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Here's Where the Typical Eugene O'Neill Reference Would Go
2006-04-25 21:55
by Jon Weisman

Little League baseball. Everybody gets to play. Grab a bat, Ogilvie.

Tonight's Dodgers-Astros game was long, but it was the fastest, in terms of innings, that I've ever seen two teams run out of position players. Dodger infielder Ramon Martinez was the last one off the bench in the 10th inning. Each team used 22 players in all.

In the game, as you can expect, Dodger manager Grady Little made several key decisions. Among them, Little:

  • pinch-ran for Oscar Robles in the ninth inning, down 3-2. Good. Robles is too slow to rely on to score the tying run, and you can't worry about saving Jason Repko for any other situation.

  • double-switched J.D. Drew out of the lineup in the bottom of the ninth. Not good. Even if it meant Takashi Saito had to leave the game after an easy inning (as it turned out, Saito left after a toughie), you want to keep Drew in the game. Saito is less likely to contribute to a victory with a second inning of work than Drew is likely to with an extra at-bat. The weak-hitting Martinez ended up in Drew's spot.

  • didn't go to Danys Baez before Franquelis Osoria in the 10th. Not good. You can't worry about a save when you don't have the lead. In extra innings, you need to go with your strongest relievers in order.

  • had Osoria walk Lance Berkman (all but) intentionally with the winning run on first base and one out in the 10th. Debatable. A double or more from Berkman seems less likely than a single or more from the next hitter, Morgan Ensberg, but I don't really know Osoria well enough to know what a difference it is for him to face a righty.

  • used Lance Carter in the game ahead of Baez in the bottom of the 12th. Unconscionable.

    Someday, the Dodgers will fail to take advantage of a golden game-winning opportunity against a struggling reliever. When that happens, think of the Astros letting Carter off the hook in the 12th tonight after getting an error and two walks.

    Although the error undermined Carter to an extent, I don't think he fooled Little into thinking he pitched well in the 12th. But he got seven outs (counting the error) out of nine batters he faced in two innings, and so that means he pitched better than he had been. He didn't earn the right to any increased exposure earlier in games, but maybe this will help him remember how to get a few more outs when he is used. In any case, he kept the game going.

    * * *

    Not a game-turning play, but just happened to notice that Repko really tried to pull an outside pitch in the top of the 11th that you'd like to see him try to poke to right field. The result was an average grounder to third.

    * * *

    Brad Penny only struck out one batter in seven innings, allowing nine baserunners, but didn't let Houston have an extra-base hit after Craig Biggio's leadoff double. His potentially great season hasn't really lost any steam.

    * * *

    Nomar's Downs: After Monday's uplifting game-winning grand slam, Nomar Garciaparra greeted us tonight with an 0 for 6 with seven runners on base ahead of him, along with news (from Jim Carley at that he is still playing in discomfort:

    It would seem Garciaparra is feeling strong, but he actually is just living with the pain.

    "It's not a matter of feeling strong," Garciaparra said. "It's more a matter of minimizing the pain. It's OK. It's nothing out of the ordinary."

    There's no way of predicting how long the injury will bother him, but Garciaparra isn't complaining.

    "I'm just going to continue to do what I can do," he said. "You never know how you'll feel after something like this. I'm just glad I'm able to come out and play."

    Garciaparra actually almost won the game in the ninth for the second night in a row, but with the bases loaded after the Dodgers tied the game at 3, his long fly arcing toward the right-field corner found Jason Lane's glove.

    * * *

    Rafael Furcal in April: .535 OPS, six errors. It might be a distant memory soon enough, but that is an atrocious start. My purely speculative side insists this is a classic case of nagging health issues rendering a star player worse than a bench player.

    * * *

    To tell you how bad Odalis Perez's swing at the first pitch with the bases loaded and two out in the 14th was, my reaction was, "Come on, Odalis - you're a better hitter than that!" Keep in mind that Perez has a career .127 batting average to brag about. Perez made contact on the second pitch, but it was a groundout to shortstop.

    * * *

    Memo to the National League, based on the final play of the game: Feel free to challenge Kenny Lofton's arm any time you like.

    Time to do the dishes...

  • Comments (145)
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    2006-04-25 22:10:47
    1.   Greg Brock
    Well, there goes my 800 post dream.
    2006-04-25 22:18:13
    2.   Steve
    We'll get there right around the point that Colletti trades for Mike Edwards and Grittle plays him at third instead of Billy Mueller.
    2006-04-25 22:20:57
    3.   Sospiro0
    His name is Bill and don't you ever call him Billy again! Meanwhile, Jeffrey Kent is due for a breakout one of these days....
    2006-04-25 22:28:52
    4.   natepurcell
    just got home. looked at the score. long game.

    this is a hunch but if i go around visiting various dodger boards i will probably see these topics huh:

    1-navarro sucks, call up martin
    2-kuo sucks, demote him to AAA
    3-carter sucks, DFA
    4-little sucks, fire him

