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Furcal Shines
2006-09-21 17:45
by Jon Weisman

Rafael Furcal has moved up to becoming the 27th-most valuable position player in baseball this season and the most valuable Dodger, according to Baseball Prospectus. At No. 26 overall, for comparison, is Mets third baseman David Wright.

Furcal's post-May 1 stats: .377 on-base percentage, .493 slugging percentage, .870 OPS.

Previously: "Furcal Climbing Toward Expectations"

* * *

Diamondbacks at Padres, 7:05 p.m.

Pirates at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.

Comments (564)
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2006-09-21 17:55:41
1.   Bluebleeder87
Brandon Webb tonight sounds mighty good for us, but let's just hope the Dodgers win tonight against the Pirates.

ps the last 10 games are gonna be fun/heartbreaking/incredable IMO. Cant wait to see what the baseball gods have in store for us.

2006-09-21 17:56:40
2.   Bluebleeder87
i hope somebody gives us updates on the S.D. Game tonight.
2006-09-21 17:58:59
3.   Bluebleeder87
Brewers leading the Giants 4-0
2006-09-21 18:03:30
4.   NPB
You know, I can live with Olmedo getting a start against the rookie, really I can. But why continue to play Lugo? Why?
2006-09-21 18:07:04
5.   Bluebleeder87

Olmedo has been a Pirate killer thrue out his Dodger career, if anything why not start him at 3rd everynite against the Pirates!! arrr!!!

2006-09-21 18:08:14
6.   Sam DC
Hmmm . . . my up-too-late toddler just grabbed the remote control and accidentally (?) turned on the tv. Appears to be a soccer game between Arsenal and Man U. Anyone know if this is a significant match? They just ran a graphic showing attendance of 75K.

Oh right, I should be putting him back to sleep not Dodger Thoughtsing or watching soccer.

2006-09-21 18:10:42
7.   we are infinite
4: I hear ya. Why not start Saenz at 3rd and Loney at 1st? Give the kid a chance.
2006-09-21 18:16:29
8.   Dark Horse
Furcal has been phenomenal--just phenomenal, in every aspect of his game--during the back half of the season. Watching him play, I can't help but feel what I so seldom do in watching a Dodger: that I want him to be our shortstop forever and ever, or at least as long as he can keep up this level of play. 13 million? Fine by me. That's not nearly rational, but I don't yearn for an upgrade at the position. Besides catcher, really, and maybe closer, there's no other spot on the team I don't half wish for a little bit more, no matter how much I love (or don't love) the player-in-question.
2006-09-21 18:17:31
9.   50 years a Dodger Fan
Alright, I don't have a Blog and I'm not trying to get a job with the Dodgers, so I can criticize them at will. Getting Lugo was a big mistake; playing him everyday is even bigger. He hasn't done anything for us and that is not likely to change now. Remember Jason Phillips last year? Tracey didn't have all the options Little has. Just bad managing. Again. Hear that, McCourt? The team had the talent to win this year. The fact that it doesn't falls in your manager's lap. The rest is up to you.
2006-09-21 18:23:05
10.   Bluebleeder87
It's weird that Bret Tomko pitched for a 2nd division college team instead of a 1st division team no? the guy was throwing in the mid90's even back then. i'm not trying to make a joke i just find it weird.
2006-09-21 18:23:24
11.   thinkingblue
playing him everyday is even bigger.

They don't.

Just bad managing.

I feel its more the fact that the dodgers have a terrible bullpen.

2006-09-21 18:23:45
12.   GoBears
Yeah, for those who have a hard time comparing Furcal to what Izzy/Robles produced last year, just compare Furcal to Lugo now. That's the difference, and it's huge.
2006-09-21 18:30:17
13.   Bluebleeder87
Furcal has been playing great quality ball for a while now, i agree. Saito to me is the unsung hero.
2006-09-21 18:31:31
14.   we are infinite
Giants in trouble in the bottom of the 5th. Down 7-2 now and only 1 out. Bringing Jamie Wright in to pitch, I think.
2006-09-21 18:34:45
15.   Bluebleeder87
i like Kevin Kennedy's positive thinking, he said i think the Dodgers go back to 1st place today & stay there the rest of the way.
2006-09-21 18:40:13
16.   we are infinite
Wow. Wright has walked 3 in a row now (2 for runs), so now it's 9-2 Brewers. I'd say this one's all sewn up. Thanks to the Giants for doing their part this evening.

And the inning ain't over yet!

2006-09-21 18:44:45
17.   Bluebleeder87
in my own words Tommy Lasorda tonite at 10:30.
2006-09-21 18:49:31
18.   Bluebleeder87
Kim Basinger sighting according the dudes from Dodgers live.
2006-09-21 18:55:16
19.   StolenMonkey86
D-Backs lineup tonight:


2006-09-21 18:56:28
20.   twerp
A lament on the changing role of the organ at baseball stadiums:

Organ as instrument, that is. Music instrument.

Note to self--first rule of holes says if in one, best to quit digging. Sometimes even that's hard to do. Arrrrgh...

2006-09-21 18:56:37
21.   PDH5204
16 The bigger score is Marlins 5, Mets 2. So the Marlins hung on against the Mets and are 3.5 back of the Phils with 6 games to play between them. So forget the Giants and start dreaming of that Marlins 3 game sweep of the Phils starting tomorrow.
2006-09-21 18:58:06
22.   Telemachos
Appears to be a soccer game between Arsenal and Man U. Anyone know if this is a significant match? They just ran a graphic showing attendance of 75K.

Both those teams are challengers for the Premiership title this season, and are perennial heavyweights, to say nothing of bitter rivals as well. Since their season is just underway, It's sort of like an April Red Sox/Yanks game, except maybe if the Red Sox had won more championships in their history.

(Arsenal is Nick Hornby's beloved team in FEVER PITCH.)

2006-09-21 18:58:13
23.   StolenMonkey86
And even though they're pretty well out of the playoff hunt, it gives me great pleasure to report this score:

Brewers 9, Giants 2

2006-09-21 19:04:15
24.   Gen3Blue
I hope Furcal climbs past Wright in the ranking because I doubt its a fair comparison. At ss, Furcal is in the middle of many double plays! I don't think one can imagine how important a great shortstop is to a teams chances.
2006-09-21 19:07:32
25.   Telemachos
Furcal has had a superlative offensive season. Really, the only knock you could give him is the increase in errors. Since his traditional slow start, he's been phenomenal.
2006-09-21 19:09:26
26.   Bluebleeder87

Wright can't field enough said, his bat is what puts him there.

2006-09-21 19:10:31
27.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Just woke up from an unexpected nap (stupid allergy shot). I turn on the computer, and up comes the breaking news that the SF Chron reporters who broke the Bonds/steroids mess now may be sentenced to 18 months in prison for refusing to cough up their source(es).
Madness. That is one out-of-control federal prosecutor.
2006-09-21 19:11:12
28.   Greg S
2006-09-21 19:13:24
29.   we are infinite
Yay, a strikeout to start the game. Let's go Chad.
2006-09-21 19:13:46
30.   Bluebleeder87
nice start by Bills low pitch count & all
2006-09-21 19:14:24
31.   Bluebleeder87
he must have made only about 10 to 14 pitches.
2006-09-21 19:14:38
32.   regfairfield
26 VORP is entirely based on offense.
2006-09-21 19:15:18
33.   Greg S
Last start, I advocated consdiering pulling Bills from the roation. His wildness just scares me to no end. If I was wrong, I will be thrilled to be wrong.
2006-09-21 19:15:37
34.   MSarg29
27 - Yeah - 18 months for the reporters who won't give up a source, but Victor Conte who sold and distributed steroids only did 4 months in prison. What a joke.
2006-09-21 19:16:10
35.   natepurcell

letting him work through it is the only way he is going to get any better.

2006-09-21 19:17:28
36.   Gen3Blue
26 then Furcal is way more important.
ohhh nice hit Furcal!
2006-09-21 19:17:41
37.   we are infinite
Well no leadoff HR today but a single will do just fine.
2006-09-21 19:19:02
38.   Greg S
35. Septmeber 21st.
2006-09-21 19:20:07
39.   Greg S
Score one for Grady!
2006-09-21 19:20:14
40.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
2006-09-21 19:20:17
41.   natepurcell
that was pretty predictable.
2006-09-21 19:20:18
42.   Bluebleeder87
i'm not trying to beat a dead horse but can somebody give me a good explanation why Grady didn't start Olmedo last 2 games! & i swear as i type this Olmedo hits it out.
2006-09-21 19:20:18
43.   we are infinite
WOOOHOOO!!! Gee I think starting Saenz was a good idea.
2006-09-21 19:20:21
44.   Gen3Blue
Come on oys this guy is no pitcher.

Nice swing Almaido.
The Tomato comes through.

2006-09-21 19:20:33
45.   JoeyP
Olmedo always kills mediocre left handers.
2006-09-21 19:21:36
46.   JoeyP
If you pull Billingsley, you have to start Sele, Stults, Hendrickson, or Tomko.

All 4 of those guys are terrible.

2006-09-21 19:22:07
47.   Gen3Blue
Sienz is a great idea. But I see few youngsters.
Whats this, Lugo, who never sits?
2006-09-21 19:22:34
48.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Been more than a week since the Dodgers led after one inning.
2006-09-21 19:22:50
49.   Travis
32 Not exactly. VORP is the (offensive) value over replacement at that position; Furcal is being compared to a replacement shortstop's offensive production, which is less than that of a replacement 3rd baseman.

If you prefer the "everybody hits as a hitter approach," Wright comes out far ahead in offensive production.

2006-09-21 19:23:31
50.   regfairfield
Why do the Pirates have a patch that says "BOB" on their uniforms?
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-09-21 19:24:08
51.   regfairfield
49 By that, I meant that defense wasn't factored into the equation.
2006-09-21 19:24:34
52.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
In SD, Chad Tracy leads off the AZ second with a double.
2006-09-21 19:24:38
53.   Gen3Blue
At least Lugo is not hitting in front of Martin. I saw Grits got hammered in your local papers for sitting Drew in a crucial game, and Drew is in tonight.
2006-09-21 19:25:07
54.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
50 - Pitt's mayor recently died.
2006-09-21 19:25:59
55.   Gen3Blue
In the paper, Drew basically said,maybe I'm sitting cause I struck out four times, but Grady told me to strike out more!
2006-09-21 19:26:21
56.   Travis
50 For the late mayor of Pittsburgh, who died less than a month ago.

51 I know, but defensive position is. I'm not a big fan of VORP for that reason.

2006-09-21 19:27:35
57.   JoeyP
Shane Youman was drafted by the Dodgers in the 45th rd in 1997.
Then he went to LSU for 4yrs, and was drafted by the Pirates in the 43rd rd.

The only good thing he did in the minors was not allow home runs.

2006-09-21 19:28:58
58.   Greg S
55. No, he didn't. He said the first part. Grady said the 2nd part.
2006-09-21 19:32:40
59.   Bluebleeder87
nice breaking ball by Bills.
2006-09-21 19:33:50
60.   Bluebleeder87
nice heads up play by Furcal.
2006-09-21 19:34:45
61.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Furcal has a gun.
2006-09-21 19:35:46
62.   Bluebleeder87
it looks like Bills has a great curve today.
2006-09-21 19:36:28
63.   natepurcell
Uncle Charlie is dead sexy tonight.
2006-09-21 19:37:41
64.   Bluebleeder87


2006-09-21 19:38:24
65.   natepurcell

his curveball is really good.

