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Ay Yi Yi Bar
2006-04-25 15:10
by Jon Weisman

Dodger infield prospect Willy Aybar has been oh my hot for Las Vegas this season, with an on-base percentage of .420, a slugging percentage of .675 and six home runs (compared to nine strikeouts) in 80 at-bats.

Since September 1, Aybar's combined statistics with the Dodgers and Las Vegas are 57 for 159 (.358) with a .440 on-base percentage and .572 slugging percentage.

Aybar turned 23 last month.

* * *

Dodger reliever Lance Carter has gotten only two batters out since April 11, yet his season statistics are very similar to a teammate's.

Lance Carter, 2006: 7 2/3 innings, 10 hits, five runs, one home run, four walks, four strikeouts, 5.87 ERA
Franquelis Osoria, 2006: 8 innings, 10 hits, five runs, one home run, five walks, five strikeouts, 5.63 ERA

In contrast to Carter, Osoria has been improving since a rough start. Neither pitcher, frankly, gets enough strikeouts to make me too confident in them. If they can be broken in, one wonders why, say, Jonathan Broxton can't.

But I should be careful about some judgments I've made. Here's what I wrote about Takashi Saito in February:

Takashi Saito, P: This year's Norihiro Nakamura, pitching side. A 36-year-old (on Valentine's Day) pitcher with a 3.82 ERA in Japan last season doesn't excite.
* * *

Tonight's Game

Comments (616)
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2006-04-25 15:42:21
1.   Sushirabbit
I remember last year I got to see Nakamura, Aybar and Werth in Nashville and thought they all looked like they belonged at the next level. So, don't be too hard on yourself. :-)
2006-04-25 15:54:32
2.   King of the Hobos
Aybar went 1-3 with a walk today. He also struck out, increasing that number to 10
2006-04-25 15:56:52
3.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
He also struck out, increasing that number to 10
2006-04-25 15:58:36
4.   DodgerJoe
Saito has been a very pleasant surprise. I only have confidence in him and Baez out of the bullpen at this point.

I wonder if his success so far is because he is actually good, or that nobody has faced him before.

Will he get hit once the league has seen and scouted him a couple of times.

2006-04-25 15:59:44
5.   LAT
One of the things you have to love about this site is Jon's intelectual honesty.
2006-04-25 16:02:47
6.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
I only have confidence in him and Baez out of the bullpen at this point.
Which is why I believe we'll be seeing J-Brox sooner rather than later.
Now, which reliever will fall on his face first? My money is on Carter, but I don't know whether Ned would waive him.
2006-04-25 16:11:11
7.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Furcal - SS
Lofton - CF
Drew - RF
Kent - 2B
Nomar - 1B
Mueller - 3B
Ledee - LF
Navarro - C
$0.01, aka Penny - P

Biggio - 2B
Tavares - CF
Berkman - 1B
Ensberg - 3B
Wilson - LF
Lane - RF
Ausmus - C
C.Everett - SS
Nieve - P

2006-04-25 16:12:25
8.   Brian Y
I would be very surprised if Saito continues with his success once the league's hitters figure out his delivery and pitches.

I would also be surprised if we don't see Houlton, Billingsley, and Broxton around the All-Star break. Especially considering our SP and bullpen woes. The aforementioned have all been pitching very well in Las Vegas where EJax and others have struggled.

Is it just me or is Tim Hamulack really not impressing? His FB only goes low 90's from what I have seen and his balls have absolutely no movement on them. Don't be surprised to see a move there to one of the following: Wunsch, Beimel, Greg Miller.

2006-04-25 16:13:04
9.   thinkingblue
Aybar has 6 home runs. Must be something in the water :).

And the sooner we send Carter down, and call Broxton up, the better.

2006-04-25 16:14:28
10.   thinkingblue

He only made one mistake. It's not that his delivery is being figured, but he just left a fastball over the middle. I think he'll be good at least for the rest of the year- I mean, he has an 11-1 K/BB ratio.

2006-04-25 16:16:03
11.   Brian Y
I would really much rather have Aybar up than Ramon Martinez or Oscar Robles to be honest. He can only play 2B/3B though. I have no idea why they dont try him out in the OF corners since they want someone who can play OF and IF. Im sure a few games at 1B wouldn't kill him either.

And why convert Izturis when you have Joel Guzman who can play 3B,SS,1B,LF,RF?

2006-04-25 16:17:20
12.   LAT
Ay Yi Yi Bar.

Sounds like a character out of Jellystone Park. "Hey, Yi Yi, let's go get some picnic baskets."

2006-04-25 16:17:58
13.   Steve
Sam, who is "Billy Traber" and what national park is Gigantor buried in?
2006-04-25 16:18:02
14.   Brian Y
10. You have a point. If you look at many of the Japanese relief imports they are good for a year. Mr. Zero for the ChiSox is the one on the top of my head who bombed his second year in the league but had a terrific first year and was basically the same type of pitcher as Saito.
2006-04-25 16:19:08
15.   GoBears
Osoria and Kuo have options, right? My guess is that they get sent down before the likes of Carter or Hamulack get released. Methinks one hallmark of the Colletti regime will be a difficulty cutting bait with "established major leaguers." That's also why I don't see Aybar up here unless it's to replace Robles. Because everyone else is all veteranish and stuff.
2006-04-25 16:20:48
16.   oldbear
Aybar should be in the big leagues right now. If Aybar cant get a shot when he's ready, why should anyone believe in 2007 or 2008 that Guzman, Martin, or LaRoche will?

Playing Mueller everyday right now is going to show in July and August.

2006-04-25 16:24:49
17.   Brian Y
Osaria is out of options from what I gathered. Kuo has options though. I think Martinez will stay over Robles but Oscar wasn't doing that well in Vegas anyways. Nothing like Aybar.
2006-04-25 16:24:56
18.   Woody
Please forgive my ignorance, but I haven't been watching too many games since Jeff Kent got beaned. Is that and getting hit on the arm still effecting his play or is he just in a slump? We kind of need his bat, no?
2006-04-25 16:26:12
19.   Brian Y
Seriously it looks like both Kent and Mueller need a day off each and Aybar would be nice to plug in those holes rather than either Martinez or Robles.
2006-04-25 16:26:38
20.   fawnkyj
I want Aybar up too, but I dont think he would get enough playing time right now. Id rather him play every day.
2006-04-25 16:28:43
21.   Brian Y
18. Kent is hitting the ball hard but is seemingly late on a lot of pitches so who knows what is going on.

Also we need to do something about Cruz Jr. and Navarro while we are at it. I have no doubt they will both be better than they are right now but maybe Cruz NEEDS that protection of Drew and Kent to hit well. And Dioner needs to get his swing figured out. Looks like he's going for a HR everytime up and whiffs.

2006-04-25 16:29:02
22.   GoBears
16. I don't disagree. And I do worry about ever seeing all these great prospects. So my comment was about what I expect, not what I prefer. Just wanted to be sure that was clear.
2006-04-25 16:31:30
23.   Brian Y
20. I think you could find a way to plug him in around 2-3 times a week with our fragile IF of Kent, Mueller, and Garciaparra.

Kent Day Off:
1B Garciaparra
2B Aybar
3B Mueller

Nomar Day Off:
1B Kent
2B Aybar
3B Mueller

Mueller Day Off:
1B Garciaparra
2B Kent
3B Aybar

2006-04-25 16:33:44
24.   Buffalo Jones
Why is Mueller considered fragile? Does he have injury history? I realy never paid attention to him before he came to the Dodgers. I like what I have seen so far though.
2006-04-25 16:35:49
25.   fawnkyj
That plan could work if they also taught him some OF.
2006-04-25 16:40:35
26.   oldbear
Mueller does have a recent injury history, but I was just thinking more in general. Mueller is 35-36 and to expect him to play 150+ games at a high level is unreasonable.

Aybar could definitely play 3-4 games a week just by spelling Mueller, Kent, and Nomar.

2006-04-25 16:43:50
27.   Brian Y
24. yes Mueller was hurt for a good portion last year in particular and his age is a major concern. Kent doesnt have much of an injury history but you never know when he can "wash his car" and get hurt again and his age again is a major concern.

25. I would love it if they tried him out in LF and RF his arm is below average at 3B and im sure in the OF also but if you have ever seen Delwyn Young's OF arm then you'd know Aybar's CANT be that bad.

2006-04-25 16:44:33
28.   Buffalo Jones
26 I guess he is getting up there. I didn't realize he was that old. Makes sense I guess. Though I doubt it will happen.
2006-04-25 16:46:15
29.   Ken Arneson
12 "Ay yi yi" reminded me not of Yogi Bear, but of that Flintstones episode called "Swedish visitors" where Wilma rents out the house to three Swedish musicians. Incidentally, Yogi Bear happens to make a cameo in the same episode, so maybe that's why you thought of Yogi Bear.

Anyway, it's been decades since I've seen it, but I remember them singing a song that went something like "Aye aye aye Wilma". But for the life of me, I can't successfully Google the lyrics to the thing.

Maybe I don't know how to spell "Ay yi yi", but I tried "Ay ay ay", "Aye aye aye", "I I I" and the correct Swedish spelling, which would be "Aj aj aj", but--zippo.

This is really going to bother me now.

2006-04-25 16:48:26
30.   Jon Weisman
Actually, I had Ricky Ricardo partially in mind.
2006-04-25 16:50:30
31.   jasonungar05
Do we want 23 year old players maybe playing a few games a week? I think there is something to be said for the guy who knows he will sit 4 games to play 1 yet prepares himself. A guy who can be a late inning defensive replacement.

I'd like to see our prospects tear it up to the point where they are really forcing the issue to take over starting spots, not bench roles.

2006-04-25 16:53:26
32.   Buffalo Jones
31 I agree.
2006-04-25 16:54:39
33.   MartinBillingsley31
I can't believe we got so much money tied up in tomko, lofton,and izturis.

And all 3 of them are sssssssooooooooo replaceable.

That's enough money for a top line starting pitcher or powerhitting outfielder.

What a waiste.

2006-04-25 16:54:39
34.   Brian Y
I dont see any of prospects other than Aybar, Ethier, and Martin being overly ready as far as position prospects. I live in Vegas and have seen many of our prospects play and can see Delwyn Young has a LOT of defensive deficiencies in the OF. Guzman has a HUGE hole in his swing though I do think he can still produce at the major league level.

Andy LaRoche I think is a bit overrated but I don't know enough about him to be honest. I would trade him while his value is high and stick with Guzman at 3B.

As far as pitchers. Billingsley, Houlton, and Broxton are ready.

2006-04-25 17:00:52
35.   Andrew Shimmin
When is Aybar ever going to get a full time spot on the MLB team? Somebody's got to get traded for him to play, and, unless it's LaRoche, who would want Kent or Mueller? Getting out from under Kent's freshly extended contract will be a major problem, if it ever needs to be gotten out from under. Unless Aybar proves himself incapable of being more than a utility infielder, I don't see where he fits on the team, for the next two years.
2006-04-25 17:05:43
36.   LAT
29. This may hurt more than it helps but:

"The Flintstones" featured some great music. From the theme song "Meet the Flintstones" to "Bug Music", and from the "Way-Outs" to the Swedish visitors Ingmar, Ole, and Sven Erocksen, who sang "I Love my Vilma".

2006-04-25 17:13:41
37.   Curtis Lowe
Does Downing even watch the game?
2006-04-25 17:14:25
38.   regfairfield
Al Downing is back?
2006-04-25 17:14:55
39.   Bob Timmermann
You may have been the first person ever to confuse Al Downing with Jerry Reuss.
2006-04-25 17:16:15
40.   Curtis Lowe
I will slink back into the shadows with what dignity I still have.
2006-04-25 17:17:24
41.   capdodger
35 What about a role as a Craig Counsell-ish 10th-Man/Super-Sub?
2006-04-25 17:18:16
42.   Bob Timmermann
Granted it's radio, but ...

