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So, What Is Wrong With Garciaparra, Anyway?
2007-06-26 17:45
by Jon Weisman

As Nomar Garciaparra moves into third base sooner than expected (i.e., tonight) and down in the batting order, I find myself wondering why no major paper has done a "What's wrong with Nomar?" feature.

After all, the Times recently ran a piece dissecting the struggles of a certain Boston Red Sox outfielder - giving it the kind of huge headline that betrayed some sense of glee in doing so. Why wouldn't someone who toils in our own backyard be worthy of the same examination (if not the same glee)?

Maybe there's no explanation for Garciaparra's performance other than speculation about his age or health, but it doesn't mean there isn't a story to be done. I know Garciaparra isn't the talkative type, when it comes to talking about himself. But at a minimum, it seems like someone would want to delve into what's going on with him. Instead, silence.

Even for those who haven't given up on Garciaparra (I myself believe he could easily have some bounce left in him, though not enough to get him back to where he used to be), it's worth talking about why he isn't generating any strength on his swings, worth trying to figure out whether it's a fixable problem or not.

Right now, the Dodgers are committing to playing Garciaparra ahead of Wilson Betemit at third base, even though Betemit produces more offense (despite making less contact). Betemit's on-base percentage is 17 points higher; his slugging percentage is 106 points higher. (And I'm still waiting for someone to explain why we should discount Betemit's pinch-hit at-bats while talking about his ability.)

As we saw in the comments today, Garciaparra has a higher OPS with runners in scoring position, but Betemit is better with runners on base. I call that a wash.

So far this year, even factoring in all his strikeouts, Betemit has been the better hitter. Not an All-Star, not at all. Just better than the alternatives. And he's at an age where we'd expect improvement, not decline.

As I wrote Monday, I'm willing to believe that Garciaparra could still be the better hitter - he certainly has the pedigree - but I'd sure like to know why he hasn't been.

If the answer is that Garciaparra has been unlucky, or has been nursing an injury, or has been sleep-deprived with the twins, or is having problems with his batting mechanics, or whatever, that's something we can factor into the discussion. If the answer is just that Garciaparra is declining, that's another story.

But the questions should be asked.

* * *

Tonight's 6:40 p.m. game:


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Comments (734)
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2007-06-26 17:49:28
1.   Curtis Lowe
What's with this hitter?


2007-06-26 17:49:34
2.   underdog
(reposting as I was LATed, or maybe we should call it "underdogged" now):
this may have been mentioned earlier but just saw that Randy Johnson is officially starting Thursday now, not Livan. Oh well. He doesn't scare me like he once did, but that'll be no easy game.
2007-06-26 17:50:13
3.   Greg Brock
He's declining.
2007-06-26 17:51:12
4.   underdog
As for Nomar, I blame the twins.

Still, I'm happy at least Loney's getting the starts at first.

2007-06-26 17:54:45
5.   Fallout
Many times when you see a player decline for no apparent reason he is having personal problems.
2007-06-26 17:56:27
6.   Rob M
5 But knowing Nomar's history, it seems more likely that he's nursing a sore back or wrist or groin or oblique or...
2007-06-26 17:56:41
7.   Bob Timmermann
Then I really want to know what the deal with Jeff Weaver is.
2007-06-26 18:00:54
8.   Marty
7 All he needs are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and he's fine.
2007-06-26 18:01:00
9.   blue22
Hey Jeff Weaver's back, baby! Two in a row!
2007-06-26 18:01:36
10.   Eric Enders
5 "Many times when you see a player decline for no apparent reason he is having personal problems."

Personally, I don't buy that at all. Yeah, that's happened to some guys, like Derek Lowe. But there are lots of counter-examples, too. Carl Everett was at his most nutso during his career year of 2000, for example. In 2006, Lo Duca was all over the tabloids for having an extramarital affair with a teenager, and had his best season since his rookie year. etc etc

I'm going to have to see a heck of a lot of evidence before I believe there's any correlation.

2007-06-26 18:01:40
11.   TellMeTheScoreRickMonday
I'm with underdog. I think it's just sleep-deprivation, lulling Nomar into a state in which he doesn't even know he's a zombie.

And I too am happy for Loney at first (obviously, given the FJL campaign). But I do hope Nomar works the kinks out as well and gets back on track.

2007-06-26 18:02:27
12.   El Lay Dave
Perhaps we need to reexamine what Nomar did throughout the All-Star break last year. Decline is one thing, but Nomar's batting from that point until present is not so much decline as plummet.
2007-06-26 18:02:34
13.   Fallout
7 Bob Timmermann

When did the liberian become the funny one?
My count is 3 good ones in 2 days. Maybe I haven't been paying enough attention.

2007-06-26 18:03:00
14.   Icaros

At least with Johnson starting you know Kemp will as well.

2007-06-26 18:03:36
15.   Bob Timmermann
We prefer liberrian.
2007-06-26 18:05:06
16.   Fallout
10 Eric Enders

The exceptions that I think of are Pete Rose and Bonds.

2007-06-26 18:05:16
17.   Eric Enders
I offered up the sleep-deprivation theory when Shawn Green had a kid and then proceeded to start stinking up the joint. I was laughed out of the room and then it turned out to be a torn labrum.
2007-06-26 18:06:24
18.   Fallout
15 Bob Timmermann

Make that 4.

2007-06-26 18:06:59
19.   Eric Enders
15 Bob is living in denial of his West African ancestry.
2007-06-26 18:08:30
20.   blue22
Luis Gonzalez went on to have his best seasons after his triplets were born (~'99?).
2007-06-26 18:08:43
21.   El Lay Dave
It's the twins, all right. Nomar misses them.

Home .322 .377 .373 .750
Road .238 .265 .299 .564

A suite for the Garciaparras in every hotel!

(Although that .373 SLG at home is still not good.)

2007-06-26 18:09:36
22.   Fallout
10 Eric Enders
Lo Duca was all over the tabloids for having an extramarital affair with a teenager, and had his best season since his rookie year.

Yeah, but he was happy.

2007-06-26 18:10:00
23.   bigcpa
The fact that Nomar's first start outside of the 3 hole doesn't happen until the position change annoys me. I think Little wanted to move him down a while ago but figured it's easier to sell with the whole "change of scenery" theme.
2007-06-26 18:11:15
24.   Eric Enders
I do find it interesting that everyone was getting in line to string up Gagne from the illegal-pharmaceutical scaffold, but Nomar is exempt from such whispers.
2007-06-26 18:11:25
25.   Jon Weisman
I just wish we had more to go on than utter speculation.
2007-06-26 18:14:05
26.   Icaros

Are you a fan of thematic lineup arrangement?

I took a couple classes in college. It wasn't for me.

2007-06-26 18:14:59
27.   Linkmeister
Maybe he was putting pressure on himself, since none of the other vets (until Gonzo recently) were producing a lot?
2007-06-26 18:15:06
28.   TellMeTheScoreRickMonday
Jon, you can probably babysit Nomar's twins any night if you just ask nicely.

Actually, don't. We need you batting 1.000 on this blog.

2007-06-26 18:15:09
29.   Telemachos
24 Has Nomar's body dramatically changed? He looks like the same scrawny, muscle-whippy guy he's always been.
2007-06-26 18:15:17
30.   underdog
21 Actually, even though I was mostly being tongue-in-cheek, that's sorta what I meant. It must indeed be hard for him to be on the road with newborns, two of 'em, back home. But of course many ballplayers have had to cope with just that. So it's basically probably nonsense. Maybe he has sleep deprivation due to a torn labrum.
2007-06-26 18:16:00
31.   underdog
Maybe, someday, saved by zero?
2007-06-26 18:16:39
32.   TellMeTheScoreRickMonday
31 The Fixx is on.
2007-06-26 18:17:26
33.   Eric Enders
29 No, but I didn't think Gagne's did, either.
2007-06-26 18:18:08
34.   El Lay Dave
27 What about post All-Star break last season? Actually, Kent produced early - when did his slump start, mid to late May?
2007-06-26 18:18:59
35.   underdog
Gack, another Jermaine Dye rumor posted on Yahoo. Feh. And where would he play? Unless we're trading them Juan Pierre, which would shock me.
2007-06-26 18:23:17
36.   Andrew Shimmin
Betemit's 2007 BABIP as a 3B: .162
Betemit's 2007 BABIP as a PH: .500

Can't get the batted balls breakdown by type split that way, so, this doesn't go as far to prove it's just luck as one might hope, but it sure does look like it.

2007-06-26 18:24:32
37.   StolenMonkey86
But if Nomar misses the twins, why does he keep hitting singles?
2007-06-26 18:25:10
38.   Andrew Shimmin
Also, Betemit's line as a SS is .500/.500/.500, so, maybe Furry should sit while we see if he really is a .1000 OPSer as a shortstop.
2007-06-26 18:25:35
39.   Andrew Shimmin
1.000 OPSer that should be. I hate it when I botch jokes that aren't that funny to begin with.
2007-06-26 18:27:17
40.   bhsportsguy
36 I just don't know about Wilson, sometimes his approach is so good and his swing is so easy, especially when he hits between right and left center.

And then there are times you wonder if he will ever hit a ball anywhere.

Would not surprise me to see Wilson come in as Nomar's caddie after pinch hitting.

2007-06-26 18:31:20
41.   StolenMonkey86
Betemit is 4 for 8 on balls in play as a PH

But man, he's become quite the three true outcome player:

In 20 PA, he has walked 5 times, struck out 4 times, and homered 3 times. (60% 3TO).

He is 11 for 65 on balls in play as a 3B. In 127 PA, that's 33 K, 20 BB, and 5 HR. (That's 46% 3TO).

2007-06-26 18:31:48
42.   Bob Timmermann
Since the DBacks have brought up Choate, it's times like this the Dodgers should have Jason Phillips back just so there can be a Phillips vs. Choate Prep School battle.

But I need to get out more.

2007-06-26 18:32:19
43.   Greg Brock
Nomar does the same stretches I do before hitting the driving range.

Unfortunately, the results are often the same.

2007-06-26 18:33:31
44.   Greg Brock
42 If Phillips got ejected, he would be Phillips exiter.
2007-06-26 18:34:35
45.   Andrew Shimmin
40- Betemit has looked like garbage in many at bats--more at bats than anybody can be happy about. But when the garbage times are averaged with the home runs, and other ungarbage, his production has been better than Nomar's who, whatever he's looked like, has put up terrible numbers.

I'm not horribly unhappy about Nomar getting some time at third. It's probably worth giving him some more time to come around. But if he continues to be terrible, it'll be a problem, and the clock is running.

2007-06-26 18:34:48
46.   Bob Timmermann
And after the last out is recorded, it's Phillips and over.
2007-06-26 18:35:09
47.   ToyCannon
The sleep-deprivation amuses me. Does anyone really think that Nomar gets up in the middle of the night? Does Mia? They would be unusual if they didn't have a cook, two nannies(day/night), and a custodial staff for the dough they bring in.
No matter what the PR people spit out these folks aren't like the rest of us.

I'd love to see him take batting practice and measure his bat speed from pre all-star game to current. He's got no juice in his bat and it might very well be because ....

2007-06-26 18:35:30
48.   Eric Enders
42 When the game ends the announcer will say "and...over!"
2007-06-26 18:35:35
49.   StolenMonkey86
Ethier has the best OPS of any .276 hitter in the lineup tonight.
2007-06-26 18:35:41
50.   Greg Brock
Nothing like some high quality Prep humor.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-06-26 18:36:02
51.   Eric Enders
I hate it when Bob beats me to corny jokes.
2007-06-26 18:36:53
52.   Bob Timmermann
But according to that AT&T commercial last year, Nomar & Mia do pretty much everything by themselves. Including the cooking. And it's all a competition.

Would celebrity spokesman Deion Sanders lie to me?

2007-06-26 18:37:21
53.   ToyCannon
San Diego has Russel Branyan and we have Boom Boom. Don't imagine to many people watching them move through the minors ever figured they'd end up the same kind of hitter.
2007-06-26 18:38:03
54.   bigcpa
Anyone remember this from 2005?

as PH .190/.271/.310 (48 pa)
as 1b .263/.346/.475 (320 pa)

2007-06-26 18:38:12
55.   Icaros
47 you're going to tell me that Nomar doesn't mow the lawn or take his turn doing the dishes.

2007-06-26 18:38:21
56.   Inside Baseball
I'd like to go on record that the position switch will positively affect Nomar's hitting. No statistical/scientific/logical basis for this assertion, just that Nomar having to think a whole lot more on the field about his defense will help him at the plate. There, I said it.
2007-06-26 18:39:41
57.   natepurcell
i just hope nomar doesn't ruin billingsleys numbers.
2007-06-26 18:39:57
58.   Dodgers49
2. this may have been mentioned earlier but just saw that Randy Johnson is officially starting Thursday now, not Livan.

So, now we know why Grady has been holding out Kemp is this series. :-) He KNEW we'd be facing Randy Johnson all along.

2007-06-26 18:40:10
59.   natepurcell

3rd best is harder then first base though.

2007-06-26 18:40:53
60.   StolenMonkey86
56 - we'll check back with you on that theory. If it works, then a couple months later we'll move him to centerfield and let Betemit or LaRoche play third.
2007-06-26 18:41:28
61.   be2ween
Hey Icaros,
Your boy Chad is pitching!

Jon, you are right re: the need for a piece on No-mah's dilemma - lack of power. Good topic.


