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Quick Notes
2005-04-22 06:41
by Jon Weisman

  • Ken Gurnick of asked Dodgers director of marketing Drew McCourt about the sightline problems with the new field-level seats:

    "Fans generally are thrilled that they can get that close to the action, but there are a few issues that have been raised that we are working to address," said McCourt. "We are prepared to do whatever is needed to remedy the sightline situation."

    McCourt said minor adjustments may be made immediately, but major work must wait until the offseason.

    "We are always working to address the concerns of tickets holders," McCourt said. "If our fans are displeased with their seats and want to be relocated, we will accommodate that request to the best of our ability."

  • Raul Mondesi wins a round in court, according to Raul Tavares of Dominican Players:

    A Dominican court ruled in favor of Raul Mondesi, ruling out the Mario Guerrero lawsuit of the infamous 1% of Mondesi earnings.

    Now Mondesi can focus on baseball, and Mario Guerrero can look somewhere else to try to gain his money.

    You can Google "Dodger Thoughts" and "Mario Guerrero" for several previous stories on the Mondesi-Guerrero dispute.

  • Because of soreness in his underarm, it's no secret that Kazuhisa Ishii, acquired by the Mets in March to add depth to their injury-depleted starting rotation, might get a ban from making his next start against the quick bats, or speed sticks, of the Washington Nationals, according to the New York Times. The Mets are right to guard against further injury in these arrid times.

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    2005-04-22 07:01:12
    1.   Rick
    So ... I'll glad trade anyone season seats here ... :)
    2005-04-22 07:04:10
    2.   Eric Enders
    IT'S A SCHMOLL WORLD, April 22:

    Dodger pitcher Steve Schmoll has a dirty little secret: He grew up a fan of the San Francisco Giants, particularly Barry Bonds. "I guess that will have to change when I make it up to the big leagues," Schmoll told the Maryland student newspaper upon signing with the Dodgers. "I won't be much of a fan when I'm facing him." Continued Schmoll: "Part of the decision was financial. The other part was finding what team would fit me best. ... They have a good organization and I think this will be a good opportunity to learn and get better."

    2005-04-22 07:27:26
    3.   dzzrtRatt
    Still, the Ishii development demonstrates that it is no secret how wise it was for the Dodgers to roll on without him, to speedily stick to their rotation plans, to be sure about their catching situation, and to look forward without tears, keeping their ideas as dry as the Nevada desert. Cutting loose a veteran player like Ishii doesn't make you a brut(e).
    2005-04-22 07:44:35
    4.   Marty
    That's just the pits for the Mets, just when he was starting to gel.
    2005-04-22 07:47:06
    5.   Eric Enders
    I'm embarrassed at how long it took me to realize #4 was a joke.
    2005-04-22 07:47:58
    6.   al bundy
    I sure would appreciate if someone were to look further into Rob Neyer's comment about DePo. Perhaps TJ read that. What the hell kind of professional baseball analyst makes an assessment about a team based on a personal opinion of the GM. And what is that "personal opinion" based on? DePo probably wouldn't give Neyer the time of day. Neyer doesn't know his head from his ass.

    And a note to Gold Star for Robot Boy from a previous no way does Rome deserve credit for coining the terms NoCal and SoCal...My point in bringing that up was in the context of a prior comment about the mix of Dodgers and Giants fans in Santa Barbara. Saying NoCal (or Nor Cal as the northeners called it) and SoCal became a point of pride among us southerners in SB. This was back in the early 1980s. Rome wasn't even on the radio back then, although he was in Santa Barbara in the mid or late 80s and that's likely where he picked it up, too. FWIW...

    2005-04-22 07:54:37
    7.   Marty
    Al, what did Neyer say? I don't subscribe to ESPN Inside
    2005-04-22 07:54:48
    8.   Eric Enders
    Neyer and DePo are friends.

    Other than that, taking a page from Milton Bradley's self-restraint book, I have no comment on #6. ;)

    2005-04-22 08:00:06
    9.   Eric Enders
    Kevin Goldstein of Baseball America's Prospect Report reports that yesterday, "Dodgers Double-A teammates Joel Guzman and James Loney combine to go 9-for-10 with four doubles and two home runs (Southern)"

    Loney was 4-for-5 with a walk, a homer, and two doubles. Guzman was 5-for-5 with a walk, a homer, and two doubles.

