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Art, Part II
2007-12-27 13:49
by Jon Weisman

After seeing my October posting of the late R.B. Kitaj's painting of Sandy Koufax, Los Angeles-based art director Robert Landry sent me a copy of his own rendering of the great Dodger lefty, who turns 72 on Sunday.

"The painting is from a group of paintings of old ballplayers that I did way back in '01 or so," Landry writes in an e-mail. "Sandy was always one of my favorite players.

"I lived overseas when I was young - my dad was with an oilfield fabrication company - and can remember as a kid reading with awe in the International Herald Tribune about the finish of the '66 NL race and how instrumental Sandy was in winning the pennant. Me and my buddies were also completely bowled over when the Orioles swept them. I felt pretty bad for Dodgers fans. By then I was well on my way to being a complete Cardinal nut - another story entirely - but I've always kind of liked the Dodgers because of their long history as an underdog. Also, I guess you could say there is a connection. I was born in July 1955, in New Orleans, but in 1954 my mom and dad lived in Brooklyn. You do the math!

"Now that I am living in L.A., I have to say I've been following the Dodgers pretty closely, and though my first allegiance will always be to my beloved el birdos, I do root for the boys in blue, and I love going to Dodger Stadium."

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2007-12-27 14:12:24
1.   Bob Timmermann
LAT'd comment from old thread:
A sign of the New Year: University of Illinois fans spotted wandering around Downtown Los Angeles.

The Rose Bowl draws nigh.

New comment:

Sandy Koufax is going to turn 72????

2007-12-27 14:17:11
2.   Daniel Zappala
Nice painting. Can I have it? :-)
2007-12-27 14:22:57
3.   regfairfield
Your wife must be very forgiving.
2007-12-27 14:51:52
4.   Eric Stephen
You do the math!

Sounds like Robert Landry is an avid Dodger Thoughts reader.

2007-12-27 14:53:17
5.   gododgerhead
I can proudly announce, New Years resolution, "register for DT" – complete! long time DT reader, now im officially part of the denizens of BLUE. thanks for the faithful postings, Jon you make the hours/ days/ months when the Dodgers aren't on the field more palpable. LOVE the art, does Mr. Landry have any paintings of DD (no, not darren dreifort) or of a young svelte Frenando?
2007-12-27 14:58:13
6.   D4P
University of Illinois fans spotted wandering around Downtown Los Angeles

Any sign of you know who...?

2007-12-27 14:58:46
7.   Bob Timmermann
The police don't have any evidence that I did anything.
2007-12-27 15:08:37
8.   D4P
Ah yes, the ole' "Innocent until proven guilty" gambit.
2007-12-27 15:13:11
9.   68elcamino427
Sandy Kofax:

Career innings pitched 2,324

1963 25-5, ip 311, era 1.88, so 306, bb 58

1964 19-5, ip 223, era 1.74, so 223, bb 53

1965 26-8, ip 335, era 2.04, so 382, bb 71

1966 27-9, ip 323, era 1.73, so 317, bb 77

Happy Birthday Mr. Kofax!

2007-12-27 15:25:10
10.   fanerman
6 Voldemort is an Illinois fan?
2007-12-27 15:30:24
11.   phredbird
thanks for the comments, it was nice of jon to post this. actually i have a bad habit of giving away my paintings to friends. this is one of the few i've held on to. i have a jackie robinson that i used to hang with the koufax as a sort of set. my girlfriend made me take it down cuz she wanted some of her art on the walls.
2007-12-27 15:33:24
12.   eekrock
beggars can't be choosers.

new post, let the commenting commence!

anyone for music? what's all the fuss over Vampire Weekend?

2007-12-27 16:01:01
13.   uclasway
Not sure if you guys saw that Stu Nahan passed away yesterday after battling with Lymphoma since January 2006. I was lucky enough to get to talk extensively with him at Dodger and Laker games. He was incredibly funny, genuine, warm, and a great storyteller. My thoughts go out to his family!
2007-12-27 16:51:12
14.   natepurcell
Oh, I think Maybin is a stud, though I know nothing of his drinking prowess.

If we are going to spill the beans on prospects...I had a couple buddies who this past AFL season, set up shop in Phoenix for the AFL and did the whole scouting and prospecting thing. They went to games, talked to scouts, hung out with the players etc.

Well, my buddy had a friend that deals and he said Maybin was a regular customer during his AFL stay.

2007-12-27 17:18:34
15.   scareduck
9 - K-o-u-f-a-x.
2007-12-27 17:20:12
16.   overkill94
12 I think I heard a song of theirs on the radio and it was pretty good. Is the hype machine cranked up for them?

The latest hyped-up album that I don't understand was Les Savy Fav. Just sounds like a regular old rock record to me.

2007-12-27 18:01:18
17.   eekrock
16 sounds in the vein of Clap Your Hands, to me. Nothing worth writing home about, but maybe they'll prove me wrong.

Sorry in advance for my ignorance on tinyurl, but everyone read this yet?

It's been a topic of discussion (I work in the OC, so I was glad to see us above the AAA-Angels).

2007-12-27 18:06:50
18.   Humma Kavula
I definitely heard Nic Harcourt play something of theirs last week on Morning Becomes Eclectic. It was great and I made a mental note to download the album from emusic when it's released next month.
2007-12-27 18:07:20
19.   Humma Kavula
18 references 12 et al, in re Vampire Weekend.
2007-12-27 18:07:53
20.   Bluebleeder87

I'm sure Dayne Perry is a good writer & all but when he wrote that stuff about J.D. Drew I kind of lost some respect for him. I do like some other stuff he's written though.

2007-12-27 18:21:00
21.   Bluebleeder87
Wikipedia made a typo & it looks like talent runs in the Perry family [ ]
2007-12-27 18:35:57
22.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 14

It depends partly on Maybin's "tastes," but that's potentially huge news, with regards to health issues and the like; do big league teams have an inkling of his extracurricular activities?


2007-12-27 18:38:11
23.   Bob Timmermann
When you go pee in the cup, the teams check for a lot of illegal drugs, not just PEDs and amphetamines.
2007-12-27 19:02:09
24.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 23

I didn't realize that, Bob. I actually have a vague memory of when Paul LoDuca was Union rep, and some fracas surrounding his statements that newly instituted steroid testing would also cover things like marijuana, when in fact that wasn't the case. Of course, I may have mis-remembered, or the more recent testing regimen changed that.

Of course, there are ways of evading testing for anyone determined or savvy enough to do so.


2007-12-27 19:10:16
25.   Gen3Blue
14 Hey, thats pretty vague stuff to sully a guy with. Is he into drinking, or soft drugs or hard drugs?
2007-12-27 19:26:05
26.   natepurcell

"just" pot.

2007-12-27 19:41:32
27.   Bluebleeder87
From MLB Trade Rumors regarding Mark Prior >>>How bad was the shoulder injury? How far along is Prior in his rehab? I've talked to some people and read published reports and am unable to draw any consistent conclusion. Rick Wilton of Baseball Injury Report thinks the chance of a meaningful contribution from Prior in '08 is close to zero. Others are a bit more optimistic, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Looks like Prior is a serious underdog in '08

2007-12-27 19:54:30
28.   Bob Timmermann
I should say that after researching a bit, teams can only check a player for "drugs of abuse" (such as cocaine or marijuana) if they have reasonable cause that the player is on something. The teams have a 12-month window to ask for a test and once approved for a test, the player has 48 hours to come up with a sample.

PEDs don't require "reasonable cause."

2007-12-27 20:20:56
29.   El Lay Dave
26 et al. I didn't pass along this hearsay at the time, but early this year I mentioned to a local HS student that one of her classmates would likely be selected high in the major league draft this spring and probably make a seven-figure bonus. Her response was, "that guy?? He and his friend 'Firstname Familyname' spend all their time trying to score pot."
2007-12-27 20:35:50
30.   dsfan
In the interest of hotstove conversation, how about this trade: LaRoche/Hu/Elbert for Lincecum? (strictly conjecture on my part)

Giants are desperate for position prospects, particularly infielders, and probably would want an arm as part of a Lincecum move.

Lincecum, I think, is someone the Giants will move.

Not sure if this would be a good deal for the Dodgers, but it'd be pretty cool to have Billingsley-Kershaw-Lincecum in the same rotation. I also think Lincecum could be a very good closer.

2007-12-27 20:45:11
31.   natepurcell

If we didn't have such a huge offensive hole at 3b that would be a deal I would strongly consider.

