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The Next Generation of Hershiser
2008-03-18 07:02
by Jon Weisman

I'm at least third in line (behind 6-4-2 and True Blue L.A.) in pointing this out, but USC's baseball team boasts one Jordan Hershiser, a pitcher/first baseman and son of the famous poker player Orel.

Jordan Hershiser graduated from high school in Texas before coming west for college. In this, his freshman season, he has allowed three runs (two earned) on five hits and two walks in 4 2/3 innings, with three strikeouts. He has also hit three batters.

He was born September 15, 1988. What a month for Orel that was ... I guess someone has to come home while he was pitching.

2008-03-18 07:32:12
1.   Jon Weisman
According to Wikipedia, Orel V graduated from Baylor in 2007 with a degree in film and digital media.
2008-03-18 07:39:45
2.   Hythloday
Do we get automatic draft rights to the kid? Shouldn't there be some rule about that?
2008-03-18 07:43:52
3.   old dodger fan
2 If there was, we would not have Preston Mattingley.
2008-03-18 07:46:14
4.   Disabled List
Just going from memory, I believe the day after Jordan Hershiser was born (Sept. 16) was Orel's birthday, and also the date of Tom Browning's perfect game vs. the Dodgers.

What a month, indeed.

2008-03-18 08:04:46
5.   LogikReader
I still wonder if anyone will ever break Hershiser's unprecedented scoreless innings streak.

I remember very well focusing on one of Brandon Webb's starts last year thinking, "if he gets this game he could be on his way to breaking it." Sure enough, he gave up a couple of runs in the first three innings.


I'm still concerned about D4P. He's been MIA. If anyone can get a hold of him, let him know there's an In-n-Out near the embarcadero!

2008-03-18 08:16:23
6.   Marty
I don't know if unprecedented is the term I'd use since Drysdale threw 58 2/3 scoreless 20 years earlier.
2008-03-18 08:21:55
7.   cargill06
ok let me get this out of the way, in the words of seth greenburg anyone who ever writes off tiger words is certifibly insane.
2008-03-18 08:24:18
8.   Bumsrap
Speaking of next generations, I wonder if Preston's future with the Dodgers will add significance to he being the one to hit the last homerun at DodgerTown?
2008-03-18 08:24:58
9.   Bob Timmermann
And 20 years after Hershiser, Webb gave it a ride. Watch out in 2028.
2008-03-18 08:31:39
10.   LogikReader

I guess "unprecedented" is strong, but certainly the achievement is incredible.

2008-03-18 08:34:51
11.   Disabled List
Back in 1988, Drysdale's record had stood for 20 years. I was 12 at the time, and 20 years earlier might as well have been the 19th Century. 1968 just sounded so prehistoric. And now Orel has held the record for 20 years, just as long as Big D. Wow.

All the "20th Anniversary of 1988" moments that we're gonna be doing this year are really gonna make me feel old.

2008-03-18 08:35:08
12.   Bumsrap
Of those position players on the bubble, which three are most likely to make the team on opening day?


If Abreu is healthy I think he wins over Martinez. If Kent and Nomar are still not ready I think Dewitt has a chance to play a couple of weeks of the season.

2008-03-18 08:36:07
13.   blue22
Does anyone remember the name of the kid that pitched at one of the local colleges here (I'm think either Pepperdine or Fullerton) who basically emulated Hershiser on the mound, from his leg kick, his uniform number, even the way he walked back to the dugout. It was maybe 10-15 years ago. From what I remember, he had some talent...I'm just wondering if he ever became anything.
2008-03-18 08:36:50
14.   Bob Timmermann
Drysdale had broken a record that was much older than 20 years.
2008-03-18 08:38:38
15.   Sushirabbit
For two days I've had the pleasure of watching my 6 year old re-start the season, even on a little league field I get energized, emotional, reflective. He's got a kind of focus, I guess he's worried about doing well, or looking good, or whatever, but Sunday after he hit well a few times, I walked over and asked him if he was having fun. "Yeah Daddy" I said, "It's ok to smile when you're having fun, you know." And he smiled that smile. Then yesterday he was playing catch with another coach and he was really getting catching the ball for the first time. And he was smiling. Makes me feel very blessed.

Anyway, I get the Pierre frustration, and the Freethier! love, but I have to say I'm happy the start of the season is getting closer and closer. I'm trying to practice what I preach to my kid: don't forget about all the things going right when your working to improve one (wrong) aspect of your game.

(just a long winded way of seconding whoever said Pierre's the only glaring issue)

2008-03-18 08:39:11
16.   blue22
12 - Is there really 3 spots open? I'd say Young and Abreu are locks, with Hu getting a spot if either Kent or Nomar are on the DL. Then again, I wouldn't be surprised if Ramon survives either. Are Dewitt and/or Martinez on the 40-man right now?
2008-03-18 08:39:51
17.   blue22
16 - Uh, how about are there really 3 spots open?
2008-03-18 08:40:50
18.   JoeyP

19 years after Hershiser.

2008-03-18 08:42:15
19.   Bumsrap
Glaring issues also include Kent and Nomar looking older, Bills, Lowe, Kiroda not looking ready yet, Abreu a big ?, and, well, Pierre.
2008-03-18 08:43:14
20.   blue22
Looks like old friend Willie Aybar won the thirdbase job in Tampa, meaning Evan Longoria will start the year in AAA.