    2006-04-25 22:36:43
    5.   Greg Brock
    Kent broke out last night...On Lance Carter on the hill. Oh, you meant at the dish. Kent will get his obligatory .287, 25, 102. The real question is...When will Ramon Martinez break out of that career long slump he's been in.
    2006-04-25 23:20:27
    6.   coachjpark
    4 Agree with 1 somewhat, more the latter than the former, agree with 3 somewhat but more the former than the latter (and considering his 0 run performance, probably increased his value), but disagree with 2 & 4 because Kuo's Taiwanese and the Dodgers don't want to upset the delicate one Taiwanese/one Japanese/one Korean balance and Tracy isn't too far removed from memory to actually consider 4 seriously (at this point)
    2006-04-25 23:48:31
    7.   Strike4
    After achieving one good night's sleep last night, the following excerpt from a sleep clinic website portends for a bad night tonight:

    Causes of Insomnia can include --
    a. Psychological Factors - Persistent stress such as troubled marriage, chronic illness or Dodgers LOB in the teens.
    b. Physical Illnesses - Breathing disorders (sleep apnea) can cause interruptions in sleep. Indigestion can be brought on by running out of position players early in extra innings.
    c. Periodic Leg Movements - Brief muscle contractions may cause leg jerks that last a second or two. These movements can occur roughly every 30 seconds for an hour or more several times nightly. Often caused by no quality relief available when bases are loaded in the seventh inning of a tie game.

    2006-04-26 04:40:08
    8.   Langhorne
    I can't decide which bothers me more;

    Baez, arguably our best relief pitcher, wasn't used at all.


    Taking Drew, arguably our best hitter, out of the game.

    The Drew decision grows worse if Little sticks by his plan of sitting Drew on days before an off day. I think you have to leave Drew in in any case but if he's going to have the next two days off he can play a few more innings.

    I also think it was a bad idea to take Mueller out. I would have taken out Furcal or even Nomar before Mueller.

    2006-04-26 05:18:22
    9.   Marty
    I just saw the replay of Bonds' last homerun. He could barely make it around the bases, limping and grimacing the whole way. He must be doing it with only his arms.
    2006-04-26 05:55:24
    10.   Vishal
    i agree with you on several points, jon... a couple things, though:

    1. switching out j.d. drew. i don't think drew had even been the last batter the previous inning. i believe that was nomar, who is playing hurt anyway.

    2. osoria walking berkman. the houston announcers were talking about osoria's platoon split. it's a small sample size, but it's a HUGE difference. lefties hit over .400 off him, and righties hit .175

    3. repko must've been trying for the crawford boxes. a good thought, but not something you want to try on a pitch outside.

    4. odalis' swing: he was clearly looking for a 1st-pitch fastball. he got a breaking pitch instead and was way out in front of it. i think he made a good adjustment though and he was really close to singling up the middle.

    2006-04-26 07:27:01
    11.   Gen3Blue
    T-Machos Thanx Gen3blue
    2006-04-26 07:50:09
    12.   still bevens
    I was at the game again last night but don't have much to add to what's been said above. But yeah, once Drew came out and Ramon Martinez came in you knew that scoring runs would be difficult. At the top of the order you had Furcal, Lofton, and Martinez (generally last night Repko batted before this illustrious line of power hitters), the middle had Kent, Nomar and the pitcher, the bottom had Cruz Jr., Alomar and Repko. Not gonna score runs here people.

    I hope Grittle took Drew out because he intends to start him today instead and give him a little break. Im going to the rubber game tonight and will be highly annoyed if I see a lineup of Furcal, Lofton, Robles, Ledee, Cruz, Repko, Navarro, Mueller and Odalis.

    2006-04-26 08:13:55
    13.   Woody
    Last night's game put me in a really bad mood. I was screaming at my computer and my wife thought I was crazier than usual. I agree with vitually all Jon said, but was particularly pissed to see Drew out of the line-up late in the game.

    This is not a fun team for me to watch because there never seems to be the chance of a big home run (except Nomah's on Monday) when you could use it.

    2006-04-26 08:31:07
    14.   D4P
    I prefer to think of him as "Buell."
    2006-04-26 08:39:42
    15.   Steve
    The lead candidate to replace Russ Ortiz in the D-Back rotation is...Kevin Jarvis, last seen as the petri dish from which the Grabowski Principle was discovered.
    2006-04-26 08:53:13
    16.   ToyCannon
    The weak link of the Dodger team is currently 2nd in OPS. Small sample size but a pleasant surprise anyway from both players:
    CF at bats only:

    Right now the keystone combo of Kent/Furcal are dragging down the team. We expect Furcal to get on base and Kent to drive him in but neither is doing the job at the moment. Furcal is always a slow starter but this is as bad as it gets for him. Everyone else is doing as expected, so as Lofton/Repko come down to earth, we should expect Kent/Furcal to pick it up and even things out.

    No excuse for Drew to not be in the game except we know that Grady is babying Drew and maybe he did not want him playing more then 9 innings. If this tactic ends up getting us 130 games of a MVP type year from Drew I don't think we should be complaining.

