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Andre Ethier To Sing Anthem in Front of Andre Ethier
2007-05-08 11:06
by Jon Weisman

Namesakes of the world unite!

"Former Deadly Snake Andre Ethier has been invited to sing 'Oh Canada' at an upcoming Los Angeles Dodgers game," reports the Canadian website Exclaim!

The site goes on to say that the Dodgers invited the singing Andre through a message on his MySpace page - and that the answer was yes. (Dodger Stadium organist Nancy Bea Hefley plays with both hands, eliminating the need to platoon the singer.)

Ethier's publicist Amanda Newman of Little Sister Management & Publicity was nice enough to pass on the message for your reading pleasure.

"Hi Andre,
My name is Signe and I work in Public Relations with the Los Angeles Dodgers. We have come across your profile because you share a name with one of our players! We have checked out your music and would love to see if you would be available to perform O Canada here on June 9th at our game vs. the Toronto Blue Jays. Please send me an email at if this interests you at all and we can discuss all the further details. Just wanted to put it out there...thanks!"

The timing couldn't be better for the singer-songwriter as Ethier will release his third solo album this summer on Toronto-based indie label Blue Fog. The album, oddly enough, will be called On Blue Fog.

This only increases the urgency for me to cover a Wayne State baseball game.

Update: A quick quote from the aformentioned Dodger broadcasting and media services coordinator Signe Hilton:

"Our director of PR, Josh (Rawitch), had heard of this Andre Ethier and thought it would be great to have him come out and sing," Hilton said. "I got in touch with Andre (the singer) over MySpace (the only form of contact we could find for him!), inquiring whether or not he would be interested in performing 'Oh Canada' before our game, seeing as we are playing the Toronto Blue Jays, and he is from Canada himself.

"He seemed super excited about the prospect. He mentioned his friends thought it was hilarious, and I can only imagine getting an e-mail out of the blue, inviting you to sing at a major sporting event. It happened very quickly once I got a hold of him, and within a few days we were making his travel arrangements. I think it will be a lot of fun when he performs here on June 9th."

Update 2: Tom Candiotti - the actual former Dodger pitcher, not some facsimile - next month will be inducted into the Celebrities Bowling Hall of Fame, according to

"Bowling remains the largest participatory sport in America, enjoyed by more than 66 million people of all ages every year. Tom embodies all that is great about bowling and his commitment and love of the game makes him an ideal ambassador and a perfect addition to the Hall of Fame," said Joe Schumacker, president of BPAA.

In Candiotti's honor, the BPAA has established the Tom Candiotti Youth Bowling Initiative to support youth bowling. The program will award grants to bowling centers and youth-focused organizations to encourage bowling among today's youth and provide them with the necessary skills to enhance the fun and competitiveness of bowling.

"Bowling has always been an important part of my life. I spent much of my youth at bowling centers, and even as my career took me to cities across the country, I always made time to bowl. I hope that through the Tom Candiotti Youth Bowling Initiative, more children will have the opportunity to fall in love with bowling like I did," said Candiotti. "Being inducted into the Hall is an incredible honor - it is surreal that I will be enshrined along with so many of my bowling idols."

"Tom's deep enthusiasm for bowling mirrors the passion shared by millions of Americans," said Gerald W. Baltz, IBMHF executive director. "His induction as a celebrity bowler recognizes his efforts to advance awareness of bowling among younger generations and it is gratifying that he is also such a skilled bowler. He has averaged above 200 for many years and just last month rolled a 729 series that included a 300 game.

Candiotti joins former National Football League great Jerome Bettis in the Celebrity Hall of Fame.

Comments (141)
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2007-05-08 11:14:37
1.   capdodger
Could they have used a photo of Andre Ethier wherein he didn't break his bat?
2007-05-08 11:14:44
2.   DXMachina
Former Deadly Snake Andre Ethier

I was all, "Wait! Ethier used to be in the A's organization, not the Dbacks."

2007-05-08 11:17:06
3.   regfairfield
You're watching the convoluted network...
2007-05-08 11:18:58
4.   bhsportsguy
Maybe Russell Martin's dad can do the National Anthem that night too.
2007-05-08 11:19:07
5.   Jon Weisman
1 - It's like Pete Townsend smashing a guitar.
2007-05-08 11:19:58
6.   Branch Rickey
Now if they could find another Nomar Garciaparra to sing the National Anthem, THAT would be impressive.
2007-05-08 11:21:22
7.   capdodger
3 ... At least you thought you were.
2007-05-08 11:21:46
8.   bhsportsguy
BTW - I saw a Nate in Tuscon send a question to chat this morning about University of Arizona missing out on Drew Gordon.
2007-05-08 11:24:16
9.   D4P
I'd settle for a Nomar Garciaparra who can hit.
2007-05-08 11:34:12
10.   Doctor
Can he play center field at all?
2007-05-08 11:44:07
11.   natepurcell

That wasn't me but what did he ask and what was the response?

