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Dodgers Add Loaiza
2007-08-29 11:02
by Jon Weisman

Oakland's Esteban Loaiza missed most of 2007 before coming back to start two games this month and allowing three runs in 14 2/3 innings (10 hits, four walks, five strikeouts).

The A's, who had him signed through the 2008 season, floated Loaiza on the waiver wire to see if anyone would claim him, and the Dodgers have. As Ken Rosenthal of reports, "The teams did not complete a trade for Loaiza; the A's simply allowed the Dodgers to assume the rest of Loaiza's contract — less than $1 million this season, plus Loaiza's entire $7 million salary for 2008."

So this isn't just a short-term, David Wells-type pickup. Loaiza is meant to help the Dodgers in September as well as next season.

Loaiza, who turns 36 this New Year's Eve, had a brilliant season in 2003, posting a 154 ERA+. From 2004-2006, he was average to below-average, before succumbing to injuries this year. As far as the stretch run goes, yes, I would give the recovered Loaiza a shot on the hill before Eric Stults (or David Wells, for that matter). Though I feel that Stults hasn't been given enough credit for the quality of his work, it's not as if his credentials are better than Loaiza's. On the other hand, it's a pretty thin line between all these guys, Mark Hendrickson and maybe even Brett Tomko. The main source of any faith I have in Loaiza is that he went at least seven innings in each of those two starts this month. This is like April or May for him.

As for 2008, Loaiza will join a rotation that in theory would include Brad Penny, Chad Billingsley, Derek Lowe and a diminished Jason Schmidt, with Hong-Chih Kuo waiting in the wings. Essentially, Loaiza is a straight-up replacement of Randy Wolf; his signing almost certainly means the Dodgers will buy out Wolf's 2008 contract option, a sad ending for Wolf as far as his attempted homecoming goes. It also means that pitchers like James McDonald, Clayton Kershaw and Scott Elbert would get more seasoning – although, of course, injuries to any of the incumbent Dodger starters could happen at any time.

One thing about the Dodgers is that they have been fairly aggressive in removing failing starting pitchers from the rotation when they have healthy alternatives. Hendrickson and Tomko were always looking over their shoulders. If Loaiza proves to be mediocre next season, and McDonald continues to pitch well, I don't think the Dodgers would hesitate long to make a switch.

Still, with the way the Dodgers have been flinging money around the past two weeks, I still don't understand why draft pick Kyle Blair could not be signed. And I wonder if we'll find the A's were shrewd to let their remaining $8 million investment in Loaiza go just as he appears to be recovered.

* * *

Today's 12:10 p.m. game:


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Comments (825)
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2007-08-29 11:11:46
1.   bigcpa
Loaiza was a QS machine in 2005... tied for 6th in the majors (24 of 34). Granted he had the worst ERA of the group and benefited from pitching at RFK. Last year he only had 10 QS in 26 outings.
2007-08-29 11:11:48
2.   Gagne55
With a depleted staff for the sretch run and a weak free agent class. This pickup looks fairly good.
2007-08-29 11:12:24
3.   Gagne55
On the other hand, I feel like this team has been grasping at straws of late.
2007-08-29 11:13:09
4.   Robert Daeley
Perhaps there's more to the Kyle Blair story than just the money.
2007-08-29 11:14:57
5.   regfairfield
Swapping Wolf for Loaiza seems like a very, very bad idea.

Strike throwers don't work too well with a bad defense behind them and a home run friendly park.

2007-08-29 11:16:45
6.   fanerman
Loaiza might be decent, but I'd rather throw $21M at a player who's actually good rather than 3 mediocre guys at $7M. It just feels like the same old song from Ned.
2007-08-29 11:16:51
7.   caseybarker
I agree that Loaiza is a good pickup for September, but I really hope Stults is given a chance to win the job of fifth starter next spring.
2007-08-29 11:17:14
8.   Jon Weisman
4 - Perhaps.

5 - Dodger defense might be better next year.

2007-08-29 11:17:25
9.   ToyCannon
I expected to add Loaiza when I heard we'd claimed him but I thought it would cost us Orenduff to tick off Joey and Carlos Santana to tick me off.
I did a post on Carlos about 3 weeks ago after his hot July. I don't think he's gotten a hit since then.
2007-08-29 11:18:14
10.   El Lay Dave
Josh Rawitch did offer that the Wells - and presumably Loaiza - money comes from a different budget than the potential Blair money. Of course, this doesn't address the concept of a management reserve, where Colletti/McCourt can add to a budget under special circumstances, such as drafting a 1st/2nd round talent in the 5th round.
2007-08-29 11:20:56
11.   JoeyP
Eric had it right in the previous thread:

The bad part is you have to have Esteban Loaiza on your team.

Thats the downside. Its another veteran-move, another road block for a youngster like Kershaw, Orenduff, McDonald getting into the rotation next year.

Adding Loaiza for Sept 2007.
Ok, good move.

Counting on him for 2008, not smart.

2007-08-29 11:20:57
12.   Humma Kavula
It goes back to Andrew's post yesterday. There's not much ventured here, and not much gained.
2007-08-29 11:21:08
13.   Bluebleeder87
My healthy support for Ned Colletti has turned into neutral(hope it makes sense) support, just wanted to throw it out there.
2007-08-29 11:21:23
14.   regfairfield
5 Maybe, but I wouldn't hold my breath. The only change will be Kemp instead of Gonzalez.
2007-08-29 11:22:10
15.   ToyCannon
I was floating the idea with BH yesterday that since the Blair thing went down so strangely that maybe it was a case of Winthrow's agent getting an oral agreement that his bonus would be the largest given by the Dodgers. When Blair's agent wouldn't agree to a bonus < then Winthrows they couldn't make a deal. I'm just reaching for straws but it would be embarrassing for Winthrow's agent if the Dodgers threw more money at Blair who was drafted in the 5th then what his guy got. Anyway, just a feeble theory.
2007-08-29 11:22:12
16.   jasonungar07
"At this time of the year, we're looking for any way to improve the team and Esteban is a talented veteran who we hope can contribute down the stretch and next season," Colletti said. "He has a history of winning games and right now that's what's most important to our team."


add it to the quote list that includes the word veteran from the other day

2007-08-29 11:22:18
17.   Robert Daeley
Rotoworld reporting that Repko was moved to the 60-day DL:

2007-08-29 11:22:52
18.   Terry A
4 - I think it's got potential to become baseball urban legend. The Blair Pitch Project, if you will.
2007-08-29 11:22:56
19.   Vishal
yeah, i'm with you, jon. i don't buy the "different budgets" explanation about why blair wasn't signed. it's not as if colletti couldn't have just taken some money from column A and put it into column B if he were serious about keeping blair. distributing resources in the most efficient way possible the very description of what a manager does.
2007-08-29 11:23:08
20.   King of the Hobos
Another member of the Dodgers Drinking Team, they're gonna be unbeatable this year!
2007-08-29 11:23:27
21.   JoeyP
Loaiza might be decent, but I'd rather throw $21M at a player who's actually good rather than 3 mediocre guys at $7M.


Gonzo, Loaiza, Wolf, Nomar---just not smart moves financially.

If Ned wants depth, add it through the minor leagues with the guys that make nothing.

Adding depth by paying premium for it really isnt smart, especially when that money could be used on A-Rod or extending Brad Penny, or buying out Russ Martin's arb years.

2007-08-29 11:23:33
22.   LogikReader
In theory:

Loiaza has a decent September.

NedCo Trades Loaiza for three prospects in the offseason

Kershaw or McDonald get promoted or at least money is saved for a potential A-Rod signing

that could happen, but won't because that assumes NedCo is not making predictable moves... its like those ghosts in Pac Man, you fake them out and you own the whole game.

2007-08-29 11:23:58
23.   bigcpa
16 Even worse he pulls a Joe Morgan by citing the Win stat.
2007-08-29 11:24:03
24.   regfairfield
14 And Gonzalez's zone rating is actually pretty good this year.
2007-08-29 11:24:16
25.   ToyCannon
From the start of 2006 we had:
the start of 2007 should be:

That looks like a huge upgrade to me.

2007-08-29 11:24:43
26.   Bluebleeder87

I echo Fanerman.

2007-08-29 11:24:53
27.   Vishal
*is the very description
2007-08-29 11:25:56
28.   regfairfield
25 I refuse to believe that Nomar won't be the starter next year.
2007-08-29 11:26:23
29.   bigcpa
21 The problem is there is nothing on the pitching shelves this winter to throw big dollars at. So you add a #5 starter instead of a 1 or a 2. This move does not preclude a big-splash move on offense such as but not limited to finding a taker for Pierre and overpaying for Jones/Hunter/Rowand.
2007-08-29 11:27:03
30.   King of the Hobos
Back to Logan White/Houston for a moment, from today's Houston Chronicle:

Astros president of baseball operations and interim general manager Tal Smith said the club hasn't yet put a list together of possible candidates to replace fired general manager Tim Purpura.

"We've had very little time to discuss anything since the events of (Monday)," Smith said.

Smith said the ideal candidate will be player personnel-oriented, and he didn't envision getting permission to interview any current general managers. Smith had gotten e-mails from some interested candidates.

2007-08-29 11:27:25
31.   Jon Weisman
14 - And Loney for a full season. And we'll see what happens at third base.

I'll stop writing about Blair now. Though I hear but don't accept the separate budgets thing, I'm beating a dead horse, and it's true that I don't know what went on behind the scenes.

2007-08-29 11:27:35
32.   Vishal
[ 20 ] lol, dodger drinking team... let's see, we've got d-lowe, raffy, esteban, beimel... i'm sure brad penny can toss back a good number of beers... who else?
2007-08-29 11:30:40
33.   Jon Weisman
Interesting headline choice at

Dodgers claim Loaiza, save A's $8M

2007-08-29 11:30:40
34.   underdog
Can't hurt to add more pitching depth, and as it didn't cost us any talent in return, what the heck. Beats having Tomko an option for the rotation this year or next, and Wells won't be an option, and, as you said Jon, if he falters next year I don't think they'd hesitate to replace him with a young pitcher then, maybe Stults again or another youngster. The problem this year has been that the Dodgers don't have an Ian Kennedy or Hughes like the Yankees do, tearing up AAA and clearly ready for a shot. After Billingsley, their next best young pitchers are really young (and Elbert got hurt) so the timing will be better next year for having more of a well to draw from.

Anyway, more depth this time of year isn't a bad thing. Now if only we could play the Blue Jays.

2007-08-29 11:30:42
35.   Vishal
[29 ] we need a big bat more than we need pitching anyway. that's where the big bucks should go.
2007-08-29 11:31:32
36.   Ken Arneson
Loaiza is a lot like Schmidt in a way: there's a lot of fluctuation in his velocity from start to start, and a big correlation between his velocity and his effectiveness.

He can dominate if he can run that Madduxian cutter in the low 90s; if it's in the upper 80s, he's average. If it's in the lower 80s, he's in trouble.

2007-08-29 11:31:33
37.   JoeyP
This move does not preclude a big-splash move on offense

This move alone doesnt.
But the total accumulation of high priced average riff raff--> Gonzo, Nomar, Pierre, Loaiza, Tomko, Wolf etc....does. Unless McCourt is prepared to put his budget into NY Yankees territory.

If McCourt can still sign Andruw Jones, or A-Rod, and then make Pierre a 4th/5th OF'er, and make Loaiza a insurance policy fine--.

Its just I dont see that happening.

2007-08-29 11:32:04
38.   ToyCannon
I don't see how this move has anything to do with Andrew's point yesterday.

We have a rotation with D Wells and E Stults in it and were in a pennant race. At this moment we have no help in the minors. I don't want a tired McDonald blowing out his arm trying to help the team win a pennant. This guy is not your normal 22 year old. He has only pitched for 1 1/2 years after taking 2 years off. Do you want to risk his future for a few starts in Sept?

The upside is he helps us into the playoffs where a rotation of Penny/Lowe/Billingsley could do some damage.

The downside is that we have him next year and he sucks and is replaced.

I fail to see any problem with this deal unless he sucks next year and gives us 30 plus games of an ERA over 4.75 and is never replaced.

2007-08-29 11:32:19
39.   Eric Enders
10 "Josh Rawitch did offer that the Wells - and presumably Loaiza - money comes from a different budget than the potential Blair money."

He did say that, and that makes the blunder even worse if you ask me. It draws a picture of an organization rigid enough that certain monies are earmarked for certain things come hell or high water -- no matter where the money might be most needed or most useful, it has to be spent in the area predetermined months ago. That rigidity strikes me as an extraordinarily inefficient way to run a business, particularly a baseball team.

It's the sort of mindset that results in big mistakes. I can just imagine the meeting where they said, "Well, we've got $9 million left in the major league payroll budget that we have to spend no matter what. We can't save it for next year, because according to the budget we have to spend it this year. So, what the hell, let's give Pierre's agent a call."

Also, if Rawitch is being truthful regarding the draft having a finite budget, then that finite budget has fluctuated wildly from year to year:

2003 $3.4 million
2004 $5.6 million
2005 $2.2 million
2006 $5.5 million
2007 $3.4 million

(While the average bonuses have been going steadily up, we spent $2 million less this year than in 2004.)

2007-08-29 11:33:07
40.   underdog
And I do agree with 6 , too. I think a lot will be up in the air this off season - it's a a real make or break one, because so much money (and dead weight) could conceivably come off the books. I'm sure they'll resign a few of the guys, but hopefully will cut loose most of them and have some money to spend elsewhere. On who is the question.
2007-08-29 11:34:05
41.   regfairfield
35 Where would said big bat go?

I was having this conversation with my friend yesterday, and we came to the conclusion that the Dodgers really can't make any improvements in 2008 without a bold move. There's already about 100 million on the payroll coming into the season and no free spots in either the rotation or the lineup. The best thing I could really think of was signing Francisco Cordero to make the most absurd bullpen in the history of man.

2007-08-29 11:34:51
42.   ToyCannon
Where would you add a big bat?
You have to start with the assumption that Juan Pierre will not be replaced. If so who do you want to replace?
La Roche

I see no need for a bat for our 2007 lineup. None.

2007-08-29 11:35:08
43.   dzzrtRatt
Still, with the way the Dodgers have been flinging money around the past two weeks, I still don't understand why draft pick Kyle Blair could not be signed.

I think it's pure politics. They could have easily afforded Kyle Blair, but Bud Selig convinced McCourt that paying the money would earn him a year of stink-eyes from the league. McCourt probably has some bigger fish to fry with Selig -- nothing that any of us care about, but crucial to him.

P.S. I like the idea of Loiaza as trade bait. If he continues '07 as he's been, he could be a "sell-high" proposition.

Is there a consensus here that among McDonald, Kershaw, Orenduff and Stults, we have one full-season starting pitcher for all of 2008 who would be better than a healthy Loiaza? Watching Billingsley develop over the past season and a half has made me wary of pushing the envelope with pitching prospects. Watching Kuo makes me even warier. Loiaza might be another "bridge" player that allows us to bring the prospects into the mix more gradually, as was done with Chad.

2007-08-29 11:35:23
44.   bhsportsguy
31 I have followed the Kyle Blair story as closely as anyone and by examining Logan White's drafts, his pick stands out because in the past, White has made flyers at "unsignable" talent in much later rounds, he only had two other unsigned picks in the top 5, one being Hochevar.

In the end, my best guess is that, along with ToyCannon's theory of not giving a higher bonus to someone they felt was slightly less talented (or they would have drafted Blair instead Withrow), White did not feel that Blair was worth going to bat for in terms of giving a record (5th round) bonus. Again, that doesn't explain the pick and there is probably something more to it but from everything I have seen, they knew how much he wanted, they certainly had a value attached to him and for whatever the case, those two thoughts never resulted in a signing.

2007-08-29 11:36:25
45.   bigcpa
35 I'm holding out hope that Ned repeats the Furcal move... signing a top FA hitter to an presently occupied position. There's only a $29M difference between Pierre and Izturis. I've said it many times... Pierre and Ozzie Guillen were made for each other.
2007-08-29 11:36:25
46.   ToyCannon
Was that a true blue moment?
2007-08-29 11:36:47
47.   El Lay Dave
From 2004-2006, [Loaiza] was average to below-average

And before 2003, Loaiza was slightly above-average to below-average. (Even the "win" comment of Ned's doesn't hold much water; Loaiza is a .500 pitcher with one weirdly aberrant 2003 season [21-9] thrown in.)

2007-08-29 11:36:47
48.   Eric Enders
15 "I was floating the idea with BH yesterday that since the Blair thing went down so strangely that maybe it was a case of Winthrow's agent getting an oral agreement that his bonus would be the largest given by the Dodgers. When Blair's agent wouldn't agree to a bonus < then Winthrows they couldn't make a deal."

Apoligies if this was already addressed, but it would had to have been a written agreement, not oral, because Withrow was already signed and pitching for the Dodgers by the time the team began negotiating with Blair. Also, I don't think teams are generally in the habit of making such promises to draftees, though I could be wrong.

