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That Ain't Bad
2006-09-10 13:34
by Jon Weisman

Two wins out of four games at Shea Stadium. That should thwart some of the talk that the Dodgers can't beat good teams and can't beat them on the road. Should the Dodgers play the Mets in October, it will also hinder comparisons to the 1988 season, in which the Dodgers defeated New York in the National League Championship Series after winning only one game against the Mets in the regular season (1-10). (In 11 games against New York in 1988, the Dodgers scored 18 runs.)

Were the two victories this weekend flukes? Someone better equipped than me will have to come up with the last time two pitchers won their first major league starts against the same team in the same series, as Hong-Chih Kuo and Eric Stults did Friday and Sunday. On the other hand, the Mets' offense has been held to one run or fewer in four of its past eight games - three of those times against left-handed starters. New York's OPS against lefties is .045 below its OPS against righties. Something to consider.

But two wins out of four games at Shea Stadium. That ain't bad.

Oh, and Nomar? Well, he needed the kind of game he had today. Every home run he hits between now and the end of the 2006 season could roughly add another $500,000 in negotiating power for his 2007 salary.

* * *

Tip to headline writers - avoid the cheap puns on Eric Stoltz movies in Monday's papers. If you're going to go that route, better make it good.

Comments (98)
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2006-09-10 13:56:54
1.   chin music
Stults Some Kind of Wonderful In Win
Stults Turns Cubs Into Little Women
Stults Brings It Down In A Stabbing Motion
2006-09-10 14:01:50
2.   Greg Brock
1 I like the third one the best.
2006-09-10 14:04:56
3.   Greg Brock
Andy Roddick, meet Roger Federer.

I must break you.

2006-09-10 14:05:39
4.   mountainmover
Eric Stultz:

He grew up in an Indiana town

Had a good lookin momma who never was around

But he grew up tall and he grew up right

With them Indiana boys on an Indiana night

Oh, My My, Oh Hell Yes....

- Tom Petty

2006-09-10 14:15:18
5.   JT Dutch
... Well, I criticized Grady yesterday for starting Stults in today's game, saying that I couldn't expect the Dodgers to catch lightning in a bottle twice in the same series. However, with a nice helping of offense from the lineup -- it worked out for the Dodgers, and I stand corrected.
2006-09-10 14:43:14
6.   thinkingblue
And we should have won 3. The umpire fixed it so that we only won two.
2006-09-10 14:51:17
7.   das411
Alls I'm wondering is, how long before one of those crazy LA sportswriters tries to get Stultz to say things like "I'm from the future. I came here in a time machine that you invented!!"

And wasn't he also in "Anaconda"? What a hilarious movie that was!

2006-09-10 14:57:39
8.   caseybarker
Not to mention all the TV cameos. My most memorable is the episode of Law and Order SVU on which he played a priest.
2006-09-10 14:58:35
9.   Bob Timmermann
I believe we should nickname the Dodgers winning pitcher "Anti-Zorro" because there is no Z in his last name.


Eric Stults

We're in the white pages!

2006-09-10 15:12:07
10.   Marty
9 Jack Stephan's lawyers want you to call them.
2006-09-10 15:21:33
11.   Bob Timmermann
I got a call from a Jack Stefanovich. Is that the same guy?
2006-09-10 15:23:37
12.   scareduck
It must be a Stults-tifying mistake.
2006-09-10 15:23:48
13.   Marty
I've heard him answer to Stefanofski on occasion
2006-09-10 15:32:33
14.   Marty
The headline will be something like "Dodgers get good reStults"
2006-09-10 16:10:07
15.   Greg Brock
It was really nice of Andy Roddick to make the US Open final interesting for about 45 minutes.

Good job, Andy.

2006-09-10 16:20:06
16.   Jon Weisman
The level of familiarity the average baseball fan has with Eric Stoltz is somewhat unexpected, yet speaks highly about his celebrity.
2006-09-10 16:37:19
17.   Bob Timmermann
The DBacks lead the Cardinal 9-7 in the 8th. If that score holds, the Dodgers would move back into the #2 seed and the Pirates would avoid elmination from the playoffs for at least one more day.
2006-09-10 16:39:29
18.   Bob Timmermann
I really meant Cardinals. That was not a slap at Stanford.
2006-09-10 16:40:36
19.   Bob Timmermann
Although the Arizona Cardinals did win today.
2006-09-10 16:44:28
20.   underdog
My sister went to high school with Eric Stoltz (not Stults) (and Anthony Edwards), for those of you tracking such things at home.