Al Downing:

Jerry Reuss:

2006-04-25 17:18:21
43.   Curtis Lowe
Lofton should have dived.
2006-04-25 17:18:57
44.   Bob Timmermann

Only if he is better than Craig Counsell was when he was on the Dodgers.

2006-04-25 17:18:59
45.   oldbear
I've been forced to start Counsell at SS, since Bobby Crosby has forgotten how to hit.
2006-04-25 17:20:20
46.   capdodger
Ugh... MLB.TV's Houston-based feed tonight is craptastic tonight.
2006-04-25 17:22:08
47.   capdodger
44 - I was thinking of the Arizona version, but yeah, the super-sub would have to be, you know... good.
2006-04-25 17:23:20
48.   Granfallooner

My guess is that Saenz will spell Mueller occasionally now that Nomar is back. Of course that may just transfer the fatigue problem. Is baseball really that grueling? Besides playing catcher, I mean.

Also, can someone remind me how to make that "16" a link? It's pretty far away from the late forties, after all.

2006-04-25 17:23:22
49.   oldbear
Not the best start for Penny.
2006-04-25 17:23:23
50.   Curtis Lowe
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-04-25 17:24:17
51.   Curtis Lowe
ugly ugly ugly.
2006-04-25 17:24:22
52.   Andrew Shimmin
50- What does, 'ble,' mean? The first couple of times I saw it, I assumed it was a mistake, but it's not, I take it?
2006-04-25 17:24:23
53.   capdodger
Where's Russ Martin?
2006-04-25 17:24:59
54.   Bob Timmermann
50 52

He's a man of few syllables.

2006-04-25 17:28:38
55.   Curtis Lowe
52- Its an onomatopoeia type word. It is the sound I make when that kind of crud happens.

Navaro fails to throw someone out. ble.

2006-04-25 17:28:58
56.   Andrew Shimmin
Wait, is it an acronym for Bush League Error?
2006-04-25 17:30:03
57.   Andrew Shimmin
Oh. Well, there you go.
2006-04-25 17:30:38
58.   regfairfield
I do believe ble has an h on the end.
2006-04-25 17:30:54
59.   kegtron
old hag
2006-04-25 17:30:55
60.   capdodger
The fun part about Navarro's throw was that the homer-scoring called it a single and a hit.
2006-04-25 17:31:37
61.   Bob Timmermann
It's his utterance. He can spell it anyway he wishes.
2006-04-25 17:31:57
62.   Curtis Lowe
57- There is also
and my favorite %&##$(@&@(&$&&&
2006-04-25 17:32:35
63.   capdodger
single and an error
2006-04-25 17:34:51
64.   Steve
I like that one too. That's Jim Tracy's middle name.
2006-04-25 17:34:56
65.   natepurcell
Seriously Nate, what did Roy have to say?

From the last thread. sorry i didnt answer, I have been busy all day until now.

In the inside the dodgers blog, i asked Roy Smith if there was an offensive philosophy the Dodgers tr to teach to their positional prospects, specifically patience at the plate and working the count.

this is his response:

To answer your questions---yes. All the things you mention are emphasized. If you look at our AAA team I think that there are 2 players there who are good examples—Russell Martin and Andre Ethier. We do not set specific statistical goals, but each of the things you mentioned come into play.

Nice of him to respond.

2006-04-25 17:35:23
66.   Bob Timmermann
The Gameday app for the Cubs game says it's 39 degrees and overcast at Wrigley tonight.

That should be a fun game to sit through.

2006-04-25 17:38:23
67.   Granfallooner
Can someone (maybe Brian Y) shed some light on Ethier's offense?
2006-04-25 17:38:37
68.   Curtis Lowe
oh noo not the Ausmusinator.
2006-04-25 17:39:37
69.   oldbear
Cody Ross and David Ross are both on the Reds bench tonite.
2006-04-25 17:42:17
70.   Bob Timmermann
Number of pitches thrown by the starter and the number of runs scored by his team have a positive correlation tonight!
2006-04-25 17:45:16
71.   Granfallooner
That's because Nieve is setting a good atmosphere for the Astro hiiters. Ask Steve Phillips. Also, the Dodgers aren't likely to hit tonight because Penny is on the mound. Ask Harold Reynolds.
2006-04-25 17:45:23
72.   underdog
I'm sure this was mentioned in a previous thread but I missed it - but boy, wouldn't you know, no sooner had I seen that Edwin Jackson was called up by Tampa Bay.... was he then sent back down after they had to reshuffle their roster again. Anyway, he pitched seven innings for the Rays against the Rangers the other day and gave up five runs on just three hits, which isn't that bad. I'd like to see him do well, but not too well.

Meanwhile, hope people aren't giving up on this game too early, given last night and all. Penny seems to be settling down a bit (hoping to not jinx...)

2006-04-25 17:46:15
73.   Woody
When you guys mention music from "The Flintstones" which started toward the end of my "childhood" in the early 60's, I can only think of the moronic nephew of Henry Winkler's boss in the movie "Nightshift" singing the theme song as he leaves work after watching TV all day and saying something to the affect "that Barney Rubble, he's some comedian".
2006-04-25 17:48:35
74.   oldbear
Are Craig Biggio (40) and Jeff Kent (38) the oldest starting 2nd basemen (or infielders) in the entire MLB's?

Are they both Hall of Famers?

I didnt realize Biggio was that old. He doesnt look it.

2006-04-25 17:48:41
75.   thinkblue0
I will personally donate $50 to the "get Navarro out of the lineup" fund.

I'd rather see Alomar...can't believe I just wrote that.

2006-04-25 17:49:19
76.   fanerman
72 - I'd like to see Jackson do really well. One because I like him. Two because maybe it'll help prove to key front office people that we shouldn't give up on prospects right away. Or trade them for the likes of Lance Carter. Also I like to suffer and dream of what-could-have-beens.
2006-04-25 17:49:40
77.   bigcpa
Can someone explain why the Biggio run in the 1st is scored an ER even though the Navarro error allowed him to score? If the next 2 guys strikeout clearly the error allowed the run in. So does the scorekeeper wait to see if anyone gets a basehit and then determine the ER's?
2006-04-25 17:50:04
78.   natepurcell

navarro is still 22 yrs old. Be patient with young players.

2006-04-25 17:50:38
79.   Bob Timmermann
The last pitchers to keep J.D. Drew from reaching base safely in a game were:

Jose Lima and Mike MacDougal

It was back on June 15, 2005 in Kansas City.

2006-04-25 17:51:10
80.   oldbear
I'd like to see him do well, but not too well.

Why wouldnt you want to see him do great?

2006-04-25 17:53:10
81.   capdodger
77 The scorer seems to have scored Tavares's sacrifice as a single...
2006-04-25 17:53:13
82.   Curtis Lowe
Penny looks sun burned. Is it Sun Burned or sunburnt?
2006-04-25 17:53:54
83.   regfairfield
80 I really don't want another Delino for Pedro.
2006-04-25 17:54:36
84.   Bob Timmermann
You have to construct the inning without the error.


Biggio doubles
Taveras singles, Biggio to third
Berkman grounds out, Taveras moves up to second, Biggio holds
Ensberg flies out, you have to presume the runners would hold
Wilson singles, Biggio scores, Taveras to third
Lane flies out, inning over

Only one run "should" have scored.

2006-04-25 17:55:30
85.   oldbear
77. Taveras reached base on a hit. It was an error that allowed him to go to 2nd base (according to the scorekeeper). Berkman followed with a grounder to 1st, and with Taveras speed the scorekeeper probably assumed Taveras could have made it into 2nd base on that play if the error had never occurred.

Ensberg popped out but Wilson then got a hit. Taveras woudl have scored either way. Both runs are earned.

2006-04-25 17:55:30
86.   thinkblue0

I've VERY patient with young players...but right now, we can't afford to have two automatic outs at the bottom of the lineup when we have a hard enough time scoring runs as it is...

2006-04-25 17:57:07
87.   capdodger
Basically, it comes down to two words:

Homer Scorer.

2006-04-25 17:57:08
88.   regfairfield
86 How on Earth would Alomar solve that problem?
2006-04-25 17:57:23
89.   oldbear
84. Taveras would have scored from 2nd base on Wilson's hit. Especially with 2 outs. Thats why both runs are earned.
2006-04-25 17:57:30
90.   Bob Timmermann

Ahh, the scorer changed his mind I see. The alternate version makes sense too.

The rulings are discretionary at times.

2006-04-25 17:58:37
91.   LAT
86. I've VERY patient with young players...but right now, we can't afford to have two automatic outs at the bottom of the lineup

Patience is waiting more than 20 games into the season.

2006-04-25 17:58:50
92.   oldbear
I really don't want another Delino for Pedro

Whats done is done. I hope Choi turns into David Ortiz.

2006-04-25 18:00:19
93.   D4P
I really don't want another Delino for Pedro.

You rang?

2006-04-25 18:00:33
94.   Bob Timmermann
My dictionary says "sunburned" or "sunburnt"
2006-04-25 18:01:27
95.   oldbear
This is Navarro's 5th consecutive game. He may need a rest tomorrow.
2006-04-25 18:02:22
96.   The Saul
I'm not panicking about Kent.
How long can we go into the season with Kent struggling in the low .200's before its time to be concerned?

He was struggling before the ball hit him, I don't think that has much to with his slump.

2006-04-25 18:02:22
97.   natepurcell
Isnt Alomar injured or something?
2006-04-25 18:03:01
98.   bigcpa
84 So Bob to finish the thought, are you saying 1 ER or 2? Could the scorekeeper have followed your logic exactly but just assumed Tavares would score from 2b on the Wilson single?

84,85 Both of you seem to think if Ensberg and Wilson struck out that the Biggio run would become unearned. To me the error led to Biggio scoring "prematurely" so it should be unearned regardless of what happens after.

2006-04-25 18:03:39
99.   capdodger
The Astro's booth crew is like merengue cookies. Dry and boring.
2006-04-25 18:03:42
100.   thinkblue0

I'm not saying to give up on the guy, but shockingly Alomar has actually been hitting when he's in. Maybe it's a good idea to get Navarro out of the lineup for a day or two to see what happens.

Again, we can't score runs as it is...having a guy that can't hit the broad side of a barn in there EVERY day does nothing but hurt us. If we're gonna go with a rookie, we might as well just go with Martin and see what he's got...he can't do much worse...

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-04-25 18:04:06
101.   Steve
Asking for Alomar is going to get you what you deserve
2006-04-25 18:04:06
102.   LAT
So far, I like Jerry Ruess. He sounds a little old but his he stays focused on the game (are you listening Rick) and provides good player insight.
2006-04-25 18:04:19
103.   oldbear
Ideally Kent and Furcal would both go on the DL and get 100 percent healthy, but the Dodgers dont trust the young players (Aybar) or old relics (Martinez) to hold the fort.

Kent's wrist surgery may have been more than a minor thing.

2006-04-25 18:05:08
104.   autumnlanding
ledee's at bats are looking very ugly and impatient
2006-04-25 18:05:38
105.   Bob Timmermann

I'm reconstructing the inning from text accounts instead of seeing the plays, so there can be different interpretations. I would tend to trust the interpretation of the people who were actually there.

Pitchers are supposed to be given the benefit of the doubt on earned runs however.

2006-04-25 18:06:15
106.   LAT
96. How long can we go into the season with Kent struggling

I'm prepared to go 162 games if need be but it won't be necessary.