2007-06-26 18:41:34
62.   Eric Enders
Nate with the Freudian slip, acknowledging that Nomar is our 3rd best first baseman after Loney and Saenz.
2007-06-26 18:42:11
63.   underdog
Edgar Gonzalez looks more like a niteclub bouncer than a pitcher.
2007-06-26 18:42:45
64.   Andrew Shimmin
54- Yes. But I'm not doing your dirty work and printing His name.
2007-06-26 18:42:47
65.   Telemachos
Yahoo's pic of Edgar Gonzalez look's like he's Beimel's long-lost trucker cousin.
2007-06-26 18:43:43
66.   Greg Brock
So if Loney is the better offensive alternative, his batting below Nomar is weird, right?
2007-06-26 18:43:51
67.   Icaros

You have to have a strong enough arm for the throw, but I actually think first might be more difficult because of all the footwork/holding runners on/getting off the bag business.

Unless you really meant "3rd best."

2007-06-26 18:44:14
68.   underdog
Pierre was byrned on that play. The human crash test dummy strikes again.
2007-06-26 18:45:04
69.   Icaros

Huh? When did I ever proclaim Chad as my boy?

2007-06-26 18:45:20
70.   Borchard504
MLB extra innings is the best thing since sliced bread, but... watching the Dodgers here in Texas, without Vin Scully, is tough to take. I gotta listen to Mark Grace all night. Help me.
2007-06-26 18:45:29
71.   Greg Brock
Home solids. D Backs deserve to lose on principle.
2007-06-26 18:45:42
72.   Andrew Shimmin
66- Looks like it might just be a way of alternating handedness. Though, moving LuGo up to the four spot would fix that, and fix it more.
2007-06-26 18:46:13
73.   D4P
So, I spent the past few days in Ocean City, Maryland. It has a very popular stretch of beach, the kind where people lay out in the sun. The city's permanent population is roughly 7-8 thousand. I was told that they get roughly 300,000 visitors per week during the summer.

There is a large international student exchange program there, so in the summer, there are literally thousands of students from Russia, Bulgaria and Poland there. Imagine thousands of scantily-clad (blonde and brunette even better looking than) Anna Kournikova types in one place. It was "interesting".

2007-06-26 18:46:25
74.   Eric Enders
70 Just think what you have to look forward to... THE BIGGEST MAN IN THE UNIVERSE!
2007-06-26 18:46:57
75.   be2ween
67 Sorry, Icaros. Got you confused w/ Telemachos.
It's all Greek to me...
2007-06-26 18:48:18
76.   Eric Stephen
They way Martin was running on the wild pitch, I had visions of Gibson and Mondesi scoring from second on separate occastions. Then Darron Sutton (whom I normally like) called Russ "Ethier".
2007-06-26 18:48:48
77.   Eric Stephen
Wow, "occastions"? Hit preview dummy!
2007-06-26 18:49:49
78.   underdog
Gosh, that ball was hung so much Kent could practically read the "hit me" sign on the side.
2007-06-26 18:49:57
79.   El Lay Dave
Ethier's OPS+ starting tonight is exactly 100. That's "eh" for a RF, but nice for an eighth-place hitter.
2007-06-26 18:50:31
80.   El Lay Dave
The rabbit unnerved him into a WP.
2007-06-26 18:50:32
81.   El Lay Dave
The rabbit unnerved him into a WP.
2007-06-26 18:51:02
82.   Bob Timmermann
I think the word you are looking for is "meh" and not "eh."
2007-06-26 18:51:04
83.   trainwreck
We need to move Kent down in the order with Nomar.
2007-06-26 18:51:39
84.   Telemachos
75 I slay dudes who hit on my mom, but I don't have third-degree burns on my back. There. :)
2007-06-26 18:52:48
85.   El Lay Dave
82 But I don't say it with an "em" sound!
2007-06-26 18:54:15
86.   Bob Timmermann
After a while, I think the ideal order will be:
1) vacant
2) vacant
3) Martin
4) Kemp
5) Loney
6) Gonzalez
7) vacant
8) Kent
9) vacant
10) vacant
11) Nomar
12) Furcal
13) Pierre
14) Pitcher's spot
2007-06-26 18:55:42
87.   trainwreck
For some reason I had a feeling Bills was going to give up a home run.


2007-06-26 18:56:00
88.   Greg Brock
Uh, we're gonna need a bigger stadium

Good Lord.

2007-06-26 18:56:07
89.   El Lay Dave
Speaking of third-degree Byrnes....
2007-06-26 18:56:49
90.   underdog
Oh Chad, bad Chad!

Not to the crash test dummy! Sigh.

2007-06-26 18:56:50
91.   thinkblue0
this isn't starting out all that great.
2007-06-26 18:57:34
92.   El Lay Dave
Cue the Dbacks team first-inning cycle alert....
2007-06-26 18:58:05
93.   trainwreck
I blame Nomar.
2007-06-26 18:58:07
94.   Curtis Lowe
Its a rough transition from starter to reliever back to starter.
2007-06-26 18:58:17
95.   El Lay Dave
I hope Martin is out to the mound to calm Billingsley down.
2007-06-26 18:58:19
96.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Here be dragons.
2007-06-26 18:58:47
97.   Eric Stephen
Darron Sutton and Mark Grace are infatuated with the term "drop and drive" to describe Billingsley. They've used the term at lease 6-8 times so far.
2007-06-26 18:59:06
98.   Greg Brock
Yeah, that homer went 419 feet. And then it went another 30.

That ball was destroyed.

2007-06-26 18:59:06
99.   El Lay Dave
On the bright side, he's been ahead in the count on everyone.
2007-06-26 18:59:42
100.   StolenMonkey86
Gameday shows Bills drawing contact on balls right over the middle of the plate
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-06-26 18:59:57
101.   underdog
Crud, MLBTV picked a fine time to die.

Well, maybe it did pick a fine time to die.

C'mon Chad, just settle down. They'll pick ya back up.

2007-06-26 19:00:34
102.   Eric Stephen
Is Chad on a pitch count tonight? 90-95 or so?
2007-06-26 19:01:38
103.   Greg Brock
102 Yup.
2007-06-26 19:01:45
104.   underdog
Well, that's better, Chad.

Anyone else having MLBTV issues?

2007-06-26 19:02:36
105.   Icaros
Good Lord, these announcers...
2007-06-26 19:02:52
106.   El Lay Dave
OK, there's one out and no more runners. Now settle down, chalk up the first inning as lupine, and give us a solid start.
2007-06-26 19:02:59
107.   trainwreck
Has Randy Wolf been sitting next to Chad?
2007-06-26 19:03:03
108.   fanerman
Billingsley looked alright after the first 2 guys.
2007-06-26 19:03:24
109.   Eric Stephen
Another high pitch count in the 1st...25 for Billingsley.
2007-06-26 19:03:29
110.   fanerman
102 Vin says 85-90.
2007-06-26 19:03:37
111.   Bob Timmermann
Took me a while to figure that one out.
2007-06-26 19:03:54
112.   El Lay Dave
Well, two by the time I submitted 106, and three now.
2007-06-26 19:04:07
113.   underdog
lupine = Randy Wolfish? I like it.

Yeah, hopefully that was first inning jitters. I also hope the Dodgers can get some offense against The Bouncer.

2007-06-26 19:04:33
114.   El Lay Dave
107 But at least my Wolf reference beat you by seven seconds!
2007-06-26 19:04:44
115.   be2ween
84 aarrrggghhhh
2007-06-26 19:05:48
116.   El Lay Dave
OK, time for me to hit the road. At least I get Vin radio simulcast at the start.

113 Exactly, thanks.

2007-06-26 19:07:03
117.   NorCal-Dodger
Anyone get MLB.TV wkg yet on the Net?
2007-06-26 19:07:42
118.   El Lay Dave
86 Does vacant have a non-existent strike zone? Maybe he should be 1-9 with that 1.000 OBP?
2007-06-26 19:07:47
119.   D4P
In addition to wondering why Nomar's performing so poorly, it's also worth wondering why LuGo's performing so well.
2007-06-26 19:08:26
120.   fanerman
Nomar shouldn't miss that pitch he struck out on.
2007-06-26 19:09:01
121.   natepurcell

why do you think?

2007-06-26 19:09:02
122.   be2ween
For those w/out Vin, he is wondering if No-mah will be rested tomorrow w/ the sinkerballer Lowe pitching...
2007-06-26 19:09:20
123.   underdog
That was a well executed strikeout-and-run-and-miscue-
and-extra-base play.
2007-06-26 19:09:32
124.   Andrew Shimmin
119- This is just a little samba, built upon a single note
Other notes are sure to follow but the root is still that note
Now this new note is the consequence of the one we've just been through
As I'm bound to be the unavoidable consequence of you
2007-06-26 19:10:04
125.   underdog
117 I just did get it working, finally. Keep trying. It seems to be having emotional problems today.
2007-06-26 19:10:05
126.   natepurcell
Hes so good.
2007-06-26 19:10:24
127.   overkill94
No freakin way! Crazy eyes does it again!
2007-06-26 19:10:25
128.   be2ween
Oh MY!
2007-06-26 19:10:33
129.   Icaros
Who is this guy?
2007-06-26 19:10:37
130.   fanerman
2007-06-26 19:10:50
131.   trainwreck
Loney BOMB!!
2007-06-26 19:10:55
132.   underdog
Um, there's our power hitter, folks.
2007-06-26 19:11:16
133.   Greg Brock
So, yeah, pretty much.
2007-06-26 19:11:35
134.   natepurcell
HAHAHAH. he dove AFTER he caught the ball.
2007-06-26 19:11:39
135.   Eric Stephen
Vintage Byrnes...unneeded dive at the end there.
2007-06-26 19:11:45
136.   overkill94
That was quite possibly Byrnes's most unnecessary dive of his career
2007-06-26 19:11:52
137.   underdog
I mean, he powered that one the other way - it was sort of a hanging change-up, but a little low, and to hit it that far, I'm impressed.
2007-06-26 19:11:56
138.   Andrew Shimmin
I do love me some Eric Byrnes. He didn't dive till after the ball was in hit mitt.
2007-06-26 19:11:59
139.   fanerman
Really now, Byrnes did not have to dive to make that catch. He already caught the ball before he dove.
2007-06-26 19:12:20
140.   D4P
why do you think?

I don't know.

2007-06-26 19:12:31
141.   underdog
Flippin' Byrnes, I love that guy and hate that guy.
2007-06-26 19:12:53
142.   D4P
Byrnes dove after he caught the...oh, never mind.
2007-06-26 19:13:11
143.   fanerman
134, 135, 136, 138, 139

I guess I'm a little slow.

2007-06-26 19:13:33
144.   Icaros
How was Loney not hitting HRs in the PCL?
2007-06-26 19:13:49
145.   be2ween
I just wanna say,
Loney's in the SHOW!
2007-06-26 19:14:03
146.   Andrew Shimmin
143- I'm so glad you posted it, otherwise I'd have been the last person to say the same thing. Sure, I only beat you by three seconds. But it was three full seconds.
2007-06-26 19:14:31
147.   Who Is Karim Garcia
I don't see Loney getting much more PT if he doesn't develop more power.
2007-06-26 19:14:37
148.   Jeff Zellman
Loney will regress to the mean. His stats are bloated due to sample size.
2007-06-26 19:14:49
149.   underdog
The DBax announcers are surprisingly un-homer-ish when it comes to praising the other team. I actually don't mind them, even though Grace can be a goofball.
2007-06-26 19:15:03
150.   D4P
How was Loney not hitting HRs in the PCL?

I'm one of those who believed that Loney was pouting/let down/unhappy/whatever in AAA, and I fully expected him to perform better if/when he got the call up.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-06-26 19:15:47
151.   underdog
My stomach is bloated due to sample size.

Um... I'll be right back.

2007-06-26 19:15:49
152.   Icaros

Really? You mean he isn't going to hit better than Barry Bonds in his best season all year?

2007-06-26 19:15:51
153.   natepurcell
i remember last year Canuck got in an argument with this dback fan (levski on primer) on sickels site about Loney VS Conor Jackson.
2007-06-26 19:16:12
154.   Bob Timmermann
I read somewhere that if there's an unexpected decline in someone's performance, it's usually because of off-field problems.

Where did I read that?

2007-06-26 19:16:36
155.   fanerman
150 So you're saying, Loney was in a small decline due to.. something like personal problems?
2007-06-26 19:17:03
156.   fanerman
Man I'm really slow today.
2007-06-26 19:17:07
157.   Icaros

But he didn't hit many in his full season the year before either, even though he did hit close to .400.

2007-06-26 19:18:05
158.   overkill94
Buehrle to the Dodgers rumors staaaaaaaart. Now.
2007-06-26 19:18:06
159.   fanerman
2007-06-26 19:18:12
160.   natepurcell
i think theres a jet stream up there.
2007-06-26 19:18:14
161.   Curtis Lowe
This is getting ridiculous.
2007-06-26 19:18:48
162.   underdog
Well, the two former Houston high school rivals exchange long balls, Loney and Young.

Sigh. C'mon Bills. Learn from this - preferably in the next couple of pitches.

2007-06-26 19:18:51
163.   D4P
But he didn't hit many in his full season the year before either, even though he did hit close to .400

Well, maybe pitchers are unfamiliar with him right now and are grooving fastballs. I don't know. Clearly, his current HR rate isn't likely to last the remainder of the season.