    2005-04-22 08:12:06
    10.   al bundy
    Marty - My reaction is based on what I read in the comments (#97) in Jon's "Steel Curtain" post. Here's an excerpt, posted by frankenspock, on a espn online chat in response to a question about why all the experts were/are giving the dodgers a bad rap. ---

    "Rob Neyer: This is just a guess, but I suspect that many, and perhaps most of us "experts" based our evaluation of the Dodgers' chances on our personal opinions of Paul DePodesta. Make of that answer what you will..."

    Editorial comment - my apologies for my comment about Neyer. Error charged to me. I thought Neyer was talking about his own opinion about DePo but it's clear after re-reading the transcript as posted in comment #97 that he was talking about "other" analysts.

    2005-04-22 08:16:10
    11.   molokai
    BA compares Russ Martin and Brian McCann two of the top catching prospects with Russ Martin being one of our own.
    2005-04-22 08:17:23
    12.   Jon Weisman
    You guys are poaching on my minor league update for later this morning ... but oh well. The early worm ...
    2005-04-22 08:19:33
    13.   Bob Timmermann
    It's possible that Ishii will watch a DVD of "Night of the Hunter" the day he doesn't pitch, because when it comes to Mitchum, you can skip a day.
    2005-04-22 08:21:15
    14.   ElysianPark62
    Before the season started, in one of Neyer's chats, someone asked why the Dodgers broke up such a "great team." Neyer seemed surprised and said not only did the 2005 Dodgers have the best team in the NL West, he didn't even think it was close. Reading that gave me goosebumps.

    However, the smug "experts" at ESPN and other sources continue to be unimpressed. If it were the Gnats off to a hot start, they'd be popping champagne already.

    2005-04-22 08:23:45
    15.   Eric Enders
    ... but oh well. The early worm ...

    [in best John Hurt voice:] "I am not a worm! I am a human beeee-ing!"

    2005-04-22 08:24:20
    16.   Marty
    Bob, you made me do a spit take.
    2005-04-22 08:27:48
    17.   Eric Enders
    If any major league pitcher is channeling Robert Mitchum in Night of the Hunter, it's this guy:

    2005-04-22 08:42:28
    18.   Marty
    Eric, how many shirts were purchased?
    2005-04-22 08:44:01
    19.   Suffering Bruin
    #6 - Al, that was me that put forth the idea that NoCal and SoCal originated with Rome. It just seemed that after he started using it at KTMS, it started appearing in publications, on the air, etc. Like you said, FWIW.



    And now, for a mini-editorial: Last night my computer was afflicted with several different viruses. I got rid of them but in the process, I missed "fact of Choi" for the first time (the goal being to have a fact on every day the Dodgers play).

    It gives one reason to reflect. Well, at least it gives me reason to reflect but I digress.

    Does anyone else agree that Choi looked by far his best at the plate last night? Up until last night, Choi at the plate looked like a seven-year old who was just asked to go find his socks. It's partly because of that that I started this whole "fact of Choi" thang. You want to take that five-year old and say, "It's okay, take your time, you'll find them." Well, I was one proud papa last night, folks. Choi looked in control, he looked comfortable. His attitude bordred on cockiness. "Socks? Yeah, I know where they are but I'm playing a video game. Go find your own socks!"

    Okay, I digressed again. I let slip the communique I sometimes have with my own son but bear with me.

    Choi was starting against Adam Eaton, a hard-throwing right-hander who likes to bust the ball inside. That's a guy whom Tracy all but bluntly said Choi can't be successful against. And I thought last night Choi was very successful in his approach.

    So what else am I to conclude but that "fact of Choi" is a curse on our hero? I've been consistent, right? Every damn game I've trotted out a Choi factoid for the masses because I wanted to know what it was like to be Jon Weisman or Bob Timmerman and do some actual research. And dammit it all, I liked it! Being well informed on your chosen topic? I don't know about y'all but that's a new one for ol' SB. However, if it means sacrificing even a point in Choi's OPS, I cannot in good conscience continue.

    Except I realize the Dodgers lost last night.

    Okay, now I'm confused... never mind.

    2005-04-22 08:46:30
    20.   Eric Enders
    Marty, I probably shouldn't say. Let's just say that Dodger Thoughts is a very popular site. Thanks to everyone who ordered one.

    Shirts are scheduled to be delivered to our Southern California Distribution Center on May 6, and to your mailbox shortly thereafter.