2007-12-27 20:47:35
32.   El Lay Dave
30 That would leave Nomar/Abreu on the 3B depth chart.
2007-12-27 20:48:56
33.   El Lay Dave
31 I typed 32 earlier but the Holiday Bowl made me doze off before I got the mouse to the "submit" button.
2007-12-27 20:49:55
34.   dsfan

Just having fun. Would love to hear what Ned and Sabean would say. Maybe I'm crazy, but I think the Giants would find it attractive. Hu could fill at 2B and then replace Vizquel. LaRoche fills a hole, hopefully, for 5-7 years (and it sounds like Villalona will end up at 1B). Elbert needs to throw more strikes -- couldn't hurt going to a pitchers park.

The BR comps for Lincecum aren't exciting. They're sobering. But two of them are Blass and Drabek -- darn good pitchers. The Lincecum evaluation would be difficult. Will he throw enough strikes? Will he hold up? His wipeout rates in the minors are pretty special, and that's a damn good rookie season at age 23.

2007-12-27 20:57:25
35.   El Lay Dave
34 B-R/James similarity scores for pitchers are probably not very useful for projecting careers are maybe more useful to projecting HOF or not. (Oyster Burns, however, is a great name.)

From B-R:

Start with a thousand and then subtract the following deductions.

* One point for each difference of 1 win.
* One point for each difference of 2 losses.
* One point for each difference of .002 in winning percentage (max 100 points).
* One point for each difference of .02 in ERA (max 100 points).
* One point for each difference of 10 games pitched.
* One point for each difference of 20 starts.
* One point for each difference of 20 complete games.
* One point for each difference of 50 innings pitched.
* One point for each difference of 50 hits allowed.
* One point for each difference of 30 strikeouts.
* One point for each difference of 10 walks.
* One point for each difference of 5 shutouts.
* One point for each difference of 3 saves.

If they throw with a different hand and are starters subtract 10, relievers 25. For relievers you half the winning percentage penalty and the winning percentage penalty can up to 1.5 times the wins and losses penalty. Relievers are defined as more relief appearances than starts and less than 4.00 innings per appearance.

2007-12-27 21:01:15
36.   El Lay Dave
FWIW - Chad Billingsley's age 22 similarity scores:

1. Chuck Estrada (981)
2. Frank Pastore (978)
3. Andy Benes (978)
4. Mark Buehrle (977)
5. Wayne Simpson (977)
6. Mike Nagy (975)
7. Bob Brown (974)
8. Dizzy Dean (973) *
9. Kerry Wood (972)
10. Bruce Kison (971)

2007-12-27 21:16:16
37.   gvette
36 Kind of scary list considering nearly all of those pitchers physically broke down within a few years after such promising starts to their careers (Dean, Simpson, Estrada, Wood etc).

On the other hand this could also mean that Billingsley could look forward to a career in religious radio ministry like Pastore.

2007-12-27 22:16:34
38.   Jason in Canada
It's funny all the talk of high school sports stars involved in drugs. I'll never forget being in high school and having a substitute teacher just out of USC who informed us that the star QB by the name of Marinovich was a pot-head.

I remember thinking, "No, that can't be possible..."

2007-12-27 22:56:11
39.   natepurcell
"I admit I've probably been too active from time to time, too impulsive," Colletti says. "But as you hit this season with (the Dodgers' young talent), it takes a more deliberate approach. I think there are years to be aggressive and really active to set a tone for change, and there's other times when it behooves you to be patient."

2007-12-27 22:59:38
40.   natepurcell
also from the same article

on kershaw
Watson is equally effusive, saying, "This kid is mature well beyond his years. He features a well-above-average fastball that's anywhere from 92-98 on a given night. The curveball is something we're trying to tighten up, and we're also trying to improve the command of his changeup and get him to use it a little more frequently. He's got a power arm with some feel to pitch, and he's a great competitor."

Watson on McDizzle

"He's got a four-pitch mix with a really good ability to command all four," Watson says. "He's anywhere from 88-93 (mph). He's got a get-me-over curveball, a swing-and-miss curveball and a good changeup."

2007-12-27 23:09:46
41.   trainwreck
What about the news that Kuroda is a 50-50 shot of starting season on DL.
2007-12-27 23:12:31
42.   natepurcell

I think that was Schmidt...

2007-12-27 23:37:44
43.   dsfan

Good point about the hole at 3B as an effect of my whimsical trade for Lincicum. Third base is a pretty strong position within the farm system. DeWitt has a chance to be decent. Baez and Bell are pretty exciting for their respective levels.

This is the kind of trade that probably would be more likely to happen in spring training. If I'm the Dodgers, I'd like to watch how Lincecum throws this spring. He had a pretty rigorous first full professional season. And if I'm the Giants, I'd like to see a bit more of LaRoche and see how Elbert is coming off surgery.

If this thing ever got going, Ned would be smart to see if he could cheaply obtain Rolen, provided he's showing that he's back to driving the ball and the shoulder checks out. Rolen reportedly can veto a trade to many places but would welcome a move to the Dodgers. After LaRussa's remarks, it's hard to imagine the Cardinals will keep Rolen. Who knows, maybe Ned could get Rolen very cheaply, for, say, DeWitt -- a bit like how the Padres bought low on Edmonds.

Certainly there would be risk in getting Lincecum. The scouts and other evaluators would be put to the test. Will he hold up physically? Will he throw enough strikes?

Still, it would be pretty exciting to project him as the No. 5 starter, behind Lowe-Penny-Billingsley-Kuroda (I consider Schmidt a virtual sunk cost; at the least, he'd benefit from a minor-league rehabiliation series of outings).

As a No. 5, Lincecum would probably give the Dodgers an advantage most of the time, and from that spot, you could soften his workload, send him into the ASB with maybe 70 innings. I think it would benefit his development.

Hard to think anyone else, save the Red Sox, would have more youthful starting pitching with upside as the Dodgers would have with Penny-Billingsley-Lincecum-Kershaw. And as the Red Sox showed, good pitching makes it easier to maximize the good pitching that you have. Beckett was a lot fresher than Sabathia entering October, and I think it showed.

Tiny bonus: It'd be easier to allow Lowe to walk next offseason and get two draft picks for him, or to deal him in July, though I doubt it would come to that.

2007-12-28 00:10:48
44.   El Lay Dave
39 Also this:
"Let's say you trade four guys who are going to be in the big leagues the next three years. You're trading 12 seasons for three seasons," Colletti says. "So those three seasons you're getting, they better be well beyond what anybody else can do."

For some reason, that reminded me of Buzzie Bavasi's infamous comment that he could replace Nolan Ryan with "two 8-7 guys".

2007-12-28 00:26:01
45.   El Lay Dave
From that same article, the author writes:
LaRoche's star lost some shine when he hit .226 during a 35-game audition with the Dodgers, and the club has looked for other alternatives at third base this offseason.

In his last ten games, once he began starting consecutive games in Sept., LaRoche hit .278/.333/.389, which is only slightly more than Nomaresque (2007: .283/.328/.371), but one is - one hopes - still improving and learning to play in the majors, and the other is a season and one half into serious decline. I still don't get how some people think that 115 MLB PAs is enough to seriously sway Dodger brass's opinion on a prospect. Furthermore, the Betemit/Proctor trade was made despite Abreu's injury, in part, because LaRoche provided major league ready 3B depth, until he, too, was hurt. To me, that better indicates LaRoche's status with the Dodgers than whatever he did with the additional 60 PAs he got in September.

2007-12-28 00:43:42
46.   El Lay Dave
43 All levels combined (including NCAA) Lincecum pitched 157 innings in 25 starts in 2006 and 177 innings in 29 starts in 2007. 200 IP in '08 is only a 13% increase. I think he's possibly the 4th starter in your fantasy scenario. He and Billingsley are the same age; Lincecum is six weeks older.

Besides Rolen's patched-up shoulder, have Bowa and Rolen patched up their problems from Philly?

I think Lowe is walking after the season, not matter what; he will be looking for more years and more dollars than Colletti will give him. I anticipate 2008 to be Lowe's last season in Dodger blue. Kuroda may be Loaiza/Schmidt insurance this season, but he may be Lowe insurance for the two after that.

BTW, Lowe did not have a great walk year the last time he had the chance, but his team did pretty well.