    The bigger issue to me is that Robles needs to go. If your 2nd utility player is considered so slow that you have to pinch run for him and thus waste two rosters spots your killing your flexibility in games like last night. It is nice to see that Grady recognizes that just because Robles is an infielder he runs like a catcher.

    I had no problem with any of the moves Grady made with the pitching staff. You have a pitching staff and they need to be used. If we had used Baez like Jon suggested he may have thrown two shutout innings and the game would still have been tied and Baez would have been useless today. Carter/Osoria/Saito got the job done.

    2006-04-26 09:13:42
    17.   Jon Weisman
    16 - I hear what you're saying, but we didn't know the Dodgers wouldn't score. Given what you know at the time, when a game becomes a one-inning game, you have to go with your best. The fact that Carter/Osoria got the job done was a bonus.

    Your odds are better with Baez Tuesday - knowing for a fact that it's a close game - than they are saving him for Wednesday, which has a decent chance of being a blowout for one side or another.

    2006-04-26 09:14:59
    18.   Icaros

    I don't think Kuo sucks, and it's clear that his strike zone command (or lack thereof) is causing him problems, but what's up with the diminished velocity?

    He rarely gets above 91 mph now. That's not Kuofax velocity. I don't know if he's backing off the heat to maintain better control or what, but he hasn't pitched like he did those two innings in Philadelphia since those two innings in Philadelphia (when he ran through the heart of the order with four Ks).

    2006-04-26 09:20:20
    19.   Howard Fox
    Like I said before, I don't like Little. I don't like him any more than I liked Tracy.

    Why can't we get a manager who understands the nuances of baseball strategies more than I do? Is that asking too much? Apparently it is...

    I like our team, I like our personnel, I don't think they will be good enough to win in spite of our manager.

    2006-04-26 09:37:45
    20.   Icaros
    I love Little's voice/accent/drawl.

    See, I can find something positive to say about him.

    2006-04-26 09:39:08
    21.   ToyCannon
    When your on the road it is a two inning game when the score is tied.
    2006-04-26 09:43:57
    22.   Jon Weisman
    21 - Huh?

    Score tied. Extra innings. The game can end in one inning. It's a series of one-inning games.

    2006-04-26 09:50:40
    23.   Howard Fox
    20 when will he be on Leno?

    21 and here I was thinking that the game continues ad infinitum until the tie is wonder I am not the manager

    2006-04-26 09:56:30
    24.   Icaros

    I see him fitting more of a Conan demographic.

    2006-04-26 10:01:10
    25.   Howard Fox
    you may be right
    2006-04-26 10:07:12
    26.   Icaros
    For the record, I think O'Neill's "Long Day's Journey Into Night" is about the most heartbreaking play ever written.

    Has anyone seen the version with Jack Lemmon as the father and Kevin Spacey and Peter Gallagher as Jaime and Edmund? Really very nicely done.

    2006-04-26 10:08:52
    27.   Bob Timmermann

    I think the theory is that in an extra inning game, the road team has to get six outs to the home team's three in order to win the game.

    Despite this seemingly formidable obstacle, I don't believe that home teams have a distinct advantage in winning extra-inning games. Road teams have another advantage to offset it. A road team in extra innings can score 5+ runs in an inning. They can keep on going and build up a big lead with the home team having little chance to overcome that.

    2006-04-26 10:18:48
    28.   Icaros
    A road team in extra innings can score 5+ runs in an inning. They can keep on going and build up a big lead with the home team having little chance to overcome that.

    What's funny is that most road teams still only play for one run, despite the seeming advantage. The bunting and the squeezing and the hit-and-running and the...

    2006-04-26 10:24:02
    29.   Jon Weisman
    27 - But that's a really arbitrary and misleading way to look at things. The road team only needs to get three outs before it has a chance to score more runs.

    When it's tied in the 10th, you use your best pitcher to keep the game alive. You can't afford to give up a run. Then, in the next inning, you might be in a situation where you can afford to give up a run and still win. So it makes more sense to go with a lesser pitcher at that point if you have to.

    2006-04-26 10:28:06
    30.   Bob Timmermann

    Yes, but you just need one run to win. So getting that one run in an extra innings game is a big edge.


    The six outs to three outs thing was Gene Mauch's mantra.

    Take that for it what's worth.

    2006-04-26 10:29:09
    31.   Marty
    Icaros channels Jerry Lewis...
    2006-04-26 10:33:50
    32.   Bob Timmermann
    Consider this also in an extra inning game. The road team can always play for one run. If they get that one run, the home team has fewer strategic options when it comes up. The home team could opt to play for one run, but they usually don't. They don't want to give up an out just for the sake of keeping the game going.

    If you are a member of the No Bunt Extremist Bloc like Steve, this isn't a bad thing. However, being down by that one run in extra innings, means that a majority of the time, you are going to lose.

    2006-04-26 10:42:18
    33.   blue22
    The home team could opt to play for one run, but they usually don't. They don't want to give up an out just for the sake of keeping the game going.

    Doesn't conventional wisdom say that you play for the win on the road, but play for the tie at home? Meaning - if you are down a run as the home team, you'd play for the one run.

