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Trouble Thursday
2005-09-01 10:09
by Jon Weisman

Running a little behind this morning due to car trouble, and it's hard to think of anything to else to write about as the Hurricane Katrina reports become more and more overwhelming, with the devastation looking worse, except for the terrorist element, than 9/11. At LACMA alone, there are six co-workers whose families back home have been profoundly affected, and collections on their behalf began Tuesday.

But for those seeking an online refuge from the news, feel free to join in here.

  • Derek Lowe's move from the third-base side of the pitching rubber to the first-base side once again reminds us how much of baseball boils down to small but meaningful adjustments.

  • James Click of Baseball Prospectus today runs the major league season backwards, finds Colorado in first place after three months with Clint Barmes ready to be activated, only for the Padres to surge to the top in Month 4, leaving the Dodgers in last; "media criticism in L.A. is intense." Click somehow left off the month when the Dodgers surged back into the race.

  • And on the KDT request line, caller Nate Purcell asks for me to play Dayn Perry's "Guzman One of Best Prospects in Baseball". Nate dedicates his request to Joel of Jacksonville, with love.

    Update: For some reason, I hear Journey as the musical backing. Oh - it must be the Perry last name. Never liked Journey.

  • Also, for both Dodger and Angel coverage, make sure you're checking in on 6-4-2 if you haven't been already. Forget about Andy Pettitte - Rob McMillin has perhaps the best "Pickoff Moves" around.

  • What movie is your personality? Take this quiz. I got Sunset Boulevard, showing how shallow I am. Never liked Sunset Boulevard.

    Update 2: The early bird Jacksonville Suns pass along the word that talented reliever Hong-Chih Kuo has been added to the Dodger roster. The lefty has an ERA of 1.91 in 28 1/3 innings for Jacksonville with 44 strikeouts. Kuo, 24, received a $1.25 million signing bonus at age 18 but has been limited by injuries.

    Also, Guzman has been reinstated following two suspensions: one game by the Southern League and two games by the Suns for violating team rules. Guzman, nursing a sore shoulder, then sat out Wednesday's game despite his activation. Guzman was ejected Sunday after it was ruled he did not touch second base while turning a double play. (Thanks to reader DaveP for the link.)

  • Comments (296)
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    2005-09-01 10:33:24
    1.   Xeifrank
    Continuation from previous thread...
    You can also donate via mail if you don't wish to give Yahoo a cut. That's what I am using.
    2005-09-01 10:43:57
    2.   Yakface
    I am Raiders of the Lost Ark.
    2005-09-01 10:47:03
    3.   DaveP
    Kuo was added to 40 man and called up to the Dodgers today.
    2005-09-01 10:49:17
    4.   Eric L
    Nice article at Baseball Analysts today by Bob Klapisch. For those who don't visit BTF, here is the link:

    2005-09-01 10:49:33
    5.   the OZ
    Cool news on Kuo.

    I'm Easy Rider, which is funny because a couple years ago, I attended Peter Fonda's birthday party at a mansion owned by the Zenith heiress.

    It's a long story.

    2005-09-01 10:52:40
    6.   Jon Weisman
    3 - Do you have a link?
    2005-09-01 10:52:41
    7.   DaveP
    If you're trying to donate through, don't give up if the pages take forever to load. Took me 15 minutes, but finally got it to work.
    2005-09-01 10:54:00
    8.   DaveP

    under the heading "Hong Gone"

    2005-09-01 10:57:36
    9.   Marty
    LOL. I'm Schindler's List. Not sure what to make of that!
    2005-09-01 10:58:19
    10.   Odysseus
    Today is Blog Aid for Katrina day. I would encourage everyone to donate, if you can afford it. Here is the Instapundit post

    And here is my blog entry

    2005-09-01 11:04:40
    11.   Marty
    BTW Jon, I love Sunset Boulevard.
    2005-09-01 11:07:08
    12.   Penarol1916
    What? You can't appreciate the pure cheesey appeal that is classic Journey?
    Should I be scared that I am Apocalypse Now?
    2005-09-01 11:09:05
    13.   Bob Timmermann
    From my end, most of Southern California seems very grouchy.

    But it is the first day of school for a lot of people.

    2005-09-01 11:09:53
    14.   the OZ
    Journey makes me think of Caddyshack.
    2005-09-01 11:10:08
    15.   Marty
    If you are going to make a contribution, check to see if your employer has a matching program going (mine does). It will help even more.
    2005-09-01 11:10:27
    16.   Jim Tracy
    I am Platoon. Sunset Blvd is not bad... Journey is not good.
    2005-09-01 11:10:53
    17.   Odysseus
    Journey rocks.

    I'm Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

    2005-09-01 11:11:15
    18.   Bob Timmermann
    "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" for me.

    I'm naively going to propose a bill for a boys camp in Montana.

    2005-09-01 11:11:29
    19.   the OZ
    Here's what Simers says about the report that Lasorda is 'in McCourt's ear' about DePodesta:

    "I called Lasorda, held the phone a few feet away from my ear, while giving him the chance to respond.

    'That's a lie. A big fat lie. I'm really upset about this; I'm not going to stand for this — you'll see. I'll take a lie detector test tomorrow; I have never talked to rival scouts or executives about DePodesta. I've been in the guy's corner from Day 1. God almighty, how can they say that about me?'"

    2005-09-01 11:11:40
    20.   Bob Timmermann
    Journey is on the same list as Russ Ortiz for me.
    2005-09-01 11:12:01
    21.   Marty
    Journey (and Styx, Kansas, etc.) is one of the main reasons I turned to punk rock.
    2005-09-01 11:15:57
    22.   Odysseus

    Don't stop believin'

    That might as well be the Dodgers' theme song

    2005-09-01 11:18:55
    23.   Marty
    Thanks Odysseus, now I've got that song stuck in my head. I wish "It's a Small World" upon you 8^)
    2005-09-01 11:18:57
    24.   Odysseus
    I promise I'll stop now
    2005-09-01 11:21:15
    25.   the OZ
    "Any way you want it, that's the way you need it..."

    It's stuck in my head, thanks to Jon, so I'm sharing the curse with all of you :)

    2005-09-01 11:24:36
    26.   Linkmeister
    From my blog this morning:

    "If you're a regular Amazon book/electronics buyer, they've got a link up to the American Red Cross Hurricane Relief Fund on the main page. The advantage is that they already have your credit card info on file, so you don't even have to dig into your wallet or purse for the card number and expiration date.

    If you're not an Amazon user, the button for the ARC is over on the left."

    I'd add it's a straight passthrough to ARC, and you get confirmation e-mail for tax purposes, if that's important to you.

    2005-09-01 11:24:47
    27.   Jon Weisman
    I wanted to be "Mr. Smith" - so disappointing when I heard that was one of the possibilities and I didn't get it.
    2005-09-01 11:25:24
    28.   blue22
    12 - I'm Apocalypse Now too. I haven't seen it. Apparently I'm a "rogue wanderer".
    2005-09-01 11:40:35
    29.   molokai
    Lately the writing at BP has risen to a new level. Enjoyed the article. Our 12-2 start really becomes meaningless in this exercise.
    2005-09-01 11:40:59
    30.   Vishal
    the #2 guy in dayn parry's piece, ian stewart, went to la quinta high school in westminster, which is the same high school bobby crosby came out of, and which is literally right across the street from my family's house. i was supposed to go there myself but it's not a particularly great high school except for baseball, apparently. they've won the CIF a bunch of times though.
    2005-09-01 11:42:34
    31.   Penarol1916
    28. Well, if you've seen you'd be scared as it is just a completely insane movie.
    2005-09-01 11:47:24
    32.   molokai
    I'm the Godfather, loved the movie but abhor the mafia. Would much rather have been Mr. Smith, both the Frank Capra version and Brad Pitt version.
    2005-09-01 11:49:47
    33.   confucius
    Scindlers List? I don't put others first! I hate others!
    2005-09-01 11:52:48
    34.   confucius
    I took it again and lied. Now i'm Apocalypse Now. That's even worse. "Rogue wanderer looking for one's shadow self". They make it sound like i'm a monk or something. I wanted to be Dr. Strangelove, or How i Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.
    2005-09-01 11:54:58
    35.   confucius
    Journey trails only Styx and Creed on the list of worst all time bands.
    2005-09-01 11:55:17
    36.   Vishal
    btw, i'm also sunset boulevard. lame.
    2005-09-01 11:58:01
    37.   Vishal

    yes, creed is without a doubt the worst band in history.

    2005-09-01 11:59:14
    38.   Bob Timmermann

    He speaks the truth!

    2005-09-01 11:59:17
    39.   Jon Weisman
    Kevin Brown is out for the season. I wasn't even aware he was "in."
    2005-09-01 11:59:54
    40.   Bob Timmermann
    I sense that some people here don't like movies where Jack Webb loses his girl to William Holden.
    2005-09-01 12:02:07
    41.   dagwich
    I'm also Easy first R-rated movie (as we flashback to a discussion a few weeks ago on this blog). I thought it was cool when I was a 17 year old, but I watched it a few months ago and thought it was actually a pretty bad movie.

    Bob, if you really are Mr. Smith, when do you begin the filibuster?

    2005-09-01 12:04:28
    42.   Loogy
    I was Platoon.
    I still haven't gotten around to seeing that movie.
    I like Journey even though they are pretty much indistinguishable from Styx, Foreigner, and Night Ranger.
    2005-09-01 12:04:45
    43.   Jon Weisman
    40 - It's mostly the issue of the "girl" herself. I like William Holden, actually. He can do better.
    2005-09-01 12:06:16
    44.   al bundy
    Does it seem odd to anyone else that al bundy is The Godfather? Luckily I'm not Godfather III.
    2005-09-01 12:08:02
    45.   al bundy
    Creed has one great song which is one more than I can say about Journey or Styx. :)
    2005-09-01 12:09:57
    46.   Icaros
    I got Sunset Boulevard also, though I'm surprised I wasn't Apocalypse Now.
    2005-09-01 12:11:59
    47.   subclub
    "Guzman was ejected Sunday after it was ruled he did not touch second base while turning a double play."

