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The Season's First Tracy Conundrum
2005-04-08 21:46
by Jon Weisman

No, I don't leave lefty reliever Kelly Wunsch to bat for himself in the seventh inning of a close game just to preseve a pinch-hitter and allow him to face lefty swinger Shawn Green. No reliever on the active Dodger roster is so automatic that you should fear an alternative. The bullpen is rested. And you don't worry about running out of pinch-hitters when you have five (plus Jeff Weaver if need be) to choose from in the seventh inning.

Sure, you want your best shot at getting the leadoff man out in the bottom of the seventh. But you also want your best shot at getting the leadoff man on in the top of the seventh.

So there's a debit for Dodger manager Jim Tracy. What about his credits?

Does he get credit for getting a home run out from Olmedo Saenz and two singles from Antonio Perez in this game? He started those players when many (perhaps a higher proportion of Dodger Thoughts readers than non-readers) would have wanted to start Hee Seop Choi. If you're going to penalize Tracy for playing a certain player at a certain moment, I think you have to credit him for the same reasons. Perhaps this will reek of rationalization, but how can one deny that the starting lineup is part of managing too?

There might be an argument to be made that the short-term gain of the victory came at a long-term cost - another blow to the confidence of Choi. On the other hand, you could also argue that the best way to get Choi going is to play him mainly against right-handers. Then, once he's got some positive numbers in the books, you start to extend him against lefties.

You can also argue that Antonio Perez deserves a chance to see what he can do - and the best place for him to do that is from second base, not third base.

By the way, I'd also say that Tracy removed the surprising Elmer Dessens at precisely the right moment - with Luis Gonzalez coming up as the tying run coming up after 5 2/3 innings.

The Season's First Tracy Conundrum has this answer - Tracy made one significant mistake, but he did some tangible things right that shouldn't be ignored. That doesn't mean we shouldn't aspire to have Tracy eliminate significant mistakes (assuming that's even possible). But just because a bad move is more obvious than a good move doesn't mean it's more important.

* * *

In other news:

  • Those who don't buy the New Age fielding statistics are confronted with this: Jeff Kent sure as heck looks like he can field.

  • I keep reading comments that people are getting used to Kent after hating him over the years. Somehow, I missed that hate boat. Yeah, he was a Giant - but I don't remember him as a Dodger killer. Brian Johnson, a Stanford grad, brings up worse memories for me than Golden Bear Kent. And the car wash thing - who really cares? Maybe I'm missing the down side, but all I see is a plainly talented player, as he has been just about his whole career, with an added knack for speaking cogently to the press from time to time.

  • Shawn Estes made J.D. Drew look bad twice with curveball strikeouts. Drew is off to the quietest 0 for 17 start one could imagine. I don't have the slightest worries about him.

  • Jason Phillips had a hit and just missed two bigger ones - two hard-hit balls that could have been a sixth-inning RBI single and a ninth-inning two-run home run. We'll see what happens as the season gets out of diapers, but he doesn't look like any kind of easy out.

  • Milton Bradley's swing looks nice and relaxed so far.

  • Jason Repko is fast.

  • Green is still slow. He couldn't reach that dunker to right field that Izturis hit to extend the ninth inning.

  • Commenter Jon T reminds me of a thought I had during the game. Cesar Izturis' concentration in the field seems inconsistent so far, though I'm confident he'll correct it.

  • Suffering Bruin, also in the comments during the Open Chat, reminds me that people were too quick to want to dump Saenz for his poor Spring Training, after his fine 2004 as a reserve. Norihiro Nakamura Time will come, as soon as the Dodgers are back to 11 pitchers. But no need to abandon a guy who's got plenty of hits left.

  • Oh, and by the way, Kelly Wunsch is the perfect player for your kids to root for. Wunschtime? Wunsch is served? Are you kidding? Perfect.

  • Oh, and by the way - tonight was Chapter MMM of Winning Breeds Chemistry, Not the Other Way Around.

    * * *

    One discouraging trend continues ... perhaps Rob McMillin can create a drop-down menu on 6-4-2 for this.

