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Grey's Anatomy and Other First-Year Success Stories
2005-06-16 00:06
by Jon Weisman

Two more Variety articles by me arrive this morning: a companion piece of sorts (to last week's Ellen Pompeo story) on Grey's Anatomy ...

Is it possible that one of the breakout hits from last season reminds us that high school never really ends?

ABC drama "Grey's Anatomy" takes place in a world of surgical interns requiring as much grown-up responsibility as any other. Yet its principal insight might be that you don't forsake juvenile insecurity, pettiness, dreams or desires just because you can put a "Dr." ahead of your name. ...

and a longer piece, on the success that new one-hour shows from last season found in breaking away from tired formulas ...

Like its feline siblings, the copycat TV series seems to have nine lives. But the 2004-05 television season might have shown the copycat a sneak preview of its mortality.

No fewer than six one-hour programs debuted to some combination of critical and popular triumph last season, and if there was one unifying reason among the group, it was that they each offered something altogether new.

Originality alone doesn't guarantee success, but among the dramas and dramedies, it is a refreshingly good bet. ...

* * *

Meanwhile, we did indeed celebrate the opening of Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs at LACMA on Wednesday. I walked through the exhibition during the press preview and it really was quite something.

I say this with no standing as a King Tut buff - that's why you don't see me blogging Tut Thoughts anywhere. But the exhibition is really striking, aesthetically, historically and culturally. I hope you can come see it. It's well worth the extra price of admission - which is going to support preservation of these treasures in Egypt, isn't much relative to other events in Los Angeles, and is discounted on weekdays and for children, seniors and LACMA members. (There is also a complementary interactive children's exhibition, Pharaoh's World, which is free.)

2005-06-16 01:44:59
1.   Slipstream
"There is also a complementary interactive children's exhibition, Pharaoh's World, which is free."

in other words a complimentary complementary exhibition

2005-06-16 06:52:30
2.   Rick
What should I think about the show 'Grey's Anatomy' when my son's name is Greyson? I mean, if this show is still around when he grows up what kind of awkward situations is he going to find himself in? :)
2005-06-16 07:50:50
3.   Bob Timmermann
L&O: Trial by Jury, literally put me to sleep when I watched its first episode. I can't even remember what the plot was.

I enjoyed "Numb3rs" more (and I use the forced spelling), but a few of the billed actors should just have underneat their name "Mr. X as Exposition Reciter #1" "Ms. Y as Exposition Reciter #2".

2005-06-16 09:27:54
4.   Bunting is for losers
I really enjoyed most of the new shows from this season. I became really bored with the shows on TV over the last few years, but some of these new shows were able to revive my interest (as well as getting TiVo). My favorites from this year were Lost, House, The Office and Desperate Housewives.

One thing, I think that any time an article about TV shows is written, it must be mentioned that Arrested Development is the best show on TV. ;-)

2005-06-16 09:52:26
5.   Jon Weisman
Slipstream - I can't believe I missed that.

Bunting - I love Arrested Development. I didn't get comedies to write about this time around.

2005-06-16 10:08:45
6.   Vic
They wouldn't let the writer who so skillfully interviewed Will Arnett in the past write about comedies this year? COME ON!
2005-06-16 10:10:35
7.   bigcpa
Dodger boycott ends in:
6 days, 9 hours, 49 min

How about a Dodger Thoughts field trip to LACMA? As we stroll the halls we can discuss the mummified Dodger offense.

2005-06-16 10:12:22
8.   db1022
#4 - I'm 30, so I don't really have a first hand opinion on shows like All in the Family or MASH, but IMHO Arrested Development is the best sitcom of alltime. We'll see if its able to maintain this pace through the next two seasons (thank the maker that we get the opportunity to decide!).
2005-06-16 10:13:25
9.   Bunting is for losers
I don't know how to get more people watching AD. I'm glad it got renewed for another season, but it's new timeslot looks a little shaky (Monday nights); it just doesn't fit well with most of the shows on Fox. I don't even think it's listed on Fox's January 2006 lineup. Too bad AD and The Office are not on the same network...
2005-06-16 10:16:55
10.   Bunting is for losers
#8 - I think 'Stacked' and 'Life on a Stick' are right up there with the best comedies of all time...

#6 - I miss GOB...only a few more months. Luckily I have all of Season 2 taped!

2005-06-16 10:19:32
11.   db1022
#10 - kidding right, or am I missing out on the comic genius that is Pam Anderson?
2005-06-16 10:39:43
12.   Fearing Blue
Will Carroll's assessment of Gagne from today's UTK:

"A second-degree sprain doesn't sound so bad, but for the Dodgers, it's the worst possible thing they could hear. No, I guess there's worse; a third-degree--complete--tear of the UCL would be more problematic, but with that, at least there would be less uncertainty. Eric Gagne will know more next week after Frank Jobe gets a look at him. The hope is that the sprain--a "partial tear" in common parlance--is not so severe to necessitate a re-do of his Tommy John surgery, but indications are that everyone is prepping for that. Gagne was put on the DL; a best-case scenario is that he'll be back in six to eight weeks, much as he was after a similar but less severe injury during spring training."

2005-06-16 12:52:46
13.   Linkmeister
slipstream, Jon: Would that then be a comp comp? Or comp squared?

Since Lost is filmed out here there's a thriving group of folks looking for local spots in the show (the Convention Center is the Sydney airport).

I was lucky enough to see the first Tut exhibit back in 1975. Drove all night from Tucson to Santa Monica, crashed for three hours, then, carrying our precious tickets in our slightly grubby hands, we went through the line (if you've seen the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London, the experience was similar...move along, move along). I hope there's more time for the viewers to really look this time.

2005-06-16 13:53:14
14.   Im So Blue
I also saw King Tut (and Steve Martin!)the last time he was here back in the late 1970's.

"Born in Arizona,
Moved to Babylonia...king Tut!"

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