2007-06-26 19:18:56
164.   Andrew Shimmin
Anybody in Phoenix want to confirm that the stadium is in fact levitating 6,000 feet above the ground, right now?
2007-06-26 19:19:30
165.   Jeff Zellman
Billz has given up 2 home runs in 1+ inning of work.
2007-06-26 19:19:30
166.   blutomania
What's going on with Bills, he's having trouble putting people away it looks like from Radio and Gameday...
2007-06-26 19:20:09
167.   natepurcell

that homerun was off a change up.

2007-06-26 19:20:36
168.   overkill94
What happened to the dominating Billingsley that was blowing guys away from the bullpen?
2007-06-26 19:21:01
169.   Eric Stephen
That was a strike. But, too many pitches Chad!!!
2007-06-26 19:21:02
170.   Jeff Zellman
Billz has gone full to 3 of the first seven batters. All have reached.
2007-06-26 19:21:11
171.   Icaros

Maybe no one threw him a change up in the PCL.

2007-06-26 19:21:28
172.   underdog
He's just made a few mistakes and each one they made him pay for. Welcome to the big leagues, basically. The Young home run was left right over the plate. It's all right, he'll come around.
2007-06-26 19:21:39
173.   Curtis Lowe
Billz needs to start pitching like he was just traded away and then had to pitch against the Dodgers.
2007-06-26 19:21:51
174.   Greg Brock
Chad isn't pitching very well right now.


2007-06-26 19:22:05
175.   trainwreck
2007-06-26 19:22:29
176.   underdog
Is Russell Martin playing Crash Davis to Bills' Nook LaLoosh?
2007-06-26 19:24:38
177.   Icaros
Well, that was unsettling.
2007-06-26 19:24:46
178.   Greg Brock
Don't worry, gang. Quality Start is still in play.
2007-06-26 19:24:59
179.   underdog
Whew. That could've been a lot worse. A LOT worse.

Still, 45 pitches in two innings - not good Chad. We're gonna have to put you on double secret probation soon.

2007-06-26 19:25:44
180.   Eric Stephen
Damnit Chad, you are making it hard for me to defend you to family members.
2007-06-26 19:25:47
181.   still bevens
The bullpen Bills of 07 has been replaced by the cheating death with RISP Bills of 06.
2007-06-26 19:26:11
182.   underdog
If he doesn't start pitching better soon, I'm gonna buehrle.
2007-06-26 19:26:17
183.   Bob Timmermann
Likely numerous Rule 1 violations at Bronx Banter tonight:
Orioles 9th
- S. Proctor relieved K. Farnsworth
- C. Patterson walked
- B. Roberts singled to left, C. Patterson to second
- C. Gomez popped bunt out to pitcher
- N. Markakis walked, C. Patterson to third, B. Roberts to second
- R. Hernandez walked, C. Patterson scored, B. Roberts to third, N. Markakis to second

Orioles 3, Yankees 2

2007-06-26 19:26:56
184.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Bills is venturing close to where the Tombdrickson lurks.
2007-06-26 19:27:17
185.   Eric Stephen
Sorry about the curse in 180. Feel free to delete.
2007-06-26 19:27:29
186.   fanerman
Awww. Eric Byrnes didn't dive on that play.
2007-06-26 19:27:31
187.   overkill94
Where's the dive Byrnesy?
2007-06-26 19:27:45
188.   Who Is Karim Garcia

That. Was. Beautiful.

2007-06-26 19:29:17
189.   fanerman
187 Yay I beat someone to the comment.
2007-06-26 19:30:24
190.   still bevens
Russ. You can't let Pierre look at more pitches than you do. Did we learn nothing from Loney and Gonzalez looking for their pitch to hit after working the count?
2007-06-26 19:30:29
191.   underdog
Feh, a 1-2-3 inning, and I had to watch it on Gameday because MLBTV crapped out again. Feh, I say!
2007-06-26 19:30:51
192.   trainwreck
Do we ever?
2007-06-26 19:31:13
193.   Greg Brock
Back off Byrnesy. Dreamy, divealicious, presidential historian, ridonkulous hair, Bruin.


2007-06-26 19:32:08
194.   Frip
Pierre exists solely to make infielders look good.
2007-06-26 19:33:02
195.   Greg Brock
Our pitchers will not stop until all of them have put a beating on Orlando Hudson.
2007-06-26 19:33:19
196.   Eric Stephen
The Dodgers are hosting something called WIN, a baseball clinic for women. During the pregame, the participants were mentioned:

Jeff Kent
Tommy Lasorda
Stan Conte
Lou Johnson
Ken Landreaux
Wes Parker

I just thought it was funny that the group was mentioned as "legends, and Jeff Kent." I know it was most likely because Kent is still active, but it was funny nonetheless.

2007-06-26 19:33:22
197.   trainwreck
Well that was a lot better than the other lead off hitters.
2007-06-26 19:34:10
198.   Bob Timmermann
Michael Beschloss is a presidential historian with ridonkulous hair.

All Byrnes can do is just recite the names of all the presidents in order.

And I could do that when I was six.

2007-06-26 19:34:15
199.   overkill94
196 Kent must have either drawn the short straw or is looking for some young tail
2007-06-26 19:35:00
200.   overkill94
198 That's only because there had only been three presidents up to that point
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-06-26 19:35:57
201.   Curtis Lowe
That was a very productive inning.
2007-06-26 19:36:03
202.   Eric Stephen
Way to settle down, Chad. A 7-pitch inning; total count is 51.
2007-06-26 19:36:21
203.   trainwreck
That was a much needed low pitch inning.
2007-06-26 19:36:31
204.   Greg Brock
198 Man, why you hatin' on a Bruin?
2007-06-26 19:36:44
205.   underdog
Hmm, Chad's been doing better since I've been following on Gameday. Maybe it's good MLBTV crapped out.
2007-06-26 19:37:05
206.   Bluebleeder87
All Byrnes can do is just recite the names of all the presidents in order.

Scooplew finds that sexy, i really hope it's a she

2007-06-26 19:37:26
207.   Eric Stephen
on the AZ broadcast, here is the AFLAC trivia question:

How many times have the Dodgers been involved in a perfect game?

2007-06-26 19:39:45
208.   Bob Timmermann
Because I like Michael Beschloss's hair more.
2007-06-26 19:40:47
209.   overkill94
207 Tom Browning, Dennys Martinez, Sandy Koufax, ?
2007-06-26 19:40:52
210.   fanerman
I find drawing walks to be exciting.
2007-06-26 19:41:04
211.   Greg Brock
Yeah. Michael Beschloss does have some pretty great hair.

Voice is a little Kermit the Froggish, but that is some great hair.

2007-06-26 19:42:06
212.   Bob Timmermann
I seem to recall a game in the 1950s involving a guy named Larsen.

But I could be wrong.

2007-06-26 19:42:14
213.   underdog
Let's see if Nomar can do one of his patented strikeout/get the runner over two bases specials.
2007-06-26 19:42:14
214.   underdog
Let's see if Nomar can do one of his patented strikeout/get the runner over two bases specials.
2007-06-26 19:42:26
215.   Eric Stephen
209 Don Larsen too.
2007-06-26 19:42:37
216.   underdog
Or not.
2007-06-26 19:42:56
217.   Greg Brock
I don't know who this new third baseman is, but color me unimpressed.
2007-06-26 19:42:58
218.   underdog
Oops, sorry. I blame my cat for the double-post!
2007-06-26 19:45:05
219.   overkill94
Woo hoo! Up to 2,000,000 in Text Twist. And it only took me five days!
2007-06-26 19:46:12
220.   Indiana Jon
Crazy Eyes does it again!
2007-06-26 19:46:19
221.   fanerman
Loney's bat is made of gold.
2007-06-26 19:46:32
222.   Bluebleeder87
Loney is an extra base *machine*woo!
2007-06-26 19:46:37
223.   Andrew Shimmin
Can't give the carpet credit for that one.
2007-06-26 19:46:44
224.   Eric Stephen
I can see tomorrow's LA Times headline: A-Loney in First
2007-06-26 19:46:47
225.   Greg Brock
Really. Just really now. This is ridiculous.
2007-06-26 19:47:01
226.   underdog
Oh, there's nothing sweeter than having Loney up at the plate and then seeing, "In play, run(s)" on Gameday. Sigh.
2007-06-26 19:47:19
227.   Who Is Karim Garcia
James "XBH" Loney.
2007-06-26 19:47:20
228.   Johnson
Are there strict rules proscribing the simultaneous reign of two golden gods, or can James join the club?
2007-06-26 19:47:52
229.   underdog
Loney Again, Or...

Oh, I never get tired of that joke. Everyone else does, but I don't.

2007-06-26 19:48:21
230.   Who Is Karim Garcia
"In play, run(s)"
2007-06-26 19:48:22
231.   overkill94
Dodger pitchers widen the gap in the OPS race against Nomar and Pierre!
2007-06-26 19:48:25
232.   underdog
2007-06-26 19:48:33
233.   natepurcell
i vote in favor of multiple deities.
2007-06-26 19:48:34
234.   Marty
Maybe Bills can play third base on his off days.
2007-06-26 19:49:06
235.   fanerman
Vin is making a big deal about Conor Jackson being out of position. I think Loney "Crazy Eyed" Jackson to get out of position, knowing he'd hit the ball where he was going to. It's the only logical explanation.

And Chad hit a double.

2007-06-26 19:49:21
236.   Greg Brock
228 We'll let the sample size play out a little bit, but I'm certainly open to it.

Crazy-Eyes really isn't very flattering. Funny, but wow.

2007-06-26 19:49:25
237.   Bluebleeder87
how has Bills looked pitching so far?

& has Nomar has any chances over in the hot corner?

2007-06-26 19:49:29
238.   Johnson
So, basically, no intentional walks to get to ANY of the Jacksonville Five, is that what Chad's trying to say there?
2007-06-26 19:49:40
239.   bryanf
I just knew walking Ethier would bite them...not sure why but it just didn't seem right...
2007-06-26 19:49:55
240.   underdog
Hah! That'll teach you to IBB to get to The Chad.

In the words of Barney Gumbel, "I don't know where you pixies came from but I sure like your pixie drink!"

2007-06-26 19:50:28
241.   bryanf
Rough inning for AZ...nothing is going their way...
2007-06-26 19:51:08
242.   Marty
Don't worry Gonzales, here comes the pitcher's helper.
2007-06-26 19:51:17
243.   bhsportsguy
233 And somewhere in that ballpark, Logan White is smiling as he see his first 2 No. 1 picks playing well in this game.

Of course he has Broxton, Martin, and Kemp also at Chase. I think they should buy him lunch tomorrow.

2007-06-26 19:51:30
244.   Andrew Shimmin
237- He's looked better at the plate.
2007-06-26 19:51:45
245.   Rob M
what did Bills' double look like? did he crush it?
2007-06-26 19:51:47
246.   underdog
Hee hee. I love watching the other pitcher implode, even if it is via Gameday.

Yeah, I'm still not crazy about "Crazy Eyes" as a nickname for Loney. I think we can do better, and nicer. The Loney Ranger...? No. The Big Bopper? No, that doesn't portend well. Hm.

2007-06-26 19:52:03
247.   trainwreck
My friend gave me his MLBTV info. This is way better than Gameday.
2007-06-26 19:52:13
248.   scooplew
206 Huh? What's going on?
2007-06-26 19:52:46
249.   Greg Brock
Orlando Hudson is silly with the glove.
2007-06-26 19:52:49
250.   Eric Stephen
Close play at 2nd, but that was pretty sweet by Hudson.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-06-26 19:53:04
251.   overkill94
Looks like he got him by an eyelash
2007-06-26 19:53:11
252.   natepurcell

Young was playing in but he hit it pretty hard and it went over his head, a little bit towards the swimming pool.

2007-06-26 19:54:06
253.   Andrew Shimmin
I thought we were calling Loney, Monk.
2007-06-26 19:54:08
254.   Greg Brock
245 It was a very hard hit line drive into right center field. Solid.
2007-06-26 19:54:11
255.   Curtis Lowe
I voted for Hudson for the all star game just because he's always making me angry with his amazing feet work.
2007-06-26 19:54:12
256.   underdog
That was quite a play by Hudson. Wow. Even if he appeared safe.

Okay, so I've got MLBTV working again. If anything bad starts happening again in the next inning, I'm switching back to Gameday.

not that I'm, er, superstitious or anything.

2007-06-26 19:54:14
257.   Eric Stephen
What about "Tex" for Loney? Too simple? Is "Jehovah" taken?
2007-06-26 19:54:38
258.   Bluebleeder87

it was a line shot over the CF'ders head, it was a nice shot.

2007-06-26 19:54:47
259.   bhsportsguy
252 So who signs after Adkins? I have a feeling its going to be a while before we find out the deal with Blair.
2007-06-26 19:54:58
260.   Marty
We could call Loney Ramon, the anti-Nomar
2007-06-26 19:55:32
261.   Gagne55
If Furcal had run full speed to second instead of sliding, he prolly would have beaten the throw. He may have gotten tagged out for overrunning the base, but the run would have scored.
2007-06-26 19:55:49
262.   underdog
I take it back, he was out by a lash, definitely. That's a Web Gem. Which I don't mind because of the score, currently.
2007-06-26 19:56:32
263.   natepurcell
wow Chad just rushed it up to 97
2007-06-26 19:56:37
264.   bhsportsguy
Even though he has nothing to show for it, back to back hard outs by Pierre.

I'm grasping but I guess that evens out all those softies that occasionally fall in.