So both Longoria and Jay Bruce, the two top prospects in the majors, won't start the year in the bigs.

2008-03-18 08:44:47
21.   Jon Weisman
KDOC will broadcast Cal State Fullerton's NCAA tournament game,1,5520040.story

2008-03-18 08:45:48
22.   Bumsrap
And Bruce might be more of a corner outfielder and Dusty does like Pierre.
2008-03-18 08:45:51
23.   Jon Weisman
13 - Yeah, I do. Who was it again?
2008-03-18 08:46:32
24.   blue22
12 - "Repko is a quality player," said bench coach Bob Schaefer. "You can only have a 25-man roster. If you could go farther, then we could be talking. [But] you can only keep four outfielders the way it looks right now.",1,5458195.story?track=rss

So looks like Repko is in AAA, and Delwyn Young is an "infielder".

2008-03-18 08:47:32
25.   overkill94
20 That's still only speculation by their local beat writer. I have a hard time believing they'd hand the job over to Aybar considering he didn't play at all last year and wasn't exactly a stud before that.
2008-03-18 08:48:20
26.   Bob Timmermann
21 - The spirit of Greg Bunch will be revisited!

Mr. Bunch is still with us.

2008-03-18 08:52:21
27.   Jon Weisman
Arizona pitcher Bill Murphy (remember him) has a sleeper pick for the NCAA tournament: UCLA.
2008-03-18 08:52:56
28.   regfairfield
20 There's no reason for Longoria to have the job before May. The Rays are punting this season, no sense of burning up a year of service time for it.

I'd also argue that Jay Bruce isn't ready yet, in addition to the above.

2008-03-18 08:54:43
29.   Jon Weisman
Jason Johnson was reassigned, writes Tony Jackson.
2008-03-18 08:56:21
30.   Jon Weisman
Takashi Saito are Nos. 1 and 2 on this list:

2008-03-18 09:01:08
31.   LogikReader

Great gesture. Even without it, local fans could go to to watch any games for free.

Still bitter about UCSB not making it, I wonder what would have happened then?

2008-03-18 09:02:09
32.   Bob Timmermann
For those not scoring at home, this is jury duty number six for me and the first time I have repeated a courthouse.
2008-03-18 09:03:10
33.   StolenMonkey86
2 ,3 - For that matter, the Brewers wouldn't have Tony Gwynn Jr either.
2008-03-18 09:03:57
34.   StolenMonkey86
32 - That's the cost of voter registration.
2008-03-18 09:05:22
35.   Bumsrap
33 - Unless Dad gets to bring his son with him where ever he goes.
2008-03-18 09:07:56
36.   JoeyP
I think Longoria should come up as soon as he can help. Getting ABs against MLB pitching will help him refine his skills faster than keeping him in the minors.

The oppy cost is he gets to become a free agent in 2014 instead of 2015.

I doubt any GMs are going to be looking that far ahead, when their job security is on the line in the present.

2008-03-18 09:08:56
37.   blue22
23 - Love the Googles. It was Patrick Ahearnes out of Pepperdine, who won the clinching CWS game against CS Fullerton (feat. Phil Nevin) in 1992. Yikes that was a long time ago. Guess he got a cup of coffee with Detroit in 1995, and is now 37 years old.

Here's the NY Times article:

2008-03-18 09:28:45
38.   Sushirabbit
32, maybe the judge can't make the 12:15 April 3rd event.
2008-03-18 09:28:57
39.   Jon Weisman
37 - Ah, yes.

New post up top.

2008-03-18 09:50:42
40.   Eric Stephen
Since this is the year of the "20th anniversary of [key moment in 1988]", we should have various dates to celebrate throughout the season.

We already missed the 20th anniversary of the eye black incident. That was March 3.

Other key moments and dates (I'm sure I forgot some):

June 1: Drafted Tommy Lasorda's godson in the 62nd round of the MLB draft
June 6: Signed Raul Mondesi as an amateur free agent
June 18: Signed Pedro Martinez as an amateur free agent
July 6: Franklin Stubbs grand slam off Todd Worrell
July 14-17: 5-game sweep in Wrigley
August 9: Don Sutton starts his final game, at Riverfront Stadium
August 13: Pinch-hitter Tim Leary singles with the bases loaded to beat the hated Giants
August 16: Pedro for Tudor (T4P?)
August 20: "The ball gets by Santovenia..."
August 30: Hershiser beats Montreal, gives up his final run of the regular season in the 5th inning when Dave Martinez drives in Tim Raines
September 16: Rookie Tim Belcher fires a 3-hitter, loses
September 26: Dodgers clinch in San Diego, in a game started by Fernando (his first game since July)
September 28: Hershiser goes 10 scoreless to pass Big D

2008-03-18 11:06:38
41.   scareduck
Hey, thanks for the link, Jon. I haven't been doing much this offseason (I haven't written a preseason preview in a couple years now), so it's good to see somebody's still reading me. Long Beach State is off to one heck of a good start, 12-3 now on the young season. They're playing Tony Gwynn's San Diego State team tonight, and if they'll let me I'll take some pictures. (I got some flak for it last time because some bozo was selling pictures and so they banned cameras with lenses longer than 3". Imagine! I do have a little pull at the athletics department, so we'll see about that.)

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