2007-08-29 11:38:24
49.   Xeifrank
Last evening on the A's Nation blog, Nico had a blog entry where they were hoping and almost expecting to get LaRoche or Hu for Loaiza. I thought it was nuts. Only time will tell if this is a good move by the Dodgers. How serious was his injury this year? vr, Xei
2007-08-29 11:39:27
50.   Bob Timmermann
Today's off-topic amusing story:
I had put together the FedEx address printout and the tickets to the UCLA-Oregon game that I was going to sell through StubHub.

As I walked out the door, I looked in the papers and the tickets, which I had placed there, were no longer there. I looked everywhere. My ride for work was arriving and she helped me look.

Eventually, we gave up the search. I muttered to myself about how something could disappear into thin air in the matter of about five minutes.

On the ride in, I took off my baseball cap and mopped my brow as I had built up a sweat during my frantic search.

As I did that, the tickets fell off the top of my head and onto my lap.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-08-29 11:39:37
51.   regfairfield
46 We're in the zone.
2007-08-29 11:40:03
52.   Kevin Lewis
Has anyone mentioned what injuries Loaiza succumbed to in the past?
2007-08-29 11:40:36
53.   Bob Timmermann
That is how the AP slugged the story on the wire.
2007-08-29 11:41:03
54.   dzzrtRatt
50 Meanwhile, how's that Flubber project going?
2007-08-29 11:41:20
55.   underdog
Re: "with Hong-Chih Kuo waiting in the wings" - I'm operating under the sad assumption that Kuo's wings break down too consistently for us to count on him (even if I'm mixing up two wing metaphors).
2007-08-29 11:41:49
56.   LogikReader
Let's say Loiaza becomes so good he becomes a top tier pitcher: that will make two moves in three years that we raked the A's for talent, the first being Ethier for Bradley.

That would be an amusing turn of events

2007-08-29 11:41:53
57.   JoeyP
42--There's a few places for a big bat to go.

1b--There are sluggers out there that produce more than Loney. Namely, Adam Dunn.

SS--If A-Rod is signed, you trade Furcal whom should be easy to trade since he's in the last year of his deal.

3b--If Glaus is signed, then say you move LaRoche to 2nd base or trade him+extras for a top end pitcher (Ian Snell).

CF--Andruw Jones---simple, you tell Pierre he's a 4th OF'er if he cant be traded.

There are ways to improve this team. I dont really think they are that bold either, but you cant be spending money on veteran riff raff and still improve the team via FA without upping the budget a ton. Something I doubt Frank does.

Dodgers are stuck in a Ned Colletti-dom.

2007-08-29 11:42:37
58.   Lexinthedena
35- Exactly....With a core of Penny, Lowe, and Bills, I don't mind some patchwork...still wish Ned would give guys like Stults and Houlton a shot, but Loaiza is crafty, and will be productive.....I just really, really hope one of the centerfielders get's picked up.....Although A-Rod would be ideal...but it's hard for me to see that happening....

but this is quite a dream for me....

1-Furcal SS
2-Martin C
4-A-Rod 3B
5-Ethier RF
6-Kent/Abreau 2B
7-Loney 1B
8-Young lF

Pierre get's moved with LaRoche for a young arm....

As likely as impeachment, I know....

2007-08-29 11:43:35
59.   regfairfield
57 There's no way we have the budget for A-Rod unless we want to crank the payroll into the 130s.
2007-08-29 11:45:05
60.   Rob M
This looks like a low risk deal to me. The notion that Loaiza will be blocking Elbert (no way he'll be ready coming off of TJ) or Kershaw (no way he's ready in April either, with his current BB rate) is silly. If McDonald is ready, he'll pitch. If we get through 2008 with all of the veteran pitchers healthy and effective all season long and hence blocking some very young prospects, that's the kind of problem I like.
2007-08-29 11:47:22
61.   ToyCannon
Elbert did not have TJ, he should be ready to go by ST but he still has those pesky command issues to work out.
2007-08-29 11:47:24
62.   LogikReader
budget with A-Rod: 130m

increase in revenue from having A-Rod on the team: way more

2007-08-29 11:47:28
63.   Eric Enders
I've said it before, I'll say it again -- I'm a big proponent of the sign A-Rod as a SS, move Furcal to CF gambit. Furcal might be a little peeved, but he'll get over it if you give him a two-year extension. He's fast and he's got a howitzer, so he's got the crude tools for becoming an excellent center fielder. Hey, it worked for Robin Yount.
2007-08-29 11:48:24
64.   Wilbert Robinson
Esteban Loaiza is making 1 million dollars less than Brad Penny.
2007-08-29 11:48:40
65.   Eric Enders
Wasn't Elbert's injury the same or a similar nerve problem as Brad Penny's? I like the way Penny emerged from it.
2007-08-29 11:49:07
66.   caseybarker
I thought Glaus' skills had been significantly diminished. I venture that LaRoche will be a more productive 3B.
2007-08-29 11:49:57
67.   CanuckDodger
So the rotation next year will have five righties and no lefties? Penny, Lowe, Billingsley, Schmidt, and Loaiza? I doubt that will happen, and with the way things are going, I'm afraid we'll sign David Wells and throw Billingsley back in the bullpen.
2007-08-29 11:51:19
68.   JoeyP
I'm afraid we'll sign David Wells and throw Billingsley back in the bullpen

If that happens, the new domain name of this blog will be:


2007-08-29 11:51:22
69.   Lexinthedena
63- I've never thought of is a great idea....too creative for this Dodger organization.....

Also, A-Rod has gotten Huge...not sure if he's still a gold glove SS...but that's my own speculation...

2007-08-29 11:51:46
70.   fanerman
63 And best of all, no more JP!
2007-08-29 11:51:57
71.   Wilbert Robinson
52 Most recently a meniscus tear while rehabbing a bulging disc in his neck. Also spasm in his right trapezius muscle.
2007-08-29 11:52:23
72.   Zak
There is no chance that Billz will go to the Bullpen. We'd trade Lowe or Penny before that happens.
2007-08-29 11:52:25
73.   fanerman
69 A-Rod seems slimmer than he was in previous years at 3B. He's always been a big guy, for an SS.
2007-08-29 11:53:30
74.   ToyCannon
63 Furcal would make an excellent CF, but again the problem is the incumbent who is not going anywhere.

Wells will not be back. He won't even last until the end of this year. We may not start a year with a LHP but we will end the year with one.

2007-08-29 11:53:57
75.   dzzrtRatt
Is there any speculation that this move was block to prevent Philadelphia or Arizona (or somebody) from getting him?
2007-08-29 11:54:18
76.   El Lay Dave
57 If Glaus is signed

Glaus is not a FA-to-be for 2008; he has a contract in place.

2007-08-29 11:54:35
77.   Rob M
Elbert was actually a shoulder problem, so I was wrong on that.
2007-08-29 11:55:02
78.   fanerman
74 Is that a bold mythological prediction?
2007-08-29 11:55:30
79.   underdog
67 Even with the pro-vet management I would be shocked if they re-signed David Wells for next season. Or if not shocked, flabbergasted at least. For lefties: Be nice if Elbert could contribute some time next season, that would help, or, give Stults another shot. Or, I guess re-sign Wolf, though I also think that's unlikely.
2007-08-29 11:58:46
80.   Rob M
Meloan with another dominant outing last night. I feel like we're wasting valuable innings from him by leaving him in Vegas.
2007-08-29 11:59:33
81.   Eric Enders
Let's say the pitcher who does not exist has a lights-out spring training, 1.00 ERA or something like that. Do you put him on the 25-man as a reliever, to save wear and tear on his arm, a la Billingsley? Or do you send him to cool his heels in Vegas?
2007-08-29 12:00:15
82.   dzzrtRatt
There is no possibility LA would sign Wells for next season. Maybe invite him to ST, maybe, if he excels in 07. But I think he's going to retire, which is one reason I kind of like having him around. He's motivated to go out with a bang. Hopefully the right kind of bang.
2007-08-29 12:00:16
83.   BlueCrew Bruin
80 Seriously. There's nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain by replacing Hernandez with Meloan. Mind bottling.
2007-08-29 12:00:42
84.   Lexinthedena
80- That's one that has been really aggrivating....I can't think of a reason for keeping him down....

2007 Dodgers=Feudalism....Veterans are the warrior class....

2007-08-29 12:01:32
85.   bhsportsguy
39 I theorized a few weeks ago that Logan White sets a value to players and picks them accordingly to fit the round they are drafted.

In 2007 - The Dodgers had no extra picks, aside from one supplemental and paid out slot money bonuses across the board.

2006, the Dodgers had two first round picks, including the 7th pick plus the first supplemental pick, they did not pick again until the 4th round when they gave Kyle Orr an above slot money bonus $435,000 vs. $290,000. Their first four picks were given 5 million out of the 5.6 million.

2005 - Did not have a first round pick and did not sign Hochevar.

2004 - Two first round picks and the 3rd supplemental picks, signed picks from first 10 rounds.

2003 - Did not sign 3rd round pick, 3.4 million bonus does not include Andy LaRoche's bonus since those figures are only for the 10 rounds.

Also, while the first round bonus money average went up from 2006, there were 4 teams that gave out more that last year's high of 3.55 million, including a record 6 million to Matt Wiethers and if you go past the first round, aside from a few instances, most teams adhered to slot money recommendations and the total amounts reflect that.

Total bonus amounts are always skewed by whatever that team pays out for their first round picks, when you have more than one first round pick, you are probably going to allocate more resources.

The only reason the Dodgers would ever allocate more money for the draft was if they decided to do what the Yankees, Red Sox and Tigers have done in very recent times and try to grab players who have fallen due to signability reasons. They have not shown any inclination to do that outside of Andy LaRoche. Most believe that is a directive from ownership but no one really knows that to be the case.

2007-08-29 12:02:06
86.   Vishal
i'm with joeyp w/r/t a bat. especially if that bat is a-rod. you make room for a-rod.
2007-08-29 12:02:21
87.   Eric Enders
It's game time. Shouldn't we know by now who was dropped from the roster? Or are we just assuming it's Stults?

Whoever gets sent down, does that mean they can't come back until September 8? Somebody with knowledge of all the arcane option rules please advise.

2007-08-29 12:03:15
88.   Ladderkite
63 - ...and Biggio

Love the Furcal to CF idea. (especially because Arod is our SS in that scenario)

2007-08-29 12:04:39
89.   Eric Enders
85 "The only reason the Dodgers would ever allocate more money for the draft was if they decided to do what the Yankees, Red Sox and Tigers have done in very recent times and try to grab players who have fallen due to signability reasons. They have not shown any inclination to do that outside of Andy LaRoche."

Exactly. And therein lies the problem.

2007-08-29 12:04:39
90.   old dodger fan
What is Saito's contract status for next year?
2007-08-29 12:05:54
91.   Eric Enders
90 I believe his status is he has to play for whatever we decide to pay him, or retire.
2007-08-29 12:06:29
92.   trainwreck
Well, at least we did not give up any players for him.

I watched his starts this year and I certainly do not think his success will last into next year.

2007-08-29 12:07:02
93.   Vishal
91 he can't ply his trade with another team?
2007-08-29 12:07:26
94.   Jon Weisman
87 - Roster move doesn't come until Loaiza arrives ... which will probably be September 1.
2007-08-29 12:07:30
95.   Bob Timmermann
Stults could be optioned to a team in some league that has its season ending soon after 9/1 (or already over) and then just be brought back up right away.

The 10 day rule only applies to leagues that are still playing the regular season or if the team is in the playoffs.

2007-08-29 12:08:42
96.   Eric Enders
91 No. Maybe in Japan, I'm not sure of the rules on that, but not here. As a second-year player, his contract status is the same as Russell Martin's. After 2008 he will be arb eligible and begin making the big bucks.
2007-08-29 12:09:50
97.   Jon Weisman
81 - I don't like to be influenced by Spring Training stats. In any case, if he's one of the best 11 pitchers on the roster, I keep him. If there's doubt about that, I'm fine with letting him go to the minors.
2007-08-29 12:09:58
98.   Bluebleeder87
Jon, should make it an issue/rally cry that Dodger fans want a BIG NAME/IMPACT player in '08.
2007-08-29 12:12:01
99.   Eric Enders
95 We don't have any farm team that meets that criteria, alas. Every farm team plays until at least September 3 except for GCL, and they're already in the playoffs.
2007-08-29 12:13:13
100.   trainwreck
No, who knows what the heck Ned will do.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-08-29 12:14:24
101.   Jon Weisman
98 - That doesn't sound like me. Last thing I want to do is put out an ultimatum that the Dodgers should sign a BIG NAME.

I like A-Rod, but I don't see that happening. My idea of an impact player is likely to differ from Ned Colletti's.

2007-08-29 12:14:37
102.   Gagne55
Wow that was a fast inning. Thank you, Washington hitters.
2007-08-29 12:15:04
103.   Sam DC
I think the Nationals are ready for this road trip to be over.
2007-08-29 12:15:53
104.   Zak
98 I'm pretty sure that there is a considerable difference in the definition of a "BIG NAME/IMPACT player" between DTers and Ned Colletti.
2007-08-29 12:15:53
105.   trainwreck
So that is three moves in a row that Ned made that were actually accurately predicted by media outlets.
2007-08-29 12:16:00
106.   ImprobableImpossible
Doesn't Loaiza have to be added before Sept. 1 to be eligible for the postseason roster?

I guess Hernandez gets D'dFA on Friday.

2007-08-29 12:16:13
107.   Vishal
96 well, at least sammy seems to be enjoying his time in the bigs. i don't know if the dodgers would keep him after arbitration as a 39-year-old.
2007-08-29 12:18:12
108.   underdog
Anyone else having trouble accessing the MLBTV broadcast? Mine keeps saying I need to upgrade to get the 700K broadcast. Doesn't even give me option for the other one.
2007-08-29 12:18:44
109.   bhsportsguy
89 I think this is where the debate ends because we can go round and round on whether or not they should approach the draft that way, because from what I could tell Rick Porcello was never considered for their first round pick, etc.

I still think part of it is money and part of it is Logan White, I forgot who said it or it might have been an unnamed scouting director who said that if all the draft becomes is about paying the most money, fine, but then lets not talk about scouting anymore. And I think there is a little or a lot of ego when it comes into play here too.

2007-08-29 12:20:25
110.   Lexinthedena
Sean Hill has Lowe-esque stuff....
2007-08-29 12:21:23
111.   shamrok

waits for Ryan Klesko, Mike Lamb, Trot Nixon blockbuster

2007-08-29 12:22:40
112.   Curtis Lowe
110 - Instead of groundballs he induces flies out to Nooks?
2007-08-29 12:23:09
113.   trainwreck
Try re-signing back into
2007-08-29 12:23:18
114.   Jon Weisman
106 - Good point.

Nook Logan is on the air.

2007-08-29 12:24:22
115.   Reddog
I like adding Loaiza. He's had two good outings this season now. We didn't give up anything to get him. Maybe he'll be a solid 4th or 5th starter next season.

Oakland isn't going anywhere and they're just looking to dump salary. We may have gotten a good one here. They gave us Ethier, and we certainly got the best of it on that deal.

2007-08-29 12:24:46
116.   caseybarker
Looks like Kemp gave that a ride. I can't quite tell from ESPN gameday.
2007-08-29 12:25:00
117.   Gagne55
Kent was shaded too far towards the hole. :(
2007-08-29 12:25:19
118.   PadreJeremy
I have to laugh at the Dodgers. Atleast the Yankees have won the World Series recently with all their "sign everyone to ridiculous contracts and hope one guy pans out philosophy". The Dodgers behave the same way and continue to pick up washed up veteran players at crazy prices while ignoring their farm system. I guess it is ok because it is a big market who can afford to pay for bad contracts, but if you arent winning a World Series or atleast appearing in them on occasion, management looks horrible and the fans continue to shake their head. Who is the moron running this team?
2007-08-29 12:25:53
119.   Jon Weisman
Penny has thrown 11 pitches in facing six batters.
2007-08-29 12:25:57
120.   Gagne55
No. I'm forced to choose between rooting for Fick or for the Dodgers right now.
2007-08-29 12:26:26
121.   shamrok

And yet they still sell 3 million seats. There was an article about this a few days ago...can't find it.

2007-08-29 12:27:24
122.   Gagne55
Yay! Fick got a hit!

No! The Dodgers gave up a run!

2007-08-29 12:28:39
123.   D4P
Who is the moron running this team?

Take your pick.