    The injury to Dodger [Fill-in-the-blank] is more serious than first believed.

    Following Shawn Green, Hideo Nomo, Brad Penny, Eric Gagne, etc. ... Jayson Werth. Steve Henson of the Times has the latest.

  • Comments (63)
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    2005-04-08 22:28:43
    1.   Eric Enders
    Very nice post, Jon. The Wunsch line in particular.
    2005-04-08 22:29:38
    2.   Eric Enders
    Speaking of the Wunsch line, that's what I used to hate standing in during junior high school...
    2005-04-08 22:38:49
    3.   Jon Weisman
    Gonzalez and Green took Tracy to Wunsch, but what are you gonna do?
    2005-04-08 22:39:02
    4.   aloofman
    I thought the "Kent @1B" experiment went reasonably well. The only play he should have made was that potential double play that Izturis salvaged one out from. On the other hand, Choi made the same goof the night before, so it's a wash, right? Right?...

    I also thought Tracy took Dessens out right on time.

    I think if Drew is going to slump, this is the best time for it, when they're winning some games in spite of it. It's when he's slumping during a losing streak that it will look ugly. Kent and Valentin are just clobbering the ball and Izturis is getting on base a lot these days too. Can't expect everyone to be hitting well at the same time.

    I was thinking the exact same thing about Green not getting to that pop fly. A friend of mine who hated that trade tried to convince me that he was still a good fielder and I shot him down. His arm is much weaker than before and he doesn't have much speed left. How many near-catches did Green have last season? Ten?

    When Kent was with the Giants, he wasn't the guy that always seemed to be hurting us. Besides, the ex-Dodgers like Grissom and Goodwin, it was Aurilia that I dreaded seeing in the batter's box at the time. He got a lot of key hits for them back then, although it looks like he's almost at the end of the line now. A Giants fan friend of mine agreed, saying he was their quiet weapon at the time.

    2005-04-08 22:52:09
    5.   aloofman
    Good for that first out, but eventually he was Wunschmeat.
    2005-04-08 23:00:29
    6.   Icaros
    We need to talk business, guys. Let's do Wunsch.
    2005-04-08 23:14:35
    7.   Sam DC
    I didn't see the Kent play. Could he have gotten the DP if he Wunsched for the ball?
    2005-04-08 23:28:04
    8.   scanderbeg
    When Steve Schmoll gave up that three run home run, I almost lost my Wunsch.
    2005-04-08 23:38:21
    9.   Langhorne
    Yeah, Tracy was out to Wunsch. So what else is new. I hated Kent when he was a Giant but secretly liked him because he was at odds with Barry. I think the Werth thing is legitimate. Little bones in the wrist are hard to judge. It's not like Green where, for what ever reason we weren't told the severity of his injury. Since we're paying most of his salary I'd still rather see Green playing first for the Dodgers. As long as Repko is playing well there's no rush to get Werth back. In fact, I wouldn't mind them trying to teach Werth to play first base.
    2005-04-08 23:41:51
    10.   Langhorne
    Apparently, winning breeds chemistry and puns.
    2005-04-08 23:54:15
    11.   Tripon
    Horrible, and horrible puns. I just lost my Wunsch reading this. ;_;
    2005-04-09 00:02:27
    12.   Robert Fiore
    What I felt about Kent when he was a Giant is what I feel about Ichiro and Vlad now: I wished to hell we had him.
    2005-04-09 00:04:34
    13.   Bob Timmermann
    Sounds like I did miss a fun game. It's sad about Werth. Something about those early days of spring training. Didn't Werth get hit in his very first plate appearance of the spring?

    And Gagne hurt his knee pretty early.

    I have a feeling the Dodgers will lose Saturday and then Plaschke and Simers will prepare columns roasting the signing of Scott Erickson.

    Then again, the Dodgers are facing a pitcher with an ERA of 37.

    2005-04-09 00:08:36
    14.   Tommy Naccarato
    Email me if you could at regarding this proposed get-together.

