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Tiffany Tales
2006-01-23 06:06
by Jon Weisman

Recently traded Dodger prospect Chuck Tiffany gave Rich Lederer a terrific, in-depth interview for Baseball Analysts today. Not to re-ignite the debate that became tired in a hurry over the Danys Baez trade, but if you miss Tiffany already, you're only going to miss him more.

Chuck: ... I worked on my changeup a lot last year. My changeup was a weak pitch at one time. In fact, everytime I threw a changeup, it was, pretty much, a home run. The Dodgers brought me to the instructional league to work on my changeup, and I was throwing 80-90% changeups and only five or ten fastballs and two or three curveballs to try and get out of innings. It was probably the best thing that's ever happened because I noticed how much a changeup can work against a batter. I felt really confident when they let me throw all three pitches and now my fastball, curveball, and changeup are all great pitches that I can use. ...

* * *

Smokescreen update: Free-agent catcher Bengie Molina won't become a Dodger unless he swallows a lot of salary pride, which he doesn't seem inclined to do, reports Tony Jackson of the Daily News:

Molina told the Yuma (Ariz.) Sun over the weekend that he will sit out the upcoming season if he doesn't receive the salary he is seeking, which is believed to be in the $6-million range. ...

"I got a pretty good idea of what they were looking for, and it's not something we're inclined to do right now," Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti said Sunday. "We're fine, in my mind, if we open the season with (Dioner) Navarro and (Sandy) Alomar and if we have Russell Martin at Triple-A gaining more experience. That won't bother me one bit."

Alan Nero, Molina's Chicago-based agent, said Sunday he was unaware the Dodgers no longer were interested in his client. Jackson writes that the Dodgers never formally offered Molina a contract.

* * *

What do Derek Jeter and Hee Seop Choi have in common? They're two of the four flag-splashed promotional faces in the full-page ad in the Times for the World Baseball Classic. Choi is primed to follow Tommy Lasorda as goodwill ambassador for the game.

Given the Dodgers' current roster construction, we might not see Choi play in Southern California for a while if Korea doesn't outlast Japan, Chinese Taipei and China to make it out of Pool A.

2006-01-23 06:35:46
1.   CharlieBrown
Has anyone ever heard of a free agent not playing for a year because nobody would meet his salary demands? Especially a thirtysomething catcher? I am sure that will never actually come to pass, but still.

That is honestly one of the stranger baseball comments I have read in a while. Isn't Begnie Molina supposed to be the kind of character filled, chemistry-inducing, clutch guy who would play for free if it would just help the ballclub? Say it ain't so, Bengie!

2006-01-23 07:17:08
2.   King of the Hobos
Different sport, but I'm pretty sure Latrell Sprewell still hasn't signed in the NBA. If he were to sit out, I'd guess the first team with an injured catcher, and money, will sign him.

Also, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer says the Dodgers and Padres are both interested in Shigetoshi Hasegawa

2006-01-23 07:17:46
3.   SMY
Great news about Molina.
2006-01-23 07:33:17
4.   Bob Timmermann
Free agents used to sit out full seasons in the NFL back before its current CBA was approved.

Molina can't even go to Japan. All their gaijin are in place and the hesitancy about Kenji Jojima catching in MLB would be the same for Molina catching in Japan.

2006-01-23 07:39:24
5.   Gen3Blue
Sounds like good news!

I haven't been able to bring myself to read Tiffany yet, but I probably will at some point.

2006-01-23 07:49:17
6.   Blue Thrue and Thrue
I'm guessing he's just embarrassed about the big contract he passed up. What was it, Toronto for three years at $8 mil per? He may be thinking that if he gets near that number, at lesat for a year, he won't look so stupid.
2006-01-23 08:19:40
7.   ToyCannon
Could be the Dodgers saw how ineffective Tiffany's change up was in the AIL and decided he'd never be able to get Major League hitters out with it and was destined for a bullpen career. Or they are stupid. I'm betting on the latter. EJ projections are nothing special but he's already the 2nd best starting pitcher on the Tampa Bay staff. Only Kazmir projects to be above RAR. EJ is a -5. All data courtesy of BaseballHQ the premier site for baseball projections.

The Dodger staff is nothing to write home about: Not an ace to be found with these Projected RAR. Only Col/Cin/Philly don't have at least one starting pitcher with an projected RAR above 10. How pathetic is a Dodger stadium rotation that is this average?
O Perez 7.0
Penny 5.3
Lowe 5.0
Tomko -1.9
Seo -3.1

Billingsly 4.5
Broxton 4.9
Osoria 5.2-better in house option then Baez???
Gagne 21.8
Baez 4.3
Yhancy 1.4
Carter -4.2

For those who think DJ Houlton should be our 5th starter he draws a -6.2. He would fit in just fine for Tampa Bay. Looks to me like this team needed starters not relievers.

2006-01-23 08:26:28
8.   Steve
Osoria 5.2-better in house option then Baez???

Who isn't?

2006-01-23 08:31:00
9.   D4P
Baez: 41 saves
Osoria: 0 saves

What else did Flanders need to know?

2006-01-23 08:33:21
10.   Steve
What else did Flanders need to know?

How to use a straitjacket?

2006-01-23 08:46:52
11.   FirstMohican
I don't know why you guys are getting on the Dodgers' case for not taking chances on young guys. Look at the Lakers' historic trade bust: Vlade for Kobe. Are you kidding? If the Lakers had just played it safe and kept Kobe, just think where they'd be right now.
2006-01-23 08:47:51
12.   FirstMohican
9 - He probably needs to know which one has that closer's mentality.
2006-01-23 09:02:17
13.   Sushirabbit
I'm not a big fan of the trade of Tiffany, but he may have been the one deemed most expendable. Still, I don't think we got anything special in return.