2006-09-21 19:39:14
66.   thinkblue88
Uncle Charlie=Curve Ball
2006-09-21 19:40:22
67.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Pads get a run.
2006-09-21 19:41:07
68.   Greg S
67. X2
2006-09-21 19:41:12
69.   Bluebleeder87
i never heard it in that context. good to know. for a munite there i thought you wear talking about Charlie Steiner looking sexy.
2006-09-21 19:41:18
70.   Greg S
2006-09-21 19:41:27
71.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Now it's 3-0 SD.
2006-09-21 19:41:48
72.   JoeyP
Webb is getting roughed up.
2006-09-21 19:43:10
73.   Bluebleeder87
why can't Webb be Webb when we need him to be. arrgh.
2006-09-21 19:43:39
74.   CanuckDodger
A nice adjustment Billingsley and Martin made there, in the 2nd inning. The two hits came off of hanging sliders, so Billingsley stops using the slider and goes with the curve, to excellent effect.

By the way, this is the first time I am getting a chance to watch Billingsley on TV. He's Ben Sheets with a bit of Jeremy Bonderman mixed in.

2006-09-21 19:44:06
75.   Bluebleeder87
Woody Williams is a huge competitor so i'm not happy at the moment.
2006-09-21 19:44:15
76.   JoeyP
His arm might be tired.
He's thrown two straight CG's.
2006-09-21 19:46:30
77.   JoeyP
Tracy has another Repko.
His name is Chris Duffy.
2006-09-21 19:46:47
78.   Bluebleeder87

i hear ya, but isn't it better when a sinker ballers arm is tired?

2006-09-21 19:47:59
79.   Greg S
Uncle Charlie indeed.
2006-09-21 19:48:15
80.   natepurcell
this is the best his curve has been all year.
2006-09-21 19:49:25
81.   Greg S
80 He's certainly in love with it at the moment (and rightfully so). Hope he still mixes it up a bit or they will eventually sit on it.
2006-09-21 19:49:41
82.   natepurcell
lol, kent just fell down and somehow the ball landed in his glove.
2006-09-21 19:49:49
83.   Bluebleeder87
Jeff Kent's range has never been great but i think that Kent made that play harder then it seemed.
2006-09-21 19:50:46
84.   Paul Scott
GD reports -

"Jack Wilson grounds into a force out, second baseman Jeff Kent to first baseman Olmedo Saenz. Shane Youman out at 2nd. Jack Wilson to 1st."

Did that actually happen? If so, how?

2006-09-21 19:51:28
85.   Greg S
Nice job by Martin coming out so far towards 2nd base.
2006-09-21 19:52:19
86.   Greg S
84. No, it didn't. Throw went to 2nd.
2006-09-21 19:52:20
87.   Andrew Shimmin
84- No. It was Kent to Furcal.
2006-09-21 19:52:32
88.   Bluebleeder87

my spelling skills don't allow me to recreate what happened but no GD was wrong.

2006-09-21 19:54:06
89.   Bluebleeder87
Furcal's been on fire & i love it.
2006-09-21 19:55:29
90.   Bluebleeder87
there's a couple of star sighting today, because i think i saw Andy Garcia.
2006-09-21 20:00:10
91.   3upn3down
Anyone know why we haven't seen Elmer Dessens in weeks it seems?
2006-09-21 20:01:29
92.   MSarg29
91 - well watching him give up a grand slam on Tuesday should of been memorable enough.
2006-09-21 20:01:34
93.   natepurcell

didnt he pitch tuesday?

2006-09-21 20:01:38
94.   we are infinite
He was in two nights ago and gave up the grand slam. But other than that I dunno.
2006-09-21 20:02:11
95.   3upn3down
92 Ahh, missed that box score.
2006-09-21 20:03:29
96.   Bluebleeder87
he has Nady 2-2 i'd throw the curve right here
2006-09-21 20:03:50
97.   Bluebleeder87
4-6-3 dp
2006-09-21 20:05:11
98.   3upn3down
Wasn't Martin's dad supposed to play the sax (not steve) tonight before the game? I'm watching on MLB Extra Innings, and the broadcast picked up with Duffy already in the batters box. Did the actual FSW feed show any of it?
2006-09-21 20:05:35
99.   Greg S
When they make me in charge of all baseball, the first thing I will do is enforce the rule that you have to try and avoid being hit to be awarded first base.
2006-09-21 20:07:03
100.   3upn3down
99 would you call it the Craig Biggio rule?
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-09-21 20:07:04
101.   Bluebleeder87

that was yesterday, you can catch the re-play on

2006-09-21 20:09:58
102.   Greg S
I will be in charge of all baseball and I shall call it as I please. Perhaps I will call it the Rock N' Roll Margarita rule. Or the Jennifer Aniston rule. I plan to enjoy my job.
2006-09-21 20:11:47
103.   Bluebleeder87
IMO Drew is seeing the ball very well.
2006-09-21 20:13:18
104.   3upn3down
102 You would rule, which will give you veto power. But as a meer mortal, I will suggest another name. Call it the Mookie Blaylock and Wilson Rule.
2006-09-21 20:13:30
105.   Tangled Up in Blue
Why did Drew sit yesterday vs. a right-hander and play today vs a lefty? Same goes for Betemit.
2006-09-21 20:15:50
106.   3upn3down
Betemit is soft from the right side. .579 OPS vs. lefties, .861 v righties.
2006-09-21 20:16:47
107.   Tangled Up in Blue
I was talking about yesterday when Chacon was pitching.
2006-09-21 20:17:40
108.   Mark Joseph

Only if you have an inferior operating system, and a buggy, virus-prone browser, both of which (and this is probably not entirely coincidental), made by the same company. My apology if this violates the 7th commandment.

2006-09-21 20:19:03
109.   Tangled Up in Blue
Why is Lugo on the Dodgers?
2006-09-21 20:19:41
110.   3upn3down
108 I watched the replay with Mozilla. Unless that is the virus-prone browser you were talking about.
2006-09-21 20:21:29
111.   Bluebleeder87
that was a hanger by Bills.
2006-09-21 20:22:08
112.   Bluebleeder87

why does Grady play him is a bigger question.

2006-09-21 20:23:04
113.   3upn3down
AZ, 1st and 3rd, no outs. Conor Jackson is up...
2006-09-21 20:23:20
114.   Bluebleeder87
Youman didn't look sharp @ all last time out, i'm hoping for a big inning by the Dodgers.
2006-09-21 20:23:32
115.   3upn3down
run scoring play...
2006-09-21 20:23:44
116.   Daniel Zappala
108 Got that right.
2006-09-21 20:23:52
117.   Bluebleeder87

good news thanks 3upn3down

2006-09-21 20:24:18
118.   3upn3down
AZ, 1st and 2nd, 1 run in, Pesky Byrnes is up. Still no outs...
2006-09-21 20:24:42
119.   Tangled Up in Blue
We cannot get swept by the Pirates in a pennant race.
2006-09-21 20:25:05
120.   Bluebleeder87
were was that pitch? great cutter by Bills there.
2006-09-21 20:26:48
121.   3upn3down
Ironically, at this moment, both Woody Williams and Chad Billingsley are having a coaching visit to the mound.
2006-09-21 20:26:49
122.   ddger
Any reason why we keep struggling on offense early in the game? We need to get our offense going early instead of waiting till late innings.

Constantly getting behind puts even more pressure to our pitchers.

2006-09-21 20:27:53
123.   Johnny Nucleo
Seems like Billingsley has given up an inordinate number of foul balls. Someone at BP should look at whether certain types of pitchers are more likely to give up foul balls than others (if they haven't already), I'd be interested to see.
2006-09-21 20:28:02
124.   Bluebleeder87
these pesky Pirates i swear.
2006-09-21 20:30:44
125.   Bluebleeder87
i really think we'll have a nice inning next at bat.
2006-09-21 20:31:41
126.   3upn3down
Cla Meredith is in for the Pads.
2006-09-21 20:32:02
127.   natepurcell
besides the 3 walks, chads control has been good this game.
2006-09-21 20:32:08
128.   Bluebleeder87
what ever you do Bills just don't give up a slam
2006-09-21 20:32:12
129.   JoeyP
Nice to see an appearance by Buntermaker. I was beginning to think Tracy might not make his presence felt.
2006-09-21 20:33:04
130.   Johnny Nucleo
127 That walk to Wilson was tough. 10 pitches. Hard to fault Bills too much for that.
2006-09-21 20:33:30
131.   3upn3down
Please get out of this inning, Please get out of this inning, Please get out of this inning, Please get out of this inning, Please get out of this inning, Please get out of this inning!
2006-09-21 20:34:07
132.   Bluebleeder87
we're out of it, now let's score some runs.
2006-09-21 20:34:26
133.   we are infinite
Not bad, Chad, not bad. I kinda wish we had Ramon to pinch hit right now. Sigh.
2006-09-21 20:34:49
134.   3upn3down
Pads escape the inning. 3-1
2006-09-21 20:35:38
135.   StolenMonkey86
well, I think you pinch hit for Chad here
2006-09-21 20:35:45
136.   JoeyP
That inning was so so Jim Tracy.
Nothing like trying to bunt Wilson, which if it had been successful, would have taken the bat out of Sanchez' hands.

I wont even get into letting Youman hit. The kid doesnt seem to have much left, but Jimbo wants him to pitch 5 innings so he leaves him in.

That was a Jim Tracy inning.
The Dodgers definitely benefitted.

2006-09-21 20:36:57
137.   StolenMonkey86
136 - would you walk Sanchez to get to Bay?
2006-09-21 20:37:02
138.   Bluebleeder87
please Kemp let them throw you a strike 1st.
2006-09-21 20:37:56
139.   Bluebleeder87
nice at bat by Kemp no matter what happens.
2006-09-21 20:37:58
140.   we are infinite
So I'm a little confused about how Cla Meredith sucked so much for the Red Sox. What's the deal with that, anyway?
2006-09-21 20:38:25
141.   micktissue
Go Rafi!

Who's coming in for Chad?

2006-09-21 20:38:44
142.   micktissue
Or is it Raphi?
2006-09-21 20:38:48
143.   JoeyP
137. Definitely with 1st base open. Bay's a DP candidate.

Little I think would have done the same thing. He wouldnt let the NL's leading batter beat him with 1st base open.

Tracy is a dunce.

2006-09-21 20:39:03
144.   we are infinite
They were warming up Beimel.. That seems acceptable enough for an inning.
2006-09-21 20:39:37
145.   thinkblue88
The AL East and NL West are a little different. Plus Fenway and PETCO have to factor in.
2006-09-21 20:39:39
146.   micktissue
Too bad Duke isn't playing today, huh Charlie?
2006-09-21 20:39:41
147.   Gagne55
Dodgers blow another early ead on the Pirates. Arg.
2006-09-21 20:40:05
148.   Bluebleeder87
i don't know Eddie Murrays approach on teaching a kid how to approach hitting but it looks like everybody has the book on Kemp, he should counter how he approaches his at bats.JMO. stroke out with a curve.
2006-09-21 20:40:41
149.   we are infinite
145 - Yeah true enough, hehe.
2006-09-21 20:40:50
150.   StolenMonkey86
143 - He might be, but he's also OPSing .937 with 34 homers on the year.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-09-21 20:41:22
151.   Bluebleeder87
Kemp hasn't played at all for a while so i'm cool with it.
2006-09-21 20:41:33
152.   StolenMonkey86
very nice AB by Furcal there
2006-09-21 20:42:23
153.   Johnny Nucleo
Hopefully Saenz can have another kick at this guy before the inning ends up. Please, Kenny, don't GIDP on the first pitch.
2006-09-21 20:43:14
154.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
AZ's Webb gets out of a two-on jam. SD still leads 3-1.
2006-09-21 20:43:27
155.   we are infinite
Yep I have a good feeling about this inning now.
2006-09-21 20:44:12
156.   JoeyP
This is Jim Tracy at his finest.
Leave struggling pitcher in to bat, just so he attempt to navigate 5 innings no matter if he's struggling. Said pitcher then does not make it out of inning.