And God bless Eric Stults and the Dodgers - I'll take a split in NY just fine, thankyouverymuch, especially after they looked terrible in the first game. A great win today, Stults looked solid. A relief, as my fantasy football team was an embarrassment today (hopefully an aberration) and my Broncos (esp. Jake) were, too (ditto). But most important was the Dodgers today and they came through.

Who knows how Stults would do the next time around against the Mets, but we probably won't find out until next year, if that.

2006-09-10 16:57:34
21.   Gagne55
14 Nice.
2006-09-10 16:58:27
22.   Bob Timmermann
Cardinals lose and the Dodgers take over the not-so-important #2 slot.
2006-09-10 17:06:10
23.   Gagne55
22 The importance of the number 2 depends on what division the WC comes from.

If it's from the East, then the 2 gets to play the Phils/Fish instead of the Mets.

If it's from the Central or West, then it's worth home field in the NLDS.

2006-09-10 17:07:07
24.   Marty
Oh goodie, Morgan doing a Giants game. If you had a drinking game for every time steroids was mentioned, you'd be stone-cold sober.
2006-09-10 17:15:13
25.   Bob Timmermann
But you will be passed out by the third inning for every time Morgan says, "I was talking to Barry before the game ..."
2006-09-10 17:16:15
26.   JoeyP
Root for the Padres tonite.
The Giants are getting too close to the lead and if they handle the Rockies this week, it'll be a best of 3 race between the Dodgers/Padres/Giants for the remaining playoff spots.
2006-09-10 17:17:14
27.   underdog
Are Woody Williams and Matt Morris the same person/pitcher or is that just me that confuses them? Both bearded, ex-Cardinal pitchers who are decidedly average and unexciting.

You guys have a stronger stomach than I - I just watch telecasts like this with the sound off for safe, Morgan-free enjoyment.

2006-09-10 17:17:20
28.   Greg Brock
You're not watching the Colts and Giants?

Do not leave your home. Representatives from the NFL and NBC will be there shortly to assist you in making the proper choice.

2006-09-10 17:18:46
29.   dzzrtRatt
This is the NL West race in a nutshell:

Giants > Padres
Padres > Dodgers
Dodgers > Giants

2006-09-10 17:18:49
30.   underdog
Marvin Harrison would have to have like 6 touchdowns today to make my fantasy team final score respectable at all. The sport just makes me want to cry after today. So instead I'm here, semi-watching the Padrants game and trying to write.
2006-09-10 17:19:25
31.   Gagne55
26 I guess it's root for the Giants if you want the division. Root for the Pads if you want the playoffs. I don't want no wild card. Go Giants. (Did I just say 'go Giants'? :-x)
2006-09-10 17:19:36
32.   Greg S
Sorry for the long post but I thought the following might be interesting historical background for the discussion of compensation for free agents. This is from a book called "Lords of the Realm" and recounts a discussion between Marvin Miller (Head of the MLBPA) and Bowie Kuhn, the then Commissioner.
"Marvin Miller only needed to hear the word 'compensation' to get his back up. He first heard it in the Fall of '79 at the 21 Club, where Bowie Kuhn had invited him for drinks. The cocktails had barely arrived when Kuhn got to the point. "Marvin" he said, "the owners need a victory".
He recounted how salaries had exploded since the advent of free agency. Now it was time to make adjustments. The owners wanted some form of compensation for free agents lost.
Millers reply was more succinct.
"Bowie" he said, "They'll get compensation over my dead body".
It was years later that the owners finally won the obvious drag on salaries. Why would they give it up now?
2006-09-10 17:20:40
33.   Gagne55
29 That's cause the Dodgers are water types, the Giants are fire types and the Padres are grass types. /Pokemon
2006-09-10 17:21:49
34.   Bob Timmermann
Perhaps regairfield can doublecheck my math, but I believe the Dodgers magic number to win the division is 18 and it's 17 for the wild card.
2006-09-10 17:22:36
35.   Gagne55
I wonder if anybody got 33.
2006-09-10 17:24:26
36.   natepurcell

cant counter that statement.