I am now really hoping for Terrence Jennings.

2007-05-08 11:45:45
12.   paranoidandroid
Any update on LaRoche's hand/wrist?

Betemit played third in the ninth.

No info on on LaRoche.

I noticed he still had the space between the A and the R on the back of his uniform.

2007-05-08 11:46:32
13.   natepurcell
Jennings, on the new rivals 2008 list debuted at #9 overall in the nation. he would be a nice consolation prize to losing out to Gordon.
2007-05-08 11:49:57
14.   TellMeTheScoreRickMonday
That Wilson Betemit- named, singing doppelganger better hope his album launches in the next month.
2007-05-08 11:52:40
15.   Eric Enders
I presume James Loney will be speaking before the game about his experiences while in captivity?

Russell Martin, it seems, will be unavailable unless he can post bail.

And who knew Matt Kemp had such talents?

2007-05-08 11:54:12
16.   Branch Rickey
12. Today's paper said x-rays were negative That's all it said.
2007-05-08 11:54:13
17.   Ali Nagib
Seriously, if the key responsibilities of a Director of PR for an MLB team include sitting around and saying "You know what would be hilarious....having someone with the SAME NAME as one of our players come and sing the Canadian Anthem....AND, he's Canadian!" I'm all over that job.

For the record, I do actually find this hilarious.

2007-05-08 11:57:24
18.   paranoidandroid
They better tell the imposter Ethier to not spit and grab his crotch while performing a national anthem at Dodger Stadium, better to leave that to the original Ethier.
2007-05-08 11:58:02
19.   Branch Rickey
17. You don't want that job. It involves endless hours and more work than you can imagine.
2007-05-08 12:00:25
20.   El Lay Dave
Dodger Stadium organist Nancy Bea Hefley plays with both hands, eliminating the need to platoon the singer

I'll bet Ms. Hefley plays with both feet also. Quadrilaterodextrous?

2007-05-08 12:01:03
21.   El Lay Dave
18 or to Roseanne Barr.
2007-05-08 12:01:26
22.   Eric Enders
It would be funny if the baseball Ethier got traded sometime before that game.
2007-05-08 12:12:39
23.   Telemachos
SI's Nate Silver has a list of the "50 Top Players" (basically an ultimate fantasy draft)... the 50 players you'd want to build your team around:

I'm mildly surprised that Russell Martin didn't make the top 50. (No Dodgers did).

2007-05-08 12:14:17
24.   Benaiah
15 - I knew Loney had the sweetest swing in the majors. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

I hope that isn't defamatory?

2007-05-08 12:18:02
25.   dzzrtRatt
Maybe we could ask this guy:

what he thinks of this guy's performance:

2007-05-08 12:18:05
26.   Benaiah
23 - He is an honorable mention though:

Russell Martin, C, Dodgers, Age 24 (NR)
Martin may have the misfortune to play most of his career in the shadow of Joe Mauer and Brian McCann, but he brings his own special skill set to the table, combining excellent defense with a phenomenal ability to get on base. The upside could resemble what might have happened if Craig Biggio had stayed at the catcher position.

2007-05-08 12:21:03
27.   Curtis Lowe
23 - That's because the Dodgers aren't a top 50 team.
2007-05-08 12:26:08
28.   Eric Enders
The Biggio comparison is interesting. Comparing them at the same age, Martin doesn't have the same kind of speed Biggio did, while Biggio didn't have the power Martin has (although he later developed it). They have the same dirt-dog style of play. If Martin has anywhere near the kind of career Biggio's had, we should be happy.

The thing that slightly worries me about Martin is that a lot of his value is based on above-average speed, which can fade quickly in a catcher. Soon enough his triples will become doubles, his leg doubles will become singles, and his infield singles will become outs. Hopefully he always keeps that quickness behind the plate, and continues to develop his power.

2007-05-08 12:28:47
29.   Sam in SC
I would enjoy hearing Jose Lima sing the national anthem again . . . as long as he is accompanied by his wife.
2007-05-08 12:29:46
30.   Bob Timmermann
I would assume that nearly all organists can play with both their feet since organs have foot pedals.
2007-05-08 12:35:58
31.   Dodgers49
From the previous thread:

248. I read this morning's paper and had to get on to post that Betemit has used the word "lamentably". Lamentably I was beaten to it.

