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2005-11-04 09:02
by Jon Weisman

Right now, it appears former Boston general manager Theo Epstein is or was the Dodgers' first choice for their own GM vacancy, followed by either John Hart (the Texas GM who gave Chan Ho Park all that money) or Dodger assistant general manager Kim Ng - with Orel Hershiser poised to become an assistant and Tommy Lasorda remaining a special advisor.

The average Dodger fan and sports columnist might accept Epstein grudgingly - he appears to wear the same spurs as the villain they sent packing, Paul DePodesta, except that Epstein won a World Series and acquired Dave Roberts instead of dumping him. The masses might accept Hart grudingly - noting that while he accomplished very little at Texas, he's old enough and has not been photographed with his computer. (Sigh.) They'd accept Ng very grudgingly - she offers a slim track record to work off of and is tainted by her DePodesta affiliation, but she also once worked for the Yankees and White Sox, and she brings the affirmative action quality that fits in with the Dodger tradition. T.J. Simers would probably trash her until she gave him a nice interview, then he'd befriend her.

The person members of the media seem to want the most might be the worst possible choice: Washington's Jim Bowden, whose list of accomplishments involves taking low-budgeted teams and bringing them in the neighborhood of .500, then trumpeting himself as a hero. (Meanwhile, Billy Beane gets trashed for not winning a World Series.) Why do the media want Bowden? Because he gives good quotes. He's one of them.

Bowden does make the occasional good move, such as Thursday when he unloaded Vinny Castilla, making the National League West champion San Diego Padres look bad. Castilla, 38 years old with a middling EQA of .259 last season, has become the starting third baseman of the Padres, at the cost of having to fill a spot in their starting rotation with the trade of Brian Lawrence. But Bowden is nothing special. Fortunately, he has not been contacted for an interview, according to Bill Plunkett in the Register.

My theory that a Ng-Hershiser combination could be the end result is still alive. Perhaps all Ng needs to do is soothe the overblown citywide anxiety by showing one example of valuing character or intangibles, and she'll end up with the job.

* * *

It's more than possible that Elmer Dessens did the Dodgers a favor by declining his $1.35 million option for 2006. With 110 strikeouts in his last 170 innings over two years, he seems due for a downturn to me (of course, he has seemed that way to me all along). He's not an option as a starting pitcher because of how quickly he tires, and the Dodgers can find better bullpen values for long relief.

* * *

Speculation about the next Yankee starting center fielder not only includes Milton Bradley, but other recent Dodgers like Jose Cruz, Jr. and Juan Encarnacion. And still, the needle could point to Bubba Crosby, according to the Newark Star-Ledger.

* * *

Update: Ken Mandel of writes that the Dodgers will likely be among those pursuing free agent reliever Billy Wagner, who Mandel says is seeking a $30 million contract. I can't imagine how someone could speculate that the Dodgers, with no GM and $10 million invested in True Dodger Eric Gagne, are even thinking about Wagner. No source is given for the speculation.

Update 2: Life goes on, and the Dodgers have re-signed Jose Cruz, Jr. to a one-year contract with a club option on 2007. Terms: $3.21 million guaranteed ($2.91 million plus a $300,000 buyout if the Dodgers decline the $4.5 million second-year option). Also, up to $300,000 in potential incentives.

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2005-11-04 09:29:02
1.   blue22
Jon - any theories on manager in the Ng/Hershiser scenario? A former Dodger hero?

My feeling is that Bobby V. won't give up his >$3M salary in Japan to come manage the Dodgers.

2005-11-04 09:32:24
2.   Jon Weisman
I'm guessing that part of getting the GM job will involve being negotiable with Lasorda on the manager job. I agree that money might knock Valentine out of it. I don't know who Lasorda's second choice is - unless it's Hershiser himself.
2005-11-04 09:36:00
3.   adamclyde
I'd be shocked if Epstein were to accept the gig here. While the prospect of being seen as the person who "turned around" an organization (assuming next year is above 500) could be a carrot, it doesn't seem to fit with Epstein's MO. [leaving aside the fact that if next year is successful, more credit should probably go to the GM from the prior year, of which depo will get none]

I'm curious... does anyone know Ng's philosophy on GM and baseball? while she worked under cashman and depo, does she share their views? I don't know a darn thing about her, except that her last name is exactly nine letters shorter than my own.

2005-11-04 09:37:13
4.   scareduck
Ng would be acceptable to me, as would Epstein. Whether Epstein is available, we'll find out next week, though I'm not sure if that would be in time for the GM meetings (next week?).
2005-11-04 09:40:05
5.   adamclyde
follow up to #3, based on Jon's #2, does anyone know or have an idea about Lasorda's feelings on Ng? I can assume that she's in his good graces by sheer fact he hasn't undermined her and that she is in the running at all??
2005-11-04 09:41:30
6.   blue22
5 - or that she continues to receive a paycheck from the Dodgers too. That's an accomplishment in itself these days.
2005-11-04 09:44:35
7.   Jon Weisman
3 - I linked to an Ng interview in this post earlier this week ...

2005-11-04 09:53:50
8.   blue22
3 - Re: Epstein, its seems more and more likely that Epstein will in fact take the year off. With Towers staying put in SD (and immediately paying dividends for non-SD fans in the NL West by acquiring Castilla) it virtually assures that Theo won't wind up in SD. I was watching an ESPN report earlier this week, and I didn't realize he had ties to the Padre organization, let alone to the city of SD (someone had mentioned he went to school there). At that point I thought it was a near-certainty that Theo would take a position with the Padres once Towers had moved into the Boston GM role.

Now if the Dodgers can hurry up and hire Ng/Hershiser, and get a manager in place shortly after, the offseason can still be salvaged.

2005-11-04 10:03:37
9.   DougS
The prospect of Theo Epstein as the next GM does not bother me, except that I'm still puzzled as to why he left Boston. The one story that I read on it left a lot unanswered, and it seems weird that you would just up and leave what seems like a perfect job for you.

I hadn't thought seriously about Kim Ng until you raised it, Jon, but it makes sense. She's survived two regime changes and an ownership change: Evans brought her in and she was still there after he left; and now that DePo's gone it seems like her profile in the organization has never been higher. Makes me think she's being groomed for something, either now or later.

2005-11-04 10:06:53
10.   slackfarmer
"Also, the Dodgers had asked permission to interview Towers before he decided to stay."

McCourts' strike out again. I'd heard that they were interested in Towers, but didn't know that they officially asked permission to interview and were snubbed.

2005-11-04 10:07:12
11.   weatherman
Would Hershiser not be a lot happier as manager? That seems like a role he is more fit to play than AGM or whatever, and I think I read on here about him not wanting to wear a suit and tie to work and whatnot. Regardless, I am glad that they are bringing him back to the organization. He was always my favorite pitcher and I feel like all of the reasons I have loved the Dodgers over the last 25 years are slowly slipping away.

Thanks, Jon et al., for helping me through these last few weeks.

