harold M Johnson
Garland totally has Ned written all over him. If they sign Manny, though, maybe they won't have the cash for Garland and will sign Pedro or Randy to a 1 yr instead.
2008-12-12 11:45:34
154.   kinbote
147 We already have Steamed Manny, Stewed Andruw, and Boiled Pierre. I, for one, enjoy a well-iced leg of Billingsley.
2008-12-12 11:45:46
155.   Sam DC
Hugh Jackman?
2008-12-12 11:47:21
156.   Jacob Burch
149 I stole Alton Brown's Au Poivre recipe, replaced the stock with beer and replaced the cognac with Scotch. It's pretty dang tasty, though I want to try a thickener that's not cream.
2008-12-12 11:47:52
157.   underdog
I'm really hungry now and I don't even eat red meat.

This calls for a chicken burrito for lunch!

2008-12-12 11:48:04
158.   ToyCannon
Before you were born Damons was in the South Side of Glendale and they had the darkest restaurant I'd ever been in with the greatest Hawaiian murals. It was old and dank and awesome. My ex and I spent many a time drinking Mai Tai's in that old place.

Then the Galleria came and removed all those businesses. I haven't been to the "new" Damons in over 20 years but it is good to know they are still in business. The salad dressing was the best I've ever had.

2008-12-12 11:49:30
159.   Marty
Today for lunch, I'm going to Tacos Baja Ensenada in East L.A. Best fish tacos north of the border.
2008-12-12 11:50:47
160.   Marty
158 We've had this conversation before, but I agree with you on all points. The old Damons was much better than the "new" one.
2008-12-12 11:52:07
161.   cargill06
158 My girlfriend agrees with you about the dressing. She gets very annoyed when I substitue it for ranch, however.
2008-12-12 11:52:29
162.   Bob Timmermann
The "new" Damons is one of the most appropriate uses of quotation marks ever.
2008-12-12 11:54:18
163.   das411
131 - heh heh:

"Here's my Abreu question, if he's so good, why do Phillies fans dislike him so much? I'm not saying fan opinion is always or even usually right, but until Abreu's second half, it seemed like every single Phillies fan looked at him as a problem..."

and now that I think about it, doesn't Jamie Moyer also have a ring in a box...?

2008-12-12 11:54:41
164.   Marty
Back in Monrovia where I grew up there was a housing development in the early Sixties just north of us. My family still refers to them as "the new houses".
2008-12-12 11:55:11
165.   Jon Weisman
You can e-mail your broadcasting preferences to
2008-12-12 11:56:08
166.   Disabled List
I know we already discussed Ned's interview on the Dan Patrick Show this morning, but here's a recap for anyone who missed it. Although there's probably as much misinformation here as anything from Rosenthal, this at least contains information straight from the mustache:

-- The Dodgers did not make an offer to CC Sabathia. They talked to the pitcher, and he wanted six or seven years and L.A. wouldn't go there.

-- The Dodgers made one offer -- two years, $45 million, with a third-year option that raised it to $60 million -- to Manny Ramirez at the GM meetings. Then they offered him arbitration and he turned it down. Colletti saw Manny's people in Las Vegas, and they were talking about five years.

-- Colletti says there is not cut-off date with Manny right now. "To push Scott [Boras] to a deadline is usually a useless endeavor," Colletti said. They plan to work on the rest of the team and wait.

-- Upgrading at shortstop is a huge priority for the Dodgers.

-- The Dodgers have not had talks about Robinson Cano. "He's a very good player," is all Colletti would say.

-- "I don't know if anyone can compete with the Yankees right now. The Red Sox are close. But the Yankees ... they're living in a different world," Colletti said. He said it's good for their market if they win, but it's not in line with what baseball was trying to do with the collective bargaining agreement.

-- The Dodgers and Derek Lowe are officially parted. He commented on some other pitchers -- Jon Garland and Andy Pettitte are possibilities. Ben Sheets is not a possibility.

-- "Nobody knows where the economy is going. And nobody knows where this industry is going," Colletti said. So he wants to stay flexible and not lock in the roster by Jan. 1. Colletti is even willing to reshape the team after Opening Day. All that matters is where they end up.

2008-12-12 11:57:57
167.   Kevin Lewis

I make a great beer n the rear chicken

2008-12-12 11:58:29
168.   dzzrtRatt
My son and I went to Boston last week, and during down time at the Howard Johnson's, he forced me to watch several episodes he had downloaded of "Pushing Daisies." I never got it before. I do now. I love it. The episode where Olive and Ned attend a cooking competition is one of the most brilliant hours of television ever.

Apparently there are only four episodes to go. My son is outraged that it was canceled and, on the merits, I am too. However, I'm not sure how much more they could do with this particular concept, so it might be a blessing that it is ending soon.

As for Freaks & Geeks -- I never watched that til you all spurred me on to do so. Wonderful. And, as a result, I'm watching ER for the first time in what seems like 10 years, just to see Linda Cardellini.

2008-12-12 11:59:14
169.   PalmdaleSteve1
Roy Firestone anyone?
2008-12-12 12:02:42
170.   Jon Weisman
169 - I'd rather have Gary Owens.
2008-12-12 12:03:37
171.   underdog
168 Yeah, just as my girlfriend would leave me for Alton Brown and no one else, I would leave her for Linda Cardellini. No questions asked either way. As much as I love Winnie Cooper, Lindsay Weir is the type of girl I would've wanted to date in high school.
2008-12-12 12:05:34
172.   cargill06
Van Pelt just said that T.O. showed up to Cowboys practice in a Witten jersey and said to Romo, "Now will you throw me the ball?"

If that's true that's really funny. Funny thing is T.O. has been targeted by Romo 105 times this year compared to Witten's 88.

2008-12-12 12:06:20
173.   scareduck
40 - Being a semi-regular reader of U.S.S. Mariner and an Angels fan who gets to see him play about 18 times a year, I couldn't disagree more vehemently with that assessment. Ibanez is a useful player, but the M's were using him as a offensive lynchpin, something he is not. He is just dreadful defensively: one of the smartest things the Mariners have done this offseason is to load up on fleet, young outfielders. Franklin Gutierrez, who is NOT Adam Jones but can play defense right with him, may actually breathe some life into the reprehensible Jarrod Washburn contract. Here's their analysis of the 12-player, 3-team extravaganza the M's just pulled off with the Mets and Indians (one which I agree with full-throatedly):

2008-12-12 12:09:11
174.   PalmdaleSteve1
If anyone cares, El Gordo Jones news can be found at:

Long and short, Jones asked for one more day to get ready to play and to find all the good places to eat ( I made up the part about good places to eat, Raffie is showing him around).

2008-12-12 12:13:10
175.   PalmdaleSteve1

OK, then go all NY.

Jeanne Zelasko and Kevin Kennedy in the booth, at least for one game to try it out. I read somewhere FOX is chopping the FOX pregame show, so she's available.