    On that note, what a great win tonight. The game reminded of the game I went to last season at the BOB, Blue vs. the Snakes.

    There were more Dodger fans there that night then there were Snake fans, and I have to admit that the BOB is a pretty cool place to see a ball game--with the A/C...

    Tonight's game was a near mirror replica--Dodgers in the lead/Snakes tie-it/Snakes get the lead/Dodger's end up winning it if I remember right on a Shawn Green homer.

    Tonight watching it for a bit on T.V. and then listening to the rest of it on the radio in the car, I kept on saying to myself in the early going that it reminded me a lot of last season's game. Funny how that works!

    Go Blue!

    2005-04-09 00:23:30
    15.   Bob Timmermann
    This appears in Mike Penner's "Sound and Vision" column:

    • Dodgers at Arizona Diamondbacks
    (FSNW2, 6:30 p.m.)
    Those tuning in might find it difficult to believe that a) Shawn Green now plays right field for the Diamondbacks; b) Troy Glaus now plays third base for the Diamondbacks; c) the Diamondbacks won the World Series in 2001; d) the Dodgers won a playoff game in 2004.

    Are the Dodgers that bad at 3-1?

    2005-04-09 00:23:38
    16.   Eric Enders
    Did anyone else notice the "Bull Durham" moment in tonight's game while Schmoll was pitching to Glaus?

    Hotshot rookie pitcher faces other team's top slugger. Veteran catcher calls for a breaking pitch. The rookie, full of confidence, shakes him off. He wants to throw the heat. Fastball comes in at 90+, leaves the ballpark at an even faster speed.

    You can even fill in some imaginary between-innings conversation to spruce it up a little...

    Phillips: "Boy, he really hit the s**t outta that one, didn't he!"
    Schmoll: "Man, that sucker teed off like he knew I was gonna throw a fastball."
    Phillips: "He did know."

    etc etc

    I don't think Schmoll will be shaking off Phillips again anytime soon.

    2005-04-09 00:24:49
    17.   22 Gallons
    We must also remember that the bullpen isn't at full strength with Gagne on the DL, Gio on the mend and a couple of unprovens in Carlyle and Schmoll. But, you're right, in that situation you gotta go with a pinch hitter. I was feeling pretty comfy with that 4-1 lead.

    Schmoll didn't look focused at all tonight. His body language was languid and generally looked "out of it." Earlier in the game Vinny recounted how the team arrived at the hotel at 3:00am and the first bus for early BP departed for BOB at 12:30pm. He made the point that MLB is a game for the strong. Maybe the young Schmoll could use some physical and mental conditioning tips from Kent and Valentin.

    Does Repko's game approach remind anyone else of Bagwell, or Ken Caminiti, or maybe even Sheffield? He has that look in his eyes when standing in the batters box. I'm rooting for this guy, but then I'd hate for him to steal Werth's gig.

    2005-04-09 00:26:19
    18.   Eric Enders
    "Maybe the young Schmoll could use some physical and mental conditioning tips from Kent and Valentin"

    Also facial hair grooming tips.

    2005-04-09 00:27:38
    19.   Jim Hitchcock
    Werth was hbp on his first at bat. Going to be interesting to see what further examination reveals. We're indeed lucky to have Repko filling his shoes...may not have the power,but boy can he fly.
    2005-04-09 00:39:23
    20.   Icaros
    In four games, Valentin has put up an awesome line of .500/.643/1.500 with a whopping 2.143 OPS. Do I smell MVP this season, or at least player of the week?

    That DePo is a genious. This guy's already better than Beltre.

    (Yes, I'm kidding...he could get player of the week, though, as meaningful as that is, as long as his 3 errors are ignored.)

    2005-04-09 01:27:12
    21.   Robert Fiore
    The Dodgers' offense this year in the eyes of the Times' columnists and their ilk is like the first airplane with forward-swept wings: Because in their minds that's not the way wings are supposed to be they assume it's not going to work. But whether it's going to work or not is not determined by what's in an observer's mind, it's determined by how the design works in practice.

