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'This Is Vin Scully, High Atop the Safety of a Trunk'
2005-07-28 23:10
by Jon Weisman

From the Vin Scully post-sweep interviews of 1963, we move on to 1965 and a different kind of World Series triumph for the Dodgers - a 4-3 Series victory over the Minnesota Twins after losing Games 1 and 2. And, of course, Scully was there.

The national telecast of the seventh game of the '65 Series is occasionally shown on ESPN Classic, and the interviews we hear this time around on the tape supplied by Dodger Thoughts reader Stan from Tacoma reflect this - a few words here and there sound familiar. But again, the intimacy that Scully brings in his conversations with the winning Dodgers, uninterrupted, is worth savoring.

"This is Vin Scully, high atop the safety of a trunk," he begins from within the champions' locker room...

As in '63, Sandy Koufax won the clinching game and is the first interviewee. Koufax pitched a 2-0 shutout, allowing three hits, walking three and striking out 10, completing a 24-inning World Series performance in which he allowed one earned run, 13 hits and five walks while striking out 29.

The start came, in a blessed combination of truth and legend, on only two days rest from Koufax's 7-0 four-hitter (also with 10 strikeouts) in Game 5. Scully reminds Koufax that after that game, Koufax said he felt "a hundred years old. So today, how do you feel?"

Without missing a beat or skipping a laugh, Koufax replies, "A hundred and one. I feel great, Vinny, and I know that I don't have to go out there any more for about four months."

In another parallel from the 1963 finale, Koufax says that the fastball was the only pitch he had working for quite some time in 1965's Game 7. "I didn't have the curveball at all."

Scully then reveals that third baseman Jim Gilliam, who was replaced defensively at the start of the ninth inning (perhaps because of an injury?), watched the game with Scully on television in the locker room. "He turned and said to me, '[Koufax] looks like a fighter who has been hit and is now fighting on instinct.' Is that overdramatizing, or were you that tired?" Koufax replies that (despite the short rest) he was actually more tired in the previous game and the National League pennant clincher, because both were in Los Angeles where the temperature was beastlier. Koufax adds that his fastball actually improved as the game went on.

Another legend based in truth: Scully notes that according to baseball tradition, you can tell who the day's starting pitcher will be from who arrives at the ballpark unshaven. On the day of Game 7, both Koufax and Game 4 winner Don Drysdale (who would have had three days rest) arrived with stubble. And in fact, Dodger manager Walter Alston waited until a pregame meeting to announce who would throw the first pitch. Koufax says that Alston finally rested his decision on the idea that if he had to make a pitching change (the one who didn't start would be the first out of the pen), he'd rather go left-right-left to get to Ron Perranoski at the end, thus forcing more maneuvering from the Twins, then go right-left-left.

Scully wraps up the Koufax interview by eliciting from the star that the thrill of this victory ranked with any other, because preseason predictions placed the Dodgers no higher than fifth place in the NL - and even lower after a May 1 injury effectively ended star outfielder Tommy Davis' season.

"Way Out Lou Johnson" is then called to the microphone by Scully, and the player who picked up the slack for Davis (and slugged .593 in the Series with two homers) passes by Koufax saying, "You're the greatest, baby! You're the greatest!" Scully offers that Johnson "is a living storybook," having played on "18 teams in 13 years." Thirty-one years old at the time with 47 major league hits before the season began, Johnson concedes that he was ready to make 1965 his last season if he didn't have any more success. Sweet Lou lets it known, in an amazing moment of exuberant poignance, that inside he is "crying, but it won't come out."

For a brief snippet, Scully then commandeers Walter O'Malley - or "Mr. O'Malley," as Scully respectfully addresses the Dodger owner and president, whose voice was without a doubt dubbed by Old Man Potter from It's a Wonderful Life. Next is National League president Warren Giles, whose rooting interest in the Series will come as a shock to younger fans who don't recall the true era of league rivalry. Giles sounds as excited as any Dodger, and was apparently on pins and needles and any other sharp implement you can think of throughout Game 7. "Oh, dear, it worried me," he tells Vinny.

As Alston comes to meet Scully, he is applauded in the locker room. He starts his interview by praising and praising again the Twins. Scully asks him about his one trip to the mound during the game to talk to Koufax, and Alston says, "I had no intention of taking him out of there. ... I just wanted to make sure he wasn't overthrowing."

Alston elaborates on choosing between Drysdale and Koufax, calling it one of the toughest decisions of his career - although "either way, I had a good chance of being right." Alston also notes, I'm thinking with some exaggeration, that "Drysdale pitched nine innings in the bullpen - he was ready every inning." But staked to a two-run lead in the fourth inning on Johnson's home run and Wes Parker's RBI single, Koufax allowed only one runner to second base and three runners overall for the remainder of the game.

"Well, that's the story," Vinny says, wrapping things up. "Needless to say, they're wild, ecstatic, euphoric - you name it." In a way, so am I.

* * *

Update: Even Phil Simms, the NFL quarterback-turned-broadcaster, likes Vinny. From the Macon Telegraph:

Q: How do you think the networks could improve their NFL telecasts?

A: I don't know if there's anything we can do differently, except maybe shut up a little more. It gets hard for me, because I want to talk about everything. I heard a replay on the radio one day of Vin Scully doing a Dodgers game. And they had one broadcaster of a visiting team and you listened to his words and he used 100 words, let's say. And then Vin Scully made the same call in about 20 words. And I went, 'Wow.' It's how quick do you get your point across, how few words do you need. Quarterbacks are trying to complete passes, I'm trying to get my thoughts cleaner and more concise. That's what I think about now.

Comments (177)
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2005-07-28 23:43:54
1.   Jim Hitchcock
Having just turned nine in '65, this was the first Series I actually remember watching. Boy, it was something. Not that I remember all that much about the actual games, but it's kind of a baseball touchstone for me. Thanks, Jon and Stan.
2005-07-28 23:52:26
2.   popup
What a team and what a broadcaster. Thanks Jon for bringing an era before your time back to life. I simply can't thank you enough for this website. I know you are aware of my respect for Vin and I don't make this statement lightly, but your site actually reminds me of the pleasure I get from hearing Vin. The quality on this site, not only from you but from people like Bob Timmermann, regularly leaves me shaking my head in admiration. Thanks.

Stam from Tacoma

2005-07-29 00:51:19
3.   JeffinTokyo
Great stuff. Vin and Sandy (in that order) are the reasons my parents became die hard Dodger fans and passed the passion on to my brothers and me. In 1958, they were in Jr. High when the Dodgers came west, and not much into baseball. But by 1962 my mother was bawling her eyes out when the Dodgers blew the playoff against the Giants.