2008-12-12 12:15:17
176.   Jim Hitchcock
170 The master of the stentorian voice!

158 That makes me wonder whatever happened to Kelbo's (by Farmers Market). Cheesiest Hawaiian motif anywhere, but pretty cool when I was just a kid.

2008-12-12 12:15:43
177.   Jon Weisman
175 - To me, that's a really disturbing idea.
2008-12-12 12:17:27
178.   Eric Stephen
Sledgehammer made me cry laughing when it orginally aired.

Then a year or so ago the Season 1 (of 2) DVD came out, so of course I bought it.

Wow, was I disappointed! Production is subpar at best, jokes and humor are all outdated.

My favorite joke ever on Sledgehammer is something like this:

A couple was at the police station, crying hysterically as they filed a report for their missing newborn that was stolen from the hospital. Sledgehammer asked for details about the newborn, and the parents said they hadn't even named him yet.

Sledgehammer's response was, "How about Rob?"

2008-12-12 12:18:15
179.   fanerman
I wonder what Paul Sunderland is doing these days.
2008-12-12 12:20:03
180.   underdog
178 I had the same experience when revisiting it.

I think Police Squad! has held up much better, though it, too, has some datedness and clunkiness in parts that I didn't feel the first time, when I was much younger.

2008-12-12 12:20:32
181.   Sam DC
176 Wasn't Kelbo's at Pico and Sawtelle?

Or was there more than one.

2008-12-12 12:22:21
182.   Sam DC
More than one Kelbos.

Here's a site you can get lost in.

2008-12-12 12:23:06
183.   Bob Timmermann
When I was researching my Variety article and saw a bunch of Stars programs, nearly every one from the 1940s on had an ad for Kelbo's and it showed various Stars players enjoying a plate of ribs.

So I assume it was near Gilmore Field.

2008-12-12 12:24:36
184.   Harold M Johnson
159 Lucky man, I love that place. If I'm not sitting in seats with free food, that's one of my pre-Dodger game stops.
2008-12-12 12:24:46
185.   bhsportsguy
181 Unfortunately, kids are no longer going to be having birthday parties at the location where that Kelbo's used to be.
2008-12-12 12:25:16
186.   Bob Timmermann
Ahh, 101 N. Fairfax was the second location for Kelbo's.

2008-12-12 12:26:26
187.   Kevin Lewis

I second this

2008-12-12 12:27:04
188.   GMac In The 909
164 Where in Monrovia did you live? I was just off Primose, north of the Vons shopping center.
2008-12-12 12:29:32
189.   bhsportsguy
180 Too bad no one does intros like these anymore.

2008-12-12 12:31:18
190.   dzzrtRatt
RIP Robin Toner, an excellent NY Times political reporter, taken by colon cancer at 54. She leaves behind her LA Times reporter husband Peter Gosselin and 11-year-old twins.

2008-12-12 12:31:38
191.   bhsportsguy
171 At least you live in the same state, your girlfriend would have to move to Atlanta to see Mr. Brown.
2008-12-12 12:31:53
192.   LogikReader
A big-time NY broadcaster, Chris "Mad Dog" Russo, raised the point about how good Curt Gowdy was back in his day.

I'm only 26. I've heard him on a few ESPN Classic games and SB XIII. I think he's very good... but not as good as Mad Dog thinks. In fact, I'd bet that Vin Scully is/was much better.

Kinda goes back to "things that seemed better when you were a kid than now..." as Dog watched Gowdy back when he was a teen.

2008-12-12 12:32:59
193.   trainwreck
Kind of sad your girlfriend would leave you for a guy that looks like Alton Brown. ; )
2008-12-12 12:34:21
194.   Jon Weisman
You know, the reason I ended up on YouTube last night with those high school dance clips was that I was looking for a Tiny Mighty Mos commercial.
2008-12-12 12:34:43
195.   Jon Weisman
190 - Sorry to hear that.
2008-12-12 12:35:12
196.   underdog
191 193 Yeah, it's purely fantasy. As long as I can cook adequately once in awhile, I'm safe. I guess she likes the dorky type sometimes. ;-) (Alton Brown, not me. {Cough} )

Oh, she also knows I'd leave for Kate Winslet and Romola Garai. We both know that's not happening either so she's safe.

2008-12-12 12:35:40
197.   Bob Timmermann
I listened to Curt Gowdy a lot.

He was not underrated. He was overrated. He droned on and on and added little insight into whatever you were watching.


2008-12-12 12:36:02
198.   Ranma
Aaron Sorkin's "Sports Night" is a beloved show of mine that finished its run before its time.
2008-12-12 12:37:03
199.   bhsportsguy
192 American Sportsman, celebrities going hunting and fishing with Curt Gowdy. Now that's televison.
2008-12-12 12:37:29
200.   underdog
>>According to's Jon Heyman:

The Cubs, Rays, Dodgers and Angels are among teams that have expressed interest in star free-agent outfielder Bobby Abreu.<<

Okay, say we can't/don't bring back Manny. And that the team has given up on Jones as a starter and Pierre stays on bench or gets traded...but would you prefer Abreu, or Burrell?

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-12-12 12:39:13
201.   Bob Timmermann
The Basketball Hall of Fame's annual broadcasting award is named after Curt Gowdy.

Back in the days before Nantz and Musburger and Bender and Enberg, and even before Billy Packer, Curt Gowdy was the guy who called the Final Four for NBC.


2008-12-12 12:41:33
202.   Eric Enders
Heyman obviously got the message from Abreu's agent that he is to be referred to not as "free agent outfielder Bobby Abreu" but "star free agent outfielder Bobby Abreu."

In all seriousness, if Manny falls through I would be in favor of that move.

2008-12-12 12:42:53
203.   underdog
202 At least he didn't go for their other suggestion, "beloved free agent outfielder."
2008-12-12 12:44:06
204.   Eric Stephen
It beats "troubled free agent outfielder."
2008-12-12 12:45:11
205.   Harold M Johnson
200 Abreu without a doubt, but that's mostly based on an irrational hatred of Burrell. But maybe Jones/Pierre before either of them, as bizarre as that sounds.
2008-12-12 12:45:30
206.   Ken Noe
200 Pat the Bat's two years younger and hit 13 more hr's last year. Abreu's average is higher but their OBPs and OPSs is about the same. I'd prefer Burrell but I'd take either over JP or AJ. I assume that Torre would prefer Abreu?
2008-12-12 12:46:48
207.   LogikReader

I think that's a win-win. I'd be delighted to have either guy on the Dodgers. I've had both on fantasy teams at one time. They're good.

2008-12-12 12:47:05
208.   Eric Enders
What about defense? Abreu's a former Gold Glover, but I guess by now he and Burrell are about equivalent in their butchery.
2008-12-12 12:47:16
209.   trainwreck
Once again, Molly would boycott the team if we sign Burrell.
2008-12-12 12:49:12
210.   Bill Crain
You're right about Gowdy, but he was nothing compared to Chris Schenkel.
2008-12-12 12:49:38
211.   LogikReader

In my personal opinion, I think Dick Enberg was (and is) much more enjoyable to listen to than Gowdy's more monotonous voice.

