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What'd I Say?
2006-06-17 07:48
by Jon Weisman

From the Dodger Thoughts 2006 Spring Training Primer, February 8:

Takashi Saito, P: This year's Norihiro Nakamura, pitching side. A 36-year-old (on Valentine's Day) pitcher with a 3.82 ERA in Japan last season doesn't excite.

Ramon Martinez, IF: Do we really need to force the Dodgers' original Ramon Martinez to compete in the team encyclopedia with a 33-year-old infielder who OPSed .639 last year?

Aaron Sele, P: The Ghost of Scott Erickson. The 35-year-old hasn't had a major-league ERA below 5.00 since 2002, and he barely strikes out a batter every three innings.

I still think that Sele will go the Brett Tomko route, and that Martinez's high batting average is a fluke. But for now, these were three whiffs.

Some that I got less wrong:

Lance Carter, P: There's nothing particularly distinguished about Carter, but the quotes from Colletti upon his acquisition last month indicate the GM's strong belief in him. It's hard to believe Jonathan Broxton isn't better, but ...

Jonathan Broxton, P: Odds are that with so many veteran relievers on the team now, Broxton will have to go to AAA, where he can work on his control. But he shouldn't be down long - if at all.

Hong-Chih Kuo, P: His strikeout potential is phenomenal. Ideally, he'll be healthy and ready to go after major league hitters. The last thing the Dodgers should probably do is waste his healthy innings in Las Vegas. But he'll have to prove to manager Grady Little that he's ready to get out major leaguers on a daily basis.

Andre Ethier, OF: A left-handed hitter, he could challenge Repko for the temporary last outfield slot, but more likely would be first in line if another outfielder stumbles after April 1.

Cody Ross, OF: Ross had a terrible cup of coffee with the Dodgers in 2005, wasn't really a knockout in Las Vegas, and is perhaps tainted by association with Paul DePodesta (as one of his earliest scavenger prizes). But Ross has some power, so he could represent a more interesting threat off the bench than Repko.

Russell Martin, C: There's every reason to assume that Martin will tear it up in Vegas, positioning himself for a callup the moment Navarro falters or Alomar is proved unnecessary.

Chad Billingsley, P: Still 21, he'll collect more seasoning at the outset, but he should get his first taste of the bigs this year unless he implodes.

Joel Guzman, IF-OF: The exciting prospect will also eye the major league injury report while discovering his new position, whatever that is. For our part, we'll be watching his plate discipline.

James Loney, 1B: There isn't any reason to think Loney will have a major-league impact in 2006, but there isn't any rush for him to. He's on track for 2007.

Matt Kemp, OF: A true outfield prospect, it's not impossible that the 21-year-old Kemp could be the first of the 2005 Vero Beach Dodgers to make the bigs.

* * *

Dodger Thoughts Night at Dodger Stadium, Friday, June 23

* * *

Tonight's Game

Comments (573)
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2006-06-17 07:58:06
1.   Bob Timmermann
I'm sure everyone is sleeping in today.
2006-06-17 08:13:01
2.   Marty
I'm just getting around to noticing the Dodger Thoughts group hug for the 23rd. I'm sorry I'll have to miss it.
2006-06-17 09:05:10
3.   Jon Weisman
2 - I'm sorry you won't be there too, Marty.
2006-06-17 09:07:10
4.   Sushirabbit
I can't believe my wife said "Yeah, go to LA to see the game"... still unless I can find cheap air-fare, not likely to happen. It's possible I can get some last minute deal with Southwest, but if not I will be there in spirit.

As far as surprises, I'm a little surprised at how well Nomah! has been doing, real surprised that Lofton as been as good as he has (major defensive flaws not withstading), and I'm happy we got what little we could out of the back three of the rotation. So are we going after James Sheilds or anyone else?

2006-06-17 09:19:14
5.   tjshere
I'm impressed. Spring training predictions are generally a crapshoot, so to make such an accurate analysis of so many different players is rare. Nice job, boss.

If anyone is interested, Jayson Stark has a pretty good rundown on who may be available to help - and who may not be - in the coming month.

2006-06-17 09:28:36
6.   Louis in SF
Jon, what was your prediction for Brent Tomko? Do we think he is ever going to come back up or is he now headed to the bullpen as well. He finished his season last year with the Giants in the bullpen. If Sele comes back down to what many including myself thought he would be, we will be in big trouble. Is there anybody from a pitching side who could start in Triple A. Don't know if Hahanrahn is ready...In watching Kuo last night, despite his wildness he has amazing stuff, if he can ever master his control and perhaps get one more pitch, I think he would be a great starter-but he is ticketed to relief?
2006-06-17 09:42:16
7.   thinkingblue
Jon, what is Brett's batting average against with balls in play, and how much higher is it than league average, and his career?
2006-06-17 09:44:25
8.   thinkingblue
By the way, where do Mattingly/Morris/Kershaw (when signed) go now?
2006-06-17 10:03:17
9.   sakesake

Morris and Kershaw will go to Ogden and Mattingly will start off in the GCL

2006-06-17 10:11:52
10.   dzzrtRatt
Below are the pitchers Stark thinks could be gotten via trade mid-season. I don't see anyone who would make me want to give up any of our blue chip prospects. Does anyone else?

Jeff Weaver, Rodrigo Lopez, Bruce Chen, John Thomson, Jason Johnson, Kyle Lohse, Victor Santos, Kip Wells, Oliver Perez, Odalis Perez, Glendon Rusch, Ramon Ortiz, Jeremy Affeldt, Elmer Dessens, Roberto Hernandez, Salomon Torres, Damaso Marte, Chris Reitsma, Rudy Seanez, Joe Borowski.

Greg Maddux isn't on the list, but Stark's story discusses him. I do think that's one name worthy of consideration.

2006-06-17 10:18:44
11.   Marty
Well, I did make it to the Adam Dunn scouting expedition last year. So I had the pleasure of meeting Icaros, Rob, Vishal, Bigcpa, ddger, Jim Hitchcock, deburns and the suffering one. I'm sure you guys will have a high old time. Hopefully someone has a Phillipes dip before the game!
2006-06-17 10:20:09
12.   Marty
10 So, just about every Pirate starter is in play.
2006-06-17 10:33:31
13.   dzzrtRatt
Looks like Jim Tracy wants to put his players in a position to succeed--with a better team and for a better manager.
2006-06-17 10:54:55
14.   JoeyP
League Average BABIP: .290
Tomko's BABIP= 93/(((77.7*3)-46+93))= .332

I'm not sure if this can be considered bad luck however, since Tomko has given up 14HRs in 77.7 IP. He's just a really bad pitcher. The only thing he does well is not walk people. But the K rate/HR's allowed are terrible. Not just this year, but for his entire career. Really really useless bad signing.

2006-06-17 11:06:26
15.   Bob Timmermann
Lance Cormier is starting for the Braves today.

Lo how the mighty have fallen.

2006-06-17 11:25:41
16.   Blu2
With the dearth of good pitching out there, maybe converting Loney back to pitching might not be a bad idea... I still wouldn't give a long term contract to a player though, burned too many times. Say we give a good pitcher a $10 million one year deal. If he's just OK, doesn't stink, same deal second year; if he falters again, 20% paycut or new pitcher. If he does well the first year, 20% raise; he does well again, another 2 or 3 million raise. Sort of like Furcal's 3 for $39 instead of 5 for $50. Being able to cut loose a player when he loses it, and paying a little more as long as he performs, is far preferrable to risk having to eat 3 or 4 years of garbage.
2006-06-17 11:35:11
17.   DXMachina
16 - I doubt very much that any reasonably good pitcher would accept a one year deal, unless it was a situation where he's coming back from an injury like Nomar. The only pitcher you're likely to get otherwise is Jeff Weaver.

At least we're paying less for two years of Tomko than we would've for one year of Weaver.

2006-06-17 11:48:01
18.   Gen3Blue
Unfortunately there is no way I can be on the west coast on June 23.

On a more pracical level, I just realized we won't get any D's games the whole weekend in the east. Damn.

DT primer was pretty good with the pleasant exceptioon of Saito(and possibly Martinez).

2006-06-17 11:53:38
19.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
I wouldn't mind Maddux in the rotation. In DS, his numbers would look a bit better, and he'd be better than our other options, especially if Sele eventually implodes.

The question is, I suppose, what do we give up for him? Izturis, perhaps?


2006-06-17 11:55:47
20.   Gen3Blue
I'm very queasy about along term heavy contracts for a pitcher.
I would say its a Giant philosophy to avoid huge contracts built on one delicate arm, and they have done fairly well. Schmidt will be an interesting test.
Colletti may carry this opinion and I don't know if this is good or bad.
2006-06-17 12:28:50
21.   JoeyP
I dont understand the fascination with Greg Maddux.

#1. He has 4.82ERA and 1.33 WHIP. His numbers are on a decline over the last 3 seasons. I dont think his numbers would be better at DS. Wrigley Field isnt a problem for Greg Maddux. He has a 2.82 ERA at home. ON the road is where he's gotten shelled.

Cant we just go with a young guy rather than a veteran retread? Maddux is a hall of famer no question, but he's not very good anymore.

2006-06-17 12:42:20
22.   thinkblue0

you're right, but there isn't exactly much out there either. I wouldn't mind taking a shot at Oliver Perez....but at least you know what you're getting with Maddux and it probably wouldn't take much to get him...

2006-06-17 13:48:31
23.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 21

Sure, it's always better to go with a young guy with upside, but when the young guy with upside is DJ Houlton, I think I'll take Maddux over that.


2006-06-17 14:13:50
24.   ToyCannon
14 tickets left for Dodger Thoughts Game Day.
Make the effort to spend some time with Jon and bring your "Best of Dodger Thoughts" book to get autographed. Frank McCourt and his son will be dropping by to thank everyone at Dodger Thoughts for all the kind words they've said about him over the last 2 1/2 years.
2006-06-17 14:16:32
25.   natepurcell
Frank McCourt and his son will be dropping by to thank everyone at Dodger Thoughts for all the kind words they've said about him over the last 2 1/2 years.

I can't tell if that is sarcasm or not.

2006-06-17 14:16:36
26.   Vishal
i too would like to take a flyer on oliver perez. who do you think we'd have to give up for him? i wouldn't mind trading our o. perez for theirs. :)
2006-06-17 14:31:47
27.   JoeyP
If I was targeting one Pirates hurler, it'd probably be Ian Snell. Good k/rate, under 25 yrs old, looks like he's improving since the beginning of the year, and probably wont cost as much as their other bigger names (Duke, Oliver Perez).

The Cardinals might need an OF'er and may also be growing tired of Mulder. Mulder is an expiring contract, so he might be a nice pick up. You could offer him arbitration at the end of the season, and collect some very nice draft picks for him. Maybe Cruz,Ethier,Guzman for Mulder. With the year Mulder has had, and the liklihood he wont resign with the Cards, he might be a possibility.

2006-06-17 14:47:24
28.   Vishal
[27] but if he's cheap and effective, why would they get rid of him? oliver perez has been erratic but shows flashes of brilliance, so they might be frustrated with him.
2006-06-17 14:54:28
29.   Bob Timmermann
But will Jim Tracy receive applause from the crowd when he goes out to the mound to make his first pitching change when the Pirates come to mound?

I'm assuming he will. After all, Dodger fans boo Shawn Green, who really doesn't deserve the scorn he gets. And Dodger fans boo Steve Finley and that was when he was on the Angels.

2006-06-17 15:01:15
30.   trainwreck
Today's game starts at an odd time.

Btw, Aaron Afflalo is officially coming back to UCLA next year.

2006-06-17 15:04:14
31.   Bob Timmermann
I assume the A's wanted an early start time and wanted to avoid the Fox window for exclusivity.
2006-06-17 15:04:57
32.   Andrew Shimmin
Dave Roberts is down in Anaheim, going to be helped off the field. He slid, hard, into the concrete base of the wall. Looks bad.
2006-06-17 15:06:05
33.   Bob Timmermann
Solo homer by Anderson and a 2-run inside the parker homer by McPherson(!!!) give the Angels a 3-1 lead over the Padres.
2006-06-17 15:06:55
34.   Bob Timmermann
Ahh, that explains how McPherson could hit an inside-the-park home run to left.
2006-06-17 15:23:09
35.   trainwreck
Anyone else notice how the New York/Washington score was 9-11.
2006-06-17 15:24:36
36.   Ken Arneson
31 The A's always start their Saturday night games at 6:05. I don't know why. They only have Saturday night games against the teams that draw well: Giants, Yanks, Red Sox. I guess the Dodgers fall into that category.