Jim Tracy 101 tonite, being taught by the guy that wrote the textbook.

2006-09-21 20:44:38
157.   Bluebleeder87
my Dodger mojo rocks!
2006-09-21 20:44:43
158.   StolenMonkey86
Dear Olmedo,

Please hit the ball in the air.



2006-09-21 20:45:22
159.   Mark Joseph
We have to score now...
2006-09-21 20:46:03
160.   natepurcell
dear dodgerthoughtsfantasy league,

please trade with me.


fasano's #1 fan.

2006-09-21 20:46:32
161.   capdodger
156 You forgot one: "Groundball off of a catcher-playing-first-baseman's mitt."
2006-09-21 20:46:46
162.   Paul Scott
I think we should PH Loney here. Saenz served his purpose, no need to let him fail at a series of right-handed curves.
2006-09-21 20:47:25
163.   Johnny Nucleo
This Sharpless dude has walked 8 batters in 8.2 innings and somehow still has a 2.08 era.
2006-09-21 20:47:35
164.   Gagne55
156 I think Clint Hurdle likes that textbook. ;)
2006-09-21 20:48:13
165.   Bluebleeder87
please throw Olmedo a fastball Pirate pitcher.
2006-09-21 20:49:08
166.   Bluebleeder87

i see your point

2006-09-21 20:49:53
167.   Bluebleeder87
hit it to right Olmedo or in the air.
2006-09-21 20:50:25
168.   Paul Scott
Good. He'll probably K, but at least no GIDP now.
2006-09-21 20:50:26
169.   we are infinite
OK now we have even LESS of an excuse not to score.
2006-09-21 20:50:38
170.   3upn3down
Saenz won't see a fastball with 1B open.
2006-09-21 20:50:47
171.   Gagne55
How would you like to be a pitcher named Sharpless?
2006-09-21 20:50:48
172.   GMac In The 909
2006-09-21 20:50:49
173.   Bluebleeder87
my nerves are on over load right now
2006-09-21 20:51:09
174.   dzzrtRatt
not even Vladimir Guerrero would have swung at that pitch.
2006-09-21 20:51:22
175.   Bluebleeder87
2006-09-21 20:51:27
176.   natepurcell
that was utterly ridiculous Olemedo.
2006-09-21 20:51:43
177.   Jon Weisman
The next time someone talks about an overeager rookie swinging at ball four, show them Saenz swinging at a pitch that was two feet outside from almost the moment it left Sharpless' hand.
2006-09-21 20:51:50
178.   capdodger
That was almost Betre-esque.
2006-09-21 20:52:07
179.   Mark Joseph
This would be a really good time for Kent to get that 500th career double.
2006-09-21 20:52:09
180.   regfairfield
Olmedo is very good is what he does.

That's not one of the things he's good at.

2006-09-21 20:52:12
181.   Andrew Shimmin
Next guy who swings a bat against this guy should have to run laps.
2006-09-21 20:52:19
182.   3upn3down
Be a hero Kent.
2006-09-21 20:52:30
183.   Bluebleeder87
you really can't get mad at Olmedo today, he did hit a dinger.
2006-09-21 20:52:31
184.   capdodger
174 He might have, but he would have at least fouled it off.
2006-09-21 20:53:10
185.   GMac In The 909
No swinging unless it is on a tee
2006-09-21 20:53:10
186.   Paul Scott
174 Saenz is a terrible batter with a righty tossing breaking stuff. Somehow, Tracy never noticed. Little appears to like the "professional hitter" as well, regardless of the terrible matchup. Hopefully Drew gets a hit...
2006-09-21 20:53:20
187.   Gagne55
174 Was it the height of his head. I've noticed he's a sucker for the high fastball.
2006-09-21 20:53:41
188.   GMac In The 909
183 That dinger is first inning news
2006-09-21 20:53:42
189.   Bluebleeder87
come on J.D. Drew.
2006-09-21 20:53:50
190.   Jon Weisman
183 - I'm not mad at him; I'm just amazed by that swing.
2006-09-21 20:54:16
191.   Johnny Nucleo
Walks as good as a hit here. Drew's been playing well lately. I'm hopeful.
2006-09-21 20:54:41
192.   Mark Joseph
This would be a really good time for Drew to get his 157th career double.
2006-09-21 20:54:41
193.   Paul Scott
183 I am not upset at Olmedo. He did exactly what I expected. He also did exactly what Little should have expected. That out is on Little, not Saenz.
2006-09-21 20:54:47
194.   3upn3down
Red Light Drew.
2006-09-21 20:54:51
195.   Gagne55
188 Indeed. The Dodgers' first inning leads have not meant anything in this series.
2006-09-21 20:54:57
196.   Bluebleeder87
i love it!!
2006-09-21 20:55:00
197.   GMac In The 909
Ball eight ...
2006-09-21 20:55:06
198.   Mark Joseph
Gee, each time I suggest a double, the guy walks...
2006-09-21 20:55:10
199.   StolenMonkey86
2006-09-21 20:55:17
200.   we are infinite
Mmm that's it just walk in a couple like in the Giants/Brewers game. Tracy won't take him out before it's way too late anyway.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-09-21 20:55:27
201.   capdodger
Jason Grabowski, call your office.
2006-09-21 20:55:34
202.   JoeyP
Too bad Saenz swung at ball 4.
This guy has no control at all.
2006-09-21 20:55:35
203.   Jon Weisman
He's wilder than Les Walrond!
2006-09-21 20:55:39
204.   StolenMonkey86
194 - Green circles = red light. :)
2006-09-21 20:55:41
205.   Gagne55
193 Perhaps it's a detriment to both.
2006-09-21 20:55:52
206.   Johnny Nucleo
This is more like the Pirate team we were expecting to see.
2006-09-21 20:55:56
207.   Bluebleeder87


2006-09-21 20:56:13
208.   confucius
Finally got my sharpless pun from Vin. I was dying for it all inning.
2006-09-21 20:56:19
209.   capdodger
Good musical choice on the stadium PA. It would be better on an organ, but whatever...
2006-09-21 20:56:29
210.   3upn3down
Red Light Russ.
2006-09-21 20:57:03
211.   Mark Joseph

What was it? Wild Thing?

2006-09-21 20:57:18
212.   Gagne55
204 Gotta take 3-0 with a pitcher not hving controll. Especially with the bases loaded.
2006-09-21 20:57:33
213.   lakerican
Try to be more descriptive. GameDay is off/down right now...
2006-09-21 20:58:05
214.   dzzrtRatt
I missed some of this inning watching The Office. A super cringemaker.
2006-09-21 20:58:35
215.   MSarg29
what a crappy call
2006-09-21 20:58:38
216.   Gagne55
211 Born to be wild?
2006-09-21 20:58:38
217.   Bluebleeder87
the ump falt bad for the Pirate pitcher i think.
2006-09-21 20:58:58
218.   natepurcell
grady ran in as fast as he ran out.
2006-09-21 20:59:20
219.   we are infinite
Hey now, where's the X-mo on that one?
2006-09-21 20:59:23
220.   Gagne55
215 What happened?
2006-09-21 20:59:33
221.   StolenMonkey86
208 - what'd he say?
2006-09-21 21:00:06
222.   3upn3down
Russ out on a questionable check swing.
2006-09-21 21:00:10
223.   JoeyP
We'd still be batting if we'd just sent up cardboard cut outs.


2006-09-21 21:00:12
224.   capdodger
211 "I'm all shook up."
2006-09-21 21:00:32
225.   Bluebleeder87

nothing he just ran out & ran back in.

2006-09-21 21:01:01
226.   Bluebleeder87
well atleast my Dodger mojo didn't fail me.
2006-09-21 21:01:01
227.   RELX
It's bullpen time!!!
2006-09-21 21:01:31
228.   capdodger
Oh... now we get Loney. Silly Little.
2006-09-21 21:01:58
229.   Xeifrank
Who taught Furcal that one handed bunt?
vr, Xei
2006-09-21 21:02:09
230.   underdog
Or as GameDay put it, "Defensive switch from first base to first base for James Loney."

I... see.

2006-09-21 21:02:15
231.   StolenMonkey86
Defensive switch from first base to first base for James Loney.

Gameday is drunk.

2006-09-21 21:02:31
232.   Gagne55
222 Fwiw, Gameday had that pitch on the corner of their strikezone.
2006-09-21 21:02:49
233.   Paul Scott
LOL - now THAT is a Tracy. Giving Saenz that PA and then bringing in Loney as a defensive Sub. Bahh. We need the Pirates out of here soon. Something evil is rubbing off on Little.
2006-09-21 21:03:10
234.   Bluebleeder87
great pitch by Biemel wow, curve or slider almost in the dirt to strike out the Pirate hitter.
2006-09-21 21:03:26
235.   3upn3down
Has Beimel gone two innings this year in one outing?
2006-09-21 21:03:41
236.   Gagne55
227 NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
2006-09-21 21:04:19
237.   underdog
Yeah, the Office was very squirm-inducing tonight (but I won't say more for the benefit of anyone who's Tivo'd it).
2006-09-21 21:04:30
238.   Gagne55
Not that I'd leave in Bills. I just fear the pen right now.
2006-09-21 21:04:39
239.   capdodger
Hmm... The Padres-Dbacks gameday is working.
2006-09-21 21:04:40
240.   Bluebleeder87
hey you guys think Beimel should pitch 2 innings? he pitched yesterday so he's probabley tired.
2006-09-21 21:04:41
241.   3upn3down
235 yes, 4 times this year.
2006-09-21 21:05:24
242.   dzzrtRatt
"Hugo Chavez, mmm-hmmm."

Vin gets political!

2006-09-21 21:05:25
243.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
This may the only time I've heard Vin get political.
2006-09-21 21:05:27
244.   Gagne55
This actually reminds me of September 2002 with all the short outings from starters.
2006-09-21 21:05:49
245.   MSarg29
nice pick off move
2006-09-21 21:06:05
246.   Paul Scott
238 Bills was already taken out. Kemp struck out for him.
2006-09-21 21:06:07
247.   we are infinite
Yeah wow that foray into politics threw me for a loop.
2006-09-21 21:06:27
248.   Gagne55
violation under rule #5 alert
2006-09-21 21:07:00
249.   Bluebleeder87

he really must have disliked what Chavez said.

2006-09-21 21:07:20
250.   Paul Scott
Top of the 8th in SD. Leadoff Tripple for Roberts. Still 3-1.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-09-21 21:07:29
251.   Bluebleeder87

back to the game.

2006-09-21 21:08:00
252.   Johnny Nucleo
After that inning, Sharpless' ERA is 1.93 . Chalk up one earned run to Youman.

Reminds me of Tim Hamulack early on in the year. Let inherited runners score by the bushel, but had a 0.00 ERA for a spell.