And how ironic was it that the greatest moment on Gowdy's watch was called by Dick Stockton?

2008-12-12 12:49:50
212.   cargill06
200 Dunn, Burrell, Abreu.

Dunn has OPS'ed .899 or higher 4 or the last 5 years. Roberty and Patrick have done it once each the last 5 years.

2008-12-12 12:50:14
213.   Eric Stephen
Only a pair of men named Bonds have more 20/20 seasons than Mr. Abreu's eight:

Abreu needs 3 more seasons to match Barry Bonds' record of 14 straight 15 HR / 15 SB seasons.

2008-12-12 12:51:44
214.   MC Safety
This is hilarious. For fans of Flickr, legos, and music:

2008-12-12 12:51:55
215.   trainwreck
Pat Burrell reminds me of an even more obnoxious Eric Karros.
2008-12-12 12:53:01
216.   bhsportsguy
210 This is how the year would begin.

Curt Gowdy doing the Rose Bowl, Curt Gowdy doing the NFL playoffs, Curt Gowdy doing the Super Bowl, Curt Gowdy doing the Final Four, Curt Gowdy doing the MLB Game of the Week, All-Star Game, Playoffs and World Series. And then the occasional American Sportsman and other specials.

Chris Schenkel did auto racing and the PBA (Bowling) tournament with Nelson Burton, Jr.

2008-12-12 12:53:59
217.   Eric Enders
212 .899 or higher? What is this, a Black Friday sale?
2008-12-12 12:54:46
218.   OhioBlues12
I was in favor of Abreu if we lost out on Manny, but I really don't think McCourt is going to spend money on another OFer not named Ramirez. That being the case, I would just go with Jones, if nothing else we could suppress run scoring with a very good OF defense.
2008-12-12 12:55:50
219.   Tripon
Unless Andruw Jones balloons to 666 pounds.
2008-12-12 12:56:10
220.   Eric Enders
I just noticed that Dunn has hit exactly 40 homers four years in a row now. That's really freakish. Not quite as amazing as Vinny Castilla, but still.
2008-12-12 13:02:24
221.   OhioBlues12
219 - I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt, especially in the weight department. He looked noticeably leaner in the recent picture so comments about his weight would seem to be unfounded at the moment. If he is still in shape by ST then I don't think there is any reason to believe that he can't be an excellent CFer again.
2008-12-12 13:03:01
222.   John Hale
I wish I could have back the part of my childhood spent watching saturday afternoon bowling with Chris Shenkel. At least Wild World of Sports was coming up next wasn't it. I learned some world geography from that as opposed to seeing the inside of a bowling alley from some midwestern city.
2008-12-12 13:03:51
223.   Eric Stephen
I can't figure out exactly why I like "Do They Know It's Christmas?" so much. I just do.
2008-12-12 13:03:55
224.   Sam DC
Tom Boswell knows who the Dodgers' Ace is (detypo'd for your sanity and health):

Some think Strasburg is a truly Big Arm like Roy Halladay, Josh Beckett, Justin Verlander. Nobody is going to be the baseball Ovechkin [q was about how Ovie turned around the Caps and can Strasberg do the same for the Nationals]. But look at the RHers who struck out 200 last year in the NL: Billingsley, Haren, Lincecum, Volquez. That's the range of outcomes the Nats expect.

2008-12-12 13:04:15
225.   underdog
212 You're acting as if Dunn is a leftfielder. ;-)

He makes Ibanez and Burrell look like Willie Mays out there.

2008-12-12 13:06:43
226.   underdog
You know, people are constantly joking about and referring to Andruw's weight here, which I totally understand because it's a visual reminder of his perceived lack of caring or effort before and during last season. But I can't help but think, even if he is indeed trimming down, that's really not the major issue with him. It'll certainly help, but watching him play last season, his issues at the plate seemed as much psychological/mental as anything. I don't think focusing on his weight is entirely either the problem or the answer.
2008-12-12 13:08:19
227.   Jon Weisman
226 - I think his weight is a symptom.
2008-12-12 13:09:26
228.   Eric Enders
I think his weight matters because it directly affects his defense, which is all that matters at this point. I've accepted that he's never going to hit again, but hopefully we can at least get some good CF defense out of the deal.
2008-12-12 13:10:11
229.   Andrew Shimmin
223- You're why bad things happen to good people.
2008-12-12 13:10:21
230.   trainwreck
Is having a terrible approach at the plate a psychological problem?
2008-12-12 13:14:49
231.   skybluestoday

"Fire Engine to the Rescue/Tiny Mighty MOOOS!"

God, why do I remember that?

2008-12-12 13:16:18
232.   OhioBlues12
228 - I don't know that he will never hit again, but certainly getting back in shape will at least make him quicker on defense and get him close to where he used to be.

Actually I think he probably has a couple of productive season left in him if he is serious about playing. My feeling is that he has relied too heavily on talent in the past and age is catching up to him so he is actually going to need a plan to remain competitive.

I am wondering if he is going to play in the WBC? I think it would be in his best interest to do so.

2008-12-12 13:18:09
233.   fanerman
214 I'm listening to "Push Brickman to Open Old Wounds" right now!
2008-12-12 13:18:18
234.   cargill06
225 The last 2 years, UZR/150 sees if differently.
Dunn -29.8
Ibanez -34.9
Burrell -41.6
2008-12-12 13:18:20
235.   Bob Timmermann
I doubt Andruw Jones would get to play more than two games in the WBC. The Dutch aren't going to be hanging around long.
2008-12-12 13:18:44
236.   Eric Enders
The Netherlands is one of the few teams for which he's actually good enough to play.
2008-12-12 13:20:26
237.   trainwreck
Manny told ESPN Deportes that he wants to hit 700 home runs, so he won't be retiring.
2008-12-12 13:21:02
238.   LAT
Jim Hill.

Oh sorry, I thought the questions was who would be the worst replacement announcer for any sporting event.

2008-12-12 13:21:40
239.   Jim Hitchcock
186 Yeah, my uncle ran that location for awhile when I was 6 or 7. Free ribs!

He later ran the `Lets Eat' restaurant in Bakersfield. Perfect pit stop on the way to Yosemite.

2008-12-12 13:23:37
240.   Jacob Burch
237 I'm glad that CC to the Yanks was done quick, because now all I can think about is "I want Manny."

Granted, I could (probably?) be sorely disappointed, but at least I don't have to have conflicted interests.