It may have been mentioned earlier, but on the website, there is a link to a 1-hour radio program on Vin. It was made by his alma mater Fordham University's station WFUV. It is fun to listen to:

2005-07-29 01:23:58
4.   Strike4
At the start of a summer evening game in 1977, I was driving with my girlfriend as Vin finished the pre-game and welcomed everybody. Then he began to paint. The mountains, the palm trees, the stadium, the setting for the game. I had to pull over with tears in my eyes. I gurgled "It's too beautiful. He just showed me a piece of heaven on earth." My girlfriend, now wife, said I was nuts, and still teases me about that night. I'm not embarrassed by it, and for 28 years and counting, routinely say my prayer of thankfulness for an angel who so often somehow makes me feel happier, and a little closer to heaven.
2005-07-29 05:02:17
5.   DXMachina
Koufax pitched a 2-0 shutout, allowing three hits, walking none and striking out 10

Actually, he walked three in that game, including back-to-back walks to Oliva and Killebrew in the first, after which Alston got Drysdale up in the pen just in case. Didn't matter. Koufax pitched out of it. I loved Scully's post-game stuff for that game. The Johnson interview was particularly good. It's a shame they didn't give him time to interview more of the guys.

2005-07-29 06:51:02
6.   Jon Weisman
5 - Oops - sorry for the mistake there - I knew there were walks. I'll fix it.
2005-07-29 07:22:34
7.   Steelyeri
3- Wow, thanks for the link jeff. I'm listening to in right now, great stuff.
2005-07-29 07:47:43
8.   Marty
Wow. 1965 will always be my favorite series because I got to go to game 3 and see Osteen shut them out. I was also at the Koufax pennant clinching game. Thanks for the link to that game detail, it showed how faulty my memory is. I've always told people that Koufax struck Aaron out 4 times in that game and it turns out he only struck out once! Koufax was my childhood hero, so I probably convinced myself he struck Aaron out even when it didn't happen.
2005-07-29 07:52:28
9.   Marty
Way off topic, but check out to read about the apparent affair between Derek Lowe and Fox sports' Carolyn Hughes. It sounds like Mrs. Lowe is quite upset.
2005-07-29 08:06:55
10.   Bob Timmermann
I'm willing to wager money that Vin won't report on Derek Lowe and Carolyn Hughes tonight.

Think of all the years, he's been covering the Dodgers and the number of players he's seen doing stuff like this. If it happened to me, I would feel like my father had caught me.

2005-07-29 08:20:44
11.   db1022
What's the latest on Navarro and/or Broxton?

Navarro up, Rose down?

2005-07-29 08:23:50
12.   Bob Timmermann
Tony Jackson of the Daily News says Navarro up and Rose down.

But that's it.,1413,200~29583~2986281,00.html

2005-07-29 08:25:14
13.   JJoeScott
Tom Leykis was discussing the affair the other night, but wouldn't confirm the players. Sad thing: Hughes and Lowe were the first two names that popped into my head. Not sure what that says about me ...
2005-07-29 08:41:05
14.   Penarol1916
It says that you are quite an astute observer of human nature. Was it obvious from watching the two of them on TV together? I'm in Chicago so I don't see any of that stuff
2005-07-29 08:43:19
15.   dagwich
Jon, this post and the one yesterday are like walking down memory lane for me. My first recollection of caring about the Dodgers was when I was 8 and they lost the 1962 playoff game to the Giants (that 9th inning, oh my god!). The '63 series was nirvana (back when it wasn't a grundge band) for a 9 year old with a deep baseball addiction. I can still see in my mind's eye Pepitone losing the ball in the "white shirted crowd" in game 4, while I was watching (on the B&W TV) at my grandmother's house. And of course Koufax was almost the second coming in '65, at least among Jewish mothers in West LA after he sat out Game 1 on Yom Kippur, then THEN goes on to pitch like he did in games 5 and 7. It is hard to describe now how popular he was back then.

Is that mural with Koufax (among others) still on the wall of Cantor's deli on Fairfax? And is there any chance for the rest of us to hear these tapes? That would be beyond cool.

Thanks again for this site.

2005-07-29 08:53:42
16.   Peanuts in My Shoes
Off topic, but it looks like McCourt may be learing after all:

"Nancy Bea Hefley, the Dodger Stadium organist since 1988, said she would return next year. She had intended to retire at season's end, she said, concerned that her role would continue to diminish amid the onslaught of recorded music. But, she said Thursday, owner Frank McCourt persuaded her to stay, promising her a continued role in stadium entertainment and allowing her to miss a few games to join her husband on summer vacations." (LA Times)

Now if he would just promise to increase her role...

2005-07-29 08:54:10
17.   Peanuts in My Shoes
McCourt may be learning, that is.
2005-07-29 09:29:42
18.   JJoeScott
14 - Not as obvious as Carolyn Hughes and Jayson Werth flirting on camera last year. So I think that fact, combined with Lowe being, well, Lowe, might be why.
2005-07-29 09:30:45
19.   JJoeScott
And, just to be clear, I think Carolyn Hughes is the best on-air "talent" on FSN.
2005-07-29 09:37:28
20.   brendan glynn

Nope, Lindsey Soto. close but have to go with Soto

2005-07-29 09:47:44
21.   Rick in the UK
Soto rocks. I used to like Hughes until I saw her with her hair pulled back in a pony tail and realized she had an enormously thick jaw. With really big teeth as well. She might just be a glimpse at the future evolution of our species.
2005-07-29 09:51:29
22.   brendan glynn
She is way too thin as well. saw her in anaheim at the winter meetings. women on camera for a living go overboard on being thin.
2005-07-29 09:54:50
23.   brendan glynn

Ha! I prefer a link from the past, myself. this conversation should be around 290 something so no one would read it.

2005-07-29 09:57:22
24.   Midwest Blue
14 - Penarol1916: Chicago Dodger fan? Me, too. Are you originally from LA? Where are you at now?
2005-07-29 09:59:12
25.   db1022
Some of 6-4-2's commenters described Hughes as having a smoking hot body. Doesn't really look that way when she's at the desk. I agree with the square jaw.

Of course, she really does seem to know her stuff, and she's got good presence on-air. I think that still counts for something, right?

2005-07-29 10:04:05
26.   brendan glynn

Absolutely. I think she is a good broadcast journalist.

2005-07-29 10:04:44
27.   Peanuts in My Shoes
Did anybody catch Vin's comment during the game last night about Dodger Stadium and Coors Field having the same amount of home runs this year?

Can anybody quick with stats back that up?

2005-07-29 10:09:44
28.   db1022
26 - I didn't like her at first, but she's really grown on me. I really like her and Kevin Kennedy (the chemistry that is, not necessarily the analysis going on).

I agree that Soto is better looking, but she really seems uncomfortable on air. When its her and Gubicza at the same time, there are lots of jittery sentences and uncomfortable pauses. Kind of unwatchable.

2005-07-29 10:18:41
29.   Bob Timmermann
"Baseball Cheats On Wife" --

Headline on May 3, 1876 in the Anytown USA Gazette

2005-07-29 10:21:49
30.   gvette
#9 Sounds like Mrs. Lowe is upset.

Bet Carolyn Hughes'husband isn't too happy either.