2005-11-04 10:18:55
12.   fanerman
I still hold out hope for Epstein though I don't expect him to take the job or understand why he would.
2005-11-04 10:20:59
13.   blue22
12 - True, my feelings as well. Of course, I'd rather see him take a year off then go to work for the Padres. So, Theo, if the Dodgers aren't your cup of tea, take sometime off and go find yourself. Maybe see if you can borrow Ricky William's itinerary from last year.
2005-11-04 10:38:33
14.   Xeifrank
Paul DePodesta Firing Conspiracy Theory #83
... didn't Jeff Kent meet with the Dodger owner the day before Depo was canned? Perhaps Depo had decided to try to retain the service of M.Bradley and Kent was concerned. Perhaps so concerned that he told Dodger management that if Bradley was retained, he would demand a trade. McCourt pissed about this and the Plaschke propaganda then fired our hero... vr, Xei
2005-11-04 10:38:57
15.   Telemachos
Solid rant over at FireJimBowden this morning:

2005-11-04 10:43:18
16.   SMY
14 Do you think Kent would really care that much about Bradley? Seems like Bradley had a bigger problem with Kent.
2005-11-04 10:47:58
17.   Xeifrank
14. I don't know... Bradley said some pretty bad things about Kent, just because Kent didn't go to the media and retaliate against Bradley doesn't mean he didn't have a problem with Bradley after MB's blowup. The timing is pretty ironic though. Just enough to make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
vr, Xei
2005-11-04 11:05:04
18.   bhsportsguy
The more I think about it, the more it make sense that Kim Ng would be the person, she would be reporting to Jamie McCourt and frankly she does know the organization having been involved in acquiring most of the major league and minor league talent. She's a good negotiatior and she would solely be judged by her baseball moves which is fair. My hunch is that she would want to hire someone like Terry Collins as her manager since he knows the system and who knows maybe she would bring some other experienced baseball people to surround her.
Just anyone but Bowden. (But she is better than that)
2005-11-04 11:05:52
19.   Colorado Blue
The whole thing is so cloak-and-dagger-ish. If people weren't so blinded by Dodger Tradition and its main spokesman they might actually see what a seedy organization the Dodgers have become under the McCourt ownership. Changes and moves without sinister motives are easily explained. This whole fiasco is starting to seem like the U.N. Oil-for-Food debacle.
2005-11-04 11:06:53
20.   blue22
My hunch is that she would want to hire someone like Terry Collins as her manager

Hope she's not married to that idea. Superficially at least, that's what touched off this whole firestorm.

2005-11-04 11:07:04
21.   mob
Thanks for reminding us that Hart way overpaid for Chan Ho. At the time I thought, "what a sucker!" But like all GM's, he has made some good moves and bad moves. He does have a solid relationship with Orel. How old is Hart? Is a Hart / Hershiser(as AGM) combo possible with Hart grooming Orel to take over 3-5 years down the line? What does it say to Kim Ng.

Do we think baseball or the Dodgers are open minded enuf to accept a woman GM???? Don't bring up Marge Schoot she inherited the Reds and was often ostracized by her peers. Maybe it would be right for the Dodgers to be the leaders in promoting the first female GM but could she hold her own in the boys club that is baseball.

Also if she is made GM could we all chip in and get her to buy a vowel??

2005-11-04 11:10:37
22.   Jon Weisman
See update above: Ken Mandel of says the Dodgers will likely be among those pursuing Billy Wagner, who is seeking a $30 million contract. I can't imagine how someone could speculate that the Dodgers, with no GM and $10 million invested in True Dodger Eric Gagne, are even thinking about Wagner.
2005-11-04 11:11:03
23.   the OZ
Hart is 58.
2005-11-04 11:11:07
24.   fanerman
Can our GM fire Lasorda?

Whoever becomes GM, I want them to 1) fire Lasorda and 2) hire Collins as manager. Then dare the McCourts to fire him/her right after being hired (and DePo being fired, < 2 years after Evans was fired).

2005-11-04 11:16:13
25.   Colorado Blue
24 - Can our GM fire Lasorda?

I doubt it... Tommy reports to Frankie directly. He's on the otherside of the org. chart with the rest of the McCourt family.

2005-11-04 11:17:12
26.   jasonungar05
according to Frank there is no way we hire Kim. Does Kim have a keen eye for baseball talent? Does she have the expierance to do the job? And most important, is she a he?

"He would have a keen eye for baseball talent and experience to do the job," McCourt said.

2005-11-04 11:20:19
27.   Marty
Billy Wagner? Yeah, he's a priority. How do they come up with this stuff. Unless, it's Lasorda spreading that story...
2005-11-04 11:20:23
28.   Bob Timmermann
I wouldn't worry too much about Frank McCourt's choice of pronouns. Ng does have quite a bit of experience.
2005-11-04 11:31:26
29.   mob
26. I think the experience part of the quote should be the most telling. Depo had never been a GM and by firing him, Frank said the Depo experiment failed. His quote that includes "...eye for baseball talent & experience.." should indicate his (and Tommy's) feeling a need for a "baseball guy". someone who has been around the block a few times and HAS GM experience.

That should preclude Ng and, for that matter based on age, Theo. the interview of Ng does fulfill the MLB directive that a minority be interviewed for the job. But I gotta believe one of the reasons that gillick, Bowden & Hart names came up in the first place was these are older experienced GM's who scout with their eyes not a computer.

2005-11-04 11:34:58
30.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
I have come to really like this place, as it seems that people who like to think come here to do as Jon does - deal pyschologically with the Dodgers.

Today, I have a big, yawming grunt. Grunt. I think I need to go focus on something else for a while. Kudos to Jon, as he seems capable of keeping his mind on this stuff from day to day. I am finding it exhausting. Just six days after they fire DePodesta and I'm spent.

Gillick, Hunsicker, Hart, Ng, Bowden, Epstein....

SABR, Experience, Leadership skills, Dodger tradition...

McCourt, McCourt, McCourt, McCourt... I often wondered what it felt like to be a Yankee fan with Steinbrenner being the owner. Please, oh highest power in the land, do not let me find out!

Sorry, I just had to get that out....

2005-11-04 11:35:34
31.   jasonungar05
check out 6-4-2 new article on the firing of Paul. Best line:

Firing Paul DePodesta is a craven, spineless P.R. move easily scouted even without having to use a computer.

2005-11-04 11:39:47
32.   Sushirabbit
22 I've been afraid for awhile that Gagne is done. With or without the 's' word.

I hope not, but if I had doubts, this past season would have only amplified them. Not that I would forget that a starting pitcher is a higher priority. But who would I be anyway? Are there still people that work in the Dodger organization that actually plan ahead? I'm almost expecting Ng to get canned, too.

2005-11-04 11:44:01
33.   Bob Timmermann
Just got off the phone (it's my day off) with a market research person. I assumed it was going to be a political poll, but instead it was study about the Dodgers.

I was asked about how many tickets I would buy, what I liked about the stadium, what I didn't like, etc. Standard stuff.