    So far the main difference from Dodgers offense in recent years is that they're getting production from the bottom part of the lineup. You don't have potential dead spots from the 6 slot through, well, 1, actually.

    2005-04-09 02:16:02
    22.   MrTim
    Okay, maybe this is reaching, but I have a proposed possibility for why the Times has been so amazingly negative about the Dodgers. Other than Plaschkers personal agendas, I mean. But when I heard Vin talking about some upcoming promotion at an upcoming home game (the Jackie Robinson statue, or the commemorative coin, or something), he said "courtesy of the L.A. Daily News." So the Daily News is sponsoring Dodger giveaways. Now, I remember the Times used to sell papers out by the turnstiles before every game. Perhaps Dodger Management and the Times had a falling out? Or maybe they're bitter over the Dodgers affiliating themselves with the Daily News? Like I said, it may be a bit of a reach, but I can't help but wonder. Cause it wasn't just Plaschkers that had negative stuff to say after Tuesday's game.
    2005-04-09 06:55:58
    23.   zappala
    The Ultimate Dodger Killer (TM): Matt Williams.

    Back when I lived in the Bay Area (interestingly enough, while I was at Stanford -- though I never met Jon), and tried to attend every Giants-Dodgers game I could at Candlestick, he was the one who killed us most often. Those were also the days I remember as the fiercest in the rivalry. Maybe the lousiness of the stadium brought out the worst in the fans. It was so bad, they gave you a Croix de Candlestick pin for sitting out an extra-innings game, because boy did it get cold and windy. Nothing like sitting in the bleachers as a Dodger fan. You had to watch your step...

    2005-04-09 07:00:49
    24.   Bob Timmermann
    In today's Daily News, Steve Dilbeck has a column about Jose Lima and Lima (and Dilbeck) both wonder why Lima didn't merit a phone call back after his playoff win of last year.

    However, Dilbeck does go on to mention that the Dodgers were likely worried over what Lima could have gotten in arbitration.

    Lima sounded more upset than Dilbeck. But Jose Lima's biggest fan is Jose Lima.

    2005-04-09 07:19:38
    25.   walbers
    I'm Stunned! I put in a copy of the BBC's The Office right after Glaus hit his dinger and then wake up this morning to check my fantasy team to discover that we actually won that game! I still have no idea how we did it.

    I never disliked (perhaps hate was too strong a word) Kent because he was a Dodger killer (which i guess he wasn't), I disliked him because he seemed unlikeable. But I guess I didn't ever get to see him in the light in which I'm seeing him now. He's now my favorite Dodger. But then I'm liking a lot of this team right now.

    2005-04-09 08:32:56
    26.   Suffering Bruin
    Jon, thanks for the mention in the post though I should add that on that Nakamura bandwagon on opening day, I was the guy fitting reins on the horse.

    And now, a true conversation...

    "Look son! Daddy's computer name!"

    "That's you? Wow!... why are you suffering?"


    "Okay! Let's go to your little league game!"

    "Dad... why are suffering? And are you a baby bear? Because a bruin is a baby bear, we learned that in school you know, and if that's you..."

    "Let's GO, son!"

    2005-04-09 08:43:20
    27.   Bob Timmermann
    You need to send your child to a different school. Bruins are not baby bears. Bruin is just a synonym for bear.

    Bruin Cub

    2005-04-09 08:52:57
    28.   Dr Love
    I don't agree that Tracy deserves the same amount of credit for playing Perez and Saenz that he gets in debit for not pinch hitting. Perez needs to play, and he's gotta start at 2B, so I don't think you can credit him for that. Kent has to play too, so he's gotta move over to 1B, no credit there either. So the only qualm here is Saenz over Valentin... which is questionable given Valentin's mini hot streak. That's the only thing I question. And I don't think you credit him for that, because he removed a bat from the lineup that had been playing well. Yeah, Saenz played well, but there's no way that Tracy could know that he would hit a HR. And how do we know this affects the confidence of Choi? All Tracy needs to do is say "hey, I know you need at bats, but so does Antonio. Tonight, he's getting the at bats, tomorrow you'll get yours." Choi is an adult, he should understand.

