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October 13 Open Chat
2007-10-13 12:16
by Jon Weisman

This thread is for non-fan fiction chat.

To participate in today's group fan fiction, click this link.

Comments (58)
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2007-10-13 13:48:46
1.   berkowit28
So if I'm not a fan, this is where I write my fiction? (I think you may need one more hyphen in the description of this thread...)
2007-10-13 14:50:07
2.   Bob Timmermann
So what's the deal with USC?
2007-10-13 14:58:32
3.   KG16
2 - it rained in southern california, not only do people forget how to drive when that happens, they forget how to play football.

Or they were just overrated

2007-10-13 15:14:42
4.   Bob Timmermann
Stanford leads the Horned Frogs, 14-7.

Break up the Cardinal!

2007-10-13 15:18:05
5.   Linkmeister
Go Cats!

The fan-fic has taken an unexpected turn. I move that a link to it be forwarded to Vin Scully when done.

2007-10-13 15:24:03
6.   KG16
5 - glad to do my part.
2007-10-13 15:34:48
7.   KG16
did i hear that right on the usc broadcast? 83 yard punt? Wha?
2007-10-13 15:42:15
8.   Andrew Shimmin
7- It rolled the last twenty yards. But the first sixty were quite a thing.
2007-10-13 15:53:37
9.   KG16
So, if you're Arizona, and you get a touchdown here, you go for the win or for overtime?
2007-10-13 15:56:43
10.   Bob Timmermann
That's wishful thinking.
2007-10-13 16:06:55
11.   Jon Weisman
LSU is tied 27-27 with Kentucky with 2:30 left.

Last week's Stanford upset has raised my interest in college football by at least 1 percent.

2007-10-13 16:09:08
12.   Andrew Shimmin
Justin Forsett is good at football.
2007-10-13 16:12:18
13.   Linkmeister
From, current conditions:

58° F
At Logan Airport
As of 6:55 PM

Dratted television networks and their desired schedules for baseball. Why can't at least weekend games be played during the day?

2007-10-13 16:13:14
14.   Bluebleeder87
Stanford leads the Horned Frogs, 14-7.

I can't believe a UNIVERSITIES team would be called the "Horned Frogs" I mean seriously, that's double intended to the max.

ps I had to google it just to make sure Bob T. wasn't joking.

2007-10-13 16:15:32
15.   Bob Timmermann
If Cal and ASU lose today, UCLA is all alone atop the Pac-10!
2007-10-13 16:19:27
16.   Bob Timmermann
According to the Yahoo boxscore, a quarterback not named Nate Longshore is playing for Cal.
2007-10-13 16:21:40
17.   Jon Weisman
2007-10-13 16:35:46
18.   Bob Timmermann
Rich Brooks is still coaching?
Go figure.
2007-10-13 17:02:54
19.   Jon Weisman
And LSU goes down.
2007-10-13 17:03:36
20.   Bob Timmermann
Cal fans start to sweat now.

Be careful what you wish for. It just may come true.

2007-10-13 17:36:28
21.   Bluebleeder87
watching the Indians vs BoSox, James Taylor has aged very well
2007-10-13 17:36:52
22.   Bob Timmermann
No miracle finish tonight for the Cardinal.
2007-10-13 17:53:05
23.   Jon Weisman
Still, we seem to have turned the corner.
2007-10-13 18:07:46
24.   underdog
F Gutierrez isn't doing all that much in the playoffs to make me regret the Dodgers traded him.
2007-10-13 18:19:46
25.   Gen3Blue
24 yeah, but having range and a middling arm are rare things in a D's outfield.
2007-10-13 18:33:09
26.   xaphor
I wonder if Milton regrets not running out that pop fly. Or maybe he is just wistful of a time when he could actually run 90 feet without landing in the infirmary.
2007-10-13 19:07:43
27.   Bluebleeder87
% of who I think Ned Colletti will go after feverishly:

A. Jones - 100%
Schilling - 70 or 80% give or take
A-Rod - 10%

I just don't think the Dodgers have what it takes to get him. But in all fairness Boras will probably want WAY WAY WAY to much for the Ned Colletti to even take Boras'es demands seriously. A 12 year contract is just flat out wrong on principle alone.

2007-10-13 19:10:36
28.   underdog
25 True, I'd be okay if I had to watch him patrol left or centerfield this past season... in comparison.
2007-10-13 19:13:03
29.   Bob Timmermann
Cal, dashing hopes of its fans since 1951.
2007-10-13 19:15:51
30.   Gen3Blue
28 A-men--wasn't he from our system?
2007-10-13 19:24:31
31.   Gen3Blue
Ahh, thats it, these are Cleveland announcers I think. Making it a little tougher.
2007-10-13 19:27:09
32.   Bluebleeder87

of course he was, but I can see why Evans pulled the trigger (long swing) but if he figures it out (see Shawn Green long swing) he can be a pretty respectable forse for the Indians IF he figures it out

2007-10-13 19:34:32
33.   dzzrtRatt
This Cal game is going to cause major organ failure in me.
2007-10-13 19:38:23
34.   dzzrtRatt
What a dumb play!
2007-10-13 19:43:42
35.   Bob Timmermann
Roy Riegels can rest now. There is a new Cal goat.
2007-10-13 19:46:41
36.   Gen3Blue
32 If, indeed. I guess not many do figure it out.

Ohh, Sox could be headed for a 2+1 game.
And how come Drew seems to get a hit( usually a single), only after his team-mates show some offense.

2007-10-13 20:04:32
37.   dzzrtRatt
Poor kid. #1 shouldn't have been riding on the shoulders of a redshirt freshman.