I was asked at the end:
Do you know the name of the owner of the Dodgers?
Frank McCourt.
What sort of opinion do you have of him? (then given choices)
Most unfavorable

I was also asked where I got my primary information about the Dodgers. My choices were the LA Times,, or nothing. I told her She dutifully typed it in.

I put my name down to serve as part of a focus group, although I doubt I would get chosen for that.

But it was interesting.

They must have culled my name from the list of people who bought tickets online because the woman asked for "Bob" instead of "Robert" as most telemarketers do, such as SBC.

2005-11-04 11:44:19
34.   Penarol1916
30. Oh please, at least Steinbrenner doesn't lie about how much he is willing to spend.
2005-11-04 11:44:20
35.   blue22
I don't see how anyone would outbid the Mets for Wagner. They have the deepest pockets, greatest need, and requisite (mis)management to invest $30M in a 34-year old closer with an iffy elbow.
2005-11-04 11:44:37
36.   Romyrick
Secretly and Selfishly I hope Bowden is fired making it easier for me to hate the dodgers.

Does anyone else think it would be classless to give Ng a CO-GM spot as if she wasn't capable of doing it all by herself because well she's a woman?

2005-11-04 11:53:31
37.   Romyrick
2005-11-04 11:55:39
38.   fanerman
33 - I'll have to let the folks back home know that and make sure to say they strongly disapprove of the Dodgers.
2005-11-04 12:01:11
39.   fanerman
I meant Frank McCourt in 38, of course.
2005-11-04 12:05:23
40.   SiGeg
33 -- That is very, very interesting. I'm imagining a future in which potential trades are made or nixed based on how they tracked in overnight polls.

Does anyone else think it would be classless to give Ng a CO-GM spot as if she wasn't capable of doing it all by herself because well she's a woman?

Yes. A couple days ago I listened to my annual 15 minutes of sports talk radio, and Mason and Ireland were talking about how -- if they didn't get the "best" candidate, Bowden -- the Dodgers might make Hershiser the GM and, since he has so little experience, have AGM Ng tutor him in how to do the job. They never even mentioned the possibility of Ng getting the GM position. I thought it was awful. If Ng would be the one teaching Hershiser how to do the job, why in the world wouldn't she get get it herself?

2005-11-04 12:05:33
41.   popup
I have no reason to want any GM I admire to work for McCourt. If Kim Ng has any sense she will be looking for a job in another organization.

Stan from Tacoma

2005-11-04 12:06:42
42.   Izzy
lol-oh my goodness. We have morphed into the Los Angeles Democrats, and we're being run by focus groups and spin people. We are doomed. haha

Oh and I hope you get on that focus group. Maybe they will give you season tickets for it.

2005-11-04 12:07:25
43.   bhsportsguy
Kim Ng's Experience
1990 University of Chicago Bachelor's in Public Policy
1990- 1996 6 years in White Sox front office
1997 1 year American League Office managing Waivers and transactions
1998 - 2001 4 years Assistant GM Yankees
2002 - Present 4 years Assistant GM Dodgers (including one year of monitoring minor league systesm)

That's 15 years in the game, 8 years of being an assistant GM.

J.P. Ricciardi - 15 years baseball experience, as a coach, scout, spent 4 years as director of personnel under Billy Beane before taking GM job with Blue Jays in 2001.
Josh Byrnes - 11 years baseball experience, including scouting director and other positions in Cleveland, 2 years asst. gm in Colorado and 3 years in Boston before taking Arizona job in Oct. 2005;
Jon Daniels - 4 years including 1 year of Asst. GM in Texas before taking GM job this past October.
Brian Cashman - 9 years - not including 3 summers interning due to father's relationship with George, asst. gm for 6 years, hired in February 1998, re-signed in Oct. 2005.

Just putting this out there...

2005-11-04 12:07:31
44.   carmiguel
Assuming Ng is the one hired, I think the question of who she would would favor as a manager is very interesting. I'm afraid she would be a figurehead, with Lasorda pulling the strings. In his case, the manager would almost certainly be Valentine.

I would see it as a very good sign if Hart is hired as a senior consultant (a la Hunsicker in Tampa Bay). Then perhaps there would be a more reasoned approach to the decision on the next manager.

2005-11-04 12:09:40
45.   fanerman
44 - I don't think Ng would be a figurehead, though it could be wishful thinking. I'd like to think that Ng realizes the symbolic significance of her being a GM and wouldn't let people like Lasorda screw things up for her.
2005-11-04 12:12:44
46.   Penarol1916
42. Yes, because as everyone knows, it's only certain politicians that are ruled by focus groups and spin.
2005-11-04 12:21:54
47.   Bob Timmermann
There were a lot of questions about what it would take to get people to come to games on Monday or Tuesday. Of the suggestions they had, I said free parking would be the best. (Others were $1 hot dogs, 2 for 1 tickets.)

I was also asked about setting up valet parking for people who want to get out fast. (I said I didn't care.)

Also questions about start times of games. I liked Friday games starting at 7:05 instead of 7:35, but I live close to Dodger Stadium, so I was answering in my own self-interest.

There were also questions about when to start games on Sunday: 12:35, 1:05, or 2:05
I thought 12:35 would be best. My theory is that if it's hot, might as well start early and get out before the worst of the heat.

2005-11-04 12:24:22
48.   FirstMohican
A source close to me... who listens to sports radio... says the dodgers signed cruz jr...
2005-11-04 12:24:36
49.   Brian Y
Yay, we got Jose Cruz Jr. Our first big signing errr re-signing. Thank god it's only a 1 year deal.


2005-11-04 12:31:55
50.   Jon Weisman
I've posted the release in an update up top. Waiting for the $ information.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-11-04 12:36:26
51.   Brian Y
He makes a nice insurance policy in case we are unable to sign anyone else. Or if we non-tender Milton Bradley like we all suspect they may do.
2005-11-04 12:37:54
52.   mob
bhsportsguy, experience as THE GM not just in baseball or AGM. If Frank fires Depo & says he's looking for experience, then he should hire someone with experience as the GM not just experience.

Not that I don't agree Ng has a good background and might possibly be a great GM if given the opportunity BUT, if frank wants any type of credibility (let's not debate Frank & credibility) he would / should hire someone with previous GM experience and more likely someone over the age of 40.