The Los Angeles Times began updating its website in real time weeks ago. So if you wait until you actually get the print edition you will always be beaten to the punch here. :-)

2007-05-08 12:37:19
32.   Benaiah
The teams that didn't get anyone on that list:

Dodgers, Rockies, Reds, Rangers, A's

Teams that got 3 or more on the list:
Devil Rays, Phillies (4), Twins(4), Angels, Indians (4), Yankees (4) and Mets

Including Honorable mentions:
Devil Rays (5)
Diamond Backs (4)
Tigers (4)
Red Sox (3)
Marlins (3)
Cubs (3)

The Reds were the only team not to even have an honorable mention.

2007-05-08 12:39:46
33.   El Lay Dave
30 That's why I'd bet on it. I like sure things.
2007-05-08 12:46:58
34.   JoeyP

Big Papi on steroids...I'm shocked.

Or not.

2007-05-08 12:58:15
35.   Benaiah
34 - That is Big Papi talking about steroids, not saying definitively he used them.

What do you think of Papi's Hall of Fame chances? In his favor: decent shot at 500 HR (he has 239 and he is 31 and a DH) and his rate stats .375 OBP and .551 SLG are good enough. On the other hand, he started late and he's a DH.

2007-05-08 13:00:40
36.   Jon Weisman
See update to this post for news on Tom Candiotti's upcoming induction into the Celebrities Bowling Hall of Fame!
2007-05-08 13:00:57
37.   Sam DC
What a fun story. Thanks Jon.
2007-05-08 13:05:21
38.   El Lay Dave
Is it irony that Candiotti is a skilled enthusiast in a sport where the spin of the ball is so important?
2007-05-08 13:05:48
39.   JoeyP
---Probably 5% at best. I dont think DH's get much respect from sportswriters, and his longevity of greatness really wont be that long.

Manny Ramirez has a better chance IMO.

2007-05-08 13:07:34
40.   Benaiah
39 - Manny is all but a lock in my mind. Obviously Ortiz has a lot of work to do, but an MVP and a crazy high peak might be enough if he can keep his numbers up for another 4-5 years and then slowly decline until 40.
2007-05-08 13:07:44
41.   blue22
I think Edgar Martinez might be a more interesting sniff-test for DHs in the Hall. He's up in another 2 years or so.
2007-05-08 13:14:32
42.   Icaros
Paul Molitor was a DH much of his career. He got in.
2007-05-08 13:16:47
43.   overkill94
32 Mark Teixeira's on there for the Rangers
2007-05-08 13:18:51
44.   blue22
42 - Molitor still played over half his games in the field. Edgar played well over 2/3 of his games as a DH.
2007-05-08 13:23:41
45.   Benaiah
43 - The White Sox are the team i missed, I don't think they made it as an honorable mention even.
2007-05-08 13:27:27
46.   El Lay Dave
For KOREAN GUY, regarding Konerko et. al. in the last thread:

Konerko was traded WITH Reyes for Shaw.
Konerko finished the year with the Reds who traded him in the offseason for Mike Cameron, straight-up. (Cameron part of the Griffey Jr. trade a year later.)
Konerko has 120+ OPS+ for his first, third and fourth seasons with the Sox, so he was good for them from the get-go.
Shaw had 150+ ERA+ after the trade and the next season. Gave up too many HRs as a Dodger though.

2007-05-08 13:28:29
47.   weatherman
Tim Kurkjian has a neat article on the 500 club on that is somewhat relevant to this discussion. I posted a response of sorts to him here on my blog:
2007-05-08 13:32:34
48.   Icaros

His best years were still as a DH. He could never stay healthy playing defense.

2007-05-08 13:34:36
49.   DXMachina
From Inside the Dodgers:

Furcal, SS
Pierre, CF
Nomar, 1B
Kent, 2B
Gonzo, LF
Martin, C
Ethier, RF
LaRoche, 3B
Hendrickson, P