    2005-04-22 08:46:53
    21.   Marty
    SB keep it up. I look forward to my Choi fix every day.
    2005-04-22 08:49:35
    22.   Marty
    I'm looking forward to seeing someone on the street wearing a ghame over shirt.
    2005-04-22 08:54:33
    23.   Vishal
    SB, how about a compromise solution: post your fact of choi either late in the game or after it's over?

    that way it can be a celebrational choi fact to revel in. or if the dodgers lost, a consolational fact of choi.

    eric: why not say? it's not like it's something to be embarrassed about. if anything, it'll give us an barometer for the level of enthusiasm there is here.

    2005-04-22 08:57:10
    24.   Dr Love
    Anagrams for Scott Erickson:

    Score tick tons
    No cricket toss

    2005-04-22 08:57:26
    25.   gvette

    Maybe to put less pressure on yourself, you need only do a Fact of Choi on the three days a week Tracy actually puts him in the starting lineup.

    On the other hand, don't know if we're ready for "Nori Notes", "The Big Grabowski", or "Saenz of things to come".

    2005-04-22 08:58:17
    26.   Adam M

    What about the guy with the swastika tattooed on his neck?

    Granted, it's a Native American symbol, but don't tell me Mitchum's character wouldn't approve. Kid can chuck it, too - definitely worth checking out if you get the chance. Nasty changeup and aggressive as all hell.

    2005-04-22 09:02:03
    27.   walbers
    regarding the seat sight lines: it makes me wonder if anyone bothered to even sit in the seats and check that as they were installing them? also, for the ones that the ribbon scoreboard supposedly blocks. and wouldn't the architect have done some computer modelling of that while designing? sheer stupidity if you ask me.

    al bundy...i'm also in SB...well, i work here (off Hollister near the airport) but can't afford to live here (so must commute from Oxnard)

    2005-04-22 09:11:37
    28.   Vishal
    olmedo factoids should definitely be called Saenz of the Times. or maybe Saenz of the Apocalypse.
    2005-04-22 09:19:59
    29.   Eric Enders
    *Anagrams for Scott Erickson:
    Score tick tons
    No cricket toss*

    During the 2002 season, whenever I was in the Dodgers' clubhouse when they were on the road, the letters of every player's name over his temporary locker would be rearranged into anagrams. I believe it was Chad Kreuter who enjoyed doing this.

    I wrote some of them down, but alas, like any bad reporter, I can't find my notes.

    2005-04-22 09:24:14
    30.   Eric Enders
    I tried to send the file you requested, but the e-mail bounced back to me. Are you having problems with your e-mail today?
    2005-04-22 09:25:46
    31.   Dr Love
    During the 2002 season, whenever I was in the Dodgers' clubhouse when they were on the road, the letters of every player's name over his temporary locker would be rearranged into anagrams. I believe it was Chad Kreuter who enjoyed doing this.

    2002? Time for one of Dr Love's small handful of somewhat interesting/amusing Dodger stories.

    Darren Dreifort was throwing off the mound for the first time, a bunch of coaches, scouts, big wigs, etc were gathered around. I guess this was a monumentous occasion. It was about 3 PM or so, and we were testing the PA system as we usually did every day at about that time. My boss was in the control room, the audio guys are outside in the press box, he said that over headset he could hear Jim Tracy scream "TURN THAT %@$& OFF!" to them.

    2005-04-22 09:27:26
    32.   Jon Weisman
    Perhaps my mailbox is full. I'll check on it.
    2005-04-22 09:30:36
    33.   Vishal
    too bad we didn't put any yhency brazoban anagrams on the GHAME OVER shirts:


    2005-04-22 09:31:48
    34.   Eric Enders
    33-- Priceless.
    2005-04-22 09:35:58
    35.   JSN
    Check this out:

    2005-04-22 09:36:36
    36.   Dr Love
    Hee Seop Choi has some quality anagrams but they're graphic.
    2005-04-22 09:57:32
    37.   al bundy
    Did you say Hee Seop Choi?
    2005-04-22 10:01:01
    38.   Dr Love
    I said I COPE SHE HOE. (Note: "hoe" is a gardening tool)
    2005-04-22 10:04:33
    39.   Dr Love
    Olmedo Saenz: A seldom zone

    Jayson Werth: Ah, Jews no try/Trash new joy

    Paul Bako: Koala Pup (that might be my favorite)

    2005-04-22 10:04:49
    40.   Dr Love
    D-oh. Koala pub
    2005-04-22 10:05:47
    41.   dan reines
    dodger thoughts=dodger thug host.

    jon, you're a baaaaaad man!

    2005-04-22 10:06:25
    42.   Eric Enders
    Bako is actually "Koala Pub," not pup, but that's an OK one too.
    2005-04-22 10:06:45
    43.   dan reines

    drugged host! hot!