2007-12-28 01:06:19
47.   dsfan

I guess 200 IP would be reasonable, though preferably that would include a built-in cushion for the postseason. Yes, it's a 13-percent increase in raw numbers, but pitching in the majors is more strenuous, no? I mean, in college and Triple-A, Lincecum appeared to be pitching against T-ballers, judging by the K numbers. 2008 would be his first full major-league season. And the lad is small in stature. In the view of some scouts, that matters where workload is concerned. Pedro Martinez is a notable exception.

As for Bowa-Rolen. Interesting blast from the past. But Bowa should be dismissed if he were unable to make peace with Rolen. Here is a 3B who has exceptional defensive ability to go with a .372 career on-base percentage. If the shoulder checks out, he's a very interesting buy-low opportunity. The Dodgers might have some trade leverage to get him cheaply if the reports are true about Rolen's no-trade powers. And by cheaply, I mean for less than LaRoche.

So in my whimsical brainstorming here, the Dodgers could come away with Lincecum and Rolen, yet still have pipeline talent to replace the players traded. 3B prospects such as Baez/Bell are projected to emerge about the time Rolen's contract comes due. To replace Hu, they would have DeJesus.

I agree that Lowe is likely to walk. I love the idea of getting two draft picks for him.

My biggest point here is that I hope that Colletti would explore such scenarios, whimsical and perhaps farfetched though they may be. The Dodgers may have some leverage on several fronts. If the Padres can buy low on players such as Edmonds who want to come to San Diego, maybe the Dodgers can do it for Rolen, if he's healthy. And I really do think the Giants would have to think twice about the chance to plug LaRoche and Hu into their infield for several years. Would be nice if Elbert is throwing free and easy in spring training, because he could be a chip. Crazy though it would be to see the Giants and Dodgers pull of a blockbuster, there might be a fit there, and it extends to the GMs.

2007-12-28 04:30:17
48.   bhsportsguy
10 things to look for in Spring Training

1. 3B battle between Nomar and Andy.
2. Health and recovery of Jason Schmidt, Yhency Brazoban, Hong-Chi Kuo, Jason Repko, Scott Elbert, and Bryan Morris.
3. Utility infielder face-off between Tony Abreu, Wilson Valdez and Chin-Lung Hu.
4. How many times you see Ethier, Jones, Kemp vs. Pierre, Jones, Kemp/Ethier outfield.
5. 25th man spot battle including Delwyn Young.
6. Hideki Kuroda's adjustments to MLB batters.
7. First time we hear Larry Bowa had a sit down with some of the younger players.
8. Stories about Donnie Baseball working with Preston.
9. Does Jonathan Meloan pitch short relief or is he streched out as a starter?
10. First time James McDonald pitches in a big league camp game.

2007-12-28 06:15:20
49.   Jon Weisman
From Ken Levine's blog:

"Did you know: Herman Melville was a pin spotter in a Hawaiian bowling alley in 1843? That's true. Today he's considered a great writer. Back then he was just 'the Dude.' "

Also, from the Goes Without Saying Dept., the lead of CNN's tiger story today reports that the killing of a 17-year-old has "ruined Christmas" for his mother.

2007-12-28 06:46:29
50.   D4P
Hideki Kuroda's adjustments to MLB batters

Might have to wait for the regular season for that.

the lead of CNN's tiger story today reports that the killing of a 17-year-old has "ruined Christmas" for his mother

Ruined Christmas for the tiger, too.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-12-28 07:08:27
51.   Gen3Blue
34,35 I remember seeing similarity scores for hitters as well, but at BR I only find them for pitchers now. Can anyone tell me how or where to find them?
2007-12-28 07:20:19
52.   Gen3Blue
52 to amend 51--I can only not find some young players comps-like Kemp.
2007-12-28 07:49:56
53.   regfairfield
51 I really wouldn't bother with them since they aren't adjusted for era. They're fun to look at, but I wouldn't take them seriously. The PECOTA comps are much better.

Billingsley's top five PECOTA comps heading into the year were Richard Dotson, Ryan Dempster, Freddy Garcia, Ben Sheets, and Pete Broburg. I expect that those names will be much nicer this year after the huge improvements he made.

2007-12-28 08:16:01
54.   Ken Noe
When do single game DS tickets go on sale? My wife has a conference in Anaheim during the Freeway series, and I'm hoping to come along, "drive up the 5" and pick up a couple of tickets.

I say "drive up the 5" because I think it sounds LA. Frankly, I've never done it in my life.

2007-12-28 08:18:42
55.   D4P
I have driven and ridden on I-5 innumerable times, but I have never driven or ridden on "the 5".
2007-12-28 08:24:09
56.   bhsportsguy
55 In LA, we have no use for such terms like the I-5, in fact, for many years, I did not even know the numbers, I used the names that make no sense (San Diego Fwy in LA, Hollywood Fwy that spends most of its life elsewhere, etc.) But most traffic reports use the numbers, the 5, 405, 10, 210, 91.

54 The way gas prices keep going up, unless the service charges bum you out, I would buy them online. Or wait until they go up on E-Bay, my recollection is that for non-season ticket holders, single game tickets go on sale in the middle of March.

2007-12-28 08:24:22
57.   Bob Timmermann
Ken Noe is the one speaking like a local. It's "the 5."

Accept no Northern California or Oregon substitutes.

Freeway Series (regular season variety) sells out pretty fast now. I don't think single game tickets will be on sale until February or mid-March.

2007-12-28 08:30:25
58.   Bob Timmermann
I will soon be heading down the Historic Arroyo Seco Parkway, connecting to the Santa Monica Freeway (aka the Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway), and then to the San Diego Freeway to take my girlfriend to get her final LASIK tune up on her eyes at an office in Westwood.

Presumably, she will be healed up enough to go to the movies after.

2007-12-28 08:43:11
59.   delias man
can somebody please give me some of the PECOTA comps for Kemp? I am trying to win an argument in my office today... thanks
2007-12-28 08:43:24
60.   D4P
But what does "LASIK" stand for...?
2007-12-28 08:52:04
61.   El Lay Dave
50 Raises the question, for whom has Christmas been more ruined, the lady or the tiger?
2007-12-28 09:01:41
62.   Eric Stephen
Also from the USA Today article, we learn from Jorge Ortiz that Juan Pierre will be fine in LF because "he's still a factor offensively. Pierre's 96 runs scored and 64 stolen bases led the team."

Pierre, "a factor offensively": .293/.331/.353, 75 OPS+
LaRoche, "star lost some shine": .226/.365/.312, 75 OPS+

2007-12-28 09:02:40
63.   bhsportsguy
59 PECOTA comps from the 2007 season will not be ready until mid-January-February according to Nate Silver at BP.
2007-12-28 09:03:01
64.   Eric Stephen
More importantly, have we yet learned whether or not the Tiger or its victim were Giants fans?
2007-12-28 09:04:33
65.   bhsportsguy
62 It's all about expectations. LaRoche was the last of the top prospects and he did not get off as well as they did plus he has been hurt.

Pierre, well he is what he is, enough said.

2007-12-28 09:05:50
66.   bhsportsguy
58 Buy her a donut at Stan's or maybe a falafel from the King.
2007-12-28 09:08:58
67.   Andrew Shimmin
Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis
2007-12-28 09:10:43
68.   Jim Hitchcock
49 Interesting story about Melville.

Of course, Lebowski will always be the real`dude'.

2007-12-28 09:14:28
69.   El Lay Dave
68 , 49 I suppose when one has as repetitive a job as setting pins, it seems reasonable to devote an entire chapter of Moby Dick on how to coil a rope.
2007-12-28 09:15:10
70.   D4P
Would it have killed Bob to write that out? Does he not care about Penarol's feelings?
2007-12-28 09:15:47
71.   regfairfield
59 Heading into this year his top five were Juan Encarnacion, Michael Coleman, Dee Brown, Sammy Sosa and Ruben Mateo.

Since most of those guys were big time prospects who quickly flamed out, those comparables should get a lot better this year since Kemp has had some success in the bigs.