2007-05-08 13:35:47
50.   Bob Timmermann
We must be sure not to say the "d word" about Hendrickson today or else we will incur regairfield's ire.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-05-08 13:40:25
51.   regfairfield
If hating Mark Hendrickson is wrong, then I don't want to be right.
2007-05-08 13:41:57
52.   Jon Weisman
50 - dramamine?
2007-05-08 13:44:53
53.   ToyCannon
Cool a bowling story. Not that anyone cares but my 1st job was scoring pot games on Sunday morning when I was 14 when you still needed a neutral scorekeeper. For many of those bowlers it was how they financed their drinking and race horse money. Old bowling alley's were an interesting place to hang out for a young teenager. Luckily I left the seedy bowling culture when I was 16. Shame about those automatic scorers as it was a great job for someone quick in math to make some money and meet interesting people from all walks of life.
2007-05-08 13:48:12
54.   Branch Rickey
Name the only person to be elected to the Hall Of Fame for two sports. As always, Bob is not allowed to participate.
2007-05-08 13:50:10
55.   Bob Timmermann


I'm betting there's more than one but they are in sports less visible than the answer sought.

2007-05-08 13:50:40
56.   regfairfield
54 Jim Thorpe?
2007-05-08 13:51:44
57.   Bob Timmermann
Eventually Mark Hendrickson will have a plaque in Cooperstown AND a stained glass thingee in Springfield!
2007-05-08 13:52:46
58.   Branch Rickey
54. Less visible than the one you're thinking? That can't be legitimate!

56. Nope.

2007-05-08 13:56:36
59.   Benaiah
58 - I am thinking it is someone like an announcer, rather than a player.
2007-05-08 13:58:20
60.   Sushirabbit
54 - Bill Bradley.. oh wait, politics may not be a sport to everyone else.
2007-05-08 13:58:27
61.   Branch Rickey
59. Nope, he is a player and one of them is the Baseball HOF.
2007-05-08 13:59:35
62.   bhsportsguy
July 17, 1973 - The last time Mays and Aaron played in the same game (Mays got a pinch hit, Aaron hit is 25th out of 40 home runs that day).

That was the last time (and only when Aaron played Mays did it happen) when two players with over 600 career home runs played in the same game and their total home runs (Aaron hit is 698th home run that day) and Mays, who would only hit two more home runs in his career, had 658 career home runs. Their total of 1354 home runs is the most by two players in who played in the same game.

In 1976, Both Aaron and Frank Robinson playing in their final season, played against each other that August, though they did not know it, they had already hit their last home runs but their total of 1341 homers is the second highest for two players in the same game.

This July, if both Bonds and Griffey are healthy and play in one of their scheduled games, they will become the third pair two have over 1300 home runs in one game. Right now, Bonds with 744 and Griffey with 567, have 1311 home runs between them. And with a series scheduled in September at Pac Bell, it is possible that they will have more home runs than when Aaron and Mays played their last game together.

2007-05-08 14:01:47
63.   bhsportsguy
62 Oops, all that adding and I mistyped "1354" as the total when it should be 1356.
2007-05-08 14:03:46
64.   evenatriple
Hi, I'm a long-time lurker and constant reader of this blog, and a great admirer not only of Jon but also the commenters here. You guys (and gals) are incredibly articulate and intelligent. There is nothing else like this on the web that I've seen.

Anyhow, this is totally off topic, but I noticed something today that I thought was somewhat interesting. I do not mean this to be a political comment at all, although it involves President Bush. In the paper today, they printed the guest list for the state dinner with Queen Elizabeth. Along with the usual statespersons, politicians, business leaders, and entertainers, there was the jockey who won the Kentucky Derby, Arnold Palmer, Peyton Manning, Gene Washington (director of football operations for the NFL and apparently Condi's date), and another football player, Tim Hasselbeck (who is married to The View's Elisabeth Hasselbeck). Putting aside the question of why they invited professional athletes to meet the Queen of England, how come no baseball legends? Can you imagine Yogi Berra meeting the Queen? Pete Rose? Tommy?

2007-05-08 14:09:23
65.   ToyCannon
Other then David Eckstein maybe they refused to shake hands with Pres Bush and so they had to go hit the other sports for their photo op so the Pres wouldn't be embarrassed.
2007-05-08 14:12:39
66.   weatherman
Cal Hubbard, an umpire, is in the Pro Football and Baseball Halls of Fame.
2007-05-08 14:13:28
67.   bhsportsguy
64 On a lighter note, I don't think Reggie Jackson would have been invited to meet the Queen, though it is doubtful he would have worn his old California Angels uniform.
2007-05-08 14:15:50
68.   evenatriple
Perhaps the Queen is a big fan of the NFL. Or, just maybe, she prefers cricket over baseball.
2007-05-08 14:16:06
69.   overkill94
It's Enrico Palazzo!
2007-05-08 14:19:06
70.   blue22
64 - At least Sanjaya didn't get an invite.
2007-05-08 14:19:19
71.   ToyCannon
On an even lighter note is the body spray girl not the hottest thing to hit TV in 2007?
2007-05-08 14:20:12
72.   Curtis Lowe
71 - The Tag one?
2007-05-08 14:22:08
73.   blue22
72 - This one: (youtube)

2007-05-08 14:22:54
74.   Jacob L
Jeez, did no one answer 54 yet? Its Ted Williams (fishing being the other sport).