2007-08-29 12:29:03
124.   ToyCannon
At least we have a farm team to ignore.
2007-08-29 12:29:04
125.   regfairfield
118 Who's Loaiza blocking? It's not like all five of our starters are going to be healthy next year. When someone goes down, McDonald, Elbert, or Kershaw will get a shot. Well, maybe after Mark Hendrickson gets his.
2007-08-29 12:29:46
126.   El Lay Dave
118 Yankee fans don't think seven years ago is "recently". Playing Loney, Billingsley, Ethier, Broxton, Martin, Kemp is not "ignoring the farm system."
2007-08-29 12:29:53
127.   Bob Timmermann
If it's a getaway day, Jesus Flores will hit a home run.
2007-08-29 12:30:53
128.   Wilbert Robinson
How come Brad Penny doesn't wwant to win this game?
2007-08-29 12:31:02
129.   Gagne55
He's trying to bunt! Throw it right down the middle!
2007-08-29 12:31:46
130.   King of the Hobos
Regarding a lack of a left hander in the rotation, Hendrickson is due for his final year of arbitration this off season. Do we non-tender him? If he's still around, he figures to get in the rotation if we ever need a lefty.

With the rotation and most of the lineup pretty much set for 2008, that means we have a lot of money for a big bat. We have Gonzo, Odalis, Mueller, and all the various old veteran/option contracts coming off the books, which after the increases for Furcal, Penny, etc. means we still could have potentially $20 mil to play with. If we can get some salary relief from Nomar or Pierre, then having $30 mil sitting around for Arod isn't inconceivable. Or course, that assumes Ned will negotiate with Boras.

2007-08-29 12:31:57
131.   Jon Weisman
125 - You think Hendrickson will be back? I don't.
2007-08-29 12:32:01
132.   Gagne55
Penny has gotten Nooked.
2007-08-29 12:32:04
133.   El Lay Dave
4 singles, 2 runs. How Dodgeresque.
2007-08-29 12:32:19
134.   Disabled List
It's a funny... a Dodger fan can make a post like 118 , and we all nod our heads in agreement. But when a Padre fan says it, we get defensive.
2007-08-29 12:32:48
135.   underdog
I don't know which is more annoying, Penny stinking it up vs. the Nationals, or a Padre troll on Dodger Thoughts. Close call.
2007-08-29 12:33:35
136.   Lexinthedena
134- I'm the only one who can beat on my little bro....
2007-08-29 12:33:38
137.   Sam DC
(Happy for Jesus Flores my favorite National.)
2007-08-29 12:34:19
138.   Lexinthedena
The Cy Young was yours Penny!

you could have been a contender!

2007-08-29 12:34:27
139.   ToyCannon
BH and I were worried last night about Penny in this heat but I thought he'd be able to get past the 2nd inning.
2007-08-29 12:34:50
140.   Bob Timmermann
Jesus Flores actually has one more RBI than Nook Logan on the season despite having over 100 fewer ABs.

Jesus Flores is an RBI machine!

2007-08-29 12:35:36
141.   bhsportsguy
I have to say Brad's run for Cy Young will be problematic because of his next two starts will be in the daytime where his splits are really bad.
2007-08-29 12:35:44
142.   Reddog
Penny is probably going to suck for the rest of the season, just like he did last year at this time. Maybe we should trade him plus Pierre to the Yankees for A-Rod, and let Loaiza take his place in the rotation.
2007-08-29 12:35:53
143.   Lexinthedena
Wes Parker looks like the old host of the Nelwywed Game....forgot his name...
2007-08-29 12:36:02
144.   El Lay Dave
134 I would object to the "ignoring the farm system" statement no matter who made it.
2007-08-29 12:36:26
145.   Fallout
Loaiza was a good move. Wells was a, "We have nothing to lose" move. There are a lot of young players in the line-up. 118 is just trying to get argumentative. Management on the whole looks good to me.
2007-08-29 12:36:50
146.   regfairfield
131 I do. Colletti likes depth, and Hendrickson will stay in the long relief role thanks to the success he's had in the pen. Considering how sparse the options are this offseason, Hendrickson would probably be cheaper than a comparable pitcher. I could see him getting the role instead of Stults based on the somewhat irrational love the organization has for him.
2007-08-29 12:36:59
147.   Disabled List
Wow, that is as empty as I have ever seen Dodger Stadium for a game.

I feel bad for Wes Parker.

2007-08-29 12:37:07
148.   El Lay Dave
143 Bob Eubanks?
2007-08-29 12:37:10
149.   King of the Hobos
131 Why not? If he continues to pitch well out of the pen, I doubt Ned would non-tender him. I don't agree with it, but I have to assume Hendrickson will be back.
2007-08-29 12:37:16
150.   ToyCannon
That is because he compared us to the Yankee's, and I guess for the little team down south we might seem like the Yankee's because of all the WS banners we fly, but in salary were not close to being in that league.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-08-29 12:38:12
151.   ToyCannon
Webb Ewbanks - I'm embarrassed
2007-08-29 12:38:53
152.   JoeyP
134--I agree. No need to get defensive or call posters 'trolls'.
2007-08-29 12:38:58
153.   Lexinthedena
Martin is a freak...
2007-08-29 12:38:59
154.   dzzrtRatt
2007-08-29 12:39:31
155.   underdog
Golden God!


Only 3 more to go before 20.

2007-08-29 12:39:48
156.   King of the Hobos
That's the 23rd homer that Hill has ever given up professionally, and he's been pitching since 2000.
2007-08-29 12:40:01
157.   Gen3Blue
Gee, I had to get blood work and figured I'd be safe missing an inning or so.

What happened!!

Thank god for Martin. He should be a 20/20 man.

2007-08-29 12:40:07
158.   The Mootz
This is exactly why Russell Martin should have had today off; he's exerting way too much energy during that home run trot.
2007-08-29 12:40:11
159.   fanerman
20-20 here he comes!
2007-08-29 12:40:22
160.   Lexinthedena
C'mon Loney....a BA less than 300 would be uncivilized....
2007-08-29 12:40:26
161.   Bluebleeder87
outside shot at 20/20, YES!
2007-08-29 12:40:29
162.   Jon Weisman
146 - I don't think the Dodgers want to pay mid-seven figures for a long reliever who has fallen out of the starting rotation three times. The bloom is much more off his rose.

151 - Bob Eubanks.

2007-08-29 12:40:49
163.   underdog
152 A troll meaning someone who comes to a blog basically saying something in the comments that they know will p.. er, irk people deliberately, and then leaves. I stand by my statement. Not necessarily someone who lives under a bridge or has greenish skin.
2007-08-29 12:40:53
164.   JoeyP
Martin is Mr. 3TO
2007-08-29 12:41:07
165.   imperabo
152 So you think that poster came here to engage in an enlightened discusion?
2007-08-29 12:41:32
166.   Jon Weisman
Martin's OPS in August: .944.
2007-08-29 12:41:36
167.   underdog
Shea "nearly warning track power" Hillenbrand.
2007-08-29 12:41:39
168.   JoeyP
163--Why should something thats been said here before irk someone when an outsider says it?
2007-08-29 12:41:44
169.   regfairfield
162 Think we'll have to agree to disagree here. Who do you think has the long relief/sixth starter role if not Hendrickson?
2007-08-29 12:41:53
170.   Lexinthedena
161- Outside Shot?.....he's in there like swim wear...
2007-08-29 12:41:58
171.   dzzrtRatt
Weeb Ewbank bears no resemblance to either Bob Eubanks or Wes Parker.

Weeb Ewbank was the guy who took my beloved NY Jets to the Super Bowl, a game I actually got to see.

2007-08-29 12:42:08
172.   Gen3Blue
Really, did Penny get everything up or how did he get such a bad result.
2007-08-29 12:43:04
173.   fanerman
161 Outside? He's 3 home runs away with a month to go...
2007-08-29 12:43:25
174.   Bob Timmermann
The truth is out dzzrtRatt is really Paul Zimmerman!
2007-08-29 12:44:05
175.   ToyCannon
A few more games like last night from Webb and he will also obliterate his Cy Young chances.

We need to obliterate Peavy's chances this weekend.

2007-08-29 12:44:16
176.   King of the Hobos
PadreJeremy has been posting here for over a year, I really doubt he's a troll.
2007-08-29 12:44:39
177.   Jon Weisman
Brett Butler update:

2007-08-29 12:45:08
178.   dzzrtRatt
174 Just call me Dr. Dz!
2007-08-29 12:45:52
179.   underdog
Is it too early to bring in Loaiza?
2007-08-29 12:46:50
180.   ToyCannon
Looks like a Hendy type of game. If he saves our bacon we bring him back, if he continues the implosion, we cut him down and make him into a table.
2007-08-29 12:47:22
181.   Fallout
176 King of the Hobos
Just call him an uninformed occasional commentator.
2007-08-29 12:47:46
182.   bhsportsguy
Nate Purcell will be happy, Brandon Jennings named the top 2008 prospect by ESPN.

Jrue Holiday was number 4, UCLA's four recruits are the top 35. UCLA's class is ranked number 1, Arizona is at 2, USC is in the top 13.

2007-08-29 12:48:39
183.   underdog
168 Okay, trollish, then. It's the attitude, not the content, folks. You can phrase something that doesn't start with "I have to laugh at the Dodgers" and end with "who is the moron". Yes, other people here have made the same points (and sometimes rudely, too), and there is a bit of a "I'll make fun of my own team but you can't" attitude we have, but when you're a guest in someone's house, if you have a negative point to make try to say it in some way that's not childish.

That's all I have to say about it. Done.

I'm more irked with Penny at this point.

2007-08-29 12:49:53
184.   ToyCannon
I don't mind Padre trolls. They don't exactly have alot of ammunition to work with other then the current state of the standings.
2007-08-29 12:50:05
185.   underdog
Color me slightly less irked at Penny, with one eye brow still raised and a hand ready to slap my forehead again.
2007-08-29 12:50:09
186.   Jon Weisman
Schmidt (Kuo/Kershaw/McDonald/etc.)


Hendrickson will no longer be considered a starting pitching candidate, even by Colletti, and you don't pay $3 million or more to the 11th man on the pitching staff.

2007-08-29 12:50:19
187.   D4P
If the Nats don't score here, the Dodgers will probably win.
2007-08-29 12:51:03
188.   Bob Timmermann
If the Dodgers were even with Arizona in the AILC, then we could complain about Padre fans.

As it is, we will just keep our self-loathing to ourselves.

2007-08-29 12:52:05
189.   Bob Timmermann
I guess the Dodgers just lost.
2007-08-29 12:52:08
190.   underdog

I would seriously pull him at this point.

2007-08-29 12:52:19
191.   JoeyP
Penny's straight 94 mph fastball is getting hammered today.

He needs that pitch at 98 if he's going to be successful.

2007-08-29 12:52:54
192.   underdog
Grady looked seriously perturbed on that visit to the mound.
2007-08-29 12:53:20
193.   Disabled List
Bad Penny has turned up again.
2007-08-29 12:53:51
194.   underdog
Man, Hillenbrand almost lost that one pop fly in the sun.
2007-08-29 12:53:52
195.   JoeyP
Wow, uh nice catch Shea.
I think.
2007-08-29 12:54:14
196.   D4P
I guess the Dodgers just lost

Dodger Fans: loathe thy self.

2007-08-29 12:55:05
197.   regfairfield
186 We did pay seven million to Tomdrickson this year, and one of those guys had to be the 11th man.

I just can't see the Dodgers coming into the season without a "proven" guy outside of the rotation, and I think Hendrickson is the only guy that can be that, and sit in the pen.

2007-08-29 12:56:22
198.   caseybarker
Last time Penny gave up 4 runs before the third was September 18, 2006.
2007-08-29 12:56:52
199.   trainwreck
ESPN's rankings in recruiting are terrible. In both football and basketball.
2007-08-29 12:56:54
200.   Bluebleeder87

The post was made in the heat of excitement Fanerman, it's pretty reasonable to think he has a good shot at 20/20.

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-08-29 12:57:12
201.   Jon Weisman
Tony Jackson: He'll take Stults' spot in the rotation. The roster move has to be made by Friday for Loaiza to be eligible for the playoffs (Hey, it could still happen). My guess is they'll option Stults because they could then recall him 10 days later, by which time the roster will have expanded to a 40-man max. By the way, Grady said they will recall some players on Saturday (Sept. 1), some others on Tuesday after the minor-league regular season ends on Monday and then, if Jacksonville makes the Southern League playoffs, possibly more players from the Suns when that playoff run ends.

2007-08-29 12:57:23
202.   imperabo
How can they drop Hendy? He's the 4th best lefthander on the team.
2007-08-29 12:58:10
203.   Jon Weisman
197 - But Tomko and Mark were considered viable starting candidates last offseason.

I can completely see the Dodgers signing another vet for the back of the bullpen; I just don't think it will be Hendrickson.

2007-08-29 12:58:43
204.   El Lay Dave
"I never thought I would get traded," Loaiza said before leaving Oakland.

Esteban, you weren't "traded"; the A's let you go. They decided you weren't worth the money they had to pay you and took nada in return from LA. They disrespected you, man! Go out there and show them how wrong they were!

2007-08-29 12:58:45
205.   fanerman
So, how did the name "Golden God" come about?
2007-08-29 12:59:12
206.   Jon Weisman
The Penny BA vs. ERA game is looking like no contest now.
2007-08-29 12:59:44
207.   Bluebleeder87
Pierre is singling his way to my HEART!!! not!!
2007-08-29 13:00:12
208.   capdodger
At least the Yankees...

Dem's fightin' words...

2007-08-29 13:00:54
209.   Frip
Never understood why visitors to sites are called "trolls". Like it's a bad thing. "You don't belong, you, you, other-opinioned person!"
2007-08-29 13:01:09
210.   regfairfield
203 Were they? We had four guaranteed slots and left Kuo/Bills/Hendrickson and Tomko to fight it out. I don't know how much Hendrickson qualified as a viable candidate.
2007-08-29 13:01:51
211.   El Lay Dave
207 I'm at least happy that the single was to LEFT.
2007-08-29 13:02:22
212.   paranoidandroid
186 Uh.... Proctor? Hendrickson is only around if he is picked up for 1-2 mil. Someone else out there will sign him as a potential starter. Colorado seems to like him, and for 3 mil, they'd get him.

I also think that Bills is our number three. He's 15-6 with an era under 3.50 since July '06. That is not a number four pitcher.

2007-08-29 13:02:41
213.   fanerman
209 Nothing wrong with other opinions unless you say them just to piss other people off and not for lively diiscussion.
2007-08-29 13:02:45
214.   Bob Timmermann
We've had trolls. I've seen trolls. I've dealt with trolls. Some trolls were friends of mine.

PadreJeremy is no troll.

2007-08-29 13:05:59
215.   Kingmans Performance
Aflac trivia:

1.) Campanella
2.) Piazza
3.) Joe Ferguson (?)

2007-08-29 13:06:55
216.   El Lay Dave
214 I think PadreJeremy has been discussed far more than he was "attacked". (I really want that italicized, not quoted.)
2007-08-29 13:07:32
217.   paranoidandroid
214 "I did not have relations with Ms. PadreJeremy. I never told anyone to lie, not a single time..."
2007-08-29 13:07:56
218.   El Lay Dave
215 Alex, what are Dodger catchers and something to do with leading the team in home runs or RBIs or runs scored or something?
2007-08-29 13:07:56
219.   Bob Timmermann
We just don't pass out italics to every Dave, Jeremy, and fanerman here.
2007-08-29 13:08:53
220.   Ken Noe
Just got caught up on this deal. Correct me if I'm wrong, but $8 million for Loaiza next year more or less equals the $9 million NedCo would pay Wolf next year, right (with the half-mill buyout)? Release Wolf and its essentially a wash? In the meantime, the LADs strengthened the rotation a bit without giving up a Hu.

186 Jon, can we be confident that the Samurai will return?

2007-08-29 13:09:06
221.   imperabo
I did nothing wrong. I did not touch PadreJeremy's foot in the airport restroom.
2007-08-29 13:09:10
222.   ToyCannon
Most of us are ignoring work and have no idea what the Aflac question was.

Name 3 Dodger catchers who were/are Italian?

2007-08-29 13:09:54
223.   Jon Weisman
210 - Of course they were. They were practically handed the No. 5 and No. 6 starting slots. They certainly were invited to compete for those slots.

You really can't see the difference between the perception of Hendrickson six months ago and the perception now?

A year ago, Hendrickson was an innings-eater acquired in trade, who was always in competition for the No. 5 slot in the rotation and had just seen a sports psychologist who Colletti was told solved all Mark's problems. Mark ended up being the No. 6 starter, behind Tomko, and was first in line when an injury created an opening in the rotation.

Since then, he has been pulled from the rotation for the second and third time as a Dodger. Colletti now realizes that the stuff about the shrink was bunk. And he has not shown the ability to pitch more than five or six innings, taking innings-eater out of the equation. And Billingsley has established himself in the rotation - giving the Dodgers four veteran starters, five if you count Schmidt. Over a two-week period, Tomko, Stults, Wells and Loaiza will have gotten starts ahead of Hendrickson. And McDonald got a look.

From being the No. 6 starter on this team, Hendrickson has fallen to about No. 9. That's a significant drop.

2007-08-29 13:09:58
224.   Disabled List
217 PadreJeremy is trying to acquire weapons of mass destruction...
2007-08-29 13:10:29
225.   Kingmans Performance

El Lay Dave gets the Daily Doulble...