Jon & Stan, Thanks so much for the trip down memory lane with my favorite Dodger teams, featuring the great Koufax/Drysdale/Wills. My family just doesn't understand why I treasure those autographed 8 by 10's of Al (The Bull) Ferrara, T. Davis, and Lou Johnson.

A truly terrifying moment this morning, as I actually found myself agreeing with some things that Plaschke wrote in his column. I may need Divine forgiveness for that.

2005-07-29 10:23:42
31.   Bob Timmermann
I meant to write

"Baseballist cheats on wife"

I was going for that old-timey feel.

2005-07-29 10:29:57
32.   GoBears
Glad to hear that Navarro is coming up. But don't be surprised if he can't throw anyone out either. I do think that Phillips makes things worse with that hitch in his throw, but I'm convinced that the pitchers are 90% of the problem. Did you see what Carrara did to Freel last night. Kept throwing over, faking, holding-holding-holding the ball, then getting it to home plate much more quickly (semi slide-step) than most Dodger pitchers. Navarro may make them look closer, and may deter some runners on reputation alone, but nothing can help a catcher when the pitchers don't do their part.
2005-07-29 10:36:10
33.   Penarol1916
24- Never lived in LA. My dad was a diplomat and we lived around the world, the closest I came to LA was when my dad taught at UC Davis for two years, luckily one of those years was '88. My dad was a Dodger fan from way back and the dodgers were something we shared that was just our own.
I live in Oak Lawn now.
2005-07-29 10:38:32
34.   Midwest Blue
33 - I live down the street in Beverly. We should take in a Dodgers / Cubs game.
2005-07-29 10:53:30
35.   GoBears
From's "Rumor Mill"

Several newspapers that follow the Reds expect Cincinnati catcher Jason LaRue to end up with the Padres before the weekend is over.

Too bad he couldn't end up there before the weekend STARTED!

2005-07-29 10:54:07
36.   GoBears
Oops - forgot the quotes around the middle sentence there.
2005-07-29 10:54:16
37.   Bob Timmermann
Stolen bases by pitcher

Lowe - 15 SB, 5 CS
Weaver - 14 SB, 3 CS
Penny - 10 SB, 3 CS
Houlton - 9 SB, 1 CS
Perez - 8 SB, 2 CS
Sanchez - 8 SB, 1 CS
Brazoban - 6 SB, 1 CS
Thompson - 4 SB, 3 CS
Alvarez - 2 SB, 0 CS
Carrara - 2 SB, 1 CS
Gagne - 2 SB, 0 CS
Wunsch - 2 SB, 1 CS
Dessens - 1 SB, 0 CS
Erickson - 1 SB, 0 CS

Carlyle and Schmoll have not had anyone try to steal against them.

There are 14 pitchers in the majors who have given up more stolen bases than Lowe, including such "mediocrities" as Kevin Millwood, Brandon Webb, Jason Schmidt, Greg Maddux, Jamie Moyer, Barry Zito, Jake Peavy, and Roy Halladay.

The toughest guys to steal against are Carlos Zambrano of the Cubs (only 1 out of 10 have made it) and Chris Capuano (only 1 out of 9 have made it). Capuano has 10 pickoffs also which can also turn into CS.
Mike Maroth of Detroit has had all 8 runners who tried to steal against him caught, but he has seven pickoffs.

2005-07-29 10:59:33
38.   Bob Timmermann has a little note from the Elias Sports Bureau stating the Padres have the worst 50 game stretch (18-32) of any team ever to start it in first and still be in first at the end of it.

The previous record holder were ...

the 1995 Angels who had a 20-30 stretch from 7/29 through 9/20.

2005-07-29 11:03:27
39.   Jon Weisman
In the Daily Breeze today, Mike Waldner has a column that takes the opposite view of Plaschke and a view that I find very unusual for a mainstream sportswriter: the Dodgers should make deadline deals only with the future in mind, not 2005.
2005-07-29 11:04:06
40.   b1ued0dger
The Augusta Chronicle reaported that the Dodger have indeed called up Broxton.

2005-07-29 11:04:10
41.   GoBears
38. Wow.
2005-07-29 11:06:27
42.   Bob Timmermann
Waldner calls DePodesta "basically an intern". So what are Theo Epstein and Brian Cashman?
2005-07-29 11:10:40
43.   DaveP
40 - with Broxton and Navarro up today, who is being sent packing? I assume Mike Rose and possibly Werth to DL?
2005-07-29 11:14:44
44.   fanerman
So does Navarro became starting catcher or is Phillips still there? Tracy may like Phillips professionalism more than Navarro. This move may also allow him to start Navarro at catcher and Phillips at 1B.
2005-07-29 11:17:04
45.   Jon Weisman
Hmm ... Paul Oberjuerge takes almost the same approach as Waldner.,1413,203~28557~2986781,00.html

2005-07-29 11:17:25
46.   USCDodger Knuckleballer
43 - I don't know about that, because then we would be carrying 13 pitchers on the roster and weren't they recently talking about reducing the staff down to 11?
2005-07-29 11:18:57
47.   Midwest Blue
43 - Because we can't possibly part with our mascot, bench-warmer, all-around good luck charm Erickson...
2005-07-29 11:20:06
48.   Bob Timmermann
Interesting article in the Hardball Times about baserunning.

Using Retrosheet play-by-play data they figured out which players were best at taking the extra base on a hit and also how often players were thrown out when trying it.

They have data from 1960-2004 and the most any one runner got thrown out on the bases trying for an extra base in any one season was just five.

It was Juan Encarnacion.

In their sample, Carlos Beltran took an extra base 208 times and never once got thrown out.

2005-07-29 11:20:43
49.   Midwest Blue
Hey, can Erickson be taught to play the organ when Nacy Bea is on vacation? Yet another reason to keep him here!
2005-07-29 11:29:59
50.   brendan glynn
So Navarro is batting second and Broxton is going to pitch tonight because that's the Tracy way.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-07-29 11:31:51
51.   scareduck
25: Carolyn Hughes has Jeromy Burnitz's jaw.
2005-07-29 11:33:00
52.   Landonkk
I have a feeling that our wishes might come true today. Broxton is not on the 40 man roster so you have to make room for him there and the only drop (DFA) that makes sense is Scott Erickson.
2005-07-29 11:36:43
53.   fanerman
We might celebrate like we won the West already if they DFA Erickson.
2005-07-29 11:37:08
54.   DaveP
46,47 - yeah, it just made too much sense to suggest that Erickson would be released. he has a tephlon coating or something working in his favor.
2005-07-29 11:37:31
55.   GoBears
Don't tease me like this Landonkk. I have a weak heart.
2005-07-29 11:37:52
56.   Eric L
Broxton isn't on the 40 man, but Navarro is. I can see Mike Rose being DFA'd to make room for Broxton.

Or Werth hits the DL.