    2005-04-22 10:12:30
    44.   Dr Love
    Bako is actually "Koala Pub," not pup, but that's an OK one too.

    As noted, it's a typo. But still cool nonetheless. Koala Pub sounds like a decent place to get a Fosters.

    2005-04-22 10:16:44
    45.   Dr Love
    Kelly Wunsch: Chunky swell/luck when sly

    Odalis Perez: Praised El Oz/El Oz Diapers/I lapsed zero

    (Well I've got myself occupied for the day)

    2005-04-22 10:57:14
    46.   Ben P
    It's a tiny sample size but I'm trying to be Hee Sop-timistic, so here goes: In the last 6 games Choi has gone .316/.350/.578
    2005-04-22 11:16:49
    47.   fernandomania
    From the Fox Sports article JSN posted:

    They can't maintain this torrid clip, but I fully expect a 100-win season and the best record in baseball. In other words, we could be looking at one of the great Dodger teams of all time.

    2005-04-22 11:31:48
    48.   Linkmeister
    Fosters is overrated. Try a 4X. I had two cans at noon one time on a beach on Kwajalein, and seven hours later I still had a mild buzz.
    2005-04-22 11:34:06
    49.   Sam DC

    On, we find an article regarding Senior Baseball Analyst Bruce Springsteen that describes the influence of both Night of the Hunter and little league baseball on his songs. Glad to see he's keeping up with the discussion on Dodger

    2005-04-22 11:43:22
    50.   Eric Enders
    During the BITUSA tour, by way of introducing "Glory Days," he would tell a funny story about always wanting to grow up to be a baseball player, until he turned 15 or so.

    "Then I discovered two things. One was the guitar... the other was girls. Guitar is the only one I became proficient at."

    He's also a Yankee fan (hey, nobody's perfect) and is famous for attending games at Yankee Stadium incognito.

    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2005-04-22 11:47:21
    51.   fernandomania
    He must not be too good at being incognito, if that's what he's famous for.
    2005-04-22 11:49:48
    52.   Eric Enders
    Heh, good point.

    Nobody goes to Yankee Stadium anymore, it's too crowded.

    What I should have said was "famous among quasi-stalkers like me."

    2005-04-22 12:05:20
    53.   Eric Enders
    And while we're on this topic, Jon, you'll be happy to know that last night he played the "unapologetic cliche song" for the first time in lord knows how many years:

    Devils and Dust/Youngstown/Lonesome Day/Black Cowboys/Long Time Comin'/Silver Palomino/For You*/Tougher Than the Rest*/Part Man, Part Monkey/Maria's Bed/Highway Patrolman/Used Cars/Further On (Up the Road)/My Hometown*/Lost in the Flood*/The Rising/Jesus Was an Only Son*/Leah/The Hitter/Matamoras Banks//This Hard Land//My Best Was Never Good Enough//The Promised Land


    2005-04-22 12:07:18
    54.   Jon Weisman
    Lost in the Flood...nice.

    Promised Land is a good song to end on. I shudder to think he might have played UCS as part of an encore.

    2005-04-22 12:09:05
    55.   Eric Enders
    Yeah, the double slashes are encore breaks.
    2005-04-22 13:15:51
    56.   GoBears

    Good, balanced article. I was thinking it was too balanced and smart for Fox Sports, and then realized why. Dayn Perry, the author, is a Baseball Prospectus writer. Good for him, getting a wider audience with the Fox exposure.

    One quibble, though. It's true that the Dodgers have done this without Werth, Penny, Alvarez, Gagne. But have they actually missed those guys? IOW, have their replacements really performed worse than the starters would have? Over the season, sure, you expect more out of the starters. But so far, the backups have done quite well. So I think it's false to project that the team will improve over this fast start once those guys are back.

    2005-04-22 13:57:57
    57.   Kevin Maxwell
    #20. Eric Enders

    What the.....??

    I missed out on the shirt order?

    I would have ordered Qty 3 @ XL size.

    If there are extra shirts available,
    or another order in the future,
    I would like to participate.


    2005-04-22 14:06:36
    58.   Eric Enders
    Kevin, yeah, the deadline was midnight last night, so that we could place the order as quickly as possible. (Which has already been done.)

    It's possible there may end up being a small number of extras left, I'll post info on that when the time comes.

    2005-04-22 14:45:31
    59.   Kevin Maxwell
    #58 / Eric Enders

    Thanks for the reply.

    This week I started a second job in the evenings.

    My relentlessly thorough devotion to DT is clearly suffering.

    I will try to stay alert.


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