    Isn't it common practice to straddle 2nd base rather than touching it? What's the story on this?

    2005-09-01 12:12:43
    48.   Eric L
    Creed is (was) a good live band. Of course, I saw them back when no one knew who they were. I only paid $5 to see them, so that'll tell you that they weren't quite "Creed" yet.

    Now (if Creed was still around), I think someone would have to pay me to go see them.

    As for Journey.. maybe it's my age, but I love the cheesy 80's goodness. I never really had to live through the Journey revolution, even though I was around. Just too young to care about music.

    2005-09-01 12:13:07
    49.   Icaros
    I'll take Journey's "Wheel in the Sky" and Styx's "The Grand Illusion" over anything by Creed.

    Creed is much worse when you factor in the Christian heavy-handedness and the egomaniacal singer who thinks he's Jesus in a wifebeater.

    2005-09-01 12:13:53
    50.   Bob Timmermann
    I will only yield this site for a question! But this deficiency bill cannot be passed!

    You think I'm licked. You all think I'm licked. Well, I'm not licked. And I'm going to stay right here and fight for this lost cause. Even if the room gets filled with lies like these, and the Plachkes and all their armies come marching into this place.

    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2005-09-01 12:15:55
    51.   Bob Timmermann
    Sidney Ponson was released today by the Orioles.

    Anybody want him? Remember when he was going to put the Giants over the top in 2003?

    And did anyone else find Jason Christiansen's complaints about playing for the Giants funny? It's not like he was helping them very much anyway.

    2005-09-01 12:17:14
    52.   Penarol1916
    48. I think that I'm in your boat Eric L. I was too little to notice the popularity or Journey, Styx, and those cheesey early '80's bands and now, to me anyone who sees them as awful just takes music to seriously. It's silly music and it cracks me up.
    2005-09-01 12:17:15
    53.   Colorado Blue
    Easy Rider...
    2005-09-01 12:17:31
    54.   Rob M
    19 - please be true. I may join Steve with the A's (I do like their cap and colors) if the DePo reign ends early and we get a Bowden or worse.

    I'm Easy Rider too - that makes at least 3 of us. They ought to mix a few more movies into their algorhythm to lessen the repeats.

    2005-09-01 12:19:44
    55.   Bob Timmermann
    Lasorda is also shrewd enough to know that he won't garner much support for his cause if he is openly backstabbing the GM. Doesn't win you a lot of friends.

    If McCourt didn't like Bowden the first time, why would he like a second time? The guy made a trade for the Caribbean version of Milton Bradley. And he hitched his wagon to Guzman and Castilla.

    2005-09-01 12:20:04
    56.   dagwich
    50 Ok, I've quit laughing. That was funny.

    Now if you could just get drunk and beat up a reporter....

    2005-09-01 12:22:18
    57.   Ryan Jerz
    Another Easy Rider, but I did it with an abridged version of the test. And 45 if you mean that one where the guy screamed "can you take me higher" for 45 minutes at the Super Bowl or wherever, I'll lose my lunch.
    2005-09-01 12:26:17
    58.   Odysseus
    48 I think that's probably why I like Journey and Styx, because I was too young to remember when both those bands first became big.

    If people are complaining about DePodesta, Bowden or any other number of terrible GMs out there will make him look like Billy Beane or Sandy Alderson.

    2005-09-01 12:30:11
    59.   JJoeScott
    I also got "Sunset Boulevard."

    I guess I'm ready for my close-up.

    2005-09-01 12:32:04
    60.   JJoeScott
    47 He argued. I just read the Suns notes wondering the same thing!
    2005-09-01 12:33:36
    61.   Bob Timmermann
    If McCourt wanted to go for more of a "traditionalist" in the role of GM, he'd probably try to hire a guy like Pat Gillick. Gillick would be acceptable to the Old Guard of baseball.

    I really wouldn't worry about Jim Bowden being the GM of the Dodgers at all. I can't picture McCourt liking him because he's too high-profile. DePodesta is a quiet guy and let's McCourt have the spotlight for himself.

    Bowden needs two spotlights, a sunny day, and a couple of super novae exploding simultaneously to think he is sufficiently exposed.

    2005-09-01 12:39:31
    62.   Icaros
    McCourt would have to raise his annual payroll cap to $200 million to have any success with Gillick as GM.
    2005-09-01 12:43:26
    63.   Kilgore Trout
    Sorry to interrupt with a baseball-related comment, but I looked today at a few numbers relating to Milton Bradley's 2005 season.

    While no amount of on-field contributions can make up for his off-the-field behavior, I think the Dodgers front office should take the following into account when deciding upon a course of action:

    When Bradley has been on the roster this year, the Dodgers have averaged 4.67 runs per game.

    In the 47 games that he was on the disabled list in May-July, they averaged 3.66 runs per game.

    While there's got to be a lot of factors at work here, Bradley's got to have something to do with it.

    2005-09-01 12:48:16
    64.   dagwich
    If you hire Bowden, not only do you get a horrible GM, for no extra cost you get an arrogant SOB. The thing I remember about him is that as the Reds' GM he would not deal directly with the newly hired Dodgers' Dan Evans directly...he insisted that Lasorda also be at the table. People had to wait at the table until Lasorda was brought in.

    I periodically read the chats with reporters, and the sense of the knowledgable DC fans is that Bowden has screwed the pooch with his tryout with that Nats, and might be run out of town soon. Certainly he won't be hired by whoever becomes the new owners.

    2005-09-01 12:48:39
    65.   Penarol1916
    62. Why do you say that? His payrolls were moderately high in Baltimore, but I don't remember him being a huge spender in Seattle. Of course since I'm not looking at historical payrolls, I could be completely off my Rocker on this one.
    2005-09-01 12:53:33
    66.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
    TINSTAAPP and all, but dig Billingsley's career numbers:
    63 61 28 13 0 2 324.7 261 129 107 18 128 372 19 0 .217 2.97
    (P.S. What's the HTML coding to get this in neat rows and columns?)
    2005-09-01 12:57:59
    67.   DaveP
    51- not only was Ponson released by the Orioles, but they are attempting to void his contract for behavior reasons (punching an Aruban judge and two DUIs in last 9 months). He is owed $10,000,000 next year.

    The Orioles are attempting to void the deal by saying Ponson violated the "Unified Players Contract" that everyone on the 40-man roster has to sign.

    2005-09-01 13:02:10
    68.   Icaros
    Gillick is not a guy who can scout new talent. He has always been a free-agent buyer, so finding quality young players on the cheap like Choi, Werth, Houlton, etc, would be out.

    The guy really hasn't won anything since the two titles with Toronto in the early 90s.

    His time has passed.

    2005-09-01 13:02:40
    69.   Jim Hitchcock
    In line with the the quiz Jon posted, a friend sent me this last night:

    The Classic Leading Man Test:

    I matched up with Jimmy Stewart. Perfect!

    Also, the first Journey album was pretty good. The lead singer on that was Greg Rolies, the original Santana vocalist and keyboardist. Steven Perry ruined the band.

    2005-09-01 13:06:23
    70.   molokai
    62 I thought Pat Gillick made his mark in Toronto where he won 5 division titles and a world championship. I also don't remember him being known for spending money lavishly.

    I don't think Depo is in danger of losing his job unless the Wife is pushing for his removal. I'm sure McCourt recognizes a blowhard like Lasorda and would not base a decision based on anything coming out of his mouth. He's probably very unhappy that he even has to keep Lasorda on the payroll.

    If they do fire Depo I would not be unhappy to see Evans return.

    2005-09-01 13:06:48
    71.   franklin
    is there room for more than one Godfather on DT?

    picking a nit off Dayn Perry--from his prospects lists...
    Overall top 100 prospects
    4. Ian Stewart, Rockies
    8. Joel Guzman, Dodgers

    NL West top 10 prospects
    1. Joel Guzman, Dodgers
    2. Ian Stewart, Rockies

    these lists aren't subjectively ranked, are they?

    2005-09-01 13:06:48
    72.   Icaros
    69 My mom used to work with the rhythm guitarist from that first Journey album. He also played with the Jerry Garcia Band.

    We had Thanksgiving dinner together one year.

    2005-09-01 13:10:44
    73.   Jim Hitchcock
    BTW, another choice for donations would have to be Operation USA. I like the fact that 97.3 % of donations go directly into their programs. Sorry I don't have a link handy.
    2005-09-01 13:10:53
    74.   Icaros
    70 He didn't spend money as lavishly back then because players didn't make as much as they do now.

    Times have changed. His more recent teams in Baltimore (lots of big names) and Seattle (one great regular season with a first-round playoff exit) were perennial disappointments.

    2005-09-01 13:11:29
    75.   Penarol1916
    68. I understand your point about not scouting new talent, but he did do a good job of winning in Baltimore and Seattle, two places that haven't come close to replicating his success. To me building a consistant winner, like he did in those two places says just as much as what he did in Toronto.
    2005-09-01 13:11:45
    76.   molokai
    Welcome to the Godfather club. I assume since were both controlling that we would not be able to coexist.
    2005-09-01 13:14:37
    77.   Odysseus
    Humphrey Bogart
    2005-09-01 13:15:35
    78.   Jim Hitchcock
    I'm gonna have to dig out that Journey album, Icaros. I saw both the original Journey and The Jerry Garcia Band at the Santa Monica Civic at different times, so I'm kind of into the history. Thanks.
    2005-09-01 13:16:58
    79.   Jim Hitchcock
    77 - Let me guess, molokai...all your responses involved a classy dame :)
    2005-09-01 13:17:33
    80.   Jim Hitchcock
    Sorry, meant Odysseus.
    2005-09-01 13:18:14
    81.   Icaros
    78 George Tickner was his name, or something like that. I don't know if he ever recorded with the JGB, or he was just a live/session guy.
    2005-09-01 13:19:11
    82.   gvette
    1)#69 Doesn't the current version of Journey, playing a State Fair near you, have a new lead singer who's the spitting image of Steven Perry, down to the same voice, build and mannerisms? Maybe they should try out for next year's version of Rockstar; INXS to change their style;

    2)Bowden won't be stealing DePo's job, but will probably be trying to get his old ESPN blowhard job back from Steve Phillips;

    3)For those in the downtown LA/Pasadena area, the Red Cross has a very efficient drive thru donation set up at the Rose Bowl; two lanes, in and out in just a few minutes with plenty of volunteers to take donations from your car.