2008-12-12 13:24:45
241.   LAT
85 As usual, I agree with Marty.
2008-12-12 13:25:46
242.   ToyCannon
I wonder what Dodger Thoughts would have thought of Dusty Baker during the winter of 1976. No real explanation ever existed for his performance during his 1st year in LA.
2008-12-12 13:26:06
243.   underdog
I though Andruw's D was okay last season, even with the weight gain? Again, not saying it's not an issue, I just agree that it's a symptom of a larger problem. But if losing weight, getting in shape does indeed show us he's working on fixing the other issues, then I'm all for it. It can't hurt the Dodgers to have him regain form next season. It's just also kind of unlikely.
2008-12-12 13:27:36
244.   Tripon
224 Is he complaining that Stransburg is going to be a pitcher like Lincicium or Billingsley?
2008-12-12 13:30:05
245.   ToyCannon
The weight gain could not have helped his knees. I fail to understand how players with leg problems don't stay in shape simply to help alleviate the strain on the legs. At least Steve Finley understood this issue.
2008-12-12 13:32:40
246.   Jon Weisman
242 - Since ToyCannon was in the trade, we should be asking you.

At least Baker was only 27 at the time - so I think I would have been down but holding out hope. It's funny that my first year of truly hard-core attention to the Dodgers was 1977.

2008-12-12 13:33:06
247.   Sam DC
244 It's part of a longer and confusing discussion, but I didn't read it that way. He seems to be saying look at him to produce on that kind of level, while also asserting that one player can't change a baseball time like Ovechkin has changed the Caps (which I would dispute anyhow; the Caps have a had a number of strong young players come up at once which has helped them). Full thing at the link below.

2008-12-12 13:33:08
248.   blue22
244 - I don't understand the two groups of pitchers he's segmenting. Is the first group of "big arms" supposed to be more successful or talented than the second? I know which group I'd want to run out as my rotation next year (hint: it's not the first group).

Or perhaps I'm overthinking a dumb chat response. Wouldn't be the first time...

2008-12-12 13:33:29
249.   Jon Weisman
Farewell, Van Johnson
2008-12-12 13:34:19
250.   fanerman
243 To me, it seemed okay, but not Andruw good.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-12-12 13:36:10
251.   delias man
Bob - Here is a preview with explanation of the weekend scenario in Argentina in English!
2008-12-12 13:36:36
252.   Bob Timmermann
I guess he's off in Brigadoon now.
2008-12-12 13:36:40
253.   Jon Weisman,0,2329512.story

"Johnson's marriage had a profound effect on his youthful female fan base. A widely circulated joke at the time said that when Johnson's young female fans found out that he had gotten married, they wore their bobby socks at half-mast."

2008-12-12 13:37:32
254.   Bob Timmermann
Argentina is like the Ivy League. No tiebreakers used. You have playoffs for the championship. That's old school!
2008-12-12 13:41:55
255.   John Hale

Rancho Cafe in Bakersfield? Drove by it >500 times without stopping in. I was on my way to nowhere.

242 Maybe Dusty Baker spent some time there in the winter of 1976 as he did some hunting in those parts in those days with some of my friends dads.

2008-12-12 13:51:10
256.   underdog
Keith Law is not a fan of the Ibanez signing.

>>Raul Ibanez will turn 37 during the first year of his three-year deal with the Phillies and finish it at the age of 39. He's very similar to the player he's replacing, Pat Burrell. But Ibanez is four years older, a far worse defensive player, and outside of a blip in 2008 does not hit left-handed pitching. (His OPS against left-handers was .650 in 2007 and .661 in 2006.) <<

Rob Neyer is also not a fan.

"Meanwhile, the people who run the Phillies have not been watching Raul Ibanez play every day. Sure, they've got their scouts. And outgoing Phillies GM Pat Gillick is certainly familiar with Ibanez, having worked for the Mariners as a part-time consultant in 2004 and '05 when Ibanez was playing (and playing well) for the M's. But unless the Phillies look at (and trust) the sophisticated fielding metrics, they probably don't know that Ibanez is just about as lousy in left field as Burrell."

Which is kind of what I was trying to say earlier but better.

2008-12-12 13:52:24
257.   cargill06
Apperently Steve Mason had a conversation with Washington GM Jim Bowden and he says they have "absolutley no interest" in Manny.
2008-12-12 13:52:34
258.   underdog
I liked Van Johnson in "Battleground" the best.
2008-12-12 13:52:40
259.   bferb
Anyone know anything about this guy? Should we have been taking a crack at him?

According to Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune, the White Sox reached an agreement with 19 year-old Cuban third baseman Dayan Viciedo on a big league deal worth about $11MM. Alexei Ramirez and Jose Contreras should help Viciedo get comfortable when he joins the big league team. In June, it was reported that 14 teams expressed interest in Viciedo.

2008-12-12 13:54:20
260.   MollyKnight
The Dodgers won't sign Pat Burrell. I just lit a candle and said a few words to the universe asking for that not to happen.
2008-12-12 13:54:54
261.   underdog
259 - There was a lot of buzz about him months ago when that possibility first arose. Don't think the Dodgers ever had much of a chance or interest in paying him that much, and the White Sox had some advantages as far as the fellow Cubans on the team. He could be a stud. Or he could be Joel Guzman.
2008-12-12 13:56:11
262.   Jim Hitchcock
255 Yeah, the El Rancho. Had those neat little jukebox activators (finished in red vinyl?) at every seat.

Of course, it never had the honor of a Pulp Fiction filmed in it, like Holly's in Hawthorne.

2008-12-12 13:56:55
263.   MollyKnight
256-They're not signing him for his D. I have no idea why those analysts are under that impression. The man can rake, he's a fantastic person on and off the field, and that clubhouse in particular could benefit from excellent veteran leadership to help squash the sophomoric frat-tastic behavior that often makes being within its confines completely miserable.
2008-12-12 13:57:51
264.   Eric Stephen
Years from now, I hope Tommy Lasorda doesn't fabricate a story about how he blew your candle out to cancel out your wish.
2008-12-12 13:58:22
265.   bferb
261 Yea seemed like if he can produce at all it could be a decent contract for a guy they're planning on bringing right to the big league team.
2008-12-12 13:58:40
266.   underdog
263 So you like him more than Pat Burrell is what you're saying? Just checking. ;-)
2008-12-12 13:59:02
267.   Tripon
Are the Phillies going to sign Howard to a long time contract, trade him, or let him walk in two years?
2008-12-12 13:59:45
268.   Jon Weisman
Van Johnson was the lead in "The Last Time I Saw Paris," the ruinous adaptation of my favorite short story, "Babylon Revisited."
2008-12-12 14:00:08
269.   ToyCannon
I would have had to excuse myself from the discussion because of a conflict of interest.

It was a strange deal in that two of my favorite players got traded but I'm fairly certain that I was a big fan of getting the young Baker and bewildered by his inability to produce in 76. He looked completely lost all year. Not sure if we would have our NL Champion flags in 77/78 if he hadn't bounced back.

2008-12-12 14:00:24
270.   Eric Stephen
Howard is a Philadelphia Story through 2011.
2008-12-12 14:01:23
271.   Tripon
263 Because Ibanez is still going to play left field with the Phillies. Sure, the Phillies didn't sign Ibanez for his defensive prowess, but its not as if he can DH for the Phillies. There's going to be a lot of funny highlight reels for Ibanez's adventures in left field.