2006-09-10 17:34:31
37.   Gen3Blue
Please forgive me for giving the most cursory scan to the posts. I will go back and read them.
But I can't wait to tell you I'm watching the Pads-Giants game with Joe Morgan.
It is hilarious. I'm almost always forced to listen to Joe on a Dodger game where we are losing-I swear he has something to do with the D's losing.
It is great with no pressure, and now he is explaining why Barry missed this one he would have usually got.
2006-09-10 17:40:15
38.   Gen3Blue
35 Sorry--I could almost see it through astrology types, but i'm not up to Pokemon types and my kids are gone as far as a consult.
2006-09-10 17:44:14
39.   underdog
Ah, now that Morris is pitching to Woody Williams I can see that they are in fact two different people. Mystery solved!
2006-09-10 17:48:30
40.   Gen3Blue
39 Amen
My god, the Giants are playing Steve Finlay in center field. How old is this team?
2006-09-10 17:49:44
41.   underdog
40 Somewhere between "dirt" and "Jurassic"? or maybe that's just Felipe Alou I'm talking about.
2006-09-10 17:50:22
42.   underdog
I'm also glad Matt Morris is the one that sucks tonight, since I decided to officially root against the Giants.
2006-09-10 17:50:58
43.   popup
I am listening to Giants/Padres on ESPN radio. Dan Shulman is much better than Miller/Morgan.

Stan from Tacoma

2006-09-10 17:51:02
44.   mikethinksblue
Wow, the 5pm start makes the sun tough at phone company park
2006-09-10 17:55:24
45.   underdog
Btw, on Newsday's web site, with the Mets-Dodgers game coverage, there's a poll for "Which team would you least like to see the Mets play?" Most Mets fans so far think the Phillies and Astros would be tougher for them than the Dodgers, for what that's worth...

2006-09-10 18:23:59
46.   27indigo
Speaking of Phone Co. Park ... any thoughts on sitting in the bleachers? I'm planning on bringing my girlfriend to a game there, and the best tix I could pick up on my budget were bleacher seats. Should I leave the Dodger gear at home for the series at the end of September?
2006-09-10 18:33:09
47.   Bob Timmermann
My impression of Giants crowds now is that they are far less rowdy than they were in the past.

The fans are more likely to be drunk on Zinfandel than anything else.

2006-09-10 18:45:54
48.   dzzrtRatt
Matt Morris has to be up there among the most disappointing FA signings of last winter. Dollar for dollar, Tomko's had a better year. (Say that enough times and Giant fans will throw themselves on the ground and rend their garments.)
2006-09-10 18:56:00
49.   Gen3Blue
I can't believe I'm still here. but if the Giants,Pads, and Joe are here I'm hangin in.
2006-09-10 19:06:16
50.   Gen3Blue
Wow, the Giants are old, even on the average. If you read the book "The Hunger", that gives you an idea of their age.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-09-10 19:24:27
51.   Sam DC
50 Does seeing the movie with David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve count?
2006-09-10 19:26:27
52.   Underbruin
30 - You'll bounce back. Though I can't honestly complain that you had a freakisly-poor day against me (Shaun Alexander - 0 points is not a common sighting). Now I'm hoping LT doesn't waste some 25-point day tomorrow, and saves it for when I actually need it. =P
2006-09-10 19:35:46
53.   Gen3Blue
51 Yes. But I thought the book infinetly better. Looking back, that was an emotional time for me and I don't know that the book had any real value.(except indicating how old the Giants are.
And Sam, you can't realize how your reports have made me into a Nats. fan.
2006-09-10 19:41:32
54.   Just One of the LADz
FWIW, someone forwarded me a link to this site about odds of making the postseason. Dodgers have a 77% chance according to the site. On July 26th it was 2.3%

I took my family to the game today. Beautiful day for a baseball game (even if it is Shea) and of course a great result. There were quite a few Dodger fans, including a good sized Loney cheering section that annoyed some of the locals when he got his hit. Stults looked good. Nomar's home run was a rocket.