Oh well. I've got a good 30 years left on this Earth. Surely Cal will finish #1 in one of them.

2007-10-13 20:14:27
38.   Vishal
this is so painful.
2007-10-13 20:15:53
39.   Bluebleeder87

Matt Kemp & Ethier have respectable arms I guess your talking about Pierre, everybody knew he had a bad arm but I guess our brain trust didn't put that into account.

2007-10-13 20:26:50
40.   Gen3Blue
39 And I guess I was looking back on this year where we also had Gonzales, so 2 out of three with no arm. Kemp and Ethier have good arms, and I wouldn't be surprised if Young has at leasst a decent arm. So there you are.

It's gonna be a long Sox game.

2007-10-13 20:34:07
41.   Bob Timmermann
Now, I go back to rooting for UCLA next week. The Bruins have a chance at the Rose Bowl!
2007-10-13 20:46:19
42.   Louis in SF
While I don't blame Evans for trading Frank G, what I wonder about is what would have happened if we had just signed Lofton for a one year extension and not signed Gonzo,or JP this would have allowed us to give Ethier, Kemp and Young more at bats and what ever would have been the drop off in steals that JP gave us, we would have more than made up in homers from Ethier, Kemp, Young and Lofton, and of course we would have been in a better position to go after Jones this year in center and not be carrying JP's contract..oh to wish
2007-10-13 20:55:03
43.   Andrew Shimmin
DePodesta traded Gutierrez. He and Andrew Brown brought back Milton Bradley.
2007-10-13 20:55:07
44.   Vishal
bob, no.
2007-10-13 20:58:15
45.   DodgerGrl22
Dusty Baker gets three-year deal to manage Reds

2007-10-13 21:08:48
46.   dzzrtRatt
If UCLA ends up in the Rose Bowl, the terrorists have won.
2007-10-13 21:15:58
47.   Bob Timmermann
Look at it this way.

ASU is down at halftime, so they could have a loss.

UCLA beats Cal next week and wins all of its remaining conference games except its finale against USC.

USC loses at Berkeley, but wins all the rest.

I believe UCLA would win any tiebreaker.

Now, if only UCLA had a guy who could play quarterback.

2007-10-13 21:20:33
48.   Vishal
47 i wasn't saying it was impossible, bob. i was telling you that it was the wrong thing to say.
2007-10-13 21:23:37
49.   Bob Timmermann
When it comes to Cal and UCLA, I'm strictly mercenary.
2007-10-13 22:05:50
50.   Louis in SF
Gagne is coming in....43 thanks for the correction, but on the basic point, I definitely feel that with Lofton, the long jam and hard feelings from last year and flexibility for 2008 would have been there
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2007-10-13 22:15:50
51.   dzzrtRatt
50 Yep.

Since I hardly saw the Indians this year, it didn't cross my mind til the post-season but Colletti had what he needed in Lofton and let him go, in favor of spending a lot more for a worse player.

Aw, poor Gagne's gonna get the loss.

2007-10-13 22:17:35
52.   Louis in SF
Pardon the double post...problem trying to be at the computer and watch Gagne now being removed. While it is a terrible use of time to organize the past, with a greater view to 2008 and given what the Dodgers seemed to be intent on doing, not giving Kemp, Either and Loney definite positions on the big club, signing a place holder like Lofton would have made far more sense and would have also given Colleti the two top table setters he wanted, even if many on this site feel that is flawed logic...
2007-10-13 22:28:50
53.   xaphor
That Gutierrez guy ain't too shabby.
2007-10-14 00:20:41
54.   arbfuldodger
Old friend Dusty Baker is off the market, Good luck to Aaron Harang, Bronson Arroyo and Homer Bailey and the rest of the Reds pitching staff

2007-10-14 00:56:45
55.   Bob Timmermann
Tony Jackson's latest:

One storyline from the N.L. playoffs that keeps striking a chord with me is Troy Tulowitzki and the leadership role he has taken on in the Rockies clubhouse -- and the fact the Rockies' veterans have fallen in line behind him. Contrast that against Jeff Kent's rant back on Sept. 20 about how the Dodgers' young players ``don't get it.'' I have to wonder what would have happened if Tulo played for the Dodgers, and if he tried to take on a similar leadership role with them -- and how it would have been received by Kent/Gonzo/Nomar et al. Would it have been effective? Would others have fallen in line? Or would Tulo have been shamed into submission by the ages-old clubhouse heirarchy that at times this season seemed to be more important in the Dodgers clubhouse than winning was on the field.<<<

2007-10-14 01:22:48
56.   Dodgers49
G.M. Moves: Old School vs. New Thinking

>> The schism between Jocketty and DeWitt epitomizes the debate in baseball that has raged with increasing passion and disagreement: the traditional method of building a club (scouting) versus the newer method of statistical analysis, the player procurement method popularized in the book "Moneyball."

In his book published last year, Schuerholz, who had been the longest-running general manager, wrote critically of the "Moneyball" concept.

"I was critical of the notion," Schuerholz said Friday, the day the Braves' changes were announced, "that someone writes that entirely in place of traditional, instinctive, experienced, intuitive scouting, there could be some metric model that could be as good as that." <<

2007-10-14 02:24:02
57.   xaphor
TBS take note, after running scientific tests in the most controlled of environments we can definitively say that nothing kills a baseball game like Dane Cook.
2007-10-14 05:51:40
58.   overkill94
If you thought Pac-10 football has been a surprise this year (well, a disappointment lately, but overall a pleasant surprise), things are looking even rosier on the basketball front. has 5 Pac-10 schools in their top-15 led by UCLA at #3 and all but Oregon State and Arizona State are in their top 33.

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