2007-12-28 09:19:15
72.   Ken Noe
55 56 57 Thanks guys. Aware of demand, I hope to buy online as soon as possible. And then drive up from Anaheim on some big road.
2007-12-28 09:26:57
73.   delias man
71 ok, i see how that works.. thanks
2007-12-28 09:29:07
74.   delias man
71 I think an Andre Dawson comp would be nice.
2007-12-28 09:34:54
75.   wireroom
72 you are going to head up from Anaheim on the 5 freeway and run into a fine traffic jam at around beach blvd. which will last of and on all the way to Dodger Stadium. I would suggest taking the 5 to the 101 and exiting at Glendale/Echo Park exit and drive up to Sunset, make a right and then left up Elysian Park to the park.
2007-12-28 09:35:27
76.   wireroom
2007-12-28 09:47:00
77.   Jim Hitchcock
Angel :)
2007-12-28 09:47:41
78.   Jim Hitchcock
Whoops. Never mind.
2007-12-28 09:48:43
79.   Bumsrap
Regarding the trade scenario for Lincicum reminds me that the Giants were thinking about trading him for Rios. If the Dodgers could make this a three way trade and get Rios I would prefer that. An outfield of Rios, Jones, and Kemp coupled with trades of extra outfielders for Ian Stewart or middle relief would be of interest for me.
2007-12-28 10:23:44
80.   StolenMonkey86
79 Interesting, but I'll pester you with 5 questions:

1) Who stands on what side of Andruw?

2) How do we get rid of Juan Pierre?

3) What else does this cost us?

4) Who's the third team?

5) Who do the Blue Jays get from team 3?

2007-12-28 10:36:17
81.   regfairfield
74 I wouldn't be surprised if he got one this year. Aside from Kemp's hyper inflated batting average (which I'm pretty sure PECOTA tries to adjust for) Dawson and Kemp's age 22 seasons were pretty similar.
2007-12-28 10:38:15
82.   regfairfield
Though it is a bit concerning that Andre Dawson walked a good deal more than Kemp that year.

80 Can't speak for Bumsrap, but I assume it's Rios to the Dodgers, Lincecum to the Blue Jays, and LaRoche/Hu/Elbert to the Giants.

2007-12-28 11:18:16
83.   Vishal
as a southern california born-and-bred norcal resident, i find that in LA, it's "the 5", "the 405", "the 101", etc... and here, we drive on 80, 280, 101, 580, 24, etc...

my speculation is that freeways have more cultural/social significance in los angeles, and therefore have assumed an article as an indicator of their importance. THE 5. more important than any other 5 could possibly be.

16 dude, LSF is one of my favorite bands. i haven't listened to the new one so much but "go forth" and "rome (written upside down)" are brilliant, the lyrics especially. and the live show is second to none. i can tell numerous stories but this probably isn't the place for it. suffice it to say that tim harrington is the most dynamic frontman i've ever seen.

2007-12-28 11:19:26
84.   Eric Stephen
Some Mark Prior contract details:

-$1m guaranteed salary
-$1m in bonuses for being on 25-man roster (will top out at $750k if he is on the club by June 1)
-$50k for each start, 6 through 10
-$100k for each start, 11 through 15
-$150k for each start, 16 through 20
-$200k for each start, 21 through 30

2007-12-28 11:23:18
85.   Sam DC
Sorry if I missed an earlier link, but Josh Rawitch has a nice remembrance of Stu Nahan up.
2007-12-28 11:23:27
86.   Eric Stephen
If Ned Colletti has a rep for shorter deals at a higher average annual salary, Kevin Towers is developing a rep for incentive-based contracts for starting pitchers. In the past few years, he has signed such deals with Woody Williams, David Wells, Randy Wolf, and Mark Prior, to name a few.
2007-12-28 11:32:32
87.   fanerman
57 Tell it like it is Bob!
2007-12-28 12:01:22
88.   Vishal
86 i think towers' is the better rep to have. i like incentives. i have no problem paying a guy if the performance is there.
2007-12-28 12:14:17
89.   MC Safety
Any Lilys fans here?
2007-12-28 12:26:39
90.   ibleedbloo
This is getting ridiculous. Can we stop with all of the talk about trading with the giants. This is America! Baseball, apple pie (or apple/blackberry), and the Dodgers and giants don't work together.

This is the reason... don't trade with the Giants.

2007-12-28 12:31:50
91.   D4P
This is the reason you do trade with the Giants:

2007-12-28 12:36:15
92.   regfairfield
It's a problem when all of the Giants players fall under "useless" or "would have to be Brian Sabean to even consider trading them".
2007-12-28 12:37:08
93.   dzzrtRatt
83 The one freeway that seems to be the exception to the rule (and among locals, it is the rule) is the Harbor/Pasadena freeway. Typical directions given by a local are: "Take the 405 to the Harbor to the 10." Perhaps it's because they are older, perhaps because they started life with two digits (11), perhaps it's because their names are romantic-sounding, but I rarely hear them referred to by civilians as "the 110."
2007-12-28 13:08:21
94.   MC Safety
So anyone wanna speculate on former Padre Jim Leyritz?

Killing/betting on a dog gets you 23 months, yet Leonard Little gets probation for killing a person driving under the influence?

So.....Any Jane's Crazy Mixed Up Salt fans here?

2007-12-28 13:11:28
95.   MC Safety
^killing a person while^
2007-12-28 13:17:21
96.   Vishal
93 maybe it's an age thing. my dad calls it the harbor or pasadena freeway, (the 101 is also the hollywood freeway to him) but i've heard younger people call it the "one-ten", especially when contrasting it or using it in conjunction with the "seven-ten". i've referred to it that way myself on occasion. but yeah, harbor freeway has more of a ring to it.
2007-12-28 13:29:36
97.   scareduck
83 - I have noticed this, too. Prepending the definite article to the freeway name seems peculiar to Southern California; apparently it rankles some people elsewhere, for reasons unknown (perhaps it seems superfluous). As with the pop vs. soda wars

it would be interesting to see where this regional tic begins and ends.

2007-12-28 13:30:30
98.   scareduck
96 - I still call the 55 the Newport Freeway at times, even though the name has officially changed to the Costa Mesa Freeway (that's where it ends, now and forever).
2007-12-28 13:34:42
99.   Vishal
97 it probably begins in south orange county (though maybe as far south as the mexican border... how do san diegans refer to their freeways?) and ends right around what i like to call the "hella line"; that is, the region where kids either do or do not grow up saying "hella", which is a definitively norcal expression. i know the line is somewhere south of monterey, and is probably north of san luis obispo.
2007-12-28 13:35:45
100.   Vishal
er, the region
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-12-28 13:36:42
101.   Vishal
[the line demarcating] the region. here's a toaster top tip, don't use > or < in place of brackets or parentheses.
2007-12-28 13:42:49
102.   mankatododger
99 As a former resident of San Diego County and currently visiting there again, San Diegans refer to their freeways by number as well.
2007-12-28 13:42:59
103.   Bumsrap
80 Answering your questions from my brain to yours.

1) Who stands on what side of Andruw? Rios in right and Kemp in left with Rios perhaps playing center on occasion and after Jones leaves.

2) How do we get rid of Juan Pierre? Trade him would be the preferable choice for me.

3) What else does this cost us? The given is we lose depth at third and shortstop and perhaps a very good pitcher in Elbert. The hunt continues for the elusive long term third baseman but for now Nomar and Abreu will work at third with the bats the outfield would provide.

4) Who's the third team? Giants, Dodgers, Blue Jays.

5) Who do the Blue Jays get from team 3? Lincicum.

Rios adds much more speed than Ethier provides, maybe a better ability to play CF, more power and much more arm strength than Pierre provides.

2007-12-28 13:48:01
104.   Bumsrap
Portland and Phoenix have to be one of the wrost cities regarding nick names for major roads/highways. Here are some between them: Banfield, Sunset, Squawpeak, Red Mountain, Black Mountain.
2007-12-28 13:49:50
105.   dzzrtRatt
Weeks ago, the Sabean said that, because of the acquisition of the Rowand, they no longer have a need for the Rios and will not trade any of their young frontline SPs like the Lincecum or the Cain.

Hmm, I feel a regional tic coming on...

2007-12-28 14:32:46
106.   Bumsrap
In order to be more competitive and due to complaints received since coming to LA, Pierre will go back to hitting and throwing from his natural right side and stop experimenting with his left side hitting and throwing. Pierre made this announcement because of the lull in meaningful and otherwise accurate baseball news.
2007-12-28 15:05:25
107.   Disabled List
I hardly ever refer to freeways by their names, even the 110. This is because the names of the freeways change: the 110 is both the Pasadena and Harbor Freeways, the 101 is the Hollywood and Ventura Freeways, the 5 has about three different names between LA and SD, etc. Using the number is just easier and more specific.

I'm not sure about the rest of the East Coast, but in NYC's outer boroughs, no one even knows what the "freeway" numbers are. They are all referred to - without exception - by their names: the BQE, the LIE, the Van Wyck, etc.