    2005-09-01 13:23:23
    83.   Odysseus
    80 it's a bit more complicated,

    "You're the original man of honor, rough and tough but willing to stick your neck out when you need to, despite what you might say to the contrary. You're a complex character full of spit and vinegar, but with a soft heart and a tender streak that you try to hide. There's usually a complicated dame in the picture, someone who sees the real you behind all the tough talk and can dish it out as well as you can. You're not easy to get next to, but when you find the right partner, you're caring and loyal to a fault. A big fault. But you take it on the chin and move on, nursing your pain inside and maintaining your armor...until the next dame walks in. Or possibly the same dame, and of all the gin joints in all the world, it had to be yours."

    2005-09-01 13:29:11
    84.   Marty
    78. Jim, dig it out and use it for target practice :)

    I'm in a food coma after lunch at Langer's Deli. Best. Pastrami. Ever.

    2005-09-01 13:29:19
    85.   Icaros
    I went back and looked up Gillick's tenures with Baltimore and Seattle. He spent three years with each team, and had winning records five of the six seasons.

    None of his teams from that era were able to win a playoff series, and he was sometimes criticized for not making deadline deals to prepare his squads for postseason play.

    Can't argue with his record though. They were better than I remembered, and a lot better than most.

    I still stand behind my claim that he is yesterday's news and wouldn't be able to compete with today's top teams under limited finances, but that just my opinion.

    2005-09-01 13:30:15
    86.   Jim Hitchcock
    Meanwhile, my movie personality was The Godfather. That doesn't square with my Jimmy Stewart profile. I wanted Mr. Smith Goes to Washington!
    2005-09-01 13:35:14
    87.   Icaros
    Oops, I read baseball-reference wrong. Those teams from Baltimore and Seattle all won the first round (division) of the playoffs those years.

    Shows how much attention I paid to the AL Playoffs.

    I give up. Hire Gillick if you want.

    2005-09-01 13:35:16
    88.   Jacob L
    Yeah, well I'm Jimmy Stewart in Platoon. Go figure.
    2005-09-01 13:36:20
    89.   Jim Hitchcock
    84 - I think that honor should be reserved for the Blue Oyster Cult album I have stashed somewhere. Man, they sounded so good at the time.

    Well, still have my Skynryd, ABB, Jethro Tull, Johnny Winter, et al, so it's not like I'm completely without culture.

    2005-09-01 13:36:35
    90.   the OZ
    70 -

    When I first read that people within the organization were whispering about getting rid of DePodesta, I speculated that Jamie McCourt could be the culprit.

    Mrs. McCourt has placed a remarkable emphasis on supporting and encouraging women since coming to the Dodgers (the WIN thing, plus she's teaching a 'women in business'-type seminar at UCLA this fall). I wonder if she wasn't pushing Frank to promote Kim Ng to be the first female GM of a ML team, but Frank chose DePodesta. Now that the CW is that DePodesta is no good, she has the cover she needs to get rid of him and make a PR coup by replacing him with a woman.

    The Times would love it. The Dodgers would likely get a great media frame for their operations going forward. "Ng works her way up to the top with brains, hard work, and determination"-type stories would define club coverage. The Computer-boy frame would be gone from the Dodgers forever.

    I have no idea whether of not it would be a good baseball decision since I am ignorant of Kim Ng's abilities and track record. But I wouldn't be shocked if it happened, especially with Jamie as club President and the McCourts becoming very image-conscious and PR-sensitive.

    Complete and utter specualtion on my part.

    2005-09-01 13:40:22
    91.   Odysseus
    90 sounds like a textbook example of making a decision for all the wrong reasons
    2005-09-01 13:52:44
    92.   the OZ
    91 - Yeah, probably. Still, it could be very easily justified publicly as a good baseball decision, which is why I think it's a possibility.
    2005-09-01 14:07:56
    93.   dzzrtRatt
    I'm "Easy Rider." I swear, I've stopped flipping the bird to rednecks, but I guess my reputation follows me around.

    I've made my peace with Journey. I remember after "We Are the World," Bob Dylan said he thought Steve Perry was a great singer, so I decided to give them a another chance. They are a little better than Styx, Kansas and other cruddy bands of that period, because they've got about four good songs, whereas the other bands of that type have none.

    Plus, one of the times I saw Frank Zappa, Aynsley Dunbar was his drummer. Then he turned up as Journey's drummer. They get a couple of points for that.

    2005-09-01 14:10:09
    94.   bigcpa
    I can't believe you people are screening new GM candidates. DePo's offseason has to rank in the top 1/3 of MLB at worst. Let's not add fuel to the fire. Can you imagine Steve Henson writing that even the Lively Boys have turned on DePo?
    2005-09-01 14:10:46
    95.   Icaros
    How can people not like "Carry On Wayward Son" and "Dust in the Wind"?
    2005-09-01 14:13:37
    96.   Icaros
    94 My anti-Gillick tirade (flawed as it may have been) was in essence an argument to keep DePodesta.

    I'd actually find it really hard to root for LA anymore if he was canned so soon.

    2005-09-01 14:14:10
    97.   GoBears
    Ugh - I knew Jon's mention of Journey would open Pandora's box. I'll stay out of that one, other than to say that you're all wrong. As if anyone can be wrong or right on subjective questions.

    Remember that Gillick's nickname is "Stand Pat" Gillick. He's the guy who is unaware that in-season adjustments are allowed. He just watched as those Seattle teams got older and older, until it was too late.

    I hope and expect DePodesta will be back next year. I hope but don't expect Tracy will be replaced.

    2005-09-01 14:14:53
    98.   bigcpa
    On a side note, a good friend of mine is a finalist in the Dodger Canon photo contest. He was selected to take photos on the field back in May and took a keen picture of Choi entiled "Hee Seop Stretches."

    There's a vote among the final 8 for a trip to 2006 Spring Training. Please hit this link and vote by Sept. 15th. Thanks in advance!

    2005-09-01 14:15:44
    99.   Icaros
    As if anyone can be wrong or right on subjective questions.

    Wrong! :-)

    2005-09-01 14:16:32
    100.   GoBears
    94 I'm with you, big. But I think this was more along the lines of "if the Dodgers are dumb enough to blame this season on DePo, who would be a non-gagworthy replacement?"

    We haven't turned on him, but we don't run the team (ah, would that wishing made it so....).

    Show/Hide Comments 101-150
    2005-09-01 14:18:05
    101.   dzzrtRatt
    It's this 'character' thing. I just read the Sporting News piece. The acquisitions allegedly being questioned are Lowe, Drew and Kent--not on talent grounds, but on 'character.' That's a stretch. Lowe may lack talent, but he's gritty and he's honest about his failings. Drew is a mild-mannered Christian country boy; his injuries are a drag, but they don't speak to his character, which seems exemplary. Kent is a jerk, but he's the kind of jerk that gets teams in the playoffs. And Bradley was a worthwhile gamble who paid off for awhile. If DePo is going to be fired for Lowe, Drew, Kent and Bradley, then what happens to the GMs who got Sosa, Pavano, Finley, Benitez, Kendall (no HRs this year!), Castilla or, ta-da, Beltre?
    2005-09-01 14:26:36
    102.   GoBears
    101 If DePo is going to be fired for Lowe, Drew, Kent and Bradley, then what happens to the GMs who got Sosa, Pavano, Finley, Benitez, Kendall (no HRs this year!), Castilla or, ta-da, Beltre?

    Fire 'em all! Turn MLB over to DT posters, as our own personal fantasy league. We'll rename every team "Dodgers" and fold the Milwaukee franchise just out of spite.

    2005-09-01 14:35:40
    103.   dagwich
    I'm having a Paul Lynde-Ann Margaret (a la "Bye Bye Birdie") kind of moment and I feel a song coming on:
    We love you DePo
    Oh yes we do
    We love you DePo
    And will be true!
    When you're not near us
    We're blue!
    Oh, DePo, we love you...

    After all, we're just Normal American (Lively) Boys. If DePo is run out after this season I may not be able to deal (psychologically or otherwise) with the Dodgers anymore.

    2005-09-01 14:36:17
    104.   the OZ
    94 - Just to be clear, 90 in no way 'screens candidates' to replace DePodesta. It only comments on a report by Ken Rosenthal (shudder) that someone with the Dodgers has been badmouthing him. I speculated as to one possible culprit, with Lasorda issuing a blanket denial to TJ Simers in this morning's Times.

    I think that getting rid of DePodesta is a bad idea. Just because I think so doesn't mean that team officials don't have other plans. The act of discussing ideas is not always equal to advocating them.

    2005-09-01 14:38:59
    105.   Penarol1916
    96. Hey, my pro-Gillick posts, were not advocating that we should hire him and fire DePodesta, just that if these nasty rumors were true, then we could do a lot worse than Gillick.
    2005-09-01 14:39:40
    106.   dzzrtRatt
    I mean, jeez, even the Lord of Baseball, John Schuerholtz, signed Brian Jordan. This isn't a science.