Or there would if ESPN cared 1/100000000000000000 about Ibanez's defense like they do about Manny's.

2008-12-12 14:02:38
272.   ToyCannon
You seem to be more enthralled with his personality then his bat. He's a very good hitter, he's not great, and now he's old. For the Phillies he might be the perfect fit in 2009.
2008-12-12 14:06:54
273.   ToyCannon
Given the splits of Howard, they might miss what Burrel did to LHP compared to Ibanez.
2008-12-12 14:07:12
274.   Marty
188 South of Duarte in what used to be called Cow Town because there were two dairy farms there.

262 Reservoir Dogs opening scene was filmed at a cafe on Figueroa in Eagle Rock called Pat & Lorraines.

2008-12-12 14:07:46
275.   Marty
oh, and I wanted to weld my ears shut whenever I heard Curt Gowdy's voice.
2008-12-12 14:07:49
276.   NWdodger
Good News...It looks like Burnett signed with the Yankees. This makes the prospect of Lowe going to NY very slim. If Lowe were to be signed by the Yankees, the Dodgers would get a late third round pick as well as a late first round supplemental pick.
2008-12-12 14:11:55
277.   Tripon
The Blue Jays must be mad, they lose their 1st round comp pick.
2008-12-12 14:11:57
278.   Sam DC
276 Where does Manny rate against those guys? (I've got a buck sez going with a friend that Manny ends up in the Bronx next year.)
2008-12-12 14:12:22
279.   underdog
276 - Right-o, if that goes through that is good news, for the Lowe (high) draft pick thing and also is one less good pitcher going to the NL. Though I think the Yanks will only get 2-3 good years out of him, they are suddenly much more loaded in pitching. (And in money, apparently.)
2008-12-12 14:13:27
280.   trainwreck
Now we must root against the Mets. Come on, Cardinals and Sox.
2008-12-12 14:14:05
281.   Tripon
At least the Yanks can't sign both Lowe and Manny. They can only sign one more Type-A or Type-B Free Agent due to an obscure baseball rule.
2008-12-12 14:14:22
282.   JoeyP
and that clubhouse in particular could benefit from excellent veteran leadership to help squash the sophomoric frat-tastic behavior that often makes being within its confines completely miserable.

Care to share you experience of the Phillies clubhouse?

Sounds interesting...;)

2008-12-12 14:15:17
283.   MollyKnight
Woooo! Burnett to the Yanks!!! Woooo!!!
2008-12-12 14:15:40
284.   MollyKnight
Pat the Bat is good at baseball. No doubt.
2008-12-12 14:17:29
285.   Eric Stephen
Somewhat random question: who was more of a disappointment: Willie Crawford or Mike Marshall?

Both put up similar overall numbers despite different styles (118 OPS+ as a Dodger for Crawford, 117 OPS+ for Marshall).

Marshall was highly touted because of his huge seasons with the Dukes, and even though he was reasonably successful with the Dodgers I often wonder what might have been.

I don't know much about Crawford but hearing some fans talk about him it seems he was generally a disappointment as well. Such are the burdens of expectations when you debut at age 18.

2008-12-12 14:17:45
286.   MollyKnight
282-Nothing you couldn't guess. Some reporters find it "fun." Other reporters would rather wear extremely baggy clothing and put paper bags over their faces.

But I do love Cole Hamels. Especially for telling the truth about the Mets when asked.

2008-12-12 14:19:38
287.   ToyCannon
Sounds like being a female reporter is as frustrating now as it would have been when Jim Bouton penned Ball Four. Still, that clubhouse won a world championship and boys pretending to be men will be idiots all over the world, not just in a baseball clubhouse.
2008-12-12 14:19:53
288.   MollyKnight
Does this also mean the Yankees are for sure not going to sign Manny?
2008-12-12 14:20:34
289.   Marty
Since I was then old enough to really appreciate disappointment, I go with General Soreness.
2008-12-12 14:21:11
290.   MollyKnight
287-I think Charlie Manuel did a good job straightening some of them out in general as the season went on. It wasn't so much stupid behavior towards women as it was stupid behavior in general.
2008-12-12 14:21:25
291.   underdog
Anyone have the latest tally on what the Yankees payroll figures to be next year? (So far.)
2008-12-12 14:21:31
292.   Marty
30 ways to electrocute yourself:

2008-12-12 14:22:17
293.   underdog
290 - Doesn't that just reflect their fan base though? (Apologies to das. ;-) )
2008-12-12 14:22:37
294.   NWdodger

It's a good thing they have that rule. The Yankees could monopolize the market! They were actually a few players(3)accepting arbitration away from being limited to 2 picks.

2008-12-12 14:22:39
295.   Eric Stephen
I think there's an eleventy in their somewhere.
2008-12-12 14:22:39
296.   MollyKnight
287-God. The other day when I was in Houston about to enter the locker room some elderly attendant was either trying to kid with me or was just plain ignorant because he opened the door and yelled "Lady in the locker room!" when I walked in. It was just mortifying.
2008-12-12 14:24:22
297.   Eric Enders
292 Now one only needs 20 more ways to leave their lover.
2008-12-12 14:24:30
298.   ToyCannon
Mike Marshall for me. Willie was already a Dodger when I started paying attention so I wasn't caught up in the big bonus expectations. On the other hand Marshall looked like a monster to me, so when he hit the top of the wall with his first hit I was sure he'd be the guy we could build a team around. Maybe one of the most frustrating Dodgers we've had. Bad backs suck for players.
2008-12-12 14:25:23
299.   regfairfield
After hearing the Pat The Bat one night stand story, none of this is surprising.
2008-12-12 14:25:24
300.   blue22
291 - They did dump quite a bit of salary this offseason, so it's probably not as high as you might think.

Gone are Giambi, Abreu, Pavano, and possibly Pettitte. That's about $67M right there.

Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-12-12 14:27:13
301.   underdog
300 - True. Was just curious. They've spent $243.5MM on pitching this off season, but that's in total, not just next season.
2008-12-12 14:28:04
302.   underdog
I was kinda missing Bronx Banter the other day, as the Toaster seems kind of lonely these days without those guys, but after this week I'm temporarily glad they're not around.
2008-12-12 14:29:03
303.   ToyCannon
Should end up somewhere between the Dodger Budget and the Big 3 Bailout.
2008-12-12 14:31:45
304.   blue22
Don't know if Burnett or Sabathia have front/back-loaded contracts, but next year those two will make about $40M combined. That means there probably still is room in the budget for Manny, should they be so inclined. It's good to be the Yanks, I guess.

I'm curious why they aren't in the Teixeira sweepstakes. What's another $20M/year to them when he probably becomes their best baseball player overall.