2005-11-04 12:38:51
53.   blue22
49 - Barring a trade involving Werth, does that mean Bradley is a goner? Does Bradley fit into a roster with Drew, Cruz, Werth, and Ledee already under contract? Not to mention the OF was the most likely destination of a big bat we pursure this offseason.
2005-11-04 12:41:17
54.   FirstMohican
53 - With our outfield's injury history, we probaby should have a few extras...
2005-11-04 12:41:41
55.   mob
better question does bradley fit in anywhere??? Or is he just an angry young man with exceptional talent but not a clue on how to work with others?
2005-11-04 12:43:25
56.   Brian Y
I would be surprised if we don't try and trade Gagne, Kent, Bradley, and Lowe this offseason. Especially if any of the sources have anything in the Wagner rumors.
2005-11-04 12:45:05
57.   slackfarmer
53 & 54 Better Cruz than Grabs or Edwards.
2005-11-04 12:46:37
58.   regfairfield
I had desired Cruz as a backup to the outfielders as well as an insurance policy on Werth. Cruz as a fourth outfielder sounds good to me.
2005-11-04 12:48:00
59.   carmiguel
In the absence of a GM, presumably Ng and/or Roy Smith were responsible for the signing of Cruz. With Drew's history of injuries and concerns that Werth may still be hobbling around, it's good to have a guy like Cruz around as insurance.
2005-11-04 12:48:10
60.   blue22
Would you rather have Cruz (switch-hitter) as the starting RFer, or a Ledee/Werth platoon?

Assume Bradley is gone, LF is "acquired", and Drew in CF.

2005-11-04 12:49:13
61.   regfairfield
60 Why not just Werth? He's shown he has power, he's shown he has patience, now he just has to do both at the same time.
2005-11-04 12:51:39
62.   blue22
61 - Because that wasn't one of the options ;-)

Fair enough. A vote for Werth to play RF all by himself then.

2005-11-04 12:56:04
63.   natepurcell
signing cruz was a very good move.

looks like Ng is following my excel worksheet.

1- dessens isnt coming back- check
2- signs cruz to be 4th outfielder- check

now all she needs to do is sign giles, and trade for zito and i become miss cleo 2.0

2005-11-04 12:57:20
64.   Jon Weisman
"Or is he just an angry young man with exceptional talent but not a clue on how to work with others?"

Let's see, he worked with Drew. He worked with Finley. Almost no Dodger had anything bad to say about him along these lines except Kent. So, I'm thinking the answer to this question might be "no."

That being said, I think that you have to be in denial to think that Bradley won't be unloaded at this point. McCourt abandoned ship on him long ago. Unless Lasorda takes Bradley under his wing... (sounds almost like a sitcom)

2005-11-04 13:00:16
65.   natepurcell
i cant find the cruz annoucement on the dodgers site...
2005-11-04 13:00:38
66.   natepurcell
jk i found it!
2005-11-04 13:02:21
67.   blue22
63 - Care to speculate on the undisclosed terms on the Cruz deal, nate?

He made $4M last year.

2005-11-04 13:04:31
68.   natepurcell
well its a 1 yr deal with 2nd yr option. so i assume

06- 1.75 mil
07- 2.25 mi.

2005-11-04 13:06:46
69.   regfairfield
68 If that's the deal, that's an amazing bargain.
2005-11-04 13:06:51
70.   blue22
68 - What makes you "assume" those numbers, if I may ask? Are there standards for deals of this nature (like the NBA's veteran's minimum), or are you just offering up a guess?
2005-11-04 13:09:47
71.   natepurcell
well the vet min in the mlb is something like 550k or something.

i am sort of going off what we gave ledee last yr to be our 4th outfielder type. it was a 2yrs 2.5 mil deal paying him
05- 1 mil
06- 1.5 mil

2005-11-04 13:22:09
72.   mob
Jon, I agree, unless Uncle Tommy steps in, MB is gone. However, and I was pulling for him all along, he has been a timebomb dating back to Cleveland.

Finley, was done (I'll bet begrudingly) and Drew was as much Drew working with him as vice versa. But you're right he did seem to be fine with them. Timebombs don't explode continuously, just when the bell goes off. We don't know what pushes his button but we have seen it on more than one occassion. Anger management may have helped, but MB still needs to do some growing up AND continue his conseling. Alcolholics do best when they continue to go to meetings.

It's too bad because I wish we (the Dodgers) could reap the benfit of his talent.

2005-11-04 13:25:18
73.   SMY
Media talking head: But there was CONTROVERSY!! They both want to play center field!! How will they work it out?!

Man, that whole thing drove me insane.

2005-11-04 13:35:55
74.   natepurcell
argh, i was a little low in my initial assumption

*LOS ANGELES -- The Dodgers and outfielder Jose Cruz Jr. agreed Friday to one-year contract worth a guaranteed $3.21 million.

Cruz joined the Dodgers in August and was one of their most productive hitters in the season's final weeks. He batted .301 with six homers and 22 RBIss in 47 games, and had a .366 on-base percentage.

In a Sept. 7 game against San Francisco, Cruz homered from both sides of the plate, becoming the seventh Dodger in franchise history to do so.

Cruz will earn $2.91 million next season, and the deal includes a 2007 club option at $4.5 million with a $300,000 buyout. He could earn an additional $300,000 per year in performance bonuses.

In eight-plus major league seasons, Cruz has a .250 batting average, with 193 homers and 585 RBIs while playing for Seattle, Toronto, San Francisco, Tampa Bay, Arizona, Boston and Los Angeles.

He was acquired by the Dodgers in exchange for infielder Tony Schrager.*

2005-11-04 13:37:33
75.   Norm

Why trade Gagne, with one year left on his contract, and sign Wagner to a multi-year contract, with all the inexpensive young arms so close to being ready?

2005-11-04 13:38:06
76.   Uncle Miltie
Cruz probably got almost $4 million. He won't be backing up anyone...he will play right field or center.
2005-11-04 13:38:52
77.   natepurcell
no, he got 2.91 mil.
2005-11-04 13:40:04
78.   blue22
75 - Maybe Gagne's moving into the rotation?

Kind of only half-kidding. Prior to hurting his arm last year, I wonder if that couldn't be an option.

2005-11-04 13:43:45
79.   overkill94
Just to stir the pot a little bit, here's one person's opinion on where free agents will go

I highly doubt we'll pursue Bengie Molina, but wouldn't be surprised if we went after Morris and Nomar.

2005-11-04 13:44:06
80.   regfairfield
76 So, Bradley is gone then?
2005-11-04 13:44:54
81.   blue22
78 - Sorry, putting Gagne in the rotation wouldn't be motivation to trade Gagne, just to sign Wagner.

Signing Wagner is still silly.

2005-11-04 13:45:11
82.   natepurcell
nomar would be a good depth signing for one yr. i wouldnt mind morris too. he could fill weavers spot easily.
2005-11-04 13:50:19
83.   King of the Hobos
Cruz was probably only willing to go to $3 mil or so. He's a good 3rd/4th OF, and is a very good defender (he struggled according to advanced metrics in CF, but was exceptional in RF). Assuming we offered him arbitration, it's hard to say if another team would give him $4+ mil, considering his his recent injuries, so he could have gone to arbitration, where he could have received $5 mil. The second year is a little expensive, but if he struggles, his buyout is very cheap

Personally, I think Ng (or Smith, or whoever) did a good job with this deal. Not a bad start if this is the beginning of her GM career...

2005-11-04 13:52:58
84.   blue22
79 - That's a much better go at the pending offseason than what you'll see coming out of ESPN shortly.

I think Burnett ends up with the Yanks/Sox top bid, or the Blue Jays if he decides that money isn't everything.