    I don't have a grand passion for DePodesta; in fact I think keeping Evans would've been acceptable. What I fear is that McCourt and Lasorda would team up to hire another Kevin Malone type who would flush out the Dodger minor league system to make their bones now with a bunch of expensive acquisitions of brand-name veterans. Let's get real: Derek Lowe is a stop-gap. Kent is a stop-gap. The Dodgers have a great team in the making, but it isn't soup yet. If DePo's strategy is to throw a bunch of stop-gaps into place til the Baby Blues are ready, then that's a strategy I fully support.

    2005-09-01 14:42:51
    107.   Jim Hitchcock
    Aynsley Dunbar! Not quite Carl Palmer (of ELP), but a great drummer. You must have Zap Frankanista, er, Frank Zappa prior to the `Whippin' Post' era, DRatt.
    2005-09-01 14:45:50
    108.   Bob Timmermann
    I didn't know there were any more Kevin Malone types around.

    I think he was sui generis.

    2005-09-01 14:47:52
    109.   Tommy Naccarato
    I'm Schindler's List too.

    Greg Rolle (roll-E) and Neil Schon are two really great guys in person. Partied with them before Steve Perry joined the band as well as partied with them their very first major concert with him at Long Beach with Thin Lizzy, like late 1978.

    Count me as one that likes Depos young talent coming up, and as outspoken as I have been about him in the past year, I do think he has good solid plans.

    However, I do think we had a chance to go much farther last year then just one postseason win.

    2005-09-01 14:49:28
    110.   Marty
    Ratt, after using phrases like "make their bones", are you sure you are not a Godfather match?
    2005-09-01 14:49:50
    111.   Bob Timmermann
    That's true we could have won two postseason games.
    2005-09-01 14:54:13
    112.   DaveP speculating that Broxton will be brought up in time for tomorrow's game if Carrara doesn't make it back from attending to his two year old son.

    As much as I'd like to see Broxton, I'd rather see Carrara back on Friday if that means his son is doing better.

    2005-09-01 14:55:07
    113.   kent
    Jon, thanks for the movie quiz, I love that stuff. (I'm "Mr Smith goes to Washington", no wonder I became a D.A.)
    2005-09-01 14:55:36
    114.   Bob Timmermann
    If someone on this board is "The Godfather" I expect that person to go to a Baptism and simultaneously have:
    1) Jim Tracy fired
    2) Jason Phillips DFA'd
    3) Cesar Izturis told to always look for his name in the eighth spot.

    "Take the cannoli, leave the bat."

    2005-09-01 14:56:23
    115.   Marty
    I'm just glad I didn't match up to "Leaving Las Vegas".
    2005-09-01 14:58:06
    116.   Marty
    "Well it's bad news for me, and BAD news for the Dodgers if Izturis leads off"
    2005-09-01 15:01:57
    117.   Jim Hitchcock
    109 - Tommy, those shows were 6/31, 7/1, 1979:

    Great memory!

    2005-09-01 15:03:02
    118.   Bob Timmermann
    I tried to write down all 88 cities in L.A. County from memory at lunch today, but could only get to 86.

    I left out La Mirada and La Puente.

    I feel so ashamed.

    2005-09-01 15:04:08
    119.   King of the Hobos
    112 A nice Tracy quote:

    "It will help them, and us, big time," said manager Jim Tracy. "Can you tell me that it won't make Dioner Navarro, at 21, a better catcher? Or Yhency Brazoban a better pitcher? Or D.J. Houlton? From what we've seen of Houlton, can you say that he is not a pitcher to be counted on in the future?"

    He then follows with:

    "And what about Mike Edwards, the way he handles a bat and can play multiple positions?"

    Mike Edwards is a huge asset...does Tracy know how old he is?

    2005-09-01 15:05:08
    120.   Telemachos
    (cough cough)

    Is this thing on?

    Ode to Depo (with apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan)

    He is the very model of a modern general manager,
    He has information of VORP and things statistical,
    He knows the lore of James, and quotes matters sabremetrical,
    From VORP to BABIB, in order most Logistical.

    He's well acquainted too with matters mathematical,
    He understands equations, both the simple and quadratical
    About OPG 'gainst OBP, he's teeming with a lot o' fun,
    With many cheerful facts about the best way to score a run.

    With many cheerful facts about the best way to score a run.
    With many cheerful facts about the best way to score a run.
    With many cheerful facts about the best way to score a run.

    He's very good at integral and differential calculus,
    He knows the sabermetric names of players most miraculous
    In short, in matters of VORP and all things statistical,
    He is the very model of a modern general manager.

    In short, in matters of VORP and all things statistical,
    He is the very model of a modern general manager.

    He knows the number'd history from the Babe to Sir Hatteberg,
    Though he's a free thinker who doesn't follow the herd.
    He doesn't care for hackers or the vagaries of bunting,
    Indeed he thinks the concept of sacrifice most affronting,

    He can tell undoubted Giambis from the Guzmans and the Reyes,
    Though his moves leave Plaschke and Simers in a Daze.
    He's a devout worshiper at the worthy church of Hee,
    And always seeks players who fit "Depo-ball" to a T.

    And always seeks players who fit "Depo-ball" to a T.
    And always seeks players who fit "Depo-ball" to a T.
    And always seeks players who fit "Depo-ball" to a T.

    In short, in matters of VORP and all things statistical,
    He is the very model of a modern general manager.

    2005-09-01 15:05:30
    121.   Jim Hitchcock
    Don't be so hard on yourself, least you never worked in those cities...
    2005-09-01 15:07:47
    122.   Bob Timmermann
    But I've spent plenty of time in both cities.

    There are too darn many cities that start with the letter L in Los Angeles County.

    2005-09-01 15:08:06
    123.   gvette
    #109-- Tommy, based on that positive post, are you officially lifting the "Curse of Naccarato" which damns the Dodgers to eternal fourth place?
    2005-09-01 15:10:12
    124.   GoBears
    120 Holy Moly, Telemachos, that's great stuff! Indeed, too good for a mere comment. I think this creation needs wider exposure.

    Just one suggestion - when you want the acronyms read out letter by letter (to make the rhythm work), separate them by dashes. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't.

    I don't know how long that took you, but it was time well spent, whatever the opportunity costs. BRAVO!

    2005-09-01 15:10:46
    125.   Bob Timmermann
    Tommy does not have a curse. He had a prophecy. Two different things.
    2005-09-01 15:11:08
    126.   Marty
    120 Bravo!
    2005-09-01 15:12:12
    127.   Marty
    It also reminds me that Topsy Turvy is one of my favorite movies of recent times.
    2005-09-01 15:12:15
    128.   Bob Timmermann
    That was very good. I was going to try to write a parody of "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald", but it might not be taken well since Paul DePodesta is the best match for Edmund Fitzgerald with the meter.

    And the song is too dang long also.

    2005-09-01 15:15:58
    129.   Jon Weisman
    120 - Clap Clap Clap!
    2005-09-01 15:17:43
    130.   dzzrtRatt
    Kevin Malone might be sui generis, but here's the nightmare scenario.

    Tommy Lasorda is an old man. He is to the Dodgers what Gene Autry was to the Angels. He might be pushing McCourt to do something unwise so he can see his Boys in Blue in the Fall Classic one mo' time before the Big Dodger in the Sky calls him in from Bullpen Earth.

    The Angels' "win one for the cowboy" mentality was not only sad, but ruinous. It is no accident that they finally won after his last round-up.

    Lasorda was a great manager who accomplished a lot, but he's also a Machieavellian (sp!) guy who is out for himself. If the Dodgers could put together a World Series-quality team by dumping Chad, Joel, LaRoche, Aybar, Russell Martin, etc. in trades for the likes of Manny Ramirez, I think he'd do it. Especially if he could be seen as the genius who made it all happen. I'm sure DePo humors Tommy, but doesn't pay any attention to what he recommends. If DePo's gone, the Dodgers become Tommy's show again.

    Is that too paranoid?

    2005-09-01 15:19:25
    131.   Bob Timmermann

    That scenario seems about as likely to happen as the bad guy in "Vertigo" being able to pull off the murder of his wife.

    2005-09-01 15:19:59
    132.   alex 7
    haven't heard about him in a while, anyone know the latest on Hochevar?
    2005-09-01 15:20:40
    133.   Jon Weisman
    132 - Tomorrow's the day of reckonin'.
    2005-09-01 15:23:39
    134.   Marty
    130 I'd like to think that way outside the realm of possibility. But it's scary to think of. I think you are right as far as what Tommy would do IF he had the chance.
    2005-09-01 15:25:50
    135.   Marty
    The New Orleans Saints have become the Rupert Mundys (for those of you who have read "The Great American Novel"). They will play no home games this year.
    2005-09-01 15:26:05
    136.   Icaros
    I was just thinking about next year's possible bullpen:

    Gagne, Sanchez, Broxton, Kuo, Brazoban, Wunsch, Dessens

    That's seven guys, so one or two too many, but even Jim Tracy might not be able to use that group improperly.

    2005-09-01 15:26:36
    137.   Telemachos
    Thanks, guys, for the comments. There are definitely a few rough areas... and if anyone wants to improve a line or two, by all means, please do! :)
    2005-09-01 15:28:22
    138.   GoBears
    135 Where WILL they play? Los Angeles? Memphis? Houston already has a team. They're one of the teams rumored to be a possible LA team anyway, and now that one of the others (the Colts) have a new stadium deal, I'd say the probability just went up. Not that I care much. As a lifelong Packer fan with NFL Sunday Ticket, I don' need no stinkin' home team.

    Plus, ahem, it's not baseball.

    2005-09-01 15:28:54
    139.   gvette
    #130-- Tommy Lasorda as the Hyman Roth (Godfather II) of the Dodgers?

    In hindsight the only long range benefit from the Konerko and Carlos Perez trades and the subsequent Shaw contract fiasco was to explode for once and for all the myth of Lasorda's player personnel "genius".