2006-04-25 18:07:28
107.   sanchez101
Has no one mentioned yet that Ledee is in the lineup simply because Grittle had a hunch?
2006-04-25 18:08:27
108.   oldbear
98. Berkman's grounder would have gotten Biggio in from 3rd, had the error never occurred. Biggio started the inning with a double. Went to 3rd on the bunt. THen would have scored on Berkman's ground ball. His run would have been earned regardless.
2006-04-25 18:08:27
109.   bigcpa
105 Well that's the first time I heard that a scorekeeper can consider baserunner speed in reconstructing innings etc.
2006-04-25 18:09:16
110.   D4P
Did Monday just say that Ensberg leads the majors in HRs?

Yes, he did.

2006-04-25 18:10:11
111.   underdog
107 Wasn't it also because Cruz has been struggling and Little's trying to give him a break?
2006-04-25 18:10:33
112.   oldbear
Maybe he meant MLB teams that reside in Texas.
2006-04-25 18:11:33
113.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-25 18:11:37
114.   Steve
Isn't Wilson on crutches?
2006-04-25 18:11:47
115.   Bob Timmermann
Rule 10.18(f)

Whenever a fielding error occurs, the pitcher shall be given the benefit of the doubt in determining to which bases any runners would have advanced had the fielding of the defensive team been errorless.

2006-04-25 18:11:53
116.   capdodger
105 The second run, Tavares's, clearly should have been unearned. The only reason he got on base was because Navarro threw it into right.

And now Navarro throws it into center...

2006-04-25 18:12:40
117.   D4P
To what extent has Cruz' experience mirrored Choi's?

1. Begin season in #2 spot, ahead of Drew and Kent.
2. Succeed.
3. Get moved down in lineup.
4. Struggle.

2006-04-25 18:12:41
118.   underdog
{Sigh} {{Resisting adding to the Navarro-bashing... must... resist... is hard...}}
2006-04-25 18:12:49
119.   Curtis Lowe
Since the Catcher is calling the pitches isn't it also his responsibility to tell the Pitcher to throw to first?
2006-04-25 18:13:58
120.   bigcpa
116 Well no, Taveras was awarded a hit and took 2b on the error. I understand now why Biggio's run is earned. The whole issue is whether the Houston scorekeeper was correct in assuming Tavares scores from 2b on the Wilson single had the error not occurred. And per 115 it sounds like Penny got jobbed.
2006-04-25 18:14:45
121.   bhsportsguy
72; 76
Unfortunately players that make it up to AA and are still considered MLB prospects are more than likely going to be used as trade bait for MLB players. What do these names have in common, Ricardo Rodriquez, Ben Diggens, Andrew Brown, Bill Murphy, Koylie Hill, Reggie Abercrombie, Franklin Guttierez, Edwin Jackson and Chuck Tiffany. All were prospects, sometimes the team's top prospects and all were dealt or were included in deals for MLB players.

Kevin Goldstein, an excellent writer for Baseball Prospectus, did a story a few months ago where he looked at Baseball America's 2001 Prospect List and reviewed the 900 (top 30) players to see how many had progressed to the majors. He found that the average system produced 8 players, 4 position and 4 pitchers, out of those, 6% were what he considered star players or pitchers, around 43% were either regulars or 3-5 starters.

The odds tell us that out of this great group of prospects, if we get one great regular and one great starter, a couple of regulars, a bench player and some bullpen guys, that is really doing well.

I hope that this is a Garvey, Cey, Valentine, Russell, et. al. group but I would not be surprised if all them don't wear Dodger Blue when and if they ever make the majors.

2006-04-25 18:17:07
122.   oldbear
I think with 2 outs and a single to the OF, most scorekeepers will assume the runner from 2nd base will score.

In Taveras case, its almost assuredly he would score. And scorekeepers use a player's speed to determine hits and errors all the time. How many times is a play scored a hit bc "he would have beaten it out anyway" reasoning...? A lot.

2006-04-25 18:17:39
123.   capdodger
120 My issue with that run was that Taveres's should not have been awarded a hit. The throw, had it been on line, would have got him by about three steps. Calling that play a single and an error nuts. It didn't require Navarro to make a great play, just the expected one.
2006-04-25 18:19:13
124.   LAT
As for calling up Brox, Billingsly, Martin, JtD or others I guess I am in the minority. The plan was to bring a bunch of vets in and give them 1-2 year contrats while the prospects develop and play everyday. I am prepared to see that plan through even if it means the Major League team stinks for 2006. If there is anything that the Dodgers have lacked under Frank's stewardship it the ability to stick with a plan. In the long term letting Billingsly and Brox pitch regularly and letting the rest of the guys get everyday ABs is more important than a short term solution for a ML team that is only fair to start with.

Evrytime we lose a game or someone commits an error we cannot knee-jerk promote a prospect. This is true even if the problem persists (read Navarro). If you are going to promote Martin promote him when he is ready, not when we need him. (duck)

2006-04-25 18:20:15
125.   kegtron
On the board,finally.

Good job Kenny.

2006-04-25 18:20:34
126.   oldbear
Lofton is on fire.
2006-04-25 18:20:43
127.   natepurcell
prospects that should be called up sometime this year before 40 man rosters expand:

prospect that should spend the whole season in minors:

2006-04-25 18:21:09
128.   Curtis Lowe
124- I concur.
2006-04-25 18:21:25
129.   natepurcell
And to think i was afraid i wasnt going to get my KeLories for the day.
2006-04-25 18:22:15
130.   The Saul
Can we start calling Kenny Lofton K-Lo? Or should we wait until (if) he has a great season in LA?
2006-04-25 18:22:47
131.   Bob Timmermann
The issue of whether or not the Astros' second run is earned or unearned could be changed after the game is over. The scorers have 24 hours to make any changes.

I ask for unanimous consent to advise and extend my remarks ....

2006-04-25 18:24:26
132.   kegtron
Drew is an on base machine.
2006-04-25 18:25:16
133.   Curtis Lowe
Drew is a monster! a very meek MONSTER!!!
2006-04-25 18:25:36
134.   oldbear
Nieve is 1out away from qualifiying for a victory, but Garner pulls him. Jim Tracy should take notes.
2006-04-25 18:25:54
135.   Bob Timmermann
Fernando Nieve is no longer in a position to succeed.
2006-04-25 18:26:33
136.   Linkmeister
131 Approved. However, the Senate hereby adjourns sine die.

I've forgotten how to make italics, if it can be done here.

2006-04-25 18:27:27
137.   LAT
127. Nate, generally I defer to you on all things prospect. I agree about Aybar and maybe Brox but Billingsly and Ethier? Billingsly is the real deal and I would hate to mess him up by promoting him too soon. (read EJ)
2006-04-25 18:28:58
138.   capdodger
Come on Jeff. Get that average above the Mendoza line.
2006-04-25 18:29:10
139.   thinkblue0
hopefully that gets kent rolling....
2006-04-25 18:29:40
140.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-25 18:30:07
141.   The Saul
If I were Nieve I'd be pretty teed off.

66 pitches and only one two out rally and he gets yanked?

Was he injured or something? I am only getting the game via online updates.


2006-04-25 18:30:33
142.   jasonungar05
124 well said.

Let's be optimistic on Kent. I am willing to bet on 28hr 100rbi out of him still vs 90 percent of Baseball.

I hear ya guys on Cruz, but I like Lofton in the two hole. He is pretty exciting.

2006-04-25 18:30:40
143.   LAT
I have to say notwithstanding Kent's recent struggle, Drew, Kent, Nomar is a pretty nice trio. At least it will command some respect from the opposing team's dugout.
2006-04-25 18:31:48
144.   sanchez101
Billingsley is more likely to be ruined by the thin, windy air in Vegas than by promoting early. He's much more polished and experienced than Edwin Jackson was or has ever been.
2006-04-25 18:32:00
145.   oldbear
Nieve was at 83, but I agree with Garner's move. Team wins are more important than individual wins. It had to be a tough decision tho because Nieve was due up in the bottom half, and had handled Kent pretty easily the 1st two times.
2006-04-25 18:32:22
146.   natepurcell
Billingsly is the real deal and I would hate to mess him up by promoting him too soon. (read EJ)

I just think he will be ready by midseason. somewhere between june and july. By that time, tomko will have more then enough starts to show he belongs in the bullpen.

2006-04-25 18:32:55
147.   Bob Timmermann
By bringing in Springer in the 5th, Garner was putting Springer in a position to avoid the blown save.
2006-04-25 18:36:58
148.   Curtis Lowe
ew that sounded really bad.
2006-04-25 18:37:57
149.   bhsportsguy
If there is one team with worse middle relief than the Dodgers, its the Astros, if Penny can make it for 3 more innings, we have a really good chance to take the first two in Houston.

Chad Qualls 7.84
Trever Miller 12.27
Mike Gallo 12.46
Ezequiel Astacio 27.00

Wheeler and Lidge are their set-up and closer.

2006-04-25 18:38:01
150.   Bob Timmermann
Where did Everett get hit?
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-04-25 18:39:30
151.   overkill94
150 Right on the knuckles of the left hand, didn't sound pretty.
2006-04-25 18:40:38
152.   Vaudeville Villain

I'm not sure about Kent, but I think Biggio is clearly a HOFer. Didn't a Bill James book describe him as the second best player of the 1990's? Behind Bonds?

Anyway, hope for a win, and a Willy Aybar call-up. Wasn't he projected to be a super-utility man in the first place, why don't we bring him up for that?

2006-04-25 18:43:21
153.   Bob Timmermann

I don't see any scenario where Jeff Kent wouldn't make the Hall of Fame. He has the most home runs by a second baseman. He won an MVP. He played in a World Series and several other postseason rounds.

2006-04-25 18:45:12
154.   Linkmeister
Baseball Hall or Harley Hall?
[end snark]
2006-04-25 18:45:28
155.   Bob Timmermann has Kent at 103 on its HOF monitor. Over 100 is supposed to get you in.

Biggio's HOF monitor is at 130.

2006-04-25 18:45:58
156.   D4P
Does he bet on motocross...?
2006-04-25 18:47:06
157.   Vaudeville Villain

I agree that Kent should make the Hall, but you never know with these voters. Just to play devil's advocate, they might cite the perceived lack of defense, the whole bit about playing in the "juiced ball" era, and clubhouse chemistry stuff.

But now that I think about it, yeah, he's pretty clearly a HOFer.

2006-04-25 18:47:41
158.   overkill94
Wow, Dioner actually had an honest to goodness line drive base hit. Hadn't seen him hit the ball that solid in a while (didn't see his RBI hit last night).
2006-04-25 18:48:12
159.   Steve
Kent will be on the same ballot as Neifi!, so there's likely to be some dilution of the vote.
2006-04-25 18:48:57
160.   Sam DC
Well, work finished too late to get to Wrigley. Thank god because I was very close to convincing myself to go (regular online tickets had third row behind the cubs dugout seat avail. if only buying one) and it is, as everyone has noted, windsweptlakecountrycold out there. Mid thirties. Radio says may challenge the all time record for this date.

Steve -- Gigantor (who apparently is called Wookie by his teammates what with the new look) seems to be mired as long reliever. He keeps pitching well, and keeps getting saved for 3-inning, close-game situations. That's a useful thing to have, but given that the nationals cannot get passed the third inning of any game w/o being down 4 runs, odd they're not looking harder for starter help.

Billy Traber is a lefty and a fomer top Mets prospect (was traded to Indians as part of the Robbie Alomar deal). Had TJ surgery in 2003. Now oldish, but was doing well in minors when called up after Ryan Drese was injured. Pitched pretty well last time out v. Philly; shelled tonight obviously.

2006-04-25 18:49:27
161.   bhsportsguy
I liked how they used Loney, primarily he started and was put down in the order (Not comparing the players but Randolph did the same thing with David Wright last year, batting him 7th until July I believe.)