2006-09-21 21:09:46
253.   Bluebleeder87
i hope Lugo proves all of us wrong today, let's go Lugo!!
2006-09-21 21:10:43
254.   Greg S
Lugo with a fly ball to the track. Huh.
2006-09-21 21:10:45
255.   Paul Scott
Bases loaded in SD now, still no outs.
2006-09-21 21:11:01
256.   natepurcell
lugo almost did something useful.
2006-09-21 21:11:06
257.   Gagne55
253 Lugo's been decent of late.
2006-09-21 21:11:50
258.   capdodger
Somebody needs to tell Lugo that he has warning-track power. Grady needs to get Willy Mays Hayes on him.
2006-09-21 21:12:01
259.   Andrew Shimmin
Vin was the only guy on television talking about the 2002 coup in Venezuela, the day it happened.
2006-09-21 21:13:52
260.   capdodger
Wait... What did Vin say and what was the context? I missed it because I was cleaning my toilet...
2006-09-21 21:14:04
261.   Gen3Blue
Now that's something extra from whoever that was. Beimel?
2006-09-21 21:14:04
262.   Greg S
257. You mean like, he's given money to the poor? Or adopted foster children?
2006-09-21 21:15:35
263.   underdog
You guys are keeping me more updated than GameDay or Yahoo are. And my internet connection (wireless) is now too slow for watching MLBTV. So... thanks!
2006-09-21 21:15:37
264.   Bluebleeder87
i still feel we need more runs.
2006-09-21 21:16:08
265.   Gen3Blue
How's Lugo doing now?
2006-09-21 21:17:32
266.   we are infinite
Broxton is coming in next. Please Lord let us get through the night without having to see anybody else from the pen besides him and Saito.
2006-09-21 21:17:49
267.   Bluebleeder87
Beimel looks very sharp.
2006-09-21 21:18:09
268.   we are infinite
D-Backs escape without allowing a run. Top of 9th coming up in SD
2006-09-21 21:18:23
269.   Paul Scott
Somehow, Vizcaino got out of a bases-loaded, no outs. Still 3-1 SD going into bottom of the 8th.
2006-09-21 21:18:37
270.   Gagne55
262 Idk. I thought I remembered he had a good game recently. Perhaps I'm crediting him with one of Marlon Andeson's games though. Although Anderson looks like he could be Betemit's brother.
2006-09-21 21:18:38
271.   Bluebleeder87

he hasn't gotten a hit, but he did hit the ball hard his last at bat.

2006-09-21 21:18:56
272.   Greg S
Innings 6 & 7 - unscathed!
2006-09-21 21:19:19
273.   Gagne55
268 But can they get 2 runs?
2006-09-21 21:19:27
274.   3upn3down
An unassisted DP in SD and the dbacks get out of a bases loaded jam giving up none. Last chance for AZ to pull it out.
2006-09-21 21:19:52
275.   Gen3Blue
263 Bless yoou, I know the feeling well.
Tnank god for that arm on Furcal! Just threw out Jack wilson, I think.
2006-09-21 21:20:04
276.   confucius
Biemel is a golden god.
2006-09-21 21:20:08
277.   Paul Scott
271 Which would be great if hard hit outs counted for anything. ;)
2006-09-21 21:20:27
278.   we are infinite
273 - If Beimel can make it two innings without a hit, the D-Backs can rally =)
2006-09-21 21:20:32
279.   Gagne55
266 That guy is getting ridden hard. I hope he isn't too badly fatigued today.
2006-09-21 21:20:38
280.   Johnny Nucleo
2 scoreless innings for Beimel, 18 pitches. Lately he's been our most consistent reliever. Pretty good for a non-roster invitee.
2006-09-21 21:21:50
281.   Gagne55
278 Against Trevor Hoffman?
2006-09-21 21:22:10
282.   Bluebleeder87
that's why he needs to get in shape this coming off season if you ask me.
2006-09-21 21:22:15
283.   we are infinite
Mm, point taken.
2006-09-21 21:22:21
284.   Greg S
280 Broxton and Saito weren't much more that that either.
2006-09-21 21:22:27
285.   underdog
Wasn't Beimel formerly on the Pirates at one point? Maybe had extra motivation, too. But he has pitched well as of late, and not as a "LOOGY."
2006-09-21 21:23:28
286.   Bluebleeder87
freaking Jim Tracy wants to win this game bad!
2006-09-21 21:23:33
287.   Gagne55
282 Who are you referring to?
2006-09-21 21:23:39
288.   Johnny Nucleo
Rallying against Trevor Hoffman is tough. When was the last time a team did that?
2006-09-21 21:24:22
289.   underdog
288 Yeah, you have to be a team with a lot of power to even have a chance of doing that. ;-)
2006-09-21 21:24:41
290.   Gagne55
286 If he does, then the Pirates split the season series. woah
2006-09-21 21:24:45
291.   Paul Scott
288 If GD is accurate - he is wild tonight.
2006-09-21 21:25:08
292.   we are infinite
Very funny, 288 ;)
2006-09-21 21:25:25
293.   Gagne55
289 The kind that can produce 4 straight home runs?
2006-09-21 21:26:04
294.   we are infinite
Hoffman is not in top form, true.
2006-09-21 21:27:46
295.   Gagne55
I saw a red circle two feet outside to Gonzo. Then I saw "foul" and and went had a sigh of relief.
2006-09-21 21:28:19
296.   Paul Scott
Gonzalez just flied out after fouling off balls 3 and 4 back to back. 1 out left in SD.
2006-09-21 21:28:20
297.   Gagne55
294 Doesn't he have a tender shoulder or something?
2006-09-21 21:28:47
298.   Gagne55
296 Well that sucks.
2006-09-21 21:28:53
299.   we are infinite
C'mon Carlos Quentin! Tomorrow I'll hate yer guts but tonight you're awesome.
2006-09-21 21:29:22
300.   Paul Scott
Over. SD wins 3-1. :/
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-09-21 21:29:31
301.   Gagne55
i don't like Luis Gonzalez
2006-09-21 21:30:08
302.   Bluebleeder87

the Bull

2006-09-21 21:30:11
303.   capdodger
I have a bad feeling about this....
2006-09-21 21:30:43
304.   Bluebleeder87

but in all honesty they are using him alot.

2006-09-21 21:31:02
305.   Greg S
2006-09-21 21:31:15
306.   MSarg29
my heart jumped into my throat there.
2006-09-21 21:31:19
307.   natepurcell
thanks for scaring the crap out of me Broxton.
2006-09-21 21:31:50
308.   Bluebleeder87
i'm hoping for a DP.
2006-09-21 21:31:52
309.   Johnny Nucleo
Was that as scary as Gameday made it look?
Beef could use a few days off.
2006-09-21 21:31:56
310.   Greg S
2006-09-21 21:32:23
311.   we are infinite
Groan... I don't know about this...
2006-09-21 21:32:38
312.   underdog
Um, yeah. Good Brox. And a queasy feeling descends upon us.
2006-09-21 21:33:00
313.   JoeyP
If Tracy lets Doumit hit here, I'll give him credit. Generally, even if the season is over, Tracy would still pinch hit with some scrappy veteran like Joe Randa.
2006-09-21 21:33:22
314.   Bluebleeder87
Brox's curve dons't instill comfidence in me.
2006-09-21 21:33:34
315.   underdog
Is this a coaching visit to the mound? My GameDay's stuck again.
2006-09-21 21:33:38
316.   capdodger
GIDP. Please.
2006-09-21 21:34:00
317.   Bluebleeder87
he's haning those curves i'm telling you!!
2006-09-21 21:34:10
318.   confucius
309 Vin called it as if it was a homer. Right now the Dodgers need starters to go way deeper than Billingsly did. There aren't any relievers I want to see in there right now.
2006-09-21 21:34:14
319.   we are infinite
There was a coaching visit but Brox is pitching again. 1-1
2006-09-21 21:34:52
320.   JoeyP
Eh maybe he should have.
Doumit has been awful tonite.
2006-09-21 21:35:06
321.   we are infinite
Ahahah Doumit got ejected.
2006-09-21 21:35:06
322.   underdog

One more of those "K" things, please.

2006-09-21 21:35:07
323.   Bluebleeder87

i meant he's hanging those curves sorry.

2006-09-21 21:35:48
324.   dzzrtRatt
"I'm Doumitt, dammit!"
2006-09-21 21:36:12
325.   Johnny Nucleo
Ejections aren't nearly as much fun on Gameday as they are on TV. They need to do something about that.
2006-09-21 21:36:14
326.   Bluebleeder87
2006-09-21 21:36:34
327.   Paul Scott
The Bull makes good!
2006-09-21 21:36:35
328.   Greg S
I do believe the ump said "get the "F" out!" as he tossed him.
The rule #1 violation was his not mine!
2006-09-21 21:36:45
329.   JoeyP
Pirates have blown quite a lot of chances tonite.
2006-09-21 21:36:50
330.   Greg S
2006-09-21 21:36:54
331.   MSarg29
wow dodged some bullets there.
2006-09-21 21:36:57
332.   underdog
Holy crap, that made me nervous just on GameDay. I can only imagine how it was to see on TV.
2006-09-21 21:38:00
333.   confucius
Even though it's great to see an opposing player thrown out, I'm really tired of this little hobbit that is calling balls and strikes tonight.
2006-09-21 21:38:01
334.   confucius
Even though it's great to see an opposing player thrown out, I'm really tired of this little hobbit that is calling balls and strikes tonight.
2006-09-21 21:38:29
335.   Bluebleeder87

watching those little rinkles by Brox made me heart pump a little faster than i would have liked.

2006-09-21 21:39:14
336.   Johnny Nucleo
We've got Kent and Drew coming up against a September call-up. I'm hopeful for some insurance here.
2006-09-21 21:39:15
337.   Bluebleeder87

little hobbit?

2006-09-21 21:39:30
338.   Bluebleeder87
more runs please!
2006-09-21 21:40:11
339.   we are infinite
With all due respect to the ump, he is quite hobbit-like.
2006-09-21 21:40:33
340.   JoeyP
Lets try the corked bats we used on monday night fellas. 1 run lead might not be enough this evening.
2006-09-21 21:41:00
341.   Bluebleeder87
what's a hobbit?
2006-09-21 21:42:17
342.   JoeyP
This is a real subte move, but I dont like Repko pinch running for Kent. If the game goes into extra innings, the team might need Kent's bat in the lineup. I just dont think you add much by having Repko pinch run.
2006-09-21 21:42:22
343.   capdodger
Oh Boy! A Scrappy Dog Sighting.
2006-09-21 21:42:30
344.   Bluebleeder87

did you see what Jim Colborn was doing when Kent was at 1st?

2006-09-21 21:42:39
345.   Paul Scott
341 That is a juoke, right?
2006-09-21 21:43:04
346.   Greg S
Bob, get the kid a library card. Or at least a Blockbuster card.
2006-09-21 21:43:06
347.   DadofMondy
Quick google of the hobbit Greg Gibson reveals Red Sox controversy last year involving Schilling. I would put him higher on the jerk-o-meter than Doumit. Good to see ol' Jim's arms-out-like-an-airplane thing he does when he's keeping his player from assaulting an umpire.
2006-09-21 21:43:22
348.   capdodger
342 - I think Grady might be managing here in an effort to avoid extra innings.
2006-09-21 21:43:46
349.   Bluebleeder87
I like Drew the last couple of games.
2006-09-21 21:44:53
350.   Greg S
342. Kent would not have gotten to 3rd on the single.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-09-21 21:45:19
351.   Dodger Hill
341. Looks like Elijah Wood, only smaller
2006-09-21 21:45:19
352.   we are infinite
If Drew didn't seem so bland as a person I'd be so much more tempted to respond to him either positively or negatively. But for now, my feelings remain, well, meh.
2006-09-21 21:45:47
353.   Bluebleeder87
a fly ball to the outfield would nice here
2006-09-21 21:46:44
354.   Greg S
2006-09-21 21:46:57
355.   JoeyP
For all of Russ's good qualities, base running is not one of them.
2006-09-21 21:47:05
356.   Bluebleeder87
those bunt to score a runner from 3rd are freaking awesome when you're at the ballpark.
2006-09-21 21:47:07
357.   we are infinite
All right!
2006-09-21 21:47:36
358.   Paul Scott
Was that a suicide squeeze?
2006-09-21 21:47:53
359.   DodgerKramer
or a squeeze
2006-09-21 21:47:59
360.   Greg S
355 Not the first time, but boy do I disagree.
2006-09-21 21:48:07
361.   we are infinite
2006-09-21 21:48:29
362.   Greg S
358 Yes.
2006-09-21 21:48:44
363.   Bluebleeder87

yes, & it rocked.