    I will give Tracy credit for pulling Dessens at the right time though, but overall I think he had a bad day, and that the team won in spite of his moves.

    2005-04-09 09:17:57
    29.   Im So Blue
    Re # 22: Yes, you are reaching.

    The promo for the April 13 game is a "Free Schedule Poster" courtesy of the LA Times.

    2005-04-09 09:23:24
    30.   Bob Timmermann
    Doesn't the LA Times have ad space inside Dodger Stadium?

    When they would give out the LA Times for free at Dodger Stadium, I would always decline it and ask for my 35 or 50 cents back as you were legally entitled to do so.

    Not that it was some principled stand, but I already subscribe and I didn't want another copy.

    Also, if you took a copy that counted as an issue sold and the Times could adjust their advertising rates accordingly.

    2005-04-09 10:04:13
    31.   In Enemy Country
    The only move I didn't understand was letting Wunsch hit. If he had a few more innings under his belt and had been lights out I could see it. But in the fourth game of the year? As for Tracy's handling of the bench: One of the most important things you can do for bench players is keep them fresh. Tracy does a great job of keeping players sharp so that when they are needed they deliver.
    2005-04-09 10:08:30
    32.   In Enemy Country
    re: #23
    Ahh Candlestick, where wearing Dodger blue during ANY game could get you hit upside the head with a bottle. As much as I love seeing games at SBC, I have to say I get a little misted up thinking about the Stick. It's where my dislike for the Giants was nurtured and allowed to grow into the full blown hatred that exists today.
    2005-04-09 10:28:48
    33.   Bob Timmermann
    SBC is in a much different neighborhood than Candlestick. SBC is actually in a place where people live, unlike Candlestick which was not near anything. Or any place you'd want to be.

    When the A's and Giants faced each other in the World Series in 1989, Ron Fimrite of Sports Illustrated described a typical A's fan (of that era) as something like a suburban family from Walnut Creek with two kids while the typical Giants fan attended a game with a 16-year old runaway from Portland.

    2005-04-09 10:31:08
    34.   Dr Love
    "the typical Giants fan attended a game with a 16-year old runaway from Portland"

    The more things change, the more things stay the same.

    2005-04-09 11:04:34
    35.   Suffering Bruin
    To: Bob T

    Fr: SB

    RE: Post #27


    Guess who was the guest teacher the day they learned that a bruin was a baby bear? I was going to UCLA, they asked what a bruin was... sheesh.

    Yours truly and forever shamed,


    2005-04-09 11:07:16
    36.   Suffering Bruin
    Enemy Country, or Bob, is it me or is the weather at the Stick much, much worse for baseball than at SBC? And why is that? They both are pretty close to the water, no?

    "You guys play in this *%$#hole 81 times a year?"
    --Reggie Jackson to Giants players the year the all-star game was played at the Stick.

    2005-04-09 11:09:08
    37.   Colorado Blue
    I'm only gonna say this once as I do not wish to harp on it... I CANNOT STAND SUBMARINERS! I believe the further away a ball is released from line with the eye, the more difficult it is to maintain consistent control. I expect Wunsch/Schmoll to be VERY inconsistent this season and I will down a bottle of Pepto everytime they come into a game.

    Look, they're Dodgers, so obviously I'm gonna pull from them to do well, but I'm not optimistic at all that they will have a strong season. One or both will probably be sent down assuming the rest of the staff gets healthy (and sooner, rather than later I hope!)

    Sorry not to be on the bandwagon people, but this is my one area of pessimism with the Dodgers.

    BTW: It was nice to see Yancy have a strong 9th! Should help boost his confidence.

    2005-04-09 11:15:57
    38.   sactofan
    I wore my LA hat to last Thursday's game. I was on the club level. It is so civilized, you could almost forget there's a rivalry. It's a slightly different story by the visiting bullpen and walking aroung the bleacher area.
    2005-04-09 11:22:15
    39.   Bob Timmermann
    For the record, I rechecked Fimrite's story in SI in 1989 and he didn't use the line about the runaways from Portland. So I must have read it in a different publication.