2007-12-28 15:14:22
108.   regfairfield
So, why is the 405, which ends in Irvine, called the San Diego Freeway?
2007-12-28 15:21:10
109.   D4P
So, why is the Angels baseball team, which plays in Anaheim, called the Los Angeles Angels?
2007-12-28 15:22:09
110.   Strike4
...Last night we came home starting near IS 15 then to the 10 to Interstate 5 to the 134 to the 101, bypassing our usual 57 and 210 portion...

My local dialect ignores both state and federal cipher aesthetics.

2007-12-28 15:23:31
111.   Marty
I just got back from seeing There Will be Blood. Best movie I've seen in years.
2007-12-28 15:24:18
112.   neuroboy002
Just curious, but where is the pinch hitter extraordinaire Mark Sweeney playing in 2008?
2007-12-28 15:27:27
113.   Jim Hitchcock
Nobody's mentioned the Marina Freeway (formerly the Richard M Nixon Freeway).

Funny, I don't remember the number for it.

2007-12-28 15:29:11
114.   regfairfield
112 Nowhere yet, and not here unless we make a trade since the 40 man is full.
2007-12-28 15:32:58
115.   silverwidow
114 Or somebody gets DFA/outrighted. My guess is either Valdez or Houlton.
2007-12-28 15:34:33
116.   Howard Fox
111 have you seen Reign on Me from early in the year? that is one of the best I have seen in quite a while...

Charlie Wilson's War is kind of a waste...a political statement film...

2007-12-28 15:35:13
117.   Howard Fox
113 90
2007-12-28 15:37:02
118.   Marty
I can't believe how much I liked Blood, I didn't even mind paying $14 for the ticket. If Daniel Day Lewis doesn't get the Best Actor oscar, they should outlaw the awards.
2007-12-28 15:39:34
119.   Howard Fox
118 that is exactly how I felt about Adam Sandler in Reign on Me, and for that matter Don Cheadle as supporting actor...and nothing from this movie was nominated
2007-12-28 15:44:44
120.   regfairfield
Open question: what do we do if Saito, Broxton, or anyone else gets hurt? Meloan is first on the depth chart for relievers, but that's pretty much the only guy we have on the 40 man that's big league ready.
2007-12-28 15:45:32
121.   Jim Hitchcock
117 That's it. Thanks.
2007-12-28 15:47:44
122.   silverwidow
120 If that happens, Torre will use Proctor in the setup/closer role.
2007-12-28 15:48:33
123.   Howard Fox
122 maybe Lowe goes back to the bullpen?
2007-12-28 15:49:18
124.   silverwidow
123 No chance. It's his contract year and he's a reliable starter.
2007-12-28 15:50:19
125.   Howard Fox
but he is older, and he once was a great closer
2007-12-28 15:51:02
126.   Andrew Shimmin
There was about a two minute stretch at the very end of Charlie Wilson's War that was a political statement. The rest of it, I thought, was played pretty straight. They made Charlie Wilson less cool (and, I thought, much less drunk) than the book made him, so that was too bad. It wasn't great, but it was fun.
2007-12-28 15:51:05
127.   regfairfield
122 Well, yeah, but who becomes our new middle reliever. There's really no one that's ready.
2007-12-28 15:53:34
128.   Howard Fox
126 it was okay cause I really like Hoffman, and of course I like Hanks...but to me, it wasn't much of a movie...of course, I read alot and I remembered much of that stuff when it was actually happening

and the underlying purpose for making that movie was to take a shot at the politicians in Washington

2007-12-28 15:54:15
129.   D4P
Well, yeah, but who becomes our new middle reliever

Whomever we receive in return for LaRoche.

2007-12-28 15:54:43
130.   Howard Fox
129 ....or Kemp
2007-12-28 15:59:11
131.   Jim Hitchcock
126 I listened to an NPR interview yesterday that said the real Wilson was much more flamboyant...a real character. The producers apparently thought that playing him that way would have made the movie less believable.
2007-12-28 16:03:36
132.   El Lay Dave
127 Hull, Stults, Houlton are still on the 40-man, yes? They qualify as last man in the pen types, don't they?
2007-12-28 16:06:49
133.   regfairfield
132 Yeah, that's probably what happens. I guess we just pray that Saito or Broxton doesn't get hurt.
2007-12-28 16:10:10
134.   Icaros
Glad to hear Marty liked There Will Be Blood. Haven't seen it yet, but PT is the other of my two-headed, favorite-director-named-Anderson monster.
2007-12-28 16:52:17
135.   Jim Hitchcock
Going to watch The Zodiac tonight. It will not be in the same league as There Will Be Blood.
2007-12-28 16:55:47
136.   eekrock
134 can't agree with you more. i'm really wanting to see Blood, but don't have time to drive up to the Arclight. Can't wait for the LB to get some expanded release love. Next weekend maybe?

Also, I agree with you on the two-headed, favorite-director part as well.

Thoughts on "No Country for Old Men" anyone? I'm thinking that should get some Award Nods as well.

2007-12-28 17:04:40
137.   KevinP78
136 and 134 - Perfect calls on the Anderson writers/directors. I can't wait to see There Will Be Blood. Daniel Day looks phenomenal. No Country was terrific as well.

So, um, how many days are we looking at until pitchers and catchers report? Can we just call for an early start this year? I've been so desperate for some ball that I've been watching old "Dodgers Live" segments on Tivo. It's a bummer too because the only ones I have saved are from the end of September. Ugly.

2007-12-28 17:07:44
138.   silverwidow
129 130 LaRoche and Kemp aren't being traded for middle relievers. That I can guarantee.
2007-12-28 17:11:10
139.   eekrock
137 kevinp78, glad to finally see you on here. i look forward to more of your insightful posts that i have seen elsewhere.
2007-12-28 17:21:27
140.   KevinP78
thanks eek. good to be here. thanks for having us, jon.
2007-12-28 17:30:23
141.   Bob Timmermann
Interstate 405 was planned as a bypass for Interstate 5, which was considered too busy. In a 1970s TripTik my family had, the 405 was suggested as "an easier way through Los Angeles." When the 5 and 405 merge in El Toro, the San Diego Freeway name takes over, but the number is Interstate 5.

Basically, the Caltrans had an extraordinarily detailed plan of freeways to build in Southern California. This was back in the 1950s. The names and route numbers were not picked at the same time.

2007-12-28 17:32:35
142.   Bob Timmermann
I went to see "Atonement" today and it was great. There was a trailer for "There Will Be Blood."

My girlfriend said, "You'll be seeing that one without me won't you?" But she did like "Atonement" as well. I don't think she noticed the "Touch of Evil" like tracking shot during it.

2007-12-28 17:33:05
143.   Bluebleeder87
I just saw the trailer for "There Will be Blood" it does look really good.
2007-12-28 17:35:52
144.   Gen3Blue
53 Thanks, Reg. I think I was trying to push it way to much; one can't get decent projections without much more baseline to work with.

I'm back from a long absence, but I would feel better about Rios(a position player) than Lincecum (one arm and on inch away from Shmidt) to give up three potential MLs--Elbert,LaRoche, and Hu. As a matter of fact I think the trend is away from giving up much money or players for an arm--too risky.

2007-12-28 17:50:36
145.   Marty
I highly recommend The Arclight to see There Will be Blood. It's a huge screen and terrific sound. Sound is very important in the movie.
2007-12-28 17:51:26
146.   Marty
It's 2 hours and 45 minutes too, so plan your day for it. The time flew by for me.
2007-12-28 17:56:40
147.   Bob Timmermann
Time for a DT outing at Arclight! We can have bhsportsguy buy a group of tickets for us together.

PT Anderson will come out and talk to us ahead of time, but we'll all be too afraid to ask him any tough questions.

2007-12-28 18:03:21
148.   Icaros

Merciful, not afraid.

2007-12-28 18:08:27
149.   Bob Timmermann
"Having a baby with Maya Rudolph was the best decision I ever made."
2007-12-28 18:46:05
150.   old dodger fan
Here in eastern Virginia they don't even use the word freeway. We only have one anywhere near us and everyone either calls it the Interstate or "64". No one calls it The 64. I still use the word freeway and sometimes people wonder what I am talking about.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-12-28 21:09:12
151.   Jason in Canada
I remember the 64. And the 264, and the 864, and the 164... That took a bit of time to get used to when I lived in the Commonwealth.
2007-12-28 21:29:33
152.   oklahomadodger
Living in Oklahoma is just a different world, we don't have freeways, we call them highways. There's only 4 major highways in the entire State, there's I-35, I-40, I-44, and the Turnpikes. When I went to San Diego/LA earlier this summer there were so many dang freeways/highways, I would have ended up in Mexico if not for my Garmin.