2007-08-29 13:11:30
226.   Gen3Blue
We got to do something about Hill--but what?
He doesn't have much pitch count, either.
2007-08-29 13:13:57
227.   ToyCannon
Jon is mounting a tough defense, the jury waits for the final argument from the prosecution. The 2008 roster hangs in the balance.
2007-08-29 13:14:30
228.   capdodger
219 Ken hoards all of the italics and rations them out to the Toaster Cabal, doesn't he?
2007-08-29 13:14:53
229.   ToyCannon
Loney will be happy to go on the road for a while.
2007-08-29 13:16:09
230.   regfairfield
223 Fair enough, maybe I just tend to expect the worst when it comes to Hendrickson.
2007-08-29 13:16:22
231.   Kingmans Performance
thank you Loney...
2007-08-29 13:16:27
232.   Gen3Blue
Nice stroke.
2007-08-29 13:17:18
233.   Bob Timmermann
It's more of a cartel.
2007-08-29 13:18:17
234.   Frip
213 "Nothing wrong with other opinions unless you say them just to piss other people off and not for lively discussion."

Intentions shouldn't matter. A statement is interesting, provocative, funny...or not, regardless of motive.

2007-08-29 13:18:31
235.   FirstMohican
Gameday says Dale Scott has a huge strike zone.
2007-08-29 13:18:40
236.   underdog
221 "I was just looking for a contact lens, officer!"


Okay, fair enough, if I besmirched Jeremy, my apologies. I wasn't familiar enough with other postings from him so I felt it was kinda rude. I still do, but take back the trollishness.


Nicely done, Sir James.

2007-08-29 13:18:42
237.   Jon Weisman
230 - Kirk Reuter, on the other hand, is probably available.
2007-08-29 13:18:47
238.   ToyCannon
The jury was disappointed in your acquiescence.
2007-08-29 13:19:19
239.   blue22
223 - I would also think Ned would pay a lot of attention to his splits as a reliever vs starter. Small sample size or not, the difference is quite astonishing. He really has probably pitched his way out of the rotation permanently.

He was awarded $3M last year in arbitration. Could he really command a substantial raise after the season he's had?

2007-08-29 13:19:25
240.   Bluebleeder87
as long as Penny "holds ship" this game looks winnable.
2007-08-29 13:19:32
241.   FirstMohican
235 - ...and an inconsistent one.
2007-08-29 13:19:47
242.   underdog
Hillenbrand does make me miss Nomar, however. And La Roche. And Wilson. And Ron Cey for that matter.
2007-08-29 13:21:10
243.   regfairfield
239 He's reached third year arbitration and is having his second best season ever in terms of ERA+.

He's not taking a paycut at the very least.

2007-08-29 13:21:45
244.   El Lay Dave
234 Intentions figure into several of the "Thank you for nots" that Jon asks us to adhere to.
2007-08-29 13:21:46
245.   D4P
Hillenbrand makes me miss my lunch.
2007-08-29 13:23:01
246.   ToyCannon
Who doesn't miss the penguin who was lucky enough to watch him play?

We sure had a short team in 74 with TC, Cey, Lopes, Garvey. My High School team had an infield taller then the Dodgers. Except for Russel, what a giant he was compared to his munchkin playmates.

2007-08-29 13:24:49
247.   paranoidandroid
242 Shea saved the game for us last night. Had two hits also. I predict he'll go deep today and we'll all be singing his praises. Errr... here's hoping anyway.

Saito next year is a question mark, but I think he'll stay to pitch one more year if healthy. If not, Proctor (strangly absent from Jon's list) can be the set-up man for Brox. Between Yhency, Tsao, Meloan, and a few other Seanez-like non-roster guys, we fill out a bullpen. Stults is an outside shot to be the long guy. I don't see Hendrickson back with us.

2007-08-29 13:25:23
248.   Disabled List
I've decided I want some italics. I'm a dues-paying Toaster crumb, I deserve them.

Free the italics!

2007-08-29 13:25:50
249.   El Lay Dave
243 Third best ERA+ ('04 and '06), but his best WHIP.
2007-08-29 13:27:24
250.   Lexinthedena
Kent has absolutely no range....he giveth and taketh away....
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-08-29 13:27:32
251.   underdog
246 He did have a good game, you're right. He's just inconsistent, mostly powerless and I just don't want to root for him. The Penguin should come out of retirement!

247 You and Jon both didn't mention Hull (though I guess he could be "etc.") - Anyway, I'd toss him in as a possible bullpen helper...

2007-08-29 13:28:02
252.   BlueCrew Bruin
Hasn't Hull had a good year coming out of the pen in Vegas? Anyone think he'll be considered a relief option in '08?
2007-08-29 13:28:20
253.   underdog
Bad Penny, sigh. In hindsight, maybe we should've held him 'til the Padres series.
2007-08-29 13:28:49
254.   Jon Weisman
247 - I forgot Proctor. That just helps my point.

The only issue with Hendrickson is that he's left-handed, but you can find another shaky journeyman lefty easily enough.

2007-08-29 13:29:10
255.   imperabo
234 I don't agree with that at all. If someone says something that you disagree with, but they mean it sincerely and they are genuinely interested hearing what other people think about the subject then that's great. If they are making a statement spefically to produce a reaction and really have no interest in what other people have to say then they contribute nothing to a conversation. That's trolling.
2007-08-29 13:29:11
256.   underdog
Penny's close to an official Quantity Start.
2007-08-29 13:29:44
257.   Bob Timmermann
The Nats are 5 for 10 with RISP.
2007-08-29 13:29:51
258.   ToyCannon
I think Hull falls under the DJ Houlton umbrella in that his numbers look good to us but for whatever reason the Dodgers have decided they don't have what it takes.

They should just make them DevilRays and let them get started on their major league careers.

2007-08-29 13:31:46
259.   regfairfield
254 Interestingly, the only guys out there that could be described as a journeyman lefty that might still be considered major league viable are Odalis and David Wells.

There's guys like Bruce Chen and Glendon Rusch too, but I doubt they'd make the team.

2007-08-29 13:31:47
260.   Jon Weisman
251 - Yes, that's right. Everyone I left out qualifies under the Etc. Clause!
2007-08-29 13:31:57
261.   paranoidandroid
I don't see Hull nor Stults in our future. They are AAA guys who are band-aids. If they are given a shot, it will be with an amazing spring and a great run in AAA. Otherwise, they are replacement parts only.
2007-08-29 13:32:13
262.   D4P
The Dodgers are 1 for 1 with RISP.
2007-08-29 13:32:48
263.   Lexinthedena
Oof...nasty pitch...
2007-08-29 13:33:07
264.   Gen3Blue
240 I think we better start bailing.
I wonder what happens to produce the more than occasional "bad Penny". Its easy to see it as a second half thing but I don't think its that simple.
2007-08-29 13:33:31
265.   underdog
That was a nice pitch, even if it never actually crossed the plate.
2007-08-29 13:33:53
266.   Jon Weisman
259 - And Randy Wolf, After the Buyout.
2007-08-29 13:33:55
267.   Bluebleeder87
this umpire is giving Hill the outside corners
2007-08-29 13:34:25
268.   El Lay Dave
247 Exhibit A: Joe Kennedy.
2007-08-29 13:34:52
269.   overkill94
Shouldn't it be a foregone conclusion that Hendrickson's not coming back next year? He'll be way too expensive for a long reliever and we already have guys like Stults ready to do the same thing for peanuts.
2007-08-29 13:34:57
270.   underdog
Why does After the Buyout sound like a Neil Young record?
2007-08-29 13:35:19
271.   underdog
Looked safe to me, but whatever.
2007-08-29 13:35:21
272.   Fallout
The original innings eater: Kevin Gross
2007-08-29 13:35:57
273.   regfairfield
259 I think he'd get much more than Hendrickson. He was having a good season until he got hurt.
2007-08-29 13:36:20
274.   Disabled List
269 Hendrickson has more PVL than Hull or Stults. That's worth a few million to Colletti.
2007-08-29 13:37:15
275.   Lexinthedena
272-Went with my little league team to Dodger Stadium and saw Jim Leyland pucnh Kevin Gross.....

Piazza went deep that day....

2007-08-29 13:40:33
276.   ToyCannon
The team name "Underdog" was just taken by a cute little filly in my pickem contest.
2007-08-29 13:41:08
277.   Jon Weisman
270 - I was going for more of a "Before the Bigs" feel.
2007-08-29 13:41:09
278.   Lexinthedena
ugh...7 seems so much bigger than 6....
2007-08-29 13:41:27
279.   Kevin Lewis
So, Carl's JR really has given up on trying to sell their products and have decided to sell sex completely? That commercial in the classroom is a bit disturbing with all the students objectifying their teacher. Sorry for the random rant.
2007-08-29 13:42:03
280.   ToyCannon
Table time.
2007-08-29 13:42:08
281.   Bluebleeder87
U.S.S. Hendy is sinking fast, I really doubt he'll be around for '08 like some others have pointed out.
2007-08-29 13:42:49
282.   Fallout
234 Frip
Intentions shouldn't matter.

Say w-h-a-t!

2007-08-29 13:43:15
283.   Disabled List
Vin Scully is giving some props to Robert Fick for his college career at CSUN. Fick was absolutely phenomenal at Northridge, I remember being convinced that he was gonna be the next Piazza.
2007-08-29 13:43:35
284.   dzzrtRatt
R.I.P. the myth of Hendy, the great middle reliever.
2007-08-29 13:43:46
285.   old dodger fan
Time for Stultz?
2007-08-29 13:44:12
286.   Bob Timmermann
I wonder what Eric Karros's opinion of Fick is?
2007-08-29 13:46:12
287.   El Lay Dave
264 Since the AS break, and before today, it's been more like the mediocre Penny. Nine starts, two were 7 IP with no or one run, one was the 5 IP on short rest, the other six were exactly 3 ER, once for 7 IP, once for 6 1/3 and the others for 6.
2007-08-29 13:46:44
288.   Kingmans Performance
That 'Flat Buns' Tv Spot was extremely
sexist and misogynstic.

Close to Van Halen's 'Hot For Teacher' video on MTV.

Frankly, it's the only interesting thing I've seen during this Dodger game.

2007-08-29 13:47:17
289.   Bluebleeder87

as long as there the Nationals there's still hope Lex.

2007-08-29 13:48:02
290.   Bob Timmermann
Only the third game in Nook Logan's career with 3 RBI.
2007-08-29 13:48:10
291.   Lexinthedena
288-Americans treat sex the same way they treat fast it makes sense....
2007-08-29 13:48:42
292.   El Lay Dave
Add 287 , this is only the third time this season that Penny has given up more than 4 runs in a game.

Pitching is hard, and bad Penny hasn't shown up often.

2007-08-29 13:49:34
295.   Jon Weisman
279 - I agree.
2007-08-29 13:50:16
296.   underdog
276 Hey, doesn't she know that's my domain! And I'm master of it.
2007-08-29 13:50:21
298.   D4P
It was difficult for Management to send Tomdrickson to the bullpen, given their combined $7 million salaries. Once they made it to the bullpen, it proved difficult to DFA them.

How much more difficult will it be to move Loaiza out of the rotation next year, when he's making $7 million all by himself?

2007-08-29 13:50:55
299.   underdog
Giving up 8 runs at home to the Nationals = not good. Best regroup and wake up for the Padres series.
2007-08-29 13:50:58
300.   Jon Weisman
295 - But as they say on "Mad Men," we're talking about it.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-08-29 13:51:58
301.   Fallout
275 Lexinthedena

That would be interesting. Gross is a b-i-g man.

2007-08-29 13:53:39
302.   Bluebleeder87
Kent has such a nice stroke to right field one wonders why he doesn't go to right more often.
2007-08-29 13:54:14
303.   Lexinthedena
301- It was least as a 10 year old...Leyland walked slowly towards him, and then (insert old man throwing punch sound effect here) gave him a sucker punch to the side of the head...
2007-08-29 13:54:31
304.   dzzrtRatt
Did Colletti hire LuGo to hit singles? The graphics guy for the TV broadcast is rubbing that fact in his nose.
2007-08-29 13:55:17
305.   Fallout
302 Bluebleeder87
Because he hits so many homers to LC.
2007-08-29 13:55:49
306.   Bluebleeder87
Hill looks like he's laboring a bit (can't find the strike zone) hopefully we can capitalize on it.
2007-08-29 13:56:41
307.   Sushirabbit
come on Golden God!
2007-08-29 13:56:54
308.   Gen3Blue
This is awful. I had to step out for 10 minutes and its 8-3. I assume Bigfoot messed up. We have to get into that bullpen now.
2007-08-29 13:59:55
310.   Lexinthedena
Washington should have a much cooler name than the Nationals....
2007-08-29 14:00:01
312.   BlueCrew Bruin
In play, no out.
2007-08-29 14:00:03
313.   trainwreck
Time for a Loney slam.
2007-08-29 14:00:26
314.   Bluebleeder87
Felipe Lopez missed what looked like a routine play, nice for us.
2007-08-29 14:00:36
315.   BlueCrew Bruin
Man, Lopez has had a rough series. Is he usually this bad with the glove?
2007-08-29 14:00:58
316.   Bob Timmermann
How about Wizards? Or Bullets? Or Redskins? Or Capitals? Or Generals?
2007-08-29 14:01:00
317.   Frip
244 "Intentions figure into several of the "Thank you for nots" that Jon asks us to adhere to."

Yes but they are strictures against posts that are prima facie annoying, with intentions being secondary, if considered at all.

2007-08-29 14:01:04
318.   Lexinthedena
This umps delayed strike calls are wack...guy must think he's Enrico Pallazzo....
2007-08-29 14:01:19
319.   El Lay Dave
LuGo 2006: .271/.352/.444
LuGo 2007: .278/.356/.429 (before today)

Colletti got what he should have expected, in a good case scenario, from the old guy.

2007-08-29 14:01:39
320.   Bluebleeder87
Give us something Loney!
2007-08-29 14:01:52
321.   Bluebleeder87
2007-08-29 14:01:55
322.   Kingmans Performance
2007-08-29 14:02:39
323.   Bluebleeder87
AS Vinnie pointed out, Loney now has 4 RBI for the day.
2007-08-29 14:02:40
324.   Lexinthedena
316- Thought they should have gone with the The Greys...
2007-08-29 14:02:40
325.   paranoidandroid
Now, it is time for my man Shea to come up with a big fly and tie this puppy up!

I wonder what Loney might have done if Ramon didn't hit for him in New York?

2007-08-29 14:02:54
326.   El Lay Dave
310 I think the Nationals wouldn't be a bad name, except that they're already in the National League!
2007-08-29 14:02:59
327.   dzzrtRatt
Sock it to me, James Loney!
2007-08-29 14:03:02
328.   trainwreck
All right, that works.
2007-08-29 14:03:05
329.   Kingmans Performance
here we go again Flat Buns...
2007-08-29 14:03:54
330.   underdog
Clears 'em all! Makes this a game at least.

If it wasn't for those meddling pitchers, we'd be winning, too {said in Scooby Doo villain voice}

2007-08-29 14:04:00
331.   dzzrtRatt
Loney likes day games toward the end of the season. He might get four more RBIs if given the chance.
2007-08-29 14:05:05
333.   underdog
316 In other words, DC has a history of bad team names, so why end the tradition.
2007-08-29 14:05:15
334.   Gen3Blue
Loney did something about Hill,and got us into the bullpen. However, it is a good thing he was not playing first.
2007-08-29 14:05:59
336.   El Lay Dave
332 325 or 331 ?
2007-08-29 14:06:30
337.   King of the Hobos
315 Yes, he's only playing SS due to lack of better options. Cristian Guzman is out for the season and they traded Josh Wilson, so Lopez is the starter. His backup is Ronnie Belliard, need I say more?
2007-08-29 14:06:31
338.   dzzrtRatt
I was watching the game with the sound off during a conference call. Why is there so much focus on the clouds? Is Vinny expecting a tornado to sweep through this town?
2007-08-29 14:06:34
339.   Humma Kavula
2007-08-29 14:06:53
340.   overkill94
Nice call on the Shea HR paranoidandroid!
2007-08-29 14:06:57
341.   CanuckDodger
Gameday is stuck. What kind of hit did Loney get? A double?
2007-08-29 14:07:01
342.   Humma Kavula
Shea Hillenbrand, folk hero!
2007-08-29 14:07:03
343.   dzzrtRatt
325 !!!
2007-08-29 14:07:36
345.   Lexinthedena
325- You called it!
2007-08-29 14:07:36
346.   Lexinthedena
325- You called it!
2007-08-29 14:07:36
347.   PDH5204
And Shea says "Take that!" to a few here...
2007-08-29 14:07:38
348.   underdog

I jinxed Hillenbrand in a good way, mumbling something about no power. That'll learn me!