    I was just talking to Mitch Albom about things like this...

    I went to Candlestick only twice in my life and they were both day games and the weather was fine. Well, it rained one day, but I was sheltered and it wasn't all that cold. And I ate a lot of garlic fries.

    I went to sixth game played at then Pac Bell park. The Giants had lost their first five there (3 to the Giants, 2 to Arizona, then a rainout). They were playing the Expos on a Friday night. It was pretty cold there. But it was April. The Expos won.

    From what I was told, Candlestick is in a more exposed part of San Francisco to the wind. SBC has the advantages of having buildings and terrain to cut down on the wind. It's always going to be cold at night in San Francisco. But you can do something about the wind.

    Or you could go to a game in September or October when the Bay Area is surprisingly warm.

    And I think Jon can tell us that if you go to the South Bay (San Jose, not Torrance) that it can get downright San Fernando Valley like at times. I saw a UCLA-Stanford football game at Stanford and it was over 100 degrees for the game.

    2005-04-09 11:48:22
    40.   sactofan
    An older Giant fan at work told me that when Candlestick first opened, it had a chain link fence around the outfield, leaving the field exposed to the wind. Once started, a reputation is reinforced over time (is Chicago really the windiest city?). Coming from hot Sacramento, I have frozen my nuts off at numerous SBC games because I usually forget to bring a jacket. I think SBC is pretty damn cold, but have only been to a couple summer day games at Candlestick.
    2005-04-09 12:20:21
    41.   Bob Timmermann
    The two coldest baseball games I've ever been to were at Wrigley Field.

    One was a night game in May. I think the game time temp was 50 and it dropped from there. For most of the game, a rather large woman occupied the seat next to me and provided a surprisingly large amount of radiant heat.

    But she left around the 7th inning. And those last three innings were really cold.

    The other game at Wrigley was a day game and it was sunny. But if you aren't in the sun at Wrigley, and a lot of seats aren't, it can get really cold sitting in the shade, especially if the wind is blowing back through the seats.

    I showed up for that game in just a light jacket since it was about 65 outside. All the people next to me were in parkas and gloves. I knew I was in trouble.

    2005-04-09 12:25:30
    42.   Eric Enders
    "I believe the further away a ball is released from line with the eye, the more difficult it is to maintain consistent control."

    Funny, you should say that, since the greatest control pitcher in baseball history was a submariner. Dan Quisenberry had fewer walks per IP than any other pitcher since 1900.

    Dennis Eckersley, as a reliever, was also one of the best control pitchers of all time.

    2005-04-09 12:30:23
    43.   Eric Enders
    I attended about 6-7 games at Candlestick, both day and night games, and had beautiful weather every single time. I also wore Dodger Blue from head to toe, and never suffered any harassment other than a bit of good-natured ribbing.
    2005-04-09 12:36:13
    44.   Bob Timmermann
    Steve Reed doesn't have particularly high walk totals.

    Ewell Blackwell wasn't so great. Ted Abernathy was about average. Chad Bradford doesn't have a lot of innings yet.

    2005-04-09 12:38:01
    45.   Howard Fox
    I haven't walked anyone yet, except my dog.
    2005-04-09 12:42:30
    46.   Bob Timmermann
    Does the dog have good strike zone judgment? Can it hit the fire hydrant on the first try?
    2005-04-09 12:46:08
    47.   Howard Fox
    it's legs turn to jelly when I go side arm
    2005-04-09 14:02:41
    48.   GoBears
    I also attended lots of games at the Stick, back when I was at CAL (GOLDEN BEARS). It really was cold and windy. There were some days when it would be warm in the parking lot (with the stadium blocking the wind) but freezing inside.

