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A Good Week for Links
2005-05-02 13:08
by Jon Weisman

Two days in a row for some Dodger Thoughts recognition ...

Though he didn't mention Dodger Thoughts by name, Jacob Luft of Sports Illustrated included a link to last week's "Doghouse Diary" on the rise and fall and rise of Hee Seop Choi.

If you think I'm past the point of mentioning each time a major publication notices Dodger Thoughts, well, don't you have another thing coming ...

Comments (73)
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2005-05-02 13:22:28
1.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Jon, congrats on the MSM (mainstream media) love.
Choi's current numbers: 263/364/474 for an OPS of 837.
2005-05-02 13:25:02
2.   Eric Enders
Rumor has it Jon used this same entry title when the Dodgers started grilling Dodger Dogs again...
2005-05-02 13:26:45
3.   dan reines
Innit "think"?(+) As in, "You've got another THINK coming"?(++)

(+) He asked, gently placing the question mark outside the quotes...

(++) He illustrated, using the same punctuation standard...

2005-05-02 13:34:15
4.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
As in, "You've got another THINK coming"?
I don't think so...
2005-05-02 13:38:32
5.   FirstMohican
I'd re-read any post on this website before I turn Baseball Tonight or SoCal Sports Report and hear "[blank] plays baseball the way it was supposed to be played" again.

The level of analysis and insightfulness is mind-bogglingly (what a word) superior to most major publications, and understandably so. Think channel 9 evening easy-to-digest news versus thought provoking, no-clear-answer news that rarely gets covered by major media.

2005-05-02 13:39:23
6.   Marty
I pretty sure it's "think", or as Babalouie would say, "you got another thin coming"
2005-05-02 13:43:57
7.   Jon Weisman
Huh. Google indicates that more people use "thing," but "think" is correct.

2005-05-02 13:45:55
8.   Marty
just as more people probably say "tough road to hoe"
2005-05-02 13:46:37
9.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Has anyone broken the bad news to Judas Priest?
2005-05-02 13:58:52
10.   Icaros
LOL Gold Star. I figured I was the only person thinking that.

But could this news be any worse than what came out of the closet a few years back? If they could survive that, they'll probably survive this one as well.

2005-05-02 14:00:22
11.   Eric Enders
Wow, I must say I never even knew this was a subject of disagreement. Never in my life have I seen the phrase used with the word "think" in it. I guess you learn something every day.

Personally, I could care less if people use that idiom incorrectly. ;)

From the alt.usage.english FAQ:

"If you think that, you have another think coming" means "You are mistaken and will soon have to alter your opinion". This is now sometimes heard with "thing" in place of "think", but "think" is the older version. Eric Partridge, in A Dictionary of Catch Phrases, gives the phrase as "you have another guess coming", "US: since the 1920s, if not a decade or two earlier". Clearly "think" is closer to "guess" than "thing" is. The OED gives a citation with "think" from 1937, and no evidence for "thing". Merriam-Webster Editorial Department writes: "When an informal poll was conducted here at Merriam-Webster, about 60% of our editors favored 'thing' over 'think,' a result that runs counter to our written evidence."

2005-05-02 14:03:44
12.   Eric Enders
So was the word "think" commonly used as a noun when the phrase was coined, or did it get turned into a noun expressly for purposes of the catchphrase?
2005-05-02 14:04:15
13.   Linkmeister
I've never heard it with anything other than "think."

Another pet peeve is "tow the line" versus "toe the line." The latter is accurate, meaning "come up to the scratch." I could understand the former if we were still living in a time before internal combustion engines had made dragging boats along canals obsolete.

2005-05-02 14:11:12
14.   Icaros
Personally, I could care less if people use that idiom incorrectly. ;)

That's the one that really bugs me. People always get it wrong, so I guess they really do care, at least a little bit.

2005-05-02 14:13:39
15.   Langhorne
Have you ever tried to hoe a road? It's much more difficult than a "row!"! Irregardless, I could care less and if you think I'm going to tow the line that's a whole nother thing.
2005-05-02 14:17:50
16.   Icaros

You're suppose to try to make more sense than that.