I'd love to stay and chat more, but I'm about to leave for the game.

2006-06-17 15:31:42
37.   Jon Weisman
Angels gave up their DH today.
2006-06-17 15:31:53
38.   Bob Timmermann
The Mariners are putting up some big numbers against the Giants. They're up 8-0.

All the teams in the AL that I thought would be easy targets for the Dodgers are playing well now: Oakland, Minnesota, and Seattle.

At least we'll have the Angels.

2006-06-17 15:33:15
39.   Jon Weisman
This is the game chat thread.
2006-06-17 15:41:24
40.   Linkmeister
Curse you Prime Ticket (again).
2006-06-17 15:46:23
41.   trainwreck
Going to have to get MLB Package/Ticket, I think it is worth it. Of course, I have gotten it as a birthday gift two years in a row.
2006-06-17 15:52:36
42.   gcrl
the game is not on extra innings today (or tomorrow, for that matter)
2006-06-17 15:53:30
43.   gpellamjr
Lineup's out on insidethedodgers. I guess Grittle had to get Martinez into that lineup. How would they score without him? At least Ethier and Kemp are in the lineup at the same time.
2006-06-17 15:54:01
44.   Greg Brock
Bad news, kids. Tonight's home plate umpire is Jorge Larrionda.
2006-06-17 15:57:16
45.   gpellamjr
44 Okay, I'll bite.
2006-06-17 15:57:36
46.   Bob Timmermann
There will be about three people here who get that joke.
2006-06-17 15:58:55
47.   Andrew Shimmin
So, Willy Aybar is done starting. Those two errors cinched the deal, I guess. I was hoping it was just going to be a platoon, but now it looks like a full demotion to pinch hitter. Sad.
2006-06-17 15:58:56
48.   Greg Brock
46 That's what makes it funny.
2006-06-17 15:59:58
49.   gpellamjr
47 I just don't understand it. Very irritating. I'm disappointed with something about the lineup every day.

48 Cruel.

2006-06-17 16:01:22
50.   Vishal
[46] only three? that's disappointing
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-06-17 16:02:39
51.   the OZ
46 Is he going to give Russeldinho a red card?
2006-06-17 16:03:30
52.   Andrew Shimmin
I read the Griddle thread, so I'm one of the three. I've never been on the inside of an inside soccer joke.

Anybody want to handicap Italy vs. Czech Republic? The whole thing ends when the U.S. gets eliminated, right? No more commercials with Bono? No more time for soccer sucked out of the local news sports segments?

2006-06-17 16:04:59
53.   Greg Brock
52 I don't like your tone. You are ejected.
2006-06-17 16:08:20
54.   Bob Timmermann
Italy will beat the Czechs because the Czechs have lost all of their scorers and have a 2005 Dodger like lineup. There JD Drews and Milton Bradleys are gone and they are left with the Czech equivalents of Oscar Robles and Jason Phillips.
2006-06-17 16:09:10
55.   trainwreck
How does a guy who gets suspended for irregularities in South America, allowed to ref a World Cup game.
2006-06-17 16:10:15
56.   Gagne55
47- Consider that the starter is Derek Lowe. Bad infielders + Derek Lowe = Big Trouble.
2006-06-17 16:11:10
57.   Greg Brock
Bob, that is an outstanding way of summarizing the Czech situation. The layman (and baseball fan) should understand that.
2006-06-17 16:15:08
58.   Bob Timmermann

They have a higher tolerance for corruption in international soccer.

I've noticed that Dodger Thoughts lone Uruguayan has shown up yet to defend his countryman!

Of course, it's more amazing that we actually have a resident Uruguayan!

2006-06-17 16:15:32
59.   Greg Brock
Furcal, SS
Lofton, CF
Nomar, 1B
Drew, DH
Kent, 2B
Kemp, RF
Ethier, LF
Martin, C
Martinez, 3B
Lowe, P
2006-06-17 16:15:43
60.   Andrew Shimmin
54- So, you're saying they're scrappy? Plucky, perchance? Alright, no help there. But maybe Ghana is pretty good?
2006-06-17 16:18:54
61.   Greg Brock
58 I'm pretty sure he's laying low right now.
2006-06-17 16:24:14
62.   Steve
Derek Lowe made the Scott Erickson Defense cool.
2006-06-17 16:26:40
63.   Bob Timmermann
Scrappy doesn't get you far in sports. In any sport.

Right now, the oddsmakers have the US-Ghana match as 9/4 for Ghana, 2/1 for the US and 5/2 for a draw. Italy is 11/8 to win, the Czechs are 11/4 and a draw is 7/2.

For comparison purposes, Brazil is 1/4 to win tomorrow and Australia is getting 16/1 to win.

This same book has the A's at 23/20 tonight and the Dodgers at 5/4.

Odds are provided for entertainment purposes only.

2006-06-17 16:28:30
64.   JoeyP
Bad infielders + Derek Lowe = Big Trouble.

Then why is Furcal still at SS?
Lucille at 3rd kinda sucks. If they want his defense in there, put him at SS where not only is it a more premium defensive position that 3rd, but also Furcal's been struggling both with the bat and in the field.

Benchin Aybar is insane. At least put him at DH.

2006-06-17 16:29:27
65.   Greg Brock
Not to turn this into a soccer thread, but line of the day went to Eric Wynalda: "Players win games, coaches lose games, and referees ruin games." I give you Eric Wynalda, America's greatest footie analyst.
2006-06-17 16:31:15
66.   gcrl
my favorite quote of the last few days is ozzie guillen's comment about aj pierzynski: "when you play against aj, you hate him; when he's on your team, you hate him less." indeed.
2006-06-17 16:35:44
67.   gpellamjr
54 Stylistically, I would prefer "JDs Drew and Miltons Bradley". Of course, stylistically, I would prefer "sytlisticly".
2006-06-17 16:37:11
68.   thinkblue0
I don't really have a problem with today's lineup except for the absence of Aybar. Sure, Aybar isn't stellar defensively...but I'll still take him in our lineup over Martinez just about any day of the week. How are these guys supposed to get better when their playing time is so messed up? Give Aybar the starting job...if he stinks it up over a longer period then go ahead and bench him...but to bench him over a couple errors is ridiculous. If we're going by that logic Furcal should be benched too.
2006-06-17 16:37:40
69.   Greg Brock
67 Do you also prefer R'sBI and times out?
2006-06-17 16:38:50
70.   thinkblue0
I've always disliked aj pierzynski but there was one moment in particular that did it for me. I THINK it was against the Dodgers last year and he tried to lean into a pitch. He got his base...but not only did the ball NOT hit him, it was a freakin' strike. He literally just put his elbow over the middle of the plate.

I have a strong feeling that even most players dislike the guy. I don't think Barrett would have slugged anyone else...but since it was AJ he probably couldn't hold back.

2006-06-17 16:38:52
71.   Bob Timmermann
I use RBI as singular and plural.

And the plural of "timeout" is "timeouts."

I will accept no further dissent on these matters.

2006-06-17 16:38:54
72.   Linkmeister
54 But what if their goalkeeper throws a shutout?

My head hurts. If Italy-Czech Republic tie nil-nil, what happens to the Group?

2006-06-17 16:39:36
73.   gpellamjr
68 That's my problem. Everyday one of the best hitters is benched, except Furcal, who hasn't hit much this year. Now it seems Aybar isn't playing even against righties. I think Aybar is very exciting and will be very good for a lot of years.
2006-06-17 16:40:51
74.   trainwreck
I did not realize how fast Franklyn Gutierrez is.
2006-06-17 16:41:00
75.   Linkmeister
We don't know that Aybar is benched because of his errors yesterday. Maybe Little just thought he needed a day off.

Somebody in the neighborhood is spraying malathion or its equivalent around. If I slump over the keyboard mid-game, send an EMS vehicle.

2006-06-17 16:41:02
76.   thinkblue0

yeah, it's pretty confusing. The easiest way to look at it is this: we win and czechs lose we're in.

On a side note, I used to play on a club soccer team when I was a teenager as a goalie. Our coaches were former Argentina national players and you guys wouldn't believe how hard they can kick a ball...and they do it so smoothly too. They don't look like they're trying to kill it with their foot, it just jumps off and comes at you like a bat out of hell....I had numerous bruises to say the least...

2006-06-17 16:41:06
77.   Bob Timmermann
Depends upon the result of the USA-Ghana match if there is a tie in the other one.

If Ghana were to win, Ghana would win the group with Italy second.

If the US were to win, it would likely be Italy and the Czechs advancing unless the US scored a LOT.

The final matches are played simultaneously to avoid shenanigans.

2006-06-17 16:41:25
78.   natepurcell
FSL all star game just started. Kevin Slowey strikes out the side in the top of the first.
2006-06-17 16:42:05
79.   das411
HAHAHAHAHA Kamzir just gave up back to back HRs to Abraham Nunez and SAL FASANO!!!

Nate, super-prospect Scott Mathieson is also making his MLB debut in this game, just FYI.

2006-06-17 16:42:16
80.   gpellamjr
69 Although I have said that jokingly, I say "RBI" because the "R" there stands for "runs". I had a girl once who told me that we were "BFFs", I informed her that we were, rather, "BFsF if we are anything."

71 You and I, Bob, here agree. My tastes are strange, but right is right.

2006-06-17 16:43:21
81.   Greg Brock
72 If the Czechs and Italians tie, the US must win by four goals. The next tiebreaker is a combination of Shoe size, rock-paper-scissors, and a swimsuit competition. 40 times come into the equation somewhere.
2006-06-17 16:44:22
82.   DXMachina
64 Benchin Aybar is insane. At least put him at DH.

JD Drew is already there. Drew has to be hurting. This is what, three games in a row he hasn't played the field?

2006-06-17 16:44:27
83.   Linkmeister
' "I informed her that we were, rather, "BFsF if we are anything." '

And that relationship lasted how long? In my experience, pedantry and friendship don't mix.

2006-06-17 16:44:53
84.   Andrew Shimmin
75- His errors were two days ago. He did sit yesterday against Zito, but he's been pretty bad from the right side of the plate. Now he's sitting, for the second consecutive day, this time against a righty. And a fairly crappy righty. It's possible we're jumping the gun, but I'd be surprised.
2006-06-17 16:45:02
85.   Vishal
who's the DT resident uruguayan?
2006-06-17 16:45:35
86.   trainwreck
That is terrible fantasy news for me.

Gutierrez just gunned Weeks at the plate. He is showing off the five tools.

2006-06-17 16:45:46
87.   natepurcell
Did Smooth Sal Fasano stroke his 'stache as he rounded the bases?
2006-06-17 16:45:51
88.   Bob Timmermann
2006-06-17 16:46:08
89.   Linkmeister
77, 81 So what you guys are sayin' is, the US is toast barring another 1980 Lake Placid event.
2006-06-17 16:47:10
90.   thinkblue0

basically we HAVE to win and hopefully by a large margin...and the Czechs have to lose.

2006-06-17 16:47:50
91.   Bob Timmermann

No, not at all. I would say the US odds of advancing are about 33-40%

The US chances of advancing PAST the second round are similar to the chances of the Royals making a late surge to catch the White Sox and Tigers.

2006-06-17 16:47:55
92.   gpellamjr
83 I couldn't stand her from the beginning. We worked at a call center together raising money for the University at Buffalo (I was the greatest fundraiser of all time, by the way). She was one of three Sarahs who worked there and who actually were BFsF. We called them "The Three-Headed Monster", which eventually, unfortunately, became "The Three-Headed Puritan" because of certain political views expressed.
2006-06-17 16:48:10
93.   Vishal
ah, thanks bob.
2006-06-17 16:50:08
94.   thinkblue0
For the Americans to advance, they must defeat Ghana in their last game. In addition to beating Ghana, the U.S. team needs one of these scenarios to take place:

1. Italy defeats the Czech Republic.

2. Italy ties the Czech Republic 0-0 or 1-1 AND the United States beats Ghana by at least four goals.

3. Italy ties the Czech Republic 2-2 or with a higher score AND the United States beats Ghana by five or more goals.

4. Italy ties the Czech Republic 2-2 or with a higher score AND the United States beats Ghana by four goals AND the U.S. team scores at least three goals more than the Czechs do in their tie.