2007-06-26 19:56:37
265.   Frip
56 Inside Baseball: "I'd like to go on record that the position switch will positively affect Nomar's hitting. No statistical/scientific/logical basis for this assertion, just that"...I wanna be the guy who can say I told you so.
2007-06-26 19:57:13
266.   Andrew Shimmin
260- Subversive. I like it. Plus, it imparts necessary information. Loney is tall, left handed, and good.
2007-06-26 19:57:25
267.   Jeff Zellman
All 5 Dodger runs have been driven in by the bottom 3rd of the lineup.
2007-06-26 19:57:31
268.   Marty
Possible nicknames:

The Dark Star
The Tornado

2007-06-26 19:57:35
269.   Who Is Karim Garcia
"My James Loney has a first name it's J-A-M-E-S.
My James Loney has a second name it's "L-O-N-E-Y.
Oh, Grady should play him everday
And If you ask me why I'll say
Cuz James Loney has a way with... ok, not really.
2007-06-26 19:58:38
270.   natepurcell
good catch juan! didnt think he was gunna make it there.
2007-06-26 19:58:58
271.   Gagne55
Pierre shows off his speed on that flyball. A slower man could never have reached it.
2007-06-26 19:59:11
272.   underdog
That was a positively Byrnesian effort by Pierre.
2007-06-26 19:59:55
273.   bryanf
How about "Loney Tunes" or maybe "Ba-Loney"
2007-06-26 20:00:20
274.   overkill94
272 I'd only give the dive a 6 on the Byrnesian Scale though
2007-06-26 20:00:30
275.   underdog
Ramon would be good if we didn't already have a Ramon on the DL who may or may not be coming back. We call him Lucille II but I think the Dodgers probably don't.

Heh, Zuul cracked me up.

2007-06-26 20:00:36
276.   Who Is Karim Garcia
I've never hated a player as much as I hated Matt Williams, but I can see Carlos Quentin getting there.

There's a good reason for it though.

His face.

2007-06-26 20:00:58
277.   fanerman
273 .484 BA-Loney?
2007-06-26 20:01:12
278.   overkill94
Chad, you gotta stop hanging pitches
2007-06-26 20:01:23
279.   Gagne55
You suck, Billingsley.
2007-06-26 20:01:26
280.   Who Is Karim Garcia
I think Bills just awoke the Tombdrickson.
2007-06-26 20:01:32
281.   Eric Stephen
Wow...Billingsley hasn't really given up a lot of HRs ever, but 3 tonight????!!!!
2007-06-26 20:01:35
282.   trainwreck
2007-06-26 20:01:43
283.   Bluebleeder87
oh boy Bills, (hanger)
2007-06-26 20:02:04
284.   bryanf
Hanging Chad...
2007-06-26 20:02:14
285.   Marty
When Loney belts one, I can just hear the crowd shouting ZZUUUULLLLL!!!!
2007-06-26 20:02:15
286.   underdog
Are you kidding me??

/MLBTV, off

/GameDay, ON

Chad, those hanging breaking balls are just not making us happy.

2007-06-26 20:02:17
287.   Greg Brock
Park factors. Wind. Too high. Barometric pressure. Jet stream.
2007-06-26 20:02:37
288.   D4P
RIP Billingsley's Quality Start
2007-06-26 20:03:18
289.   Gagne55
278 and I thought the Marlins were the only ones seeing hanging Chads.
2007-06-26 20:03:30
290.   bhsportsguy
It will take a lot of patience to deal with this, again, youngsters.
2007-06-26 20:03:48
291.   Bluebleeder87
he seemed to be cruising the 2 innings i've watched so far. sigh.
2007-06-26 20:04:22
292.   underdog
Yeah, seriously, is the desert wind blowing out, with the roof open, or what? This is crazy.

Oh, great, Arizona fans chanting "Beat LA" - now I'm really turning MLBTV off.

2007-06-26 20:04:47
293.   Eric Stephen
Nightmare inning.
2007-06-26 20:04:51
294.   overkill94
2007-06-26 20:05:02
295.   Greg Brock
Veterans picking the kids up right there.
2007-06-26 20:05:07
296.   Gagne55
Why Kent? Why?
2007-06-26 20:05:33
297.   Icaros
This guy cannot play second base next season.
2007-06-26 20:05:35
298.   underdog
Great, Kent. Nice. I think his toe got in his eyes on that one. That's all Chad needed was some un-help.
2007-06-26 20:05:35
299.   trainwreck
Kent would be an okay DH.
2007-06-26 20:05:47
300.   dzzrtRatt
Kent has become a very unclutch fielder. His errors always hurt.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-06-26 20:06:15
301.   bryanf
297 This guy apparently can't play second base THIS season either...
2007-06-26 20:06:24
302.   bhsportsguy
296 As I say, Chad put himself in this spot by walking Quentin and then giving up a pinch hit homer.
2007-06-26 20:06:27
303.   Who Is Karim Garcia
In the voice of the Sea Captain,

"Argh, the Tombdrickson has been awoken to feast on our misery."

2007-06-26 20:06:40
304.   Gagne55
Hudson kills rally in both halves of the fourth.
2007-06-26 20:06:57
305.   Eric Stephen
Back to something positive, maybe each of the Jacksonville Five should take the name of the original:


2007-06-26 20:07:16
306.   underdog
Well, it could've been worse. A LOT worse.

{{this is a recording}} {{beep}}

2007-06-26 20:07:21
307.   bhsportsguy
You guys are too rough on Kent, when your pitcher gives up homers, no defense for that.
2007-06-26 20:07:21
308.   Icaros

He'd be a great DH, as would Gonzalez.

2007-06-26 20:07:24
309.   fanerman
305 So which one wants to be Michael?
2007-06-26 20:07:28
310.   CanuckDodger
Balls are just really jumping off of bats tonight, and that happens in Phoenix this time of year. If this were happening to Chad in L.A., I'd be more worried. The Dodgers just have to make sure they come out on top in tonight's slugfest.
2007-06-26 20:07:43
311.   bryanf
276 Well at least Craig Counsell is no longer a D-Back. I really hate that guy...
2007-06-26 20:07:55
312.   Greg Brock
305 Which one gets to be the kiddie toucher?

Make it Guzman.

2007-06-26 20:08:27
313.   Greg Brock
fanerman is on fire with the quickness tonight.
2007-06-26 20:08:38
314.   Gagne55
I have a feeling that Loney will be driving in some more runs tonight.
2007-06-26 20:09:25
315.   Inside Baseball
265 Patience, my friend. The beauty is that one of us will be right and we both hope that you are the one who is wrong.
2007-06-26 20:09:25
316.   Andrew Shimmin
Pitchers, young and old, have bad games.
2007-06-26 20:09:43
317.   bhsportsguy
310 But he is not showing that efficiency he showed in the bullpen, don't know if he pressing or just getting used to starting again but he can't be making 80 pitches in 4 innings every time out.
2007-06-26 20:09:55
318.   underdog
This new #3 hitter stinks. Move him down!


2007-06-26 20:10:37
319.   Who Is Karim Garcia
two questions:

Who were the Canuck 5?

And what happened to Ryan Ketchner?

2007-06-26 20:10:51
320.   Gagne55
310 A lot of his pitchs have been poorly located tonight.
2007-06-26 20:11:00
321.   tjkrbrown
Why, oh Why do the Dodgers continue to abuse their fans with the sub-par Chad Billingsley?

The ghost of Darren Dreifort lives!

I don't care if he can throw 105 MPH, he doesn't THINK like a pitcher.

Trade him for a rosin bag, and a sack full of whiffle balls.

2007-06-26 20:11:01
322.   underdog
Nippert's a better pitcher than Edgar G, unfortunately.
2007-06-26 20:11:09
323.   Andrew Shimmin
If he gives up three home runs a game in his next two starts, I'll worry about it.
2007-06-26 20:12:08
324.   Who Is Karim Garcia
What happened to Frank Jobe? Frayed labrum from too many TJ surgeries?
2007-06-26 20:12:31
325.   D4P
Coming into today's game, Citizen Kent was on pace for 608 PAs. It will be interesting to see if he gets more time off during the 2nd half of the season than he got during the 1st...
2007-06-26 20:12:35
326.   underdog
Pitching around Gonzo to get to Nomar makes total sense.
2007-06-26 20:12:57
327.   Gagne55
C'mon Nomar. Get on base any way possible. If youn do, Loney will drive you in.
2007-06-26 20:13:05
328.   D4P
Just Another Walk For LuGo
2007-06-26 20:13:36
329.   underdog
I don't understand why they rushed Kent back in to tonight's game, is my question. After he banged his toe last night and was slumping anyway, they should've just given him the night off. Put Abreu in there.
2007-06-26 20:14:11
330.   Icaros

You want to trade the ghost of Darren Dreifort for a rosin bag and sack of wiffle balls?

Doesn't he have to be dead first?

2007-06-26 20:14:29
331.   Gagne55
Not throwing Nomar any strikes. He doesn't need to.
2007-06-26 20:14:45
332.   Eric Stephen
Step into that one!
2007-06-26 20:15:05
333.   overkill94
Meet the new Nomar, same as the old Nomar
2007-06-26 20:15:39
334.   Greg Brock
Okay, I truly believe Nomar is on a steady and permanent decline, but he just can't be this bad. He can't be.

Yeah, he probably can.

2007-06-26 20:15:47
335.   Gagne55
Horrible at bat by Nomar. He saw five pitches and not a single one was a strike. Only one was even close.
2007-06-26 20:15:49
336.   Marty
330 And dump him in the blue water of Lake Tahoe.
2007-06-26 20:16:00
337.   underdog
See, what Gonzo did wrong there was not get in scoring position.
2007-06-26 20:16:23
338.   MMSMikey
nice cut nomar
2007-06-26 20:16:45
339.   Icaros
I can see it now:

"Nomar slumping due to discomfort at new position."

2007-06-26 20:16:51
340.   Bluebleeder87
it's not good for the soul watching Nomar take those 1st pitch cuts, it's just not.
2007-06-26 20:16:57
341.   trainwreck
I can't believe the Arizona broadcasters spent a whole half inning talking about hot dogs and competitive eating and lord knows what else.
2007-06-26 20:17:14
342.   Eric Stephen
Keep Tahoe Dodger Blue
2007-06-26 20:17:19
343.   bhsportsguy
Very upset game thread tonight.
2007-06-26 20:17:42
344.   Rob M
321 Yeah, at 22 I guess it's clear that he'll never amount to anything.
2007-06-26 20:17:58
345.   underdog
336 You mean the ash-black waters of Lake Tahoe?
2007-06-26 20:18:02
346.   Greg Brock
He just looks like he's throwing the bat head out there to make contact. Zero bat speed.

It's okay, Nomar. Your skirt won't fly up if you swing too hard.

2007-06-26 20:18:42
347.   bhsportsguy
Chad is going to have to pitch well in his next two starts before the All-Star break to rid any talk of acquiring a starter, same goes for Kuo.
2007-06-26 20:19:01
348.   underdog
I was hoping for one more inning from Chad. I guess not. We've got to see Enez instead.
2007-06-26 20:19:03
349.   Bluebleeder87
Vinnie just mentioned the Dodgers will in fact move to Glendale, Arizona. DT road trip to a spring training game in '09??
2007-06-26 20:19:05
350.   Gagne55
343 Loney leads off next inning. That should improve the atmosphere.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-06-26 20:19:06
351.   Greg Brock
343 Now that the Dodgers have put in all the kids and done exactly what we want, we only have a few players left to take it out on ;-)
2007-06-26 20:20:10
352.   Icaros
I normally wouldn't think that we'd be within ten runs of the opposition if Seanez is pitching in the fifth inning.
2007-06-26 20:21:56
353.   overkill94
It seems that Nomar's pre-swing routine has less fervor than last year. Lack of motivation, a tired body, or paranoia (on my part)?
2007-06-26 20:22:02
354.   Bluebleeder87
Nomars hit two balls today that would have been dingers last year, it seems like the balls he hits this year die of exhaustion
2007-06-26 20:22:14
355.   underdog
Can we call-up Meloan during the game tonight?
2007-06-26 20:22:23
356.   Gagne55
352 It's one of those games. I just hope that come the ninth inning it's Saito who is pitching with the 10-9 lead.
2007-06-26 20:22:30
357.   Eric Stephen
Billingsley and Kuo need to pick it up here. It's not just for their future, or the Dodgers future with them, but it is also to avoid the Dodgers overpaying in trade for a mediocre starter.
2007-06-26 20:23:04
358.   kadycee
I just got here - is Loney doing it all by himself?
2007-06-26 20:23:21
359.   kadycee
That was an interesting throw...
2007-06-26 20:23:25
360.   Andrew Shimmin
Three people hit the dirt on that play.
2007-06-26 20:24:01
361.   Eric Stephen
357 Or, what 347 said.
2007-06-26 20:24:17
362.   oldfan60
The Canuck 5: Loney, Jackson, Miller, Gutierrez, Hanrahan.
2007-06-26 20:25:00
363.   Greg Brock
358 Not all of it, but a lot of it.

If Nomar is hurt, he should tell somebody. He's accumulated enough tough guy points, and we would all lay off him. I prefer Nomar hit well and start over Betemit, because I like the guy.

2007-06-26 20:25:25
364.   trainwreck
If only Furcal could run out to center when teams hit sac flies.
2007-06-26 20:25:30
365.   Connector
341..and boys, don't take Mark Grace's clueless advice about what girls ("chicks") like ("dig") at night.
2007-06-26 20:26:00
366.   Frip
That clip of Kent playing with the little kids was funny. Looked like he was immitating a monkey with a bee in his ear. He seemed good with apposed to the grumpy, scary quiet guy you'd think they'd see him as.
2007-06-26 20:26:06
367.   bhsportsguy
357 Gee, I thought I said that already. :}

Its not the runs allowed, its the innings, they need them to get into the 6th or else it will eventually burn up the pen.