And I don't think Konerko goes back to the ChiSox.

2005-11-04 13:53:21
85.   King of the Hobos
79 Well, he's already wrong about Cruz. I like Nomah and Morris personally, but it wouldn't help our team's health
2005-11-04 13:53:59
86.   blue22
Prediction: Kenny Rogers to KC
Comment: "Some have speculated he'll retire; I predict a fate worse than that. "

Ha ha.

2005-11-04 13:57:08
87.   overkill94
The only move this guy has for the Padres is Hoffman re-signing. Ouch, their offense could be in serious trouble next year with Giles and Hernandez probably not coming back.
2005-11-04 13:57:09
88.   Uncle Miltie
Oh well, I knew he wasn't going to sign for $1 million. He won't be backing up anybody. The Dodgers lineup next year:

C Navarro
1B JT Snow or Darrin Erstad- good character guys
2B Jeff Kent (Frank McCourt is a hypocrit and he needs Kent's star power to keep the fans happy)
SS Royce Clayton- good character guy
3B Joe Randa- good character guy
LF Rondell White- good in the clubhouse, is a leader
CF J.D. Drew
RF Jose Cruz- cheap

So our batting order next year
1. Royce Clayton- fast, good bunter
2. Snow/Erstad- they know how to make productive outs
3. Drew
4. Kent
5. White- clutch
6. Randa- good contact hitter
7. Navarro- Hatcher will make him aggressive like Benji Molina
8. Cruz- strikes out too much, so he'll hit at the bottom of the order

Manager: Mickey Hatcher

-The Dodgers will lead the league in sacrifice bunts, leaders on the team:
1. Snow/Erstad- 20
2. Clayton- 15
3. Drew- 10
-The Dodgers will lead the league in productive outs
-The The Dodgers will be in the bottom quarter of runs scored

Clayton- .245/.290/.345 30 SB 15 CS
Snow/Erstad .270/.330/.380 Snow 0 SB 3 CS, Erstad 20 SB 8 CS
Drew .280/.380/.470 15 SB 4 CS
Kent .280/.340/.480 3 SB 6 CS
White .275/.320/.440 2 SB 4 CS
Randa .270/.330/.400 1 SB 4 CS
Navarro .295/.320/.425 1 SB 5 CS
Cruz .250/.350/.420 8 SB 7 CS

2005-11-04 13:57:11
89.   natepurcell
well its time for my weekly friday 3pm nap time. talk to you guys in a couple of hours.
2005-11-04 13:58:28
90.   Sushirabbit
I'm not sure why we bother thinking about anything with no GM and no manager! Why would you think about going to work someplace where no management was in place?
2005-11-04 13:59:13
91.   King of the Hobos
Andy Laroche, on adjustments in the AFL--

"But as for your questions, my biggest adjustment has just been being more selective at the plate. Instead of just going up there without a plan and just swinging at the first pitch and throwing at-bats away, I wait to get my pitch in my zone and try not to miss it."

2005-11-04 14:03:13
92.   brandesh
I really want Ng as GM if not Epstein but I just don't think Lasorda would allow it.
2005-11-04 14:06:35
93.   FirstMohican
Clearly Jim Bowden will re-aquire Castilla once announced the new Dodger GM.
2005-11-04 14:07:29
94.   Robert Fiore
The thing is with Bradley that when the domestic dispute story broke, it was as if someone who already seemed to have too much baggage suddenly announced he had a steamer trunk in the car.
2005-11-04 14:08:10
95.   FirstMohican
94 - And he's injury prone.
2005-11-04 14:18:38
96.   sanchez101
91. Mickey Hatcher would be appalled. I guess Laroche isnt a "real" dodger. Is there someway we can trade him for loduca, maybe florida will throw in lowell?
2005-11-04 14:23:14
97.   Uncle Miltie
91- get rid of this bum! Trade him, Martin, Billingsley, and Guzman for Erstad and Figgins!
2005-11-04 14:27:35
98.   sanchez101
for anybody thats read the recent espn magazine story on vin scully, it mentions that he spends 3-4 hours a day on the internet preparing for his games. Has Plascke heard of this? Scully using a computer? I guess he's not a real dodger, nor does he know what the game is really all about.
2005-11-04 14:38:06
99.   King of the Hobos
I just noticed something. Loney started in the AFL today--in RF. This is not a late inning emergency (he played RF for inning during the regular season, Jon Weber was pitching that inning...), he started there, and played 7 innings in the OF. He caught 4 fly balls, and fielded a double and a single. No errors, no assists
2005-11-04 14:39:33
100.   Jon Weisman
99 - Let us know if you see more of this.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-11-04 14:43:47
101.   Dark Horse
Wait...It's Ng who's allegedly behind this speculative run at Wagner? (See 6-4-2.) Gosh.

What does this tell us?

2005-11-04 15:01:49
102.   Bob Timmermann
I think that's more speculating about who's making a speculative move.
2005-11-04 15:02:50
103.   trainwreck
Dodgers should just hire Mitch Kupchak as GM. He is an expert when it comes to planning for the 2007 season.
2005-11-04 15:04:36
104.   trainwreck
Dodgers and Lakers both have 2007 plans in place for success. Of course at least the Dodgers actually know who they are bringing up to the team, while the Lakers are praying for LeBron.
2005-11-04 15:05:30
105.   FirstMohican
101 - He just said it was Ng that's acting GM, not that she's actually right to get Wagner. It tells us that if the rumor is true, that Ng will be the one negotiating the deals?

If the Dodgers are really going after Wagner then either he has agreed to setup Gagne or Gagne has requested a trade as he is locked in for next year.

2005-11-04 15:06:00
106.   FirstMohican
104 - Who needs a LeBron when you have a Smush?
2005-11-04 15:06:23
107.   dzzrtRatt
101 That a) someone think Gagne should be starting? or b) someone things we would net out ahead by signing Wagner and trading Gagne?

Neither is irrational. b) would cause Plaschke to have a stroke.

2005-11-04 15:06:27
108.   LAT
he appears to wear the same spurs as the villain they sent packing

Jon, great turn of phrase. Your writing is always first class.

2005-11-04 15:10:00
109.   Jon Weisman
105 et al - I think it's much more likely that the rumor is bunk.
2005-11-04 15:10:15
110.   Jon Weisman
108 - Thanks, LAT
2005-11-04 15:13:10
111.   trainwreck
With all this off-season turmoil I do not see us doing much this off-season unless we hire Bowden who will trade away minor league talent to get players just to look like he did something. So if we do not do much this off-season, how does McCourt respond to the media? He just fired DePo yet he does nothing to change his team. Dodgers seem to be just waiting for the minor leaguers, which is what DePo planned.
2005-11-04 15:20:45
112.   gvette
107--Maybe if no decent FA starters are available, you load up the bullpen? Pretty curious speculation.

But it's more fun to talk about acquiring players than wondering who the McCourts will behead next.