5. The Czech Republic beats Italy AND the total combined margin of victory for the Americans and Czechs is six or more.

6. The Czech Republic beats Italy AND the total combined margin of victory for the Americans and Czechs is five AND the U.S. team scores at least three goals more than the Italians do in their loss.

7. The Czech Republic beats Italy AND the total combined margin of victory for the Americans and Czechs is five AND the U.S. team scores exactly two more goals than the Italians do in their loss AND the Americans win a drawing of lots by FIFA.

2006-06-17 16:50:17
95.   Greg Brock
91 Considering we'd play Brazil in the second round, if we advance out of the group I will...Well, it involves the shaking and pouring of beverages over one's head.
2006-06-17 16:50:23
96.   Bob Timmermann

Check out the Australia-Brazil thread tomorrow, he'll pop up there. Australia knocked out Uruguay and I think he's vowed vengeance against the Aussies until the end of time.

2006-06-17 16:50:32
97.   Linkmeister
91 Hmm. Ok, then, I'll continue to watch. ;)

Speaking of toast:

Biscuit image creator:

2006-06-17 16:50:49
98.   Uncle Miltie
nate, what do you think of Jemile Weeks? He seems to have excellent plate discipline, but he's pretty different from his brother Rickie. I think he's a better defender, but he also seems to have less power. Rickie is a lot better built and I think is more talented player, but I like Jamile. Hopefully, he's there when we pick after his junior season. I have no idea why Karros compared him to Alex Cora. Cora is a better defender, but never had Weeks' plate discipline or speed.

This is pretty ridiculous that Aybar isn't playing against Saarloos. Let's hope that this is temporary (only because Lowe is pitching) because if Lucille becomes the starting 3B we are screwed and that would make Grits no better than Jimbo.

2006-06-17 16:51:55
99.   Bob Timmermann

And remarkably, that is easier to understand than the tiebreakers that were used at the World Baseball Classic.

Such as the one where Mexico could only advance in a 1-0 game that went into extra innings.

2006-06-17 16:52:43
100.   Linkmeister
94 Nice of you to put them in descending order of likelihood. I can't see much beyond US defeating Ghana and Italy defeating the Czechs as possible.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-06-17 16:53:09
101.   Bob Timmermann

And to get in on the ground floor, the site of the next USA match will lead to a flurry of headlines that will say things like

"Team USA faces judgment at Nuremberg"

2006-06-17 16:55:42
102.   thinkblue0

yeah I think that's really our only shot. I just don't see us scoring a gagillion goals against Ghana. So, I'll be an Italy fan come game time....I just find all the flopping eerily similar to that of the the game, don't fall down.

2006-06-17 16:56:56
103.   natepurcell
I like little Weeks. He has really nice, quick bat and excellent, strong wrists.
2006-06-17 16:58:28
104.   Greg Brock
102 When you have to run for 45 straight minutes without a timeout, even the opposition appreciates a little theatrics. Theatrics = break time.
2006-06-17 16:59:26
105.   Linkmeister
101 One would like to have Judge Jackson as one of the refs.
2006-06-17 17:00:10
106.   Bob Timmermann
My sister-in-law is taking her daughter, who is 7, to see the courtrooms at Nuremberg this weekend.

I would think that the Holocaust would be tough to explain to someone that young. I don't know when I first learned about it.

2006-06-17 17:01:06
107.   thinkblue0

true, but when you're getting yellow and red cards for that stuff it becomes ridiculous.

That's why I can't watch the NBA anymore...guys blatantly flop in front of hte refs and they still call it. I mean, NBA refs ruin literally EVERY game. It's just not fun to watch...not to mention their bad calls completely give the benefitting team all the momentum.

2006-06-17 17:01:43
108.   thinkblue0

I took an entire course in college just on the say it was depressing would be an understatement.

2006-06-17 17:10:54
109.   Linkmeister
106 Yeah, I'd imagine Anne Frank's Diary isn't assigned until the kids are 11 or 12 at least. 7 is awfully young, but details aren't really required. "Some important trials of very bad men took place here."
2006-06-17 17:12:08
110.   Greg Brock
108 They don't have emphases at UCLA, but a large part of my history degree was in Holocaust studies. Four classes, three taught by a Holocaust survivor. Looking back, I think I must have been a glutton for depression.
2006-06-17 17:12:17
111.   JoeyP
Saarloos really is horrible.
He's given up 12HRs in 56IP.
He has a 22/28 K/bb ratio.
If he's due for any luck, its that his HR's allowed should come down bc he does induce alot of ground balls. Still, he doesnt K anyone, so he's mainly a function of luck at this point. (to not have an ERA above 5.00)
The Dodgers should pound him tonite.
2006-06-17 17:13:06
112.   Bob Timmermann
My sister-in-law is a law professor and she's touring the courts with another law professor. They may have a different perspective on things.

If there any lawyers here, my sister-in-law teaches ethics and civil procedure. And she says civil procedure is fun!

2006-06-17 17:14:31
113.   thinkingblue
Nate, is it likely that our 10th round pick from Clemson will sign with us (I don't remember the spelling of his name, but it started D'), or go back to college?
2006-06-17 17:17:38
114.   trainwreck
My friend here (UCSB) took a film class, where they had to interview Holocaust survivors and make a documentary about it.

Read an interesting article in my film theory class about comparing Schindler's List to Shoah and how the director of Shoah criticized Spielberg.

2006-06-17 17:18:49
115.   thinkblue0

I have a history degree as CSULB one of my areas of emphasis was modern europe and I felt I had to take that class. Really insightful, great class...just a downer. Had a few survivors come in and speak...when we talk about stuff like the Holocaust it just seems like another world. So to have a survivor, someone who actually had to endure that stand in front of you is just mind boggling.

2006-06-17 17:19:25
116.   Sam DC
Baltimore just tied its game against the Mets on a Kris Benson HR off Pedro.

And the plural of Bigfoot is Bigfeet, right?

2006-06-17 17:20:15
117.   Greg Brock
Before the Stanley Cup game, the singer of "Oh, Canada" started the first five bars, and then stopped, and the entire crowd sung the rest. It was very, very cool.
2006-06-17 17:22:56
118.   Linkmeister
I wonder if anyone teaching Asian studies has survivors from Cambodia come in to talk to classes.

Or African studies and Rwandan survivors, or...

2006-06-17 17:23:09
119.   Bob Timmermann
Oh Canada! Terre de nos aïeux
Ton front est ceint de fleurons glorieux
Car ton bras sait porter l'épée
Il sait porter la croix
Ton histoire est une épopée
Des plus brillants exploits
Et ta valeur, de foi trempée
Protégera nos foyers et nos droits
Protégera nos foyers et nos droits

2006-06-17 17:23:23
120.   Sam DC
Today was a day where my wife got the organizing bug and handed me the kids, a backpack, and a bottle of water at 10 am and said "I don't care where you go -- do not return here until 6 pm." So I missed the big Nats comeback and the US staying alive match v Italy. Alas.

Overhead around 3 pm at the neighborhood pool: "Yeah, we just came from RFK. Damon hit a grand slam and we took off - it was already 9 [non-DT appropriate word] 2."

2006-06-17 17:24:50
121.   Sam DC
And finally, the closed captioning on my tv prints "Paula Do Ka" everytime a certain Mets catcher is mentioned in the telecast. I'm guessing he wouldn't like that.
2006-06-17 17:25:50
122.   Greg Brock
You didn't miss much in the US vs. Italia game. I was called very fairly, and there were no Americans players bleeding profusely. None whatsoever.
2006-06-17 17:27:19
123.   trainwreck
We actually talked about Cambodia in my class, but it was not an Asian studies class. It was actually history of television and my TA wanted to talk about Cambodia in regards to how bias our media coverage is.
2006-06-17 17:30:31
124.   Sam DC
Is it true that the Uruguayan official gave Matt Kemp a red card?
2006-06-17 17:30:55
125.   Linkmeister
123 If your TA didn't talk about the shuttering of many network overseas bureaus as the nets were bought up by conglomerates on cost-cutting binges, he/she missed part of that story.
2006-06-17 17:32:16
126.   Greg Brock
A guy from Paraguay fakes the fifth golden ticket, and a guy from Uruguay costs the United States a possible win over Italy. You can add the guay's to my "Dead to me" list.
2006-06-17 17:42:56
127.   thinkblue0
Adam Dunn is single handedly killing my team BA in my keeper league. Shouldn't that guy be able to hit around .250 or 60 by now?
2006-06-17 17:49:43
128.   natepurcell
elbert pitched his inning in the all star game. decent outing.

1IP 1h 0er 1bb 2k 22pitches- 12strikes

fb 94-95

2006-06-17 17:52:04
129.   natepurcell
Nate, is it likely that our 10th round pick from Clemson will sign with us (I don't remember the spelling of his name, but it started D'), or go back to college?

D'alessio is representing himself and right now he says its 50-50 he stays or signs the contract. The contract has already been mailed to him. We'll see what happens. I think he is worth more then 10th round money.

2006-06-17 18:12:15
130.   DaveP
anyone know the story on Joel Guzman? I see in the box today he got hit by a pitch in the first inning and came out of the game.

Why is Laroche out of the lineup for a second day in a row? Is he hurt?

2006-06-17 18:14:30
131.   natepurcell

guzman left the game witha HBP on the wrist/hand

laroche injured his shoulder diving for a ground ball a couple of games ago.

2006-06-17 18:15:45
132.   DaveP
131 - gracias
2006-06-17 18:16:29
133.   natepurcell
walk chavez, set up the double play.
2006-06-17 18:17:58
134.   trainwreck
Ken Macha must have been drunk when he came up with the A's lineup, but it is working as of now.
2006-06-17 18:17:58
135.   Vaudeville Villain
Why does Oakland have Adam Melhuse hitting third?
2006-06-17 18:26:00
136.   TheRedMenace
135- The local A's announcers said that Kotsay was a late scratch and Macha simply penciled Melhuse into Kotsay's spot.
2006-06-17 18:27:07
137.   Greg Brock
What did Kemp's double look like?
2006-06-17 18:27:31
138.   natepurcell
come on rookies, do damage!
2006-06-17 18:27:48
139.   JoeyP
Its a little easier for our rooks facing Saarloos than Zito. Quite a difference.

A's lineup isnt anything special without Kotsay, Frank Thomas, and Bradley.

2006-06-17 18:28:06
140.   natepurcell
What did Kemp's double look like?

line drive in the left center gap to the wall.

2006-06-17 18:28:31
141.   twerp
Any opinions on Houlton's probs? Several quality Dodger starts last year but ERA 5+. Curve supposedly his best pitch.

Story in spring had Koufax working with him and telling him every pitch needed to look the same coming out of his hand. Duh. Or maybe he thought all his pitches looked alike and Koufax picked up that they didn't....anyhow, what does he need to do?

Does the guy have a Dodger future? Couple items last year said he had good poise. Unfortunately, no stats for poise...but his 51s stats aren't real strong, even considering pitching there....

2006-06-17 18:28:40
142.   Greg Brock
Thanks Nate
2006-06-17 18:34:10
143.   natepurcell
was that Kemp's 2nd non homerun XBH?
2006-06-17 18:35:38
144.   Greg Brock
Yes, that's double #2 with no triples.
2006-06-17 18:36:43
145.   natepurcell
He sure doesnt beat around the bush does he...
2006-06-17 18:37:22
146.   trainwreck
We need to see some ex-Dodgers play in this series.
2006-06-17 18:38:18
147.   JoeyP
Lowe must have a great sinker working tonite.
5-0 GB/FB.
2006-06-17 18:38:51
148.   Greg Brock
Judging by gamecast, it's groundball city for Lowe tonight.
2006-06-17 18:41:48
149.   gpellamjr
THIS JUST IN: Dodger opponent does not make great defensive play on fly ball.

I think that's the first time this year.