2007-06-26 20:26:13
368.   underdog
358- Basically, kady. With a little help from Gonzo and Billingsley's bat.
2007-06-26 20:27:21
369.   Johnny Nucleo
Commenting late, I may be repeating something someone said earlier, but it's worth remembering that Chad had a rough first month as a reliever too. His April ERA was 5.93 . He should be expected to turn this around.
2007-06-26 20:27:48
370.   Icaros
If Loney hits a triple here, what color cycle alert is that again?
2007-06-26 20:28:37
371.   underdog
Speaking of which, J-Lo is due up next. And we'll see a pinch hitter, possibly one with... power.
2007-06-26 20:28:56
372.   Eric Stephen
370 Bright Red
2007-06-26 20:29:30
373.   underdog
369 I'm not worried about Chad. (Though I am worried about the Dodgers worrying about Chad and making a panicky trade for some veteran-ness.) But he'll be fine.
2007-06-26 20:29:52
374.   kadycee
363. I agree about Nomar. Plus it seems like Betemit likes pinch hitting.
2007-06-26 20:31:17
375.   trainwreck
I was about to make a joke about our offense being done for the inning, but Ethier changed that.
2007-06-26 20:31:20
376.   Icaros
My jinxing powers are still intact. Sorry J-Lo, but I can't help you if you don't swing at least once.
2007-06-26 20:31:32
377.   underdog
Okay, that was a learning experience for Loney. Someone did a scouting report update between innings.

3.5! That one almost got out.

2007-06-26 20:31:55
378.   kadycee
368. Billingsly's bat? The pitchers have to do everything on this team.
2007-06-26 20:32:38
379.   bluegold
I simply do not understand what seems to be the universal consensus that Billingsly will be fine.
2007-06-26 20:33:05
380.   Greg Brock
That's okay. What Betemit does pinch hitting doesn't count for him or against him.
2007-06-26 20:33:27
381.   kadycee
J-Lo is playing baseball now? Does that mean she's given up acting?
2007-06-26 20:33:41
382.   MMSMikey
nice job raffy
2007-06-26 20:33:46
383.   underdog
We got Bad-amit instead of Good-amit in that at bat. Nippert's fooled two of our guys this inning.

I never realized how tall Nippert was.

2007-06-26 20:34:25
384.   Greg Brock
379 Because he is 22 years old and been touted by every scout and player development person as an ace since the day he was born. His minor league numbers were outstanding, and he's pitched well this year.

He's had a bad game. It happens. He's learning.

2007-06-26 20:34:26
385.   Andrew Shimmin
I think we need to put our feet down on this one: No more starting pitchers till Colletti gets rid of Hendrickson. And we don't need more than seven on the roster at any time.
2007-06-26 20:35:09
386.   underdog
379 You mean, besides the fact that he's basically been great all year, and this was his first start of the season? And that he's young and very talented?
2007-06-26 20:35:26
387.   Icaros

We can only hope, but her singing is even worse if you ask me.

2007-06-26 20:35:58
388.   kadycee
379. Because he's not Tomko.
2007-06-26 20:36:27
389.   Andrew Shimmin
384- He pitched reasonably well over ninety innings last year, too. His peripherals weren't too hot, but all the numbers people who don't like numbers like looked good.
2007-06-26 20:37:14
390.   underdog
Great, from one Lurch to another. But we have the bad one.
2007-06-26 20:38:32
391.   underdog
Lurch got squeezed on that ball one call.
2007-06-26 20:38:39
392.   Icaros
His peripherals weren't too hot, but all the numbers people who don't like numbers like looked good.

This should be inscribed on your tombstone, Andrew.

2007-06-26 20:39:02
393.   Andrew Shimmin
Besides, Team Termath salutes Chad Billingsley, and Team Termath has never led me astray.
2007-06-26 20:39:04
394.   overkill94
Same pitch that was just called ball one
2007-06-26 20:39:18
395.   CanuckDodger
379 -- I just don't get people like this. I could expand on the point, but a rule violation threatens to rear its head and shake it gory locks, so I will say no more.
2007-06-26 20:40:07
396.   Andrew Shimmin
392- It's nice to dream, but I think we all know I'll be spending eternity at the bottom of an unmarked, mass grave.
2007-06-26 20:41:20
397.   Icaros

And, let's face it, rightfully so.

2007-06-26 20:42:34
398.   Eric Stephen
396 In Bentonville, Arkansas
2007-06-26 20:42:59
399.   Greg Brock
When the revolution comes, Andrew will be given a reprieve.

I know some people...It's best to just leave it at that.

2007-06-26 20:43:09
400.   underdog
Whew. I guess that desert jet stream has lessened since earlier in the game.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-06-26 20:43:53
401.   Andrew Shimmin
397- I'm depraved on account of I'm deprived, Icaros.
2007-06-26 20:44:01
402.   Gagne55
Byrnes got jammed and hit it to the warning track.
2007-06-26 20:44:06
403.   Marty
Ya know, if I have to be in a mass grave, I'd like it in a meadow. With a nice strand of Oaks.
2007-06-26 20:44:33
404.   bluegold
395. Apparently, there is no rule violation for sarcasm.
2007-06-26 20:44:53
405.   Bob Timmermann
Home games in the NL West tonight and temperatures at game time:

L.A. at Arizona - 107
San Diego at San Francisco - 56

2007-06-26 20:45:36
406.   Icaros

Does this mean that you are forsaking the rival party out of North Carolina?

2007-06-26 20:45:36
407.   Bob Timmermann
See Rule #7.
2007-06-26 20:45:37
408.   Marty
oh, that wasn't sarcasm
2007-06-26 20:46:51
409.   Greg Brock
406 It's...complex.

Just stay out of Montana and Wyoming for the next few weeks.

We're workin' on stuff.

2007-06-26 20:48:12
410.   underdog
And then cut to shot of Joe Garagiola in the stands, looking for the dessert jet stream.

405 Yah, it's quite cold up here tonight - the fog rolled back in today. More like typical June after many sunny days in a row.

2007-06-26 20:48:44
411.   Icaros
Just stay out of Montana and Wyoming for the next few weeks.

Shouldn't be a problem.

2007-06-26 20:49:47
412.   Greg Brock
Certain players have had some tough luck tonight.
2007-06-26 20:50:10
413.   Gagne55
The O-Dog has been killing us with the leather.
2007-06-26 20:50:13
414.   Bluebleeder87
tie goes to the runner, blue!!
2007-06-26 20:50:30
415.   kadycee
Go Speed Limit!
2007-06-26 20:50:49
416.   Sam in SC
that call at first just cost the go ahead run.
2007-06-26 20:50:51
417.   Eric Stephen
Nice RBI double for Russ...oh wait.
2007-06-26 20:51:08
418.   underdog

Pierre's actually been robbed three times tonight, in various ways.

They should have a run now, thanks to Russell!

2007-06-26 20:51:22
419.   Icaros

Especially tough when a certain player's offensive approach relies solely upon said luck.

2007-06-26 20:51:45
420.   Bob Timmermann
The Rockies could not split the difference between Phoenix and San Francisco in their game at Chicago.

The gametime temp there was 78.

2007-06-26 20:52:53
421.   Frip
Sounds like a dramatic overstatement for Vin to say "and now he will face Juan Pierre". You don't really "face" Juan as much as have your way with him.
2007-06-26 20:53:32
422.   Lexinthedena
Time!...stop guys! he called time!
2007-06-26 20:53:35
423.   trainwreck
Russell seemed to tweak his ankle getting back to the bag.
2007-06-26 20:53:46
424.   Greg Brock
Rough night for PVL
2007-06-26 20:54:06
425.   Gagne55
Nomar better not waste another at bat this time.
2007-06-26 20:54:10
426.   Eric Stephen
The league knows about Nomar now.
2007-06-26 20:54:44
427.   Icaros
The ultimate insult to our new third baseman.
2007-06-26 20:54:52
428.   trainwreck
Nomar must feel bad.
2007-06-26 20:55:25
429.   underdog
Come on Nomar, for the love of dog make them pay for the IBB!
2007-06-26 20:55:31
430.   kadycee
I guess they're not going to intentionally walk Nomar to get to Loney.
2007-06-26 20:55:32
431.   Frip
Nomar's gonna park it out of sheer pride.
2007-06-26 20:55:58
432.   we are infinite
Pretty bold to IBB Gonzo to get to a guy who is hitting .423 with runners in scoring position.
2007-06-26 20:57:18
433.   Gagne55
A pitch in the dirt and he didn't swing! alert the presses.
2007-06-26 20:57:49
434.   Bluebleeder87

he hit his last dinger in Zona no?

2007-06-26 20:58:17
435.   Eric Stephen
The Dodgers have taken advantage of the intentional walk lately. Just not now.
2007-06-26 20:58:17
436.   kadycee
Nomar has come down with Shawn Green disease.
2007-06-26 20:58:20
437.   natepurcell
why do you swing nomar!??!
2007-06-26 20:58:34
438.   Gagne55
Swung at ball 4. Nomar is truely inept.
2007-06-26 20:58:34
439.   Icaros
Plate discipline.
2007-06-26 20:58:44
440.   trainwreck
And Nomar swings at ball four.
2007-06-26 20:58:49
441.   overkill94
Nice swing at ball four there, vet
2007-06-26 20:58:51
442.   Greg Brock
And he swings at ball four.


2007-06-26 20:58:59
443.   underdog
That was a very un-Nomar-like, patient at bat. Which got him nowhere.
2007-06-26 20:59:05
444.   Bluebleeder87

he swang at a ball almost over his head though.

2007-06-26 20:59:16
445.   underdog
Except for the last pitch, that is.
2007-06-26 20:59:18
446.   MMSMikey
that .424 avg with RISP is very misleading.
2007-06-26 20:59:25
447.   Greg Brock
I wonder if Nomar swung at ball four.
2007-06-26 21:00:19
448.   Lexinthedena
He just looks weak up there.....
2007-06-26 21:00:52
449.   underdog
I think Nomar swung at ball...



2007-06-26 21:01:08
450.   StolenMonkey86
Gameday told me that ball he hit in play was right over the plate.

I'm never trusting Gameday again. Especially on pFX. They always exaggerate that.

Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2007-06-26 21:01:24
451.   underdog
More like .424 avg. RIP.
2007-06-26 21:01:26
452.   Bob Timmermann
Does anyone other than Hudson in the majors wear a double ear-flap helmet?
2007-06-26 21:01:36
453.   Frip
Elvis to Nomar:

You seemed to change
And acted strange
And why I've never known

2007-06-26 21:01:58
454.   Gagne55
447 see: 438, 440, 441, 442 lol
2007-06-26 21:02:24
455.   Gagne55
Hendrickson is filthy tonight.
2007-06-26 21:02:35
456.   bhsportsguy
447 To me it was as if he was looking slider, saw a rising fastball and kind of jumped at it.

I wonder if his knees are okay, it as if he is hitting with just his upper half.

I don't think he feels he's hurt enough to go on the DL but if it his legs then he needs to do something.

2007-06-26 21:03:13
457.   underdog
Nice pitching there by the power forward! Just keep it tied, Lurch.
2007-06-26 21:03:39
458.   Gagne55
Back to back 3-pitch Ks.
2007-06-26 21:04:25
459.   Icaros

If someone offers him a contract, Delino DeShields will wear one.

2007-06-26 21:04:32
460.   underdog
Okay, keep Hendy, exorcise Tomko.
2007-06-26 21:04:37
461.   kadycee
Maybe Nomar isn't getting enough sleep at home - what with the twins and all. Maybe he should room with Kent.
2007-06-26 21:05:31
462.   overkill94
Joey Gathright just got called out on an appeal on a sac fly. Does this fall under your fascination with rare events in baseball, Bob?
2007-06-26 21:05:38
463.   underdog
Separated at birth: Chad Tracy and Louis C.K.?
2007-06-26 21:05:57
464.   kadycee
460. Yes, please.
2007-06-26 21:05:59
465.   Gagne55
Tracy's hit looked like it was on a pitch on the black.
2007-06-26 21:06:45
466.   underdog
461 We were discussing that at beginning of this thread and decided it was all unlikely - though possible. But probably not it.
2007-06-26 21:07:12
467.   Bob Timmermann
No. Especially when the Royals are involved.
2007-06-26 21:07:52
468.   Andrew Shimmin
462- If it does, it'll be hard for me to find a way to grouse about his taking the top three spots on the Hot from the Toaster list, again.
2007-06-26 21:08:24
469.   Gagne55
You go Mark! He was nasty.
2007-06-26 21:08:34
470.   underdog
Great pitch there Hendy. He did all we could have asked of him tonight.
2007-06-26 21:09:16
471.   kadycee
466. Ah...didn't go back and read anything yet. Now I shall. But I do think he gets distracted by his home life. Wasn't it around the time he married Mia that he previously became useless? My intuition tells me it is so...
2007-06-26 21:10:05
472.   underdog
Who knows? Maybe a stint on the DL so he can hang with the twins will be just what the doctor ordered. That and cure for his old-itis.
2007-06-26 21:10:26
473.   Greg Brock
We've got to get Philip Michaels on this. He'll know what's ailing Nomar.

My first guess would be an imbalance of the humors. Maybe river blindness.