    As for SBC, I was in Palo Alto the year it was built (taking Snodfart's money for doing nothing) and the following story was circulating, which may or may not be apocryphal. As it is, the Bay Bridge is behind LF, and McCovey Cove behind RF. The original plan, supposedly, was for the stadium to be rotated more than 90 degrees, with RF where LF is now, and with a view of the city over the LF wall. Then, supposedly, UC Davis engineers demonstrated that the winds would swirl even more than Candlestick, and that the big wall behind the 3rd base line stands was needed to block the wind. In my experience at Pac Bell/SBC, I've been very comfortable except when out in the exposed bleacher seats. Behind home plate is quite cozy (and what a view!).

    2005-04-09 14:05:31
    49.   Linkmeister
    Howard, could the dog have eaten your season tickets?

    Have you gotten them yet?

    2005-04-09 14:11:30
    50.   Tommy Lasagna
    So if we assume that any game in which (a) the Dodgers prevail and (b) Valentin's RBIs exceed unearned runs allowed by his fielding is a "win" for him, wouldn't that make him 2-1 on the season to date?
    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2005-04-09 14:21:32
    51.   Sam DC
    Just watched my first non-Dodger Beltre at bat. Mariners down 2-0, Ichiro on third, he hit a 2-2 pitch hard back through the middle that scored the run. App. that was his fifth RBI this year. (Feel free to choke up a little . . . ) The pitcher was Pedro Astacio (who, right or wrong, I think of as Jon's second favorite Dodger).
    2005-04-09 14:22:46
    52.   GoBears
    By the way, SB, a Bruin may not be a Baby Bear, but that is how CAL folks refer to the mascot of California, Southern Campus. The baby bears in their powder blue and yellow. Cute, really. So maybe that's where you got the idea in your head.
    2005-04-09 14:37:37
    53.   Howard Fox
    yes, finally got them, Frank personally delivered them to me
    2005-04-09 14:58:58
    54.   Dello
    Isn't Vasquez the pitcher that turned down the deal to come to LA because he didn't want to live out west? And now he is stuck in Phoenix with the Snakes. Hope he shows that great decision making on the mound tonight.
    2005-04-09 15:08:49
    55.   Jerry
    I think someone told Astacio that it's 1996--he's shutting down the Seattle offense.

    Howard, was that a joke about McCourt?

    2005-04-09 15:09:24
    56.   Howard Fox
    Jerry, you are kidding me, right?
    2005-04-09 15:31:37
    57.   Robert Fiore
    I suppose you're talking about position players, but really, the ultimate Dodger killer for the Giants was Juan Marichal.
    2005-04-09 15:33:39
    58.   Howard Fox
    actually he and Jamie were great dinner guests
    2005-04-09 15:57:25
    59.   Jim Hitchcock
    Bet your car made her see red, though, huh?
    2005-04-09 16:27:55
    60.   Bob Timmermann
    Nomo has given up just 1 hit (a home run) through four innings at home for Tampa Bay and the D-Rays are leading Oakland, 7-1.

    Go figure.

    Maybe Nomo is as tough as Vito Corleone.

    2005-04-09 16:28:46
    61.   fanerman91
    Ouch. The giants won today on an 8th inning michael tucker grand slam. I saw the game (currently attending Berkeley). It was a bit painful, especially seeing Tucker's strut. Oh well.
    2005-04-09 17:12:04
    62.   Jon Weisman
    Wow - Nomo. Got to tip your hat...

    New Open Chat thread for tonight's Dodger game is open.

    2005-04-09 17:56:28
    63.   Colorado Blue
    "Funny, you should say that, since the greatest control pitcher in baseball history was a submariner. Dan Quisenberry had fewer walks per IP than any other pitcher since 1900."

    You can shine the light E.E. but it doesn't make feel any better about throwing a baseball sidearm. My Little League coach slapped me up-side the head for throwing sidearm.

    Tekulve was good too, but every time he pitched I was glad I wasn't a Pittsburgh fan...

    DQ had a great 6 years ('80 - '85), but my stomach couldn't have taken it... besides, everytime he delivered I would've felt the slap of my LL coach.

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