2008-12-12 14:31:50
305.   Eric Stephen
As of right now, including guestimates for CC & AJ, the Yanks have 12 players under contract for $163.65 million. That doesn't include such arb eligibles as Wang & Nady.
2008-12-12 14:34:40
306.   Jim Hitchcock
274 You ever notice that during the street shootout they run past the same El Camino twice?
2008-12-12 14:35:45
307.   NWdodger
The Dodgers could use some bailout money...afterall, technically the Mets and Yankees used bailout money to build new stadiums.
2008-12-12 14:36:44
308.   Marty
306 Worse than that is in the famous car chase in Bullitt, they pass the same green Volkswagen at least 3 times.
2008-12-12 14:37:31
309.   underdog
Enough about the Yankees. On to more important things, like naming Mr Burns' softball team's group of ringers. Ready? Go!

2008-12-12 14:39:06
310.   Jim Hitchcock
308 Really? What a great reason to watch it again :)
2008-12-12 14:39:57
311.   Jon Weisman
Joe Sheehan on Burrell/Ibanez

2008-12-12 14:41:02
312.   Jacob Burch
309 I've always been proud of being able to name every single one, their position, and how they didn't make the game since a few years after the episode aired.
2008-12-12 14:42:04
313.   Eric Stephen
2008-12-12 14:43:09
314.   LogikReader
I wonder if Yankee fans are complaining about the excess of spending the Yankees do lately.

For instance, all this spending has to come out of somewhere. Anyone notice the new prices for tickets over at New Yankee Stadium? Ticket prices have jumped maybe 300% since '03.

In 2003, the "top ticket price" at Yankee Stadium was $72. For 2009, the same seat will cost $320!!

2008-12-12 14:43:48
315.   trainwreck
That has got to be the fastest I have done a sporcle quiz. Though, spelling Mike Scioscia was a challenge.
2008-12-12 14:44:40
316.   Jon Weisman
What do you guys hear/see about the weather in New England? How bad is it?
2008-12-12 14:44:57
317.   Eric Enders
308 , 310 Of course, the Dodge Charger also loses six hubcaps during the chase sequence.
2008-12-12 14:45:26
318.   cargill06
299 I can't find a link on the story. I've never heard it, could you link me or let me know what you're talking about.

286 I cannot stand listening to Cole Hamels talk, he sound like a litte 12 year old nerd. However, if he had sucked against the Dodgers in the LCS my opinion maybe different.

2008-12-12 14:46:18
319.   Marty
316 Apparently epic bad. Heard the power company people called it the worst ice storm they had ever seen.
2008-12-12 14:47:39
320.   underdog
Speaking of Sporcle, I've talked to them about doing a movie quiz sponsored by GreenCine. Any suggestions? It has to be one they haven't done yet, obviously, but can't be too hard, either (there goes my "past Sundance winners" quiz or "Oscars for Screenwriting").
2008-12-12 14:50:36
321.   silverwidow
This buffoon flatly says Billingsley isn't a #1 starter:

2008-12-12 14:51:24
322.   Marty
~ Movies covered by MST3K
~ Movie sequels
~ Frank Sinatra movies
~ Best Director without Best Picture
2008-12-12 14:52:23
323.   Eric Stephen
Jeff Dickinson, your name has been saved in my revenge file.
2008-12-12 14:52:43
324.   trainwreck
Steve Buscemi movies.

Takashi Miike movies. (impossible)

Corey Haim or Corey Feldman.

2008-12-12 14:54:06
325.   Eric Stephen
Movies that topped $300m at the US box office?
2008-12-12 14:54:22
326.   underdog
322 Oh man, I love the first idea of course, but that's about 600 answers. The last one's more a matter of opinion, no? Hmm.. we're onto something there, though.
2008-12-12 14:55:07
327.   Eric Enders
320 Name the nonfictional characters that won Oscars? Jake LaMotta, George S. Patton, Annie Sullivan, etc.
2008-12-12 14:56:13
328.   DBrim
316 - I'm in Boston and we got zero ice. Over three inches of rain, though. I have finals this week, though, so I can't say I've been paying too much attention to the situation to my west, as bad as that sounds.
2008-12-12 14:56:20
329.   Eric Stephen
I thought he meant movies to win the Best Director Oscar without winning Best Picture.
2008-12-12 14:56:22
330.   Eric Enders
326 I think the key to #4 in 322 is that it says Best Director and not best director.
2008-12-12 14:57:04
331.   underdog
I love the two Coreys idea. I may suggest that one, if it works with their format.
2008-12-12 14:57:47
332.   underdog
329/330 - D'oh. Right. I like it. They have quite a few other Oscar ones but not that. Will add to the list.
2008-12-12 14:58:00
333.   El Lay Dave
253 Van Johnson was my late mother-in-law's favorite. She would have been about 17 when Van got married.

I wonder when was the last time he saw Paris?

2008-12-12 14:58:15
334.   Marty
Eric is correct (you figure out which one)
2008-12-12 15:00:27
335.   Jon Weisman
Here's a good bit of Oscar trivia we ran last week:

2008-12-12 15:01:04
336.   Andrew Shimmin
"You can go ahead and pencil Blake in for about 25 home runs, 80-plus RBIs, solid defense and a great clubhouse attitude."

He forgot to say: "book it."

2008-12-12 15:03:19
337.   underdog
Hmm, what about a holiday-themed one, like Kris Kringle Movies? (Name as many Santa movies as you can...)
2008-12-12 15:03:29
338.   Eric Enders
This tidbit from Jon's link would be a good sporcle quiz: "Twenty Oscar-winning actors have defeated at least one co-star in their category."
2008-12-12 15:04:55
339.   trainwreck
Saturday Night Live movies.

Movies with apes.

2008-12-12 15:06:02
340.   bigcpa
335 Jon- how's the new building?
2008-12-12 15:07:59
341.   Eric Enders
This is probably too short for sporcle, but name the five Best Picture winners that have a number in the title.
2008-12-12 15:08:55
342.   trainwreck
Movies that take place in San Francisco.
2008-12-12 15:12:59
343.   Jim Hitchcock
324 Buscemi movies? That'd be an all day quiz!
2008-12-12 15:13:04
344.   Jon Weisman
It's mostly good. I meant to do a blog post about it. We have some incredible views.

2008-12-12 15:13:24
345.   trainwreck
For Actors:

Canadian or American.

2008-12-12 15:15:16
346.   Jim Hitchcock
Cool cameos, like Joe Walsh at the end of The Blues Brothers.
2008-12-12 15:15:59
347.   El Lay Dave
333 Oops, missed 268 when scanning through, or I would have skipped the reference.
2008-12-12 15:17:36
348.   underdog
Good ideas folks -- Thanks!

343 More so than the one listing your Great Uncle Alfred's movies? ;-)

2008-12-12 15:18:03
349.   El Lay Dave
345 In sporcle format, wouldn't everyone get 100% on an "A or B" quiz, in about ten seconds or less?

Type A, enter. Type B, enter. Done.