One thing to watch is what happens with Werth and Izzy, once they begin rehab assignments, they can only be down there for 30 days.

My guess for players to go down or looked to be moved would be Robles and Repko. Robles would probably be sent down because he has options and a good salary. They would probably love to trade Werth but he has no value until he plays.

2006-04-25 18:50:04
162.   Bob Timmermann
The closest comp to Kent according to BBref is Bobby Doerr. Biggio's closest comp is Roberto Alomar.

Doerr is in the HOF (although it took a while). Alomar should be an easy pick.

2006-04-25 18:52:27
163.   Steve
No doubt Bowdenson will find some way to blame Matt LaCroy for tonight.
2006-04-25 18:52:31
164.   bhsportsguy
162 - Don't know, do you think he is within spitting distance to the Hall?
2006-04-25 19:00:15
165.   kegtron
Lofton is on fire
2006-04-25 19:01:34
166.   D4P
Did he light a fire under himself?
2006-04-25 19:02:37
167.   Bob Timmermann
A (s)Quall is brewing!
2006-04-25 19:02:39
168.   sanchez101
164. 2724 hits, 474 sb's, a career .300 batting average, and multiple gold gloves to go with many playoff appearances. These are things HOF voters love. Being a "speed and defense" player he could benefit from a steroid era backlash.
2006-04-25 19:03:57
169.   Bob Timmermann
Old friend alert:

Guillermo Mota gave up a 3-run homer to Manny Ramirez in Cleveland to give the Red Sox an 8-5 lead.

2006-04-25 19:04:39
170.   D4P
The Proven 100-RBI Guy is hitting .154 w/RISP so far this season.
2006-04-25 19:05:14
171.   autumnlanding
"mother nature is a gap hitter"
2006-04-25 19:05:36
172.   overkill94
168 I think you missed the pun in that one, note the use of "spitting distance"
2006-04-25 19:06:29
173.   Uncle Miltie
166- nope, I lit a fire under Lofton yesterday when I said that Repko should be starting in center field. Lofton has obviously been reading the comments on Jon's blog.
2006-04-25 19:07:26
174.   overkill94
169 Mota had struggled through the 7th, I'm very surprised they left him in for the 8th. They have to have someone better that could have come in, maybe we can trade Paul Shuey back to them...
2006-04-25 19:09:38
175.   sanchez101
172. ahhh, very clever
2006-04-25 19:09:46
176.   bhsportsguy
172 - Thanks, those jokes are only funny if someone remembers what happened.
2006-04-25 19:11:17
177.   overkill94
Have to blame that one on Penny, Navarro made a perfect throw and had good footwork.

It being a low curve didn't help either.

2006-04-25 19:11:32
178.   Steve
The words "Guillermo Mota" and "alert" just go together.
2006-04-25 19:17:09
179.   dkminnick
There goes Drew's shoulder...
2006-04-25 19:17:12
180.   Bob Timmermann
Can someone explain what happened on Ausmus's single? Why was there a play at third?
2006-04-25 19:18:35
181.   overkill94
180 Wilson was originally sent home, but stopped halfway when he saw it was a good throw by Drew. Navarro hesitated but then tried to get Wilson at third, at which time Ausmus went to second.
2006-04-25 19:19:26
182.   sanchez101
2006-04-25 19:19:41
183.   overkill94
Old man Kent's got some life in him left, I thought for sure that was going through.
2006-04-25 19:19:53
184.   Andrew Shimmin
Stat-padding dive by Kent. What a slacker.
2006-04-25 19:20:11
185.   kegtron
Wilson rounded third, but saw Drew threw a strike to home and retreaded. Navarro's throw to third was late and Wilson got under it.
2006-04-25 19:21:25
186.   overkill94
Navarro, you suck.
2006-04-25 19:21:26
187.   kegtron
Wilson rounded third, but saw Drew threw a strike to home and retreaded. Navarro's throw to third was late and Wilson got under it.
2006-04-25 19:21:31
188.   D4P
If Houston doesn't score here, you'd have to think the Dodgers will go on to win.
2006-04-25 19:22:04
189.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-25 19:22:05
190.   Vishal
oh no.
2006-04-25 19:22:23
191.   Bob Timmermann

I assumed that meant there was a wild pitch before it went up on Gameday.

2006-04-25 19:22:36
192.   autumnlanding
at least theyre losing in classic dodger fashion
2006-04-25 19:22:44
193.   DodgerHobbit
outstanding play followed by mental lapse :(
2006-04-25 19:22:46
194.   fawnkyj
Dioner shouldve blocked that.
2006-04-25 19:22:46
195.   Vishal
[189] yeah, he tried to reach out and backhand it. you can't do that with the bases loaded.
2006-04-25 19:22:55
196.   autumnlanding
pennys done
2006-04-25 19:22:55
197.   LAT
Was it very wild or should Navaro have stopped it.
2006-04-25 19:23:15
198.   capdodger
Another one that Dioner should have blocked, but tried to catch....
2006-04-25 19:23:51
199.   Curtis Lowe
Sorry for my outburst in 189. There's only so much a man can take.
2006-04-25 19:24:08
200.   DodgerHobbit
I think Penny is losing his composure and his mojo. he is beginning to look rattled..
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-04-25 19:24:25
201.   overkill94
I'm assuming this will be Penny's last batter no matter what.
2006-04-25 19:24:25
202.   Curtis Lowe
Dioner lazily tried to back hand a breaking ball on the outside corner.
2006-04-25 19:24:39
203.   thinkblue0
I'm not going to tip toe around it anymore: Navarro is absolutely terrible. He can't throw a runner out, he makes errors that are costing us the game, and he couldn't hit water if he jumped out of a boat.
2006-04-25 19:25:20
204.   T Money
Paging Mr. Martin. Paging Mr. Russell Martin.
2006-04-25 19:25:45
205.   jasonungar05
maybe that whole Benjie Molina thing wouldn't have been so bad...
2006-04-25 19:25:57
206.   overkill94
202 It was a fastball that was low and outside which Dioner just reacted slowly to and it hit his foot; didn't even hit the dirt.
2006-04-25 19:26:17
207.   D4P
Is anyone warming up in the pen?
2006-04-25 19:26:56
208.   Vishal
[207] osoria was.
2006-04-25 19:27:13
209.   capdodger
I'm putting this loss (if it becomes one) on Navarro. The error in the first and failure to block that pitch have been key plays in this game.
2006-04-25 19:27:19
210.   Bob Timmermann

Reports out of Toronto say Molina's defense is pretty bad. It wasn't that great last year with the Angels.

2006-04-25 19:28:14
211.   sanchez101
203. If you can explain to me why 18 games this season should outweigh the 50 games from last season, I might agree with you.
2006-04-25 19:28:33
212.   fawnkyj
What Would Russell Martin DO
2006-04-25 19:28:56
213.   T Money
What's Martin's defensive reputation? I saw him play two games in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago, and he seemed to have a good glove and a great arm. But, you know, small sample size.
2006-04-25 19:29:05
214.   Uncle Miltie
I'm not watching the game, but I hate how Navarro stabs at balls in the dirt with his glove, when he should be using his body to block them. They teach you this stuff in the minors. I thought Alomar said he's a quick learner. Alomar probably doesn't like to block pitches either. Maybe it would have been a good thing if Ned had signed Bengie Molina for 1 year (I was against it at the time).
2006-04-25 19:29:43
215.   bhsportsguy
I do think the stolen base issue has to be somewhat related to the pitchers and the last 2 popular catchers, Piazza and Lo Duca also had their issues with throwing runners out. I think there are actually few catchers that do a great job throwing runners out, somehow I have to believe that it has something to do with how pitchers are taught or not taught to hold runners.
2006-04-25 19:30:14
216.   thinkblue0

could it be nearly as bad as Navarro's? Not to mention, at least Molina can hit.

2006-04-25 19:31:14
217.   bhsportsguy
Someone much wiser once said that Johnny Bench did a misservice to catching because he made catching with one hand look so easy.
2006-04-25 19:31:19
218.   oldbear
Penny's K/BB entering tonite: 25/2.
Penny's K/bb tonite: 1/3

THe defense could have been better, but Penny really didnt help himself out much either.

2006-04-25 19:32:22
219.   fawnkyj
You know Navarro also is much bigger this year than the last year when he came up. I had read somewhere that it was the reason why the Yankees were not high on him. Thats just plain laziness.
Little should take him out of this game right now.
2006-04-25 19:33:35
220.   Vishal
[218] between the 1st and 7th, he didn't allow a single hit. yeah, the defense had something to do with that, but if the balls weren't well hit, that's penny helping himself out.
2006-04-25 19:33:40
221.   fawnkyj
Little read my mind and sends up the Tomato for Dioner!
2006-04-25 19:33:49
222.   sanchez101
216. coming into today's game, Navarro had a rate 100, Molina rate 81. Navarro has been 0 runs above average and Molina 2 runs below average. Assuming you blame Navarro's passed ball as costing him one run (i have no idea if you should) then he's still represents a one run advantage over Molina on the season.
2006-04-25 19:34:30
223.   capdodger
Hmmm... Pinch hitting for Navarro. Grits is losing confidence in him, too.
2006-04-25 19:34:47
224.   oldbear
If the Dodgers lose blame the offense. 2 runs against a scrap heap Astros starter in MMP isnt acceptable.

Penny could have pitched better, and Navarro could haveplayed better behind the plate.. But if you only score 2 runs chances are you wont win.

2006-04-25 19:34:49
225.   oldbear
If the Dodgers lose blame the offense. 2 runs against a scrap heap Astros starter in MMP isnt acceptable.

Penny could have pitched better, and Navarro could haveplayed better behind the plate.. But if you only score 2 runs chances are you wont win.

2006-04-25 19:36:59
226.   oldbear
Stop the Saenz vs RHP nonsense.
2006-04-25 19:37:57
227.   D4P
Tomato can't ketchup to right-handed pitching.
2006-04-25 19:38:57
228.   thinkblue0

well that goes back to the same old problem: we need another OF bat in the lineup.

2006-04-25 19:41:19
229.   sanchez101
228. maybe we could have used Ledee agains the righthander if he wasnt in the starting lineup based on Grady's "hunch".
2006-04-25 19:41:51
230.   Bob Timmermann
710 for Bonds
2006-04-25 19:42:26
231.   overkill94
224 FWIW, Nieve was the Astros' #3 prospect coming into the year, so he's not quite scrap heap material.

Us not hitting their mediocre bullpen on the other hand...

2006-04-25 19:42:47
232.   oldbear
I do like Grady's disdain for loogys. Everyone in the Dodgers pen is expected to go at least 1 inning. Thats a plus.
2006-04-25 19:42:53
233.   Steve
If the debate is between Navarro, Martin, and Alomar, why is there a debate?
2006-04-25 19:43:26
234.   Steve
232 -- He also hit for Navarro, which Tracy never would have done.
2006-04-25 19:43:38
235.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers couldn't hit Jamey Wright or Brad Hennessey either.
2006-04-25 19:43:49
236.   Curtis Lowe
I wonder how Martin feels, here he is performing great at AAA and in the Majors is a kid younger than him making every mistake possible but yet he is the one stuck in the minors.
2006-04-25 19:43:53
237.   D4P
You forgot Borders...
2006-04-25 19:43:57
238.   capdodger
222 The irritating thing about Navarro's defense is the seeming porosity of his catching. Balls to the outside of the plate for a right hander seem to slip by Navarro as he reaches to catch them on the backhand. He needs to shift his weight, get out there, and block the ball so it doesn't go through.
2006-04-25 19:44:29
239.   capdodger
To paraphrase "Catfish Stew":

Stop Catching Porosity!!!