    2006-04-26 10:46:03
    34.   Steve
    Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice!
    2006-04-26 10:47:48
    35.   Icaros

    I was probably more accurately channeling Professor Frink via Jerry Lewis.

    2006-04-26 10:50:09
    36.   Bob Timmermann
    Old friend update:

    David Ross with a homer for Cincinnati against Ramon Ortiz at RFK. His THIRD of the season.

    2006-04-26 10:50:49
    37.   deburns
    Kevin Goldstein at BP ($) quotes an unnamed scout who thinks Joel Guzman is very overrated (very bad defense, gigantic hole in his swing) and Ethier very underrated, projects as .300, 15 HR corner outfielder.
    2006-04-26 10:52:50
    38.   Bob Timmermann
    And now David Ross is being intentionally walked to load the bases for Bronson Arroyo. And he's got two home runs this year.
    2006-04-26 10:54:27
    39.   Icaros

    I'm more worried about the gigantic hole in Guzman's brain where the ability to take a walk is normally located.

    2006-04-26 10:59:00
    40.   Steve
    Listening to Pirate games is possibly the most entertaining thing to do on the planet. You not only get the complete ineptness of Tracy and crew, but you get the meaningless yammer of assorted play-by-play guys asserting that the Pirates are "so much better than their record indicates." Almost pure bliss.
    2006-04-26 11:01:56
    41.   Icaros

    Yeah, I loved when they were playing the Dodgers and the announcers were talking about how the rest of the league will be talking soon about how powerful the Pirates offense is.

    2006-04-26 11:01:59
    42.   Steve
    Except for of course, former Tracy Benchee Craig Wilson.
    2006-04-26 11:04:12
    43.   Vishal
    [21], [22] when a road team is making its pitching decision in a tied extra inning game, it's the bottom of an inning, so it has to get 6 outs at minimum.
    2006-04-26 11:05:27
    44.   Bob Timmermann
    I'm more worried about the gigantic hole in Guzman's brain where the ability to take a walk is normally located.

    Scientists refer to this as "The Francouer spot" of the brain.

    2006-04-26 11:05:35
    45.   Icaros

    And future Eric Gagne trade bait Jason Bay.

    2006-04-26 11:05:35
    46.   screwballin
    37 Seems unfair for a scout to rip Guzman's defense at a position he's only been playing for a few weeks.
    2006-04-26 11:08:08
    47.   Icaros

    Don't be so hard on Francouer. When he was growing up, people always warned him that he wouldn't be able to walk out of the suburbs.

    2006-04-26 11:09:47
    48.   Bob Timmermann

    I guess that explains why Garret Anderson doesn't walk much either.

    2006-04-26 11:11:05
    49.   screwballin
    40 My favorite Pirate broadcasting moment, admittedly a few years ago, was when they praised Mondesi for bringing "veteran leadership" to the team. Shortly thereafter he left the team because of a lawsuit against him.

    Expecting Mondesi to be your team leader is like expecting Jeffrey Dahmer to run your organ donor program.

    2006-04-26 11:11:38
    50.   Icaros
    ESPN reports Steve Nash wins MVP again.

    I guess the absurd Kobe hate continues.

    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2006-04-26 11:13:24
    51.   caseybarker
    I think taking Drew out of the game was ill-advised to say the least. He missed two or three at bats, correct?

    Also, Nomar had a warning track shot in the extra innings, didn't he?

    2006-04-26 11:14:55
    52.   Vishal
    [51] yes, he did. lane caught it at the wall in right field.
    2006-04-26 11:20:31
    53.   caseybarker
    Dodgers have warning track power.
    2006-04-26 11:20:57
    54.   Bob Timmermann

    Perhaps Kobe Bryant will fare better with a new number next year.

    2006-04-26 11:21:49
    55.   Icaros

    Maybe he'll put a different name on the back to go with it.

    2006-04-26 11:23:59
    56.   Vishal
    hah. why is he changing numbers, anyway?
    2006-04-26 11:24:47
    57.   Bob Timmermann
    So the next time I go to the barber, which should I say?

    "Give me a Steve Nash haircut."


    "Give me a Danny Murtaugh haircut."

    2006-04-26 11:25:10
    58.   Steve
    If he wanted to avoid media criticism and oversight, he could hardly do worse than Kobe Tracy.
    2006-04-26 11:27:04
    59.   Bob Timmermann
    Kobe Bryant wore 24 in high school. Then he supposedly wore 33 and that's not available.

    In the NBA, you have to file paperwork to change numbers and you have to keep the same number for 3 years. I suppose that is waived if you change teams.

    2006-04-26 11:27:19
    60.   ToyCannon
    43 Says what I meant.

    37 Over at
    John Sickels does a nice job comparing Carlos Quentin and JtD. It is the 3rd article so scroll down if you want to read it. I would have no problem with the Dodgers trading JtD if the swag in return is useful. I'm not sure how Ethier can be underrated if Goldstien only see's a 300 avg with 15 home run power for a corner outfielder. That is no big deal. Now if he was a CF then I'd be intrigued by those numbers. Other then Kemp and Martin I'd wouldn't mind the Dodgers trading all the position prospects above AA if they can get some stud by putting together a multi-prospect deal as I don't think any of them will ever see an all-star game.