2006-06-17 18:42:31
150.   Greg Brock
FYI, it's 2-0 Edmonton on a beautiful slap shot from inside the blue line. Nobody cares, but there you go.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-06-17 18:42:38
151.   natepurcell
furcal, 2 pitches, 2 slaps into the ground. boo.
2006-06-17 18:43:05
152.   JoeyP
This would be a nice spot for Kent's first homer of June.
2006-06-17 18:44:07
153.   natepurcell
This would be a nice spot for Kent's first homer of June.

how many ABs has kent had in june?

2006-06-17 18:46:22
154.   Greg Brock
2006-06-17 18:46:47
155.   JoeyP
18 so far.
2006-06-17 18:46:47
156.   Greg Brock
Now 17
2006-06-17 18:50:04
157.   JoeyP
Last year Lowe gave up 28HRs in 222IP.
This year Lowe has given up 5HRs in 92IP


2006-06-17 18:50:43
158.   DXMachina
157 - Last year his mind was elsewhere.
2006-06-17 18:51:23
159.   trainwreck
KCAL 9 really gives the important news.
2006-06-17 18:52:49
160.   JoeyP
Its weird. Lowe's K/BB ratio was actually better last year, than this year.

But his ERA is almost a full run lower now due almost entirely to not giving up as many homers.

2006-06-17 18:52:52
161.   Gen3Blue
Working with gameday again. Simultaneously, it is nice to watch the Rangers pound Arizona.
2006-06-17 18:54:22
162.   Greg Brock
He's just been a much better pitcher this year, all around. Lower WHIP, lower ERA, lower H/9
2006-06-17 18:56:01
163.   Gen3Blue
And St Louis beat Rockies. Final
2006-06-17 18:56:07
164.   Bob Timmermann
The Rockies just lost and the NL West is 0-3 today with the DBacks in serious trouble.

Old friend Bryan Corey pitching now for Texas.

2006-06-17 18:57:33
165.   Gen3Blue
Last year he wasn't keeping it Lowe.
2006-06-17 18:57:47
166.   DXMachina
Last year was an aberration as far as HRs went. He averaged 15 HRs/year from 2002-2004. He doubled that last year.
2006-06-17 19:00:10
167.   JoeyP
Looks like the Dodgers are the last chance for the NL West to win one today.
2006-06-17 19:00:33
168.   trainwreck
Ok that was a good play by Martinez. I guess I will say something nice about him.
2006-06-17 19:01:04
169.   Greg Brock
On an interesting note, the second Edmonton goal was scored by Raffi Torres. If you knew there was a Torres in the NHL, raise your hand.
2006-06-17 19:03:54
170.   trainwreck
Did anyone see when the Edmonton goalie went out so far to stop a shot? He left the net wide open. It was one of the dumbest mistakes I have seen a goalie ever do, but he got away with it.
2006-06-17 19:04:05
171.   Bob Timmermann

Raises hand.

2006-06-17 19:05:54
172.   Greg Brock
Old friend Bryan Corey just got the hook from Buck Showalter without recording an out. Runners on 1st and 2nd, one out for the DBax. Still 8-4 Rangers.
2006-06-17 19:06:25
173.   Gen3Blue
I don't know much about this Saarloos guy, but we better take a constonant and get into the bull-pen.
2006-06-17 19:07:08
174.   DXMachina
You can't stop Lucille, you can only hope to contain him.
2006-06-17 19:10:09
175.   b1ued0dger
...or catch him in a rundown
2006-06-17 19:10:35
176.   Uncle Miltie
what the hell. Lucille should have gone on Furcal's groundout, not Lofton's!
2006-06-17 19:11:01
177.   JoeyP
Nice execution
2006-06-17 19:11:51
178.   gpellamjr
174 The only way to stop him is bat him in front of Furcal and Lofton.
2006-06-17 19:12:25
179.   Uncle Miltie
Double steal time?

Kendall has suddenly turned into Yadier Molina this year with his arm though.

2006-06-17 19:12:33
180.   JoeyP
With two outs, why even worry about Lofton? If he steals 2nd, you just Int'll BB Nomar.
2006-06-17 19:12:52
181.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Be nice if JD hits a HR now. He's a bit overdue.


2006-06-17 19:14:52
182.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Pitch 4 - Foul (Runner Going)

Never seen that before on Gameday.

2006-06-17 19:14:59
183.   Bob Timmermann
Saarloos is one of the top Finns in the majors. I think Tim Harikkala is in the minors now.
2006-06-17 19:17:02
184.   Greg Brock
You forgot to sign your comment, Wayne. Don't let it happen again.
2006-06-17 19:17:16
185.   DXMachina
182 - I've seen it a number of times this season.
2006-06-17 19:17:34
186.   s choir
182 They always do that on Gameday. Look for it on 3-2 counts with 2 outs and a runner on 1st.
2006-06-17 19:21:06
187.   Uncle Miltie
Aybar should play tomorrow
"We like him out there with Derek Lowe on the mound," said Little, implying that he's more comfortable with Martinez's glove at third base for a ground-ball pitcher like Lowe than with Willy Aybar.

LaRoche has a tear in shoulder and right now they aren't sure whether he'll need surgery.

2006-06-17 19:23:10
188.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 184

Better than the typos my posts are plagued with.

Also in the Notes referenced by 187 is a non-update regarding Werth, who may go under the knife again. What a sad story--he seemed to have such promise, once upon a time.

LaRoche's tear isn't the same thing that ended Green's days as a premiere slugger, is it?


2006-06-17 19:23:54
189.   Vaudeville Villain
Every time I think that the A's are a well-built team, I see Marco Scutaro in the lineup.
2006-06-17 19:24:58
190.   Greg Brock
3-0 Edmonton, 16:02 left in the third.
2006-06-17 19:27:25
191.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Speaking of the post up-top and Green, I still remember Jon citing Will Carroll's prognosis that Green's days as a power hitter were done. I, like a lot of other readers, rose up in near revolt when Jon wrote that post a loooonnnng time ago. We were obviously wrong.

Just thought that since Jon's been talking about predictions, that old one should be brought up.

It's sad how Green now gets boos when he visits. A great hitter once, and a genuinely nice guy. I still support the trade, but it stinks to see a great player get old all of a sudden. Good for LAT's daughter to stick by him.

Same thing that happened with Nomo. I still remember seeing Nomo booed at Dodger Stadium when he get rocked by the Yanks his last season--my worst moment as a Dodger fan--seeing my favorite Dodger booed by the home team, while wearing his jersey.


2006-06-17 19:28:27
192.   Uncle Miltie
At least Furcal isn't Germany Smith, a guy who committed 7 errors in one game.
2006-06-17 19:29:06
193.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 189

Thomas is on the DL again, right? Maybe Oakland will make a move for Choi? I'd still like to see Hee Seop get a fair chance someplace.


2006-06-17 19:29:16
194.   Uncle Miltie
Kemp needs to steal here.
1. To boost his statistics
2. Ethier is up
2006-06-17 19:29:16
195.   Greg Brock
191 I agree, seeing Nomo booed was a low point.
2006-06-17 19:30:57
196.   Uncle Miltie
Like I said, Ethier continues to stink it up. This is more than a slump. This is a rookie who is clearly not ready to be in the majors. He needs more time in the minors to develop. His approach at the plate could really use some work.
2006-06-17 19:31:05
197.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Well, Kemp's confidence obviously didn't take a hit from 3 Ks last night.

Zito had some complimentary comments on Kemp. It's kind of funny, because Kemp's weren't as complimentary in return. He's got the confidence to be a big leaguer, that's for sure.


2006-06-17 19:31:50
198.   das411
169 - Hand raised

170 - That was AWESOME, but the anthem being sung by the crowd was even cooler!

What was that one franchise in sports history that had come back from down 3-1 to win a series before the 2004 BoSox?

And how many millions of times will we hear about them before Game 7?

2006-06-17 19:32:05
199.   Greg Brock
196 I think it's more along the lines of "Rookie tears it up early, scouting report gets out, and rookie must adjust to the adjustments."
2006-06-17 19:32:28
200.   Gen3Blue
183 Bob. I think he must be the top Finn now, handling our vaunted lineup like Tom Seaver.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-06-17 19:33:42
201.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 196

Give him a chance to adjust. Not everyone can be Kemp with regards to that. Besides, it's not as if Ethier's playing everyday now. I've been a big defender of Lofton's playing time around here, but I think Ethier still deserves to stay.

Kuo is the one who should go down for Izzy in my view. He still needs to work on his control.


2006-06-17 19:33:48
202.   Greg Brock
According to Gamecast, Kemp singled, and the A's were told to come in to hit. Wha happen?
2006-06-17 19:34:44
203.   Gen3Blue
191 You would have felt better to see Greens tape measure homer tonight.
2006-06-17 19:34:46
204.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
RE: 202

Ethier GIDP on the second pitch I think.


2006-06-17 19:35:37
205.   Greg Brock
198 I mentioned the "Oh, Canada" anthem earlier in the thread. Coolest...Anthem...Ever.
2006-06-17 19:36:33
206.   JoeyP
That was a horrible inning of at bats for the A's. Terrible approach.

I think the soccer game today had more excitement than tonite's baseball game.

2006-06-17 19:37:40
207.   Gen3Blue
What is this with Saarloos GB/Fly ratio better than Lowes. I know its partly the Furcal effect.
2006-06-17 19:37:41
208.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 203

Nice to hear that. Only his 6th, though. I hope he's stopped the batting gloves thing. A nice gesture when he was a premiere slugger, but kind of lame now for a washed up veteran IMO. Or maybe he should keep it up--a reminder of better days.


2006-06-17 19:39:23
209.   JoeyP
Wonder if Martin will get benched for that rookie mistake like Aybar's benchings?
2006-06-17 19:39:26
210.   Bob Timmermann

"O, Canada"

No h please.

2006-06-17 19:39:52
211.   Greg Brock
Gamecast says:
Martin doubled
Martin picked off second
2006-06-17 19:40:39
212.   Greg Brock
210 Understood. Brain cramp.
2006-06-17 19:40:53
213.   trainwreck
I think that was a planned bunt and run because Lucille try to bunt a terrible pitch and he did it late.
2006-06-17 19:41:35
214.   JoeyP
They might want to go to a new hurler before Lofton hits.
2006-06-17 19:41:53
215.   Greg Brock
4-0 Edmonton. O, Doctor.
2006-06-17 19:44:02
216.   JoeyP
Lofton's hitting .327 vs RHP.
Macha's playing with fire letting Saarloos stay in.
2006-06-17 19:44:44
217.   Blu2
Seems to me that's the second time Martin has been picked off. That must be particularly embarassing for a catcher and someone who isn't going to steal anyway.
2006-06-17 19:44:53
218.   JoeyP
Wow, even leaving him in to face Nomar. I can see why A's fans have such adoration for Ken Macha.
2006-06-17 19:54:23
219.   Greg Brock
Granted, I haven't watched a hockey game in two years, but that was the most flat-out insane display of fan enthusiasm I have ever seen. Wow.
2006-06-17 19:57:00
220.   Bob Timmermann
It's all just a prelude to have Lord Stanley's Cup to have its well-earned parade through the streets of Raleigh.

"Hey, what's the tall shiny thing?"
"It's the Stanley Cup?"
"What the heck is that?"
"You get it for winning the NHL."
"The what?"
"It's that thing on the ice."
"Does State play it?"
"Then forget it. I'm going off for a smoke."

2006-06-17 19:58:45
221.   Gen3Blue
Drew, our destroyer, walks again.
Well, its much better than naught.
2006-06-17 20:00:42
222.   Greg Brock
World Cup, U.S. Open, Wimbledon, baseball... These are the months when dedicating your life to watching other people accomplish things really pays off.
2006-06-17 20:01:14
223.   bhsportsguy
Nate: Have you looked at John Meloan's numbers at Columbus after tonight, 11 IP, 3 Hits, 5 Walks, 21 Ks. Looks like he spent time in extended spring training and maybe he will go back to Ogden and start there but that is an insane K rate and even with 5 walks in 11 innigs, he still is over 4/1 K/BB.

Did you see him pitch at Arizona?

2006-06-17 20:01:35
224.   Chiron Brown
220 Well, they could always parade the cup through Hartford.
2006-06-17 20:06:45
225.   Sushirabbit
Sam, wanna swap? Just kiddin', my father's day present is that my wife and son are going to visit her close cousin for 5 days!
I'm sure I'll be moping in two days, but right now all I can think of is watching ball games un-interrupted and getting things done around the house.