2007-08-29 14:07:38
349.   Bluebleeder87

ParanoidAndriod CALLED IT!!

2007-08-29 14:07:46
350.   BlueCrew Bruin
Who called that? Somebody called that!
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-08-29 14:07:53
351.   Wilbert Robinson
woooo! PVL!
2007-08-29 14:08:20
352.   GobiasIndustries
2007-08-29 14:08:24
353.   underdog
341 Yes, a double, followed by some weird thing wherein Hillenbrand lost the ball beyond the outfield fence, and then ran around the bases.
2007-08-29 14:08:32
354.   BlueCrew Bruin
349 Dang it, I hate when my question is answered in the post directly above mine. :)
2007-08-29 14:08:48
355.   Gen3Blue
How about the "Senators" has a sort of ring to it.
Ohh sweet lord. I keep having to stop any comment about Hillenbran.

Getting into the bullpen was obvious and wouldn't take long.

2007-08-29 14:08:54
356.   Disabled List
Bad day for me to start Shawn Hill on my fantasy team. And I thought I was soooo smart.
2007-08-29 14:09:40
357.   overkill94
Why's Furcal uppercutting all of a sudden?
2007-08-29 14:09:49
358.   underdog
338 Ditto here. Was wondering the same thing. (with sound off) Figured either that, or just "what a beautiful day it is" repeated ad nauseum, or the camera tripod keeps sliding up by accident.
2007-08-29 14:10:34
360.   Jon Weisman
To JoeyP: Yep, Hillenbrand just bought himself another week in the lineup.
2007-08-29 14:10:43
361.   underdog
Yeah Bad Penny and Whiffy Furcal showed up on the same day today.
2007-08-29 14:10:58
362.   Jon Weisman
360 - Hopefully, it will have been worth it.
2007-08-29 14:10:58
364.   paranoidandroid
Randy Wolf: I see him resigning with a small amount guaranteed, incentive-based contract, with another option year vesting if incentives are met. It could be with us if he wants to give us a home team discount.

Schmidt is a huge question mark and cannot be counted on. Ned made the moves for Proctor and Loazia looking forward, knowing Saito could retire and that Schmidt can't be in for sure.

2007-08-29 14:11:22
365.   bhsportsguy
So I was at lunch, miss anything important.
2007-08-29 14:11:56
366.   Gen3Blue
Did I just see Boomer acting like a D's fan?
2007-08-29 14:12:17
367.   dzzrtRatt
Who's in the dugout getting all jazzed about Shea's blast? David Wells. He's a cheap date.
2007-08-29 14:12:33
368.   Bluebleeder87
I gotta point out that the ball barely was a home run (by inches) but Hillenbrand possed like it was going half way of the bleachers. ;o)
2007-08-29 14:13:39
369.   El Lay Dave
Saito has pitched in the three previous games - is he unavailable today?
2007-08-29 14:13:41
370.   Jon Weisman
If the Dodgers only intend to use their next reliever for one inning, he should be put in Gonzalez's spot in the order. Ethier should stay in.
2007-08-29 14:13:51
371.   Gen3Blue
I'm afraid I don't see Loaiza being an effective regular starter next year, so I'm a bit confused.
2007-08-29 14:14:15
372.   King of the Hobos
366 He left early?
2007-08-29 14:15:05
373.   blue22
370 - Good call.
2007-08-29 14:15:09
374.   dzzrtRatt
370 Done, and done.
2007-08-29 14:15:10
375.   King of the Hobos
370 Ethier's in left.
2007-08-29 14:15:15
376.   bhsportsguy
371 After looking at next year's pool of free agent pitchers, I like Loiaza more for the term (1 year) rather than his potential to be a good 4th or 5th starter.
2007-08-29 14:16:12
377.   BlueCrew Bruin
Wouldn't Meloan be nice right about now? {sigh}
2007-08-29 14:16:14
378.   dzzrtRatt
Oh no...Juan Pierre has just been tagged "thoroughly professional" by Vin!
2007-08-29 14:16:25
379.   Jon Weisman
"If you're not willing to take a risk, you're never going to do anything," Colletti said.,1,6046539.story

2007-08-29 14:16:47
380.   underdog
That was hilarious - Pierre looked like a lizard with its tail cut off.

I take it it's pretty glare-y out there today. Maybe they should use dark blue balls during day games.

2007-08-29 14:17:02
381.   bhsportsguy
379 I knew someone would pull that quote. :)
2007-08-29 14:17:26
382.   blue22
376 - Not looking too far ahead, but he also has an option for the year after too. Penny and Lowe, if I recall correctly, will both be gone after '08.
2007-08-29 14:17:38
383.   El Lay Dave
376 e.g., easily shed after '08 for a run at Santana.
2007-08-29 14:17:56
384.   trainwreck
"If irony was made of strawberries, we'd all be drinking smoothies."
2007-08-29 14:18:22
385.   bhsportsguy
379 And I think this is what you were talking about for a while now, sure everything is a risk, but why does it seem we only do it that way as opposed with our younger players.
2007-08-29 14:18:24
386.   underdog
I'm glad to see Grady's impatient with the bullpen today. With the day off tomorrow, he should be.
2007-08-29 14:19:25
387.   bhsportsguy
Okay, what are the odds, 3-1, Beimel gets a comebacker to end the inning.
2007-08-29 14:19:41
388.   Humma Kavula
379 Ridiculous.
2007-08-29 14:20:06
389.   King of the Hobos
382 Both Penny and Loaiza have options for 2009.
2007-08-29 14:20:29
390.   bhsportsguy
384 At some point Mayo was ranked higher than Kevin Love on ESPN's ranking but that changed as the season went on.
2007-08-29 14:21:43
392.   Disabled List
OK Dodgers, you already ruined an outing by one of my fantasy pitchers. The least you could do for me is not allow any more runs and get the win here.
2007-08-29 14:21:53
393.   King of the Hobos
I don't mean to counter Vin, but if Fick couldn't handle a ball, then there's absolutely no way that Dmitri Young could handle it.
2007-08-29 14:22:22
394.   JoeyP
360--Hillenbrand and Nomar back on the corners for September.

Loney/LaRoche will be "Ethier'ed".

2007-08-29 14:22:49
395.   BlueCrew Bruin
392 Apparently, these Dodgers are immune to the guilt trip.
2007-08-29 14:22:50
396.   Bluebleeder87

arh, it was a come backer but of the line drive variety

2007-08-29 14:22:53
397.   Fallout
Billy Bean: Hello Ned, I've got Loiaza available.

Colletti: What do you want for him?

Bean: How about that youngster, Billingsley?

Colletti: Um. How about Tomko?

Bean: Well, if you feel that way about it, just take him for his contract.

Colletti: Deal.

2007-08-29 14:23:45
398.   screwballin
378 Juan Pierre has just been tagged "thoroughly professional" by Vin!

And this after his rally-killing popup on a 2-0 high, inside strike...

2007-08-29 14:24:02
399.   trainwreck
I just do not like their rankings overall. They do not watch the prospects as much as the guys from Scout do.
2007-08-29 14:24:24
400.   screwballin
398 High, inside ball, I mean. No way that was a strike.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-08-29 14:24:45
401.   El Lay Dave
RIP Richard Jewell.
2007-08-29 14:25:22
402.   LogikReader
that comment I made about giving Penny an extra day of rest is coming back to haunt me
2007-08-29 14:25:57
403.   LogikReader
wow... 9-8 now

It is just one of those days isn't it fellas?

2007-08-29 14:26:11
404.   dzzrtRatt
394 You're too cynical. Hillenbrand is stop-gap. If Nomar plays -- big if given his health -- it will be at the expense of Hillenbrand, not Loney.
2007-08-29 14:26:17
405.   Jon Weisman
Double-play, one batter too late.
2007-08-29 14:26:29
406.   bhsportsguy
Bob - Scott Wolf's take on the event your girlfriend attended last week.

Last week's Salute to Troy was an uneventful affair unless you were seated at the table with the parents of a new player, who were upset because they felt he did not get enough chance to win the starting job and made a point to tell other guests at their table.

2007-08-29 14:27:07
407.   Gen3Blue
Loiaza is in many ways, indistinguishable from Tomko and Bigfoot. Am I missing something--Ohh one way, he's costs twice as much as bigfoot next year I think. What other ways is he different?
2007-08-29 14:27:16
408.   Robert Daeley
Favorite quote from Athletics Nation:

"I wonder where all this 'money' we're 'saving' is going to go. Do the new San Jose Earthquakes plan to make a run at Beckham or something?"

2007-08-29 14:27:59
410.   Sushirabbit
yesh, RIP, Hilly, too.
2007-08-29 14:28:00
411.   blue22
And Ethier wasn't benched, so much as Marlon Anderson clubbed his way into the lineup. If Hillenbrand wants to OPS 1.200+ in September, Loney can have a seat.
2007-08-29 14:28:01
412.   dzzrtRatt
Come on Kemp, time to silence your detractors.


2007-08-29 14:28:02
413.   El Lay Dave
394 LaRoche can't be "Ethiered"; he obviously hasn't played this season anywhere near the amount the Ethier did last season.
2007-08-29 14:28:05
414.   Humma Kavula

I needs me a #27 T-Shirt.

2007-08-29 14:28:32
415.   Bluebleeder87
Kemp hits a wrong fielder, yes! wootz!
2007-08-29 14:28:47
417.   El Lay Dave
2007-08-29 14:28:49
418.   bhsportsguy
Yep, darn if that guy isn't pretty good.
2007-08-29 14:28:51
419.   Gen3Blue
OK Kemp. Too bad Biemel had an off day.
2007-08-29 14:29:12
420.   Disabled List
This game is going to go down as either the most memorable game of 2007, or the most forgettable.
2007-08-29 14:29:21
421.   underdog
Man, can I just say I have a love-hate relationship with today's game?

Another one sneaks over the fence!

2007-08-29 14:29:29
423.   Jon Weisman
Did Kemp run the bases okay on that at-bat, or will I have to read about his flaws in every paper tomorrow morning again?
2007-08-29 14:29:58
424.   LogikReader
It is just one of those days isn't it fellas?

-- like I said :)

2007-08-29 14:30:00
425.   El Lay Dave
Kent is 10 for his last 22.
2007-08-29 14:31:10
426.   trainwreck
This game is crazy.
2007-08-29 14:31:14
427.   bhsportsguy
423 It will be disected by Kevin Kennedy (who by the way managed if you didn't know) because he probably didn't look at the 3B coach to see if he could make it to third.
2007-08-29 14:31:16
428.   underdog
423 "He looked kinda cocky, and got lost between 2nd and 3rd." -
2007-08-29 14:31:44
429.   underdog
And here comes Scrappy McClutch!
2007-08-29 14:32:01
430.   bhsportsguy
Wasn't Ayala pretty good like 4 years ago?
2007-08-29 14:32:07
431.   King of the Hobos
422 Saito probably isn't pitching today, so I'd say Proctor is pretty much a guarantee.
2007-08-29 14:32:13
432.   still bevens
414 I bought one on Monday. I hope the same thing doesnt happen to him that happened to Milton Bradley once I bought that shirt.
2007-08-29 14:32:19
433.   blue22
429 - Only if it's a scrappy kind of bunt.
2007-08-29 14:32:47
435.   Fallout
Did Kemp hit a HR? Did he pick-up his base coaches to find his way around the bases?
2007-08-29 14:33:07
436.   Bluebleeder87

merely constructive criticism from my side, he waited nicely on that off speed pitch, very nice.

2007-08-29 14:33:47
437.   bhsportsguy
Martin 2-run HR
Loney 3-run 2B, 4 RBI
Kemp solo HR
2007-08-29 14:34:12
438.   LogikReader
It's not "co-loam" it's "co-low-meh"
2007-08-29 14:34:18
439.   King of the Hobos
430 He was the first victim of the WBC and just recently came back. Had been doing fairly nicely before today, enough for him to be on my fantasy team anyways.
2007-08-29 14:34:34
440.   bhsportsguy
Do you walk Martin?
2007-08-29 14:34:40
441.   underdog
This could be the Game That Would Not End.
2007-08-29 14:34:58
442.   JoeyP
Wouldnt you want to walk Martin?
2007-08-29 14:35:02
443.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
431 I must be out of the loop. Where's Broxton these days?
2007-08-29 14:35:13
444.   bhsportsguy
439 I should know this but WBC?
2007-08-29 14:35:42
445.   Frip
Kinda hard relying on these posts alone to figure out what's happening in the game while at work. I feel like a blind guy feeling up someone's face in order to sense what they look like.
2007-08-29 14:36:06
446.   Johnny Nucleo
I should go back to work. But this game is just too exciting.
2007-08-29 14:36:38
447.   El Lay Dave
443 Today Broxton is the closer. Saito pitched three straight.
2007-08-29 14:36:41
448.   blue22
444 - World Baseball Classic.
2007-08-29 14:36:44
449.   underdog
The Giants finally returned to playing like the Giants we all know and love today.
2007-08-29 14:36:53
450.   King of the Hobos
443 He's pitched 2.2 innings the last 3 days (Saito has pitched 3), so I doubt he'll go 2 innings.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2007-08-29 14:36:56
451.   PDH5204
Jon, text message that SI article on Saito to someone at the game and have them take it to Grady. Sorry, almost forgot, make sure the part about, if we need him too, he can pitch everyday, gets underlined.
2007-08-29 14:37:17
452.   underdog
Ugh. Russell = Gone Fishin'.
2007-08-29 14:37:19
453.   JoeyP
Wow, that was one of the worst Abs I've seen out of Martin all year.
2007-08-29 14:37:22
454.   King of the Hobos
444 World Baseball Classic
2007-08-29 14:37:24
455.   overkill94
Argh, Martin falls for that low-and-away slider way too often with 2 strikes
2007-08-29 14:37:37
456.   dzzrtRatt
445 Don't try that at the Minneapolis airport.
2007-08-29 14:37:41
457.   Jon Weisman
Off day tomorrow, don't forget.
2007-08-29 14:37:44
458.   El Lay Dave
440 To pitch a right-hander to Loney? No. If I have a great LOOGY, yes.
2007-08-29 14:38:52
459.   underdog
445 Can't watch Gameday at work? Or Yahoo?

It's 9-9, 2 outs in the 7th with Kent at 3rd, new pitcher in.

2007-08-29 14:39:02
460.   bhsportsguy
454 How soon we forget (or at least I forget).
2007-08-29 14:40:13
461.   driches
is it me, or, when you're stuck at work, is MLB Gameday a suprisingly pleasant way to "watch" a baseball game?
2007-08-29 14:40:15
462.   Marty
It looks like the beaning did Kent some good.

83 Mind bottling is my new favorite phrase!

2007-08-29 14:41:09
463.   Marty
2007-08-29 14:41:29
464.   Kevin Lewis
Say hello to Broxton?
2007-08-29 14:41:31
465.   screwballin
That looked like a pretty wicked pitch to Martin. It would have been tough to lay off of in that situation.
2007-08-29 14:42:21
466.   Kevin Lewis
Lopez has had a really bad series. I can't help but feel bad for the guy.
2007-08-29 14:42:57
467.   Bluebleeder87
a more important question is if Grady Little will bring in R.Hernandez.
2007-08-29 14:43:21
468.   still bevens
I feel like Loney needs to lay off on the first pitching swinging. He tends to foul pitches off, but in this case it did him wrong.
2007-08-29 14:43:41
469.   El Lay Dave
And Loney pops to the catcher.
2007-08-29 14:43:51
470.   blue22
How can it not be Proctor right now? They don't call him EDSP for nothing.
2007-08-29 14:44:30
471.   blue22
Or Broxton. Even better, and quite surprising!
2007-08-29 14:44:39
472.   Bluebleeder87
It looks like the beaning did Kent some good.

It probably got the cob webs out Marty.

2007-08-29 14:45:26
473.   Jon Weisman
High-scoring day game last September: 1,601 comments in six hours. That's the bar.

2007-08-29 14:45:32
474.   El Lay Dave
Is Lucille II bunting remotely controversial? I understand getting the go-ahead run to third, but it is only the bottom of the 7th in a 9-9 game.
2007-08-29 14:46:29
475.   King of the Hobos
461 I'm probably the only one, but I find it enjoyable at just about any time. I have, and yet I find myself watching Gameday more often, even at home.
2007-08-29 14:47:36
478.   Bluebleeder87
uh man! Broxton made Nook Logan look really bad, Broxton can do that some times.
2007-08-29 14:47:44
479.   blue22
474 - If you had a better weapon to send up there, maybe. Only Lucille, Saenz, or Lieberthal available to face the righty. Get em over, and let Martin have a chance to knock him in with less than 2 out. My opinion...
2007-08-29 14:48:29
480.   bhsportsguy
474 Not many other batters we want up there with less than two out and a runner on third than Russell so I think that was the play.
2007-08-29 14:48:57
481.   paranoidandroid
467 Roberta cannot be used in a close game anymore. Not with a day off tomorrow especially. I think we are more likely to see Lowe pitch than Roberta if this stays tight.