    2006-04-26 11:30:34
    61.   Icaros
    Other then Kemp and Martin I'd wouldn't mind the Dodgers trading all the position prospects above AA if they can get some stud by putting together a multi-prospect deal as I don't think any of them will ever see an all-star game.


    2006-04-26 11:32:21
    62.   Icaros
    If we multiply the 2 and the 4, then we get Kobe's current number, so it's like he's not really changing his number at all.

    I hope Jim Jackson is willing to give up 24, though!

    2006-04-26 11:37:16
    63.   caseybarker
    The pitching decisions, although questionable (Baez should have been in for at least two) didn't really hurt. Although it could've just as easily been Carter or Osoria giving up the winning run.
    2006-04-26 11:38:06
    64.   ToyCannon
    Kobe's team is a 7th seed. Leading the league in scoring in the NBA is hardly conducive to being the MVP. If anyone should feel jobbed it would be LeBron not Kobe. Nash is amazing for taking that team with Amare to the 2nd seed. Head to head his team will win the series with the Lakers without their 2nd best player and one of the top 15 players in the NBA.
    2006-04-26 11:38:44
    65.   natepurcell
    im not too concerned with guzman's defense, He has only been playing the outfield for 2 months or so. His approach at the plate is my concern and pretty soon, the age excuse wont work with me. I like to see progression in players. Last year gave me hope for guzman because his walk rated increased and he put out a respectable ISOd. This year, it seems he has regressed. He needs to rethink what he wants to do at the plate. Learn from Ethier or martin.

    re 60

    I agree sort of with that statement. If Kemp sticks at CF, he has a great shot at being special. I also think Laroche will turn out good even though he has started out slow in the BA and power departments this year. I think he will pick it up.

    2006-04-26 11:42:42
    66.   natepurcell
    On another board, someone who attended a LBST game posted that he sat behind Colletti and others of the Dodger brass. He could hear them talking about Longoria and about going and seeing Chris Tillman (socal prep pitcher) pitch later. I found that interesting. Apparently Colletti really likes Evan Longoria.
    2006-04-26 11:46:45
    67.   Curtis Lowe
    Perhaps Guzmans lack of patience is due to Grady commenting that his bat will bring him to the big leagues?
    2006-04-26 11:47:48
    68.   Jon Weisman
    66 - "Colletti really likes Evan Longoria"

    I can't wait for Defamer to pick up on that.

    2006-04-26 11:48:44
    69.   Vishal
    [60] if he can maintain an OBP of around .380, i'll take a .300 avg and 15 homers.
    2006-04-26 11:50:51
    70.   natepurcell
    Guzman's current line:

    He is still hitting for power and he is still hitting for average. Maybe we are to picky.

    2006-04-26 11:53:09
    71.   gcrl
    54 and others
    i don't really follow basketball, but i have never understood how players could wear numbers like 17 or 8 in kobe's case. isn't the uniform numbering based on referees only having 5 digits with which to indicate fouls? i sound like a cranky old man.
    2006-04-26 11:59:25
    72.   capdodger
    71 - Use the thumb to indicate 5 + .

    8 = Thumb + 3 fingers.

    Or the ref can talk to the scorers table.

    2006-04-26 11:59:25
    73.   Bob Timmermann

    The NBA doesn't have the limitations on numbers like high school and college do.

    2006-04-26 11:59:52
    74.   D4P
    Guzman's numbers don't look quite as good when compared to those of his teammates.

    2006-04-26 12:02:31
    75.   natepurcell

    Maybe you should look at the amount of ABs the players above aybar have.

    2006-04-26 12:03:02
    76.   Icaros

    Leading scorer and one of the best defenders in the NBA. Nash can't defend for anything, and his supporting cast (even without Amare) is at least twice as good as Kobe's.

    I don't think it's right for people to talk about Kobe like he's some Vince Carter or Tracy McGrady clone.

    Anyway, whatever. We all have our own perceptions of the universe.

    2006-04-26 12:08:04
    77.   natepurcell
    Billingsley won PCL pitcher of the week.
    2006-04-26 12:10:37
    78.   D4P
    I had sorted it by OPS. They list both Ethier and Guzman as leftfielders, but both have played in 20 games. Guzman's 2 BBs and 21 Ks stand out like a sore thumb.
    2006-04-26 12:10:37
    79.   Marty
    If they gave Kobe the MVP and I was George Gervin, I'd be upset.
    2006-04-26 12:10:43
    80.   Icaros

    Looks like he'll either be Vlad Guerrero or Rob Deer.

    2006-04-26 12:11:18
    81.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
    73 - A fact learned from my experience covering HS sports for years: On a girls' basketball team, the slow and awkward yet hulking center wears either No. 50 or No. 55. Book it.
    2006-04-26 12:11:43
    82.   Icaros

    Couldn't you be upset without being George Gervin?