2006-04-25 19:44:35
240.   dsfan
Nice to see Aybar get some love here, but
as one of his most outspoken backers, I prefer he stay in Vegas for at least 2-3 months.

As I've said many times, Aybar's future should be as an everyday 3B. Not a utility guy, although it could be a stepping stone.
Aybar's actions at 2B are mediocre. Let him play 3B every day in Vegas. He needs to work on a few things, including his baserunning, because he could see time as a No. 2 hitter in the majors (and spot Furcal as a leadoff man).
He's having an nice month, but he's learning how to translate his good approach into better power. Let that play out.

2006-04-25 19:44:57
241.   Vishal
haha, i'm hearing the lidge entrance song! it is indeed terrible.
2006-04-25 19:45:54
242.   Steve
238 -- I agree with you, but what better teaching experience for a 22-year-old who will likely get skewered for "losing this game," even though just the inning before, Drew, Kent and Garciaparra washed out with a runner on and every chance to be a hero?
2006-04-25 19:46:33
243.   Curtis Lowe
Maybe Lidge needs TJ surgery.
2006-04-25 19:46:52
244.   Jon Weisman
Having the savvy to recognize Robles needs a pinch runner is one improvement from last season.

Is walking Robles on four pitches worthy of the Grabowski principle?

2006-04-25 19:47:03
245.   oldbear
If Grady bunts in this inning it'll cancel out the good stuff earlier in this game.
2006-04-25 19:47:12
246.   Bob Timmermann
The best cover for Dioner Navarro now is that the Dodgers are on the road and there are two NBA teams and one NHL team in the playoffs now, so the local "pundits" aren't paying attention.
2006-04-25 19:47:19
247.   overkill94
230 Shouldn't count, it was against Steve Trachsel

Wasn't his 71st home run off him too?

2006-04-25 19:48:06
248.   Steve
244 -- Precisely. Grittle appears to at least be managing to get to the 12th inning, rather than managing for a 12th inning that will never come.
2006-04-25 19:48:14
249.   Bob Timmermann
Bonds 71st homer was against Chan Ho Park.
2006-04-25 19:48:32
250.   sanchez101
Repko might have to steal 3rd as well
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-04-25 19:49:00
251.   T Money
I don't know... I still think there's something Angel Pena-esque about Dioner.

Would that mean Russel Martin = Paul Lo Duca? Oh my...

2006-04-25 19:49:36
252.   Steve
I think walking Furcal would have been the Grabowski Principle.
2006-04-25 19:49:43
253.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-25 19:50:00
254.   Bob Timmermann
That is, Bonds 71st home run in 2001, was against Chan Ho Park.
2006-04-25 19:50:04
255.   regfairfield
247 McGwire's 62nd was off Trachsel.
2006-04-25 19:50:30
256.   DodgerHobbit
wow did repko gamble on that one
2006-04-25 19:50:37
257.   sanchez101
Great job Repko, now Lofton just needs to get it in the air ...
2006-04-25 19:50:37
258.   Steve
That was pretty dumb.
2006-04-25 19:50:52
259.   fawnkyj
repko livin dangerously.
2006-04-25 19:52:01
260.   DodgerHobbit
i think lofton is gonna walk
2006-04-25 19:52:26
261.   sanchez101
Im real happy to see Drew here
2006-04-25 19:52:32
262.   Steve
Why isn't Lidge throwing any fastballs?
2006-04-25 19:53:05
263.   DodgerHobbit
Time to double steal.
2006-04-25 19:53:06
264.   bhsportsguy
254 - Being there that night, I swear Chan Ho threw him a BP fastball but Barry hit out.
2006-04-25 19:53:27
265.   Curtis Lowe
DO they walk Drew to get to Kent?
2006-04-25 19:54:19
266.   bhsportsguy
Closers who fall in love with sliders are destined to become Jeff Shaw
2006-04-25 19:54:23
267.   thinkblue0
Im a member of project BROtheR but if there's one area where I LOVE Repko it's on the basepaths.

Come on a hero.

2006-04-25 19:54:33
268.   capdodger
262 - He sees Pujols.
2006-04-25 19:54:38
269.   DodgerHobbit
well hopefully the intentional walk of drew to get to kent really chapped his hide
2006-04-25 19:54:40
270.   Curtis Lowe
265- Yes Curtis they are going to do that.
2006-04-25 19:54:45
271.   Vishal
c'mon kent!
2006-04-25 19:55:10
272.   Sam DC
Defensive indifference? Moving the go ahead run to second and out of double play territory. Can't see the game, but I just don't think that can be right.
2006-04-25 19:55:11
273.   oldbear
What was Lofton thinking there? We just took the bat out of the hands of our best player.
2006-04-25 19:55:20
274.   Curtis Lowe
"Je" "FF" "KENT"

"Je" "FF" "KENT"

2006-04-25 19:55:25
275.   bhsportsguy
Jeff Kent has 2 PAs against Lidge, 2 walks
2006-04-25 19:55:41
276.   Sam DC
Aahhh . . . never mind.
2006-04-25 19:55:44
277.   Steve
Geez, I think I've been excommunicated from Project BROTheR by now.


2006-04-25 19:56:16
278.   bhsportsguy
Will Kent be looking for a first pitch Fastball.
2006-04-25 19:56:18
279.   capdodger
So... Stealing second?

Good? Bad? No effect?

2006-04-25 19:56:23
280.   Vishal
that swing was ugly.
2006-04-25 19:56:24
281.   sanchez101
2006-04-25 19:56:58
282.   bigcpa
Sign that man to an extension! Wait...
2006-04-25 19:57:04
283.   Vishal
thank goodness.
2006-04-25 19:57:07
284.   sanchez101
This scene looks familiar ...
2006-04-25 19:57:10
285.   bhsportsguy
Here comes the slider........
2006-04-25 19:57:15
286.   capdodger
Choice 3.
2006-04-25 19:57:34
287.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-25 19:58:07
288.   bhsportsguy
What was the pitch to Kent, oh thanks Jerry for telling me it was a fastball.
2006-04-25 19:58:09
289.   Vishal
and the A's tie the game too! wooooo.
2006-04-25 19:58:22
290.   fawnkyj
What a ninth inning!
2006-04-25 19:59:00
291.   bhsportsguy
Wow 2 blown saves back to back, tells you how incredible Gagne was back in 2003-2004.
2006-04-25 19:59:30
292.   oldbear
Glad we tied it up, but Lofton going to 2nd base was just ridiculously stupid. Did he forget that Drew is the best hitter on the Dodgers?
2006-04-25 19:59:48
293.   bhsportsguy
If they can make it out of here, I'm telling the Astros have to bring in Nolan Ryan to pitch.
2006-04-25 20:01:11
294.   bhsportsguy
292-Sorry to disagree but there is a lot more pressure pitching with the bases loaded especially to a guy like Kent.
2006-04-25 20:01:28
295.   Curtis Lowe
"Sa" "m" "my"

"Sa" "m" "my"

2006-04-25 20:01:51
296.   Curtis Lowe
292- That's a tough one.
2006-04-25 20:02:07
297.   sanchez101
292. putting the winning run in scoring position isnt bad idea, he eventually got to third.
2006-04-25 20:03:12
298.   regfairfield
294 While that is indeterminate, I know that getting gunned kills the Dodgers win expectancy.
2006-04-25 20:04:17
299.   oldbear
I would never run in front of Drew.
2006-04-25 20:04:45
300.   Uncle Miltie
On field delay? What is it, a streaker?
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-04-25 20:05:15
301.   Jon Weisman
I love how Prime gave us a long replay on the ejection to let us see the buildup.
2006-04-25 20:05:17
302.   regfairfield
2006-04-25 20:05:20
303.   Nick Iyengar
For those of us on Gameday, can someone explain the Ausmus situation? Thanks.
2006-04-25 20:05:46
304.   sanchez101
Eric Munson catching Lidge, wow, and you think Navarro is a bad defensive catcher
2006-04-25 20:05:46
305.   Curtis Lowe
301- That was pretty cool.
2006-04-25 20:06:34
306.   Uncle Miltie
Munson has some power, the ejection might be a bad thing.
2006-04-25 20:06:40
307.   oldbear
Ausmus was ejected for arguing balls and strikes , probably in reference to Lidge's walking 3 guys in the top of the 9th.
2006-04-25 20:06:49
308.   Vishal
[295] okay, i must have missed it. what the heck does it mean when you do that?
2006-04-25 20:07:17
309.   trainwreck
He just got Munsoned.
2006-04-25 20:07:55
310.   sanchez101
303. Ausmus didnt like the strike call, and was argueing about for way too long. In the replay you could see the home ump tell him "thats enough" a couple times before Ausmus again stepped out of the box and kept jawing at him. So he got thrown out.
2006-04-25 20:08:22
311.   Curtis Lowe
Sammy broken into 3 syllables. Sammy is in reference to Saito. It is his nickname given to him by Andre Ethier the minor leaguer the dodgers received in the Trade of Milton Bradley and Antonio Perez.
2006-04-25 20:08:34
312.   trainwreck
Takashi Saito's nickname, because Grady is too ignorant to learn his name.
2006-04-25 20:08:57
313.   oldbear
Is Chris Burke hurt? I figured after his post-season last year, and the Astros usually anemic offense, that he'd find more playing time this year.

Gameday has him listed as the last guy on the bench.

2006-04-25 20:10:56
314.   sanchez101
313. he's a second baseman sitting behind a hall of famer
2006-04-25 20:11:05
315.   bhsportsguy
That's it for the Astros, they only have 2 relievers left in the pen, one who has not pitched at all this year and another with 2 appearances in blowouts.
2006-04-25 20:12:06
316.   regfairfield
313 Nowhere to put him, assuming Willy Tavarez has to play. Of course, then you can question why they got Preston Wilson.
2006-04-25 20:13:29
317.   Curtis Lowe
Saaaiiiito your butt down.
2006-04-25 20:14:30
318.   oldbear
THe only player left on either bench is Ramon Martinez.
2006-04-25 20:15:21
319.   Vishal
[311] i heard about the nickname thing... but why are we breaking names into 3 syllables? and how is "m" a syllable?
2006-04-25 20:16:10
320.   Steve
319 - Early Saturday morning, we had some fun with three syllable chants.
2006-04-25 20:17:23
321.   D4P
THe only player left on either bench is Ramon Martinez.


2006-04-25 20:17:26
322.   Vishal
2006-04-25 20:17:39
323.   Jon Weisman
318 - I will pay cash money to see someone's pitcher playing the outfield or first base tonight.
2006-04-25 20:17:42
324.   Curtis Lowe
319- It's fun? and I don't know the answer to that.
2006-04-25 20:18:34
325.   Steve
Now, why didn't we double switch with Lofton instead of Drew?
2006-04-25 20:19:03
326.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-25 20:20:14
327.   overkill94
I've never heard of this pitcher...

...and I know almost every player in the major leagues, we need to scrape together a run off this guy

2006-04-25 20:20:16
328.   Vishal
[325] or nomar.
2006-04-25 20:20:22
329.   Curtis Lowe
Being the only one who is carrying on with the 3 syllable name chant is making me feel like the guy who is the only person laughing in the theater at a joke noone else gets.

It is a pretty lonely feeling.