2006-09-21 21:48:48
364.   we are infinite
OK no more starts for Lugo. I'm sorry. I think we all wrote this inning off when he stepped up just now.
2006-09-21 21:48:49
365.   Xeifrank
162 from previous thread is looking pretty good right now.
*Tonight's score:
Pirates: 3
Dodgers: 5
Hitting stars: Saenz & Kent.*
vr, Xei
2006-09-21 21:48:59
366.   Johnny Nucleo
Breathing room. Hasn't been much of that lately.
2006-09-21 21:49:25
367.   confucius
Lugo has cost himself a good amount of money these last two months.
2006-09-21 21:50:07
368.   Bluebleeder87
stop 'em Saito!!
2006-09-21 21:50:09
369.   Paul Scott
355 Russ is a very good baserunner. I expect that will only last a year or two, but he has decent speed and usually good judgement on taking the extra base.
2006-09-21 21:50:16
370.   capdodger
360 Make that two....

352 It took a good play and a strong, accurate throw to get him. He nearly made it in there. Plus, it was only the first out, and the important run had already scored.

2006-09-21 21:50:27
371.   DodgerKramer
you know what would have made that squeeze even better? doing it against La Russa's Cardinals.
2006-09-21 21:50:39
372.   StolenMonkey86
Will we still get our draft picks for him?
2006-09-21 21:50:43
373.   JoeyP
It'd be funny if Dodgers TV gave Joe Bemeil the player of the game award.
2006-09-21 21:50:51
374.   ddger
Lugo better catch everything hit to him in the 9th.
2006-09-21 21:51:07
375.   LeeLacy
How much money do you think Lugo stands to lose during the offseason as a result of his poor showing with the Dodgers?
2006-09-21 21:51:09
376.   Bluebleeder87

it's 5-2 though. pretty darn close.

2006-09-21 21:51:59
377.   Bluebleeder87

why would that be?

2006-09-21 21:52:16
378.   LeeLacy
You and I were obviously thinking the same thing at the same time.
2006-09-21 21:52:46
379.   confucius
350 But he still would have scored from second on Martin's single.
2006-09-21 21:52:49
380.   JoeyP
369. I've seen Russ get hung out to dry on several plays. He also GIDP's a lot.
2006-09-21 21:53:14
381.   Bluebleeder87
anybody with on Saito being an unsung hero, i love Furcal's play of late but were would we be with out of Saito!
2006-09-21 21:54:13
382.   ddger
I'm still waiting for Lugo's 1st HR. Grady keeps batting him 3rd. I'm not sure if he can hit a HR anymore.
2006-09-21 21:54:20
383.   confucius
373 Funny, but it wouldn't be out of line.
2006-09-21 21:54:44
384.   Paul Scott
380 GIDP has absolutely nothing to do with baserunning. It is a combination of GB/FB ratio and raw speed.
2006-09-21 21:54:59
385.   Xeifrank
What does tonight's win improve Bob's record to? 7-3? We should send Bob to the next three games too. If he is a team player, he'd gladly go.
vr, Xei
2006-09-21 21:55:18
386.   Bluebleeder87
our gun says Saito is throwing 93-92
2006-09-21 21:55:18
387.   Greg S
He's a strong baserunner and for a catcher he's a very strong base runner.
2006-09-21 21:55:29
388.   DodgerKramer

sorry, i live in the midwest and can't stand La Russa. He got a lot of notoriety a year or so ago for all his successful squeeze plays.

2006-09-21 21:55:39
389.   ddger
Saito's performance this year is almost Gagne like. He is the biggest surprise for the Dodgers.
2006-09-21 21:56:03
390.   capdodger
385 But what if Bob has to work?
2006-09-21 21:56:19
391.   Bluebleeder87
Bob is at the game today? who new
2006-09-21 21:56:22
392.   we are infinite
2006-09-21 21:56:43
393.   JoeyP
Dont let Jack Wilson get on here.
2006-09-21 21:56:49
394.   StolenMonkey86
390 - cover for him. This might require quite a team . . .
2006-09-21 21:57:21
395.   Greg S
385 Wait fot it please.
2006-09-21 21:57:22
396.   Bluebleeder87


2006-09-21 21:58:31
397.   Bluebleeder87
were was that pitch Hobbit ump!
2006-09-21 21:58:38
398.   Johnny Nucleo
"Defensive indifference" has this kind of existentialist twang to it.
2006-09-21 21:58:48
399.   capdodger
391 - Have you not noticed the lack of erudite comments and arcane factoids?

My clue was the lack of Casey Burnishing.

2006-09-21 21:59:18
400.   StolenMonkey86

98 Strikeouts on the year for Saito.

Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-09-21 21:59:42
401.   DodgerKramer
never thought it would feel so good to beat the Pirates 1 out of 3.
2006-09-21 21:59:45
402.   Bluebleeder87
we're down 1/2 in the NL W. but up 1/2 on the wild card.
2006-09-21 21:59:48
403.   ddger
Saito Game Over.
2006-09-21 22:00:06
404.   we are infinite
Sweet. I didn't want to jinx it, but this is the FIRST Dodgers win that I have watched since I bought during the Cubs series. Jeeeez... Finally.

Those Pirates better sweep or at least win their series down south.

2006-09-21 22:00:51
405.   JoeyP
Dodgers could use a sweep of the Dbax, bc something tells me the Pirates wont win another game until sometime next week.
2006-09-21 22:00:54
406.   Xeifrank
Ok, it's official. Bob must go to the remaining three home games. All libraries will be closed. Kind of like a national holiday. vr, Xei
2006-09-21 22:01:08
407.   Bluebleeder87
let's take care of business against AZ.
2006-09-21 22:01:22
408.   Johnny Nucleo
Good game. Another nailbiter. The Dodgers playoff drive is really getting in the way of finishing my thesis. Thank you all for some very pleasant procrastination! 'night.
2006-09-21 22:02:22
409.   Xeifrank
Vin butchers all three parts of Guo's name. You'd think just like the Dodgers (vs the Pirates) he could get one out of three right!
vr, Xei
2006-09-21 22:02:23
410.   MSarg29
big win
good night all
2006-09-21 22:02:32
411.   Bluebleeder87

Bob is leaving Dodger Stadium a happy customer.

2006-09-21 22:02:38
412.   Paul Scott
It is truely remarkable that an aging mediocre pitcher in Japan can dominate for so long in the U.S. I just figured Saito was getting lucky early in the year, combined with no one having seen him. I was reasonably certain he would not be our "closer" still at this point in the season.
2006-09-21 22:03:11
413.   LeeLacy
It's only been three days since our last victory. But for some reason, it was starting to feel like it had been weeks. Good to be back on the winning track. Now, as to tomorrow, it would be nice for the Dodgers to do something novel, something they haven't done in nearly three weeks: win back-to-back games.
2006-09-21 22:03:20
414.   Bluebleeder87
in my own words, Tommy Lasorda at 10:30
2006-09-21 22:04:06
415.   regfairfield
412 Hopefully between Saito's success and the failures of Danys Baez Ned is learning lessons about bullpen construction.
2006-09-21 22:04:27
416.   Greg S
Billingsley threw well. It was a different game from him with more curveballs than fastballs. But whatever, he was consistently around the plate. I don't expect him to go more than six at best but if he can keep us in games for six, than I guess he's worthy of a spot in this rotation.
2006-09-21 22:04:56
417.   Bluebleeder87

Saito has been a god send

2006-09-21 22:05:23
418.   Xeifrank
411. Leaving?? Bob should just camp out in the Dodger bullpen and use his scorebook as a pillow and Tomko's glove as a midnight snack.
vr, Xei
2006-09-21 22:06:59
419.   Gen3Blue
The guy who is the only certainty in the line-up: Hows Lugo doing now!
2006-09-21 22:07:27
420.   micktissue
Same Over?
2006-09-21 22:07:40
421.   caseybarker
Billingsley's curveball looked nasty tonight. I hope he's on his way back.
2006-09-21 22:07:58
422.   Paul Scott
415 If by that you mean "toss some live arms out there and hope for the best" then I agree. My guess, however, is he'll look for some more "saves" guys to waste money or talent on in the offseason.
2006-09-21 22:11:17
423.   LeeLacy
In addition to the much-deserved praise being heaped upon Saito, a tip of the hat goes out to Beimel. Since the end of August, he has lowered his ERA by over three-quarters of a point and has been the most consistent reliever in the Dodger pen of late. He's been the one former D-Ray on the roster who's been something less than a disaster.
2006-09-21 22:14:34
424.   Bluebleeder87

that brings a thought, Bob uses a weird scorebook atleast it seems weird to me. my couch & avery body i know uses the troditional scorebook.

2006-09-21 22:15:11
425.   Jike Spingleton
Sorry if I missed it, but did the Dodgers re-call Franquelis Osoria? There was a lanky dude in a #57 uniform out there shaking hands right as Vin was signing off. I ask because Jon made the suggestion this morning, but I couldn't find anything on the Dodger Blog or in the Notes, and darn it if those names aren't back on the jerseys for another five months or so....
2006-09-21 22:18:13
426.   Gen3Blue
Beimel Maybe. the D's with 10 K tonight. I think that is unusual.
2006-09-21 22:18:40
427.   Paul Scott
I like the absence of names - though it did result in a significant downgrade to my #5 jersey. I don't wear it anymore. :(
2006-09-21 22:24:17
428.   StolenMonkey86
The Dodgers walked 8 times.
2006-09-21 22:29:15
429.   Bluebleeder87
i like the names on the back my self, but i can see people getting mad with the names not on the back. i can read players tendencies very well i guess.
2006-09-21 22:30:17
430.   Gen3Blue
It's what I do(just one thing)
It's what I do
It's deep beneath the skin
It's what I major in
It's what I do (Donald Fagan)
2006-09-21 22:31:04
431.   Bob Timmermann
Don't disrespect my scorebook! You can insult me! You can insult my family! You can insult my cat!

But don't disrespect the scorebook!

2006-09-21 22:36:29
432.   PDH5204
412 He wasn't mediocre in 2001 and 2002. He otherwise simply regained his closer form of those years.
2006-09-21 22:39:32
433.   Bluebleeder87

wow you're little car runs like the wind, but seriously what's the name of you're scorebook Bob just curious.

2006-09-21 22:45:28
434.   Bluebleeder87
Tommy Lasorda was persistent i'll give him that
2006-09-21 22:46:33
435.   Bluebleeder87

i meant i like no names on the back oops sorry.