Roberta is primarily for 15-3 games now. Or at least he should be.

2007-08-29 14:48:59
482.   Bluebleeder87
476 ,477

I hear you, the 1st one didn't do all that much, but the 2nd one was absolutely sick!

2007-08-29 14:50:26
484.   Humma Kavula
OK, here we go. Hillenbrand, Ethier, Furcal. Let's get it done!
2007-08-29 14:50:44
485.   paranoidandroid
474 The bunt was the right move in my opinion.

I'd be surprised to see Saito in the 9th if we score a run now. More likely Brox goes two innings.

2007-08-29 14:50:47
486.   Lexinthedena
Loney is a hockey goalie...
2007-08-29 14:51:48
487.   bhsportsguy
I liked how he used Broxton there, he could have been tempted to use Proctor or Stults but he went for the win.
2007-08-29 14:52:25
488.   Lexinthedena
481- Why is being called Roberta?....he throws like a girl?.....c'mon people....
2007-08-29 14:53:20
489.   El Lay Dave
479 480 I agree (but maybe Ethier, the team-leader in SF), but it was the first pitch. I thought Ramon was a pro's pro and gets a shot at hitting to the right side first - maybe he singles. The bunt is not a bad play. (But maybe Wells could have done that :) )
2007-08-29 14:53:37
490.   blue22
487 - Let's see what happens if LA scores this inning. Maybe Saito isn't off limits today.
2007-08-29 14:53:41
491.   paranoidandroid
Shea with another big hit now? That would be sweet, but we should be very happy with the one big hit today.

Furcal: Why not push one of those bunts past the pitcher towards the second baseman? Jimenez and Belliard have played deep all series. They must not watch video.

2007-08-29 14:54:15
492.   screwballin
488 Agreed. The guy has earned a little more respect than that.
2007-08-29 14:55:06
493.   paranoidandroid
[487} Oh, I'm so sorry. Roberto Hernandez is a PVL and a go-to guy in a big game?

He is called Roberta in my house.

2007-08-29 14:55:46
494.   delias man
What does PFX stand for on gameday?
2007-08-29 14:56:13
495.   El Lay Dave
493 Dude, have some respect for your elders. Roberto is old, he is not a girl.
2007-08-29 14:56:18
496.   Bluebleeder87
Vinnie just mentioned Saito is worming up in the pen, nice move by Grady with the day off tomorrow why not, of course we have to score first to get Saito in there.
2007-08-29 14:56:35
497.   Marty
Jon Heyman: And the day I consider VORP is the day I get out of the business.
2007-08-29 14:57:15
498.   El Lay Dave
We are now into the good part of the Nats pen.
2007-08-29 14:57:28
499.   GobiasIndustries
Respect for your elders? What is this 1955?
2007-08-29 14:57:36
500.   blue22
494 - Q: What is the PFX value?

A: The "Pitch-f/x" value is currently defined as the measurement of the distance between the location of the actual pitch thrown over the plate, and the calculated location of a ball thrown by the pitcher in the same way, with no spin

Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2007-08-29 14:58:22
501.   El Lay Dave
497 I liked the FJM retort to that.
2007-08-29 14:59:21
502.   Lexinthedena
493- Because someone can't get an out, they are now a girl?....

I can think of many good nicknames for bad pitchers....if you want some help holla-atcha-boy....

2007-08-29 14:59:29
503.   paranoidandroid
495 I'm older than he is. And a joke is a joke is a joke. It isn't anything more or less. He doesn't belong in this pennant race and putting him on the mound is a desperate move that will backfire.

I played on his name a little. No big deal. Relax. He can still come to my birthday party.

2007-08-29 14:59:37
504.   El Lay Dave
499 Respect for your elders is timeless, IMHO.
2007-08-29 15:00:07
505.   D4P
The stage is almost set for a Juan Pierre walkoff round-tripper.
2007-08-29 15:02:02
506.   Bluebleeder87
I secretly agree with andriod but please don't hold it against me.
2007-08-29 15:02:12
507.   underdog
So Sammy's in for us. Hope we're all happy!
2007-08-29 15:02:17
508.   Humma Kavula
505 That would be a weird conclusion to a weird game.
2007-08-29 15:02:59
509.   trainwreck
This thread has just gotten weird.
2007-08-29 15:03:26
510.   Lexinthedena
Saito is a bad mutha.....
2007-08-29 15:03:32
511.   Bluebleeder87
Saito strikes out Zimmerman with the EXPRESS.
2007-08-29 15:04:03
512.   Dane Bramage
Kinda like that walk off hit-by-pitch?
2007-08-29 15:04:21
513.   Sushirabbit
What's weird about a win for Sammy?
2007-08-29 15:04:30
514.   Kevin Lewis
If Pierre homers to win the game, I will run around my building at work, screaming "the sky is falling, the sky is falling!"
2007-08-29 15:05:13
515.   El Lay Dave
I agree with the comments on Roberto Hernandez's pitching; he is not good. Somehow, feminizing the guy's name crosses the line for me. Maybe that's just me. (Maybe that can be saved for Hillenbrand.)
2007-08-29 15:05:20
516.   paranoidandroid
What is IMHO Dave?

Also, if it truly matters to those who need to know that Roberto with 1,000 appearances deserves respect from the game, I never booed him at the stadium. I respect what he did in his career and he should respect the game enough to step away when he has nothing left. He has hinted at that in the Times too. I think one bad outing and he will hang them up if we don't release him first.

Why would being called a girl be such an insult anyway? My daughter is a wonderful human being and I'm proud to call her a girl.

2007-08-29 15:05:22
517.   Kevin Lewis
P.S. I love Takashi and his infectious smile
2007-08-29 15:06:32
518.   ToyCannon
I leave for a meeting down 8-3 come back and my co-worker is peeing his pants because it is 9-9 and he couldn't break into my meeting and tell me.

Evidently Shea crushed one.

2007-08-29 15:07:03
519.   Lexinthedena
516- I hope your joking with that last line...

Either way, your posts are funny, so I know you can do better than Roberta....

2007-08-29 15:07:39
520.   paranoidandroid
515 We all just want to win this game and make a run in September. We have that in common.

For what it's worth, I didn't intend disrespect to any poster nor any player.

Shooting from the hip is fun. That is all. I'm on board for the Pierre homer. I think Kemp will win this for us though.

2007-08-29 15:07:40
521.   El Lay Dave
516 In My Humble Opinion.

Ask Jim Everett and Jim Rome how calling a guy by a girl's name goes. ;)

2007-08-29 15:07:50
522.   Jon Weisman
497 And the day I consider a motorized vehicle is the day I get out of the stagecoach business.
2007-08-29 15:07:57
523.   trainwreck
Do you find it more insulting to women or Roberto? If it is women then I understand your argument.
2007-08-29 15:08:23
524.   bhsportsguy
Sammy is so awesome.

Well you can't accuse Grady of not using his best pitchers today.

2007-08-29 15:08:28
525.   Bluebleeder87
O.K. Saito gets it done, Pierre with a bomb?

I'd like to see Kemp go deep! but for shock value Pierre is the better option.

2007-08-29 15:08:29
526.   ImprobableImpossible
Hernandez: I bet you don't call me Roberta again.

paranoidandroid: I bet I do ... Roberta.

Hernandez: (pushes down table and paranoidandroid until DT posters break it up)

2007-08-29 15:08:50
527.   GobiasIndustries

You must be older.......... Respect is something that is gained and not just given anymore. It's just a byproduct of our me-first society these days.

2007-08-29 15:09:24
528.   ImprobableImpossible
521 beat me to it
2007-08-29 15:09:41
529.   fanerman
522 Hmm, is there a Stagecoach Thoughts blog I'm not aware of?
2007-08-29 15:10:32
530.   D4P
A man doesn't automatically get my respect. He has to get down in the dirt and beg for it.
2007-08-29 15:10:35
531.   Gen3Blue
504 I've lived a long time and been influenced by several generations of teachers and surprisingly librarians. And although I am somewhat surprised, I am convinced that the very definition of hell is a place where people have no respect for their elders. There it is.
2007-08-29 15:10:38
532.   fanerman
JP's moment of destiny is now.
2007-08-29 15:10:47
533.   Lexinthedena
Nook was positioned a little too perfectly....
2007-08-29 15:11:10
534.   El Lay Dave
528 But your delivery was better.
2007-08-29 15:11:22
535.   paranoidandroid
521 I couldn't do that to anyone's face. I couldn't be a T.J. Simers or a media hound. I was just having some fun with his name. Now I'm done.

I even had a dream where I met O.J. Simpson and I was really nice to him. I hope if I ever see him I can muster the courage to speak my mind. Or totally ignore him.

2007-08-29 15:11:24
536.   Zak
Would it be cheap to use this Roberta argument to forward my "DT Without Nicknames" cause? :)
2007-08-29 15:11:36
537.   Lexinthedena
Take that Pallazzo!
2007-08-29 15:12:51
538.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers have scored 9 of their 13 baserunners today.

They scored 10 of 13 runners against the Phillies on July 16.

2007-08-29 15:12:53
539.   underdog
Well, Kemp hit it to the right guy on the infield, but to no avail.

C'mon Dodgers! I have too much work to do here. Don't make this an extra inning affair.

2007-08-29 15:13:04
540.   Lexinthedena
Kent gets nothing here...
2007-08-29 15:13:30
541.   El Lay Dave
Okay Jeff, time to be veteran and send the crowd home.
2007-08-29 15:13:36
542.   D4P
Is calling Roberto "Roberta" worse than calling Ramon "Lucille"...?
2007-08-29 15:13:43
543.   Zak
I still have scars from the last EI game.
2007-08-29 15:14:42
544.   GobiasIndustries

HA!!!!!!! Exactly.

2007-08-29 15:14:51
545.   Lexinthedena
I stand corrected...
2007-08-29 15:14:59
546.   paranoidandroid
Even though I'm done with playing on the first name of our oldest pitcher not named Wells, I still really, really, really, don't want to see him in this game.

Proctor can go two if necessary. And then Lowe and his bullpen session. Even Stults. Rudy? Just please don't put in Hernandez Mr. Little.

2007-08-29 15:15:31
547.   Zak
542 , 544 Actually, yes, it is worse. And it is completely not the same.
2007-08-29 15:16:16
548.   Robert Daeley
527 I'd say society is just the opposite nowadays -- people furiously demanding respect while having done little or nothing to deserve it.
2007-08-29 15:16:42
549.   Bluebleeder87
O.K. Olmedo Saenz here is your chance.
2007-08-29 15:16:56
550.   Lexinthedena
I stand corrected about the pitcher not going after Kent....I stand firm on my position regarding Roberta...but I am ready to move on....
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2007-08-29 15:17:06
551.   paranoidandroid
Hey Tomato! Remember the game in June against the Jays?

Use that bat.

2007-08-29 15:17:24
552.   trainwreck
I still find it laughable that people do not seem to care about bashing a whole gender, but bashing some pitcher is a big deal.
2007-08-29 15:17:45
553.   D4P
Is it possible to be more "due" than Olmedo Saenz is right now...?
2007-08-29 15:17:57
554.   Jim Hitchcock
Wow. Highly interesting game we have here.
2007-08-29 15:18:49
555.   The Mootz
We may have just seen Olmedo's last at-bat as a Dodger.
2007-08-29 15:18:52
556.   Gen3Blue
Come on Tomato! One more for old times. AndI'm afraid I mean OLD.
2007-08-29 15:18:55
557.   GobiasIndustries
How is calling ANY male a female name not the same thing?
Come on........a joke is a joke is a joke, it doesn't matter what the context of the joke is as long as the result is calling a male by a female's name.
This is a lame topic anyway and I'm done.
2007-08-29 15:19:19
558.   D4P
Yes, it is possible to be more "due" than Olmedo Saenz was right then.
2007-08-29 15:19:25
559.   Bluebleeder87
Olmedo was done in with the curves, looked really bad swinging at them also.
2007-08-29 15:19:33
560.   fanerman
552 Yeah. Being compared to Roberto Hernandez... Ouch.
2007-08-29 15:19:44
561.   Humma Kavula
554 You had me checking for the "interesting" game I was missing, and then, I realized that you just meant it was, y'know, interesting.
2007-08-29 15:19:48
562.   blue22
553 - Replace "due" with "done" and you may be on to something...
2007-08-29 15:19:51
563.   Bob Timmermann
I think we merely just saw Olmedo Saenz's last AB as a Dodger for today.
2007-08-29 15:19:56
564.   Lexinthedena
Can't wait for it to be Delwyn Young pinch hitting...
2007-08-29 15:19:57
565.   El Lay Dave
527 548 I'd like to think that in a polite society, people were treated with respect until they showed they did not deserve it.
2007-08-29 15:20:18
566.   ToyCannon
Boom Boom where art thou?
2007-08-29 15:20:29
567.   underdog
I was really rooting for Olmedo there, as a D fan and just 'cause I feel for the guy, but to reiterate what I said 3 months ago, he's beyond done. Sigh.
2007-08-29 15:21:20
568.   bigcpa
54 Jim you have to update your DT glossary. You can't refer to slugfests as "interesting."
2007-08-29 15:21:38
569.   bigcpa
make that 554
2007-08-29 15:21:46
570.   delias man
The bulldog is not walking through that gate.
2007-08-29 15:21:55
571.   Bob Timmermann
I would concur. And I would think a player who has had a distinguished career like Roberto Hernandez would be accorded a modicum of respect.

Players get old and aren't as good anymore. It doesn't make them not worthy of common decency.

2007-08-29 15:22:00
572.   dzzrtRatt
Ta-ta Tomato. Even he would agree he ain't what he used to be.

Had Sweeney been used?

2007-08-29 15:22:07
573.   underdog
You say Olmedo, I say Olmada
Olmedo, Olmada
Let's call the thing off. o/^
2007-08-29 15:22:12
574.   paranoidandroid
Gotta run folks. Didn't intend to stir up anything. The joke on Hernandez is over, I respectfully encourage the debate on it to be over also.

As I tell my students, I apologize for my jokes in advance. I haven't told a good one since 1984.

2007-08-29 15:22:19
575.   trainwreck
I hope you are right Bob.
2007-08-29 15:22:29
576.   underdog
572 Yep.
2007-08-29 15:22:49
577.   Humma Kavula
We put down players who aren't performing all the time... How many nicknames are there for Pierre?

That said, I think paranoid can do better than "Roberta."

2007-08-29 15:22:58
578.   imperabo
I'd be happy if it were Tomato's last at bat against a right hander. But I doubt it.
2007-08-29 15:23:11
579.   paranoidandroid
Hit for Penny, struck out. Big hit last night though.

Shea would make the playoff roster before Tomato if we were selecting today and Nomar was healthy.

2007-08-29 15:23:11
580.   El Lay Dave
572 Yes, he hit for Penny.
2007-08-29 15:23:34
581.   blue22
572 - Yes, in the 5th. Only Lieberthal remains.
2007-08-29 15:23:43
582.   Bluebleeder87
man, it would be such a shame if we loose this one after all the comebacks today.
2007-08-29 15:23:49
583.   Robert Daeley
565 Probably just a semantic nuance. What you're talking about I think I'd refer to as "courtesy." Respect is a different animal.
2007-08-29 15:24:01
584.   Bob Timmermann
Ultimately, I guess all baseball players though are like oranges. You can eat the fruit and then throw the peel away.
2007-08-29 15:24:52
585.   ryu
So... what's going on in the game? Y! Sports hasn't had any updates. Is there a pitching change or something?
2007-08-29 15:25:02
586.   paranoidandroid
577 While we could come up with a better name for said pitcher, I'm hoping that Ned and Grady make the issue moot very soon. He absolutely cannot come into this game nor even warm up in San Diego.
2007-08-29 15:25:34
587.   fanerman
577 I admit it. Slappy McPopup gets me every time.
2007-08-29 15:25:38
588.   blue22
583 - I think the kids call it "respek" these days. Booyakasha.
2007-08-29 15:25:50
589.   ToyCannon
Roberto is the pit left over from a good plum. Nothing much left to do but discard it or plant it.
2007-08-29 15:26:22
590.   MC Safety
This whole Roberta/Lucille thing is bit hypocritical no?
2007-08-29 15:26:22
591.   underdog
585 - Proctor's in in the 10th, got the first 2 out. Bautista up.
2007-08-29 15:26:44
592.   trainwreck
Tony Batista is still in the bigs?

I had no idea.

2007-08-29 15:26:44
593.   Robert Daeley
584 However, I would recommend against microplaning their outsides for the zest.
2007-08-29 15:26:50
594.   ToyCannon
Olmedo is the pit left over from a good peach. Nothing much left to do but discard it.
2007-08-29 15:27:05
595.   underdog
587 I get a nickel every time it's uttered, too - that's the beauty of it!
2007-08-29 15:27:54
596.   Bob Timmermann
a good peach

The only good peach is a dead peach.