    2006-04-26 12:13:05
    83.   Bob Timmermann
    My 6th grade basketball team at De La Salle Elementary school in Granada Hills didn't have basketball jerseys, so we were given flag football uniforms.

    I wore 88.

    2006-04-26 12:13:32
    84.   Bob Timmermann
    Oh and the jerseys had sleeves too.
    2006-04-26 12:14:00
    85.   ToyCannon
    Good point about the defense, wasn't trying to discredit Kobe in any way as I thought he had an excellent season but I don't see it as a slap in his face for Nash to win the MVP. Still hoping for the Lakers to knock off the Suns so we can have a city smack off with the Clippers.
    2006-04-26 12:14:19
    86.   Icaros

    Was pulling off an opponent's flag two free throws?

    2006-04-26 12:14:29
    87.   Marty
    naw. I don't care that much about basketball anymore. I would need to channel an ex-player to work up a mad-on about it.
    2006-04-26 12:15:19
    88.   Jon Weisman
    81 - I think in some places/eras, when schools ordered uniforms, they came in groups with the smaller numbers on the smaller sizes and bigger numbers on bigger sizes. So I'm not sure your average slow and hulking center had the option to trot out in No. 1.
    2006-04-26 12:15:24
    89.   screwballin
    He is still hitting for power and he is still hitting for average. Maybe we are to picky.

    The fear, of course, is that very few swing-at-everything hitters survive in the majors.

    He reminds me a little of Franklin Gutierrez, who has apparently gone from major prospect to possible 5th outfielder.

    2006-04-26 12:15:27
    90.   ToyCannon
    Last I looked Vince Carter was leading his team to a playoff victory.
    2006-04-26 12:17:13
    91.   ToyCannon
    I'd take it if he can bang out about 35 doubles with those 15 dingers, I just don't see how he is underrated since a major league CF was traded for him.
    2006-04-26 12:19:56
    92.   Icaros

    I don't really see it as a slap in the face either, but I do think Kobe's unpopularity hurts his cause.

    Nash is so fun to watch play and so unstereotypical for an NBA superstar (small, white Canadian with long, stringy hair) that I think he gets a free pass in some areas.

    I'm with you in rooting for the LA battle. I don't tell a lot of people this, but I think it's going to happen.

    2006-04-26 12:21:06
    93.   ToyCannon
    Except Gutierrez is an excellent center fielder so the bat doesn't have to be as strong.
    2006-04-26 12:21:52
    94.   ToyCannon
    It's going to happen on my side, it is up to your side to complete the trick.
    2006-04-26 12:22:55
    95.   Icaros
    Last I looked Vince Carter was leading his team to a playoff victory.

    Maybe the last game, but the game one loss was almost entirely his fault.

    2006-04-26 12:27:15
    96.   bigcpa
    No more NBA Thoughts! I thought this was Sell High on Guzman Thoughts!
    2006-04-26 12:27:18
    97.   Icaros

    It's that type of arrogance, from a fan of a team that has never won a playoff series, that could turn my good-spirited well-wishes to evil.


    2006-04-26 12:27:58
    98.   Icaros
    Okay, no more NBA from me.

    Trade Guzman!

    2006-04-26 12:33:54
    99.   Vishal
    the A's make me want to swear off baseball.
    2006-04-26 12:34:26
    100.   trainwreck
    1- Harden needs to stop getting hurt!

    2- NC State must give up their basketball program now that Steve Lavin turned them down.

    3- I do not want us to draft Evan Longoria. He can not pitch!

    Show/Hide Comments 101-150
    2006-04-26 12:36:15
    101.   D4P
    The Dodgers have that effect on me.
    2006-04-26 12:37:21
    102.   Vishal
    [101] my low expectations for the dodgers keep me from getting burned out on them.
    2006-04-26 12:38:10
    103.   D4P
    Good point. I always expect the worst from them as well, and am never disappointed.
    2006-04-26 12:41:34
    104.   oldbear
    I agree with Nash winning the MVP. If he won it last year, he has to win it this year.

    The Suns got rid of Q, Joe Johnson, dont have Amare this year, and still have alot better record than the Lakers. And its not a talent issue. The Lakers had Odom, Mihm, Brown. The Suns had Marion, Diaw, and K/Thomas.

    Diaw was a nobody in Atlanta. Tim Thomas was cut from the Bulls.

    Some people undervalue the role of a great PG. Its what separates Marbury from a Steve Nash.

    Nash made his role players better than what Kobe made his. I think Nash got alot more out of his team, than Kobe got out of the Lakers.

    2006-04-26 12:44:08
    105.   natepurcell
    Managerial Accounting, that is the enemy I must conquer tomorrow. I will prepare all day for my armageddon battle.
    2006-04-26 12:46:04
    106.   oldbear
    I'm with you in rooting for the LA battle

    Speaking as a Lakers fan, I'll be surprised if the Lakers win more than 1 game against the Suns. Sunday, the Lakers got career games out of most their role players and still lost. Its just a bad matchup with the Suns. Lakers are a slow, half court team without a low post offensive presence. The Suns weakness is defending the post, but the Lakers have no one that can exploit that. However, the Suns strength is transition, and thats the Lakers weakness.