I thought this was a knowledgable group.

2007-05-08 14:24:36
75.   weatherman
I thought I just did. I'll do it again: Cal Hubbard: Baseball Hall of Fame as umpire and Pro Football Hall of Fame as Player.
2007-05-08 14:26:06
76.   Jacob L
75 Oops. Missed that. We'll have to call in Bob for a ruling.
2007-05-08 14:26:11
77.   weatherman
Ted Williams is in the Fishing HOF. Nice.
2007-05-08 14:26:40
78.   weatherman
Call Hubbard is also in the College Football HOF.
2007-05-08 14:27:04
79.   Branch Rickey
74. Correct. Yeah, I though that would go quicker too. C'mon wid you people!
2007-05-08 14:28:09
80.   Branch Rickey
54. I said name the only PERSON. Umpires are not people.
2007-05-08 14:28:50
81.   weatherman
And Ted Williams is?
2007-05-08 14:29:08
82.   Benaiah
Has anybody else seen this:

"At NBC's "upfront" presentation to advertisers on May 14, Zucker says he expects NBC to unveil five new programs - three dramas, one comedy, and one reality show - for its fall schedule. Zucker and Reilly are considering stretching The Office to an hour and canceling the original Law & Order."

That would be awesome.

2007-05-08 14:29:26
83.   regfairfield
Jim Thorpe is in two hall of fames, they just happen to be for the same sport.
2007-05-08 14:31:59
84.   Benaiah
82 - Then from Jon's paper:

The Office may move to Thursday's at 9 (against the juggernaut of "CSI" and "Grey's Anatomy").

2007-05-08 14:33:02
85.   Daniel B
82 Stretching the Office would be awesome. But canceling Law & Order? I would go into serious mourning. There should be a network thats just 24 hours Law & Order. And no criminal intent or SVU.

I have a seriuos non-sexual man crush on Sam Waterston as Jack McCoy.

That show has really gone down hill since Jerry Orbach died.

2007-05-08 14:33:24
86.   jasonungar07
Fishing has a hall of fame?
2007-05-08 14:35:32
87.   weatherman
Johnny Cash is in Four Halls of Fame: Nashville Songwriters, Country Music, Rock and Roll and Rockabilly.
2007-05-08 14:37:17
88.   D4P
Does the fishing HOF contain only "famous" fisherpeople, or does it also contain famous fish?
2007-05-08 14:39:07
89.   Jacob L
Rockabilly has a HOF?

Am I the only one who likes 30 Rock, and what will happen to it in NBC's Thursday shuffle (Variety article wouldn't load for some reason)? Anyways, 30 Rock is funny enough to justify much of Alec Baldwin's earlier career.

2007-05-08 14:41:04
90.   D4P
Am I the only one who likes 30 Rock

Since Jon probably won't like the way you phrased that question, I'll answer on his behalf. He likes it, though he also likes Becker, so take that for what it's worth...

2007-05-08 14:42:15
91.   jasonungar07
Watching the office for me is alot like baseball.

There are momments in that show (and I have no idea when they are coming, just like in baseball) where I laugh out loud, cover my eyes, squirm in my seat and have my jaw dropped cause I don't know how else to react. Sometime all from the same line.

2007-05-08 14:42:39
92.   Branch Rickey
89 I think 30 Rock is hilarious.
2007-05-08 14:43:43
93.   Jon Weisman
Why would anyone think they're the one who likes 30 Rock?

Since the old Rule 13 is gone, the new Rule 13 can be don't tell fibs about Jon liking Becker.