2006-09-21 22:52:25
436.   thinkblue88
Toby Hall hitting .340+ doesnt count for anything? Why not put him at third? Im sure he would me much more productive than lugo.
2006-09-21 22:55:15
437.   ddger
The key to the game was Beimel's 2 scoreless innings. It seems such a long time ago when our middle relief came through. Beimel's been fantastic (unscored in last 8 appearances and only once in his last 14 appearances has he given up a run) and is really coming through at this critical time. He is 2nd most pleasant surprise after Saito.
2006-09-21 22:58:43
438.   ddger
9 games left. How many do we have to win to win the division? Is 6-3 good enough (86-76)?
2006-09-21 22:58:46
439.   NPB
For all my criticism of Little the last few days, and there's been a lot of it, he handled the game very nicely tonight. Except for starting Lugo. Please don't give that dude any more at-bats this season. Please.
2006-09-21 22:59:27
440.   NPB
438--I think we need to go 7-2.
2006-09-21 23:00:19
441.   Bluebleeder87
good nite peeps, must wake up very very early & go thrue the motions of work.
2006-09-21 23:02:14
442.   ddger
Lugo's presence has kept Martinez on the bench. Martinez had been playing really well and getting some big hits until Lugo showed up. Now he's almost forgotten.
2006-09-21 23:07:53
443.   ddger
We could really use an 8 inning or complete game win by Lowe tomorrow as our bullpen was worked hard tonight.
2006-09-21 23:13:34
444.   capdodger
443 We could really use an 8 inning or complete game win by Lowe tomorrow as our bullpen was worked hard tonight.
And last night. And the night before last. And the night before that....
2006-09-21 23:18:40
445.   bhsportsguy
Well, the notes seem to indicate that Nomar, Kent and Drew are playing everyday until the playoffs are decided, which means that short of facing a LH, I don't see Lugo playing. In fact, the only scheduled LH is Lowry over next weekend, hopefully the playoffs will be set by then.
2006-09-22 00:26:36
446.   bhsportsguy
431 As a season ticket holder for UCLA Football games, I decided that this year, just to pass the time at the games, I would keep "score", that is, take notes of formations, down and distance, and then what the play was and the result.

A couple of things that I noticed, one, you do pick up trends by doing so and two, people ask you all the time what are you doing, are you scout, etc, because keeping score at anything but a baseball game is considered weird.

2006-09-22 01:15:42
447.   Bob Timmermann
I would keep score at a football game except years of doing so at prep games has made me sometimes just want to sit and talk during a game to my friends.

Game programs for football used to have scoresheets inside them that you could use to keep track of yardage, but I think they've been dumped. One thing about college football is that teams will throw to a bunch of receivers, so you have to have a lot of spaces.

2006-09-22 02:13:34
448.   Sam DC
Bluebleeder -- not sure anyone answered you. A hobbit is a race of nice, real short people from a series of fantasy books by british author JRR Tolkein. The main character in the Lord of the Rings movies (Frodo) was a hobbit.
2006-09-22 02:22:14
449.   Sam DC
das411 -- you were asking about Aramis Ramirez. 6-4-2 linked at right has a piece picking up a Will Carroll comment that an extension deal is close.
2006-09-22 08:33:19
450.   Sam DC
For the record, I cannot believe Florida is really going to fire Girardi just because he told the owner not to mouth off to the umps during a game. How can Loria not have some stable greyhair around to take him aside and point out what a childish and ridiculous move that would be. Does Loria have any illusion who comes off looking like the bad guy here.

Are there season ticket holders left in Florida to return their tickets.

Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2006-09-22 08:43:21
451.   regfairfield
450 I don't think it's possible for Loria to be any less popular, so he's got nothing to lose here.
2006-09-22 09:12:02
452.   natepurcell
wow this is really surprising. Bryan Morris and Josh Bell are #1 and #2 respectiviely in the pioneer league top 20 rankings.
2006-09-22 09:16:03
453.   natepurcell
I mean, I have mentioned Josh Bell here alot before as a potential sleeper down the road but I didnt know BA liked him this much as well.

we just need to find a position for him because I have my doubts he can play 3rd base.

2006-09-22 09:34:44
454.   Benaiah
I think the Padres will lose 1 of 3 against the Buccs and at least 1 of 3(Carpenter) and 1 of 4 (Webb) against the Cards and Dbacks respectively. That would put them at 87-75 and the the Dodgers would need to go 7-2 to tie. That I think is worst case scenario, I don't think they will do better than that. On the other hand, they could have trouble with the Buccs and Cards go 2-4 or something and suddenly need a sweep against the D-backs just to finish 86-76. Which is to say, who knows how many we need to win. This would be a lot more exciting if there was a final series against the Pads.
2006-09-22 09:35:06
455.   ssjames
453 According the scouting report on BA, it sounds like they think Bell can play 3rd, but is still adjusting since moving from Short in High School. They say he has the ability, but needs to work on footwork and accuracy. AKA, things that can be fixed.

Also, they seem to think Morris just needs to refine his control. They mentioned that it was a bit of a down year for the league.

With taking the top spots in the GLC and Pioneer league, I think we have a good shot at having 5 top league prospect, with the only league where we have no shot being the SAL.

2006-09-22 09:35:43
456.   Benaiah
Did the Cards lose a game? Like literally can't find it? They have played 151 and there are only 10 games left. What happened? Twice rained out or something?
2006-09-22 09:37:08
457.   Bob Timmermann
The Cardinals had a game against the Giants rained out last week and it will only be replayed if it affects the playoffs which it likely won't.

There's a chance it could affect home field depending upon how the Cardinals and Padres fare against each other next week.

2006-09-22 09:37:39
458.   natepurcell

I guess that means Bell is going to be in BAs dodgers top 10.

2006-09-22 09:58:15
459.   ssjames

I am still not sure he will make the Dodgers' top 10, although it seems likely. At No. 1 and 2 in the Pioneer League, I don't think either player will make the top 100 overall. Kershaw could be in the top 25.

I still think our top 10 looks like this:

1. Elbert
2. LaRoche
3. Kershaw
4. Loney
5. Orenduff
6. Meloan
7. Abreu
8. Dewitt

The rest of prospects are then fighting it out for the last two spots, with Morris, Mattingley, Miller, Bell and Hu.

The only ones who figure to make the top 100 are LaRoche, Elbert, Kershaw and Loney, but they all will be the top 50 imo. Dewitt may also make it, but I am lower on him lately than the ones higher my list. He will probably be no. 5 on BA's Dodgers list.

It is shame that some of our prospects have just barely crossed the line of non-prospecthood. Kemp and Kuo would also make great prospects.

2006-09-22 10:03:52
460.   natepurcell
With taking the top spots in the GLC and Pioneer league, I think we have a good shot at having 5 top league prospect, with the only league where we have no shot being the SAL.

Meloan is a possibility to make the SAL league top 5 but I think the only thing that will prevent him is the limited innings he pitched in the sal.

or basically, the limited amount of innings hes pitched total this past year. But still, that 15.75 k/9IP and that 5.5+:1 K:bb ratio is just basically domination.

2006-09-22 10:17:46
461.   gibsonhobbs88
454 - Yes, who knows in this wacky west how many wins are needed. Dodgers need to take care of business the next 6 games against the Snakes and Rockies then see where we stand going into the last weekend. I am hoping the Cards don't clinch this weekend so they would still need a win to clinch when they play the Padres. I am hoping the Pirates can salvage at least 1 this weekend and maybe give the Padres enough trouble to take 2. Padres do have Young, Peavy and Hensley going this weekend. Pirates will probably have Zach Duke and Snell for two of the games. If I had to guess 6-3 or 7-2 should be enough but don't hold me to that.:)
2006-09-22 10:22:32
462.   Sam DC
This is for Marty, though I expect most people would be interested. Ever hear of this place -- Mulligans in ATL.

As said in the article: "That is America right there."

2006-09-22 10:24:42
463.   Frip
Jon Weisman: "The Dodgers are in between great and bad; the chances of them losing to a doormat and defeating a potential champion are about equal. They offer nothing if not suspense. Will the 3-2 pitch be hit or missed, will the ball travel 380 feet or 400? They are log-rolling on a see-saw."

So well said. You captured the essense of it a perfectly.

2006-09-22 10:27:01
464.   Bob Timmermann
The Pirates are going with Gorzelanny, Duke, and Snell over the weekend.
2006-09-22 10:39:46
465.   Xeifrank
Oaks Christian vs
St Bonaventure
tonight in a much anticipated high school football matchup. OC has a 33 game winning streak and SB has a 27 game winning streak. OC is lead by 19 year old QB Jimmy Claussen who will most likely be the starting QB for Notre Dame next year. Wendel Tyler's son is their star RB and is headed to USC. Half of the OC starting team is headed to Div I schools next year. OC has been much maligned for not having played a tough enough schedule, but tonight's matchup will certainly put them to the test. The game has been sold out since the beginning of the year. ESPN, SI and other top sports affiliates will be covering the game. The game will be televised tonight on FSN.
vr, Xei
2006-09-22 10:41:24
466.   Bob Timmermann
If the Dodgers are still the wild card team Saturday, I will be wearing my checkered jersey to the game.
2006-09-22 10:53:23
467.   Sam DC
On the front page of right now are articles about (i) Ryder Cup team losing to Europe, (ii) US losing to Russia in Davis Cup tennis, and (iii) US nat'l women's basketball team losing to Russia.

I think Lou Dobbs could get a show out of this.

2006-09-22 10:53:28
468.   dzzrtRatt
From Plaschke today, quoting Jim Tracy:

"You have to understand, I have a lot of friends over there, people who helped us win that division championship two years ago....

Saenz, Carrara and who else? Gagne if he was dressed. Penny, kind of.

Tracy reminds me of Bruce Dickinson:

"I put my pants on just like the rest of you - one leg at a time. Except, once my pants are on, I win a division championship in 2004!"

2006-09-22 11:11:21
469.   Sam DC
Allright Bob, anyone. Here's a reference-challenge.

I'm going camping this weekend at Cunningham Falls state park MD. I'd like a website where I can print out a map of what the stars will look like at about 9 pm tomorrow night with some consetllations identified so I can point them out to the kids.

I'll be waiting . . .

2006-09-22 11:15:39
470.   Bob Timmermann
2006-09-22 11:17:14
471.   Sam DC
Thanks! Four minutes though . . .

I actually found that weather underground has some pretty neat stuff too like this.

2006-09-22 11:20:30
472.   Frip
I mean this as a purely objective observation. Jim Tracy has the aspect of a rat. And the pajama look doesn't help.
2006-09-22 11:20:48
473.   gibsonhobbs88
463 - Of course, the Dodgers history shows that the Dodgers through the years seem to make things as difficult as possible on themselves. They almost seem to relish it, put themselves in a dire mess and see if they can extricate themselves out of it. The name really fits the team history of close wins, hearbreaking defeats and near misses, going down to the last 3 days of the season having to play a hated rival with everything at stake. Our team, a maddening, perplexing, exhilarating, heart-stopping ride over so many years. I have followed them since I was 8 in 1969 and I've read their history, so I empathasize with Dodger fans over the years pain and glory.
2006-09-22 11:30:28
474.   Bob Timmermann
This was asked earlier, but the teams with the fewest days in first that won the pennant are the 1951 Giants, for 3 games, which were the last three of the regular season before the playoff (9/28-30).

My record book doesn't have a listing for a team with the latest day taking over first in AL, but it does list fewest days in first for an AL pennant winner and it's 20 by the 1967 Red Sox. The Twins could challenge that. I don't believe the Twins have been in first place at all at the end of any day this season.

2006-09-22 11:46:01
475.   Bob Timmermann
Dodger team records that could fall:

Batting average:
Record .272 in 1974 (1511 for 5557)
Right now .274 (1456 for 5313)

Left on base:
1223 in 1982
Presently 1162. That's 61 fewer. The Dodgers would need to leave 6-7 runners per game.

1515 in 1970
Presently 1456. That's 59 hits. If the Dodgers don't get 59 hits in the next nine games, they're not making the playoffs.

At bats:
5642 in 1982
Presently 5313. The Dodgers would need to average a little over 36 ABs per game to break this. Since they're on the road for six games, they have a shot.

Total bases:
2362 in 2000.
Presently 2276. They're 86 short. Coors Field will tell the tale.

.431 in 2000
Presently .428
Hmm... It all depends upon Coors.