2005-11-04 15:35:02
113.   FirstMohican
112 - Loading up the bullpen might be a good idea... but paying for a guy like Wagner who made 8M next year is a little nuts. But hey, if Hart gets the job, maybe he'll see in Wagner what he saw in Chan Ho =)
2005-11-04 15:36:15
114.   FirstMohican
113 - 'next' is going to have to mean 'last' - though it would be cool if I knew exactly how much he'd make next year and that he has already made it, somehow.
2005-11-04 15:36:33
115.   underdog
99. Eeenteresting. I'd still rather see Loney at 1B (I'm not one of those who jumps for Choi, uhmm...), but I guess it's good to have some OF contingency plans in place. Just like they're doing testing Young in the OF, too.
2005-11-04 15:41:45
116.   natepurcell
loney at a corner outfield spot: below average power, assuming his range would be below average too.

loney at 1b: below average power, gold glove defense.

i dont really understand moving loney to rf/lf

2005-11-04 15:41:47
117.   blue22
Adding Billy Wagner is simply not a good idea, even if the idea is to start/trade Gagne. Wagner is 34, will get a 3yr/$30M deal, and has a tender elbow.

Just say no, Ng.

2005-11-04 15:42:31
118.   blue22
116 - He'll have to play somewhere with Konerko blocking 1B for 4 years.
2005-11-04 15:42:42
119.   FirstMohican
Just say Ng
2005-11-04 15:44:06
120.   FirstMohican
Could it be that there's another 1B in the AFL who's due for some playing time and instead of sitting Loney they're moving him?
2005-11-04 15:44:16
121.   D4P
2005-11-04 15:48:28
122.   dzzrtRatt
I'd like to teach the world to Ng.
2005-11-04 15:49:18
123.   Marty
"Ng Ng Ng" (aung aung aung)

Like the sound Curley makes on the three stooges

2005-11-04 15:54:52
124.   LetsGoDodgers
I'm very happy with the Cruz Jr. signing.

I'd like to see it followed up with a trade with the Reds for one of their outfielders not named Griffey. While I'm dreaming, sign Matt Morris to one of those idiotic-yet-par-for-the-course 3 year / $30M contracts.

Lastly, set the MLB record for most relievers signed in one offseason to non-guaranteed contracts.

2005-11-04 16:04:55
125.   Vishal
[124] if we don't want to give a 3/$30M contract to wagner, why would we want to give it to a less valuable pitcher in matt morris?
2005-11-04 16:12:20
126.   Robert Fiore
I see one huge contradiction in Frank McCourt's plans for the team if the newspaper reports that he is no longer willing to have a payroll in the $100 million area, but wishes to keep it in the 80s or lower are true. Now, with what they have in the system it is possible that they could have a middle class payroll and still win. The problem is, on that basis they can't win next year. The only way they win next year is to trade prospects for the back end of big contracts, and you can't keep your budget down that way.
2005-11-04 16:12:48
127.   LetsGoDodgers
125 - Can Wagner replace Weaver as a starting pitcher?
2005-11-04 16:17:40
128.   blue22
127 - No.
2005-11-04 16:18:43
129.   Steve
Why would Wagner be a worse idea than extending Gagne?
2005-11-04 16:22:55
130.   LetsGoDodgers
128 - and that's why you'd give a 3 year $30M contract to Matt Morris instead of Billy Wagner.
2005-11-04 16:23:16
131.   fanerman
I like the Cruz signing. It's nice to know we still have a front office. Hah.

The Wagner rumor seems like random speculation. The only mention of LA is:

"Wagner is also a fan of new Tigers' third base coach Gene Lamont from when the two were together in Houston. Other interest will likely come from Boston, Baltimore, Los Angeles, and both Chicago teams."

Doesn't sound like it's a done deal. Though my opinion of Ng would change if the rumors were true. Gagne is younger and presumably more durable. I think his injury was fairly "freakish." I'd rather spend the money on Giles, of course.

BTW, Gagne and Ngage are anagrams.

2005-11-04 16:23:50
132.   Uncle Miltie
Wow, I just found a great article on Bowden:

Some quotes:
Jim Bowden is "one of the worst people in the world."
- Ron Oester, Reds coach

"We had a handshake deal that he wasn't going to trade me. Three months later, he traded me ... If I had been in the room with him, I would have killed him."
- Jeff Shaw, Dodgers reliever

"They say what goes around comes around. If that be the case, then he's going to get his some day."
- Dave Collins, ex-Reds coach

"Jim is not humble, but we're not running for prom king here. We're trying to win a division."
- Bill Reik, Reds minority owner

"Jim had a penchant for trying to eliminate people," Mr. Quinn says, "which is unfortunate as hell. It's almost to the point where the guy can't help himself. If he perceives someone is encroaching on his turf, he takes the (steps) to eliminate them."

Former Reds public relations director Jon Braude says the only time he's come to blows in his life was when he struck Mr. Bowden for screaming at him in an argument over TV coverage. About the same time, Mr. Bowden fired minor-league field coordinator Jim Tracy in a loud and public scene after they failed to reach contract terms.

Mr. Tracy, now manager of the Dodgers, is brief and cryptic when asked about his experience with Mr. Bowden. "I'm not real good at throwing stones," he says.

"I've never been a part of an organization where there was less harmony, less encouragement, (people) not supporting one another, never knowing what the true purpose was," Collins says. "You've got to understand the importance of chemistry, and I don't think he does."

The Los Angeles Dodgers also expressed interest, Mr. Bowden says, but backed off when a story was leaked alleging that he had been fired for stealing computer files.
So he's a computer hacker too! Bill Plaschke isn't going to like him.

This article is a must read.

2005-11-04 16:23:50
133.   trainwreck
I really do not see us doing enough to keep Kent happy. Be interesting to see us trade Kent away after all this we can not taking losing talk. If we trade Kent away might as well trade Gagne too, because there is no way he is going to be sticking around here.
2005-11-04 16:24:32
134.   D4P
Do people generally think that Depo would have tried to resign Cruz?
2005-11-04 16:24:37
135.   Jon Weisman
131 - "BTW, Gagne and Ngage are anagrams."

This is the most significant news of the day.

2005-11-04 16:25:14
136.   LetsGoDodgers
129 - IMO, it would be worse only if Gagne's injury problems were abated for the next 3 seasons.
2005-11-04 16:26:43
137.   trainwreck
Wow I just thought he was arrogant and stupid now hes a thief and a complete jerk. No wonder ESPN likes him so much.
2005-11-04 16:31:12
138.   blue22
126 - Not necessarily true. Using Jon's chart to the right, the Dodgers' 2006 payroll is currently at $71M.

Keeping the payroll in the $80M's, we've got about $15M+ to play with.

Need a 4th starter - can Lilly be had for, say, $8M per? I think so. What about Matt Morris or Jarrod Washburn? If not, how about one from Jamie Moyer or Esteban Loaiza for $5Mish?

So now we need a hitter. Cruz is in the bag. What about the much-speculated on Nomar Garciaparra? He fits at SS/3B, and could still be had for a realtive bargain. How about 2yrs/$15M for Nomar?