2005-05-02 14:17:59
17.   Bob Timmermann
"Think" as a noun is given the OED's approval as far back as the 1830s.
2005-05-02 14:20:06
18.   Icaros

I've heard that all LA County librarians are forced to have the OED implanted in their brains via microchip upon being hired. Is this true?

2005-05-02 14:22:58
19.   Eric Enders
If you believe Webster, Jon's post #7 is an oxymoron. In their usage-based way of doing things, any phrase/spelling which is commonly used is automatically considered correct, simply by virtue of widespread use.
2005-05-02 14:24:05
20.   Mark
Okay, seriously, anyone who uses the acronym MSM deserves a hell filled with nothing but beach balls. Please stop.
2005-05-02 14:31:36
21.   Bob Timmermann
I do not have the OED imprinted, but I can summon up its powerful forces at my whim.
2005-05-02 14:32:28
22.   Marty
Langhorne, I was going to point out irregardless was not a word until I read your whole post and realized you were joking :-)
2005-05-02 14:34:38
23.   Eric Enders
While we're nitpicking on language issues, I hereby award 3 thwacks on the skull with a heavy object to whomever decided to spell Nen's firt name "Robb"?

Now the thread discussion will probably proceed to whether I should have used "whoever" or "whomever" in paragraph #1.

Am I the only one who finds irony in our two current threads? In one of them we're discussing the minutiae of English grammar... and in the other one, we're complaining that J.D. Drew is too boring!

2005-05-02 14:35:51
24.   Eric Enders
Dang it, of all the threads to screw up in... pretend the first sentence of #23 had an extra "S" in it, as well as a period instead of a question mark.
2005-05-02 14:39:50
25.   Jon Weisman
Drew was boring in large part because he didn't seem to have an opinion about or interest in so many things. If he had said his favorite thing was grammar and explained why in great or amusing detail, he'd be cock of the walk.

That is the expression, isn't it?

2005-05-02 14:43:03
26.   Marty
He would be indeed! At least in this circle.
2005-05-02 14:43:38
27.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
"...he'd be cock of the walk.
That is the expression, isn't it?"

Unless you're making an Asian-themed chicken dinner. Then, it's "cock of the wok."

2005-05-02 14:47:40
28.   Eric Enders
Or unless you're giving a free pass to Barry Bonds... then it's "walk to the--" er, never mind.
2005-05-02 14:53:05
29.   Marty
Eric, you're getting dangerously close to Deadwood territory...
2005-05-02 15:11:18
30.   Linkmeister
In the Deadwood spirit, what cards make up the "dead man's hand?" That's the one Wild Bill Hickok was reputedly holding when shot in the back in that South Dakota town.
2005-05-02 15:16:11
31.   Eric Enders
It's definitely aces and eights, but I always forget whether it's supposed to be two pair or a full house.

I was in Deadwood last year. The whole town is pretty much owned by Kevin Costner, and consists of about 10 casinos, 15 hotels, and 2 or 3 private homes. (Exaggerating on that last one, but still...)

2005-05-02 15:19:11
32.   Marty
Two pair, Aces and Eights
2005-05-02 15:20:21
33.   Linkmeister
Grade A on Western History (or pop culture, I'm not sure which). ;)
2005-05-02 15:22:28
34.   Eric Enders
I hate to bring up, um, baseball, but has anyone pointed out this article yet from today's Rocky Mountain News complaining about the security at Dodger Stadium?,1299,DRMN_19_3745131,00.html

I basically agree with the conclusion the writer seems to reach, which is that (a) the failure to eject the fan from the game was abominable and (b) the Dodgers' excuses after the fact are the very definition of lame. They are, simply put, not remotely believable.