2007-06-26 21:10:29
474.   Gagne55
Choate is still in the majors? LOL
2007-06-26 21:10:48
475.   bhsportsguy
I guess there is a difference in the two leagues, the Angels beat up on Pittsburgh (actually they won a couple of games in extra innings) but now for the second night in a row, the KC Royals are having fun in Anaheim.
2007-06-26 21:11:30
476.   Greg Brock
471 I forget you people have that intuition.

Where were you when I lost my car keys yesterday?

2007-06-26 21:11:55
477.   bhsportsguy
473 I say Theodoric of York, though he might just recommend a good bleeding.
2007-06-26 21:12:31
478.   Bob Timmermann
Yellow alert.
2007-06-26 21:12:35
479.   kadycee
Go Monk
2007-06-26 21:12:38
480.   Greg Brock
Huzzah! Loney!
2007-06-26 21:12:46
481.   Icaros
An overnight leech bath should cure Nomar of what ails him.
2007-06-26 21:13:03
482.   Gagne55
now he just needs a triple; Nomar would have flaied away at those first two pitches out of the zone
2007-06-26 21:13:49
483.   kadycee
472. Old-itis! Maybe the tin man just needs a good oiling. No, that's Kent.
2007-06-26 21:13:57
484.   underdog
Inchoate, out Choate.

Yeah, so are we on, what orange alert?

2007-06-26 21:13:59
485.   Andrew Shimmin
471- He's hitting better at home than on the road.
2007-06-26 21:14:10
486.   Bob Timmermann
Working in a library, I wouldn't want to have a car that is library quiet. At least not where I work.
2007-06-26 21:14:44
487.   Icaros
Should've actually drawn a walk on that at-bat, but the umpire hosed J-Lo.
2007-06-26 21:14:47
488.   kadycee
473. Maybe he needs a good leeching.
2007-06-26 21:14:53
489.   StolenMonkey86
they're un-Loogying for Ethier
2007-06-26 21:15:16
490.   underdog
Old-itis, who am I to say - he's three years younger than I am! And I have olditis more often when playing soccer these days, but not being a pro athlete I'm generally still considered "young" - but Nomar sure does look "old" at the plate.
2007-06-26 21:16:20
491.   kadycee
476. It serves me well when it comes to making pitching decisions--that of course are not reflected by the actual decisions, which are made by Grady.
2007-06-26 21:16:31
492.   MMSMikey
rally killer
2007-06-26 21:16:38
493.   Bluebleeder87
Golden opportunity spoiled by Ethier.
2007-06-26 21:16:51
494.   underdog
Feh. I wish they'd left Choate in there.
2007-06-26 21:16:53
495.   Andrew Shimmin
486- What's the deal with that, anyway. When did librarians stop shushing everybody? It's been a couple of years since I was last in one, I guess, but I found it funny how much things had changed since I was a kid. Fifteen years ago.
2007-06-26 21:16:59
496.   Gagne55
I ight consider just leaving Mark in. He's been on his game.
2007-06-26 21:16:59
497.   Icaros

See 481. You always do that to me. Who sent you?

2007-06-26 21:17:48
498.   Frip
Nomar will never be "useless" to me.
2007-06-26 21:17:58
499.   underdog
Olmedo looked like he wants to go back to the hotel room.
2007-06-26 21:18:24
500.   Gagne55
Olmedo proves my point.
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2007-06-26 21:18:32
501.   kadycee
apparently leeches/bleeding seem to be the answer we're all searching for.
2007-06-26 21:19:28
502.   Icaros
Nomar will never be "useless" to me.

I hear he can cook a bowl of spaghetti all by himself.

2007-06-26 21:19:51
503.   bhsportsguy
496 I think 2 innings is enough for Hendrickson.
2007-06-26 21:20:10
504.   Gagne55
I don't think Scully realizes you must have a lead to pick up a hold.
2007-06-26 21:20:23
505.   Inside Baseball
So if Bob Melvin can recognize Kemp's ability and take out Choate before Kemp is announced, why can't Grady and let him actually stay in and hit for Ethier?
2007-06-26 21:20:50
506.   bhsportsguy
What was the name of the two dogs in a cartoon a daddy and son. Wasn't one of them named something like Augie Doggie?
2007-06-26 21:21:00
507.   Icaros
Grace hasn't really screamed about The Biggest Man Alive yet.
2007-06-26 21:21:05
508.   Greg Brock
The Hold and the Quality Start need to have a match to the death.

Then I get to shoot the one that wins.

2007-06-26 21:21:41
509.   kadycee
Where do you think John keeps his Babe the Blue Ox when he's at work?
2007-06-26 21:22:21
510.   Bob Timmermann
Someone who makes a lot of money actually decides to live in South Gate?
2007-06-26 21:22:31
511.   Bluebleeder87
Ojeda lives near my neck of the woods.
2007-06-26 21:22:44
512.   overkill94
508 Can the GWRBI be involved in a round-robin double-elimination?
2007-06-26 21:23:06
513.   Gagne55
Scoreless innings in tie games lead to wins in relief.
2007-06-26 21:23:33
514.   Bob Timmermann
The cartoon was "Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy."

It was part of the Hanna-Barbera group with Snagglepuss and Quick Draw McGraw.

2007-06-26 21:23:54
515.   Greg Brock
I'm inventing a new stat. The Flubel. Whichever hitter leads off the fifth inning in which the Dodgers are leading...They get a Flubel.

I believe Russell Martin leads the team in Flubels this year.

2007-06-26 21:24:15
516.   Icaros

The Game-Winning RBI will be master of ceremonies.

2007-06-26 21:24:37
517.   MMSMikey
2007-06-26 21:24:43
518.   trainwreck
There's a Diamondbacks Live?
2007-06-26 21:25:16
519.   Icaros


2007-06-26 21:25:31
520.   Bob Timmermann
I'm sensing that there are few GWRBI fans here.
2007-06-26 21:26:01
521.   kadycee
I knew that was going to happen.
2007-06-26 21:26:34
522.   Bob Timmermann
Giants tie the Padres in the 8th.
2007-06-26 21:26:44
523.   Gagne55
Take that O-Dog. You tried to rob Juan 3 times but wound up the O-(female)Dog
2007-06-26 21:27:01
524.   regfairfield
I want Orlando Hudson on the Dodgers.
2007-06-26 21:27:21
525.   underdog
Wan Pierre was not to be denied - at last! I would've felt bad for him actually.
2007-06-26 21:27:29
526.   Gagne55
520 I'm hoping Martin gets one right now.
2007-06-26 21:27:29
527.   Icaros
I was under the impression that the GWRBI had already been banished by MLB years ago.
2007-06-26 21:28:06
528.   Andrew Shimmin
It's amazing to me how much Martin spits for a guy who isn't chewing tobacco. There should be a stat for that.
2007-06-26 21:28:20
529.   Bob Timmermann
The GWRBI didn't make it out of the 1980s alive.

But I have a soft spot for it.

2007-06-26 21:29:06
530.   Gagne55
In Melvin's position, I'd walk Kent and Gonzo and take the free out.
2007-06-26 21:29:42
531.   Icaros
Man alive, Jeff.
2007-06-26 21:29:56
532.   Frip
No matter who wins it's been a great back & forth bang up game, a la Bowe-Holyfield '92
2007-06-26 21:30:09
533.   Greg Brock
528 I'm pretty sure Martin dips.
2007-06-26 21:31:07
534.   trainwreck
Who is predicting an un-intentional intentional walk?
2007-06-26 21:31:23
535.   kadycee
528. I just don't get the spitting thing.
2007-06-26 21:31:28
536.   Icaros

Sure looks like it to me.

2007-06-26 21:31:38
537.   Gagne55
pitching around Gonzo it appears
2007-06-26 21:31:50
538.   trainwreck
Well I hope no one ends up mentally damaged.
2007-06-26 21:31:58
539.   Andrew Shimmin
533- Really? Well, that would explain it. I probably only notice chewers when they go for a Dykstra-sized plug.
2007-06-26 21:32:02
540.   kadycee
533. I think it's D. Lowe's bad influence.
2007-06-26 21:33:13
541.   Gagne55
I'd pinch hit for Nomar. Marlon Anderson, anyone.
2007-06-26 21:33:36
542.   kadycee
Maybe he should stop the whole glove thing he does. It's kind of weird anyway.
2007-06-26 21:34:00
543.   Greg Brock
535 Russell always has a fat dip in when he's hitting. Under the lower-left lip.

Yeah, I know. Weird. I just noticed, okay? Back off.

2007-06-26 21:34:05
544.   Bob Timmermann
The last Dodger to walk FIVE times in one game was Greg Brock.

We'll let him fill us in on the details.

2007-06-26 21:34:58
545.   overkill94
2007-06-26 21:35:00
546.   thinkblue0
I love Nomar, but he really has reached the point where he simply should not be in the lineup.

His automatic outs and zero power are absolutely killing us.

2007-06-26 21:35:13
547.   kadycee
Uh, that was a ball.
2007-06-26 21:35:13
548.   trainwreck
So much for that.
2007-06-26 21:35:16
549.   Gagne55
You Suck Nomar. Neither strikes two or three were close to the zone.
2007-06-26 21:35:19
550.   regfairfield
I'm starting to feel bad for Nomar.
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2007-06-26 21:35:24
551.   Eric Stephen
I don't know what was worse...the lateness of Nomar's swing or the sound effects of a Lion on the AZ broadcast.
2007-06-26 21:35:30
552.   MMSMikey
freakin pathetic. there has to be a way to put him on the DL.
2007-06-26 21:35:34
553.   Greg Brock
544 I don't remember. I was doing a lot of horse tranquilizers in those days.

Actually, I was probably like six years old.

2007-06-26 21:35:44
554.   kadycee
I feel a little nauseated.
2007-06-26 21:35:45
555.   Icaros
This D-Backs guy just blew out my eardrum.
2007-06-26 21:36:15
556.   Frip
The plate appearance spoke for itself, let's not have an avalanche.
2007-06-26 21:36:24
557.   overkill94
Nomar with the impressive 8 men LOB tonight
2007-06-26 21:36:25
558.   Greg Brock
I'm going to leave Nomar alone. Dude is obviously baffled.
2007-06-26 21:36:37
559.   StolenMonkey86
maybe there will be a benches clearing brawl and he'll be injured in that.

Or the training staff could discover an injury. They're good at that.

2007-06-26 21:36:49
560.   scooplew
Maybe now the L.A. Times will do the story that Jon suggested in introducing this thread...
2007-06-26 21:37:04
561.   Inside Baseball
549 I realize you're frustrated but that's uncalled for.
2007-06-26 21:37:07
562.   Eric Stephen
The good news is that if the Dodgers can get through the 9th, Loney will bat in the 10th, and maybe Kemp too.
2007-06-26 21:37:26
563.   Uncle Miltie
There goes our new third baseman again. What a huge upgrade. If Nomar really cares about winning, he'll ask to be removed from the starting lineup/be placed on the DL. How poorly does he have to hit before the Dodgers realize that he is hurting the team.

…But he sells a lot of jerseys and he's a nice guy.

2007-06-26 21:37:30
564.   Bob Timmermann
Greg Brock needed 15 innings for his five walks, but Dusty Baker had a 0-0, 5 BB game in nine innings against the Padres in 1980.

And in 1980, Dusty Baker played in 153 games and walked just 43 times.

2007-06-26 21:37:31
565.   kadycee
Seriously, I'm having Shawn Green flashbacks.
2007-06-26 21:37:33
566.   MMSMikey
how does grady put nomars name ahead of loney in the lineup?
2007-06-26 21:37:36
567.   Gagne55
At least Nomar hasn't booted one yet.
2007-06-26 21:38:51
568.   Sam in SC
byrnes. this guy is on my last nerve. and the promos for his show aren't helping.
2007-06-26 21:39:05
569.   Greg Brock
567 Other than "that", Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?
2007-06-26 21:39:25
570.   kadycee
Go Johnny
2007-06-26 21:39:35
571.   StolenMonkey86
566 - Nomar's name I can understand.

Nomar's current hitting I have no idea.

2007-06-26 21:39:47
572.   regfairfield
I knew there was some reason why I don't want Byrnes.
2007-06-26 21:40:30
573.   kadycee
O-Dog is an annoying nickname.
2007-06-26 21:40:47
574.   Lexinthedena
565- It feels familiar to Shawn does a guy suddenly lose power?......hmmmmm.....
2007-06-26 21:41:16
575.   Lexinthedena
I hate when Brox throws em down the pipe....
2007-06-26 21:41:37
576.   kadycee
Why not O-ring? Or O Pioneers?
2007-06-26 21:41:42
577.   regfairfield
574 His labrum bids adieu to his shoulder.
2007-06-26 21:42:33
578.   kadycee
574. Hoodoo. Somehow the Giants are responsible, I know it.
2007-06-26 21:43:15
579.   kadycee
Extra-innings! More for your money!
2007-06-26 21:44:04
580.   MMSMikey
who is up next, (hopefully saito) biemel?
2007-06-26 21:44:36
581.   Uncle Miltie
574- yea, but at least Green got on base. Green was actually producing at the league average for position. He was overpaid, but at least he was somewhat productive. Nomar is one of the worst players in baseball when you consider the position he plays and his salary.
2007-06-26 21:45:08
582.   Andrew Shimmin
572- Not liking Byrnes is like not liking sunshine. I'd expect no less from a stat nerd, but it's still galling.
2007-06-26 21:45:10
583.   Sam in SC
not that every game isn't valuable, but going against webb tomorrow, and johnson on thursday, this is very definitely a game that the dodgers don't need to let slip away.
2007-06-26 21:45:23
584.   Bob Timmermann
Prior to tonight, the last Dodger to walk four times in one game was Bill Mueller back on April 18, 2006.