2006-09-10 19:43:46
55.   Gen3Blue
I know things have been tough--but all I want to say is BEAT Arizona and BEAT Arizona big time.
Go Nats.
2006-09-10 19:46:10
56.   Gen3Blue
54 thnk you. We will welcome you at this site, Which cares more about thoughts, than hang-ups
2006-09-10 19:50:26
57.   Disabled List
I missed the Dodgers at Shea today because had an invite to a tailgate party at Giants Stadium. It's hosted by a group of chefs who cook for about 40 people, and it was incredible. Shrimp stew, a pair of 4-foot-long muffuletta sandwiches, gumbo, BBQ pork bellies, red beans and rice with andouille sausage, garlic collard greens, fried oyster po' boys, and fresh fried beignets in a coffee cream sauce. Take my word for it, the mere description of that smorgasbord does not do it justice. Trey Anastasio even stopped by for a sample. Seriously.

The tailgate scene outside Giants Stadium is the most incredible I have ever seen. I always thought San Diego had the best tailgating, although admittedly, I've never been to Lambeau Field. The Meadowlands, incidentally, is comprised of the ugliest sports facilities in America. Giants Stadium looks like it was built with Sears industrial siding, Continental Airlines Arena looks like a cargo hangar at Van Nuys Airport, and even the racetrack is a gray eyesore. The New York metro area is seriously overdue for some decent new sports venues.

So I missed seeing Stults and the Dodgers romp. It figures, the Dodgers play four games here in NY, and they win the two I don't go to. But I'll take the split, no complaints. Now let's see if we can get a handle on this road trip and sweep the Cubs, and maybe the Reds can stuff the Pads a bit before the big series next weekend.

2006-09-10 19:52:30
58.   Bob Timmermann
You ate a four-foot long sandwich?
2006-09-10 19:55:54
59.   Bob Timmermann
Welcome aboard.
2006-09-10 20:02:01
60.   Disabled List
58 Two of them!

Actually, it just feels like I did. (Am currently looking for Mylanta)

2006-09-10 20:07:39
61.   Bob Timmermann
I have visions of Homer Simpson eating the very large sandwich that he nursed for several days.
2006-09-10 20:10:05
62.   Xeifrank
MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: A split of the four in New York is good... I'll take it. From now on out the Dodgers have the easier schedule than the Padres, especially taking into consideration the head to head games between the two teams will be played in Los Angeles. I missed most of the action this weekend, so will have to do some re-reading of the game threads and Jon's recent posts.
vr, Xei
2006-09-10 20:10:58
63.   Xeifrank
Oh, and isn't ironic that the two games the Dodgers did win vs the Mets were the two games in which rookies (recent call-ups) pitched!!? Way to guo.
vr, Xei
2006-09-10 20:13:24
64.   das411
So did anybody else watch "The Path to 9/11" just now? I suppose we might as well start Made for TV Movie Thoughts now that XeiFrank is here... ;)
2006-09-10 20:16:34
65.   Bob Timmermann

Since most of the people on the board live on the West Coast, they haven't seen it yet.

Or like me, won't watch it. Mainly because I want to watch "The Wire."

That is ironic only to Alanis Morrissette.

2006-09-10 20:25:19
66.   Disabled List
61 That Simpsons episode was referenced more than once this afternoon.
2006-09-10 20:45:42
67.   Xeifrank
64. Movie? Movie?? Actually I saw a really good movie. Oh wait, it wasn't a movie it was a sandwich and it really wasn't that good. Movies are alot like sandwiches. You got your pastrami, your ham and cheese and your philly cheesesteak. A pickle here, a slice of tomatoes there, doesn't really taste that good. Would rather just skip lunch and watch a ballgame. This post was brought to you by the Grumpy Old Men Against Movies, otherwise known as GOMAN! vr, Xei
2006-09-10 20:54:18
68.   Sam DC
53 I'm amazed that my reporting of the absurd things that happen to and by the Nationals could make you a fan, but life's funny like that.