2005-07-29 11:38:28
57.   Eric L
Strike that.. Werth would still take a spot on the 40 man, just not the active roster.
2005-07-29 11:41:36
58.   dzzrtRatt
Carolyn Hughes has been good for Lowe, if this is true. We should let these two lovebirds alone.
2005-07-29 11:42:55
59.   Midwest Blue
54 - It's like the old vaudeville joke: Do you have naked pictures of your wife? No? Do you want some?

Sounds like something a lecherous JT would say. Would Jim Tracy say that? No, I don't think he would. Would Erickson? I can't answer that.

2005-07-29 11:46:34
60.   scareduck
54: or else:

1) he's sharing his wife with DePo.
2) he's got pictures of DePodesta with an underaged goat.

2005-07-29 11:52:59
61.   DaveP
speaking of 40 man roster, will Derek Thompson be removed from the 40 man now that he's going to have another elbow surgery?
2005-07-29 11:56:14
62.   gvette
#58 We should let these two lovebirds alone.

That's probably not what the soon to be ex Mrs. Lowe and her battery of carnivore divorce attorneys have in mind.

If Erickson manages to survive the whole season as a Dodger, something is as rigged as the results of that "Dancing with the Stars" piece of junk that my wife insisted on watching.

2005-07-29 11:58:23
63.   fanerman
Have the call-ups been official? When will we know who gets set down and what not?
2005-07-29 12:08:26
64.   Landonkk
Typically an hour or two before the game when the Dodgers release their Official Pregame Notes.
2005-07-29 12:11:29
65.   USCDodger Knuckleballer
I think they can also still move Gagne to the 60-day DL in order make a spot on the 40 man roster if need be
2005-07-29 12:11:29
66.   USCDodger Knuckleballer
I think they can also still move Gagne to the 60-day DL in order make a spot on the 40 man roster if need be
2005-07-29 12:13:58
67.   GoBears
Think they can move Gagne to the 60-day DL?

Hee hee. Just joshin'.

2005-07-29 12:14:56
68.   Midwest Blue
Lowe with Carolyn Hughes.
Erickson sharing his wife.
Anna Benson (!)

Is it me or is it getting warm in here?

2005-07-29 12:15:01
69.   LAT
Man, go on vation for a few days and you miss all the action. I missed the Adam Dunn outing (great picture BTW). I missed the July 26, 750 post bonanza. (What were you guys all celebrating the repeal of the ephedra ban?) And now I find out Carolyn Hughs is shacking up with D.Lo. (Anyone know where I can get Trinka's number? She should be coming into some serious cash pretty soon and I could party with her. (Although my wife may not like that idea too much.)).

Too bad we didn't do better against the Reds. A split is just not good enough. Unlikly we will take 2 of 3 from St. Louis but stranger things have happened.

2005-07-29 12:15:14
70.   ElysianPark62
#18: That's who I thought of, too, when this came out. Werth would give Hughes a squeeze after an interview last year, and she seemed pretty pleased with it. Then that bizarre story about Werth's wife's ex-boyfriend came out last fall. Remember that? He said he had pictures and videos of Werth with many different women.

I've noticed for quite some time that Werth carefully scans the crowd before and during the games. He doesn't glance. He thoroughly looks. A friend in Houston (Dodger fan) said he saw him doing that there, too. Doesn't surprise me.

2005-07-29 12:17:48
71.   Bob Timmermann
"Baseball player looks around for other women. Hopes to start illicit assignation" --

Headline in the Metropolis Star on July 5, 1892

2005-07-29 12:21:19
72.   Midwest Blue
Maybe Werth was just scanning the crowd for a "Slump Buster"?
2005-07-29 12:24:20
73.   Bob Timmermann
Meahwhile, on the field, Chicago (Mark Prior) leads Arizona (Javier Vazquez), 2-0 in the 4th on a home run by Henry Blanco.

Conor Jackson is not in the lineup today. Clark is at first with Green in center and Tracy in right.

2005-07-29 12:28:35
74.   USCDodger Knuckleballer
72 - haha, thats great, we use that term quite a bit at school, love the double meaning
2005-07-29 12:30:36
75.   Eric Enders
Broxton callup is official

2005-07-29 12:31:10
76.   LAT
A month or so ago, we had a similar discussion here concerning Carolyn Hughes' jaw-line. Reminded me of a certian actress who shall go nameless, lest people again start conducting internet searches at work. As for the body, I have been front row during batting paractice while she does pre-game interviews and she has pretty nice figure. (That's it, I used the term "figure," I am offically my father.) I actually think she is better looking in person than on TV. Plus, she does deserve credit for doing her job well.
2005-07-29 12:33:36
77.   fanerman
I just hope Broxton's starting days aren't permanently over.
2005-07-29 12:39:58
78.   GoBears
Did anyone see how Green did in CF last night?
2005-07-29 12:40:29
79.   Bob Timmermann
Presumably Tracy will put Broxton in a position to suceed.

I was looking over Shelby Foote's "Civil War" trilogy. There was a guy named Jefferson Tracy who wanted to put North Carolina in a position to secede.

2005-07-29 12:41:47
80.   kegtron
WEEI is reporting Manny to the Mets, for Cameron and Polittle and 2 prospects. With 2 prospects going to TB for Huff.

SOSH message board blew a gasket.

2005-07-29 12:42:05
81.   Midwest Blue
76 - Well if she did so well for DLo's pitching, maybe she can take up with Duaner, too? This could turn into a real life "Bull Durham".
2005-07-29 12:43:12
82.   Bob Timmermann
Who's Polittle?
2005-07-29 12:48:32
83.   kegtron
I have no idea, maybe a typo I got from a board I frequent.
2005-07-29 12:50:23
84.   Midwest Blue
82 - Doesn't he pitch for the White Sox?
2005-07-29 12:51:34
85.   GoBears
Mets, huh? Yeah, that makes sense. They're the only ones who can afford that contract, other than the Yankees.

But why do the BoSox want to dump Manny before another WS run? I can't believe they're better without him. Even if he IS weird.

2005-07-29 12:54:27
86.   Benaiah
Hold on, the Mets are trading two prospects (worth Huff) plus Cameron and Polittle for Manny and his albatross contract? The Sox are making out like bandits unless they sent 20+ million NY way. They downgrade slighty right now, but Huff improves 3B/1B, they free up a ton of money and actually get 60-70 cents on the dollar in value. Remember that Manny's contract is so bad that the Sox tried to give him away before the end of last year. I have no idea who Polittle is, but this one seems like a win for the Sox, especially considering the circumstances, even if he is just a replacement level reliever. (There is a Politte on the White Sox who is a nice RP, but I can't find Polittle in the minors or majors).
2005-07-29 12:54:51
87.   Jon Weisman
If Erickson wasn't released before, it would be odd to see him go now, when he's pitched about as well (in his albeit limited role) as he has all year.

But perhaps that's irony for ya.

Still wanted to see the Yankees trade for him.