With just these two additions, the Dodgers would have a lineup of:

Aybar - 3B
Nomar - SS
Drew - CF
Kent - 2B
Choi - 1B
Cruz - RF
Werth - LF
Navarro - C

and a rotation of:

all for < $88M. Now if McCourt wants to step up and add another starter, or put a big bat in the lineup to displace Werth, that gets him into the $90M's.

However, this seems to be somewhat similar to the team we all had pegged to be division champs this year. And I'm not seeing any of the other teams in the division drastically improving this offseason either.

2005-11-04 16:32:26
139.   bigcpa
As noted at Primer, I also found that within the name Bill Plaschke you can find the words "bias" "lies" and "hack".
2005-11-04 16:33:52
140.   fanerman
135 - With those news breaking skills of mine, I'm thinking of starting a career in journalism.
2005-11-04 16:34:38
141.   fanerman
I'd sign Giles over Nomar. Lilly sounds like a risk worth taking. Then pray we can find 2 capable starters out of Lilly, Houlton, Jackson, and Billingsley.
2005-11-04 16:34:41
142.   Vishal
sorry, but an "ace reliever" is probably worth more and would be more difficult to replace than "middle/back-of-the-rotation pitcher", unless you think morris is going to suddenly be really good again, which he hasn't been for the last few years.

VORP/win shares, 2005:



now, obviously our need isn't as great for an ace reliever as for a starter, since we've presumably still got eric gagne, but i still don't see why we should pay matt morris all that money for 3 years, especially when we've got jackson, billingsley, orenduff, miller, broxton all waiting in the wings.

frankly i would pass on both of those guys, though.

2005-11-04 16:38:07
143.   fanerman
Actually, it'd be kinda funny if whoever was GM made absolutely NO moves (beyond re-signing players we already have a la Cruz) and next year fielded almost exactly the same team we had this year. Kind like a little experiment. If we won the division, I wonder what kind of crazy explantions BBTN would come up with to explain the difference between the 2005 and 2006 teams.
2005-11-04 16:40:36
144.   trainwreck
The real question is...will the NL West be even worse next year?
2005-11-04 16:41:12
145.   fawnkyj
On other boards people are posting up that Evans is gonna interview for GM next week. They said they heard on thr radio and somebody else said they heard HAcksaw say it. I know its HAcksaw.

CAn anybody else confirm?

2005-11-04 16:42:19
146.   Marty
Wow I just thought he was arrogant and stupid now hes a thief and a complete jerk. No wonder ESPN likes him so much.

Unfortunately, that may be why Lasorda likes him too.

2005-11-04 16:42:29
147.   D4P
Will your experimental include Bradley or not?
2005-11-04 16:43:58
148.   fanerman
147 - Sure why not. If only because the chances of BBTN going bonkers has to increase with him on the team.
2005-11-04 16:45:03
149.   trainwreck
hahahaha oh please be true. McCourt looking more clueless by the day.
2005-11-04 16:45:54
150.   D4P
Well, I was thinking that his absence from the 2006 team could be used by BBTN-types as a potential explanation for the difference between the 05 and 06 squads. But like you said, having him around would eliminate that explanation.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2005-11-04 16:47:42
151.   blue22
If Cruz could post an .800 OPS, LA may not miss Bradley.
2005-11-04 16:49:37
152.   LetsGoDodgers
Counting on any significant combination of Jackson, Billingsley, Orenduff, Miller, and Broxton to be MLB ready in 2006 is a pipe dream.

I'd be surprised if even 2 out of these 5 "highly touted" prospects pitched with a positive VORP for more than 3 seasons at the major league level. The pickle is not knowing which 3 will fail until after the fact.

That being said, I'm very happy to have 5 "highly touted" prospects instead of pinning our hopes on 1 guy.

I'm not saying Matt Morris is the savior, but he's above average and he can move down the rotation as time goes by.

Last year's offseason proved fiscal sanity is out the window and if you want a pitcher with decent skills, you better sign him early and overpay for the privledge.

2005-11-04 16:55:09
153.   LetsGoDodgers
145 - Hope it's true; I'll take Dan Evans over Jim Bowden any day.
2005-11-04 16:57:51
154.   trainwreck
With Evans we know the minor leaguers will not be touched. Just do not expect any significant additions. McCourt gets rid of DePo for a guy that will not change DePo's team at all and go with the minor league talent to improve the team, which is what DePo planned.
2005-11-04 17:01:21
155.   D4P
Well, McCourt may have gotten rid of Depo for other, non-roster-related reasons (e.g. McCourt and Depo may have had a significant disagreement over the new manager). The timing of Depo's firing sure suggested that the primary impetus for the firing was something that happened relatively recently. If the firing was based on the roster and last year's performance, Depo seemingly would have been fired earlier, and in particular, before the managerial search began.
2005-11-04 17:02:03
156.   fawnkyj
Wouldnt that be something if he comes back...

Depo wouldve won the west with Evans team and if Evans wins the West he wouldve won it with Depo's team.

2005-11-04 17:04:47
157.   Jon Weisman
154 - FWIW, Victor Diaz, traded by Evans, looks to be better than any minor leaguer DePodesta ever traded. Maybe Jason Frasor. We'll see about Franklin Guiterrez.
2005-11-04 17:07:00
158.   Steve
True that Wagner is more valuable than Morris.

This is irony. Bowden does nothing but trade for middle relief, and Evans won't trade middle relievers. A quandary.

2005-11-04 17:12:37
159.   trainwreck
That is what might have happened but in the media McCourt said it was about winning so I would love to hear his excuses.
Yeah that was a horrible trade. DePo clearly did not want to give away the minor league talent, but wasn't it true that Evans often scoffed at deals because he wanted to keep a lot of the minor league players? That is what I heard but I have no idea since at that time I got my LA info from the Dodgers board.
2005-11-04 17:16:44
160.   SiGeg
The Wagner rumor seems like random speculation. The only mention of LA is:

"Wagner is also a fan of new Tigers' third base coach Gene Lamont from when the two were together in Houston. Other interest will likely come from Boston, Baltimore, Los Angeles, and both Chicago teams."

Is this the only mention anywhere? If so, how do we know that this refers to the Dodgers and not the LAAofA?

Do people generally think that Depo would have tried to resign Cruz?

It seems quite likely, though obviously not a certainty, that Ng et al. made a deal that DePo was already working on. Presumably, DePo had already had thoughts about Cruz, and had discussed those thoughts with others in the front office. There's no reason to think that all plans were scrapped completely when DePo was fired. For now, they may just be carrying on from where he left off.

Finally, does anyone else suspect that the Evans rumor could have been started by that confusing sentence in the Times today (discussed on the previous thread)? I wouldn't mind him back.