The Nationals just swept Arizona once, so I guess you never know.

0-8 v. the Rockies this year. Nationals fans are calling it the Curse of the Jambino and bemoaning Jim Bowden's having sold Jamey Carroll to the Rockies.

2006-09-10 21:00:25
69.   tjshere
57 I only recognize a couple of the things mentioned there as being actual food items. My appetite is strictly lowbrow. ;^)
2006-09-10 21:08:29
70.   Midwest Blue
57 I am shocked, sir. Shocked and saddened. What has it come to when a so-called fan puts gastronomic pleasure ahead of the beloved Blue.

You, sir, are no fan.

(How were the beignets? They sounded reaaaal good.)

2006-09-10 21:12:12
71.   Greg Brock
57 I had a heart attack just reading that menu.
2006-09-10 21:21:29
72.   underdog
64 65 What Bob said re: The Wire vs. Path to 9/11 (is it even fair to put those two programs together in the same sentence?) I have other reasons for not wanting to watch the latter but want to keep this board apolitical so I'll zip it. ;-) And also have to finish some work so I better do that before 10.

(Oh, and thanks Bruins for your kind un-smack talk. I'm sure I can't do any worse in fantasy points than I did this week, and especially Alexander... ((against the Lions though? Sheesh.)) So I'll try not to worry too much.)

2006-09-10 21:24:39
73.   underdog
Oh, and if you're a Dodger fan plus a golfer, than you'd probably enjoy this short attention span piece in the NY Times, 30 secs with Derek Lowe:

2006-09-10 21:45:38
74.   natepurcell

no hutchinson + walter jones injured= no running lanes for alexander.

2006-09-10 21:51:07
75.   Midwest Blue
73 Why yes I am a Dodger Fan and a golfer, and now you've given me the perfect segue to thank all of the kind DT readers who made suggestions for where my daughter and I could play golf in LA.

Ultimately, we chose the Alhambra Muni Course (suggested by Bob and others). They treated us like royalty. Very helpful, gave us a special discount, free ball mark tools. And the course was really nice and yet not too hard for my daughter. We had a great time.

And we went to D.S. and saw Mark Hendrickson pitch against Cincy. And we gave him good fortune. And all was well -- until we went to Catalina Island. Part Two of our story later...

2006-09-10 21:51:09
76.   Gagne55
Could somebody explain to me the orgin of the nickname 'Guo'? Does the g stand for great?
2006-09-10 22:08:00
77.   Uncle Miltie
Just got back from the game. It wasn't a very good game, but it was fun being there. I love the stadium, but it was freezing there.

The fans are more likely to be drunk on Zinfandel than anything else.
Keen observation, Bob. I go to Sonoma State and all of dorms are named after types of wine. Last year, I lived in Zinfandel.

2006-09-10 22:14:40
78.   Eric Enders
In the New York Times' game story, the word "Stults" is not mentioned until the 638th word of the article.


2006-09-10 22:15:35
79.   popup
76 I think that is the way his name should be pronounced.

Stan from Tacoma

2006-09-10 22:17:46
80.   mikethinksblue

When I went to Sonoma State, we had to go to Candlestick, and it was uphill both ways, in the fog and cold.

2006-09-10 22:20:29
81.   Gagne55
79 Tell that to Vin Scully, Charlie Steiner and Steve Lyons.
2006-09-10 22:20:34
82.   popup
If I had the time and money I would really like to see the Dodgers at Wrigley this week. The last time I saw a game there was 1965. Great ballpark. With all the empty seats for the last series with the Pirates, I don't imagine it would be too difficult to get a ticket.

Stan from Tacoma

2006-09-10 22:26:05
83.   mikethinksblue
I went to a Pirates/Cubs game last September at Wrigley. My first time there. I got a lower level ticket for $10 from a scalper across the street.

The impression I got from my one time in Wrigley was that it was a place for young people to drink beer, smoke cigarettes and flirt with each other. Not completely unlike Dodger Stadium, except smoking is much more limited at DS.