I can see keeping Furcal in, although he is beginning to wear my trust. I'm a firm believer in keeping the same ss/2b combo as much as possible. I'm very surprised that Furcal hasn't turned it around by now.

I think there are more pitchers available that what Stark mentions.

I've been able to see alot of baseball local, some good Sounds games, man Koonce is killing the ball for a geezer (I'm guessing LASIK). He's the only guy to hit a HR off the Guitar since I've been going to sounds games--sure it happens more just only time I've seen it. Runelvys Hernandez was Flat Nasty. It was hard to tell from where I was but it looked like he had a new/diff sinker.

Last night my 4 year old had two SMOKING hits, tonight he had to hit two off the Tee, welcome to baseball! he's getting the hang of it and it's fun to watch them having fun.

Way to go Ta-Tonka!

2006-06-17 20:07:19
226.   DXMachina
224 - Only if they want to be beateb to death with actuarial tables.

(Yes, I am still bitter about the Whalers leaving. Why do you ask?)

2006-06-17 20:08:02
227.   DXMachina
226 - "beaten"

So bitter, I'm misspelling...

2006-06-17 20:11:27
228.   DXMachina
Talk about your Grabowski principle.
2006-06-17 20:14:58
229.   Bob Timmermann
Marco Scutaro is Mr. Clutch, what else can be said?
2006-06-17 20:15:23
230.   Bob Timmermann
Adam Melhuse may not be Mr. Clutch, however.
2006-06-17 20:17:03
231.   Bob Timmermann
I hate intentionally walking the bases loaded in this situation. But I defer to the guy getting paid to decide such things.
2006-06-17 20:17:27
232.   Bob Timmermann
I should stop being so deferential.
2006-06-17 20:20:26
233.   Sushirabbit
A couple a runs too late, Grady. Plus two more to come in that are Lowe's.
2006-06-17 20:20:52
234.   JoeyP
Normally, I'd blame Grits since Lowe did give up a Scutaro Principle. But he did almost get out of it, and was only a little over 100 pitches.

I'd probably rather have Lowe face Crosby than anyone in our pen.

2006-06-17 20:22:04
235.   JoeyP
Jay Payton...yikes.
2006-06-17 20:26:32
236.   Sushirabbit
Aybar, Aybar, he's our man...
2006-06-17 20:29:32
237.   Sushirabbit
Somehow (great comments not-withstanding) gameday just doesn't match Vin on FSPT.

Thank you, thank you-- I'm really good with the obvious.

Don't forget to tip your toasters.

2006-06-17 20:32:30
238.   DXMachina
Lofton is a triple machine.
2006-06-17 20:32:46
239.   tjshere
Wow! That was unexpected.
2006-06-17 20:32:55
240.   Suffering Bruin
2006-06-17 20:33:56
241.   dzzrtRatt
239 A triple from Lofton is a lot of things, but given he has seven this season, it's not unexpected. A home run would have been unexpected.
2006-06-17 20:34:04
242.   tjshere
I checked out the all-star voting today. Not much love for Nomah. Maybe he can help his cause here.
2006-06-17 20:35:00
243.   tjshere

Actually, I meant it was unexpected to tie the game off of Huston Street.

2006-06-17 20:36:13
244.   Suffering Bruin
Looked like Nomah missed a hitter's pitch there.

Fun game!

2006-06-17 20:36:23
245.   Bob Timmermann
Baez or Saito in the 9th?
2006-06-17 20:37:00
246.   dzzrtRatt
Nomar not getting a hit in the ninth inning is also unexpected. I think he's hitting about .600 after the seventh inning.
2006-06-17 20:37:41
247.   dzzrtRatt
I say stay with Baez. He's putting it together lately. He's streaky.
2006-06-17 20:38:10
248.   Suffering Bruin
I say Saito.
2006-06-17 20:38:15
249.   JoeyP
I'm still wondering how Furcal draws so many walks when he's struggling so badly at the plate.
2006-06-17 20:39:17
250.   Sushirabbit
ack, I'd put in Saito!
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-06-17 20:40:19
251.   JoeyP
Oakland lyin down sac bunts.
They deserve to lose on principle now.
I think the karma has shifted the Dodgers way.
2006-06-17 20:40:39
252.   Bob Timmermann
Ahh, but Baez retired the mighty Scutaro!

That's like retiring Ted Williams in 1941!

2006-06-17 20:41:08
253.   Suffering Bruin
Baez looks good here.
2006-06-17 20:41:45
254.   Suffering Bruin
Scutaro = dead to me?
2006-06-17 20:42:24
255.   JoeyP
Thanks for making Kielty bunt against Baez.
Appreciate it Macha.
2006-06-17 20:43:59
256.   JoeyP
Honestly, who on earth would try to give up an out just to get Scutaro/Kendall up there to hit? Those guys are like Oakland's worst hitters.

I love when teams fail after they sac bunt. It just reinforces what a dumb strategy it is.

2006-06-17 20:45:41
257.   Sushirabbit
And the Dodger's actually wanted to interview Macha?
2006-06-17 20:46:51
258.   JoeyP
Well, so did the Pirates. And they ended up with Tracy.

Beane should have kept him fired last year. I'm not sure why promoting Wash is such a prob, but Macha is terrible.

2006-06-17 20:49:03
259.   JoeyP
Even if you bunt Dan Johnson into 2nd base, it still might take 2 hits to score him from there bc he's a slow runner. Meanwhile, you take the bat out of the hands of Kielty, who's a better hitter than both Kendall/Scutaro.

The Dodgers have to win this game now for the world to be right again. Teams that make those typs of mental errors that the A's just made in the last half inning, do not deserve to win.

2006-06-17 20:50:11
260.   dzzrtRatt
Kemp is overdue for a home run. What's it been, two days?
2006-06-17 20:50:16
261.   Bob Timmermann
If Kemp sacrifices here, the Dodger Thoughts board will melt down into an unrecognizable blob.
2006-06-17 20:52:06
262.   dzzrtRatt
He could bunt it over the fence: best of both worlds.
2006-06-17 20:52:48
263.   Suffering Bruin
Does this pitcher have anything other than the slider?
2006-06-17 20:53:22
264.   Bob Timmermann
I feel all verKempt!
2006-06-17 20:54:56
265.   JoeyP
The karmic forces call for Ethier to garner the GW'ing hit,in order to right the wrong that was done last inning.
2006-06-17 20:59:12
266.   Sushirabbit
baez for 3 innings?
2006-06-17 21:01:38
267.   Vishal
[sniff sniff]

i smell walkoff.

2006-06-17 21:01:57
268.   Midwest Blue
266 you're pushing the boundaries of logic now.
2006-06-17 21:02:33
269.   Nagman
Grady must be looking at these road interleague games as an opportunity to take a break from managing.
2006-06-17 21:04:50
270.   Sushirabbit
268 I wasn't suggesting. I was asking in disbelieve. Ok so it was one out in the 8th.
2006-06-17 21:05:19
271.   Nagman
who says he's not coming out for another?
2006-06-17 21:06:22
272.   Midwest Blue
Thanks, Danys. You've done more than anyone could have expected.
2006-06-17 21:06:37
273.   Sushirabbit
I guess he's saving Saito for when they are actually ahead?
2006-06-17 21:07:22
274.   Greg Brock
My interweb melted down for about twenty minutes...Still tied? Game Over?
2006-06-17 21:08:00
275.   Greg Brock
Nevermind, Gameday is on it. Extras, with Martin single. Got it.
2006-06-17 21:08:06
276.   Sushirabbit
Maybe he's destined to be the next Smoltz.
2006-06-17 21:08:11
277.   dzzrtRatt
Halsey! Take Drew out. Take Kemp out, while we're at it. Maybe we should just forfeit. This guy's an assassin.
2006-06-17 21:10:05
278.   JoeyP
Now Aybar's bunting?
I hate baseball.
Can both teams just be given an L?
2006-06-17 21:10:15
279.   scareduck
Just got in. What'd I miss?
2006-06-17 21:10:45
280.   Midwest Blue
Take a walk, Furry.
2006-06-17 21:11:35
281.   Vaudeville Villain
Oakland sacrificed to get Scutaro to the plate, we counter by sacrificing to get Furcal to the plate.

Balance is restored. Although, Furcal is a little better than Scutaro.

2006-06-17 21:11:50
282.   Sushirabbit
Ha! Brad Hopkins is doing the weekend Sports here in Nashville, WSMV. Pretty cool.
2006-06-17 21:13:19
283.   dzzrtRatt
Have the A's ever worn a hat that said "O" or, going back a few years, "KC?"
2006-06-17 21:13:29
284.   Midwest Blue
Nice. So close to walking.
2006-06-17 21:13:46
285.   Greg Brock
Furcal has been a tremendous disappointment this season. In other news, water is wet.
2006-06-17 21:15:52
286.   Midwest Blue
But good news: Izzy will auditioning as Furcal's shadow next week. If I were Furry, I'd look out to make sure my drinks don't get spiked.
2006-06-17 21:17:17
287.   Greg Brock
When the Athletics were in Philly and KC, they wore a hat with "A" on it. Other than that, the "A's" is the only other logo worn. There is an elephant/baseball hat, but I think it's a BP hat.
2006-06-17 21:18:04
288.   dzzrtRatt
Who was that obnoxious third baseman from Milwaukee who the Dodgers traded for to light a fire under Beltre back in '02 or '03? Maybe Izzy can play that role.
2006-06-17 21:19:04
289.   Vaudeville Villain

Tyler Houston?

2006-06-17 21:23:23
290.   Midwest Blue
Yeah. Let's go Nomah.
2006-06-17 21:24:13
291.   Greg Brock
Good lord I wish they'd let Broxton start. You guys will tell me that nobody sees him as a starter, and that's fine. The problem is that you guys are using logic, and I am basing my opinion on emotions, which is always smarter. Broxton needs to start.
2006-06-17 21:24:13
292.   scareduck
288, 289 - yes, it was Tyler Houston. He appears to be out of baseball.
2006-06-17 21:24:42
293.   scareduck
291 - I think Broxton has already said he prefers relief now.
2006-06-17 21:25:28
294.   Bob Timmermann
All things uniform:
2006-06-17 21:25:39
295.   Midwest Blue
291 Couldn't be worse than Tomko. Of course, then we'ld probably see the return of Gio Carrara.
2006-06-17 21:27:14
296.   Greg Brock
293 There you go, using common sense and logic instead of raw emotion. You lack chemistry.
2006-06-17 21:28:10
297.   Nagman
I wonder how many times this season in all of MLB, the clean up hitter has been pinch hit for. I'm guessing its a small number.
2006-06-17 21:29:09
298.   Midwest Blue
Halsey looks high in his Gameday picture.
2006-06-17 21:30:40
299.   bhsportsguy
9 million dollars vs. 3 million dollars, not much contest there.
2006-06-17 21:31:12
300.   JoeyP
The Bull only threw 12 pitches last inning. He should be good for another inning.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-06-17 21:31:32
301.   Greg Brock
Little: Broxton, you're starting on Tuesday

Broxton: Skip, I much prefer coming out of the pen

Little: Shut up rookie. If I want you're opinion, I'll give it to you

Broxton: You got it Skip

2006-06-17 21:31:47
302.   bhsportsguy
293 If Bart loses tomorrow, you won't be upset will you?
2006-06-17 21:32:33
303.   bhsportsguy
That's the 3rd dribbler tonight.
2006-06-17 21:34:33
304.   bhsportsguy
BTW if Kendall sacrfices, that would be the A's 9th sacrifice this season, with Aybar's sacrifice, that was the Dodgers 10th by a non-pitcher.
2006-06-17 21:36:07
305.   Midwest Blue
I'd like to see Swisher sacrifice now.
2006-06-17 21:36:09
306.   JoeyP
More fun with bunting.
Now Broxton can take the bat out of the hands of the A's 2nd best hitter if he show chooses.

Please, let their be a big rain storm so neither team can win this game.

2006-06-17 21:39:33
307.   JoeyP
More fun with bunting.
Nothing like taking the bat out of the hands of your best hitter.

Can their be a large rain storm blanket the stadium so neither team can win?