2005-07-29 12:55:27
88.   Jim Hitchcock
Here's my reply to Eric Neel re: the Vinny interview:

> Does his voice inspire in you thoughts of your own life and experience, even
> those separate from baseball?
> And do you have a particular phrase, stylistic feature, or on-air habit that
> you find especially appealing in Vin?
> Thanks very much.
> Eric
Hi, Eric,

My early years of listening to Vinnie bring back memories of bouncing a rubber ball against the wall of my bedroom, jumping up and down in excitement everytime Koufax registered another strikeout, so intensely into the game because of the picture Vin was painting in my mind. Or of sitting in the station wagon with my dad while camping in Yosemite, listening to Vin call a game.

I once asked my Dad back when I was pitching in Pony League where he had acquired his encylopaedic knowledge of baseball. In typical Dad fashion, he replied "listening to Vin Scully". Small wonder I consider Vinnie part of the family.

Nowadays, I tune in to Vinny every night because, well, shucks, unlike any other broadcaster, he's there to hold a conversation with ME. I love it when he pokes gentle fun at himself, as in "Naw, Vinnie!" when he has to correct himself on a minor detail. And, seriously, I don't fell silly at all when, after he ends every broadcast with his trademark "Goodnight, everybody!", I reply right back with "Goodnight, Vinny!"

Whattya think, guys? In no way do I think I'm the next Bob T, but do I have a shot ? :)

2005-07-29 12:58:24
89.   Eric L
Maybe Polittle is Petit? That's about the only Mets prospect I know (aside from Milledge) and maybe somebody got it confused.

It's a stretch.. I know...

2005-07-29 12:58:56
90.   Benaiah
On the ESPN Red Sox board the trade seems to be Manny + two prospect (including Hanley Ramirez) for Cameron and Huff, but the Sox doesn't send any money to the Mets at all. This trade seems absurd, considering that Hanley is the Sox's best prospect, but still it would free up a ton of payroll...
2005-07-29 13:03:57
91.   Im So Blue
Don't know if this has been posted already, but USA Today had an article a couple of days ago, "Announcing baseball's all-stars in the broadcast booth." Of course, our favorite redhead is #1.

2005-07-29 13:04:55
92.   fanerman
I wonder why they make the deal now and not the off-season (unless this is the only way they can make it). Freeing up money now probably won't help them much during the season.
2005-07-29 13:05:09
93.   Bob Timmermann
Your piece is too straightforward to be reminscent of me. You need more references to bad 1970s sitcoms.
2005-07-29 13:05:11
94.   natepurcell
hanleys star has lost a little shine this year with a subpar performance.

lester, sanchez and pedoria might have passed him on the red sox prospect totem pole

2005-07-29 13:05:28
95.   Marty
Lou Johnson was my mother's favorite Dodger.
2005-07-29 13:05:40
96.   ElysianPark62
#88: I do the same thing! And when Vin comes on at the beginning of the game with his big grin, I say, "Hi, Vin!" My husband chuckles at me.
2005-07-29 13:06:14
97.   fanerman
I never learned how to underline. How is it done?
2005-07-29 13:08:00
98.   kegtron
89 - I think you're right
2005-07-29 13:10:13
99.   Benaiah
92 - Well Manny did demand a trade again, and despite being a pistol and firecracker with a bat, he is looney toons in the outfield. Seriously, he is either mentally deficient or insane, when he went into the Green Monster a couple of weeks ago while play was on... crazy.
2005-07-29 13:12:51
100.   GoBears
I see why Boston wants out from under Manny's contract, but they've got to be among the favorites to win the WS this year. Why dump your best bat unless it's to fill a bigger hole NOW? Unless they think that Cameron+Huff is better than Manny+Bellhorn(?). Certainly the defense would improve.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-07-29 13:13:03
101.   Bob Timmermann
DBacks get a run on an RBI groundout by Green to make it 2-1 in the 7th.
2005-07-29 13:13:22
102.   Jim Hitchcock
93 - LOL. Thanks, Bob!

96 - Good on you, EP62!

2005-07-29 13:14:54
103.   DXMachina
"WEEI is reporting Manny to the Mets, for Cameron and Polittle and 2 prospects. With 2 prospects going to TB for Huff."

The only name I can find that's even close to Polittle on the Mets roster is Juan Padilla.

"SOSH message board blew a gasket."

I'll say. I can't even get to the discussion board over there.

2005-07-29 13:15:22
104.   Benaiah
100 - I wonder if they would move Cameron to RF at home since his range would be wasted in Fenway.
2005-07-29 13:16:41
105.   Im So Blue
97: to underline, put underscores before and after the words to be underlined,
__like this__.
2005-07-29 13:19:11
106.   Bob Timmermann
Now I know why the Mets always refer to their prospect as "Petit".

His first name is Yusmeiro.

He's got 93 K in 86 IP at Binghamton. With a 3.53 ERA and just 16 BB.

2005-07-29 13:20:39
107.   DXMachina
105, how do you do bold here?

I was listening to WFAN in NY at lunch, and most of the talk was still about the Mets going after Soriano. Most of the talk about Manny was that they'd have to give up way too much.

2005-07-29 13:21:36
108.   Peanuts in My Shoes
Re: 88- I haven't heard from Eric yet. Has anybody else besides Jim?
2005-07-29 13:23:54
109.   GoBears
Yankees just traded for Shawn Chacon.

Man, it's a good thing Cashman is not very good at player evaluation. Can you imagine if someone better had a $200M payroll to play with?

2005-07-29 13:24:03
110.   natepurcell
petit is like a livan herndandez clone. big body, stuff isnt spectacular, but he a deceptive delivery and always seems to get people out. i like him a lot actually. he could be a solid #2 workhorse.
2005-07-29 13:24:07
111.   kegtron
Damon is a FA at the end of the year, maybe he's their long term solution at CF.
2005-07-29 13:24:55
112.   Jim Hitchcock
107 - To bold, replace the underlines with asterisks.
2005-07-29 13:25:28
113.   kegtron
111 - He = Cameron, sorry for not being clear.
2005-07-29 13:28:27
114.   gcrl
108 - i got an email from eric earlier today. same questions as 88.
2005-07-29 13:31:21
115.   Jim Hitchcock
108 - Peanuts, I got the e-mail from Eric just before 11:00 A.M. today. In it, he thanked me for replying so promptly (early yesterday morning), so you should be getting yours soon.
2005-07-29 13:31:50
116.   Marty
I got the same email from Eric. I'm going to answer it when I get home.
2005-07-29 13:32:16
117.   Bob Timmermann
Remember that Mets fans believe every prospect is the greatest player ever. They overrate their prospects and think that the Mets can get anybody in exchange for one of them.

The Mets fans on Baseball Primer are an angry bunch. The Red Sox fans are still waiting for their team to somehow lose the 2004 World Series. The Yankee fans hate their own team, but don't let anyone else criticize them. The Cubs fans there are pretty funny and pretty easy-going.