2005-05-02 15:24:30
35.   Marty
And for those fans of Deadwood the series, the actor who played Jack McCall (Wild Bill's killer) last year is the same actor playing the evil Mr. Woolcott in this year's episodes....
2005-05-02 15:24:32
36.   Steve
How long until we have Drew McCourt, VP over Security?
2005-05-02 15:27:35
37.   Jon Weisman
Was thinking about talking about that article, Eric - along with the reaction on Baseball Primer - later this week, in the larger context of fan conduct at Dodger Stadium. Not just this one play, but the general belligerence that has enveloped sections of the ballpark.

If the Times wants to do something useful, they should address this topic of deteriorating fan conduct (instead of just focusing with stadium security, which is probably the tack (not tact) they would take).

2005-05-02 15:30:39
38.   Eric Enders
If I were Drew McCourt I would campaign for pops to make my title Dark Lord of the Sith.
2005-05-02 15:37:06
39.   Steve
If the Times wants to do something useful...

Leaving that alone. Consider it your anniversary present, Jon. :)

Remind me. Is Drew McCourt the gatekeeper, or the keymaster?

2005-05-02 15:39:24
40.   Chris H
You think that if the Raiders came back those idiots would stop coming Dodger Stadium(and ruining it for the rest of us)?
2005-05-02 15:45:35
41.   the OZ
Young Drew McC could be "Supreme Commander of Allied Dodger Forces." "Director of ______" is JD-Drew-boring, considering that he gets to pick his own title.

If I were him, I'd be "Generalissimo of Dodgerdom" and make people refer to me as 'Your Excellency.'

2005-05-02 15:46:43
42.   Eric L
Grand Moff McCourt?
2005-05-02 16:21:29
43.   Linkmeister
Generalissimo has had a bad name since Franco (who is still dead, but is NOT Julio).
2005-05-02 16:28:54
44.   Bob Timmermann
The Angels have Robb Quinlan on their team.

There has not been a Bobb in the majors with that as a first name, but the Cubs had a Randy Bobb. He was a failed, much ballyhooed prospect in the early 1970s. He died relatively young in an auto accident.

My current favorite first name in the majors is KC reliever Ambiorix Burgos.

A coworker has pointed out to me today that the early favorite to be the #1 pick in the 2006 NFL draft has the FIRST name of D'Brickashaw.

2005-05-02 16:35:14
45.   Bob Timmermann
But what was the thinking among Mr. and Mrs. Molina.

"We'll call this one Bengie." (OK)
"We'll call this one Jose." (Ooh, getting exotic there.)
"Now, we have a third son. We shall call him Yadier!"

2005-05-02 16:40:11
46.   Langhorne
The Deadman's Hand: A A 8 8 J
It was the winning hand and that pot was donated toward Wild Bill's burial.

Here is your baseball trivia question (not sponsored by Aflac):
Who is the only player to be thrown out of a MLB game who never played in the majors?
Hint: He is a hall of fame athlete.

2005-05-02 16:43:22
47.   Icaros
Why not add an extra b to match the superfluous n?

Bobb Timmermann

I like it.

2005-05-02 16:44:34
48.   Icaros

Michael Jordan?

2005-05-02 16:47:58
49.   Suffering Bruin
Jordan is not in the HOF yet. At least, I don't think he is...
2005-05-02 16:49:35
50.   Eric Enders
Bill Sharman of the Brooklyn Dodgers.

"My current favorite first name in the majors is KC reliever Ambiorix Burgos."

And this from the creator of "Ghame Over?" For shame, for shame! Has the superfluous H already lost its power?

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-05-02 16:51:06
51.   Eric Enders
Inductions into the Basketball Hall of Fame:

Bill Sharman - 2
Michael Jordan - 0

2005-05-02 16:51:37
52.   Icaros
Jordan is not in the HOF yet. At least, I don't think he is...

Well, do you think he has a good chance, SB? He had a pretty solid career, from what I recall.

2005-05-02 16:51:48
53.   Suffering Bruin
From poster Xanadu Dragon of Netshrine:

In 1951, with their magic number at just four, the Dodgers faded the season's final week, losing three of four from the Braves. Tensions ran so high in the final game of that series that umpire Frank Dascoli not only ejected catcher Roy Campanella over a disputed call, he ejected the entire Brooklyn bench.