2006-06-17 21:40:33
308.   Bob Timmermann
Vin is struggling with Scutaro's last name because he wants to pronounce it correctly, but apparently we are supposed to pretend there is a long u sound in Spanish.
2006-06-17 21:40:47
309.   Midwest Blue
Russ earning his paycheck.
2006-06-17 21:40:58
310.   Greg Brock
306/307 - You must be really upset Joey. Nice substitution of big with large.
2006-06-17 21:41:27
311.   Midwest Blue
Isn't Scutaro Italian?
2006-06-17 21:41:49
312.   Bob Timmermann
No, those weren't double posts. The last lines of 306 and 307 were slightly different.

If this game were stopped by rain, there would be a tie, but then both teams would have to play a doubleheader tomorrow to make up the game.

2006-06-17 21:42:50
313.   Bob Timmermann
Scutaro is from Venezuela, but he has Italian parent(s). He was eligible to play for Italy in the WBC, but I think just about anyone who has even visited Italy once was eligible.
2006-06-17 21:43:10
314.   JoeyP
Sacrifice Kendall, so Swisher can get walked, and Adam Melhuse can go 0-6.

I'm assuming the A's arent being managed from the upper levels anymore.

Some of this stuff is just asinine.

2006-06-17 21:44:05
315.   Nagman
312 - They don't just continue, they start over?
2006-06-17 21:44:16
316.   Greg Brock
Hey Bob, the couple who bought the house two doors down from me is Swedish. I asked him if he was honest. He looked at me like I was crazy. It was worth it.
2006-06-17 21:44:44
317.   Sushirabbit
I fear Grady has a gambling addiction.
2006-06-17 21:45:44
318.   bhsportsguy
312 Bob, most exciting moment today:

1. Lofton's triple
2. Ednonton's 4-0 victory to tie up the series
3. U.S. and Italy's 1-1 tie with red cards galore

2006-06-17 21:47:40
319.   Midwest Blue
Halsey is still high.
2006-06-17 21:48:51
320.   JoeyP
318. I'd mention Mickleson on the verge of his 3rd straight major win, but then I remembered Bob doesnt like Phil.
2006-06-17 21:49:07
321.   Nagman
Phew, we still have a couple more spots before Furcal.
2006-06-17 21:50:22
322.   Midwest Blue
320 Winged Foot is too damn hard. 5.5 inch rough! What fun is that if you're not Phil Mickelson -- and most of us aren't.
2006-06-17 21:51:52
323.   Vaudeville Villain
Aybar and Martin didn't hang around very long.
2006-06-17 21:52:06
324.   JoeyP
Whats amazing is how well David Duval played and how poorly Tiger did. I think Phil should win tomorrow but that Ferrie could hang in. It'll be entertaining for sure.
2006-06-17 21:53:09
325.   Nagman
Doesn't Aybar know his job is to get on base so we can get Furcal's AB out of the way so he doesn't have to lead off next inning?
2006-06-17 21:53:35
326.   Greg Brock
Ferrie= + 5
Lefty= +1

Lefty wins

2006-06-17 21:53:47
327.   herman
Hi I am new.
Here are my dodgerthoughts:
Furcal sucks.
Furcal sucks.
and Furcal sucks.
2006-06-17 21:54:14
328.   Midwest Blue
For me, Duval is surprising but Tiger was not. Ferrie won't last. It's Phil's to lose, and he's done that before.

I'm thinking Ogilvey or Harrington if Phil chokes.

2006-06-17 21:54:34
329.   herman
I think we should put together a packet to get O. Caupuno.
2006-06-17 21:54:43
330.   Greg Brock
327 Cesar, is that you?
2006-06-17 21:55:12
331.   Nagman
I hate it when unknowns win majors. See "Ben Curtis".
2006-06-17 21:55:32
332.   Midwest Blue
Welcome back, Izzy.
2006-06-17 21:55:46
333.   herman
2006-06-17 21:55:57
334.   Disabled List
Interesting use of the bullpen tonight by Grits. 13th inning, only 4 pitchers used.
2006-06-17 21:56:33
335.   Midwest Blue
Saito painting the corners. I like this guy.

How long before he implodes?

2006-06-17 21:57:27
336.   Greg Brock
When my nephew throws poorly orchestrated temper tantrums, I show him Tiger Woods game film. "That, my dear Nicholas, is how you lose composure. Study it well."
2006-06-17 21:57:27
337.   herman
The game would be over if he brings in seo or perez.
2006-06-17 21:58:17
338.   Nagman
We'll probably see Saito in the 14th as well. We better score in the top of the 14th or there may be an Odalis sighting soon.
2006-06-17 21:58:35
339.   Midwest Blue
337 No, duh. But the object is to win the damn thing.
2006-06-17 21:58:40
340.   Greg Brock
337 You are correct. I believe 450 foot homers would play a role.
2006-06-17 22:01:06
341.   Nagman
I love Furcal!
2006-06-17 22:01:31
342.   Vishal
sammy keeps varying his delivery. sometimes he has a hitch, sometimes it's fast. it seems pretty hard to time.
2006-06-17 22:01:45
343.   Chiron Brown
But this does not bode well for who will be coming out of the pen tomorrow.
2006-06-17 22:02:11
344.   JoeyP
I hate it when unknowns win majors. See "Ben Curtis"

Not a Rich Beem fan?

2006-06-17 22:02:33
345.   Midwest Blue
Halsey's going on 35 pitched. He can't last this inning.

And he's high.

2006-06-17 22:04:31
346.   JoeyP
Nomar/Saenz/Kent vs a LHP is a great matchup. Even if they walk Nomar, I think the Dodgers should be able to score.
2006-06-17 22:04:38
347.   herman
Furcal still sucks.
Below avg. fielder
Below avg. hitter
with 13 mil a year in his bank account.
2006-06-17 22:04:42
348.   bhsportsguy
343 Seo/Odalis if before 6th, Beimel/Kuo 7th-8th, Baez/Saito close
2006-06-17 22:05:18
349.   bhsportsguy
Vin calling the stolen base.
2006-06-17 22:05:24
350.   Chiron Brown
C'mon, Sexy!
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-06-17 22:05:44
351.   Midwest Blue
Gutsy double-steal. Cojones.
2006-06-17 22:05:47
352.   herman
Furcal still sucks after that steal.
The game would have been over 5 innings ago if he could have hitter a fly ball.
2006-06-17 22:07:06
353.   Midwest Blue
352 Izzy, you're losing perspective. Focus on the ruffies you'll be bringing with you to the clubhouse.
2006-06-17 22:07:31
354.   Greg Brock
Greatest line ever from my high school coach:

Me (idiot): Coach, why do you double steal so much?
Coach: Can't throw us both out, dummy.
Me (idiot): Makes sense to me
Coach: Go run poles for questioning me.
Me (idiot): Yes sir!

2006-06-17 22:08:23
355.   Midwest Blue
Rotten Tomato.
2006-06-17 22:08:24
356.   herman
2006-06-17 22:08:39
357.   the OZ
Evidently, the A's havent heard the Legend of Matt Kemp.
2006-06-17 22:08:46
358.   JoeyP
Come on KEMP!
2006-06-17 22:08:52
359.   bhsportsguy
Can Kemp do a Crosby here?
2006-06-17 22:09:19
360.   the OZ
uh, nevermind.
2006-06-17 22:09:20
361.   Midwest Blue
Matt Kemp Salami for the win.
2006-06-17 22:09:38
362.   Sushirabbit
I'm putting my ear to the ground, what's that I hear? The Bison!
2006-06-17 22:09:54
363.   Vishal
if i were macha i'd have brought in karsay to face saenz, but his non-move worked out anyway.
2006-06-17 22:10:29
364.   herman
2006-06-17 22:10:30
365.   JoeyP
Kemp, come on a walk might win the game. Dont swing at the 1st one.
2006-06-17 22:10:38
366.   dzzrtRatt
Get a clue, Dodger advertising gurus. Everybody hates the Blue Man Group. Especially sports fans.
2006-06-17 22:10:40
367.   bhsportsguy
I think in 2 cases with the bases loaded, Matt has gotten out on the first pitch.
2006-06-17 22:11:12
368.   Uncle Miltie
Send Kemp to the minors now! Just kidding, but why did he swing at the 1st pitch? He has to be more patient in those types of situations. Furcal is having a great game and what he did in that inning just went to waste.
2006-06-17 22:11:17
369.   Midwest Blue
2006-06-17 22:11:40
370.   herman
2006-06-17 22:11:58
371.   bhsportsguy
366 Then how do they keep drawing 3.6 million?
2006-06-17 22:12:13
372.   Jon Weisman
Okay, Herman. I'd like it if you stopped using "sucks" in every post. We get the idea.
2006-06-17 22:12:23
373.   Vishal
nice play by ethier.
2006-06-17 22:12:35
374.   Greg Brock
Herman, my good friend, you need to familiarize yourself with the subtle nuances of the caps lock.
2006-06-17 22:13:26
375.   JoeyP
Dodgers are gonna have to win it in the top of the 15th, cuz I think if it gets around to the A's top of the order again, they'll score. Melhuse, Swisher probably wont go 0-12.
2006-06-17 22:13:38
376.   bhsportsguy
I still can't get over Vin calling the stolen base attempt by Furcal and when it happens, he doesn't get all "I told you so" about it.
2006-06-17 22:14:38
377.   Greg Brock
376 That's Vin baby. All class...And a great set of choppers.
2006-06-17 22:15:09
378.   Vishal
wow, that was some nasty stuff from sammy.
2006-06-17 22:15:14
379.   herman
2006-06-17 22:15:28
380.   scareduck
When they say baseball is a marathon, I don't think this was what they had in mind.
2006-06-17 22:15:54
381.   herman
2006-06-17 22:15:59
382.   Bob Timmermann
I was going to go out for a walk at 8:30 tonight.

Now, I'm wondering when I'm going to go to bed since I need to get up early for that Japan-Croatia match. Gotta root on the Fighting Tablecloths!

2006-06-17 22:16:01
383.   JoeyP
Good job Saito.
I gotta a feeling its going to be Beimel in the bottom of the 15th though.
2006-06-17 22:16:14
384.   Nagman
Who is the DT choice for the next call to the bullpen?
2006-06-17 22:16:24
385.   Greg Brock
Jon, if this was a day game, I do believe we would challenge the all time post record. Alas, Saturday night is not conducive to such record chasing.
2006-06-17 22:16:29
386.   Uncle Miltie
Saito has been money this year. He went through a little rough stretch and I thought teams were starting to figure him out. Nothing he's done in Japan for the past few years indicates that he would be this good. He's been amazing this year.
2006-06-17 22:17:39
387.   Midwest Blue
Herman, you're not really adding anything to the conversation.

Ever tried quietly lurking?

2006-06-17 22:18:53
389.   Vishal
[382] who's a tablecloth?
2006-06-17 22:19:33
390.   Vishal
[382] who's a tablecloth?
2006-06-17 22:19:35
391.   JoeyP
Did Swisher rob a HR?
2006-06-17 22:21:36
392.   JoeyP
Aybar's really due for a hit of a left hander.
2006-06-17 22:21:40
393.   Vishal
[391] no, it was a warning track shot
2006-06-17 22:22:36
394.   Marty
I'm just tuning in. Do we have any pitchers left, non-starter variety?
2006-06-17 22:23:24
395.   Greg Brock
Bob, did you get your Croatia jersey yet? If so, I'm so very sorry to hear it.
2006-06-17 22:24:49
396.   Marty
I see we still have TBLHPITG
2006-06-17 22:26:25
397.   Bob Timmermann
The Croatia jerseys are on backorder.

Fear the Tablecloth!

2006-06-17 22:28:32
398.   Midwest Blue
Oh no. Not the mighty Antonio Perez!
2006-06-17 22:28:33
399.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Gameday says injury delay. What's up?


2006-06-17 22:29:13
400.   Midwest Blue
Injury Delay. Who got injured? Did Grittle get indigestion?
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-06-17 22:30:53
401.   Greg Brock
I'm still waiting for Penarol to show up. I would like to have some "words" with him about his fellow Uruguayan.
2006-06-17 22:31:15
402.   Bob Timmermann
Martin took a foul tip off the thigh..
2006-06-17 22:31:29
403.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
If Beimel can get through this, is he in for another inning? Do we then go to, gulp, Perez, if it lasts that long?