2006-09-10 22:29:18
84.   Bob Timmermann
Xeifrank explained why Kuo's name is pronounced with a G sound a couple of days agao.
2006-09-10 22:32:34
85.   Uncle Miltie
80- when did you go to sonoma? Did you like it? The one thing I don't like about it is that too many people go home on the weekends.
2006-09-10 22:33:08
86.   Bob Timmermann
I'm more amazed that you counted all the words.
2006-09-10 22:40:30
87.   mikethinksblue
85 - I graduated in 1996. I loved the school, the town was boring, unless you like pot, and in that case it is utopia.
2006-09-10 22:51:03
88.   Eric Enders
86 I didn't -- my computer did. I'm crazy, but not that crazy.
2006-09-10 22:58:28
89.   Andrew Shimmin
The Word Count extension for Firefox users:

It's not available on the catch all site, for whatever reason. The same guy made the bugmenot extension which is also excellent.

2006-09-10 23:46:27
90.   Uncle Miltie
87- I don't smoke weed. There's not much to do here besides go to the rec center (which is new -- if you haven't seen it, you should check it out, it's amazing) and drink/party. Rohnert Park isn't a college town at all. Santa Rosa is much better.
2006-09-10 23:56:37
91.   bhsportsguy
75 Glad you liked Alhambra, just played there last week, they do a nice job with junior golfers, the course record is held by current University of Arizona golfer Henry Liaw, who at age11-12, shot 58.

Not that it is most healthy of eating alternatives but I could have told to go down the street to a San Gabriel legend, The Hat for their pastrami sandwich.

Or you could go to the strangely named Twoeys off of Huntington for some ice cream, actually Fossellmans in Alhambra is even better.

2006-09-11 00:13:26
92.   Bob Timmermann
Actually it's Twohey's, home of the Little Stinko.
2006-09-11 00:54:03
93.   Andrew Shimmin
I hate commercials as much as any ten men, but I had a soft spot in my heart for the one for the Honda Element. With the crab who pinches? And I was ready to post this link, and ask people (with my tongue in my cheek) to sign the petition to bring it back. Then I checked the domain registration. American Honda Motor Co., Inc. So, no matter what, please do not visit:

Just say "No" to viral marketing. Unless it's for something really cool, like snakes on a plane.

2006-09-11 01:06:27
94.   Underbruin
84 - Just for those who weren't here (as I think Xei's gone to sleep), it's my understanding that the 'k' and 'g' sound in Korean are the same alphabet character and thus relatively interchangable, and very much word-dependent (think like the 'r' and 'l' in Japanese; it's not exactly the same, but think like the old "flied lice" joke). For those interested, the character - when viewed on its own - looks somewhat like a capital 'L' viewed upside-down and backwards (flip it vertically, then flip it horizontally).
2006-09-11 03:37:37
95.   Daniel B
77 My sister just graduated from Sonoma State in May. Rhonert Park is your prototypical American town. Walmart, Target, Outback Steak House, Taco Bell, Motel 6, Starbucks, Olive Garden, El Torito.

My Sister worked at El Torito and than Olive Garden for the majority of her time there. Now she lives in Boise.

2006-09-11 04:14:18
96.   Xeifrank
94. Kuo/Guo is Chinese not Korean. Chinese does not have an alphabet. But for us westerners they have come up with a system (actually 2 systems... quite a few years ago) that uses western letters. In Taiwan, it is the Wade-Giles system and in mainland China it is the MORE popular Pinyin system. In Taiwan the sound for the letter 'G' is spelled with the letter 'K'. In mainland China the sound for the letter 'G' is spelled with the letter 'G'. The 'uo' sound is pronounced as 'wo' (with a long o). Wade-Giles has some odd spellings. Hsu in Wade-Giles is spelled Xu in pinyin. How would you pronounce something spelled Hsu? Well it is pronounced as if it were spelled 'Shoe', like the thing you wear on your feet.
vr, Xei
2006-09-11 05:55:47
97.   Terry A
Because I'm duller than most (all?), it is just now occurring to me that Billingsley's parents won't get to see him pitch in Chicago. I recall quite a bit of hubbub after Little chose to skip Billingsley's start that the rookie's parents planned to attend.
2006-09-11 10:56:51
98.   DodgerDodger
Hope Nomar enjoys his day off on Tuesday.

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