2006-04-25 20:20:52
330.   oldbear
Now we know why Houston is carrying 12 pitchers. They are currently on their 7th.
2006-04-25 20:21:33
331.   Steve
"Na" "Varr" "O"
2006-04-25 20:21:53
332.   capdodger
328 Or really ABD. (anybody but drew)
2006-04-25 20:23:07
333.   overkill94
I'm assuming Osoria has a very short leash with Baez warming up behind him.
2006-04-25 20:23:14
334.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-25 20:23:16
335.   oldbear
322. Apparently Cruz, Drew, nor Repko can play 1st base.
2006-04-25 20:24:11
336.   overkill94
Atta boy Franqy
2006-04-25 20:24:44
337.   Steve
When the other guy is on somebody named Borkowski, you bring in your best pitcher to extend the game. Geez, Grittle. I'm tryin' here, but you give me nothing to work with.
2006-04-25 20:25:17
338.   Curtis Lowe
We believe in nothing Borkowski!
2006-04-25 20:25:19
339.   D4P
Did I miss something? Why did Lucille II replace Mueller?
2006-04-25 20:25:57
340.   capdodger
Grady's cupboard is bare. But why now? Couldn't Saito have gone another inning?
2006-04-25 20:26:05
341.   Vishal
[339] double switch when osoria came in.
2006-04-25 20:26:13
342.   Steve
339 -- I was just about to mention that -- Grittle must be hoping for a two inning effort from Osoria.
2006-04-25 20:26:39
343.   oldbear
Wonder if Taveras will run in front of Berkman, thereby taking the bat out of the hands of the Astros best hitter?
2006-04-25 20:27:36
344.   Steve
Morgan Ensberg says hi, but the point is well-taken.
2006-04-25 20:28:19
345.   overkill94
Have there ever been 3 pitch-outs in a row?
2006-04-25 20:28:35
346.   capdodger
Two pitchouts???
2006-04-25 20:28:42
347.   oldbear
3 straight pitch outs? lol
2006-04-25 20:28:45
348.   sanchez101
This looks more like a intentional walk, I like that idea. Osoria has a better chance against Ensberg.
2006-04-25 20:28:45
349.   overkill94
I think it's Baez time, even though he's pitched two days in a row
2006-04-25 20:28:47
350.   Vishal
hahahah, that's great.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-04-25 20:28:55
351.   capdodger
So... he's running now?
2006-04-25 20:29:01
352.   Steve
Oh Grittle, oh Grittle Grittle Grittle Grittle Grittle
2006-04-25 20:29:19
353.   overkill94
Well, Ensberg does seem to hit into a lot of double plays...
2006-04-25 20:30:11
354.   Steve
I had my tv snagged by the Invasion of the Gilmore Girls Watchers. Is Baez coming in?
2006-04-25 20:30:15
355.   Andrew Shimmin
How could this possibly end badly?
2006-04-25 20:30:17
356.   overkill94
Lyons is right for once, Osoria needs to concentrate on the batter for once.
2006-04-25 20:30:47
357.   Steve
I guess not.
2006-04-25 20:32:08
358.   overkill94
353 I rule
2006-04-25 20:32:10
359.   sanchez101
Thats what Osoria is there to do, thats why you walk Berkman.
2006-04-25 20:32:30
360.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-25 20:32:33
361.   Vishal
2006-04-25 20:32:51
362.   capdodger
Good snag by Nomah.
2006-04-25 20:33:05
363.   oldbear
Ensberg with terrible patience. Refusing to be walked. On to the 11th inning.
2006-04-25 20:33:05
364.   Steve
It's time to Borkowski!
2006-04-25 20:33:51
365.   Andrew Shimmin
It was starting Ensberg off 2-0 that was the real stroke of genius. It looked like Osoria just sucked, but he sucked like a fox.
2006-04-25 20:34:00
366.   nick
managerial genius!?
2006-04-25 20:34:10
367.   overkill94
This game needs to end soon, I haven't had dinner yet and need to take a shower since I went to the gym right before the game started.
2006-04-25 20:35:10
368.   overkill94
Where was that?!?!?!?!?!
2006-04-25 20:36:12
369.   overkill94
Swing the bat Furcal...
2006-04-25 20:36:34
370.   overkill94
Did everyone fall asleep or something?
2006-04-25 20:36:46
371.   overkill94
Woo hoo, I hit for the cycle!
2006-04-25 20:37:53
372.   T Money
Yeah, the Dodgers jump all over Lidge, then get shut down by Borkowski. Sounds about right...
2006-04-25 20:37:57
373.   Steve
My mistake. I thought it was a Gilmore Girls episode, but it turns out it was a Rafael Furcal at-bat. Easy to confuse the two.
2006-04-25 20:38:24
374.   overkill94
Lofton's a machine.
2006-04-25 20:39:00
375.   oldbear
Lofton has his internal fire lit.
Lucille for the game winner......
2006-04-25 20:39:11
376.   Curtis Lowe
Berkman has hops.
2006-04-25 20:39:17
377.   Steve
OK, D4P. Let's hear it. "Lu" "Ci" "Lle" "Lu" "Ci" "Lle"
2006-04-25 20:39:19
378.   capdodger
You can't stop the KeLorie! You can only hope to contain it.
2006-04-25 20:39:34
379.   Curtis Lowe
What in the world!
2006-04-25 20:39:46
380.   T Money
I hate, hate, hate that JD Drew's no longer in the game, and NOT because he's on my fantasy team.

Okay, partly because he's on my fantasy team...

2006-04-25 20:39:56
381.   overkill94
Hey Kenny, GO!
2006-04-25 20:41:15
382.   Curtis Lowe
Is Drew out or just moved down in the order?
2006-04-25 20:41:44
383.   Vishal
[369] he did. he missed the ball.
2006-04-25 20:41:45
384.   D4P
I was chanting

"Lu" "Cille" "II"
"Lu" "Cille" "II"

2006-04-25 20:41:57
385.   Vishal
[382] out of the game.
2006-04-25 20:43:01
386.   oldbear
Drew was double switched out. If the Dodgers hold them in the 11th, they'll have Kent-Nomar-Relief Pitcher due up.
2006-04-25 20:43:10
387.   Steve
Somewhere, way back in the recesses of my mind, a little voice is nagging me, telling me that nothing good can come of all this scrappiness. Stupid voice.
2006-04-25 20:43:22
388.   Curtis Lowe
Why Saito 1 but Osoria 2?
2006-04-25 20:44:06
389.   overkill94
Weak sauce
2006-04-25 20:44:49
390.   overkill94
388 Because he pitched yesterday?
2006-04-25 20:45:31
391.   sanchez101
388. Takashi pitched yesterday
2006-04-25 20:46:01
392.   overkill94
Time for another Franqy special. Luckily this guy sucks and the pitcher's up next.
2006-04-25 20:46:01
393.   LAT
With Weaver gone do we have any pitchers that can hit worth a lick?

(It may not matter)

2006-04-25 20:46:48
394.   Bob Timmermann
Memo to Lyons and Steiner:

Rule 10.17 (b): When the batter leaves the game with two strikes against him, and the substitute batter completes a strikeout, charge the strikeout and the time at bat to the first batter. If the substitute batter completes the turn at bat in any other manner, including a base on balls, score the action as having been that of the substitute batter.

2006-04-25 20:49:14
395.   Bob Timmermann
Steiner and Lyons are acting like this is the longest game in major league history.

It's not even 11:00 pm in Houston.

2006-04-25 20:49:21
396.   LAT
Lyons finally said something that makes sense: "In 12 inning games they should start serving beer again."
2006-04-25 20:49:50
397.   Bob Timmermann
Dave Borkowski

0 for 3, 1 RBI.

2006-04-25 20:50:10
398.   Curtis Lowe
Don't let up now.
2006-04-25 20:51:38
399.   LAT
That will make your heart skip a beat.
2006-04-25 20:51:47
400.   overkill94
396 Don't know how I missed that, but yeah that is freakin hilarious.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-04-25 20:52:28
401.   capdodger
Flashbacks to the other night where Baez booted the ball on a dribbler to the right of the mound.
2006-04-25 20:53:28
402.   overkill94
Come on Padres, bring in Brazelton with the bases loaded, I want Peavy's ERA to soar so that Padres fans might shut up about him for a minute.
2006-04-25 20:54:04
403.   Curtis Lowe
399- scary.
2006-04-25 20:55:31
404.   Paul B
OT: Anyone else listening to the Houston radio broadcast? After listening to a bunch of different teams' announcers (courtesy of XM) I think I've come to this conclusion, and notwithstanding the shortcomings of Steiner et al: The devil you know is better than the one you don't. These Houston guys are driving me crazy: I don't know what the heck is going on half the time.
2006-04-25 20:56:06
405.   Bob Timmermann
From the AP about Dave Borkowski's debut:

The Tigers took a 2-0 lead in the seventh. Damion Easley led off with a double, the second baseman's second hit of the game. Easley moved to third on Gabe Kapler's single to center. Deivi Cruz followed with a base hit to center to score Easley for a 1-0 lead and [Dave] Borkowski followed with a groundout to the right side to score Kapler.


Borkowski gave up solo homers in the 8th inning to Biggio and Bagwell. Todd Jones lost the game in the 9th.

2006-04-25 20:56:50
406.   LAT
Didn't need to bring in Brazelton, Peavy gave up a 3R triple to Connor Jackson by himself.
2006-04-25 20:57:19
407.   overkill94
Argh, Nomar almost just won over all of Los Angeles.
2006-04-25 20:57:32
408.   LAT
Come on. How does Lane make that catch
2006-04-25 20:57:55
409.   overkill94
406 Wear it Peavy
2006-04-25 20:57:59
410.   LAT
See guys Tomko is good for something
2006-04-25 20:58:30
411.   overkill94
410 or not
2006-04-25 20:58:36
412.   LAT
410 or not.
2006-04-25 20:58:47
413.   Curtis Lowe
"To" "m" "ko"

"To" "m" "ko"

2006-04-25 20:59:04
414.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-25 20:59:23
415.   oldbear
Borkowski with 3 perfect innings.
2006-04-25 20:59:34
416.   LAT
6 seconds late. Tell the truth, you had that teed up Overkill. :-)
2006-04-25 20:59:49
417.   oldbear
Minus the Lofton bunt. OOops.
2006-04-25 21:00:08
418.   Uncle Miltie
I would have pinch hit with Carter. Tomko has had one good year hitting.
2006-04-25 21:00:49
419.   Curtis Lowe
Can't Murray pinch hit?
2006-04-25 21:01:11
420.   overkill94
I don't see this game going on much longer, call it the Carter Effect.
2006-04-25 21:01:20
421.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-25 21:01:22
422.   oldbear
All-Star Lance Carter....

I guess Kuo/Baez are unavailable?

2006-04-25 21:01:23
423.   Vishal
don't worry guys. we've got our all-star reliever lance carter in now.
2006-04-25 21:01:38
424.   Jon Weisman
Of the moves I've seen Grady make this year live, using Carter now is the least defensible.
2006-04-25 21:01:51
425.   Steve
Well, it's been a good game, anyway.
2006-04-25 21:02:35
426.   LAT
Overkill, Connor Jackson just came around to score. Another run charged to Peavy
2006-04-25 21:02:35
427.   sanchez101
lance carter? well apparently Grittle is ready to go to bed ...
2006-04-25 21:02:53
428.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-25 21:02:56
429.   Steve
Not to mention not bringing in a defensive replacement for Furcal.

Meanwhile, look at Biggio's hustle! (Please.)

2006-04-25 21:03:12
430.   oldbear
2006-04-25 21:03:12
431.   D4P
Yay, another error for the $13 million man.
2006-04-25 21:03:41
432.   kngoworld
#424 - You always know its a big deal when Mr. Weisman makes a comment of this nature.
2006-04-25 21:04:31
433.   Uncle Miltie
The Dodgers team is hitting like a Julio Lugo (with more walks and a lower batting average)
.266/.354/.413 17 HR 99 RBI 102 R 87 BB 111 Ks 20 SB.

See if Grits had just gone with Carter, he wouldn't have wasted Tomko.

Oh well, good game.