It was the 28th time an L.A. Dodgers had at least four walks in a game and it's never been done by the same player twice.

Chad Kreuter is among the group that's done it.

2007-06-26 21:46:31
585.   StolenMonkey86
583 - done. Benches clearing brawl involving Nomar and Randy Johnson. Johnson gets injured, Nomar gets suspended.
2007-06-26 21:47:04
586.   Greg Brock
Bob doesn't consider Byrnes a presidential historian. Now regfairfield doesn't want him.

So much negativity on this site!

2007-06-26 21:47:48
587.   kadycee
581. How many double plays did he hit into? Didn't he set some kind of record?
2007-06-26 21:47:49
588.   Lexinthedena
Big Game James....Keep catching myself calling him that...not original..I know, but maybe it can be an L.A tradition....
2007-06-26 21:47:59
589.   Xeifrank
My simulation had both the Dodger game and Padres game with favorites with less than a 51% chance of winning... and thus two tight games. It got the Cubs/Rockies game correct. Hopefully, the Dodgers can prove the sim wrong tonight. vr, Xei
2007-06-26 21:48:14
590.   bluedog
Go deep Kemp!
2007-06-26 21:48:36
591.   Bob Timmermann
If I wanted a historian on the team, I'd tell the Dodgers to sign the next Francis Parkman.

Except maybe somebody who could see better than Francis Parkman.

2007-06-26 21:48:55
592.   kadycee
Aw, it would have been fun to see Broxton swing a bat. And then run.
2007-06-26 21:49:31
593.   Sam in SC
2007-06-26 21:49:36
594.   overkill94
Yeah Tony!
2007-06-26 21:49:37
595.   kadycee
2007-06-26 21:49:41
596.   Greg Brock
2007-06-26 21:49:46
597.   regfairfield
Wow. Even better, it keeps Tomko out of the game.
2007-06-26 21:49:55
598.   MMSMikey
OK timing for your first ML homerun.
2007-06-26 21:49:57
599.   bryanf
WOOHOO!!!! Abreu...
2007-06-26 21:50:05
600.   Lexinthedena
Don't call him Bobby!
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2007-06-26 21:50:06
601.   bluedog
yes! home run Tony!
2007-06-26 21:50:15
602.   Eric Stephen
Cool! I was just wondering why Kemp was batting for Ethier and not Broxton.

Add Abreu to the pile of Dodger 3B better than the starter!

2007-06-26 21:50:30
603.   Bob Timmermann
Eric Karros is actually the L.A. record holder for GIDP with 27 in 1996. That's one more than Green had in 2002.
2007-06-26 21:50:36
604.   Frip
Great, all that's gonna to do is embolden all you Abreu groupies.
2007-06-26 21:50:39
605.   Greg Brock
591 We could always sign Doris Kearns Goodwin. She likes the Dodgers so much that she makes up games she watched in her mind!
2007-06-26 21:50:40
606.   MMSMikey
i say if tomko is already hot just let him close (hehe)
2007-06-26 21:50:48
607.   StolenMonkey86

Enter Saito

2007-06-26 21:50:57
608.   overkill94
He's grrrrrrreat!
2007-06-26 21:50:59
609.   Bob Timmermann
Padres take a 3-2 lead in the 10th on a Kouzmanoff homer.
2007-06-26 21:51:03
610.   StolenMonkey86
um, when the Dodgers are done that is
2007-06-26 21:51:16
611.   kadycee
Do we actually need anyone over 30 on this team?
2007-06-26 21:51:33
612.   kadycee
Besides the pitchers I mean.
2007-06-26 21:51:47
613.   Greg Brock
606 Not. Funny.
2007-06-26 21:51:53
614.   overkill94
Unfortunately, the Pads just went up in the 10th with a homer by the Kouz
2007-06-26 21:51:53
615.   underdog
Delayed reaction because I'd paused the game:


Abreu showing some power at last, and with a pretty good sense of timing.

2007-06-26 21:52:43
616.   Lexinthedena
604- LoL....I know a lot of us feel that way when Pierre get's a hit....
2007-06-26 21:52:52
617.   Uncle Miltie
I was not expecting that. Let's hope that Saito can close out the game.
2007-06-26 21:52:52
618.   kadycee
603. that doesn't surprise me
2007-06-26 21:53:28
619.   overkill94
Is that a goatee Sammy's working on???
2007-06-26 21:54:12
620.   trainwreck
It never gets old seeing Saito's k/bb ratio.
2007-06-26 21:54:16
621.   kadycee
605. I like that idea.
2007-06-26 21:54:21
622.   Jeff Zellman
I'd still send Abreu to Jacksonville to work on his patience.
2007-06-26 21:54:27
623.   underdog
Enter the Dragon.
2007-06-26 21:55:07
624.   Sam in SC
c'mon, Sammy
2007-06-26 21:55:16
625.   underdog
I say rest Kent tomorrow and put Abreu in at 2nd.
2007-06-26 21:55:23
626.   Lexinthedena
Nice play Jeff(Surprised)...!
2007-06-26 21:55:39
627.   Icaros
Shouldn't Abreu have stayed in to play 2nd?
2007-06-26 21:55:54
628.   Bob Timmermann
L.A. Dodger hitters with 20 or more GIDPs in a season:

2007-06-26 21:55:59
629.   underdog
622 Jacksonville? Abreu: "Been there, done that."
2007-06-26 21:56:21
630.   Jeff Zellman
With the likes of Melvin/Hurdle/Bochy in the NL West the Dodgers will always have a chance at 2nd place and the WC.
2007-06-26 21:56:26
631.   Greg Brock
622 He certainly needs to improve it. We'll see if Martinez comes back and Abreu goes down. I think it's unlikely.
2007-06-26 21:57:12
632.   Sam in SC
oh, how can you not call that a strike? jeez.
2007-06-26 21:57:23
633.   underdog
Lord, that was close.
2007-06-26 21:57:24
634.   kadycee
not so fast!
2007-06-26 21:57:36
635.   Lexinthedena
At least he did in front of the home crowd...
2007-06-26 21:58:14
636.   underdog
Um, Chris? You need to go back to the dugout now.

That was the same pitch that was called a ball two pitches earlier, but okay.

2007-06-26 21:58:26
637.   regfairfield
603 BP has him at 28 that year. Even so, LoDuca grounded into double plays a higher percentage of the time (19.5%). Russ is doing his best to catchup to Lo Duca's performance with 18.9% this year and 18.7% last year.
2007-06-26 21:58:38
638.   Icaros
98 MPH for Saito on the AZ gun.
2007-06-26 21:58:44
639.   Sam in SC
whew. they needed that one.
2007-06-26 21:58:54
640.   underdog
Is that radar g un right? Saito just threw 99 and 98? That can't be right.
2007-06-26 21:59:10
641.   Greg Brock
We win!
2007-06-26 21:59:11
642.   kadycee
First place? Are we in it?
2007-06-26 21:59:14
643.   Lexinthedena
2007-06-26 21:59:35
644.   bluedog
We win!
2007-06-26 21:59:37
645.   underdog
It was cute to see Abreu's big smile there after the game ended.
2007-06-26 22:00:35
646.   underdog
Now I have to stay up later to finish work, but that's okay, it was worth it!
2007-06-26 22:02:17
647.   kadycee
Old-itis sufferers aside, I love our team.
2007-06-26 22:02:38
648.   Bob Timmermann
The Sporting News credits Karros with 27 GIDP. The Brooklyn high is also 27 by Carl Furillo. That was in 1956.
2007-06-26 22:02:38
649.   Greg Brock
What a nice win. Chad's struggles and Nomar's feeble hacks not withstanding, it was a very good game.

I was in "oh well, get 'em tomorrow" mode. Props to the bullpen.

2007-06-26 22:03:08
650.   Icaros
The same gun clocked Broxton at 101.
Show/Hide Comments 651-700
2007-06-26 22:03:12
651.   Eric Stephen
I need a ruling from the judges on this one. In the preseason prediction thread, I said:

Also, don't forget the amazing comeback win in Arizona on June 26. Not quite 4+1, but memorable nonetheless.

Tonight wasn't a traditional comeback, but LA was down 2-0 & 3-2, and it's memorable for:

1) Loney's 3 hits in his first start as The First Baseman
2) Abreu's first HR, an extra inning game winner no less

Do I get credit for the prediction, or no?

2007-06-26 22:04:39
652.   Mark Joseph

Bob, can we get a complete list of those 28?

2007-06-26 22:06:20
653.   Bob Timmermann
Walk, don't run...

2007-06-26 22:06:53
654.   Inside Baseball
651 I say an emphatic yes.
2007-06-26 22:06:54
655.   WillieD
Yeah! Every RBI by a youngster too... Loney 3, Billingsley 2, and Abreu the final one. It's so cool seeing Loney finally where he belongs, as our starting 1B.
2007-06-26 22:07:01
656.   Bob Timmermann
Light up the tonsure!

Padres win, 3-2.

2007-06-26 22:08:06
657.   Eric Enders
Boy, is the Arizona gun juiced. They had Billingsley at 97, Saito at 99, and Broxton at 101.
2007-06-26 22:09:37
658.   Greg Brock
651 You get it
2007-06-26 22:11:30
659.   StolenMonkey86
next we'll hear the AZ gun clocked Pierre at 92
2007-06-26 22:15:28
660.   ToyCannon
Hmmm, at the beginning of the year Betemit can't hit a home run while starting at 3b but goes off when he pinch hits.
Abreu can't hit when he starts at 3b but hits his 1st major league home run as pinch hitter.
Seems the obvious solution to Nomar's power outage is to let him start a few games at 3b and then turn him in to a pinch hitter.

Great game.

2007-06-26 22:16:35
661.   Andrew Shimmin
659- Pierre could hit 92, depending on how high the cliff he dropped the ball off of was.
2007-06-26 22:18:35
662.   Mark Joseph


15 of the 28 were against the Giants or the Cubs(!).

2007-06-26 22:20:11
663.   Eric Enders
661 For a minute there I thought you had a creative solution to the lineup crunch, but the wording wasn't quite right.
2007-06-26 22:20:24
664.   Icaros

I like the cliff idea, but my mind is going somewhere else with it.

2007-06-26 22:25:49
665.   Eric Enders
James Loney becomes the sixth rookie in L.A. history to single, double, and homer in the same game.

Todd Hollandsworth 1996-07-01 LAD @SDP
Raul Mondesi 1994-04-17 LAD @PIT
Bill Russell 1969-04-11 LAD @HOU
Gordie Windhorn 1961-09-12 LAD PHI
Willie Davis 1961-04-30(2) LAD @CHC

(Yes, that Gordie Windhorn.)

2007-06-26 22:26:50
666.   underdog
Aw, poor Pierre. Can't we call a cease fire on Pierre mockery for the night? He was more productive than Furcal or Nomar tonight, anyway.

Hm, interesting note on the PE blog about Ethier:

"I knew Ethier played at ASU, where he was an All-American. What I didnt know is that his wife, Maggie, is a former ASU gymnast, who also earned All-American honors and is one of the best gymnasts in Arizona State history, despite being 5-foot-10. For a gymnast, that is very tall. Maggie works as an assistant coach now for the ASU gymnastics team."

2007-06-26 22:27:56
667.   underdog
(Yes I know the above note about Pierre wasn't saying much.)

Hm, I got the Satanic posting of the evening. I better post this follow-up quickly before Ruth Gordon pops in with a milkshake for me to drink.

2007-06-26 22:36:27
668.   Bumsrap
The Abreu chowder and marching society is not only doing well it is growing.

Kent's last 28 days 0.2152 ave 0.3111 obp 0.3544 slg

If Nomar is done can Kent be too far behind?

Best cheer for them now while they still play.

2007-06-26 22:38:42
669.   Bob Timmermann
A 5'10" female gymnast? That's hard to imagine. I don't even know if the parallel bars can be adjusted for someone that tall.
2007-06-26 22:39:47
670.   Andrew Shimmin
I was working against muscle memory there, but the last time I used violent imagery bhsportsguy noted his disapproval. Plus, I have to report for jury duty in twelve hours, so I need as much practice pretending not to be mad with bloodlust as I can get.
2007-06-26 22:40:06
671.   Bumsrap
Would that be the uneven parallel bars or the bars that run along Santa Monica Blvd?
2007-06-26 22:40:23
672.   Eric Enders
I saw her interviewed once on FSN Arizona and remember thinking to myself, that's gotta be the biggest gymnast of all time.
2007-06-26 22:43:06
673.   Bob Timmermann
When she competed, Maggie Germaine (now Ethier) was listed as being 5'8", which is still pretty tall.

2007-06-26 22:45:30
674.   Bob Timmermann
On the UCLA women's gymnastics squad this year, the tallest member was 5'6" and in this picture she looks pretty tall, compared to her teammates.

2007-06-26 22:52:24
675.   Andrew Shimmin
Bob is the all time toaster leader for posting links to pictures of college women in tight clothing.
2007-06-26 22:55:38
676.   Bob Timmermann
I'm sure those women could have very interesting discussions with you Andrew about how much their ankles and knees hurt.
2007-06-26 22:56:06
677.   Eric Enders
676 Just wait till he starts in with Allison Stokke.
2007-06-26 22:59:04
678.   Bob Timmermann
That's a little too creepy.
2007-06-26 23:00:26
679.   Greg Brock
677 Not if her father has anything to say about it.
2007-06-26 23:00:35
680.   trainwreck
She's 18. Well, at least I am not that far off from 18.
2007-06-26 23:05:23
681.   Eric Enders
The following is presented without comment, except to acknowledge its small sample size.