Oklahoma is so small that people who don't live in Oklahoma City, just refer to it as, "The City." as if Oklahoma City is the end all, be all of cities.

2007-12-28 21:38:40
153.   scareduck
147 - if you can make it on a weekend, I can certainly go.

I just got done watching the Kerry Wood 20-K game on a DVD I bought Helen. It's a piece of artistry, seen by an astonishingly small number of people (15,758 on a Wednesday day game).

2007-12-28 21:43:23
154.   scareduck
152 - driving into Tulsa I remember the smells vividly: the smell of the cows, and the smell of crude oil. Very similar to Bakersfield, actually.
2007-12-28 21:58:25
155.   Bob Timmermann
Even better is that Oklahoma City is the capital of Oklahoma and the county seat of Oklahoma County. It makes things easy to remember.
2007-12-28 22:06:20
156.   Eric Stephen
Speaking of movies, I just saw Walk Hard and Charlie Wilson's War. I really liked Charlie Wilson's War. Phillip Seymour Hoffman was great with Tom Hanks. I expected the movie to be more preachy, but it wasn't.

Walk Hard had some funny moments, but it went for the easy route on seemingly every joke. I went into the movie expecting stupid but funny, and was really disappointed. The Dylan parodies were good and funny though.

There Will Be Blood sadly is only in limited release, so I will have to go tomorrow night at midnight to see it in San Diego. It looks so good that I'll probably go see it, even though I have to take The 805™ (not the Jacob Dekema Memorial Freeway) to get there.

2007-12-28 22:11:10
157.   Sam DC
Darn -- reading through I had my Richard M. Nixon Freeway joke all worked out until I ran headsmacklong into Jim Hitchcock.
2007-12-28 23:09:12
158.   dzzrtRatt
The Marina Freeway is not a freeway. It's a freakishly long off-ramp. That's why nobody knows its number.
2007-12-28 23:27:41
159.   ToyCannon
I don't understand how anyone who has lived in California for more then a year would refer to any of our freeways by the name. The number is the only thing relevant. If you want to confuse someone from out of town I guess you could use the name but that would be the only reason.

I am also amazed at how intelligent adults get lost without a GPS, are clueless how N/S/E/W works, and can't read a simple Thomas guide.

Walk Hard was funny but as Eric said the laughs were all cheap. Easy screenplay to write but the songs are cool. I thought D4P would love it since he hates musical Bio's but if he never saw the musical bio's would he even get the jokes?

I sure hope Jim Leyritz had a good time and it was worth killing someone's mother. Idiots everywhere. Where is Dexter when you need him.

2007-12-28 23:30:34
160.   Bob Timmermann
SR 90
2007-12-29 00:18:44
161.   StolenMonkey86
103 - I wouldn't count on a Dodgers/Giants trade of that magnitude, but then again, it's pretty much them or the Angels.

150 - Yeah, I guess it's because freeways in VA are pretty much all US interstates. The long form of "the 110" would be "the 110 freeway", whereas the long form of "64" would be "interstate 64," which does not contain an article. If anything gets a "the," it either refers to "the interstate," typically in such regions where there is only one, or a name or nickname for a road, like "the [capital] beltway" or "the Powhite parkway."

2007-12-29 01:38:52
162.   overkill94
It seems insanely idiotic not to use an article in front of a freeway name. It can get especially tricky when there's a 2 at the beginning of the name of the freeway, leading to confusion about whether you're talking about a new freeway or a direction to a different freeway.

i.e. "Take 880, 280, exit main street" versus "Take 880 to 80, exit main street"

Stupid Nor Cal...

2007-12-29 05:09:27
163.   old dodger fan
Interesting debate at about whether Blyleven belongs in the HOF.

For the record, I think he does.

It amazes me that intellegent baseball fans would dis Blyleven based on number of wins. He had so many years with an ERA about 1.00 better than league average and wound up with a W-L record of 17-15 or similar. I can see the casual fan not looking past W-L records but anyone who writes an article on ESPN should know better.

I am through ranting now. I think I'll go for a drive on THE Freeway

2007-12-29 05:34:28
164.   old dodger fan
Way off topic but I am getting ready to dump the old 27" analog TV that weighs 80 pounds or so for a flat panel HD around 35". Any good websites to read about features and what to look for? Suggestions?
2007-12-29 07:11:29
165.   Kevin Lewis

I found CNET to be really helpful when I did the research for my tv. Look at things like room size, black and white contrast, and the number of HDMI connections. I made sure mine had two HDMI connections and a component connection, so I would get stuck needing to buy a main hub to plug it all into.

I ended up with a 32" Samsung, and I have been extremely happy with the purchase. Thank you, Amazon.

2007-12-29 07:12:12
166.   Kevin Lewis
That should say "would not"
2007-12-29 09:25:35
167.   Andrew Shimmin
Scareduck doesn't pimp it, but if I remember correctly, he's connected to, which is an excellent comparison shopping site, especially for electronics. It has spec sheets for most of the televisions, and user reviews plus links to professional reviews. If you're willing to buy the tv online, you can often save lots of money.
2007-12-29 09:29:20
168.   gpellamjr
I, for one, thought "Walk Hard" was hilarious. The best movie I've seen in a while. I couldn't stop laughing after we saw Dewey's father singing "The wrong son died". Its shamelessness was what made it good.
2007-12-29 09:50:04
169.   LAT

I have a 52" Panasonic and a 32" Samsung. The Panisonic is fine but the Samsung blows it away. I love the Samsung.

2007-12-29 10:19:37
170.   Bob Timmermann
I have a 27" Panasonic because that's as big as will fit in my apartment.

My TV and I get along well. However, analog or otherwise non-HD channels from my cable system don't look so hot on the DVR and then on the TV.

2007-12-29 10:29:54
171.   herchyzer
94 . Jane has quite a history. First she was "Sweet". Later on she had a drug problem. Now it sounds as if she's going through a kind of surreal phase. There's probably a lot more to her than of what I'm aware.
2007-12-29 10:34:14
172.   MC Safety
Anyone know anything about those Vizios?
2007-12-29 10:43:55
173.   berkowit28
165 I did a lot of research, taking advantage of a local electronics shop with excellent TVs. Then I went and bought the one I wanted at a huge discount online. I got a 37" Sharp LCD. I really think LCD screens are the best, and 37" was as big as I wanted. Sharp is one on the better lines, but there seem to be about 4 or 5 good makes. I get my cable company's recorder box (makes life much easier) with HD, which looks great. Even the non-HD TV looks really good on this screen.

If buying online (really worth it - I saved $600) make sure you know what you're looking for in advance. There are lots of older models still being sold. Get a newer model - they're both better and cheaper for value.

2007-12-29 10:51:56
174.   Bob Timmermann
The problem with Vizios is that they come with that creepy little girl telling you about the mirrors all the time.
2007-12-29 10:55:10
175.   Charenton
There are two kinds of freeways/highways in France:

(and autoroute 4 is commonly known as "L'A4" - i.e. with an article)

and Routes Nationales
(Routes Nationale 20 or RN 20 is commonly known as "LE N 20", of course, with an article, and it will take you to the magical world of Périgord - magical that is if you like foie gras and truffles).
Autoroutes are toll roads, but RN are not.
Autoroutes are 'super freeways'.If you get on the autoroute, be sure that you know where you are going, because sometimes there are no exits for 10 kms(6,2 m)or more….
An RN can be like a freeway or like Rosecrans Blvd. I live on a RN - it sometimes gets quiet between 1:30AM and 5:30AM…
All the autoroute-like roads in the region of Brittany are RNs because part of Duchess Anne of Brittany's negotiations in the 17th century when Brittany became part ofthe Kingdom of France insured that there wound NEVER at any time in the future be toll roads in Brittany.
My sister lives in Alameda Co - I'm going to check on this "no articles before freeways in NoCal" - I find it hard to believe !