2006-04-25 21:06:37
434.   Uncle Miltie
So the All Star decided to walk a guy who no power and no plate discipline. Nice.
2006-04-25 21:06:45
435.   Curtis Lowe
This strikezone is lame.
2006-04-25 21:07:29
436.   Uncle Miltie

And now Berkman's up. I'm guessing Grits is bringing in Kuo now?

2006-04-25 21:07:58
437.   oldbear
Carter must be getting deja-vu. Putting the 1st two men on base, and then getting a coaching visit.

Is Kent slightly more agitated this time?

2006-04-25 21:08:15
438.   sanchez101
this relief pitcher is lame
2006-04-25 21:08:23
439.   LAT
At least now Grady and DT should be of one mind: Carter is no good.
2006-04-25 21:09:23
440.   overkill94
If you can't beat em, walk em!
2006-04-25 21:09:31
441.   LAT
Hey, Lance anyone else you want to walk?
2006-04-25 21:09:46
442.   Greg Brock
Gas Can Carter strikes again.
2006-04-25 21:10:04
443.   Curtis Lowe
438- agreed.
2006-04-25 21:10:17
444.   capdodger
Hmm... I wonder who is going to win DodgerBlues, ah, "Featured Person of the Moment"?
2006-04-25 21:11:21
445.   Steve
We can always count on Preston Wilson to swing at garbage. If not, what can we count on?
2006-04-25 21:11:27
446.   overkill94
439 Should the Dodgers lose, we'll just chalk it up to collateral damage
2006-04-25 21:12:00
447.   Uncle Miltie
If the All Star gets out of it, Grits is going to use him even more.
2006-04-25 21:12:15
448.   ninjavshippo
why does it seem like alomar keeps getting crossed up?
2006-04-25 21:12:36
449.   LAT
What Carter doesn't think he has to cover home on that play
2006-04-25 21:12:55
450.   Bob Timmermann
Calgary up on Anaheim 4-2 in the 3rd.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2006-04-25 21:13:05
451.   overkill94
What happened to that extended outside corner that did in Furcal and Ausmus?
2006-04-25 21:13:34
452.   Steve
447 -- a classic dilemma
2006-04-25 21:13:40
453.   Uncle Miltie
448- don't blame Alomar, he's a gold glover. Who wouldn't want to pitch to a gold glover?
2006-04-25 21:13:40
454.   Greg Brock
That's the problem...He's been pitching with his guts...No velocity without your arm.
2006-04-25 21:14:25
455.   sanchez101
oh please, walk in the winning run? no. Carter you lucky sonofa ...
2006-04-25 21:14:29
456.   overkill94
That's why he's an all-star folks
2006-04-25 21:14:36
457.   Steve
"That's a great job by Lance Carter"

Give me a break.

2006-04-25 21:14:36
458.   Greg Brock
This is Don Stanhouse all over again.
2006-04-25 21:14:59
459.   ninjavshippo
i realize grittle is probably saving baez, but can you wait any longer after an inning like that?
2006-04-25 21:15:17
460.   capdodger
And Carter buys himself another week.
2006-04-25 21:15:29
461.   Uncle Miltie

Say hello to the Dodgers 7th inning pitcher from now on.

2006-04-25 21:15:46
462.   Bob Timmermann
5-2 Calgary.

Oh, is there a baseball game going on.

You know as much as I don't think Lance Carter isn't all that good, I don't see the point in rooting for him to fail if he's on your team

2006-04-25 21:15:47
463.   oldbear
Wow he got out of it. Why didnt Biggio go home on that fly ball by Wilson?
2006-04-25 21:16:21
464.   LAT
Lyons is an IDIOT!!!! He just said "That's a great job by Lance Cater." Yeah a great job if your objective is to make your teammates soil themselves.
2006-04-25 21:16:50
465.   overkill94
463 Way too shallow, would have been gunned.
2006-04-25 21:17:25
466.   underdog
........................... {{exhale.}}

463 Because it was way too shallow.

So, can Eddie Murray grab a bat? I think there should be a rule that allows for bench coaches to be eligible to play in games that go longer than 12.

2006-04-25 21:17:48
467.   Steve
Biggio would have been out by farther than Alomar got thrown out last week.
2006-04-25 21:17:54
468.   Bob Timmermann
Mets up on the Giants 4-1 after Floyd hits a 2-run homer off of Jamey (Cy Young) Wright.
2006-04-25 21:18:31
469.   Kilgore Trout
Forget foxholes, there's no such thing as an atheist when All-Star Carter is pitching.
2006-04-25 21:18:55
470.   overkill94
459 I think he's very hesitant to use him with him pitching 1 1/3 Sunday and another inning last night. Not to mention the classic "save your closer until you have a lead" mantra.
2006-04-25 21:19:04
471.   Greg Brock
Who hit the homer?
2006-04-25 21:19:10
472.   Jon Weisman
I've written two entire posts since the eighth inning. I'm just waiting for the game to end to make them live - not that I'm really in a rush. The kids are asleep, and my wife doesn't get home from work until 10:20. I'm having bachelor flashbacks.
2006-04-25 21:19:11
473.   ninjavshippo
not that i would wish this, but is kuo available?
2006-04-25 21:19:21
474.   Uncle Miltie
Repko is going to win this one, probably with a walk off home run (maybe it will be an inside the park home run and he'll break his back for the third time, while barreling into the catcher)
2006-04-25 21:20:33
475.   oldbear
The Dodgers current lineup is the scrappiest it can get.

Furcal, Lofton, Martinez, Repko, Alomar, and All Star Lance Carter.

2006-04-25 21:20:59
476.   Greg Brock
Why hasn't Grady used Choi off the bench yet? Oh, nevermind.
2006-04-25 21:21:21
477.   Bob Timmermann
Pretty hard to have a walkoff home run on the road unless Houston is planning on surrendering.
2006-04-25 21:21:40
478.   fordprefect
Did Lyons & Steiner miss out on hot dates tonight? they keep going on about how long this game is going on. No stamina, these guys...
2006-04-25 21:21:49
479.   overkill94
Ugh, this will never end
2006-04-25 21:21:58
480.   nick
& now Lyons conjures up tape-measure a tape-measure Repko home run.....which as I type fails, shockingly, to occur....
2006-04-25 21:21:58
481.   LAT
Borkowski is like an iron man out there.
2006-04-25 21:22:23
482.   ninjavshippo
i hope odalis is ready to go deep tomorrow...
2006-04-25 21:22:23
483.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-25 21:22:32
484.   oldbear
Nomar, Kent and Lofton have to get the day tomorrow. Right?
2006-04-25 21:22:50
485.   oldbear
2006-04-25 21:23:00
486.   Steve
Heck, we could use Greg Brock right about now.
2006-04-25 21:23:13
487.   underdog
Sheesh, this seems a bit sad... They couldn't do jack in four innings against someone named Borkowski. I think I'm going to do a little work. Can you guys wake me when the game's over? Thanks.
2006-04-25 21:24:06
488.   Uncle Miltie
477- forgot about that. Repko can pitch in the 13th and Carter can go to the outfield. Would it be against baseball rules to have Repko pitch an inning and then go back to left field the next inning?
2006-04-25 21:24:07
489.   Vishal
[474] i think you're right that this game is probably going to end in a walkoff home run... unfortunately it's being played in houston.
2006-04-25 21:24:13
490.   underdog
482 They may need him to go deep (with a bat) tonight!
2006-04-25 21:24:51
491.   beLITTLED and maligNED
How many more times can the Dodgers get through this Astros lineup without giving a run. Uggh. Scrap.
2006-04-25 21:25:34
492.   Bob Timmermann

Perfectly legal.

2006-04-25 21:25:49
493.   sanchez101
okay, its time for Carter to go
2006-04-25 21:25:53
494.   T Money
Hand to God, I'm gonna have a heart attack. I hate this game.
2006-04-25 21:25:54
495.   overkill94
I think the Dodger relievers have a new drill to work on...
2006-04-25 21:26:08
496.   capdodger
2006-04-25 21:26:13
497.   Curtis Lowe
you have got to be kdding me.
2006-04-25 21:26:13
498.   LAT
Why can't our pitchers field a ground ball.
2006-04-25 21:26:45
499.   ninjavshippo
just noticed that going into tonight, dodgers are 5th in MLB for team ERA, 7th in OBP against. maybe their pitching isn't as bad as it feels...
2006-04-25 21:26:54
500.   oldbear
Borkowski is out. I think the Dodgers should win now.
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2006-04-25 21:27:19
501.   T Money
Better yet, why couldn't Carter strain a muscle and miss time on that play, like Eyre?
2006-04-25 21:27:37
502.   Uncle Miltie
What's going on, gameday is behind
2006-04-25 21:27:58
503.   T Money
If this new Astro pitcher is who I think he is, he's not easy on the eyes.
2006-04-25 21:28:15
504.   LAT
Gotta give credit to those Huston fans still there on an almost Wed. morning.
2006-04-25 21:28:22
505.   ninjavshippo
502 - onto the 14th inning. oswalt didn't do much w/ the bat.
2006-04-25 21:29:04
506.   Uncle Miltie
505- no, something about Carter not being able to field a ball?
2006-04-25 21:29:17
507.   Greg Brock
Hold on, I'm stretching...I'll be out there to strike out in a second.
2006-04-25 21:29:40
508.   LAT
it has to be Ezequiel Astacio. hes the only guy left
2006-04-25 21:29:54
509.   oldbear
Didnt Astacio lose a game in the World Series? He's not very good at all. Dodgers have to score this inning.
2006-04-25 21:30:25
510.   Uncle Miltie
Lofton will set a fire under Fucal. I'm pretty confident about this one.
2006-04-25 21:30:41
511.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Hey, everyone. I've been at a tequila, beer and burrito dinner. And then I come home to this! Score!
When does Jeff Hamilton come in to pitch?
2006-04-25 21:31:18
512.   27indigo
So, uh, runs ... we could use one or two.
2006-04-25 21:31:30
513.   Bob Timmermann

Geoff Blum is on San Diego, so Astacio is safe.

2006-04-25 21:31:31
514.   underdog
Well Carter got out of the inning 1-2-3 (in the box score). I'm actually starting to feel sorry for the guy just because so many people here want him to get hurt. I say give the guy a few more chances before we hang a scarlet letter on his jersey.

Oh wait... sorry, I was supposed to be writing. Er, sorry. Lurking instead of working.

2006-04-25 21:31:32
515.   oldbear
Astacio's ERA is 27.00 coming into this game.
2006-04-25 21:31:42
516.   Curtis Lowe
511- I'll have all 3 please.
2006-04-25 21:32:10
517.   LAT
Ezequiel ERA = 27.00

Why is anyone (Furcal) swinging. This guy can't find the zone

2006-04-25 21:32:20
518.   D4P
Thank God for walks, or else Furcal would never reach base.
2006-04-25 21:32:25
519.   Uncle Miltie
Furcal walks, good job Kenny. Now all we need Furcal to do is steal 2nd, advance to 3rd and then Kenny will squeeze him home. Do make Lofton bunt here Grits!
2006-04-25 21:32:28
520.   capdodger
506 Do you remember the Baez play agains the cubs where he misplayed a softyly hit groundball between 1st and the mound?

Something like that just happened, except Carter recovered.

2006-04-25 21:32:55
521.   Steve
Get your bat on your shoulder, Furcal.

"I'd like to see them get very agressive on the Astros" -- yeah, you know, on the guy that can't throw a strike and is so great, that they had some guy named Borkowski throw four innings.