2007-08-29 15:28:01
597.   underdog
592 - Yep, and homered last night as a PH, and almost just did it again. Deep fly out.
2007-08-29 15:28:06
598.   ToyCannon
Tomko is the pit left over from a bad cherry. The after taste is gross and you throw away the pit in disgust.
2007-08-29 15:28:33
599.   fanerman
588 There's so little of it left in the world, that if you look up "respek" in the dictionary, you'll find that it's been removed.
2007-08-29 15:28:51
600.   ToyCannon
In case no one gets the point we have a lot of pits on this team that need to be discarded.
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2007-08-29 15:29:00
601.   dzzrtRatt
586 Why not just call him Bob?
2007-08-29 15:29:17
602.   bhsportsguy
I guess his corked bat didn't work, I'm kidding but as ToyCannon knows, that was a funny looking swing for his home run.

Okay Russell Martin makeup for that last bat. I recall a walkoff 10th inning homer from last year.

2007-08-29 15:29:53
603.   ToyCannon
Winning time, who will be the hero?
2007-08-29 15:30:14
604.   D4P
The only good peach is a dead peach

That's the only kind I've ever eaten.

2007-08-29 15:30:35
605.   dzzrtRatt
Uh oh. We've used the good part of our bullpen. They're just getting to the good part.
2007-08-29 15:30:44
606.   Humma Kavula

this is just to say

I have eaten myself
Because I was used up
Though Ned was probably saving me
For the weekend's game

Forgive me
I once was good
so sweet
and so cold

-- Roberto Carlos Robertos

2007-08-29 15:30:49
607.   D4P
It's a virtual certainty that the Dodgers will win this game. For whatever reason, they just win this kind of game.
2007-08-29 15:30:55
608.   ToyCannon
Corked bats don't work as well in the heat.
2007-08-29 15:31:02
609.   blue22
604 - The live ones scream when you take a bite, which kinda freaks me out.
2007-08-29 15:31:27
610.   screwballin
The only good peach is a dead peach.

Yep. Dead, covered in sugar, surrounded with pastry and finished with a crumb topping.

And vanilla ice cream on top, of course.

2007-08-29 15:31:58
611.   Bob Timmermann
Have the Dodgers even played a game similar to this one this season?
2007-08-29 15:31:59
612.   El Lay Dave
590 No. "Lucille II" is a reference to something else, which happens, unimportantly, to be female. There is little else to infer from Roberta other than some sort of emasculation. The only equivalent is to refer to Martinez as "Ramona".
2007-08-29 15:32:09
613.   underdog
Whatever happens today, tomorrow's scheduled day off is extremely fortuitous.
2007-08-29 15:32:12
614.   ToyCannon
2007-08-29 15:32:26
615.   Who Is Karim Garcia
James Loney, FTW.
2007-08-29 15:33:00
616.   ToyCannon
Sure, they come back from 5 run deficits all the time.
2007-08-29 15:33:05
617.   Pedro Astacio
seems like it's been a long time since Martin has stolen a base, hasn't it?
2007-08-29 15:33:12
618.   Jon Weisman
Goodness, enough about the Roberta line.
2007-08-29 15:33:13
619.   Who Is Karim Garcia
2007-08-29 15:33:32
620.   Sam in SC
sac bunt? loney? huh?
2007-08-29 15:33:36
621.   Johnson
606 That is a stroke of brilliance.
2007-08-29 15:33:40
622.   fanerman
617 I think he stole one yesterday?
2007-08-29 15:33:45
623.   ToyCannon
Karim is in the building. That has to count for something.
2007-08-29 15:33:49
624.   imperabo
That was nauseating.
2007-08-29 15:33:58
625.   blue22
Um, what was that? A bunt attempt?
2007-08-29 15:34:56
626.   Lexinthedena
Guy has 4 RBI and you call a bunt...

I wanna like you Grady, I wanna like you...

2007-08-29 15:35:12
627.   ImprobableImpossible
Dear Grady,

Things you don't ask Loney to do:
1) Play right field
2) Bunt

2007-08-29 15:35:17
628.   Sam in SC
comedy of errors.
2007-08-29 15:35:21
629.   GobiasIndustries
Does rule #8 even exist anymore?
2007-08-29 15:35:46
630.   overkill94
Russell loves getting in rundowns
2007-08-29 15:35:55
631.   D4P
If a successful sacrifice doesn't count as an AB, neither should an unsuccessful sacrifice. In both cases, you're "sacrificing" yourself and not attempting to get a hit.
2007-08-29 15:35:57
632.   Linkmeister
This game is still going on?
2007-08-29 15:36:01
633.   blue22
It's plays like that when I really miss Steve around these parts.
2007-08-29 15:36:02
634.   still bevens
(head explodes)
2007-08-29 15:36:06
635.   underdog
The ol' botched hit and run, less fortuitous.
2007-08-29 15:36:17
636.   dzzrtRatt
(Black cloud descends over head.)


2007-08-29 15:36:34
637.   underdog
Especially given that bloop hit.
2007-08-29 15:37:24
638.   Kevin Lewis
Ethier, please!
2007-08-29 15:37:29
639.   Pedro Astacio
could've had 1st and 3rd with 1 out...
2007-08-29 15:37:35
640.   Sam in SC
I rushed home from work for this. got here during the bottom of the 9th. looks like all the good baseball was used up by then.
2007-08-29 15:37:48
641.   ToyCannon
Jared Weaver beats the Ace and drives a stake into the heart of the Mariners chance for a Western Division Championship.
Now they can concentrate on holding off the Yankee's.
2007-08-29 15:37:58
642.   underdog
That was... poopy. Can't think of another way to put it.

And now they have no choice but to go to Hernandez, sigh. (Can we call up Meloan between innings?)

2007-08-29 15:38:15
643.   Curtis Lowe
That is how you take yourself out of an inning.
2007-08-29 15:38:21
644.   blue22
640 - Nothin' but the pits left now.
2007-08-29 15:38:55
645.   bhsportsguy
Again, I do think sometimes players have to execute, there was a time when they would practice bunting during batting practice. We did not need a home run in that spot.

James Loney is not some old grizzled veteran who never bunts, he's a young player who should be able to do somethings when called upon.

2007-08-29 15:39:11
646.   Gen3Blue
Oh, shoot. Loney should have swung away is obvious. Russell--don't hurt your hand getting angry.

What a great bunch of youngsters and a bright future. I even think it may be beyond getting screwed up by ( ) insert your favorite villians.

2007-08-29 15:39:56
647.   underdog
I'm thinking Grady feels about Hernandez the way all of us do.
2007-08-29 15:39:57
648.   ToyCannon
Where is Tomko when you need him
2007-08-29 15:40:12
649.   dzzrtRatt
641 The Angels will be fun to watch in the post-season. It doesn't look like the Dodgers will do anything to distract me, unless McCourt fires somebody.
2007-08-29 15:40:13
650.   Sam in SC
644 - it turns out that has a pretty cool gamecast for the blackberry . . . just thought I would pass that along.
Show/Hide Comments 651-700
2007-08-29 15:41:29
651.   El Lay Dave
618 Sorry. I was done, but let the second one get to me.
2007-08-29 15:42:10
652.   bhsportsguy
Chad Cordero has not pitched 2 innings this season.
2007-08-29 15:42:14
653.   JoeyP
Loney should never bunt period.
You want your best hitters to swing the bat, not give up outs.
2007-08-29 15:42:50
654.   bhsportsguy
649 I wonder if they can beat Boston though.
2007-08-29 15:43:52
655.   blue22
654 - Won't they have to get through the Yankees first?
2007-08-29 15:43:59
656.   MC Safety
612-But isnt Lucille a girl's name? Regardless of the circumstance you are still calling him a girl's name. Im sorry I am not completely aware of the inside joke Dodger Thoughts nickname underworld, but I know that it reaches far and wide. Enlighten me on the origins of Lucille 1 and 2.
2007-08-29 15:45:07
657.   overkill94
That 0-2 pitch to Zimmerman was right down the middle
2007-08-29 15:45:21
658.   El Lay Dave
If Stults isn't starting anymore, isn't he available out of the pen today?
2007-08-29 15:46:05
659.   underdog
Oh come on, ump! {rule 1 violation}
2007-08-29 15:46:34
660.   blue22
658 - He would be next in, right? Assuming Hernandez has pitched himself out of close games, I can't think of anyone still available.
2007-08-29 15:46:50
661.   underdog
658 Good point! He hasn't been as effective in the pen as he has as a starter, but I'll take him over Hernandez.
2007-08-29 15:46:53
662.   Lexinthedena
Thought Zimmerman had hit it out for a second....has that menacing swing...
2007-08-29 15:47:09
663.   Gen3Blue
Oh man that was creamed. But andre got it.
2007-08-29 15:47:37
664.   underdog
My hope is it won't matter, if the Dodgers can just score one freakin' run this half inning. Please, Dodgers. My work effectiveness ratio is way down today.
2007-08-29 15:48:03
665.   El Lay Dave
645 Obviously, in the minors he didn't learn the same things R. J. Reynolds did.
2007-08-29 15:48:23
666.   overkill94
656 In Arrested Development there are two characters named Lucille, so they call the secondary Lucille "Lucille II". Since there has already been a more famous Ramon Martinez on the Dodgers, the current one gets the same treatment.
2007-08-29 15:48:54
667.   Brent T
Not that any of you who are watching the game live are being paid, but it's really great when your comments describe the action beyond what a play-by-play boxscore gives.

To wit: what exactly happened on the steal attempt by Martin?

2007-08-29 15:49:29
668.   El Lay Dave
664 Mine too - top of the order coming, and that includes Kemp. And, if anyone gets aboard, the en fuego Kent.
2007-08-29 15:49:30
669.   Gen3Blue
I would hope everyone on the west coast is being efficient. Please end this soon my D's.
2007-08-29 15:49:54
670.   ToyCannon
If we win today I'll never mention Boom Boom here again. Proctor earned his Dodger wings today.
2007-08-29 15:50:39
671.   Lexinthedena
670- Procter is tough.....too bad Bulldog has been taken....
2007-08-29 15:51:29
672.   Humma Kavula
Stults warming.
2007-08-29 15:51:32
673.   bhsportsguy
Tough one for Rafael.
2007-08-29 15:51:55
674.   Xeifrank
after Stults, who is left to pitch?
vr, Xei
2007-08-29 15:51:57
675.   underdog
667 - Basically looked like a botched hit and run. Martin was running, Hillenbrand didn't get a pitch to hit at all, way out of the zone, he reached for it but missed. Meanwhile, Martin stopped halfway and then was stuck in no man's land. Then Hillenbrand blooped a meaningless single.
2007-08-29 15:52:46
676.   underdog
674 - Um, basically no one. {cough}
2007-08-29 15:53:04
677.   blue22
674 - The ever-controversial Mr. Hernandez.
2007-08-29 15:53:14
678.   MC Safety
666- Ah thank you very much kind sir. On those grounds I apologize for any assaults on deceased horses. Must say that was a great show.
2007-08-29 15:53:20
679.   King of the Hobos
674 Lieberthal?
2007-08-29 15:53:36
680.   Sam in SC
end it right here, matty!
2007-08-29 15:53:53
681.   El Lay Dave
Cordero has kind of backward career splits. Gives up homers to right-handers at nearly twice the rate, 1 every 6+ IP, compare to lefties, 1 every 11 IP.
2007-08-29 15:54:49
682.   Sam in SC
perhaps not :(

at least he didn't try to bunt for a base hit.

2007-08-29 15:55:30
683.   Charenton
There seems to be a big time lag between MLB TV and the real game - MLB TV just finished the bottom of the ninth (with the Saenz strikeout that DT was discussing a half an hour ago)and now the DT discussion appears to an inning or two ahead.

Is anyone else encountering similar difficulties?

2007-08-29 15:55:37
684.   ToyCannon
Fernando ain't doing nothing.
2007-08-29 15:56:19
685.   Bluebleeder87
wow, Proctor for 3!!?
2007-08-29 15:56:20
686.   Pedro Astacio
Mine is behind too but only by a few at bats.
2007-08-29 15:56:24
687.   bhsportsguy
I hope folks realize that if Stults gets through this inning unscathed, he will probably bat for himself in the bottom of the inning.
2007-08-29 15:57:34
688.   blue22
687 - You could hit Lieberthal, and give Martin the rest of the day off...
2007-08-29 15:57:39
689.   ToyCannon
So Ned, now we have this old guy who can only go one inning and we have two guys in AAA who can go two innings. Which one do you think deserves a roster spot in a pennant race. Huh Huh
Oh, the PVL guy. Okay this is your hand, let's see how it unfolds.
2007-08-29 15:57:45
690.   El Lay Dave
Proctor threw two perfect innings, but it did take 29 pitches.
2007-08-29 15:58:01
691.   Bluebleeder87

That's the thing though BHS it's Proctor for one more inning!

2007-08-29 15:58:03
692.   Gen3Blue
As a musician I know most park organists must be shot on sight immediately, but as a baseball fan I have a reluctance to dipatch at least half of them. Its a real tough conflict.
2007-08-29 15:58:25
693.   Xeifrank
Over/Under on the last post # of the game is 822. vr, Xei
2007-08-29 15:58:30
694.   ucladodger
I dont think i've ever seen a game where the Dodgers have had this many hits taken away because of defensive placement. Furcal has hit 2 bullets in the gaps for outs, Pierre had a gapper taken away, and right there Kemp had a double down the line taken away (although that was just late inning placement).
2007-08-29 15:58:30
695.   Brent T
675 - Thanks.

Thank goodness the Loaiza signing frees up Stults today. A surprising result that will help nurse this staff until rosters expand Sept. 1.

2007-08-29 15:59:10
696.   underdog
Wow. Proctor should be promoted to Yeoman after today's game.
2007-08-29 15:59:17
697.   Bluebleeder87
he's seems to be throwing harder now, 96 MPH in that last pitch.
2007-08-29 15:59:37
698.   Gen3Blue
Hey, Procter just threw one 96!
2007-08-29 16:00:34
699.   Bluebleeder87

Nice observation UCLA I was thinking the same thing.

2007-08-29 16:00:42
700.   El Lay Dave
Stretching out Proctor to be next year's fifth starter.
Show/Hide Comments 701-750
2007-08-29 16:00:52
701.   Marty
According to GameDay, Proctor is throwing the ball in the dugout.
2007-08-29 16:01:40
702.   Bluebleeder87
don't look now but R. Hernandez is worming in the pen.
2007-08-29 16:02:30
703.   Jon Weisman
694 - My Dad said Fick should have had Loney's double.
2007-08-29 16:02:40
704.   Bob Timmermann
Proctor hasn't gone 3 innings in a game since April 28, 2006.
2007-08-29 16:02:56
705.   underdog
Now he looks to be tiring a bit...

Whew. Had that one stolen. Good thing the ol' hit and run was on.

2007-08-29 16:02:59
706.   Dane Bramage
Is that a new definition of "Game Over"?
2007-08-29 16:03:37
707.   El Lay Dave
Acta still has Belliard and Pena (if he can swing) on the bench if Grady were to go to the lefty, Stults, to pitch to, say, Fick.
2007-08-29 16:03:39
708.   Sam in SC
I am not going to comment on someone's arm strength.
2007-08-29 16:03:43
709.   underdog
702 "Hernandez is worming in the pen." Best typo ever. :-)
2007-08-29 16:03:46
710.   Bluebleeder87
Pierre's arms is just flat out embarrassing, SIGH!
2007-08-29 16:04:19
711.   blue22
in play, no out.
2007-08-29 16:04:42
712.   ToyCannon
That is a blessed day, many unusual things happen on the 28th including my wife marrying me, which my be the strangest of them all.
2007-08-29 16:04:42
713.   ToyCannon
That is a blessed day, many unusual things happen on the 28th including my wife marrying me, which my be the strangest of them all.
2007-08-29 16:05:23
714.   Humma Kavula
Steiner gettin' into it!
2007-08-29 16:05:30
715.   Sam in SC
YES!!! I was genuflecting to the baseball gods for a GiDP.
2007-08-29 16:05:35
716.   Lexinthedena
Man....someone buy Proctor a drank!
2007-08-29 16:05:36
717.   King of the Hobos
683 My appears to be about a pitch or so behind PrimeTicket
2007-08-29 16:05:59
718.   Bluebleeder87
You ain't never gonna hear me talk smack about Proctor again, wow.
2007-08-29 16:06:06
719.   underdog

Proctor rules today.

My love hate relationship with this game continues.

My low work productivity continues.