2007-12-29 10:57:28
176.   herchyzer
Down here in southern Arkansas the only freeway we have is "The Interstate", I30. The two lane roads with Arkansas highway designation that crisscross the state are called "number number number", such as "356", or depending on the town your from, "The Hope Highway", "The Lockesburg Highway", etc. The lesser roads that are outside of town, depending on the county are called things like "County Road 17". It takes about 8 of our counties to encompass the space of LA County.
2007-12-29 10:57:54
177.   Bob Timmermann
I believe descendants of Duchess Anne moved to South Pasadena and succeeded in getting the final gap of the 710 Freeway from ever being built.
2007-12-29 11:01:43
178.   Who Is Karim Garcia
The Vizios aren't part of the ad campaign with the creepy little girl.

I have a 37 inch Vizio that I purchased from Costco about 8 months ago.

The HD output is comparable to my 46 Samsung, but the blacks just don't seem to blend as well.

Still, its a great TV when coupled with HD service-- and my xbox360 looks great on it.

I believe you can get it for about 750 at costco still,

2007-12-29 11:03:19
179.   Bob Timmermann
California's counties have borders which were almost all set in the 19th Century (with the exception of Imperial and nobody should go there anyway). So the borders of the counties reflect what the Legislature thought would be a good way to balance out the population at the time. So there are a whole bunch of counties in the Sierras where hardly anybody lives.
Meanwhile, L.A. County has more people than Austria and is aiming to pass up Sweden.

And San Bernardino County is bigger than several U.S. states.

2007-12-29 11:08:26
180.   Bob Timmermann
So much for the creepy little girl creating brand awareness.
2007-12-29 11:19:39
181.   Humma Kavula
173 Did you feel guilty at all about getting the benefit of the store -- that is, the helpful employees -- without buying the TV from them?

Not saying you should feel guilty. Stores compete on price, and if a store can't compete with online retailers, that's not your problem.

On the other hand, this is why we don't have good bookstores anymore.

2007-12-29 11:23:15
182.   Bob Timmermann
I get all my paper from Dunder-Mifflin Infinity.
2007-12-29 11:39:59
183.   Greg Brock
I'd like to announce that I'm withdrawing my name from the UCLA coaching search.

It's a first-class institution, but I'm committed to building a winning U.S. History class. I wish them nothing but the best in their future.

2007-12-29 12:04:51
184.   Bob Timmermann
There's a registered letter for me from Vienna at the Post Office that I have to go pickup.

I think it came from the Prussian ambassador yesterday on the 2:30 autogiro.

2007-12-29 12:05:20
185.   popup
Jon, thanks for posting the great Koufax artwork. It does not seem possible that he will be 72 tomorrow. Sandy is the last person on earth I would expect to read a baseball blog, but at any rate, I would like to wish him a happy birthday and a very big thank you for all the enjoyment I got from watching him over the years.

Stan from Tacoma

2007-12-29 12:07:53
186.   fanerman
164 I'm a little late to the party but here's what I think. Plasmas don't come in 35" sizes, so you don't have to worry about the Plasma vs. LCD debate. I don't know too much about LCD's because I think plasmas look better (though LCD's are more convenient--less glare, no image retention--so they're better for most people).

If I needed to search for a TV myself, I'd go to AVSForum:

That forum answers should answer all of your questions. And the people there are probably more knowledgeable than your typical Best Buy CSR. You can create an account and make a new thread, though people would prefer that you use the search function first to find answers.

I'd do most of my research there and then buy the TV online or look for a deal from . I'd only buy an extended warranty if the TV I wanted had common defects/problems. Otherwise I wouldn't bother.

By the way, AVSForum is also a good site for a quick TV calibration after you successfully buy your TV. If you don't want to bother getting a calibration disc and calibrating your TV, you can just search for "settings and tweaks" threads for your particular TV model. Then you can just plug in the numbers for contrast, brightness, color, etc.

2007-12-29 12:14:19
187.   Greg Brock
I'm thinking of buying a Macbook today.

Somebody talk me out of it.

2007-12-29 12:24:36
188.   Bob Timmermann
Greg Brock now has a 96% approval rating from me.
2007-12-29 12:36:26
189.   Greg Brock
188 Who knew a Macbook could increase a guy's approval rating by 95%?


2007-12-29 12:59:24
190.   fanerman
And yes, Vizio's have LaDainian Tomlinson doing the commercials. DLP's have the creepy little girl that likes to talk about mirrors.
2007-12-29 13:03:34
191.   Bob Timmermann
AP reporting that Rick Neuheisel has been named UCLA's head coach.

Oh... boy ... exciting...

Yea... team....

2007-12-29 13:04:08
192.   fanerman
187 I haven't had much fun playing around with Macs so they work the way I enjoy them to work. I feel like I get more flexibility/control with Windows. I am a little into computers, but I am not a UNIX master.

If you want something that just works, the Macbook would be good. But I like Windows based computers more.

2007-12-29 13:12:27
193.   Bob Timmermann
Neuheisel announcement:

You people would know this stuff faster if you were watching the Meineke Car Care Bowl like I was.

2007-12-29 13:19:27
194.   trainwreck
I was watching and I heard it.

Wasted so much time, just to give it to Rick.

2007-12-29 13:26:51
195.   Bob Timmermann
The big question is: Does Milton Knox like Rick Neuheisel?
2007-12-29 13:26:58
196.   Greg Brock
Congrats, Rick. Now keep it clean and build a winner.

And dial it down with the sweater vests.

2007-12-29 13:32:21
197.   Bob Timmermann
Dan Guerrero did the equivalent of spending eight hours at the mall shopping for Christmas presents and then getting everybody a Starbucks card.

Worth $5.

2007-12-29 13:34:05
198.   Eric Stephen
I received a total of $90 in Starbucks cards this Christmas.

And I don't even drink coffee.

2007-12-29 13:34:09
199.   trainwreck
Big question for me is if we can keep Walker and Eric Scott around.

I want to keep Dean more than Knox.

2007-12-29 13:35:06
200.   trainwreck
Yeah, I just sell my Starbucks cards.
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2007-12-29 13:35:13
201.   Bob Timmermann
Brian Dohn reports that Walker is staying on.
2007-12-29 13:35:14
202.   Greg Brock
I wonder if the world's greatest defensive coordinator will now bolt for Seattle.
2007-12-29 13:38:12
203.   Greg Brock
201 You seem rather nonplussed with the hiring.
2007-12-29 13:39:09
204.   Bob Timmermann
They increase your regifting options. Or you can just get lemonade.
2007-12-29 13:40:31
205.   Bob Timmermann
In the past year, I have to come to dislike any coach that the guys at Bruins Nation like.
2007-12-29 13:44:00
206.   Andrew Shimmin
187- If you buy something a little less pretty, you can spend the four hundred dollars you save on hookers and blow. That way you'll have hookers, blow, and a computer, instead of just a computer.
2007-12-29 13:44:39
207.   Greg Brock
206 It's like you're reading my mind.
2007-12-29 13:55:32
208.   trainwreck
If we can keep Walker and Scott, we would have one of the best recruiting staffs in the country.
2007-12-29 13:56:17
209.   berkowit28
181 Yes, I did. If it had been just $100 or so, even $150-200, more at the local shop I would have got it from them. But $600 difference was just too much. I wasn't aware of the huge price differential until after I had decided which TV I wanted. On top of that, the local place still would have had to order it in themselves (the one I saw there was a larger model than I wanted) - it would have taken 3 weeks or so longer plus $600 more.

I usually buy books at my local independent bookstore. But for technical books they don't carry in stock, I'll buy online.

2007-12-29 13:57:59
210.   berkowit28
187 Macs are much better. Buy the MacBook. You won't regret it.

It'll be nice when we can get back to baseball.

2007-12-29 14:04:28
211.   Greg Brock
So, Walker would be leaving a good program with a fine recruiting head coach and head to Seattle? A team with a head coach on the hot seat and a losing record?

He may leave in a snit, but it would be a very dumb move on his part. Unless he expects Willingham to get the axe and to be a candidate for that job.

I'd like him to stay, but not to the point of holding the university hostage.

2007-12-29 14:05:36
212.   dzzrtRatt
185 What kind of blog would Sandy Koufax read?

Also, what do you suppose Sandy Koufax dreams about?

2007-12-29 14:29:18
213.   Bob Timmermann
I have picked up the mysterious certified letter from Vienna.

I have information that someone may try to assassinate Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo.

2007-12-29 14:33:05
214.   Greg Brock
213 I wouldn't worry about it.

I reject those sort of dire prognostications on Princip-le.

2007-12-29 14:36:30
215.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Get the MacBook.