    THe only time the Lakers ever surprised me by winning was after going down 2-0 against the Spurs in 04. Of course it took a Derek Fisher miracle.

    2006-04-26 12:46:06
    107.   trainwreck
    I took an animation midterm today that was hard and the teacher made us pretend the floor was a skating rink and we got graded on how we pretended to skate around.
    2006-04-26 12:46:53
    108.   natepurcell
    I took an animation midterm today that was hard and the teacher made us pretend the floor was a skating rink and we got graded on how we pretended to skate around.

    I want to take that class.

    2006-04-26 12:47:42
    109.   trainwreck
    The Suns were basically perfect in the first quarter, no way that happens either. The Suns will not shoot that well the whole series. Take away that first quarter and the Lakers played the far better game.
    2006-04-26 12:52:17
    110.   Sushirabbit
    Guys, guys, calm down, are you sure Ned wasn't talking about how he likes Eva Longoria?

    Drew better be in the game tonight. If Nomar can keep up his slugging, I guess I can live without the extra 10 square feet we lose compared to Loney.

    2006-04-26 12:53:05
    111.   underdog
    66 I saw that as Eva Longoria at first, and was wondering where she would fit in with the Dodgers long term plans. I certainly understood why Colletti liked her, though. But can she pitch?

    Meanwhile, former Dodger Brett Butler was hospitalized with chest pains.
    Maybe he was watching the game last night?

    2006-04-26 12:53:20
    112.   oldbear
    And to back up my point about it not really being that great of accomplishment for a star player (probably the best), to get his team a 7th seed...

    Scottie Pippen, after Jordan retired the first time (1994), led that Bulls team to 50+ wins. But I'm most certain he didnt win the MVP. Pippen taking a Jordan-less Bulls team to 50wins is probably more of an accomplishment than either Nash or Kobe this year.

    2006-04-26 12:53:30
    113.   Uncle Miltie
    Does anyone think there's a correlation between Rafael Furcal's lack of production and his weight? He weighed in at 195 in spring training. I believe he weighed between 175-180 pounds last year, so he may be 15 pounds overweight. I think a lot of it has to do with the knee surgery he had before spring training. It is probably preventing him for doing rigorous workouts. So far this year, he hasn't hit a lick, but he is showing tremendous patience. He is seeing 4.43 pitches per plate appearance and his walk rate so far is the best of his career. The thing I'm very concerned about is Furcal's lack of power. He regularly produces (around) 50 extra base hit seasons. This year, he only has 2 extra base hits (both doubles). I think he is covering up an injury that is affecting him at the plate and in the field (with his footwork).
    2006-04-26 12:53:38
    114.   underdog
    111 Jinx, say it three times fast, dirtymindsthinkalike, etc.
    2006-04-26 13:00:45
    115.   natepurcell
    Kendrick is in the lineup for the Angels today.
    2006-04-26 13:08:20
    116.   Blu2
    (110) Eva Longoria? Does this mean he dumped Ramon Martinez? We gave away Choi for this?
    2006-04-26 13:17:35
    117.   ToyCannon
    Funny, a Laker fan calling a Clipper fan arrogant. I'm just excited, just like the other 5000 original Clipper fans. When the Daily News actually assigns a writer to away games instead of using the AP feed I will finally feel that we are accepted.
    2006-04-26 13:20:40
    118.   Icaros

    The smiling face meant that I was kidding around with you.


    2006-04-26 13:21:15
    119.   Langhorne
    27 It wasn't always thus. 140 years ago the home team would finish it's last at bat even if they were winning. This was for the sake of bookmakers. The most common bets were on total runs or the ratio of runs scored. You might bet that one team would out score the other 3 to 1 or 4 to 1. This was at a time when teams would often score 20 or 30 runs in a game. It was easy to rig games and players frequently did. This is why the Cincinnati Athletic Club gave all their players set contracts in 1869. So they'd be less susceptable to the offers from bookies. The best thing baseball did for itself back then was to get rid of the gamblers and liquor salesmen at the games and start encouraging families to attend.
    2006-04-26 13:23:53
    120.   oldbear
    I think the easiest sport to fix would still be boxing. I'm surprised there havent been more stories about fixing fights.

    Do fighters have too much pride? Cue Pulp Fiction.....

    2006-04-26 13:23:54
    121.   ToyCannon
    I know, but for 16 years I would say most Laker fans have looked upon the Clippers with indifference with just cause. It is nice to get a different emotion.
    2006-04-26 13:29:17
    122.   Icaros

    I'm equally indifferent to all teams but the ones I like.

    When the Dodgers, Rams, or Lakers season is over, I pretty much stop watching that particular sport.

    2006-04-26 13:29:42
    123.   Langhorne

    In the 1860's baseball was considered as crooked as boxing. Children and good women didn't go to baseball games.