2007-08-29 16:06:22
720.   Dane Bramage
Thank you R. Fick!
2007-08-29 16:06:30
721.   bhsportsguy
Well ToyCannon, now what do you say.
2007-08-29 16:06:31
722.   Dane Bramage
Thank you R. Fick!
2007-08-29 16:06:46
723.   ImprobableImpossible
Someone get Proctor some ice
2007-08-29 16:06:52
724.   El Lay Dave
2007-08-29 16:07:02
725.   bhsportsguy
Its going to be a Mike Lieberthal hit that wins the game.
2007-08-29 16:07:41
726.   El Lay Dave
719 I fully empathize with that.
2007-08-29 16:07:49
727.   Bluebleeder87
looking at the replay Kent kind of hick upped in that DP but he got it done non the less.
2007-08-29 16:07:54
728.   Jon Weisman
Thank goodness for that DP.
2007-08-29 16:07:55
729.   ToyCannon
721 meet 670
2007-08-29 16:09:01
730.   underdog
Lieberthal alert!
2007-08-29 16:09:07
731.   ucladodger

Your dad was right, but i dont care if the other team doesnt make plays they should, just the Dodgers!

2007-08-29 16:09:25
732.   Dane Bramage
I can officially relax somewhat as my wife has by now successfully navigated through Dodger Stadium on her way home before the game traffic hits the road...
2007-08-29 16:09:29
733.   Sam in SC
that gets them started!
2007-08-29 16:09:37
734.   Zak
727 Dude, I don't know if your typos are intentional, but they are hilarious. If anyone on the Dodgers can "hick up" something, it would be Kent.

Also, nice job with the Roberto "worming".

2007-08-29 16:09:38
735.   Bluebleeder87
Eric Stults batting, I kind of dig it.
2007-08-29 16:10:00
736.   Lexinthedena
730- False alarm...

Stults should fake the bunt and swing away...

2007-08-29 16:10:28
737.   imperabo
Shouldn't you bring in one of the Dodger starters here to sacrifice?
2007-08-29 16:10:33
738.   underdog
This is actually a great move, why waste a real hitter to bunt? Assuming Stults doesn't blow it.
2007-08-29 16:11:20
739.   El Lay Dave
Stults in to sacrifice, pitch if necessary; good move Grady.
2007-08-29 16:11:23
740.   underdog
Except he's swinging away...! What the heck...
2007-08-29 16:11:25
741.   Sam in SC
736 - he tried it on strike two . . . good call.
2007-08-29 16:11:25
742.   blue22
Oh c'mon! I don't care how "creative" this is...let's get a hitter in there.
2007-08-29 16:11:51
743.   underdog
Ouch. That was a terrible at bat from Stults. Um, guess we'll see him in to pitch the 13th.
2007-08-29 16:11:56
744.   ToyCannon
Rivera pitched a couple of innings last night. I hope he's gassed.
2007-08-29 16:12:03
745.   Sam in SC
742 = I'm not sure there are any left. lieberthal . . . .
2007-08-29 16:12:41
746.   El Lay Dave
I'm sorry; if Loney bunting is right move, shouldn't Stults be bunting here?
2007-08-29 16:12:49
747.   blue22
I agree with 737. If you're getting all fancy and are going to bunt, send Lowe or Billingsley up there.
2007-08-29 16:13:16
748.   regfairfield
Why can't we hit Lieberthal there, then deal with the consequences if Martin gets hurt? Seriously, what are the odds that Martin will have to come out of this game. One percent?
2007-08-29 16:13:27
749.   Sam in SC
fortunate that tomorrow is an off day . . .
2007-08-29 16:13:47
750.   driches
can anyone list all the players, pitchers and hitters, still left on the bench for each team?

it always seems weird to me when managers, in games like this (tied in the 8th or 9th) when they'll use up their setup man and closer for one inning. what if it's a 16 inning game? wouldn't it be nice to have had broxton go two innings and have saito available right now?

Show/Hide Comments 751-800
2007-08-29 16:13:53
751.   ToyCannon
Gameday died what happened to Stults
2007-08-29 16:14:00
752.   Xeifrank
surprised Donnelly didn't wave both runners home!! vr, Xei
2007-08-29 16:14:07
753.   Humma Kavula
OK! OK!!

Let's get it done NOW!!

2007-08-29 16:14:33
754.   Sam in SC
loney up with kent on third. suicide squeeze? ;)
2007-08-29 16:14:34
755.   Lexinthedena
2007-08-29 16:14:39
756.   Jon Weisman
748 - We feel the same way about using the backup catcher generally, but I don't mind the bunt there. I do mind that Gameday is frozen.
2007-08-29 16:14:43
757.   underdog
Oh man, that botched bunt looms even larger. I sooo wanted Kent to score but they were smart to hold him.
2007-08-29 16:14:43
758.   Xeifrank
vr, Xei
2007-08-29 16:14:51
759.   Bluebleeder87
Martin comes threw, nice call on holding Kent come on Loney make it 5 RBI game.
2007-08-29 16:15:06
760.   blue22
Sweet time for GameDay to die. What's happening?!?
2007-08-29 16:15:07
761.   ImprobableImpossible
Gameday down. Can someone recap from Stults on, please????
2007-08-29 16:15:20
762.   King of the Hobos
Looks like it's up to Shea.
2007-08-29 16:15:41
763.   Kevin Lewis
what is happening "I hate you gameday"
2007-08-29 16:15:48
764.   bigcpa
Stults K, Martin full count double. Loney IBB.
2007-08-29 16:16:09
765.   JoeyP
Here oomes Shea's ticket to starting all of September.
2007-08-29 16:16:14
766.   Xeifrank
Game over!
vr, Xei
2007-08-29 16:16:17
767.   Humma Kavula
2007-08-29 16:16:19
768.   blue22
Bases loaded, Kent at third, one out, Shea up?
2007-08-29 16:16:26
769.   King of the Hobos
Man, Kent didn't beat that by much.
2007-08-29 16:16:26
770.   Zak
The odds that this will be a 16 inning game are less than the odds of Broxton/Saito pitching an ineffective 2nd inning on their 3rd straight day of work.

Especially when there have been 18 runs in the first eight innings.

2007-08-29 16:16:26
771.   Sam in SC
FANTASTIC SLIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007-08-29 16:16:36
772.   Xeifrank
765 was the winning over/under post.
vr, Xei
2007-08-29 16:16:37
773.   Lexinthedena
What a slide!
2007-08-29 16:16:43
774.   Bluebleeder87
oh man!! Kent barely beat out Kearns throw, hoooooray!!
2007-08-29 16:16:43
775.   imperabo
Yeah Baby!
2007-08-29 16:16:53
776.   Bob Timmermann
The Worldwide Leader is up to date.
2007-08-29 16:16:58
777.   bigcpa
And for Martin? His second hit of the day. The batting average? Now stands at .297.
2007-08-29 16:16:58
778.   bhsportsguy
I guess a lot of you can't listen to the game at work.
2007-08-29 16:17:06
779.   Vishal
sac fly??
2007-08-29 16:17:14
780.   ToyCannon
So Gameday can't do 12 innings?
2007-08-29 16:17:19
781.   Kevin Lewis
what happened?
2007-08-29 16:17:21
782.   Humma Kavula
Proctor absolutely deserves that win.
2007-08-29 16:17:22
783.   Gen3Blue
What is going to happen when you have a nucleus of four guys (Martin, Kemp, Loney, and Ethier) who hit about .290 (and just as well in modern statistics) and you have more coming.

We win. although it may be subject to analysis. We still win.

2007-08-29 16:17:30
784.   bigcpa
Hillenbrand sac fly wins it. Go crazy! Go crazy.
2007-08-29 16:17:34
785.   ImprobableImpossible

-- Now can someone explain what happened?

2007-08-29 16:17:34
786.   Xeifrank
779. yep, to fairly deep rf.
vr, Xei
2007-08-29 16:17:37
787.   trainwreck
Everybody dance now!!!
2007-08-29 16:17:40
788.   bhsportsguy
Proctor and Kent with the kids, a nice way to go into a 10 game road trip.
2007-08-29 16:18:07
789.   ToyCannon
I was afraid we'd score and Monday wouldn't tell me.
2007-08-29 16:18:18
790.   underdog

I feel a little bad for the Nats and you Nats fans who lurk here, since they were so close in every game, and this was one they let get away. But I'm beyond stoked. Relieved. Tickled. Delirious.

And about to be fired.

bye all!

2007-08-29 16:18:28
791.   Jim Hitchcock
We of Gameday Impaired beseech one of you to tell us what is happening.
2007-08-29 16:18:30
792.   Kevin Lewis
Thank goodness. Now I can relax
2007-08-29 16:18:35
793.   bhsportsguy
And I'll sub for Greg Brock (forgive me)

We win!

2007-08-29 16:18:49
794.   ImprobableImpossible
Thanks for the update. But I object to the use of "Go Crazy"
2007-08-29 16:18:53
795.   Lexinthedena
Player of the game...

Scott Proctor

2007-08-29 16:19:16
796.   ToyCannon
So Proctor and Shea with some serious PVL today.

4 game winning streak headed into Friday.

2007-08-29 16:19:39
797.   imperabo
Vin had a really good point that the outfield positioning killed the Nats there. Kearns had to go back to get the ball and set himself to throw. That was the difference.
2007-08-29 16:19:45
798.   Vishal
what a relief! i feel like we got away with one here. hope the dodgers rest well tomorrow.
2007-08-29 16:19:48
799.   King of the Hobos
For those relying on Gameday...Kearns was playing in, had to go back to get the ball. If he had been playing at normal depth, he would have caught it on the dead run, and the game might still be going on.
2007-08-29 16:20:11
800.   underdog
For those of you following the game through us: Kent singled. Stults came up to hit, to bunt basically, and failed. Martin doubled, Kent to 3rd. Loney intentionally walked. Hillenbrand (give him props) hit a sac fly, with Kent coming home just barely ahead of the tag on a perfect hand first slide. Game over.
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2007-08-29 16:20:31
801.   Jon Weisman
Folks, I didn't intend it this way, but I've been on a hunger strike trying to get the Dodgers this win. I didn't have breakfast, got caught in a long meeting mid-morning, wrote about Loaiza instead of going to get some food, and then when the Dodgers fell behind, wouldn't let myself leave my desk until the end.

My upper body is caving in on itself, but I'm happy.

2007-08-29 16:21:28
802.   ToyCannon
Night all, thanks for the update.

This winning thing is fun.

2007-08-29 16:21:36
803.   underdog
Plus what Hobos said. This is kind of like an "exquisite corpse" exercise in creative writing, except for a baseball game.
2007-08-29 16:22:06
804.   Curtis Lowe
2007-08-29 16:22:37
805.   GMac In The 909
801 It's settled then. You can't eat until November.
2007-08-29 16:22:58
806.   LogikReader
of all the times for Gameday to fail... but yes, wooooo hooooo!

Do we root for the Padres again tonight?

2007-08-29 16:23:08
807.   Humma Kavula
The game's over? But we're only at 800+ posts! The record is 1,601!

Let's do it!

2007-08-29 16:24:15
808.   Jim Hitchcock
801 We appreciate the sacrifice, Jon :)
2007-08-29 16:24:21
809.   blue22
801 - Ha, yeah, I hope you enjoyed dinner last night. It'll be a long time until your next meal (what with the off day tomorrow).
2007-08-29 16:24:23
810.   LogikReader
Well, if each one of us posts four more times in 5 min, we can bring it up to about 1200
2007-08-29 16:24:36
811.   fanerman
2007-08-29 16:24:44
812.   LogikReader
Jon, go get yourself a Tommy Burger. Celebrate!!!
2007-08-29 16:25:00
813.   blue22
806 - Do we root for the Padres again tonight?

Doesn't matter, we're picking up a game on someone.

2007-08-29 16:25:27
814.   FirstMohican
Sorry LaRoche, maybe next year!
2007-08-29 16:25:59
815.   driches
If anyone has any insights in the "do we root for the padres or dbacks" question, I'd like to hear them...
2007-08-29 16:26:47
816.   ImprobableImpossible
Dude? Food? Dude?
2007-08-29 16:26:47
817.   Reiichi
Root for extra innings, lots of em.
2007-08-29 16:26:47
818.   MC Safety
Ah I can go to bed now. Following a game from England is bizarre. Good night for me, Arsenal wins and the Dodgers win!
2007-08-29 16:27:39
819.   Bob Timmermann
Hey, Gameday caught up!
2007-08-29 16:28:07
820.   gibsonhobbs88
Great comeback win. Good victory for the soul having to rise from the ashes of one of Penny's few bad outings this year. Maybe the extremely hot temperatures effect his ability to pitch well, he's a big boy!:)

They got the sweep they needed, I guess we can hope the Pads and D'backs split the next two so we can gain 1 1/2 on both. That way we can be 2 back of the Pads and 3 back from the D'Backs.

Makes the rest of the workday that much better!!

2007-08-29 16:29:12
821.   Bluebleeder87
with Meloan & I imagine a couple of other pitchers coming in about 3 days I'm sure the Dodgers will be fine in that department, Proctor will probably get 2, 3 days of no?
2007-08-29 16:29:15
822.   regfairfield
815 D'Backs.
2007-08-29 16:29:37
823.   Zak
815 Root for the team that wins tonight.
2007-08-29 16:29:38
824.   GMac In The 909
816 I could go for a kebab.
2007-08-29 16:29:46
825.   El Lay Dave
Nice job by the offense today to pick up for the early pitchers - Broxton, Saito and esp. Proctor were outstanding on the other hand - and close out the sweep.

On the pessimistic side, three one-run games with the Nats is not exactly the work of world-beaters. But wins sure beat the alternative. Rest up hurlers and on to San Diego.

2007-08-29 16:30:19
826.   trainwreck
Dodgers win and college football starts in 24 and a half hours.

I am pumped!!

2007-08-29 16:30:19
827.   Sam in SC
pardon me for being a wet blanket, but LA swept a team nearly 20 games under .500 by a single run in every game . . . with the strength of the pitching rotation in action.

it's good, but it isn't especially encouraging.

2007-08-29 16:30:19
828.   bhsportsguy
Where the Dodgers could be when the clock strikes 7 at Petco on Friday.

If the Padres win the remaining 2 games.

SD 74-59
AZ 74-61 1
LA 70-63 4

If the D-Backs win the remaining 2 games

AZ 76-59
SD 72-61 3
LA 70-63 5

If they split the last 2 games

AZ 75-60
SD 73-60 1
LA 70-63 4

2007-08-29 16:30:26
829.   King of the Hobos
The GCL Dodgers lost their first playoff game 11-4. Rondon started and gave up 6 runs in 5 innings. Lambo went 0-4, Baez 0-2 with a BB and HBP, and Orr went 2-4.
2007-08-29 16:30:35
830.   Zak
That way we make up two games in the loss column against one of them.
2007-08-29 16:31:24
831.   El Lay Dave
817 Excellent suggestion.
2007-08-29 16:31:35
832.   Jon Weisman
810 - Sorry guys ... new post up top.
2007-08-29 16:31:41
833.   Bluebleeder87
if anything at least R. Hernandez didn't pitch in todays game.
2007-08-29 16:31:55
834.   jasonungar07
Let's all rally around Boomer. We haven't lost since he laid down that veteran savvy bunt and inspired us to get it done somehow.
2007-08-29 16:32:58
835.   Jon Weisman
827 - That's how Arizona's been doing it all year.
2007-08-29 16:33:39
836.   Lexinthedena
With the addition of Loaiza, does Lowe get moved up, and Wells bumped?
2007-08-29 16:34:09
837.   MC Safety
824- I have 3 choices of kebab places within one block here in England. The chicken tika pizza is the ticket though.
2007-08-29 16:37:16
838.   Sam in SC
835 - winning 1 run games is great, I guess my point was that the dodgers just did it against a very poor team.

perhaps august just made me even more cynical than usual. and that really is saying something.

2007-08-29 16:42:01
839.   underdog
1 run wins are better than 1 run losses, no matter who the competition, and the Nationals had been playing pretty well up 'til this past weekend. There are no gimmes in this league, and playoff caliber teams have to stay alert for games against last place teams. The Tigers would probably like some games vs. the Royals back last year, and yesterday's. (Not a last place team any more, but you get my drift.)

In short, while there are some worrisome spots - Penny's bad outing for one - still more to feel good about than bad.

2007-08-29 16:42:05
840.   Jon Weisman
838 - Hey, I understand :)
2007-08-29 16:45:42
841.   Bob Timmermann
Yahoo has just said that Scott Proctor has struck out!
2007-08-29 16:49:46
842.   Bob Timmermann
And because Yahoo said Proctor struck out, they messed up their system and the software froze.
2007-08-29 17:40:59
843.   Gen3Blue
I kind of dislike the position I am in as a d's fan. Bear with me. The Pads and the Snakes must be feeling a juggernaut rising behind them. They have each used clever strategies to get to the top. And one of them may certainly yet triumph. But the D's have a bunch of talented young players at the core, and after that they seem to use a Yankee/Red Sox strategy; Throw raw money at any crack that emerges. So you are still paying Dryfart and Perez millions. Throw some more at Loaiza and Wells (actually Wells costs us next to nothing.) Pay any old outfielder or utility guy millions if you think you need a fix. In the end, it may not work this year, and in the end it will be the young core you built. But the Pads and Snakes are looking over their shoulders. Guaranlovingteed.

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