2005-07-29 13:32:58
118.   Jim Hitchcock
114 - Hope you'll post your reply, gcrl.
2005-07-29 13:33:07
119.   Midwest Blue
On DT, I have learned to BOLD and UNDERLINE. I feel good now. But does that work on all blogs or just this one?
2005-07-29 13:34:07
120.   DXMachina
112, thanks.

109, I'm not sure it's a matter of bad player evaluation. The Yanks are just looking for warm bodies who can get the ball in the vicinity of the plate.

2005-07-29 13:34:26
121.   natepurcell
also dont forget the diamondback fans on primer bob, they jump at the chance to criticize depo and the dodgers.
2005-07-29 13:36:18
122.   Bob Timmermann
But the DBacks have just one or two fans there.

The DBacks went ahead of the Cubs 3-2 on a 2-run single from Glaus in the 8th.

2005-07-29 13:36:18
123.   gcrl
118 - by singular demand, here you are


Glad to be able to share and help. I apologize in advance for the verbosity.

Answering your first question - I don't know if his voice inspires thoughts for me separate from baseball, but it is certainly a catalyst for non-baseball related memories and reflections through the baseball related memories it conjures. Vin's voice is absolutely a connection between my present and my past (and hopefully, my future), all of which are much (although sometimes not too much) more than baseball. It takes me back to my youth in Santa Barbara county, and my college years in southern California. It reminds me of so many things, but, as I mentioned in my Dodger Thoughts post, the first things I think of when I hear his voice are the late (for a 8 or 9 year old) nights, spent sitting at the dining room table with my dad and his transistor radio, watching him finish some paperwork while Vin and Ross and Jerry told their tales. It also reminds me of my late grandmother, who didn't know much about baseball, but knew who Vin Scully was, and would always say "that must be ol' Vin Scully" when she would hear the radio broadcasts we were listening to. Of course, I am also reminded of the trips we made as a family to see the Dodgers play, and how we would always take the radio into Dodger Stadium with us (just like everyone else, it seemed). So, I suppose that his voice is a gateway to thoughts and memories for me beyond just the game of baseball itself.

Because of the connection I have with him and my past, there is definitely a safety and comfort factor that cannot be denied. Baseball is a sort of escape for me, I suppose, and hearing him call a game is about as safe and comfortable as I can imagine being for 3 or so hours. After moving from Orange County to Minneapolis (an American League town, for goodness sake) in 1997, I decided to road trip to see the Dodgers once a year. In 1998, I went to Wrigley for the first time, and I was more excited about seeing Vin again (even though I couldn't hear him) than I was about seeing the actual game. Last year, I went to Fenway, and was thrilled that he made the trip. He threw out the first pitch one night, and I got one of my favorite souvenirs from the trip - a picture of me, Sandy Koufax, and Vin (along with Frank McCourt). Granted, they are on the field in the background, and I am behind the dugout up in the stands, but still, we were in the frame together (I thought about attaching the photo to this email, but didn't know if you accepted attachments). Anyway, this is the first year since I moved here that I have purchased the indemand baseball package, and so have had the ability to hear him regularly, and the memories have been overwhelming at times. It has also given me the opportunity to introduce him to my 5 year old. I cannot tell you how stoked I was the other night to be sitting on the couch with my son at my side, watching Dodger baseball, and listening to Vin Scully.

Your second question is a great one. There are many things I enjoy, among them the daily greeting: "hello, and a very pleasant good evening to you, wherever you may be." this holds more meaning for me now that I am in Minnesota. There is also the way he (and the camera crews) find and describe the children in the stands. He always has kind words, and often something creative to say about the "tow headed youth" or the kid that lost his ice cream cone. It makes me wonder if I were one of those kids that he saw 28 years ago, and what did he have to say about me in my Steve Garvey shirt? I have also come to enjoy his mid game reminiscences of "this day in Dodger history", not just for the information he provides, but the way he smiles, sometimes winking, and says "let's get back to this one" when he's done. It's like we went to the kitchen to get a beer together, had a little conversation, and then realized the next inning was upon us. And then there are the stories he tells each night, the history lessons. These are probably my favorite things that he provides. One reason I love the Dodgers, is that it is easy to trace back from the team of my youth to the teams my dad followed, and even back to Brooklyn, in very few steps. For example, you could essentially go backwards from Russell to wills (ignoring the time he spent with other teams in the late 60s) to Reese at shortstop. To get to Russell from Izturis would take a few more steps, to be sure. In the booth, however, there has been Vin Scully. He is the direct link that I have to the history of the team, and really, the game, that I love.

I have to add that I also love him for his ability to watch and call the game (fairly, I might add - no homers here), and tell his stories while at the same time being very attentive to the TV feed that the rest of us are watching. It's quite frustrating when the announcers are oblivious to what is appearing on TV, and Vin is able to incorporate what is being shown into whatever else he is describing. I am sure it is harder than it seems, given the fact that he is the only one I have seen who does this.

2005-07-29 13:40:43
124.   Jim Hitchcock
123 - Great stuff, gcrl. Very well written!
2005-07-29 13:42:29
125.   natepurcell
true they only have 2 or so, but those two bag on depo any chance they get.
2005-07-29 13:43:48
126.   Bob Timmermann
One of the DBacks fans has a blood feud with Eric Enders. It's somewhat comical. Because I'm pretty sure Eric doesn't care about the guy at all.
2005-07-29 13:46:26
127.   ElysianPark62
#123: Excellent! Thank you. I repeatedly found myself nodding silently. Vin brings so many more memories than just Dodger baseball.

Re: announcers being oblivious to the baseball in front of them...that would be Charley Steiner. He misses/ignores a lot of things because he's too busy yakking or trying to be droll. I miss Ross Porter. He did his homework like a gem and clued you in on what was happening.

Steiner's knowledge is lacking for someone with that many years in the field. He makes me appreciate Rick Monday more, if you can believe that.

2005-07-29 13:47:30
128.   Im So Blue
119: "On DT, I have learned to BOLD and UNDERLINE. I feel good now. But does that work on all blogs or just this one?"

It works on all the blogs on this website (

2005-07-29 13:53:03
129.   Im So Blue
#123, 127: I couldn't agree more!
Even more annoying is watching games on "big Fox" and ESPN. They'll practically ignore the game being broadcast, and instead talk anything and everything else.
2005-07-29 13:53:45
130.   Bob Timmermann
Going to the top of the 9th at Wrigley, DBacks 3, Cubs 2.
2005-07-29 13:58:34
131.   regfairfield
127 - Let's not go that far. While Steiner will occassionally get wrapped up in a story and give you a fake home run call, Monday makes following the game impossible, since he simply forgets to tell you important details.

I think one of my favorite Monday calls is "and here's the pitch from Lima...and he's dancing around on the mound." Several details got lost in there somewhere. The part about him hitting the batter being the most notable one.

Plus, Steiner doesn't have the annoying "and-a" speech impediment, which easily puts him over Rick.