2007-05-08 14:43:47
94.   Benaiah
89 - "30 Rock" is coming back for another season and it seems like NBC is thinking of using "The Office" as its lead in. Jeff Zucker loves "The Office" and it is the strongest comedy on TV behind the inexplicably popular "Two and a Half Men," so it seems like the perfect lead in to "30 Rock" - which is the new "Arrested Development,' which is sort of like saying this stock is the new Enron. The one caveat is that Alec Baldwin will have to come back for another season, or I bet it will get cancelled. NBC didn't let him out of his contract though, so I think it is a moot point.
2007-05-08 14:44:14
95.   weatherman
Live every week like it's Shark Week.
2007-05-08 14:44:44
96.   Benaiah
93 - Hey, Ken Levine loves Becker.
2007-05-08 14:45:36
97.   Hythloday
In my book 30 Rock and the Office are neck and neck for best comedy on TV right now.
2007-05-08 14:45:44
98.   Curtis Lowe
30 Rock is hilllllllarious. I have no idea what 2.5 men is though. If Will&Grace was able to last as long as it did then I say 30 Rock should be able to too!
2007-05-08 14:45:58
99.   Benaiah
Those shoes are definitely bi-curious.
2007-05-08 14:46:25
100.   D4P
If Will&Grace was able to last as long as it did then I say 30 Rock should be able to too!

Ah, the Juan Pierre Fallacy...

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-05-08 14:46:44
101.   Greg Brock
Speaking of two sport stars, Jeff Samardzija has been moved up to high A, and is pitching pretty well for the Cubs minor league system. He's not striking a ton of guys out, but he has pretty good numbers for a kid in his first professional season.

I'm surprised Babe Didrikson Zaharias isn't in two Halls of Fame. I was sure she was.

2007-05-08 14:48:05
102.   weatherman
89 - It is in Burns, TN, just outside of Nashville, but I always thought it should have been in Jackson, TN.
2007-05-08 14:48:19
103.   Benaiah
98 - Will & Grace was awful, but it got great ratings, 30 Rock is amazing and it gets terrible ratings. Thus, Will & Grace's 8 season's of misery don't ensure even five minutes of 30 Rock hilarity.
2007-05-08 14:50:28
104.   weatherman
Tracy Jordan is among my favorite actors of all time--not Tracy Morgan, Tracy Jordan.
2007-05-08 14:50:34
105.   Curtis Lowe
103 - That's uncool.
2007-05-08 14:51:43
106.   s choir
82 It's a shame about law and order, but there will always be reruns on the Law & Order channel... er... TNT.

Anyway, if L&O is to go on, it needs a breath of fresh air. They should get rid of Fred Thompson whether or not he runs for president, and try to bring back Richard Brooks (who played Paul Robinette) as the new DA. Also, the female ADAs since Carey Lowell left have been mediocre.

They should also fire their writing staff, which depends too much on "ripped from the headlines" storylines and doesn't delve into the legal intricacies, twists, and turns as much as the show did in its golden years, 1995-1999.

Jesse L. Martin is great and should be kept, but I'm not sold on his new partner. McCoy's current assistant is, to borrow a phrase, a rosebush.

If the show gets cancelled, it will leave a huge void in legal dramas, but with how tired the show has gotten, a cancellation may be warranted. Maybe I'll write a pilot and try to fill the void.

2007-05-08 14:51:49
107.   Greg Brock
If Arrested Development only got three seasons, nothing is safe.

I'll leave the Freaks and Geeks rants to the +40 crowd. They seem to appreciate it on a much deeper level.

2007-05-08 14:54:21
108.   ToyCannon
I didn't think much of 30 Rock when it started out but it kills me now. I never thought I'd see the day when Scrubs was the weakest link on any night it was part of.

Am I the only one who thinks someone is crazy if they think they are the only one who likes 30 Rock?

2007-05-08 14:55:06
109.   Andrew Shimmin
Shopping at TJ Maxx is more dangerous than hanging out on the message boards.

2007-05-08 14:56:47
110.   Benaiah
107 - At this point I would be excited to know that "30 Rock" will get three seasons. NBC is bringing it back, so a second season seems assured, but NBC's ratings are so terrible that there must be pressure to go to cheap crap like gameshows and reality television. How come we can't bring countdown over from Britain? That is the best gameshow ever.

2007-05-08 14:57:30
111.   Benaiah
108 - Its ratings are bad enough that you could be forgiven for thinking you were alone.
2007-05-08 14:58:05
112.   Daniel B
You think they should get rid of Thompson? I think him, Waterston, Markerson, and Martin carry the show.

The show is really suffering from the rapid turnover in recent years. Orbach died, Farina was on only a few years. They fired/killed off two ADAs in 3 seasons. I thought Elizibeth Rohm's character was interesting. She was on the complete opposite of the political spectrum from Thompson's character.

They should bring Chris Noth back to partner with Martin, and find an assisstant to Waterston with some personality.

L&O reruns on TNT are great, but they don't show enough of the older episodes, and newer shoes such as The Closer are getting air time.