Sharman was on the bench.

2005-05-02 16:52:58
54.   Icaros
Hasn't he been retired long enough yet? I've been blocking out that run with the Wizards.
2005-05-02 16:53:22
55.   Suffering Bruin
One question, Icaros. Who has more rings, Jordan or Chuck Nevitt?

I rest my case.

2005-05-02 16:53:25
56.   Eric Enders
He was on the Dodgers active roster but never actually got into a MLB game, suffering the same ignominious fate as Jesus Martinez and Fernando Tatis, Sr.
2005-05-02 16:54:12
57.   Suffering Bruin
#54 - I think the wait is five years.
2005-05-02 16:54:37
58.   Icaros
Do class rings count, too?
2005-05-02 16:55:46
59.   Eric Enders
How about nipple rings?
2005-05-02 16:56:38
60.   Fearing Blue
#47: Good suggestion Icaros, or, in honor of D'Brickshaw, how about B'Bob Timmermann.
2005-05-02 16:57:39
61.   Suffering Bruin
Favorite Bill Sharman story:

There was an NBA All-Star game and there was a shooting competition between some of the legends of yesteryear. Sharman participated and was asked how he thought he would do. "I could never outshoot Oscar (Robertson)." The quote was all Sharman--understated to the point of self-deprecation and hiding a deep competitive intensity.

Sharman practiced daily in the weeks leading to the competition. I saw it on television. Sharman shot the lights out and won easily.

2005-05-02 16:58:09
62.   Icaros
My next guess was going to be Danny Ainge. But he actually played, and I don't think he's in the HOF, either.

Had a temper on him, though. I could definitely see him getting booted off the field.

2005-05-02 16:59:57
63.   Suffering Bruin
My smartass post about Chuck Nevitt might've been wrong. I thought his combined rings with the Lakers and Pistons added up to seven but now I think he has only won five.

Ever feel unique? Because I'm pretty sure I'm the only one on the planet earth that is worrying about this issue.

2005-05-02 17:00:35
64.   Icaros
Okay, it's settled. From now on he shall be referred to as B'Bobb T'Timmermann.

Change your log-in name, BT.

2005-05-02 17:01:19
65.   Icaros
Oh, I'm worried too, SB. Very worried.
2005-05-02 17:02:16
66.   Suffering Bruin
I'd check but I'm afraid Timmerman already knows the answer. I'm just waiting for him to post...
2005-05-02 17:03:42
67.   Eric Enders
I've had an unusually intense dislike for Danny Ainge ever since he was a whiny guard at BYU. I'm glad I didn't have to put up with him as a regular MLB player too.
2005-05-02 17:05:42
68.   Langhorne
Well done, Eric, SB.
Sharman had been called up at the end of the season. The following off season the Dodgers would not offer him a major league contract so he left baseball to focus on basketball.
2005-05-02 17:07:50
69.   Eric Enders
Nevitt has only 2 rings: 85 Lakers and 92 Bulls. Never got one with the Pistoffs.
2005-05-02 17:17:54
70.   Bob Timmermann
The extra N is not superfluous. Someone did tell me it was an affectation. I told that guy that I guess the entire nation of Germany spells names that way as an affectation.
Nobody gives Keith Olbermann grief over his name. They give him grief about other things however.
2005-05-02 17:32:32
71.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
I told that guy that I guess the entire nation of Germany spells names that way as an affectation.
"No one who speaks German could be an evil man."
2005-05-02 17:34:18
72.   Bob Timmermann
When I was on vacation in Germany once, I was stunned when the desk clerk at a hotel wrote down my name correctly in his register without even asking to see my passport or anything else.

Really weird.

2005-05-03 01:21:04
73.   baseballmm
what are some peoples opinions when wilson alverez comes back weither he should go to the BP or take over as a SP for erickson?

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