2008-12-12 15:19:13
350.   kngoworld
ESPN: Free agent A.J. Burnett is headed to the Yankees, joining CC Sabathia in the pitching rotation. Burnett and the Yankees have reached a preliminary agreement on a five-year, $82.5 million contract.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-12-12 15:20:57
351.   trainwreck
Give them a short amount of time.
2008-12-12 15:21:53
352.   trainwreck
It could be like the state capitols test. The answer block keeps moving around.
2008-12-12 15:23:05
353.   Bumsrap
316 - I am in Concord, New Hampshire s I type. I walked around outside most of the day and it was mostly pleasant. I met with a guy who drove down from northern New Hampshire and met me at 9:00 AM. He must have left around 6:00 AM. There were a few people that reported trees in the road and one who said he awoke to no water or power.

In the week that I have been here the day has always been better than the weatherman's threat.

2008-12-12 15:23:50
354.   Bob Timmermann
The Washington Capitals have signed one of their web site producers to a short-term contract to be the emergency goalie for them tonight as the guy coming up from the minors likely won't get to the game in time.

2008-12-12 15:25:54
355.   Eric Enders
After a few years of enduring some hellish Upstate NY ice storms and blackouts, I'm glad to be living where I can wear shorts in December again.
2008-12-12 15:28:27
356.   Jacob Burch
354 A non-insider locked link:

2008-12-12 15:29:12
357.   Bob Timmermann
Sorry, I only use New, not Classic.
2008-12-12 15:31:13
358.   Bumsrap
While living in Oregon for 11 years we traveled mostly in the warmer months. My last year there we drove to Disneyland after Christmas and walked around without jackets. I remember saying how I forgot there is life outdoors in December in S. California whereas it is spent huddling around a wood stove in Oregon.
2008-12-12 15:31:19
359.   Jacob Burch
357 Any link frightens my work computer, so I'm never logged in. Still a really funny story.
2008-12-12 15:32:57
360.   bferb
Chuck James and Chris Capuano have been non-tendered. We should pick them up and fill out our rotation :)
2008-12-12 15:34:03
361.   ToyCannon
Name all the comic book characters who have shown up so far in Marvel movies.
2008-12-12 15:34:23
362.   regfairfield
I would say that without the smiley.
2008-12-12 15:35:22
363.   trainwreck
I would take them over signing Garland.
2008-12-12 15:37:14
364.   ToyCannon
Wasn't long ago that Chuck James was the top Brave pitching prospect. From a 118 ERA+ at age 24 to being non tendered. Would you rather have Chuck James or Eric Stults?
2008-12-12 15:41:27
365.   Eric Enders
Chuck James' minor league numbers were absolutely ridiculous. I guess major league hitters weren't as impressed with his 85 mph fastball.

Another in the same boat is Jeremy Sowers.

2008-12-12 15:42:06
366.   scareduck
355 - I thought you still lived there. When did you move?
2008-12-12 15:42:36
367.   ToyCannon
For one year they were. Just to make Regfairfield happy, he looks like another Moyer to me.
2008-12-12 15:43:17
368.   Eric Enders
366 November '06.
2008-12-12 15:44:07
369.   CanuckDodger
364 -- Let's see, James had an ERA over 9.00 in the majors last year and walked only two fewer men than he struck out, while Stults had an ERA under 4.00 and had a decent K to ratio. I'm going with Stults.
2008-12-12 15:45:07
370.   CanuckDodger
369 -- That's K to BB ratio.
2008-12-12 15:45:57
371.   LogikReader

How about that? But they ARE playing the Senators tonight. Bob or I could play goal against them.

2008-12-12 15:46:59
372.   scareduck
Dunno if this was posted before, but CAA swipes a Scott Boras client, Jeremy Guthrie:

2008-12-12 15:54:12
373.   bablue
I don't see how the Ibanez signing makes any baseball sense if Burrell was gonna come back at a contract anywhere near 3/30.

Burrell is similiar to Ibanez but 4 years younger and wouldn't have cost the Phils their first round pick. Seems like an awful deal to me, I guess the Phillies don't understand the value of defense? But it dpes take one more possible (really unlikely though) suitor out of the Manny sweepstakes.

I'm rooting for:
-Yanks trade Melky for Cameron. With Matsui, Damon, Cameron, Swisher, and Nady, I think they'd have to be all but out of the run for Manny.
-Angels sign Tex. Then they wouldn't be able to afford Manny. But if the Red Sox sign Tex, I'm worried the Agels would go hard after Manny.
-Nats sign Dunn. They could go after Manny with the money they've offered Tex. If they sign Tex they'd be out of the running but then the Angels would likely be in, so I hope they don't get him.

I think if those three things happen, we'd be the only realistic suitors for Manny. Who else is left? The Red Sox are an obvious no, the Cubs have Soriano, the Mets don't have the money after getting K-rod/Putz, the White Sox have Quinten/Dye/Thome/Konerko taking up the corners. The only other teams I could see are extremely unlikely like the Giants or the Orioles. So that's my plan... since I'm sure you all wanted to know.

With regards to Abreu, I'll link to this article from Fangraphs. If you don't want to read it, it basically says that Abreu is a bad idea for any NL team because his atrocious defense cancels out his bat, making him only like a 1 WAR player. Needless to say, Abreu sounds like a big waste of money.

2008-12-12 15:55:10
374.   underdog
I suspect Eric Stephen of lurking behind a potted plant in the hotel lobby and then sticking his foot out:

2008-12-12 15:58:24
375.   LogikReader

Pat Gillick retired from the GM post this October. Do you suppose he had any input on this signing, as an advisor?

2008-12-12 16:00:44
376.   Harold M Johnson
373 Since they also could've easily gone into arbitration with Burrell, and paid perhaps only 50% more than Ibanez for 2009, I think they just didn't like Pat, so bringing him back was a non-starter. So take him off the table, and who is left at a good price to play LF and hit like Pat?
2008-12-12 16:02:50
377.   Jim Hitchcock
355 The first winter storm of the season hits Carson City/Reno tonight. Wind gusts of up to 100 mph expected to hit Washoe Valley, with gusts up to 140 mph on the ridges above Tahoe.

Dang glad I duct taped my camper shell down...

