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Little Shop of Dodgers
2006-07-19 09:30
by Jon Weisman

83. Steve
It got very dark. And when the sun came out, there was this strange win eating plant sitting on the table beside me.

88. scareduck
83 - and so Ned bought bought Rafael Furcal. For $13M/year and three years. La la la la ooooh.

89. Steve
If you want a rationale it isn't really hard to see no no no stop and think it over pal the guy sure looks like plant food to me.

91. Humma Kavula
On the eighteenth day of the month of July, in the early year of a century not too long before our own, the Dodgers encountered a deadly threat to their very existence.

And this terrifying enemy surfaced -- as such enemies often do -- in the seemingly most innocent and unlikely of places...

Little BOB -- Little BOB of horrors!

108. scareduck
89 -

I played all our rookies
And veterans too
It's better than nothing
Or Jorge Cantu
I'm begging you sweetly
I'm down on my knees
Oh, please -- hit for me!

I moved our old shortstop
And made him play third
Although he can't bat there
And hits like a turd
I've given him time off
His fam'ly to see
Now please -- hit for me!

120. Humma Kavula
First verse:

A bandbox of our own!
A fence -- let's pad it, please.
Grilled dogs in the loge
That cool, third-base-side breeze
New seats staring up at Diamondvision screen
In the stadium we share:
Chavez Ravine

121. Steve
I've given you Vegas exposure to get you to drive
I've given you Nomar and lofton to get you to thrive
I've given you spare parts and DFAed the crud
I've given you corked bats and "mineral supplements" what do you want from me, blood?

126. Humma Kavula
Verse two:

They roam the outfield grass
(But I don't trust their knees)
And once, just once, I wish
Our pitchers'd bring the cheese
This season's had its ups and downs; sometimes it hurts my spleen
I'll eat peanuts somewhere in
Chavez Ravine

130. Humma Kavula
Oh -- I forgot the verse!

I know Neddie's the greatest
But sometimes I think he's -- well -- a sadist
'Cause he got us Fucal
And the team's awfully frail
Still, that Neddie's our guy
At least till McCourt wants to watch him fry
And the ballpark they play in
Makes it easy for me when they fail

132. Steve
I am your manager and I get off on causing fans pain
I am your manager and my strategies are quite inhumane
I thrill when I run out of a big inning
I bunt when they tell me I'm mad
And though it may cause the fan base distress (distress)
I know that somewhere somewhere up above me
I know that old Felipe is proud of me.
Cause I'm a manager, and a success!
Say duh (duhhhh)
Say duh (duhhhh)

- July 18, 2006

2006-07-19 10:56:25
1.   Bob Timmermann
The gaping hole in my knowledge of pop culture has been exposed.
2006-07-19 10:56:49
2.   Bluebleeder87
so that's what that was yesterday, it makes sense now.
2006-07-19 11:17:49
3.   Humma Kavula
Bob -- take it home tonight from the library. The Frank Oz film has its flaws, but really, it's quite enjoyable.

Plus: Ashman and Menken comedy songs! Love it!

I once heard Alan Menken riff on comedy songs while performing "Gaston" on the piano. "I'm really quite good at expectorating!"

2006-07-19 11:19:06
4.   scareduck
Completely coincidental, but I share a birthday with Audrey II.
2006-07-19 11:23:09
5.   Bob Timmermann
I'll just it add to the Netflix queue.

I'll get around to it in 4-5 months.

I have "Shattered Glass" at home to watch. I like that one for the jokes.

2006-07-19 11:24:42
6.   Bob Timmermann
For the record, there is not a copy of "Little Shop of Horrors" available where I work in either VHS or DVD. I would have to go to a branch and pick it up.
2006-07-19 11:27:22
7.   Humma Kavula
I thought you worked at the Central library... guess not.
2006-07-19 11:29:10
8.   Humma Kavula
oops, I was looking at the soundrack. never mind.
2006-07-19 11:31:37
9.   Sam DC
Anibal Sanchez of FL has one-hit the Nationals through six.
2006-07-19 11:34:25
10.   ToyCannon
Nice, 1st time I've smiled reading DT postings in weeks. Usually I just manage a grimace these days and was starting to wonder if it was worth the effort to read the comments after reading Jon's excellent header post.
2006-07-19 11:34:57
11.   ToyCannon
Ever heard of NetFLix:)
2006-07-19 11:36:21
12.   Bob Timmermann

Some of us have had training in reading these library catalog dealies...

2006-07-19 11:39:53
13.   ToyCannon
Sam, if Anibal implodes in the 7th I will hold you personally responsible.

Skip 11, didn't see 5

2006-07-19 11:41:48
14.   Bob Timmermann

I had sort of thought that.

2006-07-19 11:43:36
15.   Bob Timmermann
I requested both versions. I put them at 7 and 8.
2006-07-19 11:48:59
16.   Sam DC
13 No implosion in the seventh, and surely there's no rule against jinxing one-hitters.
2006-07-19 11:54:39
17.   Jon Weisman
More conventional post up top.
2006-07-19 11:57:20
18.   Sam DC
Sanchez walks the leadoff batter in the eighth and is pulled.
2006-07-19 12:03:33
19.   ToyCannon
Not in the conventional sense, but in a Roto sense I really need the win and dominating performance as I try to move him for a more stable pitcher for my stretch run.
2006-07-19 12:08:55
20.   Sam DC
19 Check
2006-07-19 13:25:12
21.   dzzrtRatt
If you can't find the movie, feel free to come down to Palos Verdes High School to watch my son, among others, in a production of the original stage version of "Little Shop of Horrors." The drama director at that school does an amazing job. Coincidentally, I was taking photos of a dress rehearsal yesterday, and was up til 5 a.m. photoshopping them. Opening night is Friday, and it plays the next two weekends.

Here are two samples:

2006-07-19 13:51:49
22.   Humma Kavula
21 That's some beautiful Audrey II you got there. Is it a rental or did they build it in shop class?

Mr. Mushnik sure looks like plant food to me.

2006-07-19 13:52:06
23.   Jacob L
21 Hey, that's my alma mater! Is the drama teacher still Mr. Bell?
2006-07-19 13:55:22
24.   Jon Weisman
21 - Years ago, I saw a production of Little Shop at the L.A. High School for the Arts that was awesome. Tell your son to break a leg!
2006-07-19 13:57:22
25.   Jacob L
23 To add, shortly after I graduated from PV High, the school closed due to declining enrollment. It was a great feeling to have outlived one's high school by the age of 20. I find the fact that the school exists again to be disconcerting.
2006-07-19 18:51:49
26.   dzzrtRatt
I think Mr. Bell has moved over to Palos Verdes Peninsula High School. The teacher at PVHS is Kari Hayter. She's simply great. She gets more out of these kids than you could imagine. It's the best thing that's happened to my son at this high school.

Yeah, PVHS reopened in 2002 or so. I think the class that graduated this spring was the first one to finish four years there.

I'm one of five brothers who all attended PVHS. I played in the orchestra for four musicals, but what Kari accomplishes is far beyond what I ever saw there.

They rented Audrey II and many of the costumes. It works incredibly well, although I feel bad for the kid who has to animate it from inside in this heat. The multipurpose room has no A/C and is a heat trap.

2006-07-23 22:41:56
27.   ninja
this is so very random. i found this website on google and felt the need to input - yes, mr. bell teaches at peninsula now...he's my drama teacher right now.

we (a good ammount of the cast of Thoroughly Modern Millie) saw Little Shop today, it was awesome.

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