Best Career Slugging Percentage in Baseball History
(since 1871, min. 100 PA)

1 Babe Ruth .690 10616 1914 1935
2 James Loney .654 146 2006 2007
3 Ted Williams .634 9791 1939 1960
4 Lou Gehrig .632 9660 1923 1939
5 Albert Pujols .621 4383 2001 2007
6 Ryan Howard .611 1343 2004 2007
7 Jimmie Foxx .609 9670 1925 1945
8 Barry Bonds .608 12392 1986 2007
9 Hank Greenberg .605 6096 1930 1947


Best Career OPS in Baseball History
(since 1871, min. 100 PA)

1 Babe Ruth 1.164 10616 1914 1935
2 Ted Williams 1.116 9791 1939 1960
3 Lou Gehrig 1.079 9660 1923 1939
4 Barry Bonds 1.052 12392 1986 2007
5 Albert Pujols 1.038 4383 2001 2007
6 Jimmie Foxx 1.037 9670 1925 1945
7 James Loney 1.031 146 2006 2007
8 Todd Helton 1.019 6394 1997 2007
9 Hank Greenberg 1.017 6096 1930 1947
10 Rogers Hornsby 1.011 9475 1915 1937

2007-06-26 23:06:31
682.   trainwreck
Crazy how good Helton has been.
2007-06-26 23:08:12
683.   Linkmeister
What's the deal with America's women pole vaulters? Is there a rule they have to be pretty to compete?

(Yes, I Googled; I had no idea who she was. Whoever took the photos at her MySpace page was male, I'm betting.)

2007-06-26 23:09:37
684.   Greg Brock
No, it's crazy how good Babe Ruth was.
2007-06-26 23:10:55
685.   Andrew Shimmin
676- Actually, I could take part in that conversation. I bought a pair of orthotics through Amazon a couple of weeks ago; sent them back today as they've been destroying my ankles and knees. Having the heels of my shoes wear down in a funny way is not as big a problem as waking up every morning wondering if I hadn't been run over by a truck during the night.
2007-06-26 23:11:54
686.   trainwreck
Well everyone knows how good he is. I bet most people would never guess Helton was on that list.

I am sure many would guess Loney however.

2007-06-26 23:16:37
687.   Greg Brock
686 I don't think most people realize how much better he was than everybody else. Williams is close, but not really. Williams lost years, Bonds is a cheat, and Gehrig got that one disease (name escapes me).

Most people here realize it. But dude was a god.

2007-06-26 23:21:12
688.   Greg Brock
Even the Dodgers don't know how the Martinez/Abreu situation will play out. From the LA Times Dodgers Report:

"We'll see," Little said when asked whether Abreu would be better served playing every day in the minor leagues. "I don't know how this is going to work out altogether just yet."

I'm betting Martinez is done as a Dodger.

2007-06-26 23:30:33
689.   trainwreck
I would be pleasantly surprised to see him go.
2007-06-27 00:00:17
690.   Greg Brock
Tony Jackson really needs to get a new stock photo for his blog. That Hawaiian shirt is atrocious.

I'm a huge Hawaiian shirt fan, but that thing is tragic. Tony should go Tommy Bahama instead of that sartorial trainwreck (no, not you, trainwreck).

2007-06-27 00:00:28
691.   Eric Enders
"There is an awful lot of smoke around the Rangers and the Los Angeles Dodgers right now. It smells like they might be cooking up something. ... Come this time next month, if the Rangers execute things exactly as they'd like, Mark Teixeira will be in Dodgers blue. Eric Gagne or Akinori Otsuka, too.

And the Rangers? They'll get the bounty of talent they need to accelerate their rebuilding plan. How about James Loney to replace Teixeira at first base? Chad Billingsley to slide into the rotation? Highland Park's left-handed whiz kid Clayton Kershaw to throw into the minor league system?"

2007-06-27 00:05:32
692.   Greg Brock
691 I like it. Good deal.

I say we throw in the Ark of the Covenant and the Hope Diamond. I'm even willing to part with the time machine I built last week.

Get this deal done

2007-06-27 00:07:03
693.   underdog
691 I think that "smoke" is coming from whatever it is that Evan Grant is on. Kershaw, too? Why don't the Dodgers throw in all their draft picks from last year while they're at it.

Okay, so I guess a conversation that started with pantsless batgirl should come full circle with pole-vaulting teenagegirl, and I'm going to bed.

Tomorrow we've got Webb vs. Lowe and hope for three in a row. Buenos noches.

2007-06-27 00:09:34
694.   underdog
692 Don't forget the original constitution and original Mona Lisa, the Da Vinci Code, and the first born child of Andre and Maggie Ethier, too.

Done. Anything for Texeira.

2007-06-27 00:10:01
695.   Jon Weisman
691 - I love that the clincher is that Scott Boras can get involved! Colletti loves Boras!!

Looks like I missed quite a game tonight. On the other hand, I saw quite a laugh riot: Superbad.

2007-06-27 00:10:47
696.   Eric Enders
691 does make me think, though. Gagne's a free agent at the end of the year. We will have a cheap young lineup already installed, except for possibly upgrading at 3B or LF. Why not re-sign Gagne this offseason?
2007-06-27 00:16:03
697.   Greg Brock
I have sent a very respectful email to the journalist in question. It's actually some of my better work. Tasteful, vulgarity-free, yet filled with some of the Brockiest Brockness I can muster. It's not exactly "Without Feathers" era Woody Allen stuff, but it's pretty solid for ten minutes worth of work.

In short, I mocked him. Hard.

2007-06-27 00:22:08
698.   trainwreck

Just imagine the number of effigies we would see if Ned Colletti did that trade.

2007-06-27 00:22:41
699.   El Lay Dave
Late thought: Nomar's physical problem is carpal tunnel syndrome from the repetitious wrist strap ritual he performs every time he steps (back) into the batter's box.
2007-06-27 00:29:38
700.   Greg Brock
There is a player on the Dodgers that I don't really like to talk about. He has a higher EqA than Nomar.

I'm not making any statements. I'm just throwing that out there.

Show/Hide Comments 701-750
2007-06-27 00:35:51
701.   trainwreck
Clayton Kershaw has a higher EqA than Nomar?

Pretty good for a guy not in the bigs.

2007-06-27 00:40:35
702.   Greg Brock
701 Ha! Well played.

I don't talk about Fredo because I don't want to acknowledge we signed him. I don't talk about The Minotaur because he is a glorious creature that will only get my hopes up and make me a sad panda if he doesn't work out.

So, to sum up: Our CF is a real person that I ignore. Kershaw is a glorious monster that I cannot believe in.

2007-06-27 00:50:34
703.   trainwreck
So basically your life is like Pan's Labyrinth.
2007-06-27 01:00:33
704.   Andrew Shimmin
703- There aren't as many Spanish fascists in Bakersfield as one might think. Some, no doubt, but not that many.
2007-06-27 01:06:13
705.   trainwreck
The first thing I think of when I hear Bakersfield is Sonics. The second thing is murdering fascists.
2007-06-27 01:07:44
706.   Greg Brock
Nomar: .231
This other guy in CF: .234

Nomar: .316
This other guy in CF: .307

Slugging Pct:
Nomar: .332
This other guy in CF: .327

How about that. Nomar is a corner player, and expected to hit better than a CF or SS.

He's worse than Juan Pierre. Wrap your head around that.

2007-06-27 01:09:20
707.   Greg Brock
704 It's more about the Basques in Bakersfield. Lots of Basques.

Makes for outstanding food. Basque restaurants rock the house.

2007-06-27 01:14:26
708.   Juan Pierre
Keep making your jokes. I'm out here, busting my tail for the team. I want to win.
2007-06-27 01:15:46
709.   fanerman
691 - I'm gonna pretend I never read that. Nobody in the front office is that dumb. Right?
2007-06-27 04:42:01
710.   Sam DC
Sorry if someone else got this already -- haven't read last nights sure-to-be-fun comments yet and my boss has some notion I should get to work rather read all 700 of em.

From the Post gamer on the Nationals game last night: "Carlyle, making his 13th major league start over a nine-season stretch, stymied them over seven innings, allowing just one run."

2007-06-27 07:05:21
711.   Retire 55
Keep voting for Russ!
2007-06-27 07:21:43
712.   Bumminglory
I'm going to start calling Loney, Prince Midas

He's the successor to a fallen golden boy and back in Midas' day, men wore rings on the right, meaning Loney's glove will be golden.

2007-06-27 07:30:27
713.   Hythloday
709 - I think this falls in line with the White Sox article about Buerhle suggesting much the same package. These writers are talking pie in the sky assuming that:

a) they are the only ones that know the value of those rookies
b) la is a big market and thus will consistently act like the yankees by mortgaging their future.

Ned has his foibles, but on this account I think there is pretty strong evidence so far that he doesn't build teams like that. He may not use the young guys the way we'd like, but he clearly places a high value on them.

2007-06-27 07:38:29
714.   Gen3Blue
Loney has no power. What a great night, I just now got the results.
This because last night I went to see Bob Dylan near Northampton Ma.(Look Park}. I usually go to a Dylan concert as an "event", but I was stunned last night because he was so good. Something must have changed his attitude.
What a game to miss, but I would probably be so stressed I wouldn't have really watched it all anyway. Now I'll go back and skim the posts.
2007-06-27 07:41:07
715.   regfairfield
I really wouldn't be against trading Loney if we got something good in return. But throwing in Bills and Kershaw too? Wow. Then again, it says that "if everything goes the way the Rangers plan". If everything went the way the Dodgers planned, we'd get Adam Jones for Brett Tomko.
2007-06-27 07:44:57
716.   Bob Timmermann
Matt White is going to play for Yokohama.

2007-06-27 07:48:52
717.   Hythloday
714 - Frankly his power surprises me. I always liked him, but figured him more for a John Olerud type than what he's been so far this year. Small sample size notwithstanding this new Loney is flat out awesome.
2007-06-27 07:53:48
718.   Bumsrap
I would want Teixeria to play third base if he were to become a Dodger. Boras will make sure he becomes a free agent so his trade value is smaller.

The Dodgers should wait and try to get him as a free agent if he can play third well enough. If the Dodgers are only renting Tiexeria I wouldn't want to give up more than some of these players: Betemit, Pierre, LaRoche, Kent, Tomko, Hendrickson, Kuo, Young, McDonald

2007-06-27 07:55:51
719.   regfairfield
From a BTF commentor:

Of course in about 1000 AA PA, Loney had an OPS of 717. In about 600 PA in A ball, he had an OPS of 738. He was awesome last year in AAA (972 in about 400 PA although an ISO of just 166) but just 727 in over 250 PA this year which puts his overall AAA OPS at about 880.

His ISOs by level:

A: 119
AA: 114
AAA: 141
MLB: 313

2007-06-27 08:01:03
720.   Hythloday
719- It's probably not fair to parse stats (and I don't know what benchmark is used for ISO), but I sorta felt that this year at AAA probably should be ignored. I took him to be bored and frustrated and not producing because of that. But even so, clearly there is some reverting to the career means to be done.
2007-06-27 08:03:50
721.   gpellamjr
720 Maybe you're right. Maybe he won't slug .971 all year.
2007-06-27 08:06:13
722.   regfairfield
721 That us being boosted by his .471 average. If he regresses to .300 he'd only be slugging .700. Is that really that unreasonable?
2007-06-27 08:18:08
723.   D4P
Does the term "ISOs" refer to ISOPs or ISODs?
2007-06-27 08:20:27
724.   regfairfield
723 Power.
2007-06-27 08:25:44
725.   Andrew Shimmin
The second Loney's SLG drops below .800, I'm off the bandwagon and I'll be advocating trading him for a stack of fungos. It's just how I roll.
2007-06-27 08:27:51
726.   D4P
I've noticed that Fangraphs uses "ISO" to refer to ISOP". I think that's weird, given that there's (at least?) two different ISOs.
2007-06-27 08:32:31
727.   GobiasIndustries
If you're ever in the Spain/France area, plan a trip to the country in between the two countries. Andorra. It's in the Pyrenees mountain range and is chalk full of Basques! Great place to visit and great place to eat.
2007-06-27 08:39:24
728.   Greg Brock
If the Toaster ever goes through a redesign, I hope it doesn't come out looking like the new Deadspin. Wow. It's terrible.
2007-06-27 08:41:43
729.   Andrew Shimmin
726- And sometimes Isolated Discipline is called Isolated Patience. Sometimes you wonder if the stat nerds even want to be understood.
2007-06-27 08:45:07
730.   ToyCannon
Had to look it up since I've never heard of it. I just love this line from Wikipedia:

"Andorra declared war on Imperial Germany during World War I but did not actually take part in the fighting. It remained in an official state of belligerency until 1957."

2007-06-27 08:45:52
731.   NPB
The Dodgers simply don't have the courage to bench Nomar. I hope they prove that statement wrong immediately.
2007-06-27 08:48:30
732.   D4P
And sometimes Isolated Discipline is called Isolated Patience. Sometimes you wonder if the stat nerds even want to be understood.

I'm glad to read you type that, because my mind sometimes interprets "ISOP" as "Isolated Patience", and I have to correct myself.

2007-06-27 08:49:21
733.   Jon Weisman
Good morning, citizens. New post up top.
2007-06-27 09:28:12
734.   LeeLacy
I like the mythological quality this team is taking on.

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