2008-12-12 16:03:59
378.   DBrim
376 - Adam Dunn would be ridiculous in that park.
2008-12-12 16:04:41
379.   Humma Kavula
When I think of Van Johnson, I think of The Caine Mutiny.
2008-12-12 16:05:11
380.   Humma Kavula
378 Sure, he'd hit 40 -- exactly 40 -- home runs.
2008-12-12 16:07:02
381.   underdog
378 - In both good and bad sense.
2008-12-12 16:08:02
382.   Harold M Johnson
378 That occurred to me but I was thinking he would get a lot more than 3/30.
2008-12-12 16:09:11
383.   underdog
No word on Saito yet? That'll be the only Dodger news of the night, I'd imagine.
2008-12-12 16:20:13
384.   ToyCannon
I think we can safely say that if Stults had actually been allowed to pitch that ERA would never have stayed below 4.00.
2008-12-12 16:24:42
385.   Xeifrank
Gonna be a wet week next week. Dust off your snow skis and igloos.
vr, Xei
2008-12-12 16:25:11
386.   arborial
384 What are you basing that assumption on?
2008-12-12 16:33:27
387.   ToyCannon
Baseball common sense.
2008-12-12 16:40:49
388.   CanuckDodger
384 -- What do you think would be Stults' ERA over a full MLB season? I'll say it would be no worse than 4.50, the kind of ERA we were happy to get from Jeff Weaver while paying him many millions of dollars.
2008-12-12 16:42:12
389.   Ken Noe
I'm also waiting on Saito news. As for Van Johnson, I keep thinking about Pvt. Holley and the eggs.
2008-12-12 16:42:46
390.   mintxcore
388 Yeah... but The Weave had those beautiful long golden locks!
2008-12-12 16:49:29
391.   silverwidow
2009 Starter ERA predictions:

Billingsley: 3.2-3.4
Kershaw: 2.9-3.1 (I really expect a breakout)
Kuroda: 3.5-3.7
McDonald: 4.3-4.5

2008-12-12 16:51:21
392.   Xeifrank
I'd say Stults would be around 4.60 to 4.80 FIP ERA over a full season (180+ IPs).
vr, Xei
2008-12-12 16:58:50
393.   bablue
I don't know he could have. this seems like a Pat Gillick type signing (meaning not something a big stats GM like Beane or Shpairo would do) but then again I have no idea how Amaro operates so its all just speculation. I would have at least offered arb to Burrell because there's no way he would have accepted and you would at least get back a first round pick most likely. I still don't see much sense in signing Ibanez to 3/30, and I'm glad the Dodgers didn't do it. Lets hope they det a better 36 year old outfielder. :)
2008-12-12 17:01:01
394.   CanuckDodger
And note that the Giants' Jonathan Sanchez has people talk admiringly of him, with his 5.01 ERA this year.
2008-12-12 17:01:14
395.   Jon Weisman
391 - I think Kershaw's improvement will be more incremental. If he comes in at 3.75, I'll be more than pleased.
2008-12-12 17:03:24
396.   Eric Enders
391 Why the regression for Billingsley? Concerned about his leg?
2008-12-12 17:05:10
397.   trainwreck
Age, strikeouts, and just overall stuff are why people like Sanchez.
2008-12-12 17:05:11
398.   bablue
My 2009 Starter ERA predictions:

Billingsley: 3.2

I included more guys because... well its more fun! As you can see I'm not quite as optimistic as you. And arrgh I wish you could edit previous posts.

2008-12-12 17:09:35
399.   silverwidow
395 The optimist in me sees a Lincecum-esque leap. Maybe it's a year too soon, who knows?
2008-12-12 17:13:42
400.   silverwidow
396 I think Bills will be fine. He strikes me as someone who will make incremental improvements (as Jon mentioned), while Kershaw, for me, is a breakout candidate.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-12-12 17:14:27
401.   bablue
I don't think predicting a 3.2-3.4 ERA is predicting regression for Billingsley at all. His FIP was 3.33 and his xFIP was 3.74 this year, so we should be predicitng right around there, and thats assuming he stays healthy. Also, only 2 starters in the NL has a FIP below 3.3 and they were Lincecum and Haren. So predicting anyones ERA below 3.3 is pretty iffy.
2008-12-12 17:19:22
402.   trainwreck
USC promoted John Morton, their wide receivers coach, to offensive coordinator.

It has not been determined if he will call plays.

2008-12-12 17:20:59
403.   Bob Timmermann
Arizona acquired Scott Schoeneweis for Connor Robertson.
2008-12-12 17:22:13
404.   Jon Weisman
402 - So he's different than Johnnie Morton?
2008-12-12 17:23:32
405.   trainwreck
2008-12-12 17:36:28
406.   Jon Weisman
"Saito playing hardball with Dodgers"

2008-12-12 17:38:16
407.   ToyCannon
Isn't it the other way around?
2008-12-12 17:38:47
408.   trainwreck
Goodbye, Sammy.
2008-12-12 17:40:39
409.   trainwreck
Thanks for the memories, Takashi. You were quite the pleasant surprise and we will all remember and miss your smile.
2008-12-12 17:42:18
410.   silverwidow
Why can't Kim Ng go to arb with Saito and argue that he has a blown out elbow?
2008-12-12 17:44:40
411.   El Lay Dave
398 It's the very definition of "optimistic" to predict for Schmidt an ERA other than "undefined".
2008-12-12 17:54:48
412.   underdog
Hopefully Schmidt won't be ERA = ∞
2008-12-12 18:00:53
413.   bablue
I'm predicting if he does pitch. There is obviously a very large chance that he doesn't. But I wouldn't call those predictions optimistic, I thought they were pretty fair.
2008-12-12 18:04:59
414.   oshea2002
402 - if Carl Smith comes on board as QB coach, he'll likely call the plays.

Heard some Presley updates, looking better for us now I think.

2008-12-12 18:05:46
415.   trainwreck
Yes, he will stay. Not surprising news in the least.
2008-12-12 18:06:47
416.   Tripon
The Dodgers have non-tendered Takashi Saito, Angel Berroa, Yhency Brazoban, Scott Proctor and Mario Alvarez. The team would not rule out some of them back, including Saito.

2008-12-12 18:09:00
417.   silverwidow
Mario Alvarez? He has zero ML service. How can he get non-tendered?

Was it really a DFA?

2008-12-12 18:09:33
418.   Ken Noe
The Dodgers have non-tendered Takashi Saito, Angel Berroa, Yhency Brazoban, Scott Proctor and Mario Alvarez.
2008-12-12 18:09:51
419.   silverwidow
Repko somehow gets saved, too.
2008-12-12 18:10:00
420.   Ken Noe
Dang, I'm slow.
2008-12-12 18:10:50
421.   Tripon
418 420 I WIN!!! =P
2008-12-12 18:12:11
422.   oshea2002
If I remember correctly, we bought out the starter of the 2007 All Star game, and non-tendered a 2007 all star closer.
2008-12-12 18:12:53
423.   trainwreck
I am just going to chose to believe that means we are getting rid of Juan Pierre.

Yeah, that's the ticket.

2008-12-12 18:13:24
424.   trainwreck
2008-12-12 18:15:51
425.   Tripon
The Nationals signed Willie Harris to a two-year, $3MM deal today.

2008-12-12 18:19:24
426.   Sam DC
Capitals are up 5-0 with five minutes left so maybe they ought to let the web guy have a couple minutes just cause.
2008-12-12 18:22:56
427.   Tripon
I guess non-tendering Alverez opens up a 40 man spot.
2008-12-12 18:26:38
428.   Jon Weisman
2008-12-12 18:56:53
429.   Duranimal
Raul Ibanez

The Phillies gave him 30 MM for 3 years? He'll be 37 next year, and he's already terrible defensively.

I don't think that how you repeat.

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