    No way McCourt will EVER give him that chance again, even if the McCourt kids call him Uncle Tommy.

    2005-09-01 15:30:26
    140.   GoBears
    but even Jim Tracy might not be able to use that group improperly.

    Well, if you mean that any choice is a good choice, you're probably right. But there are two potential pitfalls.

    1. Not 1, but 2 LOOGYs. I shudder to think about it. tho if Kuo is any good, Wunsch hits the streets.

    2. Tracy would still have to know when to pull his starter. Just ask Jeff ("it's about time") Weaver.

    2005-09-01 15:30:47
    141.   Icaros
    I'd also like to cast my vote for Orel Hershiser as future Dodgers skipper.

    He's been working as a pitching coach for a few years now (although Texas's pitching has not been stellar) and seems like the type of younger, brainy fellow who would be more open to the DePodesta philosophy than JT is.

    Plus, and most importantly for McCourt, there is no way the organization would get any flak from the Plaschkes of the world for hiring him.

    2005-09-01 15:31:33
    142.   Bob Timmermann
    Paul Tagliabue didn't wish to say exactly, but the Saints would likely face a combination of playing their home games on the road at the other team's stadium or moving to another city like San Antonio or Dallas.

    If anyone in L.A. in a position of authority made the slightest hint of wanting to grab the Saints for L.A. because of this disaster that person should be slapped in public.

    2005-09-01 15:32:20
    143.   GoBears
    139. Yeah, since he's new to the whole Dodger mystique thing, I'd bet that McCourt is pretty much immune to Tommy's charms (such as they are). He'll keep him around for the fans who love to see him until he says something un-PC, or gets bored, and then it'll be done with.
    2005-09-01 15:32:27
    144.   regfairfield
    139 - On the surface the Perez trade was good. He pitched very effectively for half a season and then most likely decided to take the money and run. At that point Grudzielanek was one of the best offensive shortstops in baseball, for the cost of Ted Lilly, I don't think the trade was all that bad.
    2005-09-01 15:32:52
    145.   Marty
    138 Alamo Dome in San Antonio seems to be the best candidate.
    2005-09-01 15:34:00
    146.   Icaros
    140 Agreed. Wunsch is on the bubble for me, and I think Dessens can possibly pick up more money elsewhere to be a starter again.
    2005-09-01 15:36:17
    147.   GoBears
    142 I don't think anyone would say so publicly, but a season in L.A. instead of LA might serve as an audition (and would again show that Angelenos don't care about the NFL).

    But playing as the "home team" at the other team's stadium not only isn't fair to the Saints, it's not fair to the competitors of the Saints' opponents. Tho HFA ain't what it used to be. I think they should find a temporary new home (like the Titans did in Memphis for a couple years), hopefully close to NO. There are any number of college stadiums that would be suitable.

    2005-09-01 15:37:54
    148.   dzzrtRatt
    Couldn't they play in Baton Rouge? I would think the fans would prefer their team play as close as possible. San Antonio is too far away.

    Long term, I do think this will end pro football in New Orleans. Fixing the Superdome will cost a lot of money, no government official will ever authorize using public funds for that purpose when so much else needs to be done, and, after a 'decent interval,' my guess is the league will revert to its money-grubbing ways and let the owner move his team, probably to LA.

    2005-09-01 15:40:07
    149.   gvette
    144- The main problem was that Perez did "take the money and run", but not before getting himself (and the Dodgers) exposed to allegations of sexual battery involving in-flight attendants on the team charter plane.

    Definitely not a "character guy" under the new McCourt/DePo definition.

    2005-09-01 15:40:06
    150.   Ken Arneson
    Show/Hide Comments 151-200
    2005-09-01 15:40:27
    151.   Icaros
    I forgot about Schmoll for next year's pen, though I don't like seeing him face leftys at this point.

    Also, Kuo seems talented enough to be more than just a LOOGY. In AA he pitches a whole inning, even two!

    2005-09-01 15:40:44
    152.   GoBears
    Did anyone mention that Kevin Brown is on the 60-day DL? Dan Evans needs to be thanked and thanked again for that trade. Weaver and Yhency may be frustrating, but they've already provided more value than Brown since the trade, and there's more to come. The Dodgers signed KB to a ridiculously long contract, extracted the last few good years out of him, then suckered the Yankees into paying for the spoilage. BAAAAAAAAAAAA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    2005-09-01 15:40:58
    153.   Bob Timmermann
    Tiger Stadium in Baton Rogue is being renovated this year so they might not want to put up with the hassles of twice as many crowds to deal with
    2005-09-01 15:41:50
    154.   Marty
    Tulane has to figure out what to do with their team too. One picture I saw showed water 3/4 up the grandstand in their stadium.
    2005-09-01 15:42:55
    155.   Icaros
    154 Football isn't subject to rainouts. Play on!
    2005-09-01 15:45:48
    156.   molokai
    130 Yes
    120 Awesome
    136 I have high hopes for next years bullpen but I don't think we should be sticking Broxton there yet. He went to the bullpen in the middle of the year because Depo wanted him to get experience but he was having success as a starter.
    141 Shocks of all shocks I heartily endorse the Orel train but I fear we will see JT again next year.

    Out of all the AAAA players who auditioned for the team this year I have ended up liking Robles and Edwards and hope both are part of our bench next year.

    Can't wait to see Kuo against the Giants. For some reason I always get excited when young guns come up and I can watch them from my seats next to the bullpen. You'd think I was a kid again.

    2005-09-01 15:46:15
    157.   Bob Timmermann
    A coworker's nephew had just arrived in New Orleans from Hawai'i to start his freshman year at Tulane. He got there and was told to evacuate.

    Tulane is trying to get some of the colleges affiliated with it to take some of the incoming freshmen. So this kid might end up back home at UH.

    2005-09-01 15:47:18
    158.   GoBears
    Also, Kuo seems talented enough to be more than just a LOOGY. In AA he pitches a whole inning, even two!

    That's true of most LOOGYs. It's just the managers who don't see it that way. And remember, we're (likely) talking about Tracy here. He used Wilson Alvarez as a LOOGY, for cryin' out loud!

    For JT, lefty reliever = LOOGY.

    2005-09-01 15:51:45
    159.   Howard Fox
    Jon, nice quiz...apparently, I am the Godfather...
    2005-09-01 15:55:28
    160.   natepurcell
    CtD is pitching for the suns today. starts at 4, so in acouple of mins. same home link.
    2005-09-01 15:56:19
    161.   molokai
    I think were up to 4 Godfathers. You'd think one of us could take care of the JT situation.
    2005-09-01 15:57:09
    162.   Howard Fox
    161 actually he does owe me a favor...
    2005-09-01 15:59:11
    163.   Howard Fox
    142 if Arte Moreno does that, he will be hailed as the consummate philanthropist...if Frank McCourt does it, he will be the money grubbing opportunist
    2005-09-01 16:00:30
    164.   Marty
    Kim Ng to Depodesta, "How are we going to keep the peace with McCourt?"
    Depodesta, "McCourt's a pimp, but until this day I never knew, it was Lasorda all along"
    2005-09-01 16:03:48
    165.   Icaros
    156 I'm all for Broxton getting a shot at starting, unless they see something in his size or mechanics that could make him susceptible to injury if he throws too many innings.

    I was just remembering some past Dodgers like Dave Stewart and I believe Hershiser who spent their first year or two in the pen before becoming successful starting pitchers.

    158 Yes, you're right, that's why I endorsed new manager Orel Hershiser.

    2005-09-01 16:06:25
    166.   natepurcell
    the way i figure it is what is more important? a light out closer a la brad lidge, or a middle of the rotation guy?

    IMO, with billz, eddie jax, miller, and hoch eventually, we need to try and get all our best arms out there and moving brox to the bullpen is one way of doing that.

    2005-09-01 16:07:14
    167.   Icaros
    164 It'll be really sad if Roy Smith is the one who sets up the meeting with Lasorda.

    "Can you get me off the hook, Kim, for old times sake?"

    "Sorry, not a chance, Roy."

    2005-09-01 16:08:10
    168.   King of the Hobos
    160 Do all the top prospects need the "the destroyer" label?

    And what happened to post 150?

    2005-09-01 16:09:43
    169.   Suffering Bruin
    I just took the movie quiz. I'm Schindler's List because I like to put the needs of others over my own. At least, I like to think that's why I'm Schindler's List...
    2005-09-01 16:09:51
    170.   Jon Weisman
    There seems to be a problem with the show/hide function on the comments. I'm going to look into it.
    2005-09-01 16:09:58
    171.   Icaros
    The site is acting screwy right now.

    Nate, are you still counting on Hochevar?

    2005-09-01 16:10:06
    172.   Marty
    The missing 150 is probably why the rest don't show until you click on 100-150
    2005-09-01 16:10:06
    173.   natepurcell
    its chad the dominator :)
    2005-09-01 16:11:47
    174.   natepurcell
    yes im still counting on hoch signing.

    i see hoch as a smart, bright kid, and smart, bright kids dont walk away from 2.5-3 mil.

    2005-09-01 16:13:14
    175.   Icaros
    Okay Marty,

    DePodesta is Michael, McCourt is Tattaglia, Lasorda is Barzini, Kim Ng is Tom Hagen, Roy Smith is Tessio.

    Who is Clemenza?

    2005-09-01 16:14:43
    176.   Icaros
    Oh yeah, and Dan Evans was Sonny.
    2005-09-01 16:18:21
    177.   Howard Fox
    175 clemenza? that would be Milton Bradley
    2005-09-01 16:18:25
    178.   Icaros
    i see hoch as a smart, bright kid, and smart, bright kids dont walk away from 2.5-3 mil.

    That's what we said about Jody Reed in the early 90s.

    2005-09-01 16:18:38
    179.   the OZ
    Lasorda to DePodesta:

    "You sonofagun, do you know who I am? I'm Tommy Lasorda! I made my bones when you were going out with cheerleaders."