2007-05-08 14:59:23
113.   Sushirabbit
102 Burns isn't exactly a high travel destination.
2007-05-08 14:59:50
114.   underdog
I love 30 Rock too. I've been missing it dearly while it was on hiatus. Is it coming back soon? Toy, 30 Rock really was awkward its first couple of episodes, took a few to find its stride... so that reaction makes sense.

Greg, why does one have to be over 40 to appreciate Freaks and Geeks? I'm under 40 (okay, only 3 yrs under, but still...) But I'd already ranted about its departure for like 2 years straight so I'm burned out on the topic. (I do want to see Jake Kasdan's movie "The TV Set" though..)

Also, what Jason said: Fishing has a Hall of Fame?

Back to baseball, glad to see LaRoche back in there, meaning he wasn't too badly harmed by the stinger yesterday.

Back to... work. Sigh.

2007-05-08 15:01:22
115.   weatherman
113 - Not yet...
2007-05-08 15:02:03
116.   ToyCannon
Not to disrespect Jon at all but someday it will be fun to break all 12 rules in the same post. I think a contest to see who could bring the most imagination to a post while breaking all 12 rules would be a nice way to spend an off day this season. Of course rule number one would still have to stand. We can't have anarchy.
2007-05-08 15:02:26
117.   Andrew Shimmin
Jesse Martin was on an episode of the X-files that replayed this morning. He played Josh Exley, a home run belting alien.

The sooner Law & Order dies, the better. It's done. Like the Simpsons.

2007-05-08 15:04:15
118.   Westernmost in Flavor
I loved Freaks and Geeks and also happen to be firmly planted in the -40 crowd
2007-05-08 15:04:50
119.   berkowit28
64 I think the Duke of Edinburgh (Queen E's husband) is a sports fan. Golf, etc. figures. Why American football over baseball, neither of which is played over there? Who knows, maybe he's seen a football game.
2007-05-08 15:05:10
120.   still bevens
Tony Jackson reporting Marlon Anderson is out for 2 months with arthroscopic surgery on his elbow. Looks like the phantom DL was mostly speculation on our part.
2007-05-08 15:07:26
121.   Jacob L
I was the one who thought I was the only one that likes 30 Rock. Honestly, I live in land without tv buzz. The fact that that land happens to be Los Angeles would I think qualify as ironic. (Not formally requesting a referral to the committee, though). My point, if I had one, is that nobody I interact with regularly likes or watches the show.
2007-05-08 15:08:19
122.   Greg Brock
114 118 et al.

Ha Ha. That goes back to an exchange the esteemed Mr. Timmermann and I had a few months ago about F&G, when I watched it for the first time. I was told something to that effect.

I always give the "deeper level" caveat with F&G out of deference to the geezers around here.

2007-05-08 15:08:49
123.   Westernmost in Flavor
What show is going step up to fill the "ripped from the headlines" quota?
2007-05-08 15:10:16
124.   blue22
30 Rock is the only show I can watch on Thursdays, and I love it. I've really gone sour on Scrubs and Earl.

And I can't watch the Office since I got behind on Season 3. I'm waiting for Season 3 to start over so they'll be "new to me".

2007-05-08 15:10:49
125.   jasonungar07
It seemed like 30 rock figured out that Tracey Jordan, Jack Donaghy and Kenneth Parcell were the ones we wanted to see. Tina Fey did a great job I think of switching gears ever so slight from Liz and Jenna to those three. That Episode when they go golfing is just too funny.
2007-05-08 15:11:30
126.   Curtis Lowe
I have met only 2 physical people that like 30 rock as much as me.

It seems the rest of the people I know either dont watch TV or dont watch good TV.

2007-05-08 15:11:33
127.   Hythloday
116 - If we are going to have that contest the award should be given for fewest words to break all 12 rules.
2007-05-08 15:14:12
128.   berkowit28
My new flat screen TV (37" LCD) was delivered and set up today. HD is beautiful. But Standard Def is horrible - not just bad, but 100 times worse than my ancient 21" CRT tube TV. And worst of all for sports and any fast-moving action. All blurry.

Where I live (Santa Barbara) only the 2 or 3 FSN Prime Ticket games come in HD. We do get regular KCAL 9 on cable (Cox Cable) but not ("yet") KCAL HD. (And DirectTV doesn't carry KCAL at all here, so I'd miss 50 Dodger games if I switched to it - not an option.)

I'm quite distressed. The Cable TV guy said "that's just how it is: the DVR box/receiver gets bad compression (or something) for Standard Def on LCD and Plasma TVs."