2006-06-17 22:31:33
404.   scareduck
400 - Martin took a ball in the balls.
2006-06-17 22:32:36
405.   Midwest Blue
I think we go to Kuo. Then we waive the white flag.
2006-06-17 22:32:38
406.   Bob Timmermann
Ken is getting full value for his luxury suite tonight isn't he?

His probably drained the battery in his camera anyway. He should have enough photos and game story to fill about 30 posts.

2006-06-17 22:32:51
407.   Nagman
Pick your poison - Kuo, Perez, or Seo, if he is available.
2006-06-17 22:33:14
408.   Marty
I've never understood the Blue Man Group.
2006-06-17 22:33:42
409.   Uncle Miltie
402- if your thigh is immediately below your belly button...

This is probably our last chance to win it. It would be kind of funny if Perez came in the game to close. I don't trust the best left handed reliever in baseball.

2006-06-17 22:34:31
410.   Disabled List
Blue Man Group was a load of fun when I saw them. What's with all the hatin'?
2006-06-17 22:34:35
411.   Chiron Brown
404 Yes, I think that got the jewels. And I think we can expect a Sandy Alomar start tomorrow.
2006-06-17 22:34:37
412.   JoeyP
Opponents are hitting .375 off of Steve Karsay.
2006-06-17 22:34:57
413.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Just out of curiosity, since USA was ranked fifth in the world, does it look like this World Cup will be a disappointment for the Americans?

The Naval Academy has been hosting an orientation of sorts for High School students applying to USNA. I had some extra time in the "class" allotted to me, so I let them watch some World Cup. I was quite impressed by how many were really into it. I wonder if soccer might be finally getting more of an audience in the states. I'm not a huge amount older, and hardly any of my friends follow soccer. None, in fact. I just don't have the time or desire to learn the game, but current high schoolers and younger might be different.


2006-06-17 22:35:14
414.   mikethinksblue
Blue Man Group is just a ripoff of The Smurfs. - Homer Simpson
2006-06-17 22:35:33
415.   Vishal
didn't kuo pitched yesterday? much as i like him, i'd probably try perez.
2006-06-17 22:35:58
416.   scareduck
Dodgers get a gift on that call.
2006-06-17 22:36:08
417.   Vishal
ooh, johnson beat furcal. bad call.
2006-06-17 22:36:38
418.   Bob Timmermann
I think we covered that back in the 100s somewhere.

I estimate the US chances at around 33-40%, but reading my brother's stuff from Germany and Mark's stuff on Bad Altitude, they think it's less than that.

2006-06-17 22:36:43
419.   Midwest Blue
412 Glad to see that trend continue.

Too bad Furry sucks.

2006-06-17 22:37:55
420.   herman
Blue. He was out. Did you see the replay.
2006-06-17 22:37:59
421.   Greg Brock
413 Considering this group has truly proven itself as "Grupo de la Muerte," and the American effort was short circuited by an insane zebra, I think a quality effort by the US against Ghana will validate their World Cup. The Czech match was a disaster, but it was a truly inspired performance against Italia.
2006-06-17 22:38:05
422.   Uncle Miltie
Grtis absolutely has to do another double steal here. Otherwise, Old Maid might hit into a double play.
2006-06-17 22:38:05
423.   JoeyP
Lofton's hitting .330 against RHP and you bunt yet again. Why?

So Nomar can get IBB'ed for the 30th time?!

2006-06-17 22:38:15
424.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers have no relievers left who have recorded a save in their career!

So does little tell Sele tomorrow, "Aaron, you're going the distance!"

The off day on Monday should help things out.

2006-06-17 22:38:56
425.   Uncle Miltie
Old Maid is a bum!
2006-06-17 22:39:02
426.   JoeyP
Saenz/Kent are both due for hits.
One of them will come through.
2006-06-17 22:39:33
427.   Midwest Blue
420 I'm on Gameday. It says "singled on ground ball". That's what I went by.
2006-06-17 22:40:08
428.   Nagman
424 - Sele will just have to become one of those "innings eaters".
2006-06-17 22:40:43
429.   Greg Brock
As far as the development of US fandom, most footie fans have given up on trying to convert the uninterested. Instead, we revel in our second-class status. With the development of MLS, and the exposure given by cable sports, I do, however, believe that soccer will continue to grow. I'd say another three World Cups before we're as insane as the rest of the world.
2006-06-17 22:41:18
430.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 427

For me, it also had the hit located behind homeplate. The stringer may be getting tired him/herself.


2006-06-17 22:41:35
431.   Linkmeister
So, nothing's happened, huh? Two games for the price of one.
2006-06-17 22:42:14
432.   das411
Oh these games are fun aren't they? It's the little things that make it worth staying up to watch, little things like the 0 for 14 the Oak-town OFers have put up tonight, or the cumulative 29 runners the LAD have left on base...
2006-06-17 22:42:20
433.   Nagman
This would be a tremendous playoff game but in the middle of June, I'd just like it to end, preferably in a good way but I'm getting less picky.
2006-06-17 22:42:32
434.   Midwest Blue
Kuo or white flag? You make the call.
2006-06-17 22:42:38
435.   Chiron Brown
Why? Why? Why do managers use the sac bunt so automatically? Does Grady think he's getting paid by the inning?
2006-06-17 22:43:17
436.   JoeyP
Give it up for Russ Martin. He's caught 16 innings. I wonder if Sandy Alomar will be catching Sele tomorrow?

You gotta figure Lofton will get the day off too.

2006-06-17 22:43:44
437.   JoeyP
Jay Payton might be having the worst night of his career.
2006-06-17 22:43:53
438.   Steve
410 -- Kenny Lofton is in the Blue Man Group?
2006-06-17 22:44:04
439.   Midwest Blue
BTW: What happened to Hamulack?
2006-06-17 22:44:37
440.   Greg Brock
437 That is saying something
2006-06-17 22:45:29
441.   Nagman
I hope they sent JD Drew to the hotel so he can get his rest for tomorrow.

Seriously, I wish Martin was out right now and given the rest of the weekend off.

2006-06-17 22:45:46
442.   Bob Timmermann

Hamulack got sent to Las Vegas.

And let us never speak of him again.

2006-06-17 22:45:54
443.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 434

I don't think Kuo can pitch two days in a row. I think Odalis will be coming in.


2006-06-17 22:46:04
444.   Disabled List
438 Yeah, he's the guy on the left swallowing the marshmallows.
2006-06-17 22:46:11
445.   Greg Brock
This is the game that destroys your pen for the next four games. Just end the darn thing.
2006-06-17 22:47:04
446.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Only five more innings, and we tie those legendary 1989 games.
2006-06-17 22:47:26
447.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
RE: 441

I still think we play to win. Losing games like this are a killer--you burn out your pen, wear out your personnel, and get nothing for it. Martin's already banged up--saving him an inning or two isn't worth all that much. He's still got the better bat than Alomar.


2006-06-17 22:48:06
448.   Greg Brock
446 As long as nobody goes 0-10...I want John Shelby to own that record forever.
2006-06-17 22:48:08
449.   JoeyP
Where there's a Matt Kemp, there's a way.
I think he's going to win it.
2006-06-17 22:48:21
450.   Midwest Blue
Beimel's only thrown 30 pitches. What's another 20-30?
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2006-06-17 22:48:52
451.   Steve
Bringing in FTOGS in the 17th inning is not acceptable.

Nor is swinging at every possible first pitch against garbage scow pitchers like Halsey and Karsay.

2006-06-17 22:49:08
452.   Vishal
come on supermatt! work your magic.
2006-06-17 22:49:20
453.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 445

Well, let the other guy end it by losing. They're worse off pitching-wise, at least Lowe got deep into the game.


2006-06-17 22:50:02
454.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
448 - Which available position player has the best arm, if we're doing the Jeff Hamilton thing?
2006-06-17 22:50:21
455.   Bob Timmermann
The only other reliever left for Oakland is Jay Witasick.

The Dodgers have Alomar and Cruz as position players left.

The A's have Bradley and Kotsay (both injured), Jeremy Brown, and Mike Rouse.

2006-06-17 22:50:59
456.   bhsportsguy
The A's have Jay Witasik left in the pen.
2006-06-17 22:51:23
457.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 454

Probably Cruz, who's won a gold glove in RF.


2006-06-17 22:51:50
458.   bhsportsguy
Poetic Justice maybe.
2006-06-17 22:52:28
459.   Midwest Blue
It's all up to you Andre. OP may get 3 outs, but not six.
2006-06-17 22:52:33
460.   Nagman
If Kuo is not available, Seo or Perez will pitch til its over (which won't be long) but in the wild scenario that they actually put zeros up there, they should be able to get us to the curfew.
2006-06-17 22:52:40
461.   Steve
Matt Kemp has the best everything on the club.
2006-06-17 22:53:03
462.   Greg Brock
454 I would bet that Cruz has a dirty 84 mph fastball...But my kingdom to watch Alomar on the hill...I smell knuckleballs.
2006-06-17 22:53:17
463.   mikethinksblue
Anyone else listening to Steiner and Monday? They're getting a more little loopier than usual
2006-06-17 22:53:22
464.   Uncle Miltie
Andre the Giant (choke artist)
2006-06-17 22:53:27
465.   Vishal
seo is warming up, so it'll probably be him.
2006-06-17 22:53:50
466.   Steve
Somebody might want to let these guys know that Brad Halsey and Steve Karsay have no particular interest in throwing anything remotely resembling "hittable"
2006-06-17 22:54:00
467.   JoeyP
I wonder how many pounds Martin has lost? This is getting out of hand.
2006-06-17 22:54:06
468.   Linkmeister
Aargh. Futility abounds.
2006-06-17 22:54:08
469.   Bob Timmermann
My brother triple posted on his own blog.

I'm so ashamed.

2006-06-17 22:54:34
470.   Uncle Miltie
Seo the game will finally end next inning
2006-06-17 22:54:55
471.   Midwest Blue
Clack, clack, clack.

I hear the sound of the roller coaster as it comes to the crest of that first, big drop, when we all scream "O-dallll-iissss"

2006-06-17 22:55:08
472.   Jon Weisman
The only problem with this game is not the length, but that a DH was used.

I love these kind of games, but the DH takes a lot of the fun out of them.

2006-06-17 22:55:10
473.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 461

Yeah, but I don't want him injuring himself trying to pitch.

If it comes to that.

Considering how bad both sides look, who knows...


2006-06-17 22:55:28
474.   Greg Brock
If I don't get to see Alomar on the bump, none of this will have been worth it.
2006-06-17 22:56:14
475.   JoeyP
To the people watching on TV, how many appear to still be at the game? Are the stands about empty?
2006-06-17 22:56:29
476.   Bob Timmermann
Ted Scutaro with another hit.

I smell a sacrifice.

2006-06-17 22:56:31
477.   Vishal
grabowski principle on seo with the first batter.
2006-06-17 22:57:07
478.   Midwest Blue
* Or substitute "Seo-ooooooooo"
2006-06-17 22:57:13
479.   Vishal
[475] there are still quite a few people there out of the original crowd of 35,000. i'd say most are still there.
2006-06-17 22:57:39
480.   Steve
471 -- The Korean Jeff Weaver and the Grabowski Principle are about to combine to ensure we do not see FTOGS. Ken Macha is countering with the Stupid Bunt Strategy to give it back, but it may not be enough.
2006-06-17 22:57:58
481.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Single? Gameday's frozen for now/


2006-06-17 22:58:26
482.   Sushirabbit
does gameday give up at 17 innings?
2006-06-17 22:58:49
483.   Vishal
what is FTOGS? i assume that it refers to odalis.
2006-06-17 22:59:04
484.   Vishal
fat tub of goo something?
2006-06-17 22:59:09
485.   Bob Timmermann
When do the last BART trains leave? Don't they stop running at midnight?
2006-06-17 22:59:10
486.   Steve
Jason Kendall and Mike Cameron still look like they would hold the bat by the fat part if someone didn't put it in their hands for them. Talk about yesterday's heroes.
2006-06-17 22:59:29
487.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Yeah, mine's frozen too.

ARGGHHHHH--it's 0200 out here on the east coast. I've spent this much time--I want to see it through!