.342 in 1974
Presently .346
This will probably hold up.

As for right now, the Dodgers have no batting title qualifiers who are batting over .300. Furcal is at .299 as is Garciaparra. Nomar heeds 16 trips to the plate to qualify.

2006-09-22 11:47:07
476.   dianagramr
Hmmm ... the Dodgers haven't won back-to-back games since the beginning of September ... and they might STILL win the division

2006-09-22 11:48:49
477.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers and Tigers can hold a joint playoff clinching stumble party.
2006-09-22 11:52:50
478.   regfairfield
I can confirm that the Twins have never been in first this year.
2006-09-22 12:04:16
479.   gibsonhobbs88
Brooklyn/LA close calls & near misses! 1941-1981!!

1941 - Lost WS to Yankees (Mickey Owen's PB)
1946 - Lost NL playoff to Cardinals
1947 - Won NL pennant - lost WS to Yanks
1949 - Ditto 1947
1950 - Lost to Phillies Whiz Kids last weekend of season
1951 - We all know! No need to elaborate!
1952-53 - Won NL pennant - lost WS to Yanks
1955 - Finally - Won WS vs. Yanks in 7
1956 - Lost WS to Yankees
1959 - Won NL playoff vs. Braves - Won WS v. White Sox in 6.
1962 - Lost to Hated ones in NL Playoff series.
1963 - Glorious - Won in sweep in WS over Yankees
1965 - Won by 1 game over Giants coming from 5 back with 15 to play -Won WS over Twins in 7.
1966 - Won NL pennant on last weekend. Swept by Orioles in WS
1971 - Lost Division to Hated ones by 1 game
1973 - Young team collapsed in Sept. finished 2nd to Reds.
1974 - Won Division by 4 games over Reds, beat Pirates in NLCS - Lost WS to A's.
1977 - Won west handily by 10, beat Phillies in NLCS - Lost to Yankees in 6 in WS
1978 - Won West, Beat Phills, lose to Yankees.
1980 - Lost to Astros in 1 game playoff after sweeping last three games in season to tie.
1981 - Strike year-Won Division series 3-2 after down 0-2 to Astros, beat Expos in NLCS 3-2 after down 1-2 and won WS vs. Yankees in 6 after down 0-2.

2006-09-22 12:05:19
480.   ToyCannon
The Pirates have a nice young rotation. Duke has been on fire lately and Snell is doing the job. Gorzy is just getting his feet wet but going into 2007 with a foursome of Duke, Snell, Maholm, and Gorzy is not bad. They are quite capable of taking 2 of 3 from the Padres right now.
2006-09-22 12:08:34
481.   Benaiah
I don't know if everyone has read the excellent Russell Martin article/interview on I am pumped that we are going to have him around for years to come.

2006-09-22 12:11:06
482.   Bob Timmermann
Hey, what about 1942? That team won 104 games and finished in SECOND.
From August 14 to the end of the year, the Cardinals went 36-6! The Dodgers were 28-17.
2006-09-22 12:19:01
483.   ToyCannon
Bad News, according to rotowire Snell will not pitch Sunday but journeyman Mary McLeary will get the nod.
2006-09-22 12:19:48
484.   ToyCannon
Hopefully they can hold it in the World Series:)
2006-09-22 12:24:31
485.   Bob Timmermann
I hope it's Marty McLeary. And not Mary... ;-)
2006-09-22 12:24:49
486.   underdog
483 Not to be sexist, but I really don't like the Pirates chances in that game with someone named Mary pitching. ;-)
2006-09-22 12:25:22
487.   bigcpa
483 Mary is a bit of a soft-tosser, but she does induce a lot of grounders.
2006-09-22 12:25:43
488.   underdog

Meanwhile, back to our minor leaguers - what's the scoop on Nic Akins? Is he playing in the system? He was one of the more highly rated HS players before the year, came out of LA.

2006-09-22 12:25:45
489.   bigcpa
Can I ever be first with a wisecrack?
2006-09-22 12:29:22
490.   Sam DC
Life is strange: "Two dogs owned by Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Joey Porter got off his fenced property and killed a miniature horse on a nearby farm, leading to citations that carry several hundred dollars in potential fines."
2006-09-22 12:30:19
491.   Bob Timmermann
I think I've seen the face of Mary McLeary in the dirt around the pitchers mound at PNC.
2006-09-22 12:34:16
492.   ToyCannon
Hey I got a question answered on BA chat about my favorite prospect.

Phil from LosAngeles asks:
Is Carlos Santana a prospect? He was actually in High A for a while before going back to the rookie league. High A seemed a stretch given his experience and age and once back in the rookie league he seemed to perform quite well. His patience seems unusual for a young Dominican who has power.

Bryan Smith: Yes, Santana is either #21 or 22 on this list. The Dodgers really tested him by sending him to Vero Beach, and he performed very well. It should be noted that Bell blocked his ability to play third, but he's very good there, and has a cannon for an arm. I heard rumors that he will try catching in the Instructional League, and if he has any success there, his value skyrockets. Gotta love his plate coverage at the plate. Consider me a big fan.

FYI- he posted the 5th highest OPS in the Pioneer league. He only had 100 something at bats but his OPS was higher then the #2 prospect Joshua Bell and he's shown excellent patience so far in his career posting a 423 OB% while barely hitting over 300.

2006-09-22 12:35:37
493.   ssjames
488 Nick Akins went to junior college for the year, which means that after the juco season is over we will have a chance to sign him as a draft and follow. He could have gone to San Diego State to play for Tony Gwynn (he had a scholarship there), but chose juco, because I believe he wants to sign with the Dodgers, after they have a year to evaluate him.

For those who don't know this kid was a potential first round pick out of high school (lives in inner-city L.A.), but at the end of his junior season, his dad got in a fight with the opposing coach and Akins was suspended for the season, and could only play in rec leagues, so it was incredibly difficult to scout him. Hopefully during his year in juco, he can show his talent the Dodgers sign him for something good.

2006-09-22 12:35:48
494.   bhsportsguy
Buster Olney just confirmed the hot new rumor, if the Yankees don't win the championship and A-Rod has a bad post-season, the Yankees may explore a deal and the team that makes the most sense is the Angels.

The deal would probably have to include Chone Figgins and some of their pitching.

2006-09-22 12:37:10
495.   bhsportsguy
492 Way to go, so will you be out at the park for the last series, for myself, its back tonight and Sunday.
2006-09-22 12:42:41
496.   ssjames
492 In the same chat, Bryan Smith, just compared Bryan Morris to a healthy AJ Burnett or Kerry Wood. That is some lofty company, and I hope it is true, but I still have my questions about his ability to throw strikes, especially considering he only has two pitches right now, and will have to learn a 3rd on his way to the bigs.
2006-09-22 12:43:47
497.   still bevens
Is anyone going to attempt to buy playoff tickets online on Monday? I would imagine after all the presales and such there wont be much tickets left to try to pick up..
2006-09-22 12:45:18
498.   Benaiah
494 - How much money does Arod get paid by the Yanks? I heard it wasn't that bad, something slightly less than 20 mill a year with Texas picking up the rest. If the Yanks ate some more than a trade might get Arod for ~15 a year, a bargain considering what it took to get him the first time. I would trade Chone in a second for Arod, though I wouldn't trade Santana, Krod or Weaver in the deal.
2006-09-22 12:52:56
499.   gibsonhobbs88
482 - Sorry about the 1942 omission. I was just going off my memory of reading the history, I didn't have a book with me to refer to as far as that season is concerned. I am just in my law office on my lunch break.
494 - I heard Mason and Ireland discussing this very issue yesterday on their radio show. It would cost the Angels 16 mil as the Rangers pick up 9 mil. It might cost them Shields, Figgins and either 1 starter or a AAA pitcher to get it done.
I almost would rather sign Soriano as a FA and keep the 5 starters they have.
2006-09-22 12:55:52
500.   capdodger
498 I would trade Chone in a second for Arod, though I wouldn't trade Santana, Krod or Weaver in the deal.

Something tells me that the Yankees wouldn't want one of those three anyway...

Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2006-09-22 12:55:53
501.   bhsportsguy
498 I think it is around $15M, they would probably have to put Santana or Weaver and probably Adenhart and maybe another player too.

Figgins wouldn't be as big a loss but they would have to find someone to play CF (Edmonds come home?) And even though they won't know the status of Colon, I do think that they have enough depth to make that deal.

2006-09-22 13:02:35
502.   Benaiah
I think that Figgins and one pitcher is about the extent of what Arod is worth. He is very expensive, doesn't play short anymore, and the Yankees got him for less than that. They traded him for three years of Soriano, while they might get 6 years of a starter and 3 years of Figgins (why do the Yankees even want him anyway?). If the Yankees are going to act like he is damaged goods, then they shouldn't expect everyone to pay stick price anyway.
2006-09-22 13:06:34
503.   ssjames
502 I know A-Rod isn't playing short right now, but you realize he still almost certainly could, at least as well as Jeter does. He was better when he moved, and I don't see anything that would have slowed him. At $16 Million he is a steal of a deal.
2006-09-22 13:09:40
504.   gibsonhobbs88
Continued LA Dodger close calls/near misses

1982 - You all know - Morgan v. Forster last day of season at the Stick!

1983 - Young Kids, Brock, Marshall and Sax win the West, lose to the "Sarge" led Phillies in NLCS.
1985- Won West, lose to Cardinals in NLCS,
"Tommy, you should have walked Jack Clark"
1988 - Bulldog and Gibby with tremendous help from the "Stuntmen" win the west, upset the Mighty Mets in 7 in NLCS and stun the mighty A's in the WS in 5. Last glory year for the Dodgers at this writing.

1991 - Lose to Braves in West on last weekend while playing Will the Thrill and the Hated ones at the "Stick".

1995 - Win division - swept by Reds in NLDS.
1996 - Back into WC after losing all 3 against Padres on last weekend in LA. Padres take division. Swept by Braves in NLDS.
2004 - Win West on next to last day in LA against the Hated ones on 9th inning rally culminated with Finley's walk-off Grand Slam! Lose to Cards in 4 in NLDS.

2006-09-22 13:10:02
505.   Benaiah
503 - He couldn't for the Angels since they have 18 million tied up in Cabrera for the next two years. If the yanks took Cabrera back...
2006-09-22 13:10:29
506.   GoBears
This discussion boggles the mind. I'm not saying it's wrong, but it's hard to believe that A-Rod wouldn't be worth a lot more than Figgins and a AAA pitcher. A LOT more. Look at his numbers. In a down year, he's still a terrific hitter. And the defensive problems are new this year, right? Might just be a slump - a concentration problem - who knows?

If I ran the Angels, I would jump all over such a deal. Guerrero, Rodriguez, Kendrick, and Weaver are probably the only guys I'd hesitate to include in a trade for A-Rod. Maybe one or two of the top prospects as well. Figgins? In a New York minute.

2006-09-22 13:16:38
507.   gibsonhobbs88
502 - If they can get A-Rod for that deal, that is doable. I heard also Torii Hunter is a FA for CF and he liked playing here as a visitor, joking about the rally monkey, ect. His personality would work well with the Angels. I like GA but his days as an everyday LF/hitter are behind him with his various nagging injuries. Juan Rivera while having his best year still was not enough protection for Vlad. So either FA-Soriano and Hunter or trade for A-Rod and sign Hunter to give the Angels two additional bats. OC is still under contract and has better range than A-Rod at SS, will A-Rod be okay staying at 3rd?
2006-09-22 13:17:17
508.   Benaiah
506 - I agree, but only to a point. I think trading two good young arms might not be worth it. Figgins isn't playing the same game as Arod, and he would have to steal 200 bases to make up the difference.
2006-09-22 13:23:11
509.   ToyCannon
He'd make a great CF, ala Robin Yount. I'd trade Ethier, Lowe, and Betemit for him. Plug him into CF and you can afford to let LaRoche be the rookie 3b. A lineup of
JD Drew
WOuld be an excellent combo of youth/veteran, power/speed. With Saenz, Anderson, Repko, Martinez, D Young we'd have a solid bench to boot. If McCourt ever wants to get 4 Million seats in Dodgers stadium this is the way to go.
2006-09-22 13:26:07
510.   GoBears
508. Figgins would also have to find a way to steal first a lot of the time.