I've tried fiddling with all the settings (brightness, contrast, etc.) and both "Component" and HDMI connections. Nothing helps.

Does anyone have any experience with anything that can help here? I'm really put out by the fact that the 95% of TV-watching I do, including Dodgers, that is non-HD is so much worse than on my old cheapo CRT box.

2007-05-08 15:14:21
129.   blue22
120 - Could that be good news for Loney? Can LA survive two months with only one LH bat on the bench (Betemit)? I know Marlon wasn't doing much, but he did serve a purpose.
2007-05-08 15:15:12
130.   gpellamjr
117 I, too, am just waiting out the Simpsons. I watch it like I would watch a dying relative. Anxious about, but eager for the end, though not wanting to miss any good moments that there might be.
2007-05-08 15:15:21
131.   Vishal
[73] dude, i thought what about the axe commercial where the guy is subconsciously drawn to the poolside, where a ridiculously smokin-hot girl asks him to apply lotion to her back side, and then proceeds to waggle it at the camera.
2007-05-08 15:15:29
132.   Andrew Shimmin
123- I saw an ad for one of the other L&Os (I don't watch either, so I don't distinguish between them) plugging an Anna Nicole Smith story knockoff. The flagship is already having its butter and eggs swiped. The TNT retirement home is nothing to be ashamed of. Just ask Judging Amy!
2007-05-08 15:15:32
133.   Greg Brock
Law and Order is one of the great shows in TV history, but I honestly think "Law and Order: Rape" has been the better show for about three years.

D'Onofrio is great on "Law and Order: The Other One" but I don't catch it very often.

2007-05-08 15:15:54
134.   Jon Weisman
New post up top.
2007-05-08 15:16:58
135.   bhsportsguy
120 To go back and answer ToyCannon's inquiry about keeping Wilson Valdez around, I think that the Dodgers were/are worried about the SS depth after Furcal, now Abreu has played all over the infield so perhaps they can rest a little easier also, by now Wilson Valdez should be able to pass through waivers and go down to Vegas in case they need him.

With Anderson's injury, the Dodgers are down to Betemit if he sits out as the sole LH bat on the bench and while I still think he could be better served to play everyday, James Loney should come up for that spot.

Larry Bigbie is probably better suited for the role but then the Dodgers would have 4 LH outfielders who cannot play any other positions. With Loney, while he still would get very few at bats, I think he would at least get some at bats at 1B since Grady seems to consider Olmedo (and rightfully so in some respect) as a high leverage situational pinch hitter.

He also could get some ABs in OF but not that many and of course some PH at bats.

2007-05-08 15:17:06
136.   gpellamjr
128 Yes, regular channels have become almost unwatchable for me. I was never sure if it was just that HD made it look so bad, or if my TV really made it look worse. You've confirmed my suspicions that, somehow, a better TV makes regular TV look worse.
2007-05-08 15:17:47
137.   blue22
130 - I'm at the point where I only watch Simpsons reruns, and only if the year is pre-1997. That seems to be about the time it started to lag.
2007-05-08 15:18:31
138.   Andrew Shimmin
I kicked the Simpsons. Proudly. D4P tricked me into watching an episode earlier this year, but I've not backslid once, other than that. And I'm not going to the movie, either.
2007-05-08 15:23:32
139.   Curtis Lowe
128 - That's a common problem. What you have to do is do some searching on the internet for your hddigital box be sure to use the brand and model number. What you have to find out is how to stop your box from trying to upconvert the SD signal to HD ( this is what is causing all the noise) The best box that does this automatically is an SA8300HD but you probably have a motorolla if it's as bad as you're saying.
2007-05-08 15:28:58
140.   underdog
The Simpsons is only above par about every third episode these days, imho there are still occasionally some very funny episodes (although almost every one denigrates into ludicrous plotting that seems overly influenced by the Family Guy). Still, I've laughed at quite a few of the new ones (as uneven as it is, it's still better than most sitcoms), just not nearly as much as in the good 'ol days. As far as I'm concerned, the Nadir was the '99 (I think) episode where Kid Rock made a cameo. Just the fact that Kid Rock made a cameo was bad enough. Still, for people not that familiar with the Simpsons, I'd say watch seasons 3 through 8 and stop there.
2007-05-08 15:30:57
141.   Curtis Lowe
Have faith it is not your TV it is the box sending signal to your TV.

A simple way to prove this is to set up a progressive scan DVD player on your new TV and play a DVD, if the DVD looks as bad as the SD signal then its your TV if not then its your box.

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