2006-06-17 23:00:11
488.   Steve
Fat Tub Of Goo Supreme
2006-06-17 23:00:18
489.   JoeyP
I've noticed when Gameday dies, that Yahoo/Sportline almost always die also. I think the stringers have taken a break or have quit.
2006-06-17 23:00:40
490.   Vishal
[485] 12:20ish
2006-06-17 23:01:22
491.   Bob Timmermann
Looks like BART runs to the Coliseum until around 1 am.
2006-06-17 23:01:23
492.   Chiron Brown
472 Both teams could have gone without the DH and batted their pitchers clean-up and it wouldn't have made much of a difference.
2006-06-17 23:01:40
493.   Vishal
the game is in antonio perez' hands!
2006-06-17 23:01:48
494.   MSarg29
CBS sportsline Game Center is down as well.
2006-06-17 23:02:00
495.   bhsportsguy
They should run
2006-06-17 23:02:17
496.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Gameday's back up.


2006-06-17 23:02:26
497.   Bob Timmermann
2 on, 1 out, A. Perez facing Seo.
2006-06-17 23:02:27
498.   Midwest Blue
The game that froze time...
2006-06-17 23:02:32
499.   dzzrtRatt
Hello old friend. Now why don't you hit into a double play?
2006-06-17 23:02:34
500.   Vishal
[491] they must've extended the BART operating hours over the past couple years.
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2006-06-17 23:02:36
501.   JoeyP
If Macha is enacting the stupid bunter principle yet again, then its probably best I just dont find out what happens. I end up hating baseball.
2006-06-17 23:02:44
502.   Linkmeister
Runner? Outs? GAmeday is trying to come back up, but not yet...
2006-06-17 23:02:51
503.   Nagman
493 - Irony! Or is it? I don't know anymore.
2006-06-17 23:03:07
504.   Jon Weisman
Sunday lineup:

Aybar, 2B
Martinez, SS
Garciaparra, DH
Drew, RF
Saenz, 3B
Kemp, LF
Alomar, C
Cruz, CF
Penny, 1B
Sele, P

2006-06-17 23:04:59
505.   dzzrtRatt
Penny at first? Little must be exhausted if that's the lineup he's submitted.
2006-06-17 23:05:30
506.   Vishal
that was a friendly strikeout.
2006-06-17 23:05:35
507.   Bob Timmermann
Perez was caught looking. 2 on, 2 outs with Chavez up.
2006-06-17 23:05:40
508.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Oh, great, now we have to deal with Chavez. Will Seo go one more inning?


2006-06-17 23:06:15
509.   Midwest Blue
What's Perez' AVG now? .008?
2006-06-17 23:06:21
510.   Sushirabbit
not the old walk in the winning run trick...
2006-06-17 23:06:29
511.   Steve
508 -- We have our ways of dealing with Chavez. Like not making a pitch within a foot of the plate.
2006-06-17 23:06:34
512.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Great, now Seo can't throw strikes.


2006-06-17 23:07:13
513.   Bob Timmermann
What always gets me in these situations where the bases loaded, 2 outs, tie game, game-ending situation, is that the on deck hitter goes out!

He ain't gonna bat!

2006-06-17 23:07:13
514.   dzzrtRatt
ball one
2006-06-17 23:07:28
515.   Vishal
we are 2 balls away from losing.
2006-06-17 23:07:28
516.   the OZ
Jaevanni Seorarri.
2006-06-17 23:07:33
517.   dzzrtRatt
ball two
2006-06-17 23:07:36
518.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 511

Forgot who was batting behind him.

Man, the Oakland lineup looks feeble. Not to say we're doing very well in this series with the bats.


2006-06-17 23:07:39
519.   Steve
509 -- He has a license to kill...rallies.

Mark me as opposed to ordering the Korean Jeff Weaver to load the bases.

2006-06-17 23:07:44
520.   Bob Timmermann
Seo is going to Carrara this one.
2006-06-17 23:07:52
521.   Vishal
3-0. the A's dugout can feel it.
2006-06-17 23:07:53
522.   dzzrtRatt
ball three, almost hit his face.
2006-06-17 23:07:54
523.   mikethinksblue
ball three
2006-06-17 23:08:16
524.   Midwest Blue
Hands in the air now.
2006-06-17 23:08:21
525.   dzzrtRatt
phew a strike.
2006-06-17 23:08:26
526.   Vishal
there it is.
2006-06-17 23:09:16
527.   dzzrtRatt
The ump was making some kind of angry gesture. I guess Seo didn't like ball four.

I bleed for Russell Martin. That guy is scrappy.

2006-06-17 23:09:17
528.   Steve
The home plate umpire deserves to get shown up on that pitch (really, which of these crummy umpires doesn't), because it was strike two, but the Korean Jeff Weaver made his own luck.
2006-06-17 23:09:56
529.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Ack! Gameday's frozen again.

3-1 now?


2006-06-17 23:09:59
530.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Sucks - but at least I can get on w/my life now.
2006-06-17 23:10:36
531.   Sushirabbit
is it over yet?
2006-06-17 23:10:38
532.   Vishal

anyone else read the same thing on grady little's lips that i just did?

2006-06-17 23:10:53
533.   Midwest Blue
Somebody must be DFA'd, DL'd or summarily executed. I really don't care which.
2006-06-17 23:11:21
534.   dzzrtRatt
529 Nope.
2006-06-17 23:11:31
535.   Uncle Miltie
We need to send the "Garbageman" down to the minors. He is terrible. Admit that you made a mistake Ned. Nobody is going to claim Seo off waivers and who cares if they do. He is the worst pitcher on the team. And at the end of the game, he's complaining about getting squeezed.
2006-06-17 23:11:52
536.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh


2006-06-17 23:11:57
537.   Steve
No, I changed my mind. It was inside. As you were. The home plate umpire is probably still crummy, but not on that pitch.
2006-06-17 23:12:19
538.   Greg Brock
During the 16th/17th innings, I was on the phone with my old roomate from UCLA, who is a huge A's fan. Needless to say, I am driving up the coast to assassinate him.
2006-06-17 23:12:22
539.   Midwest Blue
532 No. Paraphrase, plese.
2006-06-17 23:12:22
540.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
532 - No.
2006-06-17 23:12:42
541.   Nagman
532 - There was an "effing" in there. What else?
2006-06-17 23:12:43
542.   the OZ
So, that whole Oakland walking-thing does work after all.
2006-06-17 23:12:50
543.   mikethinksblue
If only Herman were here to share his thoughts about the end of this game
2006-06-17 23:12:50
544.   Sushirabbit
what happened? what did grits say?
2006-06-17 23:13:45
545.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 532

Can you repeat it on this site, without running afoul of Jon's family-friendly philosophy?


2006-06-17 23:14:18
546.   Midwest Blue
542 Kemp could take a lesson on that.
2006-06-17 23:14:53
547.   Steve
He said "I wish we did that #^#($& Oakland thing."
2006-06-17 23:15:14
548.   Greg Brock
543 LOL. I think Herman is sleeping it off right now. Or, as Herman would say, "i'M SLEEPING SUCKS OFF RIGHT NOW."
2006-06-17 23:15:38
549.   JoeyP
518. It would look different with Bradley, Ellis, Thomas, and Kotsay.

The A's really didnt deserve to win this game. Saarloos was extremely lucky, Lowe pitched great, Macha was extremely stupid, and yet Grits showed some of his own stupidity with bunting Aybar and Lofton in extra innings.

Hats off to Russ Martin though.

2006-06-17 23:15:49
550.   trainwreck
I had visions of Seo coming in and losing the game, but not like that.
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2006-06-17 23:15:50
551.   Linkmeister
Seo = Stan Williams circa 1962 Game Three.
2006-06-17 23:16:07
552.   Steve
533 -- Nominees? I would start with KJW, throw FTOGS on the fire, then end with the Cuban Missile Crisis.
2006-06-17 23:16:10
553.   the OZ
532 I missed the noun between the two expletives. Did you catch it? I have been reviewing it on my DVR but can't figure out the middle word.
2006-06-17 23:16:12
554.   Vishal
they cut to him right after the walk, and he was finishing off a very angry "...throw a F strike, MF!!"

not too thrilled with seo, obviously.

2006-06-17 23:16:47
555.   Uncle Miltie
Steve, the Korean Jeff Weaver? That's an insult to the real Jeff Weaver. Weaver wouldn't walk three guys in a inning. He'd make it a lot less painless, starting off the inning with a home run.

Ned's career highlights include getting taken advantage of by Omar Minaya and the Devil Rays GM. That's pretty difficult to do.

2006-06-17 23:16:55
556.   Linkmeister
Oh, btw, Gameday and Generalissimo Franco are still dead.
2006-06-17 23:17:52
557.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
RE: 554

I guess it might be Seo being sent down then for Izzy then.

Hindsight's 20/20, but now I wish we kept Duaner and tried converting him back to starting.


2006-06-17 23:18:40
558.   Greg Brock
554 I find it very hard to believe Grittle would call Jae Seo a Marketing Fisherman
2006-06-17 23:19:19
559.   Midwest Blue
554 I think he's going to throw Seo about 300 miles east.

I think this should seal the deal on getting a pitcher before 7/31. Enuf with the Soriano talk.

2006-06-17 23:19:45
560.   bhsportsguy
It reminds of when Hamulack came in game and the Dodgers had a big lead and all they wanted was someone to throw a couple of innings and he couldn't do it, next day he was out of here.

Seo was very sucessful last year and I think he probably is going through something here but the team can't wait for him to fix it and unlike last year, they don't have the oppurtunity to send him down to the minors without risk of a $25,000 waiver claim.

If they had their druthers, they probably would like to keep Seo and get rid of Perez but I think they have lost patience with Seo.

2006-06-17 23:19:49
561.   Vishal
[558] yeah, so much for chemistry.
2006-06-17 23:19:53
562.   JoeyP
Tonite's game was the longest since.....?

Anyone know?

2006-06-17 23:20:27
563.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Ughhhh.... I should be going to bed now (it's past 2 AM out here), but I HATE these losses.


2006-06-17 23:20:40
564.   Greg Brock
2006-06-17 23:21:22
565.   Sushirabbit
559 Hear, hear. I hope them plum crazy McCourts feel the same way. I'd like to go for two.
2006-06-17 23:21:39
566.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 560

At this point, I think we'd get Seo through waivers, though.


2006-06-17 23:24:03
567.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
RE: 565

Pickings look awful thin, though, and we gotta protect the farm. Why not wait until Zito's a free agent in the winter?

It's a fun team to watch with the kids, but without Gagne and maybe three good starters (assuming a successful trade), we're still not really WS contenders.


2006-06-17 23:24:11
568.   Jon Weisman
New thread(s) open up top, for what it's worth.
2006-06-17 23:25:11
569.   Midwest Blue
Seriously, who gets the day off tomorrow?

Lofton, Kemp, Drew, Martin.

2006-06-17 23:26:57
570.   bhsportsguy
555 I understand not liking the philosophy but if you are going to judge the trade by actual value in your system, Chuck Tiffany is hurt and Jackson can't crack his AAA starting rotation. I don't think they could get MLB hitters out right now.

Not many people liked the Ethier for Bradley and Perez, Perez can't beat out a Mendoza line second baseman and Milton is going through his normal injury filled season.

I like the give and take of this site but for the life of me cannot figure out why the Baez deal gets all the grief it does.

Does the Met's deal look bad, yes it does, and the Dodgers may soon have nothing to show for it. But if you told Ned that not only Gagne would be down but Yhency would get hurt too, he might not have done that deal.

2006-06-17 23:28:00
571.   Chiron Brown
Little should force Seo to catch tomorrow's game while wearing wool longjohns under his uniform.
2006-06-17 23:29:03
572.   bhsportsguy
For all we know, they might have tried to send Seo through waivers already this season but he was claimed so they pulled him back, I recall reading once that players are often sent through waivers just to gauge what is going on.
2006-06-17 23:29:25
573.   JoeyP
Kemp, Cruz, Ethier in the OF.
Saenz, Martinez, Aybar, Nomar in the infield.
Alomar doing the catching.
Drew/Kent will DH. Probably Drew.

Cruz vs RHP is a bad matchup. So is playing Saenz vs a RHP. But Furcal, Lofton, Kent probably all need a day off.

2006-06-17 23:32:50
574.   Jon Weisman
569 - See new thread.

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