I'm thinking of selling my 20" iMac in order to get a MacBook and get more mobile.

Do it, Greg Brock.

2007-12-29 14:40:14
216.   Bob Timmermann
Karl Dorrell was known to dislike MacBooks.
2007-12-29 14:43:50
217.   Andrew Shimmin
I think it's funny that Brock can't get anybody but me to follow his directions. His class must be a madhouse.
2007-12-29 14:47:15
218.   Greg Brock
So far that's three votes for the Macbook and one vote for hookers and blow.

So it's a tie game.

2007-12-29 14:47:40
219.   D4P
Hard to believe a team could believe that hiring Rick Neuheisel is a "good" idea.
2007-12-29 14:55:37
220.   Dodgers49

Q. If Jason Schmidt is healthy, the Dodgers' rotation looks formidable. Two questions: How does a team plan for the near future with such a significant question mark, and what are the chances that Schmidt returns to form? After all, he is young enough.
— David Nadel, Encino, Calif.

A. The Schmidt question sure is an important one for the success of the 2008 Dodgers, David. But the signing of Hiroki Kuroda has taken away some of the urgency for Schmidt to return to form. With Kuroda joining Brad Penny, Chad Billingsley and Derek Lowe, plus Esteban Loaiza, the Dodgers won't have to rush Schmidt back. When and if Schmidt is ready, Loaiza would become expendable, assuming the other four starters are healthy. And if Schmidt can't bounce back in 2008, you could do a lot worse than Loaiza as your fifth starter.

We won't really know for sure about Schmidt's progress until spring training and game competition. You're right, Schmidt turns 35 in January, so it's not as if he should be at the end of his career. He will pitch again; the question is, when will he be 100 percent, and at what level will he pitch — No. 1-2 starter, or more likely, a No. 3-4? He had shoulder surgery (to repair a torn labrum), and that is more serious and involves more recovery time than elbow surgery.

2007-12-29 15:10:27
221.   natepurcell
If you buy something a little less pretty, you can spend the four hundred dollars you save on hookers and blow. That way you'll have hookers, blow, and a computer, instead of just a computer.

Speaking of hookers and blow, I'm leaving for Vegas tomorrow for a festive New Years bash.

pray for my safe return.

2007-12-29 15:18:05
222.   D4P
I found out today that a single fortune cookie has 210 calories.

That's crazy.

2007-12-29 15:29:21
223.   Bob Timmermann
And yes, fortune cookies are set off compared to all the other extremely healthy parts of Chinese food.

Everything in moderation.

2007-12-29 15:41:25
224.   D4P
I've seen "nutrition" charts for Chinese restaurants, in which multiple dishes have well over 1,000 calories in them.
2007-12-29 15:54:41
225.   popup
(212) I doubt that Sandy has a computer. By all accounts he leads a quiet, out of the limelight life. I don't see him as someone who would chat online, or offline either for that matter. As far as his dreams, who knows? I imagine baseball has a role in his dreams. You can't play the game for as long and as well as he did and not have it intrude in your subconscious.

Stan from Tacoma

2007-12-29 15:58:38
226.   Marty
I've heard fortune cookies were invented in Los Angeles.
2007-12-29 16:16:33
227.   Andrew Shimmin
Gerald Ford had a computer.
2007-12-29 16:31:26
228.   Uncle Miltie
Rick Neuheisel...what was UCLA thinking with this hire? Talk about taking a step back. Karl Dorrell was a mediocre coach, but at least he cleaned up the program. UCLA fans no longer have the right to criticize Pete Carroll for his shady recruiting tactics.
2007-12-29 16:34:59
229.   scareduck
164 , 186 - and now for your regularly scheduled run of Electronics Thoughts...

Direct drive LCD is the only place you want to go in that area. All the makers have very nice products, but I have found that those sporting 120 Hz refresh are so far superior to the others (especially for sports, hint hint) that it is a must-have feature. We recently bought a 65" Sharp with 120 Hz refresh and it is da bomb.

Plasma sucks anywhere from 50-200% more power than a comparable LCD flat panel. Plasma contains many little cells of gas which will eventually work its way out of the glass it is encased in, thereby slowly destroying the picture. There is a little-presented specification for plasma TVs known as time-to-half-brightness. Plasma's big advantage over LCD used to be response time, but the newer LCDs are effectively just as fast as plasmas; about the only place where plasma beats LCD is black registration (LCDs are said to still have trouble getting really black blacks), but in practice I've never noticed this.

There are some interesting new display technologies that will see the light of day soon -- OLED being the most prominent -- but until we actually get products, I can't recommend anything.

If you don't mind buying relatively obsolete technology, you should be able to get a tremendous deal on Sony LCD rear-projection TVs right now. Sony has discontinued that entire technology and announced this week they will shut down their entire line. We have had a 42" Sony rear-projection HDTV for three years now and love it.

As to the buying... I went to the "king of big screens", Paul's TV in La Habra. Don't waste your time; they don't carry Sony (and from memory, several other prominent brands). We ended up buying our Sony HDTV from Ken Crane's (also where we ended up buying our home theater). With the big TV's, your best bargains will be online, partly because the out-of-state retailers can sell to you without sales tax. We bought our Sharp from PC Video Online in New York, and while it took seemingly forever to get to us, part of that was caused by the trauma of moving (electronics retailers won't ship to an address that doesn't match that on the credit card for security reasons, and we hadn't changed our credit card address yet).

187 - Both I and my wife have MacBook Pro's and love them. Highly recommended.

2007-12-29 16:36:54
230.   scareduck
229 - I should add that for the larger plasmas, it is not unheard of for customers to run another power circuit just for the TV because of overload issues. Of course, this is for the largest of the large, but still.
2007-12-29 16:50:19
231.   D4P
I remember loathing Neuheisel when he was with Washington. The guy's a jerk.
2007-12-29 16:55:56
232.   Bob Timmermann
Neuheisel's hiring inspired the site to shut down. Neuheisel is heartily approved by UCLA message board fireaters.
2007-12-29 16:59:28
233.   fanerman
229 You're right about plasma phosphor dimming and the extra power usage, but LCD's also use a lot of power (the ones I did look at anyway). I think rear projection uses the least amount of power, but they have bulbs that need to be replaced. I myself have a Sony SXRD (with 120 Hz refresh) that I think looks great and has better blacks than LCD, but they still don't approach blacks in plasmas (or good CRT's). But I think the picture still looks better than LCD's I've seen.

As I said, because of the size of TV in question, plasmas are out of the question anyway.

I wouldn't recommend an LCD rear projection TV because I much prefer DLP and LCoS (Sony's SXRD is an example of LCoS). However, I don't think there are any DLP's or LCoS TV's that are in the 35" range.

2007-12-29 17:00:40
234.   Bob Timmermann
D4P's favorite team about to kick off.

Yesterday at the movies, there was an ad to raise money to help restore Ellis Island. Joe Montana was featured in it.

2007-12-29 17:38:23
235.   Kingmans Performance

Very interesting American history from the families who passed through at E.I.

Worth more than a look.

2007-12-29 17:41:48
236.   D4P
I've seen that ad. It made me realize how seldom I actually see Joe these days. He seems to stay out of the spotlight.
2007-12-29 17:43:53
237.   Daniel Zappala
I'm very happy with my 47" Vizio LCD that I got from Costco. Even happier now that I have a Blu-ray player hooked up to it. Stunning.

Be prepared to dislike any shows not shown in HDTV.

2007-12-29 17:46:06
238.   Jon Weisman
So, I find myself watching this game. Football can be fun in small doses.
2007-12-29 17:46:50
239.   D4P
I might turn it on at the end, if the Giants are winning.
2007-12-29 17:51:45
240.   D4P
We've made it through both seasons of "Big Love" in about 2 weeks, and are set to watch the season 2 finale tonight.

Great show.

2007-12-29 17:53:38
241.   Jon Weisman
2007-12-29 18:48:23
242.   scareduck
235 - one of my favorite stories about Ellis Island was how Larry Ellison's adoptive father changed his name to match the place he came through. (Also to hide the fact that he was a Jew, but those were much different times.)
2007-12-29 18:48:38
243.   scareduck
241 - ???
2007-12-29 19:02:04
244.   scareduck
233 - I seem to remember that the bulb on our Sony was rated for something like 20,000 hours, but don't quote me on that.

179 - I know that Orange County seceded from Los Angeles County in 1889, but I would be interested to hear whether claims to Santa Ana River water formed a basis for doing so.

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