    2006-04-26 13:31:36
    124.   caseybarker
    I thought the Spurs signed Eva Longoria. Teri Hatcher may be a good pickup, though. I hear her numbers are spectacular.
    2006-04-26 13:32:02
    125.   Icaros
    UFC is the new boxing, anyway.
    2006-04-26 13:36:24
    126.   D4P
    And boxing is the old AWA wrestling.
    2006-04-26 13:36:32
    127.   Langhorne
    As far as uniform numbers go:

    I expect there will be a lot of Hail Mary passes.

    2006-04-26 13:41:05
    128.   kegtron
    Not to get all Bill Simmons on you guys but I attribute Tim Thomas' and Boris Diaw's success to Mike D'Antoni's system rather than to Steve Nash. All their statistical improvements can be attributed to the faster pace of basketball that Phoenix plays and the increased minutes they played rather than to Nash.

    I have to go wish my secretary a happy admin day now, if you guys demand to see some numbers I'll post them later.

    2006-04-26 13:41:46
    129.   Icaros

    Nice, but Verne Gagne's feelings are hurt now.

    2006-04-26 13:42:33
    130.   D4P
    Even worse: what about Eric's?
    2006-04-26 13:43:24
    131.   DXMachina
    88 "I think in some places/eras, when schools ordered uniforms, they came in groups with the smaller numbers on the smaller sizes and bigger numbers on bigger sizes."

    Not just that, but a lot of schools had even numbers on the home uniforms, and odd numbers on the road.

    2006-04-26 13:44:22
    132.   Icaros

    His everything is hurt.

    2006-04-26 13:47:03
    133.   D4P
    Actually, maybe there wasn't a Gagne named Eric. Was there? Or was it Greg? I'm getting confused now between Eric Gagne the Dodger, Greg Gagne the Twin, and the famed AWA Gagne family.

    I went to an AWA event in the mid-80s at the county fairgrounds that involved a classic championship bout between Larry Szybysko (sp?) and Nick Bockwinkel (sp?). The highlight of the evening was when Sherri Martel (the female manager for one of the wrestlers, can't remember which one) got her dress ripped off to reveal her skimpy lingerie. Quite a sight for a 12-13 year old.

    2006-04-26 13:47:36
    134.   ToyCannon
    You stayed a Ram fan even when they left? I was a big fan and will always remember the LA Rams with fond memories but the St Louis Rams might as well be the Miami Dolphins. The wrong partner drowned as far as I'm concerned. Okay, that was harsh but she is to me what McCourt is to most of you.
    2006-04-26 13:55:31
    135.   Icaros

    You are thinking of Greg Gagne, Verne's dorky son. Cool story. Were the Road Warriors there?


    I can't switch teams, no matter the reason.

    2006-04-26 13:57:32
    136.   D4P
    Possibly. I can't remember, but I know that it was a surprisingly star-studded "card" for Eugene, Oregon. There were a number of big names on hand, in addition to the championship combatants. I wonder if I could find the event card on the internet somewhere...
    2006-04-26 13:59:14
    137.   bhsportsguy
    Interesting stats re throwing out runners thus far in 2006.

    Benjie Molina 0 for 8
    Victor Martinez 1 for 20
    Paul Lo Duca 2 for 19
    Mike Piazza 2 for 16
    Michael Barrett 6 for 24
    LA Angels (each) 2 for 8

    If you are considered a good catcher, teams tend to run less, I-Rod, Brian Schneider.

    Not sure what to make of those stats except that if you are going to below average (25 -30%), you better hit and handle the pitching staff well. But generally, there are not a lot of great throwing catchers and very few pitchers do a great job holding runners on.

    I wonder if that is due to the threat of the home run now, pitchers just get so focused on the batter that they do not focus on the base runner(s).

    2006-04-26 14:00:35
    138.   screwballin
    I have to go wish my secretary a happy admin day now, if you guys demand to see some numbers I'll post them later.

    Numbers on your secretary? Are you suggesting she can measure up to Eva Longoria?

    2006-04-26 14:05:07
    139.   fanerman
    138 - That is kind of intriguing.
    2006-04-26 14:10:36
    140.   regfairfield
    Antonio Perez actually managed to get a bunt down.
    2006-04-26 14:12:17
    141.   Daniel Zappala
    Apropos a conversation the other day, NPR has a bunch of stuff on Springsteen and his new album:

    This includes an interview with Springsteen, excerpts of the album, and a review.

    2006-04-26 14:14:58
    142.   Daniel Zappala
    134 I am still a Rams fan, despite the move. They have a lousy owner, but the Dodgers have had their share of them too. When they won it all, I was very happy.
    2006-04-26 14:15:56
    143.   Icaros

    Oregon is an interesting state. The WWE hadn't worked there in many years because the state athletic commission used to hold pro wrestling to the same laws and standards as actual sporting events, driving up the costs of running a show, or something like that.

    I think WWE finally ran a show out there for the first time in a long while in the last year or two.

    2006-04-26 14:17:17
    144.   Jon Weisman
    Game thread open up top.
    2006-04-26 15:55:20
    145.   al bundy
    I really appreciate the analysis, Jon. Thank you.

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