I'm just hoping the McCourts aren't the second coming of Angelos..


2006-01-23 09:04:06
14.   popup
#2, Hasegawa will retire according to Seattle radio.

All in all I am glad Molina's salary demands have cooled the Dodger interest in him. I am concerned that they were interested in him in the first place.

Stan from Tacoma

2006-01-23 09:16:31
15.   Jon Weisman
The second paragraph of 1 raises an interesting point - a corollary of which would be, Molina could still turn out to be that guy and ultimately take the low salary for one year.

He also might see how the Angels catchers do without him for a month, and come to the rescue May 1 if necessary. I just hope he keeps up with his jogging.

2006-01-23 09:28:35
16.   Curtis Lowe
Did anyone else notice this from Jackson article?

"Thus, the club's interest subsided when it became clear that Molina was looking for more money than the Dodgers - who already have about $86.53 million committed to 19 players - were willing to pay him."

Is he trying to make it seem like McCourt is still McCheap? Or is that all thats invested?

I think Molinas comment about being willing to sit out this year is plain juvenile, not only would he be forfeiting at least 4mil he would also be jeopardizing his future in the sport and a potential increase in FA worth next offseason(Considering he puts up comparable noumbers to last yr).

As for Tiffany,

He seems like a good kid I wish him the best of luck.

DBaez Rules!

2006-01-23 09:48:44
17.   ToyCannon
According to the article he has not received one offer this winter. The Mets were about to offer him a 3/18 deal when they changed direction and traded for LaDuca. So in Bengie's defense he has not even had an opportunity to turn down an offer yet. At least according to Tony Jackson.
2006-01-23 09:50:35
18.   jystakes
Anyone going to the World Baseball Classic? It is worth my time and money to go to Anaheim or SD to watch this?
2006-01-23 10:06:17
19.   Bob Timmermann
I think Korea should be able to get out of the Asian pool and make it to the second round. China will go 0-3. Taiwan (or Chinese Taipei if you prefer) doesn't have the depth of Korea especially with hitters. Choi and Seung Yeop Lee should be able to mash some home runs in the friendly confines of the Tokyo Dome. Byung-Hyun Kim and Jae Seo and Sunny Kim are pretty good starters
2006-01-23 10:09:43
20.   Andrew Shimmin
Chuck Tiffany trys hard and really likes striking people out.

But Colletti said he was expendable;
And Collett is an honourable man.
He hath brought many FA home to Los Angeles. . .

2006-01-23 10:19:50
21.   Curtis Lowe
Tiffany-"They actually have faith in a lot of the young players, bring them up, let them do what they've been doing and what we're paid to do and what we love to do." from the Baseball analysts column.

Does this mean he felt held back by the Dodgers? Do other prospects feel the same way?

Tiffany also has an intresting quote about arm angles and how they mean diddly squat.

2006-01-23 10:23:12
22.   Andrew Shimmin
21- I think it just means that he felt like the Dodgers traded him for a middle reliever. Instead of having faith in him, and bringing him up to do what he's paid to (and loves to) do.
2006-01-23 10:34:53
23.   oldbear
"Tiffany also has an intresting quote about arm angles and how they mean diddly squat."

Tiff could never have played for Jim Tracy.

2006-01-23 10:47:34
24.   bigcpa
18 I just ordered a nice pair for Round 2 March 12 in Anaheim. The US better be the Pool B winner.
2006-01-23 10:47:53
25.   oldbear
That was a great article on Chuck Tiffany. From Chuck's own words, it sounds like he's alot closer to Ryan Ketchner, except Ketchner's closer to the bigs.

Chuck's best fastball in his own words is only 82mph...

2006-01-23 10:56:23
26.   Bob Timmermann
The U.S. just has to be in the top 2 in Pool B to make it to Anaheim.

And Pool B has the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and South Africa.

South Africa will be lucky to score a run in its three games. Canada's best pitchers likely won't pitch (Harden, Gagne, and Dempster). Mexico's pitchers will be in shape because of the winter leagues.

2006-01-23 11:00:55
27.   Andrew Shimmin
25-No, he was just being sloppy with his pronouns. The best change up is about 82. His fastball runs high 80s to low 90s.
2006-01-23 11:03:08
28.   Bob Timmermann
I don't want a pitcher on my team if he has trouble with pronoun antecedents.
2006-01-23 11:07:51
29.   Curtis Lowe
But who wins in a fist fight, Tiffany or Baez?
2006-01-23 11:08:27
30.   Blue Thrue and Thrue
17 Thanks, I thought that was an offer they made but pulled off the table when LoDuca arrived.
2006-01-23 11:11:12
31.   Curtis Lowe
In Olney's latest piece he mentions seeing Bonds at the Marichal Golf Tourney, he says Bonds who stated he wanted to lose 30 pounds this off season looked the same. I disagree, in the pictures I saw within articles relating to Bonds batting 2nd, he seemed thin in the face and neck. Not really a big deal.
2006-01-23 11:13:29
32.   bigcpa
26 Yeah the tickets for the 1pm game are easy pickins. I bet two teams play 2-1 in Round 1 and some tiebreak decides who I see in the 5pm game.
2006-01-23 11:22:20
33.   Jon Weisman
New post up top.
2006-01-23 11:44:22
34.   the count
25 - What's the latest on Ketchner? I haven't seen his name in a while.
2006-01-23 12:27:44
35.   Curtis Lowe
Reds GM has been fired.

Maybe now a Dunn trade could get done.

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