    2005-09-01 16:18:43
    180.   Marty
    Clemenza is Sitrick and Co.
    Plaschke is Paulie
    Bradley has to be Sonny

    Sonny to Clemenza, "You take care of Paulie?"
    Clemenza, "Paulie, yeah you won't see him around no more"

    2005-09-01 16:18:58
    181.   molokai
    I think your dreaming. A smart bright kid who was interested in gettting his career started would not have signed Boras as his agent. He's only interested in money and will make a bad mistake. He'll take the JD Drew route which is why I've never been able to get behind Drew. I'm all for established players getting as much as they can. I think draft picks are foolish to delay getting the career going and quibling over a million dollars when the offer is already several million.
    2005-09-01 16:19:55
    182.   Icaros
    177 I think Milton Bradley should be Paulie Gatto.
    2005-09-01 16:20:47
    183.   Howard Fox
    181 I agree with you 100%
    2005-09-01 16:22:34
    184.   Icaros
    180 No way, Sonny has to be Evans. He was the GM before DePo who was iced by McCourt (Tattaglia) and Lasorda (Barzini).
    2005-09-01 16:23:12
    185.   molokai
    Jody Reed!!!! Not only did he screw himself he screwed the 90's for us.
    2005-09-01 16:23:21
    186.   Icaros
    Plaschke is Moe Green.
    2005-09-01 16:23:52
    187.   natepurcell
    IMO, look at jared weaver and stephen drew of last year.

    they threatened to go to school but ended up not. they threatened to enter into next years draft, but ended up not.

    the money difference is much shorter for the dodgers and hoch than it was for the other two boras clients and thier respective teams. so if they were able to be signed, hoch will be signed.

    2005-09-01 16:24:08
    188.   Icaros
    185 Yep. Jon wrote a good post on that awhile back.
    2005-09-01 16:25:09
    189.   Marty
    But Bradley has so much in common with Sonny. Great potential, hot head, cheats on the wife.

    It's a natural :)

    2005-09-01 16:25:59
    190.   molokai
    On an earlier thread wasn't the Godfather the favorite movie for DT?
    It is like you guys all went to film school and had the movie dissected for you by a professor.
    2005-09-01 16:26:42
    191.   the OZ
    McCourt to Arte Moreno, with George Steinbrenner and John Moores at the table:

    "But I'm a superstitious man. And if some unlucky accident should befall my son Drew - If he should be skewered in print by the likes of Simers and Plaschke, or even Tim Brown - or if he's struck by a line drive hit by Vladimir Guererro, them I'm going to blame some of the people in this room, and that I do not forgive. But, that aside, let me say that I swear, on the souls of my grandchildren, that I will not be the one to break the peace we've made here today."

    2005-09-01 16:26:54
    192.   Marty
    Molokai, I dissected it by myself by seeing it 60 times :)
    2005-09-01 16:28:21
    193.   Marty
    150 I was right!
    2005-09-01 16:30:20
    194.   natepurcell
    billz looks good today. his cb is pretty sharp.
    2005-09-01 16:30:22
    195.   molokai
    192 Yes, I remember. I should print out the Godfather thread and then rewatch the movie.

    Jose Lopes the Seattle prospect who shares the same birthday as Joel Guzman who shares the same birthday with yours truly just homered to put the Yankee's in a big hole. Somewhere Steve Yeager is beaming. Needless to say these players could reek and I would still be their biggest fans.

    2005-09-01 16:32:04
    196.   Odysseus
    Can someone please fill out a more complete cast?

    Does Vin get a role?

    I guess he has to be Vito.

    2005-09-01 16:33:09
    197.   the OZ
    Tracy: Plachke is crying upstairs. I hear reporters coming to the clubhouse. General Manager of mine, I think you should tell your Manager what everyone seems to know."

    DePodesta: I was about to come up and wake just now and tell you

    Tracy: But you needed a drink first.

    [DePodesta nods]

    And now you've had your drink.

    DePdoesta: I traded LoDuca today, at the deadline. He's a Marlin."

    2005-09-01 16:34:03
    198.   the OZ
    197 - That'll be my last "Quotes" post, I promise I'll stop now.

    190 - Actually, I do have a film degree, although we never dissected The Godfather.

    2005-09-01 16:36:02
    199.   Odysseus
    Also someone has to be Fredo. I think that's a good role for Plaschke.

    Plaschke: I can handle things! I'm smart! Not like everybody says... like dumb... I'm smart and I want respect!
    DePodesta: Fredo, you're nothing to me now. You're not a brother, you're not a friend. I don't want to know you or what you do. I don't want to see you at the stadium, I don't want you near my house. When come to a game, I want to know a day in advance, so I won't be there. You understand?

    2005-09-01 16:37:51
    200.   Icaros
    Vin works as Vito.

    Logan White has to be Clemenza because (in the book, anyway) he was the main guy for scouting and recruiting new family members.

    Drew McCourt can be Johnny Fontane.

    Show/Hide Comments 201-250
    2005-09-01 16:38:41
    201.   Marty
    Who gets to play Luca Brazi?
    2005-09-01 16:40:15
    202.   Icaros
    I think Jim Tracy could be Fredo because he's so clueless, and hopefully DePo will eventually take him out.
    2005-09-01 16:40:49
    203.   GoBears
    Paul Lo Duca - he sleeps with the fishes (well, Marlins anyway)
    2005-09-01 16:41:06
    204.   GoBears
    203 was in response to 201.
    2005-09-01 16:41:34
    205.   Icaros
    Who gets to play Luca Brazi?

    Ross Porter.

    2005-09-01 16:42:00
    206.   natepurcell
    billz just struck out the side in the 3rd. has Ked 4 in a row now. billz is now 7th all time in Ks in suns history for a single season.

    i think if he gets 10 Ks tonight, he passes randy johnson

    2005-09-01 16:42:11
    207.   Odysseus
    202 actually that's probably perfect, and it would be perfect, DePodesta could stash him away in Vegas (as the AAA manager instead of running a hotel), and if he ever tries to go against the family, time to go fishing.
    2005-09-01 16:42:37
    208.   Icaros
    Paul LoDuca is Sollozzo, and Guillermo Mota is Capt. McCluskey.
    2005-09-01 16:45:12
    209.   gvette
    T.J Simers is perfect for the role of "Khartoum", part of whom is found in the bed of Studio Chief Woltz
    2005-09-01 16:45:14
    210.   Marty
    No Sollozzo should be any other GM.

    Sollozzo: "I need from you don Depodesta some of those prospects you carry around in your pocket like so many nickels and dimes"

    2005-09-01 16:51:16
    211.   molokai
    Anyone watching the Suns just see that crazy Sumo act? Dodger fans would love that stuff.
    2005-09-01 16:52:58
    212.   Icaros
    My favorite is Kim Ng as Tom Hagen. It's perfect because Ng has had some trouble due to her female and Asian background just like Hagen was never accepted by the other families cause he was German-Irish.

    I hope she can be a war time consigliere, otherwise if things get rough DePo will have to say, "You're out, Kim."

    2005-09-01 16:59:15
    213.   molokai
    Shane Victorino IL MVP was just recalled by the Phillies. Think Depo made a mistake in not accepting him back as a rule 5 this year. He won't be a star but I think he'd give us a lot more value then Repko.
    2005-09-01 17:01:52
    214.   King of the Hobos
    For those watching the Suns game, is there a reason Weber and Loney aren't playing? Usually I would dismiss it as a normal day off, but with Sept call ups, I can't be too sure (although I doubt Loney would get the call)
    2005-09-01 17:03:11
    215.   DaveP
    214 - not positive but I would guess it has to do with them playing 4 innings earlier today (finishing up yesterday's rain interrupted game).
    2005-09-01 17:08:13
    216.   King of the Hobos
    215 That would make sense, didn't know they played earlier. I guess I want Weber to be added, although only for the rest of the season. And the only reason I want to see him on the Dodgers is for his arm (18 OF assists!)
    2005-09-01 17:09:33
    217.   the OZ
    HAHA, coming back from commercial on the Suns broadcast, they were playing the organ intro to Journey's 'Separate Ways'
    2005-09-01 17:13:35
    218.   Bob Timmermann
    1-2-3 inning for Rick Helling in Milwaukee against the Padres.

    The Padres must be enjoying their race against the calendar.

    2005-09-01 17:18:16
    219.   molokai
    I know we've been over this before but Billingsly is getting better and better and I can't see how he couldn't help us in Sept.
    2005-09-01 17:19:41
    220.   DaveP
    so what do the Dodgers do with Billingsley next year? He's completely dominating AA hitters the second half of the year. He's now at 2 runs in last 37 innings.

    1. Repeat AA?
    2. Vegas? Isn't that where good pitchers go to die?
    3. Shot at Dodgers rotation?

    2005-09-01 17:23:22
    221.   Bob Timmermann
    2. Vegas? Isn't that where good pitchers go to die?

    How does Scott Erickson fit into this equation?

    2005-09-01 17:23:42
    222.   Marty
    Billingsly is going to the AFL, correct? I would let him do that, then invite to spring training. See if he can earn a spot then. If not, I'd put him back at AA since Vegas is a death sentence.
    2005-09-01 17:25:09
    223.   King of the Hobos
    221 Vegas is also where we throw rotting corpses
    2005-09-01 17:26:49
    224.   DaveP
    221 - the funny thing is I thought of Erickson as I typed that line - I suppose bad pitchers can be put out to pasture in Vegas, as well.

    222 - that's my preference

    2005-09-01 17:29:31
    225.   DaveP
    and with that, my participation in "Suns Thoughts" comes to an end today. Off to the gym. Billingsley appears to be on the road to another 7 inning complete game shutout (I'm not a big fan of these 7 inning double header games).
    2005-09-01 17:31:05
    226.   Jon Weisman
    A quote from the Sidney Ponson story


    "We will clearly grieve it," said Michael Weiner, the general counsel of the players' association.