2005-07-29 14:00:32
132.   Peanuts in My Shoes
123- Great stuff, especially paragraph 2. Thanks for sharing.
2005-07-29 14:07:37
133.   Bob Timmermann
Frank Thomas out for the season with the White Sox.
2005-07-29 14:11:04
134.   Eric L


Which D-backs fan has a feud with Enders at BTF? I must not be paying attention to the feuds anymore. The "union" has zapped all my appetite for feuds at BTF.

2005-07-29 14:11:30
135.   stubbs
From Jayson Stark:

I would do Odalis, Milton and a prospect for him. Just imagine, him behind Drew and Kent.

There might be as good a chance of Manny trading Theo Epstein this week as there is of Theo trading Manny. But there have been definite indications over the last couple of days that the Red Sox have at least explored whether a midseason trade of a $20-million cleanup hitter is even remotely feasible. Well, the answer, almost certainly, is: NOOOOOOOO! "Think about this logically," said one GM. "There are two teams that could take on a guy like that -- New York and New York. It would have to be one or the other. And it CAN'T be one (i.e., the Yankees)." So that would leave -- let's see now -- the Mets. And the only reason not to disregard that idea completely is that the Mets GM is Omar Minaya. And Manny, said one longtime friend of Minaya, "is an obsession for Omar." But is it an obsession to trade for him this weekend -- or just to trade for him sometime or other? We'd vote on sometime or other, because we all need to remember this: This isn't the Royals or the Devil Rays trying to unload a man with an obscene contract. This is a defending World Series champ, still trying to win, trying to market its 150-RBI cleanup man. And the Red Sox, according to an official of one team that has been in touch with them, are making it clear that if they do make a trade, "it has to be a real trade, not a remove-this-guy-at all-costs kind of trade." The Red Sox have no interest "in taking 50 cents on the dollar," the official said. And to make it all work, "it would probably have to be more than one trade." If all those pieces don't fit, then the Red Sox plan is to hang onto Ramirez, grit their teeth through as many of Manny's misadventures as possible, remind themselves of how many runs he'll drive in for the next two months and then resume this quest around Halloween. And our bet is that you'll be seeing a lot of Manny masks on the trick-or-treat circuit in New England.

2005-07-29 14:12:37
136.   King of the Hobos
Bottom of the 9th, Cubs just tied the game 3-3
2005-07-29 14:14:11
137.   stubbs
133-Great, another buyer enters the hitter market.
2005-07-29 14:14:52
138.   King of the Hobos
Cubs win 4-3. I love Bruney and his ineffectiveness
2005-07-29 14:17:48
139.   natepurcell
you guys read the daily news article on to be buyers or sellers by Steve Dilbeck?

you want to see something comical? this is what he said:

*That much ballyhooed Dodgers' minor-league system?

It has several bright prospects in Double-A or lower, but none wowing scouts and screaming can't-miss.

Baseball America's latest ranking of the top 20 minor-league prospects does not list a single Dodger, although four make a 27-member honorable mention.*

i loved how he basically just glanced at the lastest BA prospect hot sheet and took that as BAs lastest prospect ranking. what a tool. if he did any research at all, he would look at BAs mid season top 25 prospects list and see 3 dodgers in the top 12.

2005-07-29 14:19:13
140.   natepurcell
hmmm lastest should be latest

i really cant spell when i am rushing. there should really be an edit mode for people who cant spell like me.

2005-07-29 14:22:47
141.   stubbs
140-i dont worry about it, i could careless if these posts are is the key.

i read that article as well, just a dumb pointless article.

2005-07-29 14:25:07
142.   fanerman
I couldn't care less if these posts are perfect either (if you could care less, you would).

Just kidding.

Yeah it's not a big deal. I do things like that all the time.

2005-07-29 14:26:49
143.   stubbs
142-that careless/care less was intentional...i thought it was funny. i guess not.
2005-07-29 14:27:46
144.   fanerman
Oh no no. I thought it was funny. I was just continuing the joke, albeit in my dry sense of humor way.
2005-07-29 14:28:43
145.   Jim Hitchcock
I blame all my typos on the bad habits I picked up while attending the Evelyn Woodski School of Speed Typing...
2005-07-29 14:35:08
146.   King of the Hobos
Will Carroll's newest update on the Prospectus Rumor Mill:

"The A's have all but stopped looking for deals, though you're free to ask Billy Beane what he's up to when he stops by to chat at BP in just a bit. His former co-conspirator Paul DePodesta is rumored to be working on a couple deals. Below .500 yet still in the race, the Dodgers are looking for a bat to replace the injured J.D. Drew. Jim Tracy has been all but begging for a trade not unlike last year's Steve Finley deal. If you see a 2004 Steve Finley out there on the market, drop Paul a line. They'll see what Dioner Navarro can do in the next couple weeks, followed by Jonathan Broxton, the latest in their line of raw, hard-throwing relievers."

Obviously not much new information, but better than some of the stuff I've seen

2005-07-29 14:36:43
147.   Jon Weisman
Short update above, where Vin gets praise from ... Phil Simms.
2005-07-29 14:40:12
148.   ddger
Who is Broxton going to replace on the roster?

Can we finish at .500 or above?

We have to go 35-25 rest of the way.

Should we trade O Perez or Weaver if we can choose one?

2005-07-29 14:44:30
149.   Jon Weisman
Frank Thomas out for the season, according to
2005-07-29 14:46:38
150.   dagwich
Hey, has anybody here heard any tracks from the new Ry Cooder CD "Chavez Ravine"? I'm at work listening to some archived shows on KPFA and they played a couple -- "Shangri La" and "Third base, Dodger Stadium." Apparently Cooder has a web site (which I don't have at hand) that explains some of the history and lurid politics how the Latinos were expelled from CR in the late 40s. I'm a big Cooder fan so I will be biased in my opinion of the CD, but I am curious how others feel. If I missed a previous discussion about this let me know...

Also, I am glad to see Broxton in the show. I got to see him last month in his first closer stint, and he was throwing in the high 90s, with lots of movement on the ball. The Mudcats flailed pretty badly at the ball.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2005-07-29 14:48:11
151.   fanerman
I've heard parts of it. It's hard for me to get more into the latino based tracks though. I'll try giving it a closer listen in the coming days.
2005-07-29 14:51:35
152.   Blue Crew
#42 Hey Bob I caught that comment too. I'm not that big of a Waldner fan, so for me I'm not surprised.

By the way, do you live in the South Bay?

Man Bch here.


2005-07-29 14:53:54
153.   Marty
152. I hate Waldner's stuff too. But I had to work with him for years...
2005-07-29 14:56:49
154.   natepurcell
if you head on over to BA today, its a total dodger prospect love fest. i love it :)
2005-07-29 15:00:31
155.   Blue Crew

Hey Marty, does he only work for the Breeze or Copely (I think)?

So are you in the South Bay?