I dunno. A-Rod is the best player of his generation, and he's only a smidge past his peak. I wouldn't do what Texas did and impoverish the franchise for him (cuz even one superstar can't hit 9 times in the lineup), but I'd give up a lot. The Angels have one of the top 2-3 farm systems in baseball, right? They could afford to cut loose a couple prospects. Heck, A-Rod is even better than Mark Hendrickson AND Toby Hall.

2006-09-22 13:35:18
511.   natepurcell
give me arod. the yankees wouldnt want prospects, they want to win now. Would arod want to move to CF?
2006-09-22 13:37:02
512.   Bob Timmermann
I regret to inform people that I am leaving the Griddle to fulfill my lifelong dream.

I will be the new Chairman of the Board of Hewlett-Packard.

I hear it pays well.

2006-09-22 13:38:34
513.   bhsportsguy
512 Just don't try the old Jerry Lewis/George Costanza briefcase trick.
2006-09-22 13:40:06
514.   bhsportsguy
509 Okay, I'm Brian Cashman and I want Scott Elbert, Matt Kemp, Lowe, and Martin.
2006-09-22 13:41:51
515.   natepurcell

how about the 7th best left hander in the AL in 2006?

2006-09-22 13:42:58
516.   natepurcell
dodgerthoughts is more fun then political theory by thomas hobbes. i think my teacher is a lesbian...she has a boys haircut.
2006-09-22 13:43:34
517.   Benaiah
514 - No. Too much. Hmm I would love to have Arod though. Without Martin I would consider it.
2006-09-22 13:44:33
518.   Benaiah
516 - Her hair is brutish and short?
2006-09-22 13:46:08
519.   natepurcell
yes. and grey.

she wants us to refer to her as the philosopher queen.

2006-09-22 13:47:14
520.   still bevens
516 I took a class called Ethics in Politics when I was an undergrad. It was the hardest class I ever took because the although book was allegedly written in english I failed to understand just what the heck was going on. I somehow managed to get a B. I need to track down my old bluebooks to see what it was that I actually 'learned'. Good luck with that.
2006-09-22 13:47:20
521.   Strike4
If A-Rod asynergizes such a talented NYY team this year, then it seems pretty risky for a playoff-intended team to take him if they want to go all the way. Besides the Yankees the past two years, I still don't see how the Mariners with Johnson, Griffey, Martinez and A-Rod couldn't win a WS. On the other hand, if the NYY win it this year (of course I'm praying for a Dodger win), then there wouldn't be much reason to give him up. He seems to be helping the rest of the team by being L-Rod (Lightning Rod) for the press this year.
2006-09-22 13:47:42
522.   dianagramr
512 ... but how are your eavesdropping skills?
2006-09-22 13:48:56
523.   Bob Timmermann
I already have your cellphone bills in hand. So why have you been calling Jerry Cranick all the time?
2006-09-22 13:49:44
524.   natepurcell

its not bad so far. the book we have is basically a cliff notes book. it has excerpts from plato, hobbes, locke, marx, machaveili, etc. so far the class is okay. we are reviewing for the exam right now but DT is of more interest to me right now.

2006-09-22 13:50:17
525.   natepurcell
class over, time to party!
2006-09-22 13:50:37
526.   Benaiah
520 - Hobbes is pretty good, I don't think anyone agrees with him, but it is interesting. The basic premise that no matter how vicious the government is, it is better than the natural state is pretty out there. I think that some people in Germany, Russia, Cambodia, Sierra Leone et al might disagree.
2006-09-22 13:59:01
527.   bhsportsguy
526 I took an extension class at UCLA called philosophy of law which dealt a lot with the components that founded the basis of governments and our concept of law. The most difficult part for me was having to write papers that had to attribute every thought I put down, ultimately I discovered that if I just quoted sources directly (with proper attribution), I could get a B or higher without much difficulty.
2006-09-22 13:59:54
528.   bhsportsguy
525 Better go stand in line for tomorrow's game, I am sure there will be packed house to see Petey and the Boys.
2006-09-22 14:18:58
529.   dzzrtRatt
The Yanks probably think the Angels are a good fit because they have a lot of what NY doesn't have -- pitching. They're not looking for Chone Figgins. They're looking for K-rod to take Rivera's place eventually, and for Lackey, who Steinbrenner probably sees as a 'big game' pitcher.

What does Figgins do that makes Scioscia love him so?

2006-09-22 14:28:27
530.   ToyCannon
What has Lugo done that makes Grittle love him so.
2006-09-22 14:31:36
531.   ToyCannon
I would be shocked if LaRoche wouldn't be outhitting both Betemit and Lugo right now considering the production were getting from them. It has been a long time that I've been so dissapointed in a players performance like I have been with Lugo. In the beginning you could just say it was small sample size but as this slump goes on he is costing himself millions and may be screwing us out of our number one picks because offering him arbitration is now getting scary.
2006-09-22 14:31:56
532.   Greg S
530. I believe the answer is simply that he's healthy and has had success with the bat before -- by that I mean before he came to the Dodgers. Mostly that he's healthy. I think that playing him so much is the only move he's made that I disagree with. Hopefully he will stop soon.
2006-09-22 14:37:15
533.   thinkingblue

maybe it's the inconsistancy of Betemit. But at least Wilson has power, he should be in more.

2006-09-22 14:40:18
534.   Terry A
533 - So Betemit is The New Choi?

"You're young and somewhat inconsistent, so we're going to let you play once a week and see if that helps."

2006-09-22 14:48:15
535.   Greg S
534- Choi is only Choi because he failed. If he had succeeded, he would be Ethier.
2006-09-22 14:48:19
536.   dzzrtRatt
Betemit smells like trade bait to me. I bet they're already thinking LaRoche for '07.
2006-09-22 14:49:24
537.   Greg S
535 .... Or Saito or Broxton or Martin.
2006-09-22 14:52:41
538.   Greg S
533. True, Lugo is consistent. I wll give him that.
2006-09-22 14:52:53
539.   bhsportsguy
531 First off, unfortunately perhaps, I am fairly sure that if not Ned, Grady truly does not care about whether or not Lugo is offered arbitration or is here next year, he is only thinking about right now. And he knows that Betemit, while having a lot of upside, is used to sporadic play while Lugo has been a regular for most of his career.

Again, he's only here because of the fraility of Nomar and Kent (and even Grady said that if we weren't in September, he probably would sit them out.) I don't think Lugo is hurting his value because there are only a few teams looking for a shortstop (Boston and Toronto) and they are very familiar with him from the American League.

Now will Lugo accept arbitration if offered, the ideal situation will be for him to go free agent after the World Series (he will) and he signs with a team even before the deadline to offer arbitration. Then we will get the draft choices without ever being put at risk of him accepting arbitration.

2006-09-22 14:56:41
540.   Marty
462 Thanks for that Sam. Mmmm a krispy kreme double cheeseburger. I'll have a diet coke with that.
2006-09-22 14:59:34
541.   bhsportsguy
539 Of course, if I were running a team that wanted Lugo, I would certainly try and wait and see if the Dodgers offered arbitration to him, if they let the deadline lapse, then I could sign him at no cost of draft picks.
2006-09-22 15:00:00
542.   Terry A
535 - And if Choi had found a way to succeed in the role given him in 2005, he would have been Houdini.

OK, I'm going to stop there. Different players, different manager, different GM. Sorry all.

2006-09-22 15:05:35
543.   das411
Hey Sam! Thanks for that 6-4-2 link, I guess it's almost time for Gillick to start offering Burrell for Beltre.

540 - Marty, you've gotta go with some sort of glorious milkshake or ice cream float with that!

2006-09-22 15:17:46
544.   Greg S
542. Houdini indeed! Unfortunately, he was just Choi.
2006-09-22 15:25:18
545.   bhsportsguy
543 Please, any reference to milkshakes make me think about those disturbing Carl's Jr commercials.
2006-09-22 15:26:35
546.   Greg S
545 You could have a Furious Tiki God with that.
Ouch. I just gave myself a headache.
2006-09-22 15:28:16
547.   bhsportsguy
The closest I come to that drink is mixing diet coke with a little lemonade.
2006-09-22 15:28:30
548.   Gagne55
The reason why Lugo has played so much is that Betemit can't hit right handed, yet insists on switch hitting and the Dodgers have seen a dispoportionately high number of left handers lately.
2006-09-22 15:30:23
549.   underdog
How about some diet coke and mentos? That's a real pick me up.
2006-09-22 16:00:05
550.   bhsportsguy
549 that's my driving to vegas formula.
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2006-09-22 16:01:31
551.   bhsportsguy
Okay, first no Lugo but no Anderson either.

Furcal, SS
Lofton, CF
Garciaparra, 1B
Kent, 2B
Drew, RF
Betemit, 3B
Ethier, LF
Martin, C
Lowe, P

2006-09-22 16:18:13
552.   Gagne55
550 To see the 51s?

551 Anderson-meh. They prolly got all what they could out of him. Kind of like Sele.

2006-09-22 16:22:10
553.   Tangled Up in Blue
552 - I agree with you on Anderson.

I really want to see Ethier bust out of his slump tonight.

2006-09-22 16:24:20
554.   thinkingblue

There's a change up. Good idea to finally get Lugo out of there. I know he will go on to hit .310 for the Blue Jays next year, but who cares, he can't hit the national league right now.

2006-09-22 16:29:31
555.   Benaiah
I am a little peeved that no one liked my Hobbes haircut joke.
2006-09-22 16:31:59
556.   underdog
Btw, extremely belated thanks to 493 for the answer about Nic Akins. Sorry, just saw it now after scrolling back. :-)

I really like this line-up - I hope Ethier busts out too, though I'm generally fine with an Anderson-Ethier platoon from here on out. Good line-up on paper, anyway; as we know, games aren't won on paper.

2006-09-22 16:34:44
557.   Bob Timmermann
I liked it!

Phillies scored in the 1st to lead 1-0 against the Fish. Wes Helms just led off the second with a double. Old friend Cody Ross at the plate.

2006-09-22 16:38:29
558.   Bob Timmermann
The Marlins didn't move Helms at all. Cole Hamels is pitching for the Phillies.
2006-09-22 16:41:11
559.   Benaiah
557 - Thanks Bob. It isn't often that something like that falls in your lap.
2006-09-22 16:46:06
560.   Tangled Up in Blue
556 - As long as we put the best team out there, I am fine letting the chips fall where they may.
2006-09-22 17:07:13
561.   bigcpa
#58 for Ryan Howard.
2006-09-22 17:07:26
562.   overkill94
Ryan Howard is the NL MVP. Period.
2006-09-22 17:15:42
563.   das411
Ryan Howard and COLE HAMELS just may have restored Philadelphia's faith in humanity.

Me, I like the simple things, like seeing this on the scroll just now: "Colts DE Dwight Freeney (buttocks) and K Adam Vinatieri (groin) out for Sunday vs Jacksonville"

2006-09-22 18:11:34
564.   Andrew Shimmin
555- It was excellent. If the Hardball Times blogs this thread, it'll definitely make the cut.

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