    I really like the word use here of grieve (v.) 1. to contest, 2. to hit .220 with surprising immobility in the field.

    2005-09-01 17:31:46
    227.   King of the Hobos
    219 It's hard to say exactly how much he will help, plus there's the Rule V problem. Do we get rid of a lesser prospect for nothing just for a month of Billingsley?

    I don't really like Billingsley in the AFL, he's already pitched 139.1 innings (plus whatever he does tonight). He pitched 134.1 last year. Since he figures to pitch over 20 innings past last year, the AFL may be a little too much. However, becuase he's never had injury concerns, I don't mind him there as preparation for next year. I expect an invite to spring, with a decent chance at making the team. If he doesn't make the team, then...extended spring training? If he goes to Vegas, I don't want it to be for an extended time unless he pitches well

    2005-09-01 17:32:02
    228.   Odysseus
    billingsley should be in the rotation if he is ready. unfortunately we will have to try to fit jackson and houlton in there somewhere too

    +Odalis (or trade)
    +Lowe (or trade)
    (unlikley Weaver also)

    2005-09-01 17:34:36
    229.   Jon Weisman
    228 - we don't have to fit all those guys. We should be so lucky as to have all of them pitch like winners next season.
    2005-09-01 17:34:47
    230.   Tommy Naccarato
    Awesome how you came up with that!

    The night I went was most definitely the first how there. The party afterwards was a pretty good time.

    Prophecy, nightmare, whatever!

    Still, I think the Dodgers could have won more games going into the preseason with LoDuca behind the plate. A lot more games.

    But its all speculation and....hurrumph, hurrumph....ancient history!

    2005-09-01 17:35:44
    231.   Bob Timmermann
    In Jayson Stark's "Rumblings and Grumblings" he writes about trades not made. He writes that only one Dodger reliever made it through waivers unclaimed: Duaner Sanchez.

    The Mets would have taken him, but they were offering Steve Trachsel in return and DePodesta wasn't interested.

    2005-09-01 17:41:27
    232.   Steve
    Plaschke is the part of the horse that wasn't put in the bed.
    2005-09-01 17:42:54
    233.   GoBears
    230 Still, I think the Dodgers could have won more games going into the preseason with LoDuca behind the plate. A lot more games.

    Not if it meant Lima, Nomo, or Ishii (or Jackson all season) in the rotation instead of Penny. Dodgers might have scored more runs with LoDuca than with Phillips/Navarro, but that doesn't mean they'd have won more games.

    2005-09-01 17:47:20
    234.   King of the Hobos
    Giles just drove in a run on a single off Overbay's glove
    2005-09-01 17:47:56
    235.   molokai
    Evidently Martin is a bit faster then your normal bear as he steals his 15th base. What a way to end the Sun regular season.
    2005-09-01 17:52:00
    236.   King of the Hobos
    231 Carrara was claimed and pulled back? Why would he be pulled back?
    2005-09-01 17:54:37
    237.   molokai
    I actually despise Traschel because of his 5 minute rest stops between each pitch. If he had been my teammate I would have gone berserk.
    2005-09-01 17:56:04
    238.   molokai
    Remember the days when Reggie Abercombie was one of our better prospects? Thank you Logan White for making that a thing of the past.
    2005-09-01 17:59:36
    239.   Vishal
    i've already gone on record with it, but i heartily support the "orel hershiser for dodger manager, 2006" movement.
    2005-09-01 18:00:58
    240.   King of the Hobos
    The Pads scored another run on a sac fly DP
    2005-09-01 18:02:44
    241.   King of the Hobos
    240 Or a single/OF assist. I wasn't paying enough attention. Nonetheless 2-0 Pads
    2005-09-01 18:11:32
    242.   King of the Hobos
    Brewers score on a sac fly, 2-1 Pads in the bottom of the 4th
    2005-09-01 18:14:13
    243.   King of the Hobos
    Jenkins hits it out, Brewers on top 3-2
    2005-09-01 18:42:57
    244.   Fearing Blue
    Like Bob, my movie was Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

    #120: In my high school musical, I played Frederic.

    #213: There's some uncertainty around the Shane Victorino situation. On another blog, someone posted another reason. Essentially, since this is the second time the Dodgers left him off the 40-man roster, it counts as two DFA's. The two DFAs gave Victorino the right to declare himself a minor league free agent instead of returning to the Dodgers. I don't know what the actual story is, but it seems unlikely that DePodesta would have turned him down.

    I miss posting here regularly, but I still read and appreciate everything. Unfortunately, school is getting busy and classes haven't even started yet.

    2005-09-01 18:44:14
    245.   dzzrtRatt
    221 Erickson also reminds me of the mortician who pleads with Don Corleone during the wedding.
    2005-09-01 18:48:57
    246.   Bob Timmermann
    Can someone explain to me why ESPN2 has three hours of time budgeted for the USC-Hawai'i game Saturday afternoon before the UCLA-SDSU game starts? Has anyone at ESPN ever watched an entire UH game? They take four hours.

    If you think baseball games are slow-paced, try sitting through a UH football game. It helps if you don't want to go to sleep right away on Saturday nights.

    Jim Leahey is the greatest announcer not named Vin Scully in my opinion.

    (Just kidding.)

    2005-09-01 19:06:18
    247.   King of the Hobos
    Dana Eveland just struck out Giles with 2 men on. The Padres have 2 more innings of (possibly) Giles-less offense down 3-2
    2005-09-01 19:09:04
    248.   Linkmeister
    246 It could be even longer. UH has two rookie QBs trying to fill Timmy Chang's shoes, so lots of incomplete passes are likely.

    The undrafted Chang has so far been cut by the Cardinals and the Lions.

    2005-09-01 19:14:55
    249.   Bob Timmermann
    Did anyone ever tell Timmy Chang that he really wasn't all that good? He just got to play a long time in the run and shoot. When he got to the NFL, it was not unlike Vinny Castilla leaving Denver for Washington.
    2005-09-01 19:27:24
    250.   King of the Hobos
    Kane Davis just gave up a 2 run homer to Greene with 2 outs, 4-3 Pads. Brewers have 2 innings, but haven't done much outside one inning today
    Show/Hide Comments 251-300
    2005-09-01 19:45:15
    251.   Bob Timmermann
    So since it looks like the Padres will go over .500 tonight does that mean they are more worthy of a playoff spot than they were yesterday?
    2005-09-01 20:00:31
    252.   King of the Hobos
    After Johnson homered to make it 6-3 Padres, Hardy homered for a fiinal of 6-5. The Dodgers are 6 games out
    2005-09-01 20:00:56
    253.   Bob Timmermann
    Padres magic number is now 24.
    2005-09-01 20:01:58
    254.   King of the Hobos
    Molina has singled in a run

    Smallball 1, Moneyball 0

    2005-09-01 20:12:38
    255.   King of the Hobos
    Quinlin hits it out

    Smallball 2, Moneyball 0

    2005-09-01 20:20:46
    256.   bigcpa
    another sloppy AP story... the Padres " remain in first place in the NL West - 5½ games in front of Los Angeles "
    2005-09-01 20:24:15
    257.   Bob Timmermann
    Check it again in about 20 minutes. They'll move a corrected version. The story got sent out to everybody before it was fully edited.

    It happens more and more with the Web. It used to be that you wouldn't see the early editions of these stories.

    2005-09-01 20:40:42
    258.   oldbear
    Marco Scutaro is terrible. I'm surprised Beane allows him to be on the A's. And even more surprised Macha is batting him 2nd in the lineup.

    The A's are better than the Angels but I'm not sure if they can hold them off if Harden, Kotsay, and Crosby are all down for most of the rest of the year...

    Those 3 are their best players.

    2005-09-01 20:45:22
    259.   King of the Hobos
    Delwyn Young has extended his hitstreak to 14 games. He hasn't been slowed at all in Vegas, although I don't think that is too surprising
    2005-09-01 20:49:08
    260.   Kayaker7
    Isn't it ironic that the A's played a little smallball in the 1st inning? They bunted the leadoff hitter to third, after a double. Eric Chavez's sac fly attempt was too shallow to score the runner. Then when Dan Johnson hits a flyball deep enough, it came one out too late.
    2005-09-01 20:50:52
    261.   Odysseus
    I really can't stand the Angels broadcasters
    2005-09-01 20:54:05
    262.   Kayaker7
    261 What? You don't like it when Rex Hudler implors Chone Figgins to get figgy wid it?
    2005-09-01 20:56:04
    263.   dzzrtRatt
    This A's/Angels series reminds me of a comment Scully made during a game a few weeks ago. In the stretch run, Vin said, what kills teams is that they stop hitting. The pitching holds up and the fielding, but the hitting just stops. He didn't explain why, but I gather the heightened sense of urgency gives pitchers a boost, but does the opposite to hitters. Saber-heresy, I realize, but this kind of differential occurs in life, too. Some jobs you do better on deadline, others can't be done without a sense of security and calm.

    As of now the cumulative score of the three games is 5-3.

    2005-09-01 20:58:58
    264.   King of the Hobos
    Payton throws out Figgins at home, Figgins had no chance. Payton has been impressive defensively, I especially liked his putout at 2nd last night
    2005-09-01 20:59:38
    265.   Kayaker7
    Figgins out at home, trying to score from second on a single. Could be huge.
    2005-09-01 21:00:15
    266.   sanchez101
    im really lovin this a's-angels rivalry. it has the kind of one-ups-manship sports is all about. One moment chone steals second, next payton throws him out at home. nice. Ill take this over yankees-sox.
    2005-09-01 21:01:25
    267.   Bob Timmermann
    However, the Dodgers-Giants games next week will be far more intense and there won't be much at all at stake for both teams except for the battle for second place.
    2005-09-01 21:01:32
    268.   Kayaker7
    264 Yeah, loved that play last night. All I could do was yell, "Denied!!"
    2005-09-01 21:02:12
    269.   sanchez101
    263. i think the low scores have more to do with the fact that both these teams win with pitching. When the yankees and red sox go after each other later this year, youll see some 8-7 ballgames.
    2005-09-01 21:03:29
    270.   sanchez101
    how many pitches has santana thrown?
    2005-09-01 21:04:32
    271.   King of the Hobos
    Men at the corners for Ellis, Bynum at first for Melhuse and Swisher at 3rd
    2005-09-01 21:06:52
    272.   King of the Hobos
    And Ellis grounds into the DP

    And the announcers are idiots, Melhuse is not a skinny black dude, that was Bynum...