2005-07-29 15:00:43
156.   Marty
154. I feel stupid. What is BA short for?
2005-07-29 15:00:45
157.   natepurcell
Still The Best

A scout whose coverage includes both Los Angeles franchises had high praise for Baseball America—and, well, the Angels and Dodgers. "I saw in the Prospect Handbook where those were rated as the top two organizations," he said, "and they still are. They are both still very loaded."

The Dodgers have their Double-A Jacksonville club, which at least three scouts said was the most talented unit they've seen in the minors. Righthanders Chad Billingsley, Jonathan Broxton, Edwin Jackson and Justin Orenduff all have power stuff and strikeout pitches, with Broxton touching 100 after a move to the bullpen. Lefthander Hong-Chih Kuo has returned from repeated elbow problems to strike out 61 in 36 overall innings as a reliever. The star-studded infield includes Andy LaRoche at third (28 homers overall), shortstop Joel Guzman (.282-13-60) and Russ Martin (.301, .420 on-base), the minors' top catching prospect.

"Broxton and Billinglsey might be the best arms I've seen all year, and they were on the same team," an American League scout said. "Billingsley has the combination of feel and power, and he's only 21. He's got an outstanding slider now to go with his fastball and curve. The other guy, Broxton, is a young power arm who just blows it by guys with power and has a power curve. I didn't see a changeup, but I saw a feel for starting if he can maintain his fitness."

2005-07-29 15:01:08
158.   natepurcell
BA= baseball america
2005-07-29 15:01:56
159.   Marty
155. He's only in the Breeze. I lived in the Southbay in the late 80's-early 90's, but I'm in the Pasadena area now.
2005-07-29 15:02:43
160.   Blue Crew
This may have been asked or even done already, but what about a night the posters get together for a game or just at a local sports bar?
I mostly lurk here, but visit here often. If it can be done and not at a game, there are plenty of places to do this.

Any thoughts?


2005-07-29 15:03:31
161.   natepurcell
some things from the current BA chat:

Q: bill anderson from norwood ma asks:
Does any team have a better foursome than Papelbon,Lester,Snachez, and Hanson?

A: Kevin Goldstein: The Dodgers
Q: Andre Dobiey from Cologne, Germany asks:
Who is the most likely future 15-20 game winner: Jon Papelbon (BOS), Chad Billingsley (LA) or Hayden Penn (BAL) ? Who will be of most help in 2006 ?

A: Kevin Goldstein: For the first part of the question, I'll take Billingsley, For the second part of the question, I'll take Papelbon.
Q: Daryl Percy from Tokyo, Japan asks:
Hong-Chih Kuo. Is this kid an elite-level prospect now that he's healthy? Kid can sling.

A: Kevin Goldstein: Kid can. Could end up a dominating reliever.
Q: Toby from Baba Booey Land asks:
Adam LaRoche could be best described as the next ........?

A: Kevin Goldstein: Scott Rolen minus the defensive skills?
: nate purcell(thats me!) from orange county asks:
Do the dodgers have the best collection of arms in baseball?

A: Kevin Goldstein: Definitely.

2005-07-29 15:04:09
162.   Jim Hitchcock
Bob lives in Pasadena, not too far from Marty, I think. Icaros can give you directions :)

Dagwich, if you're like me, doesn't it always give you a charge when watching a movie and the music soundtrack starts, and you go, "hey, that's Ry Cooder"?

2005-07-29 15:07:48
163.   Xeifrank
Been gone the last 18 hours. What ever turned out of the Navarro and Broxton call up rumors from last night?
vr, Xei
2005-07-29 15:08:53
164.   natepurcell
163: both are true. reporting broxton
la daily news reporting navarro.

2005-07-29 15:11:00
165.   Jim Hitchcock
160 - We just did a game on Wednesday...hopefully another opportunity will present itself.
2005-07-29 15:19:26
166.   Bob Timmermann
Jim, I live in South Pasadena, not Pasadena. We South Pasadenans like to make sure people realize the difference. South Pasadena is like Pasadena with the exception of having really any fun things to do inside the city limits.

And we generally say "No" to everything.

710 freeway - No
Gold Line - No (we said yes, but we want the train to magically be rerouted through some other city or else glide on air)
Movie theater with more than one screen - No
Overnight parking - No
Stores that don't sell cute antiques - No

2005-07-29 15:22:57
167.   KAYVMON
Sounds like my kind of town Bob. So is which LaRoche is ours? Adam or Andy?
2005-07-29 15:24:11
168.   Marty
But South Pasadena does have the very first Trader Joes!
2005-07-29 15:24:18
169.   ddger
166. I totally agree with Bob since I also live in South Pas.
2005-07-29 15:25:25
170.   natepurcell
Sounds like my kind of town Bob. So is which LaRoche is ours? Adam or Andy?

andy is ours, the guy that asked the question messed up. but goldstein was referring to andy, because andy plays 3b while adam plays 1b.

2005-07-29 15:26:11
171.   ddger
166. I hope you don't live near the Gold Line. I feel bad for those who have to hear the train every 10 minutes.
2005-07-29 15:27:40
172.   Jon Weisman
Game thread is open above.
2005-07-29 15:28:04
173.   natepurcell
Game thread is open above.

dodger game or suns game?

2005-07-29 15:29:32
174.   dagwich
162 -- Jim, I think I am like you, in terms of age and, as I am increasingly aware, music. Do we comprise the geezer (~50+) portion of the readership here at DT?

I think Ry Cooder is amazing, both in his musicianship and his courage in following his vision. He has traded a surefire rockstar-type life (in the 1970s) for the much-less-profitable world music collaborations (the Buena Vista Social Club being the best known). I don't love every single track of his portfolio but without a doubt through his collaborations he has introduced me to some incredible talent.

2005-07-29 15:43:01
175.   Bob Timmermann
For the record, South Pasadena has the second Trader's Joe. The first one is in Pasadena I believe. It's the one on Arroyo Parkway.

I think South Pasadena does have the oldest existing Winchell's now after the one in Temple City closed.

2005-07-29 15:45:16
176.   Jim Hitchcock
Yep. I'm 49, and until today I did not know there was a South Pasadena. But Bob left out Hawthorne when listing the area burgs awhile back, so I don't feel too bad :)

I originally took notice of Cooder because of my love for bottleneck guitar (the Duane Allmans, Lowell Georges, Johnny Winter, et al), but like you, what has really impressed me over the years has been his promotion of roots music/musicians (Flaco Jimenez, anybody?). He is sort of a Library of Congress for musical awareness, and I love him for it.

Another hero of mine is Jorma Kaukonen, from Hot Tuna and Jefferson Airplane fame. If you have any interest at all in early country blues, check out `Blue Country Heart'. It won a well deserved Emmy, and the songs on the album are absolute gems, as is the playing.

2005-07-29 16:24:04
177.   ElysianPark62
Hey, Nate, it sounds like Steve Dilbeck needs to read that chat transcript (and other info) on BA. He's really out of the loop if he thinks the Dodgers don't have an admired farm system. Sounds like Plaschke, picking up a bit of misleading information and running with it.

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