2005-11-04 17:17:11
161.   D4P
Yeah, I doubt we'll ever hear the truth from McCourt on Depo's firing. He doesn't have much incentive to be forthright.
2005-11-04 17:20:02
162.   fanerman
160 - That's a good point. "Dodgers" is not mentioned anywhere on the page. I don't know if the rumor is mentioned by anybody else. Perhaps it is referring to the Angels because those are all AL teams. That could just be coincidence though.
2005-11-04 17:20:24
163.   Vishal
[152] i'm not saying saying they'll be "MLB ready in 2006", but if we have all these guys in the pipeline, and we already have lowe, perez, and penny signed, why would we give matt morris a fat 3-year contract? this is why we're not keeping weaver, right?

we should either sign another pitcher for less money/years, or trade for one, but there's no reason to overpay that much for mediocrity that can be replaced with a little creativity.

2005-11-04 17:20:40
164.   Robert Fiore
138: From your keyboard to God's ear, but wouldn't that sort of mean that DePodesta had left behind the makings of a winning team?
2005-11-04 17:26:47
165.   Mark Linsey
Considering that Francisco Rodriguez is younger and much less of an injury question mark than Gagne, the Angels persuing Wagner would make even less sense than the Dodgers, although it makes more sense from a payroll perspective.
2005-11-04 17:29:45
166.   Vishal
[164] but of course. that's the point :)

i like lilly all right. 2y/$16M is a lot easier to swallow than 3y/$30M.

you think a 2-year contract for el duque, heavily incentivized, might work out? he could be a swingman, a la wilson alvarez.

2005-11-04 17:32:07
167.   Vishal
[165] they don't have a lefty in the bullpen. not that wagner would be a LOOGY or anything, but having two vicious relievers of different handedness, each of whom could close, might work out depending on the situation, and it might reduce their workloads keep them both a little healthier/fresher.

that seems like an awfully luxurious strategy though.

2005-11-04 17:37:48
168.   Vishal
[166] scratch that, el duque signed a 2-year deal last year with the white sox, apparently. and he has shoulder trouble.
2005-11-04 17:39:26
169.   bigcpa
Some smart AL team is going to get Frank Thomas on the cheap. He feels like the Jeff Kent of 2006 that no one thinks has a .900 OPS season left in the tank.
2005-11-04 17:41:46
170.   D4P
I think the bigger question is "How many games the .900 OPS season will entail," not so much whether or not it will happen.
2005-11-04 17:48:08
171.   trainwreck
I think the A's will look at him to be their DH.
2005-11-04 17:48:59
172.   alex 7
not to mention the possible ego problems that would arise between Gagne and Wagner.
2005-11-04 17:54:19
173.   Vishal
[171] as well they should!

i wonder how much he would cost. $6 million?

2005-11-04 18:02:05
174.   Felton
The Cruz signing makes sense. Wouldn't the Dodgers move Drew to cf to take stress off of his knee? Cruz, Ledee and Werth then can be flexibly used to cover left and right (and center if need be). The problem is how to move Bradley if you want to sign another outfielder - which may be needed.
2005-11-04 18:19:26
175.   fanerman
174 - Just have a revolving door with Ledee and Werth. Drew and Bradley (if he's here) will be injured plenty of times during the season. And if by some miracle they're not, trade Cruz or something. I'd even add Giles just because. Okay that's like the 5th post today I've advocated signing Giles.
2005-11-04 19:01:34
176.   fawnkyj
They just replayed it on espn radio, the comment of Evans coming back, and i think it was a mistake one of the guys on the radio made when they read the sentence in the La times article incorrectly. Sorry.
2005-11-04 19:02:25
177.   D4P
East coasters: turn on ESPN Classic right now. There's a great Cheap Seats on, reviewing the 1973 Superstars Competition.
2005-11-04 19:32:07
178.   King of the Hobos
Update from the Dominican (I just felt like it...)

Brazoban 6 IP, 5 H, 0 ER, 3 BB, 7 K
Osoria 3.1 IP, 2 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 4 K
O Perez 1.1 IP, 4 H, 5 ER, 3 BB, 1 K (he hasn't pitched since the first day, not sure why)
Pimental 0 IP, 3 H, 5 ER, 2 BB, 0 K
A Gonzalez (FA) 4 IP, 3 H, 0 ER, 2 BB, 2 K
B Perez (FA) 7.1 IP, 8 H, 2 R, 2 BB, 5 K

Aybar 42 AB, .143/.182/.262, 1 HR, 2 BB, 9 K
Guzman 29 AB, .276/.400/.586, 2 HR, 5 BB, 6 K
A Perez 8 AB, .250/.400/.625, 1 HR, 2 BB, 3 K (playing 2B)

Promising starts for Guzman and Brazoban, and hopefully Antonio can keep up in more ABs

2005-11-04 19:57:44
179.   D4P
Roy Smith (Dodgers vice president of scouting and player development) said the Dodgers are interested in adding another power-hitting infielder.

- LATimes

2005-11-04 20:10:56
180.   King of the Hobos
That article makes it sound like Smith was responsible for the deal. Considering he was hired by DePo, I would assume he likes Cruz type players. I am interested what power infielders he has in mind, as I don't think he'd say that if he just wanted one
2005-11-04 20:11:06
181.   MikeB
The discussions here the past few days about WHO the next GM might be, and WHAT the new GM might do with the roster and farm system are circling around a central theme or question --

If the next GM moves in a direction - lower payroll, add younger players, etc. that many had envisioned if Depodesta were still on the job - then WHY was Paul DePodesta fired?

If we treated this as a variation on the game of CLUE then what are the facts? Was this a crime based on a conspiracy, a power play, or just a case of mistaken identity? What "information" can we trust or rule out?
Our list of suspects, witnesses & bystanders:
Frank McCourt
Tom Lasorda
Jamie McCourt
Orel Hersheiser
Bill Plaschke
TJ Simers
Terry Collins

The possible motives?

The game is afoot. Solve the mystery if you can.

2005-11-04 20:15:14
182.   D4P
Does Nomah qualify? And would a trade be more likely than a free agent signing?
2005-11-04 20:15:31
183.   overkill94
179 Who should we assume that means, a 1B or a 3B/SS? If it means a trade for Thome then I will not be very happy.
2005-11-04 20:16:06
184.   capdodger
181 I know whodunit!!!

Jamie McCourt, out of ignorance, with the stiletto heel in the weight room... No? Damn, I thought I had it....

2005-11-04 20:23:05
185.   D4P
The list of weapons would include:
A power cord (instead of rope)
A phillips screwdriver (instead of a wrench)
A surge protector (instead of a lead pipe)
A can of compressed air (instead of a revolver)
A document holder (instead of a candlestick)
A stick of RAM (instead of a dagger)
2005-11-04 20:27:51
186.   Vishal
[185] what, no baseball bat?
2005-11-04 20:31:38
187.   D4P
Well, maybe a pocket protector...
2005-11-04 20:53:02
188.   Jon Weisman
New post up top.
2005-11-04 21:05:28
189.   LAT
185. "A phillips screwdriver (instead of a wrench)"

Brillant. Was the Phillips screwdriver found in the in the front office, behind home plate or first base? I'm going with the crime being committed in all three places.

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