    2005-09-01 21:07:59
    273.   Kayaker7
    2005-09-01 21:12:05
    274.   King of the Hobos
    Vlad got lucky that he "fouled" that ball, the A's must really be pissed
    2005-09-01 21:14:45
    275.   Bob Timmermann
    Last August and September, the Dodgers averaged 4.875 runs per game. The Giants averaged 5.73 runs per game during the same period. The Padres averaged 5.3 runs per game in those months.

    The Dodgers went 32-24 and the Giants were 32-21 and the Padres were 28-27.

    This is of course an extremely isolated case.

    I think Vin is remembering what happened to most Dodger teams that had late season collapses. In 1962 and 1982, the Dodgers had two late-season slumps with the bat. The 1982 one was longer. The 1962 was sharp and sudden and coincided with the end of the year.

    The 1995 Angels when they had their August-September collapse averaged 4.35 runs per game. They gave up 5.26 runs per game.

    They were pretty much equal opportunity collapsers.
    The Angels looked like they slumped even more with the bats in 1995 because they had scored so much early in the season. They finished with the second highest runs total in the majors. They were 39 behind Cleveland and the 1995 Indians were one of the best offensive teams ever.

    2005-09-01 21:18:33
    276.   sanchez101
    did rex just hint that finley could pinch hit for quinlan, why is scoiscia considered such a great manager?
    2005-09-01 21:18:40
    277.   Kayaker7
    Intentional walk to Erstad? Puhlease. I guess reputations die hard.
    2005-09-01 21:22:12
    278.   Kayaker7
    If Quinlan hurts them again, they'll wish they pitched to Erstad.
    2005-09-01 21:22:53
    279.   King of the Hobos
    Kendall throws the ball away, 3-0 Angels. This is why you put on the double steal--Angels announcer
    2005-09-01 21:37:39
    280.   King of the Hobos
    Angels win 3-0
    2005-09-01 21:53:23
    281.   coachjpark
    "It will help them, and us, big time," said manager Jim Tracy. "Can you tell me that it won't make Dioner Navarro, at 21, a better catcher? Or Yhency Brazoban a better pitcher? Or D.J. Houlton? From what we've seen of Houlton, can you say that he is not a pitcher to be counted on in the future? And what about Mike Edwards, the way he handles a bat and can play multiple positions?"

    -Can anyone explain why Jim Tracy considers Mike Edwards a "future" prospect? Dude's turning 29 this year. That hardly qualifies as a kid. What's his fascination with Edwards? He doesn't wear goggles. He doesn't have a goatee, and his first name isn't Jason. I think it's apparent that Tracy's favorites can be put into two distinct camps:

    1. Goggles, goatee, gamer, hustling, Jason, etc. (ie. Gagne, Phillips, Duaner, Repko)

    2. Long-time minor leaguers who have had their first crack at the major leagues after 15 or so years in the minors (ie. Edwards, Lo Duca -- am I missing anyone else?)

    I'm thinking (naively) that Choi will be back in the lineup because a fellow Korean is on the mound in Colorado who throws at a fairly normal arm angle....

    2005-09-01 22:16:51
    282.   Eric L
    I don't think Tracy was saying that Edwards was a prospect per se. It was more like saying that Edwards was a good guy to have on the team because of his versatility.

    Not that I agree and I don't like defending Tracy, but Edwards might be a useful piece in the future. Doubtful, but he might be.

    2005-09-01 22:18:04
    283.   bigcpa
    I clicked away and missed the leadoff double by Vlad in the 8th followed by Molina desperately trying to get the bunt down and failing. A CS on the double steal would have been a laugh riot. You can almost hear Scioscia urging his team to make outs as fast as possible to get that precious little run.
    2005-09-01 22:41:00
    284.   Xeifrank
    hmmmm, another movie thread. I guess Dodger off days turns the site into "Movie Thoughts". My result turned out to be "Easy Rider". Go Dodgers!!! vr, Xei
    2005-09-01 22:43:03
    285.   Xeifrank
    Watched half an inning of the LAA game tonight. When Guerrero was up in the 8th inning I counted 6 balls in his count where he eventually hit a 2-2 pitch for a double to RCF. He fouled off two balls, swung and missed at two balls that bounced near the front of the plate, and didn't swing at two balls about shoulder height. If I'm a pitcher I throw breaking balls in the dirt or bounce them a few inches in front of the plate. I know he is a very good bad ball hitter, but just bounce em in front of the plate and he is sure to whiff. vr, Xei
    2005-09-01 22:52:22
    286.   Jim Hitchcock
    Hmmm. I had XF pegged as a `Texas Cheerleader Chainsaw Massacre Murder Movie' kind of guy...
    2005-09-01 23:46:19
    287.   molokai
    For those of you who want to do something for those affected by Katrina but feel helpless and don't have much money to contribute you can always donate blood. Red Cross is asking for blood donations to help the Katrina victims as the normal blood donors in the affected states have been unable to do so. Below is a quick blurb:

    Millions of generous Americans are helping in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. One good way to help is by donating blood. Appointments are being taken at or 1.800.GIVE.LIFE (1.800.448.3543).

    Hurricane Katrina damaged a Blood Services facility in Mobile, Alabama, and blood drives were cancelled there. Hundreds of units of blood normally donated by Mobile residents could not be collected. Blood has been sent to Alabama through our National Inventory Management System. More than 100 units of blood destined for California were diverted because of the hurricane.

    At present, the blood supply is sufficient to meet the immediate need in the affected area. However, blood donors are needed to replenish the current supply of blood being used and to maintain a sufficient supply here in Southern California.

    If you've never donated blood before, please do so, your self esteem will improve and you are always literally saving a life.

    2005-09-02 00:10:13
    288.   Dodgersrock24
    I was at the Angel game tonight, and it was a great game. I was scoreboard watching the Padres-Brewers game, and I was mad that the Brewers blew there 3-2 lead. Now to me, the Dodgers season starts tonight. If the Dodgers are going to win the West, they have to go about 20-9 this month which will equal an 81-81 record and the Padres got to have a bad month of September. They won 1, now they will have to start to losing a lot, and the Dodgers have to capitalize on the Padres loses. Let's pray the Dodgers win this division. Amen
    2005-09-02 00:16:47
    289.   LAT
    If you've never donated blood before, please do so, your self esteem will improve and you are always literally saving a life.

    . . .and you get all the cookies you can eat, a free juice box and some of the sweetest old ladies who will ever fawn all over you. It is very easy to donate, there is no pain and for anyone who is squiemish, they will put you completly at ease. You don't even have to watch. In college we used to give regularly and then go drinking. Now, that made for a cheap but potent evening

    2005-09-02 00:21:07
    290.   LAT
    Apparently I gave blood on the day they taught us how to spell "squeamish" and "completely."
    2005-09-02 00:31:21
    291.   Jim Hitchcock
    LOL. I wasn't gonna say a thing...:)
    2005-09-02 00:41:56
    292.   molokai
    Don't we play the Padres six times in Sept. We can do it. I'm feeling some magic in the air. Lets go clobber Colorado and pick up a game this weekend.
    2005-09-02 01:21:11
    293.   dzzrtRatt
    Acceptance postponed again:

    Penny done with slump.
    Weaver stays hot.
    More one-hitters from Lowe, who remembers which side of the rubber he's supposed to pitch on.
    Run support for Houlton.
    Jackson starts to put it together.
    Sanchez's stunt double not discovered til November.
    Kent harasses himself into hitting 10 more home runs.
    Tracy forgets how to spell Phillips, writes down Choi instead.
    Werth leadoff experiment...not a bad idea?
    Saenz stays healthy.
    Drew works himself back into form by final week.
    Kuo, Broxton make jaws drop.


    Padres think it's June.

    2005-09-02 07:03:59
    294.   Colorado Blue
    Acceptance postponed again:

    I wouldn't go that far if I were you Ratt. It is now Sept. and whole new paradigm is in play (it's called the "it's a new month" paradigm).
    Penny done with slump. - I hope his last 3 outings aren't proof of that.
    Weaver stays hot. - Possibly, but I don't think he does well at Coors (his ERA is 9.00 there).
    Run support for Houlton. - Probably a statistical anamoly.
    *Sanchez's stunt double not discovered til November.
    Kent harasses himself into hitting 10 more home runs.
    Tracy forgets how to spell Phillips, writes down Choi instead.* - LOL :)
    Drew works himself back into form by final week. - Not likely... we all saw how well Werth did after his return.
    Kuo, Broxton make jaws drop. - Hopefully not while the ball is traveling 400+ feet.

    The weather is perfect here in Denver, though. The evenings are getting cooler so it may tame the long ball some on Friday and Saturday. I'll be at Sat. and Sun. games. Looking forward to cheering on the Dodgers with no less than a 1/3 of the rest of the Coors Field crowd.

    2005-09-02 07:05:02
    295.   Colorado Blue
    294 - Grammatical and look-and-feel errors uncorrectable due to "edit again" button malfunction...
    2005-09-02 07:08:37
    296.   Colorado Blue
    294 - Weaver's 9.00 ERA at Coors is for this year only (10 innings pitched, 2 starts).

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