2006-04-25 21:32:58
522.   overkill94
515 In 1 inning
2006-04-25 21:33:09
523.   Andrew Shimmin
Astacio is using the Carter gambit!
2006-04-25 21:33:23
524.   sanchez101
Stein claimed Furcal stopped short, isnt that Frank Costanza's move?
2006-04-25 21:33:43
525.   Greg Brock
511---Ha! Blast from the past. How about John Shelby going 0-10 in extras against the Astros...Good times, good times.
2006-04-25 21:34:13
526.   27indigo
Time for a KeLorie!
2006-04-25 21:34:17
527.   overkill94
Why aren't we stealing against a virtual emergency catcher?
2006-04-25 21:34:53
528.   Bob Timmermann
Astacio was called up when Backe went on the DL with a sprained elbow last week.
2006-04-25 21:35:19
529.   LAT
I'm actually starting to feel bad for Ezequiel.
2006-04-25 21:35:22
530.   D4P
Furcal got his big contract; now he can take it easy.
2006-04-25 21:35:26
531.   overkill94
527 That's better
2006-04-25 21:35:59
532.   Uncle Miltie
Productive out!
2006-04-25 21:36:06
533.   overkill94
529 Me too. Hopefully the Houston folk will remember that Lidge was the one who blew it initially.
2006-04-25 21:36:34
534.   D4P
"Loose" "Seal" "II"
"Loose" "Seal" "II"
2006-04-25 21:36:45
535.   Greg Brock
Thank God we have Charlie Steiner to teach us the subtle nuances of baseball. Like John McGraw, without all that "Genius" baggage.
2006-04-25 21:37:23
536.   fordprefect
squeeze anyone ?
2006-04-25 21:37:27
537.   Uncle Miltie
Now would be a terrible time to squeeze. This guy has no command.
2006-04-25 21:37:42
538.   27indigo
Man. Can Lucille II do it?
2006-04-25 21:37:50
539.   LAT
Did Lyons just say how good Lucy is and how well he did in the begining of the year. Does he just make this stuff up.
2006-04-25 21:37:52
540.   LAT
Did Lyons just say how good Lucy is and how well he did in the begining of the year. Does he just make this stuff up.
2006-04-25 21:38:23
541.   nick
these guys alternate relentlessly between complete inanities and wishing the game is over...
2006-04-25 21:38:44
542.   Bob Timmermann
The Giants and Mets played a game in 2:21 and Steve Trachsel was pitching!
2006-04-25 21:38:57
543.   overkill94
If Carter and Lucille II ended up being the heroes I think the world might have collapsed.
2006-04-25 21:39:04
544.   Greg Brock
Hey Jon, what's the Dodger Thoughts record for longest thread?
2006-04-25 21:40:12
545.   LAT
I guess he does cause he just told everyone that all the games are over even though SD/Arz still going.
2006-04-25 21:40:20
546.   overkill94
Odalis? That's all we got?
2006-04-25 21:40:22
547.   Jon Weisman
So, who likes the wild pitch from Zeke with Odalis at the plate and the bases loaded?
2006-04-25 21:40:27
548.   LAT
I guess he does cause he just told everyone that all the games are over even though SD/Arz still going.
2006-04-25 21:40:33
549.   oldbear

Now all they have to do is walk Kent, and Nomar and then face the pitcher.

2006-04-25 21:40:42
550.   Uncle Miltie
I'm guessing they are also going to walk Nomar
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2006-04-25 21:40:59
551.   Greg Brock
Gadzooks, is that Perez...Great is down to El Pillsbury Doughnino.
2006-04-25 21:41:00
552.   nick
the situation is finely balanced between tension and ludicrousness...
2006-04-25 21:41:27
553.   Jon Weisman
544 - I don't think we ever broke Hank Aaron's record, did we?
2006-04-25 21:41:38
554.   LAT
I like the squeeze here.
2006-04-25 21:41:40
555.   fordprefect
2006-04-25 21:41:51
556.   Greg Brock
Out of his shoes...YES SIR
2006-04-25 21:42:03
557.   Greg Brock
Out of his shoes...YES SIR
2006-04-25 21:42:03
558.   Uncle Miltie
Why not leave Carter in there?
2006-04-25 21:42:16
559.   Andrew Shimmin
540- Maybe he doesn't distinguish between real games and ST ones.
2006-04-25 21:42:17
560.   overkill94
That was almost freakin awesome
2006-04-25 21:42:17
561.   Bob Timmermann
Kuo is ready to come in. Which means that every Dodger with the exception of Seo and Lowe and Baez will have played.
2006-04-25 21:42:24
562.   nick
damn center field camera! I was sure it was through...
2006-04-25 21:42:37
563.   capdodger
552 I'd say the equilibrium on that one lies somewhere to the right...
2006-04-25 21:43:04
564.   D4P
Gameday is frozen on Kent's IBB...
2006-04-25 21:43:31
565.   Steve
That's the best wood on a ball in five innings.
2006-04-25 21:43:44
566.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
544 - It was the PETCO thread.
Oops, wrong baseball board.
2006-04-25 21:44:38
567.   Uncle Miltie
So what happened? Gameday froze.
2006-04-25 21:45:58
568.   Greg Brock
I'm calling 800 post thread. Let's see...
2006-04-25 21:46:08
569.   Steve
I still remember Tim Leary's game winning single in extra innings to beat the Giants. Probably still in my All-Time Top 10 (or at least 25) Dodger Stadium moments.
2006-04-25 21:46:56
570.   LAT
553. We came close in the 700s. If this were a weekend game we'd be giving it a run.

I'm doing my part by stupidly double posting a couple of times tonight

2006-04-25 21:47:19
571.   Jon Weisman
Perez hit a looping grounder, if you will, to short - it was much more harmless than it first appeared.
2006-04-25 21:47:39
572.   nick
563 you have a point...
2006-04-25 21:48:06
573.   Bob Timmermann
We've gone past Oh before.
2006-04-25 21:48:09
574.   fordprefect
Is 23 innings the Dodger record? Anyone?
2006-04-25 21:48:54
575.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers and Braves played the longest MLB game ever: 26 innings.
2006-04-25 21:48:57
576.   Ken Arneson
The longest thread on Dodger Thoughts is 939 comments, on August 20, 2005.
2006-04-25 21:49:06
577.   overkill94
So uhhh, when is Kuo gonna learn how to throw strikes?
2006-04-25 21:49:12
578.   grandcosmo
Charlie is easily amazed. "Just when you thought you've seen everything you see a ground out by the pitcher!"
2006-04-25 21:49:14
579.   Steve
Two and Kuo.
2006-04-25 21:50:02
580.   Greg Brock
22 Innings versus the Astros...I remember because John Shelby went 0-10...That's right kids...0-10. And 22 against Montreal...Same year...1989.
2006-04-25 21:50:16
581.   The Saul
Just got in, what'd I miss?


2006-04-25 21:50:26
582.   Bob Timmermann
Padres lose 7-0.

This game and the White Sox-Mariners are the only ones still going. And they're in the 9th inning in Seattle.

2006-04-25 21:50:36
583.   Jon Weisman
569 - I was there - awesome. That was '88, wasn't it?

568 - My two on-deck posts hurt the odds of that.

2006-04-25 21:50:40
584.   underdog
The scary thing now is that Monday is really going to start to babble nonsensically - even more than usual - as the night wears on.
2006-04-25 21:51:09
585.   Greg Brock
Braves game was a Brooklyn record, I think.
2006-04-25 21:51:22
586.   Steve
Well, that was a strike.
2006-04-25 21:51:44
587.   Jon Weisman
576 - The Wizard of Oz knows all.
2006-04-25 21:51:51
588.   underdog
Um... Yeah.


2006-04-25 21:51:58
589.   D4P
Kuo has been disappointing so far this season.
2006-04-25 21:52:05
590.   Jon Weisman
576 - The Wizard of Oz knows all.
2006-04-25 21:52:05
591.   ninjavshippo
wow... berkman ripped that one
2006-04-25 21:52:41
592.   fordprefect
I'm with Steiner: "Not again!"
2006-04-25 21:52:45
593.   overkill94
P-Willy with a chance to choke again. If I were him I'd just let the bat sit on my shoulder with the way Kuo is pitching.
2006-04-25 21:52:55
594.   Bob Timmermann
The question was about the Dodger record. Not the L.A. Dodger record.
2006-04-25 21:53:39
595.   LAT
Alex, I'll take sac fly for 200 to win
2006-04-25 21:53:46
596.   Greg Brock
Kenny Lofton...Bernie Williams called, he said your arm sucks.
2006-04-25 21:54:08
597.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
2006-04-25 21:54:26
598.   capdodger
Lame. I'm still blaming Navarro.
2006-04-25 21:54:40
599.   Steve
Carter gets all the crap, and Two-and-Kuo gets the loss. Sounds about right.

I remember the Tim Leary game as being in 1988, but I didn't know whether I was just being romantic.

2006-04-25 21:54:59
600.   overkill94
I realize K-Lo didn't have much chance of getting Taveras, but that was still a pretty bad throw.
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2006-04-25 21:55:15
601.   The Saul
Granted, there wasn;t much of a chance to get him, but K-Lo's throw was really weak.

P.S. Yes, I'm calling Lofton "K-Lo".

2006-04-25 21:55:40
602.   underdog

Actually, Kuo has kind of sucked this season, to put it more bluntly. He's been no better than Carter. Could he perhaps use more seasoning? I wasn't sure I'd say this but I'd almost rather see Houlton or Sele up - they'd help a lot more in long games like that one.

Oh well... guess it's only fair after the win last night.

Night everyone!

2006-04-25 21:56:13
603.   ninjavshippo
i absolve lofton of the pie-throw because he went 4-6. much better than what i can say about the rest of the lineup..
2006-04-25 21:58:00
604.   fordprefect
594. Actually, I,d Been thinking of the LA Dodger extra-inning record, just forgot to specify...
2006-04-25 21:58:07
605.   Steve
It's fairly simple. Kuo has to stop walking crappy hitters.
2006-04-25 21:58:37
606.   The Saul
Watching your team lose after watching them play 14 innings is kinda like how one feels after watching "Vanilla Sky".
I.E., You can't believe you justed wasted hours of your life for that ending.
2006-04-25 21:58:49
607.   Yu-Hsing Chen
ack... Kuo burned by walks again....

they need to teach this guy some control..

so much potential.... but not there yet :/

2006-04-25 21:59:50
608.   Greg Brock
Thank you Ford. Glad to help.
2006-04-25 22:00:07
609.   scooplew
In his brief major league career, Kuo is averaging more than one walk per inning. Time to bring up Beimel or Broxton.
2006-04-25 22:00:17
610.   scooplew
In his brief major league career, Kuo is averaging more than one walk per inning. Time to bring up Beimel or Broxton.
2006-04-25 22:01:36
611.   overkill94
606 Aw, I really liked Vanilla Sky. Then again, I'm a huge Cameron Crowe fan, Elizabethtown be damned.
2006-04-25 22:03:12
612.   Sospiro0
I would just like to contribute this gem to tonight's 600 plus posts: these extra inning games really hurt more when you're living in the midwest and everything runs two hours later.
2006-04-25 22:07:33
613.   Jon Weisman
609 - Because their control is so good?

Two new posts up top.

2006-04-25 22:09:33
614.   Greg Brock
Sorry Sospiro0...What hurts the most is living in the midwest and...Well, living in the midwest.
2006-04-25 22:19:39
615.   Sospiro0

Perhaps...but I get to hear from the oh so polite St. Louis fans and their rabid neighbors to the north as well. Wait....oh maybe you're right.

2006-04-25 23:07:06
616.   das411
587 , 590 - Just want to point out to everyone here the rare 7-10 split by Jon, something we may never see again in our lifetimes :)

612 - Try readin' up on them all after you've come back from watching "Boston Legal" here on the East Coast!

Ok, now this thread can die.

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